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 Alternate Translation Matt. 21, I'll read verses 8-10. "In deed Christ Jesus, the great spiritual garment spread forth into the lifestyle of the Fiery Serpent, their other side, who cut down the branches of the trees of life, and spread forth her lifestyle in the disciples. And the spiritual ones went forth and joined Jesus, the one who preceded them. And Christ Jesus broke his silence of spiritual speech within the disciples, and the disciples cried out, "This is the son of David, the mystery of God revealed in a man." May Jesus the one who comes in the nature of Adam, our Lord, or King Adam our Lord prosper, and may the mystery of the highest region, or the highest energy centers be revealed in us also. And when they came to the point of killing their carnal minds, and when they came to the point of killing their carnal minds, and when the disciples came to the point of killing their carnal minds, Leviathan and the Fiery Serpent, their whole spiritual city within the disciples, quaked with fear saying, "Who is this Christ?"


Verse 11, "And the spiritual disciples answered, "This is Jesus, the prophet who the Spirit of Elijah and King Adam, or the Spirit of Elijah and Adam guard, in the Serpent's time line. And when they came to the point of killing their carnal mind, they quaked with fear."


Alternate Translation, Mark 4:37b, I'll start reading there. "And the disciples entered into their brow energy center, and the disciples awoke from the death of their carnal mind..."


It's like waking up from sleep, "...and said to Jesus their teacher, "Satan intends to destroy us, because she is concerned that Christ Jesus is covering the astral plane." And the disciples were amazed at how fearful they were when they found out that Satan intended to destroy them. And the disciples were amazed at how fearful they were, when they found out that Satan fully intends to destroy you. And the disciples were amazed at how fearful they were, when they found out that Satan fully intends to destroy you. And Jesus said to his disciples, "The disciples that belong to Leviathan are fearful, the disciples that still belong to Leviathan, the disciples of Christ Jesus that still belong to Leviathan are fearful, until Christ Jesus cuts them away from Leviathan."


"But the disciples that are near to their Christ mind, draw the conclusion that both the Spirit of Elijah and Satan, do whatever Christ Jesus asks them to do. So we're still, I guess it's not really cut away from Leviathan, if Leviathan is still very active in your mind, when you get the revelation that Satan fully intends to kill you, at the very least utterly destroy your spiritual life at the very least, if she can utterly destroy your spiritual life, she'll leave your body alone, most likely, but if she can't destroy your spiritual life, she'll try to physically kill you. And when you come to that place where you get that revelation, and you really believe it, and you're not playing games anymore, and that's not an indictment towards anybody here, it's just the truth, because there's still a lot of game playing going on with all of you. And maybe you can't do any better right now. Don't take this as a condemnation, maybe that's the best that you could do, and this word is designed to wake you up, so take if for what it is, it's a wake up call, it's not a condemnation.


So for those of you who are still playing church, and think that isn't it wonderful that you have all this high knowledge, and you're all lifted up in your pride because of the doctrine of Christ, when your eyes open, and you find out that you're playing a very dangerous game, and that Satan fully intends to destroy you, if you experience fear at that time, you will know that Leviathan is still very active in you. But the disciples who are close to the mind of Christ will know that everyone, including Satan, and Leviathan, do whatever Christ Jesus tells them to do. And your problem is that you're much too good friends, your friendship with Leviathan is much, much too strong. Your friendship with Leviathan is making you vulnerable to Satan and Leviathan.


Now that's a much harder word then anyone would ever imagine until you start to realize that your friendship with Leviathan means, your intimacy with anyone who is not in Christ, am I telling you not to have relationships outside of Christ? No, but they must be in the right moral order. They must come after your relationship with Christ. And the problem is that as we have relationships with people in the world, especially if they're our families or good friends, Satan in them is seducing us, seducing us by our loved ones, they don't even know that it's happening. Satan is seducing us to make the relationships in Leviathan prominent and greater and of more importance then with Christ Jesus. And that's when you're in trouble.


And if your friends and your family are church goers, are in Pentecost, and they know, or they don't have to be in Pentecost, but if they're against you on religious grounds, if they're against you because of what you believe, or if your commitment to Christ Jesus, you must know they are praying against you consistently and continuously. They are doing Satan's work.


The beloved child of your bosom, your beloved first born, your beloved wife, your beloved husband, they're praying against you to destroy your spiritual life, which is the only life that you have. And even if your body stays alive, you're just a shell.


I'm in the King James version, Matt. 14:22, "And straightway Jesus constrained his disciples to get into a ship, and to go before him unto the other side, while he sent the multitudes away, and when he had sent the multitudes away he went up into a mountain apart to pray, and when the evening was come he was there alone, but the ship was now in the midst of the sea tossed with waves, for the wind was contrary. And in the fourth watch of the night, Jesus went unto them, walking on the sea. And when the disciples saw him walking on the sea, they were troubled saying, it is a spirit, and they cried out for fear, and they cried out for fear, and they cried for fear." I want to tell you something, I've got a flash for you, and for everybody, the disciples did not think Jesus was a ghost, which is what the Greek word that's translated "spirit" indicates. It is not saying Jesus was a ghost, when the disciples saw him walking on the sea, Jesus was walking on top of Satan spiritually speaking, Jesus was above Satan's authority, and just like the three, just like the eyes of the three were opened on the mount of transfiguration, the eyes of the disciples were opened, and they saw that Jesus had authority over Satan. And when their eyes opened to recognize that Jesus had authority over Satan, they also saw Satan see. That red freak that dashes under our feet as the church preaches.


When Jesus' disciples saw Satan, the spirit, they were terrified. Am I telling you this to make you afraid? No. I'm telling you this so that you should have an intelligent idea of what your up against. And the strength of the enemy that you are up against, well Sheila how can I look at that without being afraid? You overcome your fear by believing that Satan and Leviathan do whatever Christ Jesus tells them to do. And you overcome Satan by a knowledge that your fellowship with Leviathan is what is making you vulnerable to Satan. In other words, your denial has to go. Satan is an awesome and powerful enemy. Your weakness is your love of Leviathan. That you love her more than Christ Jesus. Oh no, not me. Oh yes you, all of you, everybody. Even I slip into it from time to time, I think I'm stronger than anybody I know, but even I slip, I fall down into it.


"And when Jesus went walking on the sea, the disciples saw him walking, and they were troubled saying, it is a spirit, saying, "Oh wow, that's Satan, look at that, oh wow, look at her!" And they cried out with fear. Up until this point, they were playing games. See, it's just like young fellows, eighteen year olds, seventeen year old men young men drafted into the army, we don't have a draft anymore, but we use to. For world war II, a lot of them they were really gung ho, patriotic, they were going to go over there and knock out the Nazis, and some of them came home missing an arm, not that you shouldn't be patriotic, it's good to be patriotic, and I'm not putting down seventeen year old men that didn't know any better, it's just a principle.


But there's two different kinds of bravery, you see. There's bravery in ignorance, and there's bravery with knowledge. And the bravery with knowledge is the bravery of maturity, and that's much more valuable, because that will stand.


See, the bravery in ignorance can fall down. For example, I'm sure it happened to some of these young fellows. They got into real combat, and they saw their buddies and people dying all around them, and some of them were so scared they couldn't function, heard they cried for their mother at night. So their bravery collapsed around them, it collapsed into weakness. But bravery with a knowledge of what war is like, that's a valuable asset. That doesn't collapse, when the guy in the fox hole next to you gets shot. Bravery with knowledge doesn't collapse, if your whole unit is wiped out, and you're the only one left, that bravery doesn't collapse. And it doesn't mean that someone in the position is not afraid, it means that do not yield to their fear.


And they do what they're suppose to do, out of a mental intellectual knowledge of what you do when your whole unit is wiped out and you're the only one standing. Verse 27, but straightaway Jesus spake unto them saying, "Be of good cheer it is I, don't be afraid." And we just read this in Mark 4:41. The disciples that are near to their Christ mind draw the conclusion that both the Spirit of Elijah and Satan do whatever Christ Jesus asks them to do. So when Jesus said, Be of good cheer, don't be afraid, it's me, I'm the one that has the power over Satan, therefore, you have no reason to be afraid. And if you can't control your fear, don't yield to it, don't let it effect your behavior, because we as mortal men, we're limited as to our ability to control our emotions, fear is an emotion. But don't deny it, you're not good for anything, you're going to collapse under the pressure. If you continue to deny your fear or deny the truth about the seriousness of Satan's intentions to kill everyone who is going on in Christ, in the moment of your calamity, you will not make it, you will collapse under the pressure, you have to face the truth of it, you have to admit that you are afraid if you are, ask Jesus to help you to deal with it, and be instructed and trained on how to behave in the crisis, and ask the Lord to give you the strength to choose to intellectually respond to crisis, and ignore, not deny your fear, not bury your fear, but do what's right despite your fear.


Brethren, I want to tell you, any psychologist would tell you how much energy it takes to be in denial, because denial is a form of lying. It takes an incredible amount of your energy, and if that's the way your mind is set up, if you are in, if that's your lifestyle, that that is how you deal with threatening circumstances, is to deny them, you're also denying yourself the ability to respond intellectually, to respond to the crisis by doing the right thing, to respond by the book, they would say in the army, respond by the book, not by your emotions. If you're in denial of your emotions, you're not going to remember what the book tells you to do, because you're blocking everything out.


