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            It has come to my attention recently that there is an activity in the church world that I believe the name given to it is Third Level Marriage. I want to talk to you about that. I'm telling you what I heard is third hand, but the Lord has given me several witnesses to this myself. I will give you my own personal witnesses and the reason that I believe that this is going on in an attempt to educate you, because education is the answer to everything. Somehow, the way Christ Jesus works is that He brings it to our understanding and when our understanding knows that it is going on, then He moves through our understanding.

            Christ Jesus will move spiritually through our understanding. I've been preaching this for a long time now, that the Holy Spirit by-passes our understanding. The Holy Spirit lays hold of our vocal cords and prophesies through us. The Holy Spirit is the one that we pray to saying, Lord, close doors and open doors; let your will be made known to me. But the Spirit of Christ doesn't do that. The Spirit of Christ , which is in Christ Jesus, which is a much more mature manifestation of the Godhead than the Holy Spirit; He gives you the Spirit of Christ, who is in Christ Jesus. He gives you information, gives you wisdom, sometimes directly, sometimes from another man and challenges you to make a decision based on all of the tools that He has given you and then to put that decision before the Lord to see what He will say about your decision. You see, you're in a schoolroom. The Holy Spirit is not teaching you to be a spiritual man. The scripture in the King James Translation which says, no man need teach you; the Holy Spirit will bring you into all truth is saying the Holy Spirit will bring you into all truth. The Holy Spirit points you to Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ in the individual is called Christ Jesus and the Spirit of Christ is in Christ Jesus.

            Yes, the Holy Spirit brings you to the one who has all the truth, which is the Spirit of Truth. But the Holy Spirit is not the Spirit of Truth; He brings you to that Spirit of Truth, which is in the Spirit of Christ. Truth is in the Spirit of Christ. So this is a big misunderstanding in the church. The Holy Spirit is the manifestation of the Glorified Jesus Christ, which is sent to the believers who are still in their carnal mind. If you are still in your carnal mind, you are a baby Christian. I don't mean to insult you, but if you think that you're all grown up and you're not, you're going to stay right where you are. You have to know where you are so that you can do your part to mature. The Holy Spirit is the manifestation of the Glorified Jesus Christ, which is sent to the baby Christians who are still in their carnal mind and who, more often than not, do not even have Christ conceived in them or Christ engrafted to them.

            Just as in our human life, the ministry of the Holy Spirit frequently bypasses our will. But the Spirit of Christ does not bypass our will. The Spirit of Christ treats us as a son and wants us to be in full agreement with what He's doing. He teaches us; He educates us; He wants us to make decisions and He wants to be in the decision making process. It's a whole different ball game. It's as different as going to preschool and going to high school or college. When you're in grade school, you sit in your classroom and the teacher controls everything. When you get to junior high school; now you have a program and if you're on an honor system, you have to get to all of your classes. You have to switch classes every period and find your way. Well, it's something like that. There is a growing up in Christ.

            We are talking about third level marriage today. I believe that's the term used in the church. The Lord wants this information out because when you have knowledge, Christ Jesus in you, can move through that knowledge. I guess that's how I went into that whole exhortation. Brethren, I'm telling you right now that there is a lot of danger in the church today. There are things going on in the church today that are unholy and bad. This third level marriage; this is unholy and it's bad. I'm going to tell you what it is shortly. I want to tell you right now, that if you're hearing this message and you're saying, well I have the Holy Spirit and He's going to protect me from this; you're already several feet down the primrose path and you're in trouble.

            The Holy Spirit is not going to protect you from this. The knowledge and wisdom of Christ Jesus is going to protect you from this. Christ Jesus in me, today, is imparting this knowledge to Christ Jesus in you. It is your responsibility to lay hold of it and to absorb it. If you don't understand it, to either ask me questions or ask the Lord questions, to pray about it, to digest it; for the defense against it to rise up within you as an internal spiritual armour; if you can hear what I'm saying; an internal spiritual armour which arises out of knowledge and understanding. Knowledge and understanding together with the Spirit of Christ weaves a protective garment over you. So if you are mature enough to be hearing this message and you're still moving in a realm where you think the Holy Spirit is going to protect you, every time you make a misstep, I'm telling you right now that you're dangerously mistaken; very dangerously mistaken. You are responsible for yourself and you are responsible for seeking the Lord on specific issues.

            It's not acceptable to the Spirit of Christ to say, well take care of me today, Lord. That's okay with the Holy Spirit. He wants you to think about what you're doing, where you're going and most of all, the Lord Jesus, who is Christ Jesus within you, wants you to have a vital ongoing dialogue with Him. He wants you to have a general fleece with Him that says any thought in my mind that's wrong, I want you to show it to me. Every sin in my unconscious mind, I want you to show it to me and I want you to help me. Show me what I must do and help me to change. That's your general fleece. Then on a regular basis, He wants you talking to Him like you would talk to me. Well I just heard about third level marriage, Lord. Well, what's up? Is what Sheila is telling me true? Is this really real; is this really happening in the church? How do I defend myself against it? Has it touched me and I don't know about it?

