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I am reading from our Alternate Translation of the Book of Jonah, and it is, all of the verses are interspersed, so all I could tell you is it starts with Chapter 1 but it goes into other chapters. "So the mortal men of Nineveh repented because their land was not dry, but Satan the emotional sea within them raged and broke through and overcame them again. Wherefore Jonah cried to Jehovah saying, "Lord, Satan's emotional sea is destroying the emotional animal or the physical bodies of these men. Oh Lord please do not condemn them, but if it pleases you to do it, pardon them. So Jonah forgave the sins of the mortal men of Nineveh and King Adam in Jonah subjected Satan's emotional sea in the mortal men and stopped her raging. And the mortal men of Nineveh were astonished and exceeding revered Jehovah, and offered to sacrifice the Fiery Serpent their God to Jehovah, and promised Jehovah that they would confess their specific sins and repent."


The reason I have read you this is because I have been subject to a spiritual hurricane and tidal wave for a day and a half, and it has taken its toll on my physical body. Now I have been having these experiences for a long time, and I did this translation well over a year ago, and I think that I have had some ideas ever since I translated it, that this is a storm, and it is raging in my heart center, but you know I am really no different than you are, I am just a little bit ahead of you, and I tell you this all the time, in areas where I am not enlightened, I can be very dense and very dull, until the Lord enlightens that understanding that he wants to bring forth in me, and I think he has brought this understanding of this internal storm to me to at least today at least to a point that I have never understood it before.


Apparently brethren, everything that we can see happening outside in this world, tidal waves, storms, everything that is happening these days, earthquakes, if you can hear it, all of things take, can and do take place in our heart center. Our heart center is the true visible world. This world that we see is just a reflection of the true visible world, and the Lord gave this revelation, I think when we translated Ezekiel 1, that the heart center is the visible world, the place from which the image is projected, and spiritual storms and all forms of disturbance, such as we can see in this world, actually take place internally, and the only one that is aware of it, is the person that it is happening to. When we have a storm in this world everybody could see it. You cannot deny it, but when it happens to an individual, people surrounding him cannot see with their eyes, unless they are a spiritual person, they are totally unaware of it. And I am convinced that a lot if not all mentally ill people go through these kinds of spiritual experiences without any understanding or any means to deal with it, and people think you are crazy, but we have to know and the Lord wants the world to know that these spiritual storms and these spiritual upheavals are very real. And I understand them today more then ever before.


So I would like to share with you my understanding which I am sure is incomplete, but this is my understanding to date, and this revelation has been seeping into my understanding for a while now. I think I have been resisting it because it is not pleasant you know, and the truth that is coming to me is that spiritual warfare is a warfare by which the mind of your opponent if he can do it literally penetrates your spiritual being. It's a form of spiritual intercourse, it is a form a spiritual rape, just like sex makes the physical world, physical sex makes the world go around, it is not, it is one of the if not the primary driving force of our society, human sexuality, there is a spiritual sexuality, whereby there are forces in this world that are continuously seeking to make connection, and to join and to dominate. And we know that in human sexuality, if it is to any measure in what we would call a healthy form, the male dominates. The Scripture clearly says that when a man has sexual intercourse with a woman he humbles her.


Now what that means is that the very emotional response to the act between a physical male and a physical female, if it is done in a healthy form, is that the male feels and is in fact dominate, and the woman comes into submission to him, that is the fruit of the act. So this spiritual sexual intercourse, that is raging everywhere, people just cannot see it and they are not aware of it, it has its same goals, it is a mind, it is a spirit flowing through a mind that is seeking to dominate and humble another mind, or another person, and these, the spirit of the mind, when it wages war against another person, penetrates them enters into their spiritual being, and does whatever it is going to do in that person's very energy centers, mostly in the heart center. It is a penetration of another person's spiritual being and a manipulation of that penetrated person's energy by an outside force. And this is what spiritual warfare is. So when these storms take place in me, what is happening to me and I just hold myself up as an example to you, I do not wish these experiences on you, and I honestly do not know, I cannot tell you that your experience will be exactly the same as mine, I cannot, but what I am here to do is make you aware of what I am going through so that if it should come to pass, that you have an experience such as this, you should not be totally unequipped to deal with it. At least you should hopefully recognize what is happening as some measure of defense because it is emotionally and intellectually devastating you know if you do not have a grip on it, you think you are losing your mind.


And I have been going through this for years, and it is still very difficult, and I will get into exactly what I experienced over this day and a half and all that I could tell you is that I held my ground to the degree that when these storms come in, they come in as a driving force that manifests in the average human being as a compulsion. So that means you will feel, you will feel led to be compulsive in any area that you have a weakness. If you have a weakness towards alcohol and a storm like this comes in, you will be in the corner bar, if you have a compulsion towards drugs, you will be out there looking to shoot up. If your compulsion or these are weaknesses in us, these are all sin in us, it comes to stir up our sin, so if you have any tendency at all towards adultery, you will be out there looking for another partner other than your mate, and praise be to God my weaknesses are at the bottom of the list, I mean it is still sin, but when I get hit like this, my tendencies are to overeat, and sometimes to purchase things that I should not purchase. We know a lot of people have a real problem with their credit cards and they are engaged in compulsive spending. It is very mild in me, I may go out and spend $20 that I should not have spent, I am not racking up thousands of dollars on a credit card, but as far as the Lord is concerned, it is the same sin, it is compulsive spending, but I have got it under control, thank God I have got it under control, and there was a time when I would get hit with something like this and I would severely overeat, I did not severely overeat, I ate more than I should, but I did not severely overeat, and I was under a tremendous compulsion to well this sounds crazy but to run out and buy a very expensive laptop computer which I absolutely fought off, I absolutely did not do it.


So I did not, the only extra money that I spent was maybe I ate out a little more than I normally would have, I have not bought to cook in the house. So as far as I am concerned, I have taken a tremendous victory, do you understand what I am saying, this storm comes in, and its purpose is to stir up sin in you, its purpose is to make you lose control, its purpose is to make you lose control of all of your weaknesses that you are walking in victory over. So praise be to God my weaknesses are not any of the really serious ones, but of the two weaknesses that I have, I just manifested a very little bit and that is a challenge.


If Satan can come in like a storm and bring a storm into your life, maybe she will stir you up to have a fight with your mate you know, maybe your weakness is your mouth, you know, maybe you will tell somebody some confidential information. But you know at any of these things, we thank God that we are not committing adultery or robbing banks or shooting up heroin, when Satan comes in, but technically speaking, at the root of the whole thing, even if you just overeat, if you overeat because you are driven by a compulsion, it is the same sin at its root as the one who shoots up heroin, only it is more extreme in the other person. So I do not want you to think that I am minimizing the fact that sin was stirred up in me, I am not, I am just praising God that he is so powerful in my life that he is so powerful in my life and that he has given me so much deliverance that this was the only extent that this was as far as the compulsion would go.


But the truth of the matter is that I did lose some control, but it was absolutely minimal, and compared to years past when I faced storms like this. So this is what the Lord is telling me that other people's, the spirit of other people's mind, this is what happened to me, absolutely penetrated me, entered in to my heart center, brought a storm that can be likened to a noreaster that we could see, and in this case it was so severe that they actually manipulated my lower centers, what do I mean? This lust for a laptop computer, where does lust come from? It comes from the third energy center, lust for material things, it manipulated and stirred up my third energy center, and I fell asleep and I was sexually attacked, so apparently, and I have not been sexually attacked in my sleep in years, I cannot remember the last time. So this storm that entered in to my heart center, it was powerful enough to work its way downward and have some effect, it had a strong effect on my navel center, you know, I just refused to act on it, but in my mind, the sin was raging, I just would not do anything about it, and then apparently when I went to sleep, it somewhat manipulated my root energy center.


So it was very powerful and it has weakened my body. Now I want you to understand that none of us are the same, we are all a mixture of factors, I happened to be very strong spiritually, it is really hard to overturn me spiritually, I am not telling you it is impossible, but it is really hard to overturn me spiritually, and if you can usually my recuperative powers are very, very strong, and this is just given, I do not take any credit for it, I do not know how I got this way, OK. But my weakness is in my body, my physical body is weak and when Satan can weaken your physical body, she weakens your whole being, I mean the strongest physical man, when you can wound them, if they are in the army, if you can shoot them or cut them with a knife, you bring down their strength. So my spiritual strength definitely, I have it is called an Achilles' heel, definitely have a weak spot, that if Satan can hit me hard enough, it touches me physically and it hinders me somewhat, although I am doing much better now, as you all know years ago I was really sick. But what happened to me yesterday was I went to bed at 6:30, and at that point I just gave up, I was praying for a message, I guess this is the message today, because as of early this morning, I had no formal message, so I guess this is the message, I am going to share my experience with you.


Well I slept for two hours from 6:30 to 8:30, and that was when I was sexually attacked, but I also had a dream, and I guess you have not read any of your email, yeah, well I do have a good word for you, it was an interesting dream and you were in it, and it was a real blessing to me. In this dream you were, I forgot most of it, but there were two main things that I remembered, you were lying face down, I cannot tell you what you were lying on, I am not sure, obviously it was a bed, but you were completely dead, you were just completely dead, I mean even when a person sleeps you know you could see their breathing or whatever, you were just dead weight, completely dead, all I could see was the back of your head, and I wanted to wake up, and someone said to me, do not wake her up. And I said no, I am going to wake her up, and I woke you up, so you rose from the dead.


Spiritually we are all dead, until we come alive, Christ Jesus has to start manifesting in us to the level where we can say we are spiritually alive, and you have not been at that level yet, you are just coming into it now, and you have been in big war, I have been in a big war with the subconscious and unconscious aspects of your mind, and this dream says that I woke you from the dead, now of course that is Christ in me, so that is very good news, and you woke up and you woke up as a man out of a deep sleep, saying who, what is going on here, where am I what is going on, but you were fully awake and you said, I have to get to Xxxxxx, and you just went off to Xxxxxx, and as of yesterday I did not know what that meant, but I think that it means that you are going to follow the path that Xxxxxx has followed, because Xxxxxx had a very hard time getting started with this exposure of her sin nature, but she is really put all her strength to it now, and she has a lot of understanding that she did not have at the beginning. So at this point this is what I think that it means, that is it is a very good word and exciting word to you, and I think that part of this that what I have been through is Satan's opposition to me waking you up. Not just from you but the notes that I gave you will talk about that, but I believe there was a convention of ministers who were either were actually praying towards me or talking very much about me, and I will tell you why, I think that also.


