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Brethren, praise the Lord. It is taking us one long time to preach Ezekiel, Chapter 1. The Lord keeps interrupting the flow. Usually when I preach a message we just stay with it until I complete the message, but the Lord has consistently (at least over the last six months), interrupted my going forward with Ezekiel, Chapter 1, to give us messages to help us understand Ezekiel, Chapter 1.


If, for any reason, this is the first message you pick up, I would like to let you know that included in the messages that the Lord gave us to help us understand Ezekiel, Chapter 1 is The Circumcision of the Heart, Left Hand, Right Hand, The Truth about the Lie, and maybe some others that are not really obvious to me right now. It possibly includes Christ in the Manger, although I am not sure about that, and The YY Chromosome, and the most recent message which I do not have on my message list yet, Fishing For Leviathan.


Then, in addition to those messages, we have had several messages just teaching us spiritual principles. A lot of information has come forth, all of which information we need to really understand what the Lord is saying about Ezekiel 1, and I have not preached on Ezekiel 1 in a couple of months now. I came here today, planning on picking up with the general information category, but the Lord has given us a drawing on the board, which is very revealing.


I see information which we have not had before, and I am just going to go with the drawing. This obviously is a teaching of more spiritual principles that we need to understand Ezekiel 1. I am just going to go right with the drawing and we will see where it gets us. As you can see I have drawn the energy centers differently. You may recall several months ago when I was drawing the left and the right side of the heart center next to each other from left to right, I told you that the Lord had said to me that the left side of the heart center is really another center and I was counting it as the fifth center, and then naming the three above that sixth, seventh and eighth.


I only did it on one message I think, because I thought it was very confusing to change the numbers of the energy centers when we do draw some information from the occult teaching on the energy centers. I found it confusing so I stopped doing it and I continued to indicate the heart center as fourth center that was divided and to address it as the left and the right side of the heart center, the right side being where Satan is, the left side being the dry ground that Adam is standing on.


Apparently the Lord was trying to tell me something at that time and I did not fully understand what he was saying, but I think this is what he was trying to tell me. He was saying that there is a true heart center and a false heart center that are touching each other and that the false heart center really is the third center where I have been telling you all along the Ox is.


I have had little bits of information coming to me for a while now that I could not put it all together, but it seems to be coming together now. I knew that the Ox had to be in the visible world. The heart center is the, the Scripture calls it the visible world, and the world that we live in is the visible image, is the image of the what is in our heart. Our true reality is in our heart center. I have had the word for a while. I have mentioned it once or twice that the engrafted word that James speaks about is grafted to the heart center, where the Ox is, where the Devil, our Old Man, is. That is where everything is happening, at the heart center.


You cannot ascend to the higher centers unless you make it to the heart center. Not everybody is dwelling in their heart center, a lot of them are dwelling in the lower centers. This is how the Lord has shown it to me. He was not telling me to make the right side of the heart center the fourth energy center and the left side of the heart center the fifth energy center. He was trying to tell me (and I did not understand at the time), that where the Ox is, the third center, is the Serpent's heart center.


It is not the true heart center. The heart center where Christ Jesus is, is up above, but because they are so close to one another, in some Scriptures in Ezekiel, he does refer to the left and the right side of the heart center. In Ezekiel also some of the verses refer to the lower and the higher heart center, and I really did not understand it. It just some times referred to left or right and sometimes it referred to higher or lower. For the first time I can really see why the Scripture would say higher or lower.


When I go back over the translation, I will probably find out that the term left and right side of the heart center is probably referring to the righteous heart center and the unrighteous heart center. It appears that higher and lower is more accurate, but both are accurate.


Do not get hung up on words, I just want you to understand the spiritual principles that we have two worlds. We are living in a dual world, and we see that the way the Lord has had me draw the energy centers today, the ascension of the energy centers, straight up from the first center to the seventh center, is Elohim's timeline. However, we see that the Serpent's timeline jets off at an angle from the third center, which is the false heart center, goes up at an angle.


We have had other teachings, you may recall me mentioning Leviathan's spear. I know we had that in a recent study. I think I am pretty sure it was Psalms 105. There came up a verse that talked about Leviathan's spear. I am pretty sure it was in Psalms 105. The term Leviathan's spear came up and also the spear head, and we discovered that the spear head was the Fiery Serpent, and that this is a lance. Leviathan is a lance that is penetrating the Ox.


Remember the prize that the Lord Jesus Christ and the Serpent are fighting over is us. We are the fair lady of the mythology of old that the two knights are fighting over (if you could hear that). They want us. This spear that we found referred to as Leviathan's spear in Psalms 105, has a strong sexual connotation, brethren. The Ox is completely pierced through and I know, especially in the Psalms, there are many references to being pierced through with many arrows.


