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Well, brethren, I was working on our newest book today putting some of the finishes touches on Adam and The Two Judgments, and a very exciting thing happened to me. I received the answer to a question that I have been asking for years, and it is so simple that I cannot believe that I did not see it for years. I was almost ready to get really hard on myself when the Lord showed me, "Sheila, it may be simple to you right now because I have just showed it to you, but no one in the Church world seems to know the answer so it is not a simple thing."


I remember that I have seen Star Trek episodes where machines are put on people's heads to stimulate their brain, and they are caught up tot his level of genius, and everything seems so simple; how to do brain surgery and suturing and cut off all of the different nerve endings, and then when the anointing, when the pocess wore off, all of a sudden what was so simple for these people to do became not only difficult but impossible, and they became a mass of fear and insecurity. So I must have been pretty high in the Spirit today to get the answer to this question.


This is the question I have been asking for years, "Lord, I know that the kingdom Church is preaching today that you ordained Adam's fall because you know everything, and you are great, and you are in charge of everything, and you must have made Adam knowing that he would fall." Now I have been preaching for years that I do not believe this, that I think it would be unrighteous for an all powerful God to form a creation and deliberately subject him to the torments of this world. I cannot believe that of our God, and I have stood faithful in that belief, but I have been preaching here for years that I do not understand what happened in the garden, and that I believe that Jehovah must have made a way of escape. There must have been another path that Adam could have taken which would have avoided his falling because I cannot believe that Jehovah ordained the fall; yet, I knew that Adam had to have his own experience. I know even between me and the people who disciple here, I can instruct you and instruct you and instruct you, but what I am teaching you does not become a part of you until you have the opportunity to implement it in your own personal experience with who ever you are having that experience with.


So Jehovah instructed Adam and instructed him. Jehovah instructed Adam perfectly, but Jehovah was not making an automaton, He was not making a robot. He was making a man who would think righteous thoughts and do righteous deeds because he was righteous from His innermost being to his outermost being; therefore, Jehovah could instruct and instruct and instruct and instruct, but the day would have to come that Adam would be tested to see whether or not he would walk in that instruction.


So, I understood all of that, and I understood that Adam had to be tested to see if he could sustain his righteousness in his own strength. I understood all that, but what I did not understand was what was Jehovah's provision that if Adam had followed it he would not have fallen. Do you understand the question? I knew that Jehovah had to say, "Look Adam, here is path A and here is path B. If you stay on path A the Serpent will not be able to get you, but if you go on path B the chances that she will deceive you are at least 50/50." But I could not figure out what path A was. I could not figure out what it was that Jehovah that provided for Adam that if he had just stayed in that path he would have been OK, and I got the answer today.


You are all looking at me waiting for me to tell you what the answer is. It is so simple. OK. The answer is the law, and the issue is this: how would Adam be perfected? Jehovah said to Adam, "You will be perfected, you will be incapable of seduction or deception or being tricked by the Serpent when you marry me. You will be perfected through union with me. He who is joined to the Lord is one Spirit, and in that hour that you marry Me it will be impossible for anything to ever hurt you or bring you down. But you are under construction, Adam, and this is the instruction that I am giving you. There is an evil side to you, and that evil side we call it your female side, and there are two sides to your female side, the woman and the Serpent. Your female side is good and evil, the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and the good side of your female side is the woman, and the evil side of your female side if the Serpent, and that Serpent is very, very evil, and the first thing she is going to try to do is to seduce her good side."


The way Jehovah set it up the good side was manifesting, and the evil side was underneath. The good side was in submission to Adam, Adam was in submission to Jehovah, and the whole creation had imputed righteousness. Righteousness that could be overturned. The Serpent was under the woman, the woman was under Adam, and Adam was under Jehovah, and they had a tower. It was not the Tower of Babel. It was the Tower of Righteousness, and the whole creation was alive through union with Jehovah. But the creation was not completed yet, and the strength that Jehovah gave Adam was the law.


Jehovah gave Adam this law. He said, "Adam you will be perfected through marriage to Me. You will not be perfected through experiences. The Serpent who, right now, is way under, down at the bottom, the root of a tree that is covered over, the Serpent will seek to perfect you with experiences, but I will not perfect you with experiences. I will perfect you by joining Myself to you, by marrying you, and by giving you My mind permanently, but until the marriage you are under the law. And the law is you will not be perfected by experiences." Adam said," Yes sir." Adam was devoted to Jehovah, but the Serpent was very, very evil, and Adam had never experienced evil before. He did not know what he was up against.


Brethren, I want to tell you I am getting a glimpse of evil in this world that I never knew existed, and for all I know what I am seeing is not even the depths of it. I had a sheltered upbringing. It is only since I came to the Lord that I am seeing what is really out there in the world, and maybe I have not seen the worst of it. There is evil in this world.


So, that evil that was underground, that Serpent, the first thing she did was seduce the woman, and the woman....there are different names for the different principles of the creation depending on what point of view we are teaching from. The woman was the ox. In Genesis the female ox was the woman. Adam was married to an ox. Adam who was Spirit was married to a spiritual animal, and the purpose of this was so that this formless Spirit should have form. We do not know what the ox looked like. The reason that the Scripture calls the woman an ox is because the very word ox signifies an animal of tremendous power which has been castrated. A bull, a castrated bull, that is what an ox is, an animal of tremendous power whose reproductive force has been cut off. This is a definition of ox. And who has been tamed to the point of serving humanity. That is a definition of ox. Usually oxen pull a plow.


Now if it sounds shockingly strange to you that Adam was married to an animal, I just ask you to ask the Lord to put your carnal mind under. Adam was an invisible Spiritual being. He may not have been fully invisible. He had dust mixed in with his Spiritual being, but he certainly was not like us, and he was put together with a Spiritual animal. But it is not like the animals out here. The two were one being. Now on a recent message I gave you a whole exhortation on the worm in the midst of us. See, we are a fallen creation, and the worm is inhabiting us. This is the Serpent's offspring that is inhabiting us, and I gave you a whole exhortation based on a Star Trek episode about a symbiotic life form. A humanoid and a Serpent in the midst of the humanoid, and there were two races that had been living together for so long that they had become a symbiotic. Neither the humanoid race nor the serpentine race could exist without the other one, and that is what we are today. There is a Serpent in us. Jesus called it a worm. But before the fall, it was opposite. In this hour, the evil one, the worm, the larva of the Serpent is within the humanoids. We are the humanoids. We are the present day manifestation of the ox.