So it is no coincidence that it all came in at the same time. So Satan will send these forces against you, and anyone when you have an assignment in Christ to do anything that is going to glorify God, you need to know that all the forces of hell will come against you. And I have been telling you for a long time, well everybody here, you know everybody that God sends to me, they are all very, very, very strong spiritually, but you all come here with a sinful nature, I means me too when I started out, that is the way it is, you got this spiritual strength inside of you, but you come with a carnal mind that is all messed up, and very strong and all filled with wrong thinking, and it is covering over, and not only is it covering over, this carnal mind is using your spiritual strength. So even if Christ is in you, your spiritual strength is given over to your carnal mind, so it takes a warfare to, it takes a warfare to get your spiritual strength away from your carnal mind and in the power of Christ in you. And it takes a warfare that nobody is capable of doing themselves. This is my understanding from the Lord, that you need help from Christ Jesus in other men, because you are so blinded to what is going on yourself that you cannot even fight for yourself.


So there is a tremendous war in heaven every time a believer really moves into the kingdom. Now you have to understand that when you have the Holy Spirit, that is not what I am talking about, and maybe there is a big war when you get the Holy Spirit, I am not saying not, but I know that when it comes to this point that your spiritual power which is witchcraft, we are all moving in witchcraft until we transfer over into Christ. We may not know it, it may be shocking to us when we hear it, it may be devastating and embarrassing to us when we find what the truth is, that because of our condition, all of our, 99% of our spiritual power is given over to witchcraft, that is the way of this world. So it is a warfare between those who are already, who have already laid hold of their spiritual power, or at least a large part of it, and have given it over to Christ Jesus and the only way you can do that, is to be continuously killing your carnal mind, cause she is not going to let it go. So the Lord will raise up people who are already victorious in this warfare to assist the people who he wants to come into this same position, but just do not have the strength or the power or the understanding to do it themselves, and there comes to pass a tremendous warfare between the people who are already moving in this ministry, and the person who could be praying everyday to enter in to this ministry, but does not have the vision or the wherewithal to separate herself from her own carnal mind.


So the warfare arises between the people raised up to deliver you, if you will from yourself, that is the truth of it, that is what it is all about. We have to be delivered from our self, and the people who are fighting to help you are fighting against Satan, your unconscious mind and Leviathan your subconscious mind and it is beyond you, it is beyond your ability to do anything about it, it is beyond your ability to stop it. So if I get beat up, I get beat up because of my service to the Lord, and there should be no condemnation in anybody here. This is what I am called to, I cannot do anything else, I have done it for several people already, and I cannot even tell you, all I could say is this is what I am called to and I cannot do anything else, you know, so that is just the way it is.


But what came in this weekend was, I think it was partially your subconscious mind, but then Satan stirred support for herself by bringing in this seminar where according to these notes that I gave you to read, they were half of the time condemning the ministries that are opposing their doctrine. Now I do not know whether they were directly, it could have, I do not know whether they actually named my name, or whether they just had me in mind, I do not know whether they prayed prayers against me or whether they were just talking about me, but it was too strong and one of the things that yesterday morning that was ripping through my mind, where there came up a particular preacher, I do not want to put his name on the message, who I do not really think as far as I know had anything to do with this seminar, but I have told you many times that when you get memories in your carnal mind very frequently the wrong person comes up, every dream you have, every word of knowledge that you have, you really have to put it before the Lord because it could be that person in the dream, I think that dream was about you, you know when I fell asleep, but more often a person in the dream is about somebody else, so you have to pray about everything.


You look at the dream or the memory and you form an opinion and you say, Lord did I do it right, do I have it right Lord, I do not want to believe a lie, do I have it right. Everything has to go pass the Lord see. So I had this minister in my mind and to the best of my knowledge he had nothing to do with this seminar and I was in war with him in my mind and the thought in my mind, it was an actual memory, I never hear from this man, as far as his mailing list goes, but we produced a couple of new books over the last six months or so, and both times that I sent him a copy of our books, I got something in the mail from him under a label that made it look like a regular mailing, I got two or three books, actually they were Preston Eby's books, because a lot of people look towards Preston Eby as the unofficial head of the kingdom Church, but of course I do not agree with what he preaches.


So I was having this war in my mind with this preacher, and I am saying, you know what your problemis , you know, I never get any mailings from you unless I mail you a book, and then what I get in the mail from you is the book of a man who has the opposite doctrine than I do, I am going to write to that man, and I am going to say, what is your problem, if you have something to say to me, why do not you say it to my face, all of this stuff, I know that is not the right thing to do, this was raging through my mind, again a driving force to write to this man and say well , let your yea be yea, and your nay be nay, because a lot of the ministry are out of order today, they do not come to you, they are not honest with you, they beat around the bush, they communicate with you in a manner that denies you the privilege of responding to them, it is wrong, it is the sin of pride in the Church, that is the way it is, I am not to take it on unless or until Jesus tells me to take it on.


So I was driven in my mind to write this man, and what does all this mean? I did not get it yesterday, well I did get it yesterday, I said Lord what is going on, is someone talking about me? I knew that it had to do with ministers opposing this message, and I knew that this seminar, I had known a week ago about this seminar, but I had forgotten all about it, I was in such distress, all I could do was cry out to God all morning, saying Lord I do not even know what is wrong, and these thoughts going through my mind are wrong, and I will not act on them. But there was a driving pressure, driving, driving pressure, if you can just imagine yourself out in a noreaster without the protection of this house, and maybe you do not even have the protection of a warm coat, just rain pelting down on you and the winds just blowing you, I do not know how else to describe it to you. Or maybe being hit with a water hose, if you are doing a public protest, sometimes they take out the water hose and push the people back, I do not know any other way of telling you, or trying to help you to understand what I have been through.


Right now my eyes are burning in my head, my body was physically shaking when I woke up, it is just trembling a little now, I have physical weaknesses, it gets me physically, but I used to get a lot sicker than I get now, I am not complaining, I just want you to understand what happened here, that different people have different strengths, and we all have to know where we are and what we have got, we have to believe that the Lord is not going to let us be destroyed, that if he has given us this ministry, that I do not believe he is going to let me be destroyed, but for whatever reason, he does let me get beat, and depending on your weaknesses that is the degree to which you get beat, you know. So that is the way it is with these spiritual storms that I just read to you about in our alternate translation of Jonah, they are real.


Now you might be saying to me, Sheila why am I not experiencing this, why are you experiencing this? And the only answer that I can give you that I have right now is that the reason that I get hit so hard is that I am actually challenging Leviathan, when I go forth in the Spirit of Christ to bring someone or many of you into the kingdom, to raise up Christ Jesus in you, Leviathan attacks me. This is what Jesus was talking about when he said how can you enter into a strong man's house to take his goods, unless you bind the strong man. If you look up that Greek word that means goods, it means his wife. You are all Leviathan's wife, and I am still his wife too but I am in total rebellion against him. I am still married to Leviathan but I am not living with him, I have completely rejected him and I am living with Christ Jesus. So anything that I do to bring you into the kingdom, what does that mean to take your spiritual energy away from Leviathan, and transfer it into Christ Jesus, Leviathan himself and I am saying himself because we know she is female, but Leviathan is the male aspect of the Serpent's kingdom, he is the subconscious mind of the whole human race, he is not just coming from your mind, it is all of the power of the Serpent's sea coming against me, because I am trying to steal his wife.


So there is something about doing the ministry of Christ Jesus that raises up a storm in you that does not manifest if you are doing other things, I do not have all the answers, I do not have all the answers, but somehow you have become more vulnerable when you do this kind of work, and that all of the weaknesses that you have in this world, have to be compensated for, that is why I have a such a small group that I am doing this for. I physically would not survive a large group, but as each one of you come in, as each one of you come in and your energy is transferred into Christ Jesus, and you start moving more and more in that victory, then it is not me alone anymore, it is the whole body, and we will be able to take on more people at one time. And I had this word for you, for you as a group, at least five or six years ago, that as soon as you all come in, the ministry is going to expand, now a lot has happened here, you have all come under discipline, you are all doing very well, but you have got to, your energy has to be sliced away from Leviathan and start manifesting through Christ Jesus, that is what you are up to now. We could never work on this, until you came under discipline, which you all have come under discipline, so now we are really up against Leviathan. This is the real thing, you are all getting divorced, and going into your new husband, and she is raging.


So I guess what I wanted to do was to share this experience with you but the emphasis is on what I have to even get into my head that to experience a storm like this means that this storm was comprised of the spirit of many minds that penetrated me, so it was suppose to have, it penetrated my armor, I had a weakness somewhere, I do not get it completely, I know that I have the physical weaknesses, but I really do not get it how they penetrated my spiritual armor, and the only answer that I have because I have been going through this for years, the only answer that I have is that my armor is not fully built yet, and that my armor may not be fully built unless you are in the sixth center when Christ Jesus is fortified, that is the only answer that I have at this time.


I think the kind of storm that I experienced, everybody doing this kind of work will experience but everybody will not have the physical weaknesses that I have. So it was not so bad, I just went to bed early last night that is all, and I lost a day a half studying, that should be the worst thing that should happen to me. But the emphasis is our penetration by a spiritual storm and a spiritual storm is comprised of several minds, it can be conscious but it does not have to be conscious, can be subconscious and unconscious that are in agreement. Now I do not know how many, there was several men at this seminar, if they were having a conversation about me, there would be at least four strong minds against me. Now for all I know in their mind they were praying well let her see, let her hear the truth you know. I do not know what words they were praying, they were praying against or talking against the spirit that is in me, and the spirit of their mind came together, just like the Scripture talks about a cloud, a great cloud of witnesses, their spirits vibrated out of their body, formed a spiritual cloud that turned into, and storms do come out of clouds, and that spiritual storm went right towards me and penetrated me, and did everything it could to manipulate me and control me, and what was interesting and I do not understand all of this, one of the major drives on me yesterday was to get out of here, I just wanted to go away, now I do not feel that way today, I am saying Lord, I do not know what is wrong with my mind, maybe I just need a vacation, maybe I am overworked, I am thinking about all the places I can go, I know I have an open invitation in South Carolina, I can go there, I can go to my daughter, I can go to Boca, and I am just saying if I just had this laptop computer I could even go to my sister's house, I just got to get away from this place. My sister lives alone in a very big house, I could be there for three days and never see her, and that is what was driving me. So what does that mean? I am not sure, but my guess might be, that they were trying to force me away from what I am doing.


