504 - 1 Part
(From Leviathan Into Christ Jesus)




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We are up to verse 6 of page 2 of your notes, the subtitle is Satan speaks to the personalities of the mortal men of Judah to trap Samson. Verse 6 alternate translation, and Satan spoke to Samson through the personalities of the mortal men of Judah, the spiritual woman who were miserable disheartened and pining away because of their weak and inadequate nature, saying, "So please explain the source of Elohim's great strength to cast down, imprison and engrave with Jehovah's nature, the widowed fiery Serpent within us, who are ascended in Leviathan's circular time line which we, the mortal men of Judah are nailed to. Satan speaks through the personalities of the mortal men of Judah to trap Samson. Brethren Satan speaks through personalities, Satan is the unconscious part of the carnal mind, which is good and evil. The carnal mind is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. That means if you just a person born of a woman, that means you have a carnal mind and you have the potential for good and evil. And we must take this Scriptural definition of evil, there are several Hebrew words translated evil and I believe but I am not sure that there is also more than one Greek word translated evil, and I do not have any of the numbers for you today, but one word would indicate evil at the core, evil at the root, incapable of being anything other than evil. Another way of saying that is to be utterly redeemable, and that is true of Satan.

There is no redemption for Satan, there is no salvation for Satan; there is only death for Satan. She must die to everything that she is.  That part of the carnal mind which is redeemable, does anybody know the name of the part of the carnal mind that is redeemable? The carnal mind consists of Satan the unconscious part, Leviathan, the collective subconscious part, and the fiery Serpent which is Leviathan in the individual. Do you know the answer? The part of the carnal mind that is redeemable.

COMMENT: Leviathan is the part that is redeemable.

PASTOR VITALE: Well you are close, the Fiery Serpent is.

COMMENT: I did not say that I am sorry I meant the Fiery Serpent.

PASTOR VITALE: Yes, Leviathan is the collective Fiery Serpent, but the scripturally speaking we must say that Leviathan will die because Leviathan will be consumed by Jehovah's high priest, Christ Jesus, and in that consumption, the spiritual root of Leviathan shall be converted into the, they will also be returned to their original state. The angels that fell will be returned to their original state, and the Fiery Serpents are the spiritual sperm of Jehovah that was breathed forth into the creation into Adam specifically, and with the full intention of bringing forth a spiritual civilized man with the nature and in the image of Jehovah, the creator. And the Fiery Serpents Jehovah's spiritual sperm fell down into the lower window, and were coating with earth, they were spiritual fish, the Scripture calls them fish, in that natural sperm are fish, they swim, and they swim by whipping their tails, I do not know about spiritual sperm but the physical sperm swim in the fluids of the, and they swim within the seminal fluid and within the fluid of the female's body, by vibration, by whipping their tails and vibrating. And Jehovah's spiritual sperm fell down into the lower window where the waters or the waters of that window were heavily polluted with earth, and Jehovah spiritual sperm were covered with earth, which waited them down and they fell all the way down to the bottom, into the world underneath the sea, not only under the sea, but underneath the ocean bed, this world is underneath the ocean bed, it is called hell.

Now we have a natural example of fish being weighted down and dying in our world today, we have had oil spills, and one of the results of an oil spill is you see fish floating on the surface of the water, fully covered with oil in their gills and on their scales, and they have died because they could not breathe because of the oil. Now spiritually speaking, it is the oil that gives us life, because the oil signifies the anointing, the oil signifies Christ Jesus, and it is the oil that gives life. In the natural earth being mixed with the ocean water does not kill the fish, the ocean bed does not kill the fish; there are some fish that live very close to the ocean bed, where the pollution of earth is thickest. And the life, the fish life of this world survives. But it is the oil in this world that kills them. And we should know that everything in this world is the exact opposite, the mirror image of what is truly happening in the spirit world. So it is the earth that coated Jehovah's spiritual sperm, and they fell down underneath the ocean bed into another world.

Now is not that interesting, did you ever hear of the parable when you were a child that if you dig deeply enough into the earth, you would come out on the other side of the earth into China, I use to hear that it was China. Well you know every saying that we have, every fairy tale that exist, there is something behind it, there is some spiritual truth behind it, and this world that we live in, it is underneath the ocean bed. We went to the other side of the world and the true, and this is hell, the true world, the world that Jehovah has established is above the earth. Now you would say Sheila what are you talking about, we are on the earth and there is just the sky over us.

Well brethren I am talking about spiritually speaking, spiritually speaking we under the earth, and every spiritual atom of our being, we the real us, which is Christ, okay, and also the personality which is another part of us, has fallen underneath the earth. We have fallen down and been buried alive. You see that is what happened to Korah. I do not believe the physical earth opened and buried and all his family alive. Jehovah does not do things like that, what happened to Korah and his family was that when they murmured against Moses, and rebelled against them even when he begged them to repent and to yield to the Lord, when they continued to agree with their carnal mind, their true life which was the resurrected Adam in them, fell down underneath the spiritual earth, which was the Fiery Serpent and the resurrected Adam their true life died. But these people continued to have a physical existence, their spiritual life died, fell down under the earth and died.

So Jehovah's spiritual sperm not only fell down into the lower window, but they were captured by the gravity of the earth of the ocean bed, and like quicksand were drawn into the ocean bed and actually pierced through the ocean bed into another whole world, which we believe is the only world that there is, if you can hear it. Now this is something similar to what happens when people fall into a wormhole. Physics teaches about worm holes, you can get drawn into a worm hole at one end and you never know where you are going to wind up at the other end, I think I am going to draw that on the board for you. A worm hole is very simply two black holes that connect, and technically, I think this may even be a theory in physics, I am not really up on my physics, I do not know whether it actually exists, or it is a theory, but I know that physicists talk about it. Technically you can fall into a worm hole and fall all the way through, now in a black hole, you would just fall to the bottom of the hole, but in a worm hole, it twists into another black hole and you can technically come out on the other side in another whole world. I saw this principle in one of the Simpsons, that adult animated cartoon program, Bart Simpson fell into a worm hole and the world that he fell into was our world, and here was this cartoon character Bart Simpson walking up and down the streets of our world, and all the human beings all that look like we do, were looking at him, and looking at how weird he looked because he was a cartoon character, and everyone else was a mortal man. So that is the theory that you can fall into a worm hole and come out in another world, and someone wrote a story called Alice In Wonderland probably before this principle of physics was ever discovered, but I am not sure about that. And this is what happened to Jehovah's spiritual sperm.

