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Praise the Lord. I am going to speak tonight about the dominion that we are supposed to have over the creation. Now I do not know about you, but when I read that Scripture at the end of Genesis 1 where Elohim says, And let us make Adam in our image, and let him have dominion over the fish of the sea....well, I guess I should read that Scripture. Does anybody have a King James with them? Chapter 1 of Genesis, Verse 28: And God blessed them, and God said unto them, be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth and subdue it and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.

It never occurred to me when I read that Scripture, and I have read it so many times, that the Lord was speaking about anything other than this physical world, but I now understand that there are multiple planes of consciousness. Now, I think for a while when I first started finding out about the multiple planes of consciousness, I think there was a time when I thought they only came into existence for the fallen creation, but I now believe that they were here from the beginning, and that Elohim knew that they were here, and that these planes of consciousness are a part of the creation and always will be a part of the creation, and that the beings that inhabit these other planes of consciousness will always be a part of the creation. And that there will be no problem to the creation when Adam has dominion over them.

We know that there are spiritual flies, we know that there are spiritual moths, we know that the Scripture talks about the vampire bat which is a manifestation of the ascended Fiery Serpent, we know about the swine, the Scripture talks about the swine. I do not, at this moment, have any information as to what these creatures would be called when Adam is ruling over the earth. I do not know whether their names would change or not. There is a good possibility that their names would change. What I am trying to tell you is that I believe that, from the beginning, the creation was made in multiple worlds, and that there are creatures in the earth.... that was the third thing. Let Adam have dominion over the fish of the sea which are the sperm of Jehovah's spiritual seminal fluid which we now know can be engraved with the nature of Jehovah, and, when they are, their collective consciousness is called Adam, but when the sperm of Jehovah's seminal fluid is engraved with the nature of the Primordial Serpent, their collective consciousness is called Leviathan. So, these sperm from Jehovah's spiritual seminal fluid were not permanently engraved with nature. Their nature was not permanently formed yet. The creation was not permanently formed. The creation will be permanently formed when the fish of the sea are fully co-mingled with Elohim and Jehovah, mostly Jehovah because they already are with Elohim. When the marriage of Jehovah to the creation takes place, the creation will be permanently formed.

So, you see, the sperm of the fish of the sea have the nature of Jehovah because Elohim engraved them with the nature of Jehovah, but Elohim's engraving is not permanent. Elohim is appearing to us today in the form of the Lord Jesus Christ. My nature is in the process of changing into the Lord Jesus. I do not expect that it will ever happen, but it is possible that I could fail and turn away from the Lord, and then all of the engraving of the righteous nature of the Lord Jesus Christ, who is Elohim to us today, that is being impressed upon the clay of my personality, that could all be wiped out and Satan can come right in and re-engrave me with an evil nature. So, you see, the Lord Jesus Christ is Elohim to us today. He is coming to engrave us with the righteous nature of Jehovah, but it is only through marriage to Jehovah that, that engraving becomes permanent and unchangeable.

So, Elohim, at the beginning, had all of the sperm of his own spiritual seminal fluid. Elohim is the name of the spiritual seminal fluid that came from Jehovah, and Elohim is water and seed. So, all of the fishes of the sea are all of the sperm of Elohim's spiritual seminal fluid. They are part of Elohim, and when the breath of life that was breathed into the creature, which was Elohim, it would be as if Elohim put his hand down into a hole, or think of Elohim as a sea of water. He sent a rivulet of himself or a stream of himself down into a hole. So as long as that stream or that pool of water in the hole is connected to Elohim, or as long as that river is connected to the ocean, as long as there is a free-flowing between the ocean and the river, the waters in the river or in the stream or the waters in the hole, they are of the same nature as the whole sea. Now, I am giving you a parable, an example, but when the connection between that free-flowing river and the ocean is cut off, and the water in the hole becomes a stagnant pool, that water in the stagnant pool is capable of having a different nature than the nature of the sea that produced it. I may have to do a drawing on this. Let me do a drawing for you.

