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The Lord wants us to start this message with the concept of our only hope being in Christ.  While most Christians do not understand what this means, others do have the concept that Christ will do it; however, they do not have the revelation that our natural man must die, and that in order for Christ to be the answer to our every problem our natural man has to disappear in that problem. 


The way to get the victory, is to do nothing until Christ appears in you with regard to the problem.  The more mature Christians have some understanding of the concept while the more carnal Christians are waiting for a Christ to drop out of the sky, and take them to a place where the streets are paved with gold. 


When you see a big monster heading towards you ready to rip your heart out the answer for your problem is to say, Jesus, help me, and do nothing until Christ in you manifests.  If it is not Christ in you, then you have to give up, lie down, and let Him manifest in you.  This is a big problem for a lot of the Church world because they have difficulty determining who is manifesting in them.  They tell you, God told me to do this and God told me to do that; however, it is not God at all.


When something traumatic happens to us we have to come to the place where we can do nothing.  This is a hard thing to do, and a literal sacrifice to just lay ourselves down, and say, if God will be let us be destroyed, then we will be destroyed; however, if He saves us, then He saves us.


Jesus is not coming and going to war with us, but instead, he is letting us die very slowly through knowledge, and a will of our own.  He wants it to be a sacrifice for us.  He is not coming into our lives and saying, I am going to be your all, in all.  When you have a problem, and your natural man manifests, then I will beat him to a pulp.


If we try to take the victory in our own power, and we are not at a place where we have the revelation that we should stand still, and let His Spirit manifest, then He will not beat our natural man to a pulp.  Instead, our own natural man will beat us to a pulp.  He will let this continue to happen until each one of us calls out to Him and says, Lord, why am I getting beaten to a pulp?  When we are ready to answer Him, He will be say, you were out there ten miles ahead of me out there defending yourself, and you did not wait to see my answer to this problem in your life. 


When we have a situation in our life, and we have a choice between letting our soul respond to that problem, or standing still and letting Christ in us respond, and we choose to stand still and let Christ manifest, then your soul will be burnt.  This process is the sacrifice of our soul, and the equivalent of what Jesus did on the cross.  Our body will not be crucified as Jesus' body; instead, our soul must be crucified. 


The crucifixion of the living soul, or of the human soul, is that which is being nailed to Christ as He in our minds.  There will be two souls and a conflict, and ultimately, the soul of the natural man shall be crucified.  He has to die by being nailed to the Christ that is appearing in you.   He has the living sacrifice that we are giving up to the Lord. 


One of the main things that the Lord is teaching us in this hour is a very hard thing to do.  He is requiring us to actively stand still in a crisis unless we know that it is Him in us.  In order for us to be capable to do this, we must learn to discern Christ in our minds. 


Discernment is a gift from God.  The voice of the serpent is in our own mind, and he is very subtle.  Pray about everything, constantly, aggressively, without ceasing, and ask for discernment.  I pray this way, and I tell you, Brethren, I can discern God in my mind very well. 


Lord, I desire righteousness, and deliverance in this situation, and to manifest your spirit.  I desire what you would want in this circumstance, and I think what I plan to do is what you want me to do, and I am going for it.  If it is not you, let me hear you.  It is your responsibility to help me find out that it is not you. 


A well meaning, believer told me that I pray about everything, including going to the bathroom, and I take that as a compliment!


Our deliverance is the great hope that Christ shall swallow up our natural mind, and nail Himself to it.  What proceeds is our own effort to suppress our soul, so that Christ can come forth. 


Christ wants us to be partakers and join Him in the battle.  We are not children that are just being swept away.  Our human spirit must align with His mind, and make ourselves the enemy of our own soul.  Amen! 


Out of the whole living soul we are a small cell referred to as the human spirit.  This part of us is capable of aligning itself with the mind of Christ, and He is requiring us to come out of her, my people!  Come out of the living soul! 


In this hour, Satan is ruling as god in the realm of the spirit.  The carnal mind is evident as it rules in the flesh.  It has Eve utterly captive.  Adam is down here utterly powerless and helpless.  There is another soul on the horizon which is ruled by God, in the flesh.  It is Christ, and both are fighting for your mind.


The Lord is saying to you, come out of her, my people!  I have heard this preached from the Roman Catholic Church.  God is saying, come out of every false denomination, and religion!  Come out of every false everything!  He is saying, human spirit, by the power of God, break away from this bondage and be translated into Christ Jesus.  Human spirit, break away from Adam and Satan.  Break away from the carnal mind, and come unto God and His Christ where you shall be safe.  I am going to set this on fire.  It shall burn, and the smoke shall last for the life of the ages.  Halleluiah!


