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Yes, brethren, we have spirit guides invading the church, spirit guides, demons, messengers of death, saying that they're on the other side. The church is being overrun with deception, and the saddest part of the whole thing is that these phenomena are appearing in ministries that have been serving God faithfully for sometimes twenty, thirty, and forty years. The issue is that the Holy Spirit will not defend us against deception. The defense against deception is knowledge, and the church is ignorant concerning the enemy, and we do have an enemy.


So today, we're going to look at an article that's appearing in a newsletter of a very well-known and very well-respected ministry, and I do not condemn this ministry in any way. I think it is a very sad event that the true nature of this article was not recognized. So we will do our part to expose the truth behind it, in the name of Jesus.


This is the article. He calls himself Reverend, the man who wrote this article. He is a retired denominational pastor who, I don't know this man personally, but I know most denominations believe that a Christian cannot have a demon. This man does not have a demon, he has a spirit guide. So what is a spirit guide? What's the difference between a spirit guide and a demon? What is a demon? Can anyone define a demon for us?


COMMENT: I believe it's a manifested thought form.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, demons are thought forms, that's absolutely true.


A demon is something that is created by a person's mind. Brethren, this is a great mystery, but every thought that we think is birthed on the spiritual planes either as a good or an evil angel. The Kabbalists would say angels. But the thoughts that....see, man is creative. Even though we're fallen, we're creative, and our thoughts take on a life of their own, and the Kabbalists call them angels. So can anyone describe for us, what is a spirit guide? Okay, you want to try?


COMMENT: Principality or power?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, but what would that mean to a person that's not familiar with this? That wouldn't mean anything.


COMMENT: A spirit that would move through a human to bring their own agenda.


PASTOR VITALE: Okay, so what's the difference between a demon and a spirit guide? Okay, does someone else want to try?


A spirit guide is a whole being. You see, a demon is just a thought. You can have a demon of murder, a demon of incest, a demon of fornication. It is a thought in a particular area of sin. A spirit guide is a whole being, and it's usually an entity that exists in one of the invisible planes of consciousness that surround this world. It's an entity in another plane of consciousness that has penetrated the mind of the human being, and it's communicating with them.


See, a demon does not necessarily communicate with you other than to encourage you to engage in the activity which is the nature of that demon. If you have a demon of adultery, it will whisper into your subconscious to commit adultery, see. If you have a demon that likes to take drugs, it will be tempting you to take drugs, so it will be whispering to you to take drugs, or it may encourage you to associate with people that will lead you down that road. But we have entities that exist on surrounding planes of consciousness that want to, not only have a relationship with you, with a human being, but they want to be God to that human being. They want worship, they to counsel that human being, they want to teach that human being, they want to have a higher authority than that human being.


See, a demon tempts you to sin, but the spirit guide wants to be leading you, really wants you to worship it as God, but won't come right out and tell you that because most people would say, no.


But if you analyze the relationship that a spirit guide creates with you, that spirit guide usually makes itself a teacher over you and gives it a name, gives itself a name that you will honor and respect, such as Jesus or angel so-and-so.


Okay, let's read this article. The name of the guardian angel is Precious. "Precious, my guardian angel, awakened me at 2:05 a.m. After greeting me, Precious told me that Holy Spirit could have a conversation with me, but Holy Spirit felt that you might better understand if I had the conversation with you." What's wrong with that statement?


I'll read it again. "Precious, my guardian angel, awakened me at 2:05 a.m. After greeting me, Precious told me" what's wrong with this communication? "Precious told me that Holy Spirit could have a conversation with me if he wanted to, but Holy Spirit felt that you, the person who's writing this story, might better understand if I, Precious, this guardian angel, had the conversation with you." What's wrong with this statement?


COMMENT: It's making itself the mediator rather than...


PASTOR VITALE: The mediator between whom?


COMMENT: God and man.


PASTOR VITALE: The Holy Spirit, in this instance the Holy Spirit and man. Is there any mediator between the Holy Spirit and man? No.