The Serpent has pierced us and has impregnated us and caused us to be born, caused our spirit to be born as animal. You see the emotional personality is of the earth. You may recall Adam came down into the ocean bed which is where the Fiery Serpent is, took up some mud, formed an Ox, and raised that spiritual Ox (not an Ox as we see out in the field, I do not know what it looked like), and carried that spiritual Ox up here at least to the sixth center.


I do not know where she was but she was above the firmament. She was above the firmament. She was out from under the Serpent's authority, and nailed up here. I am going to say the sixth center for the moment. The Ox was a fish out of water. The Ox was and is made of the mud of the ocean bottom. She is of the Serpent's household, but Adam formed her and joined himself to her. He married her, and Adam became the mind of this animal that he formed, and he raised her up above the firmament, we are saying the brow center for the time being.


The Ox was a fish out of water. Why was she called an Ox and not a fish? Because once Adam joined himself to her even though she was made out of the Serpent's substance, she ceased to be a fish and she became a clean animal that surrounded Adam. She became an Ox. It is as if to say you took lumber from a house, ripped out a piece of lumber and ground it up, and some how made paper out of it. She was made into something that did not manifest her origins. She was made into some profitable being that did not manifest her origins, through union with Adam and through being raised up to the higher centers.


When you live down here in the lower centers it affects you, it affects your mind, it affects everything that you are. Through union with Adam plus the ascension that she experienced through him, she became a new creature. Is that not what the Scripture says, we are becoming a new creature? She became a new creature, but she always had the potential to fall back down to the lower centers because that was her origins. That is her origins and that is her roots.


This is a pretty graphic drawing. She had pierced the Ox in the third center, Satan's visible world. She had pierced through both by Leviathan and by the Fiery Serpent, and it is only through this continuing penetrating and use and consumption of the Ox's energy that Leviathan can sustain this world. The Scripture (Jesus in particular) talks about it, and refers to this as the fleecing of the sheep.


The emotional animal was called an Ox before the fall. She is called a sheep today. I know she was called a ram when she was raised up, when Adam rose from the dead in Israel and manifested himself through that nation of animals. That nation became a ram, a male sheep with much power. Today the Church does not have the power that Israel had and the Lord calls us sheep, animals fully capable of being fleeced, having whatever is valuable in us sheered off and used for someone else's purpose. I think the most radical change on this board today, although I have drawn the centers differently, is that apparently this is not Leviathan in the second center.


I ran into this problem for the first time in the last parts of Fishing for Leviathan, when I got the revelation that there was some manifestation of the Serpent's household both in the second center and in the seventh center and that as the Fiery Serpent ascended she had an interaction with the manifestation of the Serpent in the second center and then she had another interaction with whoever was up at the top, and I did not know who was who.


I did tell you, I think in the last part of Fishing for Leviathan, I did tell you that I think that it is the Turtle in one center and it is Leviathan in the other. I just did not have enough information to put it on that message, and of course I had it backwards. My carnal mind always gets it backwards. It looks right now that Leviathan is king, Leviathan corresponding to Elijah. When I compare the two seventh centers, I am not saying Leviathan is equal to Elijah, I am saying that they occupy the same or similar positions in different timelines.


Does anybody not understand that? I am not equating Leviathan or saying she is equal to God in any way. I am saying in the fallen timeline there is a king and in the Godly timeline there is a king, or actually there is a queen over here. Leviathan is the head of the seventh center in the Serpent's timeline and Elijah or the Lord Jesus in the New Testament is the head or the king or the God of the seventh center in the kingdom of Christ.


We have some new information here, that it is the Turtle in the second center. I have to tell you, we had some information on the Turtle way back, at least a year ago, and we were all surprised to find that out. When we did a study on the Turtle, we found out that the name Turtle comes from a foreign word, I do not know which one, called tartarou, or tartarous. Also another word for Turtle is eunuch. We were given that information but I still could not really apply it.


You can have information and you can have a witness in your spirit that it is valid but you have to be able to apply it. You have to be able to apply it. It is the same thing as saying Christ can be conceived in you but he has to be grafted to your heart center to start doing you any good at all. Here is some information that seems to be fitting in about the Turtle, but maybe we will save that for last and I will just review everything that you know here.


I just reviewed this for you that the Serpent's timeline is Leviathan's shaft right into the heart of the Ox, and of course that is a spiritual sexual penetration that forms the Ox. When Jesus penetrates us and Christ begins to be formed in us, you might say that Jesus Christ is the shaft of the spear that is penetrating us, and Christ who is raised from the dead is the arrowhead of that spear.


When we are penetrated by Christ Jesus, by the Lord Jesus Christ, who is Christ Jesus to us in this hour, when we are penetrated by him, that penetration has fruit, and the fruit of that penetration is that our flesh begins to change. Brethren, when the Scripture talks about your flesh, it is not talking about your arms and your legs. When Paul says this is a great mystery but a man and his wife are one flesh, he is not talking about your body. He is talking about your personality and your carnal mind joined together.