The smoke of its burning is the glorified body.  When the living soul is burned, it will produce smoke, vapor, and particles.  The process of burning releases the spirit, which is Eve.  Everything that is left will is turn into ashes.  Christ in Eve, and God in the human spirit, will be the new soul of man.  It will exist with the burnt living soul, which will have been converted into ashes, and will be a glorified body.


The soul or human spirit can be described as a solid line in a prison house.  Our souls cannot get out of our bodies, so they will be burned, converted to ashes, and changed into a form which is not solid, so that it may be joined to the life of Christ.  We will have a new body which can take many forms, and include the ability to walk through walls.


The Scripture reads that after the resurrection of Jesus, Emmaus appeared on the road in another form.  Apparently, He looked like a man; however, His disciples did not recognize Him as Jesus Christ of Nazareth because he looked similar to a natural man, so they did not think there was anything strange about Him.  They spoke to Him, and said, friend, did not you hear what has happened in Jerusalem in these past days?  Jesus Christ of Nazareth was crucified!  We thought He was the hope of Israel, and they killed Him!


They were saying this to the resurrected Christ who looked as much like a natural man in an unglorified body as you or I.  The glorified man has the power to appear as a natural man. 


He walked through walls, and appeared in the midst of the apostles after the resurrection, so that doubting Thomas could see the nails in His arms.


Do you think that the man walking down the road to Emmaus had nail holes in His arms?  I declare to you, that He did not have nail holes in His arms.  He was as whole as you or I.  However, when Jesus Christ wanted to witness to the apostles, it was indeed Him who took the form of the body before it was glorified.  A form is an appearance.  I declare to you, He could have taken the form of a woman, man or any form that He wanted, but He took the appearance of the body of Jesus Christ of Nazareth before it was glorified.  He said, look!  Here are the holes in my arms!


I recall to your memory King Saul.  He was the anointed, king that the Lord God appointed over Israel.  The Lord ruled through Saul.  Saul sinned by going to the witch at Endor.  He told her, I want to speak to Samuel.  By this time, Samuel had already left this earth realm.  The witch conjured up Samuel, and Saul said to her, what form is he taking?  Saul knew that the witch was calling up a spirit that was capable of taking many forms.  I suggest to you that the witch had the power to call up the spirit of Samuel, and it was a genuine spiritual happening.


Although, King Saul remained the natural king of Israel until his natural life died, his spiritual life with God had been transferred over to King David.  The prophet Samuel removed King Saul’s crown, yet Israel could not discern that God was no longer with King Saul.  Saul no longer was the anointed of God.  He had lost his close relationship with God and his spiritual power, which caused him to experience great anxiety. 


The Scripture tells us that when you have a close relationship with God, then you can go to Him with every problem, and He will give you comfort and knowledge.  If you do not have a close contact with the Lord, then you will be riddled with fear.  Saul at one point had a close relationship with God, and when He no longer had it he was riddled with fear.  He sought spiritual comfort.


Brethren, this is going on in the entire world today. People might have a conscious understanding of what they are doing, but they have problems in their life in which they have no power over; therefore, they seek comfort from the spiritual realm.


There are two souls available to men, today.  When the Holy Spirit comes to you and Christ starts to appear in you, there are many Scriptures that talk about the sun rising, and the heat burning up the grass.  I suggest to you that you could be having a wonderful life, and when you get the Holy Spirit, or when God comes to you, and Christ starts appearing in your soul and mind, your natural man will begin to burn, Brethren.  Your natural man will start to wither, be burnt up, and ultimately die like grass.  All that we will have left is the soul of Jesus Christ.  He will be in our mind.  He will rule and reign and shall become a new creation.  When this happens, you will have a redeemed soul.


Adam and Satan will still be down here; however, they will not have anything to say about our thought processes or functioning in our mind.  Form in the realm of appearance is their purpose.  This will be our mind.  He will rule our thoughts, our words, our deeds, and we shall become righteous and holy.  We shall become the saints of God, or the sons of God.  We shall be the vessels in the earth that are manifesting the righteousness of Almighty God.  Almighty God in the flesh is called Christ.  In the realm of the soul He is called Christ.  Halleluiah!  This is what is waiting for us!  It is glorious!


Those of us that are in the midst of this process are finding that there is a valley that we have to go into.  If you do not understand what is happening to you, then the reality can be terrible.  It is really tough down there in the valley without this word.  I pray for everyone reading this message.  God will begin to strip you of everything in the natural realm that would give you pleasure and joy.  I will tell you something, Brethren, no one, not one of us, will give up this life willingly.  It is frightening to give up when you do not know what is coming, or where you are going. 