So Jesus says, "Don't be afraid, Satan does whatever I tell him to do." And Peter answered him and said, "Lord, if it be thou, bid me to come unto thee on the water." Well Lord, Peter said, if this true, that Satan is going to do whatever, and I just got a glimpse of Satan, Peter saying, "Wow, I've been playing games all along. I thought she was ashes under my feet. I thought she was a red freak that was defeated. Peter said, "If it's true that you have all power over Satan, let her go under my feet also. Satan in me, Peter is saying, Satan in me. Peter is saying, "I can see you Jesus, you opened my eyes, I see you have authority over Satan, well if you have that power, let it happen to me too, put Satan under my feet too. Let me be in perfection too.


And Jesus said to Peter, "okay". And he said, "Come", we don't know who he said "come" to. First of all verse 29 does not say, and Jesus said "come". There's no subject there, which to me means that Jesus didn't say it, although Jesus may have verbalized it, but that the authority that said, "Come" was King Adam within Jesus. He said, "Come". Well did he really say to Peter, Come and walk on the water? Or did he give a command to Satan, come or go, it's pretty much the same intent, come or go, Satan go under. I haven't looked this word up in the Greek, but I would expect to find that this Greek word translated "come" is a Greek word that could mean "come or go", or some such thing.


The command went to Satan, come under my authority, come under Peter's authority, go down under. And then it says, "When Peter was come down out of the ship, you know well again, I'm not looking at the interlinear text, and the two words may be related but they don't have to be related, and for all we know, that word "come" is not there in the Greek. You know I use to think that all of the amplifications in the King James version were in italics, but they're not, and I don't understand that myself, why some of their amplifications would be acknowledged by putting them in italics.


And others, I mean, I do studies in the Interlinear text, and frequently I find whole phrases that are not in the Greek text, it's just added in. "And when Peter was come down out of the ship, he walked on the water." Well what's the ship? Brethren we're all spirit, and spirit is likened unto water, and the ship that we're sailing in is this physical body. If we're talking about spiritual things, it's a physical body. So Peter came out of his body, he came down out of the ship and he walked on the water. He ascended out of his body, and he ascended above Satan. Brethren, our physical body does not ascend above Satan.


Does anybody here not know that this is the goal of the doctrine of Christ, to ascend above Satan? That's just another way of saying to cross over the Jordan, to go to the other side of death. You can't do that in this physical body. So the Scripture says, "And Peter came out of the ship, he engaged in high spiritual activity. I don't know that he actually astral projected out of his body, I don't know about that, I would have to ask the Lord, but for this message, I'm not going to deal with that, because I don't know. I think it means that he came down out of the authority of this physical body which binds us to this physical world, and he ascended into higher planes, he ascended above the authority of the physical body, and he ascended above the authority of Satan.


"But when he saw the wind, boisterous, he was afraid. And beginning to sink, he cried saying, "Lord save me". Well I'm doing this this morning without looking at the Interlinear Text brethren, and all I could tell you is what comes to my mind when I read this. I know from previous studies from Jonah, in the same principle we found in Jonah. When Jonah got in the ship, there was a strong wind, and the wind brethren is Jehovah. Satan is the sea, the wind is Jehovah. And I want to suggest to you that when Peter ascended in his consciousness and experienced dominating Satan, immediately the sowing and reaping judgment came into play. That's how Satan throws us off her back.


See, we all have the power to defeat her right now, because Christ Jesus in us is powerful enough, Christ Jesus in us has Satan under his feet. Our whole problem is sin. So as soon as we stand up, and put Satan under, Satan the accuser says, no, no, and comes forth in the power, Satan that you've got under your feet, comes up in the power of the enforcer of the sowing and reaping judgment, and knocks you right down. You see, I heard someone on tv, I watched a tv preacher this morning, and he was talking about the Scripture, and he said, When Peter saw the waves, he became afraid, and I had to look that up, and when I looked it up the Lord gave me a message. He wasn't afraid of the waves, and he didn't see the waves, he saw the wind.


So Peter saw that when he starts playing games, with putting Satan under his feet, that he better have his sins confessed and under the blood, and repentance coming forth or he can never stand on top of Satan, and is that not what happened? He saw the wind and it was boisterous, and he was afraid, and beginning to sink. Well why would Jesus tell Peter to come out, and then Peter sink? Peter found out that when he took, now listen, Peter didn't just step out.


To put Satan under your feet, you have to smite Satan, you have to smite her, you have to rebuke her, you have to war against her. So Peter punched Satan, and Satan came said, "Who do you think you are, I've got this sin on you." Boisterously, arrogantly, aggressively, Satan the enforcer of the sowing and reaping judgment said, "Oh no you don't." And Peter cried out and said, "Lord save me." And immediately Jesus stretched forth his hand and caught him." And what does that mean? Jesus covered his sins temporarily, covered his sins from the outside, giving Peter time for true confession and repentance to come forth.


So we might even say that Peter's experience reveals sin in him, probably revealed sin that Peter didn't even know was there, was not dealing with, or didn't realize was sin. You know brethren, when we confess our sins, that is spiritual warfare against Satan. That is spiritual warfare against Satan, because she is the spirit of our sin nature. So when we expose her, we are waging war against her. You all think you're playing games, people, everybody, think they're playing games, "Oh, I'm going to confess my sin, oh yeah." And you think Satan's going take this lying down, well you don't even think that. You don't even think about that, that confessing your sins is waging war, is declaring war against Satan.


And even if you believe it's declaring war against Satan, until the Lord opens your eyes, and you get a real glimpse of Satan, even that doesn't bother you. So I'm in a war with Satan, alright. Well at some point, the Lord is going to open your eyes, and you're going to see Satan. She's very powerful brethren, and she's not playing.


"And Jesus caught him and said, what does that mean? Jesus did not let Satan destroy Peter. "And Jesus said, "Oh thou of little faith, wherefore did you doubt?" Doubt what? Well the disciples that are near to their Christ mind draw the conclusion that, both the Spirit of Elijah and Satan do whatever Christ Jesus asks for them to do. "And they were come into the ship, and the wind ceased." They came back to their normal self, their spiritual experience ended. "And they that were in the ship came and worshiped him saying, "Of a truth, thou art the son of God." Jesus gave them a spiritual experience. I'll just back up a little verse 22, "And straightaway Jesus constrained his disciples to get into a ship, and to go before him unto the other side, while he sent the multitudes away."


Well before that, previous to that, in the verses previous to that, they were having a spiritual experience. This is about the verses before that, is about Jesus feeding the five thousand. So they got into their ship and they went, now this ship, it could either be, it depends on the context of the verse, it could either be the physical body that's carrying the spirit man, or the ship is the spiritual man, Christ Jesus, that carries us through the astral plane. It could be either one, depending upon the context of the verse, and I'm thinking, let me see if I can make this correction here. "And straightaway Jesus constrained his disciples to get into a ship, and to go to the other side." So they just came through feeding the five thousand. So they got into the ship and they went to the other side. If you're doing a spiritual feat, and you go to the other side, it means you're going back to your carnality.


Go back to what other side? The other side of the heart center. The supernatural experiences take place on the left side of the heart center. The border line, the dividing line between supernatural experiences in Christ Jesus, and our normal mortality is the border line between the left and the right side of the heart center. Well he sent the multitudes away. This is what the Lord gave me this morning. Personally I don't like preaching without the Interlinear Text, but this is what he gave me, so here I am. I know that the multitudes are the spiritual people, so that means there's something wrong with this translation here.


"He constrained his disciples to get into a ship, to go to the other side, while he sent the multitudes away." And the multitudes, the disciples are the multitudes are the spiritual people. So he dispersed this spiritual activity of feeding the five thousand, which I know I have another message on, and I can't even keep up with my own teachings. The feeding of the five thousand, when you look at it in it's, I don't personally think it ever happened in the physical.


The feeding of the five thousand is the account of Jesus catching up the spiritual people that followed him, catching them up and forming spirit ties with them, and bringing them into a deep spiritual place, where they would be protected, protected spiritually from Christ Jesus, and even to back up before that, at the beginning of this chapter, we're in chapter 14 of Matthew, even in verse 3, we see, and for Herod had laid hold of John and bound him, and Jesus hears them. So we have a whole account of Herod laying hold of John, and then starting with verse 13 of Mark 14, it says, "When Jesus heard of it, when Jesus heard that Herod had laid hold of John and bound him, Jesus went to a desert place of heart." That's verse 13, that's the left side of the heart center. And the people that had heard about it, followed him out of the city.


Brethren, the spiritual Christians, they were afraid for their life. They were afraid for their life when they heard that Herod had taken John and bound him. So they went to Jesus, and Jesus offered them protection by catching them up into their brow center, and joining them to himself, and that is what the feeding of the fiver thousand is about. And we have a whole message on it, it's the one we did in South Carolina, I think. I can't keep up with my own messages here. I'm pretty sure that I preached on that, maybe I didn't, I don't know.


And then after the feeding of the five thousand, which was the spiritual feeding of Christ in the people. And the number 1,000 signifies the crown energy center, and the number five signifies the throat energy center. So the number 5,000 is talking about the combined power of the throat energy center and the crown energy center. That's a place of power. Jesus caught them up to a place of power so that they could fight with Herod? No I don't think so. I think when you're caught up to that high place of power, Herod can't find you.


And then right after that, into this high spiritual experience whereby Jesus protected the spiritual people, the multitudes that recognized that he was Messiah. After that, verse 22 says, "And Jesus constrained his disciples to get into a ship, and to go to the other side." He said, okay, now I've caught you up, you're in spirit tie relationship with me, you're protected, your life, your physical life is protected, now go back into the world. You see, in Jesus' day, Jesus and the disciples were threatened physically, so they knew what they were up against, but today, it's very hard. You see, we, I've told you this before, we are Jesus' disciples, just as the twelve were 2,000 years ago, we are Jesus' disciples, except that he's a glorified man now, he's not a physical man in the flesh, he's a glorified man whose manifesting through mortal man.


