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COMMENT: ...and she's on the topic of depression, and so I was asking Sheila if, Joyce Meyers was saying a form of depression is sleeping, and so I was asking Sheila if this sleeping that she's had, could it be a form of somebody else's depression that's coming upon her at this time.


PASTOR VITALE: Who is, me? Why do you think that I'm sleeping an extra amount of time?


COMMENT: No, just that you know that you had said you are very tired, and I just thought that it might be somebody's depression coming on you.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, I don't remember telling you that I was that tired, I don't remember telling you that. I remember saying that I was overworked, but not that I was unusually tired, but that I was overworked. Yes. I think you did misunderstand me, but I'll answer your question anyway. It is definitely possible for someone else's depression to lay on you, and for you to have all of the manifestations of depression. If in empathetic quality, that as you become more and more spiritual, you will start experiencing other people's lives. You know, it's a wild experience.


Now there are people who are born empathetic, and they don't know what's wrong with them. Ever since they're small children, they're carrying other people's pain. The psychologists of this country know about it. They talk about carrying other people's pain, and they tell you there's always one trial in the family that carries the pain of the whole family. The first time I heard that, I had no idea what John Bradshaw was talking about. But the child literally, the empathetic child literally experiences the other person's pain.


The other person is in denial, they don't feel anything, and they have such a strong mind that they literally force it, I mean they don't know that they're hurting anybody, but they literally force it out of themselves into the receptacle that experiences it. I have a whole message on that called spiritual garbage. So yes, the answer is yes, the more empathetic you are, the more you will be experiencing other people's sin. So we experience other people's sin. It manifest through us. As I was just, I just had a whole exhortation off the tape on how we the personality are a collapsible glove that has no ability to be rigid in it's own right, and spirit wells up inside of the personality and makes us what we are.


So the person who is an empath, their walls are down, you see, and the person who has a strong mind, whether it's in their consciousness or not, the person who is very spiritually strong and you could just be born this way, you know, you just inherit from your parents, it's just the way that they are, and a lot of people don't even know about it, they just automatically throw off all negativity, and if there is a vessel nearby who is empathetic who has not been trained to deal with these negative particles descending on them, they could be sick at a very young age, they could be mentally unstable at a very young age, it could affect them in a multitude of ways. You have to, if you are empathetic, I was empathetic from birth, you see.


You must be taught how to deal with this energy. An empathetic person can be likened to a person who is an atom that's lacking electrons. That atom that's lacking electrons is a magnetic field that draws electrons, that draws atoms to itself that has extra electrons that would like to capture this electron that is lacking electrons and form a molecule where they would share electrons, spiritually speaking. That's what an empath is, they're wide open to this negative energy, because they're not completed, they're not filled up with their own energy. You see, Jesus said he came to complete us. So there's something lacking in empathetic people, and there's an opening there, holes in their hedges, opening in their walls, and people who are successfully throwing off their negative energy, not necessarily intending to hurt anyone at all, but just dealing with their own problems, saying that's not going to bother me, and they're just throwing it off, but they're doing it out of their carnal mind, the empath nearby just absorbs it.


And that energy wells up inside of the empath, and they start experiencing everything that the other person is not experiencing. As far as I know, any child or person that this happens to that is not trained, they become emotionally unstable and sometimes fully mentally ill. And this is why psychologists will tell you that if a member of a family is brought for therapy, they call that person in the family that's unstable the identified patient, but psychologists know that there are unidentified patients who are dealing with their problems, they look great on the surface, they're throwing everything off, and whether it's a wife or a husband, or a child, they're the ones that are acting out, misbehaving if their children, maybe their sick, whatever the problem is, but if you can read, we were talking about body language off of the tape, you may be able to read body language, you may be able to read expressions on people's faces, or you can read families.


If you look at the whole family and you see what's going on there, you can see, you can get a reading on the family of what's happening in visible realms, because the family is a system. See, psychology calls it a system. Here I've called it a group soul, it's the same thing just different names, and you're all one. Some people are innies and other people are outies. Some people act out, and others act in, they don't show it.


COMMENT: Are you saying that the same thing applies to those who are suffering from schizophrenia.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, schizophrenia, it could be other people, well, I would be more inclined to say that schizophrenia is the result of other people manifesting through you or astral projecting through you. At some point the individual becomes unstable. So it's not, if you're asking me if the behavior of the schizophrenic person is another person living through them, I don't think so. At that point, the personality that's been lived through, has become unstable in its own right. And I believe that schizophrenia, in a person who's schizophrenic, they have penetrated from the astral or etheric plane, because schizophrenics hear voices, you see.


So their walls, the threshold, we talked about that this morning, the threshold between the etheric and the astral plane, and the visible world, because the brain is in the visible world, you see. The mind is spiritual, but the brain is an organ, is organic, that this threshold has been severely weakened or torn down, and schizophrenic people are hearing the voices of the beings in the astral and etheric plane.


The psychiatrists will tell you that it's just voices in their head, and it's just their mind making it up, you know. No, they've been penetrated by another plane of consciousness, and they're not equipped to deal with it, and it has, the experience has destabilized the personality. Mental illness is real. The deliverance of Jesus Christ for all forms of mental illness, including schizophrenia and paranoia is this what we're doing in this ministry. You see, the reason the ministry in the Holy Spirit rarely helps schizophrenia, very rarely helps them, okay, is because the ministry of the Holy Spirit is to the carnal mind, and that carnal mind is severely diseased. The Holy Spirit is not powerful enough to deal with that kind of mental illness.


Now if you're hearing this tape and that offends you, I'm very sorry, but it's the truth. And we have a lot of teaching here on how the Holy Spirit is only in part. The Holy Spirit is not the partial tree, the partial tree is the knowledge of good and evil, but the Holy Spirit is only part of the tree of life. He's only the branch. And it requires the whole tree of life, which is the mind of Christ. I'm sorry, the whole tree of life is Christ Jesus, more than the mind of Christ, the whole mature Christ Jesus to heal someone of schizophrenia and paranoia. Because what we're saying is that you need a whole new mind, because your mind, if you have schizophrenia, you're mind is diseased, your walls are torn down, you've been penetrated by the beings in the astral and etheric plane, and to a degree you're possessed, to whatever degree their controlling you, you're possessed. So you need a whole new mind, and you need the doctrine of Christ.


