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We were talking about insect manifestations off of the tape, and I was giving a testimony about one of the brethren, whose house was being invaded with flies. The testimony is that she called the exterminator who suggested several areas in the house that the flies could be proceeding forth from and told her to look in these areas. However, when I walked into the house I saw that all the flies that I could see were by the windows; they were not coming from the vents or other areas.


Of course, they could have been proceeding out of the vent, and flying toward the window, but I did not get that impression at all. In any event, I broke the curses of witchcraft, and of pestilence of Egypt. Pestilence is a curse of witchcraft. It is not a curse of envy, it is a curse of witchcraft. I know envy is a form of witchcraft, but I have never, to the best of my experience, seen pestilence come because somebody is envious towards you, but curses of pestilence come because witchcraft is in the person that is experiencing the torment.


To have your house invaded by any kind of insect is tormenting. I went through this myself. When I first came to the Lord, I had a great deal of witchcraft on me and on my family line, and I did not know it. I was manifesting what I call social witchcraft. I had a lot of domination, a lot of control, a lot of aggression towards other people, a lot of anger; this is all witchcraft. I call it social witchcraft, because most people do not realize that it is witchcraft. They may know that it is wrong to get angry, or it is wrong to fight with somebody, and say, "I will try not to do it tomorrow, I am sorry," but most people, even Christians do not understand that this is sin.


It is the operation of your sin nature, and it is called witchcraft, and to yield to this brings curses on you. To yield to a critical spirit, an argumentative spirit, a control spirit, a domineering spirit, is to bring, if you are not acknowledging it, the Reaping and Sowing Judgment for witchcraft on you and on your whole family. It is very serious, and you cannot just say, "I have got a critical spirit, and I am sorry." You should say you are sorry. I mean it is nice to say you are sorry, but you have got to go further than that.


You have got to understand that it is your sin nature exalting herself through you, and that you, in permitting this behavior and these attitudes, and these words to come through you, are in agreement with sin, which will bring death into your life and the life of your family. It is good to apologize, you should do that, but that is not enough. You have to be aware of a pharisitical mind that is saying, "I said I am sorry, and I did not mean to do it. I did not mean to hurt you." That may all be true, but you must understand that whether you meant to hurt the person or not, you have been an open door for the expression of sin.


The fact that you are not resisting this behavior, and confessing it as serious sin, is bringing the Reaping and Sowing Judgment upon your family. That is what I would like to convince you of. If you are not convinced that this social witchcraft is sin that is bringing destruction into your life and the life of your family, then I have not done my job. You have got to understand it is very serious! It is very serious to dominate other people, or to be angry at other people. You have to forgive them immediately. I think Jesus said that you have to forgive them immediately.


This is because your mind is very powerful, and it goes forth to murder them, and then you are a murderer. If you do not want to believe it, that is between you and God, but it is my job to tell you the truth because Jesus said that the truth is going to set you free. What is it setting you free from? Free from this world which is hell and death. Do you not want to get out of here? If you want to get out of here, you have to stop living through the mind of this world, because that is what kills you. It is as simple as that.


Deliverance from hell is in the mind of Christ, which does not get angry at people. Some people, in their carnal mind, cannot distinguish between the anger of the carnal mind and a strong rebuke out of the righteous mind of Christ Jesus. The average person in their carnal mind cannot tell the difference, but there is a difference, and the difference is profound. A strong rebuke out of the righteous mind of Christ Jesus wounds your sin nature and helps righteousness to come forth. It helps the righteous mind to arise in you. The anger of the carnal mind is murder, it is a murderous spirit. Anger is a spirit of murder and it arises out of pride.


I could not understand all of this stuff initially myself but now you are all benefiting from my experience. For years I could not understand why it was sin. That person hurt me, why can I not be angry? Do I not have a right to be angry? The world and the psychologists of the world tell you that you should not repress your anger; they say you have to express it. Yes, but how do you express it? You have to go to God, and say, "Father, I am angry, help me not to sin, help me to be angry and sin not."


What I am saying is not at odds with the psychologists. You should express it, but who says you have to express it by screaming and yelling and punishing? A lot of people think that is what they are suppose to do, and if you just present them with an alternative, they will grab the alternative. I have seen this, and I have one particular man in mind. His wife left him, and he thought that he had to act in a certain way because his wife left him, and he acted violently.


All of humanity is programmed to act in a certain way, and in Christ we have to be reprogrammed. You do not have to act like a macho man and become violent because your wife left you. Even though your ethnic background tells you that is what you are suppose to do, it is sin. Even though that is what any man in your society would have done, it is still sin as far as Jesus is concerned.


If you truly give your problems to Jesus Christ, you would not be angry anymore. Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord. If you really practice this thing, and serve God every time there is distress in your heart, your anger goes away. If you either study the Scripture, work on your music, read (whatever you are called to do), when there is anger or frustration or any kind of distress in you, if you do whatever you have been called to do, believing Jesus is going to take care of it, your anger goes away.


Of course your anger is not going to turn around and walk away by herself. You have got to exercise your will in Christ Jesus, and say, "I am not going to yield to this mind!" Whether it is anger, lust, envy, or whatever sin it is, you serve God. He does not always take care of it and leave you with nothing to do. When you have this right reaction, he might come to you as soon as you calm down, as soon as the manifestation goes down, and say, "Now you have to go to that person, you have to call them, you have to write them, you have to talk to them." Then you do what he tells you, but in the right spirit.


He does not solve your problems leaving you with nothing to do, but there is nothing for you to do until you get in the mind of Christ. So long as your carnal mind is manifesting, the only thing for you to do, is to throw yourself into the things of God, until that manifestation goes down, because all of this is witchcraft.


We were talking about curses of pestilence today. When I came to the Lord I had heavy curses of witchcraft on my life, I was a very angry person, and I did not know any other way, except to fight and retaliate and punish; that is what I was taught. There is no condemnation to people who are doing that, but from the minute you hear this word, you have to change, if you want to be in right standing with God. The minute another way is available to you, you have to change.


The witchcraft manifestations, the pestilence, in my case, went on for years. I lived in several houses over those years, and first it was cockroaches, then it was ants, then it was termites, then it was fleas. It went on for a long time, and it was very tormenting, but hopefully as we have more power, it would not have to last that long.


The thrust of this message is about the manifestation of the flies. This sister who was having this problem with the flies, called the exterminator, who told her several areas where the flies might be rising from, and she tried to deal with those areas, but when I walked into the house, I broke the curse of the pestilence, and also, I said to the Lord, "Do you want me to tell this sister that it is the witchcraft in her?" He opened the door, and I spoke the word, and she was willing to receive it.


The fact that she received it is a strong factor. The flies did recede. I do not know that they would have receded if she did not accept the fact that I told her that this kind of a manifestation is because of witchcraft in her. Her response was, "I rebuke witchcraft in me." She did call me several hours later, saying that in all that time, only one fly had appeared. Previously, they were just coming in large numbers, and she was sweeping up the flies.


These flies appear as a result of the manifestation of a curse. We can have curses on our life for years, and they may not manifest in our life. We could be walking around with curses for years, but the circumstances of our life do not necessarily reflect the curse, for years.


A manifestation of a curse is a bringing to the surface of a curse, and believe it or not, this is a very positive thing, because it gives us the opportunity to find out what we must confess and repent of. It gives us a chance to do what we have to do to wipe out the curse completely, and therefore have it broken on our children too. Although it is tormenting to see a severe curse manifest in your life, it really is a great opportunity to have it broken, and is the mercy of God. That is the whole foundation of this message.


Where did these flies come from? How could they stop suddenly, if in fact they were coming from a vent or any legitimate physical source? What mechanism came into play, that they just stopped appearing? The fact that they just stopped appearing, says to me that they were not coming from any vents, or from behind the stove or anything like that, but that they were materializing from the astral plane. We need to understand that such a thing really does exist, that insects could materialize.


