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COMMENT: I did not care how the Lord's hand was on me as long as it was on me, but when the corrections come everything in me recoils.


PASTOR VITALE: That is typical, that is a very good testimony, and I think it is going to help a lot of people being on a message like this because people just do not expect it. A lot of people are saying, Lord I love you, anything you want in my life is fine. A lot of people are out there crying, Jesus help me, and then when His help comes everything in them recoils because we are the Serpent. Even the word that you used, "to recoil." We are the Serpent, you see. The truth will set us free, and the Serpent recoils from Christ.


It is just really difficult to believe, and I have the deepest compassion for the church world, and for the people who really cannot believe this because they are the ones being deprived from what Jesus has for them. They cry out, and they cry out, and then when deliverance comes they do not believe it is from God because their carnal mind has an image of what form this deliverance will take. And when it comes in a different form it is really hard to believe that it is God. I have the deepest compassion for everybody that walks away from the provision of the Lord Jesus.


He is going to have to do something, He is going to have to make some supernatural move to help the church because they are all completely captured by their carnal mind. Fear, they are afraid, and I do not blame them. This world is a spiritual jungle. It is a physical jungle, an emotional jungle, and a spiritual jungle, and people are out there to capture you, and that is just the truth. People are out there to capture you and bring you into submission to them. It happens on every level. It even happens within the family. Some spouses try to have an ungodly domination over the other spouse. We are in a jungle.


Whether we know this consciously or we know it in our spirit, you just cannot be weak because you will be captured. So it is very hard to submit to a man, but, of course, the key to it is that you have to submit out of faith in Jesus Christ. It is the same way that you submit to your husband if you are a woman. If you submit to that man as a service to the Lord Jesus Christ, the Scripture says, and I would have to believe that Jesus Christ is going to minister to that husband and is going to help him to treat you properly, and in the event the man is not in submission to Jesus Christ, and he is abusing the woman I have to believe that Jesus Christ will speak to that woman and say, you are not safe here, and I want you to leave. It is the same principle when you submit to a man of God, but I understand how terribly hard it is.


Ministers have the most terrible reputation. They are constantly abusing people and taking advantage of them, sexually abusing them, financially abusing them, spiritually abusing them by not doing what a minister is supposed to do. You are supposed to be bringing forth the life of God in people. That is what you are supposed to be doing. Ministers are supposed to be bringing forth Christ in you. They are not supposed to be capturing you so that they can have a church or a congregation. I think that more ministers are capturing the people than are concerned with bringing forth the Life of God. I am very sad to tell you that, but I believe it is the truth. Either they are concerned about their own income or they are concerned about themselves as a professional, that if they are called to be a pastor they need a congregation, and money.


Money is a big issue, a very big issue. It is just very hard. The Lord is going to have to move supernaturally to help these people to do what they have to do to go on with Him because their carnal mind utterly recoils from the whole idea of the judgment of submitting to a man. You see, the people that go to a church with 700 people in it may tell you they submit to their pastor, but how can you submit to a man when you are one of 700 people? What could possibly be required of you?


This idea of submission has to do with a personal relationship. A one-on-one personal relationship. And to submit to that man in a one-on-one personal relationship is very hard, and it is almost unheard of in the church especially among people and especially among men that are financially successful. They come into the church....I know that pastors have a tremendous problem with the members of the congregation trying to dominate them in all different areas. The church is filled with witchcraft, just filled with witchcraft and control spirits, and the people are not even being taught that it is wrong. They are not even being taught so the whole situation is pitiful.


There has to be a supernatural move of the spirit to help the people, and I know that Jesus loves the people, and I have seen so many people with simple faith. They really love the Lord as much as they are able to love Him. Their philosophy is all wrong. They are waiting for the rapture, and they are without understanding. But they have had an experience with the Holy Spirit. They are having an experience with the Holy Spirit, and they do have the King James word in them, and they really have a lot of faith in Jesus Christ. He is not going to abandon them. He cannot. He cannot abandon them. So somehow He is going to do this. I do not know how, but somehow He is going to do it.


The only idea that I have in my mind is that He will impregnate them against their will, and when they become pregnant with the Christ child they will become very hungry, and when they become hungry enough they may go in the direction that He points them.


COMMENT: I have a song which is a Scripture, and it starts out, Listen to the lambs, all are crying, He shall feed His flock like a shepherd. That came to me as you were saying that.


