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This is Drawing #1, and although it is hard to recognize, these markings represent the seven energy centers. I have emphasized the heart center, and revealed it in this drawing to be the aerial center. The heart center is the aerial center, meaning it is the airport. The way we got into this drawing is that we had discussion off the message, and we were talking about the events which will follow at least the initial one person who will ascend into the brow center, and then there will be more following as soon as the Lord Jesus can possibly get them up there.


There are certain criteria for ascension, certain checklists, you have to qualify. Just like if you want to be a policeman you have to qualify in certain tests. Or in the army or an Olympic event you have to qualify. It is not simply a question of someone ascending into the brow center and being strong enough to drag you up. He is not going into the highways and the byways and taking totally unprepared people and dragging them up into the brow center. What the Lord is doing through the ascended Son is going into the highways and byways and judging the sins of the people in the highways and the byways, and educating them, and teaching them, and training them so that they can qualify to be dragged up. And then He will drag them up.


So we see that we need power up here in the brow center to drag us up, but we have to be in the aerial center to get dragged. So all these people down here below the aerial center will not benefit from the manifested Son of God in the brow center. Let me clarify that. They will not benefit in the manner of an immediate catching up to the brow center. The whole world will benefit from the Son of God in the brow center, and it will be one ministry, one spirit going forth from the company of Sons in the brow center, but that ministry, that spirit that is going forth will affect different people differently because of the condition of the mind of the person that it is touching.


It is the same spirit, but you are not the same as someone else. So that same spirit will have one effect on you and another effect on another person. The ministering, that everyone that is touched by the spirit of the Son, that everyone will have in common, is the motive of that spirit. The Spirit of Christ which flows forth from the ascended Sons has a motive, it has a purpose, it has an intention, it has a goal, something that it intends to accomplish. Does anyone want to guess what the purpose is?


PASTOR VITALE: What is the purpose of the Spirit of Christ in the ascended Son?


COMMENT: To bring forth other Sons into the brow center.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, I would say that is close enough. The goal of the Spirit of Christ in this hellish world beneath the spiritual sea is to raise this world up above the firmament.


This line that I drew here at the bottom of the heart center is the firmament. The energy centers above the firmament is -- when it is completed in you, when this heart center in you is reconnected to the crown center, to the Lord Jesus Christ, you are in heaven, but if your consciousness is down here below the heart center, you are in hell. So we could be in this body -- Jesus was in a physical body just like ours, an animal body, but He was in heaven at the same time. His mind was in the brow center, and not only was His mind in the brow center, but the spirit of His mind was connected to the spirit of Elijah who was in the crown center, and Jesus was in heaven at the same time that He was in a physical body, which was in the earth. And not only in the earth, but He was in heaven and hell at the same time because, to have this glorious spirit and be trapped inside a physical body, is to be in heaven and hell at the same time.


I mentioned this same principle this morning. To be in the brow center in Christ Jesus and to be living out of the glory of God and to be in an animal body cannot continue. It is a perversion. You have to go one way or the other. Either the Mind of Christ in you has to be broken, and you have to go back into the animal world, or the Mind of Christ in you has to swallow up this animal body. You can only stay in both conditions for a season. You cannot abide forever in the Spirit of Christ in an animal body. One must swallow up the other. They are not compatible. They are antagonistic one towards the other.


So we are looking at this chart, and I am trying to give you an understanding of the fact that there is something required of the individual to ascend, and the motive of the manifested Sons that will go forth to the entire earth is that every human being should ascend, and that spirit that goes forth, as it touches an individual, ministers to that individual where they are. If they are down pretty low in the second center and leading a very lustful life, to live in the second center which signifies sexual lust, to be dwelling in that center, you are obsessed with sex. There is nothing wrong with having sex if you are married, but if you are dwelling in the second center it means that it is an obsession with you. That is not a good place to be even if you are married. It is still sin, the sin of lust, even if you are married. It is not healthy.


The Spirit of Christ goes forth, and if it comes across a person that is dwelling in the second center, most likely, I cannot promise you what is going to happen, I cannot set down a schedule that if you are obsessed with lust and you come in contract with the Spirit of Christ this is what will happen to you, but most likely what will happen to you is that you will go under judgment. Why? Because obsession with lust is idolatry. It is the worship of another God. So you will go under judgment for idolatry, and the end of your judgment will be that you will worship Jesus Christ, however it works its way out in your life. But if this very same Spirit of Christ falls upon a man who is in his heart center, who is in the airport, has got his flight suit on, and he is all ready to go, and that Spirit of Christ touches him, that man can go up in a day.


So I want to make it very clear, there should be no misunderstanding, that we must be equipped to be caught up. Even the King James translation says, We shall ascend and we shall meet Him in the air, and forever we will be with the Lord. We must ascend before we are caught up. To say we must ascend is the same thing as saying we must be in this program of facing our beast nature. And no matter how much we are willing to do this we cannot go any faster than the Lord leads us into this experience, because as far as I understand it, we could not even bear it. I do not think it is even possible to do it rapidly. But what do I know? This may change when the company of Sons are manifested. I do not know, but it is my opinion right now that I do not think that we, in our fallen condition, could bear really seeing into our souls. Suddenly, I do not think we could bear it. But I do suspect that things will speed up after the Sons stand.


So we have to be willing to deal with the beast in us and struggle with her and wrestle with her, and we have to defeat her. We also have to learn the Doctrine of Christ. We have to put in our dues, and whatever else the Lord requires of us. I do not know what He would require of any individual, but I guess what He requires is to be sold out to Him. But basically it is the Doctrine of Christ and the confession of sin and repentance. Those are the two major requirements for ascension, and we are required to wage a warfare.


OK, here is the third important one. After we fulfill the first two, or at least are working on the first two, studying to show ourselves approved, learning the Doctrine of Christ, and fully being willing to and engaging in an active warfare against the beast within us, as we do this, we begin to ascend. The natural outgrowth of these two efforts on our part is that we ascend. That is what will happen to you when you do that, and as you ascend, your armor is built on you, and you must wage a warfare every step of the way. So the first two produce the third. The confession of sin and the study of the Doctrine of Christ will bring to pass a warfare in your life, and as you overcome in that warfare you will eventually pierce through in to the heart center. It is my understanding right now that no matter how incomplete your equipment, once you are in the heart center, you can be caught up suddenly and completed through the ascension. That is my understanding right now, but you cannot go from the ground up, you cannot be a baby in a cradle and be caught up. You have got to have your own victory, you have got to have your own overcoming both of the beast within you, and Satan, who is going to try and stop you from ascending every step of the way. But, of course, we are all old warriors here as far as Satan is concerned.


What I would like to ask you is, if anybody knows what this line represents? I told you that this line between the heart and the navel center signifies the firmament, but as far as our warfare is concerned, can anybody -- I do not know that I ever taught it to you in these terms, I have phrased it differently to you. Anybody want to take a guess at what this barrier is here?


See, you have to pierce through this barrier. The average person lives in their navel center. The average, everyday person lives in their belly. That is what Paul called their belly, the third energy center, the navel center. It is the center where the people who dwell there are concerned primarily with material lusts, lusts for possessions, lusts for objects, and, of course, they are also influenced by the lust of the second center for sexual lust, but they know how to put off their needs. They are living an average life, they are working, they are raising their families, and this dividing line between the third and the fourth center; when the person transcends this dividing line, they go from being an everyday person to a spiritual person, so can anybody guess what this dividing line is that you have to overcome? You have to overcome it, you have to pierce through it, and it is not an easy thing to do.


COMMENT: Dividing between the astral plane where you have to fight the immortals.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, that is pretty close, that is pretty good, Xxxx. I did not have the immortals in mind right now, but that is probably true if I would stop to think about it. What I wanted, and you answered, you said the astral plane, and I wanted to hear Satan, but Satan is the astral plane, so you were right. This is the astral plan, this is Satan's sea. These lower centers are all under Satan's sea. So as we start to ascend we are under her dominion. If we are here in the third energy center, and we want to pierce through; this is the edge of her sea, this is the edge of Satan's sea. That is her border. She is not letting you through. She has got an undertow that is trying to pull you back down under, and this is where the warfare comes in.


Obviously you cannot wage this warfare until you are equipped to wage the warfare, and although I show this third center really close to the fourth center, they are really very far apart. They are very, very far apart. We start learning how to war against Satan in Old Order Deliverance, and I spent five years casting out demons. It looks very simple on the board, but I spent five years casting out demons and doing Old Order Deliverance, learning how to deal with Satan at that level. So we can ascend only so far. If you think of the distance between the third and the fourth center as a series of sub-planes, if you can think of that. It is hard to envision the way that I have drawn it.


Let me give you a side drawing. The heart center, navel, think of this as a whole series of layers that you have to penetrate through to travel, and each one of these lines signifies a layer of Satan's authority that you have to pierce through to get from the navel to the heart center. So when you learn Old Order Deliverance you pierce through the first level here. You can be the most powerful warrior in the Holy Ghost in Old Order Deliverance, but you are not going to get any higher than the first or second or even third level, and there is no way you are going to get any higher than that. Why? Because to get to the next level you have to start praying the Doctrine of Christ.


There is no way you are going to get to this level over here without knowing that you have to boil Satan. There is no way you are getting to this level here without knowing that Leviathan is going to be cooked and eaten. That is why you have to know the Doctrine of Christ, you have to pray the judgments of the Doctrine of Christ, so it is no simple ascension to go from the third center to the fourth center. It requires this education that we all have been laboring here with all of these years. It is not a simple thing. When we finally get here, when we get to the edge of this sea, that last layer before we pierce through into the heart center is the most hellish part of the battle. Satan is giving it everything that she has got to cast you down, but then when you pierce through, when you pierce through into the heart center the warfare does not stop, but you are in a position of advantage. When you are underneath the edge of the sea you are under Satan's power. It is like you are in jail, and you are trying to break out. Once you get into the heart center, you are on top of the wall, and you are throwing down the lightening. Get down dog, get down, get down dog. You have got a big stick, the dog is under your feet, and you are beating the dog. You are in a position of advantage.


