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We are going to be responding to the newsletter of an evangelist, who I think is international. His materials are definitely throughout the United States, and I want to make it very clear to anyone reading this message, or if this message ever gets to you, Brother, that I am responding to what you say. This is not a critical spirit. It is not an attack upon you, but I am responding to what you say, because I do not agree with what you say, and that is the depth of it. So, if you ever get this message, or read this message, or if I should make a book out of it, I want to make it very clear to you that I have nothing personal against you. I have known you for many years, and the last that I heard is there is still free speech in this country, that it is legitimate and moral to respond to what you have to say, and that is what we are doing here.


Brethren, there is a controversy in the Kingdom Church today, and the controversy, as I see it, is how the people of God are going to ascend. The major dichotomy, again as I see it, is that there are two camps in the Kingdom Church: one camp believing that we will ascend without any form of warfare whatsoever, and this same camp believing that Jesus is love -- now I believe that Jesus is love -- the issue is the definition of Jesus' love, and this camp perceives Jesus' love as non-confrontational and as accepting every human being as they are. There is no talk of sin or confession of sin, although there is talk about transformation. There is talk about wounded people, damaged people, hurt people, and the transformation which is in Jesus Christ, but there is no talk about sin. There is no blame imputed. Now, blame is a "dirty" word in this country today, and perhaps it is not an ideal word. Let me switch that. Let me say responsibility. There is no responsibility that I have been able to find in this message, except in the case where the blame and responsibility is imputed to Jehovah. We do have one book in response to that message, which is called Leprosy in the House.


Maybe there is something I do not know about. I am speaking to you out of the materials that I have been exposed to from this group of Kingdom preachers. Either the responsibility for this present condition is Jehovah who has done this to us, or there is no responsibility imputed at all. In this newsletter, there is some talk about dysfunctional family, and parents who did not mean us any harm, but who, nevertheless, were dysfunctional. Of course, I think that is true in a lot of cases. A lot of us were hurt by dysfunctional parents who themselves were hurt, but, brethren, this situation must be grounded somewhere. Someone must be responsible for the hellish conditions that humanity exists in, and the bottom line is, that this train of thought is absolutely refusing to place that responsibility with humanity. There is a denial of the fall, there is a denial of sin, everybody is good, everybody is accepted. And I cannot tell you that I have read that Christ is within everybody, in this particular newsletter, but I have not read anything to the contrary.


We must do a lot of reading between the lines. We must say, Is such-and-such a concept present? Does he talk about the new Mind of Christ? In this particular newsletter there is contradiction. Let us get back into the definition of the mindset that I am responding to here, and basically this is it: Salvation is for everybody. There is no call to repentance, and there is no confession of sin, yet there is a talk of a transformation.


What the Lord has shown us here is that Adam fell. He made a mistake, he was seduced by the Serpent, and everyone who was in Adam fell. What does that mean? It would be like saying that every female is born with two ovaries with thousand of ovum, and if everyone of those ovum were to manifest into human beings, that everyone would be under the curse of her misbehavior. And the same thing for every man. Every sperm that this man would ever produce, if that sperm were to manifest into a mature adult, every sperm that the man would produce would be under the sowing and reaping judgment of everything that the man did in his life. That is what it means when the Scripture says that in Adam all die. Adam died, and we all died and we are all dead. We are spiritually dead because we are separated from Jehovah, even those of us who think we are saved, we are in the process of being saved. We are experiencing the beginning aspects of our re-connection to Jehovah, who is the only source of eternal life. We are dead because we were disconnected from eternal life. Yet, we have an existence.


Large parts of humanity are deceived because of our inability to understand spiritual principles. How could we be dead if we are walking around having babies and talking to each other? You do not understand that death means separation from life, and if your spirit were alive and if your personality were alive your body would never die. So the sign that we are dead is that our body dies. This is why we must be taught. This is why understanding is essential. It is impossible to understand the things of God, it is impossible to identify the error in the Serpent's doctrine, it is impossible to follow the path out of hell, without the understanding which is imparted through the Doctrine of Christ.


This concept of a rapture, whether you think it is a physical rapture or a spiritual rapture, is a delusion. We are not going to be caught up without any knowledge of the pathway, or the means by which we will be caught up. We will be caught up as we wage the warfare that precedes our moving along the pathway. So we must have an idea of the direction of the pathway, at least the next step ahead of us, and we must be equipped to fight the warfare, because there is a power and principality or, if you prefer, an incarnated immortal, maybe embodied and maybe disembodied, at every step of the pathway out of hell, and she is planted there. Her job is to turn us back, and she turns us back through deception and seduction and delusion.


To get out of here, brethren, it is essential that we know who we are and what our condition is, because if we think more of ourselves than we ought to we will not cry out for the help that we need. We will never make it along this path. We will never identify the path, we will never understand the spiritual principles, we will never identify the enemy, we will never fight the warfare, and we will never do what is required of us. Although we might do one or two of these things, in a partial or disconnected way, we will never get the whole bag together that we need to get out of here, without a Savior, and the name of that Savior if Christ Jesus. If we think we can do it without Him we are already destroyed. What does that mean? It means that we will die. You may lead a full life, maybe you will live to 80, 90 or 100 years old, but you will cease to exist.


That is what we are up against, and I see this message and the seduction of this message filtering into more and more areas in the Church. As I see it, brethren, the problem is that the average human being does not want the warfare. They are very reluctant to admit that we have a sin nature, that we sin continuously, and that is why we died. They are reluctant and resistant to face God's definition of sin. God's definition of sin, God's definition of confession, God's definition of repentance, God's doctrine, God's version of how we got here, God's version of what is necessary to get us out of here, they have rejected this and are rejecting this in favor of a gospel that tickles their ears. They are in favor of a gospel that says that they are really OK, and that the Lord is here to just heal us and love us, that any message that even mentions warfare or dares to respond to a message which is laced with love -- that is the catch word.


Now I believe in love, but there is a false definition of love in the Church. They are rejecting the truth in favor of a lie that pleases their emotions. The thought of this warfare causes distress to my emotions. The thought of confronting embodied or disembodied immortals, we will probably be meeting them on both levels, causes distress to my emotions. Confessing my sins produces discomfort in my emotions. Admitting that I was wrong and doing what is necessary to confront the issue, and confront the people, and bring forth the communication that results in reconciliation, hurts my pride. It makes me uncomfortable, but I do it anyway, and it gets easier and easier and easier, but if you are not involved in this program of confronting -- because the Church is non-confrontational. They do not want to talk about it, they do not answer your letters, they do not answer your phone calls, and they do not want to have a discussion in a right spirit. The Church is behind a wall hiding from the reality of the evil in this world.


It is not just the Church. I cannot speak very much for outside of the United States today, but from what I see in this country it is through out the whole country, but it is the Church that is supposed to have the Word of God. It is the Church that is supposed to be able to divide the truth from the delusion, but the delusion is wide spread through the Church. So, we in this ministry, are fulfilling, to the best of our ability at this time, the commission that the Lord Jesus Christ has given us. As the Lord brings writings to me I respond to them, and I am highly criticized for this. I have been told that I have no love, but, brethren, my definition of love is truth. Jesus said, If you know the truth, the truth will set you free.


In the Greek there are three words depicting love: eros, sexual love; phileo, the love of the carnal mind for his fellow man which is a high ideal, but not life producing; and then, there is agape love which comes only in the Mind of Christ or only out of the Mind of Christ. And the Agape love which is in Christ Jesus tells you the truth, backed up with spiritual power, which produces pain in your carnal mind. It brings conviction, it challenges the lies of the carnal mind, it makes waves, it produces chaos in some people's lives, and the carnal mind thinks evil of the love of Jesus Christ. I have been called a "troublemaker" going all the way back, even before the Lord gave me this ministry. I boast not, everything I have was given. I have always had a spirit of truth and righteousness on me. I have been attacked in the Church that I discipled in for speaking the truth. Do not make waves, Sheila. But, brethren, Sheila can do nothing but make waves. May God have mercy on my soul because I am not capable of doing anything else. So they hated the Lord Jesus, and I am certainly not better than my Master, and they have hated and will hate me, and they will speak evil of me, but I will serve Him who has called me, if it comes to it, with my dying breath.


Thus we do on with this message today. To tell you the truth my heart is not joyous that another ministry is preaching the "I AM" message. The I Am message basically does away with the mediator, Christ Jesus. You will hear the name Jesus mentioned, and you will hear the name Christ mentioned. Now, brethren, I am aware more than anyone else that a lot of ministries and a lot of people may just not have the right words so I want to make it very clear that I go past words. I listen to what is being said, and I make a judgment as to what they are talking about, whether they are using the right word or not.


Let me remind you, Jesus was a mortal man, Jesus of Nazareth. He was born as a human child from a mortal woman, and what was different about Him than any other human being born as far as I know is that He was born with the seed of Christ. Who is Christ? There is no Christ in the Old Testament. Brethren, He was born with the spirit of Elijah. Now the King James translation make sit sound like Jesus was saying that John the Baptist had the spirit of Elijah, and I am just going to touch briefly on basic principles and if you do not understand them, if this is the first message that you are reading, you have to read to some of the other messages if you want a more fuller explanation.


I just ask you a question, brethren, the Old Testament prophesies that Elias will come again, you tell me how God is glorified in the spirit of Elijah being born again into the man, John the Baptist, who was beheaded in a short period of time after Jesus made His pronouncement, If you can received it, this is the spirit of Elias. What happened to the spirit of Elias? His ministry, according to the Old Testament, is to reconcile the fathers to the children and the children to the fathers. Well, where did it go after John the Baptist was beheaded? He never was in John the Baptist, not in the way we are preaching here. Jesus was talking about Himself. He said, If you can receive it, here is the spirit of Elias, and Jesus of Nazareth who was the Christ went forward to be the Savior of mankind. He, Jesus, who was Christ, not the human baby now, but Jesus the Christ, is fulfilling the ministry of Elias. He is reconciling the children, which is humanity, to the fathers, those who have generated humanity as we know it today. Did John the Baptist fulfill that ministry? Brethren, you must start using your thinking capacities. You must go beyond the word of the Scripture or you will die down here.


So Jesus, the human baby, was different from all other mortal men in that He was born with the spirit of Elijah, and the spirit of Elijah that was in Him brought forth the Mind of Christ, and that Mind of Christ, after a warfare, overshadowed the carnal mind that Jesus inherited from His mother, so completely, that that carnal mind which is the sin nature which all human beings are born with was so paralyzed that Jesus, the man, came into a condition where he was incapable of sin. He was living so completely out of the Mind of Christ that He was incapable of sin, at which point His name changed from Jesus of Nazareth to Jesus The Christ, who was the Son of God. In His humanity He was the Son of Man, and in Christ Jesus who was His New Man He was the Son of God, and it was not the Son of God who was crucified. It was the Son of Man who was crucified. The man, Jesus, now exists only in a higher form. He is no longer a mortal man. There is no longer any aspect of Him which is mortal. The personality known as Jesus of Nazareth has been fully braided together or interwoven with the spiritual man, Christ Jesus, the only mediator between God and man. The personality of Jesus of Nazareth has ascended to the high place where Christ Jesus abides, and there is no longer any separation between Him and Christ Jesus. Nor is there any separation between Christ Jesus and Jehovah. All exist in the eternal world which is beyond the visible world where Jehovah abides. Jehovah abides beyond even the visible spiritual world which is righteous.