            Questions, questions, questions! It is your responsibility to ask the questions. Also, this builds your relationship with Christ Jesus because that's a relationship. You ask questions and He answers you. He does not answer questions that you don't ask. To ask intelligent questions requires work. To ask intelligent questions, you have to really listen to the information that He's giving you through me or wherever else He is filtering it to you from. You have to read it; you have to hear it; you have to digest it, you have to think about it, in order to give birth to questions. So we see that there's no place for lazy people in the yeshiva of God. Yeshiva is a Jewish word for the studies of the scripture.

            Okay, third level marriage; it is my understanding that this is a form of sexual intercourse which transcends the physical body. It takes place on the astral plane. People who are active in the astral plane have bodies, but they're not these physical dense bodies that we have. The people who have the spiritual power to do it can travel in their astral body and they're beyond time and space. It is possible for an astral body to have sexual intercourse with a human woman who is in a physical body. Now you know about Incubus and Succubus because a lot of you have been in old order deliverance. We know that it's possible to have a demon that can have intercourse with either a man or a woman from within. But right now, what we're talking about is a form of astral projection where someone travels in the spirit by the power of their mind and some form of astral body manifests to a human woman in her physical body in her bed and actually performs an act of sexual intercourse and she is aware of the act. I've pretty much known about this and never really addressed it. But when I was in Africa several years ago, I woke up in the middle of the night around two o'clock in the morning. There was a spiritual man lying on top of me. It really upset me, to tell you the truth. It upset me so badly that when I woke up (thank God I woke up, I guess the Lord woke me up) that I was afraid to go back to sleep. I remember that night. One of the women here was in Africa with me and she sat up with me from 2:00 A.M. to 5:00 A.M. I was afraid to go back to sleep. It was that real. So someone in Nigeria at that time had astral projected towards me.

            I haven't had these experiences or if I have had any of these experiences in my astral body, I have no memory of it. But apparently there are people in this world who have enough spiritual power to have experiences in the astral plane and to remember those experiences. There are physical human beings in this world who claim that they have a whole society in the astral plane; that all of the universes exist in the astral plane; that they have meetings on Venice. There are people in this world who believe they are having these experiences and I believe they are having these experiences. Now I don't believe they go to the physical planet, Venus.

            I believe that everything that we see with our visible eye exists in the astral plane, also. There are some highly developed spiritual people. Of course, this is not in Christ Jesus; this is in the serpent. They travel in the spirit and go to different countries and to different planets. I believe that they can have all kinds of experiences. If you can have sexual intercourse in the astral plane and not only in the astral plane, but if you can cross over from the astral plane to a woman who is in her physical body; well, they can do anything. I know that there are people who can kill with their mind.

            They go into the astral plane and they kill. See, we've been very sheltered in this country. For years, all forms of witchcraft were illegal. If you tried to open up a shop and to read people's palms, you were arrested and your shop was closed down. Now we have psychic hot lines all over the TV. The people in this country are very naive, except for the people who know what they're doing or are behind directing the direction that this country is taking. The average man in the street has no idea what we are bringing on to our shores. Once we open our shores to these other worlds, (that's the word in my heart, these other worlds) well, you try and get rid of it. You're not going to delete it off your computer, one, two, three; I tell you that. So we're very naive in the west.

            We're dealing with people who come from generations of witchcraft based families; from other nations where witchcraft has been acceptable, where witchcraft has never been outlawed. We, a Christian nation, have really been like a virgin shielded from men for all of these years and generations. We are toying with things that are very very dangerous for the individual and for the nation as a whole. Most people are so intelligent, so educated, that they become fools. They have no idea what they're playing with. So I know of this personally. You are going to see me throughout this message weaving together what has been told to me as a third hand experience, together with my own personal experience.

            It is my own personal experiences that the Lord is using to witness the truth of what I have heard, since I personally have not experienced this third level marriage with the minister, whose name I will not mention on this message. Does anybody not understand what I have just said? It is possible to receive third party information, if the Lord is doing it because He wants you to get the information. But you have to have your own witnesses. You have to know that it's not gossip, that it's God telling you this. So I know that there is spiritual sex. I know that there is astral projection of someone to another person. I know that this is real; that's my personal witness. I know that it exists.     This particular preacher that I'm hearing about has been engaging in this third level marriage for years now and he has a whole string of women in the church who believe that this is of God. He astral projects into their bedrooms at night and satisfies them sexually. He has intercourse with them with his astral body. I don't want anyone misunderstanding me. This man has the power to astral project into the woman's bedroom and execute an act of sexual intercourse with his astral body. Does anybody not know what I'm talking about? The astral body does not look like the physical body.

