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COMMENT: You said that Joseph engraved the seed that was planted, how did he do that? Was it through the nurturing of Jesus engraving the seed?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, it was the nurturing. When we raise a child, we give that child everything that we have. Our example, and the soul tie, and the spirit tie literally empresses our nature on the children. That is a very hard word, especially to parents whose children aren't doing well, but there is a lot of truth to it, it is not a hundred percent truth, I believe that every child is born with their own personality, but they are also born inheriting everything that the parents are. And then of course, that child has to go out and have their own experiences, but the parents are very largely responsible for what happens, largely responsible. That is a very hard word today, but we make these children what they are. But there is that fine line, the parents are not one hundred percent responsible for what happens to the children. We are responsible to give them everything they need to make it in this world. We are supposed to teach them about God, we are supposed to teach them about kindness, we are supposed to teach them about responsibility and not with our mouth, but by example. And then if you do everything you can, and they go bad, well, there is always that possibility that there is some criminal gene that manifested.


But the truth is that we are all so imperfect that if we really raised our children in God, from even before the conception, if we were in right standing with God, and we were in a position where we were confessing our own sins and were repenting and doing everything right, I believe that the child would have to turn out all right. So if the child does not turn out alright, there is like a ninety nine percent chance that something was lacking in the parent. That is a hard word, but then again, you have to be really careful who you say this to, because you cannot be saying that to children, who are going to now blame their parents for everything. Because once that child becomes an adult, then they are responsible for their own life. Once that child becomes an adult, they can no longer blame their parents, once they come to the age of reason and understanding, they themselves have the opportunity to say, Well, I do not like these inclinations in me, I do not like criminal inclinations, I want to go in another direction.


That is what happened to me. What I am today, well the only thing that I could say is, I really believe God spoke to my mother to send me to, my family had no religion whatsoever, and God spoke to my mother I believe to send me to a particular Hebrew school, where I had an experience with the Spirit of Elijah. So that I believe, I thank God that my mother did that, but there was no religion in my family at all, and there were a lot of problems in my family that I inherited. I inherited that in my genetic makeup, and then as I lived in the family, the way the family deals with problems is the way the children deal with problems. Children learn how to deal with problems by watching the parents deal with problems.


So, the parents are largely responsible, I do not know what the percentage is, but certainly more than fifty percent, at least seventy-five to ninety-five percent responsible for how the children grow up, but the problem is sometimes we do are very best, we are just imperfect ourselves. But even under those circumstances, we have to admit that we did not do an excellent job if the kids do not grow up right, see, and if we as parents can admit that we did not do an excellent job, then the Spirit of God can move in their life. It is the same principle of being in denial or confessing your sins. And then of course, from the child's point of view, once they become an adult, they cannot be blaming it on their parents anymore, they are required to be an overcomer themselves, to find God, and throw themselves on his mercy. So there is no blame in it, because we are all so imperfect and some of the most well-meaning parents do things that harm their children, but they did the best that they could at the time. It is just a very sad situation, that so many imperfect people have children, but you hope for the best. And I believe that if you are in God and you give your children to God, that somehow it has to work out, maybe not immediately at the moment, but it has to work out.


But that I see, I am the first generation that has a relationship with Jesus Christ in my family, and I see other families in the church, they are in a charismatic church, a Pentecostal church, or a Baptist church, for three, four generations, and the children just grow up, and they go to church, and they go to Bible college, and they are Christians and they get married, and the problems in their life are very minimum. So it is an inherited thing.


Everything is how we face life; how we face life, how we deal with the problems produces the life that we lead, and whether the children understand it or not, it affects them emotionally, and they grow up doing the same thing that you do. That is why on the negative point of view, so many people say, I will never be like my parents, I will never do what my parents did. And they grow up being exactly like their parents. And that was exemplified in the movie, The Godfather. But the one son, if you remember, the one son who was not supposed to be in the rackets, he was smart. He was going to college, he was going to be clean, and he was the one out of the brothers who inherited the title of Godfather, not the title but the whole job. He took over the whole criminal operation. So it is really hard to defeating your genes.