If we are to understand, brethren, we must know that when we say "Jesus" we are talking about the physical man Jesus who did have the spirit of Elijah which could be likened to, so that we can understand this, the man Jesus who had the spirit of Elijah we can liken Him to a believer who has the Holy Spirit. He became Jesus, The Christ, when He became sinless through the overshadowing of His sin nature by righteousness, by the righteousness which was in Christ Jesus. And He became the Lord Jesus Christ when He was glorified, when He ascended to the eternal timeline and ceased to exist in human flesh.


I understand that a lot of writers do not have this revelation, so when I read the name Jesus or I read the name Christ I go past the word to see what they are talking about. But I tell you, brethren, that this I Am message is a Jehovah-only message, but of course it is a false Jehovah. It is a Father-only message. They are doing away with the Son. They are doing away with the mediator which is the only means that we have to escape from this world, which is hell and death. There is a lot of confusion which is a manipulation that is not only in this newsletter, but I see it in many writings. I see it all through the world, in the Church and outside of the Church. Telepathic manipulation and verbal manipulation is a very common issue. It is unclean, brethren, to convince another human being to agree with you, either through verbal manipulation, distortion of the truth, through confusing the mind of someone who may be simpler than you are, who may not have your intellectual capacity or perhaps they have your intellectual capacity, but in this issue is not educated. It is immoral to manipulate people's opinion through confusing of the facts, and it is satanic to use telepathic manipulation to mold people's opinion. Telepathic manipulation is closely associated to mind control. I am trying to stay on my subject here, but I think, eventually, we will have a message on telepathic manipulation.


So the whole Church with a few exceptions are a-whoring after this message that tickles their ears and calms their emotions, and says to them, All is well. All is well, you are OK, the Lord is here to heal you, there is no responsibility to you, there is no evil in the world, there is no enemy, do not be frightened. Jesus will take you up in His arms and snatch you to safety, and Jesus will love you in your emotions. Now, brethren, Jesus is in the business of healing our wounded emotions, but not in the manner depicted. Jesus does not love us through our emotions. Jesus' love is spiritual, and to receive Jesus' love we must ascend to a place where it can embrace us.


I remember the day, probably 17-18 years ago that I lay in my bed at night crying, saying, Lord, you said You would comfort me. How come I am so unhappy? I had several ideas in my mind of what would make me happy, and the Lord had not provided what my carnal mind thought would make me happy. The Lord spoke to me very clearly that night and He said to me, I am not coming down where you are. You must ascend to where I am to be comforted. The comfort is in His spirit. The comfort is in His word. The comfort is in obedience because being obedient to God is one of the most blessed experiences I have ever had, and if you had told me this before I experienced it I probably could not have understood you. There is such joy in obedience when you see the fruit in your life. Even without the fruit, once you come into a godly obedience to Christ it is peace, and it is glory.


There is a lot of talk in the Church today of Jesus comforting you in your emotions, and there is a Jesus who does that, but it is another Jesus, brethren. There is much being written today, it is all over the Internet. Jesus does not stare into your eyes, Jesus does not give you a bath, Jesus does not dance with you, Jesus does not say to you as we will read in this newsletter -- this is not an exact quote -- Do I not make you feel good? On the contrary, brethren, following after the spirit of Jesus Christ can make you very uncomfortable, and can cause you much pain and much trouble in your life at the beginning. As you mature, and you learn to deal with the forces that come against people who are walking in Christ, things do get better. But at any moment an attack could come from the satanic dimensions which can cause you pain. Pleasure and pain are imparted through Satan. She gives pleasure, and she gives pain. There are strings attached to both.


Jesus Christ gives joy in the spirit. Not joy as your mortal mind thinks of joy. Jesus Christ gives joy through communion of His word, through a knowledge of His ways, through a revelation of righteousness, and through imparting the ability to walk in righteousness more and more every day. Jesus Christ gives joy through recognizing our power to help others who are weaker than ourselves, and to do good when confronted with the opportunity to do evil. There is another Jesus in the Church. There is another Holy Spirit in the Church, and they are one and the same. It is Satan, and she gives pleasure as mortal man perceives pleasure.


Whoever is reading this message, I tell you today, brethren, I tell you the truth, if you are clinging to your concept of mortal pleasure you are binding yourself to the pangs of hell because that which is pleasure today, which is given by Satan, will be your torment tomorrow. You are being lured with sugar and honey. This is not a threat. You will reap what you sow, and if I should be wrong. then you have nothing to worry about. I tell you that you are cleaving unto a wisp of air, to a lie, to a dream, to a delusion, you are cleaving unto a god which is a lesser god which is a criminal spirit, which is the criminal spirit which has formed this world, which is the criminal spirit which the Lord Jesus Christ is about to reconcile unto Himself at the expense of her entire world.


Satan is the present form of the Serpent which existed at the beginning of time, and the Serpent is a part of this creation. Just as a film negative has dark and light areas, both of which are necessary to produce an image, this world has both dark and light areas because it is the will of Jehovah that the image of the spiritual world which we cannot see -- what we see here is an image -- the true spiritual world is a negative. When the light of God shines through it, it produces a visible world. So the darkness is absolutely necessary, but right now the darkness is thinking different thoughts, thinking thoughts apart from her true husband, and she has caused much damage. But all things work out for the good for those who love the Lord and who are called according to His purpose. And who is that, brethren? Adam loves the Lord, and is called according to His purpose, and all things will work out for him because we are all in Adam. We are all Adam, you see, and we are in a bit of a problem right now. We are malformed, and we have evil minds, and we die. We die, we are dead, and we continue to die.


Everything will work out just fine. The only problem is that we, those of you reading this message and myself, those of us sitting here in this room, we suffer during this interim period, during which all things are being reconciled, during which the error is being corrected we suffer. So the Scripture says, For those of you who seek to follow after Me, I will roll out a table, I will give you good things in this life because it is going to be, by human standards, a long time until all of us are restored into the Beloved. So choose you this day, good or evil, this is the law. You all know that, if you are reading this message. It is in Deuteronomy 28. You know what you can do and what you cannot do. Submit yourself to the Lord Jesus Christ, confess that you may -- I do this all the time -- I confess that I may have false doctrine. I confess that I may have sinned and did not know it, and I ask Him to keep me on the straight and narrow. So do it, and He will help you, and all will be well. If you choose not to do it, that is your choice. I condemn you not.


I am a teacher, and my job in the Kingdom today is to present another idea to the people who are willing to listen to me, an idea that strongly opposes the teaching in the Kingdom Church today. It is not up to me to enforce it. It is not up to me to try to influence or convince anybody to believe me and to disbelieve the preachers who are preaching this other message. I am a dispenser of information, and I will respond to you and answer the questions of any honest seeker who comes to me with a respectful attitude. I am not against anybody, I am not against any man, I am against the Serpent's doctrine, I am not against the men who are bringing it forth, and Jesus Christ is the enforcer.


I think I laid a foundation here of what this message is going to be about. We will just start reading his newsletter, and I will comment on it.


COMMENT: Who is the originator of the I Am message?


PASTOR VITALE: The I Am message was channeled by a supposed ascended master called Saint Germaine. I personally do not believe that this concept of ascended master is valid. It is my understanding that an ascended master is an individual human being who has evolved according to the theory of evolution, that this man is the product of an incarnating source which has experienced being what is called elemental: a rock, a plant, an animal, a human. There is an incarnating element, a spiritual element, and this incarnating element eventually becomes human, and he experiences many lifetimes. This is the doctrine of reincarnation, and he eventually is perfected through good works, to such a point that he does not die anymore, at which point he does pretty much what we are saying that Jesus did. He ascends to a higher dimension, takes his body with him, and no longer has the need to incarnate anymore. He exists on higher planes of consciousness with no need to come down to this world, which is a school room apparently for perfection. This is my understanding of ascended master. I do not believe any such being exists as an ascended master. I believe that there are immortals who exist in what I call the fourth dimension.


I believe that they are the Sons of God who became evil that we read about in the Book of Job. I believe they are the descendants of the immortals who existed at the time of the flood. It was only that which was on the earth which was destroyed, but of course, the water typifies the astral plane which is the emotional plane. So I am talking about disembodied beings. Not in the flesh as we know it, and they are not ascending as evolution would teach, but they are descending, as they are fallen. I believe that these immortals do incarnate, that there are incarnating immortals in the flesh, although I do not believe that every human being is an incarnated immortal, and that their goal, the goal at large, of the incarnated immortals, however many of them there are, is to live without end in the flesh. They want to be able to have this human experience without the body dying, and their doctrine, which is the Serpent's doctrine, is spreading through the churches. Of course, it has been around for centuries in the Eastern religions and mystery religions.


Their doctrine is designed to flatter the pride of mortal man and tell him that he has the potential to become an ascended master, to ascend into perfection and overcome the need of continuous death and rebirths, and abide on the higher planes with his personality in full consciousness as a superior being. This, in a variety of forms with various variations, is the Serpent's doctrine which is found in all of the Eastern religions and the Egyptian mystery religion. It is not exactly the same, but it is the Serpent's doctrine, and it has been around for eons. It is a counterfeit of the truth, and the pride of man just swallows it up. I am going to ascend, I am going to be a son of God, I do not have to confess that there is anything wrong with me, and there is a big seduction on the Church today. Does that answer your question?


Let us see what our friend and our brother has to say. He is our brother as far as the Church goes. I do not know if he is our brother -- what makes someone our brother, is that the true brethren are the people who have the Mind of Christ and are living out of the Mind of Christ. So there are two steps to it. The Mind of Christ must be in the process of being formed in you, and you must be living out of Him, and everyone who is living out of the Mind of Christ is a brother of everyone else who is living out of the Mind of Christ. Now everybody living out of the Mind of Christ may not agree on everything because we are all still interwoven with our carnality at this time, but everyone who is living out of the Mind of Christ is under correction because you cannot live out of the Mind of Christ without being under correction. We are too spiritually damaged. We must be taught righteousness, and in order to be taught righteousness we must be willing to recognize areas of our thinking and behavior which are unrighteous. We must change. We are not OK the way we are. We are living out of a sin nature, and who are we? We are our personality, and it is the personality that dies from generation to generation. The incarnating element that I mentioned earlier does reincarnate. It is the personality that dies. That is us. This physical body and everything that we think we are, because the majority of people only know themselves as their personality because we are so carnal. We just see the exterior of ourselves in the physical body and the personality.


Jesus Christ is an incarnating immortal. Of course, He is righteous, and He is in the shape of the Father. Jesus Christ, if He is grafted to you, and in the process of absorbing you, bringing you into submission to His righteous mind, He is in the process of becoming the incarnating element which sustains you. The manifestation of the Serpent which has incarnated you and me, because this is true of every person in human form that was born of a woman, the incarnating element that has incarnated you has formed you, has formed your mind and your body, and has molded your personality, and we will surely die if Jesus does not intervene because everyone born of a woman dies. Right? Except for Jesus of Nazareth who was Christ, and maybe a couple of others. We will not get into that right now.


So Jesus Christ grafting to you is the beginning of a process which is designed to overcome the incarnating element which has formed you, and take you away from her. Who are you? You are the personality and the physical body, and you have a mind in you which has incarnated you which is an expression of the Serpent. This is your sin nature. This is why you and I are sinners because we have a mind that is an expression of the Serpent's mind, and this mind has formed us, but if Jesus Christ is grafted to you He is attacking the incarnating element which has formed you. That is what Jesus was talking about when He said, Who can attack a strong man's house and steal his goods? If you are not thinking of yourself more highly than you ought you can hear that we are the goods of the serpentine incarnating element that has formed us, and Jesus Christ is attacking that incarnating element and taking away her goods, which we are. When He takes us away from the incarnating element we stop dying. We are the personality and the physical body which stop dying. Eventually, we come out of the body, but initially the personality and the physical body will stop dying when Christ Jesus completely overshadows the one who has incarnated us and becomes our complete and total source of existence. This has not happened yet. If you think it has happened already, I really would not ask you to put a knife in your heart and see if you continue to live.


