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 Well, the Lord has dropped a word in my heart, and I am believing that He will develop that word as I speak because I do not have a full message in my mind. This is not unusual for Him to just drop a word in my heart, and then the word just flows out of me.


I have had a lot of questions for the Lord lately, and some of them have been in the area of reincarnation. What I am trying to demonstrate with this drawing, which I don't know how well I've done it, but it is the best I could do, this is the answer to one of the questions that I have asked Him.


And this is the question. I have read in occult philosophy that the time spent, the time after the (while they would say the soul), we would say after the Fiery Serpent separates from the body that, that Fiery Serpent, of course, we know, reduces back to Abel and Cain, and this is what I have demonstrated over here by drawing Abel and Cain as just a circle. What I am suggesting to you is that Cain who was formed into a physical human being, the clay that formed Cain into a physical human being, is now receded as the sand castle recedes back into the grains of sand, and Cain is just flat, unformed flesh circling around Abel.


Now some of the occult philosophy books that I have read say that the time ,as we know time, that they would say the soul, we would say Cain and Abel, spend out of the body is much, much, much greater, possibly thousands of years compared to the years spent in the body which the average lifetime is between 70 and 90 years. I asked the Lord if that was true, and the Lord told me, "No, it is not true."


I guess I am really showing you a lot on this board. First of all, there are two categories of people. We know the Scripture talks about a place called Abraham's bosom. I have wondered about that for years, what Abraham's bosom is. If you look up the word "bosom," it means "heart." It is talking about Abraham's heart, and I want to suggest to you that the phrase "Abraham's bosom" suggests the left side of the heart center, the heart center that is under the dominion of Christ Jesus.


We know that there is a pretty popular Scripture in the New Testament that says that when Jesus was crucified, many saints that were in Abraham's bosom came out and appeared in Jerusalem. I've known for a long time that there is a spiritual fulfillment of that. I think the King James says, And they walked up and down the streets of Jerusalem. I have never believed that happened in the natural. I believe that Scripture is talking about the reincarnation of the saints that have been in Abraham's bosom.


Now brethren, the whole principle here of reincarnation and Abraham's bosom, please bear with me as I try to bring this forth. Reincarnation is not a good thing. Hell is in the flesh. According to what the Lord tells me, I believe I have heard from God, Jesus Christ has come to, among other things, put an end to reincarnation. Reincarnation is spiritual punishment. All punishment is in the flesh.


What the Lord has shown me is that when a man dies, a man who was not in unity. Abraham's bosom is Abels that have experienced unity with Jehovah through Elohim who is appearing today the Lord Jesus. These are the Abels that can pass through the astral plane with impunity because this is Satan here in the astral plane, and Satan stands there and as the Abels appear in the astral plane, contrary to everything you are hearing in the world today, contrary to everything that has been propounded by occult philosophy for generations, Satan stands in the astral plane and immediately casts these Abels or these souls back down into incarnation. And the truth of the spiritual condition of mankind, if you want to see it in a parable form, is in the movie, The Matrix.


Why would Satan cast down these Abels immediately? Because this world is the power plant. Because Cain and Abel in the form of a physical human being is in a form that Satan can drain our energy from us. Now I don't have any more information about that, but, apparently, Cain and Abel in the astral plane is not in a form, is not in an edible form. Is that so hard to understand, that he is not in an edible form? Abel with Cain is not in an edible form. They are not in a form where Satan can drain their energy.


So Satan, immediately, as soon as they appear on the astral plane, casts them back down into reincarnation which is another way of saying, casts them back down into the power plant into a form where Satan, and not only Satan, but all of the occupants, all of the members of the other species in the other planes of existence that are feeding off of humanity in this fallen world, can only feed off of Cain and Abel when they are in the form of a human person. And that is the reason for casting all the Abels back down into reincarnation. That's the reason for doing it.


Occult philosophy makes the other side desirable. There is a death obsession in the nation today. Why? I asked the Lord why? Why is euthanasia and suicide becoming a desirable thing? Even abortion, brethren, is a quick shot for the denizens, the citizens of the other species that exist in the other planes of our consciousness. When somebody dies prematurely, their energy is zapped all at once. If the person lives, the beings that feed off of us can only feed off of us slowly, and, eventually, we die because all of the energy is drained out of us.


