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Based on the revelation that I have and the whole ministry that the Lord has given me and the strength that I see in my prayers, I am suggesting to you that the Spirit of Christ in me is at least in the throat (5th) energy center, and He may even be in the brow (6th) energy center. But the reason I am not in perfection is because it is just the Spirit of Christ that is ascended.  Christ Jesus, the whole new man, is still down here under Satan's sea. How do I know that Christ Jesus is still down under Satan's sea? Because I still experience sinful thoughts in my mind, and sin cannot enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. Sin cannot enter into the true timeline, so until sin is completely dealt with in me, by Christ Jesus, my personality is still under Satan's influence.  So, Christ Jesus, signified by this parallelogram over here, Adam or Christ Jesus is signified by a parallelogram. He is joined to the Fiery Serpent within me, and the Fiery Serpent is the spiritual sexual part of my personality. But I am not completely covered. You see, we can be joined to Him, but not completely covered by Him. Our carnal mind must be completely covered by Christ Jesus to the point that Satan is sealed off.

Brethren, we die because Satan vibrates in our unconscious mind. She is the head of our sin nature, and if we never had a sinful thought in our conscious mind which is possible if you are in a strong enough denial, we would still die because sin is vibrating within our carnal mind and marking the earth of that carnal mind with her nature.  So, our deliverance from hell and death is to have Christ Jesus completely cover that carnal mind, forcing Satan down into the bottomless pit which I believe is the lower centers and putting a seal over her so that she is incapable of marking our earth with her nature. And, at that point, when we have put away the nature of Satan and taken on the nature of Christ Jesus, then the whole man, Christ Jesus is the whole man, the Spirit of Christ is just a part of the man, then the whole man, Christ Jesus, will ascend into the higher centers, and we, the personalities who are joined to Him, will ascend with Him.  Paul talks about being clothed upon. It is not enough just go get a new garment. The new garment which is Christ Jesus must completely clothe the old man to the point that the old man is suffocated.

I have drawn it as a straight line in this drawing, but even that is not accurate. Christ Jesus is a spiritual man. That means He is an energy stream with particles. So that means that part of Christ Jesus can be piercing through Satan. We can be partially through that line, but we cannot be completely ascended beyond Satan in every aspect of our being, spirit and personality, until Satan is forced into the bottomless pit which is the lower energy centers and sealed.  Satan has to go into the impure (2nd) energy center, and sealed off. That means prevented from spiritually vibrating to the degree that she marks our personality with her nature. So long as she is vibrating and touching our earth, we are still subject to the judgment of hell and death because of a sin nature.

So, we are divided, and it is possible for our spirit to be ascended, but our personality to be even down as low as the belly (3rd) energy center. Christ Jesus and the glorified Jesus Christ and the Spirit of Christ are raising up teachers to try to help all of the people who are called to His appearing to cooperate with Him in the destruction of their own carnal mind, because He is about to appear.  He is going to appear in somebody and, eventually, in many, and He wants you to be there. He wants you to appear when He appears. It is going to be very soon. He is piercing through into this world. That is what is causing all these upheavals in nature.  Christ Jesus is an alien to this world. This world is Satan's world, and Christ Jesus is penetrating into it. And this world is a female world, and Christ Jesus is male and penetrating into it.

Brethren, when you have an object that is penetrated, something has to be moved to the side. When you have a cup of water, and you stick a candle in it, that water where ever the candle is, the water that was in that very same place has been pushed to the side. And if the cup was full, probably water will spill out of the cup.  Well, the glorified Jesus Christ and Christ Jesus are penetrating into this visible world which is female, and it is causing all kinds of eruptions in nature. It is also causing destruction in nature because this whole world is coming down. It is not that Jesus wants to harm people. He is not coming to punish people, but the very reality of His penetration into this criminal world is causing upheavals. Every cause shall have an effect, and as He penetrates in, there are destructive effects in this world.

Just as when the allies invaded France in World War II, when they invaded occupied France, there were Frenchmen who were killed, there were bridges that were bombed, there were houses that were knocked down in order to bring forth the liberation. The allied forces did not intend to damage the country of France, but that is what happened as a result of the penetration. That was a military penetration of the Nation of France, and that is what is happening here.  It is a spiritual penetration. Christ Jesus is about to appear publicly in this criminal world that is ruled by Satan. He is about to show Himself, and, if you are hearing this message, you are invited to be one of the personalities that manifests Him. But your carnal mind has to go. You have to start living in the truth. That does not mean that you walk around crying and moaning and groaning. It is talking about confession of the truth. Lord, I am feeling this pain. I had that experience, and it really hurt me, help me, help me, what is your answer to me? Help me. That is how I got where I am today.