The incarnating element that incarnates all mortal men born of a woman is called, we are calling her, the Fiery Serpent. She is a spark off of the primordial Serpent. We are talking about spirit here. Just as fire gives off sparks, the Serpent is giving off sparks of herself, and each spark incarnates as a human being and takes up residence in the human being that she incarnates. The Hindus call her Kundalini. The Scripture calls her Seraphim. Both Kundalini, which is a Sanskrit term, and Seraphim, which is a Hebrew term, both mean Fiery Serpent. She is the fiery spark of the Serpent which has gone forth and passed through several planes of consciousness and formed you as you now exist.


So we are born with the mind of the Serpent, and that is why we died. Our mind is a mind which is a criminal mind, according to the standards of Jehovah, who is God of all, despite what is being said today in the world. He is being called a lesser god, but all the mind control in the world cannot remold Jehovah, who is the God of all appearing to us today in the person of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.


This whole world, and each one of us in it, is a thought form. Every one of us is a thought form, and thought is spirit. For the sake of trying to explain this to you I will call each thought a string of electromagnetic radiation, a thought that goes forth from a generator. In the case of the Godhead, the original generator is Jehovah, and Elohim is an aspect of Himself which is carrying out Jehovah's thought. So, the thought goes forth, each spark coming from the Godhead, a string of electromagnetic radiation, invisible, but that invisible thought is directed through the earth, to make it simple, to gather earth around itself. Or, to make it a little more complicated, to gather atoms of matter around itself, and that thought produces an image that displays the thought. Every invisible thought that goes forth is sent forth to gather unto itself matter which will display an image which depicts the thought. This is what Jesus meant, well, this is what the Scripture means when it is said that Jesus was the Logos. He came directly out of the Mind of God, and the image that He was in correctly manifested the original intention of the thought. I am not talking about His physical body in the days of His flesh. His mind and His personality and everything that He was outside of that physical body was a perfect representation of the thought that came out of the Mind of God which included all of the specifications for what a man would be. Jesus was the thought and the physical form. He was the invisible thought and the physical representation of that thought. He was a complete thought form.


The Scripture says, We are complete in Him. What that Scripture is talking about is the fact that all of humanity today is an incomplete thought form. The whole creation is a lie because -- and each one of us is a lie -- what we appear to be does not line up with the original thought that went forth. If you can hear it. I am not talking about those of us that are moving into the regeneration. Only Jesus knows exactly where we are. As far as I know, I am still human and capable of dying, but we are in the process, Christ Jesus within us is in the process of remolding our mind and our personality to line up with the original thought that went forth from Jehovah.


This creation, brethren, is appearing as an image which is not truly representing Jehovah's thought, and this creation must line up with the original thought command that went forth. It must and it will, but the string of electromagnetic energy which eventually broke down into many strings of electromagnetic energy was stolen. The creation did not line up. There was a deviation. Did something go wrong? Was there a plan A and plan B? No. It is a very difficult thing to do, to form a creation, and things did not all go smoothly, but the one who was sent is true. And Adam rose from the dead in the man, Jesus of Nazareth, and He will correct the image and see to it that it lines up with the thought. But we have a world full of people who are not complete. They have a human spirit. Even the thought is not complete because it is coming forth from the Serpent, which is the partial tree, if you can remember that teaching.


The Tree of Life was in the midst of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. The Tree of Life is the whole tree, and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil is a partial tree. And that partial tree is not equipped to think thoughts independent of the Tree of Life, but this is what happened. So every one of us that is born of a woman in this mortal condition is incomplete because we are a thought form which has come forth from the partial tree. The glorified Jesus Christ has come to complete us by joining Himself to our spirit which, for all intents and purposes for this discussion, our spirit is that string of electromagnetic radiation, or that spark, and this part of us that you see, that you hear talking, is the image. Jesus said, I am the shape of the Father. What He really meant was, I am the shape that truly reflects the thought of the Father. That is what He meant.


So this is how we are a lie. The image does not line up with Jehovah's thought, and this is how we are incomplete. We are formed by a thought that came out of the partial tree and not out of the whole tree. And, brethren, there is an ascension in the Serpent. This is a large fact in the delusion that is going forth. There is change in the Serpent, there is healing in the Serpent, there is deliverance in the Serpent, there is spiritual ascension in the Serpent, and there is physical and emotional healing. Everything that the spirit of Christ can do, the Serpent can do, with one exception, and we preached this in our recent messages on Psalms 105. The only thing that the Serpent cannot reproduce is the Mind of Christ which is the only source of eternal life, and the danger of this reality -- we have to know that this is true. The Serpent can perform every miracle that Christ Jesus can perform, but when Christ Jesus rolls this world up and shuts out its light, everyone who is spiritually mature in the Serpent will cease to exist. That is the only miracle that the Serpent cannot do.


Brethren, how can anybody tell, how can anybody distinguish between two spiritually mature individuals? We have to cry out to Jesus to help us. You have to listen to what I am saying, and you have to listen to the other messages, and you have to pray to Jesus Christ to help the truth to be grafted unto you, and then you have to do whatever He tells you. You cannot run away as soon as it gets tough, because I am telling you right now, it is tough walking this walk, and everyone that the Serpent can move is going to be moved or removed from this path. You have to be sold out to God and willing to pay any price to stay under His protection, and not many qualify, brethren. So there is a false ascension. The Scripture talks about two resurrections, one of the just and one of the unjust.


I believe that there is a spiritual ascension of evil. I believe that this exists right now, but the people who walk in this stay pretty much to themselves, although they are coming out more and more now that it is no longer illegal in this country, and every kind of bizarre thing is accepted in this country today. But I believe that there are men and woman powerful in witchcraft, and it would not even surprise me if there exists human beings that are in a very high place in witchcraft may be living for hundreds of years. What we see happening today is the ascension of goodness, and large numbers of the Church are falling prey thinking that it is Christ, that they are ascending into goodness, and when the Serpent has them real good and it is too late to go back, that pleasure that the Serpent is giving them will turn to pain, and they will discover that they are enslaved.


I do have a drawing for you. The Lord gave me a drawing for you showing these two ascensions. They are parallel worlds or parallel dimensions, and let me tell you that this spiritual ascension that I am talking about is an ascension in consciousness, and the higher we go in consciousness the more power we have over this world. We have to separate from this world in our mind to have power over it. Power for what? Power to be healthy, power to have all of your needs met, because we are all dependent people in this world. We would die without clothing, without food, without shelter. We need human companionship. There are many things that we need. Everybody in this world is spiritually female because we are dependent. The only spiritual male is the one who is not dependent.


So there are two parallel ascensions. One is the true ascension in Christ Jesus. The other is the ascension of goodness in the Serpent that looks like it is the real thing, but it is not. I will give you this one guideline. If you think that you are ascending in Christ Jesus, and if you are not in a continuous on-going warfare with the powers and principalities in your own mind, you have received a lie, because there is no way you will ascend without having to fight every step of the way. This ascension in consciousness -- I have been talking a long time about being above the firmament, and that is what that means, to be above the firmament. For a long time I did not know what it meant. It means to be in the higher centers which are in Christ Jesus, and you receive power over this world. Now, if you are in the Serpent, maybe you want power to get love, maybe you want power to get that woman or to get that man, or maybe you want power to get wealth. Maybe you want power to manipulate other men or to make yourself comfortable, but power in Christ Jesus, brethren, is power over the evil of this world. We believe Jesus Christ to provide the needs that we have in this world, but the true power in Christ Jesus is used to defeat the Serpent's household and to help the afflicted and the broken hearted and those who are weaker than we are and those who cannot help themselves. All power that we receive though the ascension which is in Christ Jesus is at the beck and call of the Lord Jesus Christ in accordance with His direction to do good, and there is also judgment of the carnal mind. All punishment is upon the carnal mind.


The Lord did give me a drawing of these parallel worlds the likes of which I really have not show you before so I will put it on the board for you. I did do something like this in the message The Truth About The Lie, but since I preached that message, the Lord has shown me that the drawing was partially accurate. You may recall, I drew a spiritual man, and I showed that this whole world exists only from the bottom of the foot up to his knees, and that the spiritual man is in the higher part of the image. I knew I did not have it exactly right at that time. I will show you what the Lord gave me, it is a little complicated, so whatever you can get out of it, you can get out of it.


We have an exhibit on the board broken down into four parts, A, B, C, and D. A depicts the way I have been drawing the energy centers for several months now, and I believe I have told you from time to time that these images are not really accurate. I have laid them out in a way that our carnal mind could comprehend them as we entered into this particular concept of energy centers, and as you can see -- this is a review -- there are three lower centers: first, second, and third. These are the major energy centers. There are many smaller energy centers all over the body. These are the major ones. The occult writings speak about seven. Ezekiel, Chapter 1, has witnessed as I teach in the series on Ezekiel, Chapter 1, to these energy centers that they are real, and that they are the locations through which spirit communicates with human beings whether that spirit be the spirit of Satan or whether it be the spirit of Christ. Spirit communicates with the spirit of the individual through the energy centers, and what has witnessed to us that this is true is that there are teachings in the occult writings that are accurate. As a matter of fact, a lot of them are accurate, if not most of them are accurate.


Where we largely differ is that the spirit that they, the occult writers, give all credibility and honor to is the Serpent, or Satan. She is appearing to us as Satan these days, but they have a lot of truth. The occult writers have a lot of truth about our condition, and as I have told you before, just as the Lord accepts the knowledge that I have gained with regard to physical science and psychology, just as a human being developing as a human being in this world, and He has used this knowledge help us to understand ourselves and our relationship to the powers and principalities, and to Him and our condition, and in whatever other way He has used this knowledge, in the same manner it is acceptable to Him that I have received instruction on the spiritual reality of our condition, because it is much easier to learn it from books where it is written down in English. That gives the Lord an opportunity to speak to me about it, to tell me if anything is wrong, or to witness to me what is true and to use it to help us go forward more quickly with our spiritual studies, which are very deeply involved in our ascension of consciousness. This knowledge is important. There is no ascension in consciousness in Christ Jesus without this knowledge. I am convinced of it. We have to study to show ourselves approved, and it is by focusing on the Doctrine of Christ which is raising our consciousness up into the higher centers.


This is the way I have drawn it for you. The three lower centers: the first one is the Fiery Serpent, the second one is Leviathan, the third one is the Ox. I have shown you the heart center, which is very important, because the heart center is where the visible world is. You see, this image that we see when we look at each other and when we look out the window is really not the visible world. It is an image of the world that is in our heart. Now it is not our physical heart. It is an energy center that is producing an image like a reflection on water. Actually, the heart center is physically manifested in our brain. The heart center does not correspond with our physical heart. What is happening in our heart center is manifested through the physical brain.