See, the Holy Spirit is the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit is an aspect of the mediator, Jesus Christ, see.


So this so-called angel created a mediator between the man, and the Holy spirit really isn't even a mediator. He's just an arm of the mediator. Where is it ever written that angels will mediate? This man, he was a pastor, I'm not putting the man down, it's just really hard for me to deal with the reality of the condition of the clergy. A retired denominational pastor, he's retired. That means he spent his whole life as a pastor, and he believes that an angel will mediate between him and the Holy Spirit. Brethren, I don't condemn anybody. This is a tragedy, you see.


Okay, then Precious began the following conversation....let me just tell you this at this point, one of the things that we do in this ministry is that we are exercising your ability to distinguish between good and evil, which is the ability to distinguish between the Christ mind and the carnal mind, you see. The problem or, at least one of the problems or part of the problem in the church today, is that they don't seem to understand, or they don't believe that an evil thought could arise in them. I guess they think they answered an altar call, and they're saved and they're safe, but the enemy is within.


And then they say, "How could an evil spirit go in where the Holy Spirit is?" Brethren, we are filled with the carnal mind. We are actually built on the foundation of the carnal mind when we're born, which carnal mind is good and evil, and the Holy Spirit enters in when we are already good and evil, but the church doesn't seem to realize that we all have an evil side. We all have an evil side. Sometimes that evil side or, in some men, that evil side manifests openly as evil, or what the world would think as evil, as murder or cruelty, or theft, but the Lord's definition of evil is not the definition of the church, or of humanity.


The Lord's definition of evil is any thought that opposes the thoughts or the mind of the will of God. And, by that definition, all of humanity, including the church is evil, every time they think a thought contrary to the thoughts of God.


So we will see that this spirit guide is not saying anything evil to this retired pastor by human standards, but, by the definition of evil of the Scripture, this spirit guide is evil and he is a liar. He or she, whatever, it is a liar, and it is lying to this pastor and, what's more, making a total fool out of him.


Let's go on....teaching him, okay. This is the message. Precious, the angel speaking. "Yesterday you received three pictures over the Internet. Two of these pictures were from still photos taken and posted on the Internet by two internationally known television networks, thus these are authentic photographs. Our conversation, can you describe the pictures?" So the pastor says that these were photographs of the clouds of smoke rising from the twin towers that had been hit by terrorists-controlled airplanes before the twin towers crumbled to the ground. In these photos, I saw some images of a being that artists have traditionally drawn as demonic beings.


Precious says, "Three years ago, three years, nine and one-half months ago, our father," so now Precious is saying, well he's talking about our father, okay. Who is the father that Precious is talking about? Our father, your father pastor. "And my father says the angel opened your eyes so that you can see the light forms of some of us angels." Okay, let's stop right there. Who is the father that this angel is talking about?


COMMENT: The devil?


PASTOR VITALE: Satan is the father. See, just because you hear some entity say our father, you assume that he's talking about the Lord Jesus.


No, he's talking about Satan, and Satan is the father of anyone who is living out of their carnal mind. Jesus told the Pharisees, I think he said the devil is your father, or did he say Satan, I'm not even sure. I think he said your father is the devil. So this angel is right, the devil or Satan is the father of this pastor and the father of the angel. If the devil is the father of the Pharisees, why can't the devil be the father of this pastor?


See, for God, the Lord Jesus, to be your father, you have to be living out of your Christ mind.


Well let me correct that. He is our father by faith. When we answer an altar call, and we start serving him to the best of our ability, he's our father by faith, but, brethren, he's not really our father, because if he were, we wouldn't have to be adopted. We have to be adopted because our father is the devil. That's why the Lord Jesus has to adopt us. We're going to be adopted.


I hope everyone listening to this message or reading this transcript knows that adoption is one of the promises of the Scripture. And then, we're told that "Our father opened your eyes so that you can see the light forms of us angels." Well, that would make me suspicious right away. I can't press that too hard because I cannot honestly tell you that I know for a fact that the Lord Jesus never gives sight of angels. I don't know about that, so I'm going to let that go, but it would put my antenna up, because I know for a fact that we can see in the spirit through our carnal mind and by the power of our carnal mind, or we can see in the spirit with the Christ mind.