I even saw a study on alcoholism once, they did a study on children born of alcoholic parents and removed from those parents at birth. Well in this case, it had to do with genes, and a large percentage of them became alcoholics. So the point is that it is in the genes, the curses are in the genes, and the behavior in the family reinforces or breaks the curses. If you come to God in a strong way like we are, where you know about breaking curses, and confessing your sins, and repenting, if you know about that and you start breaking those curses and praying for the children even when they are in the womb, I think you have every reason to hope that whatever the inherited genes are, they will be minimized. But of course, it depends on how severe the problems, how severe the family line curses are. Sometimes it takes a couple of generations to turn them around, sometimes you have miracles in the adult child's life time. But what we do, we do for ourselves, and for our children, and for our grandchildren, and for all of our descendants coming after us. Did I make that clear? The curses are inherited, they are in the genes, but the behavior in the family reinforces or counteracts the curses. You have to make a radical change, because curses operate in the way that you think, in the way operate and the way you deal with problems. That is where curses operate. So, if the curses are in the parents, it is in the genes.


They are thinking in this wrong way, and they have these wrong attitudes, they reinforce the genetic inheritance in the children, but once the children become adults, they cannot blame their parents anymore. They are responsible for themselves, and it is a hard word. And sometimes things just happen in life, people get sick, some children have sick parents, sometimes someone dies, you are not responsible for that, you know. But again, it is your example of how you deal with the problem. Anybody else?


COMMENT: On page 19, you talk ruts and paths, and I was just thinking about the saying in the world that I am in a rut that I cannot get out of. And there is another thing on page twenty-five, you are talking about the walls of Jericho, and I never thought about that before as the walls of the carnal mind coming down.


PASTOR VITALE: Well I did not either, until the Lord gave it to me. I just found the revelation that came forth here so exciting about the walls coming down, and about this concept of being bowed over, which goes with the last message that we had here, being bowed over and this concept of what straight means. I know I did not put it in here, but there is a Scripture says, Enter in at the straight gate, and I always knew that it is just, again it is poetry, what does it mean? The street called straight, you know, that always did not sit right with me that there was a street called straight, even the straight gate, I knew, I guess I never consciously said, Well, there has to be a mystery concerned with it, but I just knew that it did not make any sense. And I am just so excited because I feel that we are unlocking the mystery of the Scripture. And if I only had the time to go, to really pursue, when the Lord gives me a revelation, if it were up to me, I would go into every Scripture in the book that has to do with this word, but that takes a long time. And the Lord has shown me a while back that He is not going to let me do that because he wants to go, He is on a roller coaster, He is going as fast as we could follow him. I feel like my head, like I am just on a total roller coaster, He is moving so rapidly. And it just, one thing leads to the next, and we are just unlocking the puzzle.


I found it so interesting that Paul did not fall off his horse, you know that it was the Lord Jesus Christ that descended into him, and even more exciting, was that it was Abel in Paul that responded. You see, only Abel can respond to the glorified Lord Jesus Christ. That is why the Holy Spirit is such a gift. The Holy Spirit is the gift of God to the carnally minded man. You do not have to have Abel or Christ in you to have a relationship with the Holy Spirit, but to have a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, you have to have Christ, which is Abel, raised in you. And not many people in the Church today have Christ in them, not many.


So Paul, he must have had the seed of David, because Paul was the only one that heard the Lord Jesus Christ, that means Abel was in Paul, and the only one that has Abel underground, the root of the Tree of Life, is the descendants of King David. And then the Scripture that I brought up many times, In the last day, the Son of God will speak and those that hear shall be saved. Because the only one that can hear, that can really hear the glorified Jesus Christ, the Spirit of Christ, the only one who can hear him, is Abel or Christ.


