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This belief that the Lord will hold back the hand of the murderer is the thinking of the carnal mind. God does not hold back the hand of the murderer or the molester. God educates His people to escape from the lion's mouth, to avoid going into the lion's den, and it is the carnal mind that thinks that God should hold back the hand of the molester. And this mentality is common in the average person. When you come into a ministry like this, this is one of the things that eventually you will learn, that if somebody is attacking you, and they don't know what they are doing, they are criticizing you, they are slipping knives into you, they are hurting you, they are wounding you, for whatever their motive, envy or whatever, they are provoking you, the response and your deliverance is not from stopping the person from saying those words. The average human being without this kind of training, and you get this training in the world. If you go into any program that will help you to deal with personality problems in your society, they are going to tell you the same thing that I'm telling you right now.


You cannot control the other person. You cannot make Aunt Gertie stop being mean to you, you cannot stop your Uncle So-and-So from downplaying every good thing that happens to you, you cannot stop your sisters and brothers from discouraging you or being cruel to you in their words. You can't stop them. You must change within yourself to deal with their ungodliness in a manner that is not sin. You cannot rise up and cruelty against these people and curse them out for not encouraging you. It sounds silly here, but you could be very wounded if someone doesn't encourage you, or if you come in and you are all excited and after a whole lifetime of trying to get ahead in the world your family, every single time something good is happening to you, they discourage you. That is devastating. It is no simple thing. That is devastating if it a pattern in your family. It wounds you and destroys your self esteem. You cannot deal with this by arguing with your parents or your relatives. Cursing them out, rebuking them, yelling at them, getting all up set and saying, well, thank you very much for encouraging me. That's sin. That is the sin of pride.


You must change, we must change, I must change, internally to learn how to deal with people who respond to us or who relate to us in unGodly manners. The motive, usually, is pride and envy. That is usually the motive for being cruel to somebody. Even if the person is ignorant, and they don't know....maybe their mother talked to them that way all their life, and that is the way they think they are supposed to respond when you are happy. I knew a woman once who, every time she heard one of daughters was pregnant, her face was absolutely stricken with grief. How do you think that affected her daughter who was filled with joy? Well, why was this woman's face stricken with grief, why was she stricken with grief when she heard her daughter was pregnant. This woman was very ill through all of her pregnancies, and all she could think about was the pain and distress that her daughter would be going through. Now, of course, that is not a healthy way to think, but at least in her mind, only God knows what the true motive was, that's what the woman told me, she was sick for the whole 9 months, and when she heard that her daughter was pregnant she was horrified. Happy for the baby but horrified, and that reaction affected her daughter.


We cannot control other people, and say, that reaction made me unhappy. I wanted you to share my joy with me, I wanted you to rejoice with me, I wanted this to be a positive experience, and because you are who you are, you did not give me a positive experience; therefore, I will rebuke you, I will be cruel to you, I will be unkind to you, I will get you back, I will do it back to you, and this is all the sin of pride. What did I say? I said the carnal mind seeks to control the offender. The carnal mind seeks to control the offender, and, in the same manner, people who are bitter towards God because evil events happened to them or their children think that God should have controlled the offender. But this is the thoughts of the carnal mind. Control and manipulation of people who are offensive to you is witchcraft.


How do you deal with someone who cuts you to pieces and puts you down all the time who is your relative that you cannot avoid seeing. Well, are you praying for them? Are you asking God to help them and have mercy on them because someone who does that is not well? Even though they are hurting you, they are not well. Am I justifying what they are doing to you? No. We are talking about how you deal with it. They are not well. They have a spiritual and an emotional problem. Are you asking God to help them? Are you forgiving their sins? Now you can forgive someone's sins but not go along with their behavior. That doesn't mean the behavior becomes acceptable because you forgive their sins. Are you forgiving their sins and saying, this is a pity, this is an absolute pity that a human being should act like this and bring negativity into relationships where, probably, they care for the person. They just don't know how to relate to them on a positive level. This is pitiful. God help them. If there are any wounds in there causing this, heal their wounds, and then after you pray that way say, I rebuke the witchcraft in the person, and I rebuke the mind control, and the Jezebel, and I declare into the spirit that this is wrong. You should not treat people like this, you are wrong.