And I know that when I first came to the Lord, I received a prophecy that I would receive discernment and about a year went by, and I said to the Lord....and I had it in my mind that I would be seeing images, that this discernment would take the form of seeing images. And a year or two went by and I said, "Lord I don't see anything." Shortly after that, I started seeing Serpents crawling along the ground. I was sitting in church, and I would see a Serpent crawling along the ground, but the Lord told me that it was not his discernment.


I received that word, and I confessed it as sin, and the Lord closed that sight. And it was after that, that the true discernment came. And now I know that there are several types of discernment. Sometimes I see visions, but I didn't receive visions at the beginning.


The early discernment, the immature discernment, that I would see was just merely a recognition of hate in somebody, or I recognized when somebody was lying, or I recognized when somebody was envious. Praise the Lord.


Then Precious goes on and says, "At times when you observe, you also see some demons." Okay, now this is the angel, the guardian angel, instructing the pastor. "Do the demons you see look like the images you see in these three photos?"


In case anybody listening to this message is not aware of it, there is a picture that was circulating on the Internet that showed the smoke over the burning twin towers, and sometimes you see images in a picture. It does look like an image of an ugly face, you know. What that means, I have no idea, but we see that this guardian angel is instructing our retired pastor that that's not really what demons look like. So let's go on.


Okay, then the pastor says, "This needs more than a yes or no answer, and the question is, do the demons you see look like the images in these three photos?" So this retired pastor, his spiritual sight has been opened apparently on the astral plane, and he sees angels and he sees demons. And now the guardian angel is asking him if the demonic face that he saw in the smoke over the burning World Trade Center looks like the demons that he sees with his spiritual sight. And the pastor says, "This needs more than a yes or no answer. The difference between the light forms of you angels I am seeing and the demons I occasionally see, is that the demons also have some darkness mixed in their light form and some darkness around them. The demons I see are different than what I see in the photos."


Okay. We're going to try to find out what Precious is trying to tell this pastor. Precious says, "Did you see any evidence of angels in the photos?" The pastor says, "In one of the photos to the right of one of the demons, I saw a small area of light that I could see was made up of the light form of some of you angels." So what are we being told here, that in the middle of this cataclysm over the World Trade Center, the angels were present. This is what the guardian angel was telling the pastor. "Angels were present at the time of the tragedy."


The angel goes on to say, "Holy Spirit wants me to explain what happened."


Okay, now this is all interesting about this angel taking the place of the Holy Spirit to explain something, because you know the Holy Spirit doesn't really explain things to us, the Holy Spirit really does not explain things to us. The Holy Spirit is not the teacher, see. The Spirit of Christ, which is the Spirit of Truth, is the teacher.


So this guardian angel is really impersonating Christ to this pastor. Now the church, as far as I know, does not have a revelation of the difference between the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Christ, see. But if you know the difference between the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Christ, which is the true teacher okay, then you can see that this guardian angel is in the stead of Christ.


He says, "Holy Spirit asked me to explain this to you," see. "Holy Spirit asked me to explain this to you." And, of course, he's giving the Holy Spirit authority over himself as an angel. So the whole thing is backwards okay. He's giving the Holy Spirit authority over the angels which is in reality....but the angel is the Spirit of Christ, and the Spirit of Christ has authority over the Holy Spirit. So the whole thing is convoluted, it's totally twisted. Let's go on, okay.


"Holy Spirit wants me to explain what happened." See, "Holy Spirit wants me to explain." The Holy Spirit's not the teacher, you see. So we have this anti-Christ spirit, instead of Christ, explaining what happened over the World Trade Center.


"As the terrorist's attack began, there also started a spiritual warfare battle in the heavenlies above the twin towers." Now, do I believe that this would happen? I don't know, I don't know. Could there have been a spiritual warfare battle in the heavenlies right above the twin towers? I don't know.