Jesus called us sheep. We are a heard of spiritual animals, and we are really pretty much harmless. The only reason we are evil today is that we have a symbiotic relationship with the serpentine life form that lives through us. That is why men are evil. But, you see, before the fall it was the opposite. It was Adam who was inside the ox. Well, I guess it was not opposite. I am saying that the serpentine larva is inside the ox, but before the fall it was Adam who was inside the ox, and Adam was good, Adam was righteous. So the ox was not evil. Can you hear this, do you know what I am talking about at all? Adam was an invisible life form, and the ox did not look like we look now. I do not know what they looked like. They were a symbiotic life form. Well, that is not really true. The ox is symbiotic. She cannot exist without a symbiotic relationship, but Adam was certainly not dependent upon the ox, if you can hear what I just said. But today the serpentine worm within us cannot exist in this world without the ox.


So, Jehovah said to Adam, "You will not be perfected by experiences, but the Serpent would, if she could, perfect you by experiences, perfect you, complete you, bring you into a permanent unchangeable condition." So the first thing that the Serpent did was to seduce the ox, and the ox and the Serpent are the good and evil part of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and Adam did not even notice the woman sinking down and the Serpent rising up.


Brethren, did you ever experience this? I have experienced it so many times with humans, people who are the nicest you could ever hope to meet, and then you walk into the office one day, or you walk into their house one day, and they are on a rampage, and you are in shock because you cannot believe that this nice kindly person is on a rampage. Has anybody here experienced anything like that? One day someone is nice, they are buying you dinner, they are buying you presents.


Abusive women go through this. Their husbands love them, take them out and treat them good, and then they come home and knock them up the side of the head. People change, brethren. Someone said to me once, "Watch my eyes, when you see my eyes change, run." People change. They go back and forth, they flip over from one side to the other. Well, the woman slipped over to her evil side, but when she slipped over to her evil side, when the Serpent manifested she manifested with witchcraft, and she manifested with illusion, and she hid herself behind an illusion. Adam did not recognize that it was the Serpent.


As a matter of fact, Adam thought it was Jehovah, and we found the answer to this in our recent study in the Serpent's Triangle, in the Alternate Translation. I was just listening to the message today. I guess that had something to do with my getting this revelation. We were studying and translating that account in the Old Testament which, according to the King James Translation, shows that Israel is in a famine, and that people are eating horses' heads and dove's dung and boiling their own children.


When we did that Alternate Translation we found out that the deep spiritual truth of it was that the Serpent said to Adam, "Give me your children. I will perfect them for you." Do you remember that at all? That was the deep spiritual truth, and I did not even understand it when I was translating it. The Serpent said to Adam, "Give me your children. I will burn them in the fire." That means, I will perfect them through fiery experiences and I will make them perfect. I will do the job for you, and Adam turned all of his potential offspring over to the Serpent to perfect. I did not even get it then, but today I got it.


Adam was under the law. Jehovah had said, "You will not be perfected through experiences. All of the potential beings, all of the men that you have in your loins (because Adam was the zygote), they will not be...." That is us, brethren, that is us. "They will not be perfected through experiences. That was the law. That was the commandment. Then the Serpent came to Adam under a veil of illusion. She looked and sounded just like Jehovah. Did you ever see that in a science fiction picture? I have. Let me tell you something. These science fiction pictures are based on spiritual truth. People with enough spiritual power can come to you, looking just like they look, but using such a mind control on you that you see them as someone else, and you hear their voice, this other person. And the Serpent came to Adam, and she appeared as Jehovah, and she said, "Give me all of your spiritual, all of your potential offspring." Whatever form it took I do not know. "And I will burn them in the fire, I will perfect them in the fire, and I will complete them." And Adam said, "OK." He thought it was Jehovah, but Jehovah never breaks His own law, you see. Jehovah never breaks His own law.


So, Adam was disobedient, but he was tricked. I have been struggling with this for years. 1 Timothy said he was tricked. The woman was seduced, but Adam was tricked. The good side of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Her evil nature overtook her, but Adam was tricked. The Serpent used witchcraft to make Adam think that it was Jehovah saying, "Give me your offspring. I will perfect them." Because Adam knew that Jehovah would perfect all of his offspring, but the Serpent said, "Give me your children, I will perfect them through experience." And Jehovah specifically said, "You and your children will not be perfected through experience. You will marry me, and they will marry me, and you will partake of all of My knowledge and experience, and everything that I have is yours, and you will be totally defensed. You will not be perfected through experience." But when Adam saw an illusion that appeared to be Jehovah he forgot the commandment, and I want to tell you, brethren, this is what is going on today. I have rebuked you for it, and I have rebuked you for it, I have given you instructions, and when you go to the Post Office and talk to the Post Office clerk, he tells you something different, and you forget what I tell you.


That is exactly what happened to Adam. It was not a willful disobedience, it was not a rebellion that said, "I will not obey Jehovah." Yet it was a disobedience because he did not obey the law. So Jehovah is righteous. Jehovah said to Adam, "If you obey this law, you will not come under subjection to the Serpent, you will not be perfected through experience." Brethren, this is going on in the Church today. It has happened to me. One of the biggest mistakes of my life, although maybe it was not a mistake because it really taught me a lot of things, I just thank God I survived it, was this voice in my head that I really thought was God, telling me that if I did not do such and such a thing I would lose my ministry, and I cried because I did not want to do it because I knew it was not right, but I said, "Well, the Lord is telling me to do it, He can break His own law if He wants to." And it was a big mistake that I learned a lot from, but it was a very hard time, and I now know that it was witchcraft in my mind that told me that.


You see, Adam is being raised from the dead in the members of the Church, and we are having the same experiences that he had except we are in a different position because we are fallen, but we are having similar experiences. We have to distinguish between Christ in us and the Serpent in us, and we have the law. We are told what is right and what is wrong, what we can do and what we cannot do, and if you are not sure you are supposed to go under the law. In every area that you are not sure you go under the law. In the areas where Christ Jesus rises up in you, He overturns the law. It is very hard.


I have heard stories of the Lord telling people to do certain things that really were breaking the law, but they were breaking the law of this land. Jesus broke the law of civil Israel, but He never breaks His spiritual law, you see. He never breaks His law of righteousness. People taking Bibles into foreign nations where it is illegal to do that, they break the law, but He never breaks the law of righteousness. So Jehovah had a safe haven for Adam, and the point is it was not necessary for him to have recognized the Serpent. His discernment was not working, but had he obeyed the law he would not have fallen. And the law was, "You shall not perfect your children through experience. You shall perfect your children through marriage to me."