Now you have to understand that Jehovah's spiritual sperm had a consciousness that exceeds ours. I do not know what they were like, but I know that the Scripture says that Levi paid tithes in Abraham's loins. So there is a consciousness within Jehovah's sperm. Now just as I told you earlier on this message, that Leviathan is the collective Fiery Serpent, now when I say Leviathan is the collective Fiery Serpent, what I am saying is, let is simplify this by lessening the numbers, let is say there were only 5 Fiery Serpents, the intelligence and the spiritual power and the authority of Leviathan would be more than the power of the first Fiery Serpent, plus the power of the second Fiery Serpent, plus the power of the third fourth and fifth Fiery Serpent, that collective power okay, would be much greater when we take Leviathan as an entity in an of herself, can you understand that? Okay. In the same manner, the sons of God Christ in each of us has a measure of power, but when we manifest as the body of Christ, the collective Christ Jesus, there is an authority, a power and an intelligence that is beyond the numerical accumulation of the number of sons of God that there is.

So we see that Jehovah's sperm that had, I do not know what they were like, but I know I believe that their consciousness in their beginnings far exceeds anything that we can have here, that we have here today.

And the collective sperm of Jehovah is called before the fall, does anybody know what the collective sperm of Jehovah was called? It is called Adam, Adam is depicted as an eagle when he is in the higher centers, he is a ram in the heart center, but when he flies in the higher centers he is depicted as an eagle. The collective sperm, the collective spiritual sperm of Jehovah are called Adam, and in this dispensation, the collective, well I am not going to get into that right now, it is way off my subject, okay. So the collective sperm of Jehovah was called Adam, and when Adam was attacked with witchcraft by the Primordial Serpent as you can see here, Adam was flying in the upper window, but the primordial sea right underneath him, and what is the difference between the clean waters of the upper window, and the primordial sea? What is the difference, anybody know? You want to try?

COMMENT: It is got earth mixed with it.

PASTOR VITALE: Well the upper window had some earth also. So the difference is the density, well you were pretty close, okay, the difference is the density of the earth. The dust or just the surface scatterings of the earth are in the waters of the upper window, and in the primordial sea the earth is much more dense and thick. And then when you get beneath the sea, this is already the ocean bed, the earth gets even thicker as we descend, the earth gets thicker and becomes the mud of the ocean bed, becomes more earth than water, and becomes mud, and then it falls down and there is a twist, somehow that takes place, and we see the waters now accumulate into the astral plane, which is the false heavens of this world, and that our world with the flowers and the sun and the trees and the buildings and everything that our carnal mind thinks is beautiful, exists underneath the ocean bed on the other side of the black hole that we fell into. Praise the Lord for the truth.

So when Adam was destroyed by the Primordial Serpent he broke apart, because Adam is the name of the collective sperm of Jehovah, and he was holding together all of Jehovah's sperm as a collective whole, but they broke up into many members, without a head. The sperm of the spiritual sperm of Jehovah were being held together by a consciousness, by a mind called Adam, see. They were being held in a formation you might say, and they had a collective consciousness, just when you see birds flying in formation in the sky, there is a collective consciousness over those birds telling the birds how to fly keeping them in line, there is a collective consciousness. Adam is the collective consciousness that held Jehovah's spiritual sperm together, he was the nursemaid of the spiritual sperm, and when that consciousness we call Adam, that mind was attacked with witchcraft, an illusion by the primordial Serpent, Adam lost his ability to hold all of the spiritual sperm under his consciousness and they broke apart and each went in their own direction, and without the guidance of that superior collective mind, they fell down, they could not tell the difference between the clean waters and the dirty waters, they could not see the line, and they fell down into the dirty waters of the primordial sea, and they were coated with earth and as they continued to be drawn down into the earth as quicksand draws one down, they became completely covered with earth, now we are talking about Jehovah's spiritual sperm now that are supposed to be fish flying, they were flying fish, they were in the, the Scripture talks about flying fish, and these were Jehovah's sperm they were fish that flew in the higher window, in the clean waters of the higher window, they fell down, they were coated with earth, and they were so coated with earth that they became earth worms, and these sperm, these spiritual sperm of Jehovah, they are the only immortal part of this creation.

Everything else is made of earth or mud, as these earth worms, as Jehovah's spiritual sperm which are now earth worms, continued to descend, they descended into hell, into this world underneath the ocean bed, and they I cannot get into all the details right now.

Eventually this world was formed and the truth of the matter is that every human being born of a woman is the product of one of Jehovah's spiritual sperm descending into this world underneath the ocean bed, every one of us has one of Jehovah's spiritual sperm in the midst of us which is now functioning as an earth worm, and is in the image of the Serpent. This is what Jesus was talking about when he talked about the worm that dieth not. This is the only eternal part of us, our personality is mortal, it is made of earth, it dissolves, the physical body dissolves, and it is the Fiery Serpents within us which are incarnating over and over and over again.  Each time a particular Fiery Serpent incarnates, she brings forth a personality, but the personality that that Fiery Serpent brings forth is different with every incarnation.

We the consciousness of the personality as we know ourselves do not reincarnate, but our spiritual root; that which caused us to come into existence, that spiritual root will incarnate. That is the truth, I tell you the truth, and these spiritual earth worms, they fell down into this world underneath the primordial ocean, and they started to build the tree of knowledge of good and evil. You see each Fiery Serpent that incarnated a human being became the Sion of every family line, the root of a family line. Everybody had a genealogy, we all come out of a family line root. If you follow your family tree all the way back, you will find all your cousins and aunts and uncles and sisters and brothers, and if you get to the first time that your family ever appeared in the earth, which would probably go back millions of years, I do not really know how many, I am not good with these years, I really do not know but when civilization first appeared, if you followed yourself all the way back, you would find out that a Fiery Serpent incarnated and began to build a family line in the earth, and that the first personality that that Fiery Serpent incarnated happened to be your great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great ancestor.

So what am I telling you? That is it is the same, now remember this Fiery Serpent is not an earth worm like you are going to dig up out in your back yard, this Fiery Serpent is an energy stream, she can spread out, so that means when that man got married, the man that the Fiery Serpent incarnated in got married, the Fiery Serpent that incarnated him spread out into his children, and into his grandchildren and into his great grandchildren, and into their great-great grandchildren, and became a great branch of a great tree. And it is the same Fiery Serpent that is a foundation of a family line. That Fiery Serpent fell into the earth and has not left the earth and does not leave the earth when somebody dies, but they incarnate again and again on the family line. Now according to Hindu philosophy to the best of my knowledge, their understanding of reincarnation, well they would not be using the same words that I am using, but what they consider to be the root of the human being that reincarnates, I do not think they have any revelation that it is on the family line, they may have a different measure of philosophy, but this is what the Lord has taught me, it is not that somebody dies and their Fiery Serpent floats away and decides who their going to incarnate in next, whether it will be a male or a female or whether it will be a Chinese or Japanese, or Irish, maybe at some time in the future, the Lord is going to show me that that is true, I really do not want to be arrogant here, but as of this present time, that teaching does not line up with what the Lord has shown me as of today, and I have to preach what the Lord has shown me as of today.