So the message tonight, brethren, is that Elohim created multiple planes of consciousness from the beginning, but that the creation, and the creation was....well, let me say, Adam was in the nature of Jehovah, and it was Adam's job to rule over all of the creatures in the multiple planes of consciousness and to keep them in Jehovah's nature so that the whole creation would be a glory unto God, meaning an accurate representation of Jehovah's nature. Now, the Scripture that we just read is that Adam was given dominion over the fish in the sea. We have already talked about that. He was given the authority, Adam was given the authority to maintain the nature of Jehovah in all of the sperm of Elohim's seminal fluid, and Adam is the collective consciousness when all of those individual sperms are saying, glory to Jehovah. Meaning, we have Jehovah's nature, a collective consciousness, a group mind comes into existence that reflects the nature of Jehovah. And the way Adam died was that the Primordial Serpent subtlety sneaked into the midst of this collective consciousness, and one cell at a time, one fish at a time, one sperm at a time, affected the thought processes of these spiritual fish which, today, we know as Abel, and the balance of power was overthrown.

Let us say, by way of example, that there were 10 spiritual fish, 10 seeds, 10 sperm of Jehovah's seminal fluid, and all 10 of them were an accurate representation of Jehovah's nature. Then, the Primordial Serpent came in and managed to subtlety changed the nature by whispering her thoughts into one of those 10 seeds. The collective seeds or the collective fish of the sea was still Adam, but Adam was sick, you see. One of the cells of his body was no longer an accurate representation of Jehovah's nature. And then the cancer continued to spread, and two and three and four of the seeds of the collective consciousness of all the fishes of the sea were now having different thoughts than the thoughts of the sixth seed. The thoughts of the sixth seed said, ah, Jehovah, glory to God, we worship Jehovah. They were an accurate representation of Jehovah's nature. But four seeds were saying, no, Jehovah.

I want to tell you, I have spoken to witches on line who have said this, oh, we do not like him, he is a lesser god, and we just do not like him. Adam was sick. He was divided. His mind was no longer single, and the cancer continued to spread, and now five of his cells were saying, oh, Jehovah, no, he is not the creator of the universe, he is a lesser god, and five of the cells were saying, oh, Jehovah, glory to God, the creator of the universe, the Lord our God is One God. But the cancer spread, and then six of the ten cells was saying, oh, Jehovah, no, he is not the creator of the universe, and the balance of power switched to the thoughts of the Primordial Serpent, and the collective consciousness known as Adam ceased to exist. Then the cancer continued to spread until all of the fishes of the sea were saying, no, Jehovah, no, we do not like him, glory be to the Primordial Serpent, we are the accurate representation of the Primordial Serpent's nature.

When that happened, the name of the collective fishes of the sea which are the sperm of Jehovah's spiritual seminal fluid, their name changed. See, when they were expressing Jehovah's nature they were called Adam, but when they were expressing the Primordial Serpent's nature their name changed to Leviathan. You see, this is just another way of reading the Scripture in Genesis 2, I may have the wrong chapter, saying, Jehovah put Adam in the garden, and said to Adam, keep the garden. That Hebrew word translated, keep, means guard. Guard the garden. What is the garden? The garden is the many fishes of the sea, the many seeds of Jehovah's spiritual seminal fluid.

Jehovah said to Adam, the collective consciousness, watch your individual cells and make sure that the Primordial Serpent does not seduce them with her thoughts. You see, if you have ten cells, the collective consciousness of the ten cells is greater than one plus the second one, plus the third one, plus the fourth one, all the way up through ten. When everybody comes into agreement, the collective power is much greater than the sum of the ten cells, and, in that manner, when the body of Christ is in full agreement, that means when Christ Jesus is fully manifested in every one of us at these meetings and in submission to the head which is me, when I am in submission to my head which is the Lord Jesus Christ, tremendous power comes forth from here. We get messages like this. Thought forms are created that go out and do the Lord's work, and we, as a whole, are much greater than the sum of the individual members of this group.