"The demons were able to get the upper hand, but the angels were able to hold on until the spirits of the born again Christians trapped in the building had left their bodies and gone to heaven." Okay, what's wrong with that statement? Let's get some audience participation here. What's wrong with that statement somebody? Nobody has anything to say? What's wrong with that statement?


COMMENT: This is the whole concept of the rapture which is not really Scriptural.


PASTOR VITALE: That's interesting because I have to tell you that I didn't really recognize it as an outgrowth of the rapture theory, but that's what it is. I agree. Okay you had something to say xxxx?


COMMENT: When I initially read that article the Lord instantly alerted me that he keeps saying, "Holy Spirit," not THE Holy Spirit. He's speaking about the counterfeit Holy Spirit that's prevalent over in Nigeria.


PASTOR VITALE: It's here. It's prevalent right here, but the first time this ministry noticed it, it was in Nigeria, but it's all over this country right now.


Yes this is really a denial that any Christians were killed in this abomination. So this teaching is promoting this false sense of safety that's in the church that they are protected against anything and everything, and that nothing can touch them. And this is such a deception because Christians in other countries are killed all the time. Many Christians, thousands, were massacred in China. Christians are killed every day in Nigeria. Christians are killed all the time, but the church doesn't deal with this, okay. By and large, they don't deal with it.


So this is a very wicked lie, and I tend to doubt this concept of an actual spiritual battle at the moment of this event happening over the World Trade Center, but I'm not going to press that because I'm not too sure. I don't have enough confidence to press it. I don't have much information about angels, and everybody that knows me knows that I'm waiting to hear from the Lord for some explanation of angels that will satisfy me, which I have not received yet.


So this guardian angel is saying that there was a battle in the heavenlies above the twin towers, the demons got the upper hand, but the angels.... in other words, "the angels could not stop the actual event, but they held off the attack long enough for the Christians in the buildings to be raptured, for the Christians in the twin towers to be raptured. When the demons got the upper hand they became strong enough so that they could manifest themselves in the clouds of smoke in such a way that some humans could see them. When demons manifest themselves in this way, they always do so in such a way that humans can recognize them. The demons you see in the pictures are real demons, but they are special manifestations that the demons are doing." I don't even know what to say about that, I don't receive any of this.


Okay, this is just an entity that desires to teach Christians, and it's just, as far as I'm concerned, that's just nonsense. Okay, then the pastor says, "Precious I have a question for you, why were the demons able to get the upper hand? The source of power coming from our father is certainly greater than that of Satan and the demons?" So here we have this pastor in all of his naivete asking this Satanic entity to teach him.


Now, brethren, let me tell you something that you may not know. You know submitting to a teacher is worship. Do you all know that? Submitting to a teacher is worship. That's why once you have Christ grafted to you, and once the Lord has introduced you to the Doctrine of Christ, and you start learning the Scripture on the level of the Doctrine of Christ, for you to give authority to someone who does not have Christ grafted to them, who just has the Holy Spirit, and especially somebody who has no witness to the mature doctrine that you're moving, is a form of worship of other gods.


Submission to a teacher is submission to the spirit that is teaching through that teacher. I do not teach of my own. I am the mouthpiece of an invisible man whose name is Christ Jesus. I do not teach of my own. So when you submit to me and you believe my teachings, and you respect and honor me, which means that even if you hear something that you have a problem with, you accept it, asking the Lord to explain it to you, you have received the spirit that teaches through me. And this is not a worship of me, but it is a worship of the one that teaches through me.


So for this man to be asking questions in all this humility of this Satanic entity is the worship of Satan. Of course, he had no idea. I'm sure he's a very nice, well-meaning man, just completely deceived and possessed.


So Precious answers, "I want you to think back to something you wrote in your last book," because this retired pastor has written several books. "Speak the words you wrote about certain types of words you humans can speak that will strengthen angels, but there are also types of words you humans can speak that will strengthen demons. Well there were activities going on in the area of the terrorists attacks that strengthened demons. This extra strength enabled the demons to get the upper hand."