Now it never entered my mind to give up the message, I am so strong in this, I mean Jesus just has me, I am just so strong in this message, I do not think anybody could do that, the worst they could do to me in my opinion, from what I have seen with regard to the message, is that they can cover me over so that they cut me off from any new revelation for the time being until the Lord delivers me, but the message is too strong in me, and they cannot turn me against that as far as I know, but there was a driving force on me to just get out of the area, just for a couple of days, I was saying Lord it does not even have to be for a long time, just two or three days, I just have to get away, I am going crazy in this place, I got to get out of here, you know, but I do not feel that way now, so this storm was raging and that is how it was manifesting on me, that I have got to get this portable computer and I have got to get out of here, why would I want the computer because I had no intention of stopping working you know, and I do not know why it was manifesting like that, I really do not know why, maybe someday the Lord will explain it to me, but maybe he will not.


Is not that funny, I think it is funny you know, and then it petered out about 6:00 last night, the storm stopped raging, I had a full perception that the storm stopped raging, all the pressure was off of my heart center and I just sort of went limp like someone who's really been beaten, and I said, I was just sitting in front of the computer asking the Lord for a message, saying Lord I do not have any message, I did not preach Thursday, and I do not have any message for tomorrow, and I just felt so limp, and I said well Lord I am just in your hands, and I just went to bed and I slept for two hours from 6:30 to 8:30, and I had that dream and I was attacked sexually, and then I got up, and I was still pretty weak, so I just knew I was not going to work anymore last night, and I said, Lord I do not have a message, but this is my message I guess.


Well I wanted to get your opinion of the notes, now the notes that you have, I do not want to put anyone's name on this message, but the Lord does have somebody serving him that is in this Church where this seminar took place where they are preaching the manifestation of the false sons of God, that is what they are preaching, and that person sent me this email, that you just read, these notes that you just read. A copy of his email to me is to what happened at the seminar, which I had completely forgotten about. So I would like to go around the room and I would just in as few words as possible what you got out of this email, it is just a page, a little more than a page. Can you start Xxxx? You go next Xxxx.


COMMENT: The only thought that is coming to me is think of the man saying that we are being brought back to our circle position, and I know circle has to do with the Serpent, witchcraft.


PASTOR VITALE: That is interesting, now this man, I know where he is coming from, because he follows Preston Eby's teachings and Preston Eby had a whole book called the law of circularity, that everything comes back to the point that it starts at, and of course Jesus saying, I am the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end, and it does seem to fit in to that doctrine. But I believe when he says circle here he says we are being brought back to our circle position. What that is saying is this teaching that we the human beings who we are that we always were the sons of God, and we are being raised up as the sons of God again. But it is my understanding that this is not true, it is my understanding that the Serpent's crowd is taking advantage of the spiritual naivety of human beings.


Now let me remind you that humanity, human beings, the Bible even refers to us if you look up in the original language as the herd of humanity, we are a herd of animals and we are a species, we are the chosen species, the species that is been chosen to be inhabited by a higher life form, and the higher life form that is inhabiting us right now is who? Who's inhabiting us right now anybody? Nobody knows the answer? Yes?


COMMENT: Leviathan, right now.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, this is the Serpent's household is inhabiting the herd of humanity at this time, but we are stolen, we belong to Jehovah, and it is suppose to be the Lord Jesus Christ's household, that is inhabiting us. But this is I mean this is a hard word, Jesus said, I have much to tell you but you cannot bear it now. This is part of it, we that part of us that lives in this outer world, this part of us that gets married and has children and gets a job, and has parties, and everything, we are the herd of humanity, and that there is a Serpentine life form indwelling us, and it is the purpose of this Serpentine life form to make contact with us who are here in outer darkness. We have a mind, it is called the conscious mind, but this Serpentine life form is deep in our spiritual being, and that Serpentine life form is another mind that wants to make contact with our conscious mind, it is just like saying you put a cowboy on the back of a horse, and the horse has its own mind, but the mind of the cowboy overshadows the mind of the horse, and eventually they become one mind, the horse does whatever the cowboy wants him to do. For the horse to move in a particular direction, this cowboy is not causing the horse to move in a particular direction, the mind of the horse, if want to get up from this chair, it is my brain that has to get me up from the chair. So if the horse is going to go to the right or to the left, that physical horse is only going to the right or the left because the brain of the horse has directed the body to go to the right or the left. But the mind of the cowboy is influencing the mind of the horse. It is not the mind of the cowboy that is causing the physical horse to move, the mind of the cowboy is influencing the mind of the horse which is influencing the physical body of the horse, can you hear that?


So we are born with a Serpentine life form that is seeking to make contact with our conscious mind, we are the horse, and she wants to bring our conscious mind, this Serpentine life form within us wants to influence our conscious mind so that our physical body and that all of our person should do what she wants us to do, just like a cowboy and a horse.


So it is not true, and I have not read Preston Eby's law of circularity in a long time, so I do not really know what he says in that book, this is just my thoughts on the issue, OK. It is not true that we existed eons ago as sons of God, and that we have been in the earth having all of these experiences and now that we learned to dominate the earth we are coming back to our godhood which we had when before we entered in to the flesh, that is not true of you and me, we are the horse.


This is true of the Serpentine mind, that is inside of us, can you hear that? So it is just the pride of man that is willing to believe this doctrine, that we are coming back to our original condition, no, the personality and the physical man which are one, we are the leaves on the tree, there is a tree of the knowledge of good and evil, it is in the earth, and it keeps putting out new leaves and the leaves exist for a season, and they dry up and they die, and the root, and the branch of the tree put forth new leaves, we have not been around for eons. The tree has been around for eons, and the tree signifies the Serpentine life form that is in our subconscious and our conscious mind. So what these people do not understand, these human beings that have been taken, that have been snared in their own pride, is that their agreement with this doctrine is bringing them closer and closer to the Serpentine life form within them, and as soon as that Serpentine cowboy, I am just trying to help you understand this, do you understand what I mean, as soon as that Serpentine cowboy makes contact with the mind of the men who are so lifted up in pride that they want to believe that they are going to be the sons of God in the height of this pride, you know the Serpentine mind is going to overshadow the mind of these men and they will be captives. Do you understand what I am saying?


I have a revelation, do you understand what I am saying? I have a revelation that we are going to be sons of God, and that I am going to be a son of God, but along with this revelation I fully understand that I will completely overshadowed by Christ Jesus, that I must die to everything that I am, and that I must be willing to give up anything that I have that the Lord takes away from me knowing full well and having confidence...


...shelter and food, and of course his word, you know whatever I need to survive, I will always have that, and knowing that, I have to be willing to give up anything and everything that he would take from me, and I fully expect to be completely overshadowed by him, and be his servant, but that is not what these men are saying, they think they are the sons. I know I am the horse, I got it, you know, I got it, I am the horse, and I have got a revelation that when the mind of Christ Jesus overshadows the mind of this animal, that I will be exalted through union with him, and that I will be everything that a son of God is, but only through a complete dying only through complete submission and death, but that is not what these men are thinking, they think they are it, and they are going to be captured, because of their pride.


Did you finish what you had to say? Xxxx would you like to tell us what you have?


COMMENT: My reaction to this was that person says he is God manifesting in the flesh, and has a single I, I think that if he was God manifesting in the flesh, that others would be seeing it, and that he did not have to say it.


PASTOR VITALE: OK, you are on.


COMMENT: The one thing that I see at the top is he says we are no longer separate from God, we are with him. We are separate from God, and he does not understand that, God does not, why does dry things up, he is making preparation for us into a new dimension. We are not even dried up yet, we got so much to be repenting of and a coming into this complete salvation which we do not have, we do not have salvation yet. And it is too, eventually God will be drying up the five fold ministries and the ministers of Passover and Pentecost, but we are not there yet, and he is believing that he is there, and that they do not have confess sins anymore.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, I think what he is talking about is that Pentecost is being dried up, what he means by that is the anointing is being withdrawn all across the Church world, and this man says further on down that his ministry was dried up until this other man came to him and gave him life. So I think that you did not understand that Xxxxxx, that the Church age is being dried up at this time, and the Church age is being dried up in preparation for the Lord to bring us into a new dimension. He is drying up the five fold ministry, and he is drying up the gifts. The problem is that there is a counterfeit anointing coming forth, there is a counterfeit child being caught up, there is two resurrections, there is the counterfeit time line and there is the manchild in a counterfeit manchild being caught up. Now if this man's testimony is that his ministry was dried up and that new life came into this, came into this ministry when this other man came to him, well then I have to come to the conclusion, and I am sorry to be confusing but I do not want to put anyone's name on this message, that the man that is doing the discipling, that he is moving in a strong spirit of witchcraft, if he has the power to impart a false anointing to other men, if he is raising up disciples unto himself. And I have to tell you that the Lord has been showing me this man for a long time, I have not faced the fact, either I really did not see it or I was in some measure of denial, I am not sure, as to the degree of witchcraft that this man is moving in, that he is actually going out and drawing disciples unto himself and actually has the spiritual power to give these disciples an anointing.


But what I am really getting at here, I am sorry you are on the hot seat again today, what I am really getting at was that this was not what you said in your email to me last night. So I emailed this to all of you, but Xxxxxx was the only one who got it. Do you remember what you said in your email to me. Well your response to this, do you remember what your response was?


COMMENT: That the pastor of this particular Church was using witchcraft?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes and then what did you say?


COMMENT: This person who sent the email causing him to want to be into that Church?