So Adam was the collective consciousness. He was greater than the sum of the individual cells of Jehovah's spiritual seminal fluid, and, apparently, had the power to check out his individual cells and make sure that they were all reflecting the nature of Jehovah. Just like we take care of our body, look, I am a human being, I am a woman, I have a consciousness that rules over my whole body. I have to keep it clean, I have to keep it clothed, I have to keep it fed, I have to keep it away from ungodly influences and ungodly practices. Brethren, the truth of humanity is that we must control ourselves. As small children, we must learn to go to the toilet, and not mess in our pants. So the collective consciousness of the child is saying to its bowels and to its bladder, you must empty yourself in a particular place. The young child comes to puberty, the collective consciousness of the whole child which is a mass of cells and passions and emotions, the collective consciousness under the guidance of the parents, the collective consciousness of the child says, you will not race after your sex urges at puberty. You will restrain yourself. Fornication is sin.

So we as individuals, we have a collective consciousness that rules over all of the urges and passions of our own body and mind. This is the example that the Lord has given us to understand who Adam was. He was a consciousness far superior to anything that I can comprehend at this time, and he was made up of many parts and many spiritual organs that had the potential to go in their own direction and follow after their lusts and their passions. And the collective consciousness of the spiritual man was instructed to control his bladder, to control his bowel movements, to control his sexual urges, and to control all forms of appetites. Now, I say that as a parable to help you understand who and what Adam is, to the best of our ability. I do not believe for a second that I understand fully what he is, but I know that everything in this world is given as an example to help us to understand spiritual things. Adam was given dominion over the whole creation. In the midst of him were all kinds of creatures. Now, he was a spiritual man. It would be as if to say, well my lungs had the ability to literally go forth and have their own existence. Adam was a spiritual man, and in his midst were a multitude of creatures. Now, brethren, I am going to tell you something deep. I just pray the Lord gives you the ability to understand this.

Listen, brethren, this whole planet, let us say this whole planet is a spiritual being. Let us say there is a collective consciousness to the whole planet which a lot of people believe, and I believe the Lord has told me is true. There is a collective consciousness to this whole planet, and as a part of this being's body, what being? The whole planet is a spiritual being. As a part of this being's body, we have human beings, we have the insect kingdom, we have the cold-blooded creatures, the reptiles. We have the warm-blooded creatures, the mammals, we have the vegetable kingdom, all of the trees and plants and flowers. We have the mineral kingdom, all of the rocks and different metals that are found in the earth. Adam is very great, and he had all of these different kingdoms living in the midst of him, and when Adam fell, all the kingdoms in the midst of him fell, and we now know them as fairies which are spiritual moths. We know there are spiritual flies, we know that there are flying insects and non-flying insects, and there are as much or as many multitudes of different life forms in the multiple planes of consciousness as we see on this planet. There are probably millions of different types of insects, thousands if not millions of types of animals and rodents and reptiles.

In the spiritual planes, there are multitudes of creatures that are feeding off of humanity today because the whole creation was turned inside out. All of these planes of consciousness exist within us and feed off of us because humanity, mankind, whose name is Adam, was to rule over all of these creatures and, in ruling over them, provide all of their needs. Adam fell under the authority of the creatures that he was to have dominion over, the fish of the sea which now have become the Fiery Serpents, the fowl of the air which is the spiritual part of us (I do not really want to go into that right now, I am not being led in that direction.), and all of the creatures that live in the earth, the earth being the etheric plane. Millions of creatures that when the collective consciousness of the whole creature was Adam, these creatures have their needs met. Insects did not have to bite people to suck their blood to survive.

