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We had some fellowship off the tape and I was telling everybody that as I prepared this message last night I, my heart speeded up and I had a rapid heart beat, this is at least the third time that I can recall that this has happened as I was bringing forth doctrine. I remember the first time was when we were doing Balaam, and I was translating the verses about Abel rising up and putting Cain under. And the second one I don't remember what I was, what the Lord was revealing through me at the time, but last night I was working on the final verses of chapter 16 of the book of Judges which is the truth of the finality of Samson's victory. So we were, I was telling everybody off the tape that apparently when the truth of doctrine is revealed, Satan gets very nervous. When it's preached out of a human vocal chord, she gets really nervous and when it goes up on the Internet, she gets violently nervous. And xxxx suggested that what I'm talking about can be likened to a Soprano reaching a, I don't know if it's a soprano, but an operatic voice reaching a high enough pitch to shatter glass, because it was Caruso who did that and he was not a soprano, I'm not sure what he was, I think he was a tenor, but I could be wrong.


And when xxxx said that it just really struck me, because I had heard something like this from someone else a couple of weeks ago, something along the same line, that when this word is preached it's bending the image of this world. If you can hear this, it is literally bending the image of this world. If you can think of this world in terms of a drawing, or more than a drawing of a clay, of an unbaked an uncured clay statue, and that there are two people who have the ability to mold this clay with their mind, I've seen things like this on Star Trek, and the two people with the strong minds are standing apart from the clay, neither one has physical hands on the clay, and they're both concentrating on the clay to form it with their mind, that is the truth of this world. This world that we live in including our physical bodies is formed of the primal substance which is Jehovah's spiritual seminal fluid and the earth, and it's formed by the mind of the Primordial Serpent, and in this hour the Lord Jesus Christ is, and let me say it another way, I left something out, and the way this world is formed, is by I'm going to say doctrine, this may not be exactly correct. What the Primordial Serpent believes forms the image of this world. What the Primordial Serpent believes forms the image of this world. And in this hour the Lord Jesus Christ, who believes the exact opposite of what the Primordial Serpent believes is manifesting his mind through fallen mortal man, and it's not, you see it can't be me preaching it, as Christ Jesus preaches this truth, as he reveals the truth of the Scripture and preaches it, the bust, if you want to think of this bust, or this image, this clay image is being remolded into the image of what the Lord Jesus Christ thinks, and that clay statue that I used as an example signifies this world.


This world is an image of something that we cannot see, this world, Paul called it a gazing stock. This world is a stage which reveals a mind that we cannot see, you see. When that mind changes this world will change. This world cannot be changed from the outside. Man has been trying to change this world from the outside for a long time and we overcome one disease and another disease pops up, we overcome one problem and another problem crops up, because this world is the product of a spiritual corrupted insane mind. But aside from that, aside from the fact that this mind is spiritually corrupt and insane, this world is a product of a mind which is incapable of producing a world that will not deteriorate, and the reason that she's incapable of it is because she is spiritually corrupt and insane, and weak and spiritually female. Only a male mind can produce a world that will never die, a world without torment, a world without death, a world founded in life and victory, it takes a spiritually male mind to do that, and the Primordial Serpent is a spiritual female. She has stolen male authority but produced a corrupt mind, because she has stolen, I'm sorry she has stolen the Primordial Serpent, but she does not have the fullness or the completed male authority. She is incapable of producing a world that will last forever, in life and righteousness.


So this world it may look solid to you, it's time to get spiritual, this world looks solid to you and it is solid for all intents and purposes for you, but when placed up against the eternal realm or the spiritual worlds that are invisible, this world is not permanent and the truth of it is that it changes continuously. You see this is hard for the carnal mind to comprehend this, this is a spiritual thought, this world is changing every second, the cells of your body are dying, it's fall here on Long Island, the leaves are falling off of the trees, the paint on your house is deteriorating, the food that you eat that was sitting on your counter the other day is not there anymore, it has changed form, you have consumed it, it is now a part of your flesh and a part of the waste that passes out of your body. This world changes continuously. The tides roll in, the tides roll out, one day the sun is shining, the next day the rain is falling, one minute it's dark and then the sun rises and it's light, this world is an impermanent world.


And this is the level upon which we can see it, but from a spiritual point of view for those who have spiritual eyes, the whole formation of the world which to us does not change, this globe that we live on, this room that we have the meetings in, that doesn't change, the pictures on the wall don't change, the fan on the ceiling doesn't change, but this is only because of our low spiritual condition that we believe if we believe it, that this room is permanent, because in the day that I move out of here, this room will change, the new people will move in and they will change it, and it is possible at some time in the future that this whole condominium will be torn down to make room for another building. And to what degree that this globe that we live will change, I don't even know, I do know this though, it's an interesting thought, that circles are of the fallen world and circles are of the Serpent's world, everything that Christ Jesus does is either a straight line or an angle. So what will the physical world look like when we are in the image of the Lord Jesus Christ, I don't know, and I do believe there will be a physical world, but it will be a physical world of a different gradation. This physical world that we live in it's my understanding is as solid, is as low as we could go. We're solid to the point that we cannot change. See of course I can cut down a tree and chop it up and build a piece of furniture, but I do not have power of wood and change it into an animal, although some people in witchcraft claim they have that power, and they probably do, but I'm talking about the typical inhabitants of this world, I cannot change wood into an animal.


See I can form the wood but I can't change the substance of it. To change the substance of something is called alchemy, it's a manifestation of witchcraft. So I believe there will be a physical world, but it will not be physical in the sense that we see this world, and I've told you many times that there is a spiritual and an unseen aspect of this world, we call our etheric body, and everyone has an etheric body, even the animals have an etheric body. The planet itself has an etheric aspect to it, an invisible side to it, a spiritual side to it that is not visible to the natural eye. So I believe that when we're in the image of the Lord Jesus Christ, we will be physical to that degree, we will be something similar to the etheric body, physical in that we will have a form, but not physical on this level in that we will be able to change that form at will.


