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We are talking about psychic abilities that manifest in Christians. Christians are supposed to be spiritual people. The word psychic is not a bad word. Christians are supposed to be supernaturally spiritual. We are spiritually supernatural people, and to be spiritually supernatural is talking about activity of the mind. It is talking about a mature activity of the mind. Now, mature activity of the mind is illegal in Satan's spirit, but if the Spirit of Christ is mature enough in you it is not only legal, it is what happens to you when you grow up in Christ Jesus. I do not feel led at this moment to go through all of the criteria for determining whether or not it is the Spirit of Christ in you. I will just tell you this, if you do not have a consecrated walk with the Lord it is not the Spirit of Christ. If you are not completely sold out to Him your psychic ability is not the Spirit of Christ. If you are in any kind of behavioral sin it is not the Spirit of Christ that is causing you to be psychic. I will leave it at that for now.


You can be psychic in the Holy Ghost. If you are psychic in the Holy Ghost it would be a gift. It would be the Holy Ghost overriding your conscious mind for His own purposes, giving you supernatural words of knowledge, but those of us in whom Christ is being formed -- you see, when Christ is being formed in you it matures your personality. The Holy Spirit giving you spiritual communications and prophecies and words of knowledge does not mature your personality. It does not build the character of Jesus Christ in you. The Holy Spirit does not build the character of Jesus Christ in you, but as Christ is being formed in you He is maturing, and He is attaching Himself to your personality. So as Christ is formed in you the nature and the character of Jesus Christ is starting to appear in your personality. Aside from that, that is all I feel led to say right now. I have talked about this many, many times.


So as we mature in Christ Jesus we begin to become psychic by the Spirit of Christ. Now what does it mean to become psychic? How do we become psychic? First of all, the spiritual part of our being, that part of us which comes into operation -- let me say it this way, to be psychic means to be engaged in activity of the mind that goes beyond this physical world. The mind is capable of hearing people's thoughts and people's intents. The mind is capable of knowledge of even future events, and all of this activity is illegal unless it is the Spirit of Christ doing it in you. Most of the people in the world that engage in looking into people's futures, and looking deep into their personalities and seeing their weaknesses, and knowing what they are thinking and planning, with most people this is a spirit of divination, which is witchcraft. But as Christ is formed in us the Spirit of Christ becomes our psychic ability.


So what is psychic ability? Psychic ability is to have your consciousness active in the subconscious and unconscious aspects of your mind. What does it mean to be conscious? To be aware, to be able to hear and see and understand is what consciousness is. Everybody is conscious in this physical world. We see the world, we see each other, we hear what people are saying, we hear with our ears, we look at what you are wearing, we read books, we are conscious in this physical world. We have knowledge of what is going on. I know that you are sitting there, I know what you are wearing tonight, I know a lot of things because I am conscious in this physical world.


I have knowledge about all kinds of people and all kinds of things, where they are tonight, what they are doing, etc, etc., but to be psychic or telepathic is to be conscious in the unseen world, to be aware, to have understanding of what is going on in the unseen world. And this is quite a challenge because more often than not what is going on in the unseen world does not agree with what is going on in this physical world. Why? Because people put up fronts. That is just the condition of humanity. Most people, or a lot of people, put up fronts. What you see is not what you get. They put on an act, they do not want to show you that they are insecure, so they act like they are really hot or really hip and inside they could be dying from insecurity. They say they understand when they do not because they do not want people to know that they do not.


This whole mortal humanity is in this condition, and the psychologists and psychiatrists and sociologists all know that. Lawyers know it, doctors know it, a lot of enlightened people in this world know it. You do not have to be educated. Some people are just enlightened that you know that you cannot believe everything that people tell you, but when you start to function telepathically and psychically, I think that is the same thing, there are no mistakes to be made once you get to the point that you can really understand, that you can really deal with the information that is coming to you psychically, there is no mistake. The mistakes that you will make as you are becoming psychic or telepathic is your mistake and your ability to process the information that is coming to you, but the information that comes to you, once you learn how to read the code, no man can trick you anymore.


How do we become psychic? Psychic is to be conscious and aware on a subconscious and unconscious level. The average human being is unaware or we could say "asleep" on the subconscious and unconscious level of their mind. The average citizen of the world is awake to this physical world and asleep to the world of mind, and, of course, involved in the subconscious and the unconscious also is emotion. A lot of people do not even know what they are feeling so they are asleep to the world of mind and emotion, and they are awake to this physical world. It is a very rare person that is awake to all three worlds at once.


The emotional world is called the astral plane, the world of mind is called the mental plane, and all three of these areas that we can potentially be conscious in exist in the same place. Right here, they are all inside of us, but just as we are not aware that our heart beats, I do not know about you, but I am not aware that my heart beats. We cannot live if our heart does not beat, but it is automatic. I do not even think about it. My lungs work, I do not think about it. My legs work, I do not think about it. I do not even think about what a blessing it is that I can walk. Well, we have psychic members - our subconscious and our unconscious mind, and unless we use them we are not aware of them at all because they are covered over by a veil.


Our subconscious and our unconscious mind is covered over by a veil, and that veil is our conscious mind. I believe that the conscious mind is a safety latch. Brethren, we could not bear it if we were able to see and feel and hear into the subconscious and unconscious world without being prepared for it, without first being prepared. I am of the strong opinion right now that mentally ill people, especially severely mentally ill people, schizophrenic people and people who have to be institutionalized, are in the condition that they are in because at some point their consciousness started to manifest in their subconscious and unconscious mind, and they could not deal with it because, physically, they were in this world and yet their mind was seeing and hearing all of these communications from the unseen world, and they flipped out. I am convinced. At this point, I absolutely believe that is the cause of mental illness.


So we have a conscious mind, and I believe it is the mercy of God. We know that Satan has formed this world, but we also know that Jehovah is in full control of everything. It is Jehovah who sent the Lord Jesus Christ to help us escape from this world which we are trapped in. You may be shocked that I say we are trapped in this world. You may be very happy in your lifestyle, but you still cannot leave. You cannot leave and go into another world. You cannot control whether you live or whether you die. We are subject to the laws of this world.


