464 - 1 Part

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Spiritual thoughts: thoughts are ideas, thoughts and ideas are spiritual, and they originate and exist in the higher planes, the mental plane and sometimes the astral plane, but what we are talking about here is mostly the mental plane. There is a mental plane in Christ Jesus, and there is a mental plane that is in the Serpent's timeline. People who are open to the spirit world, people who are spiritually sensitive, can be affected by other people's thoughts. Now it does not have to be a person's thoughts. There are thoughts which come forth from the high realm of the spirit.


The thoughts of Christ Jesus come forth from the high realm of the spirit. Where do you think I get all of this revelation from? It is Christ Jesus who is beyond the mind of man, Christ Jesus which is beyond the individual resurrected Christ in the individual that is transmitting His message to the whole world. He is not just giving it to me. He is transmitting it to everybody, but the whole world is deaf. He is not just talking to me. It is out there for everyone who has the ears to hear, and in that last day, the voice of the Son of God shall sound, and everyone who hears shall be saved. So if you want a good prayer, if you are just looking to find out what a good prayer is, ask the Lord to open your ears, to open your ears and open your eyes, but the one who hears shall be saved, so your ears have to open. Of course, the opening of the ears is not really talking about your physical ears. It is just another way of saying, May the eyes of your understanding be opened. To hear is to understand. Thoughts are being transmitted out of Christ Jesus and out of Leviathan.


Now, for me to even hear it in the spirit, that this church should be shut down, I do not know if it is the will of the Lord that this church should be shut down, and this poor deranged man (well, he is not a poor man, I am glad he was stopped from firing and burning the church down, but he is a poor man in that he is deranged). Anybody who would try to burn down a building is deranged. But to think that the very day that I was getting this thought, this man was out there trying to burn this church down. What it means is that I was hearing something in the spirit, and I remember that I rejected that thought. I said, I do not know where this thought is coming, from that this church should be shut down, but I am not in agreement with that prayer unless the Lord really witnesses it to me, which I did not feel that He had.


So the question is this: I do not know the answer to this question. It is called a rhetorical question, I do not know what the answer is, but I am going to put the question out and hopefully the answer will come. If it is edifying to us the answer will come, and this is the question, Which universal mind put forth this thought? Has the Lord Jesus declared that this church should shut down? I do not know what is going on in that church today, but I know that the last time I was there, a couple of years ago, there were false tongues and a couple of really abominable things. But I cannot tell you on what grounds the Lord decides to actually physically close down a church. I do not know.


All that I can tell you is that every situation is unique, and that I have found out as I mature, that no matter how wrong I think a church is, or how many bad things I think they are doing or have thought that churches were doing in the past, I have found that the Lord has kept their doors open because somebody, somewhere, somehow was getting help in that church that was doing bad things and doing wrong things. Yet every once in a while, a church does physically shut down.


I do not know what the criteria is, but I do know that the criteria for the anointing leaving the church, the criteria for this particular church being a hotspot of the activities of Christ Jesus in this hour a church will lost that commission very easily. The standard is very high. If you want your church to be a hot spot of the power of God, if the Lord gives it to you in the first place, and you want to hold on to it, the standard of morality and righteousness, and at least a desire, nobody is perfect, but a desire to live by the standards of Christ Jesus, is essential, because you will lost that anointing fairly quickly. And even then, the Lord gives you chance after chance after chance.


If you are doing a lot of right things, if you are helping a lot of people -- let me give it to you this way. Christ Jesus has many goals in every fellowship that He raises up. Let us make this simple. On a scale of 1-10, if you are the pastor of this church, and you are accomplishing 7-8 on this scale, you are accomplishing 7-8 out of 10 percentiles of what the Lord would like to accomplish, but there is some sin going on back there that He is really not going to put up with forever He will labor with you and labor with you and labor with you because you are doing 7 or 8 percentile of what He wants to accomplish out of this church. But you need to know that you are walking down a path of confrontation, and that sin that the pastor is engaged in or is allowing to manifest through his church, is going to come full circle and meet the accomplishments of the church, and there is going to be an explosion, and either he is going to do what he has to do to purge himself, or purge the church of the sin, or the anointing is going to leave the church even though you are in the 7 or 8 percentile of accomplishing what Christ Jesus wanted to accomplish, as far as evangelism, or teaching, or whatever. Does anyone not know what I am talking about?