PASTOR VITALE: He is going to do it. I may not have it exactly right as to how, but it goes back to what Xxxx said at the beginning. The Scripture says there is going to be a famine in the land, and right now there are a lot of people that are crying, they are hungry, and I have one ministry right in mind, this was a ministry, a man and his wife called me up, and they told me that they cannot find the spirit anywhere, that the church is dead, and they got directed to me from someone in Africa believe it or not, this is an American ministry, but as soon as they looked at the material they rejected it, and this happens a lot. The Lord wants to feed them, but they cannot deal with the food. He is going to have to equip them and very possibly that equipment will be in the manchild being formed in them. You see, once Christ is being formed in you Christ will recognize the word. Christ will recognize it and be drawn to it. That is my understanding.


We are our own worst enemy, and I have been saying for many years now that the majority of Christians are praying for help. Everybody has problems. Everybody has something, and they are crying out to God for help, but they cannot believe that the form that the help comes in is of God. So what He does is that He responds to the cry for help, and when they reject His help He still goes after them to help them, and what usually happens is some form of judgment falls or some kind of difficulty falls, and the person cannot figure out what is going on. But Jesus is responding to the cry of their heart which is "Jesus help me." And He is ignoring their rejection of their help because He knows that they are ignorant.


There is someone who has been with this ministry for a very long time who was very rebellious towards the call to this ministry, and I remember the day she was driving me to the airport. I guess it was my first trip to Nigeria. She was driving me to the airport, and she told me about a dream that she had where someone in the dream, I do not know if she knew it was God in the dream or not, but someone said to her, Come here! And I did not say anything to her at the time, but I knew that was the end of her rebellion towards her call to this ministry because she was constantly coming in and going out and coming in and going out. She did not want to believe that the Lord was calling her here for a multitude of reasons. She did not want to believe that the Lord was calling her here, and she was telling me that she had a word that she was going to go to Bible College, and I said, but you are in Bible college. No, she wanted to go to a big Bible College with a big building, and she thought it was going to be Christ for the Nations, and she was just having a lot of problems dealing with the way the Lord was bringing her in, but after she had that dream she just came in, and now she is in complete submission to the spiritual ministry here, and she is really growing.


It has to be a supernatural move. I cannot see anyone else doing it any other way, and all of you here it was a supernatural miracle that you are here, and that you have been here so long. The Lord has really planted you here. There is no other way for me to explain it. So exactly what we are waiting for I do not know. I used to think we were waiting for me or somebody to be caught up, and now I do not believe that any more. So I do not know what we are waiting for to tell you the truth.


Well, a thought just popped into my mind, and the Lord has told me this before that even in the days of the Hebrews when they went up against the Philistines the Lord made the wait until the wickedness of the Philistines was fulfilled so we are waiting, it seems, for Satan to make her move. We are waiting for the immortals in the fourth dimension to pierce into this world and try to apprehend the herd of humanity, and then after that happens, it will happen, the Sons of God will manifest. So the Lord keeps telling me this. I do not want to believe it. I keep forgetting it. It is called denial. He keeps telling me that, and I keep forgetting what He tells me.


We are waiting for the move of the wicked one, and when this wickedness manifests in the earth, and the people realize there is no rapture, and they realize that something is really wrong, they know they love Jesus but it is just not working out the way they thought it was supposed to work out, they will come running to the people who are walking in victory. I am really sorry that it has to be that way, I am really sorry that it has to be that way, but this is the nature of the carnal mind. The people are not going to come until they are desperate. Now it is not the Lord that is bringing evil upon them.


This whole time line is going according to plan, this whole time line was erected by the Serpent to bring forth a species of people called humanity which she can inhabit and live through by her many members. The Serpent wants to live through us by her many members, and this is the end of the ages. Her plan is coming to pass. So when humanity sees themselves captured by an evil alien force they will be open to the Doctrine of Christ and the judgments that reveals your sins, and I wish it weren't that way because there is going to be a lot of pain, and a lot of people are going to get hurt.


The root of the Tree is being saved, the root of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, the root of humanity is being saved, but many individuals are going to die and are dying every day, and are going to have bad experiences. Europe was liberated, France was liberated, but many Frenchmen died, many were tortured by the ? government. It is not going to be pleasant, and I keep forgetting this because I do not like it. I do not like what I am saying to you, but this is my vision. I hope I am wrong, I hope I am a false prophet, I hope I am wrong, let me be wrong, but I do not see any other way that the people are going to come.