Do you know talking into the spirit is very powerful. I used to think I was a freak, I used to think I was the only one who did it. I only have talked to a few people about it, and then I went to Africa, and I find that it is very common in Africa. It is a form of spiritual manifestation. If the spirit is Christ you are OK, if the spirit is not Christ it is witchcraft. If you are in an empty room, and nobody is around but you are directing your speech to a particular individual they, on some level, will hear you depending on how much spiritual authority you have. Now if you are doing this in Christ Jesus, they will hear you. Now, it may not reach their consciousness, but it will touch them because speech comes forth in many layers. We have talked about this many times, and the conscious perception of your speech is the next to last thing that somebody hears. The final aspect that we hear is what comes out of our mouth. If you are in the right spirit, if you are hearing what I'm telling you now, and you are in the right spirit, and you are truly having mercy on that person, and saying, this is a tragedy that this person is dysfunctional to this degree. If you are in that spirit, and you are telling them, if it is a Godly correction, a correction with love, and you are saying, now that is not right, you should not do that, pray that God helps you to soften your heart and deal with people in a Godly manner, that speech will touch that person's life.


So, if you know somebody like this and who doesn't? Right. That is how you should be praying for the person, and if you know that you are going to be seeing them, if it a relative and you know that you are going to be seeing them on a particular day you should be call prayed up before you walk into that house; I bless you Uncle So-and-So, but I rebuke your witchcraft, and I rebuke your mind control, and I rebuke your Jezebel, and I just put the blood of Christ over me. I break every unGodly soul tie that we have, I put the blood of Jesus and a hedge of thorns between us, and I forbid you to relate to me in any unGodly way today. But it has to be balanced now. I truly forgive you, I truly forgive your sins, I truly bless you, I truly hope that Jesus has mercy on you, but you will not abuse me today. Then after I prayed a prayer like that I would say, Lord Jesus I would really appreciate it if you would back up that prayer. As far as I know I've done everything right in prayer, and I just don't want those knots being put in me. They hurt, and I would really appreciate it if you would back up my prayer. You will be amazed at the person's behavior. You will be amazed, you see.


It is just our fallen condition. No matter how long we have been in God and how much we are in God we are all so fallen, all of us, and it is just our fallen condition that when we are the one who is being hurt our gut reaction is to rise up and retaliate and blame and condemn, and it is not natural to us to say, isn't that pitiful, God help them. That is not a natural human reaction. That is what the world calls a cultivated reaction. Did you ever hear that? A cultivated taste. The food that this is most associated with is caviar. I don't like caviar. I have never bothered to cultivate my taste for caviar because I think it tastes terrible, but supposedly sophisticated people like caviar, and the world will tell you that the people who like caviar have cultivated the taste. Caviar is a cultivated taste. No one like caviar when they first tastes it. It grows on you. You keep doing it even though you don't care for it. Why do you do it? Because high society eats caviar, and you keep doing it long enough and you like it. It is a cultivated taste. It is something that is learned. Having pity on people who just cut you to ribbons is a cultivated reaction, but it is a reaction that is worth being cultivated because it will bring great blessings, not only on the person but on yourself and your whole life and your whole family. That can only come out of Christ, you see, and when Christ is manifested your carnal mind is covered, and there is no sin unto you, and the blessings of the Spirit of Christ are upon you.


So, this is how the carnal mind thinks. The exact opposite of Christ. If someone finds out that something terrible has happened, somebody was raped, somebody was molested, somebody was murdered, somebody was tortured, I mean something really bad happens, the carnal reaction to it is, why God failed me, Jesus failed me, why did He let that happen? But this is your carnal mind. This is wrong thinking. We must realize that this world is hell. This world is hell. Jesus is in this world helping those who will follow after Him. He's not going to help you in hell the way you would like Him to help you. Jesus is not interfering with the governmental system of hell. We must realize that this world is hell. This world is hell. Jesus is in this world helping those who will follow after Him. He's not going to help you in hell the way you would like Him to help you. Jesus is not interfering with the governmental system of hell because you go to church on Sunday. I'm sorry to be cruel, He's not. He is interfering with the governmental system in hell, but not the way you would like Him to. He's not trying to control the governmental system. He is changing you.


I just gave you the example of how people in this world want to control other people who are wounding them, and that is sin unto you. You can't do that. It is sin as far as God is concerned, and it could really damage relationships and bring enmity and hostility into your life. The way we deal with people who are hurting us is that we must change our reaction to what they are doing. Well, in the same manner people who name the name of Christ, who go to church on Sunday, who read their Bibles, when something terrible happens to them or one of their own, and they are angry at the Lord for not staying the hand of the rapist, this is wrong thinking because Jesus does not help His own by controlling the evils of this world. The evils of this world exist because of the sowing and reaping judgment. Evil exists in this world because humanity has been doing evil for only God knows how long. That's why evil deeds exist in this world. People must have done.... someone, somewhere, somehow had to do evil for this evil to be manifesting, and I say that world-wide, I say that nationally, and I say that to you individually and to your families. There has to have been sin acted out, either acted out or manifesting through your mind, in your family line for you or your child to be raped. That's a hard word, but I tell you the truth.