There is a mountain of natural men that will come down.  The Scripture calls it, Horeb.  There is a second mountain of God called, Zion.  It is the mount of holiness.  God will strip down the mountains, and before you know it, you will have nowhere to run and hide for protection.  You will get hurt.  He will take everything away from you that gives you pleasure in life.  He will take your joy, and your dreams.  He is will remove the protection of the blinders on your eyes, so that you will see what you and this world are really like.  You will see the life of the natural man, and how hopeless it is.  Natural man believes he will keep himself alive by running into the valley between the two mountains.


Before you ascend, you will find yourself at a very low point.  Everything that brings you joy, peace, contentment, and happiness will leave you.  Hold onto the understanding of what is actually happening.  It may not be thrilling when we are down here, but it is what it is, and it is better to be down here with the revelation than without it.  Glory to God!


There are a lot of Christians who are trying to get delivered from being in this condition, and just do not understand that just around the corner is the time they will begin to ascend.  I am going through it right now.  I have some really bad days, Brethren.  I am really oppressed and depressed.  I keep myself going by crying out to God, and saying Lord, when?  The resurrection has got to come because I am being crucified!  My soul is being nailed to the soul of Christ!  The resurrection must come!  Jesus Christ must be glorified in me and you.  I just thank God for it, and pray that everybody receive it.


Sometimes you just have to start fighting the trial.  I had an ongoing trial for the eleven years where I worked for tyrannical men who tormented, abused me emotionally and insulted me.  When I first fell into that trial, I would quit the job and look for another one.  Job after job, l I finally figured out that that was not where God wanted me, and there would not be any job in which I could work where I would not be treated very similar. Now, that I have submitted to where God wants me, I do the best I can to be a decent employee for my current employer.  He humiliates me almost every day of my life, screams at me, yells, tells me I am incompetent, and blames me for his mistakes. 


Another point that the Lord wanted me to make will take us back several messages where we read about grass.  The Scriptures refer to the flower of the grass, or the human spirit which comes from God. 


The flower of the grass decays and withers, and it is Christ that lives forever.  The decaying of the human spirit can be likened to the human ovum. 


A female egg dies when it is joined to the male sperm, and is replaced by a one cell embryo.  The egg has died, as it is not an ovum any longer.  When your human spirit has joined to the Holy Spirit, it will decay, and what you will have left is Christ, a totally new entity. 


I declare to you, when Christ appears in you that you are going to find that you do not prophesy, or move in the Holy Spirit anymore, that it is really Christ in you.  There is a difference.  The weaker yields, and gives way to the greater.  Once your human spirit is fertilized, and the embryo comes forth, then Christ will start to grow in you.  You will no longer have the Holy Spirit, but rather Christ will be in you.


If you have had the gift of prophesy, then you can discern when you have prophesied by the Holy Spirit or when you have spoken by Christ.  There is a difference.  If you cannot discern it now, then you shall in due season.


The Lord showed us that we have three kinds of men.  The first man was a beast without the root of Christ, the first kind of grass, the annual.   Men in this condition passed through the realm of the spirit, one at a time, never to be seen again.


The second man was a sheep, a spiritual son, with the root of Christ who continued further to have his human spirit fertilized, and Christ formed in him.  He traveled through the realm of appearance, and appeared as mature, biennial grass, which is the spark of life.  He appeared in two different stages, throughout many lifetimes.  The exact number is unknown.


The spiritual man travels through the earth in the first stage of biennial.  If you are a man in the earth who has the root of Christ, and God has ordained that in this lifetime, then you would be in the first stage of a biennial.  In the first stage, you will receive the Holy Spirit, but your human spirit will never be fertilized in this lifetime.  We are referring to a spiritual man only, and are not talking about the personality.


During the second stage of a biennial, you will find the third type of man.  This is the horse which has joined to God.  Somewhere along the line that same spiritual son will appear in the earth again as a totally different personality, where his human spirit will be fertilized.


We see in the Church world today, that there are people who are happy, dancing, and have the Holy Spirit.  Everything in their lives is wonderful.  Lots of them live out their whole life, and die in the condition where they never come into deep teaching.  It is very possible that their human spirit was never fertilized, and therefore, just have the Holy Spirit and the root of Christ.  There are a lot of people in the Church world that have the Holy Spirit; however, their human spirit has not been fertilized, and may never be in this lifetime.


God has shown me that what I used to believe is not correct.  It is not true that there are only two kinds of people in the earth: those that are born again and those whom are not.  A man has a son, and the next man had a son, and the next man had a son, and this it goes on down the line.