The incarnating source descends into the earth and roots down into the spiritual earth of humanity and begins a family line and migrates through that family line, so it is the same Fiery Serpent that is in mom, grandma and grandpa, mom and dad, the six children, and the eighteen grandchildren. It is the same Fiery Serpent, so when great grandma and great grandpa die, the Fiery Serpent is still in the earth of the rest of the family.

Now it is a Scriptural principle that I once found a Scripture for, and I have looked for it and looked for it, I cannot find the Scripture, it is a scriptural principle that if all of your children die, you die spiritually. Of course that was the Old Testament before Jesus Christ. In other words your spiritual being which is the Fiery Serpent that incarnated you carrying all of your genetic heritage spreads out into all of your children, and the Scripture that I cannot find was that someone's twelve sons went into battle and they were all killed in battle, and the Scripture says, and he died. See from that branch of the tree, there was now no means for the Fiery Serpent, well okay I will explain that in a minute, there was now no means for the Fiery Serpent within this man to continue on because his twelve sons died before they had children, so that branch was cut off, see, but of course this was a Hebrew man. So the Fiery Serpent was under the control of the regenerated Adam. In the Hebrews the Fiery Serpent, the incarnating factor was under the control of the regenerated Adam, in the New Testament we would say Christ Jesus. So as far as the Lord was concerned, whatever the regenerated Adam was doing in that family line was cut off at that point.

Now just by way of example, we see that the regenerated Adam or that Adam was regenerated originally in who, with regard to the Hebrew people? Who is the first person that Adam was regenerated in? Well Abraham received the promise, Isaac received the seed in his loins, okay, and the seed manifested in physical form as a human being in Jacob and Esau, and look at what happened there? Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, okay, and then the twelve tribes. So that one man with that one impartation of a seed that was not a fallen Fiery Serpent but a renewed seed in the image of Jehovah that was promised to Abraham, ultimately wound up into millions of human beings, that one seed that was imparted to Isaac through the promise to Abraham.

I am just telling the same thing that I just said about the Fiery Serpent. Now remember a Fiery Serpent is a sperm of Jehovah that is fallen and wrapped in earth. So when Jehovah came to Abraham, he gave him a seed that was not wrapped in earth, he gave him one of his own sperm that was not wrapped in earth. He regenerated Adam in him. The promise was to Abraham, the regeneration in sperm form was in Isaac's loins. And it manifested physically in Jacob and Esau, that one sperm that was not bound, that had not been fallen through the worm hole and converted into an earth worm from a flying fish who flew in the heavenlies into an earth worm, and that one seed spread himself out into probably millions of people of the twelve tribes of Israel. And the primordial Serpent's doing the same thing, we have a couple of trillion people in the earth. I believe that there is a limited number of seed, a limited number of Fiery Serpents that have descended through the worm hole into the earth, and become incarnating factors in humanity, but I do not believe that it is true that each Fiery Serpent descends, leaves the earth goes to, the teaching in a lot of occult philosophies is that when a human being dies, that a person goes into heaven, which would really be the astral plane, and has another existence, that is not the message that the Lord has given me.

Now I am telling you openly that I, there are people that have been studying spiritual philosophy for years and years and years, and it is more than possible, it is probable that there is a great deal that I do not know. But as of now the Lord has not shown me that to be true, that everyone's personality when their body dies goes into the astral plane and has a conscious existence in and of itself, no, each seed in the earth grows a tree. Did not Ezekiel say, he saw many trees on both sides of the river?  He said, when you looked at them, it looked like it was one tree, but there were many trees on both sides of the river. So each Fiery Serpent is a tree growing their own family over the generations, and then there is a mixing, when two people marry from different family lines, there is a mixing of the Fiery Serpents.

The Fiery Serpent is an energy source, there is a mixing of the Fiery Serpent and these are all the streams that the Scripture talks about, the streams in the desert, in this earth here that we are in. So based on everything that the Lord has taught me so far, at this point I must disagree with what I have heard to be common opinions of reincarnation, but then again I have read some Hinduism and some Hindu philosophy and I have found the Hindu philosophy that I have read to be very sound and very much in line with what the Lord was telling me, except that they mix Christ and Satan, and the Serpent up, but we must know that the teachings that many of the teachings of Hinduism and reincarnation here in the west, would not be considered accurate by the Hindus.

So I am no expert on what the Hindus believe, what the Hindu purist and the philosophers, the people that have been studying for years, would say that the Hindu Scriptures say about reincarnation, but in all of my studies, I have never heard anything like I have told you here, and what I have told you here is my understanding of what the Scripture says. Each Fiery Serpent is a spiritual worm, the worm that Jesus talks about when he talks about the worm that dieth not, it is each Fiery Serpent is one of Jehovah's spiritual sperm that fell into the worm hole, was covered with earth and became a worm instead of a flying fish, they became a worm that lives inside of humanity as we know humanity, and they root down and they start to grow a tree, a spiritual family line tree. And that is very interesting, because if you are in to genealogy at all, you will see that they talk about the family tree, it really is a tree. So what am I saying, I am saying that each one of Jehovah's sperm that fell through the worm hole, and was planted in the earth, is growing his own tree, and that all of these trees collectively form a very large collective tree called Leviathan. The roots are in the earth, the roots of that tree are in the earth of humanity, that is the Fiery Serpent is the root, and the branch of the tree is known as Leviathan, who abides in the astral plane. So the branch of the tree of an average man abides in the astral plane, and the root is in the earth. So here is your picture of the worm hole. Are there any questions or comments on this drawing number 1?

COMMENT: I am having difficulty understanding this is all outer space, so everything is within right? Does that apply to this? Like the world it outer space, that seems to be down and everything in within us.

PASTOR VITALE: Well I am not sure what you are asking me, but everything that is spiritual is within us, if that is what you are saying, everything within us is spiritual, everything spiritual is within us, I am sorry, it is within.

COMMENT: So all of this hell would be the outer space, and this Adam and the clean waters would be within.

PASTOR VITALE: Well it is within and it is without, maybe that is what is confusing you. See what I am telling you here actually exists in every cell of our being. Christ in you is grafted to every, when he grafts, he is grafted to every cell of your being, and it is the condition that is within us that is reflected in the outer world, in our physical body and in the outer world. This outer world is an image, a projection, an illusion of the spiritual reality which exists within us. That is a really tough one, this whole world is an image, watch the Matrix, until you get it, see that movie over and over again until you get it. This whole world is an image of our true spirituality, and you may recall me teaching that the true world, that the visible world, do you remember where it exists, where does the visible world exist? The true world, where does it exist?