The whole creation was fed and cared for and positive. They were not a destructive force. They existed in the spiritual plans, but when the collective consciousness known as Adam deteriorated, when it started to translate or transfer from the nature of Jehovah into the nature of the Primordial Serpent, the whole creation became negative because Adam the caretaker fell under the authority of the beings that he was to rule over. And the whole creation became needy and started consuming itself and consuming each other and feeding off of each other. This condition still exists today. I think you have pretty much heard all of this before. I would like to give you some new insight into what happened here. See, Adam was given dominion over all of the planes of consciousness and all of the inhabitants thereof, not to rule as a tyrant, but to make sure that the creation stayed in a positive charge. Now, I have heard the question over the years many times, Sheila, if we are returning to spirit, why did we have to go through this whole cycle, why did not we just stay in Eden? What is the purpose of the whole thing of returning to spirit? I know for years that I have had the answer that we will not be in the same form, but I did not really understand what we would be bringing back with us to Eden. I did not understand what I understand today, this message that I am trying to get out which I am struggling with a little bit right now.

This whole age, this divided age, where we are experiencing good and evil, this is not of the Lord. This is a detour. It is a detour that mankind has taken because we fell under the Serpent's mind. The purpose that Jehovah had for Adam, at least the degree to which I see it now, is that Adam should be conscious and have power over every one of the planes of consciousness, but, at the beginning, Adam was only in Eden which I suspect is the crown (7th) energy center. You have to forgive me, I go back and forth, the crown center (7th) energy center, the brow (6th) energy center, I am not really sure. I am going to say the brow (6th) energy center for now, but I could be wrong, but it is one of the two, the crown (7th) energy center or the brow (6th) energy center. Adam was conscious only on that high plane, and he had dominion only on that high plane. Adam was in the highest plane of consciousness; yet, he was given authority to rule over all of the planes of consciousness underneath him, but he had no experience with those planes of consciousness. It is just like saying that the son of a man, who owns a multi-million dollar corporation, has come of age and is going to work for his father. I do not know about you, but I have seen lots of movies and heard lots of stories about young rich men like this who are born to responsible fathers. They start their son in the lowest jobs, and he has to learn the business from the bottom up. Brethren, you cannot supervise people who are doing a job that you cannot do. It will prove to be disastrous.

Adam was given dominion over all of the beings and all of the planes of consciousness, but Adam was the rich man's young son. He had the potential to be a great ruler, but he needed to be trained, and he needed to learn the "ins" and the "outs" of every plane of consciousness. The way this is being expressed to me right now, what I am hearing from the Lord right now, is that Adam was blind to all of the other planes of consciousness. See, as long as he held it together and was in Jehovah's nature everybody was safe, but he did not know how to function on the other planes of consciousness. And he was blind and deaf to them, just as we are blind and deaf to them now; therefore, there was a whole course of study planned out for Adam that he would slowly descend into these lower planes of consciousness, one plane at a time, while he was still joined to Elohim, and Elohim was joined to Jehovah, that Adam would descend into these other planes of consciousness which were hostile to him. Hostile in the same way that a jungle is hostile to a human going in. There are snakes, and there are all kinds of dangerous man-eating plants and quicksand.

In that same manner, these planes of consciousness are hostile to the authority that Adam was given. Naturally hostile, as a negative force is hostile or opposes as a positive force. There was a natural opposition there. It was Jehovah's plan for Adam to descend into these planes of consciousness, one at a time, while Adam had dominion over them. Elohim would lower him into these planes of consciousness just a little bit at a time, and, as Adam would overcome, he would go deeper and deeper into these planes of consciousness. And as he had experiences in them his blindness would fall away. The scales were to fall off of his eyes, he would begin to see and to understand and to function in that plane of consciousness. Now brethren, I can relate that to my life here on the earth. There were certain areas in which I was very naive. I found myself in the midst of situations that were totally beyond me, but as the Lord started to teach me I began to see the motives behind what certain people were saying to me and attitudes that they were taking and things that they were doing that I simply could not understand. The Lord gave me understanding.