The natural Jew in Jesus' day rejected Christ.  The Scripture teaches us that he rejected Christ because God hardened his heart, so that the message could go to the Gentiles.   Jesus was the natural head of Israel, and the body was natural Israel, during the days when Jesus was in the flesh and crucified on the cross. 


The Spirit of God is the head, and we are the body.  In this hour, the Church and the body of Christ are spiritual; however, two thousand years ago when Jesus was in the flesh, He was a natural man and His body was natural Israel. 


Jesus’ natural body was crucified on the cross, which caused the loss the Spirit of God.  The natural body was sacrificed by being denied the revelation, so that it could go to the Gentile.  God did this as it pleased Him to bruise His son, natural Israel. 


God denied them the revelation of knowing that the curses would go on to their descendants for thousands of generations.  Jesus cursed natural Israel.  He said, you shall not see me again.  He will not be their protector and comforter for them or their descendants for thousands of years until they say blessed be He that cometh in the name of the Lord.  No man can say it unless the Father gives them the revelation.


The natural Jew is paying a terrible price because God denied their ancestors this revelation.  They have been cursed. They have lost their homeland. They have lived through Hitler's Germany.  They have been tormented and persecuted for centuries, and still today.


As we talked about earlier relating to Saul, if you have had the Spirit of God in your life, then you are a spiritual man.  If the Spirit of God leaves you, it does not mean that you will stop being a spiritual man.  You have to have one spirit or the other.  If you have been developed spiritually and the Spirit of God leaves you, then you turn to witchcraft for spiritual comfort. 


Today, a large number of Jewish people are involved in the occult.  The Jewish people have been sacrificed along with their King, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and they are still paying the price today.  They were stripped of the Spirit of God, and as a result, many of them are seeking the occult to fill in this void.  God has not yet removed the veil on their eyes that will let them say, blessed is He that cometh in the name of the Lord. 


I am not anti-Semitic!  The day is coming!  The Lord will lift the veil off their eyes!  They will be grafted back into the tree which is the body of Christ as they are highly beloved of God. 


There are many Jews in America.  Some do not practice their religion, others have received the revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ, and then, there are the Jews who do practice their religion, read the Scriptures, and seek God.  You can see the Spirit of God all over them.  The Lord is with them.  There is a special place in God's heart for them because of the terrible price that they paid, so the word of the Lord would go to the Gentile. 


The Jews that read the Scripture, acknowledge and worship Jehovah, are walking in the light and have God in their lives.  The Lord is with them in the measure that He has revealed to them.  God is in His word.  He is with anyone that seeks Him diligently.  He is with the Jehovah Witness's to the degree that they have a revelation of Him.  The Jews of today who are suffering are the descendants of what happened down here. 


We should not generalize denominations.  There is no denomination that is right, where every other denomination is wrong.  There is error in every denomination, and in every Church. 


We see through glass darkly, so there has to be error everywhere.  This does not mean the ministry is not valid.  God is walking with you to the fullest extent of the revelation that He has permitted you to receive. 


I do not care what religion you practice: Catholic, Protestant or Methodist.  If you are reading His bible, then you are seeking Him with a pure heart, brother.  He is with you to the extent of the revelation He has given you. 


He is with any individual that is diligently seeking God, reading His word, and their heart turned towards God.  He is with you, and in due season, He will deliver you from every false doctrine in your mind.


God is not dealing with denominations in this hour, but with individuals.  Although we can group people to a certain measure, no one has the whole truth, as this is not the hour for the total truth. 


If you want a deeper revelation ask Him for it; however, keep in mind that there is a catch.  You may have to leave the Church, or the denomination.  That is between you and God. 


God is a mighty God, brother.  He is not a narrow ignorant God that is killing nine tenths of the world because they do not want to believe something that the other one tenth thinks is the revelation of God. Amen!


Natural Israel is beloved in the eyes of God because of this terrible price that they paid, that the world might receive the word of Christ.  We are waiting for the resurrection of the body of Christ in this hour.  You need to have spiritual eyes to see it.  Two thousand years later, the spiritual sons of God that were in natural Israel are appearing on the face of the earth.


Paul said, all Israel is not Israel. Every man on the face of the earth in natural Israel.


The spiritual son of God did not exist two thousand years ago.  After the resurrection of Jesus Christ of Nazareth the sons of God that were present in natural Israel are appearing.  They are indeed in the earth today, but have not yet been revealed to men.  In the very near future they will be revealed.


Matthew 27:51


And, behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom; and the earth did quake, and the rocks rent;


This Scripture says in effect, when Jesus Christ gave up the ghost, and the centurion saw the earthquake, the veil was rent from top to bottom, and many appeared in Jerusalem.  I declare to you, Brethren, they did not come out of a hole in the ground and walked through natural Jerusalem.  They are appearing today in the spiritual Jerusalem of God which is the Church or the body of Christ.  Halleluiah!