            I can't even tell you what this man looked like when I woke up in Nigeria and this man was lying on top of me. His body didn't look like my body. I knew he wasn't physical. But he was real enough to scare me half to death. There was a man lying on top of me. But he was not a man as we know men. More than that, I don't know how to describe it to you. So this is what I hear, that this preacher has a whole string of women who he calls his harem and I will give you a personal witness on that word. Hold on to that word. He calls this string of women who are receiving him his harem and they believe it's God. He visits them by astral projecting into their home. It doesn't have to be at night; whenever, I don't know, and he is satisfying them sexually.

             I have two witnesses for you. One, my own personal witness of that word harem coming from his own church when I visited there and there was a second witness that just slipped out of my mind. So I'll go on with the word, harem. This ministry is eleven years old, so it was more than eleven years ago that I visited this man's church. There was a man there who was the preacher's assistant. They were very tight, very close; this preacher whom I'm told is very developed in third level marriage and this other man who is no longer with him. I went to that church for about six months and one Sunday morning, the friend, not the preacher now, the friend, took the Sunday morning message. I cannot tell you what words he said, but I distinctly remember flipping out at his message. I couldn't wait to get into the car to tell my friend that something was really wrong with that message and that there was a pimp spirit on that man who was preaching.

            The best friend and spiritual associate of the pastor had a pimp spirit on him. What he was doing with that message was trying to whip the women of that congregation into a spiritual harem. I used that word; it was a word of knowledge. Does anyone not understand what I'm talking about? I knew that that was what he was trying to do with that message; to bring the women in the church into a position of being or forming a spiritual harem, which would have made them all prostitutes. Now twelve or thirteen years later, I'm hearing that this pastor preacher (now not his associate) has the same spirit on him as the man who brought forth this message that God gave me this discernment on.

            He is engaging in third level marriage and he, himself, considers that the whole church is a harem for the Lord. Then of course, he thinks he's God and he's going around servicing the whole harem. But the most amazing part of the whole thing is that women could actually believe this. Yet I have read articles on the internet that this is going on. I have read personal testimonies on the internet by people that I never heard of and I don't even remember their names and I'll probably never meet them. They claim Jesus visits them and dances with them and even gave them a bath. This is what is going on in the church today. This is what is going on in the church today.

            Now another personal witness that I want to give you to this; I am convinced that this preacher is involved in this kind of activity. About five or six years ago, I went to a convention in another state with a female preacher and I stayed at her house. She had a guest, another female preacher from another state. These two women, the female preacher who ran the convention and her friend from another state who was also a pastor; they were both intimately associated with this male preacher who is initiating third level marriage, I am told. The lady pastor from out of state was talking to a group of us and I can't remember the exact words she spoke. I knew it had to do with this male preacher that they were associated with in another state. It led me to say to her boldly; are you telling me that you are experiencing sexual satisfaction in your prayer closet? That was what I said, only I was more graphic than that. That was what I said to her in front of the whole group. She looked at me and she said, well no, not exactly. But she wouldn't elaborate. She would not elaborate. Now this is the same preacher, so I have two personal witnesses that something along these lines were going on with this pastor.

            Lord, where do I go from here with this story? The reason why he's doing this is not just because he's a man who wants sexual satisfaction and again, the hearsay part of this message is that he has several men who are under him and they're all doing the same thing. These are not just men who are looking for sexual satisfaction. I may know them or I may not, but I don't have any names. It is my understanding that this preacher is determined to ascend spiritually and that he is using, at least some of the time, if not all of the time, Hindu methods to ascend in his consciousness. Yogis (Hindu holy men) use a method to ascend in consciousness to cause the fiery serpents in them to ascend into the higher centers. One of the techniques that they use is a form of sexual intercourse with a human woman where they control the energy.

            We, the human being, have a large part of our energy concentrated in our reproductive force. If you're a man, it's in the sperm. A large percentage of our energy is in the sperm. If you're a woman, it's in the glands around the breast where you can nurse your child and probably in your ovum, too. I don't really know the details of this, but more than fifty percent of our energy is in our reproductive force. All yogis in India do not pursue this course. Some yogis ascend through celibacy. Some of them believe in celibacy, but then there's another school that somehow engage in sexual intercourse with a human woman and manipulate the flow of the sexual energy so that instead of it leaving their body; it propels their consciousness upward. Does anyone not know what I'm talking about? I'm trying to be discreet here.