I begin to recognize the signs of ungodly behavior in people without having to go before the Lord and say, what is going on here, Lord, I do not get it, I do not understand it, I do not know how to cope with it. I learned my lessons, and when I met other people with the same types of personality I understood what was happening, I understood where they were coming from, I understood their motive, and I knew how to cope with it, and I have overcome in relationship problems that I was overcome by in the past. That is our natural example. Another example is an ambassador of our nation going into a strange nation. People in other countries have societies and rules of society and habits and thought patterns that are radially than other societies. If you are sent as an ambassador of a government, you are sent to bring peace, to make friends, hopefully to establish trade so everybody can make money. You are sent for all of these reasons. You cannot do your job if you do not understand the mentality of the people. You have to understand what offends them so that you have the choice of offending them or not offending them, and if you are an ambassador, hopefully you will choose not to offend them.

You have to learn all about the people and learn how to function in their midst. Why? So that they will trust you and accept you. Why? So that you can accomplish the goals that you were sent to accomplish. To make peace, to create understanding, to avoid war. You make peace to avoid war. To establish business relationships so that everybody can make money. Adam was given the dominion over all of the inhabitants of all of the planes of consciousness, but he was not equipped to rule over them until he learned about them, learned about all of their specific idiosyncrasies, and learned how to rule over them because Adam was not called to rule as a tyrant. People who are in Christ Jesus are not called to rule as a tyrant. They are called to bring their subjects under submission to them with the righteous strength and love of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ does not beat people into submission. He gets their respect, and we see that in this world this situation exists. There are some rulers, some political rulers, some union rulers, some employers that have the wisdom to get the respect of the people under them.

This is what Alexander the Great was known for. Alexander the Great was born in a very brutal day, a very brutal age, and he amazed people because of the respect that he had for his men. His soldiers would die for him, they would follow him any where because they were responding to his respect for them. Then, we have the tyants that whip people into submission and control them with fear. Adam was not to rule as a tyrant. He was to get to know the people, to listen to their hearts and to their needs, and to be a fair and righteous judge over all of the beings of the multiple planes of consciousness. Adam was called to be a righteous judge. The tyrant is the Primordial Serpent who is manifesting to us today as Satan. She is the tyrant. She is the one that brings people into submission through cruelty and fear and threats. Adam was not to be of this nature, the nature of the earth.

This was the great plan that Elohim had for Adam to educate him slowly, to open his eyes, to heal him of his blindness and his deafness, and his immaturity, and his lack of understanding, little by little. If we want to apply this to today's world, we might say that the son of a great man would spend years going from country to country, living in all of the countries of the world, getting to know all of the peoples of the world. And, of course, we are all the son of a great man. If Christ is in you, and you are being trained to live out of him, you are the son of a great man. And we are being trained to deal with all people in righteousness, but you cannot do that unless you understand them, and you cannot understand them unless you are willing to listen to them. You have to listen to them, and you have to minister to them. If they are out of order, first you have to bring them into submission, and then you have to love them. Love them with righteousness, not the icky, sticky love that this world talks about, but the love of fairness and decency and honor and respect. To listen to what they have to say, even if you cannot give them what they are asking for but to let them have their say. Maybe what they are asking for is not reasonable.

This is what Adam was called to, but when the Primordial Serpent set forth her plan she said, you will be matured with experiences. Well, she confused Adam because Adam knew that he was to be matured with experiences. As I just explained to you, he was to descend lower and lower into the earth, the whole time maintaining his dominion over the creatures that he was getting to know, and the creatures that he was sent to as an ambassador to tell about Jehovah. So Adam knew that he was supposed to be matured with experiences. See, we are finding out more and more information about what caused the fall, and I am still lacking information, but what I am hearing today is that the Primordial Serpent had a plan that would mature Adam with experiences but from an underneath position. Elohim would give Adam experiences from his high place of dominion, but following the Primordial Serpent resulted in Adam's fall under the authority of the creatures that he was sent to give life to. And here we are today, down here in hell, under the authority of the carnal mind, and under the authority of carnally minded people, trying to rule.