Now please note that this entity is making the battle between the angels and the demons, see. Now Revelation 12:7 says, "And Michael fought and his angels, and the Dragon fought and his angels." It's not just the angels and the demons. It's Michael, the angel of the Lord. See, to make this battle demons against angels, that puts the demons on an equal footing with the armies of God, and the demons are not on an equal footing with the armies of God.


Now, of course, our pastor is making that exact point. He's saying that the force of power coming from our father is certainly greater than that of the demons, and the answer of Precious is that it's the activities of the people that make or break this spiritual warfare. He's denying the power of the Lord Jesus to determine the result of the warfare.


So, we see once again, the anti-Christ spirit here denying the power of God. Okay, this extra strength from the activities that were going on in the area of the people gave the demons the upper hand. You see, there is a truth to this. The activities of the carnal mind do produce warfare, and that warfare is against the Christ in the people, and, in such a warfare, the demons will win, because the demons are stronger than Christ in you, but, you see, we have a Father in heaven who joins with Christ in us, and that double portion is stronger than the demons, even when those demons cry out to Satan and Leviathan for help.


The Lord Jesus Christ is undefeatable, and that is being denied. What this angel is saying is that, "It is the power, the positive or the negative thoughts that come from the people, that will determine the warfare." He's relegating the warfare to that of the carnal mind against the Christ mind here in the earth. He's denying the Lord Jesus. "The angels followed the proper priorities and did their ministries very well. In that situation, their first priority was to take care of the safety of the spirits of the born again Christians, the spirits in the fetuses in the wombs of any mothers, and the spirits of the young children, of the children younger than the age of accountability."


Well, I don't have any first hand information about priorities concerning angels, but I don't receive this, and I don't believe that the spirits of the born again Christians are top priorities, because I don't believe all born again Christians are equal. I think a lot of people call themselves a born again Christian, and they don't have nearly as much faith as some other people who don't call themselves born again Christians, and I don't believe the born again Christians are the only ones that are going to be helped by God in any way.


This is a manifestation that is in the church. It is a manifestation of high pride that only the born again Christians will be saved. It is some kind of arrogance that makes the world reject us. So I don't believe that the first priority was the born again Christians. I don't even believe that such a thing was happening that angels were working to get people out, but I don't have any comment on that, so I won't go on with it, but if that were true, I don't know what God's first priorities would be. I honestly don't know. He says, "The second priority were the spirits in the fetuses in the wombs of any mothers." It sounds good, and then he says, "and the spirits of the children younger than the age of accountability."


Every human being, every fetus, every child born, comes into this world with curses and blessings on their lives. The Scripture in Romans says that a decision was made before either one of the children could have done any good or evil, but that's not what this is talking about. Nobody is innocent, brethren, nobody is innocent. Even children aren't innocent. That's how come children get cancer and die, and have terrible diseases, and have terrible things happen to them, because of the curses that are on the family line and that are in this world, which is hell and death. It touches children that have done no evil or good in this world, because they carried the baggage of their parents.


"Their second priority was to take care of the physical bodies of those I just mentioned." And he doesn't say what that means, he doesn't say what happened to their physical bodies. I wonder if the suggestion is that's why so many bodies are missing, because they were raptured. I don't know. I never thought about that before reading this article.


"Their third responsibility was to take care of the property and material things," and what does that mean? I don't believe any of this, but I don't know what to say in response to it. It's like a nice story, a nice fantasy, with the extra strength of the demons. Well, let me ask this question, what does the Lord care about property and material things, what does the Lord care about that? And how were they taken care of, were they removed from the premises? it just leaves that to your imagination.


"With the extra strength of the demons, the angels only have the ability to take care of the spirits of the people I have mentioned," see. "The demons nullified the power of angels," no mention of Jesus, "all power resides in the minds of the people to do good or to do evil." That's the message of Precious. That's not my message, you see.