These bodies that we live in are prison houses, we can't get out, we need all kinds of machines to travel, we need cars and trains and buses and bicycles. If we didn't have all these machines, we would only be able to get as far as we could walk, which isn't very far. We're in prison, we're in spiritual prison, but when we are in the physical world of Christ Jesus, we will have form, we will be physical in that we will have form, but we will not be bound to the earth. You see, we are bound to the earth, we can't get off the earth, we can't float, we can't levitate, we cannot fly, we must be in constant contact with the earth, either with our feet or with our body, or perhaps we can sit on a chair or lay on a bed, but that which we are laying on has contact with the earth. We do not float above the earth. We're bound to the earth, we're earth bound.


So the point that I was trying to make is that this is the second thing that I've heard, the second person that said something to me in the past couple of months, that is making me believe and I really believe at this point that this is true that the doctrine of Christ vibrates at a particular rate of vibration. Well this I know I've mentioned this to you before, everything that we do is vibration, everything is a vibration, if we move it's a vibration, every cell of our body is vibrating, the whole world is vibrating, we just cannot see it, but certainly audible speech as well as inaudible speech is vibration. Audible speech is the result of the vibration of the vocal chords, and inaudible speech is a result of the vibration of a spirit, either Satan or the Spirit of Christ. And Satan's symbol is the rattle snake, rattling her tail. Vibration is the name of the game. So as in this physical world the vibration brought forth by the vocal chords can break a glass or a mirror, this vibration which is the preaching of the doctrine of Christ, when it's the real thing, when it's the Spirit of Christ preaching the doctrine of Christ through the vocal chords of a human being, this will occur at a particular rate of vibration. I don't know how to find it for you with a number, but it's as simple as saying, if you see the number 2 up on the board, you know that that equals two fingers.


When you hear the doctrine of Christ coming forth by the Spirit of Christ you know that a particular rate of vibration is present in this spiritual atmosphere, and when that vibration becomes intense enough it's going to break the image of this world, just like Caruso's voice broke the mirror. I don't fully understand it, I mean there has to be some piece of information that's missing from my mind because we've been preaching the doctrine of Christ here for quite a while. I don't know whether the vibrations accumulate, because I know that every vibration that goes forth, every word that ever said, every thought that's ever thought of humanity for all time still exists in the spiritual plane, it's there, it just hangs there, you see.


So perhaps this preaching is accumulative, I'm not sure. I don't know whether it's accumulative and at some point it will pass over a threshold and severely rend the image of this world, or whether the continued preaching of the word, and the continued revelation of the spiritual principles of the Scripture to my mind and the minds of those who are understanding with me, will result in me preaching at a point that will bend the image, see. So now if that's true, if the answer is not that the preaching is accumulative, but that there is more to this doctrine of Christ, that has not been revealed to us yet, and when we unravel the puzzle to that point, and preach whatever else it is that we have to find out, that, that will bend the image of this world, I don't know which it is. I want to say that again, I don't know what we're waiting for, I've been preaching this doctrine physically for almost twelve years now, it's twelve years now, it's not almost, it's twelve years now. I've had this knowledge, well not all of it, but I've had, the doctrine of Christ has been vibrating in me for at least fifteen or more, fifteen or eighteen years, I've been preaching formally for twelve years, I've seen my life change, but I haven't seen the world change.


I've seen the lives of the people who are willing to submit to me change, but I haven't seen the world change, I don't believe I've affected our community, I don't believe I've affected the church or the government. So what is it going to take? This is the question, is it an accumulation of vibration from all this preaching or is there still more information of this doctrine of Christ that has not yet been revealed to us, that when it is revealed and preached audibly it is that, that particular revelation will bend the image. Now if it turns out that the answer to this rhetorical question, what is a rhetorical question? I'm asking the question, but I am not asking anyone that is hearing me to answer it okay. It's a question that I'm asking the Lord, if the answer turns out that it is a particular revelation, when preached with comprehension by the Spirit of Christ, that will bend the image of this world, if that is the answer then we must understand fully that it is not one revelation, but that all of these years of study and preaching and learning which has led up to the ability to find, or to be able to receive that revelation when Jesus gives it to me, maybe he would have told it to me fifteen years ago, and I would have gone "duh". So it would be all these years of my whole life, not only in the church, but every aspect of my life, that set me up to be able to comprehend what Jesus is doing through me. It will not be that one revelation, it will be everything that went before it, including everyone that supported me, and has believed with me, we will all have been a party to the preaching of this one revelation that will bend the image.


And of course what I'm thinking right now is the Hindu I think Buddhists practice the sounding of the om, see the people who practice this discipline of chanting and sounding, it's basically a Hindu teaching, sounding the Hindu letters, the letters of the Hindu alphabet, what they are trying to do is reproduce what they believe to be the primal sound that brought the creation into existence. That's what they're trying to do, they're trying to reproduce, you see they're saying that it was just one sound, along with the lines of this discussion, we might say one note.


Everything that we've done up until now is leading up to our ability to reach that one high note that will bend the image. And the high note for the purposes of this discussion would be a particular level of knowledge that we could never understand without everything that went before it. But the Hindus, they believe that it's simply a sound, and also the Buddhists, and I've heard recently an instrument sounded of the native Australians, there's a lot of talk today about the native Australians, which are the Aborigines who are a very spiritual people, spiritual in witchcraft, and their instruments sounded to me, I only heard it for a brief moment, very similar to the sounds that I hear that the Buddhists monks make, and it's pretty much they're sounding the om. So they are trying to control their world and this whole world by making a, by sounding a primal sound with their vocal chords, and they haven't succeeded yet, and perhaps they haven't succeeded because the primal sound, why do they want to do that, they want to bring down this world of disease and death.


Now I don't understand exactly what their philosophy is at this point, but I know that by in large, they want to change this world of disease and death in to a world of eternal life and prosperity, and they believe or some such thing, I may not have their philosophy exactly correct. I believe they're trying to stop reincarnation, they're trying to stop this endless cycle of births and deaths, but perhaps the sound that they're looking for is not the sound that comes out of their vocal chords. Perhaps it's an inaudible sound that can only be reached when the doctrine of Christ is sounded. Maybe it's a sound that arises out of the truth which they do not have. Why has not the sounding of the om by all of these people over the centuries changed our world? Because they don't have the right sound, that's why. Because the sound that only will reach that peak through the truth, and only the spirit of truth can preach the truth, and they don't have the truth.