Physically you are separated, you only come together for a season. When the Lord Jesus Christ penetrates your mind, he begins to change your personality and your mind, and eventually your body. It certainly takes longer than one life time, as we know a life time, but the presence of the mind of Christ will change your physical body. Your physical body is just a reflection of what we are spiritually.


We see that Leviathan and the Fiery Serpent, the Fiery Serpent being the arrowhead of Leviathan's spear or Leviathan's male organ that is penetrating the Ox, the emotional animal, is also forming the flesh of that animal. The presence of Leviathan and the Fiery Serpent in us in a penetrating mode, as a man penetrates a woman, has formed our personality and our carnal mind in such a manner that we die from generation to generation because it is a perverse connection. It is a perverse connection.


I told you all that in the hopes of indicating to you that the little Ox that I had drawn in the third center is appearing as an animal. When Christ Jesus fully penetrates us, when Christ Jesus fully accomplishes his penetration of us we will no longer be animals. We will be raised back up above the firmament to the brow center and this animal body will cease to exist.


This animal body will cease to exist. It will dissolve as dust, and our spiritual body which is our personality and our mind -- I should have said it the other way around. When the Christ mind is fully formed in us, and the Christ mind ascends into the brow center, that Christ mind will reform our personality, and at some point when our personality is fully reformed this physical body will cease to exist.


I just pray that the Lord helps you to understand this. We look like we are solid to ourselves, but the truth of who and what this physical body is, is this. It is as if a child or an adult went to the beach and gathered up the sand and built a sand castle. It does not look that way to us because we are solid, but that is just because we are down here, our consciousness is down here in the midst of this. The spiritual reality of this is that we are just a sand castle, and we could be stepped on in a second, and this form will disappear.


This is what the Eastern philosophers talk about when they say this world is an illusion, it is not real. They are coming from a mindset that there is a magnet in the midst of this world that is attracting all of these particles of physical matter unto it, and all of these particles of physical matter are cleaving unto this magnet and it is this invisible magnet that is determining the formation of the particles. The second that the magnet loses its magnetism, all of the particles of the physical matter will be scattered to the wind and will no longer look like they look now.


From this point of view the Eastern mind says this whole world is an illusion, because it only exists as long as the mind that is holding all these particles in place, continues to hold all these particles of matter in place. What does that say to you? You know what it says to me? It says that as soon as Christ Jesus wounds Leviathan with a deadly wound, she will lose her ability to hold this world in formation.


I have talked to you many times about how Satan exercises authority over us if we are wounded, if there is a pain in our hand, if there is a pain in our head, it is very difficult to concentrate on things of Christ. Your attention wants to go to where the pain is to bring some relief to yourself, and technically speaking, we let go of Christ. I have done it many times. It is not so easy to do it to me anymore, but for years Satan would get me sick and my mind would let go of Christ and I would lay on the couch and watch TV and try to survive the physical attack.


Brethren, when Christ Jesus wounds Leviathan with a deadly wound, Leviathan will let go. Leviathan, the mind of the Serpent which is holding all of the atoms, beyond trillions, I do not even know what the next number is, trillions upon trillions upon trillions of atoms of physical matter which are being held together by the Serpent's mind, Leviathan, in a particular formation, Leviathan will let go when she is wounded severely enough, and this whole world will dissolve. This physical body, which is our prison house, will dissolve.


It is Jesus' intention to wound her so severely that her mind can no longer hold the formation of this world. Brethren, I want to tell you, when the day comes that this happens, only the person in whom Christ is formed will go on. Why? Because Christ will be holding you in formation. Every physical thing that we see, including our physical bodies, exist because Leviathan holds us in her mind as an image.


Brethren, spiritual things are spiritual things. What makes them witchcraft is that they are done out of the Satanic mind and what makes them legal in God's kingdom is that they are done out of the mind of Christ. When we translated Daniel, Chapter 8 several years ago, it talked about the ram having the image of the Garden of Eden in his mind, and the goat having another image in her mind.


Brethren, when people who are into witchcraft want to bring a particular series of events to pass, they visualize it in their mind. They go into a trance and they bring forth an image. This is how people who operate in voodoo kill people, or at least it is one of the ways that they kill people. They go into a trance and they concentrate on an image. They create an image in their mind, with their imagination, of this person being hurt or being killed, however, whatever they are trying to do to them, and they stay in that trance and they hold that image in their mind until it is accomplished in that person. That is how they do it. It is one of the ways that they do it.