Does anyone know the difference between Abel and Christ? Nobody remembers. Abel is the root of the Tree of Life. He is the dead root that remained in the gene pools of Judah when the Tree of Life was cut down, and Christ is the offspring of Jesus Christ. Now, Abel is only in the descendants of King David. And every descendant of King David does not even have Abel, and who knows who the descendants of King David's are? Apparently, there are very few, because where are they? But Jesus Christ is a descendant of King David. So the one who became Messiah of the world, the one who became the Savior of the world, is a descendant of David, therefore the Spirit of Christ has that root of David. So anyone in the world, you do not have to be a descendant of David anymore, but you do have to have the Spirit of Christ, not the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit you receive by the laying on of hands, but the Spirit of Christ by sitting under the doctrine of Christ, and by sitting under the White Throne Judgment, which is the exposure of the hidden sins of your heart.


The parable of what this process is likened to is farming. As you dig into the earth, and turn it over, the seed goes in at the same time. So, if you hear the Doctrine of Christ, even if you hear the Doctrine of Christ under the anointing, if you are earth is not being penetrated, if it is not being turned over, if the rocks and the debris in the earth are not being plucked out, the seed will not sprout. You have to have a depth of earth, the seed has to be planted in a depth of earth for the seed to sprout, right? All of you farmers over here, right? So the seed alone is not enough. Jesus made that very clear in the parable of the soils. For years I asked him, Lord, what is the good soil? I kept thinking I got it, and then I did not get it. Does anyone know what the good soil is? The good soil is the soil that is turned over. And what turns your soil over? Having your sins exposed. That is what turns, that is the earth that receives the seed. The earth where sin is being exposed and dealt with. That is the earth that the seed plant roots in and prospers. And of course you have to be in contact with someone that has the Spirit of Christ, because one of the aspects of the parable of the soil was the one who received the word gladly, loved the doctrine of Christ, just loved it, but as soon as tribulation came, as soon as the sun rose, and tribulation came, the plant withered because it had no root.


Remember, the Tree of Life has roots and it has branches. Does anyone know what the branches are? Nobody knows? Branches are our spiritual power and the root is righteousness. The spiritual power can be joined to the righteous seed, or it could be joined to Satan. Most people that are born with spiritual power have it in Satan. There are more people with spiritual power today in Satan than in Christ. So Jesus talked about the seed that received the word gladly. Who is that? Spiritual people love this word.


I met a witch on the Internet, from what I understand, he was a big time, really big-time witch, I mean I did not know it when I first met him, but it turned out that he was a really big-time witch. The FBI knew about him, and he just loved my translations. He was all excited about my translations. He said he has never read anything like it; it is the best thing he has ever read. So people who are spiritual love the Doctrine of Christ. It does not make them a Christian. And that seed that goes in when you read the Doctrine of Christ will not root in you unless the earth of your personality is being turned over. It will be just like throwing seeds on hard soil in the natural. Seeds would just lay there and die. That is what Jesus was talking about. As soon as tribulation comes, the one who received the doctrine gladly falters because he has no root in him. The branch cannot survive without the root.


And you may recall, we had a young lady come here several months ago out of witchcraft, and she just loved the doctrine, she just loved the books, what happened to her? All she had was the spiritual power, she did not receive the Spirit of Righteousness because there was no repentance. And someone in the fellowship called her a Christian. Brethren, what makes someone a Christian? Because they walk out of here with a book and a Bible? That does not make you a Christian, and I am not knocking her. But someone who comes to this ministry should know that you are not a Christian because you come here once, and you walk out with a couple of books. That does not make you a Christian. You have to be walking the walk, living the life, and you have to be proven. You are not a Christian because you walk into Church.


So the young lady did not stand, she repented of her witchcraft, but she was not ready to give up her sexual sin, she was not ready to give up the lifestyle of this world, so the seed withered. I hope it rises again another day, but for now it is withered. This was not for her at this time, yet I know the Lord called her, she has my Bible. She has the Bible that I trained on, that my blood is all over that Bible. It is in her house. So, some day the Lord will call her, but to call her a Christian is big mistake, and I do not mean to insult her. She is not a Christian. The truth is she is still a witch, because you can stop practicing witchcraft, but the spirit is in you. She is still a witch. She needs heavy deliverance.