There was no way the centurion could have seen the veil in the temple from the hill of Golgotha where Jesus was being crucified.  Jesus was crucified outside of the camp.  The centurion saw the veil of the temple being rent as a spiritual vision, Brethren!  Glory to God!


The Lord asked me to talk to you about the final generation, and the concept of the resurrection of who is appearing in the earth today.  Christ taking over the natural man totally, so that he may never be seen again.  This is a subject that has a lot of spiritual opposition to it.  


We have two messages on this subject where it is explained in depth.  The messages are called Thy Neighbor's Landmark, and Lazarus and the Rich Man.  They talk about an original ancestor who was a spirit being.  He took on the flesh, became a man, and had offspring. 


All through the Scripture offspring is very important, and up until this modern day, in America, it was very important to have a child.  The purpose of reproduction is to reproduce yourself a son, so that you remain in the earth.  A barren woman was considered a cursed woman.  This concept comes from the bible.  It is only now in this generation that, women have chosen not to have children. 


At the beginning of time, there was a spiritual entity which entered into the earth, and took the form of a man.  He was propelled into the earth, and was made into the living soul. 


Our bodies and souls were temporarily given to the spiritual life that was propelled into the earth as they made their many journeys from a soul man unto a spiritual man. 


The purpose of the journey is to be everything that they were when they originally started out, plus a redeemed soul, and a glorified body. 


It is the spirit man, or Jesus Christ who will be resurrected in the last day of the generation along with the sons of God in the day of the last generation.  They were also propelled into the earth, and sang with Him in the heavenlies before the foundations of the earth.  They are going to be everything that they were before they were propelled into the earth.  They will have all of the glory that was in the realm of the spirit that they lost by giving to the earth.  They will have all of the glory in the flesh which they had in pure spirit form. 


The Lord Jesus Christ gave up his spiritual authority to become the living soul, so that we could appear, and move forward on the journey.  He became poor, so that we could become rich.


His spirit has been in the earth for thousands, millions, billions of years, and will go on from one generation to the other, and from one season to another where it will finally go out of the realm of time and back in the heavenliness. 


It is Him, the Lord Jesus Christ!  It was only a body and soul that died along the way.  Flesh and soul will wear out and die; however, the spirit never dies. 


At the end of the journey, He will wind up in this last generation; the generation in which Christ appears in man.  In the day, when He appears in this personality, He will receive the life of the ages.


There is one man in the earth, the Lord Jesus Christ.  His sons are a part of Him.  They came into the earth, and then died when they gave up all the glory of the spiritual life needed for their journeys.  At the end they will be a spiritual man.


If you have the root of Christ, then you are not the personality which you think you are, but instead you are a spiritual son of God that existed in the heavenlies from before the foundation of the earth.  You are not your personality, but instead you are spirit.  It is you that will wind up over here. 


If your body and your soul should die, Brethren, I declare unto you, you shall be resurrected and live in the last day.  Your spirit man shall be resurrected, and not this personality that you are.


We know that a man and a woman have the ability to reproduce.  A woman has millions of ovarian eggs, and a man has billions of sperm.  There is potential life in every ovarian egg, and there is potential life in every male sperm.  When one personality dies, and it moves along into the next line this does not mean that it will be appear on the face of the earth immediately.  It has to wait.  We have to integrate the spiritual with the natural. 


When God says to a spirit man, it is time for you to appear, then how does it look to the natural man on the earth?  What happens?  A baby is born.  We have to integrate the diagrams with what is actually happening. 


The spiritual life is in a young person.  It is in your daughter's body, and for how long we do not know.  It may be fifteen years down the line that God will say to this particular spiritual son; I want you to start your next journey.  Veronica will have a baby, and then, there he is.


When God says, it is time for your next journey, the woman gets pregnant, and a baby is born.  When the spiritual son is in the earth, a baby is born. 


When he is in this dark side, when he is not seen, that life is buried in some human being's reproductive parts.  In this particular spiritual man he is in remission.  The spiritual life or the totality of the living soul is in man.  Parts of it are in remission, and in the form of ovum and sperm.  When God says come forth, this woman has a baby. 


Everyone is not appearing at once; however, in the last day, every spiritual son will appear at the same time.  The same sons that traveled through the earth, when you translate this into reality, it is a woman having a baby. 


God wants to appear in the earth.  In that final day, what started at the beginning will appear at the end, plus a redeemed soul and a glorified body.  The personalities and the bodies were temporary vessels necessary to get this spiritual entourage where it is going. 