That's why people age, and that's why they die. But if someone can be convinced to commit suicide or to kill someone who is an imperfect person or to abort their child, the other species that feed off of us get the whole ball of wax. They get the whole measure of energy all at once, and this is the reason for the death obsession in the country and in the world.


So, the Lord tells me that it is not true that beings, when they die to this physical world that they pass into another world, and enter into a better place. This is what's being preached today. Basically, what is being preached in this country is a philosophy called Theosophy which is largely Hindu, but it is a mixture. But it is largely Hindu. Of course, there are many different aspects of Hindu philosophy, but there is a lot of Hindu philosophy that disagrees with Theosophy, but, of course, everybody is disagreeing. Christians are all disagreeing, everybody is disagreeing.


But the philosophy in this country today that's either denying that it is a religion or claiming to be Christian, one or the other, is called Theosophy. You will not hear them using that name, but that's what they are. They are Theosophists, and their theology is Theosophy. I have read in their books where it says that after the soul, to use their language, leaves the physical body that they could spend thousands of years. I may not be pronouncing it right. I have not been able to find a pronunciation key, but I think the word is devachan, a Hindu word that means, according to them, life out of the body. We know it is not life, and that is supposed to be a wonderful time of peace.


See, even the Theosophists believe that there is torment in the flesh. They tell you to leave this world, to leave the physical body, is deliverance from torment, and that you can spend time studying and growing and maturing on the other side of the veil, and that no one is forcing anybody to reincarnate again, but all of these souls that are very, very happy in devachan, they choose to reincarnate again so that they can have a growth experience. And that should be ringing a bell in your head because we know that the reason that the whole creation fell is that Adam, our elder brother, and he is really the nursemaid of all of the members of humanity, deviated from Jehovah's commandment to raise us and defense us through union with Jehovah, and Adam was seduced by witchcraft and agreed that we should be trained up and matured with experiences.


So, we see the picture painted by occult philosophy is that existence outside of this flesh is just a wonderful place, something to be desired. They call it the "heaven world." I want to tell you that I went before the Lord with an open mind, I just want to know the truth, and this is what the Lord told me.


Now, some of you may have come across information over the years in watching science fiction movies or watching programs on Discovery because what I'm going to tell you is a scientific principle as far as I understand it, that if we could put a couple of men in a space ship and send them far enough into space that, as far as they were concerned, they would just be traveling a year. Now my figures aren't exact. As far as these men are concerned, they would just be traveling a year. Because they would be in space, which is beyond time, for them to turn around and come back, there is a certain point at which they could go, I don't know if it would be a year or a couple of years, but it wouldn't be any great length of time for these men in the space ship, but because they will have pierced through, and I don't know the right word to describe it, but they will have pierced through into another area.


It is beyond time, but it is not beyond space. They are still in space. By the time they would turn around and come back, everybody that they knew would be dead. There would be no way for them to come back into the same lifetime. In other words, if they left the earth in 1800, and they went on a space ship that too them five or ten years, they should come back in 1810 and see their wife and their children and their parents and their brothers and sisters. No, no, no. They would come back a 100 or 1000 years later, and everyone that they knew would be dead.


This is one of the principles that evolved from Quantum Mechanics. You see it worked into a lot of science fiction movies on TV. The Lord told me that is the same principle that applies in reincarnation. The soul or the Fiery Serpent leaves the body. Here's the body in the physical plane, and this is showing you the Fiery Serpent in the etheric plane, the Fiery Serpent separates from the physical body, the physical body is buried in the earth, the Fiery Serpent's in the etheric plane, and then the Fiery Serpent ascends. I tried to show that the Fiery Serpent does not ascend in a straight line. The Fiery Serpent moves in a spiral path. She does not go straight up. She goes in a circular pathway, and I did it with two people here. They go up in a circular pathway, and we see Abel surrounded by Cain who is no longer formed into the personality that existed in these men down here.