COMMENT: I was thinking of the word disciples, and I realized that it means discipline, and that is what Jesus was doing. Another word for discipline is training and that the Lord is really training. I guess we start with our carnal mind to train....it is not enough just to have the manna, it has to be mingled with all the experiences. It is not just the food, it is how it is digested, the exercises that go along with it.


PASTOR VITALE: We are becoming a whole new person, and it is the food, how the flesh lays on you, and the instruction, and the discipline, and the experience, and we are becoming a whole new man. I remember several years ago there were two disciples taking a walk, and one of them was in very deep rebellion, eventually bounced out of here, and he was having a vision of a drill sergeant, and the other disciples said to him, especially in view of the conversation I am not giving you the whole thing because I do not remember, and the other disciples said to him, well who do you think your drill sergeant is? And he just could not believe that it was me and he eventually passed out of the ministry. The Lord was giving him a message.


See, all of these people in the church want to hear from God directly, but He talks to them, and they cannot understand what He is saying. Any spiritual ministry requires discipline, and every spiritual school in the world knows it except Christianity. God help us. Discipline, self-discipline, discipline on every level. No one wants to give up their control. They go to church every Sunday, they put their tithe in the bucket, and they do not want anyone telling them what to do. It goes both ways. The pastors do not want a personal relationship with the people either. Something is wrong here in the church, something is wrong. God help us. The Lord is going to pull it together. He has to do it, He has to do it because He promised a regeneration.


You know, one of the first personal words I ever got from the Lord....when I first came to the Lord I started reading the King James, I could not understand a word of it. It was torture for me reading that Bible because I didn't understand any part of it especially the Old Testament, and I started with Genesis, and I was going right through. That is what they tell you to do so I had a guide for myself that I would read two or three chapters a day, and I would manifest.


It was painful for me to read this when I had no idea what I was reading, and finally I had a breakthrough after about 8 months, revelation broke through, which is very fast, but one of the first spiritual communications that the Lord gave me in that Bible was in the New Testament, and Jesus is talking, but He said, "In the regeneration," and that word jumped out at me. Regeneration. I said, what in the world is He talking about? It burned a brand in my mind, and it was not until years later that I understood that we are being regenerated. So the promise is that humanity is being regenerated, and Jesus said it, and it must come to pass that humanity will be regenerated. Well, what does that mean? We died. We are the living dead. Humanity is the living dead so we are going to be recharged. We are going to be reconnected to the Godhead, and we will be alive again. So it has to come to pass, and I think that the time is now. Certainly within these next few years. If not this year, certainly within the next few years. So it has to happen.


Can you imagine those Jews in the days that Jesus was born? Apparently they had some revelation that it was time for Messiah to manifest. The Jews that were close to the Spirit of Elijah were waiting for it, and waiting for it, and waiting for it, and then we had Simeon and Anna in the synagogue when Mary and Joseph brought Jesus to be circumcised. They had a discernment, a word of knowledge that that was Messiah, and the same thing is happening today. Everybody is waiting for this event to happen, but everyone has their own idea of ho it is going to happen, and there is going to be a lot of disappointed people, but it will happen, and it will turn the whole world upside down. It will happen.


There are a few people in the earth today that are Simeons and Annas, and it is given to them. It is nothing that they have done in and of themselves, but they recognize the word. Not many people recognize me. They really stumble over me, but we have a steady stream of people wanting our materials through the Internet, so there are people out there recognizing the word. It is very hard to get past a physical man that has human frailties. It is just really hard. You really have to have a revelation that Christ Jesus manifests in weak flesh.


I do not think you have a change of believing that Christ Jesus of a high order, of a high maturity, can be in a physical man. Without this understanding that He is growing in weak flesh and that He can do anything that He wants, despite that flesh, that He wants to do through that person is hard to understand, but it is the truth. The whole thing is just to pray yourself through. I told you all that I went over to a church that opened up across the road from me so I decided to go in and see what was doing.


There was a very small group there, and the pastor had an altar call, and I said, I am not above getting prayer from somebody else. Nobody knew who I was, I was just a visitor in the church. I said, Lord do you want me to ask for prayer, and there was silence so I didn't go up, and I saw the pastor look at me. I do not know what he thought. Maybe he thought I had pride, I do not know, but I asked the Lord should I go up for prayer, and there was silence so I didn't go up. Then as I was leaving his wife grabbed me and had a word of knowledge over me so apparently she is the one, whatever He is going to do there.