But there is deliverance for all forms of mental illness in the indwelling Christ, now you've got to live out of him, you see. He has to grow up in you. That means that if you're a schizophrenic person and you're hearing this message, in accordance with amount of power that's in the earth today, for people in your condition, what you have to do, is submit yourself to this course of study in the doctrine of Christ. How do you get a new mind? You start to think the thoughts of the new mind. How do you think the thoughts of Christ Jesus, what does he think about? Christ Jesus thinks the doctrine of Christ, and there are two sides to the doctrine of Christ. Christ Jesus talks about the esoteric doctrine, the spiritual meaning of the Scripture, and the under, he also talks about the etheric and the astral plane, we had a message this morning on materialization. Everything that's true about our present consciousness, about this present world, as the mind of Christ sees it is the doctrine of Christ, the spirit of truth brings forth the doctrine of Christ.


The truth about yourself is the doctrine of Christ. The truth about our true condition, that we're really serpents, that's the doctrine of Christ. The truth about particular sin that's manifesting in us, if you have a tendency witchcraft, you have a tendency towards Jezebel, you have a tendency towards pride, bringing this forth is the doctrine of Christ. This is all the doctrine of Christ, and there is healing in this for the mentally ill person that will sit for it.


But because of the limited amount of power that is in the earth today, well certainly in me, I'm very limited in my ability to impart Christ to people, for that reason, you have to sit under this teaching for a long time, and the change is slow, but all things are possible in Christ, you see. I do believe in the future, when people ascend and this message is preached from a higher plane, there will be more power available to help people more quickly, as Jesus helped the Gaderene demoniac. I don't really know how long it took the Gaderene demoniac to recover, the Scripture doesn't say. It says Jesus helped him, and then in the next paragraph, we see that the man appeared and he was in his right mind, and fully dressed. But we have no idea how much time had elapsed. It could have been a week, it could have been five years, well it couldn't have been five years, because Jesus ministry was only three years. It could have been two years. But to be delivered from the condition of the Gaderene demoniac in two years is no small thing, you know, but it could have been a week, you know.


See, as soon as we receive the ability to penetrate into a man's etheric body, and heal from a position of the etheric body, healing will come forth much more quickly. So we're not really doing that now, we lay hands on people, and we pray for them, and we use words, prayers, and of course our prayers are spirit, because words are spirit, and it affects us, but it's not the same thing as being on a spiritual plane, where you're high enough to literally penetrate into that's man's etheric body, which is what Jesus did with the Gaderene demoniac by the way, he penetrated right into the man's etheric body and fixed the problem at its root, you see.


So we're not really doing that yet, we're not powerful enough to really do that yet, at least I'm not. We're still standing on the outside praying prayers towards the root of the problem, and so our prayers have to penetrate pass the physical body, pass the brain, into the mind. So our prayers are penetrating from the outside in, hoping to touch the root of the man's problem. But when you're high enough in Christ Jesus, you're very mind penetrates right into the man's etheric body, you touch his mind at the root level, and the healing takes place at the root level.


You know that's what witchcraft healers do. That's what they do. Men who heal by Satan's spirit, they may not admit that it's Satan's spirit, I don't deny that they're doing a good work, but they're not doing it by the power of Christ. What they do is their mind penetrates right into your mind into your etheric body, and if they have the strength to do it, it pushes your consciousness right out of your brain, these are what faith healers do, the ones that really do heal. They concentrate on you and penetrate into your mind, and they literally push your mind back out of your brain.


If you want to think of your mind for the purposes of understanding this, think of your mind as spiritual blood, and that your brain is, well all of our organs are drenched in blood, okay, the brain is completely penetrated by blood, by your physical blood, okay, and in the etheric body, your brain is completely drenched, now I don't know that this is accurate, I'm just giving you this as an example. Your brain is completely drenched with your spiritual blood.


Well someone who has the power to heal in Satan, their mind is very powerful, they penetrate right into your mind and they push your spiritual blood right out of that, right out of your brain. They enter into your brain, and they completely push out the spiritual blood and lay over your brain with their spiritual blood, and from that position of dominance of your brain, they heal your body. But when they withdraw from you, when they withdraw their mind from you, the men who do this, they have taken your disease into their body, and they now have to throw it off, or they will have your disease, whether it be physical or spiritual, they have to throw it off, or they're going to be in trouble.


So they not only have the strength to penetrate into you and heal you, but when they receive from you, they have to have the strength to throw it off or they're going to be sick. Christ doesn't heal like this, Christ, I think we had this issue with you about a year or so ago, you know, Christ doesn't heal like that. Christ doesn't take your disease and throw it off. Christ is a source of energy in and of himself, and energy heals, you see. If you have enough energy, you can heal anybody of anything. The ultimate miracle drug is spiritual energy. See, there is nothing that you cannot heal by applying spiritual energy to the wound.


Christ Jesus is an unlimited source of energy. He does not have to take your disease and throw it off. When Christ Jesus heals, and we brought up, I think it was you, you just brought up that Scripture this morning, when Christ Jesus heals, he adds something to the pot. See, we are the pot, and when there's poison in this pot, when we have a physical or mental disease, Christ Jesus heals by adding his energy to the pot. Because all disease, mental, physical, all trouble in our physical body or in our personality or in our emotions is caused by a lack of energy. Every man born of a woman is incomplete.


We are all lacking, we don't have enough energy to be problemless, therefore Christ Jesus who had an unlimited supply of energy, he doesn't even have to know what your problem is. Maybe right now Christ Jesus is healing specific problems in response to prayer or for whatever reason, but this whole ministry today is in part. The fullness of the ministry of Christ Jesus will complete the person that he's living in. We are complete in him. He will fill in every aspect of your being that is not filled up to overflowing with spiritual energy. And when he fills you up to overflowing with spiritual energy, every physical, emotional, and mental problem that you have will disappear, because energy is the universal cure.


So Christ Jesus adds to your problem, he adds the solution to your problem, he does not drain it from you into himself and throw it off, because if he did that, if for no other reason, he would be taking sin into himself, and this is impossible. Christ Jesus cannot sin, it's impossible. He cannot take sin into himself, only the carnal mind could do that. Christ Jesus doesn't heal like that, and he doesn't have to, that's dangerous to heal like that. What if entering into somebody's spiritual being, and dealing with their disease takes more energy than you expected that it would take, and when you withdraw, you cannot find within yourself the energy to throw off the disease.