Cain is like the sands of a sand castle that have just melted down into just flat sand. The personality has been marred and brought back to clay, and as soon as Abel, and I won't even say Abel and Cain because Cain is not even manifesting as a personality, as soon as Abel appears in the astral plane, Satan casts him back down immediately. But, Abel has ascended beyond time. Abel has ascended beyond time, and even though Satan casts him down immediately, time is moving on. Just like those men in the space ship.


So, for Abel, he is cast down immediately, but when he opens his eyes as a new person in the physical world, I don't know what the figure is. It could be 100 years in the future, it could be 1000 years in the future, I don't know, but it is the same principle as the man in the space ship. There is no devachan. There is no existence beyond this world. Everything is in the flesh. There is an existence, but it is temporary. Satan casts you down immediately, "Get back down into the power plant, get back down into a form by which we can consume you."


Reincarnation is a curse or it is part of THE curse that Jesus Christ has come to deliver us from. There seems to be a big issue. The Lord has had me preach quite a bit on this. I think the last time I preached on it was when we did The Woman in the Well. I have a lot of questions before the Lord that I do not know the answer to. I have a lot of questions before the Lord, and as He answers me, as I feel that I have truly heard from Him, I will put it before you.


Now to get to Abraham's bosom, or to get to Abraham's heart center, the heart center that is not under the dominion of Satan, you have to, in the flesh, have become a unity with God. Actually, a unity with Elohim. It doesn't really matter whether you are a Jew in the Old Testament or a Christian in the New Testament, the names of Elohim's expressions change, but it is the same experience. And what we are calling a unity is the personality who, for the Christian in this time, has Christ grafted to him, and that Christ overcomes Satan and acquires the energy of the individual, thereby increasing into Christ Jesus, and Christ Jesus in that person marries the Glorified Jesus Christ.


Christ Jesus must appear in the personality, marry the personality below and the Glorified Jesus Christ above, and you become a unity. That personality becomes a unity because Christ Jesus in him has married the Glorified Jesus Christ.


Now, brethren, there were Old Testament saints that had this experience. I don't know how many. I believe the prophets had this experience. I don't know where the average Jew has this experience, I simply don't know, but I know that Elohim appeared to them. If it was before Elijah's time, it was Michael marrying their personality, and Michael marrying the supernal Elohim that never leaves heaven above.


To enter into Abraham's bosom, you must have experienced unity with the Godhead; therefore, if you have experienced unity with the Godhead, if that measure of God that is within you is joined to the supernal Godhead that cannot leave heaven, and you are joined to that part of God that's in you, when the spirit goes back to the Lord who gave it, you, the Abel in you, goes back with it, and Satan cannot stop you from passing through because you are one with the supernal Elohim, and He's just drawing you back up to His level.


These Abels that ascend up here, the whole time that they are ascending, time is moving on, time is moving on, and even though Satan casts them back down immediately, time has passed, and I honestly don't know whether it is possible to reincarnate within a week or a month, but I know that it can take thousands of years. I would love to hear the details. I'm just very curious myself.


I do know that when the Scripture says that when Jesus was crucified that the saints in Abraham's bosom arose and appeared in Jerusalem and walked on the streets of Jerusalem. I've known for a long time that Scripture is talking about the spiritual Jerusalem, the city that's inside of us, the city of God's that's inside of people. And I have known for a long time that it is only happening today, that it did not happen as the physical man, Jesus, hung on the cross.


When the physical Jesus hung on the cross, something happened in the spirit, and one of the results of that happening in the spirit was that the saints, the prophets, the holy men of Israel who had come into unity with Jehovah through a relationship with Elohim, Enoch, Elisha, all of the prophets, I don't know who else, they were not forced into immediate reincarnation, Daniel, Satan could not cast them back down immediately, but they ascended to a safe place; yet, for the Lord's purposes, they will reincarnate again. And the angels did tell Daniel that you will stand on the earth again in the last day.


The word has come to us many times over the years that we have been preaching this message that the Hebrew prophets are incarnating today. The Greek gods are incarnating today. Brethren, we are living in such an exciting time for the people who know what's going on, and who are educated enough and close enough to God to be in a positive place. We are living in such an exciting time. We can look out there and say, oh my goodness, who is me, who is me, look at what is happening. What's happening is that paganism is rising in this nation. The Greek and Roman gods are rising in this nation, but also the Hebrew prophets are rising in this nation, and they are rising for the battle of the ages.


