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Praise the Lord! We have a couple of online meetings about The Matrix, but I watched the movie again this weekend and I wanted to add some comments about it. By way of review, for those of you who have not seen the movie or who have not read the transcripts of our online meetings, The Matrix is a story; it is really a parable of our present condition. The movie is really a take-off on the Scripture, although I do not find it an offensive take off on the Scripture, it is a take-off on the Scripture. Most people who have watched the movie think that it is based on science fiction, but there is a lot of truth in the movie about our present condition. This is the principle behind the Matrix.

A World of Illusion

The Matrix is a computer-generated world. It is a world that is an illusion. The reality of this world is that machines have taken over. Human beings are no longer born from a man and a woman as they are today, but they are grown, just like we farm fish and shrimp today. They no longer grow in their natural habitat; they are farmed. There was a scene in the movie about fetuses and machines, fetuses growing and being fed by machines. The reason for this is that the machines needed energy to run, and because the sun was no longer available to them for energy, they were drawing upon the energy of human beings. This is the reason why they were growing human beings. There were rows and rows of fetuses, sort of like we raise chickens today.

Just like we raise fish today, the machines were doing to humans what we humans today have been doing to animals. Once the fetus was developed, they just stayed in this pod, literally like a pod (when I say a pod, it was like an encasement).  This is what they do with calves and with chickens. A lot of farmers lock them in their cages. The chickens never get out. The calves never get out, and they kill them early and make veal out of them. I am told that calves never see the light of day.  For whatever reason, they keep them in the darkness until it is time for them to be slaughtered, and then they are used to make veal. This is what was happening to the human beings in the movie. They would stay in their own stall, but the stall looked like a little encasement. I am calling it a pod. They were just plugged in, they were literally plugged in, and every time a machine wanted some energy, the machine would go up to one of these pods, just like a car would go up to a gas tank, and the machine would reach out and connect with the human being in the pod and draw from his energy. In the scene where this was happening, the machine connected with the man at his throat. It took the energy from his throat center. It did not stick a needle in his arm. It did not go for his heart or his belly, but grabbed him by the throat, and sucked the energy out of his throat center.

The main principle in the movie is that this was the condition of humanity. They were all living in these pods, with all these wires hooked up to them, but the machines had the ability to create an illusion, and the human beings in these pods were living a fantasy life in the spirit, you might say, because physically they were incapable of moving. They were all wired up in these pods. Their minds, or their brains were being stimulated to think that they were actually having an existence in a world that looks just like our world. They were marrying and giving in marriage, and having children and having careers, and working, but the truth of the matter was that the world that humanity was experiencing was an illusion, and the reality was that they were plugged into a power plant that machines would come to withdraw energy from.

Breaking Free from the Illusion

Of course, nobody knew what was going on until one day a man was born into the Matrix who was not deceived by the Matrix. In other words, he ascended above mind. He ascended above the illusion, and he broke free of the power of the Matrix. Then the man freed another man in his mind from the Matrix, and when they would get freed in their mind, they would break off all their plugs and break out of the pods, and were living in another place. Then there were two of them, and the two went out and targeted another man, someone who was possibly capable of comprehending the truth of their existence, and they saved that man from the Matrix. At this point in the movie, there was a group of people that had been liberated from the Matrix (that means that they were delivered from the illusion of a world that looks just like our world, and secondly, they were delivered from the pod, they were unplugged and delivered from the pod, and they were surviving). It is not really clear where they were surviving. There was a place called Zion, which they said was under the ground, and they would navigate in ships, which, to me meant that they were obviously in Satan's sea. This group of freedom fighters, they would hack into the computer-generated image of the Matrix, and their goal was to save all of humanity.

Agents of Evil

Of course, there are some evil guys. They are humanoid images that are generated by the machines, but they are really not human, they just look human, and they have supernatural strength. They are in the Matrix as law enforcement agents, seeking to destroy everyone within the Matrix who has a knowledge of the truth. We know that there are forces in our world seeking to destroy everyone that has a knowledge of the truth.

The Savior and the Hero

One of the freedom fighters is called Trinity, and she is a beautiful woman. At the very end of the movie she raises the hero (Neo) from the dead by kissing him, and she represents the mother and the son. What they are really saying is that the female goddess raises the hero from the dead at the end. The name of the hero is Neo. He is the one who is capable of ascending in consciousness to a place higher than mind. He is capable of ascending beyond mind, in other words, living out of a higher spiritual plane. Mind is not the highest spiritual plane. There are levels of consciousness that are greater than mind. Mind is restrictive; mind tells us that things are impossible. Jesus said, Nothing is impossible unto you. You have to ascend into the Spirit of Christ, which is beyond mind, to accomplish the impossible. Of course, we also have the Mind of Christ. What we are seeking to be liberated from is the carnal mind. The carnal mind is restrictive. The Mind of Christ, which is inhabited by the Spirit of Christ, can believe all things. I believe that is a Scripture in the King James. I believe that Paul said, Love can believe all things, and love is Christ Jesus, which is another mind. The carnal mind cannot believe much of what we must believe to get free of this world.

So, we have Trinity and Neo. He is the one, he does not know that he is the one, he does not understand all of these things that are happening in his life, but he is the one who is capable of ascending to this high spiritual place where he can defeat the machines. He dies, but Trinity, who loves him, kisses him and raises him from the dead. So, we see that the savior of the savior is the female deity in this movie. Of course Neo, he is the savior. He typifies the sons of God, and actually he typifies Jesus. It is not freely preached in the church, but I am convinced that Jesus was born a mortal man. I believe He was not just a mortal man, but that He was incarnated by the Spirit of Elijah, and that He was born without a male seed. Therefore, He was lacking the testosterone and whatever other characteristics that are received from the male sperm. I believe Jesus was a eunuch for that reason. I believe He was male, He was completely male, but that He was not functioning sexually, and that testosterone was either at a very low level, or lacking in His body.

So, this is the principle in the movie, that Neo is the one that is the savior of mankind, but who is innocent, who is naive, who does not understand who he is, and who does not even believe it when he is told that he is the one. He does not even believe it, and then when he starts to believe it, it frightens him; the thought of being the one frightens him and he chooses not to believe it. My point here is that Trinity, the female deity, raises him from the dead. And then, of course, the city of the new hope of human beings coming into existence without being born in a human farm, where they are captured, is called Zion.