So I believe that Jehovah has said to Satan, Yes, you are the god of this world, but you can go so far and no further, and I intend to deliver these people, and I am going to give them safe guards down here in hell. One of those safe guards is the conscious mind. The conscious mind lies over, covers over our subconscious and our unconscious mind so that we cannot see it, and we sleep to it. We are asleep to that world. Now some people are born with that veil not intact. The veil of the conscious mind can be partially dissolved or weak or fragile, and what causes this is witchcraft on the family line. So we are all born with a psychic heredity, and some people are born with more psychic heredity than others. Some people are born with psychic heredity, and they ignore it. Some people are born with psychic heredity, and they develop it. They work with it. Some are a little frightened when they see it, and they do not even use it.


So we are talking here about psychic ability and telepathy in Christ Jesus. Listen, brethren, when we start to become spiritual, whether we are becoming spiritual in Christ or whether we are spiritual because we were born with a weak, thin, or fragile, or damaged conscious mind, or whether we are becoming psychic and telepathic because we are practicing witchcraft in this world, and when I say practicing witchcraft I do not necessarily mean that you have to be shaken a rattle or chanting a spell. The practice of witchcraft, brethren, is intimately related to rage. It is intimately related to rage and selfishness, and every evil work is described in the Bible.


When the Scripture instructs us to manifest the fruit of the spirit, and to resist what Paul, in particular, describes as carnality, fornication, whoremongering, homosexuality, all of these are in the Bible, all of these are works of the flesh. The way the King James translation put it forth is that you should restrain yourself from doing this because you are yet carnal, and it is really not set forth properly. We need to know that when we do these things they are a sign that Satan is operating in us, and Satan is witchcraft. The spirit of Satan is witchcraft. We need spiritual power to do these things, we need spiritual power to be parent haters, and we need spiritual power operating to confuse good and evil. So in all of these works Satan is very present, if you can hear what I am saying.


It is not a question of, well, you are just that way, now do not do it. If you are that way, if you are filled with envy, if you are competitive, if you are fighting all the time with your brother, what this means is that Satan is active in you. Do I condemn you? No. I am telling you that if this is true of you that you have a spiritual problem, that you need to know that this is not just some sin that you do not even really know what a sin is. It means that the god of this world is finding place in you and manifesting her spiritual power through your mind, and we all reap what we sow. Every thought that we think will produce a reaction, either in our life, or in the lives of our offspring.


So, it is not that we are bad and God is saying, yYu better not do that. Jesus is saying, If you continue to manifest these carnal activities which are empowered by Satan's spirit you will reap what you sow. You have a spiritual problem. Submit yourself to God and ask for deliverance because witchcraft produces death, either in this generation or the next one. Witchcraft produces disease and death. So thousands and millions of people in this world are under condemnation because they do not understand the spirit of the Scripture.


Back to our psychic, telepathic ability. The conscious mind veils the subconscious and the unconscious mind, our ability to be psychic, our ability to see and hear in the spirit, and to receive knowledge and wisdom from the spiritual planes. Now, we Christians do not want to receive knowledge and wisdom from the astral plane because the astral plane is where Satan is. The astral plane is in the counterfeit timeline. The astral plane is our emotions, and our emotions are our potential to manifest witchcraft. Rage, do you know that rage can kill? I was personally in someone's presence when they went into a total rage, and a tropical plant that was in the house withered and died by the next day, and the parakeet in the cage was so stupefied, I really believe, and I believed at the time, that if the rage went on any longer, that bird would have died. Rage kills, and those of you who have listened to the messages on Merlin, Queen Mav in Merlin, when she got angry, she killed. It is just the truth. If you are reading this message, and you are scared, rebuke it.


So we do not want to be psychic or telepathic in the astral plane. That is Satan's home ground. We want to be psychic and telepathic out of the mental plane of Christ Jesus. Now, there are two mental planes. There is a mental plane in the counterfeit timeline, and there is a mental plane in the timeline of Christ Jesus. It is legal and acceptable and a normal and expected event as we mature in Christ Jesus to become psychic and telepathic out of the mental plane in Christ Jesus. The whole problem is that when we start opening up to psychic currents we not only hear Christ Jesus we also hear the mental plane from the counterfeit timeline, and we hear Satan's voice. So it is essential to learn to tell the difference.


Telepathic ability is in our subconscious and our unconscious mind. To become psychic and telepathic, this means that our conscious mind is starting to disintegrate. Our conscious mind is starting to disintegrate, and eventually, as you mature into this telepathic ability, your conscious mind disappears completely and you are living in this physical world, but as far as your mind is concerned, you are not at all responding to what people say or do. You are just looking right into their hearts and minds, and you are knowing what is there, and you are responding to what is there. Now brethren, this is a tremendous opportunity to help people in Christ Jesus. If you are doing this in Satan you can destroy people. You can severely damage people.


I saw a movie years ago about a con man who had these gifts, and he was not in Christ, so that means they were coming out of Satan, and he would roll into a town, and he had a spirit of divination. He had the ability to recognize people's weaknesses. One woman's weakness was gambling. Another woman's husband was not around very much, and her weakness was that she could fall into adultery, and he would press on these people's weaknesses and catch them to get them involved. He committed adultery with the adulterous woman, and the woman whose weakness was gambling he opened up a channel for her to gamble, and she borrowed money from him, and then he started to blackmail her. To have the kind of knowledge that one has when one becomes psychic is to have power. It is to have power over people who are just average everyday people, to know what is in their heart and to know what their weaknesses are, and to know what people are thinking. You can really hurt people if you are unscrupulous; therefore, as far as Jesus Christ is concerned, He is not bringing you into any kind of telepathic ability if you are not walking a moral walk, and if you are not completely devoted and consecrated and sold out to Him and to His spirit of righteousness.


As our conscious mind begins to dissolve the thoughts of the subconscious mind start to filter through our mind, and not only from our subconscious mind, but from all of the subconscious minds that we have some contact with. There is a Scripture in the Book of Ezekiel that talks about the people who live in cities without walls. I questioned the Lord about that for years, and I am now of the opinion that is talking about the people whose conscious minds are at least partially dissolved. The wall between our subconscious mind and the personality is the conscious mind, so when that wall starts to dissolve, you are a person who lives in a city without a wall. It is not only the thoughts of your subconscious mind that flow in, but the thoughts of all the subconscious minds of people that you have anything to do with at all. It could be the people in your family, or it could be someone sitting next too you on a train or in a restaurant.