So the question is, What is a Christian? A Christian is a person that has a life changing experience with Jesus Christ, who is totally sold out to Him, cleaves to Him, walks in Him, and whose life is controlled by Him. That is who a Christian is. They are recognizable if you know what to look for. They are serious believers. They are not frivolous; they are in church, they are committed to a church, they are committed to God. It is possible that God does not have you in a church in a particular moment, but they are completely committed to God and willing to do whatever He tells them.


So there a lot of people in the Church today that are not Christians. They are there for a good time, it makes them feel good. Having the Holy Spirit does not; it all depends upon what your definition of a Christian is, the Holy Spirit is given without repentance. There are a lot of people that have it that eventually lose it. Why do they lose it? Because they did not follow His lead, they went in another direction, and He disappeared. So we see the different kinds of seeds. There are spiritual people who love this doctrine, but they do not have the righteous root in them, righteousness is in the root. If you look for spiritual power, if you decide that someone is a Christian because of their spiritual power, because they prophesy in the Church, you are going to be hurt by your false conclusion. That is a gift that is given without repentance. A true Christian is a deeply spiritual person, and they are hard to find; there are not many.


So, in another aspect of the parable of the soils, the seed falls by the wayside. That means the person is not even really listening, the words are going right over their head. Not only do they have no root in them, but they do not even, they are not spiritual either, so the word is just going over their head completely, swallowed up by the birds. And who are the birds? Birds represent spiritual people. So if the bird in your life is not Christ Jesus, it is either Satan, Satan is the prince of this world, or it is other people that come and talk you out of what you are trying to do, or what you feel that the Lord has sent you to do.


Now this concept about Ananias; of Paul praying and getting a vision telling you to go to a certain place, that a man would come and lay hands on him and he would receive his sight, this revelation really excited me. Well, let me put the Scripture on the message. Acts 9:10-11, And there was a certain disciple named Ananias, and to him said the Lord in a vision, 'Ananias', and he said, 'Behold, I am here Lord'. And he said, 'Arise and go into the street which is called straight, and inquire in the house of Judas, for one called Saul of Tarsus, for behold he prayeth'. The revelation that came down on that was that; well of course, we are now finding out that the word straight is talking about the pattern of the spiritual molecules of our mind, and that the pattern of the spiritual molecules of the mind of Christ are linear, that they operate in straight lines, and that the pattern of the carnal mind is spiralline, and that means it spirals, that is why the Serpent is called a serpent. She is not a serpent like in our garden, but she moves in an undulating spiralline manner, and she is identified as a serpent. But I just thought that this was so exciting that what the Lord was really telling Ananias was, Enter into my timeline, go ascend in the spirit and meet Paul in the spirit. I just thought that was so exciting.


You know, I have experienced that. I do not tell many people about it, because I think a lot of people would flip out about it, but maybe tonight is the night that it is going on a message. I personally know, I personally experienced somebody crying out to God in a particular area, to have a particular need met, and the Lord has opened my ears, and I have heard it, and Christ Jesus prayed the delivering prayer through me. And the truth of the matter is that the person thinks that they are praying to a God up in heaven somewhere, or wherever they think heaven is, but Christ is in the flesh brethren, He is in the flesh of men. He is another life form than we are, and He dwells in mortal humanity. So when people pray to God, they are praying to God that is in a man. That is a radical thing to say, but I have known this for a long time. Now brethren, Christ is not in everybody.


Christ in not the Holy Spirit, and He is in very few people, but He is in a few people, and He is in people in different degrees of maturity. The first time that I experienced this, when Christ Jesus laid hold of me, and anointed me to pray a prayer that was coming right out of the Spirit of God, and to be honest with you, I do not even remember what the circumstance was, but I know that it was proven that the person was set free. And I got this revelation that they prayed and Christ in me answered their prayer. I want to tell you, it frightened me. It frightened me because I knew that if I dared to tell anybody, who knows what they would accuse me of, and here I am putting it on a message. I guess it is just time. And then it also scared me because the responsibility is absolutely awesome. And here it is in the Scripture. This is exactly what I experienced.