So, again it is the woman. It is always the woman in this hour. It is always the woman, almost always the woman. That is the one that really has the call on her life. So I took her prayer. I perceived that it was a word of knowledge, and I thought that it was of God, and I took her prayer. You just have to ask the Lord every step of the way what He wants you to do. That is how you got here or you would never be here if you were not living like that, but very few people do that.


COMMENT: My mind keeps going back to the word you used before, liberty, and I can remember a pastor from Africa talking about his group of people, and they called themselves the Libertines, and he said another word for liberty means deliverance. The Scripture that is coming to my mind is, Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty, and I am just questioning exactly what that means.


PASTOR VITALE: It means that where the Spirit of the Lord is He breaks you free from your carnal mind, but in all areas....see, people do not understand what it means. Every wrong thought that we have in our mind we are in bondage to the carnal mind so when the Lord comes to bring you liberty it is deliverance from your carnal mind. He comes to deliver you from your carnal mind. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, that is not the Holy Spirit....where the Spirit of Christ is ruling you are free of your carnal mind, but you are under the yoke of the Lord Jesus. See, we have to be under somebody's yoke. We are cattle.


We have to be under one yoke or under the other yoke, and when the carnal mind is ruling, the Spirit of Christ is not free. When the Spirit of Christ is liberated, all of the blessings flow in our life. It is not the Holy Spirit. For the Spirit of Christ to rule in your life you have to be under discipline. You have to have an understanding of the law, you have to have an understanding of what is right and wrong as God sees it, and that is what we were working on today. You have to have an understanding of the righteous way to relate to your fellow man as God sees it, and you can only do this when you are thinking with the Mind of Christ. So, to say that you are going to be liberated is not small thing because you have to be liberated in every thought of your mind, and that could take years.


When Jesus said you have to become like a small child I think that, basically, He meant that you have to have the faith of a small child, but also you go into school. Now some people in this world are raised....some people are just healthier in their mind than other people so the program may not take quite as long for them, but those of us for whom it takes a long time, well we thank God that the program is even there. If it takes a longer time, it takes a longer time, but that liberty....even Paul said, all things are free to me, but everything is not expedient. That is the liberty of the self-disciplined man. He said, I could do that if I wanted to, but I know it is not in my best interest, and I am not going to. So it is the liberation of the Spirit of Christ who is covered over by the carnal mind. When that happens all of the blessings flow.


I was thinking while June was playing tonight how sad it is how few people really know what a blessing it is to really live your whole life under the control of the Spirit of Christ. It is just the greatest blessing, and so few people realize that. They see it as bondage, and it is freedom. It is not freedom to be out there fornicating, committing adultery and drinking and doing all those things. That is not freedom. If you are doing that you are in bondage to the carnal mind. That is not freedom. Your mind is corrupt.


If you think that is freedom, your mind is corrupt. There is a woman that I see from time to time in my Tai Chi class, and she is very distressed over my lifestyle. It really bothers her, and one day she said to me, and she is a bit of a busybody, she was trying to tell me that I should have fun because I was telling her what long hours I work, and she said, oh you should go out and you should have fun, go out and have a few drinks, you know, and I said to her, oh is that how you have fun? People do not even know what they are talking about.


What is fun? I do not even know what fun is. As far as I know, to date, there is no fun when you are under the anointing, so the life in God is a very serious life. I guess that turns a lot of young people off, but I am telling you the truth as far as I can see. When you are really in God, you lead a prophet's life. I do not see any fun in God. Sometimes He releases you from your service. He releases me from my service, and I will fellowship with some people and have a pleasant time, but I know that if I come out of that spiritual relationship with Christ Jesus I can only stay out so long and I start to die. I have to go running back to the source of my life, and when I am in communion with the source of my life there is no fun. It is all study and ministry and intercession, and there is nothing like what the world calls fun. Yet, although it may be shocking to you all that is where life is for me. That is what keeps me alive. This interaction with Christ Jesus, and it is always work. It is always the work of His Kingdom.


To have what the world calls fun, or rest and relaxationm I have to depart from Him and put on a different garment, and I can only stay away for limited periods of time without being damaged. So fun is just a worldly concept. There is no fun in God. He is very serious. He is a serious business. This world is in very bad shape, there is a lot of work to do, and yet from time to time over the years I have heard testimonies from people (I am having trouble thinking of an example right now), but the Lord does have a sense of humor. Some think that He does not have a sense of humor so there could be some humorous thought that comes forth once in a while, but, basically speaking, life in Christ Jesus is a serious life.