PASTOR VITALE: So I want to point out to you that you were completely seduced, and you were completely seduced in your original response to this email, because out of reading this whole email, for those of you who are reading the message, it is basically a report of what was being taught at this seminar and how these men feel that they are the sons of God, and somehow the one point that you pulled out of it, was that the man who Jesus sent in there to send this report that he needs prayer, that was the one thing that you pulled out of it, that was what your email said to me out of reading this whole email, you said, Yeah, I am going to be praying for this man, I think there is a seduction on him to disciple him, and I am going to pray for him. And that was a seduction of Satan on your mind, OK, because at the very top of the email, as I told you all, everybody that wants to study under me, you are challenged to not draw a wrong conclusion about me, because of my physical weaknesses, and I need all this prayer all this time because I have these physical weaknesses. So you are all challenged to not be swayed by my physical weaknesses, I am everything that Christ Jesus says I am in the spirit, but I am very needy and I need a lot of help and a lot of prayer because I get afflicted physically, and not so much anymore but I use to get afflicted severely in my emotions, and these driving spirits come on me and all that.


So when I sent you this email this is what I said, I was hit pretty hard Friday afternoon, and all day Saturday, and the following is a report from so and so, I think this had a lot to do with my troubles, that is what I said to you. I am desperate, I am being beaten to a pulp, OK, and out of the whole report you came to the conclusion that someone who did not need any help that you are take your energy and your prayers away from me and give them to somebody who was fine. So you have to ask yourself how you came to that conclusion. You understand what I said to you? OK.


No, you only have so much energy, you only have so much energy, but do not take it the wrong way, this is not an issue of you are given him what is mine, that is not the issue, the issue is that your mind was diverted. Your mind was diverted, out of this whole email, you pulled something out of here that was not even, that is not even accurate, can you see that at all? There is no indication that this person even needs help, this is a very strong person, I have never in any way come before the group and told you, I have told you what is going on with him a little bit, I never in any way indicated that he needs help, he is very strong OK, so what you have done is you have imputed weakness to somebody who's strong, you know. I want to say that again, you have imputed weakness to somebody who is strong and there it is right at the top of the email, I am the one that is being killed, so why would you impute weakness to someone who is strong, and divert your attention from the person who is being killed.


So Satan got a foothold in there with you. Now one of your greatest challenges is to discipline your mind, because your mind is all over the place, and you draw conclusions that are more than fifty percent of the time wrong, because you are too quick, you do not pray, you are just too quick with these things that come out of you, OK. So I do not know I felt the Lord wanted me to tell you about this, Satan had to find place in you, because we are supposed to be of one mind and one accord, OK, and I am the leader so I am suppose to direct your attention, I am directing your attention to this email, and you are all the way out in left field, you are all the way out in left field. So there had to be loop hole for Satan to get you to do that. Because what you did was you imputed weakness to someone who was strong, and I know that over the years, I have talked to you about that, that you impute weakness to people who are strong, OK. So there had to be a reason for it, and I know you are going to be shocked you know, but I want to suggest to you that it was a spirit of envy, yeah, OK, and I want to talk about this to the whole group. I am sorry you are the hot spot one, OK. But it is a big challenge to us to recognize that the spiritual assignments that we get in the spiritual office that we have, has nothing whatsoever to do with how much time we have put in, how long we have been studying, how many messages we listen to, it has nothing to do with our works, its really an issue of what is given, that the people who Jesus is calling in this hour, his mind is much higher than our mind and he only has one purpose in his mind, to deliver this whole world from the Serpent.


He has mercy on us, and he gives us ministries and he gives us things to do, and he understands that we are all in our own way, we are all childish, all of us, and that we all need to feel important, but the bottom line is that he, and I tell you this a lot on Mondays you know, if I correct you in the way you do some office work or something like that, my only goal is the smooth running of the ministry, I am not out to pick on you or to get you, or to show you up, I want this ministry to run. And in the same manner, Jesus is saying, I want my plan to run, I want my ministry, my spiritual ministry to run, and this way I choose people, I give assignments based on their abilities, it has nothing to do with your works, you could be the most faithful person in the world, but he is not going to give an assignment that you cannot do. And we do not all come into the world with the same qualities, I have got this physical weakness, I thank God I am doing better than I was doing fifteen years ago, but I still have physical weaknesses, and I have to live with that and I have to accept that fact, until the day comes that Jesus deals with me in this area, I am limited in what I could do because of my physical weaknesses, so when it comes to spiritual assignments and assignments in the kingdom, and even assignments in this ministry, it has nothing whatsoever to do with your faithfulness to the ministry, with your works here, with your attendance at the meetings, with your giving, it has nothing to do with it, that is what it is like in the world, you get rewarded for these things in the world, you know you are faithful, and you attend meetings and whatever else you do, and then when a promotion comes you expect a promotion, but it is not like that in the kingdom of God, the Lord is going to send in the one who is most qualified, and some people are qualified, spiritually speaking nobody's qualified from anything that they've done, I did not qualify to do this job from anything that I have done. All that I have done is that I was willing to put in the work to develop what the Lord put in me. I was willing to suffer the loss and go through everything I went through, I was born a tremendous drive to go forward, but spiritually speaking it is not even me, it is him in me. I was just talking to you about the Serpentine life form that is born in to every human being, there is a supernatural life form in me, his name is Christ Jesus, and he got in there somehow. I believe I was born with the root of David, and then Jesus Christ came and he has latched on the root of David in me, and they are like a ramrod in me, they are so strong, it is nothing I have done.


So this person who has this assignment has an undercover assignment, he is in this Church and whatever the Lord is doing through him there, and he is functioning on his own, because he is qualified. I do not know what it would be like if he was here on a regular basis and I had to be judging his sins like I am judging yours, I do not know, I know that I have judged his sins somewhat, long distance, and I know that the man's in complete submission to me as far as I could see, but it was Jesus who sent him in, and it was Jesus who gave him this kind of an assignment, and it has nothing to do with the fact that he is the newest person in the ministry, apparently he could handle it, and apparently he is very strong, and I will tell you something else, and I have told you this before, there is a strength as far as I am concerned, some may disagree with me, there is a strength in physical manhood, that very, very few women have, I am not saying it is impossible for a woman to have the emotional and the physical and the intellectual strengths of a man, I am not saying it is impossible, but I am saying that the average woman does not have the physical strength of a man, and the average woman does not even have the emotional strength of a man.


I think a lot of women these days are having the intellectual strength, but even so it is not the typical women, OK. He's first of all he is young, he is physically strong, he has a law enforcement background, that means his mind is very strong, and he has just moved right in, and he has a spirit of righteousness, cause you cannot go in and be judging people's sins if the spirit of righteousness is not functioning in you. There is no condemnation if you do not have the spirit of righteousness, but you have to able to recognize the unrighteousness of what is being preached. That is the way this ministry works, when Jesus sends you in, you sit in this congregation, and you listen to what they are saying and Christ Jesus in you, now your personality has to be in agreement with it, you have to know, that is wrong, he is preaching that and that is wrong, that is not what the doctrine of Christ preaches.


So your personality has to be lined up with Christ Jesus, and this spirit of righteousness has to be functioning in you, and any judgment that comes down it has to come down from Christ Jesus in you. Your personality has to be in submission. You have to be the horse, and apparently he is doing it, I mean no one's more surprised than me. All I know is he sends me all these emails, he tells me everything that is going on, and even the way, what led up to, there was a judgment executed, the judgment was that the pastor here will reap what he has sown, but that came forth under the anointing, you have to understand that. When I say a judgment was executed, it was that this pastor is corrupting the minds of people who do not know better, and he will surely reap what he has sown. It came forth from Christ Jesus in this man, and that means it must come to pass. Now we all know that we reap what we sow, but that is the Satanic judgment, when Christ Jesus says you will surely reap what you sow, it is a whole different ball game. And the whole thing that led up to it, he did not even know that he executed a judgment, I had to tell him he did it, he did not even know that he executed a judgment.


And the whole thing that led up to it, was that the Lord had put him in a study, had shown him a message, it touched his heart, he went and got the transcript of the message, read it over again, and Christ Jesus was working in him, and this judgment came forth from Christ Jesus in him. His personality heard what the man was saying, his personality and Christ Jesus recognized it was a false doctrine that was leading to the destruction of these people, and Christ Jesus worked in him through, it does not have to be one of my messages, but it can be, through one of my messages, and stirred up and came forth with a judgment. Can you understand what I am saying at all? No one has any control over this, I go through this a lot.


It is my job to understand what is going on, because Christ Jesus, to execute judgment through you, the personality has to be actively working with Christ Jesus. So the personality presents itself either in the Church or to the book or to the message, and the information comes in that Christ Jesus lays a hold of and in conjunction with the personality Christ Jesus in conjunction with the personality, based on the spiritual truth that is flowing in that person's heart and mind will bring forth a righteous judgment. you are preaching false doctrine, this false doctrine is hurting these people that do not know any better, Christ Jesus has seen it and has noted it and you shall surely reap what you have sown. Now no one even taught him this. You know some people are just naturals, and we all have to accept that. And if the day ever comes, I know that I am prepared, if the day ever comes that a greater than I appears, I am going to have to step down.


Personally I would be surprised if it happens, but I would be a fool to not know that it could happen, and that if it does happen, I have to step aside, just like John the Baptist stepped aside for Jesus. So, we all are who we are, and we are where we are, and we have to know that there will be people coming in the last minute who can have the kind of assignments that we have never even experienced yet, and we have to deal with that. This is why the most important thing that we have to do is to deal with our own sins, and you have a lot of competition, and envy, now that is just immaturity, you know Paul said it is immaturity, but if you do not know that it is there, you are going to really stumble over it, you know. And our prayer should be, Lord help us to not be building our own ministry, or our own image, but help us to do whatever assignment you give us because the plan is yours OK and the lead is yours, and give me the grace to be happy with whatever part you give me in this plan, and I am just grateful to you that no matter how small that part may be, that I am a part of your plan, OK.


