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I am not sure what this will turn out to be, but what is on my heart is to talk to you about what is going on in the country today. As you may or may not know, the Judiciary Committee has passed, or approved, four articles of impeachment against President Clinton, and this means that these four articles will go before the entire House of Representatives for a vote. If the majority of the House of Representatives votes to impeach President Clinton, he will then have to stand trial before the Senate. The president and his supporters are doing everything they can to ward off this impeachment.


What I find very interesting is that I see the Lord rallying. I see righteousness rallying in the country. That is what is very exciting to me. After the elections in November, there was a lot of discouragement amongst the proponents of righteousness because the Republicans had hoped to gain quite a few seats in the House of Representatives, and I think they did not get nearly as much as they had hope- -- both in the House of Representatives and in the Congress. It was anticipated that they would have such an overwhelming victory that there would be such a strong minor- -- majority both in the House and the Senate that impeachment would go through without a question of a doubt. And it did not come to pass. And it did not come to pass.


So now, the margin by which the Republicans are a majority is very small. They -- I believe they still are a ma- -- well, I know they are still a majority in the Judiciary Committee, and they are still a majority in the House of Representatives. Now, we are talking about -- not right now, but the new Congress that is coming in at the first of the year -- I believe that there will still be a majority of Republicans in the House and in the Senate, but the difference will only be a few votes. So that means if you have a couple of Republicans who do not go along, who h- -- well, let us hope this is a matter of conscience for everybody -- who do not want to go along with the impeachment. It could be defeated. This is the issue. It is a neck-and-neck race.


And I am excited because after the election, I was discouraged. One of the things that the Lord is doing for me through this whole thing is that he is teaching me to really stand in faith and believe that -- he gave me a personal word that he is with this country, because if I did not believe that, I would really think that our Constitution was about to be overturned. And there is not a doubt in my mind that there are spiritual forces raging in this country determined to do just that, to bring down the Constitution. And these spiritual forces are manifesting in men, but that is ho- -- I will get to that in a little while. And the Lord has given me a personal word that he is with this country. That he is with us because -- well, for two reasons that I can see. I believe this nation was dedicated to him. I believe he raised it up. I wa- -- it was dedicated to him.


And despite what many say, I believe it is a Christian nation. We have people saying today it is not a Christian nation because we have Hindus and Buddhists and all kinds of witchcraft workers, all kinds of -- even witchcraft is a re- -- is a legal religion today. But the truth of the matter is that every office in our government requires that an oath be taken, and that every oath be taken -- is taken on the Judeo-Christian Bible, and there is no word of any other god anywhere in our history or in our halls of justice. We are a Christian nation. We have opened our doors to Buddhists and Hindus and other religions, but we are a Christian nation, and this nation was dedicated to God. I believe he gave it to us before we dedicated it to him, and I believe that there are many, many praying Christians in this land.


And he has received us as his, so therefore the word of any mortal man that says we are not a Christian religion, to me, is nothing to even consider. So he is considering -- considers us his, and he is and will fight for us, and therefore the end of this has to be righteousness. So that has strengthened me, and I am getting a lot of practice in standing in faith even when things do not look too good.


After the November election, I was very discouraged because I could see the spiritual battle raging, and I believe that the -- we could only have the situation in Washington that we have because the people in the nation have elected them. In other words, whatever -- Here is a good example of microcosm and macrocosm. The House of Representatives -- well, the -- or -- and -- or the Senate -- the whole Senate as a whole -- is a representative of the thinking of the people in the nation, and what we see is a strong dichotomy between a righteous mind and a reprobate mind.


For the first time, I saw a recognition that something is really wrong. I mean, I know that it is wrong, but I saw people on TV recognizing that something is really wrong. It was a conversation between Bill O’Reilly and a man that he was interviewing. I am sorry, I do not remember the gentleman’s name, but Bill O’Reilly introduced him as someone who was really independent, that he is concerned with the country. He is not political. He is not aligned with any political party. And the two men discussed the fact that -- I do not want to condemn all Democrats, but at least the Democrats that have been vocal, OK? The position of the people that are fighting for the president, which are all Democrats, and I think they speak for most of the Democrats in Congress, there is no reasoning with them, and they refuse to acknowledge that the Republicans are doing what they think is right.