See, we have been reading the Bible for years where Paul says to lay hold of every thought, bring it into captivity, and cast down every imagination, but we never really understood what that meant until all these thoughts start flowing through our mind. Now, it requires a discipline to start processing all of these thoughts, but we will find out that if we do not do it, it could be a problem. It is all part of growing up. You have to start looking at them and praying about them. It is OK to bless them, but you should be saying to the Lord, Why are they going through my mind? I remember years ago when this was first starting with me, I had an image in my mind for days of the Hebrew children leaving Egypt. It was an image of the desert, and there were just thousands of people just trekking across this desert, and I could not image why this was in my mind. Now, years later, we have found out here that the exodus of the Hebrew children was a spiritual exodus, and the reason I was seeing these thousands of people trekking across the desert is that I was one of them. I was making this exodus from my carnal mind into my Christ mind, and however it works, I was seeing that image in my mind.


I receive all kinds of thoughts, I think about all kinds of people. Sometimes I pray for them and sometimes I have memories, sometimes I have memories of real events, sometimes the people in the memories typify what is going on in somebody's life right now. Now, if it is just a person alone that comes into my mind, I usually just bless them and tell the Lord if there is any other prayer He wants me to have He will have to put it in my heart. We were talking about prayer just before we went on the message, and you were saying how short your prayers are. Well, when you start maturing into this place your prayers become very short.


Now I am not in any way saying that the prayers of the Holy Spirit are no good, I am not putting down anybody or anything, but there are different places of maturity where people behave in different manners. When your prayers are in the Holy Spirit, they tend to be frequently in tongues, and sometimes they can go on for a long time, and that is good if that is where you are spiritually, that is where you are. But when you start to mature in Christ, and your conscious mind starts to dissolve, and you start to become a spiritual person -- OK now, when I say psychic or telepathic that is just another way of saying you are becoming a spiritual person. Christians are supposed to be spiritual, but they are supposed to be spiritual in Christ Jesus and righteousness only.


So when you start to become a spiritual person your whole prayer life changes. Now you cannot do this of your own accord. If you are reading this message, and you are still praying in the Holy Spirit, well then pray in the Holy Spirit, but the Scripture clearly says that the gifts are fading away. The gifts fade away as Christ matures in us, we are no longer children, and we enter into a whole different way of doing things, and the prayers are very short. Rarely, tongues. Do you pray in tongues at all? The tongues are being swallowed up. When you pray in tongues that is the Holy Spirit.


Now, do not stop it yourself. It is OK to pray in tongues. I pray in tongues sometimes, but I am praying in tongues less and less and less because as the prayers with knowledge come forth they overshadow the prayers in tongues. You pray in tongues when you do not know what to pray. You pray in tongues when you do not have the knowledge of what to pray, but as Christ is formed in you and you start to receive knowledge, you will find that more and more of your prayers will be without tongues, with knowledge and with power and very short. Because, brethren, I am telling you that there is so much work to do that when your conscious mind and your subconscious mind meet, and that is the dissolving of your conscious mind, and you start perceiving all these prayer needs in the spirit, there is just no time to pray in tongues.


So a new method is given to the person in whom Christ is being formed. There is more power in your words, and that is how I pray. I see the person, I say, Bless them. If I see any kind of a crisis or a tragedy in the spirit I curse it, and I say, Lord, if You want me to pray any other prayer, You are going to have to lay it on my heart because I do not know what else to pray for these people, and neither do I have the energy to be putting my emotions into a prayer all the day long. See, when Christ Jesus arises in me and prays for that person it does not take my energy. The Lord taught me this many years ago because I was very physically ill when I was in Old Order Deliverance, and I could not keep it up praying for people in Old Order Deliverance for very long. So the Lord taught me way back then to keep my emotions out of it, just stay calm. And Christians that do not understand what you are doing think that you are praying without any passion. They think that you have no power, but power is not in passion. Power is in the Spirit of Christ within you. Sometimes I pray in passion when the Spirit of Christ rises up in me, and that does not drain my energy.


So we become psychic and telepathic when our conscious mind dissolves, and we start seeing what is in our own heart, and when we are willing to confess everything that is in our own heart that the Lord shows us, no matter how painful it is, and confess it as sin, then the door opens wider, and we start receiving names, words of knowledge. You will be receiving memories, and all kinds of communications, so I suggest that you just put your fleece out with the Lord that He helps you to remember to ask Him what all these images mean, and who and what He wants you to pray for them for. From here on in it is just practice. I could tell you all kinds of things, but you have to have your experience.


Then, of course, you can come here and ask my opinion on anything that you want, but Christ is coming forth in you. Congratulations. That is very exciting, but you are going to be very busy now. It is a lot of work, an awful lot of work. Some people you know, some people you do not know, just a lot of work, but it is a very exciting way to live. As Christ continues to develop in you, you will find that you will have knowledge of all kinds of things that you have to do in your life, business, that you are doing in your life. You will have supernatural knowledge of how to go about it, and you will just continue to mature into a supernatural person. Does anybody have any questions or comments about what I just said?


Now seeing things in the spirit, were you hearing names or seeing their faces? Just heard their names? Names, you were hearing names? OK. Sometimes you see faces, sometimes you hear names, sometimes you sense them. When you start getting impressions while you are awake it is called a waking trance, as opposed to dreams which can be a sleeping trance. Now, every dream is not a sleeping trance, but it is possible for the Lord to speak to us in a dream, and when that happens we will be in a sleeping trance. Daniel was in a sleeping trance. He said, I was asleep, well this is the King James translation, I was lying down, and then the angel came and lifted me up. What that means is that Daniel's conscious mind was put down, his subconscious mind came to the surface, and he was raised up on his feet spiritually. He was physically sleeping, he went into a physical trance, and his subconscious mind became his only conscious mind at that moment.


A waking trance is a mature kind of trance. We are told in the Book of Job that God speaks to men when they sleep because when they are awake pride gets in the way, and you cannot hear what God is saying because your own conscious mind is in the way and does not hear the things of the spirit. Your conscious mind is blocking out the things of the spirit, but when you sleep God will speak to you in a sleeping trance. Dreams have to be interpreted, so if you do not know how to interpret the dream, you do not even know what God is saying. When you start to receive names or images or impressions when you are awake, you are now experiencing a waking trance.


That is what Peter experienced. He said he saw his vision of the sheet with his eyes wide open. Peter had a waking trance. I think that you stand a better chance of understanding what the Lord is saying to you with a waking trance because you can lay hold of it and start praying about it right away. With dreams, sometimes you wake up and you do not remember really what was going on. They are two very different experiences, but a waking trance is a more mature experience than a sleeping trance. So it is another sign that you are maturing and, hopefully, in Christ Jesus. Of course, everybody should be praying that if these psychic abilities are not coming out of Christ Jesus that the Lord should seal them off, that you do not want anything that is not from Him. But in your case, I would be very surprised if it is not Christ Jesus because you have loved the Lord for many years but were carnal for many years, and we have been beating up your blockages to the spiritual life, and now they are coming down, and they are coming down with a crash, and you are being opened to the subconscious world.