it could take a couple of years to lose the anointing. If you are in enough obedience the Lord will really work with you, but eventually will remove the anointing within a couple of years, if not sooner. But to actually shut down the church building, I do not think that happens very often. The whole country, the whole area, the whole state, the whole world is filled with dead churches with no anointing. The buildings are there, people go to church every Sunday morning, they sing their hymn, they pray in the name of Jesus, and the Lord has not shut down the church. So why would the Lord shut down this church?


I told you off the message that going back 8-10 years ago, I thought for sure that this other local church, that God was going to shut it down. The pastor was into some very bad things and still, in my opinion, is still into some very bad things. The man works witchcraft. I do not hesitate to say it. There is not a doubt in my mind that it is true. He prays psychic prayers, he tries to bind you to his church, he does many evil things, and this church is still standing. Is it still standing because of his witchcraft or did Jesus Christ make a decision to not shut it down? Well, I have to answer my own question and say, if Jesus Christ shuts you down, you shut down. There is no witchcraft that can keep you standing when Jesus Christ shuts you down. Of course, I believe that you can work witchcraft to oppose the judgment of the Lord, and it could take a little extra time to shut you down because you are resisting.


I was waiting for this church to physically shut down, I would drive by and look and see it was still standing there, and I could not believe it. So it now 10 years later, and no one can tell me that the Lord pronounced judgment on that church to physically shut it down, and this witchcraft has kept it open for 10 years. I do not believe it. I have to draw the conclusion that I was wrong, and that what I thought was such a severe sin, and I still think it is a severe sin, to work witchcraft on your own congregation, but that Jesus Christ did not shut that church down. He has got a reason for keeping it open. So why would he shut this church down over here? I do not know. You never know.


What am I telling you? That this thought was in the spirit so strong that I heard it, and this thought wanted to draw me into agreement with it to shut that church down. So where is it coming from? Did the Lord Jesus say, This church is going to shut down? Are there people on Long Island who recognize -- see, I do not know what is going on there, but I know when I was there two years ago, there was some very offensive manifestations, and, in particular, what was supposed to be tongues sounded like something honking, some animal honking, and these are manifestations of this recent so-called revival which I do not believe is of God. So to me, that is very offensive. But it is not my church, and I do not mean that in a bad way. I pray for anybody and everybody. What I meant when I said, It is not my church, is that I have no authority there. I have no authority there so I am going to mind my own business. That is what I meant when I said, It is not my church.


So, what is so strong, why is this thought so strong that I heard it? Is it coming out of the mind of this deranged man? Or are there people -- now this church just divided on the basis of this false revival that is in this church. This church was twice as large. The assistant pastor left with half the congregation because they say what we say when we were at that meeting. I wonder if these people who left with this assistant pastor, who left with half the church, are not praying psychic prayers towards the original church, the one they left. That is it, that is it. I am not praying to shut down their church. I have a lot of authority in Christ Jesus. If I pray irresponsibly I can really hurt you. I believe that if I make an honest mistake the Lord will bring me to correction, but I can really hurt you if I come against you willfully. I have a lot of authority, and I would not agree with that prayer. It was strong. I just got it, I am telling you, this is what it is, that whole group that departed from that church are praying....


Let me repeat that so that you will know what I am talking about. The assistant pastor that left with half the church, that now started a new church, are praying psychic prayers against the original church to shut it down. They probably have a true revelation that this manner of worship that is coming forth there is not of God. The last I saw of it, in my opinion, it is not. But they are praying to shut it down, and this man who set the fires, it did not say which church he went to. He may even be a member of the breakaway church. Do you know what I mean by breakaway church? The breakaway church, the new church that divided out moved to a different area of town, and they are probably attracting local people also. This man may be a local person who just came into one of the meetings of the breakaway church and heard what they are talking about, and heard these prayers and was unstable enough to go out to bring it to pass, and I heard it in the spirit. There is a whole church there praying destruction on this church around the corner from us.