You see, already there's a condition here, already this whole process is become conditional. That means it's not absolute. It's not absolutely guaranteed that the person who heals by entering into someone's spiritual being and when they withdraw taking that person's disease with them. It's not absolutely one hundred percent sure that this person will be able to throw the disease off of themselves. If the percentage of possible failure is one quarter of one percent, do you want to take that chance?


But aside from that fact, would like to take that chance? Christ Jesus is incapable of taking that chance, you see. He cannot be sin. He cannot. Christ Jesus heals by adding himself and his energy to the damaged area. Satan, even if she's in her good mode, Satan heals by removing the damaged area. Our medical society is in Satan. Look, I'm not against it, I had surgery that saved my life, but this is what God gave me, he would have saved me if the surgery wasn't available, he would have done it another way, but he had his reasons for requiring the surgery for me. But the truth is that our medical society is all in the serpent, that's not God's healing. God doesn't cut you open and cut your intestines out, and sew you up again, and have your body deformed, and give you a bag hanging out of your guts, or chop your arms off, if you have diabetes, cut your legs off, Christ Jesus doesn't heal like that.


Am I against the medical society? No. It's the, I don't know about all of the time, but a lot of the time, it's the mercy of God in this world, I don't know that's it's the mercy of God all of the time, but the Scripture says that they keep those alive that should die, and kill those that should live. So in some cases I think they should just leave the people alone, and more and more people are saying, "leave me alone, I don't want your radiation, I'm just going to accept it for what it is, you know." Now I'm not counseling anybody through this message, but sometimes the cure kills you rather than the disease, and that's a known fact. Praise the Lord.


COMMENT: I think the church world teaches that the Scripture that Jesus took our infirmities upon him, that he actually absorbed our pain and everything when he was crucified.


PASTOR VITALE: I understand that's the King James translation, but it's not even true. I mean, the whole concept of it is not true, because based on that Scripture, the church world teaches that we're free from sin, you know, that because he died for us, that there is nothing for us to do, so everybody is just eating and drinking and marrying and giving in marriage and waiting for the rapture, and this is all wrong. The truth of the matter is that through his crucifixion and resurrection, he has made a way, he has opened a door for us, he has provided the power for us to escape from hell, but we have to lay hold of that power and do the work. But the church world doesn't believe this.


You have to do the work. Look at what we're going through here, you have to do the work. You have to study to show yourself approved, you have to be willing to face the hidden sins of your heart, and be cleansed of all filthiness of the spirit and of the flesh. What Jesus Christ has provided is the power to accomplish this. So the Scripture that says he took all our sins upon himself, I know that I've looked it up in the past, I'm not really sure exactly what that Scripture says at this time, but the way it's preached in the church is not true.


COMMENT: Hebrews 9:28, so Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many, and unto them that look for them shall he appear the second time without sin unto salvation.


PASTOR VITALE: From the King James translation of this verse, the average Christian thinks that Jesus is going to bear, or carry on his shoulders all of their sins, and that all they have to do is confess their sins and repent one time at one alter call and they're okay. But the truth of that Scripture is that it is saying that Jesus is going to or has, whatever the tense is I'm not sure, made a way, he carried, he made a way for the sin nature, cause all of our sins are in the sin nature, for the sin nature to be elevated, that's what it says, that he's made a way, not to carry away as if they never existed, your sins, but to cause the sin nature to ascend.


Now what is our sin nature, our sin nature is our subconscious mind, the fiery serpent that incarnated us. And you may recall that the process of salvation is that the Holy Spirit comes to us, starts to purify our human spirit, the seed of Christ is grafted to the purified waters, Christ Jesus, Christ matures into Christ Jesus, and Christ Jesus is strong enough to go down into the lower energy centers, the layer of the wild beast, and lay hold of that fiery serpent, and now before Christ Jesus can do that, who does he have to overcome in battle before he can get into the layer of the beast? Does anybody remember?




PASTOR VITALE: Satan, and then after Satan, who does he have to overcome?


COMMENT: Fiery serpent?


PASTOR VITALE: No, next Leviathan. First Satan, the wild dog, then Leviathan, the fiery serpent's husband, the strong man that's guarding her, and then he has to war with the very fiery serpent before he penetrates her, see, and once he penetrates her, it's a marriage, then the Spirit of Christ comes down and binds them up, that's the esoteric meaning of the word "sinews", okay, and then what happens? Christ Jesus is latched on to the fiery serpent, the Spirit of Christ is come down and secured the connection, what happens next, does anybody remember? Christ Jesus starts to ascend. Now he's doing this down in the lower centers. Christ Jesus starts to ascend and the fiery serpent's attached to him. So he's bearing, or that Greek word "to bear", means to raise up, to carry up, to cause to ascend, he starts raising up our sin nature, the fiery serpent into the higher centers of the true time line. That's what that Scripture means, it doesn't mean that we're going to wake up one morning and have no more sin, and it doesn't mean that there's nothing for us to do because Jesus has now taken it on his shoulders, and we are now scot-free. It doesn't mean that at all, and it's a very immature understanding.


I don't mean to knock anybody, but we have to know what grade we're in. That's a very immature understanding of the Scripture. And as spiritual adults, or as the aspiring spiritual adults, we need to know that this process of salvation is not easy, it is difficult, and it is really only going to be, although technically, it's available to whosoever will, only those who are really willing to make the commitment and fight the fight, and buckle down and do it, they're the only ones that are going to go through, because it requires a, salvation requires a great effort on the part of the person being saved. And the exact opposite is being taught in the church today. I know that if a typical Christian or pastor heard this, he'd call this blasphemy, he'd say, "Jesus did it all on the cross". Jesus' work on the cross provided the power and opened up the way, opened up the time line which is in Christ Jesus.


The work that Jesus did on the cross created for us, down here, Jacob's ladder, the vehicle which we could walk up on and gave us the power to walk. Now we have to do it. This is not blasphemy, the message in the church is blasphemy, because it fosters passivity amongst the people. And along the same line, Mark 16:16 says, "And they shall lift up serpents." I don't think it's the same Greek word, but it's the same concept. The serpents that they're lifting up is your fiery serpent and my fiery serpent. And another translation of that word "to lift up", means to carry away one's sins, but the Scripture in the Hebrew, what is it 9:28, that we just quoted? That isn't the same word which means to carry away sins, but it means to carry away or to lift up sins. The fiery serpent's going up into the higher centers in Christ Jesus.


