485 - 1 Part
(Mind-Generated Incarnation)

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I'm going to do a commentary on a movie that I saw. The name of the movie is "Beloved" and it is Oprah Winfrey's production. It has really really impacted me. I have to tell you that after five minutes of it, I shut it off. The beginning is a little gruesome and I shut it off saying this movie is not for me. The next morning I thought the Lord was telling me to go back and finish watching the movie. The impulse to return to the movie was very strong. So I told the Lord that I would watch it, but if it wasn't Him, to please deliver me. I do have a strong background in witchcraft and it was possible that it was another spirit that was calling me to a movie that would attempt to cover Christ. But it was so strong that I couldn't deny it. So that was my prayer; Lord, I'm going to do it, but if I'm being seduced, please help me to hear it. Well I went back and I watched the movie and I have not been able to get it out of my mind ever since. What turned me off at the beginning really upset me. It did have to do with a black woman who was a slave in the south, the United States. This movie says on the case that it's suppose to be based on a true story. It makes it even more interesting. It was about a black woman who was a slave that escaped from the plantation where she was held captive. What distressed me at the beginning was her experience. I guess there are all kinds of abominations that I never heard of. It just really upset me. She was a pregnant woman and she had milk in her breasts and she was attacked by two young men who held her down and sucked the milk out of her breasts. To me this is revolting, but it's based on a true story and I guess that's what happened. That really upset me. Then they showed a black male slave being tortured and I said, oh get me out of here, I can't take it. That was when I shut it off. But the Lord sent me back. So I'm going to briefly tell you the story and we'll see how this comes out.


I will tell you up front, it's about a manifested entity. I don't believe it was a demon. When I say entity, I believe that it was a power, someone that was an entity from the etheric plane. We're told that the etheric plane is where the spiritual insects live. As of today, I only have found two types of spiritual insects in the scripture and that is the moth and the ant. I have briefly looked at the scriptures concerning the ant. The King James Translation makes it sound like it's a good scripture, oh look at the ant and how industrious they are. But the research that I did indicates otherwise. You have to have the revelation that ants are spiritual entities that live in the etheric plane under the earth of our personality and our physical body and they are not our friends. Neither are they an example for us. Therefore, I believe that the entity that manifested in this movie was an entity from the etheric plane.


Basically this is the difference between demons and the powers or spiritual insects. Actually I think we did a whole series on this, but I'll review it for you. A demon is a thought form. A demon is a thought. It comes forth from the mind and it exists for a season. Depending on how strong the thought is, eventually it just dissolves. Demons can be cast out because they don't have any deep roots. They are not woven into the very fabric of your spiritual being. They're new. They're not generational. They're something that has been generated by you. Some of them dissolve by themselves. If you're having repetitious negative thoughts they could be all bunched up in your spiritual being and they need to be cast out. But there are no deep roots and they don't go back generations. The powers that exist in the third energy center and in the etheric plane, they have deep roots. They're actually woven into the very fabric of your being at the cellular level; at the cellular level. Some of you ladies may have knitted or may knit in your lifetime as I used to years ago when I was a housewife. There are certain garments that you knit or even when you weaving a rug, there are certain forms of weaving that every stitch you make, you knot it so that it is impossible to unravel. Do you know what I'm talking about? Do they do that in knitting or do they do that in a different kind of embroidery? Okay, every stitch that's taken is knotted in and of itself. I know that if you knit a whole sweater and you grab a hold of that yarn you can just rip out the whole sweater. But there are certain forms of weaving that each stitch is knotted and that's the best example that I can give you as to a power being interwoven, completely interwoven with the fabric of our being on the cellular level; if you can think of our being in the etheric plane.


Well, we are a woven garment. I found that in the scripture in one of our translations. We are a woven garment. We are a spiritual tapestry. So every tapestry must have a foundation and the foundation is a piece of mesh; a series of threads going in two directions, the warp and the woof. The color threads are woven through the background; the base or the foundation. So the entities of the etheric plane, if you want to think of our spiritual being as that foundational piece of mesh and every hole in that piece of mesh as a cell of our etheric being. The powers of the etheric plane are woven through many of the holes representing many of the cells of our etheric being. Hopefully, we're not completely interwoven with them. But depending upon the curses and blessings on your family life, when entities from the etheric plane are active in your life, they're woven into the fabric of your being, so they're very different than demons. You can't cast them out because their roots are all intertwined with your very person. The scripture that just comes to mind is Jesus saying, let the wheat and the tares grow together because you cannot cast out one without destroying the other.