Jehovah does not change a law like that. He might tell you to go somewhere, and then tell you not to go. I do not even know about that if He would do that, but maybe He would do that, but He does not change His law of righteousness. I remember a year ago the Lord just spoke a short sentence to me. He said to me, "Drink water." At the time I was a very poor drinker, all my life I have really never drank a lot, and I heard it, and I knew it was the Lord. He did not give me any explanations. Just said, "Drink water." And in outright rebellion I said, "Oh I know the Lord told me that, but I hate to drink it." Well, I wound up in the emergency room in hours of agony, and then even after they gave me a pain killer I was uncomfortable for at least a week until I passed a kidney stone. It cost me $500.00, and now I drink water. So I am drinking the water anyway. I could have avoided that whole episode that I just described to you if I had started to drink water before my unhappy experience.


Jehovah, in this hour, is manifesting to us through the Lord Jesus. He does not give us explanations. Well, He does through His sons, through people manifesting the White Throne Judgment. That is His explanation to you, but this White Throne Judgment did not exist at the time that Adam fell. No explanation, just tells you what to do, and if you do not do it you reap what you sow. Now the Serpent had knowledge. She knew that if she could get Adam to turn himself over to her that the whole creation would come under Jehovah's wrath which is the reaping and sowing judgment, Jehovah's righteous wrath.


There is a spiritual law in the universes, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and a life for a life. There is a spiritual law, and it is righteous. So the Serpent knew that if she could get Adam to disobey Jehovah that for all intents and purposes Adam would have murdered all of his offspring; therefore, Adam died. And the Serpent knew that if she could get Adam to be disobedient she would receive into her care the whole creation and all the members thereof to give painful experiences to, and that is exactly what is happening in this world. Satan knew that she would be the executor of the sowing and reaping judgment, and that she would be the one to mete out the painful fruits of disobedience. She wanted that power, and I want to tell you again, brethren, you can see all of these qualities in the Church, in your family, in your job.


If your eyes are open you can see these qualities in people. Just think if you can place this in your life experience where you have seen someone who was under authority, whether it was a wife under a husband or whether it was a subordinate under a superior at work, you saw somebody that you just knew that if that superior would go out of town, and they would get that authority that they would be an absolute tyrant. Sometimes you see it in children. Families that have three or four or five children, sometimes you see it in one of your children. I even heard a father say to me one time talking about one of his six children, she was still a little girl, she had just said something, and he said, "Boy, would not she like to get a hold of some authority in this family." You could see the tendencies to utterly tyrannize her siblings if you would let her loose. Do you know what I am talking about? Have you ever seen this in one of your children?


Brethren, the whole creation is moving in a satanic mind, and the more immature we are the more of the satanic influence in our life because as we mature this other part of us which is strengthened by the Lord eventually rules over our satanic tendencies. Satanic tendencies are immaturity. We have to control her. She is in everybody, but Adam could not recognize her. But Jehovah is righteous because He gave Adam the commandment, and Jehovah never breaks His righteous, spiritual commandment. But when confronted with the Serpent who was speaking to Adam with pressure....I do not know if feeling is the right word, I do not know what life was like in those days....but I know, and I think all of us here know that when someone is talking to us, and they really want us to do something we feel the pressure of their desire for us to do it. We have to be strengthened to the point where we say, "No."


What is interesting is that the message I was listening to these last couple of days, one of the messages on the Serpent's Triangle, the testimony that I gave on the message was when I was a young mother, and this woman who was 9 months pregnant took my baby right out of my hands and carried her down two flights of steps with her big belly, telling me that, for whatever reason, she thought I should not be able to do it. I was so shocked that she grabbed the baby out of my arms that I did not say anything. Well, that is what happened to Adam. I should have stood up to this woman and said, "Now wait a minute." I should never have let go of the child. The second that Adam hesitated to obey the commandment, he was off guard, the Serpent grabbed him in whatever way she grabbed him and overturned him. She laid hold of his reproductive potential and brought the whole creation down to this low place in hell where we learn from experience, and all of us here are learning from experience.


So we see that Jehovah did not rescue us by just snatching us out of hell and restoring us to the place that Adam was in before the fall. No, we are experiencing the consequences of Adam's failure to obey the commandment, and we shall learn from experience. But Jehovah has sent the Lord Jesus Christ who is appearing in men to instruct us because without the instruction of the merciful Judgment Seat of Christ the Serpent's instruction would destroy us completely.


Now, if you can see it, this doctrine of perfection through experience is exactly what reincarnation teaches. Reincarnation says that you keep reincarnating, and you keep coming back until you learn all of your lessons, and you become a good person. Is not that what reincarnation says? That is what it says. You keep reincarnating, you reap what you sow, and you keep reincarnating until you learn to do good in this world which doctrine fully denies the presence of an evil mind, that when it gets evil enough it can become unteachable. An unteachable mind is called a fool in the Scriptures. You cannot learn, and then you just go through life harming yourself and harming others and bringing destruction where ever you go.


So, we see that it is a lie that it is even possible to be perfected through experience. It is a complete lie. We are perfected through union with the Son of God, but we could have been perfected through union with Jehovah without ever having any experiences. That union would have been sufficient. So, I found the answer to my question. The law is Jehovah's provision. So if you are not spiritual, and you do not know what to do, obey the law. There is a righteous law. It is in the Scripture, it is in the ten commandments, it is all through the books of Leviticus and Deuteronomy. Obey the law if you do not know what to do. Obey the law, and you will be safe from the Serpent's oppression.


COMMENT: This is the very same scenario you played out in the Alternate Translation of the temptation, remember when the Serpent said to Jesus....you had said that Satan told Jesus, "I will give you this whole kingdom, and he will perfect them exactly as they are in their sinful state."


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, and Jesus' answer, I believe Jesus' answer was, "A man cannot live by bread alone." Was that His answer? If that was His answer in that Scripture, the King James, I do not know how I interpreted it at that time because I did that translation a while ago, but I do have a more up-to-date revelation of what Jesus meant when He said, "Man cannot live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God." Well, you can also translate that "by the whole word that proceeds out of the mouth of God." Who proceeded out of the mouth of God?