But we're disciples just like the twelve, he's doing the same thing in us that he did with them. And our lives are in as much danger as the spiritual people in Jesus' day, except that it's very hard to see. We're at a real disadvantage, why? Because Leviathan covers over our Christ mind and we can't believe it, or we can't see it, or we don't recognize it, or we don't understand it, or we reject it, and we're in denial. When he had sent the multitudes away, he went up into a mountain apart, and Jesus went up into an even higher mountain, and I did tell you within this message that Jesus brought the multitudes of spiritual people up into the brow center, but I think that's incorrect.


I remember from another message that we researched that Jesus brings disciples who have not yet overcome their sin nature. Jesus brings them into the throat energy center, and he forms a spirit tie with them. Jesus is in the brow center, and his tie is with the disciples in the throat center, and he protects them. He's over them there, and protects them from that high place.


So we'll say that Jesus brought these multitudes in to the throat center, he formed a spirit tie with them, and gave them the power to protect them, or to make them invisible to Herod. "And when he had sent the multitudes away, he went up into a mountain apart to pray, so Jesus went up even higher, probably went up into the brow center, after he had done his work with the disciples, and released them, and said, "Okay, you're safe now, go on your way." He ascended even higher, he went up into the brow energy center. "And when the evening was come, he was there alone. So he was the only one that was that high up. But the ship, what ship, the ship with the disciples in it, the ship that contained Christ, that Jesus was bringing forth in the disciples.


See, this body, as far as the Lord is concerned is not even a part of his household, we're just the ship that Christ sails in. So Jesus was in this high place, he was in the brow energy center, but the ship with the spiritual people that he was now utterly committed to protect. You see, he was always committed to protect his disciples, but he just made spirit ties with the multitudes, with the spiritual people in Israel. So now he was committed to protect everyone, and is committed to protect everyone that he has a spirit tie with. But whether we know what we're doing or not, if we prefer our ties in Leviathan over our ties, if we prefer our soul ties in Leviathan, that we can see feel and touch, to our spirit tie with Christ Jesus, who sometimes is not easy to hear from and we certainly cannot see him or touch him, we're diminishing the power that he has to defend us, because we are preferring Leviathan over him. We are preferring the one who really wants to kill us. This is a very hard word, but it's the word the Lord gave me this morning. And I pray whatever work he intends to do in you, that he accomplishes it fully.


"But the ship was now in the midst of the sea, tossed with waves, for the wind was contrary to them. The wind was contrary to them, the wind is Jehovah, and the sea was tossing because the sowing and reaping judgment was blowing. Listen brethren, you form a spirit tie with Jesus, and the sowing and reaping judgment is at your door, why? You just came near to the son of God. You cannot bring your filth with you into your relationship with the son of God. And I've known for a long time, and I've told on other messages, I've known for years from practical experience, that as soon as people come to the Lord, all hell breaks loose in their life, frequently this is what happens. I don't about coming to the Holy Ghost, but I know when you come in deep to God, when you start coming into the doctrine of Christ, all kinds of problems happen, this doesn't happen when you come to the Holy Ghost, for whatever reason. That's not my message tonight, but I know that when you come near to Jesus, when you come to the doctrine of Christ, when you form a spirit tie with Jesus, Satan is right there to purify him, and to defend Jesus against the filth. Well Sheila what do you mean Satan defending Jesus? That's her job.


As soon as you form that spirit tie with Jesus, Satan, the cleanser, the enforcer of the sowing and reaping judgment is there to chip away all that filth from you, and if you follow the rules, you'll survive the purging. And I know we found Scriptures in I think it's in the book of Isaiah, I haven't quoted them in a long time, where it clearly says that. As soon as you confess your sins and repent and really come close to the Lord, all hell hits you. And this is the reason why, to expose it and to chip it off of you so that you, you cannot pollute the son of God that you're tied to, he will cleanse you. It's very dangerous to come close to the son of God.


So Jesus had formed a spirit tie with all of these multitudes, and now they're in the midst of the sea. Satan, not their in the midst of the sea, but Satan in the midst of them is tossing the waves.


We're all the waves, the waves are Satan in you, Satan in the individual is the waves, the collective Satan is the whole sea. And the wind, Jehovah was contrary to them, why? Because they mortal men filled with sin. The sowing and reaping judgment is contrary to you, it's contrary to everything in you that is contrary to God. So it's really not, I don't know what I see in the Interlinear Text, but it's really not accurate to say that Jehovah is contrary to you, we are contrary to Jehovah. The carnal mind is the exact opposite of the mind of God. God is righteous, we are unrighteous. Mortal man is contrary to the righteousness of God. And therefore, the waves, Satan in the individual were being tossed. There was a conflict. And in the fourth watch of the night, Jesus went unto them walking on the sea. Off the top of my head, I do not know what the fourth watch of the night means. "And they were troubled saying, "It is a spirit", and they cried out in fear." Satan is a spirit, not it is a spirit, Satan is a spirit, and they cried out in fear. They got a revelation of what they were up against.


So, this is interesting, first that the ship was in the midst of the sea, they were being tossed, the sowing and reaping judgment was contrary to them, and then Jesus came walking on the sea. So first they were in conflict because their sins were being exposed. Then Jesus revealed himself very similarly to the way that he revealed himself on the mount of transfiguration, and he showed the disciples that he had authority over Satan, however he showed it to them. "And they were troubled, and they were fearful, they may even have been saying, Satan is a spirit, are you sure you have authority over him? They were carnal, they were probably saying stuff like that.


Do you really have authority over him? Can you really save us? And Jesus told them, "Be of good cheer, I do have authority over Satan, don't be afraid." And Peter answered and said, "Lord if it's true, if you really have authority over Satan, let me have the same experience. And Jesus said, he said to Peter, "come", he says to Satan, "Go down under Peter". And when Peter was come down out of the ship, and the Lord just gave it to me, the words are backwards. And Jesus said to Satan, go down under, and he said to Peter, "come on out".


So Jesus said to Satan, "Go down under", and he said to Peter, "Come on out". When Peter came out, he walked on the water and he had authority over Satan, because Jesus said to Satan, "Go down under Christ in Peter", Peter experienced authority over Satan. But brethren ultimately we have to do this for our self. Christ Jesus in us must get strong enough to say to Satan in us, "Go down under". Peter wasn't strong enough, Jesus just gave him that experience. Jesus demanded Satan in Peter to go down under Peter's feet. And Christ in Peter ascended. Peter experienced perfection. Brethren I've experienced perfection several times, three or four times for brief moments, for the Lord's purposes, it was glorious. All pain is gone. Isn't there a Scripture that says, All tears and all pain will pass away? Well the Lord caught me up three or four times to that high place, all pain was gone.


I had no problems, I was in emotional heaven. But we're not going to stay up there by someone else's power. So as soon as Jesus did that for Peter, Peter told Satan to go down under Christ in Peter, the righteous sowing and reaping judgment rose up, Peter's sins were exposed, and Peter began to sink. Do you get this? Jesus used his power to put Satan down under Peter, and Peter couldn't stand because of sin. So this wasn't just a frivolous experience, this account is very abbreviated. Jesus was showing the disciples, he was giving them the message that I'm giving you here, and he was exposing their sin nature, and he was telling them, "I can do that for you, I am willing to put Satan under your feet, but can you handle me putting Satan under your feet? Will you stand under the sowing and reaping judgment when I do it for you? And Peter found out that the answer is no. Therefore, we have to put Satan under our feet ourselves, little by little, as we overcome sin.


Jesus can't do for us, I can't do it for you, you can't do it for me. I'm going to say it again, even if someone, even if I were powerful enough to put Satan under your feet, you wouldn't stand. If you were not fully dealing with your sin nature. If there was any sin that you were dealing with when I put Satan under your feet, if I have the power to do it, you wouldn't stand. It's like taking a crippled man, lets say we have a strong man, who is capable of lifting a crippled man out of his wheel chair, and standing him up, and the man's feet touch the ground, and the strong man lets the crippled man go, the crippled man is going to fall down, you cannot stand by somebody else's strength.


And Peter was beginning to sink. And Peter stretched forth his hand, because his hand is his subconscious part of his mind, and he stopped Peter from falling, and he said, "Oh thou of little faith, wherefore did you doubt?" Everything that I've taught you, how do I know what Jesus is talking about here. Maybe he's saying to Peter, Wherefore did you doubt when I told you that I have the strength to put Satan under your feet, but you'll never stand unless you confess your sins and deal with them. I've told you before, the Greek Interlinear Text which is what I deal with here, I do not have the tools or the skills to go into the Aramaic New Testament, I wouldn't have any way of translating it. With the Old Testament, I have Strong's and all of the reference books that I have, plus the spirit of revelation, and I come up with some powerful truth. But in the Greek translation of the New Testament, there is just not enough to work with, I've told you this.


All I could do is go with the revelation that I have from the Old Testament, and in a situation like this, I have no idea what Jesus was talking about, when he said, "Why did you doubt?" And the thought just came into my mind that Jesus may have been saying, "Why did you doubt it when I told you that yes.." Maybe Peter was saying, "Lord, give it to me too, give it to me too", we're all such big babies, you know. Give it to me too, give it to me too, completely forgetting that Jesus said, "If you're not fully on top of your sins, if you're not fully dealing with your sin nature, even if I put up, you wouldn't stand. And Jesus said, "Alright Peter, find out for yourself." And Jesus put Satan under Peter's feet, and Peter started to sink, why?