The pastor says, "Precious, I am sure you already know my next question, what made the demons grow stronger?" Precious answers, "the two basic factors you have already mentioned in your angel reports, do you remember that Holy Spirit identified one of the demons in the cloud of smoke?" Pastor says, "Yes I do, Holy Spirit identified it as a demon of greed." Okay do you hear this, are you catching on to this? Let me say that again.


Pastor said, "Oh yes, Holy Spirit identified the demon that I saw in the smoke rising over the World Trade Center as a demon of greed." Is anybody picking up on this? This is that spirit that's in the world, it's in the country, it's in the church, saying, "We deserve this because of the greed in this nation, and the greed manifesting in the World Trade Center, we deserve this attack. And all the innocent people got out, well, all the born again Christians got out, and there were other innocents that were in there that couldn't get out because the demons were too strong, you see, but we deserve the attack because of the greed of this nation."


Precious says, "There was a lot of greed present in the area, and greed always greatly strengthens demons. Do you also remember an expression spoken by a person that Holy Spirit identified as a statement of blasphemy?" In other words, "This attack was pulled off because of all of the greed that was present in the World Trade Center and that even our father...." You see, he's not saying the Lord Jesus, okay. "But even our father could not forestall this attack because of the greed that was present," see.


The truth of the matter is that this attack came to pass because this nation has turned her back on Jesus Christ. This nation was under the protection of Jesus Christ for a couple of hundred years, and this nation departed from God as a nation in our government, in our laws, in our courts. We have turned our back on Jesus Christ and, therefore, because we turned away from him, because we put him out, he was not present. We dissipated his protective covering over this nation, so when the attack came, it wasn't there.


So listen to this. "Do you also remember an expression spoken by a person that Holy Spirit identified as a statement of blasphemy." So somebody's blasphemy, okay, stopped the angels from saving the World Trade Center. "Yes, I remember very well." So, you see what he's saying is that "the angels were fighting, but our father was not in the business of helping us." Total confusion you see.


"Yes I remember very well. A person made a home video of the second plane crashing into one of the towers, when the video was played on the television, I also heard the word spoken on the sound track of the video by the one who made the video."


Precious says, "Describe again what you heard and what Holy Spirit told you." The pastor says, "The expression made by the person making the video contained much cussing, anger, and blamed Christ for what happened. It also included a vulgar remark that I do not feel free to write in this report, Holy Spirit said that this was an expression of blasphemy." And the angel presses the pastor and says, "What was the expression that used the vulgar word?" And the pastor says, "You!! Christ, why did you do this?"


Now I want to tell you what the Lord told me about this, okay. This sentence sounds like the person who made the video is saying, Christ why did you do this to us? But the Lord told me, now I have not heard this video or heard this on the video, but it probably exists you know, and this is what the Lord told me. No, the person making the video said (you know how secular people use the name of the Lord in vain), this guy said, "Oh Christ, why are you guys doing this to us?" Not, "Christ why are you doing this?" "Oh Christ," okay.


New sentence. "Whoever you are in that plane, why are you doing this to us?" Not, "Christ, why are you doing this to us."


So we see that the first mention of Christ in this whole article is in connection with a curse word, you see. Precious says, "I am going to fill in the blank, start with the luck, change the letter L to F and add in, yes Holy Spirit told you that this was an expression of blasphemy, and there is another reason that this was an expression of blasphemy." See, he doesn't, the angel doesn't correct the situation, he doesn't say, "Oh, that's blasphemy, because Christ didn't do that to you." He's saying that, "The four letter curse word beginning with an F was blasphemy."


He doesn't straighten it out that Christ didn't do this to you. This is a subliminal message to whoever will read this that Christ did this. So there is another expression, another expression of blasphemy. "You have been taught that it is blasphemy to give Satan credit that our father does." Well, the opposite is also true. It is blasphemy to blame our Father for something that Satan does. "There was also enough blasphemy in the area by words and lifestyle to strengthen the demons, it is also blasphemy to blame our father for something that Satan does." Well, and so he's saying our father is Christ, and I guess he is saying that Christ didn't do it, and he's saying that Satan did it, and that also denies that this was a judgment that fell on the nation for departing from God.