These entities feed off of us. I don't have any information at this time that the demons feed off of us. The demons are pictures. The old testament calls them thought pictures. Of course, you need spiritual sight to see them. Then we think them. Our mind gives birth to these pictures and they hover around us. If they're positive thoughts, they attract other positive thoughts or people. They attract the thought forms of other positive people and then the whole person comes with the thought forms. If we're surrounded by negative spiritual pictures, we attract other negative people to ourselves. But they're not woven together with our etheric body on the cellular level, so it's possible to destroy them, to cast them out. But the entities in the etheric plane, they are woven into the fabric of the tapestry which we are. They're a part of us. It's a miracle to get rid of them, but I'm not going to go into that right now. They're literally woven into our fabric and they're feeding off of our energy. So the more these entities that have entered into you; you see the doorway from the etheric plane into the individual is the third energy center. There's a doorway that open there. Depending on the level of sin in your life, the doorway is opened to various degrees. Maybe with some people it's opened just a little bit and with some people it's opened a lot. The wider the doorway is opened, the more entities have entered into you and are feasting on your spiritual life. The more entities that are feasting on your spiritual life, the more likely you are to be sick or to have trouble in your life to the degree that there's more trouble in your life than positive aspects in your life. That's the truth that Jesus said you couldn't bear or at least it's part of the truth that Jesus said you couldn't bear.


So our movie called "Beloved" in essence is about a manifested power, which in my opinion, from the third energy center or from the etheric plane. That's how I see it at this time. But it definitely is about a manifested power. The heroine of the story is played by Oprah Winfrey and she is a black female ex-slave. She escaped from the people who held her in bondage. The beginning of the movie is shocking. They show you those two scenes that I told you about, which really upset me. But even before that, the movie opens and it is a little country house with our heroine, Oprah Winfrey. She has one daughter who looks around 12 and her name is Denver and two sons in the house. As the movie opens, we're seeing the manifestations of a poltergeist. Does anybody here know what a poltergeist is? A poltergeist is a form (whether or not it's a ghost, I don't know) but it's an invisible entity that is destructive. The manifestations of the poltergeist is that you cannot see anything, but dishes go flying through the house and all kinds of objects in your house fly, which is psycho kinesis. Psycho kinesis is moving objects with the mind. In my personal opinion, a poltergeist is, what the world knows or what the occult calls a poltergeist is a manifestation of somebody's mind. In my opinion, I believe that this poltergeist was a violent manifestation of our heroine's mind.


As the movie opens, we're having a scene with a poltergeist and things are flying all over the house. There was a dog that was either picked up and thrown against the wall and the dog was really damaged. Then the attack calms down and two significant things happen. Our heroine picks up the dog. She just accepts this as a way of life and lives with it. She picks up the dog and mends him, heals him medically and the two young men in the house, around 13 and 14 pack up and are taking off. They're not going to live in that house anymore. They leave their mother and their sister and they take off. The mother is just as cool as could be and really comfortable with this. She's just living with it. Her two sons leave and her daughter is all upset and she's just living with this thing. Now I'm of the opinion that it was out of her mind. It was out of her mind. This is the story. Before that happened this man that she hasn't seen in 18 years, a man that she knew from the slave plantation. He just happens to walk up to her house after 18 years. My personal opinion is that the Lord sent him. This woman was in trouble and she was a nominal Christian. She named the name of Jesus. I believe there's a lot of power in that. The Lord had to make a judgment if you're taking advantage of your relationship with Him or if you're doing all you know how to do and He decides to have mercy on you. There's a lot of power in just being a church goer on Sunday.


Well this man appears after 18 years and she invites him in. As he walks into the house (he's a spiritual man) as soon as he walks through the door he says, what kind of evil do you have in this house? There is some visible manifestation in the movie so that you can see that he's recognizing something supernatural. Our heroine, cool as could be, says oh it's not evil, just sad. Not evil; just sad. So we see that our heroine had an ungodly soul tie with this entity. Now the entity appeared to be infantile and it comes out later on in the movie that our heroine killed three or four of her children. She was an escaped slave. She went through a very hard time while she was pregnant to get away from the plantation. She was determined to be free and she got to a safe place. She was there for 28 days and on the 29th day the slave owner found her. She grabbed her children, ran screaming into the shed and by the time the men got off of their horses; they were walking very slowly because they knew they had her like a trapped animal. It showed you that they came with the handcuffs to lock her up. By the time they opened the shed, she had murdered all four of her children. One of them was an infant in her arms. The slave owners left. I don't really understand it. They didn't want her; they really wanted the children. I don't know why they made that decision. I can understand that they wanted the children, young slaves, but I don't know why they didn't take her back. They let her go. I don't know where these other three children came from, the two boys that left and the girl, Denver. I don't know whether she had other children after that or not. If the movie did reveal it, it got past me. But she murdered her four children and she was in the newspaper for it.


What I'm doing right now is, I'm jumping ahead. If you should decide to get the movie out and watch it yourself, I'm jumping way ahead of the way the movie sets forth the plot. Now I believe that our heroine thought that this entity that's having these temper tantrums in the house was her dead baby. You can't be in your right mind. She seemed very sane. She was keeping the house, she cooked for her daughter, she cleaned and maintained the household. But how could you be sane experiencing what she had experienced? First of all, being violated like that and being a slave to start with. Being violated and who knows how many other violations. When she complained about the two men who attacked her to the owner of the plantation (the female dowager of the plantation) showed her disapproval of it. In retaliation the two young men got our heroine and whipped her and they really cut up her back leaving her with deep deep scars. She runs away and she's going through the forest and she's pregnant and finally she just collapses. She should really die there and miraculously this white woman appears and helps her to have her baby.