So it's not going to be, so the sound that's going to deliver the world is not going to be a single syllable sound, om, no that's not it, it's going to be the sound or the vibration of the spirit of Christ, which when he sounds, remember and the first angel sounded and the second angel sounded, and when the Spirit of Christ sounds, it's not going to be a single syllable sound. I don't intend to mock other people's beliefs when I go om, that's what they believe. But I declare to you today, it will not be a single syllable sound on this level. I believe that it's very possible that it could be a single syllable sound in the high realms where the Lord Jesus Christ is at this time, but by the time that it filters down to this low level where we are, that single sound has become a many worded philosophy called the doctrine of Christ. Maybe all the Lord Jesus said up in the high realm of the spirit, let them die to this world, that's all he said, maybe it was just one word that I can't I don't think how to, maybe he just said die, die to this world that you might live, maybe that was all he said was die, and by the time it filters down here, we've got years and years and years and years of study to understand what that means.


If nothing else what comes to me right now is the Hebrew language, each letter of the Hebrew language signifies a spiritual principle, but it takes all of those Hebrew letters to produce the word of God. But here we see that the Lord has taken this incredible doctrine of Christ, we've been studying it here for years, and as far as I'm concerned I don't have a grasp, I mean I have a grasp of it, but I wouldn't tell you that I know the whole doctrine of Christ. If I did I wouldn't be in this condition. If I did I wouldn't have a rapid heart beat last night, if I did I wouldn't be tired, if I did I wouldn't have all the problems that I have. So I do not have the ultimate grasp of the doctrine of Christ. And as I told you I've been the Lord's been funneling and channeling this doctrine into me for almost twenty years, and I'm formally for twelve. And this whole glorious incredible doctrine is encapsulated in the letters of the Hebrew language, I think there's 26 of them, I may be wrong.


This entire doctrine is present in the letters of the Hebrew language that anyone who can truly understand the full spiritual concept of each and every letter of the Hebrew language, will know the fullness of the doctrine of Christ. So maybe it was all of these letters, maybe Jesus just spoke one letter and out of these letters all of the letters of the Hebrew language came forth. Well it wouldn't have been Jesus at that point, it would have been Elohim. I don't know about you but I'm sure that you're having the same experiences that I am because in certain areas the Lord deals the same with everybody. When the Lord speaks to us, and in particular when he speaks to us doctrinally, frequently he speaks in very abbreviated terms, he just says one or two words, and if we don't have the doctrine of Christ we will not know what he's talking about.


I know one man emailed me once, he had heard one word from the Lord, something about the tree, and he didn't know what it meant, and it turned out that someone was offering him tapes, and I know that this preacher does not have the Spirit of Christ, and he said Lord should I listen to them? And all he could hear was the tree. When I heard this my response to him was don't listen to the tapes because the seeds of tree of the knowledge of good and evil will be planted in you and grow up in you and kill the tree of life in you. But when the Lord speaks, he just says the tree, and if we were on a level where he was, we wouldn't need to hear anymore than the words the tree, but we're fallen, very, very far down. So we must study for years to show ourselves approved. What does that mean? To get to the place where that primal sound that went forth to create the creation in the image of Jehovah in righteousness, life, and everlasting peace, can come forth from our vocal chords which nothing comes forth from our vocal chords unless it first comes forth through our mind, and it's not coming forth through the carnal mind, that primal sound is only coming forth through the mind of Christ, by the Spirit of Christ. Die, that's the word, die, the death of death, we must all die to this world, to this mind, and to the lusts for the principalities of this world.


Well I don't lust for the principalities of this world, well you don't know what you're talking about, if you desire what Satan and Leviathan desire, you lust for the principalities of this world, you lust for what they lust for, you lust for them. I don't want the things of this world, brethren Jesus doesn't lust for clothes, Jesus doesn't even desire food, Jesus doesn't sleep, Jesus doesn't get married, Jesus doesn't have best friends, Jesus doesn't even have computers. I lust for my computer, I use it to bring forth the word of God, it's the focal point of my life, I love it, Jesus doesn't have a computer, Jesus doesn't have a car, Jesus doesn't go to church. What is it that drives you, what is it that you want? Jesus doesn't even own a Bible, don't tell that there's nothing in this world that you truly desire. Jesus doesn't have mammalian children, he doesn't have little physical babies. He loves them but in his world they will not exist anymore. In Jesus' world everyone will be a full grown male.


Everybody including me lust for something in this world, and we cannot help doing that because we have the mind of this world, and our body is of this world, our emotions are of this world. So brethren what an interesting beginning to this message this morning, we are waiting for the primal sound to be sounded through the preaching of the doctrine of Christ that will bend this world. Brethren what do you think that it meant when the Scripture says, when Jesus hung on the cross and the veil of the temple was rent, the veil of the temple was rent within Jesus. It happened within Jesus, the image of this world was ripped and torn in the man Jesus. The image of this world will come down an individual at a time, and when the image of this world changes in enough people it then changes the local society, the family, the government, the nation, we have a lot of work to do brethren. This world is not going to change overnight.


The next great event that the church is waiting for is the manifestation of the sons of God, the appearance of Christ Jesus in a small company of people as a sign to the church, and eventually to the rest of the world of what is possible through the Spirit of Christ. The whole world is hoping, the church is hoping for the rapture, the Hindus and the Buddhists are waiting for Nirvana, waiting for deliverance from this endless cycle of births and deaths, everybody's looking for deliverance from this world in one way or another except the spiritually ignorant. And even the spiritually ignorant, who are not seeking to escape this world are seeking to escape the death of this world. If life is good for them, they want to live forever, and death is a part of this world.


