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The meeting is already in progress, talking about the generational effects of sexual contact.


So you get 90% of their curses instead of 100% of their curses. There is a marriage of the personality, and it is also a marriage of the emotions, it is a marriage of the animal nature, it is marriage of mind, there is a connection of mind, and it is a merging of our whole being. You get everything that that person has, and you can't tell that to these kids today, but it is not good what they are doing. It is not good.


What seems to have happened is that a lot of elders of our society, I believe going all the way back, had a revelation of this. The elders in the church, a lot of the wiser people in this society, had a revelation, and the Scripture clearly says....people used to read their Bible every day. They had revelation from God. They had an understanding of this, that when you engage in heavy kissing even if you are not petting, just heavy soul kissing, you are taking on, you are having a marriage. It is a form of a marriage. Years ago it used to be a joke for me. As a matter of fact, until this minute I haven't thought about it in a long time, but I used to think it was ridiculous if a young lady's car broke down, if her tire went flat and she spent the whole night in the car with a man her father would make them have a shotgun wedding going back 50-100 years ago. I used to say, isn't that ridiculous, but, you know, the rationale behind it just hit me. Even if the guy didn't touch her, you spend the night with somebody, something happens. You sleep close to somebody, and there is a merging of your being. That's why it is so important that you be careful about whose house you sleep in and who you let sleep in your house. Even if the person is in the next room, because a lot of people astral project in their sleep. Maybe everybody astral projects in their sleep.


I know that people who sleep here frequently have visitations from Christ Jesus in me. They tell me about it. They have profound spiritual dreams that sometimes really scare them. Then other people have told me that they have slept in other people's houses, and they feel something touching them at night. It is not just demons in the atmosphere. Everything is coming from somebody's mind. When the brain rests, and the physical body goes to sleep the etheric and the astral body become prominent, and the etheric and astral body are not solid. They touch each other.


You preach a message like this in our society today and they think you are crazy, but I'm telling you it is the truth. You have to pray about everybody that you bring into your house. There was a time that I would let anybody sleep here. You pray who you let come to sleep in your house, and you pray about where you sleep. You certainly should not be heavy kissing anybody except your husband or your wife. Right now this society is so filled with curses that even if people got this revelation which they are not about to do, it is going to take a great breaking. Just like you say you have this fungus on your foot, the nail has to be cut back, and the fungus....there is a problem here. If everybody became convicted of what I am saying today, they first have to cut back their nail and get rid of the fungus.


We were originally three siblings, one of us died at 42 years old, and my sister and I haven't been close for years. We are really not close now although we are trying, we are drawing closer, and it just amazes me to see how similar our suffering was. The two of us have been ill to the point of death. The two of us are on all kinds of pills. My sister on medication, and for me it is mostly vitamins. All of us taking our pills, whole cases of pills, the two of us, huffing and puffing, losing our breath, signs of a lot of emotional confusion on her. I used to be like that every day. The Lord Jesus is stabilizing my life so now I am just like that on a bad day, but for years I was just like she was, and she wasn't in good shape. I cried out to God and said, what in the world did our ancestors do to bring these heavy curses on our family. It must have been something terrible. Then I go into a conflict, and I am not sure I want to know.


Then I said to the group, now you all remember, I hope, that we are our ancestors. That's the real us. The real us if you want to get into spiritual things, the real us is the spiritual being who's living through us because we, the personality, are just a garment. We the personality are a glove that fits over an invisible being, just like the invisible man. That was one of my earliest examples to this ministry when I first started preaching. There is an invisible being which has incarnated us, and this invisible being the Scripture calls it the Fiery Serpent or the Seraphim. Seraphim is a transliteration of the Hebrew word seraphim or seraph in the singular, and the translation of that word is Fiery Serpent. Does anybody remember who the Fiery Serpents are? Who are they, does anybody remember?


COMMENT: Our personality?