Our heroine makes it to this safe place and then the slave owners come looking for her again. I'm just not justifying what she did, but do you know what you would do if you had been through that? I don't know what I would have done if I had been through that. Then she killed all of her children.


So here she is, living this life. My personal opinion after watching the movie and having the movie before the Lord for 24 hours or more because I keep getting more and more understanding. I can't get out of my mind. I keep getting more and more understanding as I think of it. I think that on some level she thought that entity in her house was one of the children that she had killed. Now whether this was conscious or unconscious, but she was really comfortable with this entity. So the man Billy comes in. In the movie he was a very kind man who had been through a lot. He had scars on his back where he had been beaten and tortured also. But he was free today and he perceived the evil when he walked into the house. Then our heroine says, no not evil; just sad. So we see an obsessive relationship between a physical human being and an invisible entity. In my opinion the entity generated from her own mind. I think you all know where I stand. I don't believe that there are any free floating spirits. Everything comes out of somebody's mind. I think that it's possible to have a spiritual experience that comes at you from someone else's mind, but when a spirit is resident in a house (in my opinion) it's coming out of the mind of someone in that house. At the beginning stages of the movie, I thought it was the little girl. But I later realized that it had to be coming out of the mind of our heroine.


So she collapses in the woods, having run as far as she could run. It's time to have the baby and this young white woman finds her and decides to help her. They get in a rowboat and it starts to sink. Our heroine goes into labor and they can't get her out of the boat, so her whole lower torso is under the water at the time that the baby comes forth. So the baby comes forth in water. That's significant because the manifested entity mentions that she remembers that. Now I don't believe that this entity was the murdered daughter. I don't believe that personalities go on. You know my position that the physical body and the personality dissolve. So who was this entity that incarnated later on? Who was this entity that was in our heroine's mind or within her spiritual being, within her third energy center manifesting through her? Who was this entity? The answer that has come to me to date (and again, as I tell you all the time, I don't have all the answers) but I'm starting to believe that the Lord is telling me that the number of fiery serpents that desire to incarnate are much greater than the numbers of human beings. Also, even in this world, there are like a million insects to each human being. So I believe that since the whole creation is fallen, we're all born with curses and holes in our hedge. That means that everyone is born with that door opened somewhat to the third energy center depending upon the measure of the curses. Each individual that incarnates; we know that it takes one fiery serpent to incarnate a human being. But because of the family line curses, it seems that there are entities in the etheric plane that come in as a part of the process of the formation of the personality in the body. Can you hear that? Does that make any sense to you?


It takes a fiery serpent to incarnate a human being. The fiery serpent is our consciousness. She's a spark off of Leviathan. In the formation of our whole being, the physical body, the personality, in the formation of everything that we are, because of family line curses, the door is open and some entities from the etheric plane enter in. We've all got it. We're all dirty. If we didn't have it, we wouldn't die. We're born this way. Just like a mother that's on drugs, the child could be born addicted. We're born with this stuff, you see. So that means that they are waiting in the eves. Every time a woman is pregnant they are waiting in the eves to incarnate. The fiery serpent, the principality; that's the main entity that's incarnating. Only God knows how many there are of these powers, these beings from the etheric plane that come in actually hanging on the cells of our etheric body.


So it looks to me like this woman had some openings. Let me say this first. What opens us to the dark side? Pain opens us to the dark side; pain and torture and hard times opens us more and more to the dark side. I don't know how to fully explain it to you right now. The question is what came first, the chicken or the egg? But if you were to do a psychological study, you would see the people that are most dysfunctional are the people who have been hurt the most. We have wounds. I'm not even sure where the wounds come; in our etheric body? I guess the wounds come in our etheric body. It's through these wounds that these entities get an opportunity to get in and take advantage of us. We know that this is true in the physical. A wounded young man or a wounded young woman is vulnerable to people who prey on vulnerable people. Is this not true? The more loved you are, the more solid your family is, the more supported you are, the less likely you are to be victimized by some unscrupulous person in this world. Well spiritually speaking, the more wounds we have in our etheric body, the more openings there are for these entities to enter in and feed off of us. Isn't this a gruesome message? But the Lord is bringing it forth. The truth is going to set us free.


So I think that this woman, our heroine, who had had all these horrible experiences of being a slave, of being beaten. I think she saw her mother hung. She was a little girl. They hung her mother right in front of her eyes. She had many deep wounds that opened her to these powers and principalities entering into her and into her pregnancies. This is the way the Lord showed it to me. She was pregnant with this baby and these entities were lined up waiting to incarnate in this child. There are a million insects to every human being and there just aren't enough human beings for all of these insects. Here these spiritual insects were all set to incarnate as a part of this baby that was still in utero. When the baby was born, the entity (I don't know if she was one of many) but this entity was present. She claimed to remember being born from under the water. Now do you hear what I'm saying? I don't believe this incarnated entity was the baby that was born under the water. It was an entity that was in the baby when it was born. Does anyone not understand me? I think that this entity went into a rage that our heroine killed the baby because this was her opportunity to incarnate. If there are a million spiritual insects to every human being born, she went into an absolute rage that she lost her opportunity to experience the existence of this world.