Now the only way she's going up is when she's burnt in the lake of fire, when Christ Jesus joins with her, he's a consuming fire, and he burns away. Now remember the fiery serpent, we talked about this this morning, the fiery serpent is Jehovah's spiritual sperm, completely mingled with the earth, and with Cain, and with also the waters of the spiritual seminal fluid. Jehovah's spiritual sperm is as co-mingled is as mingled with other elements as the butter and flour and the sugar is when you make a cake. It's impossible to separate them.


So the fact that these elements are being separated is an outstanding miracle. As Christ Jesus descends upon the fiery serpent, he burns her in the lake of fire, and in this burning, she is separated from the earth, and from Cain. And this, and Abel appears and takes authority over Cain, puts Cain under his feet, puts the earth under his feet. This is what does when he is strengthened by Christ Jesus that's been formed in him. It's an absolute miracle. The fiery serpent, it's the story of Star Wars. Darth Vader, this great evil one was at one time the champion of good, but he went evil, that's the story.


So this carrying away of our sins, it's not talking about making them go poof poof, we have to be raised up and our sins are in our mind. So to bear sins away, or to carry your sins away is to cause your consciousness to ascend into a place of righteousness, and to force the negative elements of your mind to ascend up to that high place where they serve you. See, when our potential for righteousness abides in the lower centers, the sin nature rules over our potential for righteousness. But when Christ Jesus raises our potential for righteousness up into the higher centers of the righteous time line, and we drag that sin nature up with us when we lift up that serpent, in the higher centers righteousness reigns, and the fiery serpent will serve, the earth will serve the son of man.


It's so simple when you hear it this way. Listen, every human being has a potential for righteousness. When that potential abides in the lower centers, the earth prevails over it, it's weak, out potential for righteousness is weak when it's in the lower centers, and the earth and the nature of the earth and the qualities of the earth, which are good and evil, but more inclined, well certainly evil when looked at it from the point of view of the righteousness of God, when our potential for righteousness is in the lower centers, the earth and the nature of the earth rules over our potential for righteousness, and the Scripture calls it adultery and harlotry.


Our spiritual members are being used by the nature of the earth, which is an unholy nature to express her life through the members of what is suppose to be a part of the righteous kingdom of Elohim and Jehovah. So the deliverance that Jehovah has laid out for us is to descend into our lower centers and lay hold of our potential for righteousness, and carry it away, but our potential for righteousness is completely mingled with the sin nature of the earth, so Christ Jesus ascends into the lower centers and lays hold that clump of earth called the fiery serpent, the spiritual earth, and raises it up into the higher centers, carries it away, and in the ascension, the negative qualities are burnt in the lake of fire, the potential for righteousness is freed and joined with Christ Jesus, and the whole man comes into the right moral order, and is delivered from the sin nature. Fire, fire breaks elements, will lay hold of a substance and break it down into its basic elements. That's why the fiery serpent has to be burnt.


That's why the whole of the serpent's household in us, must go into the lake of fire to break down the formation that we are in into its basic spiritual elements, so that our basic spiritual elements can be rebuilt into a righteous moral order and restored to the world above.


So this childish concept that our sins, that we don't have to worry about them anymore because Jesus took them, it's death, it's a deadly, it's a lie, it's killing people, because not only are they not working to overcome their sin nature, but they sin everyday, they sin every second of every, we, me to, we sin every second of every minute of every day, and they don't believe it, and even if they believe it they're not doing anything about it, cause they think when they're raptured they'll be okay, they'll be perfected when they're raptured, and Satan is waiting for them.


So they're missing the whole point, they may be blessed in this world because they have the Holy Spirit, maybe they were in poverty and now they have a few dollars, maybe they were childless and now they have a baby, maybe they were lonely and now they have a mate, maybe they were unemployed and now they have a job, but they're still in hell. The Holy Spirit is only a part of the plan of salvation, he is sent to point us to Christ, who is salvation, Christ Jesus is salvation. And when we follow him everywhere, when we think with his mind, when we zig when he zags, see I zigged and you zagged, you see, do you know what I mean? Are you awake?




PASTOR VITALE: I zigged and you zagged. When he zigs we're suppose to zig, when he zags we're suppose to zag, you see, and that is salvation. We had a whole exhortation off the tape on that. Salvation is in having our personality completely intermingled with the mind of Christ, much more than saying, "Well God said it and I agree." We want the very root of his mind in us. We want to think the way he thinks, we don't want to disagree with the conclusions that he comes to, we want his thought process functioning in our mind and in our heart. We want to be able to look at a problem and analyze it and come up with the same solution that the Lord would come up with. And when we get to that place, we will enter into eternal life. This salvation is in how we think, it's in the mind.


That's why people who lack this understanding, who are out to change only their behavior, and leave their true heart locked up, so that nobody, the world could see it, it's the same thing as I just said earlier. They may have a better life in this world, but there's no ascension into eternal life, because the very nature in your heart center has to be changed, and the only way the nature of your heart center can changed is to start thinking with the mind of Christ. That is salvation. It's nothing at all like is being preached today. Satan has bound up the church. See, she couldn't stop the Holy Spirit, she couldn't stop Jesus from the resurrection, she couldn't stop the Holy Spirit from coming in, see. But now she's got the whole church bound up thinking that the Holy Spirit is the end of the whole thing, the Holy Spirit to the rapture, and that's the end of the whole thing.


But Christ Jesus is moving to bring this message forth and he's going to do it. I don't know how long it's going to take, but this message is going to be preached through the whole church through the whole world. It has to be, it can't be any other way. However long it's going to take, it can't be any other way. But for the time being, there's just a small group of people that are willing to walk this difficult path. But you know the more people that are willing to walk this difficult path, we are really the pioneers that are making a way for the people who are not as strong as we are. Because when there are hundreds of thousands of people that, when there are fellowships all over, everywhere we look that are willing to confess their sins, and go through this painful process, having them pointed out to you, it will be much easier for other people to do it.