You would not have any trouble believing that an angel could materialize. A lot of people read the Bible and it sounds like, in a lot of areas, the angels just appeared. Abraham looked up and there were three men standing there. Where did they come from? They materialized. Most people would not have any problem with that, but when you start to think about aliens materializing, or pestilence materializing, it seems to be a whole different ball game to the carnal mind, but it is really not.


This whole world, all of space and all the universes in it, are in a spiritual sack, and that sack is a veil. Our natural example would be the skin of our body. This skin of our body completely hides our internal organs. If the cells of our body, or the organs of our body, were to have a consciousness (I understand that there is a consciousness on a cellular level, but I do not know what kind of consciousness it is), let us say.... Let us give them human qualities.


Let us say our heart and our lungs have human qualities and they could talk to each other. Let us say that they were just experiencing a whole life time inside of my skin, and that they could not see past my skin. Their whole world is the inside of my body, and they get married and they have children, and they go to church. (You realize I am making a joke to help you understand this.) They go to the ball game and they just have a whole life inside of the skin of my body, and the can never see beyond the skin of my body.


Then one day, I have a problem, and the surgeon cuts me wide open, and a whole other world opens up to my heart and my lungs. The whole of space and all of the universes within her are within a sack. If you study by looking at the Interlinear Text, the account in Genesis where Jehovah breathed the breath of life into Adam, it will tell you that Adam was in a sack. If you look up those Hebrew words (at the moment, I cannot tell you exactly which Hebrew word it is), it will tell you that Adam was in a sack.


All of space is in a sack, and we cannot see what is on the outside of the sack except sometimes when we see in the spirit. We could see in the spirit, but the average person cannot. They cannot see the outside of the sack, but there is another whole world on the other side of the sack. Actually it is not outside of us, it is inside of us, it is an internal sack, but I just gave you that parable to help you to understand. There is a threshold. What is a threshold? It is the level at which something starts to happen or have an effect.


There is a level at which entities or beings from the other world become visible in this world. Think of it as a line across this room on the floor and you cannot see the beings on the other side. The beings on the other side can walk right up to that line on the floor, and you cannot see them, but the minute they step over that line, they appear. To human beings in this world, the reaction would be, "Oh my God, look at that person. They just materialized right before my eyes, where did they come from?" They came from behind the veil.


Apparently, it is not such an easy thing to do, to cross over into our visible world, and it is my understanding that Jehovah has placed restrictions here. That is my understanding at this time anyway. I have to believe that if it were very easy for the entities in the etheric and astral plane to pierce through the veil, they would be doing it and the average person would be seeing them. The average person does not see them because it is very difficult for the beings on the other side to pierce into this world; it requires a great deal of energy. Maybe Jehovah has not prohibited it. Maybe it is that it requires this intense amount of energy that they do not have.


It is my understanding that this whole world is illegally formed, and basically what happened is that at the beginning, Jehovah formed a creation. I am going to make this very simple, because this is not the message, it is just a background. Jehovah formed a creation, or he thought it, and then He went out to form it, and the creation was basically in two parts, spirit and earth.


The spirit part was to be the male and the earth was to be the female, the vessel which the spirit would occupy as a man occupies a woman. Jehovah says in the Scripture that He created the darkness to form the light. The darkness is created to form the light, because if all you have is light, you cannot see anything, but the darkness surrounding the light, will show the light in a form.


When I was a child, we use to do paper mache dolls. I would take a light bulb and strips of newspaper and make a paste out of flour and water, and paste those strips onto the light bulb. When it dried out and got hard, I would take a razor and cut it off the light bulb, take the light bulb out and glue it back together again and I would have a doll.


The earth is that paper mache, which is giving form to the spirit man. The spirit man is male, and the earth is female, but something went wrong. The earth rebelled against the spirit man, and she decided she wanted to be male. The male is that which occupies the female. The spirit man, the substance is to occupy the earth and the earth is to give it form.


The earth is like a plastic glove, it collapses when nothing is in it. The Scripture calls us bottles from heaven, or wineskins. The earth, the personality is nothing unless we are filled with spirit. The earth is the collapsible glove. The earth was not erect. She was female, but she wanted to be a man. She had to first make herself a reptile and then have something to fill, because she wanted to be a man. Once again brethren, the message is very sexual, and I am sorry if it is offending you.


She therefore killed the spirit man, took his substance, and made herself a reptile, and went forward to form what we know as humanity, a race of beings that would be female to her. You could shut off this tape if you want, but that is the truth of our condition. All of humanity was never suppose to be formed. I do not have any problem believing that when I look at the disease and the torment and the suffering in this physical body and in this world, and the floods and tornadoes, and the earthquakes. I do not have any problem believing this world was never suppose to be formed. I have no problem with it.


The earth made herself a male. She stole the spiritual substance, made herself into a reptile, the serpent, and is creating multiple worlds (which is another message), multiple individuals, and her ultimate goal is to create a race of beings that will be able to tolerate her possessing them without dying. Every time the serpent expands herself, she is pushing outward, from the centre. You may think of her in terms of an atom. She keeps building additional orbits around her atom, and she is pushing outward.


We are in outer darkness, she is pushing from the centre outward, and her goal is to form a race of beings who can tolerate her possession. The primordial serpent has engaged in cell division, and she has divided herself many times over, until there are, millions, billions, trillions (I do not know the exact number), of beings in the invisible world, as many as the insects of this world.


This is not a fable. As far as I am concerned, it is an account of the reality of our condition. I do not have all the details, but somehow in the midst of these spiritual beings, which are offspring of the serpent, there is a spiritual divider, and it separates this visible world from the other spiritual planes.


I really do not know if the beings on one spiritual plane can see the beings on the other spiritual planes, but there is a wall, a veil, between us and the invisible worlds, and that veil is in the mind. I have a reference to a veil that is not exactly in this context, but the Scripture does say that the veil was on Moses, and is still upon the Jews to this day. However, I just saw a Jew outside the other day; he was not wearing a veil. The veil is in your mind.


Somehow, when Satan has legal ground to manifest the curse or judgment for witchcraft, these beings from the other side cross over to our world. What do I mean when I say a curse or judgment for witchcraft manifests? We are all filled with sin, all of us, and a day comes that the just recompense for that sin comes to the surface. That is what I mean when I say curse or judgment for witchcraft manifests. The Scripture calls it the day of calamity. It is the day of calamity for the person who is experiencing this. The day of your calamity is the day that Satan manifests evil in your life because she has legal ground to do so. That is the day of your calamity.


However brethren, I am here with good news. In the day of your calamity, you have the opportunity to choose Jesus Christ. When you hear the message, when the Lord brings you this truth, you have the opportunity to admit that this evil that is happening to you is a curse for some sin in your life or in your family line.


All curses play out or manifest through the way you think. Our whole problem is we do not know we are thinking wrong. We do not know curses are operating in our mind and expressing themselves in the way we think. We think we are right. We are blind, and deaf, and dumb, and ignorant, and dead, but do not know it. We do not know we are doing anything wrong. We think it is the other guy, and that is our whole problem.


The day of your calamity is the day of the righteous manifestation (righteous because Satan cannot do it without a legal ground) of a curse in your life but in Jesus Christ, we have the opportunity to repent and receive help from Him. We can say, "Lord, I want the victory. I am willing to confess any sin in my mind, and on my family line. I just want you to help me" Then the Sowing and Reaping Judgment transfers into the White Throne Judgment.


When I told the sister that this manifestation of flies in her home was as a result of witchcraft in her, and she rebuked the witchcraft in her, Satan lost all ground to torment her. The flies may have gone away immediately, and they may not have gone away immediately, but the minute the godly response came forth, she received the power to make them go away. The minute you confess that sin, and ask Jesus to help you, Satan loses the legal right to torment you.


A warfare ensues between Christ in you and what yesterday was, Satan's legal right to torment you. Even if the warfare lasts a week, or a month, or, as in my case, a long time, Satan ceases to have legal right the minute you confess it and ask Jesus to help you, and, unless you have truly confessed the truth of your condition, and asked Jesus to help you, and repented and told him that you really want to change, you can fight these curses all you want, they are not going to break.