When Saul went to the witch of Endor, and he asked to speak to Samuel, do you know that the Hebrew text indicates that the witch of Endor became frightened and Saul said, What do you see, what do you see? Is anyone familiar with that Scripture? I don't remember what the King James says, but the Hebrew says, I see Elohim. I really believe that Samuel came up to speak to Saul.


Now listen to me, the Fiery Serpent that was incarnated as Samuel which was not forced back into reincarnation, that Fiery Serpent, that Abel, I should not call him a Fiery Serpent, that Abel that was in Samuel that was safely in Abraham's bosom, safe from Satan in Abraham's bosom, that same Abel responded to Saul, and when he responded to Saul, now listen to me, this Abel that was up here in Abraham's bosom, the clay, Cain's clay was still around him, for whatever his reason he chose to speak to Saul. I think he pronounced a judgment on Saul if my memory is correct, and that Abel that had appeared as Samuel merely formed Cain into what Samuel had looked like. Can you hear what I'm saying?


That Abel that had appeared as Samuel in the earth that was now safe in Abraham's bosom without any form, he had no form, he decided to respond, probably, why would he decide? Because the Lord must have sent him, the Lord must have said, Go answer Saul, and go tell him he is finished. So the Fiery Serpent that had appeared as Samuel descended through all the planes of consciousness, and as he passed through the etheric plane he formed the clay that was around him. He had the spiritual authority to form the clay that surrounded him into an image that looked like the physical man, Samuel, looked like when he was on the earth.


Why would he do that? So that Saul could recognize him. Because Saul would never have recognized him if he just appeared as an Abel. I don't know what an Abel looks like. Maybe he is invisible. He probably has no form at all. I don't know. Does anybody know what I'm talking about? Do you have any idea what I'm talking about? OK, this is very deep tonight.


So we see that this world is an illusion. When I first started hearing that, and you will hear that on my earlier tapes, I was really offended that anybody could call this world an illusion, and you will hear it on my earlier tapes. I said, Well, it may be an illusion for you, but it is not an illusion for me. I feel pain in this world, I suffer in this world, but I did not understand where the people who were calling this world an illusion were coming from, but I've matured since then, and I now understand that it was and is high spiritual minds that can say that this world is an illusion.


Because, if you can hear it, this world is incarnated by beings so far superior to us that we cannot even comprehend them. We cannot comprehend Jehovah, we cannot comprehend the Lord Jesus at this time where He is. It is beyond our comprehension, but the analogy, the parable, that the Lord gives us, that the Scripture gives us, is that this whole world, each one of us in our physical body, and everything that you see in this world, the trees, the grass, the animals, everything, is formed from Cain's clay, the sands of the sea formed into the image of not only this planet, but all the planets of the universe.


The reason this world is called an illusion is that it is capable of being collapsed, just like a sand castle. You can crush it with your foot or you can pour water over it, and it dissolves back into the grains of sand; therefore, this world is an illusion because it is impermanent, not because it is a figment of my imagination. See, the high spiritual minds that teach and write books saying that this world is an illusion are not coming from my definition of illusion. I misunderstood them. I thought they meant, well, if they are saying this world is an illusion, they are saying this world is a figment of my imagination. No, that's not their definition of illusion.


So you see, we all have to know, and I have learned that if somebody says something to me, somebody that seems that they have some background, some knowledge that there is a chance that they know what they are talking about, if it sounds outrageous to me, I have to say to them, well explain it to me, define your terms, what do you mean by illusion? Because, according to my definition of illusion, that is a crazy thing to say. Someone who has experienced the kind of physical pain that I've experienced, how can you tell me this world is a figment of my imagination. So, I must be misunderstanding you. I must be missing you somehow. Explain yourself to me. Define illusion for me.