Samson and Delilah

We see Samson and Delilah in the movie. At one point Morpheus, one of the heroes, is captured, and one of the agents, who is the machine-generated image, is trying to break Morpheus, trying to break him and force him to give the coordinates of Zion so they could destroy it. We see the agent talking to Morpheus, telling him how much he hates this world, and how Morpheus has to give him the secret so that he can escape from the world.  It was very obvious to me that it was like Delilah trying to get the secret out of Samson. I do not know that I want to go into all of the details of the movie, but I will talk about the spiritual principles.

Seeking the Truth

We see that there is a group of freedom fighters that have targeted Neo, who has something in his heart telling him, something in his heart craving the truth, but he is really blind, and has no idea which direction he is going in.  But, he is a computer expert, and somehow through his escapades on his computer he has found out that there is something called the Matrix, and that there is a man called Morpheus, and he wants to find out the rest of the story. What I found very interesting is that there really are a lot of similarities between this so-called science fiction and what we perceive the Lord to be doing. From my point of view, there appears to be very few people called to this ministry at this time, and they are being called in one at a time. They are literally being targeted by the Lord. The Lord is specifically saying, This one. There is no general altar call with whosoever will come, may come. In this hour, the Lord is hand-picking the people that He is inviting to go into spiritual ascension through His program that is manifesting here. It is not so much this ministry; eventually there will many ministries, but right now, I do not really know of any other ministry where the spiritual program of the Lord is manifesting.

So, I felt a similarity to the fact that they were taking one at a time, and it seems to me here that the Lord is also taking one at a time.

Experiencing the Truth

Neo was the next one up. Trinity contacts him, and then Morpheus contacts him, and then Neo makes the decision that he wants to see the truth. Morpheus tells him, I cannot promise you anything except the truth. And the truth is horrible. The truth of the condition of humanity is horrible. In order for Neo to find out the truth, Morpheus says, There is no way that I can tell you the truth, you have to experience the truth. So, they hooked Neo up with all kinds of wires, which, to be honest with you, I do not understand how they did it. Neo is sitting there, and all of a sudden the mirror that he is looking at starts getting all wobbly. He reaches out and he touches the mirror, and the mirror is soft, almost like soft mercury. Whatever the substance is as Neo pulls his hand back,  is sticking to his finger. And then you see the substance starts covering his fingers, and running up his hand and his whole arm. His body appears to be turning into some silvery liquid substance; it appeared to me to be like mercury. And he starts panicking because he sees his arm changing, and it goes right up his shoulder, and his face starts turning into that substance, and then you hear him screaming.

What happened was that somehow Morpheus and his crew had the ability to dissolve the physical body, or to dissolve the image of the physical body. The movie is saying that this physical body that Neo was in was just an image, and they had the power to break that image. First that image became liquid. You see, we are solid, this body is solid. I cannot change it. But in the movie they have the power to bring that body up to a higher plane, so that first it became liquid, and then it disappeared. The whole image disappeared, and Neo opened his eyes, and he was in this pod, in this power plant. The pod was filled with water, and he had all kinds of wires stuck in him. There was one wire that went all the way down, apparently into his belly; he pulled it out of his mouth. It was in his mouth, and there were wires, like by his heart center, and there were several wires all the way down his spine, and a major one right at the back of his neck, by the brain stem. He looked around. Neo was in this power plant, with all of these people in pods, but he was the only one that was awake. They were all in some kind of stasis. Their physical body was totally inanimate, but they were having experiences with their mind in this computer-generated world called the Matrix.

Higher Energy Centers

But Neo was awake, he was the only one that was awake, and he looked around and he saw that he was in a power plant. A machine came over to him and grabbed him by the throat and extracted energy from him, and he looked like he was shocked, and was senseless from the shock. At which point, he ripped all of the wires out of himself, and when he ripped all of the wires out of himself, he went sliding down into what looked like a giant water pond. Now, I found that very interesting because, what it says to me is this, that when Neo first awakened, he was in the high energy centers, that all of the pods were up in a high level of energy center, at least in their throat, if not higher. And then as soon as he became aware of his condition, and stopped agreeing with that condition, he slid all of the way down into this big underground pool of water, which to me was the second energy center.

Negative Spiritual Energy

I can really relate that to the experience. I know this is my experience, and I believe it is the experience of everybody that goes through this program. It looks to me like everyone that the Lord is calling today is spiritually ascended in the wrong timeline. We are David's band, we have said that many times. People come in here manifesting witchcraft, manifesting high pride, manifesting envy. We are all spiritual people that He calls, and we are spiritual in a negative way. But the Lord says to us, Be ye cleansed, and use your spiritual strength for My kingdom. I have been preaching this for a long time. This is the story of the righteous Pharisee. We found out that the Gadarene demoniac is a righteous Pharisee, and even the book that I wrote, Sick Of The Palsy, it talks about a Hebrew man that could not enter into the kingdom because he was spiritually ascended, and what Jesus did for that man who was sick of the palsy, was that Jesus cast down the Fiery Serpent in him. Jesus cast down the Fiery Serpent in the Gaderene demoniac, who I think was Peter. I think that because when we did a word-by-word study on it, there was certain qualities that came forth in the translation that made me think of Peter. And, of course, there was no personal name for the Gadarene demoniac, so it could have been Peter.

We know that Peter was the one who had the revelation. Jesus said, Who am I? And Peter said, You are the Son of God. And it was the Gadarene demoniac who said, You are the Son of God. That was the way the translation came forth. It made me think that he was Peter. Peter was highly ascended in ungodly social behavior. I do not know that he was practicing any formal kind of witchcraft. He was a Jew, he was Hebrew, he was practicing his religion. Perhaps living out of a religious spirit, to be highly critical and judgmental, requires the use of witchcraft. All of these ungodly characteristics and qualities require spiritual energy. It requires spiritual energy to be chronically critical and judgmental of people. People who live that kind of a lifestyle are ascended, frequently as high as their brow energy center, or even higher, maybe the crown energy center. Getting back to the movie, all of these people who are inanimate, and living in a dream world through illusion, they were all ascended at least into their brow center, certainly at least into their throat center, and probably higher.