First of all, God does not have a mouth. So what Jesus is really saying is that you cannot live by bread alone, you cannot live by doctrine alone, but you must live by the whole thought form that comes forth from Jehovah. And who is the thought form? Who is Jehovah's thought form? Yes, Adam is Jehovah's thought form. So, what Jesus is saying is that doctrine alone will not cut it. You have to have Adam raised from the dead in you because if you think you are going to survive because you have an understanding of the doctrine of Christ, but you understand it with your carnal mind, you are still going to die when this whole timeline is rolled up. So bread alone will not do it, doctrine alone will not do it, you have to have Adam raised from the dead in you. That is what He was probably telling Satan when Satan challenged Him. In the Alternate Translation what Satan was saying to Jesus was this, "Do not go through with the glorification. Stay just like you are, be a perfected man in the flesh, and I will make you a god over all the kingdoms or all the people of this world." But it will not work, you see, because this whole world is going to roll up like a scroll and go out like a light. It is a perverse world, and Jehovah's justice will never let it continue. It must be destroyed.


Satan is the god of this world so long as Jehovah allows this world to exist, if you can hear that. Satan is the god of this world so long as the great judge, Jehovah, allows this world to exist. When Jehovah says that this world is not going to exist any more, the god of this world will be destroyed with the rest of this world. Hallelujah.


COMMENT: I remember one time when you said to not say "God allows." But I think I heard you say it twice on this message.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, I said that it is not accurate that God allows Satan to do evil. You see, you cannot just say, "God allows." You have to take the whole context of what I was saying. It is not accurate to say that God allows Satan to do evil to man. Satan does evil to man. She is the executor of the sowing and reaping judgment so in order for Satan to do evil to anyone they have to sow evil. It is not a question of God, like it says in the King James, of God calling Satan and siccing her on one of His faithful servants. So God does not allow Satan to do evil. Satan recompenses every evil with evil. God does not allow her or not allow her to do it. It is the person who sows evil that stirs up Satan in his own life. So it is not accurate to say that God allows Satan to do evil, but God does allow Satan to exist. Can you hear the difference?


God allows Satan to exist, but you have to understand this. When God decides that it is time for Satan to not exist any more, Jehovah's wrath has to be satisfied, God is not withdrawing Satan when there is still sin in the world. Satan is a legitimate penal officer of God's spiritual judgment called Jehovah's wrath. She has a job to do. She recompenses every evil deed with an evil deed, and the only time and the only circumstances under which God will cease from allowing her to exist, not allowing her to do evil, but allowing her to exist, is when there is no more evil in the world. When her job is done, and when nobody is any longer sowing evil then she will be recalled. Can you hear the difference?


Satan will manifest and do her job faithfully so long as the evil, carnal mind exists and stirs up men to do evil. Jehovah will not break His own law, but what He is doing is destroying the evil in men that make them sow evil. As long as men sow evil Satan will cause them to reap evil by doing evil to them. So Jehovah will not recall Satan so long as men are sowing evil, but Jehovah's mercy is the Mind of Christ Jesus which will swallow up the carnal mind which sows the evil. So when men stop sowing evil Satan will be out of business, and the Lord will roll up this world and fold it up, and He will no longer allow Satan to exist because there will not be anything left for her to do. Can you hear the difference?


OK. See, Jehovah is righteous. It is just so important that we understand His mind. He will never do what is going on in Washington today, never. Every crime must have its just recompense, and the only true rehabilitation is a change to the offender that makes them incapable of doing this crime again. Until that happens every crime will have its just recompense. I just want to make sure everybody got this. Jehovah will allow Satan to exist until there is no more evil mind which is sowing evil. That is when He is going to stop allowing her to exist, when there is no more evil mind. That is not the same thing as saying," Jehovah allows Satan to do evil to people," because when you say "Jehovah allows Satan to do evil to people," it implies that the people are innocent, but Satan could not touch anybody that did not have legal ground. Satan can only hurt people who have sown evil, and that is what Jesus meant when He said, "The prince of this world cometh and has nothing in me." Jesus had sown no evil, and Satan had no power over Him. So we are the ones who either allow or disallow Satan from doing evil in our lives. We are the ones. Jehovah's law is righteous.


It is such a fine line, but it is so important. You understand it, right? Is everybody OK? Do you have a question?


COMMENT: Just last night a brother asked me that same question, and I said Sheila has it before the Lord.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, this is very interesting. I have been experiencing this for years. You see, the Lord teaches me on a very high level. What does that mean? It means somehow, by the grace of God, Christ Jesus in me has ascended to a place in the mental plane where I can receive answers that the average believer cannot receive so when people pray asking for revelation the Lord makes a judgment, you see. If He believes that you are capable of getting the answer yourself He will require you to pour through the books, and do whatever you have to do, but if He makes a judgment that you are really not capable of getting this answer yourself, I study for you. He raises me up to study for you. I may not have even heard the question.


This has happened with you a lot. A lot of questions that you have asked the Lord that I did not know about, I wind up just going into a study, and then I find out that someone else has asked the question, and I am capable, by the grace of God, of finding the answer. You see, this did not just pop into my mind. I was working on the book. I was working for hours on the book today, and it wound up to be two paragraphs in the book so the Lord works everything together, but that is the way it works. We are not all at the same level, and we are not all at the same height in the mental plane, we are not all at the same place where we can all get the same answers, and the Lord will teach through the person who can hear the answer. He's not a respecter of persons. If you could get up high enough you would hear the answer too, and He's not a respecter of persons so why are you not up this high? I do not know. We all run the race at a different speed, but the correct attitude is thank God that someone is up there getting the answers for those of us that cannot hear it at this time.


This has been going on in my life for years. My first memory of this was on a Saturday night, this goes all the way back to my disciple days. I did not know that I was called to be a teacher at that time, but I used to spend hours at night studying with my Strong's concordance. This was a Saturday night, and I felt an overwhelming urge to call a sister in my Church and share a revelation with her, but I knew that she was a married woman, and it was 9 or 10 p.m. on a Saturday night, and I said, "Oh she must surely have company, with her husband, and it is really not right," but there was such an urgency on me to call her that I took the chance, and sure enough she was not in any kind of family fellowship, but was studying. She was asking the Lord about this very Scripture, and I had the answer for her although she did not receive it at that time.


