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An obsession is an unwanted feeling or emotion often accompanied by symptoms of anxiety. Jackie was obsessed with playing the cello, something that she did not really want to do, and it caused her great anxiety.

Hilary and Jackie is the name of a movie that is presently available in Blockbuster. I don't think you can get it in your library at this time because it's a new release. It is a true story of a world famous cellist and her sister. It is basically the story of this world famous cellist. I actually took the movie out to relax a little and to my surprise, the Lord has told me He wants me to preach on it. I've been meditating on this movie for three days now. It's taken me a while to really grasp all of the supernatural elements of it. I had to have a discussion with the Lord about it last night before I realized that He wanted me to preach on it. The spiritual principles are not as obvious to me as the message and comments we did on "Beloved." The comments we did on "Beloved" were mostly directed towards the supernatural aspects of mind generated incarnation. But in this movie "Hilary & Jackie" the emphasis is more on how an ungodly influence by a spiritual entity will manifest or will appear through an individual human being. Everyone who is obsessed by a disembodied entity does not go out and murder people. Everybody is not the Son of Sam. So when I first saw the movie, my first reaction to the movie was that the supernatural aspects of it were only one or two points and I'll tell you what those two points were. This is what I first saw. The movie opens and there are two little girls; two sisters playing together on the beach and all of a sudden there appears the form of a woman standing very close to the ocean's edge. The children are further back on the beach. The little girl, Jackie, goes running up to the form of the woman. Now you can't see the woman in the movie. It's just the form of the woman. You cannot see her face or any of her features. Jackie goes running up to the woman and then she comes back to her sister and her sister, Hilary, says what did she say? Jackie whispers to her sister. So, we, the movie watchers, do not know what the woman said to Jackie. Then Jackie says, oh I don't care. They seemed like two very happy little girls. So that was a supernatural manifestation.

Then the second supernatural manifestation came later on in the movie. Jackie has become an international famous cellist, but she's emotionally disturbed. She leaves her cello, which is a very valuable instrument, outside on the terrace of the hotel in a snow storm. She has been warned that you have to protect this instrument from extremes of weather. But she goes to bed and leaves the cello on the terrace. In the middle of the night she hears the door open and the cello appears inside of her room and she looks frightened. So my first reaction to the movie was that there was a supernatural twist to it, but certainly nothing more. It never occurred to me to preach on it, although I couldn't get it out of my mind. Then last night the Lord started talking to me. This is what the Lord has given me; that this little girl, Jackie, was obsessed by an immortal, by an entity who had the talent to play the cello. Now I've known and preached for a while that it would have to be a power. It would have to be someone from the etheric plane. This is the understanding that I have right now. The principalities; can anyone tell us the difference between the principalities and the powers before we go on with this? Does anybody remember? Do you want to try? The powers are the insects of the third energy center. I'm not sure about the principalities. The principalities are the fiery serpents that have incarnated the human beings. Each one of us has a spiritual worm within us. She's called the fiery serpent. She's not like an earthworm in your garden. She's an energy force and she's called a worm for several reasons. First of all, she's under the ground of our physical body and personality and also she is Leviathan's larva. She is reproducing Leviathan in the womb of the earth, which we are.

So each individual human being has a principality ruling over their personality unless Christ Jesus is ruling over you. You have an indwelling personality who is ruling over your personality and your life in the form of your subconscious mind, whether you know it or not. You are not your subconscious mind. You are the personality and the mind of the personality is the conscious mind, but you have a subconscious mind who is an aspect of Leviathan that is your head. She is your husband. The powers of this world are the inhabitants of the etheric plane which enter into human beings through the third energy center. As far as I know, they're all insects. Some of them have wings, but not all of them have wings. Now where I'm coming from right now is that this would have had to have been an entity from the etheric plane because we are already inhabited by a principality, which is the fiery serpent who incarnated us. So this is where I am right now; that each one of us is occupied by one principality, the fiery serpent, and possibly many entities. At least we are open to the potential of many entities from the etheric plane entering into us if the door is open wide enough; one principality, many powers in the individual. Now I preached recently that there is some benefit, some strong benefit to incarnation, that I really don't understand. I probably preached this on our comments on "Beloved" that it's my understanding from everything that I see from the scriptures and in the world that these entities crowd to the individual whose door is open. They desire to enter into human beings and have experiences through them. What I said to you on comments on Beloved is that I have no idea what their existence is like in the etheric plane, that it is so important to them that they incarnate in a human being, if they can. I don't have that information yet. Now these powers apparently have talents. They have talents and they want to express their talents through a physical body. This entity that approached this little girl apparently had an ability to play the cello. The two children, the two sisters, Jackie and Hilary; they were both musically inclined. Hilary played the flute. She was the older one. Jackie played the cello. She was the younger one. I guess I have to do what I did with Beloved . I have to go ahead and give you the whole plot before I go through the movie.