            Another interesting thing that I've known for years from the books that I've read is that the women who engage in these rituals or acts is not even a woman to the yogi. She becomes the female manifestation of God, which the Hindu name is Sakti. They don't even see her as an individual woman, but she becomes Sakti; god. Of course, I could never go along with that kind of thing. I read it and I guess I didn't have any opinion on it; that's what they do. Well, within a day or two after this information came to me about this preacher and the harem that he has raised up in the church, I came across this concept in another book; the concept of the women who are used in a form of sexual intercourse that enables the yogi to take the woman's energy from her. I guess I didn't make that clear. Let me go over the purpose for this. The woman is necessary in this act which is called Tantra or an aspect of Tantra. The reason the woman is necessary is because the yogi that's performing the act with her, captures her sexual energy as she responds to him sexually, somehow. I don't know how they do it. He captures her energy. So therefore he has his own energy and he has the woman's energy and somehow manipulates this to help him to ascend in consciousness.

            So within a day or two after I heard this story about this preacher and his harem, I found in another book a comment on this practice of using a woman as Sakti. It's just another way of saying that the woman is dehumanized. It's not an act of love; it's not the man's wife; it's not an act of affection. It sounds wonderful when you say, we make the woman god. Well what does that mean? You make her a goddess and you partake of her energy. Now if she's truly a goddess, it won't affect her negatively if you take her energy. But I also have read in other books that the women who are used in this way become old and dried up and die very young because their energy is literally being stolen from them. Again, within a day or two after this came to my attention, I found in another book a comment where this author says that the average woman in India, the housewife type woman is forbidden by their moral code from associating with these women who live in the temple and fulfill this role of Sakti. They are really temple prostitutes. They're prostitutes. The men who engage in sexual activities with them sap them of their energy.

            Now we know that Jesus clearly says that we, the people, are sheep. I've known for a long time that we must have a spiritual fleece for the Lord to be calling us sheep. I think there are even scriptures where Jesus talks about losing our fleece. It took me a long time to even understand that this fleece that the enemy wants is our energy. But even from the time that I found out that the fleece that Satan wants is our energy, it took me a really long time, up until just very recently, to understand that there are really people in this world that are so involved in witchcraft and doing evil and determined to ascend spiritually. When I say ascend spiritually, I mean to gain spiritual power. When you ascend spiritually, you gain spiritual power.

            These people are so determined to do this that they will even steal another person's spiritual energy and not think twice about it. Now when we had the message on Jacob and Esau, we found out that Esau was traveling in the astral plane seeking to gather energy from other people so that Isaac could continue to live. Remember that? I told you at the time that I preached that message that I really didn't know what Esau was doing in the astral plane. But I know that the Lord had witnessed to me clearly that he was hunting in the astral plane, hunting for energy to give to Isaac and possibly to himself, too, to prolong life and increase spiritual power. Now I see the Lord revealing to me, at least one activity of the mighty hunter in the astral plane. The mighty hunter in the astral plane seeks for sexual experiences through a form of astral projection, which enables the hunter to capture the energy of the person being satisfied.

            Now this is horrendous; this is not for the weak minded. This message is not for the weak minded, brethren. But I'm telling you, not only is it true, but it's going on in the church today. There is at least one man, if not more than one, who was actually saying this is of God. Now here's another personal witness of my own personal experience that makes me believe that this is really happening. Going back about five or six years ago, the women of this ministry were attacked sexually, nocturnally, in the night time, in their sleep. Several of the women were attacked sexually. I personally was being molested every night. Several of the other women had at least one experience that they told me about. I tried to break it in every way I knew how and when the experience continued for several nights, I began to get a little agitated, to be honest with you. Not only could it not be good, but it was very humiliating to be invaded like that in your sleep. I prayed every way I knew how and I couldn't break it. It was touching people in this ministry who are all over the world. I was getting reports from people in other states that they were having similar experiences, not only in their sleep, but in their waking hours. They were unusually interested in men. One woman called me up and told me, I'm not doing anything about it, but I'm telling you that a man can't walk past me without me looking three times at him. I don't know what's wrong with me.

            So the whole ministry came under this kind of an attack about five or six years ago. I started to get really concerned because I couldn't break it. I went before the Lord with a lot of strength and He did eventually show me how to break it and I preached a message on that called dealing with night time sexual harassment. But during that time that I was being molested at night (on one of those occasions, it came to me as a dream, but I know it wasn't a dream) I knew that I had a perception of what was happening in the astral plane. I saw an altar and there were two thick candles on the altar and there was a Japanese type wrestler.

            Now I don't know if there was a man who was Japanese or not or if that was just a symbol of the Lord showing me the spiritual strength that was involved here. That was all that I saw, that Japanese type wrestler, all muscle and very heavy. But he was talking to someone else and I heard their conversation. I knew even though I was being molested in my sleep, that whoever was behind this was not accomplishing a fraction of what they would have liked to accomplish. I don't want to get graphic; they were not accomplishing a fraction of what they would have liked to accomplish. I heard one say to the other; here try this, try it that way, try it this way. I know they were talking about molesting me. At the time I didn't have the understanding that I have now. But they could only go so far and they couldn't go any further. So apparently my prayers and the Lord's response to my prayers were providing some measure of protection, but not a hundred percent measure of protection. They couldn't get past this wall that was around me. So they were just probably trying different spells. At the time I didn't have the understanding that I have now. I know now that they certainly could not accomplish their whole goal.