Let us say they want to kill somebody. They do not let go of the image of that person lying there dead until they get a witness in their spirit (they are spiritual) that it has been accomplished. Why am I telling you this? I am telling you this because there is a spiritual being, there is a spiritual entity named Leviathan, who has incredible mind power beyond anything that any one individual human being could ever imagine, and that she is holding this whole world, not only this planet, but all of the universes, in her mind as an image.


This world is the imagination of Leviathan, and Christ Jesus has come to break her concentration so that this world will fall apart. What is more, he is doing it in one person at a time. That is what happened to the Lord Jesus Christ in the event that we know as glorification. Christ Jesus within the man Jesus who was Christ, broke Leviathan's power to form that man, and his physical body disappeared. The man Jesus, who was Christ, while He was still in this earth, had a mind that was abiding in the eternal timeline, and Leviathan lost her power to keep Him in a physical flesh prison house.


We see the Fiery Serpent is in the root center and I am now saying that it is the Turtle in the second center, I am going to save that for last. We see the Ox is in the false heart center and Satan is covering the false heart center. This drawing shows us how Satan gets there. The Fiery Serpent, who is female to Leviathan, ascends up through all of the energy centers (the red line is her path of ascension). She contacts Leviathan who is in the seventh center. This is the collective Leviathan who is within her and without her, and there is a spiritual sexual union.


The point of the spiritual sexual union between Leviathan and the Fiery Serpent -- I may not have it exactly right, but there is a contact between the Fiery Serpent and Leviathan. As a result of this contact there is an outpouring. People in the occult call this outpouring the heavenly nectar. I believe that the Lord has told me that this heavenly nectar is Satan, who is also the nerve fluid that flows through the etheric body. From this point, Satan flows downward and becomes the river Jordan.


Here is where the river is. It covers all of the centers underneath her. It covers the heart center, and covers the second center also, and the Fiery Serpent in the root center is the ocean bed, so she is wet. She is moistened with Satan, but the Fiery Serpent is the Serpent of the earth. This relationship is going on continuously. You may recall that I told you in one of the parts of Fishing for Leviathan, that the Fiery Serpent has many layers of herself. The occult books say seven. Jesus has not told me otherwise, so I am going to say there are seven layers of the Fiery Serpent, and the outer layers do the job of keeping us alive.


We have been incarnated by the Fiery Serpent, and that is why we die, that is why we get sick. That is why we die, and that is why we need to eat physical food. The man who Jesus incarnates does not eat physical food, brethren. He eats the food of God, which is the doctrine of Christ.


What was I saying here? I was talking about Satan, that Satan is the nerve fluid and that she covers the fourth center where the Ox is. We see that the Ox is fully penetrated. She is penetrated by the Fiery Serpent. She is influenced by Leviathan who is all the way up here, Leviathan being the collective subconscious mind. Then the outpouring, Satan flows down, we see the river of death, and the Ox is fully penetrated within and fully covered over with Satan from without. That is our condition, brethren. That is our condition.


We are in pretty sad shape here. This river is flowing, it is a continuous flowing. The Serpent is continuously rising and the nectar is continuously being poured out, or the nerve fluid is continuously being poured out.


I know what I was saying. The Fiery Serpent has seven layers, and it is only the innermost layer of herself that produces supernatural experiences when she rises. I do not have any information right now about what each layer of herself does, but the outermost layer of herself keeps our body alive.


She has incarnated us, she is the nerve fluid that flows through us, that keeps us going. She is all through us. She is our unconscious mind, she is in our physical blood, and she is certainly in our emotions. She is woven through us. Satan is woven through us in every cell of our body. Satan pours out, as a result of this union, what the occult calls the heavenly nectar. We have talked about this. Satan is the Serpent's spear, and we see that the spear is a jointed spear because there are three energy centers here.


I have been saying that the name of the bird in the false fifth center is the Phoenix. That is the name of the occult bird. Just about every system of mythology talks about the Phoenix. She is the counterpart of the Eagle. We know that the fortified Adam is typified by an Eagle, and the Phoenix is Ashtoreth in the Old Testament or the devil in the New Testament. This is our old man. The fortified Adam is our new man and is typified by the Eagle. Ashtoreth or the devil is our old man, and the name of the bird is the Phoenix.


Depending on how active you are spiritually, that is the intensity that Satan is poured out, and will effect how strong your Old man is. We know that this is a whole process that has to do with sin and leading a godly life. The more ungodly your behavior and your attitudes, the more intensity with which Satan is poured out, and the more pressure is put on you to lead an ungodly life and the more ungodly life you lead.


When you are leading an ungodly life and Satan is flowing like rapids, should you decide to reject this lifestyle, you are going to have one hard time doing it. You can do it, but it is going to be much harder for you than for one who has been born and raised in a very peaceable godly family and just inherited their blessings. You know what that means, they are going to have to be fighting the rapids to turn around.