I even said to the Lord today, as this revelation was coming forth to me, that I really do not understand. I need more understanding as to what the existence of these entities are in the unincarnated plane. Why are they so desperate to incarnate? What is their existence like on the other side that they are so desperate to incarnate? At the moment, I don't have it, but they're desperate to incarnate. Both the principalities and the powers in the invisible plane are desperate to incarnate. They incarnate in humans. They do no incarnate without a human. They incarnate in human form. So, in my opinion, there was a power, an entity, a spiritual insect, that incarnated in this infant and when our heroine killed the infant, the entity went into an absolute rage at the loss of its opportunity to experience this visible world.


The power was a part of our heroine. You see, we give our children everything that we have. We give them our intelligence; we give them our looks; we give them our emotions; and we give them our spiritual blessings and curses. So for a power to enter into a newborn, it comes through the mother. It comes through the mother, you see. It is as if to say; let me give you an example. It's not an exact example. But let's say an individual can accommodate three of these spiritual insects and the woman becomes pregnant. Well now there's the woman and there's the child. So there's now room for more powers, for more spiritual insects to move in there. Some of them move into the baby. Now they're in the baby and they're in the mother. Just like you transmit a venereal disease to your baby, if you have it. If you have blessings in Christ, your baby is born with something. She's got something. So the power that was hoping to experience this world through the infant came in through the mother and probably was in both of them. When the mother murdered the child, the entity went into a maniacal rage. The mother having experienced all of these horrors, somehow was convinced, probably through witchcraft, that this entity that was acting like a poltergeist was her dead child. Believing that it was her dead child, she entered into an ungodly soul tie. I don't say spirit tie because the Spirit of Christ is the only true Spirit. So it had to be a soul tie. Although she was physical and the entity was in the etheric plane, the etheric plane is still the physical plane. She entered into an ungodly soul tie with this entity believing it was her dead child and that's why she said to the man who entered her house that it's not evil, just sad.


Well, we'll go back to the beginning of the movie where our heroine is sitting on the porch and her old friend, Billy Dee, comes just walking out of nowhere after 18 years. The man just walks into her life. I believe the Lord sent him. I believe the Lord had mercy on this woman who murdered her four children. Now if you're a pharisee and you have trouble believing that, you really need to put yourself before the Lord. Now that does not mean that it's a good thing or that it's right to kill your four children, but the Lord knows that sometimes we're pushed beyond our endurance. That doesn't mean the Lord says it's okay to kill your children. It doesn't mean that I'm saying it's okay to kill your children. It's wrong to kill your children; it's wrong to murder, you see. But the Lord had mercy on her. So if the Lord chose to have mercy on her and you're hearing this tape and you're condemning her, you have to ask yourself who you are to raise your head up against the Lord who had mercy on her. In my opinion, and I believe the Lord gave me this message. That means my opinion carries a lot of weight. I believe the Lord sent this man to help her because the Lord knew that this thing, this entity, wasn't going to stop. You see, nothing stays static; either you get better or you get worse. Usually you default to worse.


So she was probably well on her way to be possessed in some very dangerous way. When I got this word in my heart, I started to cry, to think of the mercy of the Lord for this woman who had done this terrible thing, who had been through this terrible life, who was still living in a high measure of poverty. She wasn't this great Christian. As a matter of fact, they didn't show her going to church at all, but she was a part of this whole slave community. The slave owners introduced the Lord Jesus to the slaves. So somewhere along the line, she may have even mentioned Jesus in the movie; I'm not sure. But He was there. You see, dedicating your children to the Lord is very important. He receives them and they become His. He never forgets once He touches you. He touches you. I don't know who prayed for that woman. I don't know what her experiences with the Lord was. But I know the Lord told me to watch this movie and the Lord gave me this message and the Lord told me that He had mercy on that woman and that He sent this man into her life because the Lord knew she was headed for deep trouble. These things don't get better; they get worse.


Now the man was also a former slave. But he seemed very well adjusted. He had been beaten; he had been tortured; he had marks, big scars, on his back just like she did. But he was a very kind man. As I've told you many times, the physical male has authority in this world that the physical female doesn't have. Now there's no male or female in Christ Jesus. I'm a woman preacher. I'm a spiritual male. But I've told you many times that I know and I live with the knowledge that the fact that I am a spiritual male who is a physical female creates problems for me that a spiritual male who is a physical male wouldn't have. I have problems in my office as a spiritual male that a physical male in the same office wouldn't have. That doesn't mean that I cannot be a leader. I am a leader in Christ Jesus, but I have to compensate for my lack. The Lord makes a way of compensation. The Lord shows me how to get around it, but I have to get around it. So here we see a physical woman with a female child and there's no cover in that house and the Lord told me that He sent that man in.