So if you're perfectly happy in this world, and you seek to escape from death, you are seeking to escape from this world, because in Jesus' world there is no death. So everybody in one way or another is seeking to escape this world or the effects of this world on their life. And the sounding the audible sounding of a sound is not going to do it, it's the spiritual sound brethren, but of course when the Hindus sound the om, they are also meditating on the energy centers that it represents and for them it is a spiritual sound also. But it won't work, because it's the wrong spirit sounding the sound. And you want to know something, the sound that they're reproducing is the primal sound that went forth from the Primordial Serpent which created this corrupt world. So you see all that they could do with their chanting and their mantras is to recreate this world, because they're sounding the sound that Primordial Serpent sounded. It will take the sound that the Spirit of Christ sounds, it shall be the sound that Jehovah made, which created all things, and that only through the Spirit of Christ and that only through those who worship the Lord Jesus Christ and serve him. It cannot be counterfeited, it cannot be duplicated. Either you've got the genuine article or you don't, and brethren when that sound is sounded, it will be the beginning of the down fall of this world, a person at a time.


I don't fully understand what will happen, but I know that the move of the spirit of Christ will be more in the spirit than in the flesh. I cannot tell you that there will not be evangelists going, I cannot be the only one, there has to be others preaching this word, I cannot tell you that there will not be the kind of evangelists that we see in the church today, because I don't know, but I will tell you that I seriously doubt it, I seriously doubt that there will be the kind of evangelists that we see in the church today. It's going to be a spiritual evangelism, and if there is evangelists and if there is, if it does come to the point that people who have this message and who have reached that spiritual high note in their spirit or the ability to bring it forth, do go forth to other areas, they will be saying something pretty harmless out of their mouth, but will be also giving forth a spiritual message in that high note, and only those Christians or non-Christians whoever who can hear that high note will even have the opportunity to respond and receive the resurrection that, that high note has come to give us.


One of my favorite Scriptures is "In that day the son of God will speak and those who are", and I think it even says in the King James, the son of God will sound or the sound of the son of God will be heard, the sound of the son of God will be heard, and those who hear shall be saved, and if you're not listening for it brethren, you're not going to hear it, you see. But as more and more people in the world appear in the power of Jesus Christ, people will be looking at them, and saying how do we get this thing, see. But I think it's going to have to do with people close to us, I think it's going to be, the move of God is going to be very different than the move that has come from the Holy Spirit. The move that has come from the Holy Spirit was directed towards or is directed towards the masses. You don't have to understand anything, the message is come to Jesus and be saved, what do you have to understand, he died on the cross and he rose from the dead and if you want to believe that, come up here I'll lay hands on you, you'll get the Holy Spirit and you'll be saved too.


Is that not true? That's all that's the message that's all there is to it. So you're saved by faith, you go up to the altar, you get hands laid on you, you receive the Holy Spirit, and you're saved by faith, but you're not really saved. What you have received by faith must become a reality to you in the form of the prevention of your dying, the preservation of your life, or the preservation of your personality. And this is no easy thing to do, ask anyone who has been laboring here for all these years listening to this message, trying to understand this message. The truth of our spiritual condition and trying to face the powers and principalities operating within our own spiritual being, who can bear it.


I read something the other day, that said, I'm sorry I cannot repeat it exactly but it was either five or ten percent is with some kind of expert saying only 5 or 10 percent of our thoughts are known by us, only 5 or 10 percent a very small amount of the thoughts that are within us are recognized by us, and this person all these other thoughts, they are within us, they're there, they just float around but we don't even see them. Now what this expert said, did not recognize was that all of these unrecognized thoughts have an effect on us and on the people in our life, they're sin, they're the thoughts of our sin nature, that go forth and do damage without our conscious agreement, and someone tries to tell us about it, and we say oh no I didn't do that, I didn't do that, I didn't mean that, I never thought of that, you're just trying to hurt me. No I'm not, I'm telling you about something that manifested in that pool of 90 percent of your thought life, that your conscious mind never saw.


If you want the reality of salvation, you must deal with that pool, that stagnant pool of the thoughts that arise out of the spirit of Satan, you must stir up that pool, so that you can see what's in there, and you must reject it, and you must kill that vibration, because every thought is a vibration, you must kill that vibration with the word of God, which is a vibration of a higher magnitude. We are wells of water, so either the water is a stagnant pool or it's a free flowing river, or a fountain. See the woman at the well, she was drawing water out of the well, stagnant water. Jesus said, I'll give you rivers of living water, I'll give you water that flows, you're taking the energy of this creation that is recycled over and over and over again. I will give you the energy that comes from Almighty God, a never ending source of renewed revitalized water, not recycled water, which gives you existence for a season and then takes it away from you. Just like our machinery, it breaks down you can send it out and have it rebuilt, that's what this world is.