I can relate this to the people in the world. I will relate this to myself. I was a very tough person; nothing bothered me. I was very insensitive to other people. Nothing bothered me, I just was really very tough, and the Lord broke me. He had to break me to bring me in to Christ. As the Lord broke me, I lost my power. I lost my power to make it in this world, to be comfortable in this world, to be just in every area of my life. Well, of course, I was sick and I was dying, but even socially, financially, every area, the Lord just broke me. I lost my power, and I went down. I never hit bottom, I did not die, although I was destined to die. I lost all of my money, but I never went into disaster; I had just enough to survive. I descended, I fell down, but I stopped just before destruction. And then the Lord started to build me up again, in His kingdom, and in His power, and in His strength. And He is still rebuilding me. I am still not back to where I was.

Giving Up Sin

I have not yet attained to the level in this life of this society. I have not recovered everything that I lost when the Lord brought me down out of the Serpent's timeline. I am still rising in His timeline, and He has promised to restore everything that we lose when we give up everything for His kingdom.  I expect all of the things that I have lost. I have lost everything to be where I am today. Not that I chose to do it, but that is what happened to me. And yet, in addition to the restoration of all of the things that I have lost, I am a teacher in Christ Jesus. I have this wonderful word in my heart, and this ability to teach it and share it with others. I am getting back everything that I lost with interest, with great interest, with 100% interest. I am getting back everything that I lost, in righteousness, I am going to be having these qualities in righteousness now, and I also have received another dimension to my life. I am getting everything back with a new dimension added to my life; a spiritual dimension, so I will be much better off in the end than I was before I ever started this program with the Lord.

So, there is Neo pulling all of these plugs out of himself, and then sliding down into this underground pool, where he almost drowned. This is the fall that a person takes when they start giving up the ungodly power that they exercise in this world. Just in case you do not know what I am talking about, if you come to the Lord and you become convicted that you have envy in your heart, that the things that you are saying, even though you did not realize it, are veiled criticisms, and they are veiled unkind things that you are saying to other people. They are subtleties that have evil motives behind them. When you start confessing that it is true, and you tell the Lord that you do not want to be like that anymore, you are giving up your power in this world. Because that is how people survive in this world. This world is a spiritual jungle, and most people are very aggressive in one way or another. So, we survive with these ungodly methods. When we begin to confess the envy and competition as sin, as well as the ungodly way that we relate to people, we are giving up our power in this world, and we get weak for a season. Everybody does not have to go through what I went through, but we get weak for a season until the Lord builds us in Christ, and we learn how to deal with this world out of His Spirit in righteousness.


Neo opened his eyes, he saw the truth, he pulled his plugs, and he said, I will not be the slave of this world anymore. He lost all of his power; he gave up his power when saw the reality of his condition. We might say when someone confesses, Yes, I am envious. Oh my God, I would have never believed that, yes, I am envious. Yes, I have pride. Oh my goodness, yes, that way of relating to somebody is really hurting that person, it is really true! Oh Jesus, help me!, that it is like pulling out the plugs. We do not want to be connected to this world anymore; we do not want any part of this aspect of this world anymore. And at that point, we lose our power. What does that mean? We become vulnerable. For instance, you realize that the way you deal with somebody trying to control you (people are trying to control each other all the time) is that you make a sarcastic remark and try to control them back, and you find out that what you have been doing is wrong, and it is sin, and you stop doing it, what are you supposed to do the next time somebody tries to control you? How do you defend yourself? How do you protect yourself? Until you learn how to have a godly response in Christ Jesus, you are vulnerable. That is what we are talking about. You have to learn a whole new way of relating to people so that you can know when your communications are not out of your sin nature.

Neo had an experience that lasted a couple of minutes. He opened his eyes in the power plant, and he was horrified. He unplugged himself and he went shooting down into the second energy center, the underground pool where Satan is, and he was drowning in the underground pool. And I want to tell you that I was drowning for a while, except that Jesus did not fish me out in five minutes. See, all of this happened to Neo inside of a couple of minutes. He opened his eyes, he pulled out his plugs, and he shot down to the second energy center.  Morpheus' crew fished him out, and his crisis was almost over. But in my case it has been going on for years. So, I think the spiritual principle is accurate but I do not think the time frame is accurate.

The Shocking Truth about Our Sin Nature

Neo was fished out, and he was in shock; he was in complete shock. The truth, the reality of his condition shocked him and terrified him so badly that he vomited and passed out. Now, brethren, different people have different intensities of reaction, but that frequently is our reaction to the exposure of our sin nature to ourselves. It is shocking, it is terrifying, and it is just too much to bear. Some of us go into denial; that is the equivalent of Neo's passing out. But brethren, once you have seen it, you can never go back. Neo had pulled his plugs out. He had given up the illusion of this world, and he saw the truth behind it. When you do this, you cannot go back. Next, we see Neo lying on the table. The first time I saw this, all of these wires sticking out of him. I really, this is not even spiritual, I really did not get what it was, but I now realize they were doing acupuncture on him. And Neo was told that his muscles were all atrophied, that means that they were not strong. They were withered, that is what atrophied means, that his muscles were withered. Why were his muscles withered? Because he was lying in the pod. Even when he was playing tennis and running races in the Matrix, it was only a computer-generated image that was coming out of his mind; his body was actually just lying there in the pod. And then Neo said, Why do my eyes hurt? And Morpheus said, This is the first time you are using them. Now, we can say Amen to that, brethren, because when the Lord starts to open our spiritual eyes, it is very painful. When we start to see what this world is really about, and what people are really like, and the desperate condition of humanity, and the extent of the sin nature and what she has done to us, it is very painful when you see for the first time. And also, our muscles are atrophied. What does that mean? It means we have an enemy. The Scripture says Satan is our enemy.


We are supposed to be warring against Satan and Leviathan, and we have very little strength when we first see the truth. We have very little strength. Our spiritual muscles are very weak. Neo needed to be educated; he had all kinds of questions to ask. We need to be educated here in Christ after we see the truth, and we choose to pull our plugs out; to not stay with the world, but to go with Christ, then we need to be educated. Neo had to find out about the ship that he was on, and who the people were, what their goals were, and what they were doing. Then he had to find out who he was. And it turns out that Morpheus, the captain of the ship, tells Neo that he is convinced that Neo is the one who has the potential to ascend above the conscious level of the machines. See, the one who ascends in consciousness above the level of the consciousness that is entrapping him, he is the one who is set free. You have to ascend above the level of the people, or in this case, the machines, that are holding you captive. We can only do this in Christ Jesus.

We had a discussion before we started recording this morning. If you engage in a relationship with a person who is controlling you, and has been controlling you for years with a high level of spiritual power (meaning that they scream and yell if you do not do what they want, insisting that you are incompetent, and that you are infantile, to the point that you have laid down and believed it); if you are in a relationship like this, the only way you can pull your plugs out is to ascend in Christ Jesus, because you do not have power in your own strength to rise above it; you have been tread down for years.