That is why we need a Savior. Well we all need a Savior anyway, but for life in this world, people who are really being tossed and turned by Satan's waves, need Jesus right now, immediately. We all need Him, but you know what I am talking about. You have got a crisis right now.


A lot of people make it through life without Jesus. I do not know how they do it, but they have enough blessings going on them that everything just seems to work out okay a lot of the time. But there are some people that cannot wait. They need Jesus right now because they are being destroyed.


The blue lines typify Satan. Leviathan is the king of this world, or the god of this world. Let us see, the Fiery Serpent, for this I have drawn, Elijah, the Lord Jesus is in the crown center in the true ascension. The Spirit of Elijah or the Spirit of Christ is in the brow center, and the fortified Adam or Christ Jesus in the New Testament is in the fifth center, and Adam or Christ Jesus -- did I get this backwards? I am sorry. Adam or Christ Jesus is in the fifth center. No, one two, three, four. Adam, Christ Jesus is in the fourth center. The fortified Adam or Christ Jesus is in the fifth center, the Spirit of Elijah or the Spirit of Christ is in the sixth center, and Elijah or in the New Testament, the Lord Jesus is in the seventh center.


This guy, the Turtle here, as the Lord started to bring this teaching forth I did not know what to do with the Turtle. I think he is telling me that the Turtle is just another name for Cain. It may be in the near future the Lord will be tell me the difference between the Turtle and Cain but when I look at this right now I see that the Turtle is functioning in the roll that I understand to be Cain. If there are two different names, there has to be some significant difference. I just do not know what it is right now, so we will go from here.


I would like to read you some definitions for the Turtle and tell you, at least give you, some ammunition to understand this yourself. You have to get your own revelation here. First of all, I think what really confused me is that some of the occult books that I have read show Leviathan in the second center, and they all seem to be in agreement that there is water in this second center, and I have seen books saying Leviathan is there. That really confused me.


I remember, going all the way back a couple of years ago, I came to the conclusion that it was wrong, that Leviathan was not there. I keep going back and forth. I keep going back and forth, but I keep going forward. I go five steps forward and two steps backwards and five steps forward, and three steps backward and I am getting there, but I do change my mind back and forth a couple of times.


I remember saying on one message a couple of years ago, I have to disagree with the Eastern writers at this time, I do not think Leviathan is down there, and then I went back to it for some reason, I cannot even tell you why, and now it looks like Leviathan is up at the top again, which was the revelation I had two years ago.


This is very common that I go back and forth. When I first get the revelation, I get the revelation without the understanding, but once I get the understanding that is when the revelation is secured with me. Turtles, most turtles, live under the water. There are land turtles, but most turtles live under the water, so it could be the Turtle in that second center.


Let me read you some definitions here. Turtle - Any of various aquatic or terrestrial reptiles of the order Testudinata having horny, toothless jaws.... I think that is very significant, we will get to that in a minute. Toothless jaws, and a bony and leathery shell into which the head limbs and tail can be withdrawn in most species. It is perhaps from the French word tortue, from the medieval Latin tortuca, from the Vulgar Latin it is tartaruca and it is the feminine of tartaruchus or Tartarus.


We know that Tartarus is one of the Greek words that is translated hell in the New Testament. I have believed for a long time that Tartarus is the manifestation of hell where the inmates have not yet come under judgment. In other words it is the people of this world that do not have it so bad. They are happy in this world. This whole world is hell, but everybody is not unhappy. Nothing is perfect, everybody has their trials and tribulations and their pain, but some people have a very nice life, especially in this country. I believe that is the definition of Tartarus, being in hell and the judgment has not really hurt you yet.


I went on to look up -- where did I get the word eunuch from? Yes, right in here, under the definition of turtle it says see eunuch. Is that not amazing? I do not know how they got that but it just fits right in with what the Scripture is saying. A eunuch is a castrated man employed as a harem attendant or as a functionary in certain agent courts. A man or a boy whose testes are non-functioning or have been removed.


I looked up the word chamberlain. I read that somewhere, chamberlain and attendant, I must have read it here somewhere. A man employed as a harem attendant or a functionary. I read in one of these -- here it is.


The word eunuch does not derive as one might think from the operation that produced a eunuch, but rather from one of his functions. Eunuch goes back to the Greek word eunouchos - a castrated person employed to take charge of the women of a harem and act as chamberlain. And the Greek word is derived from eune, meaning bed, to keep. A eunuch of course was ideally suited to guard the bed chamber of women.


The definition of eunuch - an officer who manages a household of a sovereign or a noble, a chief steward, a high ranking official in various royal courts. An official who receives the rents and fees, a treasurer.