I have been drawing the heart center as a big read heart to help us understand this, and the heart center is divided in half. The left and the right side of the heart center, and we have found out that Satan covers the right side of the heart center. She is a sea of energy, so I draw her as a blue squiggly line. This is supposed to be a tree over here to indicate the visible world. The left side of the heart center is what the Scriptures call dry ground. Satan does not exist on the left side of the heart center, and this dividing line between the left and right side of the heart center, in a lot of spiritual writings, is called the seashore. It is where the sea ends, and we do have that term in the King James translation except that it does not say seashore. It says the sands of the sea. You can go into most spiritual writings, in the occult, and you will find that term, the seashore, and it is also in the Bible because the Bible was intended to be a spiritual book. The Scripture, the Old and New Testament, was written to a spiritual people.


So people who are not spiritual, because our God is such a merciful God, just that effort of faith, He touches us with His Holy Spirit, but to really understand this Scripture we really have to have some spiritual truth. The best example that I can give you is Ananias and Sapphira. I went into that teaching and looked up every single word in the Greek, and I came to the conclusion that there was no human woman called Sapphira, but that Sapphira was Ananias' female part, his carnal mind. A year after I preached that message, as the Lord directed me deeper and deeper into spiritual studies, guiding me every step of the way because I was in occult studies, what was truth that He wanted me to have and what was not, I found out that there is a god called Sapphira, or Sophia. Everyone that is spiritual knows Sophia is talking about the spiritual aspect of the man himself. Only the Church thinks it is a human woman, and I do not say that to put the Church down. I say that because the Church has got to come out of this infancy. It has to come out of this infancy or we are going to die down here.


This line separating the left from the right side of the heart center is the seashore, and this is also the Jordan. When Elijah smote the Jordan, what it means is that he was spiritually powerful enough to drive Satan back and to cross over to the left side of the heart center. As soon as you come out from under Satan's authority, you have more power. It is a step higher.


Now the occult teachings tell you that there are seven major energy centers, and the Lord has told me that there are eight, that for His purposes He wants us to call the left side of the heart center the fifth center. So that means we have eight. whereas the occult teachings would count the whole heart center as one center and say there are seven major centers, because in the mind of the Serpent she possesses the whole heart center, if you can hear that.


The higher center, the sixth, seventh, and eighth centers is where Adam becomes fortified, in the sixth center. In the seventh center he is a supernatural man, and in the eighth center he is King, and a King has to have a kingdom. He is high enough to be ruling over the whole heart center, both left and right, and driving Satan back. We have this whole teaching in Ezekiel 1 which I am trying to preach. i have not got it done yet, but King Adam comes in, He penetrates into the heart center, goes through the heart center and defeats the Fiery Serpent and Leviathan, and saves the Ox, and possesses the entire visible world.


This is the way I have been drawing it for you. It is not accurate, but it is the pattern I have used to help you understand the spiritual principles that I am speaking about here. What I am going to show you today may not be ideally accurate, but it is more accurate and it is what I am up to.


Now, brethren, we are living down here in the bottom of the pit. Our whole world exists in the mud at the bottom of the abyss because we fell down. So this drawing over here, actually B and C should be reversed, but we are looking at C right now. Actually, each one of these centers is superimposed. Each ascending center is superimposed upon the lower centers. Two is on top of one, three is on top of two and one as depicted in C. I have three circles for the lower centers, all superimposed upon one another, and the heart center is on top of all of them, and I have drawn a square around the heart center to depict the surface of the waters of the abyss, which we are calling the higher centers.


Let me remind you that we are seeking, not in our physical bodies, but in our consciousness, to ascend up from the bottom of the abyss, and to experience consciousness on higher planes of existence which give us power over this world. Jesus had a supernatural power over this world. No man could kill Him. It was impossible to kill His body because He was reconnected to immortality Himself.


This drawing in the C quarter of the board is what you would see if you were looking down over the abyss and all of these energy centers were piled one on top of the other. We are trying to climb up to the surface of the waters. We are trapped down here in the mud, and there is a gravity that keeps us down here, and our bodies are not going up until our mind goes up. Now, let me remind you that the purpose of this drawing, or this series of drawings, is to show you that there is a false ascension. There is an ascension, it looks like it is the right way, but the end of it is death; you die anyway. The end of this ascension is that you die anyway, and that is what I am trying to show you in drawing B and in drawing D.


This is a little difficult to follow so I will so the best I can. Do not worry about it if you do not understand everything that I say. Now, this square, I have drawn a line down the middle to make two triangles, and as you can see in drawing D, the bottom half of it, the abyss comes to a point at the bottom. Of course, the top comes to a point. The key here is that this square that is broken into two triangles, both of these triangles are really superimposed on one another. That means that if I could do it I would take this triangle and fold it over so that this point up here by the B would line up with this point in the lower right hand corner of the square.


This world is in another dimension, it is a lie, it is an illusion, and it is a shadow of the reality. So when I show you opposite points like this they are really one on top of the other. Any questions at this time?


First of all, I have marked off N, S, E, and W, and the reason I put that in is that, as the Lord was giving me this image, He led me to the Book of Revelation. I think it is Chapter 22, Verse 13, talking about the gates of the city. Three gates on the east, the eternal world where Jehovah is and where Jesus Christ is right now, and three gates on the south, and three gates on the north, and three gates on the west. What the Lord was telling me is that it was really saying -- let me remind you that the west is the visible physical world, and the south is the visible spiritual world. You can see that I have the upper right hand corner of this square marked off as the visible world, and there is a line dividing that square, and half of it is the Mind of Christ, which is the visible spiritual world, and the other half of that square in the upper right hand corner is the visible physical world. Now, in this hour Cain is overlaying Abel, and Abe,l who is rising from the dead in this hour, is called the Mind of Christ.


When you receive the Holy Spirit you receive the potential to have that Holy Spirit graft to your human spirit, thereby raising the Mind of Christ or Abel from the dead in you. Right now, Cain is the conscious mind of all of humanity. We all have the nature of Cain. The immortals on the other side of the flood are the descendants of Seth, and they were living out of Abel until they became evil, and they descended into the mind of Cain. We are a creation that is not yet permanently formed, and we have the potential to be either Abel or Cain, and Cain defeats Abel continuously. Therefore, Jehovah sent Jesus Christ who was higher than both Cain and Abel to strengthen Abel that he might stand against the evil powers and principalities of this world. Cain is the conscious mind of all humanity. In this hour, Cain, as the maidenhead in a woman, is being done away with, and humanity is becoming a spiritual creature instead of a dumb Ox that only eats grass, as we see depicted by Behemoth in the Book of Job.


We are becoming a spiritual creature. The question is, who are we becoming spiritual in? Because the way we become a spiritual creature is by bypassing our conscious mind and living out of our subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind is our spiritual mind. If we move into Adam, which is Christ who is rising from the dead in us, we are becoming a spiritual person in the Spirit of Christ in the Kingdom of God, but if you do not have Christ, I do not care if you think that you have Christ, if you do not have Christ grafted to you and you are becoming spiritual, you are not going, according to the image that I have in part B, to the left. You are not crossing over the seashore, which would be over here, and becoming the resurrected Adam, but you are going down, and you are starting to live out of the Fiery Serpent, who is your subconscious mind, and you are becoming spiritual in the household of the Serpent. The signs of resurrection, the signs of spiritual ascension, the signs of ascending into the higher energy centers, whereby you are becoming a spiritual man, are very similar, if not the same, whether Adam is rising from the dead in you, or Christ is rising from the dead in you, or whether the Fiery Serpent is rising up in you.


In this area of the lower left-hand corner of the square is the collective subconscious mind. Each individual has a subconscious mind, and each individual is a part of the collective subconscious mind, which is known either as the Body of Christ, or the collective fallen humanity, a wild animal. So we see this square in the upper right-hand corner is the visible world, and we see that is only a small section, that the majority of our reality is in an invisible plane, all of our subconscious mind, and Satan who flows over all three gates. Cain, the Fiery Serpent and Leviathan. The other triangle is the Spirit of Christ flowing over all three areas. The Mind of Christ which is Abel, Christ which is Adam, or Christ Jesus which is the mediator, the only mediator between God and man.


I know that Revelation talks about twelve gates, and to be honest with you, I forget what the Lord told me when I put this together. We will see if He gives it back to me before I finish this message, but I may not be able to explain the gates or the number to you right now, but the Lord told me that this is what the gates are. The gates are talking about the energy centers. Most likely there are sub-energy centers in each of these three areas. Three sub-energy centers in each of these energy centers.


The east typifies the static eternal world. There is a static and a dynamic aspect of the Godhead. The static aspect is Jehovah. He does not come down into this world. He does not move. He is the generator of the creative thought, and Elohim is His dynamic aspect. Just as if I were cold and would like that blanket, my hand would reach out and take the blanket. My hand is the dynamic aspect, and my mind is the creator of the thought that told my arm to get the blanket. The east is the eternal world, and it is invisible. The north is where the Serpent is, and the west and the south are the visible worlds.


Down here on D, what I have done is, I have turned the square on its side so that we can relate it to all the times I have drawn the abyss for you, a triangle with the point at the bottom, and here you can see I have tried to draw some grass. It is the earth of the personality, and you can see the point of the abyss piercing into the personality, and the Fiery Serpent is the one who incarnates us, and she is the spiritual parasite. Let me put it this way, she incarnates us and then becomes the spiritual parasite that dwells within us. so long as we have consciousness, and she feeds off of us. She feeds not off of our flesh but off of our energy, and when we die she goes on to somebody else.


One thing I just love about what God is doing here is that He brings forth concepts, or He brings forth translations, that I really do not know what they mean, and then a year later, not only do I find out what they mean, but I have a Scripture that witnesses to it that I can tell you, in all honesty, I brought forth a year ago, so I in no way brought forth this Scripture to support what I am saying, because it came forth a year ago. There is a Scripture in the New Testament, I believe it is in Luke 2, where it says that the Serpent's household feeds off of us, and at the time I brought it forth I had no idea what it meant. Now we have the revelation that the Fiery Serpent and Leviathan are consuming our personality. Our personality is the Ox that Adam formed at the beginning of time. They are consuming us, that is why we die, and there is a waste produce that is given off as they consume us, and that waste product is called Satan, negative energy, the spiritual urine.


So we see that there is a false ascension, brethren, and what I am trying to show you on the D part of this drawing is that the people who are ascending in the Serpent, they still cannot get above the firmament. You see this line here, I am on drawing D, and the line that separates the two triangles is the firmament. I have preached on the firmament for years, talking about getting up above the firmament, and I really could not relate it to our human experience. The world above the firmament is the world of the true higher centers. Over here on A, it would be the centers 6, 7, and 8, the fortified Adam, where he becomes an Eagle, the place where he becomes a supernatural man. The 7th and 8th where he becomes King and rules the whole visible world.


Our state of consciousness is defined by degree of union with the Spirit of God. The way we determine how high our consciousness is, the way we measure it -- remember the two-witness company always measuring something with that line and plummet? That is what they are measuring. How deeply is Christ Jesus penetrating you? We are female, we are the personality which is female in relationship to the mind which possesses us, and intercourse between a human man and woman is intermittent. It is not a permanent joining, but spiritual intercourse is a permanent joining. That is why we are dead. We are completely pierced through by Leviathan and the fiery Serpent, and they are possessing us and feeding off of us, but Christ Jesus is penetrating into us while we are already possessed.