Apparently the open door with Jackie was that she was extremely jealous of and competitive with her sister. See, there has to be sin that allow obsession. There had to be an open door in this little girl who was laughing and playing and dancing. There were subtle signs that I really didn't even understand until the Lord explained it to me last night, in preparation to bring forth this message. The younger one, Jackie, was very jealous of and competitive with her sister and apparently had a potential to be ruthless in that competition. Although it did not show that when the two little girls were playing together. This entity appeared to Jackie and we don't know what she told her, but Jackie said, I don't care. Let me tell you the whole story. Jackie becomes a world famous cellist. This is based on a true story. I guess her sister must have written the story, although that's just a guess. Jackie became a world famous cellist. She became reprobate, morally corrupt and mentally unstable, but a genius in the playing of the cello. She contracted a degenerative disease in her 30's because she died at 40 years old; a terrible death. It didn't say in the movie how many years she was afflicted and if the movie said what the name of the degenerate disease was, I didn't get it. But she started by losing control over her urine. That was the first sign. Then she became paralyzed. She couldn't get up off the chair. At least that was a temporary paralysis at the beginning. Then she lost control of her hands and fingers. She could barely manipulate the dials on the TV or the radio or pick up the telephone. Eventually she went into a wheelchair and at the end of her life, she was in an absolutely horrendous condition, to my perception. She could not communicate. She could not talk. She was like an animal. She was very similar to Helen Keller in her youth.. In the movie they showed her as physically out of control completely. She was unable to talk, thrashing her arms and legs like a mass of flesh with nothing in it or some tormented being in it. You see the doctor, her husband sitting there with her, and she's just thrashing her arms and moaning, making noises. You could see that the way they feed her is with the kind of cup you would feed a baby who is off the bottle, half bottle and half cup with a tip; a child's training cup. That's what they were feeding her with. She was just moving her arms and legs and shaking her whole body like this (demonstrating with movements). You can't see me on the tape, but her whole body was just moving violently. You hear the doctor saying to her, we know that nobody knows what you want and that you can't express yourself. She had become a total animal and she died at 40 years of age. I don't know how long she was in that condition.

As we go on, we will see that the two girls had an unhealthy soul tie. Is there anything else that I wanted to tell you about Jackie first? Okay, I believe that this entity manifested from the astral plane and possible even said to Jackie, you are going to be a great musician, but you're going to die young. Now this is my interpretation. This did not happen in the movie. Maybe the entity that looked like a woman said something like that to Jackie that caused Jackie to tell her sister Hilary, I don't care, I don't care. She was happy and dancing. So perhaps the entity said, you'll be a great musician, but you'll die young, but didn't tell her how she would die this horrible horrible death. It seems that there are entities that have talent. Now you have to remember these powers in the etheric plane are formed from the conscious earth or the clay of the conscious earth. This means the way the earth became clay is that the waters of Jehovah's semen made the earth clay. There's no sperm in them. It's just the clay that's made from the waters of the seminal fluid plus the earth. That's what the creatures of the third plane are made of. Yet they seem to have talent. Well, the waters of Jehovah's seminal fluid are so great that they can impart consciousness, so why is it so hard to believe that they can impart talent? The thought that came to me is that I wonder if this wasn't Mozart's experience? I did read about his life and see the movie. He seemed to be an imbalanced man, utterly and morally corrupt, at least according to the literature that I read. There is much of classical music that is a great blessing to me. It calms my spirit. It's a great blessing to me. Yet I've had it said to me, how can a corrupt person like Mozart bring forth such beautiful music? Well it's in Jehovah's seminal fluid. The talent is there. Anything that's good in the earth dates back or goes back to Jehovah's seminal fluid, either the liquid part of it or the sperm. Wouldn't this be interesting if this was the story of Mozart because he died young also. I've heard it said that there are other famous musicians that died young. I thing Mozart wrote his first musical piece at three years old and died very young. What I'm suggesting to you is that when a human being is obsessed by an entity and that entity lives through that person, they take so much energy from the individual that they die young. Apparently this entity had a desire to manifest through a human being. She entered into this little girl who started out with a musical potential. Apparently she came from a musical family because the two children were musical. The entity entered into her and was great through this child and then as she grew into this young woman, but took so much out of her that she died at an early age and had a horrible death. Why? So that this entity could experience being a world famous concert cellist.