So once you pierce through to the heart center, if you are living a straight life, if you are doing everything you are supposed to be doing, your life should get much easier. Not that Satan's attacks are any less, but you know her devices, you are trained, you are equipped, you know how to deal with her, and you are maintaining your position in the heart center. You have to hold the ground. The hardest part is piercing through, but if you do not hold the ground, you will lose it. But if you have the right training, which the Lord is graciously pouring out here, your life can become a lot better in a lot of ways once you pierce through into the aerial center, and you are now holding the ground instead of trying to pierce through.


It is from this place in the aerial center that the anointing comes down from the crown center. You are in the heart center now. Now, who are you? Christ Jesus. Let us just take a minute to review the difference between Christ and Christ Jesus. Maybe this is what you were asking me for, Xxxx, I do not know. Well, you got it anyway. Would someone please define Christ for us? Can anyone tell us who Christ is? Let me say this while you are thinking; before we can ascend, the only one who can ascend must be formed in us, because only the one who came down from heaven can go back up into heaven. Our carnal mind will never go back up into heaven, and our human spirit, even though she is of the waters of Elohim's spirit, she is female, and she cannot ascend back up without a male head, without the true male head which came down from heaven. So the male head who can return to heaven must be in us before we, and who are we? Anybody want to tell me who we are? Who is being saved?


COMMENT: The personality?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, the personality is being saved. And how is the personality saved? She has to ascend into the brow center, that is heaven, but she never came down from the brow center, the personalities of the earth, so the only way she can be saved is to be joined to the one who came down from heaven, and His name is Christ. So Christ must be formed in us.


I know this is very confusing. We have two sets of names here, and this is the way it is. I did not set it up. There is one set of names used in the Old Testament, and another set of names used in the New Testament, and I will attempt to reconcile the two sets of names for you.


Adam, Jehovah's thought form, consisted of Jehovah's whole semen, the virile seed, and the waters and dust. The primordial Serpent -- this is what you wanted, right? The Lord did not agree with me, you got it. OK. The primordial Serpent rose up and killed Adam, Jehovah's thought form. Adam, made from Jehovah's whole semen -- does anyone know the name of Jehovah's whole semen?


COMMENT: Elohim?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, Elohim, the name of Jehovah's whole semen. What are the two sides of semen?


COMMENT: Water and seed?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, water and seed. So what is the name of the seed part of Jehovah's semen?


COMMENT: Michael?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, Michael. Michael is the name of the seed part of Jehovah's whole semen, and Jehovah's whole semen is called Elohim. Now as far as I know, there is no specific name given to the water part alone of the semen. Why? Because when the water is separated from the seed she becomes the primordial Serpent, and as far as the Lord is concerned, she is an nothing. The Lord does not give her a name. Her name is nothing.


So the primordial Serpent rose up and killed Adam, Jehovah's whole semen. Water and seed and dust were killed. How do you kill a thought form? It was broken apart, and it separated into dust, water, and seed; separated into three different elements. The dust cleaved unto the ground, and there was no more dust. It became a part of the thick earth. The earth absorbed the waters and became clay, and that aspect of Michael which was in Adam, died. Now Michael did not die. Michael is a glorious angel that abides in the eternal realm with Jehovah, and it was not Michael, the angel himself, that was in Adam. It was an aspect of Michael. Michael stretched himself out, just like the Holy Spirit is in me, and in you, or Christ is in me, in the days of the Holy Spirit. He is in all of us.


He stretches out rays of Himself, but if we know a man who has the Holy Spirit and backslides, and goes out and turns his back on the Lord, and we visit that man one day, then he does not have the Holy Spirit anymore. Did the Holy Spirit die? Is the Holy Spirit still not alive and well in trillions of other people today? But for that man, the Holy Spirit died. The only problem is that, at the time that the primordial Serpent killed Adam, Adam was the only being that Michael's aspect was inhabiting. Adam was the first. He was the zygote. He was programmed to divide into a many-membered creature, but the primordial Serpent killed him before he multiplied. So that aspect of Michael that was in Adam died, and the earth absorbed the water and the dust and gave birth to a fallen creation. I am simplifying this. I do not know what that fallen creature; it was a fallen creation, and it was a creature, and that creature was a two-sided creature that was born of the earth and Elohim's waters. It was a two-sided creature that was mortal. Anyone know the name of that creature that was born after Adam died?


COMMENT: Cain and Abel?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, Cain and Abel, and Cain and Abel were both mortal. They were and are both mortal and female. You cannot be mortal and be male. By very definition to be mortal is to be vulnerable, weak, and needy. That is not spiritually male.


So Abel was male as well as Cain. They were really one creature. The Scripture says that Cain was the female animal, and that Abel was her mind. Cain and Abel were one creature, and they were both female, but Jehovah in His mercy sought to restore the creation and the creature to immortality. Jehovah sought to bring the creation under His protection. Despite the fall, despite the rebellion, despite the death of Adam, Jehovah sought to reconnect His creation to Himself, and the way He did this was by examining Cain and Abel and deciding which aspect of the creature had the greatest spiritual potential. Why would Jehovah care about which aspect had the greatest spiritual potential? Anyone want to try that?


PASTOR VITALE: What is Jehovah made of, what is His substance?


COMMENT: Spirit?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, Jehovah is spirit, and He will not connect with the earth in a relationship where the earth is exercising authority. Jesus said, I came to my own, and they received me not. Well, everybody thinks that means that He came to the Jews. I do not know how much it means that. What it means is that He came to His own spirit. It just so happens that His spirit was in the Jews. Jesus was the incarnation of the promised reappearance of the spirit of Elijah. He was coming for the Spirit of God which happened to be in the Jews. Jehovah goes to His own, and, of course, the Lord Jesus is the Son of Jehovah. The Lord Jesus is on assignment today to reconcile the fallen creation to Jehovah through Himself as Mediator.


So Jehovah looked at Cain and Abel, and looked for the aspect of this dual creature which would most likely cleave unto Him. In this society today we have organ transplants. Do you know that in an organ transplant one of the greatest potential problems is that the body of the recipient will reject the donated organ? That is the greatest potential cause of failure of the transplant. The very body that is being saved will cast out the life-saving organ. So Jehovah made a determination that the largest spiritual potential was in that aspect of the creature called Abel. I have no idea what they looked like. The only thing I know for sure is that they were conscious. There was a consciousness, and that aspect of this mortal creature that the Scripture calls Abel, that aspect of the creature, the consciousness of that aspect of the creature tended to be spiritual and to turn towards God. The aspect of the creature that turned towards the earth was called Cain, and this is just a name for the negative potential of the creature. We all have Cain and Abel in us today. All of our potential to do evil, every evil we have looked upon in our own hearts, whether we have spoken it out or acted on it or not, it is all in Cain. She is our dark side.


Now I can tell you that the whole world does not have Abel. The whole world has Cain. The whole world is born with a dark side. I really cannot teach this whole thing so I am skipping over a lot of things. We have this mortal creature, Cain and Abel, and Jehovah makes a judgment that the preponderance, the greatest part of the spiritual substance, is in an aspect of the creature that He called Abel. There is a division here between the dark potential of the earth to do evil and the light potential of Elohim's waters which were absorbed by the earth. So Cain and Abel is drawing a distinction between the two potentials of the creature to go either in the positive direction towards the righteousness of Jehovah or the evilness of the earth, and this situation is very present today.


Jehovah decided to call the name of the potential to cleave unto Him, the potential to cleave unto Him, He called it Abel. Michael sent forth an aspect of Himself, or a ray of Himself, or Michael shined down upon Abel and joined with that spiritual, that mass of spiritual potential, and in that connection, Abel, this aspect of the fallen creature was raised up into the heavenlies and became immortal. But it was an imputed immortality. He could be killed, and we all know that Cain killed Him. How did Cain kill Him? He cut Abel off from His life-saving connection with Michael.


So this is the story of who Abel is. Now for Christ to be raised in us today; and who is Christ? We are going to run through a lot of the teaching here, and we are going to come to the time of the Jews, and I am going to remind you about Elijah coming forth in the earth, and Elijah was glorified, Elijah was and is the Savior of Israel. That why Malachi prophesied that he was coming again. He is the Savior of Israel. Elijah was glorified. It was prophesied that he would appear again, and that if carried into the New Testament, Jesus said, If you can receive it, here is the spirit of Elijah. He was not talking about John. He was talking about Himself. So Elijah reincarnated, but this is not Hindu reincarnation. But the spirit of Elijah appeared in the man Jesus, and Jesus was glorified and became the Savior of the world.


Now everything that I just told you about Abel is present in the person of the Lord Jesus. What Michael did by shining forth and joining with Abel and connecting Abel with Jehovah, making him immortal, now that the Lord Jesus is glorified, and it really is Michael in another form, the Lord Jesus is shining down through His Holy Spirit and connecting with the human spirit of mortal men in a very similar manner. I am making this very simple. It is not exact.


In a very similar manner to the way that Michael reached down to Abel, the Lord Jesus is reaching down into men today. Sometimes I say He is raising Abel from the dead, which is not wrong. He is also raising Christ from the dead. The only difference between Abel and Christ is that to say that Christ is raised in you specifies that that Holy Thing in you is put there by the Lord Jesus. To say that Christ is in you means that the Lord Jesus did it for you. Way back at the beginning of time, it was the angel Michael who did it. Today, it is the glorified man, Jesus Christ who is reconnecting you through His Holy Spirit to the eternal Godhead above. Therefore, I do not have all the answers, but the Scripture calls it Christ, and it is really probably just an issue of it being Greek, because the New Testament is in Greek. The Lord Jesus is Michael. Michael incarnated as Elijah. Elijah incarnated as Jesus. It is all Michael.