COMMENT: Within?

PASTOR VITALE: In the heart center, in the heart center. The visible world is in the heart center, so what that is saying is the condition that exists in our heart center, is the foundation that projects the image that we call life. So to be a person who has leprosy or who is seriously ill and leading a tormented life, you must know that, what would you say about that, if you meet somebody who is leading a tormented life, what would you say, now I have just made you a doctor what would you say about their heart center?

COMMENT: That they are projecting everything of the Serpent, evil.

PASTOR VITALE: Okay let is start at the beginning, what side of the heart center would they be on?

COMMENT: The right.

PASTOR VITALE: The right side of the heart center, and why would they be under the right side of the heart center?

COMMENT: I have not got the words.

PASTOR VITALE: Do you know why? Why would, if someone has a tormented life, why would, it is correct that they are on the right side of the heart center, why would they be on the right side of the heart center?

COMMENT: Because they are controlled by Satan?

PASTOR VITALE: And well what does that have to do with, you are on the right track, what does that have to do with the right side of the heart center?

COMMENT: That you are in Satan's sea?

PASTOR VITALE: Right exactly, very good; Satan's sea covers the right side of the heart center, so if you are on the right side of the heart center, that means that Satan is strongly influencing your life, okay, what else can we say about somebody who leads a tormented life, because a lot of people are on the right side of the most of the world is on the right side of the heart center. So what else can we say about the person who is leading a tormented life? Or a bedeviled life?

COMMENT: That they are living in hell.

PASTOR VITALE: Yeah, well we want to understand you know, everybody is living in hell, we are all living in hell, what is their condition, we would like to understand what their condition is that is producing the tormented life. So we found out that they are on the right side of the heart center and that they are under Satan, they are definitely not in Christ, they are under Satan, so why is this tormented person, what is different about their spiritual condition because the guy next door is under Satan's sea also and not leading a tormented life. So what is true about this man's condition that he is leading a tormented life?

COMMENT: He is living in sin and got family line curses working on him?

PASTOR VITALE: Well that is all true, let me help you, okay, Satan is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. So the whole, all of mortal humanity including me, including everybody here, okay, is in some measure under Satan's influence because we are not in perfection you see. In my case Christ Jesus in me is ascended I believe at least to the fifth energy center because I am preaching this doctrine, but my personality is still on the right side of the heart center, how do I know? Because I am tormented in my emotions frequently, much too frequently to make me happy, to tell you the truth, that means my personality or at least aspects of my personality are still in the right side of the heart center. Although Christ Jesus in me has gone on to the left side of the heart center, and probably into the throat center. But my personality is still under Satan's dominion and frequently she gets my mind.  That is why I thank God for repentance. So the man who is leading a tormented life, we could say is a leaf that has appeared on the evil side of Satan's tree. And it comes from a line, a family line that is growing on the evil side of Satan's tree, and is now reaping what the evil members of his family that came before him, have sown, because there is a reaping and sowing judgment in hell. And hell is good and evil, so if you do good works in hell, you can have a not tormented life, but of course it would be nothing compared to being a son of God, but we do not have anything to compare it to right now, but the good, the people who are sowing good things in this world down here in hell can be very peaceful compared to the people that are, did I say sowing, the people that are reaping good things in this world, can be very comfortable compared to the people that are reaping torment in this world. Did you have a question?

COMMENT: So you are saying that we are fragmented, that pieces of our spirit our personality is being built in different areas going from the right side to the left side?

PASTOR VITALE: Yes, spiritually speaking we are a wave.  That means we can stretch out and be in many places at one time. That is definitely true, even the people in the world know that, your physical body can be in one place and your mind could be someplace else; that is very common. You are talking to somebody and you say, where are you?  I am talking to you.

COMMENT: You know I am thinking of the saying in the world split personality, and...

PASTOR VITALE: Well not necessarily a split personality.

COMMENT: That it could be fragmented.

PASTOR VITALE: Yes, that we could be in many places at one time. Our body could be one place, our mind, with a lot of men for example, I do not think it happens to much with women these days, yet anyway, a man could be at a social gathering with his wife, he is physically there, his mind is at the office because he has some work to accomplish, and his emotions could be with another person, hopefully not another woman who is a child that is in the hospital, or some such thing, so there is three divisions right there.  So it is very common that we are split, that we are mature in some areas, and immature in other areas. All of us, all of humanity are split. I do not know if split is the right word, I would say spread out, because split to me means split personality, but we are spread out, we are in different areas.

COMMENT: There is a saying in the world that people compartmentalize their lives, and I guess that is another way of saying it.

PASTOR VITALE: Yes, that is true, that is true. So we are not particles, we are not all in one place at one time, we are very complex beings, see, and to make ourselves simple is death because we all have many potentials and many talents and many areas in which we can develop our self and to try to make our self just one thing is death.

This is what, this is one of the foundations of women's lib, to take a category of people namely women, and say all you could do is stay home raise babies, clean the house and cook, and that is all that you could do, you do not have any choice. If you want to do that, that is fine, but that you have no choice in life, that is death. And of course similar things have been done to men over the centuries, in this country, in the United States it started to break, but even today in Great Britain, I think it still exists today, if there was any money in the family at all, the oldest son inherited the whole thing, and for their entire lifetimes the younger sons were subject to the older sons, who may not even have been qualified to handle that kind of money or to lead, it was all a physical birthright. And sons had to take on the same profession as their fathers, in past ages, and in Europe. If your father was a farmer you were a farmer. There used to be a farm around here on Long Island where organic chickens were raised, and I contacted that farmer because I wanted to find out where he was and what his prices were. I do not know if he had be considered a farmer but he raised chickens, I do not think he grew anything, he just raised chickens, and he said he was closing down the farm because his only son had decided he wanted to go to college, and have a different kind of career, so there was no one to pass the family business on to. But in times past, a young man would have no choice, and the thought of inheriting a prosperous business of chicken farming if that is what it is called, and not taking it would be unheard of and highly irresponsible. So it is just in the United States in the western world today, that we are breaking ties...

It is just in recent years, in the United States and in the western world that it is legitimate for both young men and young women to go off and pursue their heart's desire, and this liberty that is present in the western world today, is just a physical expression of what is happening in the spirit, family ties are breaking down, now in this world, in this physical world, that is really not a good thing that the extended family is breaking down, brethren to have an extended family you have to have a head of the family, and if there is a head of a family that means there is authority exercised, and it is hard to go out and do your own thing when you have to get the permission of the acting head of the family. But yet there were positive things, there are very positive things about an extended family that operates as a tribe, where there is authority and wisdom, and meetings of the headship, but that kind of a lifestyle crushes individuality.