COMMENT: Another thing I am experiencing is that I have never been this way before. Something is happening that I have no idea what it is.


PASTOR VITALE: Could you try and describe it?


COMMENT: There is a peace about it. I have never been there, what I am feeling inside, there is something going on that I have never experienced before.


PASTOR VITALE: Can you give us a hint?


COMMENT: Lord, show me what to say. Well, it just came to me. It is a knowing, but I have never experienced this before. It is something so different.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, that is wonderful, because for years you were not aware of what people were feeling. You would be right next to people and you were really unaware if they were angry -- well, you always picked up on anger, but if they were hurt, or if you said something that wounded them, you were blinded to it. We all have areas in which we are sensitive, and in your case, and in your case too, you both are very sensitive to anger. You would know when someone is angry even if they were not saying anything. If the anger would just come up in the person's eyes, the two of you are very sensitive to anger. So, some people, when they can recognize certain things such as anger, it comes as a shock to them to find out that they are blinded to other things, because they have drawn the carnal conclusion that, Well, if I can see anger in a man's eyes, I must see everything that is going on, but it is not true. We are open to certain qualities in a person, and we are not aware of other qualities in the person. It would be not at all uncommon, for example, to be able to recognize anger in someone's eyes, but to not be able to recognize it if you hurt that person, or if you wounded that person. What that comes down to, if you want to simplify it is to say, Well, I can see what you are doing wrong, but I cannot see if I hurt you. I cannot see what I did wrong.


This is just so common in the world, it is just so common. I was speaking to someone the other day, a very nice person, and she told me that she was with her brother-in-law and all that she did was have a different opinion, and he was so cruel and aggressive to her, she was so insulted the way he talked to her because she had a different opinion, that she would never drive with him in a car again. That is what she told me. Now, I have a relationship with this person, and I know that I cannot express my opinion to her. If I try to express an opinion to her that is different than hers, she starts to argue with me in a very argumentative tone; she starts to hammer me down, and at one point I even said to her, That is my opinion, can I not say what I think? Her response to me was, in a very agitated, argumentative tone was, Well, I have an opinion too. I have a very strong opinion, and she went on to crush every word that I said.


So I have to ask myself, What happened with her brother-in-law? Is it true that her brother-in-law was so aggressive toward her because she had her own opinion? It could be that they are both like that, but it could also be that they had a discussion where both of them had a different opinion, and her brother-in-law disagreed with her, and when she rose up to do to him what she did to me, a very nice lady completely blinded to the fact that she was crushing my opinion, that when she did this to her brother-in-law he would not take it, and he rose up and responded angrily to her because she was crushing his opinion. In her mind she thought that he did not let her have her own opinion. She has no idea what she is doing to other people. She just sees what is done to her.


So this blindness that was on you is coming down, and it can be painful, but it is really a great thing to be able to see if you have hurt someone's feelings, or to be able to look at someone and know if you misstepped so that you can make a correction. Maybe you talked out of line, and now you recognize that they are uncomfortable, and you can back off. It is a wonderful thing. It is a tool if you learn to use it for righteousness sake. It is a tool that is absolutely necessary to be a minister of reconciliation. It is absolutely necessary. If you are trying to reconcile with somebody, or if you are trying to be the arbitrator of two other people, and you have this psychic ability to look into the people's hearts, to look at their emotions, to understand where their thinking is wrong, where they are hurt, where they are offended, you can help these two people. I have experienced it. It is very exciting. I was asked to mediate between two people that had been friends for years.


They also work together, and one woman was being so hostile, and the other woman was devastated. Well, they agreed to come together with me, and we prayed, and I said, Well, you two, now you start talking to each other and let us see what God does. It was incredible what God did. He revealed in the one woman, who was being very aggressive, He revealed that she was very hurt. I am in no way justifying it, but a lot of people who are aggressive are aggressive because they are hurt. That does not make it OK, but it helps to know. It helps me to know that you are being aggressive towards me because you are hurt. I can soften towards your being hurt much more than if I feel that you just hate me for no reason. Of course, in Christ Jesus we forgive everybody anyway, but I am talking as a human man.


Well, the woman who was aggressive was very hurt by the woman who appeared to be victimized, and the woman who appeared to be victimized was insensitive, and she was totally unaware that she had hurt this woman. When the spirit of reconciliation brought forth the truth, she was convicted that she had hurt this other woman, and she started to cry. The last thing in the world she ever wanted to do was hurt this woman. She was hurt at the woman's aggressiveness towards her, and both parties repented, and the spirit of reconciliation fell, and it was beautiful. It was a supernatural miracle. Not only the two women, but the whole family was at odds over what was happening, and as far as I know today they are still friends.


This is the ministry of reconciliation, and to function in it we must be able to be operating out of Christ Jesus who is our subconscious mind and look into people's hearts and recognize the spirit, follow after the spirit, and help people to understand what is in their own hearts, because people do not even know what is in their own hearts. This is what psychologists do, especially in family therapy and things like that. People do not know what is in their own hearts, but when we do it we do it by the power of the Spirit of Christ. There is a tremendous opportunity to do good in being psychic and telepathic in Christ Jesus, if you use your skills responsibly. I had somebody tell me once -- they called me up, they were having marital problems, and they told me that they were going to a psychologist because their medical plan at work paid for it, and they called me on the phone and talked to me about the similar problem. They spent a whole hour with the psychologist, got no help at all, called me on the phone and got relief in 15 minutes.


Not that I am so great, it is the Spirit of Christ flowing through the counsel, you see, but you cannot counsel anybody until you can honestly understand the source and the root of the problem. So, to move in the ministries of Christ Jesus, the spirit of counsel, the spirit of knowledge and wisdom, we have to be open to Christ Jesus, who is our subconscious mind in the true timeline of God. He is all of our knowledge, He is all of our wisdom, and everything we need to know is in Him. So, when we can connect with Christ Jesus without that wall between us we become one with Him. When the conscious mind dissolves, we, the personality, become one with our subconscious mind.