So what really happened here was that a spirit of envy came in and it diverted you from your assignment. Your assignment was to support me, you were the only one that got the email, you were the only one who knew what was going on, OK, but because there was a sin in you that you have not yet completely overcome, it diverted you from your assignment. So we have to be, our goal should be, cause when I tell you these things, I am never condemning you, I am always giving you a vision of what you need to attain to, we all are who we are, God help us with all of our weaknesses, God help us you know, it is only the grace of God that we get through. So when I tell you these things I am giving you a vision, I am never ever condemning you OK. Our goal is to be single minded towards the purposes of Christ Jesus, and to put our own desires aside.


So just like I have this physical weakness in my body, you have this spiritual weakness of insecurity that leads you to have some envy or competition from time to time. So you have got your weakness, I have got my weakness, we have to know what it is and we have to have our eyes on it all the time, so that we will not stumble over it, if we really know that it is there, then we can avoid stumbling over it. And I know with my physical weakness if I feel myself coming, you know going down, I know that the best thing for me to do is to just go to bed early, because what good is it going to do anybody if I get sick and I am in bed for a week, you know, so I know that I have to take care of myself. I work very hard but I feel that if I reach that point where if I do not rest that I am going to get sick, then I just have to give it up and go to bed, my mind still wants to work, but I have to do what I have to do. And now your challenge is to be able to see that when it is manifesting, OK. And we all, everybody has their weaknesses, everybody's got something, you know. And for whatever reason you are making a sacrifice right now, because I am going to produce this message and you are going to be on it and you are going to help a lot of people.


As a matter of fact, not too long ago, we made another message, witchcraft in our friends and you were the brunt of that one too, I have already gotten feed back how much it is helped other people, so this is your sacrifice OK, God bless you. OK does anybody have anything to say about any of this, if not we will go on to Xxxx's dream.


COMMENT: Xxxxxxx do you get a witness in your heart that, that was the truth?


COMMENT: No, but I am going to pray about it.


PASTOR VITALE: So I am asking you why did you ask her that question?


COMMENT: Because I personally could not get a, I could not personally could not relate that to envy.


PASTOR VITALE: Well what would you relate it to, what would be your explanation for that?


COMMENT: I do not think I had any.


PASTOR VITALE: Envy and pride are very, very subtle, and this is why the majority of people cannot identify these sins because of the subtle manifestations of them. You know for years I though I had no envy, until the Lord showed me that the way envy manifests in me is not the way have thought of it as being envy, and now I know when envy manifests in me what it looks like, and I recognize it immediately and rebuke it and cast it down. But for years I did not know that was envy. So we have to learn the subtle manifestations of sin. Sin is not obvious. When we talk about exposing the hidden sins of our heart, the whole point is that they are very hard to see. If you could see them yourself you would not need someone to show them to you. So the way to look at it is number one, weakness was imputed to a strong man. So there has to be a reason for it, Christ Jesus does not impute weakness to a strong man. So why did you do it? Well if it is not envy, what is it? That is not out of God. Did you want to say something?


COMMENT: I am sorry but I did not know this person was that strong, but I had fear that what they were doing was affecting your health, and I thought they were going to try to get him, that is what my thought was, but I guess it is hidden, I do not know that it could be envy.


PASTOR VITALE: It is not right thinking, it is not right thinking. So that is what you have to ask yourself, there is a man here that there is been no indication whatsoever that he is asking for help, that he has any kind of weakness in this area at all, that he is asking for help at this time. So why would she impute weakness to him? Why would anyone impute weakness to him. There is got to be some sin manifesting there. Yes?


COMMENT: When I pray for people, I will just take you for instance, I do not see you as being weak, but just to offer support and strengthening.


PASTOR VITALE: You are missing the whole point, I sent a memo that said, I was hit pretty hard Friday afternoon and all day Saturday, the following is a report from so and so, I think this had a, a lot to do with my troubles.


COMMENT: So it is just this memo that you are actually...




COMMENT: Oh, I see OK.


PASTOR VITALE: So why when I tell you this, how could you draw a conclusion that the person who is giving the report needs prayer, there is something wrong. You want to say something yeah. You have to really look closely at this, how could you come to that conclusion when this is the instruction, I was hit pretty hard, I think this has a lot to do with my troubles. Why would you think that the person making the report needs the prayer, this is not Christ. If in way out possibility I am wrong by calling it envy OK, it is definitely something out of your carnal mind. I believe it is envy and competition OK, but I could be wrong, but whatever else you want to name it, that did not come out of Christ Jesus, do you understand what I am saying? It did not come out of Christ Jesus. OK, anybody else? OK.


We are still on the same subject, spiritual warfare is focused energy, it is just really important that our mind is focused on the issue at hand, OK. Now if we can be drawn away in our mind because our carnal mind tells us well that person needs prayer also, if that is not what Jesus is doing, you are diluting your energy and you are diluting the energy of the warfare cloud that Jesus is putting together. Remember what I said earlier that the storm that came into my heart center was the combined spirit of all of these people that are against what I am preaching. Well the same thing happened here, I know we had the same thing with you a couple of years ago, where we were all praying and you were getting up and doing other things and I said Mary, we need your concentration here, and you did not understand it then. We have to be of one mind and one accord.


So when Jesus calls an issue to focus, we have to have our complete energy focused on that issue, and to think about something else, and whether it is putting in the wash or whether it is praying for another person, is diluting the power of that energy cloud. Not that there is anything wrong with praying for somebody else. But actually there are two issues here, did you want to say something?


COMMENT: I was thinking that this was a personal message for me, because I got an image of a bunch of crows and like a lot of shot guns scattered all over.


PASTOR VITALE: Yeah, we are not suppose to scatter our energy, we are supposed to be focused, and one of the things that happened to me when this enemy cloud penetrated my heart center, was that they succeeded in scattering my energy, when I am standing, like now, I am a little physically weak, but I am OK, you know, Christ Jesus in me abides in my heart center, and my lower energy centers are covered, I am not suppose to be living out of my lower energy centers which I usually do not. So when this enemy energy cloud penetrated me, it scattered my energy and stirred up my lower centers. So we are, as we mature in Christ Jesus, an important part of the challenge is to stay focused, all of our energy is supposed to be under our control like one bullet, it is not supposed to be all over the place, and this has to do with mind, that is why the computer is so important for you, it is helping you to learn how to concentrate. Do you remember I told you that when you first started, and you more than anybody here, you have this problem of your mind scattering all over the place, I have told you that before, OK, so this is what happened here. But the way that it scatters is that sin has to be found in you. But actually there are two different issues here, and the one issue is that you did not stay with the assignment, because my first sentence, it was an assignment, this is the issue OK, that I am being attacked, that was the assignment. So you did not stay with the assignment, your mind was diverted from the assignment and then the second issue, is that you imputed weakness to someone who gave you no reason to believe that. Now why are these two issues here, these are why those two issues are here, for your mind to be diverted from the assignment, Satan had to find ground in you to divert your mind from the assignment OK. And what I suggested, I guess I did not make it clear, was the ground that was found in you was this tendency towards competition and envy, OK.


OK so Satan stirred that up and it manifested as you imputing weakness to someone who did not have weakness. Does that make any sense at all to you, does that make any sense at all to you? OK I got one vote here, make no sense to you at all, OK well give the Lord a chance to work you know. And I will tell you, you know there is always a possibility I could be wrong on what I am naming it, but there is definitely sin found in you somewhere, but in my opinion it is what, right, well it is all part of your carnal mind, but my opinion that was the weakness that was found in you, and we know that that is there, that you have to work on it, right? You know that it is there. OK, anybody else?


COMMENT: I had a dream last night that there was a terrific power play and in the past I have had these power plays with my husband, and it was so strong it was just, it was horrible, and then I had another part of the dream that was a young, very young girl, I thought it might have been my daughter, and but she was about eleven or twelve years old, and she was in the water, and swimming on her back, and this adult person, I do not know who he represented, but was molesting her. She was on her back in the water and he was on top of her molesting her and it was I just felt horrible about it, seeing it, but I that was all...


PASTOR VITALE: She was not resisting?


COMMENT: She was very like careful that this was happening to her, she was very frightened and was looking for some sort of help.


PASTOR VITALE: Well I am not really sure who that woman on her back was, I wonder if it could not be you, because I think that you are having a lot of distress over what you are going through now, you know, I think that you are distressed over what you are going through now. There is a war for you, there is a war that is being fought for you, that is beyond your conscious mind and I think you are distressed over it, you know. I think that was probably you and the first part of the dream was the power play and the power play is between Christ Jesus in me and whoever else is lined up with me. I do not even know who's lined up with me, there could people that I do not even know that the Lord Jesus has brought into this battle, I do not know but we have to be an energy cloud also, there are the forces, it is right in Revelation, Chapter 12, and Michael and his angels fought against the Dragon and his angels, and what they are fighting over is that the manchild is being born. The manchild wants to be born in you, that is what the war is all about, so it is Michael and his angels against the Dragon and his angels.


And it came up in your dream as your husband because all of humanity is married to Leviathan. That is exactly what is manifesting right now, and all that I could tell you is please resist any feeling of guilt for what I go through because it really, that is just the way it is, you know it has nothing to do with you, it is my service to the Lord. As long as you are doing all that you could do, that is the way it is, Christ Jesus is at war with Leviathan to bind up Leviathan and to apprehend his wife. We are making history today it is right out of the Bible, and this is the tremendous power play, and actually I am feeling much better as I preach, and I think I am going to come through this with flying colors, I am getting stronger and stronger and I believe that the manchild is going to be born, I believe that everything is suppose to happen, it is going to happen, I believe you are going to be raised from the dead, and I believe that Christ Jesus will be strengthened, his army that is being formed is about to be increased, there is a tremendous battle going on the spirit, and it cannot be any other way, that is the way it is. So I thank God for the witness to it, and what does that mean if it is you, I do not have a strong witness, I would not say to you, Xxxx I believe for sure it was you, but I think that it may be you, what would that mean that you were being molested. What it means is that at this point, in the depth of this battle, now I am not talking about what is going on in your personal life, but I am talking about the spiritual battle that is going on for your soul, OK, you are really not capable of defending yourself, that is what I am doing here, because you really do not even know what is going on, I mean you really do not have a perception of what is going on. So Leviathan is not willing to give you up, but he will give you up, but you the personality is distressed and I do not really feel to go into it anymore deeply but I suspect that you really do not have a true understanding of what is happening, I think you do not, you do not know what is going on, you are feeling guilty that I am hurt, you are just feeling bad about a lot of things you know.