I must give her credit as she came to me a good year later, a good year later, caught me in the parking lot of the Church to tell me that the Lord had witnessed the truth of that revelation to her. She apologized, it was not necessary to apologize, but she did explain that the Lord had to show it to her in a way that she could receive it. That is fine with me. The only thing I require of anybody if you want me to talk to you is that you are not going to challenge me and tear me down and bring me into a controversy. You can believe or not believe whatever I say as long as you are not mocking me or hurting me spiritually in some way. I do not care whether you believe it or not. My job is to teach you. Your job is to listen to what I say, and go home and pray about it, and then if you receive it, fine, and if you do not it is between you and the Lord. As long as you have a right attitude toward me it does not bother if you tell me honestly that you cannot receive it. It is up to the Lord to convince you.


This has happened to me time and time and time again. Sometimes I am in the middle of doing something. Usually it happens when I am at the computer when I am at my research tools, and then all of a sudden another thought just arises in my mind, and I go off into another whole study. I never know where it is coming from. I just know that I pretty much have the ability to flow with the Spirit of God. If I think something is questionable, if I think I am supposed to be studying something, and I am going off on another whole tangent, well, I just pray and say, "Lord is this is not you please turn me back," and I do not recall it ever happening yet that He has turned me back. It is usually Him that sent me off on another whole tangent.


So you see, all of your prayers for revelation, and not only your prayers, but it could be prayers for people on the Internet that I do not even know that are praying for revelation. They are all falling upon the Christ Jesus who is in my heart center. He is hearing all of these prayers for revelation, but He controls which direction I go in. As I tell you from time to time, sometimes people without understanding, it has not happened here in a long time, people without understanding will come to me and ask me to study a particular area. You cannot do that to me because it puts a pressure on me that opposes....you see, I have to be completely free to follow after the Spirit, and when I know that you are looking for a particular translation of a particular Scripture, no matter how gentle you are, just the fact that I know that you want it, it really puts a pressure on me.


So your best bet, if you are reading this message, is to ask the Lord to explain any particular Scripture that you want. Ask the Lord, and the chances are like 99 and 99/100 percent that He will direct me toward that translation, but He directs me toward that translation through His Spirit, not through your carnal mind, and it does not do me any damage. So that is the way to do it.


You have to preserve me, and right now I am all you have got. Maybe in another five years there will be 20 of me. I do not know. Right now, I am all that you have got, and there are a lot of you. So if you just do it right you will not hurt me, and everybody is going to get the answer to what they are looking for. Praise the Lord. It is a pleasure to serve you. It is a great honor.


COMMENT: You know, Pastor, as Xxxx said something about a puzzle piece, all of this was coming now like a puzzle piece, it made me thing of something that happened years ago. We have a lake in our area, and it seems like it was real, but in this dream or vision I was laying down looking up at the skies, and as I was looking up this piece of land or dirt, the grass and sand, everything all around it was coming down out of the sky, and it was going to fit into where it belonged right on the ground.


PASTOR VITALE: I find that very interesting because the concept of inserting one thing into another thing is very prevalent in the Scripture, and, of course, the natural example of it is human sexual sexuality, and what is happening is the Mind of Christ is being inserted into fallen humanity. Our salvation is through union with the Spirit of Christ, and the only way we can join with the glorified Jesus Christ is to have a piece of Him in us, and Christ Jesus in this hour is in the flesh, He is in the land, He is in the earth.


So you saw one piece of what looked to you like earth fitting into the whole earth. So it is really Christ Jesus, the glorified Jesus Christ in the flesh because He is a man now. Christ Jesus is a man, the only mediator between God and man. Hei s not just a Spirit. He is a man. So He is earth also. Christ Jesus is a man, He is earth also. That is Christ Jesus fitting into the earth of humanity and completing us. That is a good vision. You see, the whole problem with the creation was that every time Jehovah or Michael or the Spirit of Elijah raised Adam from the dead, and the Serpent rose up in the man that Adam was resurrected in, she did the same thing that she did at the beginning of time. She deceived Adam in whatever way she deceived him. Here in the fallen creation one of the biggest deceptions is that we have to do works to be saved. Well, that is saying the same thing she said to Adam at the beginning of time. "I am going to perfect you through experience." Christians religions all across the world are teaching works, that you are saved by works, that you are going to be raptured. No, you are saved by union with the Son.


So the Serpent is still in the earth of mortal humanity, she is still teaching and preaching her lies, and Adam is still being deceived and dying because of his disobedience to the commandment that says, "You will not be satisfied by experiences, you will not be completed and perfected by experiences, but you will be completed through union with the Son of God." Apparently, he just cannot keep the commandment so Jehovah's answer to Adam's predicament, especially now that he is fallen, I think Adam was capable of obeying the commandment before he fell, but now I think in fallen humanity that he is really incapable of keeping the commandment in fallen humanity.


So Jehovah's answer to the problem is Christ Jesus. The first thing that Jehovah did, to the best of my understanding right now, is that He raised up Elijah, and I do not believe that Elijah was born of a woman. I believe that he was an immortal, but I do not want to get into that right now. Someone questioned me about that recently, and what happens to me is sometimes I am under an anointing to preach a certain revelation, it is on me very strongly, and I preach it and then the Lord moves me on to something else. And I do not retain the anointing to preach everything that I have ever preached, if you can hear that. A lot of what I preach comes out of Christ Jesus in me, and the only revelation that I carry with me permanently is the revelation that my personality learns. My personality is learning just like your personality is learning so I have to listen to my own messages, and I am way behind with listening to my own messages because a lot of what I preach I do not remember. If I do not remember it or if I do not maintain the conviction for it what that means is that it came more out of Christ Jesus than out of my own understanding. Lots of time, years later, the Lord brings me back, and my personality learns, and then it becomes a part of me.


So, this concept of Elijah being an immortal I want to tell you right now that the anointing to preach that is really not on me right now so I do not want to go into it, but this is what I preached in the past, and I believe that the anointing was on me when I preached it. So I will just go with it unless the Lord corrects me which I do not perceive any correction. Does anyone not know what I am talking about?


Michael incarnated in Elijah, but Elijah was not born of a woman. Elijah was not born of a woman. Now I cannot even tell you at this moment what the difference was between an immortal and a fallen person that made it easier for Michael to purify and perfect Elijah and glorify him. Elijah was glorified. He went up to heaven in flaming chariots. So there was something about Elijah who was not born of a woman. Elijah was lacking something that mortal man has that made it possible for Michael to glorify him.