I said to the Lord when I came out from the computer, What is all this about? This is what I heard in my mind. The Turtle, right here in the second center, stands guard over the Fiery Serpent. Remember the Fiery Serpent is the female. Remember that? Well this works two ways. Christ Jesus is coming from above to break this union between Leviathan and the Fiery Serpent and to join himself to the Fiery Serpent. We just learned that in Fishing For Leviathan. Do you recall that?


Christ Jesus is coming to break up this marriage between Leviathan and the Fiery Serpent, and he is coming to marry the Fiery Serpent and the Ox. It is Leviathan that is being broken in pieces, but also, the Fiery Serpent is the mud of the ocean bottom under which Abel is buried. That was how I got the revelation that this must be Cain up here.


We had that off the message, expression in tongues and prophecy. There was a very heavy anointing that came down and the thought came into my mind after that, that this Turtle is Cain that is guarding the Fiery Serpent from Abel rising in her, because every time Abel tries to rise up from under the ground, whoever this is in the second center, the Turtle, Cain, is....


Oh! Now is that not interesting. When I first wrote up this board (we have not taken a picture yet), I first had written over here that the Turtle is the eunuch that defends the Fiery Serpent from Christ Jesus coming down and breaking up her marriage and marrying her. Then when that heavy outpouring came, I got the word it is Cain, the Turtle is Cain who prevents Abel from rising from under the ground, standing there with a big club. Every time Abel tries to get up the Turtle is swatting him.


I got up and I erased what I had on the board and that it was Christ Jesus, that the Turtle was protecting against Christ Jesus, and I changed it to the Turtle protecting against Abel and it just occurred to me that both are true, except that I do not have room to put both explanations on the board.


The Turtle has a twofold job. He is trying to keep Abel from rising from underneath the ground, which is the Fiery Serpent, she is the ground, that is who she is. She also has the job of warding off Christ Jesus. Christ Jesus could be coming from another person. In other words, if there is a person right here who has not been quickened yet, in that case the Turtle, whoever this is in the second center, is guarding that person against letting Christ rise from the dead in that person.


It could be a person who has the Holy Spirit, it could be a person who goes to Church. This Turtle in the second center is Cain, the conscious mind. Is it not the conscious mind that tries to stop us from going on in God? Is it not the conscious mind of the Pharisees that is keeping them believing in the rapture? They are going to die in that false doctrine, right?


This could even be people in the Church or people not in the Church. It is the job of their conscious mind, Cain, to keep Abel dead, to keep him under the ground, but in the event Christ Jesus comes toward that person, whether it be Christ Jesus in another person, like you or like me, then the Turtle rises up to ward off Christ Jesus.


I know that there is going to be more information coming down, I do not have the whole thing, but what I am going to tell you at this moment, is that when the entity in the second center wars against Abel trying to rise from the dead, it is Cain, that is the conscious mind putting a stop to it, because Cain kills Abel. Cain kills Abel all the day long.


But in the event that Christ Jesus comes to this person, either from someone outside of themselves, like you or me, or in the case of an individual in whom Abel has already risen from the dead and gotten past Cain, has ascended into the fifth center, become the fortified Adam and is now coming back in power, the entity in the second center is now manifesting not as Cain, but as the Turtle, a reptile.


This is a manifestation of Leviathan in the individual fighting against Christ Jesus to stop him from coming in and breaking up this marriage and marrying the Fiery Serpent. The Turtle, the eunuch, is present in each individual as Leviathan's emissary. The Turtle is toothless. That means to me that this entity, whatever more we will be finding out about it in the future, is not capable of having spiritual sexual intercourse with the Fiery Serpent.


The Fiery Serpent is the woman. Leviathan wants the woman and Christ Jesus wants the woman, and they also both want the Ox. Both Christ Jesus and Leviathan want this Fiery Serpent down here. Leviathan wants this Fiery Serpent so that she can keep this whole physical world manifested and everything else that implies.


Christ Jesus wants the Fiery Serpent because she is the bestial background threads of the creation. Christ Jesus wants the bestial background threads so he can change this whole creation into his image and they both also want the Ox, which is the physical covering that makes them visible. It does not have to be physical like we are physical. It could be etherically visible.


The Fiery Serpent is the bestial background threads of the creation and the Ox is the emotional animal which the mind joins to, which makes the whole creature, completes the whole creature and makes it visible. Both the Fiery Serpent and the Ox are made out of the ocean bottom which is the earth, but they have been specialized into different functions, just like in an embryo or a fetus that is developing. Some cells become liver cells and some cells become heart cells. The cells are specialized.


The earth underneath the primordial ocean has been specialized. Part of it has become the Ox, the emotional animal, the other part of it has become the Fiery Serpent, and then another part of it has become the Turtle, and another part of it has become Leviathan, and it is all the Serpent. Everything that is not the Spirit of God is the Serpent in an individually specialized form. This is the eunuch, and this eunuch has no teeth, has a hard shell that it can draw its limbs into the shell.