I would say there were two overriding indications of obsession. Now I don't know if this is true of Mozart also, but both Mozart and this cellist, Jackie, were not emotionally stable and they were absolutely bizarre. If the movie, Mozart, was accurate; Mozart was a bizarre human being or he did bizarre things and we see Jackie doing bizarre things. For example, she has fans who were just thrilled by her music. We see her sitting on a chair after the concert as an attractive young lady with a beautiful gown on. A man who had seen the concert came to her with his wife and said we would be honored if you would have dinner with us. Jackie said to them, I would like to but I can't because I stink. They just looked at her. She says I'm just filled with sweat and puts her hands on her midriff, lifts up her armpit and sticks it in their face and says, I just stink. They were horrified and they walked away from her. Now most professional musicians love their work. It's not easy being a musician. It's a hard life and you have to travel all the time and you don't always make all the money that you would want or have the financial security that you want. Most musicians, most artists, most people that are involved in creative pursuits are doing it because they love what they're doing. But Jackie didn't love what she was doing. It even tells us in the movie that she hated what she was doing. At one point she was talking to someone and she said I had no choice. The first time I heard that, I thought she was saying she had no choice because her mother was right there wanting her to be a famous musician and all excited that she was a musician. That was my first reaction, but now I'm thinking that she was saying she had no choice because she was possessed by this entity who wanted to play through her. It was that very entity who brought her cello in when it was about to be ruined out on the terrace. The entity was saying to her, I'm going to play through you so long as your hands work and I'm not going to let you ruin this cello. The entity said to Jackie, you belong to me and this is what we do. We are international concert cello players.

So here's the sign that Jackie is possessed. She doesn't even want to do what she's doing. She's not happy. She's morally corrupt and we don't see how it happened, but it just manifested in the movie that she comes back from one of her concerts overseas and she's still a very young woman. She had discovered fornication. We see her telling her sister, Hilary, that you could go out and have these experiences and you don't have to be married. The suggestion was that they were raised in a Christian based home. There was no sign of them going to church, but they were raised with Christian morals. I'm sure that she was told not to fornicate. She comes back from Europe and she tells her sister, Hilary, that she found out that she can fornicate and she has a contraceptive device that she shows her sister. We see that there's a moral problem there. We also see that she is extremely selfish, that she wants all of the attention. She wants her sister to be there for her. She's not concerned about her sister's life. At some point, her sister meets a very nice man who wants to marry her and Jackie is angry. She does not want her sister to get married. She wants her to be there for her. So we see extreme selfishness along with envy and competition and ruthlessness. These are all signs of satanic influence. Now we may see these signs in people in small degrees who are functioning in this world who are not possessed by an entity and become concert musicians. But we need to know that when we see these qualities in ourselves or in our children, that we really have to start praying. These are qualities that come from Satan through the carnal mind and if they're not dealt with, they can really damage the person's life; whether it's our life or our children's life; extreme selfishness, envy, competition and ruthlessness. Now I believe that all of these qualities were present in Jackie. All of the potential is present in all of us, but even though the movie didn't show this little girl to be like that, the Lord has told me, when He helped me to prepare for this message, that this little girl really had to have a preponderance of those qualities for this entity to possess her. She was an ideal candidate to be possessed. She had the inherited musical talent plus all of these character defects. We see that the mother is a very cold unloving woman who seems to be primarily concerned with the children achieving in their musical pursuits. That's a factor, too. A warm loving mother who really cares for the child is a cover for the child. The way the movie portrayed the mother was that she was a very hard cold selfish woman that wanted to experience her own self gratification through her daughter's achievement. Unfortunately this is not so uncommon. We see a lot of mothers like this. What does that mean? The child is uncovered. We cannot raise our children for our own gratification because then, we too, are taking of their energy. It was this mother's desire to live through her own children's achievement, which opened this child to possession obsession.