Every time I said, Lord help me, He put me in a study. Now, I had a lot of problems when I first started out. I was even angry at Him at one point. I said, Lord, I have all these problems, and you just tell me to study, but His answer is the same for everybody no matter what your problem is. Get into the Mind of Christ, serve, do something for somebody else, get your mind off of yourself. But that does not mean to give up feeling the pain. You have to know the pain is there. It is OK if you stop feeling the pain because you have migrated into the Mind of Christ. That is OK, but if you stop feeling the pain because you have crushed it with your carnal mind, you have also crushed the Spirit of Truth.  The Spirit of Christ is the Spirit of Truth. So if you have crushed the Spirit of Truth, you have crushed Christ Jesus, and you have defeated yourself. Now only have you made yourself feel better in this world, but you have made yourself into a spiritual criminal because when you suppress your emotions, they touch somebody else, and now you are a murderer. That is the truth.

Jesus said to the Pharisees, why do you seek to kill me? They said, we do not seek to kill you, you have a devil. Someone here said that tonight. They told me what I was saying was crazy. That is what you said to me, you have a devil. No, I do not have a devil. You have a devil. I am speaking the words of Christ Jesus. You are the one with the devil, not me. That is the story.  He is going to appear with you or without you. He is going to appear, and He is pounding you, He is pounding you mercilessly, hoping that you are going to be ready when the door opens. See, you have got to get oil in your lamps. How to you get oil in your lamps? Who is the oil? Christ Jesus is the oil, and the lamp is your personality, meaning the lamp holder. The oil is Christ Jesus. If you are repressing your emotions and living of your carnal mind because of stubbornness or selfishness or narcissism, whatever your reason is, you are covering the oil. You have got oil underground. You need to be drilled. Your oil is underground, and oil that is underground is not doing anybody any good. You have got to get it out. So, He is inviting you.

COMMENT: When you were talking about sin before, the thought came to me about the sin being like a gravitational pull, like strings down to the ground, and the word grave came to me.

PASTOR VITALE: Yes, this carnal mind is the grave. It is the sepulcher that Jesus spoke to the Pharisees about. Sin is gravity, pulling us down and trying to keep us in hell.

COMMENT: When you were talking about the Spirit of Christ penetrating down, I assume that the black arrows coming down....

PASTOR VITALE: The black arrows are Satan pressing down, and the blue arrows represent Christ Jesus trying to penetrate past that black line which is Satan's sea.

COMMENT: When you said that the Spirit of Christ was going to penetrate into us and is doing it in the world today, I just felt that the energy was really powerful. It just struck me as being so powerful that it was almost like an electric current coming down into the earth and into us. It was just something so powerful that you could not even imagine it, how enormous it is going to be.

PASTOR VITALE: Except that the Spirit of Christ is not penetrating you. He is already penetrated you. He is trying to get out.

The Spirit of Christ is the virile seed that is penetrating this earth with the intention of implanting Himself, implanting His seed in the many members of humanity. He is already implanted Himself in you. He is already grafted to you. Now He is trying to get out. He is under the earth of your carnal mind trying to get out. He is not penetrating you. He is breaking forth from you, and the clods of earth are very thick in you. This preaching is what is breaking the clods, and the correction.  We did have quite a bit of ministry before this message started to run, and I did mention primal scream therapy which is a school of psychology in the world today which believes that for mental and emotional health we have to be in touch with our pain, and, basically, to be in touch with our inner man, and everything that, that inner man is feeling and is and has experienced. And now xxxxx has a comment about primal scream therapy.

COMMENT: I had never actually heard that phrase, primal scream or scream in your room, but I was in a 12-step program a few years ago, and I had been in it about two years, and I experienced, very unexpectedly, a primal scream that came out of anger, and everything just spilled out of me which really surprised me so I know it to be a very real experience.

PASTOR VITALE: It is a whole school of psychology where they have screaming rooms where people scream, and there was a minister that was doing deliverance in Manhattan who used to have a room where he had baseball bats and sand bags hanging, and you could go in and beat the sand bags. You have got to get this stuff out of you. When you bury it, you kill Christ, and you can hurt a lot of people who will experience your pain for you because pain is energy.  You see, pain is energy. It has to go somewhere. If you do not feel it, someone else has to feel it. It goes underground like an electric current. Either someone is going to feel it, or someone is going to get sick, or someone is going to have a problem in their life. Pain is energy. Why? Because pain is Satanic activity. Our emotions are Satan, and to feel pain in your emotions is you being touched by Satan's electric current. If you refuse to feel it, it will touch someone else in one of many ways.