COMMENT: Our spiritual virginity.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, they are our spiritual virginity, but not in this context. That's not wrong, but not in this context.


COMMENT: I'll try with an aspect of Leviathan?


PASTOR VITALE: That's true too, but what I was looking for is that the Fiery Serpents are the Sons of God who became evil. I was asking you who the Fiery Serpents were in the context of reincarnation, and it is the Fiery Serpents that are incarnating over and over again. They are the Sons of God who became evil who are learning to be wise through what? By having what?


COMMENT: Experiences?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, by having experiences. And, of course, we know that we can learn of the wisdom of this world, we can learn Satan's wisdom through experience, but we could never learn the wisdom of the Kingdom of God by having experiences. The wisdom that comes with the Kingdom of God can be learned only how?


COMMENT: Through union with Christ.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, through union with Christ Jesus.


So the Fiery Serpents are the Sons of God who became evil, and I've been preaching that, the Lord told me that through a translation in Job that King James says, the Sons of God sang at that time. But the Lord told me, no that's not the right translation. The Sons of God became evil in the days of Noah, and there is that spiritual part of us, it is our subconscious mind, the Fiery Serpent is our subconscious mind who incarnates over and over again. The part of us which is the personality is just a garment, a glove, that covers the Fiery Serpent because the Fiery Serpent is invisible. We cannot see her. She is an energy force. So we, the personality and the physical body is a garment that dies from generation to generation.


What I said to you off the tape was, I hope you all understand that we are our ancestors. Each of us is a being which is in many parts. Part of us is a garment, the personality that lives for one moment. A spiritual moment, brethren, from the point of view of the spiritual plane is one life time from our point of view. So if you are reading in the Scripture about the wink of an eye and the twinkling of an eye, brethren, that is not talking about a twinkling of your human eye. It is talking about a twinkling of the eye of the spirit. It is talking about an opening and a closing of the eye of the spirit, and when the eye of the spirit opens we live. When the eye of the spirit closes we cease to exist. Got to get spiritual, we've got to get spiritual or you can go no where except round in circles. So what I said to you was, I hope you know that we are our ancestors because we are a many-part being. We are the personality which dissolves from generation to generation, and we also are our subconscious mind because for this incarnation our subconscious mind, the Fiery Serpent, is fully married to our personality. We can say that we are our subconscious mind. We are the Fiery Serpent, and these principles are coming out in Samson. Satan talks through us, the Fiery Serpent talks through us, and we are one. But when this blink closes, when the eye of the spirit closes on our existence the personality doesn't rise again, but that part of us that does rise again is what we know as the subconscious mind which is the Fiery Serpent. Most people think of themselves as the personality. That does not rise again. So if you can understand this, that there is a worm inside of you, there is a spiritual worm inside of us. Jesus clearly said that there is a worm inside of us. You can't take the nice parts of the Scripture and throw away the parts that scare you or offend you. Jesus said there is a worm inside of us. Didn't He? He said that. Didn't He say that? He said it, right?