When a woman gets pregnant, and the baby dies it could mean one of two things.  It could mean that there was a child coming forth without the root of Christ, and it did not come forth; or it could mean that the child was coming forth with the root of Christ and it aborted.


The living soul and the carnal mind, which is ruling natural man is opposing a son of God from coming forth.  This is causing all kinds of problems in the earth.  The whole human race is under all kinds of curses.  There are curses of God that are on the family line.  But, we know that the Lord Jesus Christ is on His journey, plowing His way through the earth.  By the time He gets to that final day of the last generation, every single son that He took with Him will appear with a soul and a body.  They are going to be glorified, and their soul redeemed.  They are going to receive the life of the ages. 


I just pray for everybody here, and for everyone reading this message.  They cannot possibly understand it unless you help them, Lord.  I pray that you help them, Father, because it is such a glorious word.  Touch their minds.  Oh God!  Give them understanding, Father.  Defeat the darkness of the carnal mind which would deny them understanding.  Cut through the cords.  May our light shine with a great power to enable them to see the vision.  Glory to God!  Halleluiah!  Thank you, Jesus.  See, saith the Lord.


This message is tough.  Someone recently told me that they were concerned about the teaching coming forth because the gospel should be simple. 


Corinthians 2, 11:3


But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ.


I looked it up, and the word, simplicity does not mean simple, as we would know it, but instead means single.


Genesis 2:17


But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it:  for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.


The carnal mind came alive, and she became doubled minded. 


The Lord said through Paul, Do not be deceived into being double minded in the word of the Lord.


Saying that there is nothing more to the gospel than Jesus died on the cross and that is it is not what this Scripture means.  He is saying that you should not have two thoughts in your mind.  Your thoughts should not be coming from two trees.  Every thought that you have with regard to this teaching should come forth from the Spirit of God in you, and not from the carnal mind.


You die when your thoughts come from the carnal mind or the harlot in your mind.  Pulsating carnal thoughts with regard to the Scripture into your mind will kill you.


Paul was saying, you should not be deceived, or corrupted from the singleness of seeing with the mind of God.  He did not say that we should not be learning the Scriptures or learning deep truth.  If you do not understand it to the extent that you would like to, then do not worry because God will do the work.  Do not do it with your carnal mind!  Stand still!  Let the mind of Christ appear in you.  Halleluiah!


God is giving his spiritual son’s a body, as He is doing for Himself.  Amen!  Glory to God!  This body and this soul that God has made out of clay for His son and spiritual sons; they think they are it.  God is mighty and great!  We walk, talk, have babies, think and feel, but we are not it.  We are just clay puppets or paper dolls.  What is happening in the earth today is almost funny if you could see it with God's eyes.  It is like a cartoon or an android.  We think we are human, but we are not it, Brethren.  We are not it!  We are the house of the Living God!  We will not experience true life until the Lord Jesus Christ takes us over totally.  This is a tough word, but it is glorious.  Halleluiah!


In the Scripture we read about it not mattering whether you are rich or poor, strong or weak, smart or not so smart.  In Christ, none of this matters.


I look around and I see all different people called to God who have the Holy Spirit.  Some of them are much smarter and more successful in business than others.  Some are poor, and others rich.  The poor are suffering, and sometimes the rich are suffering. Everyone is not equal. 


I really did not fully understand what the Lord was talking about until He spoke to me the other day.  He said, the destruction of the personality will be complete when Christ appears.  Our personality, as we know ourselves, will be totally destroyed to such a point that you will be made totally equal to someone who is a mongoloid.  


You could be the richest man on the face of the earth, brilliant, intelligent, educated, and God will be appear in you to the same measure that He is going to appear in that retarded, mongoloid person that cannot take care of their self.  When He appears their soul will be redeemed, and their body glorified.  Christ will be all in all.  They will be as capable of Christ appearing in them as the richest man. 


When Christ appears in the rich man, he is going to have resources that he never had as the most successful, brilliant, business man, or scientist on the face of the earth.  He will have spiritual resources.  The person of the lowest degree will be completely restored.  People that have bodies where limbs are missing will have limbs restored.  Intellect will be restored.  Everything that Christ did will appear in your soul and your body.  The personality that you are today will disappear forever; therefore, it does not matter how smart you are, or how retarded you are.  You will not appear in that manner any longer.  Not many people in the Church world have this revelation. 


I heard somebody preach once that all the born again people are going to go to Washington and rule the government, become the senators and the president, etc.  No!  No!  No!  No!   In the day when Christ appears in every man, there will not be a carnal government.  The government shall be upon the shoulders of the Lord Jesus Christ.  He will appear in each man making everyone of them righteous and holy.  There will be no need for governments, presidents, senators, or policemen.  Each individual vessel will be in order. 