I think I'll start going through the story now. I'll tell you this first. It did not show at the beginning of the movie that the younger one, Jackie, was utterly possessive of her sister Hilary. Actually, the impression that the movie gives you is that the two little girls were very close and you're inclined to say, well isn't that nice that two sisters should be so close. But apparently they were too close. They had an ungodly soul tie to the point that the one, Jackie, who tended to be possessive and ruthless, took advantage of the other sister, Hilary, who didn't seem to have these problems. Why do I say this? Because it is revealed later on in the movie that Hilary is under such control from Jackie that she actually gives her husband up to Jackie. Now this is really bizarre. They say this is a true story. Jackie wanted to utterly possess Hilary. That means she wanted everything that Hilary had. When the movie first starts out, Hilary is the older one, the flutist, and Hilary gets an opportunity to play or study in some special competition. The mother was going to take Hilary to this competition and little Jackie pipes up at the table and says, I want to go, too. The mother says, no you can't go, this is Jackie's opportunity; which is the right thing to say. But the father, who apparently was very permissive, said, oh why can't she go also? The mother gave in. So we see that little Jackie went along on Hilary's accomplishment and even got into a little trouble when she was there.

I remember when I was very young, there were several sets of twins in the area and I remember my mother telling me that you have to be really careful with twins. I'm not against twins, so don't anybody twist my words. A lot of people feel that it's not even wise to dress them alike. You have to be really careful to give them separate lives and at some point you have to start separating them somewhat or they can become too entangled with one another. I remember hearing that when I was a little girl about twelve. There were twins in my mother's set of friends. Well apparently these two little girls got so entangled with an ungodly soul tie that one victimized the other. Jackie was the victimizer and Hilary was the victim. But we don't see this at the beginning. All that you see is two little girls and isn't that wonderful that they're such good friends and one plays the cello and the other plays the flute together. But we see when these issues are drawn out as the years go by, what is not seen, but underneath, comes to the surface. We see the married Jackie approaching her sister's home and eventually saying outright, I want your husband to make love to me. Now if this wasn't a true story, I would say this is a crazy story. Hilary's first reaction was no, but we see that very same night, Hilary is in bed with her husband and Jackie actually comes walking into the room. Hilary makes believe that she's just moving in her sleep and puts her arm across her husband's chest and Jackie leaves the room. But then Jackie starts to have a temper tantrum. She's depressed. Hilary finds her in the woods where she has taken all her clothes off and she's bleeding; obviously emotionally disturbed. What she wanted was Hilary's husband. I was saying at that point in the movie, sister or no sister, you should put her out of your house. But much to my surprise as the movie continues, Hilary tells her husband that she should do it. He said, no I don't want to. He said why should I do that? Hilary says because she's my sister and she's upset and she needs it. Much to my surprise, the husband says okay. That blows my mind, but it's a true story. So to what degree witchcraft was operating here, I don't know what to say. Unless the Lord tells me more about it, this is really strange. According to the movie, this was a strong willed well adjusted man and he agreed to make love to his sister-in-law. Even at that point, my mind was thinking, well it's going to be a man and two women situation. But it wasn't even that. Jackie took over the husband and demanded that he be faithful to her, so that the true wife was the stranger in the house. It's a true story or I wouldn't even be bothering your ears with this. Jackie and the husband slept in the marital bed and Hilary slept by herself. When she was lonely she crawled into bed with her child. There was nothing sexual there, but she was alone. They lived on a farm, so it was just the three of them plus a couple of small children. It shows you how happy Jackie is with this man and they're romping together and she's playing with the children. She took the whole family. She took her sister's husband and she took her sister's children. They're were romping and playing together and Hilary was the outsider. We see all the scenes that indicate this joy and then the camera goes to Hilary and she's very depressed.