So when I am teaching in the Old Testament I tend to say Abel is raised from the dead in you, because you cannot say Christ when you are teaching in the Old Testament. That word does not appear in the Old Testament, so I say Abel is raised from the dead. When I am teaching in the New Testament I say Christ is raised from the dead, but it is really the same thing because Christ merely means "anointed one." So, technically, when Michael did it for Abel we can even say that was Christ, but to try to keep things simple (ha, ha, ha, to try to keep things simple), in this hour everyone who is walking around with a spiritual pregnancy has in their spiritual belly the offspring of the glorified man, the Lord Jesus Christ.


And the only reason, that I know of, that it is important to distinguish between having the offspring of Michael, the Archangel, in your spiritual belly and the offspring of the Lord Jesus Christ in your spiritual belly - this is the difference, and it is an important difference - the fact that we are impregnated by a glorified man equips us to hold this pregnancy. You see, mortal man is spiritually female and she is not very fertile. For everything in the spiritual plane there is a natural type of it in this world. Well, I am sure you all know that there are some women that do not carry very well. They have a lot of trouble conceiving, and when they do conceive they have a tendency toward miscarriages. Sometime they have to spend the whole 9 months in bed to carry that baby to term.


Well, the fallen creation is not very stable with regard to carrying a man child. She is pretty stable when it comes to carrying a female child who is the Serpent's child. She carries that. We see that the human race has multiplied into trillions, maybe even greater than trillions, of people, but when it comes to a man child, when it comes to the child of the Lord Jesus Christ, she has all kinds of problems holding on to this child. So, she needs hormone injections, and all kinds of spiritual medical treatment to help her carry this child to term, and all those hormones and all that spiritual medical treatment is wrapped up in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. When Michael, in the form of the Lord Jesus Christ, impregnates you, you will carry the child. When Michael, the Archangel, impregnates you, you probably -- well, to date no one has carried the child to term.


Now, I have just given you a parable. When I said Jesus is the spiritual hormones, etc., I do not even know how it works. I am just talking spiritual principles. The fallen creature could not hold the man child in its womb long enough to be reborn back into the Kingdom of God. So Jehovah had to provide spiritual hormone shots so that we could carry the pregnancy to term. I hope I have explained to you who Christ is. Christ has to be formed in you if you, the personality, have any hope of ascending into the brow center, and when your personality ascends into the brow center you experience what is known as salvation. Your personality is preserved or rescued from death and from hell.


So #1, you have to get pregnant. There is no way your personality will ascend if you are not impregnated with the Christ. I am skipping over a whole big thing here. OK, Christ is formed in you, we will have to take it from there. Then Christ starts to ascend. Now the average person is in their belly, in their navel energy center, the third energy center. You start looking into yourself, seeing your sins, confessing, learning spiritual warfare, and you start killing the lion and the bear and taking your victories over Satan and the forces of the astral plane, the demons and the other entities of the astral plane, and eventually, as the Lord leads you, you really cannot do this without the Lord leading you. Promotion comes from the Lord.


The Church has so many problems today. One of the biggest problems in the Church is that they do not even understand that they cannot even go on to the next stage of development unless the Lord brings them into it. They think they can really pick and choose what church they are going to, but even worse than that, most of them do not even know that there are other stages of development that they have to go through. They are totally without knowledge, but for those of you who know you cannot go on to the next stage unless the Lord ordains it, He is in full control, whether you agree or not, or whether you know it or not. He is in charge of this show.


Eventually, before you can pierce through into the heart center, to the best of my knowledge, you have to have some revelation of the Doctrine of Christ. Now, the Lord can make any exception that He wants to, but to the best of my knowledge, you have to at least be in submission to a course of study which will open you to the Lord confirming this Doctrine of Christ in your own mind. You have to be in submission to it, you have to be listening to it even if you do not understand a word that I am saying. Eventually, as Christ in you ascends and you fight that war, you will pierce through the edge of Satan's sea, and you will no longer be fighting from behind the walls of Alcatraz, but you will pierce through, and now you will be standing on the wall and beating the dog down under your feet.


You have to hold that ground because if you are not in that heart center when the call comes, you will miss the call. The Spirit of Christ is not going below the heart center to get you. No matter what kind of trouble you have in your life, all you have to do is cry out to Jesus, and He will help you. But if, for whatever reason, you mess up, and you fall below the heart center when that call comes -- it is not a punishment -- if you are not there to answer the phone, you are not going to get the call. I am not saying the Lord will not give you another chance at another time in the future, but we all have a responsibility, we have to hold the line, we have to fight for every piece of ground that we take through our warfare with Satan. And you need to know that every piece of ground that you take, Satan is sending her angels to take it back from you and to punish you for every step forward that you take, and to beat you back down. If there is no warfare in your life, you need to know that you are not ascending. If there is no warfare in your life it is because you are not bothering Satan, and she is not bothering you.


The Spirit of Christ comes in at the crown center at the top there. The Lord Jesus Christ, who is higher than the crown center, enters into the crown center. Actually, it is not Him. He puts down an aspect of Himself. He shines through the crown center, He puts His hand into the crown center, these are all different ways of expressing the same thing. He flows down, He reaches down, puts His hand down, shines down, sends aspects of Himself down. To say that He enters into the 7th center, at this point we are talking about the glorified Jesus Christ who is higher than this world, higher than the etheric plane, higher than the astral plane, and higher than the whole of the world under the sea. He is beyond these jail houses of this physical body, the Lord Jesus Christ is beyond this place of imprisonment where we all are.


So to say the Lord Jesus Christ appears in the crown center is to say that He, or an aspect of Himself, is reaching down into our individual black holes. The 7th center indicates an individual black hole. If you want to think of it, think of Him as a great ocean, and underneath at the bottom of this ocean, the waters of the ocean channeling into many caves. Jesus is part of Jehovah. He is flowing freely with Jehovah, and He appears at the crown center. That is the door, by the way. He says, I stand at the door and I knock. He is at the entranceway of your black hole, and He is putting His hand down. Actually, the Scriptures indicate that He is shouting to us. He is shouting to us from the crown center. What is He shouting? Lay hold, catch My hand, here's My hand, can you tell the difference between Me and the Serpent? That is what He is shouting.


That Spirit of Christ that enters into the crown center, that aspect of Him will flow freely between the crown center and the heart center, but it will not go beneath the heart center. Now if you are in the heart center, that Spirit of Christ will flow together with Christ Jesus. Now if you are in the heart center, your personality is in the heart center, and Christ has now become Christ Jesus. I will go back and explain that in a minute, how Christ becomes Christ Jesus. They flow together. It is called a marriage, the marriage of Christ and the Church. But you have to be in the heart center to mix with this inflowing Spirit of Christ, and then once you mix with that inflowing Spirit of Christ, it strengthens you. Again, we have many sub-planes as I showed you before, many sub-planes. I think that my spirit has been mixed with the Spirit of Christ for a long time. There is no way I could bring forth the doctrine I have brought forth without that being the case. I am convinced of that, but I am not in perfection.


So that Spirit of Christ mixed with me when I was in the heart center, mixed with Christ Jesus in me after I ascended into the heart center, after I pierced through into the heart center, and strengthened me, and I started to ascend into the throat center, the fifth center, and I have been ascending ever since. I think I have been in the throat center and beyond for a long time. I am somewhere between the fifth center and the sixth center. So we can actually say that after I pierced through into the heart center the Spirit of Christ, an aspect of the Lord Jesus Christ, entered in through my seventh energy center and flowed downward to me, and met me in the heart center and mixed with me. Then that aspect of the Spirit of Christ started to return back up to the crown center, and as He returned, He was taking me with Him, because the Spirit of Christ had mixed with Christ Jesus in me, who was joined to my personality, and ever since that day, whenever it was, I think it was years ago, that the Spirit of Christ mixed with Christ Jesus in me and my personality, He started ascending and taking captivity captive. He has been ascending from the heart center up towards the brow center, dragging me with him.


You see, the Lord Jesus Christ, who is ascended beyond mortal man, and Christ Jesus in the individual, are really one person. The Lord Jesus has deposited His seed in us and impregnated us with Himself. So, when the Spirit of Christ flows together with Christ Jesus in the heart center it is like a reconciliation or a reunion or an ingathering. Look at it this way, try and see it this way, the Lord Jesus Christ tore a piece of Himself out, cut His arm off, and gave us His arm. Now it was just a loan. He wants His arm back, but there is no way that we can get into this country where He is, of eternal life, unless we have His arm. So He said, Here take my arm, I am loaning it to you, I am trusting you with it, and my arm is going to bring you to heaven, and when you get to heaven I am going to take My arm and stick it back on My body again.


When the Spirit of Christ that flows through the crown center mixes with Christ Jesus in the aerial center, they become one. Christ Jesus is that arm that the Spirit of Christ takes back, and then the two together, the glorified Spirit of Christ, plus the arm that has increased in this man, they now work together to bring the personality up into the brow center. We are the problem, the personality, we are the problem. Trying to save the personality. So the Lord Jesus Christ has been dragging me up for all these years. He is pulling from the top, and I am pushing from the bottom by doing everything that I have to do. Study to show myself approved, confess my sins, I am doing the best I can to have godly communication with everybody that I deal with, open, honest communication. That includes saying you are sorry if you do something wrong, it is being willing to yield and to make things right no matter how simple it is because it may be nothing to you but causing someone else a lot of pain. So we cannot go around worrying all the time if we are causing other people a lot of pain. What we do is just obey the rules. There are rules to relationships. You follow the rules, you submit yourself to them, if you do not know what they learn them, deal right with people, communicate, communicate, communicate, and He will drag you up there.