If they have friends of their own age and their own neighborhood, and they just see that everybody is just submitting to this, it will be much easier for the other people to do it. So we are pioneers and we're paving the way and we're doing things that other people are really not able to do. We're walking in a ministry, we're walking in a separate path from the professing church, what the world perceives as the church. Not many Christians have the strength to not be in sync with the whole church world, we're blazing that path for the people who don't have the strength to do what we're doing. And we're learning to zig when Jesus zigs, and zag when he zags. We have to follow him wherever he goes, you see, and in a fellowship like this it's easy, because it's very, you know, it's very rare that he manifest through someone other than me, I mean he may manifest through a word of knowledge, but right now, I'm the appointed leader for us, for however long this last.


So you know that when we have a meeting, you know that I'm the leader, so you have to ask the Lord to help you to follow me wherever I go, or follow Christ in me wherever I go, and you know that for these meetings he's in me, so it's easy, but it's not easy when you get on the outside, and you have to discern where is Christ, is he in this person, or is he in that person, or is he in that person, we have to follow him wherever he goes.


Did you ever think about that Scripture? Well, you know, I really never thought about that Scripture. Well these virgins, they follow him wherever he goes, maybe he walks down avenue L, and they follow him down avenue L, no, how can you follow him until you recognize him? See, you have to be able to recognize his manifestation before you follow him. And of course you have to be able to distinguish between your carnal mind and your Christ mind, you know. So the whole thing is spiritual, you see. The multitude that followed Jesus, it was a spiritual people, that word "multitude", it doesn't mean a lot of people. It means the people who had the ability to recognize him and follow him in the spirit, received what he had, you see.


Praise the Lord. Does anybody else have any questions or comments or anything to say? We hoofin' it tonight. I'm looking at the Interlinear text of the rest of Hebrews 9:28, I'll just read the, this is the literal translation. "So being once offered to bear the sin of the many...", and we now know what that means, right in my, I think it's probably Thayer's or Strong's, that says that English word "bear", the Greek word that it's translated from means "to raise to a higher place". That's one of the first definitions in the Lexicon, to raise to a higher place, not to dissolve or throw away, but to raise to a higher place.


"And Christ shall appear a second time...", the word "time" is in italics, that means it's not in the Greek. "...and he shall appear a second, without sin to those expecting him for salvation." Now this is very interesting brethren. The Interlinear text has a word here that's really not translated. It's the Greek word "xek", and it means "out of, away from", it's talking about separation, and it's not translated here, either that or it's translated "a" in the phrase "a second time". Now remember "time" is not in the Greek, so we have two Greek words here, one is "xek", out of or separation, Strong's #1537, and then we have the Greek word that means "second", not "second time" now, it just means "second", and that is Strong's, I think the number I gave you for "xek", it's the wrong number, I'm sorry. What I have in front of me here is the book that looking at is the pocket Interlinear New Testament by Jay Green, and he doesn't even put in the number for "xek". See, I originally researched this on my computer software, which is the Bible soft Interlinear text, and they include the number for "xek", but I'm not at my computer right now.


I would have never seen the revelation I'm about to reveal to you from this book that I have here, but I did see it on my Bible software, okay. So the word "xek" is there, it means "out of or apart from", and then there's no number for it in this book in front of me, and then we have the word "second", and that number is Strong's, well unless I do have it backwards, I'm sorry I do have it, well, I guess the number is, I'm sorry, I don't usually use this book, okay, I guess I did have it right, the word "xek" is Strong's #1537, and the Greek word translated "second" must be #1208, I hope I have that right. And then it says, "...without sin." So he's going to bear the sins, he's going to bring the sins, or the sin nature to a higher place, out of or apart from the "second".


I'm sorry I didn't have it exactly right, that word "xek", it is #1537, but it doesn't mean apart from, it means out of, "xek" means "out of", then the word "second" is Strong's # 1208, it means "second", and the Greek word translated "without", that is Strong's #5565, that is the word that means "apart from", apart from not without. And listen to what this, can anybody hear this? Listen, I'm going to read it for you. Based on the revelation that the Lord's been bringing forth here, based on the symbols that the Lord's been bringing forth here, "Christ, once having been offered of many, to bear away, or to raise to a higher place, (our sin nature), out of the second, (cause time's not in there), out of the second, apart from sin." Who's the second? Cain is the second in command, he's the firstborn, but he's the second in command, even though he's the first born, he's the second in command. Listen to what this is saying, he's going to carry away our sin nature to a higher place, out of Cain, out of Cain.


Remember I was just telling you that the fiery serpent is a completely mingled mixture of the earth of Jehovah's spiritual seed, the waters of Jehovah's seminal fluid, and Cain, and Cain is the one that's ruling over Abel, cause Abel is under that ground. So our sin nature is going to be carried to a higher place, out of the second one, out of Cain, or out from under Cain's authority, or out of the ground. It's going to be carried away out of the ground, and without apart from or separated from our sin nature. To bear away the sins, see there's a word missing there. To carry away our sins, and Abel will be taken out of the second one, out of Cain, or out of Cain's dominion, and separated from the sin nature.


The word Abel is missing there, and I don't really know how to work with the prefixes in the Greek, so I don't if there would be an indication in the Greek that it's Abel that's going to be taken out of the second one, out of the dominion of the second one, and separated from the sin nature. This is exactly what I preached before I looked at the Interlinear Text on this Scripture. I just spent a half an hour preaching this to you, that Jehovah's spiritual seed is going to, well the whole fiery serpent is going to be burnt in the lake of fire, so that the spiritual seed can be liberated from the earth and from Cain, didn't I just preach that, did you hear me preach it? Well here it is, isn't that absolutely amazing? So, this Scripture, Hebrews 9:28, it's not talking about Jesus coming a second time, it says that Jesus is going to raise our sin nature to a higher place, and the way he's going to do it is by taking Abel out from under the ground, which Cain is growing out of, Cain is the foliage that grows out of the ground.


Abel is going to be taken out of the ground, and separated, that's the word that's translated "without", separated from the sin nature, so that he will appear to those who are expecting him for salvation. So that, listen to this, Christ Jesus is coming in a man, okay, and he's going to raise your sin nature up to a higher place through the exposure of sin, and your cooperation and repentance, so that your potential for righteousness, if it's not Abel it's your human spirit.