Because brethren, when sin is exposed in you, it weakens you. If you have not dealt with the sin, and something wrong in your heart is exposed, it weakens you. You say, "Oh my God, I'm really guilty of that. Brethren you're not strong at that moment. Repentance has to come forth, and it has to work its way through you, and that doesn't always happen right away, and then the end of the whole process is that moral strength arises in you. But at the moment that you are exposed, the Scripture likens it to being circumcised. You just had an operation, you're weak, you've been cut. I don't know about you, but I could confess to you that when I was a younger Christian, I use to complain to the Lord, and say, "Why don't I have more faster? Why don't I have more sooner?"


I know the Lord told me that I would be a teacher several years, it must have been three, four, maybe even five years before I actually started to teach, and my life was so hard in those days, and I was so unhappy, I remember saying, "Lord, you said I'm going to be a teacher, and of course I was having so much trouble with my job, because the Lord was bringing me out of the secular work place, I didn't understand what was happening, but I was very depressed, with what was happening with my job and my finances, and I just couldn't, someone who would work for years with no problem, I just couldn't seem to make it on a job. I said, "Lord, you told me I'm going to be a teacher, well why don't you let, since my whole work life is in the process of being destroyed, why don't you let me start teaching?" And the Lord answered me, he said, if I started you teaching now, you'd be destroyed. And I didn't understand at the time, just like, this is just what this message is about.


I'm telling you all you people that you don't know what you're doing when you confess your sins, you don't even know how you're challenging Satan, I was very ignorant, I had no idea that preaching a message like this was attacking Satan. And the Lord said I would not have survived. I had to wait until I was stronger.


So this is the word that's in my heart, for whatever it's worth, that Peter had been saying to Jesus, "Oh give me the experience, give me the experience, give me the experience", and Jesus said, No, no, you won't be able to stand if catch you up into the fifth or the sixth center, which ever it was, and your sins are not dealt with to a certain point, you won't stand. And Peter was saying, "Oh I will, I will, I will. We just did a message recently, in the last couple of weeks where the sons of Zebedee were saying, "Jesus, let me sit at your right and your left hand", or the mother of the sons of Zebedee, said, "Let me sit at your left and right hand, and Jesus said, "Can you drink of the cup that I drink of?" And the disciples said, "Yes we can."


So they were filled with pride and arrogance, actually thinking that they were equipped to walk Jesus' walk. And here Peter found out that he was equipped to do what Jesus could do. Look, I'm not pointing to anybody here, but I know, and this may not be true of you, but I know that there have been people over the years that have been very envious of my position or if not, wishing any harm to me, thinking that they would like the same thing. Brethren, you don't know what you're asking for. If Jesus wants to give it to you, praise the Lord, I don't have any problem with it. I know that in due season there are going to be many many many people preaching this doctrine. I can't do it all, but you don't know what you're asking for. A lot of people wouldn't have survived what I've been through. And that's the word on my heart concerning Peter. But I will tell you this, let me remind you of this, that even though it's not clear to me exactly what was happening here, I remind that the word of God is fluent, and that the Lord can do anything he wants with it.


If today in this message he wants to teach you the message that just came forth, that Peter was saying, "Let me stand Lord, let me do it, let me be where you are Lord," and Jesus let Peter experience for himself what it's like to have Satan under your feet. You see, Satan in the individual when she's under your feet, stirs up the collective Satan, the enforcer of the sowing and reaping judgment. So the more you challenge Satan in you, the more Satan, the collective Satan is coming against you looking for a legal ground to bring you down. Can you stand up under that kind of scrutiny? You have to be called of God, it has to be your time. I'm not saying you cannot ever be, but don't go before the Lord. But you can ask the Lord for anything that you want. You want what I have, ask him for it, but ask him with your eyes open. This is not a game. I've got a lot of good things here, but this is a very hard life. My new neighbor just stopped by to say hello to me. He said, "Oh you work at home?" I said, "Yeah". He said, "Oh aren't you lucky." Well I'm very blessed working at home. I thank God for that. Let me tell you there are aspects of this life that are invisible.


Ask God for anything, ask him for it, but you better ask him what's involved before you ask for it, because when you ask out of pride, that's a spirit of foolishness, and the Scripture clearly says that the fool rushes in without looking at any of the potential consequences, just wants the glory, wants the surface, see. That makes you a fool, but you don't have to stay a fool. You can become a wise man. You say, Lord is that for me? Am I strong enough, am I equipped, is that really what you want from me? You know when Jesus was in the garden of Gethsemane, and I don't remember whether this is in the King James or whether I found this out of my own research, but I know in my heart, that when Jesus was in the garden of Gethsemane, and he was sweating drops of blood, he was saying to the father, "Am I strong enough?" He was saying, "Am I strong enough to go to the next step of my maturation?"


Jesus asked if he was strong enough, and we should all ask if we're strong enough before we start running off at the mouth and asking for something that someone else has, because all you see is the surface part, which has a lot of good. It's better not to ask then to ask and take it and fail at it and leave it, and desert what's been given to you. That's not good. And then of course if it's not in the Lord's heart to give it to you, Satan might give it to you, and then it will be a real disaster. So for today's message anyway, and my point is that the Scripture is fluid, and it's really not clear here at all, as to what Jesus was talking about when he said, "Oh you of little faith, it could have been any of these things that have come forth in this message, or other possibilities that I have not even thought of today. The Greek is not clear, the Hebrew is pretty clear, the Hebrew is pretty clear, at least for the level that I'm at now, I see the doctrine of Christ at the level that the Lord has brought me to, very clearly in the Hebrew, but brethren, I or nobody else should be naive, that ten or twenty years from now, I may be seeing a whole new message in the Scripture. Does that mean that today's message is wrong? No.


It's as we mature, we understand more and more, and we understand on a different level. Brethren there is just so much that we don't know. We just have our, I just have my little toe in the water, in so far as the spiritual aspects of life in Christ Jesus. You know, I know a couple of weeks ago, it came to me, or the question came into my heart, you know I believe it was Christ Jesus in me asking the Lord Jesus, because it's Christ Jesus in me that's being educated in spiritual things, and because of certain events that have happened in my life, I said to the Lord, "I know that it's taught in the church that there are opportune moments, I've heard it in the church that I was raised up in, well the door is open now, and I've been teaching myself for years, well when the door opens you have to walk through. I was having problem with my weight for years and years and years, and then the time came that the Scripture says, the fullness of time, or the appropriate time, or the season came, and the Lord broke this compulsion on me to overeat, you know.


It was at the appropriate time, you know, and sometimes you say, "Well why does the Lord make you wait so long?" Because there's an appropriate time, there is a season for everything. Well I've known that for years, and it's pretty much taught in the church, but the thought occurred to me a week or two ago, that this really does line up with one of the basic principles of astrology. If you go to an astrologer, people who live by astrology, they'll say, "Well I want to change my job or I want to make a geographical move. What is the appropriate time to do it, and the astrologer will tell you, well the planets are lined up and you know, I don't believe in that stuff, I believe it's a form of witchcraft, I'm just trying to give you a comparison here. And this is the appropriate time for your move, because this one is going to be rising and that one's going to be descending, I don't know enough about it to even make an intelligent statement here.


And the question came into my mind, "Well Lord, you know believing that there are appropriate times or appropriate seasons in God, that really sounds a lot to me like what astrologers say. And I would really like to know if you would be willing to tell me, I would really like to know what the foundation of this is. What does this mean in Christ? I mean I know in astrology they'll tell you, well the planet Mars is lined up with the planet Jupiter, or whatever you know. Well how does this work in, I don't believe that stuff you know, how does this work in Christ. What is an appropriate time, what is happening in the spirit world that would make you come to some of your people and say, The door is open, and it's not going to be open forever. We know there's a Scripture that says, the door's closing, the door is open now, and it's going to close. And even in the world, there's a saying in the world today, in the corporate world today, well in the business world, I don't know about the corporate world, that a window of opportunity is open, and I believe that phrase is in the Scripture too. Paul said, A door or window of opportunity, pray that a door of opportunity opens for me, wherever it was he wanted to go, I don't recall.


And in the business world today, you hear that a lot, a window of opportunity is open, seize the moment, you have to grab it when everything's right. Well, what does this mean to the Christian? What is happening in the spirit world. If it's not Jupiter lining up with Mars, okay, what is happening in the spirit world that creates an appropriate moment that opens the door? I don't have the answer yet, but something happened, something happened recently, a very powerful deliverance came forth for somebody else that I've been a party to, and that was the word in my heart, that it's now, and I was talking to the person about their part, and what they had to do to get this deliverance, and I said, it's now, and I can't force you to do what I'm telling you to do. The only power that I have to help is counsel and prayer, and if you choose not to take my counsel, my prayers won't do you much good, okay.