If you believe these curses are coming from outside of you, from other people that are hating you or being envious towards you, you are in trouble. Other people hating you or being envious of you does cause damage in your life, but that is not what I am talking about right now. I am talking about curses of pestilence, the plagues of Egypt in your very own house. For so long as you insist that it has nothing to do with you, that it is just because you are a Christian or because people are envious of you, you are in trouble.


You have no power to fight it. You will go from church to church, from prophet to prophet, from spiritual man to spiritual man, looking for the power to defeat this enemy. The power is in confession and repentance of the sin in you that has given Satan legal ground to produce this calamity in your life. Once you transfer from the Sowing and Reaping Judgment into the White Throne Judgment, you then have power to fight the curse.


How long it will take to break its manifestation in your life depends on the degree of power that is in your life at the time, the degree of power that you and the brethren that the Lord has placed you with, have. However long it takes, you must not give up. You must war against Satan who does not want to lose her assignment. She manifested this curse in your life on a legal ground, and she does not want to stop manifesting it in your life. She does not believe you when you come with your order of pardon and show it to her, so you have to defeat her.


If you cannot defeat her, you know that you have not truly repented. I am not talking about defeating her in one day. You really have to measure this kind of thing in years, five years. You have to look at your life over the years and see if your life is getting better. If your life is not better in five years, something is wrong in your heart. Either you have not truly repented, or you have not fought the warfare.


The main thrust of this message is the materialization of beings from the etheric and astral plane into this visible plane. When these beings materialize in this world, they do not look like they look in the other planes. They have a different appearance in this plane than they do in other planes. When we see flies materialized in this plane, I do not know what they look like in the other plane, but I do not think they look like flies. I would be surprised if they look like flies. Unless the Lord tells me, I would not know what they look like in the other plane.


For the information of the people listening to this tape, I had a similar manifestation in my own house, not too long ago. In my case, I have been getting deliverance from these things for so long, that I do not think it was a manifestation of a curse for witchcraft. I am now frequently attacked because I bring forth this Doctrine of Christ, and Satan is attacking me illegally.


Some kind of insect appeared in my house, and I do not really know what it was. At first I thought it was a grasshopper because it hops, then I was told that all grasshoppers are green. This insect is not green, it is black. Then I was told crickets look like grasshoppers, but these things were not making any noise at all. I do not know what they were, but they were black and ugly, and hoping all over my house.


They started in the bathroom, then they went into the kitchen, and there were more and more of them coming, until finally, after praying, I got the revelation that it was a curse. I broke the curses of the plagues of Egypt, and they disappeared from my house. I did not spray any insecticide, I did not plug up any opening.


This is the same situation. Where were they coming from? They were materializing from the other side. There was such an opposition coming against this ministry, and against the doctrine that is coming forth here, that insects materialized from the other side into my house. When you pray towards somebody, you send energy towards them in a destructive form, and that energy was somehow (I do not understand it now), directed towards enabling entities in the invisible plane to manifest in my house as a form of torment and distraction to stop me from bringing forth this message.


This message is about materialization, and I mentioned aliens. Aliens are not coming from out there; this is just the naiveté of the western scientists. They come from within, they come from another dimension within, and yes they come with their ships. When they pierce into this world, they become hard, and they take form. That is what the Scripture says happened to Adam. He went into a deep sleep, and as he descended, he became hard and solid.


When these entities pierce into this world, it is a form of descent. This world is outer darkness, and as far as I know it is as far away as you can get from the spiritual sun. Every one of us has a spiritual sun; every one of us is a cosmos. Every one of us, spiritual speaking, is a universe, and every one of us has a spiritual sun and moon. This outer layer of our skin of our bodies is as far away from our spiritual sun, as you can get.


When the entities pierce into this world, they become hard; it is called incarnation. Our bodies are a spiritual glove for spiritual life that is filling us. These entities come forth out of our bodies, like a finger piercing through the glove. They just come through the spiritual clay and they get hard and they manifest.


Did you have a question on manifestation?


COMMENT: I had always thought that the plagues on the Israelites were a spiritual attack, but now that you are speaking about entities manifesting from the etheric or astral planes, I would like to know if the pestilence in Egypt manifested physically. I would like your opinion on it.


PASTOR VITALE: I did preach that the plagues of Egypt were on the Israelites who had given themselves over to their carnal mind, that it was spiritual. Is that what you remember?




PASTOR VITALE: Yes, that was what we arrived at in that study, and now that you hear me talking about actual flies in the natural, you are confused. The answer is that everything that happens to us happens on two levels. It happens on the inside and it happens on the outside. It happens within, and it happens without. I believe the plagues were spiritual on the Israelites, but it would not surprise me if they were also physical. I cannot tell you for sure, but it would not surprise me.


I think at the time that I preached what you are talking about, I did that research and I saw that the root of every plague turned out to be Christ. We did a whole study on all of the plagues, and we found out that the root of every plague turned out to be Christ, because every plague was a blessing that turned them around towards Christ. I do not know if it came out to be Christ, but it was some expression of God. I do not remember whether it was Jehovah or Elohim, or who, but the Sowing and Reaping Judgment is Jehovah's Sowing and Reaping Judgment.


I feel you are confused, I am going to try and explain it to you. For years, I asked the Lord if this Bible is going to manifest in the physical, because my message is a spiritual message. He never answered me. I never got an answer from Him. In recent years, however, I see a lot of what the carnal preachers prophesy coming to pass in this world. My own intelligence sees what is happening in the world with the floods and the earthquakes and wars. The Lord has never directly spoken to me about it because His position is He talks to me about spiritual things.


The answer to whether the plagues of Egypt were spiritual or physical is that whatever happens on the inside is manifested on the outside. Whatever happens in the spiritual plane is manifested in the physical plane. As an example on a positive level, I have been serving Christ for twenty years now. I have turned away from all of my witchcraft, and I am serving him for twenty years and my life is getting better. I am getting healthier. My mind is healthier, my body is healthier, and my relationships are healthier. My life is prospering. What happened to me on the inside is manifested on the outside.


In the same manner, when we have witchcraft operating on the inside, it manifests externally in our life. What is witchcraft on the inside? It is the operation of the carnal mind. It is control, envy, domination. It is pride that would not face the truth, pride that manipulates or tries to manipulate things to cover one's own weaknesses up. When that is what is going on inside of our mind and our heart, it manifest externally in our life. Sometimes it manifests as disease, sometimes it manifests as death. Sometimes it manifests as relationship problems, and sometimes it manifests as tormenting conditions, such as pestilence.


At the moment (unless this comes out as I continue talking), I do not know exactly at what point, it comes out as tormenting circumstances, but to answer your question (I hope I am answering your question), let me say this. I believe that the Hebrews immigrated to Egypt (at least at this point that is what I believe, but who knows what is coming tomorrow), but the whole significance is that the mind of Christ had been overcome in them and they were captive to their carnal mind. They were given over to witchcraft and the carnal mind.


They had ascended into a high place in Leviathan and Satan and they had become magicians and sorcerers, and were manifesting a lot of witchcraft power. Moses was sent to judge their carnal mind. Moses was sent to the Israelites to judge their carnal minds. That was why he said to the man that he saw killing his brother.... I really have my doubts that this ever happened on a physical level in Egypt, I do not know. It may have happened, but the only reality is what happens in the spirit.


I do not really remember at the moment what I preached on those tapes concerning this incident of Moses smiting the Egyptian who killed a Hebrew, and Moses intervening in the strife between two Hebrews the next day. It was probably something like this. I think Moses came to a man who was trying to control, or was doing some kind of social witchcraft towards this brother, like hating him. Jesus clearly says that if you hate your brother you are guilty of murder. I think Moses went to this man and exposed his sin, and let him know he was guilty of murder, and the man in his carnal mind turned around and said to Moses, "Who do you think you are to judge us?"