            The Lord opened my ears and eyes on the astral plane and I saw the altar and I saw the candles and I saw this one Japanese type man. My opinion is that there was no Japanese man present, but I saw this image because the Lord was telling me that, spiritually speaking, I was dealing with people of very great strength. I didn't recognize the voices. Actually it just went on for less than a week and the Lord did show me how to deal with it. So at the time, I was trying to figure out where did all this come from? Where did this arise from? I came to the conclusion (based on whatever information I had at the time that I don't even remember) I came to the conclusion that it had to be coming from a witch's covenant. This was really high level witchcraft. But I couldn't understand why a witch's coven would be doing this. We have witch's covens here in Port Jefferson; at least that's what they say. There's a couple of covens around Port Jefferson.

            At the time there was a store right in Port Jefferson that was selling the black cape that the high priest of witchcraft wears at their high mass. So I have no problem believing that we do have witch's covens around here in Port Jefferson. But I couldn't understand why they were coming after this ministry. We weren't on the radio at the time. We weren't on the internet at the time. But I said, well maybe they know about us somehow and they're just harassing us and I just let it go at that. I prayed and prayed and that was all the information that I got.

            Now, five or six years later that this information is coming to me, I really believe that the Lord has told me that my experience and the experience of the other women in this ministry were coming from this man. I do know him. He does know me. I haven't seen him in years, but he does know me and I have been to his church. I did from time to time, send him some of our materials. So you say to yourself, well why would he be going after you? The answer that's in my heart is this; what is behind the gathering together of this harem is an attempt to gain enough energy to catapult this man into the brow energy center. That's what he's looking for. This is what came to me, that he just has a list of all of the women in the church that he ever had any contact with. You see, they want the people that have a relationship with the Lord.

            They'll take you if you have the Holy Spirit; they'll take you if you don't have anything, you see. If you're just an average person, they'll take your energy and they don't care if you get sick and die. If you have the Holy Spirit, they want that energy, but if you have the Spirit of Christ, if you have Christ Jesus in you, they want that energy. They want you. You see, if you have Christ Jesus in you or if you have the Holy Spirit, you have a lot more energy than the man in the street. You have energy beyond that which you were born with if you have a relationship with any manifestation of the Spirit of God. You have an energy that is overhanging or that goes beyond that which you were born with. So it's perfectly logical that at some point when I sent him some of our books that he said, well, look at this and he put me on his list or some such thing as that. He's hunting; he and whoever his associates are. They go hunting in the astral plane like Esau did. They're hunting for energy that will prolong their life and catapult them into higher realms of the spirit. That is the spiritual fleece. They want our spiritual fleece.

            So here again is a personal witness for me, something that I never received an answer from the Lord, because at the time, I guess I wasn't capable of understanding it. I have another witness also. Now this goes back about nine years ago, after I got out of the hospital. I had been in the hospital for three months and the ministry shut down briefly, and I had a dream. In this dream the main character was this preacher, who at the time, I had a personal relationship with. I haven't seen him in years. Actually at that time, I hadn't seen him in a couple of years, but I did have a personal relationship with him. It was a very long dream. I was a lawyer and I was going around gathering information about this preacher because he was about to be brought to trial. The dream took place in a school. I heard the principle of the school talking to someone else behind a closed door. It was like top secret, saying this man is molesting all of the teenage girls in the school and he has to be stopped. I think at the time I had a revelation that he was under some kind of judgment, but I think that when it came to molesting the teenage girls, I thought it had to do with doctrine. I thought at the time that he was preaching a doctrine that wasn't true and that was the molesting. I had no concept of what I'm talking to you about now.

            Some dreams I have and I forget by the end of the day. Some dreams I have, I forget if I don't write them up immediately; I forget about them within the hour. But some dreams I never forget and this is one of the dreams that I never forgot. I never forgot this dream. He was a spiritual criminal. He was a preacher in the dream and he was molesting all the teenage girls. Now why the teenage girls? He's molesting the women in the church who have energy, the more mature ones. He's not molesting the babies that are still in their carnal mind. He's molesting the spiritual teenagers; the one who really has a relationship with the Lord, that are studying to show themselves approved and following after the Lord and have this excess of energy that the church calls an anointing. He's hunting for the anointing. The anointing is our fleece that the enemy is looking for.

            Then there is yet another witness. Another woman that I know went to his church for awhile and then came here, who had a real problem with nocturnal molestation. We had some trouble getting her delivered from that. It turns out that her problem was initiated or fitted right in with the time line here; that it really could have been coming from this man. This is some message, huh? But the most mind boggling part of the whole thing is that there are people in the church who are buying this. It just boggles my mind. It just completely boggles my mind, but it's happening. We take this information and we couple it with the word of knowledge that's coming down here; that the big event that's about to happen in the church (personally I think it's already happening) is a conflict and a confrontational, (although I think it is going to be spiritual) between the sons of God who are ascended in Christ Jesus and the daughters of Satan who are ascended in Leviathan.