You see, the godly position to take here for all concerned, Republicans and Democrats, is that we do not agree with each other, but I respect you. You are a member of Congress. I respect you as a person, and I respect you because you are standing for what you believe. I let the majority win. I let the majority rule. Not win, but rule. And this is what our nation is all about. But these Democrats absolutely refuse to acknowledge that any one single Republican is following after his conscience. But they are proceeding to ruin the reputations of whatever Republicans they can. They accuse them of -- I heard Conyers say on TV last night that this is a coup, that it is a lynching. This is the outworking of our government, and everything that these Republicans are doing is legal. They are members of Congress, and they are operating within their rights. These are provocative words to say. A coup and a lynching and the denigration of all of these men?


So Bill O’Reilly said to this independent man, who apparently he has a lot of respect for. I keep telling you, I am not any expert on politics, so I do not really know what this man -- what his position is, but Bill O’Reilly accepted him as a neutral person, as a patriot, someone who is just concerned with the country. And Bill said to him, “Why are they doing that, you know?” And the two men sat there on TV, the camera focused in on them, and you could see the man’s face. They could not understand what is wrong.


Well, I will tell you what is wrong. I will tell you what is wrong. These people, who -- they are all Democrats from what I could see -- have a reprobate mind. Satan has overtaken their mind. Now, if you are hearing this tape and you are not used to the way I preach, I am not saying that some abstract devil has overtaken their mind. I am saying that their potential for unrighteousness, which every human being has, has risen up and captured any part of them that would be reasonable. The female opinion has risen up in them. They are trying with all their strength to break all the rules, to change the Constitution. But the worst part of the whole thing is that everything that they are doing, they are accusing the Republicans of. There is no reasoning with this mind because if you try to reason with this mind long enough, it will break you because it is an insane mind. It as -- it is an unreasonable, irrational mind that refuses to acknowledge truth when it is faced with it but is determined to utterly tear down anyone who disagrees with them and is -- and this kind of mind is willing to destroy that person fully if necessary to have its way.


So as far as I am concerned, our Constitution is in danger, and our government is in danger, and our republic is in danger. Now, not many people are saying that publicly because it is not a popular thing to say, but it is the truth. When the hearings for -- of the Judiciary Committee first opened, Henry Hyde quoted somebody, which again I cannot tell you who, and I believe that Henry Hyde was saying what I just said. To the best of my memory, the quote had something -- went something like this. “How long do you really think a government of the people and for the people and by the people will survive? Will it survive? Can it really survive?” That was the quote that he made, but you have to understand where it is coming from. That there is -- and this is where it is coming from. That there is such wickedness in the minds and hearts of power-driven men, or men who are driven for power, that an honest government that really has honest elections, can it really survive against the wickedness that is in the hearts of man? That is what it meant. And I believe that Henry Hyde was saying what I am saying. Can it really stand?


I believe that Henry Hyde recognized that we are not -- the Republicans are not up against a difference of opinion, but they are up against an unreasonable mind. They are up against a wicked mind that will stop at nothing to achieve the power that it is looking for, and that is the definition of a dictator. That is the definition of a tyrant. The most frightening part of the whole thing is that the majority of the American people think the same way. The wicked mind is manifesting in the people because if this was not true, they would just vote these wicked representatives out and congressmen out.


This country is engaged in the most awesome tribulation, and I believe Jesus Christ will prevail. I do not know what we will have to go through, but I do not believe that we will be cast down. I believe that is the word of the Lord to me. Now we know that Israel was and we know that Judah was. But this is the New Testament. We do have a savior. And it is possible to raise up the mind of Christ and the many members of this country -- the many citizens of this country.