So it is way beyond your conscious understanding at this time. Now that is the love of God. So you are very blessed. I am going to comment on some of these points that I believe are false doctrine, I doubt that we will go to a second message. "We have no separation in God", well unfortunately we do have a separation from God, Christ if he is in you, and even if he is matured to the point of Christ Jesus, we are separated from God until, and who are we? We are the personality, so we are separated from God until we are caught up into the brow center, but I think I skipped over a point. We are separated from God until Christ Jesus in us joins himself to our spiritual virginity, anybody remember who our spiritual virginity is?


COMMENT: The Fiery Serpent.


PASTOR VITALE: The Fiery Serpent, yes, is our spiritual virginity, now remember she has the potential the Fiery Serpent to ascend into our heart center unmarried or married to Christ Jesus. Well when our Fiery Serpent who is a harlot, she is our spiritual harlot, when she ascends into the heart center alone, she joins with Leviathan and Satan is stirred up to a high spiritual force.


But for those of us who are moving on in Christ Jesus, Christ Jesus ascends in to Christ who's raised from the dead in the individual, ascends in to the heart center, and when he ascends into the heart center he gets a new name, he becomes the mature Christ Jesus, and then he turns around and he goes back down as Christ Jesus now and what is the difference between Christ and Christ Jesus, Christ is still under Satan's authority and fighting, Christ Jesus has defeated Satan, so Christ Jesus goes back down under the waters being victorious over Satan and he goes down to join himself to the Fiery Serpent who is in the root center. And the Fiery Serpent is spiritual virginity of the personality.


So when Christ Jesus joins to the Fiery Serpent, for all intents and purposes, he joins to the whole personality, and then he begins to lead captivity captive, and Christ Jesus ascends back into the heart center, taking the Fiery Serpent and the personality with him, and that is our joining to Christ Jesus within us, and from the heart center from that position of being joined to Christ Jesus, then eventually we will marry the glorified Jesus Christ, and abide in the sixth center between the eyebrows, and we will truly be forever with the Lord, but at the very least to say that we are not separate from God, at the very least our personality has to be, our personality including our spiritual virginity has to be joined to Christ Jesus within us, and I believe that I have that experience. I do not think many people have it today. Of course there is the God of this world who is not Christ Jesus, so many are not separate from God, many are one with God, but it is the God of this world. That word "God" can go in either direction.


"We are the kings of the east", well I have always believed that the kings of the east are talking about the sons of God, I know the word east signifies the spiritual realm where Jehovah abides, in the Old Testament that is what the Hebrew word "east" means, and as far as I know, the sons of the Serpent are in the north, the north and in the west, so I do not see how they could say we are the kings of the east, those are the true sons of God, the kings of the earth, are the sons of God. Well you know you could take these phrases two ways, the king that the earth has brought forth is really a queen, the earth is the Serpent and the child that she brings forth is a queen and we see that queen in the book of Revelation, but the true king of the earth is King Adam. King Adam is the resurrected Adam who is married to the glorified one above. Now in this generation the resurrected Adam is called Christ Jesus, and when Christ Jesus ascends into the brow center, he marries the Lord Jesus above. So the true king of the earth is Adam, but of course we see that this false doctrine in the Church has completely maligned Adam and made him the evil one, and has completely denied that he has risen from the dead in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ.


"The kings of the east will bring correction in the earth", again this is true of the sons of God, I guess the Serpent has a plan to bring correction also, but we see in this doctrine is a false Sonship coming forth claiming all of the promises that are in Christ Jesus. Now "as long as you are in Pentecost you curse God", now that as far as I am concerned is an outrageous thing to say, even with regard to the true sons who are rising, you do not curse God so long as you stay in Pentecost, and this is a completely convoluted way of looking at the situation of the Church, what is happening in Pentecost, the whole mentality behind that statement is that we are to raise ourselves out of Pentecost, but we cannot do anything of ourselves, it is Christ Jesus that has to raise us out of Pentecost, and in most instances if not all instances, associated with us maturing out of Pentecost is the drying up of the Pentecostal anointing. It is like throwing the baby eagles out of the nest, I remember when my Pentecostal anointing started to dry up, I was absolutely upset.


I did not know why I was speaking in tongues less, why my anointing was waning, but it was not my anointing that was waning it was the Pentecostal anointing that was waning. Pentecost ministers to the emotions of the carnal man, but the end of Pentecost is I do not know there is been a change in the doctrine here, I am not even sure how to say this. The end of Pentecost is that Christ begins to form in you, there is something there that I really do not have straight, I am just going to let it go for now.


The end of Pentecost is when you begin to mature in God, you begin to mature in God, and you begin to grow up and it is the beginning of ministry to your spirit, OK the Lord just gave it to me, the end of Pentecost which is ministry to your emotions or to your soul, or your personality, is that, that ministry starts departing from your emotions and goes towards your spirit, it is the transference of ministry from your emotions to ministry to your spirit, and ministry to your spirit is radically different than the ministry to your emotions. Ministry to your spirit is teaching, it is spiritual food, it is instruction, it is wisdom, it is grow up time. But I did not understand any of this, and I was really distressed that I was losing my anointing, and one day a young man in the Church who I really never had much to do with, it was a big Church, there were a lot of people there, I barely said hello or goodbye to him, came to me one day and handed me a magazine and said you know I really feel the Lord told me to give you this magazine.


So I took it and I said thank you, I said well let me look through it Lord, you know show me if there is something that you have for me in this, and there was an article, I do not remember the details of it, but it answered my question, somehow it answered my question that this drying up of the Pentecostal anointing was the beginning of spiritual ministry, and I then understood that I was going on to the next stage and I had a peace, and I thank God for his mercy to me, that he spoke to me and I could not understand what he said. That is why we need teachers. A lot of people in the Church today think they do not need a teacher, and they are suffering because they cannot comprehend the instruction of the Lord, and they are lacking, they are lacking what he wants them to have, because of their pride.


So to say that as long as you are in Pentecost, you curse God, what I hear in that statement is number one, that we have the power to leave Pentecost at will, which I do not believe we do. To say that you curse God, maybe I do not fully understand what they are saying there but that really blows my mind. I can see a possibility of someone not wanting to leave Pentecost, and that is just like a young physical person growing up and really like teenagers, they really do not want to leave their youth behind them, I could see a sadness over leaving Pentecost, but just as we do not have much of a choice about growing up in this physical world, I do not believe we have much of a choice growing up in the spiritual world. When the Lord dries up your anointing, hopefully you will go on, but when he dries up your Pentecostal anointing, it means it is time to grow up. So you curse God when you stay in Pentecost, personally that really offends me, but we will go on.


"Frogs are false prophets or false prophet ministers who preach against in this Church." Well that I have to smile at, because we all know here that we did a study on frogs, and Xxxx just mentioned the other day, that it just never left her, that the frogs are not that frogs are Christ, but that frog is an unfortunate translation of the spiritual principles that appear in the Scripture, and it is just a misunderstanding by the carnal mind of the King James translators, that translated these specific spiritual principles, it is really talking about Christ Jesus. "When the Euphrates is dried up, the frogs will come out." Well I have not, I am just reading this off the top of my head, but my memory is that when the Euphrates is dried up the kings of the east will come forth. I do not remember anything, does anybody remember anything about the frogs coming forth when Euphrates dries up? I believe the book of Revelation says and the Euphrates will dry up to prepare the way for the kings of the east, and that is the true sons of God coming out of the spiritual plane where the Lord Jesus and Jehovah are. It must be exposed to be removed, I do not know what this means, so it wants to stop them from knowing their true identity. Oh I guess he is saying the frogs, the preachers who are preaching against the supposed sons are trying to stop everybody from knowing their true identity, well I know your true identity sir, anybody who knows Christ Jesus will know your true identity, because you are not Christ Jesus. "Frogs do not like deep water, frogs do not like deep teaching." Well you know to me this is such a condemnation, I know that there are many people in the Church that do not like deep teaching, we are teaching deep teaching in Christ Jesus here, and I do not know that there are very few who are interested in deep teaching, but God forbid I should ever condemn them and call them names, such as frogs, I do not see how that could possibly be the spirit of God doing that. I acknowledge that the Church world is immature, and if I can generalize well I cannot say that I am different, who's looking for trials, you know, we do not look for the trials, the trials come into our life and we overcome because there is nothing else to do. We are caught up into the maturing process by the spirit of Christ Jesus, this is the same error as saying if you stay in Pentecost you curse God, I do not see that we have any choice about it you know. We are caught up into the maturation process by the spirit of Christ, if the Lord is calling you forward and you are refusing to come, what most likely will happen is that you will fall under the sowing and reaping judgment you will have some painful experiences and then you will come.


But that is not cursing God it is immaturity. So I see a spirit of condemnation here, do you see that? A spirit of condemnation, if you are not for us if you are not with us, if you do not believe what we are preaching, we condemn you, and Christ Jesus does not do this. His ministry was dried up two years ago until he listened to these certain messages and of course these messages are of a man that is preaching a false message. So apparently the false message that is going forth from this ministry has the power to disciple men. Now it is true that Pentecost is drying up, it is drying up all over and it is everybody's responsibility when the spirit of God is drying up in your life to get down on your face before God, and say Lord where must I go to get this anointing, where's the anointing, and you are suppose to follow the spirit of God to find it where it is. Now it has not happened in while, but I have had several people write me that have been led to our web page by the Holy Spirit, and when they see what is on the web page, they cannot believe that this is God.


They pray and they pray and they pray and Christ Jesus leads them there, and they cannot let go of their carnal mind long enough to even believe that this could be God. I had a letter from one woman several years ago that was so disappointed I felt she was almost in tears writing the letter, and she was rebuking me and I had to say to her, why are you rebuking me, I made you no promises. You felt that the Holy Spirit led you to this web page, and when you saw the material you were disappointed, I have not disappointed you, it is the Holy Spirit that is disappointed you. But neither has the Holy Spirit disappointed you, your carnal mind cannot believe that the Holy Spirit has led you to this material. So we see that the Church is immature, and incapable of making the transition on their own. That is what we are going through with you right now, and there is no shame in it, you are incapable of making this transition on your own.