Look brethren, either you are going to go for individuality or you are going to go for the group rule. This is the tremendous power play going on in our country today between states’ rights and centralized federal government. It is the same power play that is going on between extended family with an acknowledged head, and the individual members of the family going off and doing their own thing, and the reason I say an acknowledged head is because there are some situations where we see an extended family fellowshipping together a lot, and this may, from what you told me it is true of you, but you could correct me if I am wrong, that the members of the family are together a lot but there is no authority asserted by the head, that if an adult child does something wrong, the elder or the physical elder in the family does not go and tell them that they did something wrong, is not that what you told me that that is the case in your family, that your sons can do anything that they want even if they are insulting another person in your house, that the father, that the relationship that exists, is that the father would not say to them, you should not have done that in my house, that they are just friends, so that is good in its own place if there just friends, but years ago, in an extended family, the physical elder was there judging sin. You could be a married man with children and the physical elder was judging sin, keeping the family together you see.

So that is a good thing, but in order for that extended family to function individuality must take second place, and to a large degree die. So because individuality is coming forth in the west today in preparation for the spiritual ascension, that is already underway, the extended family must die, because spiritual ascension is union of the individual with his God, and it is the strengthening of the individual. It is not only the strengthening of the individual, when you are strengthened in this manner by Christ Jesus, new blood lines and new family lines are being drawn. So if one person in an extended family goes up, ascends in relationship with Christ, and the rest of the family does not, that one person who is ascending is going to be placed in spiritual family, you see. So these are the redrawing of family lines, and of blood lines, and it causes a lot of pain to a lot of people, but to have spiritual families established over which Christ Jesus is the head, the physical family must suffer violence, and do not misunderstand me using the word violence, I am talking about spiritual violence, hurt, rejection, disappointment, wounds, a ripping, a ripping and a tearing of the fabric of the extended family, because the extended family is supposed to be one mind, in it is ideal condition the extended family is supposed to be one mind under one head, it has to be under chain of command the father, the eldest brother or the most qualified brother as the father sees it, and all the women and the children are supposed to come under and agree with that mind, and the physical elder is dealing with all the conflicts amongst the people because there is always conflicts, and keeping that extended family one unified whole.

But if one person starts pursuing Christ, there is a hole in the fabric of that extended family, and it is strength is weakened. So we see that our world is in turmoil on the surface we see wars everywhere, and conflict everywhere because in the invisible world there is a tearing and a separation, and it is the Fiery Serpent that is being separated from Leviathan. Now you say, well there are those who are ascending outside of Christ, that is true, but I must tell you brethren that all of the technology and the mechanics and all of the inventions that exists in our world today, that have made it possible for someone to escape from the rule of the extended family and live an individual life and worship God as they please or pursue their career as they please, all of the technology that has released us from living a whole life, by which we have to, we spend our whole life growing our food, and doing what is necessary to survive in this world, for years all of this technology came from the Christian world, and that is the truth.

It is just since World War II that the non-Christian world has entered into the technology field, Japan was amongst the first. So it is the carnal mind under the influence of the Holy Spirit that has brought forth the great mechanical and technological works of our world which has made it possible to escape from an extended family and go in a different direction without destruction. I tell you the truth. You know for years, I use to think that it was the Serpent who invented all of these wonderful inventions that we have because most of the inventors are not, they are not Christians, they are in their carnal mind, but the Lord spoke to me about this a couple of weeks ago, and he said oh, no, he said why did all of this technology come out of the west? Why did not the Serpent do it in the east?

Because it was the carnal mind under the influence of the Holy Spirit that has brought forth this greatness, it does not make westerners better than easterners. It has nothing to do with your physical heritage with the color of your skin or any such thing, it has to do with the fact that Christendom happened to be largely amongst the European peoples. This is all the work of the Holy Spirit whether the people of this country recognize it or not, whether the government recognizes it or not, all of the greatness of the west is due to the influence of the Holy Spirit who was not even poured out.

I mean I think it was in the early 1900s that we talk about what the church calls the baptism of the Holy Spirit, it is really not, it is just a receiving of a portion of the Holy Spirit. But the Holy Spirit present in the church of England, people were not talking in tongues, but it is the honor and worship of Jesus Christ, brings down or invokes the Holy Spirit in a form that is not witnessed by the speaking in tongues, which form, which is witnessed by the speaking in tongues, is a greater form than the Holy Spirit, a greater outpouring, it is just a greater measure of the Holy Spirit. But the worship of Jesus Christ in Europe and in the western world, in America and in Canada, basically the British Empire has invoked the power of the Holy Spirit, and brought down these great blessings upon us. Somebody said to me once, well there must be something wrong with those dark skinned people, why did not they do what we did? Because they did not have the Holy Spirit, it had nothing to do with the color of their skin. Ignorance brethren, ignorance, that person looked at a couple of facts and drew an incorrect conclusion.

Why did he draw an incorrect conclusion? Because he did not have all the facts. He did not look for other factors, he looked at the color of the skin and the physical prosperity, did not look for any other further facts, well let me tell you he missed a big fact, the influence of the Holy Spirit. I do not think there would be any question in any person's mind who is familiar with what I am about to say, that there are people, there are Indian people, there are Chinese people that are brilliant, Japanese people that are brilliant, some of the most brilliant scientists are Chinese, some of the most brilliant doctors are Indian. Well how come they did not have the technology over there? How come it did not manifest over there? And of course there are brilliant people in every nationality and every race, how come it manifested over here? What factor was over here that was not over there? The Holy Spirit, who came in response to the worship of Jesus Christ, and who honored, and not only the worship of Jesus Christ but the honoring of his moral law.

Well this was verse 6, of Samson and Delilah, "And Satan spoke to Samson through the personalities of the mortal men of Judah." So we see that Satan is in all men, she is the unconscious part of the carnal mind and Satan is good and evil, and the originator of every thought that mortal man thinks except in those instances where the spirit of Christ is manifested through that man, and the spirit of Christ is not the Holy Spirit, there is a difference between the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Christ. The Holy Spirit does not generate thought, the Spirit of Christ which is in Christ Jesus generates thought. You can have the Holy Spirit and not have Christ Jesus within you, but you cannot have the Spirit of Christ and not have Christ Jesus in you. To have the Spirit of Christ, Christ Jesus must be within you, Christ Jesus is wisdom and the character and the nature of the glorified Jesus Christ, and you can have the Holy Spirit without that. The gifts and the calling of God are without repentance. "And Satan spoke to Samson through the personalities of the mortal men of Judah, the spiritual women who were miserable disheartened and pining away because of their weak and inadequate nature; that is our definition of Delilah.