Now we know that Michael tried to glorify Moses. Moses was born of a woman. Michael tried to bring Moses into glorification, and He failed. So as the plan went forth Michael brought Elijah to glorification, and it was the Spirit of Elijah that incarnated Jesus. So it was a glorified man although it was not a glorified man born of a woman. It was a glorified man that incarnated Jesus who was born of a woman who enabled Jesus to go through the process that resulted in His glorification. Are you following me?


And then Jesus, now, is a man who was born of a woman who achieved glorification by the grace of God, and now the glorified Jesus Christ is imparting His life to us so that we too have the hope of glorification. So it is this glorified man that is dwelling within us. The way the Lord gave it to me to express it to you not too long ago was that it is the presence of this glorified man in us that enables us to carry this pregnancy to term. I cannot even give you the details right now, but I know that He is a man born of a woman who went through the whole process and completed glorification, and His spiritual presence in us enables us to carry the man child to term. And without this assistance, without this mediator, in the past every time Michael raised Adam from the dead the Serpent rose up, Satan rose up in that man and deceived the man, and Adam died.


So Christ Jesus in humanity is Jehovah's helpmeet. Christ Jesus in humanity is the help that is meet or that is sufficient for our needs, and if you are honestly open to the truth, if you are reading this message, you probably are, you are going to have to deal with....it is a reality to me, if it is not a reality to you, that it is at least a possibility to you, that Adam was not in an animal body at the beginning of time. He was not a man as we know man, and Jehovah's ministry to him was not a physical woman to cook and clean and wash his clothes and sleep in his bed because he did not have a bed, he did not have clothes, and he did not eat food like we eat. He did not need anyone to cook for him, and the reason Jehovah even said that He was going to provide a help for him is that was a promise that Jehovah made as Adam was dying, as Adam was being overtaken by the earth, being swallowed up by the earth, Jehovah made this promise that I will provide a help for you so that when I restore you that will not happen to you again because Adam can only die once. You can only die once, and then the judgment.


I hear a question in somebody's mind, "Well, if Adam can die only once how can you say that every time Michael rose from the dead in a man the Serpent kills him again? The answer to that question is that when I say Michael raises Adam from the dead in an individual perhaps I should say he begins to raise Adam from the dead because Adam has never been fully raised from the dead except in the Lord Jesus Christ. So, to be fully raised from the dead you have to be glorified. When I say Michael raises Adam from the dead in a mortal individual, and Satan rises up and overturns Adam, Adam was not fully raised from the dead. To be fully raised from the dead you have to be quickened in the individual, and then Adam, and in the New Testament he is called Christ Jesus, has to be joined to the glorified Jesus above, and then our sin nature has to be sacrificed for the resurrection to be complete.


So Jesus is the one. He is the one who has accomplished this, and when I say Adam is risen from the dead in any individual, and then he dies it is that Adam began to be raised from the dead, but he was never fully resurrected. But Adam can only die once and then the judgment. Adam is fully raised in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ, He is the head of the body, and how ever long it takes all of mortal humanity will be raised back up to the eternal realm of God. It has to happen, it has to happen. There is no question about it.


When a commandment or a promise goes forth in the realm of the spirit it is immutable. There is a Scripture in the New Testament that says that His Word is immutable, it cannot be changed, if I am not mistaken that is how it is used in the New Testament. When the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the expression of Jehovah to us right now, when He promises something, when He says something, when Jehovah says something it is not a promise that comes forth from spoken language, but if you remember the teaching on spiritual speech it is an idea, it is a thought that goes forth as a vibration in a very high spiritual plane. And it abides until it is satisfied. How is it satisfied? When it becomes a reality. When it becomes a thought form. Every thought that comes forth from the Mind of God comes forth in the form of an energy string. It is an energy string that is programmed to gather unto itself molecules of physical matter which will manifest the idea of the thought, and when that energy string manifests itself into an image which accurately represents the thought that thought is satisfied. It has come to pass.


So you see, Jehovah has said, "I will deliver this creation." But even before that Jehovah, "Let us make man in our image." Therefore, man must come into Jehovah's image. Jehovah, the highest Spirit or the highest form of life in existence anywhere, on any plane of existence there is none higher than Him, has thought, "Let us make man in our image." And that thought was a vibration that went forth in a high spiritual plane, and it will not rest until it manifests itself as an image. Does anyone not know what I am talking about? The picture has to manifest, it has to come to pass. Jesus said He was coming back. He cannot lie, but we know that He's back. What we are waiting for is for Him to appear. We know that He's here. He's here tonight, but the world does not know it, and a lot of Christians could not see it if they were sitting right here in the midst of us so we are waiting for Him to make a public appearance.


The world cries for Him whether they know it or not. I received an email from someone talking to me about a preacher. They were in this Church service, and they heard this preacher stand up at the front of the pulpit and with great emotion say, "Oh, if I only knew what I had to do to achieve..."  I do not remember his exact words, but he was talking about the Spiritual catching up. Everybody is suffering. We all want to be in this high place in the Spirit, thinking if I only knew what to do to get it. Well, I have been sending this man messages and books for 6 years, but he is convinced that we are not to address our sins, that there is no sin. He is convinced that there is no sin. So Christ Jesus is here, but He has not made a public appearance, and the Serpent has completely deceived this man who is crying out to God. I know that he's been crying out for years. I think he is a very serious man, and the Serpent has blinded him to Christ Jesus and the Doctrine of Christ, and all the information that he needs to answer his prayer the Serpent has utterly blinded him to the truth of it; therefore, Christ Jesus must make His public appearance because the public appearance of Christ Jesus is necessary to convert the people, and the people must be converted because Jehovah said, "Let us make man in our image." Mankind must come into the image of Jehovah.


Right now we are in the image of the Serpent, and we must be marred and reformed because there is no idea, no thought, no commandment, there is no word that is higher than the Word of Jehovah. It must manifest as a picture. You see, this whole world is a picture. It is just an image. The only reality is the thought that has produced us. Spirit, unformed Spirit. That is the only reality. It is hard to understand. I struggled with it for a long time because I know that when you stick a pin in me I hurt, and I know when I am hungry. It hurts. So it is really hard to understand this high Spiritual concept, but the truth is that because of our fallen mind we are subject to the bodies that we are in, and we are subject to the laws of this fallen world; therefore, the answer to our predicament is to give us a higher mind. If you can hear that.