You see, that which denotes a marriage is penetration. There is no marriage without penetration. This is even true in the laws of our country. No penetration, you are entitled to an annulment. There is no marriage until the man penetrates the woman. All of you who think you are married to the Lord Jesus, you are mistaken because He can only penetrate you so far without facing the necessity of casting out the one who is already penetrating you, and the way He casts out the one who is already penetrating you is with your cooperation. We must reject the one who is penetrating us, or there is no way she is getting cast out. We are penetrated by a lesbian, brethren. She is a she, and she is possessing us like a man possesses a woman. That is what the Scripture says. If that offends you, you are fainthearted and you should not be here unless you rebuke it and go on. I should have said, If you want to run, you are fainthearted, and you should go home, that is OK. This message is not for the fainthearted.


We are pierced through, the Scripture says that, and our hope, as we read about it in the book of Romans, Chapter 8, Verse 21, our hope is that our Champion, our Savior, sent by Jehovah in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ, will subject the one who has subjected us. He will kick out the one who is possessing us, but He must possess us. If we are not possessed of a mind we will cease to exist. This is why our deliverance is taking place while we are already possessed of the Fiery Serpent and Leviathan. The Lord Jesus Christ cannot rip out Leviathan and the Fiery Serpent and then possess us. In the process we will die. That is the bottom line, and this operation which will replace the Fiery Serpent and Leviathan with Christ Jesus and our mind requires our cooperation. That cooperation is in the form of a warfare.


So if you are reading this message and you are ascending on the basis of some carnal concept of love, or however you would define it, if you are ascending without a warfare, that is your overriding proof that you are ascending to the surface of Satan's waters, but that you will never cross over the Jordan. To ascend to the surface of Satan's waters will make you a spiritual -- I cannot call you a man because Christ Jesus is the only spiritual man -- but you will be a powerful spiritual person through union with the Serpent, and you will do good only for a season, because as soon as she has grabbed you and is possessing you firmly, she will turn you out as a pimp turns out a prostitute, for whatever her evil purposes are. To be honest with you, I do not really know, but she will use you for evil purposes. You will become her prostitute.


There is a false ascension, which is to the surface of the waters under the firmament, and the true ascension in the Spirit of Christ smites these waters, has the power to dry Satan up, and ascend into the true higher centers which are above. You may recall that the program of Jesus Christ, who is carrying out Jehovah's program, is that Satan must be evaporated, and the earth beneath the firmament must become dry ground, and the only conscious earth will be the Ox, which is the many-membered personality which will be nailed to the world above by Christ Jesus,  who is joined to the Lord Jesus Christ (this is the Spirit of Christ over here in red, flowing over the whole top), who is joined to Jehovah. The Ox, which we are, we are the spiritual Ox, will be firmly penetrated by Christ Jesus and married to Elohim, and possessed and occupied by Jehovah and, thus, never again will the Woman. which is the animal nature that Adam was joined to at the beginning of time, separate from her husband in thought.


Do you know how the Ox separated from Adam? Adam was the thought, the string of electromagnetic radiation that was sent forth by the Mind of God, and He was sent forth to gather together atoms of material which would depict the invisible thought which He was, and the Scripture says He formed an Ox. He formed that image out of the earth which has the Serpent's nature, but somehow, I still do not have the whole thing yet, somehow the Serpent's nature in the Ox formed the Ox in a manner that was not an accurate representation of that string of electromagnetic radiation which came out of the Mind of God. The image did not line up with the generating power, the string of power, the spirit that was sent forth to form it. Brethren, this may sound way out to you, but those of you who have been here for a while, we do a lot of workshops here, many, if not most of which, where I will tell you when mind control is manifesting through anybody. I have pointed it out to you over the years, how you did not know that you were doing it, but how your carnal mind was rising up and trying to change the thinking or influence the thoughts that were coming out of Christ in another believer.


We work on that here because it is very hard to see unless it manifests in front of you and someone points it out to you. It is that subtle. The workings of your carnal mind to overthrow the thoughts of Christ are very subtle, and the hard part is that your carnal mind is not telling you to go murder somebody. She is just trying to get you to do something when Christ is telling you to do something else. It is a warfare of the thoughts, appearing to the carnal mind on the surface to be harmless. You can recognize it only with spiritual discernment, but what seems harmless at this moment can threaten your life tomorrow. So we must learn to recognize the carnal mind when she sends forth a thought. No matter how harmless it seems we must learn to recognize it that we might reject it in favor of the thought of Christ, and that is one of the things that we do here. We try the spirit. We make a judgment as to whether Christ has spoken or the carnal mind has spoken, and through the pointing out of the fact that someone's carnal mind has spoken I am hoping to strengthen you to do it yourself, to recognize when your carnal mind speaks and to stop it before it comes out of your mouth. Are there any questions about these drawings or anything that I have said up until this point?


We are going to comment on this newsletter. I will just read it from the beginning.


Please note that the comments from the Newsletter are in quotation marks.


"In the dark ages the fear of false mysticism gave birth to extremes such as the Inquisition, that out of suspicion of heresy hunted down, imprisoned, tortured, and killed some of the most spiritual saints of all ages. Like witches for example. And suspicion wishing to yell heresy imprison and torture is by no means a distant past vogue." Read the good side of a brother's experience that he related. And now this is a quote within the newsletter. I do not know whose experience this is. "On a beautiful day in early spring a Christian friend whom I had known since conversion was on vacation from Bible college came to visit me. My friend said, What is the Lord doing in your life now? This awaked in me a sudden desire to share with him all that the Lord had been doing in my life for a while. I said, Since just before Christmas, so many things have begun to come together, and I finally have learned some of the principles of meditation and how to live my life out of the presence of God within me, and am coming to know God in silence." Now, this is the first hint that our author is dealing with the I Am message, to know God in silence.


I find it so interesting that this newsletter came today because, to the best of my knowledge, I addressed the silence which is in God for the first time recently in our study of Psalms 105. As far as I know, it was the first time I ever commented on it, that the silence that God is talking about is the silence of this external world, because just as we hear continuous sound in this world, the birds chirping, the cars moving, the heating system making noise. "There are all kinds of noise in this world, but most of the noise comes from people speaking in audible voices which are known languages, and this whole concept of the silence of God is that there is just as much sound in the spirit world as there is in this outer world, but when the two worlds are speaking at once we default to the sounds of this outer world. So to hear the communications from the inner world it is necessary for us to remove ourselves to a place where the sounds of this world are silenced." Can you hear this? To hear the sounds of the inner world we have to be in a silence which is the silence of the outer world, but this message that is in the Church today is not saying that. It is saying that the silence that we should seek is in the spirit, that we should isolate ourselves, which is necessary to hear the sounds in the spirit, we do have to remove yourself away from people. There is a truth to that. I'll comment further on that.


When we open ourselves to the spirit world there is a vital communication with the spirit world. I talk to the Lord all day long. Let me put it this way. I will say my conversation with the Lord is divided into three categories: Praising Him, just telling Him how much I love Him, asking Him questions and discussing the Doctrine of Christ with Him, and talking to Him about the activities of this life, which includes the confession of sin and repentance, the dealing with my carnal mind and the carnal minds of other people, and how to get along in this world without sinning, and in a manner that will glorify Jesus Christ. I talk to Him continuously, and the conversation is mature and important and pertinent and vital. I have heard Him tell me that He loves me over the years, but the more mature that our conversation gets the less I hear Him say the words, I love you, because the love is evident in the communication which teaches me and molds me and changes me. This is not a one-way communication.


Now, according to this I Am teaching, it is largely a one-way communication. "We sit passively and wait for the inner voice to talk to us." Brethren, this is not Jesus Christ's way. When you come to the Lord you come with a question, you come with a problem, you come with praise, you come in submission, admitting that you need Him. You do not sit passively waiting to see what the Lord would say to you today. Now, I am not saying that cannot happen if your relationship is in right order to begin with. I have said that to the Lord, What would you say to me today? But my overall relationship with Him is one that I have just described to you in that He helps me, and I acknowledge that He is greater than I. The conversation, by and large, is active and vibrant and vital. I do not sit there waiting for Him to speak to me because passivity is not God's way. Even when He does speak to me, He speaks to me as I walk. I do not sit there silently waiting for a voice. This is not God, and I used to think that it was Eastern, that this was how the Eastern philosophy taught you to meditate, and I found out that is not even true. I cannot tell you where this form of passive -- it is really not meditation. because the term meditation in itself talks about this vital kind of conversation that I am talking about. This passivity, which this teaching, which this doctrine calls silent prayer or silent communication, I do not know where it originated, but it is not Hindu. It is not Eastern philosophy. In the Hindu religion they meditate actively on the different chakras and the gods of those chakras. Meditation is a mental activity. I really do not know where this concept of silent listening came from, but it is satanic, and it opens you up to the voice of Satan.


Continuing to read from the newsletter. "I finally have learned some of the principles of meditation and how to live my life out of the presence of God within me." Listen to these catch words. That is another way of expressing this form of silent meditation. Sitting in the presence of God, you just sit there and wait for Him to talk to you. "And I am coming to know God in silence." And I repeat that the silence is the silencing of this physical world so that you can hear the communications of the spirit. The spiritual world is not supposed to be silent to you. "I should have explained further, but my friend being unsettled at the word meditation, and when I said the word silence. his face turned red. He nearly yelled, sitting up straight in the chair, You have gone into error! You are into Eastern religious meditation which is not of God. His eyes were bulging out, and he was looking at me in unbelief. Our class in Seminary last week was on Eastern religions, and all those teachings on silence, meditation, and passiveness. All that stuff is of the Devil."


Although it is probably very true that many Pentecostals might have this reaction, I have to point out to you the subtle put-down of the Christian that is standing tall against the occult practices. The subtle put-down is, his eyes are bulging out of his head, and he is panicking. I admit that this happens frequently. "I answered, saying, I know about Eastern philosophy, and they are in error, but meditation and silence is also in the Bible. I have spent years finding out the truth about Christian meditation and, conservative Christians think it is evil. Would you believe that Christian meditation is the most powerful spirituality that there is?" I am not sure what he means by that. "In unbelief he answered, are you not still a Pentecostal? You are talking about silence, and the Bible teaches us to praise the Lord and make a joyful noise unto him." So, this is true. A lot of carnal Christians think that the true praise is verbal praise, and the true praise is submission to Christ. So we see a crossing over here and a mixing of issues.


"Yes, I do praise the Lord in audible worship, especially in Church, praise and worship. Yet there is a praise that is praising in silence," and again I have to tell you, in my opinion, we do not praise God in silence. We praise God through submitting to Him, and seeking Him to teach us about His doctrine and His ways and about righteousness, and we seek Him by asking questions. We must chase down God, we must flag down God, we must go after Him. In this country, especially if you are a young person, you go into school and you sit down and the teacher presents the message plan to you, but that is not the way it is in God's Kingdom. We have a Bible, and we have instructors, and we are supposed to be studying and go to Him with questions. We must do the leg work, and we go to Him with the questions. It is not the other way around. We do not sit here waiting for Him to give us a lesson plan.


Here is the question. "But doesn't silence turn into passivity? And the answer is, not Christian meditative silence, though the Eastern religions try to reach states of passivity," I am not even sure that is true,"but not the Christian way, we keep beholding the face of the Lord as in a mirror, and in our silent beholding Him He brings us near to Him in love." Now, brethren, how could we do that? We do not know what He looks like, as His face in the mirror. Are we talking about pictures of Jesus? What does He look like?


So we see that Christian meditative silence instructs us to hold an image in our mind. Nobody knows what this image looks like. We are off on a wrong foot. I honestly do not know whether the people practicing this actually lay hold of pictures of Jesus. We went through that in Old Order Deliverance, all those pictures of Jesus, they all looked different because they were all different men posing as Jesus. We do not know what He looked like.