As I just said, someone might feel your pain. It could make someone close to you sick or it could even kill somebody, depending on how strong you are and how intense the accumulation is. Pain is energy. Emotions are energy. To deny your emotions is to push down energy, electric currents. People can get hurt, and this kind of dealing with your pain also crushes Christ Jesus in you. As I told you before we started recording, when you take Penicillin you kill the good as well as the bad bacteria. When you go into that kind of denial where you just refuse....granted, it is not a subconscious level, you refuse to feel that pain, you are killing Christ as well as the pain.  The spirit within Christ Jesus is the Spirit of Truth, and the Spirit of Truth looks at the pain, the Spirit of Truth confesses it, and says, boy that really hurt, and now, Lord, how will you help me, what can I do? And this is your open door to move into the Mind of Christ because there is no pain in the Mind of Christ. When you get your consciousness in the Mind of Christ, there is no pain. But most people do not say, Lord help me deal with this. They just deal with it with their carnal mind, and they kill Christ when they do that. When you deal with any problem that you have with your carnal mind, you are killing Christ.

You have to hear this. You are Christ killers. Why is that? Because you can only think through one mind at a time. That might change from second to second. The choice of mind might change from second to second, but only one mind can be thinking at any given moment, and in order for a mind to think through you it has to be one top of the opposing mind. For Christ to be thinking through you, Christ must have the carnal mind under His feet.  For the carnal mind to be thinking through you, Christ must be under her feet. So to solve your problems with your carnal mind means you are killing Christ. You have got to hear it. It is the truth. And the only way to keep Christ on the top all of the time is to abide in the Spirit of Truth. That means that you see things realistically. You see what is in your own heart and your mind realistically. That means that you see your own sin, and you have to curse it when you see it. That means you see your own pain, and you may have to feel it for a season until Christ Jesus delivers you.

That means that you have to really forgive, not just say the words, "I forgive you." You cannot forgive somebody until you acknowledge how much they have hurt you. So you have to feel the pain before you can really forgive them. So to repress the pain and say, I forgive the person, is just an intellectual exercise. You have not forgiven them, you see, because if you are not dealing with the hurt, that rage, or that pain, or that anger or whatever your reaction is to what they have done, is going underground in the spiritual plane and trying to hurt them. It is called retaliation.  If you do not take that pain and say, Jesus, deal with this pain, help me to deal with this pain in Christ because I know if I do not deal with it in Christ, it is going underground to retaliate against the person that hurt me. So to keep Christ on top, you have to abide in the truth.

First, you have to abide in truth about yourself, and then, eventually, you have to abide in truth about other people. That means you have to know that somebody does not like you, you have to know that someone cannot stand you, and you have to forgive them, knowing it. You have to forgive them, feeling it. You have to forgive them, feeling the rejection and forgiving them. That is the true forgiveness.  But to crush the feelings and say the words, I forgive them, no. No, that is not a true forgiveness. You are believing a lie.

COMMENT: You talk often about the hidden sins of our hearts, and, at one particular time, I had verbally spoken out my resentment, but I had no idea it was hidden from me. I thought I had dealt with it, but that pain came up, and it shocked me. I was not prepared for it.

PASTOR VITALE: Well, not many people are.

COMMENT: It made me think of what you said about it goes undercover, about a submarine and a torpedo just goes right underneath. Because I know I was very sarcastic, and I would make remarks about various things.

PASTOR VITALE: Yes, that is the typical reaction of someone who represses their emotions. People who have this MO, it is a category of people, it is very common that a week or a month or a year later they just make a nasty comment to somebody, and the person will turn around, if they are an aware person, you are not aware most of the time, I rebuke your blindness, and the person will turn around and say, now why did you make that nasty comment to me? And the person in denial will say, I did not make any nasty comment. You have a devil.  But if they are aware on that level, they might say, I do not know why I said that. Because a year ago, you were angry at me, you see, and you repressed it, and you even forgot what you were angry at, but here, a year later, you are putting a knife in my ribs because you never dealt with your feelings, and you never truly forgave me. And if you think that you forgave me, you believed a lie because you just got me back a year later.