Now on the surface, you say what is wrong with this woman? I honestly cannot tell you to what degree witchcraft was operating here. I know that this is a bizarre situation. It was bizarre that Jackie was able to influence Hilary to this degree. That Jackie could influence this strong minded very well adjusted man to this degree blows my mind. I have no answer to it other than the seduction was that strong. I don't know what else to say. At one point, Hilary becomes visibly depressed and her husband comes to her in the middle of the night and he wants to make love to her. Now this is a total role reversal. Hilary says, no no you can't, she will never talk to me again. Now this is the wife. The sister has completely taken over the husband and is now the high point of the whole household, just as she was the high point of the whole household in the earlier residence with the parents who made her everything because she was the international concert cellist.

The whole household revolved around Jackie and Hilary had to be quiet when she slept. Jackie was the god of the household. When Hilary first brings her husband to be into the family and he meets Jackie, you could see that Jackie is taken with him. You could just see it in her eyes in the movie. When the husband to be first came into the family, he was fully aware that the whole household revolved around Jackie and that it was very wrong. He was like a knight in shiny armour to Hilary. He married her and he took her out of that unnatural household where Hilary was really being oppressed even though she was a musician in her own right as a flutist. Her life was not what it should be because she was in her sister's shadow and her parents barely even looked at her; so he helped her. He got her out of that unhealthy atmosphere. He really loved her and he married her and they made a life together. What the Lord just told me is that the reason Jackie went after him, even though it was years later, was that she never forgot she wasn't able to control this man. This man came into the household when the sisters were still teenagers or in their twenties and she could not control him. She controlled the mother, the father, her sister, but she could not control him. He took her sister out of the house and married her and she never forgot it. One of her goals in life was to control everything and everybody and she went after him to prove that she could control him. I cannot believe that this man agreed to do this. There had to be some kind of witchcraft and mind control operating there. The movie isn't clear about how long it went on, but he comes to his wife in the middle of the night and he wants to make love to her. He saw that she was really upset and his wife is saying, no no you can't, my sister will never talk to me again. So apparently her husband came out from under the seduction before she did and he said to her, you are my wife and they do make love that night. There's no indication in the movie where the strength came from to break this, but when the husband and wife made love, apparently he strengthened her enough to throw her sister out. All the movie shows is that the husband and wife make love and the next morning, Hilary goes to see Jackie. Jackie had an absolutely wicked look on her face and would not even let Hilary talk. She knew what Hilary was going to say. It even tells you in the movie that Jackie is psychic and that the two sisters have a psychic connection. It was obvious that Jackie knew that Hilary was coming to tell her to leave. She was playing her cello louder and louder and she would not listen to what Hilary was saying. That was the end of the scene. In the next scene we see Jackie with her coat on walking away from the house down the road. There was no detail about what was said between them or how Hilary overcame the loud cello playing. But first the husband overcame and then he went to his wife and strengthened her and she was able to throw the sister out. The Lord told me that her whole interest in him began when she could not control him way back in her parent's house. That's very interesting.

What else can I tell you about this movie? Remember the purpose of commenting on this movie is to give us an indication of obsession in people. It doesn't have to be that severe. It doesn't have to be one entity possessing somebody and playing the cello through them for thirty years. But if we see these qualities where the overriding characteristic is selfishness; there's a problem. Jesus said if you love your brother, you wouldn't do these things. If you love somebody, you put their needs ahead of yours, unless of course, it becomes unreasonable. So overriding selfishness is the overriding quality that we must seek to rid ourselves of because selfishness is an open door to degeneration into a very bad place and it gets worse with each generation. The sacrificial life is the way. You have to sacrifice for your children. Sacrifice for your husband; sacrifice for your wife; sacrifice for your parents; it has to be a Godly sacrifice now. If you don't know what a Godly sacrifice is, you have to ask the Lord to show it to you. But selfishness is a satanic quality and if you yield to that, you open yourself to all kinds of satanic qualities and behavior that will be passed on to your children. This is not a message to frighten you. This message is telling you that as we move into the new age, there is going to be more and more of this. As people become more selfish and as people turn away from the Lord Jesus Christ, they're going to be subject to obsession by entities that want to live through them. Now this particular entity wanted to be a concert cellist and wanted to be sexually reprobate. To me it's just another witness that when an entity obsesses you, even if that entity comes with a great talent, just the very fact that they exist, it drains your energy so you die young and results in moral corruption. I don't see that you could be obsessed by an entity who is living its life through you and be moral, even if its primary quality is being a great musician. This kind of obsession does not bring morality with it. Morality is something that comes from the higher qualities. We see that there was a conflict in Jackie. I touched on this earlier. She was a great musician, but she didn't love her work. Being a great musician did not produce greatness in her. It did not produce greatness in her. She, as an individual human being, went down.