Now why do you think I heard it? Let me tell you this before you try and answer the question. I hear in the spirit, but I cannot possibly hear everything. I would be insane if I heard every thought of every mind, I would be crazy so there is a filter, Christ Jesus does filter my mind, and a lot of things He filters out, and other things He raises up and makes them prominent. This issue was prominent in my mind. I told you off the message, that a couple of days before I had the thought of shutting down the church, I spoke to a man who goes to the original church, and I got the information; well, I got information from two sources.


First, someone came here to repair something, and he told me about the split. Then last week I spoke to a man who, as far as I know, went to the original church, and he told me that the pastor is continually asking for money, saying that he cannot pay his bills. Then I got the seduction to pray to shut down the church, which I refused to do. Then the next step was Xxxx telling me that a man tried to burn it down. That is the sequence. I draw the educated conclusion from this sequence that the Lord is directing my attention to the issue, that I did not just happen to hear this in the spirit, that the Lord was pointing me to it. Now what do you think our assignment here is? Because when I say me, I am talking this group. I am your leader, and it is my job to keep the prayers godly. What do you think our assignment is? I have just given you what is called a briefing. If you want to think of yourselves as in the army, which you are, I have just given you a briefing, I have given you all the information available to me, and I want to know what you think our assignment is, and if you do not have any idea ask the Lord if He will help you to have an idea as to what you think our assignment is in this situation and why is the Lord bringing this to us?


COMMENT: I think that the righteousness has to be brought forth in all aspects of the whole situation, that the righteousness has to be exposed or brought to mind so that we could pray according to righteousness.

PASTOR VITALE: I do not know what that means. Can you tell me what that means?


COMMENT: The truth about the whole situation from beginning to end, what truth is in it, and what....


PASTOR VITALE: What are we to be accomplishing, what is our goal to be? To do what, practically speaking?


COMMENT: To expose the sins.


PASTOR VITALE: OK. Anybody else?


COMMENT: I believe that if anybody has any thoughts, that we can go to the Lord and question if the doctrines and the things that are going on in the church are of Him or not, the exposure of sin.




COMMENT: That is all I would pray, Lord expose the sin, cover your own.


PASTOR VITALE: OK. Did you want to say anything?


COMMENT: The only word I got was pray for the judgment.


PASTOR VITALE: OK. I can see that. I can see to pray for the righteous judgment because we see an unrighteous judgment coming forth.


What you said is not wrong, but it is only a part of what our function is. I am going to try, and as the Lord brings it forth, I will keep on trying to convince you of the authority that we have in Christ Jesus, the protective authority. I do not care that we sit here in this room, five women, nobody knows we are here, I do not care. We cover this whole area. We cover it. We are the titular authority in Christ Jesus in spiritual issues over the Church in this area, over every church that names the name of Christ Jesus in this area. We are the elder. We not only expose sin, but we forgive sin, and we prevent disaster by covering sin. Now there is an ungodly covering of sin, and there is a godly covering of sin. Love covers a multitude of sins, but not the way the Church preaches it. This is not a good thing, this whole church over there, this whole breakaway church, that thinks they are doing the right thing in trying to shut down the original church, is brining destruction on themselves because you cannot use witchcraft in the name of Jesus. And you cannot be shutting down a church because you have made a judgment that message is wrong, and I agree it is wrong, but you cannot go around shutting down churches.


I believe our assignment is to break the power of this psychic prayer and save that breakaway church from utter destruction. Can you hear that? That is a good man in that breakaway church. The Lord showed me that man when he first came over from Scotland. It was the strangest thing, I met him wherever I went, I met him in the supermarket three times, and wherever I went he was there. The Lord was making the connection. That man is a man of God. He pulled out of the original church. I am sure God told him to pull out, and then he kept on going. He did not know when to stop. I want to tell you something, that as the Lord reveals Himself to me more and more, all I can do is cry when I see how utterly deficient we are as human beings, how utterly, utterly deficient we are as human beings. He is not a punishing God. He is the most merciful Being I have ever encountered. I cannot even cope with His mercy. He is not shutting down that church, and He is not forgetting about that pastor who has really served faithfully for many years, but he has gone off, and that is not OK, I do not justify it, but the Lord Jesus Christ is not throwing him over like an old shoe. He is not finished with him, and what about all the people in that church that are getting hit by these psychic prayers? That is not God. Of course, the breakaway church is saying, Well, we never did intend for the church to be burned down. Well, how did you expect to shut it down? I do not know, nobody knows. You have got a church of infants running around with a sub-machine gun in their hands.