Of course, I didn't have any person to address. I had to read the books, the Lord had to direct me to the books, and now I understand where Hindu and Buddhist's minds are coming from when they say that this world is an illusion. I know that everybody here went with me to see Seven Days in Tibet a couple of years ago. Do you remember the Buddhist priest sitting on the floor when they were expecting the emissaries from China, and they were dribbling colored sands and drawing a picture with the colored sand? Do you remember that?


And then I saw an X-Files episode where Mulder is saved by some Indians, and they do a ritual because he's almost dead, and they perform a ritual to save his life, and these Indian priests were doing the same thing with the colored sand, drawing a picture. And after their ritual is over, in both movies, they just took their hand and wiped the whole thing out. They spent days drawing that picture with dry sand, and after the ritual was over they just took their hand and wiped the whole thing out, and I believe the Lord has told me that it had some spiritual significance, the picture that they draw is some form of communication with the spirit world. I remember thinking, now why would anyone want to spend that much time drawing pictures with colored sand that if you step on it, it falls apart? Because they know that this world is an illusion. I don't have any information at this time as to, actually, how these Buddhists and Indians perceive what they are doing. I think they call it a mandala.


This is just what the Lord has told me, that it is their way of communicating with their god, acknowledging the impermanency of this world. Does anyone not understand what I'm saying?


Spiritually speaking, this whole world and every being in it, the cute little bunny rabbit, and the deer, and the animals in the forest, and the trees, and the planets, and everything beautiful and everything ugly is formed from the sands of Satan's sea. That is why everything changes. Nothing is permanent.


See brethren, the whole world accepts the fact that people age and die. Brethren, this is the most horrible perversion to the Lord. It is the most horrible perversion to the Lord to see somebody getting older every year and seeing their skin changing and their appearance changing. It is an abomination to the Lord. You don't hear anybody saying this. People think this is normal. Even Christians think it is normal. It is not normal.


Elohim did not form us to be a mandala, to be formed from grains of colored sand, and to be blown away at somebody's whim. We were not formed for this. Are there any questions on what I have on the board? Any questions at all?


COMMENT: I'm looking at the drawing, and I see the one that I think is in 1600, he looks like he is coming up from the bed, and the one in the 1900s, he's coming up from the bed, but the one in the 1700s, he's laying down, is there any reason for that? Is he starting to rise?


SHEILA: No, I am just not a good artist. They are all supposed to be lying in bed and dying. They are all dead in bed.


So brethren, it is a very rare person that forms a unity with God. Abraham was a unity with God. Abraham was a unity, and that is why Abraham's bosom. He was the first one. That's why this section, whatever it is, whatever spiritual place it is, where Abel can escape to after he passes out of the body, I don't believe that there are many in there. You have to lead a holy life. Your whole life has to be given over to God. The Scripture says, Enoch walked with God, and Enoch was not. You have to be so close to God that you merge into His very being, and, of course, those beings in Abraham's bosom are now being released into the world. For what purpose? For the great battle, to put an end to the bondage of God's people.


Brethren, the whole world is God's people. We are all God's people. This creation is His. Everybody is not serving Him, and a lot of people don't know who they are, but this whole creation belongs to the Lord. And as hard as it is to comprehend, every planet and every star that is in the universes, every universe is a reflection of what is on this planet. So, we have governments, and our government is spending billions of dollars investigating other stars and other solar systems and looking for signs of life, and they say that life did exist on Mars.


Yes, life did exist on Mars, and I asked the Lord, Lord why is this planet the only planet that seems to have life. A lot of scientists, a lot of people are very disappointed that life has not been found on the other planets. The answer that the Lord has given me, brethren, is that every planet is an expression of some powerful spiritual being, and everybody died after the flood except Noah. This whole earth, including the universes, everything that you see, is a reflection of Noah in the spirit, and all of his descendants. Everything that you see today has come forth from Noah. All the other supernatural beings died in the flood. Well, they died to their flesh. Their spirit man did not die.


By way of review, brethren, the way Jesus Christ is putting an end to reincarnation is by scattering his glorified seed which will eventually cleave to every human being on the face of the earth and bring forth His nature in every human being and make every human being a unity with Him; therefore, even if the person dies, they will pass through the astral plane and Satan will not be able to cast them down again. We will continue to die even if we are a unity with Jesus Christ until we are cut away from Leviathan. What is happening today, and the reason that Abraham died, Abraham was a unity, why did Abraham die? Abraham died, although he was a unity with Elohim, he never was severed from his sin nature. He never was severed from Leviathan and, therefore, he died.