As I do my deep studies in the Scripture, I see more and more how, when he wants to -- and when I say when he wants to, I am not suggesting that Jesus Christ is arbitrary. He has a reason for everything that he does, and his timing is perfect. I am not suggesting that he does not want to help us. I am suggesting that according to his -- that the plan of Jesus Christ, which is Jehovah’s plan, exists in such a high spiritual plane that sometimes the priorities of that plan cause those of us down here to suffer. What does that mean? That that high plan, which must be exalted -- the high plan, the plan that is going to save all of humanity, must be exalted. So therefore, if to bring that plan to pass, it is not appropriate to fix something down here, or if fixing down here that will make us more comfortable will work against the overall plan, we have to suffer with what we have down here, because it is the overall plan that must prevail.


Therefore, when I say if the Lord wants to, I mean if he decides to do it because now is -- because to do this at this time will flow with the overall plan, which is the salvation of all humanity. I believe without a shadow of a doubt that he can enter into the minds of the people and raise up the mind of Christ and defeat the enemy carnal mind that has seduced them. I believe that Jesus Christ could do it overnight in this nation if he believed that that was the thing to do to prosper the overall plan for the salvation of humanity. I know he has shown me this in the Scripture, I know he is done it before, and I know he can do it now.


And I remind you that the reverse of what I have just told you is what Maitreya has promised to do. He has promised to enter into the minds of all the people and convert them to his way of thinking. And I think that his plan is well underway. I think Maitreya’splan is well underway. The country is under a seduction. We are falling down.


But praise be to God, we have some brave men in Congress. I have listened to these hearings, I have some ability to judge people, and I am of the opinion that just about everyone that I have heard speak in these hearings is following after his conscience. I did not see one indication on any man that he is out to lynch the president, that this is a political vendetta against Clinton. I just do not -- I cannot see it. And even Bill O’Reilly was saying that.


I also saw Hannity & Colmes. I had to shut it off. I really could not bear it. That Mr. Colmes is so grievous to me, what h- -- the way he -- as far as I am concerned, out of all the liberal commentators on TV, the -- in my opinion, the man is absolutely evil. And what do I base this upon? I will tell you what I base it upon. Within a couple of minutes, I saw the liberal who -- there was a liberal and a conservative that was being interviewed. I guess it was a Democrat and a Republican. Within a couple of minutes, I heard the Democrat rail against one of the members of Congress that he is accusing of being a Ku Klux Klansman, and Hannity -- now I do not know anything about this. Hannity rose up and said -- you know, the man answered to that. He completely denounced it. Apparently, he was present at some place. He claims he did not know w- -- you know, the nature -- whatever. He claims he did not know, and as soon as he -- it was revealed that these men that he was dealing with were Klansmen, he rose up, denounced the Klan and separated himself from them. So Hannity said, “Why will you not give him the benefit of the doubt that he is not a Klansman? Why are you ruining the man’s reputation?” Colmes did not say a word while the Democrat was ruining this man’s reputation.


And then the next -- in the next minute, the Republican gave an honest opinion. Now, he was not ruining anyone’s reputation. He gave his opinion about the president, which I am sorry, I do not remember, but it was that he was not an honest man. And Colmes just [?ranked?] him out and put him down and ripped him to pieces and accused him of doing what the Democrat had just done. Two minutes earlier, the Democrat had just done what Colmes was accusing the Republican of doing, and the Republican did not do it; he just gave his opinion. The Democrat was not giving his opinion. He was going on hearsay, and he was spreading information about a man that the man himself denied. The Republican said, “I believe. This is my opinion,” and Colmes absolutely knifed him and cut him to pieces.


You see, with this kind of mind, you cannot win because it is OK for them to do it, but it is not OK for you to do it. If you are doing it, it is OK for them to do it. And if you are not doing it, they will accuse you of doing it. They will twist your words and accuse you of doing it. You cannot win with this mind. It is this kind of a mind that Jesus addressed when he said, “Resist not evil.”