This is a very hard shell that Christ Jesus has to get through to get to the Fiery Serpent. The Turtle defends, but does not have the wherewithal to have any kind of intercourse with the Fiery Serpent. The Turtle in the second center is Leviathan's defense for the woman that he has planted in the earth. Praise the Lord. There has to be a reason why there are two names, the Turtle and Cain. The Lord will tell me, eventually he will tell me.


We see that it is the conscious mind that opposes spirituality. Human beings are generally opposed to spirituality. Even outside of Christ they have trouble believing. They have either trouble believing in spiritual things or they become superstitious and filled with fear. To become a truly spiritual man through the ascension of consciousness into the higher centers, we do not see that happening. Why do we not see that happening?


Let us take non-Christians for example. In some nations where witchcraft is prevalent, everybody knows about witchcraft. There is usually a witch doctor and some higher-ups in the tribe, or whatever. Why do all the people not ascend in consciousness? They believe in spiritual things, why do they not ascend?


They stay down there in superstition and ignorance and fear, because they are in the Serpent's world. There is a continuous warfare for power, and this power is not given away easily to the other people. The witch doctors hold on to their own power. They use it to benefit themselves. Christ Jesus does not use his power to benefit himself. Every human being in whom Christ Jesus is rising up, who ministers Christ, does not use their power to benefit themselves. They give to every legitimate request. I am talking about spiritual things, I am not talking about giving away your life or your household or your children.


We give to everybody who asks for prayer. We help in any legitimate way we can, and we wait for Jesus to meet our needs, spiritually speaking. Of course, you give away whatever Jesus tells you to give away physically too. Just make sure it is Jesus. If it is Him, He is not going to ask you to do anything that is going to destroy you.


We see that it is a rarity in the earth to see people, no matter what background they are coming from, becoming spiritual through the ascension of consciousness into the higher centers. It is not happening. You hear about it mostly in Hindu and Buddhist circles. But even in Hindu and Buddhist circles, it is just the priests that go through. It is a very hard thing to accomplish. This is not something that just anybody can accomplish, even outside of Christ.


By and large, there are two schools in the world that practice spiritual ascension. There is one school and there are many different names underneath this category. There is one school that believes in ascension through purity and through moral purity, and they have a revelation that if your consciousness starts ascending into the higher centers and you are not morally pure, the whole process will be turned against you and you will be victimized be the Fiery Serpent who is ascending in you.


Then there are other schools which are outright witchcraft, voodoo, and Santeria, where spiritual power is attained without moral purity, and usually it turns to evil. Of course, neither one is acceptable to Jesus Christ, even the spiritual ascension of what is called moral purity. We know that the moral purity of this world is still not moral purity to Jesus Christ.


It is a very rare man that ascends spiritually like this. There are a lot of people in the world today saying that it is about to happen, that a lot of people are about to ascend spiritually, spontaneously, that is what they teach. Personally I do not think it will be spontaneously. I think that there are immortals operating in this world. I think that there are spiritual beings serving the Serpent operating in this world with a lot of power that are going around very possibly without people's knowledge stimulating the Fiery Serpent in them and raising her up.


They are doing it largely through the seduction of the mind, encouraging people to engage in the occult in every aspect. That is at least one of the things that they are doing. They are opening people up to having the Fiery Serpent stirred up in them, but I think it goes beyond that. I think that both Christ Jesus and the representatives of the Serpent are going to be doing the same thing, and they are doing it right now. They are going out looking for people who are fertile because they have been opened up to the occult and they are planting the seed. They are planting and they are raising up the Serpent.


Just as Christ Jesus is going forth, he is sowing his seed right now. Brethren, people who read these messages and read the books are getting the seeds of Christ Jesus into their mind. Words are spirit! Pretty soon the whole population of the world or a large percentage of the world will be pregnant either with Christ Jesus, or the Serpent's offspring. The world will be pregnant either with the manchild or the womanchild or the false male. That is when the war will really be raging between the two groups of spiritually ascended people.


This is what was happening between Israel and the Philistines. In Israel's heyday, when they were ascended, shortly after they came out of Egypt and they were directed by Jehovah to go to war in Philistia. These were two armies of spiritual giants fighting each other.


The Lord is not out to punish people. I do not care how evil they are in this world. I am not in any way justifying any kind of sin here, but spiritually speaking, we are all very, very, very young spiritually, very, very, very, very, young. Jesus is winking, winking, winking. That is why He is so merciful towards us.


All you people who go around condemning yourself when sin is revealed in you, you have to repent, when with regard to this world -- I am in no way justifying what you are doing, but with the Lord looking at you, you have not seen anything yet. He does not want you condemning yourself, He wants you repenting so you could be raised up in His army.


Do we have any questions or comments on this drawing?