Paul was in prayer saying, Lord, help me, and Christ Jesus in Ananias stirred up in Ananias, and gave him instruction or a prayer to pray, we do not know exactly what he did, but he ascended into the righteous timeline, which you must ascend into this righteous timeline to pray this prayer that is going to set the person free. When I say Christ Jesus prayed through me, that is what I am talking about. I ascended into the righteous timeline, I come under a cloak of righteousness for the time of that prayer. I am certainly not righteous a hundred percent of the time. But you come under a cloak of righteousness when Christ Jesus rises up to pray through you. And that was what Christ Jesus said to Ananias, Come under the anointing, rise into the righteous timeline, and I am going to connect you and Paul in the spirit, because he is praying right now. And when Ananias prayed, however the prayer came out of him, Paul got the message, and Paul saw a vision.


And I do not know what Paul's reaction was to that vision, but I know a lot of people that call themselves Christians today, they get a vision and they find out that this vision is coming out of someone else's mind, they would be very upset, even if you told them it is the mind of Christ in another person. This is shocking, but it is the truth, and it is the whole basis upon which the doctrine of Elohim's sons, the sons of God that are coming forth. This is what that doctrine is based upon. Human beings who are so sold out to Jesus Christ that they are willing to die to their carnal mind as often as he helps them to do it, they are willing to let their carnal mind go under Christ Jesus, and let Christ Jesus possess them for that moment, and pray for them. That is what it comes down to. This could be likened, it is not the same exact thing, but it can be likened to what the Hebrew prophets experienced.


And we have translated several chapters of Daniel, which are very clear, as far as I am concerned, that the Angel of the Lord contacted Abel in Daniel, I think when I preached it I said his human spirit because I did not have this revelation, but Daniel was of the seed royal. That means Abel was in him. So the angel of the Lord, I do not know whether it was the Spirit of the Lord or Michael at that time, it must have been the Spirit of Elijah, came to him joined to Abel in him, and covered, laid upon, threw himself upon Daniel's carnal mind, and completely covered it. We could also say, put him in the bottomless pit, because our carnal mind is Satan. Satan is the spirit of our carnal mind. So for that moment, until that communication from Jehovah through the mediator of the Spirit of Elijah was delivered to Daniel, the Spirit of Elijah covered Daniel's, I believe his heart center, and everything underneath that heart center, Satan in the lower centers, she was completely sealed off, she was in the bottomless pit, she could not get a vibration out, because true speech is vibration. That starts in the unconscious mind, and when Satan is completely sealed off, the Spirit of Elijah transmitted Jehovah's message to Daniel.


Where did the Spirit of Elijah come from in those days? I have to tell you, I honestly do not know, whether he was in another man or he did come from, simply from another dimension, but I do know that in these days, God is speaking through His sons. That means what the Lord is doing, and all of the prayers that He is answering is coming through the people, the men, the spiritual men and women who have Christ Jesus being formed in them, and who are willing to sacrifice their carnal mind to pray out of that spirit, which is within them. You have to have a consecrated sanctified life to have this experience. I just found that so exciting, to find out that the conversion from one mind to another is actually coming through the pattern of the ions. Do you know what an ion is? I talk about the atoms and the molecules; an ion is an electrically charged atom. That is what an ion is.


And you know I have known for years, I have been looking up the words in the Hebrew for years, and I have known that the word, the Hebrew verb that means to speak, it actually means to line up, to put in order, to line up in a reasonable order. And for a while I was saying, Well, that must mean, when you have the mind power to think of something and have it manifest; when you want a new kitchen table that it just manifests, that was what I thought that it meant, that you have the power to gather up the atoms and the molecules in the universe and to just transmute them into whatever you would like. But I see now that it means something more than that. It means to speak, to speak means to have the power to cause your mind to be linear.