And you could take my counsel or not take my counsel, but that's the only way I can help you, that's all I have for you, and I'm telling you, that the word of the Lord is that this is the time, and if you don't take the opportunity now, nothing's ever, you never destroyed forever, Jesus will always deliver you, but you can go the easy way or you can go the hard way, and if you don't take this opportunity now, it could either be a while until you get another opportunity, or if two months from now, you decide that this was the word of the Lord, and the doors close, it may be five times as hard for you to accomplish what you could have accomplished now. The door's open now. And as I was going through this with this person, sometimes I have spiritual perceptions in my mind that are not clear, and usually what it means is that Christ or either the glorified Jesus Christ, or Christ, someone from the household of God is trying to talk to me, and I'm not getting it. Either I have to ascend higher to understand it, or if I can't ascend high enough to understand it, then maybe I need more instruction down at this level. I don't really fully understand how it works, but I know that there was a communication that came forth from the Lord, as I was telling this person, the door of opportunity is open now, and if you don't take it now, it's not a punishment, if you don't take it now, it will be much, much, much harder later on. I know that the Lord tried to tell me something, and the only thing that I got out of it was, that it had something to do with this question that I've asked. That it had to do, that in the world, this would be manifesting as the planets lining up.


So what does that mean to me, it means to me, it says to me, that the Lord is trying to answer my question, and whatever he says to me at that moment, I wasn't ready to understand it. Either I wasn't high enough, or I need more information, see. I learn a lot from books, and you all know that.


I read other philosophies, and the Lord sometimes, you know tells me "Yeah that's right", and I adapt it, and it's incorporated under his instruction into the doctrine of Christ, but that's only because I'm still so immature. See, if I were more ascended than I am, I wouldn't have to read other philosophies, see. So I'm still really low down. I mean that may sound strange to you all, but I'm still very much a beginner, and I'm not that ascended, I'm not that ascended, I've got a long way to go, and when I am ascended to a certain point, I won't have to be reading other books. I won't even have to be pouring through the Interlinear Text, although these years of pouring into the Interlinear Text have been very valuable for me, and I think for all of you, or anyone who wants to study with us in the future, because people are so afraid of the doctrine that it's really important to hear me say, "Well this word also means this, and that word also means that, it's been very important that people really need that, otherwise they couldn't take the jump, and I don't know if I could have taken it myself years ago, although I could take it today.


But there is a time coming that I won't need other books. So for whatever reason, I put that in there, we were in the middle of this message here, I don't even know why I started to tell you that. Oh yeah, I was saying that in verse 31, "Oh ye of little faith, wherefore did you doubt?" The truth is that we don't really know what Peter was doubting about. He could have been doubting that Jesus had authority over Satan, he could have been doubting Jesus telling him, I could put you in that position, but you'll never stand there if you're not dealing with your sin nature. I don't know what he was doubting? Because the King James translation says, that Peter was doubting, that he could physically stand on the physical water, and I know that's not true.


So if what the King James says is not true, then what the true intent of the Scripture says, is up for grabs. I told you in a recent study, we're doing a lot more work in the New Testament these days, then we've ever done before, and I told you, the Old Testament on one level is much harder to translate then the New Testament. There's much more work, much more research involved in translating the Old Testament. So from that point of view, from the hours that I have to put in, the Old Testament is harder and the New Testament is easier. But from another point of view, and from the point of view that the New Testament compared to the Old Testament is very vague, the New Testament is very vague, and it requires much more interpretation than the Old Testament does.


So from that point of view, the New Testament is much more difficult, and I'm never sure that I have it right. All I could do is pray, and do the best that I can. And in this situation right now, this is the translation, this is the interpretation that the Lord has given me, that Peter had been very aggressive and very anxious, saying, "I want the experience now." You know I use to pray all the time, "Lord when am I going to get caught up, when am I going to be caught up?" Until the Lord taught me that my attitude was all wrong. The Lord is not holding anything back from me. I have to grow up into God. And I grow, I have to climb up on top of Satan and Leviathan's head, and I can only do that as fast as I'm capable of climbing. The Lord isn't holding anything back from me at all.


So I think it's just natural for young disciples to want the whole thing, you know. When you get a vision of what God is doing, you know when you come out of that place where you've been going to church for twenty years, and they're preaching the same salvation message for twenty years, and you think that the whole thing is evangelizing other people and there's nothing more for you personally, when you come out of that place and you get a vision that there's really a goal, that there is no rapture, that you don't have to wait until you die to get to heaven, that there really is something that we're hoping for in the flesh, that's a very exciting revelation.


So everybody goes through this, "Oh Lord I want it, I want it now, I want it now, I want it now", everybody goes through that. And here Jesus was giving Peter a lesson by experience, because the instruction, I find very frequently, I can talk and talk and talk, and sometimes I can help you, but sometimes you just have to experience it yourself, Peter found out, that Jesus stood him up on his feet, but his legs, Peter's legs were not strong enough to stand. And that's the word that the Lord gave us for this message, it's an interpretation in verse 31, that I think is very valid. Verse 32, "And when they were come into the ship, the wind ceased." Well when they came back down out of their heightened spiritual place, the sowing and reaping judgment ceased.


You see, the higher you ascend, the more rigid the sowing and reaping judgment. Years ago, I've had a, well I think, well one radical catching up, where it was a radical catching up, there were radical changes in my life after that catching up, but I wasn't aware of what had happened to me, I was delivered from a spiritual plague. My lungs were renewed, and I just ascended from old order deliverance into new order deliverance, but I was not aware that any of this had happened, and the Lord gave me a dream, before I became aware of these things, the Lord gave me a dream, and in the dream, I was a motorcycle rider.


In my dream someone riding a motorcycle with a leather jacket, is always a spiritual criminal, a mortal man, a spiritual criminal. And I was lying dead at the bottom of the mountain, and my motorcycle was turned over. I was lying dead at the bottom of the mountain, but spiritually I ascended and I ascended very high, and as I ascended, the police of that plane of consciousness, I'm not really sure where I ascended to at that time, but the police of that plane of consciousness, all the alarms went off and the police came rushing out to prohibit me from entering into that plane of consciousness, and then a voice said, "No, look down at the bottom of the mountain, and there was my carcass, and it was dead, you see. Where the eagles fly, the carcass is, or where the carcass is dead, the eagle is flying.


See your mortality has to be dead for you to ascend spiritually, or for your ascension to be legal. Your carnal mind and your selfish motives must be dead for you to ascend legally. And the danger of ascending without the death of your ego, okay, is that you will ascend in Leviathan's time line, and the danger of that is, that you'll have spiritual power with a very active ego, which means you're selfish. All mortal men are selfish, and you're in great danger of misusing the power of bringing destruction on yourself, and your family and the whole world. So these police, all their alarms went off, they came out to force me out of that plane of consciousness. And the voice said, "No, look down at the bottom of the mountain, her ego is dead", and there was the motorcycle person lying dead and they let me stay. And that's the meaning of that Scripture "Where the carcase is the eagles fly".


So spiritually speaking I came out of my body, if you can hear what I'm saying. I came out on that level, to that measure, I ascended above my old man and my old man died. For every step we take into our new man, our old man dies a little bit.


So when they were come into the ship, the wind ceased. They went back to the level that they could legally abide in. "Then they that were in the ship came and worshiped Jesus saying, "Of a truth, thou art the son of God." Actually I think the ship, more than the physical body, I think the ship means Christ Jesus, and it's just talking about the protection of Christ Jesus that does not come from the individual. When they formed a spirit tie with Jesus, they came into the ship called Christ Jesus, but it was not on their own righteousness, see.


So to come out of the ship means that they ascended above Jesus' protection. The ship is Christ Jesus. It's just another way of saying, when you form a spirit tie with Christ Jesus, you're now a part of the body of Christ, you came into the ship. So they acknowledged that Jesus is the son of God, that's pretty obvious.


Well, that's the message the Lord gave to me, I don't think there's anything else, are there any questions or comments on this message? You do? Okay.


COMMENT: When you said that the, I can't remember what it was but I just aligned it with Elisha and Elijah, that it was something to do with Peter and Jesus.


SHEILA: When I said that Jesus put Satan within Peter under his feet?


COMMENT: It was something more to that, but it just reminded me of Elisha going through the same ordeal with Elijah. He was in line with what Peter was doing in relation to Jesus and Satan.


SHEILA: Okay, I hear what you're saying, but it's not really the same thing, and I think we had this in a recent message. I think it was in an online meeting if I'm not mistaken, an online meeting transcript, that no, no, it was the same message that I mentioned earlier, with the mother of the sons of Zebedee saying, does anyone remember what the name of that message was, I think it was part of indignation, when we did that. Was it part of indignation when we did that? When the mother of the, I'm saying the mother of, well I'm not going to get into that now, the mother of the sons of Zebedee, that's the Scripture we translated, came to Jesus, and said, "My sons, I'd like them to sit on your right and left hand," and then Jesus talked to the disciples and said, "Do you think that you're able to drink of the cup that I'm drinking of?" And the disciples all said, "Yes, we are able." And I pointed out how this was a spirit of pride in them because they were not able.


And then I did bring forth the alternate translation of those verses concerning Elisha and Elijah, and I contrasted the response of the disciples to the response of Elisha, when Elisha found that Elijah would be departing from the world, and Elijah had no such arrogance about him. Elijah was very humble and said, I fully believe, although there is a parallel but the reaction of the disciples, and Peter in this case, was very different than the reaction of Elisha. Elisha was humble, but the disciples including Peter were very arrogant, saying, I want it, I can have it, and Elisha was very humble saying, "I believe that the God that has sustained you will sustain me." So Elisha had a lot of faith, and what I find very interesting in this case, well let me finish this off, for people who don't know the story.