Today, policemen, armies and presidents are necessary because man is separated in his mind and cannot agree.  We must have leaders to make decisions for the many.  The fullness of the many in that day shall be in you.  Each man will walk orderly with his God.  There will be no conflict on the face of the earth.  The bible describes it as the lion lying down with the lamb.  The child shall be able to put her hand in the serpent's den. 


Man is a criminal, Brethren.  We all are criminals.  I do not care how orderly you think your life is.  Spiritually you are a criminal.  There is only one who is not a criminal, and His name is the Lord Jesus Christ!  Glory to God!


God gave me a very interesting word about the reality of angels.  Many of us in this ministry believe that the life of the spiritual realm is within our minds, and that there is a place teeming with life within our minds.  We see all these masses of teeming people in the world, such as Manhattan, New York.  It is a reflection of what is in the spiritual realm of our mind. 


I look at a human being and I see the outline of your body.  How can there be masses of people and life teeming inside of your mind?  The spirit is without form or shape.  It does not take up space.  Our minds are a place teeming with life as great as this world and all of the universes.

Flying saucers and aliens, Brethren, is outer darkness.  They are ungodly illegal spiritual life that exists in the minds of men that have projected themselves out into outer darkness.


I heard a couple of brothers discussing what outer darkness is about nine or ten years ago when I was a young Christian.  They were talking, about Mars and Venus.  Brethren, this is outer darkness!  We are living in it right here!  The closer you get to the light, the closer you go within the realm of the mind. 


What is happening, Brethren, is that the light is coming to the darkness.  The light is working his way out to the realm of darkness.  In that day, in the middle of the night, it shall be as noontime, and the sun shall shine.  The Son of God shall shine in the middle of the darkness making it as light as noontime.  The sun of the natural realm shall be ashamed, and the moon shall be made like blood.  It shall not be seen anymore, Brethren, because when Christ appears, and works His way through out to this natural realm of darkness, His glory shall be so bright that the darkness shall be the same as the light.  It will be impossible to tell the difference between the light and the darkness. Glory to God!


God gave me a word about angels. He said, if demons could be spiritual life in the natural man projecting themselves forth and taking form when they enter into this realm of appearance, then why not angels? 


Remember our studies on Satan, and how he worked his way to the realm of appearance?  When he broke through into the realm of appearance he became hard.  When this spiritual life works its way out into the realm of appearance it will take on matter, and become substance to the extent of space ships and everything else.  They take form.  They become hard.


The angels are forming Christ in you.  He may not have taken you over totally yet; however, He is your own angel.  He dwells within you.  Christ is appearing or coming forth in you.  In the hour, that you are in danger and need help, He has the power to enter into outer darkness to appear in the realm of appearance and defend you, and that is who the angels are, Brethren.  It is Christ in you, dwelling in your heart, rising up to defend you, in this natural realm, if and when necessary.  That is the angel! 


He is not coming from the sky or from down the block.  He is Christ, forming in you, who is not yet in His fullness, but He is there if you need help.  It is His spiritual life in you sending out commands. 


I was lost once.  I went to Mystic, Connecticut, and had to take the ferry back to Long Island.  I do not get lost that easily, yet I could not find the ferry.  I pulled off the side onto a deserted road.  I said, Lord, if you do not help me, then I am going to miss the ferry.  All of a sudden a car came down the road and stopped. There was no reason for him to think I was in any kind of trouble.  It was broad daylight, in the country, and I was not waving my hand for assistance.  A man got out of his car, came over to me, and said, can I help you?  I said to the man, do you live around here?   He said, not really, yet the man gave me directions that brought me straight to the ferry.

One of two things could have happened: my angel, the Spirit of God in me, may have sent out a spiritual communication to a man who was responsive and came to help me; or my angel, the Spirit of God in me, could have taken form.  He could have broken through into the natural realm of appearance to help me.  It could happen either way.  Halleluiah!  Glory to God!


I heard a testimony from a man of God several years ago.  He was driving along the Long Island Expressway in a very bad storm, and his engine kept stalling out.  Every time his engine would stall out, he would pray, and a car would appear in front of him, with the license plate that read, Spirit.  The car would rev its engine, and then, supernaturally the brother's car would receive power.  The car whose license plate read, Spirit would disappear, and reappear every time the car stalled, and he prayed.


When Peter was in jail, the disciples were praying for him without ceasing that he should be set free, and indeed he was set free.  He came and knocked on the door and they said, it cannot be him.  It must be his angel.