That is what happens to the son of God; it is what happens to me. People look at you and see a human person, and they do not recognize you are in the mind of Christ. When you rebuke them in Christ, they say, "Who are you to tell me that I should not talk to my brother like that." I want to tell you that when you start rising as son, this is what happens to you and it is a sort of initiation process.


I have told you many times that when you show people their sins, even when you are in Christ, they rise up to kill you. The people in this group know. It does not happen to me that much anymore, but it still happens, and it is a very horrendous experience, seeing the hatred of that carnal mind rise up against you and attack you. I am of the opinion that Moses fled from this ministry.


I would not argue with anybody whether it happened in the natural or not, but I am dealing with the spiritual, and I know what I have in my heart concerning the spiritual. Moses judged the sins of one of the Israelites. He said, "What you just did, even though your words were smooth and sweet, and it was hard to discern any evil in your words, in your heart you just hated your brother and you murdered him."


The Israelite rose up and attacked Moses and Moses could not bear the ministry of showing God's people their sins, and he fled. He fled from the call on his life, because the man that he tried to help by showing him his sins rose up and spiritually tried to murder Christ in him.


It is a very hard ministry, it is a very hard ministry, but we can do all things in Christ, This is how we save our brother's life, and we need to know that when we are sent to help people, the fiery serpent in them will rise up and sting us, and that is just the way it is. That is the way it is, and the way I get through it, is that I tell myself if it was not this person, it would be somebody else. This is the position Jesus Christ has given me, and I will execute it to the best of my ability.


What I am looking for in my execution of the judgment, is to save people's lives and bring them forth in Christ. The way I deal with it when you bite me is that I reason that if it is not you, it is going to be somebody else. Jesus Christ has put me in this job and there is no point in getting mad at anybody, or putting my own emotions into it. It is the job that I am in, and Jesus defends me. He has to defend me, because we are all a bunch of fiery serpents. The whole church is a snake pit, brethren, including me. The whole church is a snake pit.


The Lord sends me to judge someone's sins, and I get bitten by that poisonous serpent, and it is either Jesus brings me through or he does not. I cannot run from this job. I never asked for it, and do not particularly like it. I like the results of it, but do not particularly like this aspect of the job, but I do not really have anything to say about it. I do it, and either he saves my life or he lets me die, it is as simple as that.


To try to answer your question, sister, I believe that the men of Israel did come under the plagues of Egypt within, and now it looks like they came under these plagues without also. At the time that I preached that other message, I did not think so, but how can I deny the evidence now?


I have had more problems since I came to the Lord then I ever had in my life. I do not want to go into the things that I have experienced on this tape, but I have never had so much trouble, all different kinds of trouble, in my entire life than since I came to the Lord. When I confessed my sins and threw my life in God's hands, these curses manifested in me. This is because when Satan sees that you come to the Lord, she goes looking for every legal ground that she has in you, and she puts on you every legal torment that she could put on you, and we all come into the valley of decision.


For years I could not understand that Scripture in Joel 3:14 where it talks about all of the people gathered in the valley of decision. What does it mean? First of all, a valley is this low place where we exist. We are in the lower centres. Then we have to decide if we are going to continue to stay married to the carnal mind or we are going to choose to divorce her and pursue Christ. That is the decision. I have been twenty years in God, and have only just got the understanding of this Scripture.


That is the decision, brethren. You might like to read the Bible, or to sing songs. Maybe you like to swing your tambourine. Maybe you like to see demons cast out or you like to see miracles. You like all of these things, but brethren, what is your choice? You must make a decision. Will you choose the thoughts of Christ? Are you willing to line your thoughts up with Jesus Christ in the way you think, or will you continue to agree with Satan and Leviathan? That is the valley of decision.


You are in this low place, in the lower centres, most likely in your belly, and you have to decide which way you are going to go. That is the valley of decision. Your thoughts must line up with Jesus Christ. The thoughts and the way that you think, and the way that you approach problems and the way that you deal with things, must line up with Jesus Christ.


You can do all these other things; you can tithe, give to the poor, take people in, or pray for people, but if your thoughts do not line up with Christ, you have chosen your carnal mind. At least if you are not headed in that direction, if you are not working on your thoughts lining up with Jesus Christ, you have chosen your carnal mind, and the very best you can hope for is to go from evil to good.


The kingdom of God is a mind, and for you to enter in, for your consciousness to enter into the kingdom of God, you must line up with that mind. How can two walk together if they be not agreed? Agreement of mind is important. The way you think, is the determination of who you are. Sometimes your words reflect that and sometimes your words do not reflect it.


If you want to know who somebody is, if you want to know if they are Christ or Leviathan, you have to be able look past this mask that everybody wears this physical body and this personality. You have to be able to look into the spirit that is manifesting through them, and there are very few who are living out of Christ today, very, very few.


As you fall into agreement with the mind of Christ, there becomes less and less of a distinction between your personality and His mind, and eventually they become completely co-mingled, and you cannot tell the difference because you become one with Him. You become Him; He does not become you. You become Him, and then you do not have to work at thinking with the thoughts of Christ; they just rise up in you. That is the day that we look for brethren, because that is the rest of God.


For as long as we are in a place where we are checking every thought in our mind (Paul clearly says we are to capture our thoughts and cast down every high imagination), it is grievously hard work. However, if you execute it faithfully, if you examine every thought in your mind and hold the line against ungodly thoughts, and do not let them speak out through your mouth, eventually your knee-jerk reaction will be Christ Jesus.


If you pursue this course of life, your personality will be in the process of being interwoven with Christ Jesus, and in the hour that you go over the threshold, you would enter the rest of God. What is the threshold? It is the point at which your personality becomes interwoven with Christ Jesus to such a degree (I do not know the degree, and I cannot give you a number) that your knee jerk reactions will be Christ Jesus. This is the rest of God.


The day will come that you will be so interwoven with Him that you become Him, and you will automatically do what is right, and think what is right, and know what is right. This is the rest of God, and it is a gradual process that we enter into, but it is all in the way we think.


Repentance is a change of mind, and not a change of opinion. It is a literal change of mind, because this mind of God, this mind of Christ, is incapable of sin. Therefore, brethren, let us weave together with Him that we might enter into the rest of God. How do you weave together with Him? You must renounce the thoughts of your carnal mind, even if they are good, for the carnal mind is good and evil. We must utterly renounce the thought processes of our carnal mind, and we cannot do that unless we have access to the mind of God.


If the Lord has put you in a fellowship like this, you have an example. I am not perfect, but I am in Christ most of the time. I might have a moment of manifestation, but basically when I sit down to work out a problem, I am in the mind of God. If I do not have the answer, I will know it, and I will wait for Him to tell me. You have an example here, and as you come into this place, you will be doing this for others.


You cannot come into the mind of God without an example. How do you know what you want to change to? Without a vision my people perish. How can you change if you do not know what you want to change to? Paul said, "Follow me as I follow Christ." That is why Christ must be in the flesh. The people will never make it without Christ in the flesh. How are you going to make it?


You ask how I got like this. I am just one guy that the Lord picked out. I had all kinds of curses on my life, and He just beat me to a pulp, and brought Himself forth in me, as a beginning. He says (I think in the book of Isaiah), "If there is nobody there to manifest me, I will send my own arm to do the work." I am not quoting this exactly but it is in there. That is what happened to me.


As soon as one person is Christ in the flesh, the plan of God is to bring forth other believers in the flesh whose mind is completely interwoven, intermingled with Christ Jesus, and to send us out into the world as an example of a life controlled by a righteous mind, so that the other people can come into the valley of decision and choose.


The Lord is not a witch. Witchcraft comes in and forces you, and twists your arm. Witchcraft comes in and tyrannizes you and tells you what you must do. Christ does not do that, He teaches you. He comes and He tells you the truth. If He makes a judgment that you cannot make the right decision because you are so bound by Satan and Leviathan, He will move through Satan and Leviathan on your behalf, through a correction or through a judgment, because he recognizes that you are so under their control that you cannot make an intelligent choice. He never comes to you and say that you have got to do this or that.