False Assumptions

Morpheus tells Neo that he is the one that has the potential to ascend to a level of consciousness that is higher than the level that the machines are operating on. Of course, Neo does not believe it. On the one hand, he does not believe it, and on the other hand, it terrifies him. Brethren, this is the reaction of everyone who is called to be a son of God. We have a church filled with thousands of people who have no trouble believing that they are sons of God, without knowing the truth. They have no trouble believing that they are sons of God because they are believing it out of pride. They are believing that being a son of God is going to give them power over this world, and exalt themselves and whatever else they are believing, but to believe that you are a son of God without having a revelation of your condition and of the condition of the world, is a false acceptance of being a son of God. You have to see the truth.

You can confess, Lord, I repent. I repent of witchcraft, I repent of pride, I repent of envy and competition, but without seeing those sins actually manifesting in your thoughts and in your emotions, your confession is only confession by faith, which, if the Lord Jesus receives it as an act of faith from you, will result in the Lord Jesus showing you that the thought you just thought, which produced the word you just said, arose out of envy. Now, are you going to confess that you are guilty of envy? Brethren, that is a whole different ballgame than making a general statement, I confess envy. What do you mean, I just manifested envy? I did not mean that at all. Surely you do not know what you are talking about. It is a whole different ballgame. We have thousands of people out there in the kingdom church that believe that they are sons of God, and maybe they believe that they are the saviors of humanity (there are a variety of doctrines along these lines out there), but it is a false acceptance, just like there is another Jesus, this is another sonship message that is preached in the church. The only confession that you are willing to be a son that is acceptable to God is from people who have been enlightened,[RH1]  whose eyes have been opened, who have looked the sin nature in the eye, and perceived the wickedness of that thing in themselves, and in others.

You have to want to save the people that are obnoxious. And there is no glory in it for you. It is a painful, hard lifestyle. In the instances where you see people that are really doing well because you have helped them, you are so beaten down by the hardness of the lifestyle that there is no chance of you exalting yourself over the few that are making it. You thank God for the few that are making it, but you know what you had to go through to help them to get to that point, and there is just no place for pride. You are just beaten too badly. Thank God for it. Pride is deadly, pride will kill you.

Potential in Christ Jesus

So, Neo had seen the truth, and Neo did not want to be the savior. He did not want the responsibility. He did not want that kind of expectation to be upon him, what a tremendous burden. Somebody tells you that you are the savior, and you know that in your own heart, you do not even know where to start. Who could bear it? He did not want it to be true, but it was true. An important point here, however, is that Neo, the one, had the potential to be the savior. He had the potential. We must grow up into our potential. Christ Jesus is our potential to be saviors. Jesus is bringing forth many brethren; there will many saviors. Jesus will always be the Head, He will always have the preeminence, but there shall be many saviors, and everyone that has Christ Jesus has the potential to be a savior, but you have to humble yourself. You have to receive instruction, and you have to deal with your weaknesses to become a savior, because having the potential to be a savior and being a savior are two completely different things.

The Fiery Serpent, an Old Soul, and Reincarnation

Morpheus takes Neo to see the Oracle, which was very interesting. First of all, Morpheus tells Neo that the Oracle is very old, and that she has been working with the resistance since the beginning, which was a long time ago. But when we see the Oracle, she does not look very old, she looked to me like she was in her forties. She was not an old woman physically. What does this mean? I can only guess what the intention of the writer and the director of the movie was, there could be several suggestions. One suggestion could be that she reincarnated several times. Another suggestion could be that she was ascended to the point that she was continuing on in the same body, and that her body was preserved. Another suggestion could be that, well this is pretty much like the first one, that the Hindus say sometimes; she was an old soul, an old soul. She was born into this world with a soul that had incarnated many times.

Now brethren, as far as reincarnation goes we just did a message on that in the online meeting. I remind you that the personality, as we know the personality, does not reincarnate, but there is a Fiery Serpent reincarnating by molding the earth that is covering him into a new personality. That is the definition of an old soul. I must be an old soul. What does that mean? It means that me, Sheila, this personality, this is the first time I have been around, but I was incarnated by an entity, at this point I do not know what to say. I do not know whether I should say the Fiery Serpent or not, but I was incarnated by elements that were manifesting the nature of Elohim and Adam. I do not have the right words for you right now, but I have been talking for many years about multiple incarnations in Christ Jesus. Elohim incarnated as Moses, Elohim incarnated as Elijah, and permanently mingled or co-mingled with the personality of Elijah, and then Elijah was glorified and the glorified Elijah incarnated Jesus, and permanently co-mingled with the personality of Jesus. And now Jesus is sending forth His seed, and in the seed of Jesus is Elijah, and Moses, and Elohim.

If you read a book on theosophy, they would call this permanent atoms, elements that reincarnate, but they are not personalities as we know personalities, such as Sheila. I have never been around before, but the one who incarnated me, the seed of Jesus Christ that incarnated me, that means I have Jesus Christ, Elijah, Moses, and Elohim in me. That is how I can have all of this knowledge in one lifetime. And everyone that has Christ Jesus grafted to them has the potential to ascend to where I am, and even higher, because I have not arrived. We have the potential to return to the fullness of Christ Jesus in that humble seed that is grafted to us.

The Spiritual Mystery of the Broken Vase

Neo and Morpheus go to see the Oracle and she is a psychic. This is sort of a light element in the movie, there is some comedy involved here. She is baking cookies. Neo is very nervous, and the Oracle says to him, Oh, do not worry about the vase, and he says, What? And she says, The vase that is behind you. And he turns around and knocks the vase over and it breaks. And the Oracle says to him, Well, I told you not to worry about it, but here is the question, Would you have broken it if I did not mention it? Can you hear this? She said, Do not worry about the vase. If she did not say, Do not worry about the vase, he would not have turned around. If he did not turn around, he would not have broken it. So, that is the spiritual mystery, would he have broken it? Was she seeing into the future and saying, Do not worry about the vase, or did she cause him to break it by saying that? I thought about it, I do not really know what the answer is, but the thought that came to me is, yes, he would have broken it anyway, but not in that way. He would have broken the vase, but not in that way. We see that frequently, certain incidents or callings on our life are called to come to pass, but how they will come to pass is not established. Brethren, I know that Jesus Christ will win this war with Satan and Leviathan. I know that this creation will be restored to the image of God; that is written in stone. It will come to pass that this creation, humanity, mankind, will be in the image of Jesus Christ, there are no ifs, ands, or buts about it, it will happen. But exactly how it will come to pass, and the exact names of the personalities that will be involved in it, that is not written in stone.