The principalities of this world cannot keep us alive, so we die and they recycle us. Praise the Lord. I would like to pray right now. Father in the name of Jesus, Lord I had no intention of preaching this, I had never even thought about it until I opened my mouth this morning, and that says to me that it's you preaching through me. Lord we praise you and we thank you for this information about the high note in Christ Jesus, and we pray father that in your perfect timing and in your perfect will that you help us Lord to arise to that high note or rather that, that high note of the primal sound, that created the righteous creation which is underneath, which is covered over by this world which is the Primordial Serpent's world, we pray father that, that high note that Jehovah sounded before time began, that it should come forth Lord, that it should enter into this world, and that if you would grant us the privilege Lord that it should come from our minds from our vocal chords Lord, and that high note should touch the image of this world Lord and rent it and rip it and tear it down Oh God, and that the world that Jehovah created with his thought should appear Lord, and that it should penetrate into this world Oh God, and that men should see it Lord, we pray that all men should repent Lord, in particular in this country, who was dedicated to you Lord, that they should turn from the evils of their present mind Lord which is completely overtaken your teachings Lord, and they should turn back to you Lord and rise up and defeat their taskmasters who have not yet revealed themselves to be taskmasters, but the power of this world and the men of this world who are leading this country into destruction, we pray that the Christian people of this nation who were baptized Lord in your name, who attend a church who were touched by your spirit at some time, that they should rise up Lord and repent, that the veil should be lifted off of their eyes oh God, that they should see the truth Lord Jesus, and that they should reject the principalities and powers and the men who carry them in this world, that they should turn back to you Oh God, that they should be filled with your spirit, that the high note of your life should touch them Lord Jesus and give them life, and that all of the promises of the Scripture should be imparted to them Lord and that they should receive the mind of Christ father, which will enable them to understand these high principles Lord. And we rebuke the lie that tells the church that we have the mind of Christ at the moment that they answer an altar call, we rebuke the lie, we speak the truth with as high a note that we can produce in this hour, we pray for the salvation of all men Lord, of Israel and of the church and of the nations and the Gentiles Lord, we pray for the salvation of the world, we pray for the exposure and the defeat of the powers and principalities of Maitreya and all of his cronies who are already filtrating infiltrating into this world through unsuspecting preachers, we pray for their full exposure Lord, and if the only way to expose Maitreya and the others who are assisting him Lord, if the only way to expose them is to cause them to fully manifest in the preachers that they are overshadowing, we pray that, that should happen Lord, that the whole world should see the true nature of the spirit that is propelling these men, the spirit that is doing the healing of the spirit that is calling himself Jesus. Father we pray for the church, they're so naive, they are so infantile, they're dead to the spiritual events that are happening in the world today believing that ignorance is fine, and that He will come and rapture them. Lord I've never seen such a condition of mental and spiritual retardation in all of my days, and the more I study the more I realize the severity of the condition. The church needs a miracle Lord, your people need a miracle. Even it's my understanding that the Jews of the day that Jesus came that they had a knowledge of spiritual things, or perhaps Lord it was just the members of the Sanhedrin, perhaps it wasn't the man in the street Lord, I don't know. But we pray Lord for the church, that the veil should be ripped off of their eyes Lord, and that their heart should be circumcised, and that they should realize that they're completely bound by the world and concerned only with their own church and their own belly. We pray Lord that they should see the truth, that they are the armies of the Lord and that Leviathan's armies are present in the world today seeking to steal their fleece and their anointing. Lord what will it take to wake them up, whatever it takes we pray that, that high note should be sounded Lord, that they should hear the trumpet Oh God, and rise, arise Lord, I don't know how they could arise without this education, there's so much I do not understand, but I know that you've got everything under control, and we pray for the best for everybody, we remit the sins of all men Lord personal, national, father this is the time of great war, and we pray that everyone that you've called should find themselves in your army Oh God, and that you should do a great work of preparing them for this battle. But we pray for ourselves here Lord, for those of whose eyes are open, for those of us who are enlightened, for those of us who are aware of what's happened here, at least to whatever degree we're aware of what's happening in the world today, and are prepared to be in the battle, so long as you are with us. I pray for us all Lord and I forgive everybody's sins, I rebuke our carnal minds Lord, and I command that they should go down under Christ Jesus, I pray that you strengthen us Lord, spiritually, emotionally, and physically, and I know that you will not send us forth unless we are equipped to do the task. We pick up our slingshots Lord and sling our stones at Maitreya's forehead, and at the forehead of everyone who serves him. We bring down the giant Oh God, and we remove the head, we cut it off with the sword of the spirit Lord, with your word Oh God, and we thank you for this privilege and we pray that you forgive us our sins father, that we might be equipped to do the job that you have called us to, and we bless and we curse not, but may the evil be swallowed up by the good in the name of Jesus, amen.


COMMENT: I was thinking about the things that you've said in the past week about people in the occult world healing with sound, and I think that when the sound comes forth from Jehovah that all healing and restoration will take place. I was also thinking about all the songs in the world, the sound of music, and all the vibes and various beats that have the young people on a frenzy, there's so many songs out there, and the songs are vibrations, I can't remember the different words about it, and another one, I am music and I create the sounds of the whole world or something like that. It makes me think of the Satanic influence, all the sounds. Jesus said they have ears and they don't hear, I guess we have to be at that higher energy centers in order to be able to hear, cause we can't hear where we're at.


PASTOR VITALE: And also I think that you have to be willing to hear. I think a large part of the problem with the church today is that many of us are convinced that there's nothing new to learn. Some denominations actually preach all the revelation came forth with the apostles in the form of the King James translation. But even the people or the denominations or the preachers who don't believe that, they're totally closed to the possibility of spiritual studies, and because they believe it's my understanding that everything that's spiritual is of Satan, and they don't, they're just lacking this revelation that Jesus is spiritual, and that the men who manifest his power are spiritual men, very similar to what we see in the occult, only by the Spirit of Christ, this teaching is totally void and lacking in the church, and I think the Lord is telling me that a large part of the reason that it's lacking in the church is that anyone who makes, you see I'm sure that this word is going forth to the people that pray to the Lord Jesus. Anyone who will hear it becomes frightened and they turn away from it. They're frightened at the thought of going on with spiritual things, they're frightened of going astray, they're just frightened, and there are very, very few who are willing to go forward and become spiritual in Christ Jesus, which includes the exposure and destruction of your sin nature.


So anyone that's hearing this tape or reading this transcript, you should know that if you are studying the doctrine of Christ through this ministry but you are not having your sin nature exposed, and you are not rejecting and warring against it and doing everything you can to kill it, you are in virtually the same condition as the people who are studying the false doctrine in the church. You cannot ascend in Christ Jesus without the exposure and destruction of your sin nature, you must die to the lifestyle of the Fiery Serpent, this is the death of death, we are death. You see if we were life, we could not die, people live for a season in this world and they die because spiritually speaking they are already dead. If your foundation is death, your foundation is dead. For those of us whose foundation is alive, we will live forever, as far as I know Jesus is the only one who did it.


COMMENT: I just remembered that while you were speaking I saw what I thought to be a spider's web in my mind's eye, but this was very different than that, it was like beads, and it was very many colors.


PASTOR VITALE: Well that's interesting, do you any idea what that might mean?


COMMENT: My own thought witchcraft to me.