The whole point of this message is to emphasize that we are babies being carried up there. There is a lot that we have to do down here. The bottom line is that no matter how much we do down here we could never get ourselves up there. Never, it is impossible. We have got a whole Church world out there that thinks that they can ascend without the Lord Jesus Christ bringing them up. Impossible. Then there is another aspect of the Church who is more or less preaching that you do not have to do anything, just wait, and Jesus is going to return and catch you up like a baby in a diaper. I see a vision of the stork carrying the baby and just carrying you into heaven. That is not true, either. The truth is, we have an assignment if we want to get up there, and it is hard, arduous work, and painful, and the warfare is long and rigorous. It goes on for years sometimes.


I do not want to scare anybody. Now is the hour. The Scripture clearly says that you can come in at the midnight hour. For me the warfare has been going on for years. The point is that you have to be prepared to go on in the warfare for years. You cannot be putting any time limits on the Lord. You do what you have to do and come in with a mindset that you are going to do what you have to do, for as long as you have to do it. And then He gives you the grace for that one element that you are not capable of doing, and He drags you up. You must do as much as you can do before; He is overdrive. You do as much as you can do, and then He does what you cannot do, but if you do not do what you can do, then He is not going to do what you cannot do. It is a hard, hard, troublesome, painful walk, but it is doable, and if you want it bad enough you can do it.


It is doable. It is not only hard and troublesome, there are good things. He put out a banquet for us in the valley of the shadow of death. The Word of God is good. Fellowship in the Lord is good, but I am not going to lie to you, it is a hard walk. It gets easier. The trials do not get easier, but as you really understand what He requires of you, the more you understand what He requires of you, and the more you flow with what He requires of you, the easier it gets. Our biggest problem is that we do not understand what He requires of us. So we go walking into spiritual walls, stubbing our toes, hitting our heads, trying to figure out what is wrong. You will never make it up without the education. Not just the Doctrine of Christ alone, but this whole -- I do not know, maybe this is the Doctrine of Christ too. Everything that we teach here about how to understand the things of the spirit and how to recognize spiritual signs and how to understand dreams, God talks to us in dreams.


You have to be able to know what He is saying to you. You have to be able to know how to understand the dream. You have to be able to hear Him talking to you when another person is just having a conversation with someone else, and you will hear a word, and the Lord will lay hold of that word, and it will have a meaning for you. You have to be sensitive to His Spirit. This whole training, God is Spirit. You must learn to function in His world. You do not have to be perfect. He decides at what point He will yank you up. As far as I am concerned, I certainly would not stop preparing myself until I am up there.


The reason I hesitated is, as far as I am concerned, I do not even have any choice. I am so under the control of Christ Jesus I am half dead, and I am doing whatever He is -- I was sick this last week, and I had that whole experience that brought forth the message this morning where we wound up praying some important prayers. My body was not working, but He was still working in my mind. He never stops. That is not bad. To me, it is life. I am at the point now, I tell you I am very capable of enjoying carnal pursuits, I enjoy company, I enjoy people, I enjoy going out to dinner, but I cannot stay out there too long. I have to come and get my spiritual food or I start to starve. What I cannot do without is the life of God's Spirit. Activities and experiences in God'sSspirit, I cannot live without that. I can live without going out to dinner, I can live without going to the movies, I can live without certain kinds of fellowship, but I cannot live without the life that God has given me.


I will just take a few minutes to explain how we get from Christ to Christ Jesus and what the difference is there. Any questions about what I have just told you? The difference between Christ and Christ Jesus is basically the difference between Abel and Adam. Adam was Jehovah's complete thought form, and he was immortal. He had an imputed immortality, he was capable of dying, but while he existed, he was immortal. He did not get sick, and he would have lived forever and matured into an imparted immortality. He would have matured into a form whereby he could have not been killed, but the primordial Serpent got him before he matured into that imparted condition of immortality.


Abel is mortal. Adam was immortal in his own right. Adam was immortal. Abel was a mortal, fallen creature who received imputed immortality because Michael shined down and touched him. You can liken Abel's experience to the Church today. We are fallen, but the Holy Spirit reaches down and touches us, and we receive the life of God as a gift. Abel was fallen. There was sin present in the Cain/Abel nature. Adam had no sin. Adam had the potential to sin, but he had never sinned. He was, therefore, immortal. Abel was mortal and had sin. So as Christ ascends (Christ is Abel now), as He ascends -- what is the relationship between Abel and Adam, or what is the relationship between Christ and Christ Jesus? The relationship is the transition of the emerging Christ in us.


Now I am not talking about the personality. The transition of the emerging Christ in us from mortal to immortal. Christ can be killed very easily. The personality kills Christ all the time, usually because they do not know He is there. A lot of believers do not know they are pregnant because they do not even know it is possible to be pregnant, and there is a whole element of the Church that is preaching against this truth which is coming forth from a lot of elements. A lot of elements of the Church are preaching this concept of something being born in you and birthed in you. They do not have the entire message, what they are preaching is not accurate, but this principle of something being born in you is accurate. And there are very well meaning elements in the Church who are preaching against the elements of the Church that say something can be born in you. We are all killing each other.


Christ is killed by the personality frequently. They receive the Holy Spirit with joy, they receive the gifts, they sing and they dance and they jump, and they receive Christ, and they do not know that they are pregnant. Like that young girl, she went to the prom, went in the bathroom and had a baby and dumped it in the trash basket. The Church does it every day. They kill Christ and dump him in the trash basket, and they do not even know they did it. Christ Jesus can die also, but Christ Jesus is a lot harder to kill than Christ. Christ Jesus can be likened to the resurrected Adam. The only difference between the resurrected Adam and Christ Jesus is that this resurrected Adam in you was planted there and brought forth by the Lord Jesus Christ, and not the angel Michael, but the Lord Jesus Christ is the angel Michael in a different form. If you cannot understand it, do not let it hang you up. If you need to tell yourself that they are the same, that Christ Jesus and the resurrected Adam are the same, it is OK. If you need to tell yourself that they are the same, it is OK until you can understand it. It is not worth hanging yourself up over it.


We might say Christ Jesus is a man. Now, He might not be a full grown man. I think to be a full grown man you would have to have ascended into the brow center. Is not it John who talks about "you young men" have overcome the wicked one? He talks about three different kinds of warriors. Men and young men and children. Well, Christ Jesus is a different stage of growth than Christ. It is a more mature stage of growth. As soon as Christ pierces through to the heart center He enters into a new stage of His development. He is now in the heart center, He is no longer under Satan's dominion. He is now on the wall beating the dog down, and the dog is Satan, and His name changes. His name does not change only because His position has changed, but His name changes because He is much stronger. His position has changed, but He is much stronger, and He has had a lot more experiences to even get to that position, and He is holding the ground. He is in the heart center, and He is beating back the dog, and He is standing, He is occupying that heart center. Jesus said, Occupy until I come. Occupy what? The heart center. Occupy that heart center until He shines down through your crown center and catches you up.


So that to say that Christ increases into Christ Jesus is like saying Abel is maturing back into Adam. It is just a more mature manifestation of the life of Christ that is growing within you, and it is a strong manifestation. Christ Jesus Himself grows in grace. There are different levels of maturity for Christ Jesus Himself. He is much more capable and much less likely to be cast down than Christ alone. I think Christ in a lot of believers is wiped out. By the time Christ in you becomes Christ Jesus, by the time you have taken enough victory to pierce through to that heart center, most people are not giving up their position very easily. I know that I have come to a place that I will fight to the death to be removed from where the Lord has brought me to, and the reason I have such a fierce attitude about it is that I have experienced slipping backwards, and it was one of the most horrendous experiences of my life.


Having experienced certain heights in Christ Jesus and having slipped down from that height was terrifying. Satan sends Jezebel at you through the most unwitting people from every side, and their assignment is to bring you down. The King James translation talks about this. The king sent a captain and his 50 to Elijah, "Come down off that hill Elijah." Where to you think Elijah was? He was ascended into the brow center. The king sent soldiers. They were not physical soldiers. They were spiritual soldiers. They were coming out of people's minds. They said, "Come down in your spiritual authority, the king wants you to submit to him." You have to learn how to deal with Satan in the minds of the most unwitting people. You are not supposed to sin against the people, but neither are you to submit to an authority that is supposed to be submitting to you. Because when you do that you kill Christ in you. Either you are going to submit to the ungodly authority and sacrifice Christ because you cannot submit to an ungodly authority and not kill Christ.


You are going to kill Christ in you, and you are going to kill Satan in the other guy. There are no two ways about it. It like a little boy being bullied at school, he does not want to fight this kid, and he comes running home. His father looks out the window and sees his son acting like a coward. When the little boy gets to the door, he opens the door, and his father is standing in the doorway. He says, Where are you going? The little boy says, They are chasing me down the street. The father says, Go back and fight your pursuer or come back and fight me. The little boy, being more frightened of his father than anybody else, turned around and fought the big bully that was chasing him down the street. Every time you have Christ in you or Christ Jesus in you, but even Christ in you, every time you submit to someone who influences you to do something that you know you should not do, you kill Christ in you. Every time someone's convoluted thinking tells you that your position is not love, or whatever other nonsense they tell you that is around in the Church or the world today, every time you change your mind and listen to the other person, you kill Christ in you, and you are a Christ killer, and you need to confess it and repent and ask the Lord to help you to be strengthened in that area.


So Christ Jesus is a more mature manifestation of Christ. It is the manifestation of Christ that occupies the heart center, so as soon as you hear the name Christ Jesus, you know that He is at least in the heart center. When you hear Christ alone, He is not in the heart center. He is still under the sea, under Satan's dominion.


Well, is there anything I did not cover? Did you get your answer? Any questions or comments to anything that I missed over here?