Eventually, as the higher mind is imparted to us our bodies and this whole world will change for us. I struggled with that for a long time. My carnal mind could not comprehend how this physical world, everything is physical here, how this physical world could change for me and not for you, but it can as this higher mind called the Mind of Christ is imparted to us. And as that mind ascends and brings our personality with Him eventually we will change. Our physical person will change, and our whole relationship with this world will change. This world will no longer have the power to bind us here. We will be able to go in and come out at will, and this is the whole principle of Jacob's ladder. We are in prison here. This physical world is a prison. We cannot get out of it except in a big machine that can crash and kill us. Our spirits are in prison in this body. This body is an instrument for torture. This body which makes us dependent, we need food, we need care. This body needs all kinds of ministry from the things of this world. We are in jail, brethren, we are in jail.


This is not Jehovah's world. Wake up. We are in a nice institution. You wake up and you see the sun shining, and at least here in this area we all have nice homes. I thank God for this home. There are beautiful trees out there in the spring time and in the fall. Well I am just in a nice institution, that is all. Some people are in a cruel institution. I am in a nice institution. Our cars are wheelchairs. I had that vision once. Driving along, the Lord showed me everyone driving in those cars, that is a six lane highway, going in all directions, was in a spiritual wheelchair. They are all in wheelchairs, driving their wheelchair around because our mind is so weak that it cannot get us where we want to go. So we have to labor for hours and weeks and months and years to buy machines that break down and need repairs, that use fuel that pollute the planet, because our mind is so weak that it cannot accomplish for us or gather for us what we need. We are supposed to think about where we want to be, and then we are supposed to be there. But this mind in here, this carnal mind of the cream of the crop of mortal humanity is so weak that the best of us cannot get anywhere by the power of our mind. Either our body has to walk and carry us or pedal a bicycle or we need a machine. Now that is a weak mind, brethren. That is a weak mind. We are dependent on this fallen world. Praise the Lord.


Someone has just made a comment/question here, and I am going to try and answer it. It is their perception that Jehovah said to Adam, "It is not good for man to be alone." before the fall. But I do not think it was before the fall. It is really hard to go by the King James translation and especially Genesis Chapter 2 and 3. It really is a parable, and it is not necessarily in sequential order, that what happened in the creation, what happened in Genesis Chapter 2 happened before what happened in Genesis Chapter 3. I found out that it does not work out like that. It really is a parable, and the way it is pieced together, it is pieced together that way so that the parable can appear sequential. Do you know what I mean by sequential?


But when I looked at it in the Interlinear Text I found out that the true story of the creation and the fall is not sequential when you go deeper than the parable. We were jumping back and forth between Genesis 3 and Genesis 2 and Genesis 4, and that the message is all over the place. It is my understand that when Jehovah said that, Adam was already dying because the very next verse or verses, if my memory serves me correctly, after Jehovah made this promise it said that Adam then went into a deep sleep. So Jehovah said it just before the deep sleep. In the Alternate Translation of that he descended, and he became thick and solid. He was dying.


The Hebrew, when it talks about Adam dying, says "and dying, Adam died." So there was never any single event of death for Adam. He was dying. He died slowly, and the death was a spiritual death which was a descent from a very high spiritual plane. He started to descend, and as he descended he was dying. Eventually, he did die and only his spirit remained. But God only know, it could have taken thousands and thousands of years for him to fully die. So as he began to die, Jehovah made that promise, "I will provide a help that will be sufficient to stop this from happening again." Did I answer your question? Yes


COMMENT: If Elijah was not born of a woman, he did not come into the world as a baby needing someone to nurture him, is he a thought form that just came out of the astral plane?


PASTOR VITALE: Well, I do not know that he came out of the astral plane, but the teaching at the time that this came down was that there was a whole company, a whole many-membered man that existed on the other side of the flood. They were all descendants of Seth, and they were not yet....I cannot say that they were not humanoid because I do not know, but they were not in physical bodies like these. I have read somewhere that the beings on the other side of the flood were in their etheric bodies, and we today have an etheric body and a physical body, but the beings on the other side of the flood did not have this physical body. Their etheric body was their outermost part. So I do not whether that is true or not. If it is true, they may have been humanoid, but there were beings on the other side of the flood.


Was it the other side of the flood? I am sorry, it may not be the other side of the flood. We are talking now about the descendants of Shem, Ham and Jepheth. As we go on in Genesis, and we read that all of mankind were of one speech and one language, and they were building this tower of Babel. Remember that? And Jehovah and Elohim looked down and said, "What are they doing?" We have recently discovered what this Tower of Babel was. It was and is, this Tower of Babel, is the counterfeit timeline that ascends into the etheric and the astral planes. They were building a timeline apart from Jehovah's timeline, and they were building a timeline that would generate a lot of witchcraft power as it does today. Although that timeline is not completely reconstructed today, it is in the process of being constructed.


Back in those days, mankind was building this illegal timeline, and Jehovah cursed it, and He broke it down, and He separated Leviathan from the Fiery Serpent because this counterfeit timeline can only exist when the Fiery Serpent and Leviathan are married to one another, and they generate a high degree of spiritual power which is called Satan. Well, in those days there were these beings that were on earth. I do not know what they looked like to tell you the truth because we know that it took five generations from Shem, Ham and Japheth for humanity to form these physical bodies.


Now each generation could have been thousands of years. So I do not know what those beings looked like, but some of them repented. When Jehovah came and broke down the Tower of Babel there were some there who repented, and Jehovah made a covenant with them, and He said, "In the fullness of time I will restore you to the heavenly realm, but you have to wait until My plan is accomplished in the whole world because I am going to be restoring the others that are not as mature as you." That is us, this fallen humanity.


So, I believe that Elijah, and I believe that Baalim was one of those immortals who repented, and those who did not repent were destroyed. But there were those who repented, and they are in the earth today. I do not know how many there are. They are out there.


COMMENT: Do you believe Elijah is like Maitreya?


PASTOR VITALE: Well, I think what you are saying is, "are they of the same company, more or less"? I do not really know for sure. I will not tell you that this is the Lord telling me this, but I think that yes they are of the same ilk, but Maiytrea is evil. He is serving the Serpent. He is not serving Jesus. Elijah served, in that hour, he served Michael who is presently incarnated as the Lord Jesus. Michael is the angel who incarnated as Elijah who then incarnated as the Lord Jesus, and, technically speaking, if Christ Jesus is in you Michael is incarnated in you and me, and that is why Revelation Chapter 12 says, "Michael and His angels fought," because Michael is the angel who has incarnated in Elijah and Jesus, and is not incarnating in us. So I believe they are of the same level, but Maiytrea is evil, and Elijah repented and was good. We know that everything that comes out of the Serpent is good and evil. So I think there is a real good chance they are of the same genealogical level, but that is just my guess. I could change it tomorrow if the Lord tells me otherwise.