Who would not want God? Who would not want what He has to offer us? You would have to be insane to reject Him, but the whole world is in insane. In most instances today, the world does not understand what He is offering us, because the message in the church is a false message. It is a false message out today. The people do not even know what He is offering them.


Did I answer your question? Everything that appears in the visible world has a counterpart in the invisible world, and to the best of my knowledge at this time, they do not look the same. When we look in the mirror we see an image of ourselves that looks the same, but I have been preaching for a long time, that what appears in the spiritual mirror of this world is not, at least to our carnal eye, the exact reflection of what is in the spiritual world.


As far as Satan and Leviathan are concerned, they are serpents, whatever that means. I do not really know what they look like in the other world, but they do not look like us. This physical animal body does not exist in the invisible plane; it is in a different form in the invisible plane. It is a radical change from what they look like in the astral plane to when they appear here, they just look totally different.


Let me put it in a simple way which is not completely accurate, but I hope it will give you the idea. If you are a young person out there, and you are a hippy, and you have long hair and a beard, sloppy clothes and everything, and you go into the army, it is a total turn about. They shave all of your hair off and they put a uniform on you and teach you how to stand up straight, and how to salute and say, "Yes sir!" You become a different person, but of course in this world, you still look human. However there is a radical difference.


Likewise, when entities from the astral plane appear here, they look totally different. It is a radical change from what they look like in the astral plane. We do not know what they look like in the astral plane, but of course, we do have some idea. The Lord just reminded me of what the entities in the etheric plane look like. They are insects. I have seen two of them, one was a winged insect, and the other was an un-winged insect, which looked uncannily like the gnome in the movie, Merlin.


Whoever did that movie had some insight. Brethren, all of this talk about fairies has some truth to it. Fairies are spiritual insects of the etheric plane. This one that I saw was not small. Of course, I saw it in the spirit, so that means I do not really know how big he was. I am not that experienced yet in seeing in the spirit, so I do not know how big he would have been if I put him in this world. However, from what I could see in the spirit, he was not small like a little fly. He looked as big as one of us, but I do not know how accurate my vision was.


Wing mirrors on the side of your car have written on them, "Cars are closer than they appear." or "Cars are smaller than they really appear to be." As such, I do not know how I was seeing, but he looked to my eye, as any one of us with big wings, but I do not know how accurately I was seeing him. At this time, I do not really have any idea of what the entities in the astral plane look like, although I have read some books about it. I have no witness yet from the Lord confirming what I have read as accurate.


Does anybody have any questions or comments on any of this?


COMMENT: A full three minutes before you even said the word uniform, the Lord showed me both of us standing in front of Him, in some type of what I perceive to be military uniform. All of us were faceless, and the Lord was pinning something on us, but it was not a pinning for accomplishment. I perceive it to be something for authority.


PASTOR VITALE: An assignment more or less? I believe what you saw are the group of sons that are being raised up to go forth and judge people's sins. We need authority to judge people's sins, because that is the only thing that is going to save our life when they come against us with their witchcraft. When you tell people the truth, even if they are listening to this message for years, when they actually have the experience, their fiery serpent rises up and attacks. It is a gut reaction.


Listening to this message for all of these years before you have the experience is what will sustain you, because you are really in a condition of spiritual insanity. When Christ comes and shows you your sins, and Satan and Leviathan rise up in a tremendous uproar, you (the personality) are overtaken, and any memory of this doctrine will help you to come back into your right spiritual mind, especially if I (or someone like me), exhort you to take the victory. You have all these years of doctrine in you to lay hold of, and it will strengthen you to fight.


Your vision is about the sons of God that are being raised up. The whole world waits for us, and of course the church will be judged first.


COMMENT: I was just thinking that there were only two of us, and that makes me think of the two witness company, but that is really not...


PASTOR VITALE: Oh, but it is. Who are the two people that make up the two witness company?


COMMENT: Christ Jesus within...


PASTOR VITALE: ...and the glorified Jesus Christ, who is above. They are the only two; Christ is not divided.


The occult teachings that I have read talk about the fiery serpents. Theosophy calls them Monads, and talks about them really as individuals. Maybe I have even been preaching it that way when I talk about Jehovah's spiritual sperm, but it is not true in Christ that there are individual sons. There is just Christ Jesus. I believe it is true in the serpent, but in Christ, it is Christ Jesus and the glorified Jesus Christ expressing themselves through many personalities.


It is the primordial ox that is divided, and Christ Jesus and Jesus Christ, which are really one, penetrate into the ox, which is like soft clay. They penetrate the clay and bring forth different manifestations of themselves, expressing themselves through the talents and the creative ability of that pinch of clay that they are manifesting through.


Christ is not divided, there is only one Christ, and this is what Paul was talking about in the book of Galatians when he said that it was not prophesied that there would many seeds, but that there would be one seed, Christ. There is only one seed, Christ, expressing Himself through many personalities.


It looks like we are different, but it is all Christ in us. He is so great that He has so many aspects to His creativity. He may be expressing himself one way through you and one way through me, and we as the ox have different talents, but there is only one Christ Jesus and He is not divided.


The occult teaching divides the spiritual beings of this world, and in fact they are divided. The primordial serpent has brought forth this world and all of the beings in the invisible plane through cell division. Hinduism, Buddhism, and Theosophy teach you that.


The primordial serpent divides and divides and divides, and is expanding herself into all of these beings. That is not how Jehovah and Elohim do it. Elohim is not dividing Himself. He is not dividing and dividing and dividing. Elohim is one God. "Hear O Israel, the Lord your God is one God." Elohim is manifesting Himself as a many-membered expression through the primordial ox, but there is only one God, and one seed, not seeds, one seed.


COMMENT: I think the fact that you did not see the faces is proof that it is just the Lord Jesus Christ and Christ Jesus. One of the songs I sing says, "We shall him face to face." We do not have the face, but we will see His face.


PASTOR VITALE: Christ Jesus in us will meet the Lord Jesus face to face, and when they meet, they will marry, and be really one. That is the ingathering, that is the reconciliation. The Lord Jesus Christ sent forth the seed of Himself, and that seed comes back to Him and they become one. There is only one God.


This is just another witness that this trinity doctrine is all of the occult philosophy. There is only one God who is great beyond our ability to comprehend him, and who shines forth aspects of Himself into our world. You may want to think of it as a great body of water and just rivulets of it trickling off. There is only one God.


Occult philosophy teaches that there is no personal God, and that those of us who experience communion or relationship with who we know as Christ Jesus, or even the Holy Spirit, are talking to our Monad. They tell you that you are not talking to the God of the universe because he is not personal. Occult philosophy says that this is our Monad talking to us, the divided God that has incarnated us. That may be true of the serpent's world.


However, God is not divided. The sperm of Jehovah's seminal fluid that went forth.... now it sounds like a bit of a contradiction and the Lord is going to have to clear this up for me, why the Scripture says that the seas were filled with fishes. All that I can tell you is that He is only one God. He is going to have to clear this up.


The Lord just gave me this revelation on the one seed when I was coming down from my sister's house this morning, so please just hang in there with me. I will wait until I hear from him about this thought that I had in my mind that the seminal fluid was filled with sperm. Maybe that was an incorrect thought in my mind; maybe he is bringing a correction now, so let us just put that on hold for a while.


The primordial serpent kidnapped the sperms of Jehovah's seminal fluid that went forth. She laid hold of the sperms and interwove them with the earth. She completely mingled them, like when you are making a cake, and you mix the eggs and the butter and the flour. She intermingled them with the earth, to the point that they could not be separated.


This earth is now called the ground, and the ground is made up from earth, the seed of Jehovah's seminal fluid, the sperm, and Cain. They are all mixed up together, and they cannot be separated. It is an outstanding miracle that Christ Jesus is separating the part of the fiery serpent in us that is truly of Jehovah, from the earth and from Cain. It is an outstanding miracle of the Creator to do that.