Once again, the whole purpose of this message is that if you want to keep Christ on top of your carnal mind, which is life, you have to live out of the Spirit of Truth, and you have to face the truth about yourself, the truth about every evil thought that arises in your mind, because Satan is the unconscious mind of all of us. You have to face the truth about your anger, you have to face the truth about your rage, you have to face the truth about your hurts, you have to face the truth about your disappointment in life, all of your disappointments in life, you have to face the truth about your disappointment in God which is all pride because God never disappoints us. He just does not do things the way we expect Him to do them.  So, if you are not living like this then you are not living out of Christ. Christ is truth, and, as I said earlier, once you start living out of Christ with regard to your own inner man, then you start seeing the truth of other people. You know that person lied to you, you know that person tried to manipulate you, you know that person had an evil heart towards you, you know that person was envious of you, and now you have the opportunity to truly forgive them. And if it is Christ in you, if you are living out of Christ and Christ is on top, and you really see that sin in that other person and you genuinely forgive them, then it is Christ in you forgiving them, and you are imparting life to that person.

True forgiveness only comes out of Christ, and if it is Christ in you forgiving somebody, that is your evangelism. When the son of God forgives somebody, He gives His spirit to them. When you forgive somebody, you give your spirit to that person. It is the same principle that we read about in some other societies, for example, I believe the American Indian. I know there are many tribes under that category, but at least some of the tribes have a belief that if you save someone's life that you are responsible for them for the rest of their life.  And relationships are established. If a man is drowning, and a man jumps in the water and saves him, you now have a relationship with that man, and in societies that believe this kind of thing the two parties pursue the relationship. Well, in the spirit, if you truly forgive someone after fully facing the evil that their heart had towards you, perhaps they acted it out even, you give your spirit to that man. And now the Spirit of Christ is hovering all around them.

You give him your life, but if you are forgiving out of your carnal mind which is not true forgiveness at all, you have denied them what you could have given them if Christ is in you, and that is an offense unto the Lord because He wanted that man to have His life, but your carnal mind got up there and covered over Christ and stopped the impartation of the seed, and yet the next night you go out to a party, and you are out there witnessing to people out of your carnal mind because you cannot shut your mouth.  So, you are doing what you are not supposed to do and what you are supposed to do, you are not doing. And you have not ministered life, but you have ministered death, and if you think you are this great Christian, you are walking around believing a lie, and that is the truth.

There is no life in the way the church evangelizes, the church at large. There may be some people that have a genuine ministry. There is no life in forcing yourself on people or getting that word in which exalts you above the other person, you have the knowledge, and they do not. That is not Christ.  So Christ wants to live through you. He wants to be on top of your carnal mind all of the time, He wants to ascend, and He wants to take you with Him. He wants to do great things through you, but you have to die to your carnal mind if you want to go with Him.  If you want to be a virgin with oil in your lamp, you have to bring the oil above the ground of your carnal mind. You have to bring the oil above the ground of your carnal mind to have oil in your lamp. That is the story. He is going to make His public appearance very soon. Praise the Lord.

COMMENT: I used to listen to you speak about speech and the difference between, I think you used the word, just regular words...

PASTOR VITALE: Speech and language.

COMMENT: Speech and language, and I am seeing that the words of Jesus, how He said, they have ears but they do not hear. What He was really talking about, He could actually see into the hearts and minds of man. He could hear their speech, whatever they were talking about.

PASTOR VITALE: Whatever they were thinking about. Speech is thought. Yes, He heard people's thoughts, yes, He did.

COMMENT: I sued to hear people in the world saying, what are you really saying? Because they knew it at some kind of a level, or a superficial level or something, but you really have to examine every thought, every vain imagination. I can see where it is a full time job.

PASTOR VITALE: It is a full time job, discerning what is in people's hearts. Very few people are honest, and dealing with it in Christ is a full time job.  Now I did not anticipate this message, I was going to preach Samson and Delilah. I am just as surprised as everyone else at what came forth here tonight, but He is doing spiritual surgery on you. That is what He just gold me. He is going to break you. He wants you, and you too, but you are next. You are the next one up. He is going to cut at you until Christ breaks through.

Xxxxx just said that she was thinking of Christ coming forth as a birthing forth, and she did not think it applied, but it did apply. And when I thought about what you said, I realized or I saw a vision of an oil geyser, if I am not mistaken, when they drill for oil, when they do hit oil it comes forth with great power, and it starts pouring out of the ground, and it goes up very high in the sky, and that was a second witness to me as to what the Lord has been telling me, that the Spirit of Christ is about to burst forth with great power, and now we know that oil signifies Christ Jesus.  That is just another witness that the oil will pierce through, and when the oil pierces through the ground, when Christ Jesus pierces through the cover or at least the part of Himself that is being covered by the carnal mind, He comes forth with a great force of an oil geyser. Have you ever seen a picture of oil being hit. It goes up really high, and it just, like, rains oil, and that is what is going to happen when the Spirit of Christ bursts forth.