It looks like you are giving up something of the world, but you are getting something that the world never even heard of, and this anointing that flows from you when you are so close to Him is just glorious, and it makes you feel good in a different way than the things of the world make you feel good because the things of the world that make you feel good, make your emotions feel good, make your soul feel good, but the things of God that make you feel good are the things of His spirit, and it is a totally different source of satisfaction. I could tell you one is quieter, but it is longer lasting, and it stabilizes me, and that the joy of this world does not last very long at all. It may be making you feel good while it is happening, but it has no long lasting effect, but the satisfaction of the spirit, the more you immerse yourself in the spirit of God it lasts longer and longer and longer.


I know I can stay away today a lot longer than I used to be able to stay away without getting an anxiety attack. Now that it is good to be away from God, but sometimes you have to fellowship with other people, you have to be in touch with the people so that the Lord can move through you and minister to them. I know that I am more stable than I have ever been at any time in my life. When I am with the Lord, and when I am away with the Lord I am just much more stable all around. So people do not understand. They are looking to gratify their soul, and they cannot understand that satisfying your spirit can indirectly gratify your soul and your emotions. I think the whole world is just a bunch of junkies. I have come to that conclusion. We are all very needy, and we may not realize how needy we are because our needs are being met.


Marriage, for example, is a foundational institution in this world that is designed to meet the needs of people and keep it orderly and keep relationships orderly. Marriage and the family is the foundational institution of this world to keep people in line and sane. Now what do you think would happen to the world if marriage was banned, and everyone was relegated to their own room, and there would be no interaction between men and women allowed, and you just had to go live your life? I just think that the world would go insane. You need other people in your life, you need interaction, you need affection, we are all needy.


If we were really mature in Christ Jesus we would need nothing but Him. Probably not even food. So somewhere along the line we have to face how really needy we are, and how very much we are animals. I have been talking about this a lot today. It is not at all to put us down, but the truth will set us free. You see, if we can recognize that we are animals and that we have to be under somebody's yoke, either under the Serpent's yoke or Christ Jesus' yoke, it will help us to run to Christ Jesus. It is the pride that says "we are our own man" that opens us to the Serpent's control. We think we are controlling her, and then one day she rises up and it is all over. So the church does not know who they are, and the world does not know who they are, but we will soon know when the aliens manifest to take over the world.


COMMENT: The fact that we have been exercised, for lack of a better word, in the knowledge that these alien beings, these immortals, are trying to manifest in human beings, I guess my question is, how is that going to help us?


PASTOR VITALE: Well, I do not know that it is going to help us, but all of the people of the world that are in rebellion that cannot come under discipline, that will not come under discipline, because there is no one in the earth today who is authorized to force them, it would be witchcraft, you see. So the whole church is in rebellion, going in its own direction, is not under discipline, the people are not submitting to anyone, every man is doing what he thinks is right in his own sight, but when he sees others and perhaps himself being dominated by aliens he is going to do whatever Jesus tells him.


Let me tell you, if someone is being dominated by an alien, and they can hear from the Lord that there is help for them in a ministry with a crazy doctrine over there, they are going to be banging down that door. They will try anything when they find out that what they believe now is not going to work, that they are being tortured, they are being tormented, they are being dominated, there is no rapture, and the heavens are silent. They are going to be doing what ever they have to do to get help. They are going to be trying anything.


COMMENT: For us, the fact that we have some understand of it, is that a covering or a protection from being taken over?


PASTOR VITALE: I think so, yes, that is my understanding.


COMMENT: In other words, we have the sense to know to resist it, our consciousness has been raised to see what it is for what it is.


PASTOR VITALE: Right, you can see it coming, and you can understand, and also your life is in order. The Lord has raised up this ministry here, and we are one spiritual body. I am the head, and we are one spiritual body, and there is a cover in being in right order in a spiritual body over which Christ Jesus is the Head because He is my Head. There is protection in that, strong protection in it. I think most of these people in these carnal churches I do not think there is any cover for them at all now. They are just going there Sunday mornings, they are preaching a false message, they are singing a few songs, and they are having occult communion. What kind of a cover is that? The cover exists in the interweaving of the minds of the people.


See, I cover you because my mind penetrates your mind, and Christ Jesus is penetrating my mind, and I am penetrating your mind, and we are all woven together. Our personalities and our spirits are all tied together so when the strength comes from Christ Jesus down into me it filters into you. We are one spiritual man in this ministry, and this whole idea is offensive to most Christians today. They do not want to believe it. They want to believe that it is every man with his own God, and when the time comes they will find out what it is like to be without a cover, and they will cry out to God, and hopefully they will do whatever He tells them. As far as I am concerned, I do not know what He is going to do because....I know He will have some answer, but I know that I cannot take on even any more than I have now. But He is going to do it, somehow He knows how He is going to do it.