I don't know how long this process is going to take, personally. I think it could take thousands of years to bring the whole earth into the image of Jesus Christ. I could be wrong, but from everything that I have to draw my conclusions from, all of the information and knowledge that I have so far, unless Jesus does something that I cannot even comprehend, it is going to take thousands of years to reconcile the whole earth and to have Christ cleaving to every human being in the flesh, and to bring every human being into a unity with Christ Jesus and the Lord Jesus Christ, and then have all of these people go through the process because that is going to separate them from Leviathan.


Unless the Lord does something that I cannot see or cannot comprehend, it is my understanding that the only way to separate from Leviathan is to look into ourselves, to recognize that we are Cain on the outside, and that there is a whole spiritual world inside of us, to identify the negative principles within us, and to hate them and separate from them in our thoughts, in our mind, in our attitudes, and when we do that to a certain point....we are connected to Leviathan through Cain, and Cain is connected to Abel, and Abel is connected to Christ, and Christ is connected to the Glorified Jesus Christ.


So the connection of the whole Godhead....let's say that Christ Jesus in us is joined to the Lord Jesus Christ. The whole unity of God within us is connected to the whole household of the Dragon through Cain. Cain is the harlot. Let me draw that one for you.


Drawing #2 - Shows us the harlot, Cain, that surrounds Abel. You can see that Christ Jesus, I don't know how clear it is in my drawing, but Christ Jesus is joined to Abel, and Cain is joined to the household of the Dragon. Christ Jesus in this man, this is a diagram of a man, Christ Jesus is joined to Abel, but Cain is holding on. She is completely interwoven with the Dragon and the different elements of the Dragon's household, just as a piece of fabric is woven. That's how tightly she is woven, like the threads of a garment. She is completely entangled, and there is no way she will get away from the Dragon's household other than to be cut away.


I remember years ago when I was a little girl, my family used to go up into the mountains for the summer, and somebody was always getting a bat caught in their hair. You could not get that bat out of our hair. It had to be cut out. In those days, most of the girls wore long hair, and they would have to take the scissors and just cut that bat out of her hair. Some of them would get spurs caught in their hair. You couldn't get it out, you have to cut it away.


Cain has to be cut away. Now, the provision to cut a man away from Cain is in the Glorified Jesus Christ. Abraham was not glorified. Abraham was very blessed by God, he was a unity with the Godhead, but he was never cut away from his sin nature. Elijah was the first man to be cut away from his sin nature, but Elijah was not born of a woman. Jesus Christ is the first man, born of a woman, to be cut away from His sin nature, and Jesus Christ did not come forth from a male seed. He came forth from the seed of the woman alone.


In this hour, we are waiting for the first man, born of a woman and a mortal man, to overcome his sin nature because of the procedure that we are teaching here. Because of Christ being grafted to Abel within him and increasing into Christ Jesus, and the whole story. Jesus Christ was born of a woman and overcame His sin nature and was glorified, but Jesus Christ was not born of a human seed that was fertilized by a human male.


Today, 2000 years later, we are waiting for the first man, born of woman whose seed was fertilized by a human male, to overcome their sin nature because the seed of the Glorified Jesus Christ grafted to Abel within them. We have waited 2000 years after Jesus' resurrection and ascension. I believe that once the first person is circumcised away from their sin nature, many will follow thereafter, and many will follow thereafter quickly. I do not believe it will be another 2000 years.


Why was it 2000 years from Jesus to the time that we are expecting, at any moment, someone fully born of a human man and woman to overcome the sin nature? I don't know. It may have something to do with the first drawing that I had on the board. It may have something to do with the difference between what I call the reconciliation factor between the time-space continuum down here and whatever goes on in the spirit. Maybe, Jesus Christ ascended on high, and, as far as He is concerned, He can back down immediately to do whatever He had to do to bring forth the first person to overcome their sin nature that is born of a mortal man and woman. As far as Jesus Christ is concerned, He may have come back down immediately, but it is 2000 years for us.