COMMENT: I am thinking that they have to drill right through and down to great depth in order to get that oil to come up.

PASTOR VITALE: Yes, that is what you are going through now.  We know that Christ Jesus penetrates into the ground which is the Fiery Serpent which is attached to the personality to get at that oil. Christ Jesus is growing in the womb of your carnal mind, and if He is not strong enough to break out, the Glorified Jesus Christ, the Father of Christ Jesus in you, is going to send Christ Jesus in another man to beat on your carnal mind so that Christ Jesus underneath is hitting underneath, and Christ Jesus in another man is hitting on top until Christ can get out. The Lord Jesus wants His Son.  See, a carnal mind that will not let Christ out is just Satan saying what she said at the beginning. "You cannot have your Son, I want Him, He is mine."

COMMENT: I was just thinking about the 10 virgins, and I believe that five of them had the imputed anointing, and five had the imparted anointing, and in reference to the oil coming out of the ground, it had to be within them, it had to be like living waters, but it had to be that living oil within them coming out.

PASTOR VITALE: That is true. That is what I said to xxxxx earlier. I do not know whether it was on the message or not where xxxxx was saying that Christ is going to penetrate us, and I told you that He has already penetrated you. In the case of everybody here, He is trying to get out. He is a pool of oil, deep within us. He is a oil well. He is not the oil well. He is the oil, but we have to dig the well to get Him out. When He comes out, when He breaks through, He is going to break through with great, great power.  I remember the Holy Spirit, as signified by water, when the Holy Spirit breaks through it is water that can roll over you and dry up and disappear, dissipate into the air, but when the oil falls on you, that oil sticks. And this condition is what the word anointed signifies. If you read my message on Baptism, you will see that Jesus of Nazareth was not baptized with the Holy Spirit. He was anointed. He had Christ Jesus. When you are anointed, when you have Christ Jesus, the anointing does not depart from you. The Holy Spirit can depart from you, and does depart from you because the Holy Spirit comes with gifts, and the gifts are passing away. But the oil is forever, and oil is a product of fossils.

Oil is called a fossil fuel, and it is deep under the ground, and it is formed from the dead carcasses of insects or crawling animals. So that is why they call it a fossil fuel. It is formed from skeletons that have been in the earth for centuries, for thousands and thousands of years. So when Christ Jesus comes forth from you, it is the wisdom of the ages that is coming forth from you. So you are penetrated with the seed, and that seed is all of the wisdom that existed, and still exists, before time began. It is all inside of you like a pool of oil, but if it does not come out you are going to die like men.  It says in the Psalms, Jehovah speaking to the Hebrews, Ye are gods, but you will die like men. What does that mean? It means that Adam was raised in them, and Adam is a God. Adam is a manifestation of Elohim who was a manifestation of Jehovah. Adam and Elohim were within them, but they preferred to live out of their carnal mind, and they felt that they were justified by keeping the law. So, Jehovah said to them, Ye are gods because God is in you, but you will die like men because you are killing the God within you. That same thing is happening here today.

Every time Christ has an opportunity to speak, and your carnal mind answers you are guilty of murder. You are guilty of killing Christ. You have to hear this. I do not tell you this to condemn you. I am trying to get Him out of you. I am a midwife. I am a spiritual midwife. I am trying to get Him out of you. You have to understand this is not just, "oh, I am sorry, I answered with my carnal mind, oh, I am sorry." No, you killed Christ. Thank God the Glorified Jesus keeps raising Him from the dead or He would not stand a chance.  Listen, brethren, every time you prefer your carnal mind over Christ you have sacrificed Christ to Dagon. You have to hear this. Every time you think, you are either sacrificing Christ or sacrificing Leviathan because you have two minds, and in order for one mind to think or speak, the other mind must be sacrificed. And the way you go on with Christ, and the way you are going to ascend, is to prefer the thoughts of Christ in the nitty-gritty, in everyday thought patterns, in your everyday conversations. That is when you prefer Christ, not when it comes to answering an altar call or any of the works of the flesh which include giving money, giving service.

All these things are necessary, and they are good, and you will reap what you sow in this world, but if you want eternal life, if you want to reap eternal life, you have to sow the Mind of Christ. This is the problem that the Hebrews made. You cannot receive eternal life from the works of the law, and you cannot prefer the thoughts of Christ if you cannot tell the difference between Christ and your carnal mind, and if you are repressing the thoughts of your carnal mind because they hurt you, you will never recognize Christ.  So to recognize Christ, you have to feel your pain. That is it in a nutshell.

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