COMMENT: In the natural, when a woman is pregnant she cannot become impregnated by another seed. The point I am trying to make is that once Christ is conceived in us how does the Serpent get a hold on us. I have not got that yet, how the Fiery Serpent grows and the Serpent waits for us to get to puberty or whatever.


PASTOR VITALE: That is interesting because that goes along with a lot of people in the church saying, the Holy Ghost will not live in a house with demons, but the demons are there first. We are the Serpent. Christ is the invading force. Our whole spiritual fiber is woven from Kundalini. We are the Serpent. Our personality is made out of the earth, our virginity is made out of the earth, our mind is made out of the earth. We are the present day manifestation of the Serpent, and she is completely possessing everybody born of a woman, and when Christ begins to be formed in us He is the invading force that has to divide the personality from the criminal mind because the criminal mind is going to be destroyed.


If the personality is not separated from the criminal mind, when the criminal mind is destroyed, the personality will be destroyed too. The personality is what is being saved. When the satanic judgment falls Satan does not have the wherewithal to separate the personality from the carnal mind, so when you come under the satanic judgment you die because your carnal mind is killed and the personality and the physical body dies also. But the Judgment Seat of Christ separated the personality from the carnal mind, destroys the carnal mind, and saves the personality by giving her a new mind. So the Serpent has us from the beginning. Christ is taking us away from the Serpent.


COMMENT: So there is not a really, what we would call a safe period when Christ is conceived in us, and He is going to grow and mature?


PASTOR VITALE: This is all happening within the Serpent, and that is why the war is so intense. He is growing and maturing within the Serpent's wife. See, we are the Serpent's wife and those of us who are pregnant with the manchild we are pregnant with another man's child, if you can hear it. That manchild that we are pregnant with is destined to take us away from our own husband. That is why in Revelation Chapter 12, Leviathan is standing there ready to destroy the manchild.


COMMENT: Did we not speak about the Serpent having a counterfeit manchild coming forth?




COMMENT: Does it not mean there has to be some kind of pregnancy from the Serpent?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes. The Fiery Serpent is our spiritual sexuality, and the only way Christ can be in the process of being formed in us....I see where you are coming from. I have had a bit of a change in the revelation here recently so it is a little confusing, and I am still struggling with it myself, but my latest understanding of what the Lord has told me is that it is not correct that the Holy Spirit joins to your human spirit and Christ is conceived. I found out that is not correct. The Holy Spirit joins to your human spirit and brings strength to the human spirit, brings the life of God into your life, but Christ can only come forth from the virile seed. And the Holy Spirit is not the virile seed. I just taught a whole message on that in an online meeting a week or two ago.


The Holy Spirit joins to your Holy Spirit and brings the life of God into your vessel, but it does not bring the virile seed. The virile seed can only come from two sources. Either you have to be born with that dead root, and if you are born with the dead root of the Tree of Life, which is only in the seed of David, and the Holy Spirit comes into your being also it will quicken that dead root, and Christ will be quickened. Now if you are not of the seed of David, the only other way that Christ can be conceived in you is if you get it from someone in whom Christ is being raised from the dead, and when that Holy Spirit comes together with the dead root of the Tree of Life that is in the seed of Judah you are not a manifestation of the Lord Jesus Christ which is the Savior of the whole world.


This Spirit of Christ can be imparted to the people of the world. You see, the Tree of Life that was in Judah, the seed of David, you can only get it by being born with it, but the Spirit of Christ of can be imparted by the laying on of hands. Not the laying on of these physical hands, but the laying on of your spiritual hands which is your subconscious mind. So if you are not of the seed of David you have to get a graft of Christ, and you have to get it from someone who has the Spirit of Christ. There are not many people today who have the Spirit of Christ. The Spirit of Christ is in the Doctrine of Christ, it is in that word, you see, it is in the books we produce here, it is in the ministry here, but as I told you recently, apparently, I am not strong enough to just give it to you in one dose.


The way I see it coming into the church today is by studying this word as it is coming forth under the anointing of the Spirit of Christ, and it is building you slowly. I think that all of you here have Christ being formed in you, and the reason I tell you that is that it is my understanding that the White Throne Judgment cannot, the Lord will not bring the White Throne Judgment if Christ has not been formed in you because you cannot destroy the carnal mind if the Christ mind is not ready to take her place. So before the White Throne Judgment starts, and this is all of your testimony, you have to sit under this teaching of the Doctrine of Christ long enough for Christ to begin to be formed in you, and it has taken all of you here years. But that does not mean it has to take everybody years. And then the judgment of your carnal mind starts.