Just last night something came to my attention about a church that I know about out of state. This church had Christ, at least, raised in the pastors and in some of the members of the church. They took a wrong turn years ago, really went off into a wrong doctrine. The Lord has been showing them this doctrine for 8 years, and they have consistently rejected it and are sticking to their present beliefs. And the Lord just revealed to me last night, as a matter of fact, that His judgment on this church, talking about the out of state church now, where Christ was raised and killed by the people in the church, by the pastor himself. Christ was killed, and He is no longer present anywhere in that congregation.


The Lord's response to this is that He has sent a believer in whom Christ Jesus is raised to go undercover, no one knows who they are, to go into that church to join that church, to mix with the people, to become a member of that church, and to be a cover to that female church because that is a widowed church. They killed their own husband, and the Lord sent in a believer who is in Christ Jesus to cover them, that they should not be completely destroyed when the angel of death passes over. That is Jesus Christ. I want to tell you, I just cried. Why did I cry? Because I just would never have thought of that. I would never have thought of that. If the Lord came to me and said, Sheila, Son in training, here is this church, you know who they are, they have been around for years, you know that you have been doing everything that you could to give them this message for 8 years, they do not want your message, they do not want you to preach in their church, they are nice to you, but what do you think I should do to them? I want to tell you that what the Lord did would never have even been an option in my mind, that He should say, They killed themselves, go cover them while I raise them from the dead. It would never have been an option in my mind, and I cried that it would have never been an option in my mind.


So the church is all messed up, brethren. They are killing Christ in their midst, and they are killing Christ in other people, and they are murdering. This is a spirit of murder that has gone out. Do you know that people could have died if this man had burned the church down? So the church is killing Christ wherever they can find Him. They are hunting Him down and killing Him, they are killing each other, they are condemning each other, they are guilty of every sin, guilty of everything, and they are running rampart off a cliff, and we are here to cover them. We have to do it from a passive position because if they heard this message, the laughter would probably be so loud that I would have to stop talking, but their laughter does not change the fact that it is true. So we will cover them whether they laugh or not, and the truth is that this breakaway pastor and his wife are convinced that I am totally messed up. They think this message is disastrous, they think that I am totally corrupted and corroded, but we will cover them anyway because they are in darkness. It is just mind-boggling to me, and I have to really talk to myself to stay stable when I am confronted with the condition of the Church. It is just mind-boggling to me. It is a suicidal condition of the Church. They are absolutely self-destructive, uneducated, and naked. And then I say, How did I get like this? How did I get like this? It is nothing that I have done. I do not know why I am so emotional. Maybe something is about to happen.


I know that I was an avid student of the Scripture from the beginning, but there is no way if I had studied five times as hard as I did study, which would not have been humanly possible for 20 years that I have been studying, it could not have added up to what is in me. It is beyond anything I could have humanly done, all this wisdom and all this knowledge. There is no way I am responsible for it. I was online yesterday, and one of the very few preachers who are friendly to me, he does not ask me to preach in his church, but he is nice to me so I have to give him praise for that, does not talk to me often, but at least he acknowledges that I have a ministry. He Instant Messaged me online, and I really do not know why I did it, maybe it had something to do with his idea of Christmas, I really do not know why, but he IM'd me and asked if I had a minute. I did not know what he wanted, I was just chatting with him, and he said, Well, the last time we talked I had to get off early, but I do not know why he IM'd me.