PASTOR VITALE: Well I think I have a positive explanation, I hope I'm right, I'm pretty sure I am. Spiritually speaking and Scripturally speaking this world, our physical body and everything of the world can be likened to a spider's web, and the spider is the one who formed this world.


Now the Scripture talks about spiders being in King's houses, okay.


If Christ is in you, your physical body your personality, your carnal mind, you are in the King's house, if Christ is in you, but the carnal mind is in you also, and in fact the carnal mind or the aspect of the carnal mind which is the subconscious aspect of the carnal mind, the Fiery Serpent has formed everyone of us. Every human being born of a woman has an energy force within them that is called the Fiery Serpent, the Scripture calls this energy force the Fiery Serpent but it's the word is usually translated Seraphim, but the Hebrew word that means Fiery Serpent is translated Fiery Serpent in the account of Moses which is both in the Old and New Testament, where it says the people were bitten by Serpents and Moses lifted up the Serpent on the brazen stick or whatever the Scripture says and he saved whoever he could, thousands were killed. That Hebrew word translated Serpents in the phrase "bitten by Serpents", that is the same word that's translated "Seraphim", except Seraphim is the term that applies to the Fiery Serpent after they are restored to the image of Jehovah. So the Scripture clearly talks about Fiery Serpents, and that's the definition of Seraphim, flaming Serpents. The Hindus talk about Kundalini, every human being born of a woman has an energy force, not a literal Serpent in you but an energy force in you that moves in a spiral pattern that is called a Fiery Serpent, and she is the spider that the Scripture talks about, and your body and my body and our personality our whole spiritual being is the spiritual web that the Fiery Serpent has woven. That's what a spider does, she spins a web, and then she inhabits it. The Fiery Serpent spins a web, she literally spins the spiritual fabric of our body and our personality and then she inhabits us, but she is grey, the spider is grey, like the earth, the grey or the white earth.


But in your vision you saw a web of beads and bright colors, bright colors, what does bright colors signify?


COMMENT: Rainbow, different energy centers?


PASTOR VITALE: It signifies the Spirit of Christ. Joseph had a coat of many colors, it signifies the Spirit of Christ in this plane of consciousness. The Spirit of Christ is pure white light, but as it descends it breaks down into many colors. So I believe that what you saw, did you see a spider? You didn't see a spider, so what you saw was a world and bodies that were formed without the spider by the power of God. So what that is saying to me is that what today, the reality the harsh reality of our world and our conscious existence today is that we have been incarnated by the Fiery Serpent okay. That harsh reality will be changed over into the reality of being woven into, are we not the garment of the Lord, that's a Scriptural principle, that we are the garment of the Lord, he will wear us like a garment, he will wear our personality like a garment, and that the Fiery Serpent will be done away with, okay, in her in the condition in her present condition, the Fiery Serpent is a part of the principalities of this world, she will be done away with because she will be elevated into the condition of the Seraphim, okay, and we will still be a woven garment but we will be woven together by the Spirit of God, not by the power or the energy force that comes down through Satan and Leviathan. So I think that's a very good vision that you saw, and I would just like to put briefly on this tape, the truth about the Fiery Serpent for people who have not heard it.


The Fiery Serpents, there are many Fiery Serpents, there's a Fiery Serpent in every human being born of a woman, and these Fiery Serpents are the worm that Jesus talks about. Jesus talks about a worm that dieth not, and he called Jacob a worm you see. The Fiery Serpent in each and every man is the worm that Jesus is talking about.


And all of these spiritual earth worms that exist in all of humanity are the fallen sons of God, they have fallen in this condition, they fell down under the earth and became earth worms.


When the Scripture talks about Korah, Korah's rebellion and the earth opening up, and Korah and everyone who supported him falling down live under the earth, I'm sorry but I do not believe that they fell into the physical earth. What happened was that Adam in them deteriorated and Abel in them fell down under the earth and was covered over by Cain. There was a spiritual condition, they lost their relationship with Jehovah, because you know we cannot have a relationship with Jehovah. Only Christ in us can have a relationship with Jehovah. In the Old Testament it was Abel. We cannot have a relationship with Jehovah with the Lord Jesus Christ, unless Christ is in us. If you are still in your carnal mind you can have a relationship with the Holy Spirit, and it is the Holy Spirit's job to bring forth Christ in you, the one who can have a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, and with Jehovah. The Holy Spirit is only a part of Jesus Christ. It's as if he put down his hand to help you, it's just his hand, it's not all of him. And the Fiery Serpents are the fallen sons of God, and who are the sons of God? You may recall that the sons of God on the other side of the flood became evil. Well who are they? They are Jehovah's spiritual sperm, the beings who have a potential to be a civilized spiritual man in Jehovah's image. Jesus came to seek what was lost, this was what he came looking for, because Jesus, I'm sorry Adam was in charge, he was the nursemaid of all of Jehovah's spiritual sperm, and he is responsible for them. Adam lost them when he fell under the witchcraft seduction of the Serpent, and Adam in the form of Jesus Christ came into the world to get them back, and also to get back the ox that he lost.


So we see that the Fiery Serpents have the ability to be restored into the image of Jehovah in which event they become Seraphim, they go from being biting Serpents that destroy human beings to becoming Seraphim who stand around the throne of God calling holy, holy, holy, and that concept of them standing around the throne of God signifies that these Fiery Serpents are attached to a personality and that the Spirit of God in Jehovah will shine through the personality. That is the whole idea of the creation, a many membered civilized man, many personalities, the personalities come from the ox that Adam formed, and the mind comes from the spiritual sperm of Jehovah. This creation is two-fold, it's darkness and it's light, and the darkness is the spiritual ox that Adam formed, and the light is the mind of Elohim which has the nature of Jehovah, that's the darkness and the light, and the light is suppose to shine through the darkness. The light of the mind of God shines through the darkness of the personality. Now the personality has a consciousness of its own, but it's on the same level as the animals. And this is the truth of our spiritual condition that Jesus has come to save us from. He has come to save the spiritual sperm of Jehovah, the Fiery Serpent whose in every man living off of the energy we came into the world with, and he also come to save the ox that he formed which is our personality, which basically is who we are. And I say that we are basically the ox that Adam formed because just most human beings live out of their personality, very few are living out of their subconscious mind which is the Fiery Serpent within them. Very few live out of their subconscious mind. And today of those men who do live out of their subconscious mind, the large majority of them are living out of their subconscious mind which is the Fiery Serpent who is married to Leviathan. There are very, very few people today who are living out of their subconscious mind which is married to Christ Jesus. Praise the Lord, yes?