There is a worm inside of us that incarnates over and over again. The Scripture likens her to a spider who weaves a web, and the web that she weaves....see, these are not spiders that are out in your back yard. These are spiritual creatures that the Scripture has given a common name to so as to help us understand the function of the spiritual creature. The Fiery Serpent weaves a web, and then she inhabits that web. And the web that she weaves is who? Anybody know who the web is that she weaves, that she inhabits it after she weaves it? It is us, all of us. It is more than the carnal mind. It is all of us. The Fiery Serpent weaves the whole web, the whole intricate pattern which is what we know to be one human individual, and then she inhabits us. When the web is destroyed she weaves another web, but for the time period that she is living through us we are she, and she is us. We are completely joined. Did anybody not understand that? So, therefore, to say that our ancestors must have done a terrible sin, and I wonder what they did is really not accurate because we are our ancestors. Just like two leaves on a tree come from the same branch, come from the same trunk, come from the same root, and it is upon this spiritual reality that Jesus can make the statement, the sins of the fathers are visited upon the children unto the third and fourth generation. I've heard people take another Scripture out and say, no longer shall it be said that the fathers shall sin and the children shall bite the sour grape. Well, yes that is in the Scripture, but it has to become a reality in your life. Brethren, if you are the offspring of a sinner which we all are, the only way that this reality can come to pass in your life that you will not bite the sour grape for what your father did is if you transfer over into Christ Jesus because everybody that is appearing in this world through Leviathan are born into this world bearing the iniquity of their fathers, and the only way this iniquity can be blotted out for you is to completely cut off that family line. And you cannot do that and live unless you are grafted into Christ Jesus which is the Tree of Life, and that doesn't mean you cut off your relatives. It means, spiritually speaking, you must divorce yourself from your spiritual husband. See, in the physical you remain the same with the same physical relatives, but you have to transfer from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil into the Tree of Life. That's the only way this Scripture is made real to you. This is one of the biggest deceptions of the church today, that people take wonderful promises in the Scripture, and they think that all they have to do is believe it and they've got it, but that's not true.


Brethren, if you get a telegram tomorrow that some very wealthy relative died and left you a million dollars, I'm telling you right now you cannot lay hands on that money until you go to a lawyer, until you identify yourself, until you sign all the legal papers, until the estate goes through probate, the debts of the dead person have to be paid, until all the other instructions in the will are accomplished. You may not get your money for a year or longer, and then it is not just a waiting period. There are things that you must do to receive your inheritance. We have a childish, very childish, doctrine in the church. People in the world know that a lot of these things that are believed in the church cannot possibly be true.


A man that I ministered to on and off for years told me once that the reason he could never believe the born again teaching is that he does not believe, now I am not saying that I agree with this, what he has here is a perversion of the truth as far as I'm concerned, that he cannot believe that people who have done bad things like murder and rape people and really hurt people, torture people, that they should be forgiven. He said, I cannot accept this teaching that all you do is go up on the prayer line and say, Jesus save me, and that they are forgiven. This particular man came up out of a background where he saw a lot of criminal activities, and he decided to go straight so God only knows what he's seen that he didn't tell me. But he said, I don't believe that, I don't believe it is right. That's what he said to me, I don't believe that it's right that people who have done all of these things should just say I'm sorry, and it is all over. He said, you have to pay for what you did, and he's right. So you take a murderer and a rapist that repents and goes before Jesus Christ they are still going to be reaping what they sowed. Now that doesn't mean you have to be raped or your daughter has to be raped, although it might happen. You may not work the curses out of your life rapidly enough to save your loved ones from being raped if you are a rapist, but somehow the curses have to be worked out of your life. So this man who said that to me, that's not right, he had a revelation that you should not just be able to say you are sorry, that there has to be consequences for the evil that you do. That was his revelation, but he didn't have the revelation that, yes, you can pay the consequences, that when you repent and you turn to Christ Jesus the consequences are worked out in your life. We are all suffering, all of us over the last 6 months have had some kind of infirmity. There has to be legal ground for this infirmity. You do pay the consequences for what you have done. Hopefully, in Christ Jesus they will be discharged somewhat, but there is no guarantee. There is no guarantee. Sometimes the deliverance doesn't come on your family line, depending on how serious your crimes. If your crimes are very serious, it is very possible that the deliverance won't come even in your generation. It will come to your children or to your grandchildren, and you have to understand that family line curses get worse with every generation. So if you have a really bad heritage on your family line you may be in misery for the rest of your life, but if you serve God faithfully you will see changes in the lives of your children and your grandchildren. Did I make that clear? Can you understand what I'm saying?