COMMENT: In effect, you are saying that while you are even in the navel area you can have Christ?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, Christ is coming up from the root center. Cain killed Him, Cain killed Abel, but Christ can be likened to Abel. Cain killed Abel, and Abel is under the ground, and the ground is the root energy center. That is where the Fiery Serpent is. He is coming up from the root center. Yes. I want to repeat something. It is the Spirit of Christ that is coming in from the seventh center that will not go below the heart center. The Spirit of the glorified Jesus Christ will not go below the heart center, but Christ, the man child that is growing in the individual, is arising from under the earth of the root center and ascending.


COMMENT: Would you say that Abel arising, that would be God's timeline as He starts arising from the root center?


PASTOR VITALE: Well, I do not recall ever seeing that word timeline used like that. Timeline, when I talk about timeline, I am talking about the channel through which Christ is ascending. There is the Serpent's timeline, and there is Christ Jesus' timeline. I am talking about the channel through which they ascend. I am not talking about timing, like this comes first and that comes second. I am not talking about timing. The timeline is a pathway.


COMMENT: I thought the pathway would be Abel rising and going into Christ, and then Christ Jesus?


PASTOR VITALE: No. The timeline of Christ Jesus is from the fourth center. It begins at the fourth center. It does not go below. So we might even say that Christ has to ascend to get into the timeline of Christ Jesus. He is not even in the timeline until He gets into the heart center.


COMMENT: That is also the Serpent's timeline, from the heart center?


PASTOR VITALE: No, the Serpent's timeline starts with the root center. The Serpent's timeline is under the sea. Abel has to break free of the Serpent's timeline.


COMMENT: Do we all have a dead root of Christ in us?


PASTOR VITALE: No. The root of Christ, the dead root of Christ, is really the root of Abel, the one who was cut down. The dead root is talking about the tree that stood in the earth that was cut down, and that is what we know as the remainder of the tree that was planted. Now to say the root of Christ in the earth, we are talking about the root of Christ in fallen man. I am talking about the root of Christ in fallen man that lets out Adam who died when the primordial Serpent killed Him. The Lord, Jehovah, raised the Tree of Life from the dead in the earth of mortal man. Jehovah raised the Tree of Life, and Adam is the Tree of Life. He existed before the creation fell. Adam, who is fully connected to the Godhead, to put it in context to us now, it would mean the resurrected Adam or Christ Jesus ascended into the brow center and nailed there by the glorified Jesus Christ. When that happens to you, the Tree of Life will be fully raised from the dead in you.


The Tree of Life is the resurrected Adam flowing together with the full power of the eternal Godhead. That is who the Tree of Life is. So when we talk about the root of Christ we are talking about the Tree of Life that was planted in mortal man. We are not talking about the Tree of Life that existed before mortal man came into existence. So, who is the Tree of Life? Where did the Tree of Life appear in the flesh of mortal man? Anybody have any idea? OK I just told you who the Tree of Life was, and we know that He existed before the fall, and I am telling you that that Tree of Life was raised from the dead in mortal humanity and was cut down in mortal humanity. When the Scripture talks about the root of Christ it is talking about what remains in the earth of mortal man of that Tree of Life which appeared in fallen flesh.


I will say it again. That Tree of Life that existed before the fall, Adam flowing completely with Elohim and Jehovah and the whole Godhead, that tree was cut down. The primordial Serpent stole the creation and brought forth this whole fallen world. There was no root of Christ at all in this mortal creation, but Jehovah raised the Tree of Life, or replanted the Tree of Life in mortal humanity, and that second appearance of the Tree of Life. We have two appearances, before the fall the Tree of Life appeared in the person of Adam, and the Tree of Life appeared again after the fall in mortal man, and was subsequently cut down. So when the Scripture talks about the root of Christ it is talking about the root of the Tree of Life that Jehovah replanted in this fallen earth and was cut down. Do you understand what I just said?


Let me just review the question.


PASTOR VITALE: Would anyone like to guess where Jehovah replanted the Tree of Life in fall humanity?


COMMENT: In Jesus?


PASTOR VITALE: No. He is the Tree of Life, but Jesus was not cut down. Jehovah replanted the Tree of Life in fallen mortal humanity, and that planting was cut down. The Tree of Life was cut down a second time. Want to try again?




PASTOR VITALE: No. Anybody else?


COMMENT: In Christ?


PASTOR VITALE: No, in Israel. Does not the Scripture say that they will be re-grafted into their own tree? The Tree of Life was replanted in Israel which, in and of itself, is an absolute miracle that the substance of the creation was stolen by the primordial Serpent, and rather than turn us over, Jehovah planted His glorious Tree of Life in the midst of this spiritually filthy creation.


COMMENT: When did this take place?


PASTOR VITALE: The cutting down of the Tree of Life or the planting or the Tree of Life? The planting of the Tree of Life in Isaac. The seed was delivered in Isaac. The seed of the Tree of Life was delivered in Isaac. The seed grew into a great tree at the height of Israel's preeminence, at the height of Israel's glory. 


So we now have established that the root of Christ -- sometimes I use all different terms, I cannot even tell you why I do it, but, technically, since we are doing a real technical study here when we talk about the root that is in the earth, that when it receives the scent of water it blooms into a whole tree again, we are talking about the Tree that was planted in Israel. The seed was given to Isaac through Abraham and carried through Jacob, and manifested in the 12 tribes, and out of the 12 tribes the seed, the virile seed, which is the headship, was designated to Judah. The seed was designated to Judah. The Tree of Life grew up through all of Israel, but the Tree of Life was a manifestation of Elohim's whole semen. Elohim is Jehovah's whole semen. The Tree of Life is a manifestation of Jehovah's whole semen. That means the water was present, the virile seed was present, and the virile seed was the head of the waters. See, to have the Tree of Life you have to have the whole semen, and not only do you have to have the seed as well as the waters, but the seed has to be in a position of dominance over the waters.


This situation arose in Israel, and the virile seed was in Judah. All 12 tribes were covered, and together they were one whole man, Israel, My Son Israel, but the virile seed was only in Judah; therefore, when the Tree was cut down, and we now look for the root of the tree. That word root may be misleading. The Lord just showed me how to explain it to you. The term, the root of Christ, or the root of the Tree of Life, what it really means is the virile seed, because the only way that the Tree of Life is going to be re-born in you is that you have to have the virile seed. You can have the earth, you can have the ground, you can have the water, but there is no way that Tree of Life is rising in you without the virile seed. So, therefore, the root of Christ is the virile seed.


So the question is, where is the virile seed? The virile seed is flowing in the physical genetic heritage of Judah. Now, in this hour, Jehovah has provided a Savior for the whole world. That means that this potential to raise the Tree of Life from the dead must have another channel to flow through. Before Jesus Christ, the only place you could find, the only place there was any chance whatsoever of the Tree of Life rising from the dead was in Judah, but in Jesus Christ a new channel has been opened. And that channel is through the Spirit of Christ. Our problem is that a lot of people think that they have the Spirit of Christ, and they do not have the Spirit of Christ. Without exception, it is my personal experience that every preacher that I have ever heard preach is without a revelation, has no idea whatsoever, that there is a difference between the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Christ, or the Spirit of Truth. They lump them all together, and they are not the same.


My famous testimony is this: I was dying when I came to the Lord. I was physically dying, physically, spiritually, mentally dying, but I was physically dying. I came to the Lord, and I had the hope that He would heal me. I believed that He would heal me. I had prophesy that He would heal me, and I expected a miraculous healing very soon, and it did not happen. I was serving the Lord for several years, when I attended a service in Christ for the Nations here in Stony Brook, and the band was playing, If that spirit that raised Christ from the dead dwells in you, it will quicken your mortal body, If that spirit dwells in you, -- and I was so sick. I could barely get up and jump. I said, Lord, what is wrong? Why would you not do this for me? And He spoke to me as clear as a bell, "You do not have the spirit that raised Christ from the dead, when it dwells in you it will quicken your mortal body." And my mortal body is being quickened, but in those days I was still going down.


So in this hour, the root of Christ is in the Spirit of Christ. Now the virile seed that is in Judah is transferable only through physical genetics. You have to have Jewish parents. But the Spirit of Christ is transmitted spiritually. You can receive the root of Christ from someone who has the Spirit of Christ. Now many have it today, but it will come. So the bridge, the bridge from Judah, from the only way of receiving this virile seed, would be through a physical birth in Judah. This restriction has been bridged through the Lord Jesus Christ, who was a natural Jew. He had the virile seed. He has the whole thing, and now the root -- it is possible for the root of Christ, for the virile seed, which will raise Christ Jesus, is the Tree of Life. We want the Tree of Life raised in us. That is what all of that means.


It is in the Spirit of Christ, not in the Holy Spirit. They are not the same, and if you do not have the Spirit of Christ, you have to get it from another man. The impartation of the Spirit of Christ is different than the impartation of the Holy Spirit. You do not get it by the laying on of hands. You do not get the Spirit of Christ by the laying on of hands. You get the Spirit of Christ by having spiritual, sexual intercourse with a mind through which the Spirit of Christ flows.


You know, brethren, there is a communication, there is a joining of the minds, that is possible. When you sit under a teaching like this, and you open yourself to me, I am penetrating you. I am Christ Jesus, and you are the Church, and we are having spiritual, sexual intercourse. What is another name for this? Communion. I am penetrating you. I am sitting across the room from you, but my words are penetrating your mind. They are penetrating your heart. Everything that I have said here tonight has impacted your life. I have inserted my mind into you, and you are receiving my seed, but because I am still very young, I have to keep penetrating you. I am not strong enough, I do not have enough seed to deposit in your minds for you to get all that you need in one session. So you have to sit under me for an ongoing endless period of time. You have to make a commitment to be here until the Lord removes you, and sit here with that open heart knowing that you will be here until He removes you. And every time you sit here and you listen to me I penetrate you, I penetrate your mind, and I deposit my seed.