If you don't have Abel, the root, your human spirit is your potential for righteousness, because your human spirit is the water that the seed of Christ is to be grafted to, you have to have some purified spirit in you for Christ to be grafted to you, see, so the person who's sent by the Lord to judge your sins, okay, is going to raise your sin nature up to a higher place, by taking out, or maybe it's not Abel, by taking out, I've also taught you that the Holy Spirit's coming, and he's going to start drawing your human spirit away from Satan and drawing your human spirit unto himself, and purifying that human spirit, so your sin nature is going to be raised to a higher place, by the drawing out of your human spirit, unto the Holy Spirit, unto purification, and the separation of whether you have the root of Abel or whether it's your human spirit mixed in the clay, our human spirit through our whole body, through the whole spiritual and physical body, but right now we're talking about the etheric body.


The human spirit is flowing with Satan, who is the waters of the whole body, the waters that make the clay. So the human spirit is in the clay, it's in that ground, the human spirit's mixed in with the fiery serpent. So your sin nature is going to be raised up to a higher place by the calling out of your human spirit, and the separating of that human spirit from the sin nature, so that, Christ Jesus can appear in you. That's the last few phrases here, so that will appear, it doesn't say who's going to appear, will appear Christ Jesus, to those who are expecting him, and the Alternate Translation of that word "expecting him", or another acceptable translation is, "Those who are waiting patiently for him, unto salvation."


This is how your sin nature is going to be elevated. Your human spirit or if you have Abel fine, if you don't have Abel, your human spirit is going to be called out from every aspect of the ground that you are formed from, and separated from Cain's authority, so that Christ Jesus can be formed in you, so that Christ Jesus can be formed in those of you who are waiting patiently for the promised salvation. And yet, it really is talking about Jesus coming the second time, that's really not a wrong translation, except that the understanding is wrong in the church. Jesus is not coming from the sky a second time, his second appearing is Christ arising in you.


So the translation really isn't wrong except that impression that it gives is all wrong. Did anybody not understand what I just said with this verse? Isn't that exciting? I'd much rather hear that he's going to be appearing in me than that he's coming out of the clouds, and having to minister to trillions of people. He's my personal savior, I've got him all to myself. This guy is so strong that he could meet the need of billions and trillions of spiritual women, without denying anyone of them a thing. He's all mine, he's never failed to answer me when I called on his name. No woman could ask for a better husband. He's faithful, he's devoted, he's committed to me, he wants what's best for me, everything he does for me is for my good.


He's never used me, he's never forsaken me, he's never betrayed me, he's never abandoned me, you show me a man that will fill those qualities. He's welling up in me, but you have to get this right understanding, your sins have to be raised up, through exposure and confession and repentance. Every sin that we have has a righteous counterpart. Maybe you're a domineering person, maybe you're a person who had a spirit of divination, and you see everybody's sins, and you use it to hurt them. Well, the raising up of that sin into a higher place, will bring you to a place in Christ Jesus where you will have the same quality, but your motive will change, and you're still going to see the sins in people, but you're no longer going to use it against them, you're now going to use it to help them.


Maybe you have leadership qualities and you're going around bossin' everybody around, because you have a strong ego, and you have a tendency to be telling people what to do and boss them around. Well, the raising up of that sin is to make you a leader in Christ, your motive will change. You'll have the same quality, but your will change. You're still going to lead people around, but now you're not going to lead them around to use them for your own benefit, but you're going to lead them around as a teacher of the things of Christ. That's the practical application of raising your sins up into a higher energy center.


Every negative quality that you have will be readapted for a positive use. Nothing is destroyed. Nothing is destroyed, it's just converted from good or evil to a righteous purpose, and what is the practical application of that conversion? Christ Jesus lays hold of this quality of your personality and uses it for his program in the earth, and that's how your motive changes, cause either Satan is your motive, whether she be good or evil, either Satan is your motive, or Christ Jesus is your motive. So which ever spirit has laid hold of that character trait, which is in your personality, that is the motive that will stir up the activity of that character trait.


So when Satan lays hold of your strong personality, you're out there bossin' everybody around, telling everybody what to do, but when Christ Jesus lays hold of that quality, you become a godly leader of people who don't have your boldness. It's the same quality, different motives, different master. We're just the glove, we're a collapsible rubber glove, and we become a full blown expression of the spirit that fills us to the point that we become erect. What does that mean? When we become erect, we become visible. We become a presence, people know when we're there. Isn't that exciting?


So, it's not that this translation of Hebrews 9:28 is really wrong, it just doesn't say enough. Jesus is coming a second time, you know, but when we interpret this Scripture in accordance with everything that the Lord has taught us, we have a much deeper understanding of how he's coming the second time and where he's coming the second time, and what's going to happen when he comes the second time. Because the less of an understanding that you have, the less detail that you have in a Scripture, or in any kind of communication, even verbal communication, the less detail that you have, the more likely a misunderstanding is.


So you see the King James translation of Hebrews 9:28 says, "Well he's coming again a second time", and now it's up to the carnal mind to interpret how he's going to come a second time, which is been a disaster for the church, see. But because we have studied the doctrine of Christ here, and we have some revelation on some of these terms, we have a deeper understanding of what to expect. So you see wrong doctrine is a lie, the way the carnal mind understands the Scripture is a lie. You have to understand what a spiritual lie is.


Someone came to me a couple of weeks ago and they said to me, "The Lord told me that such and such a person lied to me." And it just so happened that I understood, I had heard the verbal exchange, you see, and it turned out that what the Lord was saying to this person was that person has been dishonest with you, and the person, I'm not making this clear, it wasn't a contrived dishonesty that person set out to deceive, it was a manifestation of pride that was causing the person to act in a certain way because their pride was involved, and I know that they had no idea what they were doing, we all do this, it's called role playing, role playing, that you're under certain circumstances, you act a certain way, that's how the world lives, under certain circumstances, you act certain way.


You put up a stiff upper lip, and you put up this front and you act a certain way. The person didn't do anything so terrible, except that the Lord was teaching this other brother, he was teaching him that this was not an expression of truth, that this person was relating as the way the world relates, but the person that heard this word from the Lord, they thought the Lord was saying that person actually lied about what they said to them, which wasn't the case. The person had not lied, let's say for example I said, "Here, here's a pair of glasses, and these", well let me put it this way, if someone said to you, "I had your glasses and put them in the drawer for you", and the truth is they didn't put them in the drawer, they put them on the kitchen table, it wasn't that kind of a lie, that they said they put the glasses one place, but they really put them some place else, it wasn't a lie like that, but that's what the brother thought, that this person had actually lied to them about something that they had done. And the Lord had said to that person, "Go and tell Sheila", and the reason they were told to tell me was because they were completely misunderstanding what the Lord was saying to them. That person did not lie about where they put that object, but they was pride involved, and the person was putting up a front, and the Lord was trying to teach this brother, trying to teach him that this kind of front, to put up this kind of a front, that the Lord considers this a lie, to cover your tail, to put up, to cover up your true feelings by acting in a certain way, spiritually speaking, the Lord considers that lying.