Now if you're a pharisee, you're going to have even more trouble believing this because they went into fornication. He didn't marry her, but he moved into the house. I still believe the Lord told me He sent that man into the house. You see, the Lord meets you right where you are. Oh, someone is going to twist what I'm saying. No, fornication is not okay. Fornication is wrong. Fornication is sin. But the Lord meets you right where you are. That was the society that that woman was in. Fornication was acceptable in that society. They had all been through hell. I'm not justifying it. This is where they were. The man moved in and they were living in an exclusive relationship. I'm not saying it's okay. But what I am saying is that this fornication did not stop the Lord from helping this woman. Not only that, He sent the man to her house. Did He send the man to her house with the intention of them falling into fornication? No, the Lord sent the man to her house to be her friend and to assist her and cover her. Did the Lord tell them to fornicate? No, but that's where they were.


I don't know if I actually heard the man call on the name of Jesus. I honestly don't recall, but he was spiritual and the Lord told me that He sent him in. So the man perceived that the entity was evil. They fell in love with a positive relationship. The man moved into the house and they were starting to be like a family; our heroine, her daughter and Billy Dee. She got out of the house. I heard that she hadn't been out of the house in a long time. She was starting to blossom. The relationship was very positive for her. It didn't say in the movie how long it was, but it couldn't have been very long; a couple of weeks, a couple of months. They came home from the fair and all of a sudden the movie shows this woman who came out of nowhere. They show her in the woods and she's walking in the woods, very weak, very tired, stopping to lean against trees as if she's absolutely exhausted. You would think that she had been walking for God only knows how long; breathing very heavy, can't catch her breath and dressed in a nice dress and a nice pair of shoes. Then she comes out of the woods and she leans against a tree in front of the house of our heroine; just gasping for breath leaning on the tree.


There are insects all over her. They were black insects. I don't know what they were. They didn't look like ants to me; more like beatles. I'm not really sure. They were all over her, all over her arms and her hands and her neck and her feet. The thought that came to my mind at the moment was, why doesn't she even shake them off? They were covering her. There were so many insects on her that it was like a necklace on her neck. But I hadn't seen the whole movie yet, you see. Now I believe the insects of this world gathered around her to give her energy. I believe that she was a manifested power from the etheric plane that took on a human appearance without being born of a woman. Now what's interesting is that I have recently given you my opinion with regard to Maitreya, who calls himself Lord Maitreya, who claims to have a body that he, himself, has incarnated. Maitreya claims that he is not born of a woman and that he is 5,000 years old and that he has a mind generated physical body. I have recently given my opinion to several of you here, that the reason Maitreya is not showing himself anymore than he is; the reason he is being so elusive is because he can't sustain a body for any length of time. He claims to be living in a Pakistani community in Great Britain, I think in England. I did see a picture of him. He appears Indian. I think he claims to have been around since 1945. Well why doesn't he show himself to the world? His spokesperson, Benjamin Creme, says the world isn't ready for him yet. Well when will the world be ready for him? My opinion as to why Maitreya has not shown himself publicly is because he has not yet gathered unto himself enough energy to sustain his physical body on a permanent basis.


You see, when an infant is born of a woman, that infant comes forth with the energy of the male sperm and the energy of the ovum and the energy of the blood in the tissues of the mother. The child comes forth with enough energy to survive for 70, 80, 90 or 100 years, if he is blessed. The energy comes from the parents that generated him. But when an unincarnated entity seeks to generate a physical body for himself, there is no energy from the male sperm or from the female organ or from the female ovum or from the blood and tissues of the mother. So all of the energy necessary to incarnate a physical body must come from another place. In my opinion, my revelation right now is that this energy comes from the minds of the existing people. The Lord has recently revealed to us here that the reproductive organs contain a disproportionate amount of energy. The sperm and the ovum contain large amounts of energy compared to the other areas of the physical body. So it takes a tremendous amount of energy for an unincarnated entity to manifest a physical body that will exist permanently in this world for any length of time, for 70, 80 or 90 years, for a normal lifetime. Where do they get this energy from? They get if from the minds of the people.


When Maitreya says the world is not ready for him yet; if you read between the lines, what he is saying is, enough people don't believe in me yet. Because when you believe in someone, that is a form of worship. Look, it's nice to wave your hands and jump up and down and sing songs, but you know even that is not true worship. You could be singing songs and waving your hands and jumping up and down and even saying praise you Jesus and who knows what is in your heart? See the true worship is to believe in someone. Your spirit goes forth and enters into a relationship with that spirit that you believe in. That is the true worship. It's a giving of yourself, of your spirit and of your mind and of your emotions. True worship is a form of marriage. It's a communion, you see. So I believe Maitreya is saying enough people don't believe in me yet. I don't have enough energy to incarnate and stay manifested. Why in the world would he be hiding himself? This is what's in my heart and I have the Spirit of Christ. The people are not ready for him. Enough people do not believe in him. When someone believes in an entity, they give their energy to the entity.