            There are people in the church today who are ascended spiritually, who believe it's in Christ Jesus and are deceived. They're not ascended in Christ Jesus; they're ascended in Leviathan. Now this particular man; personally I don't know that he believes that he's ascended in Christ Jesus, but you never know. People go into all kinds of deception. I'm told that he travels the circuit; that he's an evangelist. He goes around preaching. The churches invite him in. He has prayer lines and lays hands on people and they receive some manifestation of the Holy Spirit. But, in my opinion, it's a false Holy Spirit. Can you imagine going to church and getting those kinds of hands laid on you? So the pastors of those churches that cannot see him for what he is, that cannot hear from the Lord, all of those people in those churches are being subjected to this. He prays for people and they start speaking in tongues.

            That goes back to my experience with that. Now the Lord has really prepared me for this job. I ministered to a young man once, for about a year in an attempt to help him. I don't believe today that he was ever in Christ. I heard him speak in tongues once. They were the most beautiful tongues I have ever heard in my life. They were angelic and he never did it again. I am convinced that they were satanic tongues. I was with this same young man when a deliverance anointing fell, a powerful anointing. I started getting deliverance, but what was going on was completely out of order. The anointing fell almost as a divergent to block me from seeing what I was seeing in him. I went before the Lord and I said, I don't get this. That was a deliverance anointing; I was getting deliverance. This is how I found out that Satan comes as an angel of light. She speaks in tongues and she has an anointing and that anointing looks and feels and acts just like the anointing of the Holy Spirit. I have to tell you that I don't know that I would believe much of this stuff myself if the Lord didn't teach me through personal experience. Now you're hearing my personal experience and you have the privilege of praying about it. You don't have to go through what I've been through, but you should say Lord, if this is true, would you please give me a personal witness, whatever that may be for you to believe my testimony.

            But I now know that Satan can counterfeit anything that the Holy Spirit can do except one thing. The Holy Spirit comes to us and He starts to extract our human spirit from Satan. Our human spirit is flowing with Satan in the fallen man that has no relationship with the Lord. Our human spirit is flowing with Satan. Satan is our spiritual blood. She's the spiritual blood that flows in our etheric body and she's our unconscious mind and our human spirit has been captured by her. Satan is the polluted waters or the polluted blood of fallen man and our human spirit flows with her. So when the Holy Spirit comes to us and enters into us, He starts drawing the human spirit out from Satan. Now Satan is not doing that because a house divided will not stand. So Satan is not purifying her own polluted waters. After the Holy Spirit draws enough of the human spirit unto Himself, when the Lord brings that person in contact with someone who has the Spirit of Christ, the root of the tree of life is grafted to those purified waters and the whole tree of life rises from the dead in the individual.

            The whole tree of life; does anyone remember who the whole tree of life is? The whole tree of life is Adam. So the root of the tree of life is either Abel if it's in a Jewish person or Christ if it's in someone in the church. That's the root of the tree of life and the branch of the tree is the energy; that is the waters. Satan is the branch of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and her waters are polluted. When the Holy Spirit draws out that human spirit, some manifestation of the purified waters in that person comes in contact with a believer that has the Spirit of Christ. Then the young, but whole seedling tree of life, is grafted to that person. Now that, Satan does not do. I don't know whether she can or not, but she's certainly not about to do that. But every other gift of the Spirit, every activity and manifestation of the Holy Spirit can be counterfeited by the false holy spirit.

            The first time the Lord showed me that there was a false holy spirit, I was in Africa. I had never heard of such a thing. But there's a false holy spirit and her name is Satan. I've told you that I read a lot of occult philosophy under the instruction of the Lord and I get through it and it doesn't pollute me. I don't recommend that anybody do it, but I'm doing it. I have this office here that I'm teaching on this high level and the Lord shows me what He wants to teach me from these books. These books talk about the female holy spirit. They know all about it. The Hindus know about it; the Buddhists know about it; the occultists know about it; just the Christians don't know that there's a counterfeit holy spirit. The church is miserably under educated, pitifully, frighteningly under educated. The occult literature knows there is a female holy spirit. In the King James Translation, she is referred to as the god of forces.

            If you look up those words, god of forces, in the Hebrew, it clearly tells you that it is a feminine word and that she's a feminine deity. There is a female god in this world. The god of this world is female. She's in direct competition with the male Jesus Christ. They're fighting over us. Somewhere along the line, somehow, the church is going to have to grow up. My understanding of it is that there will be a small company of people who will grow up first and then we will be responsible for the training of the whole church, once the Lord brings them to a place where they can submit for the training. Right now they won't sit for the training. They don't believe it's of God.