You see, people don't understand what judgment is. Judgment is not the Lord standing up there throwing down lightening bolts on us. Judgment is a consequence of our own choices.


This nation has been protected by the Lord Jesus Christ for a couple of hundred years, we have driven him from our courts, and more and more the ten commandments, and the word of God, and the name of Jesus are being taken into court by the ACLU, and the ACLU is winning. We have removed our own protection from our nation. We have done it ourselves. It's the same situation, or it's a good analogy of the running down of the military during the XXXXX administration. During the eight years of XXXXX, the military was completely run down, and now we are fighting a war with 30 year old helicopters. And we're still....I believe we're going to win this war against Al Qaeda, but whatever deficits we have because our military is not what it would have been if it was a different president, we have brought this upon ourselves.


So the Scripture says my people perish for lack of knowledge, and the church is literally perishing for lack of knowledge.


So this pastor has a spirit guide, he's possessed. I remember when I first came to the church, one major denomination was saying, "Well you can be oppressed by a spirit, but you can't be possessed by a spirit." And, at the time, I was saying, "Isn't that silly, I mean why are you even nit-picking over that."


Well this man, a retired denominational pastor, is possessed. This entity is inside of him, living through him, teaching him, instructing him, and only God knows, controlling him to what degree in his life. And the man is so deceived that he's written books about it, and this international ministry is so deceived that they published his article in their newsletter. And the Scripture says, "If you're deceived you're deceived by the pride of your own mind."


So it's the pride in the church that says that this kind of thing cannot happen to Christian. It's the pride in the church that says the Lord will send angels to rapture them out of a bad experience, see. It's the pride of the church that says that only the born again Christians are going to heaven. It's the pride of the church that thinks that they have the whole doctrine and, therefore, reject the word of the Lord when it comes to them.


My people perish for lack of knowledge, and also there's a spirit of death that's moving through the church, and this teaching that when you die you're going to be, there's going to be a great rejoicing and you're going to meet all your dead relatives, and your aunts and your uncles, it's a fantasy that opens the door for the next stage of the seduction which is also moving in great power throughout the church. And that seduction is, well if all your aunts and uncles and mother and father, and all your dead relatives are alive and well over in heaven, why shouldn't you be talking to them? Why should there by no communication?


The Scripture forbids communication with the dead, but they're not dead. They're alive they're just on the other side. And we have a lot of churches, a lot of Christians, communicating with what they believe to be their relatives that have passed to the other side. And there is no such thing. These are demons that are talking to them, because the truth of the matter is that when you're dead, you're dead. Brethren, if your body dies your personality dies also, and that we only enter into eternal life while we're still in the flesh.


See, Jesus entered into eternal life before his body died. He said that the son of man was going to die, his old man died, his new man did not die. And the Scripture says that Jesus breathed out of that body before the body was killed. That's a hard word. Jesus left the body. The body of Jesus or Jesus of Nazareth did not die from crucifixion. I think I said that wrong, I'm sorry. Christ Jesus did not die from the crucifixion of the physical body of Jesus of Nazareth, Christ Jesus breathed out of that body before the body died, and that's why the body died so much sooner than was expected because it didn't die from the crucifixion. It died because Christ Jesus breathed out of it, and this is how Jesus overcame death. This is how he could say, "Oh death, where is thy sting, where is thy victory?"


This is how the Scripture can say Jesus made a, I don't think the word is laughing stock, I can't remember the exact word. No, it wasn't a gazing stock. Jesus made some kind of a mockery, I don't remember the exact word. Mockery isn't right either, a fool out of death.


You know, I never understood that Scripture says that Jesus made a fool out of death, you see. I understood that Jesus overcame death, but I didn't understand how he made a fool out of death. And I know that's not the word in the King James, I know that's not the word, but I never put two and two together, because I have been preaching for a long time that Christ Jesus breathed out of that physical body.