It is not written in stone that I will make it. It is not written in stone that you will make it. We cannot live in fear. We must believe that the Lord has brought us this far, and that if we continue to seek Him for help in all things, that He will bring us through and He will perfect us, but it is not written in stone. Everybody that is called does not come, because it is not written in stone that because you are called, that you will develop into a savior. But those who are called, who prefer Jesus Christ and are willing to pay the price, I choose to believe, will make it. Why? Because the Scripture says that there is nothing that can separate you from the love of God, and the love of God is talking about union of mind. It is not talking about wishy-washy love. It is talking about spiritual sexual intercourse of the mind. It is talking about marital love. Nothing can separate you from twisting, or braiding together with Jesus Christ, except your own preference of Satan and Leviathan. That is the only thing that can separate you from the love of God, that you really love sin more than you love Him.

So, I think that the Oracle was saying to Neo, You were going to break that vase, and I knew it, and you broke it one way because I said what I said, but the incident would have to come to pass in another way if I did not say anything. Of course, the Oracle knows that Neo is the one, but she also knows how scared he is and how desperate he is to be told that he is not the one. So, she does something that is very funny, she looks in his eyes, and she asks him to stick his tongue out (you know that is just a joke because she knows he is the one, but she knows that he does not want her to tell him that he is the one. So, she tells him what he wants to hear).

Preferring Christ

She says, Sorry kid, you are not it. Why could she, how could she tell him he was not it? Because she knew that he had the potential, but until he preferred to pursue his potential, he was not it. She knew his reluctance to pursue his potential; he did not want this call, she knew that if he kept going in that direction, if he kept pursuing that thought, he would not make it, that it was not written in stone that he was the one. So, she said to him, Sorry kid, you are not it. The man that I am talking to here is not it. What she did not tell him is that he could change, that he could become it, that he could have a change of heart. When you start pursuing your change of heart, you are it. That is the question we all have to ask ourselves. Everyone that has Christ grafted to them has the potential to be a savior, but he personally must choose, and that means you are what you want to be. Now that Jesus Christ has paid the price, that He was crucified and raised from the dead, and that His seed is grafted to you, you can be a savior, but do you want to be a savior, are you willing to pay the price? The answers to those questions determine whether or not you will ascend in Christ Jesus, because in Christ Jesus all things are possible if you are willing to pay the price.

So you see, it is absolutely wrong to look at somebody and say, I am not good at public speaking, or I cannot write, or I cannot use a computer, or I cannot do what you do. That kind of an attitude will lead you into the wrong place. If Christ is grafted to you, you are a savior by faith. If you are willing to humble yourself, and be instructed, and go in whatever direction the Lord pushes you in, then He will help develop you into whatever kind of a savior He wants you to be. We are not all the same, there are too many things to be done. You have to become who you are, and you do not even know who you are until you turn yourself over to the Lord. Do you think I knew that I was going to have a ministry like this? I had no idea. You have to submit yourself to the instruction and see what you turn out to be. Do not look at anyone else.

Dodging Bullets, Dodging Curses

Then the Oracle says to Neo, You have a big trial coming up. She says, Morpheus really believes that you are the savior, and he believes it strongly enough to give his life for you, and you will be faced with a situation where either you or Morpheus must die, and Morpheus will give his life for you, because he thinks you are the one. Of course, the situation comes to pass and Neo says, No, you cannot give your life for me, Morpheus, because I am not the one. You are going to die because you think I am the one, but I am not the one. But Morpheus insists, and gives instructions to Trinity, who forces Neo to escape, and Morpheus is captured. Then, after a series of events, Neo decides, Neo who has escaped from the Matrix and is safely on the ship, he decides to go back into the Matrix to rescue Morpheus. In this act of heroism (which, of course, is likened to David), Neo believes that no, he is not the one, therefore Morpheus should not die. He is the one who is to die. Morpheus, who is a great leader, is dying because he thinks Neo is the one, and Neo says, I am not the one. The Oracle said I am not the one. So I better go save Morpheus because the resistance needs him.

We see heroism and character arising in Neo, and his overcoming fear. Neo and Trinity go into the Matrix to rescue Morpheus and in the midst of the act of heroism, Neo's supernatural powers start to appear. Now, this is very interesting because they do not appear suddenly, they appear gradually, and in the very Hollywood-type exciting rescue, we see Neo begin to manifest spiritual power. Of course, in the movie version, the way this spiritual power manifests is his ability to move so quickly that he could dodge bullets. Maybe there is some truth to this in the Spirit, I do not know, because if there is, it is interesting. I just had a thought, you know, I was about to say to you if it is possible to dodge bullets in the Spirit, I have not gotten there yet, because I get shot at all the time, and I was thinking, I do not know if it is possible, but the Lord must have put this thought in my mind. I remember somebody telling me when I was in Africa, that there are white witches there that claim that they do just good works, but it is my understanding that they have the strength to kill people if they believe it is for a good reason. In other words, the woman who gave me this testimony, she was a businesswoman in Nigeria, and she had to bid for, I think it was government projects, or she had to bid for projects to get the work. She said there were other businessmen competing with her for the contract, and witchcraft is pretty open in Africa. She said they would come right up outside the building where the decision was being made and sacrifice an ox, and say their prayer, and they would get the contract.

At one point I think her business was cursed. I do not remember the details, but she went to what she thought was a Christian church for help to break these curses from these people that were sacrificing animals right in front of her and destroying her business, but she made a mistake. They were not Christians, they may have called themselves Christians, but they were really practicing a type of witchcraft that they believed was good witchcraft to offset the evil witchcraft. And she said that immediately, when they heard about her problem, they sought their spirit guide. They found out the situation, they got a witness that the people who were afflicting her were unethical and immoral people, and they announced to her that they were going to kill the man. She started yelling, No, no, do not kill him, I do not want you to kill him. And they could not understand why she did not want them to kill the man.