And of course when Elijah was glorified, Elisha was tempted. Now the situation between Elisha and Elijah, was that Elijah had placed Satan under Elisha's feet. But for Elisha to be walking around like that, Elisha must have been doing whatever was required concerning his sin nature, because Elisha was abiding like that, and when Elijah was glorified, Satan tried, and Leviathan tried to out from under, in other words, they tested Elisha to see if they could hold them down himself, and Elisha failed. Do you remember that? That Elisha failed, and Satan and Leviathan broke forth, and Elisha would have lost his spiritual life, but he cried out to the God of Elijah, and the glorified Elijah came from heaven, of course that, today that would be the Lord Jesus came from heaven, and strengthened him and saved him, and then Elisha went on to this great ministry that he had.


But Elisha had Christ formed in him, or King Adam, it was the Old Testament formed in him, and he also had a glorified spirit that he became a unity with. The personality Elisha, King Adam within Elisha, and the glorified Elijah became a unity. So the man, the mortal man Elisha became a unity with the household of God in heaven, and he was a powerful prophet, but he, well we don't if he died or not.


I know the King James translation says that he died. I translated those verses, and I do not believe that those verses mean that Elisha physically died, and that alternate translation is in the book, it's in the alternate translation of the Old Testament if you want to look it up. So as far as I'm concerned, I don't see any Scripture that says Elisha died. I don't see anything, information about what happened to him, and I don't know whether he died or not. But of course I don't see any information about the apostles of the New Testament, I know there's foxes book of martyrs, but I don't see anything in the Scripture that talks about the death of the apostles, you see.


So I don't know, it could be that they had an experience like Moses, although Moses we're told was buried, you know, I don't know whether they physically died, or another possibility is that they did physically die, but the Scripture doesn't talk about it, because they did, all the apostles, they did such great work, that the Christ Jesus in them did so many acts, and had so many experiences for God, that when the physical man died, that that, the immortal part of that man, went on, and therefore the Scripture doesn't even acknowledge that they died. Does anyone not understand what I just said? When a mortal man that has a minimal experience with Christ, or no experience with Christ at all dies, the Scripture says he died, but in the case of a human being where Christ was formed in them, and that Christ became a unity with the household of God, does anyone not understand what I mean by a unity? In the case where Christ is formed in a man and that Christ becomes, and of course when Christ in man becomes a unity with the household of God, the personality is a part of it, okay. When Christ in a man becomes a unity with the household of God in heaven, okay, that, the immortal part of that person goes to place called Abraham's bosom, and the Scripture does not acknowledge that they died, because all that happens is this physical shell dissolves. Is everybody okay with this?


The Scripture does not acknowledge that they died, because they're physical body is just dust, but if one of Jehovah's immortal seeds incarnates in a mortal man, and has experiences in God, but does not become a unity with the household of God, then the Scripture, and the physical man dies, then the Scripture says that man died. We're told Moses died, Moses did not become a unity with the household of God. Does anyone have any questions on that issue? It's important.


Okay. So I see what you said, that you had a thought of Elijah and Elisha, but you understand that Elisha had a different reaction than the disciples. Now personally I would really like to know how many years Elisha spent with Elijah, I don't know. And to be honest with you, I don't even know how to go about finding out that information, but I suspect that Elisha was with Elijah many more than three years, that he was with Elijah a lot more than three years.


And how do I draw that conclusion? I draw that conclusion, because Elisha was so well trained, that when Elijah was about to be glorified, Elisha's response was from what I could see, and we translated the whole account, was perfect, his response was perfect, and he was saved.


And the disciples were all filled with pride and arrogance, you know, thinking that they could take over Jesus' job. Now of course the disciples, they only had three years with Jesus, but of course when Jesus came back as the glorified spirit, obviously they must have had some kind of a rapid maturation, because they went out ministering and preaching, so something happened when the glorified spirit came back, you see. Even though the disciples didn't have that many years with Jesus, as Elisha had with Elijah, some how when Jesus was glorified, they matured very quickly. Any other questions or comments here?


COMMENT: Your dream makes me think of a dream that a friend of mine had when I first became involved with this ministry, and she was very concerned that I was here, and I remember telling her about it, that we both on a mountain ledge, and we were riding bicycles, and it was a two wheel bicycle, and I felt it going faster and faster, and she got frightened and she got off, and she said, I continued on at break neck speed, and I went right over the cliff, and fell over on to these rocks, and she said, she knew I was dead, and my son and the people of my family came and they were assuring her that it wasn't her fault. But she says, you were dead. And I know that she believed at that time that I was spiritually dying, but remember, if you can recall, you told me that it...


SHEILA: I don't remember what I told you, but tell what I told you.


COMMENT: That I fell upon the rocks, I believe you said it was the son of God, and my carnal mind was going to be destroyed.


SHEILA: Right, Jesus said, the one who falls upon this rock, will, I can't quote the Scripture, but he'll live, and if you don't fall upon the rock, you'll be ground to powder. Yeah, you know, see God speaks his own language, and he's not changing his language to accommodate us, we have to learn his language, and you can't get close to God without speaking his language, and we have a whole church of people that have a couchy coo with the Lord. And I'm not knocking you or trying to hurt anybody, it's the truth. You cannot have an adult man to man relationship with the Lord unless you speak his language and you understand the way he thinks, and you understand the things that he talks about. Otherwise you have a couchy coo relationship with him. He loves you, he comes over and he kisses you on the cheek, he tucks you in bed when you go to sleep at night, and he tells you fairy stories, I mean the Lord doesn't tell you fairy stories, that's just a parable I'm saying.


So, you may know the Holy Spirit, you may have a relationship with the Holy Spirit, he may be there, you may know that he comforts you, you may know that he's healed you, you may know that he's cast demons out of you, you may know that he's delivered you, you know from making some mistakes, but it's a couchy coo relationship, you don't know him. You know his power, you know his power and that his power has been ministered to you as an act of mercy, but you don't know the Lord, because you cannot know somebody if you do not have intimacy with them, and you cannot have intimacy with someone, if you do not know what they think, and what they believe about in general, across the board. To know someone, you have to know their mind, what they think. So we see the whole church has a relationship with the Holy Spirit, but they do not know the man, the son of God, Jesus, they don't know him. And that's the truth.


He wants to know us, but the problem is, to get to know the Lord you have to come closer, and when you come closer, your sins are exposed. It's a painful process, and you fall on the rock and you die, and it's a painful process, but the end of the whole thing is, is glory and eternal life. But the problem with the church right now that I see it, is that there's no understanding, you see. So we're waiting for the Lord to do something to open the minds of the people that they should believe the message, and then those that want to go away, let them go away.


That's what the Lord said to Gideon, the ones who are afraid, let them go away. But the problem today is, the people aren't hearing the true message. When they hear it, they think that it's occult and not of God.


So we're waiting, whatever he's going to do, there has to be a miracle that comes upon the church to enable them to understand that this is the word of God. And to the best of my knowledge at this time, from the teachings that the Lord has brought forth here, is that this will happen when someone ascends high enough, and becomes strong enough in Jesus' power to set the people up in the left side of their heart center, which is beyond Satan's thoughts, so that they can hear, and that is something that will be done with words. But you have to have the spiritual authority to do it. What kind of words? I'm not sure. Will the words be in rebuke? I tend to doubt it, because my understanding of the Lord, is that he only rebukes people who should know better. And the people whose mind is covered over, and they really cannot hear, because Satan is laying over them or Leviathan is laying over them, I don't see the Lord rebuking people like that.


See he rebukes the Pharisees, the people who the Lord decides, not me and not you, but who the Lord decides, should know better, he rebukes them. (End of Tape one)


Tape 2


But the people who are genuinely trying to serve Jesus, but afraid that they're going to be trapped or seduced or make a mistake, he's not rebuking people like that, no he's not, he's definitely not. So, what would he say to people like that? I don't know, maybe it's this very same message. If it's preached from a higher energy center, maybe the very words of this message will set the people up in their heart center so they'll be able to believe. That's what sounds right to me right now.


But my understanding right now is that this is the answer, we're waiting for someone to ascend high enough to have the power to set the people up, and to open their ears, to get them free from Satan's influence, so that they can believe the message, because there's no way they're going to enter in without believing the message, see.


Now, well, I know somebody right now that the Lord is reaching for with this message over a year, he's had me in their life and they can't get it, and what I see happening is the Lord's bringing them into old order deliverance, because I'm not high enough to disperse Satan's, see I'm coming here with these thoughts and Satan is there with her own thoughts saying, this is not of God.


So it's a spiritual warfare, that the one who is delivering the message has to still Satan and get rid of those thoughts in the other person, and apparently I'm strong enough to do it after a year and a half. And the Lord is bringing in old order deliverance to cleanse the person so they can hear me. But that wouldn't be necessary if I was high enough. Does anybody not understand what I just said.


So we're waiting to be caught up you know, and I believe that we're ascending slowly, that I'm ascending slowly. When this is going to happen, I don't know, but this is what the church is waiting for, a company of people who will have the spiritual authority to distill Satan, to boil Satan in that individual, to bring forth this doctrine of Christ, with such power that it literally boils away Satan in their mind, so that they could hear it as the truth.


See what's happening right now with a lot of Christians that are as faithful as they know how to be to Jesus, is that Satan is strong enough that when the seed is sown, the birds, Satan just gobbles it up and flies away. And the reason that Satan can gobble it up is that the people are afraid to believe that it's true.


Praise the Lord. So the church is in state of retardation, it's in a spiritual retardation, and it's the, we're all, as far as our mortality goes, it is our spiritual mother and father who will not let us grow, Satan and Leviathan, our spiritual mother and father, who is blocking the maturation of the church for their own selfish purposes. Anybody else?