When the talent is developed by Christ Jesus, the exact opposite happens. Christ Jesus doesn't drain your energy. He doesn't give you premature death. He joins with the talent in you and He works it together with a moral upright lifestyle that produces long life. So look for this contradiction. Look for people who are doing things, but their heart is not in it. They're doing it for whatever reason, but it's not making them happy. They're doing it because they think it's right. They're doing it because they think it looks good. You can't go on like that. Something that's not good has to come out of this. If your good works are coming out of Christ, you will be happy doing them; you will be a cheerful giver and a cheerful doer. You will enjoy them and you will have satisfaction from them and you will grow and blossom. But you're working against your very own self when you're doing things that you're not enjoying doing. If you're doing it because you think it's right, because you want to look good in front of men or maybe you forgot how you even got that way, it's something to put on your list to sacrifice to the Lord Jesus Christ. If you examine yourself and find out that you're doing more than fifty percent of your good deeds because you think they're right, but you're really resenting what you're doing in your heart, get before Jesus and ask Him to deal with this problem. It's an emotional problem that cannot result in any good thing for you or your descendants. There's something wrong in your heart if you're living that way. Jesus is able to fix it. Don't take what I just said the wrong way. I said, put yourself before the Lord for healing. Something is wrong in your heart if that's how you live it.

Now I find this whole plot very interesting, because up until now, I had really thought that entities waiting to obsess human being were interested mostly in unclean acts, although she was involved in unclean sexual acts. But it never occurred to me that an entity would be waiting in the eves to obsess a human being for the purpose of being a great musician. Now I don't know what the Lord is going to teach us as a follow up on this message. I don't know what you all think, but this has really surprised me to find out that an entity wants to live through a human being to be a musician. I thought an entity would want to obsess someone to be a murderer, to be sexually reprobate, to be a rapist, etc. It never occurred to me that an entity from the etheric plane can influence or obsess an individual for the purpose of doing something that would be considered a fine work in this world. I really think the Lord is telling me that a similar situation might have occurred with Mozart. Also, as I'm talking to you, I'm understanding something else that I didn't understand in the movie. When that cello apparently moved into the house by itself, they showed you Jackie sitting up in bed and there was just fear on her face. But yet, she didn't seem to do anything to try to change the situation. I now realize that she must have accepted that entity's contract. She must have known that it was an entity playing through her. Therefore she was a little alarmed, but not willing to do anything about it when that cello moved into her room. What that said to her was, you made your contract and you cannot get out of this. You are an international cellist and you're not going to do anything else. This is what you're going to do. You made the deal with me. I said that I would make you great because your sister was a greater musician than you were. Everybody wanted Hilary and little Jackie wasn't that great a musician. I said I would make you a great musician and you said that you would let me play through you for the rest of your life. So she made a pact with the devil, although we know that's not what the devil is. She made a pact with an entity in another plane.

Now at the very end of the movie, after Jackie dies, there's one more scene of the two sisters as children. They now show you Jackie as she approaches the woman. They show you the face of the woman. The face of the woman is Jackie as an adult. What the adult Jackie is saying to the little girl Jackie is that everything is going to be alright. But you see, there's something wrong here because in the earlier scene, Jackie came back and whispered in her sister's ear what the woman said to her and then Jackie said, I don't care. Now why would Jackie say I don't care if all the woman said to her was everything is going to be alright? I haven't really figured out why the movie ended that way yet. The Lord hasn't explained that to me. I don't want to talk out of my own mind, but the Lord hasn't explained that contradiction to me at this time. I did tell you that Jackie married. I don't know how much she loved her husband. In the movie she married a famous Jewish pianist and her parents were very upset that she married a Jewish man. So I wonder if she didn't marry him just for the shock value, although they were musicians. They did have something in common and they did play together. But we see that in her last days when she is really suffering, he has an affair with another woman, which he didn't really go out of his way to keep a secret, which hurt her very very much.