So, for all intents and purposes, our conscious mind begins to disappear. We become a spiritual man, and our conscious mind is either weak or nonexistent. Eventually, it is nonexistent. I believe I still have a conscious mind. Every time we react in what we call a carnal manner, it is just our conscious mind kicking in. Every time I talk to one of you here, and I say something spiritual to you and your response is carnal, your conscious mind has blocked Christ in you from hearing what I said.


Now, Jesus had this experience with the disciples all of the time. He said to them, Did you bring any bread? Or He said something about the bread, I do not remember the exact Scripture, and the disciples thought He meant physical bread, that they did not bring any bread to eat. But Jesus explained to them that He was saying, Beware of the doctrine of the Pharisees. He was talking about bread as doctrine, and the disciples' carnal minds, their conscious minds just blocked what He was saying. So Jesus had to teach them, and then after He taught them, He tested them. I looked up those Scriptures the other day for somebody, and I did not work it up in any formal way, but this is a very exciting translation. The Scriptures that follow Jesus saying to His disciples, I meant, beware of the doctrine of the Pharisees. The Scriptures that follow, that is Jesus saying to the disciples, Who do you think I am?


See, whenever you want to understand a Scripture you really have to look at the prior 10 verses to see what leads up to what you are trying to understand. So Jesus said something about bread, and the disciples were proven to be carnal. They thought He meant physical bread, their default reaction was physical bread, and they never even said to themselves, Well, does He mean bread doctrine, or does He mean physical bread? They just thought He meant physical bread, as carnal as could be. Jesus taught them and exposed that their carnal mind had responded, gave them the understanding, and then came right back and tested them, asked them a spiritual question, Who do you think that I am? And when I did this translation, this is what I found out.


Following after that, the King James indicates that there were no names mentioned about which disciple it was. Somebody said, Oh, maybe you are John the Baptist or perhaps you are Elijah. Are you familiar with these Scriptures? Well, when I looked it up in the Interlinear Text that is not what it said. To be able to understand what I am about to tell you, you have to have the understanding, or the revelation that John the Baptist did not die. For those of you who have heard that teaching around here, the Lord has revealed to us that John the Baptist did not die, and that the apostle John was, in fact, John the Baptist. So when I looked at the Interlinear Text Jesus says, Who do you think I am? And the Interlinear Text says, John the Baptist said, You are Elijah. The King James translation says, Some unnamed disciple says, Well, maybe you are John the Baptist raised from the dead, or maybe you are Elijah raised from the dead, but we know that John the Baptist did not die, and that he was, in fact, John, the apostle who was one of Jesus' disciples.


When you look at the Interlinear Text it says, John the Baptist answered Jesus. Jesus said, Who do you think I am? He said this to all His disciples. John the Baptist answered and said, You are Elijah, which is the truth. It is a wrong translation in the King James to say that Jesus said John was Elijah. Jesus said, I am Elijah, the Spirit of Elijah is in Me. So when Jesus said, Who do you say I am, John the Baptist said, You are Elijah. I looked at the other words in that verse, the Alternate Translations of the others words, and what it says is that John the Baptist said, in the Spirit of Truth, You are Elijah. The Spirit of Christ is the Spirit of Truth, and it arose in John the Baptist but it did not arise in the other disciples. How do I know? Because after John the Baptist said, You are Elijah, the other disciples, I do not think it named the others, said, Well, perhaps you are Jeremiah or one of the prophets.


So not only did the Spirit of Truth not rise in the other disciples, but when John the Baptist said, You are Elijah, they could not even witness to it coming out of the mouth of a man. Let me say that again. We were talking about this off the message about how Christ will teach through a man. If Christ has a vessel, a man who will accurately repeat the teachings that Christ Jesus is giving him to other men, it is the Lord Jesus' choice to teach through that faithful man rather than to teach by His spirit, because it is just too easy to be tricked by Satan when you try to hear teaching directly out of the spiritual plane. The average man cannot do it. So Jesus said, Who am I?


Every disciple there had the opportunity to hear in the spirit. Brethren, the answer was in the spirit. Christ in each one of those disciples knew who Jesus was. So if they did not know who Jesus was, that means their carnal mind was intact. They were not hearing from the spirit within themselves. So then the answer comes forth from a man. John the Baptist rises up in the Spirit of Truth and says, You are Elijah. So the other disciples could not hear it directly themselves, then the answer came out of the mouth of a man, and they could not even witness to it. I cannot tell you how many times that has happened to me over the years.


Before I understood this I used to get mad at people in my more carnal days. I would come forth with something out of the Spirit of Truth, I knew it was the Spirit of Truth, and someone would turn around and say the complete opposite, and I would get mad, not realizing that they just did not recognize the Spirit of Truth in me. It was so obvious to me that the Lord had to teach me that it is not obvious to everybody else. What is obvious to me is not obvious to everybody else. So now when that happens, it still happens from the group here, I deal with it better. Did you hear what I said?


Jesus said, Who am I? John the Baptist answered and said, You are Elijah, and some other guy there did not recognize that it was the Spirit of Truth coming out of John and came up with another answer that contradicted John the Baptist. John the Baptist said, You are Elijah, and this other guy said, You are Jeremiah. Well now, who is the carnal mind to contradict the Spirit of Truth? That is the woman, who should be silent in the Church, rising up and contradicting the Spirit of Truth. The whole problem is that the woman could not recognize the Spirit of Truth. What a mess. How are we ever going to make it? But by the grace of Jesus Christ. Are you all following me here?


Then, something after that, that Jesus said was very exciting to me. After this other disciple said, Well, maybe you are Jeremiah or one of the other prophets, there is a word in the Interlinear Text that is not translated, and that word simply means you. And as I prayed about the verse I believe the Lord told me that Jesus' response was, You are the prophets, but who do they say I am? The next words in the King James and the Interlinear Text is, But who do they say I am? What is not translated is Jesus saying to His disciples, You are the prophets raised from the dead, you are Jeremiah and the other prophets raised from the dead, but who am I? Then Peter's carnal mind moved away, his Christ mind, his subconscious mind manifested, and he got a revelation. He said, You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God, You are the Head. Is that not exciting? Christ is rising in you, and Christ is manifesting through you. The prophets of Israel are rising. Brethren, the prophets of ancient Greece are rising, the prophets of mystery Egypt are rising. We have not talked about this in a while, but I remind you that the ancient ones of the mystery religions are reincarnating in this world today. Also, the prophets of Israel are rising again.