COMMENT: I do not understand how the Lord could say to you that you did not have the Spirit of Christ, being that you are a natural Jew.


PASTOR VITALE: That is a very good question. The Tree of Life as it existed in Israel was Elohim's whole semen, the waters and the virile seed put together in the right relationship. First of all, every Jew does not have the virile seed. It flows in the physical genetics, but everybody does not have it. But apparently I did have it. For the Tree of Life, which is the Spirit of Christ -- now I am saying that the Spirit of Christ is the Tree of Life, that is what I am saying -- you need Elohim's whole semen. What I had was a dead root. Apparently I had the seed, but it was dead. Xxxx, will you take that Scripture about the scent of water and read it on the message?


Job 14:7-9, Alternate Translation, For there is hope of a tree, if it be cut down, that it will sprout again, and that the tender branch thereof will not cease, though Abel, the root thereof, wax old in the earth, and Adam, the stock thereof, die in the ground, yet when Satan, the water, is sacrificed at the scent of Abel it will bud and bring forth limbs, boughs of the same tree, like a plant.


Jehovah's virile seed, plus Adam's waters, is Elohim's Jehovah's whole semen. I had the seed, but He was dead. To say the root of Christ is another way of saying dead seed. The seed when it is alive is the virile seed, and the seed when it is dead is the root that was left when the virile seed died. So I had the root. I did not have the virile seed. I had the root, it was dead, that scent of water had to raise it from the dead, and the scent of water was the Holy Spirit. I had to have the Holy Spirit in addition to this dead root. I had the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit had been mixing with my human spirit for a couple of years, but the root did not rise from the dead instantly. What happens when you get a dead seed? You have to soak it in water. Sometimes you have to soak it in water for days, do not you? You have to soak your seeds for days, then you bury it under the wet earth, and it can takes weeks for it to sprout. We are all spiritual plants. So the Spirit of Christ had not sprouted in me yet. The tree had not sprouted in me yet. The seed was in there, it was under the Holy Spirit, and I was doing everything I had to do, I was completely sold out to God, but there was no rushing it. I had to wait for the tree to sprout, and it sprouted, and it is still growing.


COMMENT: You said that the Spirit of Christ is not the same as the Spirit of Truth. How can that be when the Spirit of Christ brings the Doctrine of Christ?


PASTOR VITALE: I said that it is not the same as the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of Christ is not the same as the Holy Spirit, and the Spirit of Truth is an aspect of the Spirit of Christ, but my main point was that the Holy Spirit is not the Spirit of Christ. There is so much pride in the Church, that the Lord is just going to have to beat people over the head for them to accept this truth, that the Holy Spirit is not the "be all, end all," and I just hear them screaming that it is blasphemy for me to say that the Holy Spirit is not the "be all, end all," but you have to understand what I am saying. The Holy Spirit is the beginning. He is very, very important. He is the beginning, but He is not the end, and He has to mature into a more virile form if you want to become a supernatural man. As far as I can see, there is so much idolatry in the Church believing that they have the Holy Spirit and that they are saved, and all of this false doctrine, that it will be a big stumbling block to get people to accept the fact that there is something beyond the Holy Spirit, and that they do not have it. Of course, everything is a big stumbling block. It is a big stumbling block for them to find out they are not saved, that they are reconciled, but they are not saved. Whatever it is going to take. The doctrine in the Church is killing the Church. Did I answer your question?




There has to be a mixture, that dead root in the earth has to be touched by the waters of the Holy Spirit, and according to my Alternate Translation of that verse that Xxxx read, that which was an added blessing because, to tell you the truth, I had forgotten, at the moment anyway, that Alternate Translation which reveals that not only do you need the waters of the Holy Spirit to revive the dead seed, but you have to boil away Satan's waters also to have the Tree of Life rise. That was another factor. I guess Satan's waters were not boiled away in me. I do not know exactly what the balance was, I do not know exactly what the situation was. All that I know is that the Lord told me that I did not have the Spirit of Christ yet. I had a dead seed, and I had the Holy Spirit, and I was in deliverance, so exactly why I did not have the Spirit of Christ at that point, the Lord never told me. It could be that Satan's waters were not boiled away yet, it could be that the seed just had not yet absorbed enough water.


When you take a dry seed, and you soak it in the water before you go to plant it that seed has to absorb the waters. Well, the dead seed in me had to absorb the waters of the Holy Spirit before it could sprout. Maybe the seed had just not absorbed enough of the waters yet to sprout. The Lord just corrected me. The answer is not that Satan's waters had not been boiled away yet, because that comes later. What happened was that the dead seed in me had not yet absorbed the waters of the Holy Spirit enough to sprout, or it was sprouting, but the roots were still so shallow that they were not producing the Spirit of Christ. That came several years later. That must have come 5-7 years after that experience. As far as I know the expression of the Spirit of Christ in me did not manifest for at least another five years, five or more years.


COMMENT: Does the Doctrine of Christ bring in the Spirit of Christ? Is that how it manifests?


PASTOR VITALE: Only if it is being preached by someone who has the Spirit of Christ.


COMMENT: But you received it by delving into it? You did all the deep studying, and you were able to take that and to give it to others so in delving into that was that giving you the Spirit of Christ?


PASTOR VITALE: No, you have to get the spirit first, and the spirit brings the Doctrine of Christ. I could have never brought forth the Doctrine of Christ if I did not have the Spirit of Christ first.


COMMENT: There is a saying in the world, "guilty by association." Are you saying the reverse thing? By being associated with somebody with the Spirit of Christ formed in them that is like a contagious spiritual....?


PASTOR VITALE: Absolutely.


COMMENT: I can understand Jesus being with the disciples and how they were in contact with Him.


PASTOR VITALE: Absolutely. Sin is contagious and righteousness is contagious, absolutely.


COMMENT: You talked about the Doctrine of Christ, praying it, now, I usually rebuke Leviathan and Satan and refuse to let them use me for their purposes, but that is not the same thing as boiling Satan and roasting Leviathan?


PASTOR VITALE: No, when you execute a spiritual judgment it is very powerful. When I was in Florida I sent around a memo that designated the judgments for all the aspects of the Serpent. Offhand I do not remember it, but I sent that memo out, and maybe Xxxx or xxxx can find it for you if you do not have it.


COMMENT: If you have sin in your unconscious mind, and you are not consciously aware of it at all, can you protect yourself and others by praying the Doctrine of Christ which is boiling Satan and roasting Leviathan?


PASTOR VITALE: What you just said to me is that if I want to be sinless, if I want to be without guilt from my unconscious mind, how do I do it? The correct prayer is that your unconscious mind should be exposed. You have to see it. You cannot boil what you do not know is there. So the prayer is, Lord, expose everything so that I can gaze upon it and condemn it. You have to condemn it with the knowledge that it is there, and that you are in absolute disagreement with it.


COMMENT: So you are saying that everything is going to be brought to your conscious mind so you can deal with it?


PASTOR VITALE: Absolutely. Of course, the boiling without knowing what is happening could be used as a warfare technique, if all kinds of havoc is breaking in your life, and you believe you are under a spiritual attack, and you do not know where it is coming from, then you can say "whereever this attack is coming from, Satan, I boil you away" with regard to an attack coming on you. But with regard to your own self, you have to face it. You have to face it and actively disagree with it and separate from it.


COMMENT: At the foot washing where Jesus washed the feet of the disciples, that did not actually happen?


PASTOR VITALE: I do not believe that physically happened.


COMMENT: So we know that word feet means the spiritually reproductive areas, so He was cleansing their minds so they could bring forth Christ?


PASTOR VITALE: I believe He was washing their carnal minds. I believe He was exposing the sins of their carnal minds.


COMMENT: Is the towel part of His covering, His mind covering over that if it is not a natural garment, no towel?


PASTOR VITALE: I just looked at that Scripture in the Interlinear Text, and it looks like the Lord is bringing forth a truth here that I think He has been trying to tell me for a while and maybe I have been resisting Him. Maybe it has just been coming slowly. I have been under the impression for years that the man, Jesus, was caught up to perfection at His baptism, and a couple of months ago I realized that was not true, and that what happened at Jesus' baptism was that the Christ in Him was caught up to a place of high authority. I do not know what center that was, but, at the very least, He went into the heart center, at the very least, and then from there the Scripture says He went to the Marriage at Cana. It was just a couple of months ago that the Lord had me review the transcript of that message, The Marriage at Cana, and I realized that there was no physical marriage at Cana. It was Jesus' marriage, and what happened at Cana was a spiritual experience that Jesus had where He was taking authority over the Kingdom of Darkness within Himself.


I cannot go into that whole study now, but I believe -- I could never understand why Jesus' first miracle was turning water to wine at a human marriage. It never made any sense to me, and when something does not make sense it is probably a deep spiritual truth. So, in my opinion, there was no physical marriage. Jesus was caught up at His baptism, Christ in Him received strength from John the Baptist and experienced a quick, sudden growth spurt that was radical enough to alarm Satan, and cause Satan to challenge Jesus on the spot. And then we know that He went into the temptation, and He resisted Satan, and from there He went from having resisted and overcome Satan, and from there He went forward to challenge Leviathan within Himself, and put her under His authority. So the Lord showed me this a couple of months ago, and I assume that Jesus went into perfection at that point after this marriage at Galilee.


I did not make it clear what the marriage is. I am not even sure what it was myself, but I know that when I studied that account all of this conversation between Him and the mother (whenever there is no personal name used, you can be as sure as you can be that the Scripture is talking about a spiritual principle. If there is not a human name associated with it, if the word is just mother or father with no name, it is talking about spiritual principles). Jesus was just arguing with Leviathan, who was trying to dominate Him. Leviathan was trying to dominate Him, and Jesus was telling Leviathan, No, I am the man and you are the woman. You are not the man, I am the man, and you are the woman, and you will submit. That is what that was all about, and I am having some thoughts about what the marriage might have been.