The primordial serpent kidnapped the sperm, completely mingled it and made a new substance called ground, which is made from earth, the sperm and Cain. She then took pieces of this ground and through cell division, divided and divided and divided it, and there are now individual Monads. Each one of us is incarnated by a fiery serpent, or what they call a Monad.


I believe it is true that if you do not have Christ and you start developing spiritually, and you start hearing voices, it is your Monad speaking to you. However, it is evil, because the seed of Jehovah has been co-mingled with the earth and with Cain, and has become one with them in the thought process.


That aspect of the ground which is Jehovah's seed, is not manifesting righteousness. He is completely given over to that evil mind, and that is what was lost, that Jesus came to get back. How does he get it back? Something in us responds to Christ. The Holy Spirit comes into our life, the Holy Spirit starts cleansing our spiritual blood.


First the human spirit starts to be drawn out of Satan's spiritual blood and then the Christ has to be grafted to us, and then when Christ is grafted to us there is a war between Christ and that fiery serpent, or that Monad that contains the sperm of Jehovah, which is completely in agreement with the primordial serpent, completely taken over. The purpose of that warfare between Christ in the individual and the fiery serpent, who is in league with Satan and Leviathan, is to get whatever is in there that is of Jehovah's life, out of that clump of earth, and to join that aspect to Christ Jesus.


The earth is then made barren, because the earth is not supposed to be acting like a man. She is not supposed to be reproducing, and she is not supposed to be at war with Christ Jesus. However, she will be, for as long as she possesses that remnant of Jehovah's life. That remnant of Jehovah's life is what is giving her power; it is what is giving the earth her power. She captured the power.


We were talking about Christ not being divided. Christ is not divided, the earth is divided. The earth reproduces by cell division, but there is only one God, who has this lump of clay that He is pressing his life into. He is only one person, expressing Himself through this clay. The serpent breaks off pieces of the clay and makes separate individuals, but Christ is one seed.


I just produced a pamphlet called two seeds, but that is not what I am talking about here. That message was talking about the seed of Holy Spirit, which has one function, and the second seed, the virile seed, which is the actual sperm of Jehovah. When I say to you that Christ is not divided, that He is only one seed, I am talking about the virile seed. I am talking about the sperm. The pamphlet says there are two kinds of seed, the virile seed, which is the sperm, and the seed of the Holy Spirit that comes into us to purify our spiritual blood, two different kinds of seed.


With regard to the virile seed, which has the nature of God, there is only one seed, Christ is not divided. It is the same Christ in you that is in me. We know that in the nations or areas where witchcraft prevails, it is very common for someone to be cursed and to go looking for a witch with more power than the witch that cursed them. Witchcraft is all divided, all fighting with each other within their spiritual power.


Christ in the one believer does not use his spiritual power against Christ in another believer because Christ is not vying for power. Satan raised up in an individual will war against Satan in another individual, and the one that has the greatest power will prevail. Christ does not do that. Christ is not divided. Christ will never fight against Christ.


You have to know that if two believers, both of whom have Christ, or appear to have Christ, are in any kind of an argument that is not resolved right there on the spot, at least one of them is not in Christ. It is possible that both are not, but at least one of them is not in Christ, because if the Christ mind was operating in both of them, the discrepancy would be taken care of immediately.


I do not tell you this to condemn you. I am telling you this so that you should know what is manifesting through you. If you find yourself in an argument, you have got to stop immediately. You have got to stop it, because it is not of Christ. If you find yourself in an argument with someone, you have to ask the Lord if Christ is manifested and if so, which one of you is manifesting Him. If the Lord tells you that Christ is manifesting in the other person, you have to suffer the lost, shut your mouth, and let Christ manifest. If He is not manifesting in either one of you, you have to withdraw until He rises in you, or the Lord sends in a party who can negotiate in Christ.


Arguments are never of God, never ever! They should be stopped immediately. You both withdraw to prayer, and put yourself before God. You tell Him that you are willing to face it, if you have contributed to this controversy in anyway, and that you are ready to make peace. Make peace quickly with your adversary before you are taken before the judge and thrown in jail for you may never get out. What does that mean? It means if you do not make peace quickly, it will strengthen your carnal mind and she will lock up Christ and He may never get out.


If you yield to your pride and say, "I am not going to take this, I am right," and you are wrong, or even if you are right, that is not Christ talking like that. Make your peace quickly, or your carnal mind will prevail over Christ Jesus, and it will be a long time before you are free again.


When you are moving in Christ for any amount of time, the Lord refers to you as Christ. When the Lord talks about you or me being alive or dead, He is not talking about the condition of existence of this world. If Christ is alive in you, the Lord perceives you as being alive. When Christ dies in you, the Lord perceives you as being dead. The people of this world are dead.


I remember the first time the Lord told me that somebody that use to come to this ministry died I was really distressed and then I saw her. I said, "Lord, I must have misheard you, what happened there?" He said, "Christ in her died," and if we do not have Christ, we are dead.


When the Scripture says that we are to make peace immediately with our adversaries before we go before the judge, it is for a reason. First of all, who is the judge? Satan is the judge of the Sowing and Reaping Judgment. The one in you, who is going to jail, if you would not make peace, is Christ Jesus, or Christ, if Christ Jesus is not formed yet. Christ is the one who is going to jail, because you, the personality, would not shut the mouth of your carnal mind. You just committed suicide, you just killed yourself.


I hear that both of you have a contribution to this tape, do you want to say something?


COMMENT: My comment is along the lines of the flies materializing and coming from within us as a result of witchcraft in us. I remember seeing maggots come out from an animal. I had put the remains of some dead fish in the garbage pail and sealed it up in plastic. It was all closed up and when I opened it again to put more garbage in, it was filled with these maggots. I do not know how that worked, but I felt that it came from within the dead fish. I also saw a cat that had a wound and it was a small wound, and she was laying in the basement. This was quite a while ago. That wound got bigger and I saw these maggots in the wound, and they just ate the flesh of the cat until the wound was like the size of a baseball. My father had to destroy the cat. Those maggots came from within the body, so I think that this might be a possible proof of the pestilence coming from within the body.


PASTOR VITALE: It is very interesting that you are saying that. As a matter of fact, I think you and this other sister were the first people who told me that when somebody dies, worms come forth from the corpse or cadaver. I had never heard that before, and I asked the Lord about it at the time.


I think what He is saying is that there are entities from the etheric plane feeding on us from the moment that we are born. As I have told you before, this is very gross, but I really believe it. They are feeding on our spiritual energy from the moment that we are born, and the more we engage in what the Scripture says is sin (basically the Ten Commandments), the more we are vulnerable.


Dishonoring of your parents will produce premature death. Engaging in sins such as, anger without a cause, and anger that is not resolved immediately, and bearing false witness, which comes out of pride, and all such sins, somehow will open us more to these entities from the etheric plane that are feeding on us.


They feed on us just as all kinds of bugs in the garden eat up the plants, and just as the mosquitoes and flies of this world suck our blood. The only difference is that they take such a small amount at a time so we do not notice. We just shoo them away. We call them pest. Brethren, this whole world is one spiritual penal colony. We are being fed on, from the outside, from this plane, by the bugs that can get to us, and we are being fed on from the etheric plane.


What I think the Lord is telling me is that when these entities that are feeding on us in the etheric plane break through into the physical body and manifest, they appear as worms. That is what is in my heart. I believe that, that is the answer. They are in us all along, feeding on our spiritual blood, and under certain conditions of sickness and death, they go over the threshold, and pierce through, and appear as a worms in the physical body.


This is what I am thinking of right now. My father was never sick, but years ago, when he was still a young man, he started getting boils around his neck. They were big boils, and he had to go to the doctor and get them lanced, and as soon as he got one lanced, he would get another one. Then one day he went to the doctor, and however this doctor perceived it, he saw a worm, and when he lanced the boil, he saw the worm, grabbed it and pulled it out. My father never had another boil.