And what I believe will be happening over the next few years is that the spirit of Christ will be overshadowing the Church and many, many will be impregnated with the manchild, and some of them, some of the these people, the manchild will be able to break through by himself, but in many others, he will not be able to, and when the Christ child is formed in you and he cannot pierce through your carnal mind, there is only two ways that he is going to get through your carnal mind and one way is the judgment seat of Christ and the other way is the Satanic sowing and reaping judgment. The only way that is he is going to get through is through a warfare, because Leviathan will not let him through. So those who go the easy way will have someone in the flesh like me, to explain these things to them, and if they cannot receive it or for those who do not have a person sent to them, they will be judged by the sowing and reaping judgment, but the end result will be that the manchild will come forth in the many.


And when he starts to manifest they will be looking for this food, and for this instruction, and I cannot even imagine thousands of people needing this ministry, I do not know how the Lord's going to do it, so I do not think about it, you know, I do not think about it at this time, he has to have everything under control. "Frogs say that they are not of God", so if you say that this ministry and these people and this doctrine is not of God you are a frog. You know that is what President Clinton's doing in Washington, you know if you do not agree with him, if you want to bring a law suit against him, you are foolish and you do not have any legal grounds you do not have legal reasonable or moral grounds for bringing this law suit, it is mind control, and it is slander, and it is a very dirty way of fighting, to say that the person that is opposing you does not have a legitimate argument. We are suppose to be gentlemen both in Washington and in the Church, we are suppose to be gentleman, we are suppose to acknowledge that other people have other opinions, and we are suppose to be able to have a conversation with them, accepting the fact, not accepting their doctrine, but accepting the fact that I accept you, that you are a person, that you are an individual and that this is what you believe, and I do not agree with you, but I acknowledge that you exist and that this is your opinion. That is the Godly way of dealing with people that you disagree with, and it is witchcraft to do otherwise.


"And the battle is over", well I have been hearing that going all the way back, I remember when PD was preaching that and even had a song about it you know, the battle is over, brethren the battle has not even barely begun, and if the battle is over in you, you belong to Satan. If there is no battle in you, you belong to Satan, if you belong to Christ Jesus you are up to your eyeballs in a warfare to get free of Satan and Leviathan. "The transition is over", that is the same thing. If it is over for you brethren you are in the kingdom of darkness. Apparently this preacher says that he is God manifesting in the flesh, and that he has a single eye. Well that is quite a statement to make, where are your signs and wonders? I believe he has a single eye, I believe that Christ Jesus is not there at all, I believe that his personality is completely under the control of Leviathan and his eye is single on the negative side, and he very well may be God manifesting in the flesh, I do not know where he is you know, maybe he is the God of this world manifesting in the flesh, but I do not think that is what he means.


He says that the teaching that says I am separate from God has to go. Well I agree it has to go when Christ Jesus swallows up our separation. You know I remember going back years ago, fifteen or so years ago, and I went to this Church for about six months and it just amazed me you know they were preaching there, we have to find out how to bring these promises to pass, and the word they were using at the time was to enable. We have to find out how to enable this in us, and I just sat there in the congregation, and I was amazed you know, because I knew that the one who enables us to experience all of this is Christ Jesus, what do you mean you have find how to do this, and what they were saying is that Christ Jesus was not doing it in them at the moment, so they were going forth to do it in their own strength.


But the bottom line brethren is that if you want all of these promises of being a son of God in the flesh and I do not know why anyone would want to judge men's sins, I have experienced it and it is not the most wonderful, to me, well I do not want to say anything, I should not say it, it is something that has to be done, but it is certainly no pleasure to your flesh to judging other men's sins, I do not know why anybody would want to be doing that, unless they were completely lifted up in pride and thought it would be a glorious thing, it is a glorious thing in that the fruit of it is that you are setting people free, but it is grievous while you are doing it.


So the teaching that says I am separate from God has to go, it will go when Christ Jesus takes it, this teaching, I have heard this teaching for years, and they are putting the burden of spiritual ascension on the personality, and the personality is spiritually female. The only way you are going to ascend spiritually is to humble yourself before God and to follow his direction to the doctrine and the training that he leads you to, and then to submit to it sometimes for years. He does not have to die, well I sure would not want to be in his shoes and be tested on that, because I believe that I am the son of God in the flesh but still very mortal, and I would not be willing to be tested on that issue today. I believe that as long as I am serving God, if I am attacked, if Satan finds a legal ground to kill me, and I have done all that I could do to remain in righteousness and serve Jesus Christ, I believe under those conditions I cannot die because of the mercy of Christ Jesus who is covering me and has made a decision to not let me die, because I am serving him with all my strength, and he has a job that he wants me to do. But, in and of myself to say that I cannot die, that is a very bold statement to make, and you know how Satan works brethren, you make a statement like that, that is a manifestation of pride, that gives Satan legal ground to come right in and try to kill you.


That is nothing but foolishness. "Men blaspheme God when they deny him", well that is true, if you deny the true God, but that is true, but then again God has mercy he recognizes when you are ignorant. I see a condemnation in that also that men blaspheme God when they deny him. What I hear him saying if you deny this message or if you deny me, you are blaspheming God. I know men have been denying me for all of the years of my ministry, but I simply acknowledge that they cannot recognize who I am, it has never ever occurred to me that they are guilty of blasphemy. I believe he is talking about himself you know. The Lord has great mercy on this people because they are in darkness and they are ignorant, and they are without understanding and their without knowledge and they are without discernment, and he has great mercy on them.


We did a study here on the unforgivable sin, that says if you blaspheme the Holy Spirit, that is the unforgivable sin and we found out that, that is a poor translation, and that the correct translation is that the one who will not be forgiven is the spirit of blasphemy, not the personality who blasphemes the Holy Spirit, but the spirit of blasphemy which is Satan, she will never be forgiven, she is going to be boiled away and destroyed. What does unforgiveness mean, unforgiveness means lack of restoration, Satan will not be restored, she is going to be boiled away, she is the spirit of blasphemy. The Fiery Serpent will be restored to be Seraphim, because the Fiery Serpent is a part of the fabric of the creation, but the spirit of Satan was never suppose to manifest, there is no forgiveness for the spirit of blasphemy. But all things will be forgiven unto men, because we are cattle.


So if your pride is so high that you cannot believe that you are the cattle, and you'd rather believe that you are the spiritual power, I do not know maybe you will be destroyed, I do not know, maybe the Lord will have mercy on you, but we are the cattle and the Lord has great mercy on the cattle, but he has no mercy on the powers and principalities of the kingdom of darkness that have knowledge of who and what they are and what they are doing is abusing and misusing the cattle which we are.


So we see that this message is partially against those who preach against them, and then partially that they are of God. Very interesting brethren, very interesting, and I think I got it on a couple of messages that, it is really funny, when I preached this a week or two ago, I had this revelation that as we ascend, there will be a warfare between the sons who are ascended and other human beings who are ascended in the kingdom of darkness, and the way I understood it at the time a week or two ago, was that this would happen when we ascend into the brow center, but I see that this whole message that I brought forth this morning is an account with my warfare with these men who think that they are already the manifestation. If you recall I gave you a Scripture I am not sure where it was but it was about Jesus when he came in and he said in this hour this Scripture is made real to you, in other words he said I am the Messiah, that was what Jesus said, and the Pharisees rose up and the Interlinear Text revealed that they rose up they ascended they were in such a rage that they ascended into their brow center and that their energy, their negative energy came out of high point of their brow center, and the King James says they tried to knock Jesus headlong down, everybody thinks they tried to throw him off of a cliff, my position is that I do not believe any Pharisees, any men of the synagogue would have ever tried to throw Jesus off a physical cliff, that would have been murder. Now they turned him over to the Romans for crucifixion on trumped up charges, because they would never do anything that would be overtly sin.


All of their sin was hidden underneath, saying this man is guilty he deserves to be executed, they never would have thrown him off of a cliff. So the truth of that Scripture is that they rose up into their brow center with the specific intention of knocking Jesus down out of the brow center. Now Jesus was in the brow center of the true time line, and these Pharisees rose up in the Serpent's time line and waged war against Jesus on a high spiritual level, and tried to bring him down from the brow center. A week or two ago when I preached this, I believed this would happen when we ascended into the brow center and it happened to me yesterday, and as far as I know, I am not ascended into the brow center, and that was what happened yesterday. Now how all of this manifested in their mind in this convention, I do not know, but the spiritual fruit of whatever happened yesterday was that the spirit of several minds gathered together in an enemy cloud and tried to knock me out of where I was in Christ Jesus, and all they succeeded in doing was that I lost a day and a half's work.


But I am still here and I am still preaching. So I find that very, very interesting, and this is all going along this theme, God help me, I preach so many messages here I do not even remember what message I preached it on, but I know that I recently preached a message where it was revealed to me that Jesus was not caught up into a permanent full stature, at the, I thought, up until now I thought that he was caught up into a permanent full stature at his baptism, and I am now thinking that it was somewhere further along, and that his at least the beginning of his ministry he was in a situation where he went back and forth between ascending into the brow center to do the miraculous works of God, and when he ascended into the brow center his carnal mind was covered, and for all intents and purposes he was righteous. This is the meaning of the foot washing, that he took off his garment and he wrapped a towel around him, means he took off his carnal mind and he put his righteous mind, but he was not permanently in that righteous mind, he would come down out of that righteous mind and be just a man like everybody else.


So at this point I do not know exactly at what point Jesus permanently nailed to the brow center, and I see that the Lord is telling me that a lot of Jesus' experiences we are able to experience now, and I am experiencing now, what has confused me all of these years, but when I look at Jesus is that there are no miracles, I do not see you know we even have some infirmities here, those in our group and I cannot heal you, there no one getting up out of wheelchairs, there is no eyes or ears being opened, and the Lord's response to me when I put this before him is that, that ability is in Christ Jesus, but for whatever the Lord's purposes he is not doing that today. But that a lot of the experiences that Jesus had we are ready to have now and I am having some of them now.