Let me say that again. Adam was destined to be matured through experiences, but the experiences were to come with Adam as a prince, going forth into the land with the authority of his Father, saying, I am here to get to know you, and to rule over you as a righteous judge. But what happened to Adam was that he fell down under the authority of the earth, and the earth covered him over. And to this day, Adam, in his fallen condition, of course, as the Fiery Serpent....Adam died, and he broke up into the individual mortal seeds called Abel, and when Cain covered Abel, Abel died to Jehovah's nature and became the Fiery Serpent. We cannot learn to rule, we cannot learn to manifest Jehovah's nature when we are under the dominion of the earth and the nature of the earth. So, here we are, all of the fish of Elohim's spiritual seminal fluid, all of the fish of the sea, all of the seeds of Jehovah's nature, down here under the dominion of the earth reaping what we sow, having experiences which are a futile exercise. We are not here as royalty, we are not here with power, and I am not talking about the people that are recovering in Christ. I am talking about humanity in general.

We are not here as royalty, we are not here as power, and we are not having experiences that build us as princes, but we are down here under the authority of the earth having experiences of evil, experiencing evil. We are under the authority of good and evil, having good and evil experiences, and we are caught in a trap. We have been caught in Jehovah's law which says you shall surely reap what you have sown, and the experiences we are having do not produce princes but produce slaves and tyrants and an evil world, and there is no way that we can work our way back to what we lost. What did we lose? We were princes, but uneducated princes, who were being lowered little by little into the lower planes of consciousness, and we would not be lowered any further until we overcame the level that we were on and ruled over and exercised dominion over that level. But we fell down because, somehow, and I am still missing the information, somehow, the Primordial Serpent tricked Adam, and the result of that mistake that Adam made was that he descended into the lower planes of consciousness, and he descended under the authority of the negative influences of those planes.

The Serpent is still lying to us today, the Serpent's philosophy tells us that we can ascend back to a place of peace and safety by doing good works and reaping good works, but we cannot be restored to our original estate, we cannot be restored to dominion over all the powers and principalities of the multiple planes of consciousness through good works. Our passport back to the world that we fell out of is Christ in you, the hope of glory. Christ Jesus is our ability to see and to hear and to function in righteousness on all planes of consciousness, and the reason Christ is our ability is because Jesus Christ, who is now glorified, has already had that experiences. Jesus Christ who was glorified can see, can hear, can function, can navigate, can move around in, can communicate with the inhabitants of all of the planes of consciousness without being overcome by them, and when His life is planted in you, and when His life is planted in me, that is our potential for us to overcome the negative principles of every plane of consciousness and to return to Eden as a fully matured, fully formed Son of God, a manifestation of Adam in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ today. And the difference between us when we return to Eden and the Adam who was there before the fall is that we will be functioning, we will be sighted, we will be seeing, we will be hearing, we will be navigating, we will be ruling and traveling and relating to the beings on all of the planes of consciousness from a position of authority, and we will be fully functioning on every plane of consciousness.

Adam at the beginning was just functioning in Eden, but the plan of restoration is two-fold. We are down here in hell so we must overcome the sin nature that is tyrannizing us, the sin nature that is trying to convince us that we can return to the high places of the spirit through good works. We must overcome the oppressor in our own mind, the carnal mind, and we must overcome the oppressor in the people who have a natural dominion in this world over us, husbands, employers, fathers, mothers, teachers. So, we are having overcoming experiences down here in hell which are not delivering us from hell, but are translating us from evil to good, and after that the marriage to the Glorified Jesus Christ which will permanently engrave us with Jesus Christ's nature and enable us to inherit all that Jesus Christ has overcome, all of His ability to see, hear, function, navigate, and minister righteous judgment on all planes of consciousness. Now, it is important that we understand. I have already said this once, but I will say it again, it is important that we understand that the beings on these planes of consciousness are programmed to oppose us. The creation is a creation of darkness and light, and it is a creation of positive and negative forces which establish magnetic fields. That is what the creation consists of, electrical impulses, positive and negative impulses creating magnetic fields.

Christ Jesus, the positive force in the creation is moving today to recover that, to gather all of the negative forces under His dominion. The creation will always be positive and negative, darkness and light, morning and evening. The question is, is the positive ruling the negative or is the negative ruling the positive? The reason the worlds and the creation is in the condition that it is in now is because the negative is ruling over the positive.