So this man was absolutely right. He said, I can't believe it, it's not true, you can't say you are sorry and forget that you raped that woman and scarred her face and threw acid on her face. So what do you think God does with someone in a situation like that? Let's say they don't have a daughter or their daughter doesn't get acid thrown in their face, what usually happens? Does anybody have any idea? What is the sign of true repentance in a situation like that? I'll tell you, God will send that man to minister to scarred people. I've seen it happen. He will break them, however it comes to pass that He breaks them, when the true repentance comes forth that person will have a ministry ministering to and comforting crippled people, amputees, whatever. That's what happens, and it is not for a day, and it is not for a week, and it is not for a month. It is for the rest of your living days. God will give you a ministry to the kind of person that you despised, to the kind of person that you hated, to the kind of person that you damaged, and if you are truly repented you will labor with them to help them for the rest of your days on this earth. I'm telling you the truth. Now, people like this other man has to hear this, but not many people preach it today.


You had a question to do with the Tree of Life. Do you remember it, it took me so long to get to it?


COMMENT: I said we are all of one tree, but does that mean if there are a lot of family line curses that it is just that one branch, your branch, my branch or something like that?


PASTOR VITALE: Well, I am sure it is something like that. All I can do is look at my own family. I think it works sort of the way that genetics works. I don't know for sure, but I do think it works like genetics works.


I know that my father was one of 4 children, and it is really interesting that the siblings seem to be split right down the middle. Two died young, two died with premature death, one died very young in his 20's, and the other died 50's or 60's. You are not supposed to be dying in your 60's so even if he died in his 60's it was too young, but he may have even been younger than that. I don't really remember the one who died in his 50's or 60's, but from what I hear there was something very wrong with his life. He only had one child which never had any children, and, brethren, that is a sign. If you are hearing this tape, and I'm hurting your feelings, I'm sorry but that is a curse. To have no grandchildren is a curse because it is the end of your line. See. It is the end of your line. So the man only had one child who never married, and he's very unstable. I didn't see him for years. I spoke to him for the first time a couple of months ago. Maybe I never spoke to him ever, I don't remember him at all, and all he wanted to talk about was death. I could not raise up that conversation. I even prayed silently, asking the Lord to raise it up, I couldn't get his mind up from where it was. He just wanted to know when everybody died and what the circumstances were of their death, and finally I just had to get off the phone. He's a recluse, he lives by himself, he won't accept any invitations unless you pick him up at his door and bring him which is not reasonable. So as far as I know he never goes out, he never goes anywhere. That's not normal, there's something wrong with him. So that is the son of the second sibling that died young. I know that there were two siblings that had long lives. My father lived into his 90's, and his sister who just is turning 80 looks pretty good to me. I think she has another 10-15 years if not more. She look really good to me. Her daughter seems to me to be pretty well adjusted. She has two children and two grandchildren.


Do you understand what I'm saying? It looks like genetics. It is how the percentages fall, 50/50, 75/25. Do you understand what I'm saying? But, of course, to come to a point where this branch has two that die young and two that make it or whatever it has to come....when you go down lower, when you get into the heavier branches or the trunk of the tree there has to be corruption somewhere. It just has to be there because we are supposed to have as many children as the Lord wants us to have. These days a lot of people are choosing to have less children. I don't know what to say about that. I am talking about people who want children and can't have them or people who don't get married, not because they have chosen to not get married, but because that's what happened to their life. I really don't know what to say about people who choose to not get married or people who choose to not have children. I don't have any comments on that at this time. But it just has to be coming from a corrupt root. We are supposed to have as many children as the Lord wants us to have, we are all supposed to be healthy, we are supposed to be happy, we are supposed to have a happy extended family, everybody respects one another and supports one another, and all the grandchildren are supposed to be healthy. In a society like ours they should, if they don't want to go to college, at least have a good opportunity to earn a living. Everybody doesn't have to go to college, but you should have a good skill or a business. Everybody should be prospering, every last one of us, of the adults, of the children, and of the grandchildren. Nobody is supposed to be sick, no not one, and when the elders die they are supposed to close their eyes and go to sleep. So there has to be corruption somewhere.


Looks like we had a long exhortation this morning. Does anybody have anything to say?


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