You know I heard several years ago about an entity manifesting in South America. I think it was Venezuela, but I'm not sure what country it was. I'm told that the people who worship this female deity, come out on the streets and they call her name and they just call on her name and they try to invoke her. Hundreds of people on the street on special occasions spend hours invoking her name and she manifests. She manifests. I don't think she manifests as a human, but she manifested in visible spirit form. Well how did that happen? All of these people out on the street calling her name and invoking her sent out enough energy for some entity in another plane to appear. So the only reason Maitreya has not manifested himself is that he knows that once he makes his public appearance, he has to be available publicly on a consistent basis. Right now he does not have enough people believing in him. There is not enough energy going towards him for him to make consistent public appearances. So he hides himself.


So we see this young woman coming out of the woods with enough insects on her to look like she's wearing necklace and bracelets. They were giving her energy. You see, the insects of this world take our energy. They drink our blood. The flies bite us, the mosquitoes bite us; sometimes ants bite us. They drink our blood, but they're so small that they don't do any serious damage to us, so we just accept it as normal. Oh, I have a mosquito bite; it's itching me. That mosquito has taken your blood. The life of the flesh is in the blood. That mosquito has taken your blood, your life. But it's such a minuscule amount that you just let it go. Well there are spiritual insects in the etheric plane that are drinking the blood of your etheric body. But these insects with this manifested entity were not taking her life. They were giving their energy to her. I've told you many times the witchcraft of the etheric plane has authority over nature. They manipulate nature. The witchcraft that comes out of the etheric plane manipulates nature. So she was an insect that came forth from the etheric plane. She called the insects of this physical plane unto herself and they gave her of their energy. They gathered around her throat center (gathered around her neck, her throat center) and I believe on her hands also. These pulses on the inside of your arms are very sensitive.


Well, our heroine and Billy Dee and her daughter come home from this fair and there's this young woman just leaning against the tree in front of their house like she's half dead. They take her in. She's a young teenager, 15 or 16, maybe younger. Oh, I left something out, I'm sorry. Shortly after Billy Dee came, the poltergeist tantrums ceased. I know I had the thought when I was watching the movie for the first time, that thing is going to manifest. That was exactly what happened. Now this is my conclusion after watching the whole movie. This entity had an ungodly soul tie with our heroine and it was mutually satisfying. It was mutually satisfying. This entity became very jealous and threatened when Billy Dee came into the house. Now on two levels; the entity became jealous and possessive of our heroine and also being an inhabitant of the etheric plane, she must have known that the Lord sent him in or that he was a threat to her. I don't know if she recognized that it was Jesus who sent him in, but that this man was a threat to her. All of a sudden there were no more temper tantrums, no more spiritual temper tantrums. We now have this strange young woman who has joined this family. They had become a family. It's even one of the lines in the movie. They had become a family. This strange young woman who is not in her right mind, has now become a member of the family.


When they first get her in the house, she's so weak that they put her in bed. She can't even function. She couldn't even eat for a couple of days; she was so weak. They had to take care of her and they brought her around and she became a member of their family. She acted like she was retarded. There was something wrong with her. They didn't identify it in the movie, but I guess she acted like a retarded person. But she seemed fine. She didn't appear to be evil. Our heroine just took her in; just adopted her. So we see that she had a good heart. She just adopted this young person. But Billy Dee starts to get a feeling that there's just something wrong about this girl. She is asking a lot of questions. She says things like "tell me" "tell me." She wants to know all about our heroine's life and about Billy Dee. You could see that he's starting to get very suspicious. Something is really wrong. He's walking down the steps one day. Now this young lady claims that she is very weak. He sees her through the porch and she was lifting up a chair with one hand. So he knows something is wrong. At the dinner table, he challenges her and he says to her, where do you come from? What's your background? Where did you get that dress that you're wearing? It was a nice dress. Those shoes that you had on your feet; they've hardly been walked in. You looked like you have been walking for hours and hours, but those shoes on your feet, they're hardly touched.


So he started questioning her, but our heroine rebukes him. I want to tell you that this happens a lot in families where a man has a discernment and the woman rises up and puts him down. It happens a lot. I know that marriage isn't easy and I know that sometimes husbands let us down and sometimes you don't want to take their wisdom, but I'm telling you that anything a physical man says, you should really at least put it before the Lord. The physical husband is an office. If you are a married woman, a physical husband is an office. I know that a lot of women struggle with their husbands. They're just carnal men; they come against you and you try to serve the Lord. I exhort you (because almost everybody here has a husband who has opposed your service to the Lord) to not let this experience blind you to at least saying to the Lord; was there any truth to what my husband just said? When you're called to serve Christ Jesus, you don't turn to your husband's counsel for spiritual matters. But for worldly matters; for a stranger coming into the house, for worldly matters, you should at least pray about what your husband has to say because physical husband is an office. Here our heroine rose up and rebuked the one who is now the man of the house and told him to leave the girl alone. After the girl left the table, Billy Dee told our heroine, I've got an uneasy feeling. Something is just wrong here. You see, we have become a family and now she's come in and divided us. Then he said to our heroine, I could see her obsession with you because you've taken her in and you're feeding her and you've given her a home, but I cannot see your obsession with her. I cannot understand it. Billy Dee couldn't understand it.