This is what goes on in Africa, and it probably goes on right here in this country, only it is not done openly. This same woman told me that the white witches, they make a judgment: if the other person is immoral, they go forward and they use their own spiritual power to punish them, because this is beyond any human police force. There is no way that a human police force could deal with this, that the white witches, and the black witches too, of course, have the power to dodge curses. So, if they curse somebody, let us say they were going to kill this man, they curse this man who is doing the sacrificing, who is doing some immoral, unethical thing to steal this woman's business, and the black witches throw the curses back, the white witches know how to step aside so they do not get hit when the curse comes back on them. They know how to dodge the bullets.

So, I guess the Lord is telling me that what we saw in the movie, The Matrix, was a physical expression of a true reality, you have to move fast enough to dodge the spiritual bullets. I guess I have got a ways to go, because I have no idea how to dodge spiritual bullets, unless what the Lord is telling me right now is what I have been teaching you. There is just so much to learn, there is just no end. I think the Lord is saying to me, that the way we dodge spiritual bullets (and I guess I knew this, I just never thought of it in these terms), is that we have to get a revelation of what is right in every situation. We have to find out how to get a hold of God. We have to have a whole information bank of what is right to do in certain situations that we have learned from our own experiences, and if we do not know, we have to get a hold of the Lord and find out what is right, and walk righteously, doing what is right to all men. If we do that, we dodge the bullets. The curses cannot touch us; that is how we dodge the bullets.

The Good Fight - Rising in Spiritual Power

Getting back to Neo, his supernatural power is starting to appear in him, he comes very close to death, but he moves fast enough to dodge the bullets. From then on, the movie proceeds with Neo doing some very exciting Kung Fu with these agents; very, very exciting Kung Fu. I do not know whether the actor who played Neo was actually doing it, or whether the Kung Fu demonstrations or the Kung Fu fights were done by experts, practitioners of Kung Fu. Maybe the faces of the actors were morphed over, or the whole episode of the Kung Fu fights were computer-generated, I do not know, but it was the most exciting Kung Fu I have ever seen. I do know a little bit about it, I did take Tai Chi for a year. It was just very, very exciting, where they levitate, and I mean the whole thing. So, Neo goes forward, but he still has no idea that spiritual power is arising in him, but a confidence is arising in him, and he is no longer just running for his life, he is turning and facing the enemy.

Brethren, we all go through this in the Spirit. For years I ran for my life, then I started fighting back. One day the Lord told me that if I did not fight back, He was going to leave me for carrion on the banks of the Jordan. You cannot spend your whole spiritual life saying that Jesus will take care of it. You have to learn how to fight, and you have to learn how to fight in righteousness. So, Neo fights bravely, but the computer-generated image of the machine defeats him and he dies. Then Trinity, the symbol of the female goddess, raises him from the dead with her love. She tells him that she loves him and he has to rise from the dead, which he does, and when he rises from the dead, he rises with increased power. I find that very interesting, because that is what I have to say about Lazarus, that when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, he was not the same Lazarus, he was a Lazarus that was ascended into the brow energy center of the righteous timeline. That is why the Scripture says that they came from all over, not only to see Jesus, but also to see Lazarus.

Neo was raised into a higher state, and then he dies. There is also a truth to this, going back to what I said earlier. We must die to everything that we are in the Serpent's timeline. We must die to all of the spiritual power that we have out of ungodliness and unrighteousness, all of the mind control and socially acceptable witchcraft that we practice in our life, we have to die to all that, so that we can begin to ascend in righteous spiritual power. There is a period of weakness, but we do ascend in a righteous spiritual power, and it is little by little. Sometimes it is very hard to see. You have to look at your life and take a look at what you are overcoming in order to see the level of spiritual power that you are attaining to. Neo rose from the dead in a greater measure of power, but he really did not know it himself. He did not know that he had a greater measure of power until he stood up. There were three agents there and they all shot at him at once, and something within him told him to raise his hand, just put his palm out towards the bullets, and an energy force came out of his hands and stopped the bullets dead in their tracks. The bullets just stood there in mid-air, and then they dropped to the ground. He could not do that before.

Old Order vs. New Order Deliverance

First, he was fast enough to dodge the bullets, and then he was strong enough to command them to stop in mid-air. This could be likened to the comparison between old order and new order deliverance. I used to be strong enough to cast out demons from people who wanted demons cast out of them; old order deliverance only works when the person that has the demon wants you to cast that demon out of them. I had a lot of power in old order deliverance, but I do not do that anymore, I do new order deliverance now. What is new order deliverance? I preach the Doctrine of Christ by Christ Jesus and the Spirit of Christ within me, and sometimes I execute judgments as the Lord leads me, and people get delivered. The person does not have to want deliverance with new order deliverance, but I only do what the Lord tells me to do.

Neo went from the power of old order deliverance to the power of new order deliverance. I have been preaching this for a long time, that in old order deliverance we struggle with the demons, we are pretty much on the same level as the demons, and we struggle with them. We prevail over them most of the time, but that does not have to happen. I have been in deliverance where the person does not get delivered. I have seen a lot of people not get delivered in old order deliverance, but there is a battle and a struggle. In new order deliverance, Neo just held out his hand, and the bullets stopped.   After that, the agent charged him, and whereas in the past, Neo was in active competition with the agent and they were really going at it, this time Neo was not even fighting, he was just standing there as cool as a cat. When the agent went to chop him, Neo grabbed his arm and flipped him over, it was not even an effort. There was no fight, it was not even an effort.

A Higher Level of Consciousness

Then, of course, was the ultimate sign that Neo had ascended. The movie shows you the view of what Neo is looking at, and you see that he is looking out towards these three agents. He is looking at them from a level of consciousness that is higher than the image. The scene did not look normal. He saw all the strings there, and the men were just shadows, meaning that he had ascended above the image. That happened to me once or twice. I do not know why it happened to me. I was at some kind of meeting, and the whole image shifted. People looked like stick people. It happened to me years ago. For the life of me, I do not know how that glorified God. I do not know how or why it happened, and it shocked me, because everybody looked different. They were stick people. Lord has never explained that to me. For whatever reason I shot up, I ascended for that brief moment. It was only for about a minute. So, we know that Neo has ascended, but the ultimate destruction of the agent was very interesting. Neo, who was in humanoid form, of course he was in the Matrix, but he was in humanoid form, he charged the agent and got inside of him. So, that means upon contact, upon Neo's contact with agent, Neo was no longer in humanoid form, but was in a form of pure spirit. He entered into the agent, and literally blew him apart from the inside out. That is a very, very high level of consciousness.