I think I told you recently, there are two marriages, as far as I know. This is amazing. This is very hard to preach, and I am so out of it tonight that I cannot believe I am doing this deep message. The first marriage, or the first aspect of marriage that we experience, is to the Fiery Serpent within us. The Fiery Serpent is our spiritual virginity. She is a harlot. To the fullest extent that she can she will ascend into the heart center, and higher, to have spiritual sexual intercourse with the male spirit that exists above the heart center. If Christ in us is raised He must go and marry the Fiery Serpent, and bring her under His submission, and then the two, Christ and the Fiery Serpent, who are now one, ascend together.


If the Fiery Serpent ascends without Christ she ascends in a spiritual formation, which the Scripture tells us is geometrically expressed as a circle. It is just a principle. I have no idea what it looks like. She is an energy source, does not look like anything, she is invisible, but every energy source has a pattern. The pattern of her energy source is expressed geometrically expressed as a circle. When she ascends without Christ into the heart center in this geometrically circular pattern, she can only join with Leviathan. There is not a chance of a snowball in hell that she will join with the Spirit of Christ who is above. When the Fiery Serpent ascends into the heart center, already married to Christ, her geometric configuration has changed from a circle to strings of energy, rectangular strings of energy, and when she ascends into the heart center in that configuration, Leviathan cannot touch her, and she will join with the Spirit of Christ who is above.


So the marriage at Cana was the marriage of the resurrected Christ in Jesus to His own Fiery Serpent. That what the marriage was. Is not that incredible? I did not even know I was going to say that when I sat down. So this is the first aspect of marriage, you are not in perfection, but it is the beginning of your ascension. I said something along these lines, if you can relate it, earlier on in this message. Someone asked me, What is Christ doing down in the root center? What Christ is doing down in the root center is that, first of all, He is under the ground because Cain killed Him and buried Him there. He is coming forth from under, but even more than that, He has to lay hold of and dominate His own Fiery Serpent and bring her up with Him. So, at the very least, He is down in the root center, laying hold of His virginity, and relating to her in a right relationship, where He is the man and she is the female, so that the two can ascend as a man and wife and enter into the heart center in the required configuration for union with the Spirit of Christ who is above. In Jesus' case it was the Spirit of Elijah.


The second joining, or the second marriage, or the second aspect of the marriage, is that Christ Jesus, who is already married to the Fiery Serpent, they will marry the Spirit of Christ who is above, or in Jesus' case, the Spirit of Elijah. It is the second aspect of the marriage. Of course, our personality is completely interwoven with the Fiery Serpent. Our personality is the earth. We are made out of the earth, and the Fiery Serpent is made out of the earth, and we are really one. We are completely interwoven with the Fiery Serpent. So when Christ Jesus joins to the Fiery Serpent and dominates her and forces her underneath Him, that is the beginning of the salvation of the personality, and they all ascend together. Christ and the Fiery Serpent and the personality, and they all go up under the dominion, authority, and direction of Christ. They pierce into the heart center, Christ becomes Christ Jesus, and they become eligible for the second stage of the marriage, which is to the glorified Spirit that is above. Any questions about this?


COMMENT: So the three-fold cord is the Fiery Serpent, personality, and Christ Jesus?


PASTOR VITALE: I do not know if that is the three-fold cord. I think that is in the Book of Proverbs. I have not looked at that Scripture in a while. I really do not want to answer that question right now. It is a good question, I just do not know the answer right now. It may be correct. The three-fold cord may be the virile seed, the water, and the earth, but I do not know. I should stop right here. I do not know. Is everybody OK with that?


What this means, the significance of what I just taught you is blowing my mind, which the whole revelation which is coming down is blowing me away. What this says is that I was wrong. Jesus was not in perfection at the baptism, and neither was He in perfection after the marriage because you are not in perfection until you are permanently nailed in the brow center, and He was in a stage of His spiritual growth that, as far as I know, we are going through here; I am not mistaken, I am doing that right now, and I am not perfect. He was not perfect.


When I just went to look up the Scripture about the towel, it is the second Scripture that I have to back up what I am about to say, and it is just blowing my mind that He did everything that He did, and He was not perfect yet. It is blowing my mind. The first Scripture that started bothering me, was when I looked up all the Greek words about the account of the adulterous woman, and it says that He knelt down in the ground. I have known for years that it meant that He lowered His carnal nature so that Christ could ascend in Him, but that does not make any sense, because if He was already perfect. I guess I just went into denial. I did not know what to do with it. I think I justified it by saying, Well, I guess He ministered on several levels, and I talked about the Son of Zadok, and I said, Well, they ministered in the heavenlies and they changed their garments, and they come down, and He was probably in a lower spiritual place because He was relating to carnal people, and when He wanted to change the nature of this adulterous woman's heart, because the Scriptures that say He wrote in the ground with His finger, what He did was He changed her nature.


So He wanted to do that, so He had to come out of this state of mind where He was talking to these carnal people, and He had to ascend to a higher place to do this deep spiritual work. That was how I justified it. It was all I could cope with, but the truth is, that does not make any sense because the Interlinear Text clearly says that He bent down low. The King James says He knelt down. That whole principle is in the Scripture in many places. The carnal man, the carnal mind bows down very low, and Christ Jesus rises up very high, and in this condition, forever how long that relationship exists that your old man is prostrated under the feet of your New Man you are in perfection. As long as that configuration holds itself together, temporary perfection, for the specific purpose of fulfilling the will of Christ Jesus, and the will of Christ Jesus was to give this woman a radical deliverance so that she would be able to overcome her adulterous tendencies in the future.


Well, this would have to mean that the human man, Jesus, was manifesting. The Scripture says that He prostrated Himself. If you look in the Interlinear Text, He did not get down on His knees. The carnal aspects of His being prostrated themselves. Christ Jesus ascended into the preeminence and performed this supernatural miracle. Well, for that to happen, He had to be a carnal man before the event. If He was God 100% of the time at this stage of His ministry the Scripture could never say that He had to prostrate Himself so that Christ Jesus within Him could rise to the preeminence to do the supernatural miracle. Are you following me?


This has been on my heart, actually, for a couple of years. I did not know what to do with it, and I just went inside to look up the Scripture about the towel, and it says the same thing. Do you know what towel means? It means linen garment, and a linen garment is a symbol of righteousness. He took off His garment, and He wrapped Himself with a towel, is the same thing as saying that He prostrated His carnal man, and He took on a righteous covering. His old man went down very low, and Christ Jesus ascended very high, because you cannot be judging the sins of other men unless you have a righteous garment on. He was not permanently in perfection, even at that point. Mind boggling!


Look, brethren, we are all pregnant. We are pregnant with a Life Form that is alien to us, the Son of God. This Life Form that we are pregnant with is completely independent of us, until such time as we are married in the higher centers. We are joined, but we are not mixed. We are two separate entities. You see my two hands here, they are joined but they are two hands. My flesh is not melted together and become one hand.


He is in us, but He is separate from us, and He is a Mind that is fully in control of what He is doing. He is a Mind that is operating beyond our own ability to comprehend anything. He is a Mind that is completely apart and distinct from our conscious mind, and He was occupying the man Jesus, and when He wanted to, and nothing the Son of God does is frivolous, when He wanted to do something supernatural, He caused the personality and the carnal mind of the man, Jesus; He prostrated the carnal aspect of the man, Jesus, and ascended to a point of righteousness from where He did miracles. But apparently Jesus was not in a permanent condition. What condition? Where His old man was completely prostrated under the feet of His New Man, Christ Jesus. It was not permanent at that time. Of course, it eventually became permanent.


My mind is blown, and you know why my mind is blown? Because what this is saying to me -- well, I do not know how you all feel about it, but this is what the Lord has told me. We have two scriptural witnesses to it. So, at what point was the man, Jesus, permanently in perfection, I cannot tell you for sure. I do not know. Was it in the Garden? I do not know. But apparently He was doing these incredible miracles at the will of the Son of God who was living within Him and joined to Him, but still separate from Him, and the man, Jesus, was a yielded vessel to this foreign Life Form that was in Him. I am not insulting the Lord. I am trying to help you understand what was going on there and what will be going on with us.


We are being possessed by a foreign Life Form. He is benevolent, and He loves us, but He is a foreign Life Form. He is Spirit, and we are earth, and He wants to completely possess our vessel and use us to express His desires in the earth. I know He walks in me all the time. I also know, although I have not experienced it for eight years, that there have been occasions where He has completely prostrated me. He did not ask my permission. He completely prostrated me and stepped on me, spiritually speaking, pushed me to the background, He came to the foreground, and did His thing. It has not happened in a long time. Why has not it happened in a long time? Because Jesus has not done it in a long time. He does not have to do the same thing all the time. He has His own agenda. He has His own plan. I know that He told me a year or so ago, when I questioned Him about where the miracles of healing were, His answer to me was, You have it within you, right now. He said that to me. You have it within you right now to do every miracle that Jesus did, but it is not happening because I am not doing it. That is what He said to me.


So, Jesus, the man, was having a spiritual experience where He varied between an anointed carnal man, something like what we are now, and then when Christ Jesus decided to do a supernatural event, the man, Jesus, was completely prostrated. And at some point, Jesus, the personality, was fully joined to Christ Jesus, and He never descended into carnality again, but the man, Jesus, was experiencing intense supernatural experiences because of the ascended Christ Jesus in Him. Mind boggling, mind boggling!


Does anyone want to ask me a question? How do you feel about this? Are you OK with it? You want to think about it? Please do not say it, if you do not believe it.