Very interesting; a study in obsession. The major characteristics; negative qualities, selfishness, possession, expecting everybody to be concerned with you and not being happy with your gift. Those are the overriding qualities. What else can I tell you about this movie? Well one thing that I found interesting was that after Jackie is put out of Hilary's home, Hilary does go to see her. Jackie is in the hospital and Hilary does go to see her with their brother. You never see Hilary's husband again. Yet when Hilary goes to visit Jackie, she is pregnant, so you know that he's still around. But he never went to see Jackie again. Hilary went to see Jackie in the hospital and you see her talking to her brother and he's saying do you think she will talk to you? Hilary says, of course, she'll talk to me, she's my sister. She walks into the hospital room and Jackie is visiting with another visitor and Jackie completely insults her. You can see that Hilary is pregnant, so Jackie must have been envious. She says to the other visitor, oh yes this is my sister and whatever else she said about her. Then she says, if you're really good to her, she'll loan you her husband. So she really insulted her in front of this other person. Hilary goes away and doesn't visit her for a long time. But at the very end when Jackie completely loses physical control, the doctor is saying, somewhere there is somebody that understands you. We know that you cannot make your needs known, but somewhere there is somebody that understands you.

Jackie's heart must have been really crying out in torment and we see that Hilary wakes up in the middle of the night with a start. The two sisters were psychic and they still have this soul tie. Jackie cried out for Hilary in her travail, and for nobody else, not even her own husband. She was a total lump of flesh. So she cried out for Hilary in her last moment and Hilary woke up with a start in the middle of the night and responded to the call. She went to the house. Jackie was not in the hospital at this time. Hilary walks in and takes her in her arms and started talking to her and Jackie actually stopped shaking her arms. All that movement stopped and she was just at peace in her sister's arms. So another major lesson here; beware of soul ties that are too strong between sisters or between husband and wife. We're made to have many people in our lives. I remember the first time someone told me it was possible to have an ungodly soul tie with your husband. I was shocked. I was naive in those days. Now I know a lot of women have ungodly soul ties with their husbands. A lot of husbands have ungodly soul ties with their wives. It is very dangerous to be too dependent on one person. God never set it up that way, brethren. Jesus is suppose to be in the midst of your marriage. You are both suppose to be dependent upon Him and come together as two whole people with two full lives with your children and your parents and your relatives and your church family. Any attempt to hinder such a healthy lifestyle is satanic. I'm sorry, it is not of God to be in a relationship where one person completely controls the other person. It is not of Christ. It is of Satan. Of course this movie is an extreme, but how do we know what will happen four generations down the line. We must look for these things. Brethren, we're living in hell. We must look for these qualities and in Christ Jesus, we must resist them with all of our strength. If you have twins or you have two children that are very close, encourage each of them to develop their own talents and qualities and pursue them. There has to be some activity that you have apart from the person that you are very close with; husband, wife, twin or mother. You cannot be only two people together. This is not healthy. We're all fallen, brethren. Envy rises up. Competition rises up. Possession rises up and not everybody is capable of dealing with it.

Going back to the two little girls, remember that Hilary was the older one and she was the one that was sought after. But that changed after Jackie meets the woman at the beach. The mother had said to her, if you want to go where Hilary goes, you have to practice and be as good as her. We see Jackie practicing her cello everywhere she goes. Then there's a competition that they both enter into; one for the woodwinds and one for the string instruments. Both sisters won in their category of instrument. But apparently there was one main scholarship that was given over all the categories of instrument and Jackie won it. The movie shows you that Hilary was very upset. She was the older one. She was the one who had been in the lead all of these years. Hilary was very upset, but she dealt with it. Hilary did not have the emotional problems that Jackie had. She was upset; probably jealous and feeling bad, with all of the emotions that rage in something like that, yet she accepted the fact that her sister won. The prize was instruction by some famous cellist who trained her up and eventually she became this great musician. So the movie clearly shows that it's just human to feel this. How could you not be jealous; how could you not be competitive; how could you not be upset in a situation like that? It isn't human not to be. The question is what do you do with it? Everybody has these feelings. Somebody gets something that you want, something that you've been wanting for a long time, it's not human not to feel a prick of envy or competition or anger. This is all human. It's sin in your mind that you don't have the power to control. I don't have the power to control it. But what we can control is what we do with it. Do we act on it or do we not act on it? Do we act on it behaviorally and do we act on it in our thoughts?