We went back and forth for half an hour, it was such a nothing conversation. He was all upset about the Y2K crisis at the end of 1999. His mind was all caught up in the crisis of this world, and I asked him what he believed in: do you believe in the rapture, what do you think is going to happen? He could not answer me, he does not know what is going to happen. All I could get out of him -- this is a very nice man -- all I could get out of him was, Well, we have to be real close to the Lord in this hour. Well, you tell that to your congregation, be real close to the Lord in this hour. Well what does that mean? Everybody is scared and your counsel to them is be real close to the Lord in this hour, what does that mean?


The conversation went back and forth, and I had to drop the pursuit of doctrine because, to my shock -- I expected him to be believing the standard doctrine that is in the Kingdom Church, which is really Preston Eby's teaching, but he did not even have a working knowledge of that doctrine. He did not even have a working knowledge of Preston Eby's doctrine. He had no idea what was going to happen, and this man has an international newsletter. Now I know it is not one of the most prolific newsletters around, but he has an international newsletter, and he did not even have a revelation and an opinion. He did not have to agree with me. He had no opinion of what is going to happen. He had no vision, you see, and because he had no vision, his mind was consumed with the Y2K crisis. I do not have time to be consumed with the Y2K crisis, I am just trying to get this revelation out and get these transcripts up on the web page, and answer everybody's email. It is pitiful.


Look at those people, they are blind, and they are naked, and they are starving, and they are sold into white slavery, and they are guilty of every sin in the book, including murdering your own brothers. Well, it is going to take more than I can do to help them, I will tell you that. Here I am, preaching my guts out for 11 years, preaching my guts out, and they are all ignoring me and patting me on the head, but, of course, that is what happens, that is not new, no one takes the prophet seriously. There is nothing I can do. We will pray for everything that I am talking about today, we will pray for all these people, we will forgive their sins, and we will cover them, but you have to understand that because I am still mortal, all we can do is pray, and then the immortal One lays hold of our prayers and rains down judgment, rains down corrective judgment.


So the church is coming under some severe judgment, which apparently I just prophesied myself, in this message. I was surprised to hear myself say it. I do not think you picked it up so I will repeat it for you. When I was talking about the church out of town, where the Lord sent that believer, assigned that believer and said, Go to that church and just be a member of that congregation, and Christ Jesus in you, because you are member of that congregation, will cover that church so that the angel of death will pass over them. Heavy judgment is falling on the church, and everyone that does not have the blood of the lamb on their door posts is coming under some kind of tragedy, and the blood of the lamb is not Christ Jesus. He has got to be in the congregation. If the people themselves -- ideally you should Christ Jesus in yourself. If you do not have Christ Jesus in yourself you should be under the cover of a fellowship where Christ Jesus is covering the fellowship. That is the blood on the door.


Now, according to, the King James translation anyway, of the Passover -- listen, brethren, this is a prophesy of Passover. I have been preaching here for years that we are not waiting for the Feast of Tabernacles, we are waiting for the Feast of Passover. It is a wrong teaching that we are waiting for the Feast of Tabernacles. We are waiting for the Feast of Passover. We have to experience everything that Jesus experienced. We are not ready for Tabernacles, we have not experienced Passover yet, and Passover is being prophesied in this message. So if you do not have blood on your door posts, if you are not under a cover of Christ Jesus, either within yourself or through a fellowship that Christ Jesus is covering, the angel of death will not pass over you. Now what does that mean? Is Jesus Christ going to kill you? No, I do not believe that. I think that some people will die, but I do not think Jesus Christ is coming to kill you if you do not have Christ Jesus. I think that if you are not covered by Christ Jesus, what is happening right now is that the period of the grace of the Holy Ghost is being withdrawn, and everyone that has not properly utilized this period of grace to ward off Satan -- how? They have confessed their sins and made every effort to do their part in changing into the nature of Christ Jesus. If you did not take advantage of the period of grace to do this, or at least begin on that program, everyone who fits into that category who has not even tried is being turned over to the Satanic judgment.