"And He brings us near to Him in love." Well, what does that mean? "He will not give us a stone if we ask for bread. It is powerful. The Lord gives me spiritual power as I have never known before." Brethren, this may come as a shock to you, but you are not reaching Jesus in this form of meditation. I have no problem believing that Satan is giving you power. I have no problem believing it at all. "My friend answered, I am not sure that I know what you are telling me, would that not make a hermit out of you who never faces the reality of life?" Now, the Lord just reminded me that I did not finish an idea that I put forth a little while ago, so let me do it before I forget.


It is true that we must spend a lot of time apart from other human beings to enter into the communication of the spirit which is drowned out through human verbal communications, but, brethren, once the Mind of Christ is in the process of being formed in us, once we have a working knowledge of the Doctrine of Christ, then we can come together with other brethren and fellowship in the Doctrine of Christ. If your meditation does not lead to a doctrine, if your meditation is only with the God within you, not talking consistently to every individual so that now the individuals who are communing with God have something to share, yes, you will go into an isolated relationship with a spirit guide, and you are in great danger. Did I make that clear?


We are talking about a withdrawing from carnal activities, but that does not mean withdrawing from people. It means we withdraw, and I do not mean that you have to give up your family or your friends, I am talking in the long run. As the Mind of Christ develops in us we engage in new and deepening relationships, and the center, the foundation of our relationship is the Doctrine of Christ and the righteousness of God. Even with those relationships you still do need to spend time alone with God, but this concept of isolation, this concept that there is nothing that we can bring from our meditation into a human relationship is not the truth of Christ Jesus.


"Would that not make a hermit out of you who never faces the reality of life?" This is still the testimony being quoted here. "And I answered him, Eastern religions seek for silence itself. It is their goal, and an end in itself. Just ceasing from all activity." I am no expert on Eastern religions, but from what I have studied, I really do not perceive that to be the truth. "Nor do they have any connection with or communication with God." Now, the Hindu religion, brethren, the Hindus are very religious people. Hindus and Buddhists, they are very religious people, and they are continuously worshiping the many gods that they believe in. They most certainly do believe in -- it is not the God of the Bible, but they are very religious people so this is not accurate. This is not the writer of this newsletter, this is a testimony.


"Eastern religions seek for silence itself. It is their goal." No, Eastern religions seek for union with the universal spirit. That is their goal, that is the end, so this is not true. "And they seek to cease from all human activity." But the activity goes on in the spirit, very much so. "Nor do they have any connection with or communication with God." This is not true. "Ours is a listening silence, a communicating silence. You see, there is someone beyond silence who is dwelling in the silence. There is someone who is dwelling in the silence who is the Lord Jesus, and there I am in the joy of my life." Now brethren, let me tell you here that sound exists on many levels, and sound exists according to pitch. So we who have human ears can only hear sounds that are at a particular pitch that our ears can recognize, but there is a sound which is beyond what our ears can hear. Every communication is sound. Spiritual communication is sound, but it is not sound that our human ears can hear.


"The one who was dwelling in the silence is the Lord Jesus." He is not in silence. The Lord Jesus is talking to us continuously. We must start to vibrate on the same rate of vibration as He is vibrating to understand what He is saying. You see, for me to understand what you say when you talk to me, my consciousness must be and is vibrating on the same level as yours so when you communicate with me I understand you. God is vibrating on a different rate of vibration that the average human being cannot hear, but as we ascend in consciousness -- the Scripture says, You must walk together. That is just another way of saying it. When our mind is on the same level, functioning together, we will understand every word that God is saying. Jesus is not in the silence. Jesus talks continuously, but most of us cannot hear Him.


"Many things used to bother me, but now they do not for I am in communion with Christ. He has awoke me out of sleep and tears began to run down my cheeks, and there I was savoring the spiritual vitality that came into my life." This concept of awakening from sleep is talking about awakening from spiritual sleep. It is talking about the raising of consciousness. Brethren, there is someone who dwells beyond the sound of this world, and her name is Satan. She is the one who dwells in the silence. She is the one who responds to you when you sit in silence waiting for someone to speak to you. "'And he nodded his head at me saying, All the time that I have been in school I have lost what I had in the Lord at one time. Isn't it a predicament to get into? Here I am studying in a Pentecostal seminary, and Jesus, as a living being, is now so far from me.' And then He stops, his voice, choking." What is happening here is the truth that so many Pentecostals and so many Christians who once had a vital relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ now feel dead and dried up, and their relationship with the Lord is just dead and dried up, but that does not mean that the answer is silent meditation, because the one waiting in the silence is another Jesus, a false Jesus.


Then he went on,"I know all the ins and outs of building a sermon and the special ways of preaching it, and I can tell you how to understand the major books of the Bible, but I am spiritually empty on the inside." Now, this is true of a lot of Pentecostals. "'And I do appreciate all that you have shared with me this evening,' and he went away, the tears rolling down his cheeks. There, my friend and I sat alone, yet together, waiting on God, and a great light shined inside of us, transfixed in the sense of His presence." So this is a false anointing going forth in the Church.


We are going on with the writer of the newsletter now. This is the newsletter. "It is one thing to be graced in the depth of silent centering prayer, yet quite another to communicate it without being misunderstood. The two do not always go together. Some deep inner experience in the silence of God expresses their experience in a way that upsets the suspicions of the conservative traditionalist, and they are quickly accused of being a heretic." So we are talking about communicating without expressing ourselves. There is such a thing in Christ Jesus, communicating without forming words, but I want to tell you that I have been in a program of Jesus Christ to develop spiritually for years, years, and I am just beginning, just beginning to comprehend His communications that are not actual words. It feels like an impact. Did you ever stand in the ocean and feel a wave just pop up against your leg, you just feel the pressure of that wave popping up against your leg. I am experiencing that from time to time, the Lord Jesus communicating with me through an impulse, and I understand what He is saying. It is a highly developed sense of responsiveness, and it does not come overnight in Christ Jesus.


"Mystical language is not for the theological minded nor is it exactly conservative or traditional. It is the language of love in the beloved's chamber of love. Husband and wives who say to each other, I adore you, are not thinking of each other as gods and goddesses." Our writer is saying that I know that the people in the occult who meditate think of themselves as gods and goddesses. We are not doing that. It is just words that are merely inadequate to express the feelings of love. Yet, if people in your circle or fellowship hear your expressions and misunderstand your language they may accuse you of being of the Devil. Well, I am not accusing anybody, but I am telling you that the major communication between God and the disciple is not telling each other how much you love each other. That may be a part of your relationship, but we are in a war, and Jesus is in the process of taking the land back from the Serpent, so if you are in Christ Jesus you are in the army, and you are having military conferences with our Lord. You are not two lovers after the order of human lovers spending all your time telling each other how much you love each other, although that may happen from time to time.


"Even among the Charismatics, some are of the opinion that if you get silent before God the Devil will begin thinking through you, but in reality when you are in silent prayer, you enter Jesus' love chamber, and the Devil cannot come near you." Brethren, this is an outright lie. The Devil talks to us all the time. The Devil talked to Jesus. The Devil -- well, it is not the Devil, it is Satan -- can talk to us and can make suggestions to us and can seduce us to choose to follow after the carnal mind rather than the Christ Mind. There is no place that Satan cannot touch us until she is completely covered over, and then she could still whisper to us.


"You are embraced in love, your heart is aflame." God help us. "The Father's passionate desire is a present loving intimacy with us." See, now he is not talking about the Son. This is the same anti-Christ, I Am message, forgetting about the Son. What they are saying is that we are the Son, but Christ Jesus is the Son. We are the personality that is being saved.


"Life in Christ is not doing. It is being. So if you want to be in Christ you do not do anything. You just are. Passive. You just are." Well, I am telling you, brethren, I have been in this ministry, in this walk, in this Christ walk for years, and I am a very busy person, and there is always something, some spiritual thing to address. Either it is a dream or a word of knowledge or a spiritual communication or the Doctrine of Christ. There is always something that I am thinking about, talking to the Lord about, trying to understand, working on. Christ is certainly doing. "Life in Christ is not doing, it is being." This is not true. "True life is being in love with Jesus." What does that mean? Life is through spiritual union with the Son, and when you are in spiritual union with the Son, when your spirit is joined to His spirit you are one spirit, and the spirit of God in this hour is at war with the Serpent's household. There is much to do.


"The fruit of the spirit comes with a loving intimacy." Of course, the fruit of the spirit is Christ. "After seeking and praying for those much anticipated longed-for fruit, love, joy, and peace and God's promised rest is now my daily Sabbath. Daily communion of silent waiting and listening in faith has brought me into an undreamed level of inner healing and transformation and the renewing of the mind." Brethren, there is not a doubt in my mind that this man has received a renewing of the mind and transformation. The question is, how has he received this? The Scripture says, Be ye renewed in the spirit of your mind. The renewal which is in Christ Jesus is the laying hold of the spirit of the mind and reforming that spirit from the carnal mind into the Christ Mind, and this does not happen through passivity. It comes through the confession of sin and repentance, and the warring against and the defeating of the carnal mind by the Christ Mind. If you are being healed and renewed in your mind through passivity, through sitting silently before God, brethren, the chances of it being the true spirit of Christ doing this for you is just about nil.


"We are lost in union with Christ in His loving embrace. Oh, the extravagant love of God, we feast on love, we are drunken with love, He enfolds us in His love." Well, what is His love? I cannot tell you for sure what this man is talking about, but it sounds to me like he is talking about emotional love. Brethren, the love of God is truth. The love of God judges our carnal mind. The love of God exposes sin and teaches us righteousness, and gives us the opportunity to reject that sin and to choose righteousness and to follow after a new path. "Take time for inner healing, take time for inner listening and waiting on the Father, even audible prayer and praise, and this time with Him in the secret place, not thinking of anything but Him, just being in His presence." Well, how do you think about Him? When I think about Him I think about His word. How do you think about Him? With your carnal mind's concept of who and what God is? That is what this sounds like to me.

"Inner listening and waiting on the Father." The secret place, brethren, talked about in the Scripture, is the Mind of Christ. I do not know what it means to this man. "Not thinking of anything but Him." So everybody can interpret this statement for themselves. Everybody reading this newsletter can decide what thinking about Jesus means.


"Just being with Him in His presence, not doing anything, is sweeter than all of nature's fragrances, not doing anything." Passivity. "Just knowing about it, like most Bible readers, is not sufficient. It must be yours experientially." Well, that is true, but sitting there doing nothing does not make -- I guess he is talking about this relationship, this good feeling. It sounds to me like he is talking about a good feeling. He is talking about love in the emotions. Satan loves you in your emotions, brethren. Jesus Christ loves you in the spirit.


"Centering silent prayer is not meditation. Meditation is thinking, analyzing, studying, reading, and talking about. This is what the Lord has taught me." And then he says: "And this is wandering and rambling." So he is saying it is wrong to think, to analyze, to study, to read, and to talk to God about anything. He does not even say what. About His Word, about your life? "You should just sit silently." "Centering, silent communion is none of those. It is just being." Just do nothing. "Transformation comes as a result of silent prayer if done in a correct manner. In His unfolding presence is healing therapy, erasing painful memories of abuse, and you can be vibrant and victorious in Jesus' extravagant love." Jesus Christ heals you by giving you understanding of your affliction and how you came to be in this condition, and by giving you a contrasting opinion of how you can think differently, of how you can behave differently, and then gives you the power to choose to change, but by an act of your will. With the power of Christ Jesus we must reject the ungodly thought and choose the godly thought, and reject the ungodly behavior and choose the godly behavior. We do not just change. That is a rapture mentality, and it may very well be a gift coming from Satan, but Jesus does not change you like that. We have something to do. We do not just sit under a sunlamp, a spiritual sunlamp, and change. We have to choose righteousness over unrighteousness. The easy way out is never God.