So you can have Christ in you, I think this is where you are having trouble understanding it, Christ can be in the process of being formed in you, and not yet joined to the Fiery Serpent. I think I mentioned it this morning that Christ is coming forth either from the seed of David that is in you, or if He is grafted to you by the Spirit of Christ, He is grafted, my understand right now is that He is grafted to your heart center, and the Fiery Serpent is down in the root center. I am not even sure He is grafted to the heart center. I do not really have this straight right now. At one point I was saying He was grafted to the heart center, and now I am really not sure, but He may be grafted to the heart center. But to a part of the heart center where Satan still has dominion over Him, where He is still under the carnal mind.


I do not have all the answers. I know I am contradicting myself, but it is my understanding that the newly formed Christ comes forth subject to the carnal mind, and He is coming forth within the carnal mind, and then He has to overcome Satan. Then when He overcomes Satan and stands on dry ground on the left side of the heart center He becomes Christ Jesus, and then He goes back under the sea water, down to the root center to apprehend the Fiery Serpent. So she is having her spiritual experiences or her pregnancy without Him until He captures her. Do you understand what I am saying at all? You have a blank look on your face.


COMMENT: I guess I am stuck at how can you have Christ and not be pregnant with the manchild.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, Christ is the manchild so if you have Christ you are pregnant with the manchild. You have the beginnings. Pregnancy starts with an embryo, then becomes a fetus. When you have Christ alone, I may not have this exactly right but just to help you understand, let us say Christ, before He apprehends the Fiery Serpent, is an embryo. Once He apprehends the Fiery Serpent, He becomes a fetus, and He has to grow into a full grown man. Just different stages of growth.


COMMENT: I was stuck at the point of conception.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, see what is happening....let me try it this way. Christ Jesus is being grafted to us. He is an alien force, and once He grows to a certain degree of strength, He then goes forth to join Himself to us, and who are we? We are the personality, and the part of us that He joins Himself to is our spiritual sexuality which is the Fiery Serpent. He is an alien force, He is an alien seed that is imparted to us that begins to grow, and He can only grow so far, and if He wants to go on He has to join Himself to us. He has to latch on to us, He has to become....He is a parasite. Now that sounds like a negative word, but He is a parasite, but this parasite is not going to kill us. This parasite is going to swallow up all the death in us and give us life, but, for all intents and purposes, He is a parasite. He is an external being that wants to latch Himself onto us and drain the life of this flesh from us.


COMMENT: So, you are saying that this Christ seed comes in and starts to put down roots to pull us up?


PASTOR VITALE: Well, you could look at it that way if you want to. Yes, He puts down roots to attach Himself to the Fiery Serpent. Yes. Then He pulls us up. When He pulls the Fiery Serpent up we go with Him because she is a part of our personality. If you recall at the beginning, Adam had an ox. He was joined to an ox, and the ox was made of the earth.


So the Fiery Serpent and the personality is the present day manifestation of the ox, and we are supposed to be up in the sixth center, but, you see, it is unnatural for the ox or the personality to be up in the sixth center because we are of the earth. We are of the root center, but the way this creation is set up is that this personality, this ox, this seraphim is just a different name for the same principle of different stages of growth. We are supposed to be nailed to the brow center because we are the wife of Christ Jesus, and we are leaving our natural land which is the earth, and we are going to live in heaven, and we are not of heaven. We are of the earth, but we are going to live where our husband is. So that is why the personality and the Fiery Serpent have to ascend, but she has to ascend under the control of her husband. Does that help you? OK.


I have to admit that this is one of the.... I have been teaching here for 11 years, and I have made only a couple of ....I cannot even call it a mistake, but this is only the third time in 11 years that I can think of where I really had to back up to the degree that I may be confusing you. I just really did not have it right. The Lord let me preach it that way because it was the best way that I could understand it at the time, and I was telling you that the Holy Spirit joins to your human spirit and conceives Christ. I preached that for a long time, and then one day He showed me that I did not have it exactly right, so you will have to roll with the punches. This is only the third time this has happened in 11 years. I am doing the best I can, but you are going to have to get rid of some ideas that you heard that were not right.