So another way to say this is that it is really, the sons of God are manifesting, this manifestation is a process it is happening over a period of time, we are manifesting, but we are not manifesting according to the same blueprint that Jesus manifested. Why? Because it is a different age, it is a different generation and the plan is not exactly the same. So the miracles of healing are not coming forth yet, there not coming forth yet. But depending where you are in your growth, the experiences that Jesus had are available today and you may recall on this other message, I told you that the marriage of Cana, the marriage of Christ Jesus in the man Jesus to his Fiery Serpent, and the temptation is certainly going on today. We are all being challenged to recognize Satan in our own minds. Satan arose in Jesus' mind at the time of the baptism. This is what I have been preaching about to you for years, hoping to help you to recognize the thoughts of Satan in your mind and refuse them. You have got to see her before you can refuse her. You have got to be able to see her, her thoughts, and the way you recognize her thoughts is to learn the doctrine of Christ.


Because when we did an alternate translation on the temptation we found out, that of course the questions in the King James translation are not really accurate, that Satan came to Jesus with suggestions of deep spiritual principles, that Jesus refused because he knew the plan of God, he knew the plan of God and he knew the doctrine of Christ, and the only suggestion that Satan made that is coming to me right now is it is translated in the King James about make these stones bread. What Satan was really saying was take these spiritual people and make them spiritual bread, make them bread for the nations, make them sons of God without dealing with their sin nature. And of course this is what Satan's doing today, she is bringing forth a counterfeit company of sons. Jesus recognized what she was saying and Jesus said, no it will not, you will die that way, that is what the alternate translation says. If you continue on into perfection without the confession of sin and the ultimate destruction of your sin nature, you will die, when will you die? When this age comes to an end and rolls up like a scroll and goes out like a light.


You will be immortal in this age only until the end of this age. That was Jesus' answer. So we do need to know the doctrine of Christ, so that we can recognize Satan's teaching when we hear it, and so that we have the true teaching in our mind to oppose it with. We have to see our sins, because our sins are the legal ground that Satan will get us on, we have to understand what she is saying to us, we have to recognize that it is a lie because we know the truth, and then we are equipped to refuse her. We are not equipped to refuse Satan if we cannot even see her, and we see her in the things that she says, we see Satan in the thoughts that come into our mind. So that is what you are all in training for, and everybody is going at their own pace, everybody has come to the Lord with different strengths and different weaknesses, and of course the effort that you put in does count also, and that is between you and God, and this is where we are, it is happening right now, it is happening right now. And I find it very interesting that the Lord brought that Scripture up about in the King James where it says, they tried to cast Jesus down head long.


It just came up a week or two ago, and I had this experience yesterday. Apparently it was a prophesy that it was going to happen to me, and I did not understand that it was prophesy, cause I thought Jesus was in the brow center when that happened to him. And maybe this is an explanation of why they had so much strength to hurt me. Maybe these men did rise up into the brow center, but I am not, I am not in the brow center, I do not believe I am. And that is why they were able to hurt me you know. It was just temporary thing, but when I say they hurt me what I am saying to you is that I as far as I know I did not punch them back, all that I did was to defend myself. As far as I can tell I had no strength to do anything except stop the storm. As far as I know I have done nothing to wound them back? To help them, as far as I could see I did nothing to turn them away from their false doctrine, or turn them towards God and convince them to repent. All I did was stand against their attack and survive. But then again, of course in the Scripture when it happened to Jesus he did not help them in anyway either, all he did was tell them that he was the son of God, and the Scripture says he passed through their midst. So he did not do anything for them either. And the Lord has shown me that I really am saying that to people, that I am the son of God in every one of my books was a year or two probably two ago, the Lord had me put those Scriptures in the beginning of every one of my books that he, I do not know what the Scripture is, I have it right here, I guess it is on the other page, but he, the one whose obedient to Christ will know the doctrine, it is in John. I forget exactly how it reads. When I started putting that Scripture in my books, that is, I was making a public declaration to everybody that I have the truth, and that this is the truth that is coming out of Christ Jesus. So it is very possible that these men got together and that my name did come up and they were saying, look she is saying she is the son of God, let us show her. Either that or they were praying for my salvation, I do not know.


But the Lord was prophesying to me that I was about to have this experience where a negative cloud would try to cast me down from where I was, interesting is it not? So we now understand that at least me anyway, I have had the experience of the marriage of Cana, because I do believe that Christ Jesus is very strongly joined to the Fiery Serpent in me, there is no doubt in my mind about that, and I know that I have been in the temptation of Christ for years, she tries to tempt me all the time. And now the Pharisees try to cast me down from high place, well that is very exciting when you stop to think about it, but you know you read about it, you read about it and it sounds very romantic but I am telling you it is not pleasant while it is happening to you, it is very exciting to know that it is happened to you, even this marriage of Christ Jesus to the Fiery Serpent it is a warfare every step of the way, but it is just very exciting to know that it is happening and you wonder what is going to happen next. I guess somewhere along the line the Lord has to catch me up to the brow center and the miracles have to start, I think what do I know, he does not tell me, I am just the horse remember, I am just the horse, thank God, I am just the horse. I could not handle this deal, this is way beyond me, everything that is going on in the world today. I am not dumb enough to think that I could handle this because I cannot.


I can just handle what Jesus tells me to do, what my job is, that is what I can handle. Does anyone have anything to say before we, yes?


COMMENT: Going along with your gradual thoughts on, your thoughts on the gradual growth of Christ in Jesus, we see him doing all the physical healings, and then later on everything has to be like the spiritual, the internal healings like he does with the apostles. Are you saying that as we come up in Christ that is it is all going to be internalized. I know Jesus said the kingdom of God comes without observation, so it was all of this, the eyes being opened our spiritual eyes, our ears be opened, everything internalized spiritualized within us, is that the signs and wonders that is really...


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, I have believed that for a long time, that does not mean that it is not going to happen in the physical also, but I know that for a long time, spiritual eyes and ears are opened, if you can understand any measure of this doctrine of Christ or any measure of the teaching that comes forth here your eyes are being opened, and your ears of your understanding are being opened. If you can understand what I am telling you, your ears are being opened, and what you said earlier, I think it was off the message that you are starting to recognize certain things that I teach here, certain principles, you are starting to recognize them when you see them in other people, that is the opening of your eyes. So all of you are in the process of being raised from the dead, either you are raised or you are not, there is a threshold that you have to go over when you are actually raised from the dead, when Christ Jesus is actually creatively manifesting in you, but you are in the process of being raised, yes that is true, that is true.


COMMENT: So we are really not to expect the physical manifestation of sons of God...


PASTOR VITALE: You mean of physically dead people?


COMMENT: Physical sickness, physical raising up the dead.


PASTOR VITALE: I do not know it may happen when we, what do I know, I do not know. I would like to believe that we will see physical manifestations at the time that Jesus calls it forth, I would like to believe that, I would like to see people relieved you know, and I you know that I was dying, and that my health is 600% better, I am still not as strong as a lot of other people but I am functioning, you know I am doing OK, you know, if you are thinking about your own infirmities, I think we all should have hope that he will heal us, and it is my understanding that if we are not healed, that the reason that we are not healed is that he is more concerned with us coming to a place where we can really see our sin nature, and somehow infirmities lend us in that direction. The infirmity comes from sin, Jesus does not make us sick, infirmity comes upon us because we have a sin nature, because we are reaping what we sow, either we are our ancestors, that is the truth of it, and then Christ Jesus can come in and heal us or not, but it has been my experience that he does not come and heal us, that he lets this pressure of pain and infirmity that is a righteous judgment on us, that Satan has brought, he lets it stand, so that it lends towards our human tendency to be willing to see our sins, because we are all, the Bible says we are a jackass, we are all stubborn, we are a wild jackass, that is what we are, that is what the Bible says you know and most of us, some more than others, but most of us are very stubborn, and we really cannot see, well look Xxxx, what we went through today, I am not insulting you, you know but you are stubborn, so I had to struggle with you, but we all go through this stage, and somehow when this pressure is on us of pain and infirmity and our activities being restricted because of these physical problems, somehow it lends towards us being more inclined to look in within and see our sin nature. So for that reason I believe that if we are following the path to maturity in Christ Jesus, faithfully, in my opinion he would not let us die, but he leaves us marinating to use your word in our sins to help us to do our part in this conversion, which is against our own natural nature, because our own natural nature is to deny our sin nature and be stubborn, and to be filled with pride and to justify ourselves and do all the things that everybody does. But when we have these physical weaknesses, it breaks down our strength to justify ourselves. That is my opinion for whatever it is worth. Yes?


COMMENT: When I was speaking of marinating I was really marinating in the things of God and his word you know.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, I understand, I just used it another way.


COMMENT: But as you were speaking that old time gospel song, the old time gospel song of God bless the man who has his own, and to me it meant that Christ was in them, and it made me think that any kind of healing or resurrection we have it is just going to, Christ he is going to grow up in us, and in the resurrection, the healing takes place and it is always for his purposes. We always think that we are going to have an ability to lay hands on somebody and meet everybody's needs and it is Christ alone who's gonna meet these needs, so he has, maybe He will be imparted to somebody else but he has to grow up in them, in other words they have to have it within themselves. It is not something that is transferable.


PASTOR VITALE: And whatever healings come forth, they are either to produce faith or to give the person enough of a healing to go on, but the bottom line is that, even if you get a miraculous healing, then the nature of Christ has to come forth in you and overcome your carnal mind, and that war has to go on with Christ coming forth in you and your carnal mind, or you will not hold on to your healing. You know there were many healings that came forth in Pentecost that people lost. I know one woman I have in mind, you know her, she was delivered from cancer twice, the woman she is a wicked woman, she never really repented, and eventually she contracted diabetes and she has been suffering for years from diabetes, and I hear that, last I heard it was pretty serious, it was affecting her feet you know.


So when we get a miraculous healing, we cannot be one of those lepers. Jesus said, I healed ten lepers, only one turned around and said, thank you, Lord. That healing is a second chance to go forth and face our sins and repent, and serve God, you cannot continue to do evil after you get a healing that saves your life from God, because you will get another disease. But in all fairness to the Church you know this is not taught, this is not taught. OK we are going to finish it off for today, God bless you all.



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