So you want protection in this world? You hide behind the Lord Jesus Christ. He is not interfering with the sowing and reaping judgment, but He has made a way of escape for you. He said follow right behind me, walk in my footsteps, and, you see, that sowing and reaping judgment cannot touch me, this is Jesus speaking. Jesus, the perfect man. Satan has no power over Me, Jesus said, the prince of this world cometh, and he has nothing in me. He has no legal ground to afflict me. So your way of escape from every evil experience that is laid up for you waiting to express itself upon you or your children in this world, your way of escape is to get so close behind Jesus that when that curse comes at you, when Satan comes and says, I'm going to cause you to reap what your ancestor has sown. Here comes the rapist or the torturer or the murderer. You will be so closely behind Jesus on His heels that Satan cannot touch you. That's the Lord's answer. He's not changing the mind of the murderer. He's changing your heart to follow after Him in hell.


So what does this mean? Someone that you love dearly was attacked. Whose fault is it? Well, it is your fault, but I don't say that as the world says it. I don't say it with condemnation. It is your fault that your son was molested. I'm not saying that. I'm telling you the truth that it is your fault, bu the Lord acknowledges that you were ignorant. Now that is a hard word, but you've got to hear it. It is your fault, but I say this without condemnation because you were ignorant, but it is your fault. Jesus Christ and His provisions for humanity have been available for 2000 years. His provisions to escape the evil that is destined for you and your family, and it is written, where eve it is written, in the astral plane, I don't know where it is written, that the way you escape it is to get so close to Jesus that you are actually walking in His footsteps. And that is no easy thing to do. It requires a warfare and a total relinquishing of your whole life to the Lord. Not many people are going to do that. Why would not many people do it? Because of selfishness. They like the things of this world. They don't want to give them up; therefore, because you like the things of this world, and you have chosen to not give them up, when evil touches your family you are not right behind Jesus, and from that point of view it is your fault, without condemnation. It is your fault because had you not been ignorant, there is a way of escape in this world. Had you not been ignorant and had you been pursuing Jesus Christ with all of your strength and flagging Him down, saying, take me, take me, take me, this probably would not have happened, but you didn't understand that that is what you have to do.


So your sins are forgiven because you were ignorant, but you still have the attack. A woman who is raped, was it her fault? Well, I don't' know. Now this is a very hot subject, I'm not blaming anybody. All I'm telling you is that we have to walk in wisdom. A woman who is raped, whether it is her fault or not she's got the baby or she's got the trauma of the rape. Well, do you think maybe you should not have walked in that dark alley? But the carnal mind says, well, you are condemning that person for walking in that dark alley. I'm not. I'm saying that if you are walking so close behind Jesus that you are in His very footsteps He would have said to you, don't walk in that alley. Please hear this. Someone is going to misunderstand.


You see, the carnal mind looks at things from one point of view, and the Mind of Christ looks at them from the exact opposite point of view. It is as if you have a piece of fabric. The carnal mind looks at the fabric from the wrong side, and the Mind of Christ looks at the fabric from the right side. It is just how you look at this. I'm not condemning that woman for walking in the dark alley. I'm saying that if she had chosen to walk in Jesus' footsteps He would have told her, don't go in that alley. So from that point of view, she was wrong walking in the alley because she was taking care of herself. Now I acknowledge that there are very few people in this world who walk so closely to Jesus that they are protected to that degree, but that doesn't mean that God is guilty. His provision in the form of the glorified Jesus Christ and the indwelling Christ Jesus has been available to mankind for 2000 years. He has done what He has said He would do. He has provided Himself to us, but most of us have not taken Him, and even those who have taken Him have not taken Him 100%, mostly because of ignorance and not because of rebellion and pride. But the bottom line is that if you are walking so apart from Him that you can be stricken, you have not availed yourself of the fullness of His provision.