This is why it is so important that God appears in the flesh, because there is a reconciliation factor between God and the spirit and the people that He is trying to minister to down here. There is a problem, there is an interference, it is ministering from one plane to another plane, and there are problems; therefore, He is appearing in the flesh more and more perfectly, and the Lord Jesus Christ intends to minister to His people through the flesh. Because when He ministers to His people through flesh that He is appearing in, that reconciliation factor, that differential that is created by ministering from one plane of existence to another plane of existence is done away with.


Now, I heard a question in my mind regarding the first drawing when I was drawing this one. This is the question that I heard. Well Sheila, if souls that leave a dead physical body and ascend into the astral plane are cast down immediately into reincarnation by Satan, well who are the demons? And who is it that is appearing to people that claim to talk to the dead? Here is the answer. These are beings of other species that exist in the other planes of consciousness. They are not your dead relatives. They are beings that exist in the other planes of consciousness, beings that are formed from the spiritual clay, spiritual earth, and spiritual water which is energy. But the royal seed of Jehovah that we call Abel, even as a dead seed, is not in them. They are just clay, they have consciousness, but they are not capable of righteousness because Jehovah's seed is not in them.


Brethren, just look around you, there are probably millions if not trillions of species right on this planet, a million kind of bugs, million kind of ants, all kinds of worms, all kinds of animals. There must be trillions of different kinds of species right on this planet, and every plane of consciousness is fully occupied. Now, brethren, the beings on this planet would feed off of human beings if they could. Well, we don't have very many jungles any more, but the animals in the jungles, if they could get a human, they would eat them. The mosquitoes drink our blood, the flies, if they are biting flies, drink our blood, but we, especially those of us who in the Christian world, have overcome.


We have overcome nature. Nature is very destructive unless she is harnessed. I was outside on my patio today, and I was looking at my fence, and I was looking at that wood bird that you bought me that acts like a scarecrow, and I see the paint is peeling off of it, and it is all weather beaten, and the Lord said to me, Nature is destructive. By her very essence, she is destructive.


When nature is harnessed, she can be made to serve man. When the ground is tilled and cultivated, if I'm not mistaken, I know I read this somewhere, I think it is the Hebrew language that indicates that to make the ground produce fruit, produce food, the fruit of the earth, the earth has to be tamed. It has to be forced to produce fruit that will benefit man. The earth, of its own volition, brings forth weeds and destructive plants, plants that destroy the cultivated plant. We can tame the water, we can make a dam for it, and we can get electric power out of harnessed water.


The Christian world has tamed nature, and in other continents where the people are not largely Christian the people live with nature. They live subject to nature, and in certain areas, where the witchcraft is very high, they live with nature. When I was in Nigeria not too long ago, somebody told me about a tribe in a certain area of Nigeria that went hunting without any weapons. They brought the animals under their control with mind control, and lions and tigers walked in their villages. They did not hurt the people, but were like guard dogs. These particular indigents in Nigeria had tamed the wild beast with witchcraft, but Western civilization, as we know it, which has spread all across the world comes from the influence of the Holy Spirit.


Buildings, power, electric power, everything that the modern world runs on, came down through Christendom. That's just the Holy Spirit, that's not Christ Jesus. That's people just going to church once a week and reading their Bibles. Praise the Lord.


I will draw one more drawing to show you the circumcise, and I think we will call it quits.


This is Drawing #3 - We see that Cain has been brought into the right moral order. She is now under Abel. Abel is on top of Cain, and the only reason that Abel can be on top of Cain is that he is strengthened from above by Christ Jesus in the brow (6th) energy center who is married to the Glorified Jesus Christ who is in the crown (7th) energy center, and the Glorified Jesus Christ is attached to Jehovah and the whole eternal realm; therefore, the Glorified Jesus Christ is the anchor. He is anchoring Christ Jesus in heaven, and this is really a diagram of the sun clad woman.