Acts 12:7


And, behold, the angel of the Lord came upon him, and a light shined in the prison: and he smote Peter on the side, and raised him up, saying, Arise up quickly. And his chains fell off from his hands.

I declare to you, it was the Christ from within his very own being that had come out into the realm of appearance to set him free.


Brother, we are a supernatural people.  Get spiritual, Brethren.  God is a Spirit, Brethren.  This is glorious.  It is only to be feared and shunned if it is the occult, and used in an ungodly way. 


For those of you reading this message that do not know me personally, I am a woman who is slight.  I have had problems with my health for years, and therefore, have concerns about evangelizing in neighborhoods that are a high crime area.  The Lord has told me in no uncertain terms that there is not anyone that could harm me if I go where He sends me.


Now get your head straight, Brethren.  You cannot do whatever you want and expect God to move supernaturally to defend you.  You have to be doing what He told you to do. 


You may get slugged if you pick yourself up, walk into a high crime area, and stick your nose up at someone.  Go where God sends you.  If it is God, then no weapon formed on earth can prosper against you.  If you get knocked down, He will raise you  from the dead. 


If you receive prophesy, a revelation, or a dream and you know that it is from God, it does not mean that He is sending you at that moment.  You may get a prophesy ten years before it will come to pass.  If you go when He sends you, brother, then you are safe.  It is glorious.


God is Spirit.  He is a life form that is highly superior to anything we could even imagine. He is all powerful.  The flesh is nothing but grass compared to Him.  God laughs at the spirit that rules in the living soul.  I just adjure you to walk circumspectly, to be humble before your God, and to not be rash.  You have to wait until you are trained, ready, and He sends you.


You cannot be walking in your own spirit, and expect Him to protect you supernaturally.  He will not.  He is very strict, righteous, loving and glorious.  He is not going to say, oh, that poor dear.  I know she did not mean it.  She just made a little mistake.  Instead, He is going to let you get swatted. 


Before you make a move that could bring destruction upon your life, you better make sure it is God, or you are going to get hurt.  He will let you get hurt.  I know because it happened to me.  Glory to God!  Halleluiah! 


What do you want us to do God?


Come forth!  Come forth, saith the Lord.  May my son come forth in great power, and defeat the flesh, saith God.  Break through, saith the Lord. See, saith the Lord, with the eyes of my Son.  Indeed, I shall be seen in thee, saith the Lord. 


Blessed are the little ones that bear my Spirit.  Yea, saith the Lord.  I indeed have called thee from before the foundations of the earth, and I have been with thee, saith the Lord, in the valleys and in the high places, saith God.  Yea, I have never been away from thee, saith the Lord.  I have never failed thee and I have never forsaken thee.  I shall indeed continue to guide thee, and I shall be thy eyes, and I shall be thy understanding. 


Fear not little one, saith the Lord, for indeed I shall be formed in thee.  Brave and valiant one, saith the Lord.  Indeed I shall bring thee forth in full stature. Come forth, saith the Lord.  Halleluiah!  Glory to God! 


Thank you Father.  Halleluiah!  Glory to God!


Yea, saith the Lord.  I shall appear, saith God.  Read my word, saith the Lord.  For never have I appeared in large numbers, saith the Lord.  Neither have I appeared where I have been expected, saith God.  Neither have I been recognized when I appear, saith the Lord.  But my Spirit it shall indeed prevail, and the plan that was purposed by the Father from before the foundations of the earth; it shall indeed be accomplished, saith the Lord. 


Yea, I shall appear in all men in that day, in that final generation.  Yea, the Son shall rise, saith the Lord, and in the middle of the night, it shall be bright as noon, saith God.  I shall appear in the outer realms of darkness, saith the Lord, and there shall be no difference, saith God, between darkness and light, for I am God. 


Yea, I am God Almighty, saith the Lord.  Any man that raises his head against me, he is nothing, saith the Lord.  Indeed, I laugh at him, saith God.  I laugh at him, aha.  I shall defeat him, saith the Lord.  I shall place him under my feet.  I shall swallow him up, and he shall be seen no more, saith the Lord.  And he shall not, indeed, harm one hair on the heads of my anointed, saith the Lord.  And not beyond that which I permit for their training, and their strengthening, and their processing, saith God. 


Look not at the circumstances, but know who thou art.  I adjure thee in this hour, saith the Lord.  Know who thou art.  I say unto thee, thou art spirit.  Indeed, thou art of my Spirit, saith God.  Thou art not what you see.  Thou art not the flesh.  Thou art not the personality.  Thou art my son, saith God.  Stand up, stand up in spiritual power.  I call you forth, saith the Lord.  Arise, saith God, and know thy place. 


Glory to God!

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