So Jesus said to His disciples, You are the prophets of Israel, I am the very Christ. Jesus was Elijah. I believe John the Baptist was Elisha. Elijah and Elisha are the two most supernatural prophets, and the others, whoever they were, the other prophets. Did you follow what I said? When I hear a translation like this I want to just spend the next year just translating the Bible, but I can only do what God tells me to do. I did not even write it up. I cannot even send it out by e-mail. It would take a couple of hours to write it up. So what did I say? Jesus tested -- well, it may have been a test at the beginning. He talked about bread to the disciples, their carnal mind rose up, and said, Oh, He's talking about bread, do you want whole wheat or white bread, Jesus? He explained their error, He revealed He was talking about the doctrine of the Pharisees, and he immediately tested them again, asking them a spiritual question, Who do you think I am?


And again, not only could the disciples not hear from Christ within them, they did not even recognize Christ when He spoke through the voice of the man, John the Baptist. But then, Jesus must have freed up -- when He said to them, You are the prophets, something broke through in Peter, and he connected with his subconscious mind, Christ, and he said, I know who You are, You are Christ. So that is what I do. If you do not understand me, if you think I am giving you a hard time, but that is what I am doing. I am poking at your carnal mind, trying to pierce it and penetrate it and get it out of the way, because all of this knowledge, the answer to every question I ever ask you, is in your subconscious mind, which is Christ in you. Did you have a question? OK.


All knowledge is in Christ. Actually, all knowledge is in Christ Jesus, but all knowledge is in -- well, let me clarify that. All knowledge is in the glorified Christ Jesus. We have the son or the offspring of the glorified Christ Jesus growing in us. He does not have all knowledge, but He has the capacity to understand all things, and He has the potential to possess all knowledge. If we seek to have all knowledge with our personality, not only can we not accomplish it, but what knowledge we acquire will almost assuredly be polluted, but when we seek knowledge and wisdom through Christ in us, He is the one who has the ability to understand, to receive this knowledge and wisdom from the glorified Christ Jesus.


He is our channel. Christ in us is our channel to the truth. If we seek the truth, if we seek deep doctrine and Christ is not formed in us, the only channel we have is the subconscious part of the carnal mind. This is why there is this prohibition on the Church to go forward into deep doctrine when they have the Holy Spirit alone. Of course, I do not think anybody understands it. The Church has come so far, they have the Holy Spirit, they are talking in tongues, a lot of them have faith, a lot of people love Jesus, to the best of their ability, but it is an immature love. But there is no big push on the part of Jesus to start bringing the Church at large into this knowledge, because if they start to come into it before Christ begins to be formed in them, it will be the subconscious part of their carnal mind. That is their channel to all knowledge and wisdom, and the subconscious part of your carnal mind is the Fiery Serpent. The Hindus call her Kundalini.


So the Lord is not pressing on the Church right now. For the longest time I had to deal with my frustration saying, I do not understand this, Lord. From the looks of the condition of the Church, intellectually and spiritually, they seem to be just so retarded. Some of the doctrines that they believe in -- the whole world laughs at the Church with the doctrines they believe in. Now, I understand that the Lord would prefer that they be in the condition that they are in, with their childish doctrine (I do not mean to insult them, it is just childish the rapture is just childish doctrine, and that is all it is), until such time as He forms Christ in them, however He is going to do it. It seems to be starting very slowly, and has to start slowly because if the people come forth with Christ in them before the teachers are prepared to teach them, Christ in them will just wind up dying anyway. Christ must be educated. Personally, I think there are a lot of people in the Church right now in whom Christ is formed, and the people do not even know He is there. They are without understanding, and if He is not fed and taught and trained, He will die, but Jesus has everything under control. The teachers have to come forth. Praise the Lord. Anybody have anything to say about this?


COMMENT: I am very open to hearing about John the Baptist, but in Josephus and all the encyclopedias it speaks about the actual death of John the Baptist being beheaded, and it says it in several places. Where Jesus talks and says, John the Baptist came preaching to you, and you did not receive him, to me, it is like Jesus speaking about him that he was gone, and I question too, when John the Baptist said to his disciples, according to the King James, we know that is in error many times, but he said to them that they should follow Jesus.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, he said to them that they should follow Jesus. When Jesus appeared, John the Baptist was willing to -- well, John the Baptist submitted to Jesus also. What he was saying was, We are not going to have two heads. I am submitting to Jesus, and you should follow Him too. And as far as Jesus saying that John the Baptist came, and you did not receive him, I have looked at that in the Interlinear Text, and it says, What were you looking for, a reed waving in the wind? And that has nothing to do with his being killed. What I think he was saying is that you thought he was just another natural man, a soft man, but that has nothing to do with whether or not he was killed. As far as Josephus talking about the death of John the Baptist, I do not know to tell you about that, but I know that I gave you the translations that I did of one of the accounts of John the Baptist's death, and I believe that this is what the Lord told me.


I understand that you have to get your own witness to it, so all I can do is offer to pray for you, and I would ask the Lord to -- well, as far as the encyclopedias go, I have no problem with that because it is just tradition. The encyclopedias also talk about the wise men and Jesus being born, and we found out that that is not exactly accurate in the Scripture. The encyclopedias, a lot of the encyclopedias, the entries in the encyclopedias are taken from the Scripture, but as far as Josephus saying that, who was a historian who was supposedly there, I do have Josephus in the house, and I will take a look at it as soon as I get a chance. I do not know what to tell you about that.


I believe that the Scripture in the Interlinear Text has borne out what I have told you that John the Baptist did not die, and I cannot go into the whole teaching on this message, but basically Herod was not a Kkng. Herod was a tetrarch, and it was the king who died, and the King is Christ, and Christ was in Herod. Herod died, and Christ died in Herod, and Christ died, and was eaten of worms in Herod. So it was a spiritual battle between Herod and John the Baptist. The result of it was that Herod died to Christ, and that is the revelation that I have from Jesus, but I understand it is radical. We bring forth radical things here. You have something else you want to say to me?


COMMENT: How would you define the word "interlinear."


PASTOR VITALE: Interlinear? I do not understand.


COMMENT: You said you looked it up in the Interlinear.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, the Interlinear Text is a txst that you can buy in any Christian bookstore, if you want. It gives you the Greek text with the English -- in other words, when you read the King James translation, the King James translators have looked at the Greek text, and they have made whatever sense out of it they could, but when I look in the Interlinear Text, it gives you the Greek words and the sequence of the Greek words, because the sequence of the Greek words is very important. Even in another Scripture that I talked about tonight, the one in 1 John where it says, The anointing abides within you, and it talks about the Holy Spirit in that verse, The Holy Spirit will teach you. If you look at in the Interlinear Text it is not really saying the Holy Spirit, it is saying, the Spirit of the Holy One, which is the Spirit of Christ. So it all depends.