I don't know that our heroine could understand it, but on some level she knew that this was the child that she had lost. The incarnated entity that walked into the household, she was the exact age that the dead child would have been. I don't think that our heroine had any of this understanding. I don't think she understood it. But she was all caught up in it and I don't think she had any idea at this point that it was the same entity that was having the temper tantrums. She didn't have the understanding, but spiritually speaking, she was all caught up in it. This young girl, whose name is Beloved; she recognizes that Billy Dee is her enemy. She sets out to get rid of him. Of course, there are several possibilities of why she incarnated in the first place. I've already suggested to you that the entity might have incarnated to get rid of Billy Dee. Or who even knows; possibly his very presence in the house hindered her from manifesting. Maybe his very presence in the house was enough to stop her from manifesting. So she decided to incarnate and get rid of him that way. That's a possibility, too. Either that, or she was just jealous when he came in and manifested to get rid of him. Well, how do you think she's going to get rid of this man? How do you think this teenage girl is going to get rid of this man? What is the most obvious way for an evil entity to get rid of a man? Women don't get rid of men by killing them. Absolutely, she is going to seduce him.


So all of a sudden, Billy Dee is getting more and more uncomfortable. He comes home from work one night and he's sitting there at the kitchen table and Beloved is just looking at him; just staring at him, not even blinking, just staring at him. You can see that he's uncomfortable, but he didn't know what to make out of it. She's just staring at him and his eyes closed and he went to sleep. He slept in that chair all night and in the next scene it's morning and you see our heroine wakes him up to go to work. She comes out of the bedroom and he's still sitting there in the chair fully dressed. She said I tried to wake you up several times and I just couldn't move you. He slept in that chair all night. So what's happening here? Beloved is moving him out of the bedroom. She used witchcraft to cause him to sleep all night in the chair because she has to get him away from our heroine to seduce him. If they're sleeping in the same bed in the same bedroom, how is she going to get to him? She has to get him out of the bedroom. So the first step is that he falls asleep in the chair into an unnatural sleep. In the next scene, several days later, he wakes up in another bed in the house and you see our heroine shaking him and saying, what are you doing sleeping in another bedroom? It must have been a bedroom of one of the boys that ran away. What are you doing sleeping in this bed? He said, I don't even know how I got here. In the next scene, he goes running out of the house. Now these are all different nights. If the movie showed what drove him out of the house, I didn't get it. You see him running out of the house with his blanket and there's like a little shed outside. The blanket is wrapped around him and he goes into the shed to sleep. Then Beloved follows him into the shed. So it took her three tries of witchcraft. She moved him into a position where she could seduce him in three stages. She had to separate him from his common-law wife. She did it in three stages. She came into the shed and she very aggressively seduced him and he couldn't get away from her.


Now if you're not spiritual, you might say why didn't he get up and leave? I could say the same thing. Why didn't he get up and leave? He couldn't!!! Am I justifying what he did? No, I am not justifying what he did. He was a fly caught in a trap. Am I making excuses for him? NO! Every wrong thing that happens to us happens to us because of spiritual weakness; moral weakness. Moral weakness is the fruit of sin. Was he any match for her? I don't think so. So he wakes up the next morning and he's horrified; absolutely horrified. He tries to tell our heroine and he couldn't tell her. He couldn't tell her. He can't tell her, so something other than the truth comes out. They're talking and she's saying what's wrong with you? What do you want to tell me? He just couldn't get it out, so he said to her, I want us to have a baby. Now they're really too old to be having another child, but that's what he told her. She agreed and he's talking to some of the other men that were working in the area and he's real happy and saying we're going to have a baby. One of the men takes out an old newspaper article telling about how she murdered those four children. Apparently it turns him off so badly that he can't cope with it and he goes home and he talks to her about it. She tells him that it's true. She told him the whole story about how it happened. His response is, how could you do this? It wasn't a spirit of condemnation. He was just horrified and he said that was wrong. She was justifying it. She was saying, what should I do, let them go be slaves? Now brethren, I want to tell you, I'm not judging this woman and I'm not condemning this woman. But I'm telling you this was wrong thinking in her mind because there is no justification to murder. It was a sin to murder those children. Whatever it was in her heart that rose up to kill those children was justifying what she did; this sin was the legal ground that let this entity in. To whatever degree she was unbalanced because of whatever she went through (I'm not justifying it because it was wrong) but whatever was operating in her and the fact that she was still justifying her act, this was the legal ground that this entity had to obsess her. So there was no repentance whatsoever. She still felt she did the right thing.