COMMENT: I remember another dream that someone had and she said she saw me coming out of the room where I had my Bible studies, and I was in a coffin, and it was a transparent coffin and they were carrying me out of the room, and they put it on display, this transparent coffin.


SHEILA: Well that's interesting because somebody told me recently, I'm not sure who it was, that they saw, I don't know whether it was me or themselves in a transparent capsule. I said, "Well usually if someone is in a capsule, its usually Christ Jesus if it's positive, you know, or Leviathan, if it's negative, but I don't know why it would be transparent, and the only thing I can think of is that in perfection we're suppose to be transparent, everything about us is suppose to be obvious, we can no longer have any hidden thoughts, and I think that what's coming to me now, is that when we die to our flesh, it will be on display, it will be very obvious to everybody that we have died to our flesh, that that carcass is dead, and that the eagle is flying within us, it will very, very obvious. So that's the only thing I get right now.


COMMENT: When that young believer told me that seeing me in this transparent coffin, it really upset me, because I have a catholic background, and all I could think of this catholic saint, and mother Cabrini who was in this transparent coffin, and her body is preserved, and it eerie.


SHEILA: Well, you know we really have to think with the mind of Christ, otherwise a lot of these dreams, a lot of them are rejected because we don't believe they're from God, you know, but we really, really have to think with the mind of Christ, and I think that's the answer to the transparent, even to other person's dream, to the transparent capsule, that when we die, our death will be put on display because, our dead body will be the carrier for the living Christ. See, you can't both, for the living Christ to be displayed in you, your death also has to be displayed. Now the book of Romans says something about Jesus' death, you know, that's what's coming to my mind right now. At some point, Paul had a lot to say about Jesus' death, and the baptism into Jesus' death, you know. It's the death of our carnal mind, it's the death of this whole lifestyle, and I don't mean our behavior, I mean it's the way we think, it's the death of this whole mentality.


Christ Jesus cannot stand in perfection without this whole mentality being dead. Can't have one without the other. The only way Christ can appear in all his glory is if the rest of us is dead. And when the rest of us does die, we will be a walking coffin, we will become a dead cart, made of dead wood that carries the glorified man, and I think that's what the dream is meaning. You have to die to the Fiery Serpent's lifestyle, and you cannot die to the Fiery Serpent's lifestyle until you die to the way she thinks. And this is radical brethren, because the Fiery Serpent's lifestyle is everything that's good in this world, not only everything that's bad in this world, it's everything that's good in this world, and it means that your family and your family ties have to come second to your assignments in Christ Jesus. This is a hard word.


Now I'm not telling you to do it now, the Lord has to call you to it, but this is an example. Like you told me once that you have to watch your grandchild cause there's no one else to watch him.


Well the day may come, now that's okay now, but the day may come that the Lord Jesus gives you an assignment, and there's nobody or at least there appears to be nobody to watch your grandchild, what are you going to do? If you want Christ to fully appear in you, you have to follow Christ, and tell your children that they have to make their own way in this world, that they should pray to Jesus that he provides a babysitter.


So does anybody not understand me, I'm not telling you to do this now, but I am preparing you that when you come to that place in Christ, I believe I'm in that place, I can never not do something for the Lord because my grandchild didn't have a babysitter. I wouldn't even think of it, the thought wouldn't even occur to me, because of where I am now. You may not, you're probably not there now. I don't know, you know whether you're there now. But do you understand that that's what a being ascended in God requires of you. And the problem with this is, that men, physical men don't any problem doing this. Physical men that are preachers, they would tell their wife, "The Lord has called me to Guatemala for six months. I'm sorry if that upsets you, I'll make all the provisions I need for you, but I'm going." And it would be a very rare evangelist's wife that would divorce him over that.


But in this hour, the Lord is calling a lot of physical women to be spiritual men, and it's totally socially unacceptable in this society for women to say that to their family. But if you want to go all the way, at some point, the Lord will put that to you, and it will be little choices along the way. But ultimately I believe all the disciples left their families when Jesus called them. They all left their families, and they traveled with him.


So why am I saying this? To prepare you in your mind for the day that the Lord comes to you. Now maybe it's tomorrow, maybe it's next year, I don't know. He may not be coming to you tomorrow and saying, across the board, you can't do that anymore. Maybe it's one situation right now, and maybe not. I don't know, you all have to find this out for yourself, I am here to raise your consciousness, to tell you that if you want this kind of position with God, if you want this kind of relationship with God, in your mind, what relationship with God? If you want your mortality to die so that Christ can be fully ascended in you, this is what is going to be required of you, and I'm telling you now so that you should be prepared in your mind, when the day comes that he comes to you, that you should know, you should be prepared, this is what's going to be required of you, and you're going to have to take on your whole family, that will not recognize your ascension, you're not going to be walking around with shining light coming out of you, that they're going to recognize your ascension and say, "I understand mom." It's not going to happen that way. You can fully ascended in Christ Jesus, and they will still see you as the little mother and grandmother they expect to be acting like a human mother and grandmother. There's nothing with wrong with it if that's what you are. And this is going to be your trial.


Praise the Lord. Anybody else have anything to say? This exhortation that is, I'm going to give you now, has nothing to do with the message on this tape, it has to do with Indignation part 2.


It is, what I'm about to tell you is an addendum, an addition to Indignation part 2, but there was no room left on the tape, of Indignation part 2. So we just decided to preach it on this message this morning. Praise the Lord. Indignation part 2, in that message, we translate Matthew chapter 20, verses 20-29. And Matthew 20:20, says, "Then came to him the mother of Zebedee's children with her sons, worshiping him and desiring a certain thing of him."


Now from the very beginning my position as we began to do the alternate translation, was that I could not believe that a Jewish woman in the days of Jesus' flesh, would have had the nerve to approach a Rabbi. The disciples called him Rabbi, they called him master, they called him teacher. I could not believe that Jewish woman, the mother of one of his disciples would have the nerve to approach Jesus, and ask for advancement, or special gifts for her son.


I therefore took the position that the Scripture was saying that it was Leviathan, the spiritual mother of the disciples arose, and started having grandiose thoughts about self achievement, and self importance. The series of verses that we translated occurred right after Jesus instructed the disciples about the crucifixion.


So we see that Leviathan rose up in response to Jesus telling the disciples about the crucifixion. Leviathan rose up and said, "Oh boy, Jesus is going to be crucified, and I'm going to inherit his office. The disciples, and I believe that our translation established that it was not just James and John, it was all of the disciples that were thinking this, pride rose up in all of the disciples, because we interpreted the name Zebedee, and I believe that, yes I do remember the term Zebedee means God's gift to the children that are God's gift. So Zebedee's children were all of the disciples, because all of the disciples were called to be apostles, God's gift to Israel, and ultimately to the world. But at that time God's gift to Israel.


So, Leviathan rose up in all of the disciples when they heard that Jesus was about to be crucified and they related Jesus' announcement to Elijah, because Jesus instructed them. He said, I'm going to be crucified but I'm also going to be glorified. The disciples were Jews, they were trained since they were three years old in the Yeshiva. They knew all about Elijah and Elisha. They knew, they believed Jesus was the Messiah, and they knew that they were his disciples. So they sort of latched on to Elisha's experience. And as I explained in that message, but as I explained in that message, it's obvious when you take a close look that the disciples were not nearly as mature as Elisha was. When we compare the disciples reaction to Jesus' announcement that he was about to be glorified to Elisha's reaction to Elijah's announcement that he could be glorified, and the two experiences were completely different. So that was my position in Indignation part 2, that it was all of the disciples, all of the disciples were Zebedee's children, and that Leviathan rose up spontaneously in all of them, when they heard Jesus' announcement of his glorification.


Subsequent to preaching that message, I realized that there is a parallel account to Zebedee's children approaching Jesus, or the mother of Zebedee's children approaching Jesus, and that parallel account is in Mark 10:35, which reads, "And James and John, the sons of Zebedee come unto him saying, "Master, we would that thou shouldest do for us, whatsoever we shall desire."


So we see in one, there are two parallel accounts, after I found this parallel account, I searched to see if there was a third or fourth parallel account, but there are only two parallel accounts.


One says the mother of Zebedee's children, and the other account says, James and John approached Jesus themselves. I think I remember seeing this, I even think I may have heard someone preach on this once. I know that it was pointed out to me, that how could this be? In one case it's a big mystery of the Scripture, in one case it says Zebedee's children, and in the other case, it says James and John came to him. Well Sheila, you just said, all the disciples had this reaction. Yes I believe all of them did, but maybe James and John were the only one who spoke it out. Maybe some of the others were in denial, or maybe the others didn't understand that Jesus' inheritance is for everyone, I don't know, as I told you this morning, the Greek is not as clear as the Hebrew.


In the account in Mark, it says that James and John, they were the one who verbally spoke, they may have been the spokesperson for all of them, and we see down in verse 21, it says, "And when the ten heard it, they began to be much displeased with James and John."


I just looked in the Interlinear Text because the parallel account in Mark 10, says in verse 41, that the 10 were much displeased with James and John. Now in the account in Matthew, I had looked at the Interlinear Text and drawn the conclusion that all of the disciples were displeased with Jesus because he had told them, that they would have to have their sins exposed. Now when I look in the Interlinear Text on Mark 10, it's a little different, because verse 41 does say, "And the ten began to be much displeased with James and John." But this is what I have in my heart.


You may recall that the translation of the ten is those who are under the law. So all of the disciples who were under the law, all of the disciples who were under the law, began to be indignant or much displeased with James and John. Why were they displeased with James and John? Because they were very indignant that James and John had even spoken out the secrets of their heart. Because in verse 40, Jesus says in response to this request to sit on his left and his right hand. Now remember his right hand is the hand of blessing and his left hand is the hand of judgment.