Delilah is a common name for everyone who is in their carnal mind. Well you say I am not miserable and disheartened and pining away. Well you do not even know what you are, because compared to someone who lives out of Christ Jesus in the high realm of the spirit you are miserable disheartened and pining away. And what this is talking about is man's basic nature. Even if you happened to be one of the people in this world who is reasonably content in your life, you have the potential as does every other man born of a woman, to be miserable disheartened and pine away and to speak Satan's words for your own evil motives. And you do not know who you are, or what you are, or what you would do until you are in a position that would tempt you to do it.

You have to be tested to know what you would do in any given situation. So Satan spoke through the personalities of the mortal men of Judah and all personalities that are not under the dominion of Christ Jesus are female. The personality in and of itself is female, but the personality that is joined to Christ Jesus and in submission to him becomes male because of his headship. So we see that the carnal mind is female and Satan is the god of the carnal mind who speaks through her subjects, speaks through those who worship her. Oh I do not worship Satan you say, what is worship? Worship is submission. When Satan inputs a thought into your mind, when she vibrates into your mind with an idea, and you lay hold of it, and speak it out, you have worshiped Satan. I condemn you not, I tell you the truth that you might resist. But before you can resist you must understand, what is an ungodly thought from the good side of the tree, and what is not, of course you are not going to murder anybody and you are not going to rob a bank, you know that is wrong, but can you recognize Satan's good thoughts and distinguish them from the thoughts of Christ Jesus?

So this is what Satan said through Samson's disciples, "Please explain the source of Elohim's great strength to cast down imprison and engrave with Jehovah's nature the widowed Fiery Serpents within us. They want an explanation of Elohim's great strength, and I told you before and I will tell you again, the unequivocal rule that the Lord has laid down for me is that you do not teach the doctrine of Christ to someone's carnal mind, because the carnal mind wants to drain you of your energy, they will never understand, the carnal mind cannot understand the thoughts of the Christ mind and is usually laying a trap for you, is frequently laying a trap for you, whether they know it or not, a trap that will do what that, that will drain your energy and possibly if you have that tendency cause you to lose your patience or your temper, and manifest a spirit that is not Christ so that they can condemn you or somebody nearby can be discouraged or condemn you.

You never teach the carnal mind and usually if someone's carnal mind is asking you a question, it is usually because the Fiery Serpent is ascended in them, and Jesus said never cast your pearls before swine, pearls meaning wisdom. Do not give your wisdom to the swine, and who is the swine? The swine is the Fiery Serpent ascended in to the seventh energy center. So what is this saying? It is saying that the personalities who have a Fiery Serpent that is ascended into the seventh energy center, where they are really in bed with Satan, where they are seriously in bed with Satan, are likely to ask you questions that will drain your energy or cause you to fall into a trap or damage you in some way. This is what Jesus was up against every time the Pharisees asked him a question, he never answered their question. He either answered their question with a question, or he rebuked them, he never attempted to answer their question. Because to answer the question of a carnal mind is to I am stumbling at the analogy but it is to open yourself, I see what the Lord is telling me in a vision, it is to open yourself to having all of your energy just sucked out of you. And the question that they were asking, was the source of Elohim's great strength to cast down imprison and engrave with Jehovah's nature the widowed Fiery Serpents within them. Now it is not really clear in verse 6, but I suspect that they had heard Samson preach this doctrine to them, that they knew the answer to the question, but they were trying to pull Samson down out of his Christ mind.

You see if you answer an ungodly question, the person may not know that it is ungodly, there is never any condemnation to the other person in this, but we have to defend ourselves and Christ in ourselves. If you try to answer the question of a carnal mind, you are subjecting yourself to frustration or some kind of loss of temper or something that will pull you down out of Christ. If you are trying and trying and trying and the person cannot understand and you continue to try and fall into frustration, that means that your carnal mind, your pride has risen up and covered over Christ in you.

So we must know ourselves, we must be able to see the sins of our heart within ourselves, we must know when we are strong in Christ, and when we are weak in Christ and it is not always the same. I know sometimes I am so strong in Christ that I am literally undefeatable, I wish that would happen more often. I have experienced it usually when I am in a situation that the Lord, either the Lord has placed me in, or I am really being tempted in a very ungodly way, the Lord will rise up and defend me to the point that there is just no according to my own evaluation of myself not a possibility of me slipping and saying a wrong word or manifesting a wrong spirit, but that is not typical. Usually I am challenged, because you see that is the glorified Jesus Christ that does that for me, that is the glorified Jesus Christ that defends me like that. And then there are other situations where Christ Jesus in me is being tested. I have to know when to withdraw, I have to know, I have to be able to recognize what I cannot handle, and still stay in a right spirit, and I am required to walk away before I get myself into a conversation that is going to cause me, the representative of Christ Jesus to say something or do something that will dishonor him.

I have to walk away, see He is not condemning me for my weakness, the Lord is not condemning me for my weakness, if I have a tendency towards anger, I have a tendency towards impatience, if I have a tendency towards intolerance, He is not condemning me for that, but I want to tell you that if you are representing the Lord, people know that you are a Christian, they know that you have a ministry, if you do not have a ministry, if they just know that you have been a Christian for twenty years, and you manifest pride or anger or temper, or intolerance, you are crucified, they crucify you, not only the world but the whole church will crucify you.

So it is our responsibility to know what we can do, and how far we can go and stay in Christ, and to pull out of the confrontation before we lose it, and there is honor in that, but it is an honorable withdraw. So we see that Satan speaking through his own disciples or asking him questions that they probably should have known the answer to themselves, and that they were just tempting Samson trying to draw his strength, they wanted to know the source of Elohim's great strength, and how Elohim was able to imprison the Fiery Serpents who are ascended in Leviathan's circular time line, that the mortal men of Judah were nailed to. And we have had a lot of teaching around here about the circular time line, that Leviathan's time line, or Leviathan's city, or Leviathan's channel of ascension is circular. We ascend if you want to look at the drawing on the board today, we ascend from the bottom of the earth, which would be the grass where that stick man is standing, we can ascend into the astral plane which is the heavens of this world, and then we hit that twist in the worm hole, and we cannot get through and Leviathan's time line or channel of ascension just curves us around and we think that we are ascending spiritually because Satan's giving us spiritual experiences, but we are going right back down to the bottom again.

So Leviathan's time line is circular, but Christ Jesus' time line is linear, Christ Jesus' time line is a channel of ascension which can pierce through the narrow part of the worm hole and make a way, make a pathway, a highway in heaven for us to return to the world above. So we see many people in the worlds and unfortunately in the church, having spiritual experiences thinking that they are ascended in Christ Jesus but they merely been curved by Satan, and they are going lower and lower. What is changed in their life is that they are having spiritual experiences, but morally they are going lower and lower, they are being curved right back down to the second energy center where moral impurity reigns. The next verse, these verses are interspersed, and the next verse is verse 8, Adam ascends in to the heart center of the mortal men of Judah.