Cain is the woman, the moon is under her feet. The underworld is under her feet, and the sun is above her, and Abel is really one with Christ Jesus. Actually, this is the unity - Abel, Christ Jesus, and the Lord Jesus are all one, and that is the sun that is above her. Cain is symbolically formed into a ram, the symbol for Adam/Christ Jesus when He occupies the heart (4th) energy center. See, a ram signifies the animal nature. That is the formation of Cain indicating that Cain is a reflection of Christ Jesus. Then, we have the visible world, and underground there is an underworld, the first three energy centers.


The first three energy centers are formed into a cart or a physical body that supports the spiritual man, and we see that the royal seed of Jehovah, Abel, is no longer underground. The Fiery Serpent is not in these three energy centers. These three energy centers are just energized earth. They are earth that has been energized by the waters of Elohim's spiritual seminal fluid, but the seed, the nature of God, is above the firmament. The physical body is a slave to the spiritual man.


See, what has happened to us and to this world is that the glory of God fell down under the earth. The Fiery Serpent that is born in every man born of a woman is one of the royal seeds of God that fell down into hell underneath the earth, and the earth captured him. So we see that the spiritual man is separated from the physical man by a great gulf; yet, there are enough particles of earth, the dust of the earth, in the upper window to form the image of the Son of God.


The three lowest energy centers support the spiritual man. The fifth through the seventh energy centers of Leviathan's timeline no longer exist. They have been cut away. Leviathan who occupies the seventh center does not exist any more. Who is Leviathan? Can anybody tell us who Leviathan is that no longer exists? Leviathan is the collective consciousness of all of the Fiery Serpents, and the Fiery Serpents are Cain and Abel engraved with the Dragon's nature. Well, Cain and Abel have been moved up into the upper window, and they are now showing the nature of the Glorified Jesus Christ, so there is no more Leviathan.


The sixth energy center is Satan appearing as a vampire, a spiritual vampire. In the sixth energy center, that is high witchcraft. Satan has been boiled away, Satan has been distilled, and all of her waters or all of her energy have re-ascended into the upper window. The purified waters of Elohim are now in the upper window, and the seventh energy center is where the Dragon is found, and the Dragon is the Primordial Serpent that acquired Elohim's energy, but the Dragon loses Elohim's energy and recedes back or reverts back to the Primordial Serpent.


Now, the Primordial Serpent is merely the earth that has received consciousness from Elohim's waters, but the earth is supposed to serve man. Even in this physical world, everything is a type and a symbol. The earth is supposed to serve man. It is supposed to produce food, it is supposed to be a blessing to mankind. The earth is not supposed to open up and swallow people alive, there are not supposed to be earthquakes, the earth is not supposed to produce poisonous plants that kill people. The earth is to be subdued by the spiritual man, Christ Jesus, who was Adam at the beginning. Adam is now appearing as Christ Jesus.


Jehovah said, Go forth and subdue the earth because the earth is dangerous. Bring the earth under your control so that all species in all planes of consciousness can prosper. This is what has already happened in one man, the Glorified Jesus Christ, and it will happen in every human being appearing on the face of the earth in due season, and, as I said earlier, just look at the greatness of the Western world that came into existence from carnal people, carnal people, who went to church on Sunday and read their Bible everyday and followed the moral commandments, at least the behavioral commandments, of God.


What do you think this earth will be like when Christ Jesus is manifesting in the billions of people on the earth? I cannot even imagine, but I know that all hardship will be done away with. There will be no more sickness or death. It is hard to imagine the glory that is about to cover this earth.


Any questions or comments?


I've had an excitement on me all day, brethren. The Lord has been pouring out a lot of power here. I'm not fully healed yet, but He has been pouring out a lot of power, and I know my healing is in the works. There is just such an excitement on me because He is gathering in energy from many sources to heal me. It requires energy to heal, and there is not one person who has enough energy to bring forth the healing, and when the Lord intends to heal you He will gather in energy from many people, and it has touched my spirit. I just had a very exciting day. I'm very excited about what God is doing.


Don't look at the world out there, don't look at what is happening. Jesus Christ is in full control, He cannot fail, it is absolutely impossible, just put your eyes on Him, and we will be a part of the glory however it is going to work out. However it is going to work out.





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