The Lord considers everything that we say, everything that we speak that is not out of his Spirit, He calls noise. That is what He calls it, He calls it noise. So when the Scripture says, to speak, it means to line up the atoms in a row; it means only the speech that comes forth in a linear pattern is considered speech by the Lord. Now, whenever we talk, when something comes out of our mouth, it is generated by spirit, spirit propels us, the spirit propels the words out of our mouth, and it is the spirit that we are speaking by that determines whether or not these words come forth in a linear pattern or in a spiralline pattern. And the words that are generated by the spirit in a linear pattern has the power of the Godhead behind it.


Years ago I was in a service, a preacher that was a good friend of our fellowship and I was shocked, I saw two whirling disks hurled at me, they came right at me. He was preaching in the pulpit, this is the only time I ever had that experience. I do not remember what color they were, but they were like fiery disks, and I saw them coming at me, and I did not think it was God at the time, but I did not know what it meant. And now I know what it meant, that he was preaching out of his carnal mind, because the energy that was coming forth from him was spiralline. Now of course you have to see in the Spirit in the first place, I do not know why the Lord opened my spiritual eyes that night. But even if the person is preaching the Doctrine of Christ, if it is coming forth in a spiralline pattern, it cannot seed you.


Do you know how many times I have told you here that when you sit under this teaching I am seeding you, that you are getting the seeds of Christ every time that you sit here? Well this teaching goes two ways. The teaching that is in this book that we are looking at, the mind of Christ in you is inside of your carnal mind trying to get out, and the reason He is having trouble getting out is because the spiritual pores of your carnal mind are plugged up with mud.


And we found from other Scriptures we translated, that the mud that is filling up that carnal mind is Leviathan. Leviathan is the Primordial Serpent's male organ, and the Primordial Serpent is earth, she is the clay that is made out of the earth and the water. So the mud that is plugging up the carnal mind is Leviathan's penetration; Leviathan on the collective subconscious mind penetrating the individual, fills them with mud, and clogs up all of the spiritual pores of the mind. Now we know that the mind is not a particle, it is a wave. It is an energy stream, mind is energy and it is spread throughout the whole body, but it is in the form of a lattice, it is in the form of crisscrossing, crisscrossing elements.


So we have the mind of Christ inside the carnal mind. The mind of Christ is linear, lined up in a straight line, ready to penetrate through the openings of the carnal mind and ooze through the other side as soon as the spiritual mud is cleared away. But on the other hand, you have the mind of Christ in me trying to penetrate you from the outside. So Christ in you is trying to pierce through your carnal mind, and Christ Jesus in me is trying to pierce in your carnal mind. There is a sword going in and there is a sword coming out.


Now listen, if someone in Christ is preaching this Doctrine of Christ, Jesus said, My words are spirit, whatever I speak, it is spirit coming out of my mouth at you. If this spirit is in a linear pattern, hopefully it is going to penetrate through some of the openings in your carnal mind, but if I am preaching this doctrine out of the carnal mind, and the pattern of the energy that is coming forth from you is spiralline, how is it going to penetrate into your carnal mind? So you listening to a fancy doctrine, and it sounds exciting and maybe it makes you feel good, but there is no deliverance from it, because the spirit that is preaching it cannot penetrate your carnal mind, there is no deliverance.


COMMENT: Pastor Sheila asked what we thought of what we are learning right now, and I said, Very deep, and she said, Do you know what deep means? And to me, deep means that it is so revealing and it is so deep that it is going down underneath where we have never been before.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, I find that so interesting that you should say that, because that is exactly what I am preaching about, that when the message comes forth out of the mind of Christ, the energy patterns are linear, they go like swords through the lattice of your carnal mind, and when they get through your carnal mind they are making contact, when the energy from Christ Jesus in me goes forth and penetrates your carnal mind, it makes contact with the Christ that is in you, and strengthens Him to break down the carnal mind, which we now know as the wall of Jericho, and it has got to fall down flat. So I think we will call it quits for tonight, this was a very deep message, and we will see if we do not pick up on it another time. Anybody else have anything to say?


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