Even in English, it depends on the relationship of one word to the other and what word is modifying which word. So when you look at it in the Interlinear Text you can see, but sometimes even if you look at it in the Interlinear Text, you have to receive the revelation that this is what it is saying. But the King James translators did not know what to make out of the word king being in there. Herod was not a king. I think I sent you the history on it. He was not a king. He was a tetrarch. He was one of four rulers. The kingdom was divided into four territories, and each territory had a ruler. So he was not a king. So you have to ask yourself who the king was, but I just pray that if it be the truth, that the Lord help you with it. Anybody else have anything to say?


Basically, what the Lord is telling me in regard to this John the Baptist, is that you have to get it by revelation. I am not telling you that you should not have looked into Gensenius or anything like that, but you have to get it by the spirit of revelation. All kinds of rumors went forth in that day, and you just do not know. Even historians are not accurate all the time, especially when it comes to supernatural events. So you have to get it by the spirit of revelation, especially the direction we are going in now. We are bringing forth things that are so radically different.


We are trying to pray this issue of John the Baptist through here, and this is what I have to say right now. There are two Scriptures. One with Herod saying, I think -- Herod heard about Jesus' works, and the King James says, I think maybe that is John the Baptist reincarnated, and then there is another Scripture, the one that I was talking about right on this message where Jesus says, Who do you think I am?, and some unnamed disciple says, Perhaps John the Baptist, or perhaps Elijah. Are you with me on those two Scriptures? OK. Are you with me? My question is, if John the Baptist baptized Jesus, both Herod and this other disciple had to know that John the Baptist baptized Jesus, so why would they be thinking that Jesus could be John the Baptist incarnated? So those two Scriptures would not make any sense at all.


COMMENT: We know the ? referred to the personality coming up in another person's reincarnation, and I am trying to wrestle with how the Spirit of Christ that was in a prophet like Jeremiah could be in Peter?


PASTOR VITALE: Well, the scriptural basis that we have for this is that the Scripture clearly says that Jesus was Elijah. If you reading this message and you are having trouble believing that Jesus was Elijah, then, if you want to think that John was Elijah, my point is that the Scripture clearly points out that Elijah was incarnated again. It does not matter where you believe it was John or Jesus, the Scripture clearly says that the Spirit of Elijah came forth. OK? So we know that this is a scriptural principle.


You just said two things that I would like to respond to. You said that reincarnation believes that the personality is resurrected, is that what you said? And how could the prophet be resurrected in Jesus? How can it come forth? Is that what you asked me? OK. It is the spirit of the man, OK, how do I explain this? It is an excellent question, and it really needs to be answered. It is not the personality that is resurrected. I think that there are many different doctrines of reincarnation, but the Hindu doctrine, the traditional Hindu doctrine, and even the Buddhist doctrine of reincarnation does not believe that the personality is resurrected. It is what they call the ego that is resurrected. It is not the personality.


Even in the movie that I just saw about the present Dalai Lama, how it was a practice in Tibet after the Dalai Lama died to go out looking for his reincarnation. I do not know if you are aware of that or not, that has been a practice for years. The Dalai Lama was supposedly reincarnated in this little boy who is the present day Dalai Lama. It was his own personality. The present day Dalai Lama was a little boy who was born into a family with his own personality. Now I am not saying I believe this, OK? I am talking about this Buddhist belief. They believe that the Dalai Lama who died, that the essence of his mind, the essence of the mind of the Dalai Lama who died, was now born again into this little boy who had his own personality.


So it is not the personality that is resurrected, but the mind, but there are many sects out there that preach all kinds of things. I cannot tell you what every sect preaches about reincarnation, but it is my understanding -- there was a time that I think I believed that, that Hinduism and Buddhists believe that the personality is reincarnated, but I have done a lot of reading in Hinduism recently, in classic Hinduism, which is a very deep philosophy, and they do not believe in the resurrection of the personality. They believe in the resurrection of the mind, and not even the whole mind.


It gets very complicated. It is what they call the higher mind and the lower mind. The lower mind is connected to the personality, and that does not reincarnate either. It is the higher mind. Some disciplines call it the ego that reincarnates. So there is a truth to it. The manifestation of Christ that was in Elijah was born again in the physical body and the personality of the man Jesus, and the manifestation of Christ that was in Elisha, the mind, the high mind, the essence of Christ, because Christ is a mind. This whole Doctrine of Christ is mind so this mind, this essence, this knowledge of the Doctrine of Christ which is affected by the experiences that this mind had in its lifetime known as Elisha appeared in John. It is really mind. It is mind plus experience, but the personality does not go on.


I will put something on this message that I said off the message. I had asked the Lord not too long ago, well, if Jesus is Elijah and John is Elisha I wonder if Peter is not the present day expression -- I said, Who is Peter? Peter was a major prophet, and I realized as I was talking on this message that I am going to have to go back and look at that Interlinear Text again, but it must have been Peter. Let me review for you. Jesus said, Who am I? And then the words John the Baptist and Elijah are present, and I believe that means that John the Baptist said, You are Elijah, which I believe to be true, and then another unnamed disciple said, Jeremiah or one of the other prophets. An unnamed disciple, and then Jesus turned around and said, No. You, who do you say I am? And Peter said, You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God. So it must have been Peter who said, Jeremiah or one of the other prophets, and Jesus turned around and said to Peter, No. You are Jeremiah. Who am I? You do not have to believe it, but do you understand what I just said? So it occurred to me as I am preaching here that the Lord has answered my question as to who was Peter. Peter was another incarnation of Jeremiah. Very interesting.


COMMENT: Remember Pentecost where Peter said, This is the fulfillment of what the prophet Joel spoke about? Like he spoke of him as somebody in the past, a prophet in the present. I know you are talking about essence, and I am trying to grasp that.


PASTOR VITALE: But, of course, you know that the root, the foundation, that you are holding onto is that the Scripture does say that Elijah was incarnated again. It is prophesied in Malachi, and the New Testament does say that Elijah was incarnated again, so the principle is scriptural. It is the mind. Of course, the mind of every prophet is really an expression of Christ. Christ is so great that He expresses Himself through many vessels. One human vessel could never contain all that the Christ mind is. He expresses Himself in many manifestations, and He revealed Himself through the Hebrew prophets, the greatest prophet of which was Elijah, and Elijah appeared again as Jesus. Something to think about. Anything else you want to ask me right now?