It has been prophesied -- I am in the church 20 years, I remember Bill Britton, reading Bill Britton's books, hearing my pastor preach Bill Britton, the spirit of grace is coming to an end. There is an end to this period of grace. Everything that has a beginning has an end. There was a beginning to the period of grace, and there is an end to the period of grace. The period of grace, mediated by the Holy Spirit, had a specific purpose. One specific purpose was to raise up Christ Jesus in men. Now there were many secondary and tertiary purposes. He heals our bodies, He delivers us from demons, He comes with gifts, but there was only one main purpose, and when that one main purpose is accomplished, that the man child should come forth and be born, all the secondary and tertiary benefits of the Holy Ghost are going to be swallowed up and disappear, because He was not sent primarily to heal your body that is going to die anyway. The Holy Ghost came with mercy until the Merciful One appears in men. So the Church is about to be turned over to Satan, every one of them who is not under the blood of Christ Jesus. But God is good, brethren. I am not prophesying here, but it would not surprise me if some people die. What does it mean to be turned over to Satan? It means you go under the Satanic Sowing and Reaping Judgment. Probably some people will die, but it is not Jesus killing them. Jesus did all he could do, but the Church is deaf, and fat with lust and selfish, and they did not hear and they did not see and they were not saved.


You know, I just paraphrased a Scripture in Isaiah. That Scripture used to bother me. For years that Scripture bothered me. It says in the King James translation, I shall close their ears, and I shall close their eyes so that they shall not do what they are supposed to do, and then they will not be saved. I said, Why does not the Lord want them saved? I do not get it. And then there is this teaching that comes out that I do not agree with. Well, the eyes of Israel had to be closed so that the message could go to the Gentiles. The Jews had to be cut off so the message could go to the Gentiles. I do not believe that, brethren. It is Satan who closes your eyes, and it is Satan who closes your ears, and it is Satan who raises up lust in you so that you follow after your belly, so that you do not hear, and that you do not understand, and that you are not saved. Jehovah is not doing that. And Jehovah has not cut off the Jews for 2,000 years. Satan, in their own mind, their own pride, has cut them off from Christ Jesus.


So, although probably some will get hurt and some will die, the end of what is about to appear very, very, very soon; what is that? The withdrawing of the Holy Spirit, and the turning over of the uncovered Church to the Satanic judgment, the Sowing and Reaping Judgment, will ultimately turn out for the good, because out of this whole mess will come forth a Church in the image of the Lord Jesus Christ, Holy and righteous. It must be very close. I do not know what is wrong with me today, crying like this. I am all choked up here. It is coming very soon, but we who have understanding will say, Praise be to God who doeth all things well. We have waited and prayed, and we have asked for your righteous judgment in the earth. We have asked for Passover. For those of us who are covered, brethren, this is what Passover means. For those of us who are covered by Christ Jesus, Passover means either, at this time, a personal ascension into the brow energy center, or to be covered by someone who has personally ascended into the brow energy center, and if you are in the category of one who is covered, that is only a temporary cover which will give you the strength to get up there yourself. That is what it means to be covered. Gory be to God.


The Lord's program goes forward. Remember His ultimate purpose is the salvation of the whole human race. No one person is all that important. No one nation is that important. The whole creation belongs to the Lord. This is His, and He will have it in His image, and he will have it under His Headship, and He will do it according to Jehovah's plan. No one will burn in hell forever, but there are certainly going to be some unpleasant things that we will hear about and possibly even witness. But the problem is, brethren, that we fail, that we are filled with sin, that we cannot get out of here by ourselves because we are subject to this sin nature that lives through us, and this is the only way to go. Surgery. We are getting ready to be wheeled into the operating room. It is the only way to go.


So we are to rejoice in the spirit. I used to never understand that either. Rejoice and happy are ye when people are screaming and yelling and in torment. Your spirit rejoices when you have a knowledge of the end result of the pain. My spirit rejoices that the ultimate God of this creation is benevolent. Do you know that there are some people in this world that believe that God, whatever name they give Him, that He is evil. Christians believe that; that God kills you and punishes you and tortures you, and kills your baby, and causes little children to be born without arms. I rejoice that that is not true. I rejoice that our benevolent God has provided a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, for us, our only Hope. And my spirit rejoices that what needs to be done to bring forth the salvation of humanity is well underway, and that Passover is at hand, that the feasts ordained by Jehovah Himself are about to begin in the common man. Jesus kept the feasts, and Paul said something about keeping a feast. I have not studied that. But when the trumpet sounds -- you see, the blood is supposed to already be up on the doors. The blood is already up on the doors, so the angel of death is coming. I do not rejoice in seeing the people hurt, but I rejoice in the overall plan which is righteous, and I rejoice in that promise of the deliverance of all of creation from hell and death.