We need to know this, you see, we need to know this. We're suppose to be transparent. What you see is what you get, that's what we're suppose to be in Christ Jesus. But of course if your motives aren't pure, that could be dangerous. So we're suppose to clean up our motives and we're suppose to relate to everybody with an honest heart, and we're suppose to be transparent. If I did something wrong, I'm sorry, I did it and I'm sorry, you know. If I make an offer to you have turn me down, and rejection or pride rises up in me, we have to deal with our own rejection and pride, and not cover it up with a "I don't care" attitude, or something like that.


The Lord is saying this is a lie. If you offer something to somebody, and they say thank you, but I can't use it, and for whatever reason, you feel rejection, to put on an "I don't care" attitude, the Lord is saying this is a lie, because you do care you see. So I can't make it any clearer without telling you the incident, which I don't want to do, but we need to understand that the Lord's definition of lying is not the same thing as our definition of lying, or the world's definition of lying. Any actually typically speaking, any expression that comes out of the carnal mind is a lie, the carnal mind is the lie. Christ is the only reality.


So therefore we lie and we don't even know that we're lying according to this test. We lie and we don't even know we're lying. We've been acting like this all of our life. Who are you hurting by acting like you don't care, who are you hurting? Well, a spiritually sensitive person is being hurt by it, but aside from that, it's a sin against God, you're responding to what for you is a difficult situation out of your carnal mind, and you're suppose to give all rejection and any such thing to the Lord, and just accept things, and if the person has done you wrong, it's in God's hands.


That's no easy thing to do, so what am I telling you, that if you're hearing this tape, you're suppose to confess to the Lord that you may not be living like this, but that you want to be Christ and that you don't want to be a liar, even in accordance with his definition of lies, and to ask him to help you to overcome in this area. Even to this day, there are probably sins that manifest through me that I don't even know that it's sin. This is why the Lord has such mercy on us, we don't even know what sin is. I have no idea what the Lord has not yet shown me about myself that is sin, I just know what he's shown me.


And to the best of my ability I'm working on what he has shown me. Who knows what's coming tomorrow, and thank God for his mercy, we couldn't bear it if he dumped it all on us at once. So we just have to stay open and don't be lifted up in pride and think that we've got it all, because if you had all of your sin dealt with, you wouldn't be getting sick or aging or dying. So obviously sin is still reigning in our minds, I'm still having little fender benders with physical problems with my body, and I know that I'm still aging, so that means sin is still reigning in me. But all the time that I spend thinking on the mind of Christ and all the communication I have with the Lord, it has not stopped the effect of time on my body.


That means sin is still reigning through me. If I would stop to think about it I'd be discouraged, but I won't stop to think about it. I just go on serving God to the best of my ability. You see, a change has to take place. Job did say he was waiting for his change to take place, and that change is an exchange, its an exchange, an exchange of minds, and that is the catching up you see. We go along at this pace, we do all that we can do, and at some point there will be a catching up, there will be a sudden yanking up to a higher place where sin will be under our feet. Satan must be bruised under our feet.


So we wait patiently, we do all that we could do and we wait patiently for that catching up, because we don't have the strength to catch ourselves up. So we labor, we labor in God's vineyard, and we manifest Christ to the best of our ability by refusing every thought from our carnal mind that we can recognize. And we wait, we wait for it, for this great salvation, we wait for it. Praise the Lord, does anyone have anything to add to this? Yes?


COMMENT: You've certainly given a deeper meaning to that Scripture "Let God be true and every man a liar." But, getting back to the second coming, now we know, I seem to recall in one of the studies of years back that Jesus called the "coming", what it means in Greek or whatever, he comes as healer, revelator, counselor, he continually comes to us. Now, when you're talking about the second coming, are you talking about Christ Jesus, or like he's always coming to us with help, counselor, that's just the work of the Holy Spirit.


PASTOR VITALE: No, counsel is in Christ Jesus, counsel is not in the Holy Spirit, but I think what you're saying to me, I think I have the answer to what you're saying to me. Actually the term the second coming is really not an accurate term, and the Greek word I think is 'perusia', if I'm pronouncing that correctly, and what it really means is appearing. You see, he's never left us, but he is going to make a second public appearance, he's going to appear again, he's going to appear again. He had never left us, see. He came as tongues of fire on the day of Pentecost, and he has been in the earth ever since, but he appeared publicly in the apostles. Christ Jesus appeared publicly in Jesus Christ and in the apostles, okay, and we're waiting for him to appear again. So we're waiting for him to appear again, so we're waiting for his appearing see, and I haven't, it would be interesting to do a study to see if this phrase the second coming reverts to this Scripture, Hebrews 9:28, I would interested to do a word study on this and see if there are any other Scriptures that are translated in the King James that would indicate his second coming, because second coming is not accurate, he's never left us. To come again you have to have gone away, but he's never left us, but he is underground.


Jesus said, "If a corn of wheat fall into the ground, it will bring forth a great harvest. So when Jesus and the apostles left the earth the seed went under the ground, we're waiting for that public appearance, but there really is no second coming, he has never left us after the first time.


And here of course is one more witness that the harvest is not people that don't know the Lord, that's another major error in the church, to put the focus on the people out there when you're suppose to be working on yourself, it's a major error, because we have a plant growing in us, we have a cultivated plant growing in us, it's coming forth in us, and we're suppose to be nurturing him in studying to show our selves approved and doing everything to bring forth that child, we're midwives concerning the birth of the manchild within us.