How do you get a worm in your neck? I could see how you eat something and maybe you get a worm in your stomach, but how do you get a worm in your neck? I do not think anyone has an answer. Whenever there is no answer, there is usually a spiritual answer. Here is a spiritual answer. For whatever reason, that entity that was feeding on my father found some legal ground, crossed over a threshold and manifested as a worm in his flesh. It just crossed over the threshold. It sounds right to me, and I believe I have heard from God.


They feed on our etheric body, and then at some point, cross over the threshold, take form and start feeding on our physical body. When a body dies, all the worms you see coming out of the cadaver are just all of the entities that were feeding on our etheric body. Somehow when that body dies, they cross over the threshold and manifest in the physical world. This is pretty gory.


Let us hear what you have to say.


COMMENT: I happened to have a cut on my toe, and a dog licked it, and I was just wondering why a dog would do that? I guess it liked the blood. Then I started to think further and I wondered if getting a blood transfusion changes your DNA. You have your own DNA, and somebody else has their own DNA, does receiving a blood transfusion change our DNA?


PASTOR VITALE: I believe that it can, you know I believe that it can. We know that diseases flow in the blood, and I believe that spiritual diseases flow in the blood, and there have been reports in recent years, of the recipients of organs taking on the personality qualities of the donor. It seems to me that when you get the organ of somebody, it has power to influence you.


However, we do not know if just getting one pint of someone else's blood, influences us. First of all, we do not know if receiving blood transfusion influences us because people are not even looking for it. Then if it does influence us, we do not know what kind of influence it would be. If we were very sick, and we needed ten transfusions, will that affect us? We do not really know.


I find what is happening with the organ recipients very interesting. There have been reports of radical changes of personality that coincide with the personality of the donor. It is frightening, and I just had a thought (it must be the Lord because I never thought of it before), that what our scientists are doing right now, is they are raising animals with human genes in them. They are keeping the human genes to a minimum point, which would still qualify the animals to be animals. They cannot be called humans, because there are just a couple of human genes in there.


However, there are enough human genes in them, to raise these animals and harvest their organs. That is what they are doing it for, for organ transplants. If there is a radical change of personality when you receive an organ from another person, what will happen to you when you receive an organ from an animal? How is it going to affect you?


Brethren, mind is not a particle, mind is all through us. Mind is in our blood, mind is in our spiritual blood. Mind is energy, and it permeates every aspect of our being. If you take an organ from another being, or if you get enough of the blood of another being, I believe it will mix with your DNA, certainly with your spiritual DNA. Whether or not it will affect you physically I do not know, but I would have to say eventually, it would. This is because everything that is in the spirit eventually becomes physical.


Can you imagine getting an organ transplant and becoming more bestial? The thing is people do not realize what is happening to them, and they just take it for granted, but there is a mass move in our society today that is coming from an unseen plane to bring the humanity of this Judeo-Christian nation down to the level of the animals. The reason for it is that these aspects of the primordial serpent are standing in the invisible plane, waiting to possess humanity and live through them. That is what it is all about.


It is very hard to possess a Christian, someone who has faith in Jesus Christ, or a Jew who is serving Jehovah. It is also very hard to possess someone with a strong mind. There is therefore a big push to bring people down, and they are doing it through this obsession for sexuality that is being channelled through the media, and through the prominence that they are giving it.


Sex cannot be a number one priority in your life. It is absolutely destructive to give it that priority. You pursue your life, get yourself a woman that you are willing to love for the rest of your life, marry her, and make a commitment to your wife and family. Then hopefully you will have a good sex life, but nothing is guaranteed in this world. To pursue after sex per say is absolutely destructive and eventually will bring you down to the level of the animal.


The same thing happens when you pursue material things. This is because when you turn your eyes off of God and He is not the main focus of your life, and you turn away from country, honor, duty, commitment, responsibility, and put the pleasures of this world first, you are headed down to the lower centres. When you abide in the lower centres, the serpent is going to grab you.


This is not a fear message. I am just telling you the truth. I tell you that you have to get to the ariel centre for the Lord Jesus to grab you, Likewise, when you go down to the lower centres, the beast in the lower centres is going to grab you. I am not trying to scare you I am just telling you the truth.


Do you want to say something?


COMMENT: I heard on one of the news programs last night that they think that for the next century, the biggest thievery is going to be stealing organs.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, it is already a big business. I saw one of these interview programs on TV last night, actually it was a repeat of the day's news, when that Jewish day care centre was attacked a couple of days ago. The commentator was saying, "This is now happening all over the country, it happened in Columbine, it happened here. We cannot figure out why it is happening."


I am staring at the TV, and saying, "You cannot figure out why it is happening?" Is that not amazing, that they cannot figure out why it is happening. Just along those lines, I will tell you that (this may not be for him) if you are in Christ and you really cannot figure out why something is happening, and you have been praying about it for any length of time, as far as I am concerned, the chances are 99 to 100%, that the Lord has told you but you have refused to believe it.


The Lord may not have told you directly, but He may have told you through your pastor, He may have told you through your friend. He may have told you through a book that you were reading or something that you heard on TV. He has sent you the message, and your carnal mind has not let it through the doors of your mind.


If you are really looking for an answer and you have not got it, a good prayer is, "Lord, I really want to hear this answer. Please, if I have been blind or deaf, please tell me again. Open my ears and eyes and help me to see your answer." Too many people do not want to hear God's answer. Last year, I was told that a particular preacher who was, in my opinion, preaching a false message, made a statement openly from the pulpit, saying, "If I am wrong let God correct me." The Lord sent me into that man's church, and supernaturally raised up a conversation in which I told him he was wrong, but he did not believe it. (End of Tape1)


Tape 2


You cannot tell God how He is going to answer you. That is a manifestation of pride, and you are the only loser. If you have got it in your mind that God could not possibly answer you through someone like me, and therefore you do not take the warning, you are going on in your destruction.


Does anyone else have anything to say on this message?


COMMENT: We know that Jehovah's creation was visible but spiritual, and we know that all of this that is manifested in the physical came from that, so it should show us that thought forms from the etheric and astral planes can come into existence here.


COMMENT: I have a question regarding the spiritual blood. On one of the tapes you had mentioned that the spiritual blood from Satan was in the etheric plane. I was wondering where the spiritual blood of Christ is. Is it in the etheric plane also, or in another plane?


PASTOR VITALE: The spiritual blood of Christ is in the mental plane. He is in the mental plane. He is higher than Satan's planes. Satan's planes are the etheric and the astral plane, and her higher centres go into a curve (you may recall the diagram that I drew), so her higher centres are not really higher. They are higher for the person who is ascending in Satan. That person receives more spiritual power, but they are not really higher. It is sort of an illusion. We can only ascend in Christ Jesus. Ascension in Satan is not really ascension. I do not have anymore information on it right now.


The Lord just reminded me that ascension in Leviathan's time line has to do with the degree of activity of Satan in your mind, but ascension in Christ Jesus, is truly ascension to the higher centres. What a human being experiences as ascension when they are in Leviathan, is the primordial serpent penetrating into them with greater power. They are really just going around that curve or circle, and the primordial serpent, in the form of Satan in the individual, is penetrating into that person with more power. That is what they perceive as ascension.


They are being possessed to a greater degree with the spirit of the primordial serpent, who strengthens Satan when she flows into the individual. Satan and Leviathan are the carnal mind, and the fiery serpent is just an aspect of Leviathan. Ascension in and of itself, implies a greater degree of spiritual power. Ascension implies spiritual power. The way we get more spiritual power is from an entity beyond our self.


The person who is in Christ Jesus ascends through union with the glorified Jesus Christ. When we receive the Holy Spirit, we ascend somewhat, then when Christ is grafted to us, we ascend somewhat, and then when Christ Jesus is formed in us, we ascend somewhat, and after that, Christ Jesus has to ascend into the higher centres, and marry the glorified Jesus Christ. Then we receive all power, because the glorified Jesus Christ is connected to eternity.