I remember years ago, when I was with a church that I was discipling with, we were just about the only deliverance church around, and there was a lot of pride there. But I now know that there was a lot that we did not know; there is a lot we do not know today. Someone called the church looking for help. She had been involved in the occult, and had broken up with a man that she was involved with who was also into the occult, and she claimed that he was astral projecting into her body. She asked the deliverance workers if that was possible. Nobody knew the answer. She could not get any help. She was very disappointed at that time. There was no help for her. She said that this man was astral projecting into her body, and she wanted deliverance, but we did not even know that that was possible. Here in the movie we see Neo entering into this agent, literally moving around inside of him, and blowing him apart from the inside out. Now, I do not know if that is exactly accurate for the way that it does happen, but I believe that there is some explanation for it. There is some variety of that experience that is real, that the mind of one person can get inside of another person and do a lot of damage.

I just had another memory. I think the Lord is telling me that this really can happen. I did hear a testimony from someone once, that is in Christ, they were not always in Christ; this person has a high level of witchcraft power and they use to be in the occult, but they now serve the Lord Jesus. They told me that they were praying for a sick person one night, and they went to sleep and they had a dream (which was not a dream), but in their dream they were inside the body of the person they were praying for. And for years, I really questioned whether that was really the Lord or not. The next morning, the person that she was praying for was healed. So, this is a high level of spiritual power, and there is some truth to it. I have never experienced anything like that. Brethren, we have not seen anything yet. I tell you all the time, I have some spiritual power. I can help you in a lot of things, if you want my help. And I have a lot of power if the Lord wants to do something through me (if it is His will to do something through me, and I pray that prayer). I have a lot of power, but I am still very much a novice, I have just got my pinky toe in the water. We have got a lot ahead of us to learn and to experience. We are just beginning, and we really are spiritual children. We are just beginning. Because of that, we should flee from every spiritual fight that the Lord has not sent us to. Flee, run, because you are not who you think you are. Christ Jesus, if He is in you, He can win all battles, if He is truly in the battle. But, if your pride has sent you to the battle, you will get creamed, so run! Humble yourself and walk away.

One Person at a Time

Neo is the one. He has become a supernatural man. He has ascended in to his brow energy center, and he is now in the Matrix with impunity. That means the agents of the Matrix cannot hurt him. One of the major points of the movie is that the freedom fighters are being chased by the undercover agents in the Matrix, and the agents are more powerful than the freedom fighters. The freedom fighters enter into the Matrix at the risk of great danger to themselves to work towards setting humanity free, but they are always running from the agents.   Neo, who has ascended above the power of the agents, is no longer running, he is walking freely in the midst of the Matrix, and he continues with the work, calling people one at a time to face the truth, and to deal with the experiences that they will experience, once they face the truth. This happens one person at a time.

It looks to me, brethren, at least for now, maybe things will change, that that is the way it is, one person at a time. It is different than the ministry of the Holy Ghost, where the Lord sends a preacher to stand up in front of a large crowd to preach a very simple message about Jesus dying on the cross and rising from the dead. You can have the Holy Spirit, and thousands or hundreds of people come up to your altar, and you pray over them, and they walk away. That is valid, it is of God, but it is just the very, very beginning stage that ultimately leads you to the true discipleship. There has been a lot of false discipleship in the church. Once Christ grafts to you, the true discipleship involves education that will develop the potential within you. What is the potential in you? Christ is the potential in you. The Holy Spirit and all the experiences that you have with Him are directed towards Christ being grafted to you. Once Christ is grafted to you, that potential that is Christ must be developed in you, and that requires a teacher. That is why you are called one at a time. You need to be discipled, and discipleship is one-on-one. It is not in large groups. That means as soon as we all mature to the point that we can disciple people, everybody that ascends to a higher place will start having disciples. Eventually, this program will spread out all over the world, like the branches of a tree. But it is starting out with a very small group, because it is a one-on-one ministry.

Maturing in Christ Jesus

I believe that as the first of us ascend into the brow center, we will have more power to help people along more quickly. But right now, it is taking years. As I told you, God only knows, I am not there yet. I have been teaching this message formally for thirteen years, and the Lord started giving me the message fifteen, seventeen years ago, but it is more than the message, it is the spiritual change that we have to go through.

Once we get to that place that Neo ascended to, when we are ascended to a level of consciousness where Satan has no power over us, then we will be unhindered. We are laboring in a hindered state. Satan does not have the power to stop me (this message keeps going forth), but she certainly hinders me in many different ways. How does she hinder me? She is still capable of filling my mind with ungodly thoughts, and then I have to wage a warfare to get rid of the thoughts, which stops me from doing what I want to do. I still have the problems of this world. I still have financial problems, unexpected expenses, relationship problems (although I am doing very well right now), and sickness. I went away to Florida and South Carolina a few months ago. The Lord told me to take my Vicks VapoRub with me. Well, my carnal mind said, Why did not you just heal me of this stupid disease? I was sick the whole time I was away, the whole three weeks that I was away I had a horrendous cold, because I am not there yet. The Lord told me to take Vicks VapoRub instead of healing me. Why? Because in this hour, we are not getting healed like the Holy Spirit healed us back in Pentecost. It is a simple thing to say, Why do you not just pop her on the head and say, Be healed? Because for those who are discipling Christ Jesus, all illness exists because Christ Jesus in you is not yet mature enough to heal you. The Lord is not sending you to pop someone on the forehead and say, Be healed.

Now, He may do that. He may have mercy on you and send someone to you to do that, but I am talking about the disease generating in the first place. If the Lord knew that I was going to need Vicks VapoRub, why did not He press a button or something, do something so that I would not get sick? Because that honor is given to the indwelling Christ Jesus in you. And when the indwelling Christ Jesus in you is mature enough, He will see a disease starting in you and he will pop it before you even know that it happened. But I am not there yet, maybe you are, but I am not there yet. The Lord might heal you supernaturally, He may have someone lay hands on you and heal you, but in my case, most of the time He just tells me to use practical methods. I had a severe case of sciatica. He sent me to a chiropractor and I am doing great. But the really important thing, if you can hear what I am saying, is that the disease had found place to generate in me in the first place.