"But the spirit of Elijah within Samson dried up Satan within the mortal men of Judah and imprisoned their Fiery Serpents, the household of Leviathan, the time line that was completing the Fiery Serpents, the spiritual immigrants within the mortal men of Judah, with strong chords, and Adam within the mortal men of Judah ascended into the heart energy center of the righteous time line because of the spirit of Elijah was in Samson, the part of Elohim's household that cannot die. But the spirit of Elijah within Samson dried up Satan within the mortal men of Judah." Can anyone tell us how the spirit of Elijah dried up Satan? Satan is signified by the sea, she is the present day manifestation of the Primordial Serpent. The spirit of Elijah is fire, he is the spirit of fire and when he touches Satan, Satan boils and evaporates, and is thus dried up, and actually it is the earth part of Satan that is dried out, as the water boils away and evaporates the earthen part of Satan is dried up. "But the spirit of Elijah within Samson dried up Satan within the mortal men of Judah and imprisoned their Fiery Serpents, the household of Leviathan. Well what does one thing have to do with the other? Well Satan is the dog that defends Leviathan, who is joined to the Fiery Serpent, so we see that there is a lot missing in this verse 8, "for the spirit of Elijah to dry up Satan and imprison the Fiery Serpents after Satan is boiled away, Leviathan must be consumed, and even before that, the Fiery Serpent must be separated from Leviathan and Leviathan must be consumed and the Fiery Serpents must be left with no defense except themselves which is no match at all, for the spirit of Elijah, but I see there is something left out here because actually it is Adam that imprisons the Fiery Serpents. "But the spirit of Elijah dried up Satan within the mortal men of Judah, and Adam imprisoned their Fiery Serpents."

Adam covers the Fiery Serpents and penetrates them, so that the mind of Adam or Christ Jesus in the New Testament and the Fiery Serpent become one singular mind. So Adam imprisoned the Fiery Serpents, the household of Leviathan, that means the wife of Leviathan regenerated Adam separates Leviathan from his wife or separates the Fiery Serpent from her husband Leviathan, and imprisons her, and Leviathan is the time line that was completing the Fiery Serpents. So that is just saying Leviathan was joined to the Fiery Serpents, Adam you see, the spirit of Elijah fights with Satan and Adam fights with Leviathan, the spirit of Elijah defeats Satan, and the regenerated Adam defeats Leviathan, and the Fiery Serpent is left without a protector, and the regenerated Adam or Christ Jesus then joins with or marries the Fiery Serpent.

And we also see here that the Fiery Serpents are the spiritual immigrants within the mortal men of Judah. We really talked about that already today, but not with those words, the spiritual immigrants is a translation of the word Philistine, the Philistine means spiritual immigrant, I do not doubt that there were physical Philistines, but the doctrine of Christ and the foundation of the Scripture is spiritual. Everything that happens in the spirit is reflected in this world. So for physical Philistines to exists, there have to be spiritual Philistines, and spiritual Philistines, the immigrants the very powerful spiritual immigrants are Jehovah's spiritual sperm that has immigrated from the upper window, where their collective name was Adam into the lower window where their collective name is Leviathan, the Fiery Serpents are the spiritual immigrants and the Fiery Serpents are the foundation of this mortal creation.

When Jesus Christ comes, he becomes our new immortal foundation, the Fiery Serpents build, the Fiery Serpents themselves are immortal, but they build a foundation that can be torn down, and is torn down every time somebody dies that foundation is torn down. So we see that Adam bound the spiritual immigrants with strong chords and Adam within the mortal men of Judah, ascended into the heart energy center of the righteous time line.

We see that the spirit of Elijah boiled Satan and Adam defeated Leviathan and imprisoned the Fiery Serpents, and the next thing that happened is that Adam within the mortal men of Judah who were just speaking the words of Satan, Adam within those same people was raised from the dead and ascended into the heart center, of the same people who were the mouthpieces of Satan trying to bring down Samson. See this is why we do not fight against people, this is what Jesus meant, when he said stop fighting with people, because now the provision is available to deal with the spiritual foundation or the spiritual root of the person, by the impartation of the holy seed of Christ. We can now bring down that mortal foundation, which is good and evil, and in some people more evil than good, because a new foundation is available, and the personality will not die, when you bring down that mortal foundation.

So we see that this is the plan of deliverance in the household of God, this is the plan. Now you cannot go around delivering anybody that you feel like delivering. We the personality have to be doing what Christ Jesus is doing. We have to reaching towards the people that Christ Jesus in us is reaching for. We cannot go out and try to help people that Christ Jesus in us is not moving to help, and we must work with Christ Jesus and agree that he should take the lead. Now you have to recognize if you have a tendency for taking the lead when you should not be taking the lead, if you are doing that with me, or you are doing that with your husband or your friends, well not your friends but if you have a tendency to take the lead, over an authority that is present, you do not mean anything bad by it, that is just your personality, if that is your tendency, you need to know that the chances are probably ninety nine percent that you are doing it with Christ Jesus too. If you are doing it with me, chances are ninety nine percent that you are doing it with Christ Jesus too.

So what does that mean, if you are doing that with Christ Jesus it means two things, it means number one, you are initiating or you have a tendency to initiate ministry which he is not honoring. Now what happens if Christ Jesus does not honor the ministry that you initiate? Who honors it? Satan will honor it, you see, Leviathan will honor it, and you minister to somebody and do damage, not only that but you do damage to the Christ Jesus within you. Because if you go forward in your own strength to minister, it is not Christ Jesus bringing it forth, that means your carnal mind has to be over Christ for you to do that. And the second thing that you are doing, is that if you have a tendency to take the lead, the chances are ninety nine percent, well there is a good chance, it is not the same with everybody, there is a good chance that when Christ Jesus directs you to ministry or certain aspects of ministry that you happened to be blind to, that you are not going to listen, because you are only listening to your own ideas. So we are challenged to get out of our own mind and start listening for Christ Jesus, and making his mind our mind, and the only way that we can do that is to give up our own mind.

The only time we should be making our own decision is if the Lord is not talking, Lord what should I do, what should I do, what should I do? Silence. Well you have to make a decision, but if your heart is given over to him, if you really want his mind to be your mind, he is then in everything that you do, he is working in the background even if you cannot perceive him. And a lot of what happens to us is just practice.