COMMENT: I had the occasion the other day to look up in the dictionary, I was looking for the word spiraline, and I was looking at the word spiral, and I was really surprised at the various connections that the dictionary gave to these words, they talk about the spine, they talk about various insects, they talk about the movement of the snake and the earthworm, and there were just so many connections to us.


PASTOR VITALE: That's interesting because the spine really is spiral, each of the vertebrae is circular you know, it's a circular channel, I believe that the physical spine is just a visible manifestation of our spiritual spine, which is the Serpent's channel of ascension.


COMMENT: But even the fact that they connected it to insects too.


PASTOR VITALE: How did they connect it to insects?


COMMENT: I don't know remember the particular definitions, maybe movements of them, I don't really know. And deities in God too is in there. I was very surprised at the different things that's in there.


PASTOR VITALE: Really it's amazing what's in these dictionaries, huh, yeah, Jesus moves in a straight line, the Spirit of Christ which is the spirit of Elohim, who was the right arm of Jehovah, move in a straight line and that is the understanding of the mystical words in Ezekiel chapter one, about Ezekiel's glorified man, he always goes straight, he doesn't go to the left, he doesn't go to the right, you know, he only goes forward, he goes in a straight line, the Spirit of Christ goes in a straight line. Yeah.


COMMENT: A while back I think I heard you referring to Christ, something about an angle.


PASTOR VITALE: I don't remember exactly what, also you told me off the tape that all you could think of was a triangle. I don't remember exactly what I said about an angle, but geometrically speaking Christ is a parallelogram, and there are angles in a parallelogram, I don't know what else I could have said. A triangle is the geometric expression of the Serpent, the significance being that one leg of Adam's parallelogram was destroyed when the Serpent brought him down with witchcraft. See, geometrically speaking you can line this up with what I said at the beginning of this message that the image of this world is being changed, this world geometrically speaking is a triangle, it is being changed into a parallelogram, because Christ Jesus is being added to us, and this principle is a Scriptural principle, deliverance by addition, we see this, this principle demonstrated with Elisha where the stew is poisonous and Elijah added something to the stew and it was healed. The axe was thrown into the river and whatever that means, I haven't done that study yet, and I believe Elijah threw some sticks into the river and the axe head floated.


So we are lacking, we are a dependent creation, we need things from outside of ourselves to survive, we need food from outside of ourselves, we need clothing from outside of ourselves, we need communication and affection and warmth and all kinds of crutches, transportation and cars, this is all crutches. You know it amazes me how the carnal mind will look at Christians and say, that Christianity is just a crutch, well what about you, what about your clothes, what about your money, what about your job, what about your vacations, what about all the things that you hold dear, they are not crutches to you? They most certainly are, and they're sociably acceptable crutches. You tell your children when they're growing up, get married have a family, it's a good way to spend your life, it's not healthy being out you know not having anyone close to you, it's not a good thing, get married, get your crutches. Look I'm not putting down marriage, but I'm telling you the truth, your wife is a crutch, your children are a crutch, your job is a crutch, your car is a crutch, the clothes that you love are a crutch, it's all crutches because we're all empty inside. So the issue is just what's filling you, and the fact that Christians have Christ Jesus as a crutch is offensive to the rest of the world who don't believe they have a crutch.


So I don't know what I said about an angle but the geometric expression of the Serpent is a triangle and the geometric expression of Adam or Christ Jesus is a parallelogram, and this world is being saved, the image of this world is being changed by having something added to it, and what is this leg of the parallelogram that's being added to the triangle signify? It's signifies a spiritual dimension. This world is having a spiritual dimension added to it. I think I mentioned this in a recent message. If you look at a drawing on the board, it's flat compared to this room which is three dimensional, the drawing on the board is only two dimensional. Well if you can look at the differentiation or the difference in the depth of what you see in a three dimensional room as to what you see on a two dimensional board, if you can just project that, that relationship, you would see the degree to which our world is going to be enhanced by the addition of another dimension. Do you not know what I just said? When you look at that plane figure on the board it's only two dimensions, in other words if I were to draw this room, which I can't do because I can't draw, but if we had an artist here that was to draw this room on the board, and you would look at the room on the board and look at the room in reality, you would say the room in reality is so much richer than what I see on the board. Well that difference from the picture of the room on the board to reality of the room, that increase okay will be manifested through the addition of a fourth dimension to the visible world.


Christ Jesus is bringing a fourth dimension to the visible world, and before he brings the fourth dimension to the visible world, he's bringing a fourth dimension to us, to our spiritual being. We live in a dimension that other people do not live in, yet there are people in this world who have a fourth dimension developed within them, but it's the fourth dimension of Satan, and that fourth dimension is spirituality, it's spirituality it's words of knowledge, it's perception of other people's minds. So we see there are two fourth dimensions, you see, the fourth dimension which is in Christ Jesus the spirituality which is Christ Jesus, and the spirituality which is in Satan, and there's a war coming a great conflict, and it's not going to be fought physically, see. This country we've been very blessed that we've been in two world wars that have not touched the physical ground of this nation. Well this great conflict that's coming, it's going to be in another place, it's going to be in the spirit.


So if you are not in the spirit or you do not have the ability to ascend into the spirit, you can be affected by this war, and not even know what's happening to you. I don't know about you but I would rather be in the war having my eyes open, see what's going on, and be able to fight by the anointing of Christ Jesus, than being down here and saying what's going on here? And I want you to know that I've been in that position, all kinds of disaster happening around me physically, okay the war of the astral plane had manifested physically, car accidents, money loss, people get sick, I've been down here crying out to the Lord, what's going on? Because I have the awareness that something's going on in the astral plane, but I'm not up there yet. I see the warfare to some degree when I cry out, I see it to some degree, but I don't believe that I'm really in a place where I really could see this warfare, where I could see it coming before it becomes sickness, before it becomes money loss, financial loss, before it becomes any kind of disaster.