Now most people that are striving to be Christians will not act on it behaviorally. But a large majority of Christians are not aware of what goes on with their thoughts. They push it out of their conscious mind and their subconscious and unconscious mind is raging with envy towards their sister and their brother. It is this problem that the ministry of Christ Jesus tries to deal with, by helping us to recognize the thoughts of our unconscious and subconscious mind and thereby cleanse ourselves of all filthiness. How do you do that? You rebuke it. Christ in you rises up and says I rebuke you envy. I don't condemn you for being there, but you cannot continue to vibrate in my mind. I cast you into the lake of fire and I burn you. Father, I bless that person. I'm not going to be put off by what I'm feeling. I'm not going to be so upset by what I'm feeling that I'm going to want to hide this by blocking it out of my conscious mind. I'm going to admit that it's there and I'm going to admit that it's sin and I'm going to tell it that it won't live through me and that it has to die. I'm going to ask Jesus to help me to kill it. Then it's not sin unto you anymore, if you do that. If you just blind yourself to it by pulling the shade over your conscious mind, it's still sin unto you. So the body of Christ must be educated. If you think that you don't have an envious bone in your body, I challenge you to ask the Lord to show you envy when it manifests in you. It's a part of the human condition. We cannot stop it. This is Satan's thoughts living through us, but we can fight with it and when we fight with it, when we resist it; Jesus covers it. We don't have the strength to stop it. Interesting story, is it not? They say life is truer than fiction.

Congregation comment: I'd like to comment on the part about the husband having compassion on his wife. I think a spirit of compassion came upon him and that was used to break the spell that Jackie had on him. I won't say that it brought him into a spirit of righteousness, but I'll say goodness. It was like his senses were coming back to him and he told her this is the way it's got to be. So it was a strength and he became her cover from that point.

Sheila: Yes, he came out from under the spell. Very interesting.

Congregation comment: In the past I learned that the spirit of jealousy has a spirit of division under it and a spirit of hatred and I just feel that was a part of Jackie.

Sheila: Yes, she was very jealous of her sister's windfall. From another point of view, just looking at Hilary, her heart was really broken. She was the apple of the family's eye. She was the flutist and she was winning the contests and all of a sudden her sister overtook her. Her parents, from what I could see, took no precautions, whatsoever, to sustain Hilary in this crisis. When you have a child who is a celebrity, you have to minister to the other children that they should grow up healthy. It was almost like a gift from God that this man just came into Hilary's life, fell in love with her and affirmed her own ability as a musician, even though she didn't become internationally acclaimed. She was a musician and she did play professionally. Actually that was how she met him. This man wanted to retain her. He validated her life. Hilary was living under Jackie's shadow. He was a very nice man and they were very happy together.

Congregation comment: I think it's true what June said about the jealousy. That was probably the door that was opened up for the entity to come in when they were little children.

Sheila: Yes, Jackie's jealousy.

Congregation comment: Scripture says that envy is rottenness to the bones and Jackie went through a whole deterioration of her body. I know there's a spiritual meaning besides, but it manifested in the physical. I couldn't help being caught by the names of Hilary and Jackie, the names of two president's wives. That Hilary that I brought you on the 20-20 show touches on entities entering someone. The Lord must be giving us revelation on these entities coming into us.

Sheila: I haven't watched it yet. I'll try to watch it.

Congregation comment: I remember years ago when we were in that other church, I had been doing a study using the bible and a very old thick Webster's Unabridged Dictionary. I was so shocked when I came across the word, genius. The definition of genius was one or more tutelary demons placed in at birth when a child is born. That was the definition of genius and I thought of all these different musicians.

Sheila: Really? Isn't that interesting. Well, praise the Lord.

Congregation comment: Sheila just asked what kind of demons they were. I said tutelary. I didn't even know what the word tutelary meant, so I had to look up tutelary. It meant the teachers, two teaching demons at least; one or more is put in at birth and produces geniuses. The newer dictionaries use the words guardians, deities, powers and goddesses for these individual guiding influences. All these people bragging about being geniuses don't know what they're saying.

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