He couldn't deal with it, so he left. As soon as he left, Beloved became evil. It was as if the veil lifted off of her and she became an absolute monster in the house and started influencing our heroine in a very negative way; very possessive, ruling over her and now the teenage daughter is very upset. Beloved's true colors are showing. She's evil incarnate. She's evil incarnate. When she doesn't get her way, our heroine is going around cooking her the food that she wants and doing everything that she wants and then our heroine runs out of money. When Beloved cannot get what she wants, she has the same tantrum that the unincarnated entity had. Only here is this incarnated looking human being throwing the plates and knocking things over and doing the same exact things that were happening from the invisible entity. She was doing the same exact behavior, tyrannizing the household and was pure evil.


Well, I guess the next thing I'll tell you is the ending. There's more detail to the movie. Our heroine can no longer go to work. There's no food in the house. She's completely ragged, almost in a trance; physically and mentally ill. So the teenage daughter tries to get work to buy food for the house and winds up going to the household of some rich person in town. The door is answered by a black servant who knew this girl and her mother. She calls her in and talks to her, tells her she is going to get her the job and Denver, our heroine's daughter starts to cry. So the housekeeper of this rich house said to her, what is the matter? Denver pours the whole thing out. At this point, brethren, both Denver and our heroine knew that this was the incarnated entity. But they were deceived; they believed that it was the child who died. I don't believe it was the child who died. I told you who I thought it was at the beginning of this tape. Both Denver and her mother were convinced it was the child who was murdered.


So Denver confides in this kind housekeeper who goes and tells all the black Christian women in the neighborhood. They all gather in a group. There had to be 15 or 20 of them. They come to the house carrying their bibles and crosses. I don't think they ever heard about old order deliverance or casting out demons. They just came with their spirit and they gathered in front of that house and they just sang a few lines of a hymn. But most of them were just moaning in the spirit. It was in the spirit. Their spirits were just groaning. Our heroine hears them and Beloved (who is lying in bed, being absolutely waited on by our heroine) the two of them rise up and go to the porch. Beloved is stark naked and you can see that she is pregnant; stark naked and bizarre looking, absolutely bizarre looking, very animalistic and evil. Her face was contorted and grotesque. She was enraged at these Christian women. First of all, it was shocking to see a stark naked young lady come out. She was very thin, so her pregnancy was very obvious. She was very animalistic. When they saw her come out on the porch they just went ooh! But they stayed up there and held their crosses up and held their bibles up and sang a couple of hymns and they moaned and they groaned. Then she disappeared! She disappeared! The movie did not indicate whether she crumbled or however it happened. One minute she was there; the next minute she wasn't there.


As the story goes, she never returned again. So the energy that was coming from this group of Christian women hindered her ability to stay manifest. She was literally a cancer living off of the energy of our heroine and everyone else in the household. When she got pregnant by Billy Dee, she took his energy. See, if Satan can get somebody to sin, they come down out of their righteous spirit. He had to face the fact that he slept with her. He had to live with the fact that he did not get up and walk away from her. She brought down his power and he left the household. So this entity was living in a manifested mind generated physical body; whose energy came from our heroine, basically. When these Christian women filled with the Holy Spirit gathered outside that house, she could not hold on to her physical manifestation. She couldn't hold it together. She wasn't strong enough to hold it together and she disappeared. To make the story short, Billy Dee comes back into the picture and apparently he really loved our heroine. He goes back into the house and our heroine is very ill, very mentally and physically ill. He comes back into the house and he says he is going to take care of her. He comes back into the house to take care of her.


So the Lord told me that He was fighting for this woman who did these terrible things, who had terrible things done to her. None of it justified, but the Lord was with her despite all these things. He sent Billy Dee into her life and He sent her daughter to that household, to that Christian woman, who was moved by the Holy Ghost to gather up all those righteous women who fearlessly went to that household to pray that thing down. Somehow when I realized the extent to which the Lord Jesus is active in this world, it just moved me to tears because people don't see the move of His Spirit. They don't see Him manifesting through people. That person who just flowed into your life and changed everything. They don't see it as Jesus. But He is powerfully present in this world for those people who have simply been dedicated to Him. That's how faithful He is. People walking in murder and witchcraft and pride and envy and all kinds of sin and He stands by us faithful. All of the evil that happens to us, it's a part of the reaping and sowing judgment executed by Satan. He stands by doing everything that He can to ward off the evil, but we, because of lack of understanding frequently reject His very help.


So why am I telling you this story? Because this is happening in the earth and the happening is probably going to increase in the very near future. Manifested entities, manifested evil, entering into households where they have legal ground and bringing destruction. So why am I telling you all this? Because this is the ministry of the sons of God, to defend the victim. It's a part of the ministry of the sons of God to defend these victims. This happened to her. She brought it on herself. We are sent to defend the ignorant who are in desperate trouble because of their ignorance, their sin, their rebellion and their pride. Yet the Lord has mercy on them. High spiritual warfare, brethren. Manifested entities, mind generated bodies entering into the world and gathering strength from the insects that can kill us. Nature serves them. Praise the Lord! Any comments or questions on this message? Yes, Beloved is the young girl, the incarnated entity.


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