"Waiting in silence, beholding the Lord, beholding the Lord within." Now that sounds like the Hindus meditating on the god of each of the chakras. So, I do not know how he beholds the Lord within, and, again, everybody reading this has their own interpretation of how you behold the Lord within. What do you look at? We do not know what He looks like. "Has done an incredible transformation in my mind, and has done a renewal of the way I see things of God, and changed the way I live at home and among the people of God. I always read what Paul said in Romans 12, Be not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of the mind." Well, that is a good Scripture. "But I never knew until I began silent prayer what could transform the mind. I tried memorizing Scriptures." No, that does not work. "Reading the Bible and preaching the Gospel to no avail." Well, reading the Bible can transform your mind somewhat and preaching can too, but he goes on to say: "being transformed begins on the inside through the spirit of the Word." Well, I do not know about that. I have to disagree with that. I believe that if you are reprobate, and you come to the Lord, and you start reading the Bible, the beginning of the transforming of your mind comes with the written Word. You get a revelation of righteousness through the written Scripture, but, of course, you have to change in your spirit, but I cannot say that it begins in the spirit.


"Being transformed begins on the inside through the spirit of the Word. It renews us from the innermost mind out, as you are faithful to turn your eyes on Jesus and look full into His wonderful face." I repeat the question, How do you turn your eyes on Jesus and look into His wonderful face? What does He look like? He is talking about the one that you meet in silent meditation, and it is another Jesus, brethren. The Scripture clearly says, Even at the midnight hour, Jesus employs people. He gives them work, He gives them things to do, He gives them spiritual labor. He is not meeting you in silence.


"Inside of you, you will be amazed for you will begin going through metamorphous of your mind and being through the Christ in you, the hope of glory." The question is, Is it really the Christ in you, the hope of Glory? "In faithfulness to silent, centering prayer, the spirit unveils the reality of possible infinite growth in divine union with God." So, what he is saying is that we enter into a divine union with God through silent listening, but that is not true, brethren. We enter into a divine union with God through Christ Jesus, the only mediator between God and man, and Christ Jesus is in His Word. He is the Word.


Now he starts talking about dysfunctional families. "Psychologists have helped many sort the dark hidden problem out in people's minds, but they cannot help one's spirit." That is true. "Righteousness, peace, and joy is in the Holy Ghost, and there is where deliverance from dysfunctionality begins." But, of course, we have done an Alternate Translation of that Scripture: righteousness, peace, and joy is in the Holy Ghost, and the true understanding of that Scripture does not support the doctrine of this newsletter. That Scripture is Romans 14:17, and the Alternate Translation reads: The Kingdom of God is the righteousness Mind of Christ who treads down the sinful thoughts of the criminal carnal mind, so that we may experience the peace which results from Christ Jesus's absolute rulership over our whole being, as well as the spiritual joy which results from communion with Him; therefore, it is acceptable to God that mortal man tread the carnal mind underfoot because this is a holy labor. A holy labor, brethren, is any activity which is motivated by the righteousness which is in Christ Jesus. So, we see that this righteousness, peace, and joy, which is in the Holy Ghost, does not come from silent listening, but from the warfare and the spiritual labor of treading down the carnal mind, treading under the carnal mind.


"I got healing from a deep lying dysfunctional life through deep inner silent heart-to-heart communion with my lover and indwelling invisible bridegroom, Jesus Christ, the Lord." What I hear him saying here, brethren, is that he has the bridegroom dwelling within him. Well that may be the case at the beginning, but what is not understood here is that as we continue on in our relationship with Christ Jesus we become one with Him. We become the bridegroom, you see. Christ Jesus is manifesting through many people, and He is not manifesting the same function through each person or through each group of people. There is a group of people today through whom Christ Jesus is manifesting as the bridegroom, the male, the man; and the characteristic of the man is that he teaches. The man is the priest of the family. He teaches, and the bridegroom is not just a spiritual being inside the individual. The bridegroom is Christ Jesus come in the flesh, and He goes forth to minister to the bride company, to the Body of Christ who are reconciled to Christ Jesus, but who do not have that intense priestly relationship with Him at that time. So to take this position that the bridegroom is within me, and I am the bride, and I am having this love relationship with Him, this is what is called in Africa a spiritual marriage. where you stay the female and the spirit guide takes care of you and loves you. The love of God which is in Christ Jesus makes the one who He is indwelling into a spiritual male, Christ Jesus. By intertwining Himself with the personality of the individual they become inseparable, and the personality becomes a part of the bridegroom and becomes so in-filled with power that he goes out to help other believers.


"Any who faithfully waits in His presence, just faithfully waits in His presence, just loving and being loved, your deep inner wounds heal and will not reappear." Brethren, a relationship with this false Jesus will not develop you into a spiritual male, but will keep you dependent, and all healing that comes forth without confession of sin and repentance and overcoming is not in Christ. That is not His way, and the God who was healing you will call in her marker in due season, and you will owe her, and she will exact every whit that you owe her.


"Beloved, it has been the experience of saints through the centuries that more is learned about Jesus in prayer than in books." Well, I do not know where he got that from. The Lord teaches me through books, and in prayer He confirms and disaffirms and gives understanding. The teaching comes from the books, and the understanding comes from the spirit. I put the information into my computer through books, and the spirit quickens the understanding to the information that I put in. This doctrine (in this newsletter) teaches the people to not study but to just receive only what this spirit has to tell them.


"The beauty of Jesus in personal experience can only be realized if He is allowed to become a vital personality of those events of the present." Well, that sounds OK. "All whom Jesus sets their hearts aflame with love for Him find their greatest joy in the secrecy of their own personal communion with Him." Well, that is true, but you have to have something in common with your lover, and what I have in common with my lover is the Word of God. I have not heard one word about the Word of God here. "All with hearts aflame for the love of Christ are discovering that the joy of pure love...." But he has not defined pure love -- "...is not known and expressed in the presence of a crowd, but in the quiet...." Now, God has spoken to me in the midst of a crowd. He has not discussed doctrine with me in the midst of a crowd because there is so much noise, but He has definitely communicated with me, and He has communicated His love in the midst of a crowd. Jesus Christ can communicate and can be present and can make His presence known in the midst of a crowd, but, of course, if He is talking to you about deep doctrine, you will have to be alone with Him to hear what He's saying. Brethren, this doctrine is an abomination, it is an absolute abomination.


"And Jesus approved of this principle of secret prayer, and He taught that we were to pray to the Father because we love His presence and desire to commune with Him." Well, first of all He said to pray to the Father, in the name of the Son. What about the Son? This is a Jehovah-only message, and I never read anything about praying to the Father because we love His presence and desire to commune with Him. The disciples said to Jesus, in John 17, Teach us how to pray, and Jesus prayed to have their needs met, and to keep them from the evil.


"The main purpose of silent communion prayer is loving God." You know, brethren, I almost cannot go on with this. What is this loving God? If you love Me you will obey my commandments. I am really trying to be honest. All I can see in this is an emotional love. I cannot see anything else that this man is talking about. Emotional love. It is not of God. God's love is spiritual.


"The main purpose of silent communion prayer is loving God, and it is a two-way love. Did you ever love someone and they did not love you in return?" I have when I was a teenager, and it was painful, but this is not so with the Lord. "You can madly love Him, and He will madly love you, and He will make you feel good about yourself. He make you feel like you are worth something. He will make you feel good about other people too." Brethren, the way the Lord makes you feel good about yourself is that He helps you to overcome your weaknesses, and He gives you ministry. When I say ministry it does not have to be a formal ministry. He gives you assignments, He gives you things to do, and when you overcome your weaknesses and are victorious over your enemies you feel good about yourself.


I want to give you a testimony. For many years of my life I was a miserable human being. I was a very unhappy person. I come out of a very dysfunctional family, and for years I believed, and in fact this was my case, that the only time I was happy was when I was in love. When I had that romantic relationship with a man, for as long as it lasted I was very happy, but somewhere along the line I got the revelation that romantic love does not last. Neither is it a healthy fulfilling if it is the only thing in your life. The best way for people to go, the best way for them to feel loved and good about themselves is to mature, to be a mature person, to develop talents and interest and relationships, and to feel good about themselves based on accomplishments and a knowledge of the fact that they are relating to people in a godly manner. To feel good about yourself because of emotional love is opening yourself to destruction. And I tell you once again, brethren, the Lord Jesus Christ loves you in the spirit, and there is a spirit out there calling itself Jesus that is loving the people with an emotional love, and I declare unto you that that spirit will penetrate deeply into you, and when she is fully possessing you to the point that you cannot shake yourself free, she will begin to love you with pain, as a sadistic lover does in the natural. I prophesy it to you. Humble yourself before the Lord and ask Him to get you out of this unholy liaison. You have a spirit guide.


"I was out walking with Jesus a few days ago, and He said, Do not I make you feel good about yourself? I laughed and said, Yes, and then he said, And do not I make you feel good about others? I thought just a few seconds there, and then I broke out laughing for joy, saying, Yes, you make me feel good about other people." Brethren, this is the way two teenagers feel when they are in love. Such a conversation does not arise out of the Kingdom of God, and beware, for you are about to be visited by Incubus and/or Succubus. This relationship, if it continues to expand, will result in a physical love between you and a spirit guide.


"Then I knew that I could meet and face people who do not necessarily like me. Have you ever been around people who you sensed did not feel good about you?" Yes, Jesus said they hated Me and they will hate you too. I have been around that a lot. "Maybe you were trying to talk to them, and they showed you that they did not feel good about you. That is how dysfunctional parenting causes their children to grow up." Well, once again, brethren, Jesus causes us to feel good about ourselves because we have a strong belief that we are standing in righteousness and that no matter what kind of hate comes against us we can love them out of Christ Jesus, and that we have the power to do good to our enemies. That is how we feel good about ourselves. The kind of feeling good about yourselves that is being described here, brethren, is the teenager who belongs to the in-crowd. He feels good about himself, not as the result of anything that he has accomplished, that he is or that he does, but because he is "in."


"Intimacy with God is deepened as you listen intently to and for the leading of the spirit. In all probability, all Believers have the receptivity to see the Lord and enjoy His presence occasionally. That is, all Believers seem to be capable of revelations and insights in moment of the Holy Spirit moving, yet this occasional receiving of insight is not basically adequate for a perpetual communion with God. One function of centering prayer is to prove you need discipline that enables you to have a sustained spiritual communion with God." Well, it is true that you need discipline to have a sustained spiritual union with God, and it does take a discipline to sit silently, but that is not the kind of discipline Jesus gives you. The Lord has been disciplining me for years, and the discipline takes the form of doing things that my carnal mind would rather not do, but that Jesus has told me is the right thing to do. It is an overcoming, it is an activity. It is not a passivity.


"If you want to achieve maturity in the inner spiritual life you must practice the rare habit that Jesus did of being able to dwell alone with God in His secret place of communion." Well, that is true. "All who fear such solitude will not be able to overcome those states of negating forces of this modern day that we live." Well, that is true. Even the believer that is going on in Christ has a big problem with the solitude, and it is something that we have to learn to deal with. The anti-Christ is a mixture of truth and lie. Do not be deceived because you read one statement or two statements that it is the truth.