"So Adam within the mortal men of Judah ascended into the heart energy center of the righteous time line, that means now the first part of this verse was that the personalities which were attached to the Fiery Serpent fell down out of the counterfeit time line, they fell down out of Leviathan's time line and now Adam is raised from the dead and ascending into the true time line, the righteous time line, and this could only happen because, the spirit of Elijah was in Samson, the part of Elohim's household that cannot die. If it was not that the spirit of Elijah boiled Satan away, none of this would have happened, and the spirit of Elijah within Samson is the part or the spirit of Elijah wherever he is appearing is the part of Elohim's household that cannot die. The spirit of Elijah is within the regenerated Adam. In the New Testament the spirit of Elijah is appearing as the glorified Jesus Christ, who, or the who, when the glorified Jesus Christ, well let me change that, the Spirit of Christ within Christ Jesus, the Spirit of Christ within Christ Jesus in the New Testament, the Spirit of Christ within Christ Jesus cannot die, the Spirit of Christ does not die, Christ Jesus can die, Christ Jesus the offspring of the glorified Jesus Christ within us, he can die, he is the manchild that hopefully we are pregnant with that will save us when we bear him, he can die. He dies if we die physically, he dies if our mind is overshadowed by the carnal mind, and we do not come out of it, Christ Jesus dies, but the Spirit of Christ returns to the father, that is the breath of life. That does not die. So when Christ Jesus in us dies, the Spirit of Christ leaves but does not die, if you can hear that.

It is the same thing as saying Adam died at the time of the fall but Elohim did not die. Elohim did not die, I preached that for a few weeks that Elohim died, because I saw this truth that some aspect of the Godhead died, but I did not get it right, it was Adam that died, Elohim did not die, and the Spirit of Christ is a part of Elohim, the spirit does not die, but the mind can die. Adam is a mind, Christ Jesus well he is a whole, Christ Jesus is a mind when he is in union with the personality he is a whole man.

Praise the Lord, we are up to verse 7 on page 3 of your notes, and I remind you that these verses are out of sequence. Verse 7 will be followed by verse 9. Verse 7, alternate translation, "And Samson said to Adam within the mortal men of Judah, Leviathan the subconscious part of the carnal mind of the mortal men of Judah harnesses you, the spirit of Elijah that part of Elohim's household within me, Samson that cannot die, is strong enough to dry up Satan within the mortal men of Judah and renew Adam within the mortal men of Judah, and the renewed Adam within the mortal men of Judah will wound Leviathan within the mortal men of Judah, and bind their Fiery Serpents under himself, and this is how you Adam within the mortal men of Judah, will reunite the mortal men of Judah with the spirit of Elijah within me, Samson." Now the reason I am repeating this mortal men of Judah so many times is that the Lord showed me that these translations really were not clear as to where Adam was appearing.

So at the risk of being redundant I added in either Samson or the mortal men of Judah, to show where Leviathan and Adam were appearing, because Adam is appearing and all of the principalities here, Adam and Leviathan and Satan and the spirit of Elijah they are all appearing both, well except for the Spirit of Elijah, they are all appearing both in Samson and in the mortal men of Judah. So it is important that we understand when the alternate translation talks about Leviathan or Adam that we understand where this principality is appearing, whether it be in Samson or whether it be in Adam, so that is why I have all the repetitions there. "And Samson said to Adam within the mortal men of Judah, if Leviathan the subconscious part of the carnal mind of the mortal men of Judah harnesses you", Samson is instructing Adam in the mortal men of Judah. Now remember Samson is responsible for Adam being raised from the dead in the mortal men of Judah, and he is instructing them. That is the same thing as me saying, well Christ Jesus in me is teaching the disciples here and Christ is grafted to the Holy Spirit in you and he is maturing and he is, either he is rising or has risen into your heart center and higher, and I being the mouthpiece of Christ Jesus and preparing you for the trials that are coming upon you because Christ Jesus is risen in you.

And I would be telling you as Samson would be telling his disciples, if you fall, if you have a conflict because Adam conflicts with Leviathan, in the New Testament it is the Spirit of Christ as opposed to the spirit of Elijah in the Old Testament, the Spirit of Christ conflicts with Satan. Adam/Christ Jesus conflicts with Leviathan, and Abel conflicts with Cain. So every member of the household of God has a parallel member of the household of the Serpent, that he conflicts with, and there is order even in the warfare in the kingdom of God, Adam does not fight with Satan, the spirit within Adam fights with Satan, spirit fights with spirit, mind fights with mind.

So Samson is instructing his disciples in whom Adam is raised from the dead, and raised up into the heart center. There is trouble coming, and it is possible that Leviathan in you will be strong enough to kill Adam that I have raised up and placed in your heart center, but do not worry. See the Lord is telling you right here right now, do not worry if you fail, do not worry if Satan speaks through your mouth; do not worry about it, because you know when Satan speaks through your mouth, that she has killed Christ to do that. In order for Satan to speak through your mouth, she has to kill Christ in you to do that. Christ is not going to stand by and let her do that. So Satan has spoken through your mouth, and that means she had to kill Christ to get into that position, to speak through your mouth. But Samson is telling his disciple and Christ Jesus is telling you, do the best that you can but if Satan kills Christ to speak through your mouth, do not worry about it, we will raise Christ from the dead in you.

Christ will rise again. That is why we need the glorified Jesus Christ, and sometimes the glorified Jesus Christ will raise Christ from the dead in you, but before the glorified Jesus Christ becomes involved, or let me say it this way, the glorified Jesus Christ, will not become involved in raising Christ from the dead in you who has been murdered because you failed to take the victory, he will not become involved if there is a manifestation of Christ Jesus in the flesh strong enough to do it. In this hour the Lord Jesus is manifesting to us through a mature son of himself which is Christ Jesus in the flesh, and if there is no one around in whom Christ Jesus is strong enough to help you, then the Scripture says, I believe it is Isaiah, says if there is no man to do it, I will send my own arm to do it. Then the glorified Jesus Christ will come by his spirit to help you, he will always help you, but his preference is to help you through his son in the flesh. Does anyone not understand what I just said? And right now, right now it is possible that there is no one that is strong enough in Christ Jesus to help you, but once the sons of God manifest and they will supernatural presences in the earth, the glorified Jesus Christ will not come to anyone, you will have to go to the manifested sons.

Praise the Lord, does that sound strange to you? Well look at it this way, let us say you are person who does not know the Lord Jesus, but you have heard about receiving the Holy Spirit, you have heard about the gifts of the Holy Spirit and you want them, there is only one way you can get the Holy Spirit


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Sheila R. Vitale is the founding teacher and pastor of Living Epistles Ministries and Christ-Centered Kabbalah. In that capacity, she expounds upon the Torah (Scripture) and teaches Scripture through a unique Judeo-Christian lens.

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