COMMENT: I do not know if this has any significance but I was thinking about the turtle dove, and I thought in my mind that the Turtle was Cain and the dove was Abel. Is that a possibility?


PASTOR VITALE: That is definitely a possibility! That is very interesting. Yes, but if I am not mistaken, the birds are not divided. Is the turtle dove? I thought the turtle dove is not divided. But it is a very interesting thought to pursue, very interesting. Yes?


COMMENT: In these pictures, we are not talking about Kundalini but he would be the one that would be Leviathan on the top?


PASTOR VITALE: Kundalini is the Fiery Serpent on the bottom. Kundalini rises and has a union with Leviathan who is at the top, but Kundalini is not Leviathan. Kundalini is a she, and she is the female, and Leviathan is the false male. Actually they are both female, it is a lesbian reaction. Kundalini rises as female, interacts with Leviathan as male, and the outpouring is Satan. Satan pours out, and that is the river that flows, the river of death that flows through us all. It is the nerve fluid that flows along our nerves.


The nerve fluid flows in the etheric body and also flows along our nerves as the human blood flows in our veins. We see that Cain in our conscious mind is largely, if not totally, responsible for our failure, of hindering us from moving on into spiritual concepts. I see another witness that Cain's symbol is the Turtle. Just as Adam, the fortified Adam's symbol is the Eagle, Cain's symbol is the Turtle, so they could really be one and the same.


This ability to pull the head and the arms and the legs in under this tough shell is exactly what people do when they will not hear about spiritual things. This is how they turn a deaf ear. They draw inward into this shell that the Serpent has provided, and that shell is very hard if not impossible to break outside of Christ Jesus.


As strange as this sounds, the Serpent herself, through Leviathan, is also trying to break this shell because the Serpent has sent Leviathan to make us spiritual in the Serpent. The Serpent has to break through the conscious part of the carnal mind in the same way that Christ Jesus does. They have to get that veil out of the way. Cain is the veil. I think I have mentioned that in the fifth level of consciousness, that Cain is the veil.


Now we see that the Turtle is a helmet in the spirit. She is literally a helmet. Just like a mechanism that only allows one substance through, and the only thing that the Turtle allows through is the Fiery Serpent ascending towards Leviathan. Nothing else can get through. Abel cannot get through from underneath and Christ Jesus cannot get through from on top. She is like a chastity belt protecting the Fiery Serpent.


We are in a lot of trouble, brethren. We really need a Savior. We need a lot of help getting out of here. Our enemy is within us. Of course, as I show you the symbols on this board, they are demonstrating spiritual symbols. There are not accurate as I draw them. All of these entities, the Eagle, and the Phoenix, and the Turtle, and the Fiery Serpent, they are all energy sources. They are spread out through our entire body.


They may have major centers. I believe there are major centers that the Fiery Serpent is based, you might say in the lower center, and the Eagle, the fortified Adam is based in the fifth center, but they are all energy sources. They are personalized energy. Spirit is personalized energy. They are energy sources which have consciousness, and they are spread out through our entire body. Mind is spread out through our entire body.


This whole world is at war. There is a war going on within us. Not only in our mind, Is this right or is that wrong, should I do this or should I not do that, not only that, but within our body. That is how we get sick.


Do you know how many diseases are the result of some mechanism in our body destroying our own immune system? I believe that is the truth about cancer. It is when something in our body turns against us, we become sick. We are under siege, the very best of us. Those of us who have wonderful health, and life has really been good to us, our children are healthy and prospering, and we have more than enough food to eat and more than enough money to buy things for ourselves and we are satisfied intellectually and emotionally, we too are subject to the same warfare that is going on in the very cells of our being.


This Turtle is probably the strongman that Jesus is talking about. I know when we did that study that said, How can you enter into a strongman's house unless you bind the strongman, I know that the word goods, unless you bind the strongman and do something to his goods, that the Greek words translated goods is talking about -- well, one of those Greek words in there (I may have the wrong word), is talking about the man's wife, the strongman's wife. It is the Turtle that we have to get out of the way to get in there. It is that Turtle that is preventing us.


Matthew 12:29


Or else how can one enter into a strong man's house, and spoil his goods, except he first bind the strong man? and then he will spoil his house. KJV


When you pray, if you are not flowing freely in Christ Jesus, or if you are not flowing as freely as you would like to flow, you need to be breaking that shell. We even have a saying in the world about come out of that shell. We have a hard head. I am talking about the influence of this spiritual entity upon our mind, upon our thoughts, and upon our decisions. Therefore when you pray for yourself, you need to be breaking that shell that is keeping you blind. It is blinding you. Praise the Lord. This has been a very interesting day. Do you have a question? OK.


COMMENT: I am just thinking of the saying in the world, It is a hard nut to crack.


PASTOR VITALE: That is true.


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