To say that you want to sit on his left hand, or on his left side means that you want to have this ministry that we have here, to be a son of God that exposes sin, okay. And Jesus' response to them, well in verse 39 Jesus is saying, "Ye shall indeed drink of the cup that I drink of, and with the baptism that I am baptized with, ye shall baptized with, but to sit, well back in verse 38 Jesus says, "You don't know what you're asking for, can you drink of the cup that I drink of?" So all this is pretty much the same.


And then in verse 40 Jesus says, "You'll be baptized with the baptism that I'm baptized with, but to sit on my right hand, and on my left hand, to receive the blessings of God, to be able, to not receive, but to be able to minister the blessings of God, to be able to do healing and deliverance, and to sit on my left hand, to be able to judge righteous judgment, that sets people free, you know, because righteous judgment will set the people free who cannot be set free from old order deliverance.


Old order deliverance has its limitations, see. So to sit on my left and right hand, to have that power, old order deliverance and new order deliverance, he says, that is not mine to give, but it shall be given to them for whom it is prepared.


And I know that there are other Scriptures that talk about the lake of fire that is prepared for the devil and his angels, and the Lord has told me, although I can't establish it with the Greek, what the Lord has told me that Jesus preached them a whole message on that.


Those who shall sit on my left and my right hand, the ones for whom it is prepared will receive it, well what he was really saying, those whose old man go into the lake of fire, the devil and his angels for whom the lake of fire is prepared, you are the ones who will set on my left and my right hand. If you can hear that. That this sentence of Jesus' completely truncated, the meaning of it is completely changed, I'm going to say it again. Jesus said to them, "To sit on my left and right hand..', to wield the power of God in both old order and new order deliverance, creative miracles, the making of eyes in people and having people get up out of wheel chairs, you want that kind of power? The devil within you must go into the lake of fire for whom the lake of fire is prepared. The lake of fire is prepared for the devil and his angels.


So if you want that kind of power, the devil within you, your old man has to go into the lake of fire, which is Christ Jesus in you. So he was telling them, it's not enough to have Christ Jesus raised up in you, it's not enough to know the doctrine of Christ, the devil within you must be completely absorbed into Christ Jesus. And the disciples didn't want to hear it, so they got very mad at James and John for even asking the question. Now in this account in Matthew, it looked to me like those disciples who were under the law, that they were annoyed at Jesus, there was no indication in Matthew, in the account in Matthew that the disciples were angry at James and John, but in this account, there's an indication that they were angry at James and John.


So maybe the translation in Matthew should be adjusted. I don't know, I'll have to ask the Lord about it. Maybe they were not angry at Jesus, they were angry at James and John for even bringing up the subject. They didn't want to hear it. Are there any questions or comments this?


COMMENT: I would listen to this account, and I just couldn't imagine the apostles who had been with Jesus for three years, and he told them that he came as a servant, they were going to be a servant, that they didn't understand, that the carnal mind, and their personalities were going to be wiped out, I couldn't understand what they were trying to achieve. I would have thought Jesus would have made it real clear to them, that any of their own goals or hopes of something were going to go by the wayside, that they were going to be a servant for the people, and the mind of Christ was going to take full control, and operate in them.


SHEILA: Well he may have told them that, we don't know. But whether Jesus told them that or not, unless the carnal mind is under the feet of Christ in you, Jesus heard their thoughts you know. I know it says here, that James and John the sons of Zebedee came to him saying, well it sure sounds like they came to him saying it verbally. Either Satan overtook them, you know, or their carnal mind just rose up in such power, their greed and their lust for power just rose up so strongly that they forgot all the teaching. I don't know, it could be a number, it could be a number of explanations, but the bottom line is, I'm seeing more and more that Jesus' disciples were very carnal.


There are certain Scriptures that indicate they had a lot of spiritual knowledge, and there were other Scriptures that indicate that they were very carnal, and I don't know, I don't know whether, at this point, I haven't translated enough of the gospels to know or to even form an opinion as to what the situation is. I know there are other Scriptures where I perceive them as having a lot of spiritual knowledge. So this could have just been a carnal reaction, you know. You think your carnal mind is under foot, you think your carnal mind is under foot, and then all of sudden Leviathan just rises up, I know it happens to me. He just rises up. Okay.


See that is the bottom line, that Leviathan will rise up, and the legal ground for Leviathan rising up is that for that split second we're in agreement with her thoughts, "Oh I'd love to be Messiah", "I'd love to have that great ministry of healing and deliverance, I would love to feel that power." That's what's behind a desire like that, power. And is that not one of the things that Satan comes to bring you down with? Sex, money and power. Sex was a thing with me for a long time, you know I wanted to get married like everybody else. I'm past that. I really don't want any power, unless there's something latent in me that's going to rise up at another time, there was a time that I, I don't know I just think that I'm just so beaten that I really don't desire any power, but it may rise up later, I don't know, right now from time to time Satan comes and torments me with money, I'll tell you that.


I went through it just a couple of months ago, with this big house that I thought I wanted, you know, and I had to admit to the Lord that Satan was seducing me in that area, and it still comes up from time to time, I have to rebuke it. It comes up. I'm doing anything about it, I'm not acting on it, but it's there, I'm not going to lie to anybody, if it's appropriate for me to tell you I'll tell you, it's there, you know. Even this morning, I've been watching Freddy Price every Sunday morning, and he has really matured Freddy Price, I remember when he preached nothing but tithing, and his messages really bless me, you know.


He really blesses me, he's about 70 years old, you would never believe he's 70, it was a surprise to hear. And he says he's married for 47 years. So unless he got married at 15, you know. Neither one of them look that old, maybe they got married at 15, but so he's at least in his 60s, I think he was in his 50s, to tell you the truth, he looks very good. And apparently he's a very wealthy man, and he was giving a good message and it did come around to what you have to do, you know, because his people are largely black, and it's just the truth you know that there are a lot of black people that are in God, and they just can't get out of their poverty, they just can't get out of their poverty, so, you know, he was ministering in that area, but he was telling them, it was very sound teaching, that you have to understand, if you want to get out of this poverty, you have to understand that everything that you have belongs to God. Every dollar, every dime, every penny that you have belongs to God. You just a steward over it. And he was saying how he knows how hard it is for people because they worked all of their life and this is the mentality of our society, I work for it and it's mine, but it's not yours, it's not yours and it's not mine.


You never know what's going to happen the next day, you know. Like even now I'm saying, "Well here I am wanting this big house, and I really was seduced by it you know for a while, and now well I'm sure that I'm going to be healed, but I just realized, I mean what is anything, there's no value to anything if you lose your health, nothing is worth anything, and you can lose it over night, anything could happen in a second. But I look at him today and I have to tell you that the desire for money rose up again, I just confessed it to the Lord. I mean the man's not poor.


I don't know how much he's got, but I know he's not poor, he's talking about giving away $4,000 in offerings, you know, and it wasn't in a bragging spirit, I don't want you to misunderstand me. Actually his preaching was on how to be responsible with your money.


And I heard him say an another day, that a lot of people give him checks that bounce, and you know the bank charges you $20 every time a check bounces, plus it messes up all your records and everything. And apparently a lot of people give him checks that bounce.


So he was teaching on that, and saying, how you have to be responsible, and you have to reconcile your bank statements, and how he went into, he said he has several bank accounts, and he has this one bank account which is strictly for giving offerings, and he went in and the account was short $2,000, and he said he was really flipping out looking for that money, and he turned out, he made a big joke out of it. He says, "The woman that the Lord gave me", he says, "She wrote a check for $2,000 and put a $1,000 in the register, and what had happened was, she was giving free will offerings, you know, and as she wrote the register, she was writing the check, I guess the Lord made it $2,000, and she didn't fix it in the register.


He was just going on and on about how you have to be responsible in this area, you know. So the guy is not poor, you know, and I have to tell you it hit me, you know, it hit me, but I don't have as much as I could use, you know. So I just said, "Well Lord, you know, but I recognize that I'm in your hands, but it's there, you know, it's there, it comes up." So maybe the power issue will come up some day, I don't know. But right now I don't want power, right now I really don't want it. I have no desire to be on TV or have a congregation of a thousand people, you know. All I want to do is bring forth this word. I want dig into this word, and bring it forth. I have no desire to travel, no like Joyce does anything like that, but I do desire the money that they have. I'm not going to lie to you, I desire, I would like what Joyce has, and I would like what Freddy Price has, I would like more money, and I would be lying if I told you otherwise.


But I don't have a power issue at this time. And I don't have a power issue with people, I don't think I have any desire to control people, but who knows what's coming up next month or next year, you know. But the point is, until Cain is cut away from Leviathan, any of these seductions can arise in us. That's the issue.


You see, Christ Jesus is joined to Abel in us, and Cain is joined to Leviathan, and Cain is joined to Abel. So because Cain is joined to Leviathan, Abel is joined Leviathan, and until we're cut away from, until Cain is cut away from Leviathan, these seductions and these , these lusts can seep into us, they get from Cain, they go into Abel, they right through us, and they just arise. Now it could have been that with the disciples. I just don't have enough information in the Greek. They may have been fully schooled in everything that Mary mentioned, and Leviathan just rose up and overtook them. It's very hard to see when that happens, because it's happened to me. When you're in the midst of it, when you're under the seduction it's very hard to see. You think it's right, Satan justifies it in your mind, you think it's right.




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