That is a painful word, but I tell you the truth, whoever is going to hear this tape, all of you here have heard this...I was very ill, I became chronically ill at 12 years old, and the first time I heard somebody, a psychologist, say....well every once in a while some child decides to get sick. I got really upset because I thought he was saying that I had made a conscious decision to get sick which I did not, but it was an unconscious decision. Today, I know that it was an unconscious decision, and a decision that I had no control over as a child. But it is the whole family line, it was the whole family line manifesting in me, a sowing and a reaping that resulted in my getting sick. God is not responsible for the evils of this world. Man is responsible for the evils that are in this world, and man is responsible to get close enough to Jesus to be safe, but most men don't do it. It is hard to deal with.


I saw a couple on the 700 Club once several years ago. I think they were Baptists, they were church goers, they had lived their whole life for Christ, their whole family was raised in the church, and their son was molested, homosexually raped, and died from AIDS. Jesus didn't intervene, but Jesus is righteous. If you are hearing this message and you cannot understand it, I'll put it in real simple terms for you. You are a very foolish person if you are blaming the only person who can help you. So if that is all you can understand, be afraid to blame God. Be afraid to be mad at God for not holding back the hand of the attacker until wisdom matures in you, and you can understand that this is not the Lord's way. The day is coming that He will bring down the powers and principalities of this world, that He will bring down this world, and He will collapse this world completely. The day is coming, but it is not here yet.


So we must find our safety in this world, and our safety is getting very close to Him, and closeness to Jesus comes through obedience to Jesus. Because if He says follow me, and you don't like what He's telling you to do, and you are going in the other direction you are out from under His cover. If He tells you that your deliverance is in one church, and you go to another church you may not get it that day, if you get it at all. Obedience is better than sacrifice. Sacrifice meaning, doing something. I'll give you an example of sacrifice. Giving extra money, doing a good deed for somebody. All of these things are wonderful, but what gives you protection in Christ is obedience. Why? Because all of these other things that you are doing, giving away free things, giving gifts, helping people, whatever it is that you are doing, if Jesus didn't tell you to do it, it is coming out of your carnal mind. And the only way you can reap the protection of the Lord in an evil land is to do the works of Christ. Obedience, obedience, obedience, obedience. It is very nice if you are a deacon in the church, very nice if you come in and you prophesy or you sing a song. Those are all wonderful things, but if you want to be safe in this world you have to be obedient because the safety is in doing what He tells you.


You have all heard the testimony about a friend of mine in Oklahoma who was headed for Oklahoma City the day that 80 tornadoes came into Oklahoma City, and the Lord told her not to go, and she stayed home. She said to me, well, if I didn't hear him, if I would have gone He would have protected me anyway. No, He wouldn't. The Lord's protection was to tell her, don't go into the lion's den, and the problem with Christians is that because it doesn't look like the lion's den to our carnal mind we think it is OK to go, but the Lord will tell you, don't do it. Or the Lord will tell you, do it. You have no idea what is behind His instructions, and your disobedience can either cause you to suffer loss or to experience pain. My best testimony is one day the Lord said to me, start drinking more water, and I never drank water. All my life, I've hardly drink at all, and I knew it was the Lord. It was plain and simple rebellion. I said, Oh Lord, I don't like water. A couple of months later I was in the emergency room in the middle of the night, in terrible pain, with a kidney stone. Aside from everything else it cost me $500, pain, torment, grief, a week of loss of work, a week or two.


See, the Lord didn't say, Sheila drink water because if you don't drink water a couple of weeks down the line you will have a problem with a kidney stone, and you are going to have pain, torment, you will lose money, and lost time at work, and the whole thing. He didn't tell me that. He just said, drink water, and I said, I don't want to, Lord, and He never said another word to me. That is the nature of our God. If your carnal mind doesn't like it, it is pride in you, and you need to repent of the sin of pride. If you want the protection of the Lord, if you want the things of God, you have to come over to His world, you have to come over to His way of thinking and the way He does things, and you have to line up with His lifestyle to get the benefits of His lifestyle. If you are having a problem with it, it is rebellion in your heart and pride in your heart, and you need to repent because this is sin. You need to repent and ask Him to help you to have your thoughts line up with His thoughts, and to have your lifestyle be an expression of His mind. That's where the protection is.


So we have a church, God only knows how many people in the church, millions of people in the church, with all kinds of problems: diseases, financial problems, all kinds of problems, and they are saying, where is Jesus? Jesus is where He has always been. Why are you so far away? You don't know how to get closer? Ask Him, He will direct you to the ministries who teach a deep message.


It was just pointed out to me that Mozart is the composer who was morally corrupt, and not Beethoven. Please forgive me Mr. Beethoven.


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