So as we seek to understand Adam's folly, we see that the message gets even more and more complicated. Now, it appears that...well, I have been teaching here for a while that Jehovah taught Adam, "You will be perfected through union with me," and the Serpent said, "Well, you will be perfected through experiences." Those are two radically different things, and Adam fell under the Serpent's seduction, and now I hear that Adam was to be completed through experiences, but in order for Adam to have the experiences from the proper vantage point, from a position of dominion, it would be necessary for him to be joined to Jehovah. So we see that when the Primordial Serpent said to Adam, "You shall be perfected through experiences," Adam said, "Amen. I know I am going to be completed through experiences. I have to experience and prevail over all of the planes of consciousness." Now we wait for the Lord to explain to us how the Primordial Serpent tricked him. Maybe Adam did not know that there were two different kinds of experiences. I do know this, that Adam's disobedience was no light thing, that Adam was sold out to the Lord and intended to serve Him, but failed to do so. And I, myself, can witness to you and testify to you of all the times that I have desired to serve the Lord, and I have missed him. I have desired to do what was right, and I have not done what was right. This is what happened to Adam. He was not yet fully joined to Jehovah which would have been his insurance against making that mistake. In our case today, our insurance against making mistakes is our complete union with Christ Jesus and dependency on Him who has all knowledge of all planes of consciousness, of all beings who, in this hour, are very wicked. The other planes of consciousness are very wicked.

Now these planes of consciousness do not have mass. They do not take up space; therefore, they are in the midst of us. Not only in the midst of our being, but in the midst of every cell of our physical being, and everyone of our cells is interpenetrated by all of the planes of consciousness. What does that mean? If you take one cell, in that one cell if you had the power to divide it, you could find within that one cell the physical world that we live in, the astral plane, the etheric plane, the mental plane, and all of the planes above mind, exist in every single cell. A representation of the energy centers exist in every single cell. Does that sound so mind-boggling to you? Well, look at it this way, every human being that has Christ grafted is a cell in the body of Christ, and everyone of us experiences or at least has within us (we may not be experiencing them) all of the energy centers. This is true of every cell of our physical body. It is all there, we just cannot see it. Everyone of us, as a whole, have an etheric body, we have a physical body, we have an astral body, we have a mental body, and then we have bodies of consciousness beyond mind, and they are all here in the midst of us on a cellular level. We are just blind to them, just like a newborn baby is blind to the world outside of the nursery, and we do not want to be opening our eyes in these other planes of consciousness while these planes of consciousness have dominion over us. We do not want to enter in separated from Christ Jesus because the negative principles will overtake us. If we try to do this on our own, if we try to ascend on our own, they will overtake us, and, in many cases today, they are tricking Christians, and they are saying that they are Jesus. So we must wait until the Lord Jesus takes us in and gives us spiritual experiences.

COMMENT: Revelation says that there will be no more night, and I believe you said there would be more...that there would always be day and night.

PASTOR VITALE: Well, that is a good question. That Scripture, there shall be no night there, that is talking about the New Jerusalem, the Holy Jerusalem. There shall be night in the creation. The creation is day and night, darkness and light, but Eden, there shall be no darkness in Eden, if I have the right word. There is going to be the ruling plane of consciousness, and there shall be no darkness in the ruling plane of consciousness. The light shall rule over the darkness, and the darkness shall not corrupt the light. Does that make sense to you?


So, there will be...the creation is a mixture of darkness and light, but the light will rule, and the high place that the spiritual government comes down from will not have any darkness in it. But it will always be a creation of positive and negative forces where the positive, or the light forces, are controlling the darkness so that the whole creation is a positive force. Anybody else? Any other questions?


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Pastor Vitale's Bio

Sheila R. Vitale is the founding teacher and pastor of Living Epistles Ministries and Christ-Centered Kabbalah. In that capacity, she expounds upon the Torah (Scripture) and teaches Scripture through a unique Judeo-Christian lens.

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