In the serpent's time line, first the fiery serpent starts to ascend without Christ, and spirituality starts fluttering in the person. Then the fiery serpent joins with Leviathan, and there is an impartation of spiritual power, or a diffusion or a giving off of spiritual power through the synthesis, or through the joining of the fiery serpent and Leviathan.


There is a presence or manifestation in everybody of Leviathan and Satan, because she is the spiritual blood, but as the individual pursues spiritual activities in Satan and Leviathan, that which is beyond the individual enters into the vessel. I have to tell you something else to explain that.


The Scripture talks about the isles, the isles. Each one of us in an island, and we live in a cosmic sea and the spiritual waters of that cosmic sea are inside of us, and they are also outside of us. They flow through us. I know that I have drawn diagrams of this for you in the past. The waters of the spiritual sea flow through us, they are in us and their outside of us.


You can think of us as sealed containers, or as sacks or as islands in this cosmic sea. There is an aspect of Leviathan inside of us; she is called a fiery serpent. There is an aspect of Satan inside of us, and as far as I know, she is still Satan, that is what her name is. As we, the personality, begin to pursue spiritual things through an illegal path by following Satan, the aspect of the cosmic sea that is inside of us, somehow it opens the door for the waters of Satan that are outside of us to well up within us, and increase our spiritual power.


Do you understand what I just said? The path of ascension in the serpent is circular and we know (I am remembering that drawing that I showed you), that the true ascension, is only in Christ Jesus. The way up out of this world of outer darkness, the time line that goes up, is Jacob's ladder, and that is only in Christ Jesus.


The serpent's time line does not really go up. It is just an illusion that it goes up, but the people pursuing that time line do receive more spiritual power, because Satan from the sea that is outside of the island flows in. That person receives more spiritual power, but it is a false ascension because they are really just going round and round in this world.


The true ascension delivers us from hell. This is the world underneath the firmament, and true ascension delivers us to the world above the firmament, which is heaven. The serpent's ascension does not deliver you from hell, and that is why it is an illusion. You do receive spiritual power in this world, but you are still in this world. The true ascension leads to liberation from this world.


I know that the Hindus and the Buddhists talk about liberation from the body. At this point, I do not know what the Lord's answer is to them, but they do talk about liberation from the body. I do not even have enough knowledge of Hinduism and Buddhism in that area at this time to compare it to the doctrine of Christ, or to even seek the Lord about it.


If any of you listening to this tape is distressed because I tell you that I read Hindu books, I will tell you why I read the Hindu books. It is so that I can contrast the two doctrines. We have to have the answers for them. Sometimes the Lord will use what I read in the Hindu books to show me a truth in the Scripture. I am not encouraging anybody to do this on their own at this time, and I would not be doing it if the Lord did not lead me into it, but we really have to know what they say, to have the answers for them.


To go to someone who is very educated in spiritual philosophy outside of Christ, and say to them, "You should not do that because it is against Jesus, and it is bad," is not going to convince them. These people, if they are kind, are going to thank you and just walk away, and not even consider what you said and if they are unkind, they are going to laugh at you.


We have to know what people believe to be able to give them the counterpart in the Doctrine of Christ. For the time being, you are getting whatever information you need from me. It is dangerous to read occult philosophy because when you read occult philosophy, the spirit that wrote the book is going into your mind, and Christ Jesus has to be strong enough to not let those seeds take root. He has to be strong enough to swallow them up, and chew them up and spit them out, and just take what Jesus leads you to.


Nobody listening to this tape should be reading occult philosophy unless the Lord has legitimately cleared them to do it. At this time, the Lord is channelling through me, under the anointing of the Spirit of Christ that is here today, whatever He wants you to know about it,


To actually go in and read the occult books is very dangerous. I gave a testimony off of the tape, about someone who was offered tapes from a ministry, and I believe the message is not in Christ. He prayed about whether he should listen to them or not. He said he felt in his spirit not to do it, but he did not understand why, and all he could hear was the tree.


When he emailed me, I had the answer for him. I said that he should not listen to those tapes, because if he did, the seeds of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil will be planted in his heart centre. The Lord was telling him that Christ Jesus in him was not strong enough to destroy those seeds coming in. Also from my understanding of the situation, there was no reason for him to be listening to those tapes, except that this preacher offered them to him.


There is a reason for me to be reading occult philosophy, there is a double reason. At this point, I do not know which one I should put first, but one reason is that you have to know what the other guy says to have an intelligent discussion with them. You have to have the answers; you have to know what they believe.


The second reason is that spiritual truth is a foundation of Christianity, it is very important. The spiritual truth of this world is very important, and not only the spiritual truth of this world, but the symbolism that depicts spiritual truth, which is laid out in the occult books, and in Hindu philosophy. The same principles are in the Bible. I will see if the Lord gives me an example for you.


You read things in the Bible, and you really do not even know what they mean. I have an example for you now. For years I questioned a phrase that Paul used, the motions of sins. It just gripped me, it gripped my imagination, and I wanted to know what it meant, but I never found out. God never told me what that meant.


I found the answer in an occult book. I found out all about the serpent, and how she moves, and how she moves through the clay of the earth of our mind, and marks it, and all of that. Did you know what the motions of sins means?


Even in Ananias and Sapphira, Sapphira is a known symbol, and every occultist in the world knows that it is talking about the female wisdom. Sapphira was not a physical wife, but the carnal mind of Ananias.


Christ Jesus has to be strong enough in you for you to read occult books. He has to be strong enough to reject the seeds of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Even if Christ Jesus is strong enough in you, you should not be reading this stuff unless Jesus has specifically authorized it for you. If he has not authorized it for you, you are going in without a cover, and no good thing can come of that. Praise the Lord.


Does anybody else have anything to say here before we close for the day?


COMMENT: When the carnal mind is going in circles and they get more power from Satan, like you were explaining, does Satan get any power from the individual, and through that power ascend in a line other than a circle line?


PASTOR VITALE: I am not sure what you mean, but as much power as is channelled into that individual, as long as they are getting that power from Satan, either from Satan within them, or the primordial serpent outside of them, that power is in the circle of the earth.


Satan and the personalities who are generated by Satan, have no authority to ascend above this world. They are underneath and cannot get out. If they have little or no power, or if they have a lot of power, it is all in the world underneath the sea, and it is all in hell.


COMMENT: In other words, they are in a circle also. They are in that time line, their time line is the circle also.


PASTOR VITALE: Who are they?


COMMENT: Satan and Leviathan.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, the time line of Satan and Leviathan, the serpent's time line is a circle. It is the circle of this earth, and it goes round and round, and they never ascend above the firmament.


The time line of Christ Jesus does exist down here under the sea, because Jesus has planted it here, but it is a straight line. That time line is a straight line, which is a ladder by which we can climb out up into the upper window or the world above the firmament.






(1) Maggots are the immature (larval) stage of flies. Anywhere maggots are seen, female flies must have visited and laid their eggs. The eggs hatch out into maggots which molt and evolve into flies.


(2) Certain worms (helminthes) parasitize humans and can be found in their gut or in the tissues, skin, depending on the species. This results from man ingesting the eggs (e.g. roundworms - ascaris) or the larval stage being transmitted by the bites of some insects (e.g. microfilaria worms) or the larval stage being ingested by swallowing an insect host from drinking contaminated water (e.g. guinea worm).


(3) DNA is found in the nucleus of ALL cells of the body. Red blood cells (RBCs) do not contain DNA however because they are not nucleated. White blood cells do contain DNA. There is no mixing of DNA from blood transfusion because cells do not readily exchange their DNA, except in the case of sexual reproduction. There has to be a fusion of cell nuclei which does not ordinarily happen outside of sexual reproduction.


(4)There is no scientific basis for this statement- "every disease known to man is in the blood." When there is bacteria in the blood (bacteremia/septicemia) or virus in the blood(viremia), it is not a normal situation. Information for genetic diseases are carried in the genes (DNA molecules) which are found in the nuclei of ALL cells in the body. Not all diseases are genetic.


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