Well the Lord has just told me that I am in that place to a degree, I have perceived the thoughts of people's minds, perhaps before it ever reached their conscious mind, where I have prayed in a manner that the problem that I saw coming never did a arise in the physical world, okay. So I keep thinking that and I don't know it looks more and more like I may be incorrect, but I'm not sure, I keep thinking that I'm going to actually see this other world, which looks like this world here, but it's really another dimension, and I'm actually going to see that other world and see someone for example riding on a horse with a gun coming at me, you know, and the Lord keeps telling me no, no, that is all in the mind, that you have already experienced this, that you have seen, you have perceived the ungodly thoughts of people and you have prayed adequately, you have rebuked the thoughts and blessed them and forgiven their sins, and the trouble has never manifested and that, that ability will increase and increase. So I still have questions in this area, I just recently read in an occult book another book where the occultist claim that they who see in the spirit, they see in the inner world, and that it is a totally different dimension it is another world that they enter into and they see, and the Lord has not yet confirmed to me that, that will be the experience of the sons of God, to date he has told me otherwise.


So I don't know whether that is an experience that we will have in the future, or it is something that is just occult and we will never have it, I don't know. Does anyone not know what I'm talking about, the people in the occult, they talk about their consciousness going to another place, just like in the movie the Matrix, you know, there is now a tv program called "Harsh World", and their bodies lying on a slab in the real world, and then their consciousness goes and has an experience in another world, and they have bodies that look just like their regular bodies, and the world is real to them except that they have a memory that their body's lying on a slab in the other world.


So this may not be for the sons of God or not at this time. I don't believe I've heard the final word on it from the Lord. I do know that one night when I had been in a very deep study, and for hours, and I came out of that study, as I walked from my office into my bedroom, I saw in the spirit what looked like outer space, and it was filled with stars, I saw all the stars twinkling, and there were faces, no bodies, just faces hanging there in the heavenlies, and I was really amazed, but it was in the spirit, I was not translated in to another world. I saw this with the mind of the spirit, and I found it so interesting because I had seen the same seen on a Star Trek episode, which just convinces me even more that a lot of the people who write the Star Trek and who write Science fiction, that they themselves have had spiritual experiences that they are writing out of.


So I have seen into the spirit world, but it was always, it was like the fourth dimensional vision, I never, I haven't left this place, I just see on another dimension. So praise the Lord, I thank God, I'm going to end this message with saying this, I thank God and I thanked him before, this is the first time I'm thanking him publicly for this ability to hear the thoughts of men, that I can have the opportunity to pray in a righteous way, and diffuse problems before they ever manifest in the physical, both for me and for other people, I thank God for that insight, and I just pray that he continues to increase it in me, that I might be a blessing and a help to other people, and to myself and to my family. Does anyone else have anything to say on this message? Okay.


COMMENT: You were talking about some of these science fiction writers having had personal experiences with what?


PASTOR VITALE: Spiritual experiences that they write about.


COMMENT: And even the cartoons I notice, that my grandchildren watch little bear, which is one of the milder cartoons around, and you see when little bear goes to bed, that his body floats out of the bed, and he floats out among the stars and he looks down at the whole city, and all that, and even when I watched that these people know a lot about experiences.


PASTOR VITALE: Yeah, I don't doubt for a second that they're having these experiences, the only thing that I question is will we have the same experiences in Christ Jesus, because of course the world that they're visiting is the spiritual aspect of Satan's world, you see. So I don't have any information as to whether we will experience Satan's world or whether or what will the world of Christ Jesus look like, I don't know. We're not up there yet, apparently. We just rolled back to the beginning of the tape to plug in the name that the Lord has given me for this message which is Primal sound and the High Note in Christ Jesus, and the thought occurred to me or I should say the Lord spoke to me at that moment and I recognized the divergence between the sound that to the best of my knowledge the Hindus and Buddhists sound, and the high note in Christ Jesus. The sound that I've heard the Buddhists make is a very deep guttural sound om, but the word that came forth today is that the sound of Christ Jesus is a high note. So we see Jesus is a high note and the Serpent's note is a low guttural note, so I just thought that was very interesting and I wanted to share it with you. Praise the Lord, also this is another witness to me that Christ Jesus is in to melody and is not into drums. We did a study here once and we could not find drums anywhere in the Scripture and I have been of the opinion, not even the opinion, my spirit only responds to melody.


As soon as I'm in a church where the music service goes into drums or goes primarily in to a beat rather than melody, I can't even respond to it, my spirit does not respond to it. Jesus is in the high note, he's in the melody, he's not in the low note, he is not in the percussion. See now it's very important to us that, you have to understand that music is vibration, and that vibration touches our spiritual being, therefore the music that is or the melody aspect of the music will stir up the spirit, even if it's the Holy Spirit or the Spirit of Christ will stir up that spirit in us, and the percussion will stir up the carnal mind. Some how I've known that for a long time but I've never understood it to this degree. The low note stirs up the carnal mind and the drums are not a high pitch, they're the low pitch of the spectrum of sounds in music, and the high note or the melody will stir up the Spirit of Christ.


COMMENT: Last night I had the occasion to watch a true life story about a teacher, a young man who went over to China and it was time of three years, and he studied the martial arts and when he came back to the United States, it showed him talking to some people and the movement of his stomach was how it would go in and out like a belly dancer, he had such control over the muscles of his stomach, it made me understand that he had contact with Kundalini, and all of these spirits that operate in the martial arts.


PASTOR VITALE: That, that gave him control over his stomach? Yeah, that's interesting.


COMMENT: Yeah, it moved like there was a literal snake, it went in and out and all around.


PASTOR VITALE: Well maybe it was.




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