So to put the emphasis of your ministry on the people outside of you is a big mistake. Christ Jesus is perfectly capable of a evangelizing the world by his Spirit, if your main focus is outside of yourself, you're in the wrong place, see. The harvest is Christ Jesus within you. The harvest is the separation of Christ Jesus from the carnal mind, because when Christ Jesus first comes forth, he comes forth under the dominion of the ground, which is Cain and the fiery serpent. So Christ must separate from the ground, so that he can ascend above the ground and dominate it. So the harvest is the cutting away of the fruit from the vine, and the, I know Jesus said, "I'm the vine and you're the branches, but there's also an unholy vine, Jesus is the holy vine. The unholy vine is Leviathan, and Christ is coming forth on Leviathan's vine, and that fruit has to be cut away so that Leviathan's vine can wither and die, you see. That fruit has to be cut away and grafted into the righteous vine.


So the harvesting is of Christ in the individual, it has nothing to do with people out there. Jesus will evangelize who he wants to evangelize by his Spirit, as he leads you, one here and one there, but your major focus is to take care of the manchild that's coming forth in you. It's a big mistake looking outside of yourself, you're suppose to be looking inward. Those who are looking for his appearing, you have to look inside to see him, he's appearing inside of you. So if your whole focus is on the people outside of you, how will you ever see him appearing? You won't, the church is looking in the wrong place. Our call, once the seed is engrafted to us, our responsibility is to nurture the manchild in us, you have to take care of him, you have to give him the food that he needs, and you have to place yourself in spiritual circumstances so that he'll be nourished and strengthened. Praise the Lord. Anybody else, questions or comments?


COMMENT: Sheila, I sing a song, "Behold the bridegroom cometh", can you tell me what that means?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, the bridegroom is the sons of God, the company, the first fruits company who go through this processing and have Christ Jesus born in them. What that means, they're no longer living out of their carnal mind, that their personality is completely mingled with Christ Jesus, and the carnal mind is under his feet, that's the sunclad woman of Revelation 12, the carnal mind is the moon, the carnal mind is the reflection of the real thing, which is Christ Jesus. The moon is under her feet, you see, and she's completely living out of Christ Jesus, that personality is now one with Christ Jesus and they become the bridegroom, who are they? Christ Jesus married to the personality and the glorified Jesus Christ above becomes the bridegroom to the church, because the average Christian cannot hear from Christ Jesus unto the degree that they could go through this procedure by themselves, if they could hear from them, they would be doing it themselves, but even more than that, the church doesn't have the virile seed. So the sons of God are going forth with the virile seed. They're going to marry the church and have spiritual sexual intercourse with her and impart the virile seed of Christ to the church so that Christ Jesus can be formed in her also.


And then, as Christ Jesus is formed in the individual, they transfer from the bride company into the bridegroom company, and when the whole church is absorbed into the bridegroom company, then the bridegroom company goes to the world, to the nations. The whole church then becomes the bridegroom to the nations. And so eventually all of humanity is male, you see. That's the way it works. So the bride groom does cometh, you see. Christ Jesus is appearing, Christ Jesus is appearing, but the bridegroom cometh or goeth to the church to the deliver the seed, but we can't go, we're male, those of who are laboring in the doctrine of Christ, we're spiritually male, but we can't get married until we can impregnate the bride, you see. We're having our manhood built up in us, we're too young to, well I have the ability to impregnate people, but I have a very low sperm count, it's taken me years to get you pregnant and to bring this baby forth in you, it's taken years. So my sperm count is low, but I am male you see.


Before you go forth as a son of God, you must be able to impregnate the person that you're sent to minister to, that it's a whole purpose of the ministry of the son to impregnate the woman and bring forth the manchild in her who will destroy the serpent that's possessing her. To go forth when you don't is pointless. I shouldn't say it's pointless okay, there is a place for it, there is a place for the female church to go forth with the gospel of the cross, and there is great deliverance that has come to drug addicts and alcoholics, and the desperate people of this world. They've been delivered from evil to good, and there is definitely a place for that, see. But if you're already a member of the male company, if you're not a part of the female church, if you're studying the doctrine of Christ, to go forth before you can impregnate the woman, is an exercise in futility and you should know that it's not the Lord sending you, see. You have to go forth with virile seed in you.


If you're still a little boy, you should stay at home. But you're still male, I don't mean to insult you when I say that, you're a little boy, you're still a male, you just have to grow up a little bit until you can function as man. If you are male, you're job is to impregnate the female church, that's what your job is, and the way you impregnate her, is through teaching the doctrine of Christ and counseling, but the bottom line is that your job is to impregnate, men impregnate. Men fight with the enemy, they impregnate the woman, and they fight with the enemy to protect the woman and the child, that's what men do. So the bridegroom is Christ appearing in a man. Christ Jesus is invisible. The bridegroom is Christ appearing through a personality to the church and he is relating to her as a bridegroom, that means he is going to her to impregnate her, the church. And the church is waiting for a rapture, they don't even know what's about to happen to them. They're about to experience the wedding night.


Did I answer your question? They have no idea what's coming, they're about to experience the wedding night, they have absolutely no idea what's coming. And as Christ begins, you know, the way you deliver the virile seed is through a penetration, and the church is going to be in shock, as the mind of Christ Jesus begins to penetrate them. Because as his mind begins to penetrate them, sin is revealed and it causes great pain and distress to the personality. Even when you've heard this message, when it actually happens to you, nobody is ever ready for it. So there's going to be a lot of pain and moaning and groaning in the church, but the end of it will be positive. The woman must be penetrated, she must bring forth the manchild, because that is her only hope of salvation. She has to go through with this. Praise the Lord.


COMMENT: I can understand what you're saying, and the rest of the song, it says, "Ye virgins go to meet him, awake, trim your lamps, get ready, come out to meet him."


PASTOR VITALE: He's going to light their lamps, praise the Lord, he's going to light their candles, amen.


COMMENT: I don't understand what you mean about Christ is the fruit that has to be cut off Leviathan's vine.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, the Christ mind grows in the carnal mind. The carnal mind is the womb, the womb of the earth that the Christ mind is growing in, and he has to be separated from the mother and joined to the father. If he was joined to the father initially, he wouldn't have to be cut off. There wouldn't be any separation necessary, if he was automatically coming forth from the father, he has to be separated from the womb of the mother, so that he can marry the glorified Jesus Christ. Christ Jesus in the individual must separate from his mother, the womb of the earth, which is the carnal mind, so that he can ascend and marry the glorified Jesus Christ. He comes forth in our carnal mind. Spiritually speaking, from the carnal mind's point of view, he's a cancer growing in our carnal mind, and fully intends to swallow up and consume the carnal mind.


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