This question of incarnation is very powerful especially after you have been in the Church all of your life, and you have been hearing reincarnation is not of God. Well, it is not of God because reincarnation is a whole doctrine. It is more than just saying that the essence appears again. Reincarnation is a whole doctrine which includes salvation by works, that you keep reincarnating until you become perfect. Now, the Scripture does not teach that. So we see what maybe a similar practice of the higher mind taking on a new personality and a body. We see that in the Scripture and in reincarnation, but that is the end of the similarity. There is no salvation by works. There is salvation with union with the Son of God. It is not reincarnation unto perfection. It is reincarnation to deliver the personalities of this fallen world. So that is the end of the agreement. The whole motive of incarnating again is completely opposite between Christianity and Hinduism. Did you understand what I said? You did not understand what I said? OK I will say it one more time, and then if you do not get it, we will just drop it for tonight.


The Scripture does indicate that there is some -- well, I hate to use the word "reincarnation." That is why I say multiple incarnations, that the prophet Elijah incarnated again in the man Jesus, and for the people reading the message, if you cannot believe that it was in Jesus, if you want to believe Elijah incarnated in John, that is OK, because our whole purpose in this discussion is to establish that there is a form of incarnation, multiple incarnation, that is in the Scripture that is acceptable to God. So I am not arguing with you right now whether it was John or Jesus, OK?


Now, the whole purpose of multiple incarnation in Christ Jesus is for Christ to appear in the flesh. Christ is the expression of Elohim in the flesh, and the whole purpose -- so I am saying Christ, I know Christ is not an Old Testament word, the Old Testament word is Elohim in the flesh of a man is Christ. So the whole purpose for multiple incarnation in Christ Jesus is for Elohim in His various manifestations -- we can even say Michael because Elohim appeared as Michael appeared as Elijah appeared as Jesus. I do not want to get too complicated here.


It is Elohim, God, appearing in the flesh of a man for the specific purpose of teaching through that man. Teaching whom? Teaching the fallen men of this world, teaching them what they need to know to get out of this world, giving them the knowledge and wisdom as to how and as to what they must do to form a union with God to get out of here. Can you understand that? OK.


So I call that multiple incarnation. Now in Hinduism and Buddhism, reincarnation starts out the same way. The mind of a person, the higher mind of a person, will incarnate again in a new personality and a new body. That is true of multiple incarnations also, but that is the end of the similarity. What is the reason for that mind reincarnating in the doctrine of reincarnation? What is the motive for it? I am going to say this again, in Christ Jesus the motive for multiple incarnation is that God should appear in the flesh of a man as a teacher who will lead the people out of this fallen world through union with the Son of God and the forgiveness of sins that He brings.


In reincarnation it is only the very first step that sounds the same. The higher mind incarnated again in a new personality and in a new body, but it is not to be a Savior to lead the people out of this world. That mind reincarnates in a new personality, in a new body, to have experiences which will perfect him so they believe, because they believe that every man reaps what he sows until he overcomes his evil nature. But the Scripture teaches that you will never overcome your fallen nature, that you will reap what you sow for eternity, that you will never -- no man will ever overcome his fallen nature outside of the assistance of Christ Jesus the Savior, the mediator.


So we see two disciplines, Christianity and Hinduism, Buddhism, teaching multiple incarnations, reincarnation, but the purpose for it is completely radically different, and the end of it is completely radically different because no man will ever ascend out of this world through reincarnation. He may ascend into the counterfeit timeline which is going to dissolve when the whole time line comes down, but in Christ Jesus the purpose for the multiple incarnations is to provide guidance and power to the peoples of the world to ascend into the true timeline and escape to safety.


Also, the multiple incarnation which provides a teacher is for the good of humanity whereas reincarnation is just for the individual. The reincarnating individual is for himself, he is perfecting himself through works, but in multiple incarnations in Christ Jesus everyone who incarnates -- see, it is not all of Israel that is incarnating. It is not the kings of Israel that are incarnating again. It is the prophets who are incarnating. The prophets were mediators between the people and God. The prophets brought the word of God to the people. It is not the kings reincarnating, it is not the Levite priests reincarnating. It is only a specific element of Israel that is incarnating, and it is the men in whom Christ Jesus was manifested towards the people, so it is radically different than reincarnation. Did I help you at all? It sounds the same on the surface, radically different.


I am going to say it again. In multiple incarnations it is only a handful of people that incarnate again. It is the prophets, it is the mind that was in the men who gave the word of the Lord to the people, and the reason they incarnate is for the good of mankind, to make a way. People have all this trouble hearing in the spirit, Satan gets in there and confuses everybody, so Christ is manifesting in the flesh to make a way of escape to the peoples of the world. In reincarnation, every man reincarnates, not just the priests. According to the doctrine of reincarnation every man reincarnates to perfect himself through works. Radically different.


COMMENT: You are saying multiple incarnations? Put more of a balance into it.


PASTOR VITALE: It is Christ Jesus, the multiple incarnation is Christ Jesus appearing in a multiplicity of personalities.


COMMENT: Christ in the prophets was passed on?


PASTOR VITALE: Christ in the prophets was passed on, exactly. Reincarnation is every man, every man is doing this for his own salvation. Radically different.




Father, in the name of Jesus, we just pray that God should be true and every man a liar, Lord. We pray that every truth that you are bringing forth here, Lord, that if it is not of you, if I have made a mistake, Lord, I am willing to admit it. I pray that you show it to me, and convict me and convince me, but if what I am teaching here, Lord, is the truth, if John the Baptist did not die, if it is John the Baptist who became John, the beloved disciple of Jesus, I pray, Father, that every hindrance to this truth in anybody's mind reading this message should be dissolved and destroyed. Let God be true and every man a liar. Let the truth prevail, Father, and let the lie be exposed, and not only in regard to John, but with regard to every doctrine coming forth here, Lord, because every truth that we believe, Father, that we have been lied to about is helping to dissolve our carnal mind. We pray for victory over the carnal mind, Lord. We break it and curse it, we boil Satan and crush the Fiery Serpent and send the eagles to eat the flesh of Leviathan, Father. We pray, Lord, that we should ascend and be delivered from hell, Father. We forgive everybody's sins Lord and look to you, Father, for grace and mercy and peace and deliverance. In the name of Jesus. Amen. 

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