To heal somebody once the disease comes, that is a Band-Aid; that is a healing from the outside of you. We are all hoping and striving and laboring in Christ to be like Jesus, to serve Jesus Christ as hard as we can, to come to the place that Christ Jesus in us will prevent the disease from taking root in the first place.  The benefits of our labor in service to the Lord, is that Christ Jesus will mature to the point that He keeps our bodies disease-free. In the meantime, we have to do all the things that we know to do. We meet here, we have these meetings, we preach the message. You are all into your own programs - music, transcribing, whatever you are doing, and we are doing everything we can to mature in Christ Jesus. Healing will be one of the side benefits when He matures. We will be free from disease, and free from the problems of this world.

I think there will be no financial problems and no emotional problems when Christ Jesus is mature in us. I frequently get attacked in my emotions. All of these things will be overcome so that we will be able to give our full attention, 100% of the time, to the work of the Lord, whatever our life will be like at that time. So, that is all that we can do, just take it a day at a time, hoping that we understand what He wants us to do, and praying and asking Him to tell us if we are not not getting it (if we are not hearing what he wants us to do), and then to do it. That is all that we can do. Then we wait. We wait for our ascension, and we wait for our braiding together with the glorified Jesus Christ, and we wait for Christ to be cut away and ascend above Cain and cover her. Then we wait for Cain to be circumcised away from Leviathan, and we do everything that we can to live righteously and holy in the name of Jesus.

Changing our Spiritual Position

So, that is the end of the movie. Neo ascends to his place of consciousness where the Matrix has no power over him. Our whole walk has to do with a change of position of consciousness. In another place in the movie, where Neo comes to see the Oracle, there are children waiting to see the Oracle, apparently spiritually gifted children. There is one little boy that looks at a spoon, a metal spoon, and the spoon bends and then the spoon comes back, and he asks Neo if he knows how to do that. Neo says No, and the little boy teaches him. The little boy says, This is how you do it, you have to know that there is no spoon, that this metal spoon is an illusion. There is no spoon. The spoon does not bend, I bend.

What the little boy is telling him is that when we change our position of consciousness, our spiritual position, everything outside of our spirit (starting with our body and everything outside of us) changes. I do not know about you, but I do not know how to do that. I know that I am ascending as I go on with the Lord, but for me to sit here and say, I am going to move from my heart center to my brow center, I do not know how to do it.  I want to bend this spoon, but I do not know how to do it. I know that I change position when Christ Jesus changes position in me, but I have no power over it. I simply do not know how to do it. I have also told you here, that people who have out of body experiences and near death experiences, this is what happens to them. Usually it happens as a result of an accident or on the operating room table, that something has jarred their Fiery Serpent, and she has woken up and moved. The change of position of the Fiery Serpent makes the person think that they are floating outside of their body, but they have not changed. They are not floating outside of their body, their Fiery Serpent has been jarred awake and ascended, and they are now looking at their situation from a different vantage point. There is such a reality as a change of spiritual position, and the whole world will be different to us when we change our spiritual position.

As as of right now, I can tell you my world is different. My body is healing. I was dying when I came to the Lord, so I am healthier now than I have even been.  To that degree, my body is changing, and my life is changing because I am reaping what I have sown as a minister in Christ Jesus. Things are much better in my life, and in my relationships, and in my health, but my physical surroundings have not really changed. I have moved to a different house. I started out in this ministry without even a typewriter, and I now have two computers and a laptop. Things have changed, but this piece of wood has not changed its position. There is a higher level of consciousness that I have not attained to yet, where you think something and it manifests in front of you.

We are still way down at the bottom, which means we have got a long ways to go. Honestly, I do not have any more information. It could happen that we start ascending radically, suddenly. I just do not know. What I do know is that a company of saviors has to appear in this world very soon, because Satan is coming in like a flood throughout the whole country. The country is just getting clouded over, and Satan is not coming in from the outside (although she is coming in from the outside with her advertisements), she is rising like a flood within people. She is rising like a flood within people, and people are being overtaken. This society is in trouble, and there are Christians crying out everywhere for help. The Lord Jesus will respond to their cries. His response is that He is raising up a company of saviors. Based upon that, I believe that we will see some spiritual ascension very soon. For what reason? That Jesus cannot lie. He is incapable of lying. He is going to respond for His people's cry for help, but what the church does not understand, is that Jesus' response to their cry is that the first thing that He is going to do is deal with their sin nature. The Lord is not going after Satan to put Satan down while the church is filthy.

Society, A Reflection of the People

In this country, well it is really the whole world, but we will use this country as an example, and make this real simple. Let us say there are ten people here, and nine people are filled up with Satan's blood, and because of that, the surroundings of the city are affected. The surroundings of our area are affected, we have got an adult shop near Medford, and the spirit is not good here. So, what the Lord does is He starts going from one vessel to the other, and dealing with their sin nature so that they are not filled up with Satan. Then we have five people in this city that are all representatives of Satan, filled up with Satan's thoughts, and five people that are filled up with the thoughts of the Lord Jesus. The image of the city that you live in is a reflection of what is in the people. Whatever is happening in our society is a reflection of what is in the people. The people are being filled up with Satan's thoughts. The Lord’s solution to the problem is to take His church, which is also filled up with Satan's thoughts, and cleanse the people, so that there are more and more people that are filled up with Jesus Christ's righteous thoughts. Then there is a power struggle between the thoughts of the people that are in Christ, and the thoughts of the people that are in Satan. And this power struggle forms the image of our surroundings. The battle is within.

The battle is within, and of course the battle is without, but the battle that is without is a reflection of the battle that is within. When Jesus heals, He is spiritual, and He heals in the Spirit. But, He very limited by His own righteous laws, as to what he can do when the people that are crying out for help are just as dirty in their hearts as the people outside. They may not be doing the same deeds, but the same sins are within them. So, there is no revival coming at this time. The next step is judgment. There is no reason to dance and sing when you are still manifesting witchcraft, and pride, and envy, and Satan is thinking through you freely. It is time to grow up.

Concluding Thoughts

In conclusion, The Matrix was a very exciting movie. I just touched upon the high points in this message. Of course, it is from a theosophical viewpoint (from what I could see), but it is very close to what the Lord is doing, except that it is much more, at least the truth of it for me, in Christ, is that it is much, much harder. From what I understand, for the people who are ascending in the Serpent's timeline, they are having some pretty hard times too. I do not really know anybody personally, I just know that for me it is taking years, and that the battle is intense. It is not as exciting as the movie, but I really enjoyed the movie. I watched it several times. Each time I understand more, and personally, I am just very excited at the thought of this change of position, and the ability, the reality of manifesting spiritual power in Christ Jesus. It is very exciting.  The course of study is very difficult, but we can do all things in Christ.

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