COMMENT: We are known now as Christ Jesus' son. When we get caught up will our name change to the seraphim?


PASTOR VITALE: No, who do you think we are? Who are we? We are the personality, and the personality is marrying Christ Jesus. He is the alien within us that is going to marry the woman. So when we get caught up we are Christ Jesus, but there is a part of us that is the Fiery Serpent. She is our spiritual virginity, and that part of us will be the seraphim, but we are going to marry the Lord Jesus Christ, and we will be Christ Jesus, but that part of us, that spiritual sexuality will become the seraphim.


COMMENT: What is the cherubim?


PASTOR VITALE: The cherub is the spiritual man within us, the New Man is the cherub. The spiritual man whether He is embodied or disembodied, that is what the cherub is. The Hebrew word translated cherub means imaginary creature. So the cherub is the creature that Jehovah imagined. We are not the creature that Jehovah imagined. We are in the Serpent's image, but when we are reformed in the image of Jehovah we will be the creature that Jehovah imagined, the spiritual man. The perfected spiritual man is the cherub.


COMMENT: If the cherubim is the perfected man, and the Fiery Serpent is the seraphim, how is the seraphim standing before the throne crying, Holy, Holy, Holy?


PASTOR VITALE: Well, that is referring to is that when the whole man is perfected the outermost layer is going to be the Fiery Serpent. The fact that she is saying Holy, Holy, Holy merely means that she is worshiping, that she is in submission to the glorified man. Just like the personality is up front. It is a scriptural principle, when you stand in front of God you are the personality. You cannot see Christ Jesus. What you see is the personality, and you see Christ Jesus shining through the personality.


So this glorified man is going to be shining through a personality, and the seraph is the personality. Remember, I said that the Fiery Serpent is the spiritual virginity of the personality so what they means, and remember it is poetry....and the seraph shall stand in front of the throne of God and say Holy, Holy, Holy, is poetry, but the principle that it is setting forth is that the spiritual man will shine through the personality, and, therefore, the scriptural expression is that the personality or the seraphim will stand in front of the throne of God. The throne of God which is Christ Jesus will shine forth through the personality.


COMMENT: I have this thought in my mind of all of us being like tiny pinworms, and we are all together, we come in the shape of a man, and while we have a lot of energy and vitality there is going to come like a tremendous power, like Jehovah just coming into us, and we are cells in His body that....like we are making a cover for Him so to speak. I know He is a cover for us, but....


PASTOR VITALE: We cover Him. He covers us spiritually with power, but we cover Him because He is invisible. The personality covers Jehovah. It is even in the Old Testament that He is going to do a new thing, that a woman shall compass a man. We are going to give Him form. He is the invisible God, and we are going to give Him form.


COMMENT: A woman shall compass a man, is that another name for cover?


PASTOR VITALE: To surround, yes, cover completely. Surround sound.


COMMENT: I can remember so many years ago going back and the Lord had me say this prophecy, that the Son of Man has no place to lay His head.


PASTOR VITALE: What you were getting into is very interesting, that the consciousness of the feet and the hands.


COMMENT: I was saying that we are all cells in Jehovah's body, but I do not understand how the cells in our toes and our feet, fingers, can have consciousness to be aware of who He is.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, I do not know about being aware of who Jehovah is, but I know that there is a whole school of occult thought on cellular consciousness, and there have been a lot of studies done that claimed that the smallest individual cell in the human body is conscious. Now they are not on conscious on the level that we are conscious, but, I have not really studied it deeply, but there is a whole school of thought that believes in cellular consciousness, that each individual cell of the human body has its own level of basic awareness, has its own function at its own level of consciousness. So we may think that we are very high here tonight, but compared to where the Lord Jesus is right now we may be functioning on a very low level of spiritual cellular consciousness. Everything is relative.


COMMENT: That sounds a little way out to hear you say that, but I remember you teaching a long time ago about a sperm. Nobody has to tell a sperm what to do, it knows what to do, and it does it.


PASTOR VITALE: So that is a level of consciousness, and all the cells of our body. No one tells us heart to pump, no one tells our liver cells to be a filter. Every cell is doing its job. It just popped into my mind that it is like the ant in the Book of Proverbs, it talks about the ant. It knows what it is supposed to do. Everyone does their job. Well, this body of Christ is all over the place. We are all killing each other and bumping into each other, and people are dying every day by friendly fire. We are a total mess, and I tell the Lord every time I think alone these lines that I am just really glad that I am not Him, that this is His job pulling this body of Christ together because I would not know where to begin. 


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