"An experience validates to me the reality of silent communion as a means to know God for yourself. Truly, it is an opportunity for realization and searching for any who are willing and courageous enough to make the adventure. There is a surpassing wealth of spiritual peace that comes best on us through the quietness and aloneness of the individual with Jesus." I do not know, brethren, I get peace when I am victorious over my enemies. When Satan's tumult and Satan's boiling is put down, that is when I have peace. When Christ Jesus is prevailing over the Serpent's household, and everything is in order and dealt with properly and reconciliation is in place, and respect and honor is flowing, that is when I have peace. The Scripture says, Anti-Christ will be saying, Peace, peace, but there is no peace. Because you feel peace in your emotions that does not mean there is peace, and it is a false peace.


"All true love leads to a level of communication deeper than words. In that unutterable condition the lover becomes mute, and the Beloved, Jesus, receives that silence as loving eloquence." Do you hear that, brethren? First of all, he is relating a relationship with Jesus to a human relationship. "All true love leads to a level of communication deeper than words." Well, this is true of Jesus. "In that unutterable condition the lover becomes mute." No, brethren, the lover does not become mute. We communicate non-verbally, but you do not become mute. You are still communicating.


"And the lover becomes mute, and the beloved Jesus receives that silence as loving eloquence." Brethren, this is wicked. This is really wicked. I want to tell you, the greatest opportunity I have ever had in my entire life to express myself has been with Christ Jesus. He is the best friend I have ever had. He listens to every word I say. He never interrupts me. He never misunderstands me. He never fails to understand me, and He never fails to have the answers to my questions. I am anything but mute. I am talking to Him all of the time, and He is not pleased with my silence. Jesus is responding to those who are flagging Him down, asking questions, wanting to know, wanting to understand, wanting to be taught.


"Saints, with a gentle unfolding He opens to us in that deep level of communication with Him. Our Father waits to impart to us a gift of communication, and leads us into the secret place with Him in the deepest center of our being, His life giving residing place. There His word transforms our mind, speaking to the most intimate of our hearts." He has never yet said what this spirit is saying to him. "It is the unveiling of His word to us that new thought patterns and a new life come into being. We begin to live out of God's voice speaking at the source of our being." He is talking about coming into submission to this voice. We begin to live out of this voice, but we know that the truth is that we begin to live out of Christ Jesus, our new mind, which makes us a vital, thinking, reasoning, human being. We do not live out of a voice. We live out of a mind. The difference between living out of a voice and living out of a mind, brethren, is that when you live out of a mind you are an active participant in God's plan, but when you live out of a voice, you are the slave.


I have talked a lot about this. It is the difference between channeling the Holy Ghost, between being a vessel that yields its members to a spirit, without any understanding or any mental activity or any partaking of the decision-making process. That is being a channel for the Holy Ghost and being a Son whose personality is so completely interwoven with the spirit of God that you are thinking and acting and making decisions and doing as God so long as you are living out of that Mind of God. I tell you, brethren, this false Jesus that is in the Church, sometimes she calls herself the Holy Spirit, and sometimes she calls herself Jesus. She is laying hold of people who are seeking to feel good in their emotions. She is giving them tremendous pleasure, and when they are good and hooked she will begin to torment them, and they will not be able to get away.


"Occasionally in prayer the Lord supplies me such illumined eyes and enables me to see in other people their destined ministry under Christ." I do not know what he means by that. "Silent communion is undervalued by all but the wise of heart who understand the Father's desires." See, again there is no talk about the Son at all. There is no talk about the ministry of the mediator, Christ Jesus. "For most are deceived by the thinking that noise is more important than silence. The material dimension is no longer our abiding place, but a spiritual dimension, a spiritual environment." So he is saying that we no longer abide in this material world, but we abide in the spiritual world, and that sound is of the material world. Now that is not true. I mentioned that a little earlier. Sound is not only of the material world. Sound originates in the spirit, and all sound is not audible to the human ear. In Genesis 1 we are told that Jehovah's voice, that English word voice is a translation of the word sound. Jehovah's sound was heard in the Garden. Sound is referring to vibration. Jehovah thinks, and a vibration goes forth and is inaudible to all of humanity, but nevertheless, the vibration goes forth and manifests itself.


"Sound is of the material world." This is not true. "Thought is spirit." That is true. "Our union and communion taken on a spiritual plane far deeper than our mind." So, once again we see this doctrine denying the necessity of mind. "And the object of our love, who is the Father, is all that matters to us." Well, what happened to in the name of Jesus? What happened to in the name of the Son? What do we need a Savior for?


"They have charge at the gates of the house." He is reading some Scriptures from Ezekiel here. He is talking about the priest. "God has ordained a priesthood to enter into a sanctuary. Those that minister directly to Him. And there were, brethren, a priesthood that was not counted worthy to enter into the nearness of the Father to minister unto Him. They were only to minister to the house. As I waited on the Lord I could see that these who were not allowed to enter into the nearness of God and the holiness of all had not the character of God and of Christ developed in them." Well, that is a true revelation. We have to have the character of Christ developed in us, but, brethren, you can have morality developed in you and still not be in Christ, you see. To whatever degree is possible, it is not fully possible to have the character of Christ carved into your carnal mind, you are still going to die. To what everdegree it is possible for you to be moral and appear like Christ in your carnal mind, you are still going to die. The carnal mind is dying. The carnal mind is being covered over.


"They have charge at the gates of the house. That is, they bring people into a knowledge of salvation, and little more, because they still bear the image of the prince of this world in their consciousness." Listen to what he is saying. He is saying "the sons of God that are still in imperfection can bring people only into a knowledge of salvation, and little more, because they still bear the image of the prince of this world in their consciousness." He is saying that there are no sons in the earth today that can help the people to come into the image of Christ, and this is not true because Christ Jesus, even working through imperfect men, is bring people into the image of Christ today. He is saying that as long as you have the nature of the prince of this world, you can do little more but give people a knowledge of God. This is not true. There is power in the indwelling Christ Jesus. There is help for people from imperfect men who are manifesting Christ, who are obedient to Him. So what he is saying is that there is no help from other men, and the only help is through your own personal relationship with this spirit that he is meeting in silent meditation. Brethren, God's plan is to minister to His people through a priesthood, the Sons of God. He who denies that Christ is come in the flesh is an anti-Christ. He is denying Christ in the flesh.


"To have the character of Christ is to manifest the character of Christ. The character of man is a big idol today." Then he talks about, "listen, has God got your ear," and he is quoting some Scriptures. "Has your ear been consecrated to God, has the blood of the ram of consecration been applied to your right ear?"  And He is quoting Leviticus here. So he is laying hold of this Scripture and saying that the Levitical priesthood had the blood touched to their ear, saying that what God really wants is this silent prayer. He says, "Jesus is the lamb of consecration, slain for the love of all." Well, let me read what it has here.


"Has God got your ear? Has your ear been consecrated to God? Has the blood of the ram of consecration been applied to the right ear? (Leviticus 8:23-24). He brought the ram of consecration and he, Moses, slew it, and Moses took the blood of it, and put it on the tip of Aaron's right ear and upon the thumb of the right hand and the big toe of his right foot. Jesus is the lamb of consecration, slain for the love of all." Brethren, we know that Jesus was not the fulfillment of the blood sacrifice. That is one of the major teachings here. The fulfillment of the blood sacrifice, the sacrifice of the animal, is the sacrifice of our own carnal mind. Jesus was the sinless, bloodless offering. He is the bloodless offering by which we enter into the sanctuary, but we must come in with a blood sacrifice in our hands, and that blood sacrifice is our own carnal mind. That animal that is sacrificed is our carnal mind. Jesus was the spotless sacrifice. He was not sacrificed as an animal. He was sinless.


"Going astray, far away from God, is to live in the far country of the five senses. The five senses is the far country from God. The country of the five senses is where the character of God is not formed." Brethren, the character of God is being formed in the country of the five senses. The character of God is being formed in this physical flesh. The character of God is being formed in the personality, which is the flesh. God help us.


"Where God's people cannot see Christ appear in another form. The five senses is the far country from God, the prodigal son country, that country of the five senses is where the character of Christ is not formed, but God's people cannot see Christ appear in another form. Their eyes were beholding that they should not know Him. Oh, my heart cries out for our brethren that still manifest the character of the prince of this world." So, apparently, he feels that he is fully manifesting the character of Christ at this time.


"Brethren who have heard the revelation of Jesus Christ for years and have not left the character form within have not let the Word of God slay them. The anti-Christ is a spirit that arises in even believers." All this is true. This is all Scripture, but it is a reaction of unbelief. "It is the spirit that denies Christ in you the hope of glory. It denies that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh." I do not know what he's talking about because this is exactly what he is doing. So this is one of these situations where the contradiction, if you let it, will make you get confused.


"Beloved, we must be slain for the word of God." It is our carnal mind that must be slain through the Word of God. "Beheaded for the witness of Jesus and for the Word of God. We must submit to martyrdom of the old character who manifests the prince of the world." I have preached on this before. What this man is talking about is going from the evil side of Satan's world to the good side of Satan's world. They are not going from good and evil to righteousness. They are going from evil to good, and that good is not perfection in any event. It is a lie, Brethren. It is a delusion. It is a total lie what he is saying here. I am convinced that he does not know that he is deceived.


"Witness also means martyred for the Word of God. If one is martyred of the old character of the prince of this world he does not manifest that character. I have seen folk stand in the congregation and bash others with the character of the prince of this world. They have not seen Christ in another form." I do not know what he is talking about. God help us.


"The Word of God divides asunder the soul, mind and spirit. The soulish mind character of the prince of this age must be slain and divided asunder." This whole section in here, there is a lot of truth in it except it is not what he is doing. It really brings a lot of confusion in. "Oh, how we long to see all of God's precious people manifesting the character of Christ." Brethren, he is saying that God's precious people should be agreeing with everything, and not resisting lies and not speaking truth, and not engaging in the kind of dialogue that is going on here right now. That is his definition, it appears to me of the character of God because the character of God brings judgment. The character of God that exists in this criminal spiritual world brings judgment where ever it manifests, and he is talking about a kind of love that is not a Christ love. It is a false love that says, Peace, peace but there is no peace because there is evil everywhere, and righteousness is not judging their evil.


"Waiting silently in the presence of the Father he inflames your soul with a fiery desire for purity of character. A fire burns within the bones for a personal holiness and innocency of all dealings with the brethren, for looking on Jesus we can no more live as a natural man." See, this is all going from evil to good, but it is still under the firmament, brethren. It is all part of the lie. "An emancipated secret of being is discovered only to the extent that you find your inner soul with Christ. The mystery is in beholding Jesus as bridegroom. It is in your being in love with Him." This all sounds wonderful except that it does not make any sense. "We live in a generation that is not comfortable with stillness. Real prayer is focused upon Jesus and His redemptive love, and ordinary meditation may or may not be such, his redemptive love." Nothing about doctrine, brethren, nothing at all about the Word of God. "Real centering prayer is capable of rising to another level of being caught up beyond where ordinary meditation can lift one."


We are going to quit here, brethren. It is the end of the message, and the rest of the paragraphs are pretty much the same. He has some testimonies from other people. This doctrine is spreading like a scourge through the whole Church with this concept of icky, sticky human love being imputed to Jesus Christ. I hope that this message is edifying to you. I hope that it pulls some brands out of the fire, and we just bless everybody and ask that the Lord Jesus Christ be glorified, in the Name of Jesus. Amen.  

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