So let us pray for these few people that came up today.




Father, in the name of Jesus, we just bless this breakaway church, that think they are serving you Lord. They are murdering their brethren, and they think they are doing you a service, Lord, and we forgive their sins, Father, and we cover them. We put a ceiling over their prayers. May their heavens be brass, Lord. We seal them off, Father, in a bubble, that their prayers will go no higher, Father, than a surface level. We break them, and we crush them, and we pulverize them, and we deny and disannul every prayer that comes forth out of their heart or their mind, conscious or otherwise, and we utterly deliver the original church from this curse. We break every curse that is affecting the original church, every hardship that is upon them that has come from psychic prayers, we break that curse. If these financial problems are from psychic prayers, we break those curses. We break curses of destruction, death, and condemnation. The Lord Jesus does not condemn them for preaching a false message, and we do not condemn them, and we break every curse that has condemned them. Father, we speak unto the pastor of the breakaway church, and we say unto him, You must repent, and when your prayers begin to fall back upon yourself,you will cry out to God and ask Him how this is happening to you. Lord, may his ears be opened at that time, and may he be convicted of the error of his ways, Lord. He is a good man, Father. I pray that the Kingdom should not experience his loss, but that you teach him, Lord, and help him to understand the error of his ways and give him the opportunity to make a correction.


This pastor in the original church has been serving You for a long time, Lord. I do not know what his problem is, I do not know why he has gone off the way he has, but we ask You that, to the fullest extent that You are willing to do it, that You deliver him from the grips of the seduction on his mind, and that You bring him into a knowledge of Yourself, and we just pray that all things should be returned to normal in these two churches. We put the blood of Jesus between them, we rebuke this enmity, and we utterly command it to stop and cease and desist in the Name of Jesus. And this other church out of state, we just tell you how blessed you are. Maybe someday the Lord will reveal to you what He has done for you, that you, who are Christ killers, He has sent someone to cover you. That is awesome. I just pray that the Lord, if He is willing to do it, gives you the opportunity to understand this so that you might acknowledge what He has done for you. It should be good for you to understand what He has done for you. I just leave you in God's hands over there, whatever He wants to do with you. I know that I can barely take care of myself here, so I am certainly not in charge of some church out of state, but we just bless you. And we thank God on your behalf until you can thank God for yourself for this great grace that He has given you, we cover you, and we protect you from ingratitude. We thank God on your behalf that He has offered this great grace unto you, and we bless you and forgive your sins, and we pray that Christ should be raised from the dead in you also.


Father, we just bless You, Lord, for everything that You have given us, and we thank You for your prophetic word that Passover is at hand, and we just pray, Lord, that we should be fully furnished and equipped to do our part, whatever that will be. I do not know about anyone else here, but I do not even know what I am going to be required to do when this move starts. I have no idea what to expect. I think it will be a big mistake to expect it to be a repetition of the Holy Ghost moves of the Pentecostal or Latter Day Rain revival. We just pray that our ears should be opened, Lord, and our eyes and our heart, and that we should understand what is required of us, and then that we should have the strength to do what is required of us, Lord, that we should not be found wanting, Lord, or lacking or remiss in our responsibilities. We pray for right thinking, Lord, and for the ability to prioritize the requirements of our life, and we thank you, and we praise you, and we glorify you, Lord, for what is about to happen in the earth very, very soon.




It is an hour of great liberation, saith the Lord, even during the liberation of Europe, saith the Lord, there was violence, and there was bloodshed. It was a military action, saith the Lord, to deliver France from the hands of the Nazi regime, and people did die and people were hurt, but the end of the whole thing was a free Europe, saith the Lord. There is no other way. Keep your eyes on Me. Do not look at the pain, it will absorb you and draw you down. Help when you can, but keep your eyes on Me and on the goal that you are to follow, My goal, keep your eyes on Me, saith the Lord. 


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