COMMENT: So you do not believe that Elijah lived a physical life as we perceive a physical life.


PASTOR VITALE: Oh, I believe he did. He was a great prophet of Israel, and Maitreya claims that he has been in the flesh since 1945.


COMMENT: They eat, they drink?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, when they take on the flesh they are men just like we are except they have high spiritual power.


COMMENT: Do you have any idea of how he came and actually manifested in the flesh?


PASTOR VITALE: Well, I have a very small inkling. To understand this you have to have a revelation of how really low down we are on the spectrum. Anyone who exists in this kind of a body is really in hell. We are, spiritually speaking, very low down, and it is my understanding that the way an immortal incarnates....to be a disembodied immortal you are in a higher plane than we are. Where you are an evil immortal, whether you are Maiytrea or whether you are the Lord Jesus, the way they incarnate is to descend through the planes of consciousness, and as they descend through the planes of consciousness they, being spirit, are in a condition that we could liken to being magnetized, and the particles of physical matter cleave unto them is strong enough to form these particles into a body. They are a superior mind, you see.


COMMENT: Do you believe that they can maintain these bodies for how ever long they so choose?


PASTOR VITALE: I do not know. I tend to doubt it, but this is just me, this is not God. I tend to doubt it because this flesh wears out, but what do I know? That may not even be true. As a matter of fact, the thought just came into my mind when I said that, the Lord reminded me, that the reason we get old and die is that there is a Fiery Serpent, and the Serpent's larva is dwelling in all of us, and she consumes our energy. As she uses us up we age and we did, but if it is an incarnated immortal that has taken on the flesh it might be a different situation, but I really do not know.


COMMENT: The Scripture where the raven came and fed Elijah just came into my mind like it was something other than just physical food.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, we did a translation of that account, and I really do not remember what the raven meant, but I know that it was spiritual food. That is a parable, of course, that this bird came and fed him. My memory does tell me that Elijah was cast down, not by Jezebel, but by the minds of the Sons of Israel who were retaliating against his killing the prophets of Baal, and he cried out. It was Michael who came to raise him.


Michael was the angel who came and tried to raise Christ back up in him, or tries to raise Adam back up in him, and He gave him spiritual food. Adam is the bread. The food that He gave him was Himself because what happened was the Sons of Israel went after Elijah, and they killed, they were strong enough, to kill Adam and Elijah. And Elijah, the personality, became very weak. All of our strength is in Christ Jesus. Elijah cried out, and Michael was the angel who came and touched him more than once, two or three times. He had to touch him at least two or three times to raise him up. Of course, when the Scriptures says that He touched him He did not touch him with fingers. It means He inserted His spirit. He had spiritual intercourse with Elijah. He inserted His spirit into Elijah's carnal mind, trying to quicken Christ in him, and He had to do it more than once to pick him up.


COMMENT: I was just thinking how you teach about reverse inference, and in our sexual union our energy is depleted, and it is the exact opposite with Christ. You are energized.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, that is true, and that thought also came into my mind with regard to your question about whether or not an incarnated immortal would use up this flesh. The thought that came into my mind was that when Christ Jesus incarnates He could stay indefinitely in this flesh because Christ Jesus gives off energy. Christ Jesus energizes the personality that He is living in so that personality could live forever. I think Jesus could have lived forever. Christ Jesus could have lived forever in the personality of Jesus of Nazareth. But what happens to the flesh when Maiytrea, someone like Maiytrea, incarnates without being born of a woman , my guess would be that it would deteriorate because any incarnation that roots from the Serpent is a drain of energy. So I would think he could not stay in this body forever, but that is just my guess.


COMMENT: The Scriptures say that someone got a letter from Elijah after he was up in the chariot?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, I remember when the man that I discipled under preached that, and this is the answer. Elijah did not necessarily leave the earth. I do not believe he left the earth. I believe that what happened to him was that he went up into a very high spiritual plane, and that he turned his ministry over to Elisha, but that he was still in the earth. Jesus still walked on the earth after He was glorified, and I believe that it was one of two possibilities. Either Elijah continued to exist in the earth but had turned his ministry over to Elisha or the Spirit of Elijah was manifesting through another man. And when the Scriptures say that Elijah wrote a letter he could have written it through another man, see.


The Lord Jesus Christ is glorified, and He left the earth, but He is talking to you right here tonight. There is not a doubt in my mind that Christ Jesus is in me talking to you, and that it is Christ Jesus in me talking to you. So it could have been one of those two things. That Elijah was still in the earth as a glorified man or that he spoke through another man, and do not forget that we are living epistles, we are letters that are written. I have not looked at that Scripture in the Interlinear Text. It could very well mean that it was the Spirit of Elijah engraving another man giving this message because we did find out when we translated the Book of Jonah that Elijah had many disciples that he manifested though just as Jesus is manifesting through all of us. We found out that Elijah manifested through Elisha, through Johan, and through probably a lot of other prophets. So to say that Elijah sent a letter, it could have been anyone of Elijah's disciples that the Spirit of Elijah was ministering through. Like that answer? I like that answer.


COMMENT: I was just thinking how the spirit of God moved through all the men down through the ages to write these Scriptures.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, definitely.


Someone just said that this knowledge that we are perfected through union with the Son is a whole cluster of puzzle pieces, and I just want to make sure that you all understand that although we are not perfected by experiences, because we did fall we must have experiences in order to apprehend the salvation that is laid up in heaven for us. In other words, when Adam gave us over to the Serpent he gave us over to having many experiences, and although these experiences are perfecting us we are having experiences which are helping us to discern or distinguish between Christ Jesus in us and the Serpent in us. But the actual salvation is through union with the Son. But before the fall it would not have been necessary to have these experiences. If Adam had just obeyed the law he could have married Jehovah and would have been perfected without experience.


Of course, before the fall it was possible for Adam to keep the law. We know that for those of us down here in hell the Scripture tells us, and we know that it is true that it is impossible for us to keep the law because we have a mind in the nature of the Serpent. But Adam was righteous. He had an imputed righteousness, he had Jehovah's nature, and it was possible to keep the law. He was tricked, and if he would have cleaved to the law he would have been OK. He had the ability to keep it, but he did not. 


9/25/18 rh


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