In other words, the way Jesus made a fool or a mockery out of death was that he left the body before death could kill it, see. Not only, see I use to think, "Well Jesus made a fool out of death because he rose from the dead," but I always knew there was something not quite right in my understanding there. And I think that, that is the exact point. Jesus made a fool out of death because he was able to breath out of the body in full consciousness before death could kill his body, you see.


The body is a part of the curse. This physical body is generated by the sin nature. Satan has the power to kill this body, because the body is generated by the sin nature, but the New Man in Jesus of Nazareth, Christ Jesus, the New Man made in the image of righteousness, breathed out of the physical body of Jesus of Nazareth before death could kill it. He made an open show of them.


That's the Scripture, he made an open show of them. Jesus made an open show of the powers and principalities because he breathed out of that body in full consciousness and life before death could take him. Isn't that exciting? What an exciting word. What a shame it's not preached in the church.


See, I heard it preached that he made an open show of them because he rose from the dead, but it's even more than that. They couldn't kill him. Not only could they not keep him in the grave, see, they couldn't keep him in the grave. Now, spiritually speaking, this physical body is the grave, you see, and I think that same Scripture says that the grave couldn't hold him, see.


The physical body of Jesus of Nazareth could not hold him, could not stop him from departing from that grave that Christ Jesus was in because, if that grave that Christ Jesus was in could have held on to that New Man, Christ Jesus, Christ Jesus would have died. Listen brethren, Christ Jesus has to exit the body before death takes the body, or Christ Jesus dies with the body. If Christ Jesus is still in you and attached to your physical being, when Satan takes your body, when your body dies, Christ Jesus dies with you.


Jesus made an open show over powers and principalities within the man Jesus by exiting that body before it died. They couldn't hold him. Death wanted to hold him in that body so that Christ Jesus would die with the body, and they couldn't do it, and that's how he made an open show of them, you see.


See, not only could they not stop him from rising from the dead, they couldn't even kill him. See, Jesus said, "The son of man will be crucified, the son of man will be crucified." But the son of God was not crucified. The son of God did not die.


Okay, I just looked at my Interlinear Text and my concordance and looking for a Scripture that would say that Jesus was risen from the dead, and every Scripture that I saw that talks about Jesus being risen from the dead, it could have, it could be, you really could translate that saying that Jesus, the mortal man, because those of us in this ministry know that Jesus was born a mortal man. He inherited his mother's carnal mind and, for all intents and purposes, Jesus was born with two minds, the carnal mind and the Christ mind.


That is the condition that the church is in today if Christ is grafted to you. Okay, Jesus was born with two minds, and he brought his carnal mind in submission to the Spirit of Holiness that was in him, okay, and that is the rising of the dead. Jesus rose from the dead when he overcame his carnal mind and became God, see.


So I could not find a Scripture that clearly stated that Jesus rose from the dead, the dead being the death referring to his physical crucifixion. But, of course, people would argue with me about this, and I can't prove it to you. It's just my perception, I could not find a Scripture that would specifically state the death of the crucifixion, that Jesus rose from the death of the crucifixion. He did rise from the dead, because when we live out of our carnal mind, we're dead in our sins. Amen?


So Jesus wasn't killed by the crucifixion, brethren. He rose, but he was not killed by the crucifixion. He rose, he ascended, he appeared in another plane of consciousness, he appeared in another form, but the crucifixion didn't kill him. Isn't that interesting?


So that's just an ending to this Scripture. I'm sorry, it's just an ending to this message. The church will grow up, but it's very obvious to me at this point that it's going to take much pain, the church is going to go through much pain to come out of their arrested development. The church is in a condition of arrested development and, by and large, the church is not maturing because they are convinced that they have gone as far as they could go in the flesh, and are waiting for death to take them or to catapult them into the next stage, and this deception is killing them.


Well I'll just....just know that the end of the whole thing will be that Jesus will be glorified. There will be a remnant that will come through the fire and will reveal Christ Jesus through a human being. God bless you all goodnight.