            So I think I have given you the whole story. I will try and recap it for you. There is something; there is a phenomena in the church today called third level marriage. There are men; I don't know whether there are any women doing this or not; I have no idea. There are men in the church today who have ascended in the serpent's timeline and who have the ability to astral project and engage in some form of intercourse; I don't even know what to call it. I guess it's a spiritual form of sexual intercourse with women where they actually experience the sensation of the act, not just the result of the act, the whole sensation of the act and that there are men who are doing it, who claim that they're in Christ. They're going from church to church evangelizing, laying hands on people, imparting a false holy spirit to them which is Satan and forming a harem for themselves. They do this for the specific purpose of hunting the energy of the spiritual teenage women in the church for the purpose of taking that energy and using it to ascend into Leviathan's timeline, into the brow energy center of Leviathan's timeline. Now brethren, I don't know what's coming in the future, but I have a strong feeling right now that this is just the first example that the Lord has given us in response to my question; Lord, what was Esau doing hunting in the astral plane? I have this almost sinking feeling in my heart that this is just the first example.

            Now I've already spoken to you from time to time about how anger will drain your energy and envy will drain your energy, but that is a whole different category of people who don't know they're draining your energy. If you're around someone and you fellowship with them for an hour or two and you're completely drained so that you have to go to sleep. That person is a spiritual vampire. They're draining your energy and you should really not fellowship with them unless you have a relationship with them where you could talk with them about it. You should not talk to them because they're draining your energy and they can make you sick. These are people who are just troubled people themselves. I know people who do that, not anymore, but I've had people in my life where I've had to break the relationship because I knew something was really wrong. But they didn't know they were doing it. They weren't capturing my energy and using it for ungodly purposes through rituals. They were just troubled people that were so upset all the time themselves, that they were sapping my energy. So that was the first example the Lord showed me. Now He's showing us people who actively and consciously go hunting in the astral plane for the energy of other people for the specific purpose of prolonging their life or ascending into a place of high spiritual power. I have this feeling in my heart that this form of astral projection for the purpose of spiritual sexual intercourse is just the first activity in this category that the Lord has shown me. In what category? Where the person, where the hunter, really knows what they're doing and they know how to capture the energy and use it to benefit themselves.

            This is quite awesome, brethren, but you must understand that to be a part of a ministry like this, you are being developed spiritually. The Lord is opening all of us spiritually. No matter where you are, He's opening you more and more spiritually. The more spiritually you are opened, the more vulnerable you are to this. Now I'm not here to scare you, but I'm here to tell you that it's really important that you develop that relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, that you put every little detail before Him. Say Lord, is there anything happening that I don't know about? Is there anything happening that I'm involved in, but because of my own blindness, I'm not aware of it. You've got to talk to Him like this. You've got to open those lines of communication or you could be touched and maybe not sexually. There has to be some legal ground or maybe you don't have the legal ground to be touched sexually, but I'm telling you this is just the first of a long line of methods for stealing our spiritual fleece that the Lord has told us about. Your defense, your deliverance, your protection,

            is this dialogue with Christ Jesus within you. I'm telling you from personal experience that He's not going to tell you if you don't ask Him the question. He wants you to ask Him the question. He wants to develop the relationship with you. He wants to tear down the walls between your mind and the mental plane where He is. He wants to tear down those walls so completely that you hear Him as clearly as you hear me today. The problem is that as you come to that place, you're open to many other voices. You're not just open to His voice alone. You've got to start moving in this relationship which will protect you against false voices and deception.

            Now there's one other testimony the Lord wants me to give you and I guess I really didn't want to give it to you, but I have to because He wants me to give it to you. This goes all the way back when I was a disciple in the church that I trained up in. At the time I was a young disciple and I was being attacked with Incubus, which is a form of sexual molestation. There was no complete sexual act; there was no penetration, but it was a form of molestation, sort of similar to what I had when I saw the vision of the guy with the altar. It was upsetting me; I wouldn't go to sleep without praying. Now I'm just really wondering if I wasn't being attacked by this man or by someone else on his level at that time. I never experienced that before I came into the church. I just thought it was some demon stirred up in me because of the anointing in the church. But I have to tell you that the thought in my mind is, maybe that wasn't true. See, I've always been psychic. I've been opened before I ever came to the Lord. So the more physic you are, the more you are touched by this. Well maybe it wasn't just a demon in me. Maybe it was this man's mind or someone else's mind all along.