Now, on this very program, the Republican who gave that opinion -- it was not a positive opinion about President Clinton, but it was his opinion. I happen to agree with it. This man was really trying to communicate with the other side. He was saying, “Can you not at least grant that one-third of the Republicans are men of conscience? That they are doing this because they believe it is the right thing to do?” And they will not yield it. They will not admit it. And I saw in this Republican -- I saw myself in him. Come, let us reason together. This is our government. We are men of different opinions, and the majority rules in this nation. Let us not kill each. But there was no response. You see.


Now, to be in this state of mind -- what state of mind? So long as you think that you really can reason with this mind -- you see, it is in -- it is Satan in their mind -- you will never convince this person because this person who has this mind, the people who are under the influence of this evil mind, they do not want to reconcile with you. They do not want to find a middle ground with you. They want you to do what they want you to do, and they do not care what they have to do to you, how they have to crush you, or how they have to defeat you to get you to agree with them. There is no reasoning here. There is no mediation here. There is no reconciliation here. This is witchcraft. You do what I want you to do or I will utterly destroy you.


And do you know that this is what President Clinton is confu- -- is accused of? There are people in position to speak publicly today who have been saying this about him for a long time, that this is the tactics of the White House. It is Nazism. And there are people in this nation that see what is really happening, and they are really concerned. For Conyers to sit up there and say this is a coup. No, it is the Democrats that are engaged in a coup. They are trying to overturn the Constitution and overturn the majority vote. We are a nation of law. The majority rules, and they will not accept that the majority rules.


I have personally -- I -- this lesson the Lord has taught me personally. As those of you here know, there was somebody in this ministry with that kind of a mind. I really thought I was going to help them, and I reasoned with them, and I rebuked them, and I stood against them for almost two years, and they broke me. And I remember the day that they broke me. All of my strength just crumbled. I was aware of it. All of my strength just crumbled. This is the operation of witchcraft. I learned my lesson well.


I have to turn these programs off because I cannot resist this rhetoric. The popular word for it is spin. It is outright witchcraft. And I know to resist it will break me, and I also know if I stand there and let it flow over me, it will damage me. I must turn away from it. I have to turn away from it. It is damaging physically and spiritually damaging to me to stand in the flow of witchcraft. You have to remove yourself from it.


And there are brave men in this country -- and I am saying that generically. Women too. I know there is -- Mary Bono is standing in righteousness in the Judiciary Committee. I say men generically.


There are brave men who really are seeking righteousness, and they do not know what is going on, you see. And because they cannot figure out what is going on, they are vulnerable. They are vulner- -- what happened to me may happen to them. I hope it does not. They are going to strive with these people and try to convince them and try to be reasonable, and unless Jesus intervenes, the day will come that their strength will be broken. And because they do not understand what is going on, it will come on them suddenly. It came on me suddenly. I was shocked. My spiritual armor just dissolved off of me.


You cannot defeat witchcraft unless Jesus Christ has put you in the battle. No natural man will defeat it, and no man with the Holy Spirit, or even the Spirit of Christ, will defeat it unless Christ Jesus has risen up in you and told you to challenge it. You cannot do it. It is too strong. It takes Christ Jesus in you joined to the Lord Jesus above. It takes that double portion to break it. And you cannot do that in your own strength, and that kind of power will never rise in you unless you lay your own strength down.


The only person -- the only commentator who I heard who came close to the truth is Hannity, at least that I heard. I am not saying nobody else understands this. It is just the commentators that I hear. I heard him say last night, “You Democrats have sold your soul to the party. You are willing to say anything, to do anything, to accept any illegal or immoral action” -- now I am paraphrasing; he did not say all these words. “You are willing to say anything, do anything, accept any immoral action so that your party survives. You have sold your soul to the party.”


But I still do not think that Hannity understands that the female -- the spiritually female mind has arisen in them. If you are hearing this tape and you do not know what I am talking about --




-- [?is?] physical women. There are two minds in the world. There is the male mind of Christ and the female carnal mind, and the god of the carnal mind is Satan. And both minds can manifest in physical men and physical women.




-- has risen upon the face of the land, and it --




-- Democratic Party.