COMMENT: When you said that He was not in perfection in all these different stages, and I thought, When did He go into perfection, was that at His death? And I thought, No, it could not be then. You mentioned about being in the Garden, and I thought at His death, how could He, if He was not perfected? And He went through all that suffering, how could He have done that just in regular flesh and never give a real sound of pain or anything?


PASTOR VITALE: The whole point of what I just said is that He was in perfection but not in permanent perfection. He kept going in and out, so I do not know when He went into permanent perfection, and personally I think it was before the Cross, but that is beside the point. Let us say He was not in permanent perfection at the time of the Cross, He went into temporary perfection. I do not believe the Lord let Him suffer like that. So He was at least in temporary perfection on the Cross. Anyone else want to say anything? Mind boggling!


Again, I tell you that the most mind-boggling thing for me, see, I do not care what people think any more, I do not care if they think this is a crazy message, and they do not believe it, it does not bother me at all, but what this revelation says to me, is that it pulls us in the condition that we are in right now, in my mind it pulls me closer than ever to where Jesus was. Closer than ever. Plus, it is my feeling that everything that has been going on here, there has been such a press, even just today alone with the message this morning, Passover is Coming, it is like it is so soon, and the Lord is just socking this information to us. It is just saying to me that we are really close right now, and that at any moment, I and whoever else has this experience, can start experiencing what Jesus experienced, because I have already experienced it. I have already experienced having Him knock my old man down and do such a supernatural miracle, that me and the whole church were thrown out. I was in a ministry in the Bronx, I was just a member of a team, I went with my pastor, and Christ Jesus did this to me in such an outstanding way that the whole church, including the pastor, was thrown out, because he would not rebuke me, and he would not rebuke me because he knew it was God. So the whole church was thrown out.


I have had at least four such experiences, but they were isolated and separated by long periods of time, the last one of which was eight years ago or more, more than eight years ago -- eleven years ago, I am sorry. What I am hearing right now is that Jesus, for three years, anyway, spent three years experiencing the same kinds of things that I experienced 11, 12 and 13 years ago, only many more of those experiences in a shorter period of time. I have already experienced it. So what does that mean? What it means to me is that what we are all waiting for is not for me to ascend, but for Jesus to declare that it is the exact moment that He is ready to move to deliver the Church. He was doing this in me 11 years ago, and He can do it again right now or tomorrow. He has already done it. It has nothing to do with me. It has nothing to do with Him or His development. It has to do with the people that He is about to rescue, and that is what we have been waiting for, and it is mind-boggling. Anybody want to say anything?


COMMENT: I get a very real witness to that in the word suddenly. In an instant.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, thank you, Xxxx. You know what I think this is? I think everything that has been revealed today is the Lord's word to me that it is coming very soon, and that He wants me to know what to expect, and I now know what to expect. It is going to be a similar experience to what I experienced 11, 12, 13 years ago, and that it could happen at any moment. My whole mindset has completely changed. I now know that the work is already done in me, and He is not waiting for me. I am waiting for Him to move on with His program, and He is so close to moving on with His program, and He does not want it to come as a surprise to me. He wants me to get my mind back in that mode where I know that this could happen to me. That is what I think He just said to me. It is going to happen again, but this time it is going to be much more intense. It is coming really soon, and it will be suddenly.


COMMENT: Several years ago the Lord said to me, Everything you have need of you already have in your possession, and I took that to mean any kind of material thing I would have need of.


PASTOR VITALE: I had a similar word. It was Ivory Hopkins who told me, under the anointing, that everything you have is within you, you are fully equipped; spiritually speaking, you have everything you need. We keep thinking of salvation in terms -- we are so selfish, we are all waiting to be saved, but it is even a wrong principle. We are not waiting to be saved. We are waiting for Him to manifest through us to save everyone else. We are already chosen.


COMMENT: That song I sang today was Complete in Him.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, He completes us. Yes. It is very close. It could really be any day or certainly no more than a matter of months. When He manifests this way again that is when the miracles come. Exciting, huh?


COMMENT: I am thinking the thought that He bypasses our carnal mind, or passes over our carnal mind.


PASTOR VITALE: He does, that is how He covers our sins. He passes over us, covers our sins. That is how we put on a righteous garment. Christ Jesus covers our carnal mind, our sins are covered, and we become righteous.


COMMENT: You were talking about Passover this morning.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, yes. So, I have an idea of what is going to happen. I know what it is like to be totally possessed by Him, but I do not know what He will do through me. The 3-4 experiences that I had took place in a church situation, and it was always either a healing or a deliverance situation. I was not out in the streets, or anything like that, but I belonged to this church, and it was always in a deliverance session in this church, under a pastor, so I do not know exactly how it will happen here, but it will be interesting to see.


COMMENT: I have a scene in my mind now, my spirit, In just one hour, Babylon is going to fall.


PASTOR VITALE: Really. Is not that interesting? Well, thank you. Lord. You said You would not do anything without telling Your prophets first. We thank you for this information today.


Every time I have ever had this experience, it was 3 or 4 times, I was always already in a deliverance situation, and without warning, He just rose in me and put my personality under Him. Just like that, instantly, suddenly, no warning whatsoever, but it was always in a church, in a deliverance situation, but of course, in this church, we do not have the kind of Old Order Deliverance situations that we had 11 years ago, so I do not know where this is going to manifest. Would it not be something if He sends us into other churches and does -- they will probably run us out on a rail, they will not even recognize us. I told you, that pastor in the Bronx threw us out and would not let us back in. I think Xxxx could have come back if he would have rebuked me or something like that, but he was really straight with God in those days. I remember that was the most shocking of the four experiences. It happened right in front of that pastor in the Bronx, and Xxxx was standing right by his side, and I, it was like I was just standing there, and the Lord was using my body. I was an observer, and I saw past his eyes. They were like something out of an Abbott and Costello movie. His eyes were opened so wide that they were round saucers, and his pupils were little dots in the middle, and he would not believe what he was seeing. He was so shocked.


COMMENT: Do you remember what the Lord gave you to say then?


PASTOR VITALE: There was a woman who was in great grief because her daughter had been raped, and a lot of people had been praying for her that night, and with Old Order Deliverance they could not make any inroads at all. She was manifesting a religious spirit. She was saying, Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, thank you Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. No one could break through the religious spirit, and Christ decided to set her free, and He yelled at her and pointed His finger at her, and He utterly exposed her heart. I may not have it exactly right -- He said, Are you bitter at God for letting that happen to your daughter, and she stopped saying, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, and she looked up, and her mouth was open, and Jesus said again, Are you bitter towards God for letting that happen to your daughter? She was not saying Jesus, Jesus anymore. She was standing there with her mouth open, and He harassed her. I do not know how many times He said it, but He harassed her, Are you bitter? Are you bitter? Are you bitter? Until she said Yes, I am bitter, and she started screaming, and all the pain started coming out, and then He turned her over to the regular deliverance team. That is what happened.


Wow, I just got another witness that He is going to start manifesting again. I had a memory recently about when we used to have meetings in your basement and that utter fiasco, I do not think you were there yet. It was that night that Xxxx was there. It was an utter fiasco. Everybody was manifesting. Xxxx was screaming and yelling all over the place. He had never seen this kind of deliverance. Everybody was manifesting. You were against me. Xxxx was against me. Xxxx was hiding in a corner. Everybody was manifested, and this other preacher that was there was totally convinced that I was "off the wall" and some kind of a cult pervert. And for some reason, I do not even remember why I thought that, but it was just another witness to me that I had that memory, and what that memory meant was that Jesus is going to be acting in an outlandish way again, and people are not going to believe that it is God. Well, they did not believe it was God with Jesus. They even said He cast out devils by Beelzebub. He was doing all kinds of miracles, and they did not believe it was God. I guess we should expect that they are not going to believe that it is God, whatever it is that He is going to do. It is going to be a fiasco, and there is going to be condemnation coming forth. I do not know how I got to where I am. It is just an absolute miracle of God that I made it to where I am. I do not think Xxxx was there. Xxxx would not have been put off by that. Xxxx has always been a deliverance warrior as long as I have known her. That would not have stopped her at all, so I do not think she was there. Everyone was manifested.


This time I think the ministry is going to be different than it was in Jesus' day. In Jesus' day He was doing healings and deliverance, for whatever His purposes. In this day His intention is to disseminate the virile seed of Christ so that Christ can begin to be raised in the Church. That is His main purpose. He may be healing and delivering. I do not know what He is going to do when He manifests, but if He does heal and deliver it will only be a byproduct of His impartation of the seed which will bring forth Christ in the people against their will, against their will. That is what He is going to do when He manifests.


I told you earlier on this message that I penetrate you every time you sit under me. That is what communion is. It is a joining of the minds, but it is not an equal joining of the minds. Every time there is a joining of the minds there has to be a male element and a female element. It is not minds coming together and joining. No, it is whoever the male mind is, penetrating the female mind. That is what communion is, you see. But I could not penetrate your mind without your permission. That is witchcraft. But when Christ Jesus gets ready to penetrate the Church, and deposit His seed in their mind without their permission, He will do it by rising in His Sons, by prostrating their personality and ascending to a place where they are wearing a white garment, and it will not be sin unto them, to penetrate people's minds and deposit the seed of Christ. Does anyone not understand what I just said?


That is what He is going to do when He manifests. If someone gets healed or delivered along the way, Praise the Lord, but what He is doing is going forth to deposit the virile seed of Christ through the Spirit of Christ directly into all the minds of the people, and they are going to find themselves pregnant, and they are going to understand and start craving the Doctrine of Christ, and the whole Tree of Life is going to start coming forth in the Church because they have not received it willingly. He has to take them by force. Not me. Anybody reading this message, I am innocent. Christ Jesus is going to take the Church by force because they are His, and they are in rebellion, and when He takes them He is going to give them His Life because it is their carnal mind that is in them that is dividing them from their husband.


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