            Then one day, I could just tell you that I was sitting on my couch and I cannot remember what I was saying to the Lord; I very well may have been complaining that I didn't have a husband. But the only thing that I remember is that I heard this voice right inside of my head telling me; well go inside and lay down on the bed and I'll show you what I could do for you. It scared me so bad, I wouldn't budge off of that couch. It scared me half to death. In broad daylight, in the middle of the day, in the middle of my prayer session; I heard a voice say that to me. I just thought that it was some demon in me, but today, (and I never found out, thank God) I'm wondering if I was not hearing from this man or from someone else who I have in mind right now, psychically. It may not have been just a spirit in me or Satan in me, but somebody's mind on a high level of Leviathan's timeline, heard my prayer to the Lord and tried to victimize me.

            Now brethren, you have to understand that people who are very psychic can hear your prayers. You have to understand this. I hear people's prayers in Christ. It is not at all uncommon for me to hear somebody's prayer in Christ. Because I am a servant of the Living God, Christ Jesus rises up in me and I pray for that person and the next thing I know is I hear from them that their need was met. This happens to me a lot. This I know is a fact. So if this is true, why isn't it possible that someone who was ascended in the serpent and psychic, why can't it be true that Satan opens their ears and lets them hear my prayer? At the time, I guess I thought it was a Godly prayer, but now I know that you're not suppose to be praying like that. You're not suppose to be going before the Lord and saying well, what about my sex life; you know I'm a young woman. If you're hearing this message and you're praying like that, I'm telling you that you're praying the wrong thing.

            What you're suppose to be doing is put yourself before the Lord and say, Lord, here I am and I have all these needs. I'm lonely; I'm young; you tell Him how you feel and you ask Him to satisfy you in whatever way He will. The truth of the matter is that in most instances (well, I don't want to say that right now). I know in my case, He did not have a husband for me. In my case, He had this high ministry for me. I don't believe I could have ever ascended to this place if I had a husband. I'm convinced of that. But I was just young and I didn't think that I was wrong. I thought everybody was suppose to get married. It never occurred to me that the Lord had something like this for me.

            So I thought that everybody was suppose to get married. So I thought the prayer was okay and Satan opened the ears of somebody ascended in Leviathan's timeline who was ready to astral project and give me this kind of ungodly relationship, when I was only a couple of years with the Lord. By the grace of God, I wasn't deceived into thinking that could be God. But there are women all over the church that believe it could be God. That's absolutely amazing, but it's happening.

            So we have to know what's going on, you see. There's three categories of people in the church today. Those who are ascending in Christ Jesus (we're very few). Those who are ascending in Leviathan. I think they're very few also. Then the majority of the church that are just spiritually infantile (I don't mean to insult you) and certainly spiritually female and certainly unprepared for any of the kinds of things that I have outlined for you on this message today. They are totally unprepared. So those of us who are ascending in Christ Jesus, we have a great responsibility. We're responsible for ourselves and we're responsible for whoever the Lord assigns to us. If you're thinking, well won't Jesus correct this? Is Jesus really letting all these women be seduced? Brethren, read my lips; Yes! Yes! Yes! You can't understand that?

            You think it shouldn't be that way. That's not going to help you or help your situation or help anybody else because that's the way it is. I believe in due season, the Lord will give you an explanation. I believe that He wants us to have all knowledge, but He doesn't owe you an explanation. He's God and everything that He does is righteous. Does anyone know what the Lord's answer to the women in the church being molested in this way is? The Lord's answer to this problem is to raise up the sons of God in high spiritual power in the timeline of Christ Jesus to battle with the infidels in Leviathan's timeline and we're doing this. Now there's no time or space in the spirit, so if you're a woman and you're being molested for twenty years, the deliverance provision that the Lord Jesus has made is the raising up of the sons of God to arrest the spiritual criminal. No matter if you're in it for twenty years; five years or one year or one night. Who needs it? Jesus is letting this happen? Yes! Yes! So we see that it is grow up time.

            Anyone who is listening to this message or who studies with this ministry, once again I'm telling you that you're called to a very high calling. I think that we really don't even have an accurate idea at this time of what we're in for, although the idea is shaping up. Actually, I think the Lord has been preparing us for a couple of years to even hear a message like this. Maybe from the time I first preached the message on the immortals, which goes back at least two years ago, if not three. These are immortals. They're incarnate immortals; men who have the spiritual authority to go hunting in the astral plane. That's what we're up against. We can't do anything in our own power. Don't you go out and try to break curses or defeat these people in your own strength. Don't be a fool. They're very strong. Don't go up unless the Lord says you're to go up. You don't enter into a spiritual battle unless the Lord goes up first. You don't do this by yourself. You're going to get squatted.

            You don't go to battle, spiritual or physical unless the Lord says go on up; I've given you the victory. I'm not even ready to pray against this man. I have not prayed against this man. I'm not going to pray against him unless it's Christ Jesus praying through me. I'm no match for him by myself. I'm no fool. But when Christ Jesus moves, I will move with Him, because I am His horse and I'll do whatever He tells me and I'll face whatever consequences to my physical body or my spiritual body that I face. But I'm not going up without Him. Are there any comments or questions on this message?

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