One other thing I would point out to you. The other night -- I think it was as this -- as the first or second article of impeachment was passed -- there was great emotion in the committee. I noticed it. And Bill O’Reilly picked up on it. He said, “There is so much emotion going on here,” but he did not understand what it meant. Who is the emotional one? Who is the emotional one? Yes?




Satan is the emotional one traditionally speaking. Now, I am not against physical women. It is the woman who is emotion. You could have a man mind in you. You could have a male mind in you if you are a physical woman. But if you are emotional, whether you are a physical male or a physical woman, at that moment, it is the female mind manifesting through you. And there was one member of that Judiciary Committee -- he was a junior member of the House. I do not even remember his name. I could not believe it how emotional he was. I saw emotion in a lot of the representatives, but this one man was completely overtaken. If I did not see his demeanor, if I did not see that he was a physical male, I would think he was a hysterical woman. He was on the verge of hysteria. He was hysterical. He was hysterical. And then a couple of other representatives were very emotional to the point that it was noticeable by Bill O’Reilly. But I do not know that they are putting together what it means. Brethren, Satan is appearing. She is appearing. She is appearing in the people of the nation.


I heard what -- someone called in on one of the hotlines and said something very interesting. I would like to share it with you. One of the arguments that the Democrats make is that this -- and I do not agree with this argument -- that if it was not for a consensual sexual act, none of this would happen. And someone called in and said, “Well, it did not really start with a consensual sexual act. It started with Paula Jones, and that act was not consensual. This trouble started because of a nonconsensual sexual act.” And I thought that was excellent. But even if it did start with Monica Lewinsky, as the reasonable minds in our government have tried to explain, the president is not on trial for his sexual act. And even though it is legal, it is a violation of the federal rules for someone in his position to have an affair with some -- with an intern, aside from that. What has caused all this trouble is the president’s wheeling and dealing and lying and manipulation and sneaking and attacking -- not necessarily him, but his whole organization -- attacking the character of all the people, and trying to manipulate the Congress. That is what has brought this situation to be.


It is not -- and, again, these reasonable minds have said that this is the same thing that happened with Watergate. It was not the simple act of breaking into someone’s office. It was that Nixon mobilized and used the power of his presidency to cover it up. He used the FBI. He used the IRS. That is what you cannot do. If Clinton would have just -- and -- well, it all started with him trying to deny Paula Jones her day in court. It started with him trying to win a court case by dishonesty.


So it is not just a consensual sexual act. The president has committed criminal behavior. And as I heard someone saying on the talk shows the other night, he was warned, you know, not to do -- not to perjure himself, and then -- in the Paula Jones case, and then when it came to the grand jury, he was warned. Do not perjure yourself before the grand jury. And he perjured himself before the grand jury. But it is my understanding that the last straw was that the Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives sent the president 80 questions for him to answer so that -- to help them with their investigation, and he used the same manipulative and diversionary and dishonest tactics for those 80 questions. He simply would not confess that he lied, and none of his people will confess that they lied. They will say that he was not dishonest h- -- they just will not say that he lied.


And he is very, very manipulative and very dishonest and disrespectful to the whole Congress. He is -- seems to me that he is a megalomaniac. He is the powerful one, and he is in a power play with the Congress of the United States. We have checks and balances in this government. The president is the head -- he is the head of the country, but he is not a dictator. He is not a king. And the fact that -- and I do not know whether this is true or not, but I have heard people say he has been an excellent president, and his policies are excellent. You cannot have a man in the office that you cannot believe.


And the Democrats keep saying this does not rise to impeachment, but if you understand that what he is doing is undermining the law -- the very system of laws of our nation, he has threatened our nation. He is threatened to bring down our nation from within. You see, people who do not understand think, well, to threaten our nation, you have to be -- to commit treason. You have to make a deal with a foreign nation. Well, he has made a deal with a foreign nation. As far as I am concerned, he is made a deal with Satan to bring down this nation, and he has a whole part of people behind him, working with him to overturn the Constitution and accuse the Republicans of doing everything that they are doing. It is called projection, manipulation, lies, deceit, dishonesty, character defamation. These are all gangster tactics, and whether people know it or not, our very, very freedom is at stake.


Does anybody have anything to say about this?


            This morning, my hopes were raised. I went into the computer, and I opened up, and there was nothing really on the page for me to get any email, so I figured, well, let me go back to the front page, and there was a poll. I said, oh, let me -- I have a couple more minutes. Let me see the poll. I took the poll. I am amazed, absolutely amazed. Thousands of people have already been on the polls, and every single question was morally correct, the ones that the people answered, and I could not believe it.


Well, whose poll was it?


            From the internet. F- -- whatever the front page is on -- you know, when you first go in, [?it is?] --


Was it an AOL poll?




It was an AOL poll.


            And the questions were, like, do you think he should be impeached. I said yes. You do not know what other people are going to say until you finish with the whole -- your answers. And then it said do you think that people’s minds will change that have been very nega- -- I am saying my words. [?They were passive?They would pass it?] -- that it will change after hearing that he is going to be impeachment, and I said yes. And every question that I said yes to which  I felt was moral, when I went to the end to find out -- it was so many questions, all the people out of thousands -- and says who was Democrat? Quite a number of them were Democrat answering morally good, so there -- I am listening to the polls that they say everybody says that the president is so high in their estimation. They want to ma- -- This did not sound like that. So I do not know whether it is going to change as the week goes on, but this morning about 8 o’clock, 8:15, that is what I got. I was just absolutely amazed.


Well, I am very excited. I saw you raise your hand. If you could just ho- -- let me c- -- respond to this, please.


I believe that the polls that we have heard going back several months ago -- I believe they were accurate because there were Republican polls and Democratic polls and independent polls, but I think that God is moving, and I think that he is touching the hearts of the people. I think that the hearings of the Judiciary Committee really helped. I think Mr. Shipper -- David Shippers’ presentation -- of course, he was attacked for that, but I think his presentation really helped, and I think the people are waking up -- now, this was prophesied going back -- several months ago, I heard several Republicans say do not think that -- you cannot go by the polls. That Nixon had very high ratings and he just fell overnight. Anything could happen. The people could be convinced overnight. And I believe that the Spirit of the Lord is moving, and I believe he is touching people.


I gave a testimony here a couple of weeks ago. I saw how he spoke to my very own sister, who is not a Christian, and pointed -- he -- she did not know it was the Lord -- pointed out -- my sister is a very intelligent, reasonable, logical person, and he pointed out to her something that she could not resist. She had no answer. Of course, it was me talking to her, but it was the Lord in me because I did not have the answer until I prayed, so I know it was the Lord. And she had no answer to what I said. She is reasonable, my sister.


So the Lord is moving. I believe he is responding to prayer, and this is just strengthening me in this area. For whatever reason, the Lord comes through in what seems to be the last minute. I see a rallying of righteousness in this country that is really, really encouraging me. And I am going to believe that God is going to bring us through, that our Constitution will stand, and that the criminal element will be put down.


I am not political, you know, but I will tell you this. In my opinion, the Democratic Party has become so corrupt that something has to be do- -- it has to be cleansed. I do not know what the answer is. I am not political enough to say what the answer is, but it is -- it has become a cancer. The political -- the Democratic Party at this time, in my opinion, is cancerous, and it needs to be cleansed however that can be accomplished.


Do you want to say something?


            With Clinton, it seems to be the age-old story. A man’s skill takes him to the place where his character cannot keep him. But one thing I see coming out of this is how the NOW people are being exposed. They have been claiming that they were all for the women, and yet they were denying Paula Jones’ right to go into court and receive justice. So they are being exposed in that light at least.


Anybody else?


            I just -- I feel a strong urgency of the people to get in contact with their congressman and voice their opinion loud and clear in the next week. I just -- I know I feel it for myself, that I should not be remiss not to voice my opinion to my congressman.


Transcribed by VerbalFusion 06 18 18


Formatted: 6/20/18, 1st Edit, rh

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