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We have a drawing on the board, and the board is divided into three sections. The lower section is this visible world that is our home, and the middle section is the astral plane which is the collective unconscious mind of mortal humanity. The astral plane is Satan's home. She is the sea that flows iin the astral plane, and the astral plane is the emotional plane, our emotions abide in the astral plane.


Our body abides in this physical world, but our emotions are on a spiritual level. Our emotions are in the same place that Satan is. Emotions are of an animal nature, and that is why they have to be controlled by the rational mind, and the third section is the mental plane which abides above, and I have drawn an image that is supposed to be a book, and it is supposed to be typifying the spiritual aspect of our web page.


The Lord is telling us that our web page exists in the spirit in the mental plane beyond Satan's grasp, and that it is standing spiritually very, very tall, very powerfully, sending out vibrations because all thought is manifested in vibrations, so I am drawing some squiggly lines there indicating vibration.And then I have drawn some other lines looking like sparks because I have not yet heard from the Lord as to what the thought forms look like for someone who is bringing forth the Doctrine of Christ. I do not know what those thought forms look like.


Recently I read book on thought forms, and those thought forms are in two categories in that book. One category is emotional thought forms, and the other category -- these are emotional thought forms as observed by psychics. Psychics have seen these thought forms emit spontaneously from people experiencing emotion. The second category of thought forms has been drawn by people who have seen these thought forms coming out of themselves in meditation.


Now, I do not know what it means, but I relate to the emotional thought forms more than I do to the thought forms that have been observed in meditation. Now, of course, these thought forms are coming forth from people meditating outside of Christ, and I just cannot relate to those thought forms at all. I am not saying that they are not true. I am not saying that they are false. I am saying that I have no connection to them whatsoever, and, of course, they are coming out of another spirit so maybe that is why I have no connection with them. I have asked the Lord what the thought forms look like of myself when I am bringing forth the Doctrine of Christ, and I do not have an answer. That means either He has decided to not answer me at this moment or I am incapable of perceiving His response, one or the other.


I do not want to go into thought forms too deeply. I feel I want to study them more before I go into it, but I will tell you this that they come in two stages. Thoughts come in two stages. The first is the vibration which is pure spirit, and the second stage of a thought is a thought form, and what a thought form is, in the initial stage, the thought which is pure spirit impressed on the grey matter of the brain. The thought comes forth, it is pure spirit, it is energy, and it comes forth to the brain. The brain is the controller, and when that thought manifests in the brain, because they are all connected, it takes on matter. The grey matter of the brain connected to the energy which is the thought, and you see an image. That is what a thought form is. So I have asked the Lord what a thought form looks like that comes forth from someone who is preaching the Doctrine of Christ, and I am really curious to see the answer, but He hasn't told me as of yet.


I have put this drawing on the board for you. The word in my heart is that His word is standing so powerfully tall. The Doctrine of Christ, and the work that we have done here, and this is a group effort. This is a group effort. I am not in this alone. Everybody has a part. We are the body of Christ. I am the leader, but everybody here is valuable, and that includes Xxxx. Everybody here is contributing to what Jesus is doing here, and that web page is standing so tall, it is beyond Satan's grasp, it is in the mental plane. It is sending out vibrations continually, and these vibrations are going all over the world. As people pray asking Jesus for His truth, as people pray asking Jesus, What would you have me to do Lord; What would you have me to know, Lord? What is the call on my life, Lord? As these prayers go forth, people are being directed to this web page. That is how it works.


Now, I want you to understand that the web page is the point of contact in this physical world. The mental plane that the web page is existing on is in us. Can you hear that? It is in us. The vibrations that go forth come forth from us. Every time I preach this doctrine, thought forms are going forth. Every time anyone of you study it on your own or read the message or pray about it or ask the Lord to explain it to you, the web page is being strengthened and built up. We are the web page that is physically manifesting on the Internet, if you can hear it. We are the Living Epistles that are physically manifesting on the web page, and what God is doing is just awesome. In two years we are in every state of the United States and 63 countries, plus Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands of America, and Washington D.C. Two years, that is a very short time. And you have to realize that everybody knows somebody, and the word goes out, plus all the people that are just being brought to the web page. There is going to be a big explosion. I do not know how it is going to manifest, but it is going to manifest.


Now, Xxxx had a word, with healing in His wings, and I had done a study in Isaiah 6, and discovered (maybe it was Ezekiel 1) that the Hebrew word translated wings could be translated the high place or the pinnacle, and I immediately connected it to Jesus' temptation, where Satan took Him to that high place and said, Throw yourself off of the cliff. So, I think the witness to you, Xxxx, was the Lord saying, Yes, the mental plane for us right now, is the high place.


Of course, there are higher planes of existence in the mental plane, but the mental plane is very hard. The average person exists in the visible world and in the emotional plane to some degree. The mental plane corresponds to the fourth dimension because it is beyond Satan's grasp, but yet it is a different timeline than the fourth dimension where the fallen immortals are. I have this vision in my heart, it is standing so powerfully strong, it is unshakable, and what I believe the Lord is saying is that we have been quite a war to bring this ministry to where it is now in our tenth year, and it has been quite a war, but we are not firmly established.


What comes next we will find out. It took ten years to plant this flag. For some reason I saw that famous picture of the Iwo Jima of the Marines planting the flag. It took us ten years to do that. Xxxx looked at it, and she had a word of knowledge that that is the door, but you have to realize that the spiritual door is in us. The web page is the point of contact that is bringing the people who are praying and asking Jesus to show them the way, the Lord is showing them the way, but the door is in us. I am not much of an artist. I though I was drawing a book, but I did get that image of the Marines planting that flag on Iwo Jima, so that is certainly a word of victory.


The Lord has been indicating that we are going into a new stage. Exactly how it is going to manifest, I do not know.


COMMENT: When I looked up at the diagram, and you said you thought it was a flag, I am thinking all those stars on the flag which represents us, each one of us is a star. I just got the word mountain.


PASTOR VITALE: We know that Adam is a mountain, and King Adam is the high mountain. Actually, we are in the New Testament so the Lord Jesus Christ is the high mountain. I still do not have it straight in my head whether He is in the sixth or the seventh energy center, but He is probably in all of them. I do not have it clear yet, but He is pretty high. He is the high mountain. I feel so wonderful, we just had such a hard day, what a war today, and something broke. My spirit is just soaring. How do you feel? Is your spirit soaring? I think the Lord is happy with the result of whatever happened. What a deliverance. The spirit is here so that means He's attesting to the victory.


COMMENT: (Indistiguishable)


PASTOR VITALE: Well, I can see that. That was during World War II. There was a radio station called Radio Free Europe, and they broadcast into the occupied countries. You have to realize that each and everyone of us is a country. Depending on the context of the verse, we are either a city or a country or a timeline. We are all of these things within ourselves. We are also part of a greater One, and there are many faithful people in the world that are crying out to Jesus, and they have to get the message from those who are free. We are beyond the astral plane. This message is beyond the astral plane.


This message cannot be preached from a place under Satan's dominion. She would never, ever allow it. This message is being preached from beyond her dominion, and the message, where is that? It is on the left side of the heart center. To me, this is just one more witness that Adam must be raised from the dead in me, and on the left side of the heart center, and he's sending this message forth back to the right side of the heart center which is under water, and that is the Radio Free Europe. He's broadcasting. Well, the resurrected Christ in me who is joined to the Lord Jesus above is broadcasting this message to the people under water, and some people are starting to hear. It is very exciting.


It is also in code, it is definitely in code, and you cannot understand this any more than you can understand the King James. You cannot understand it even with the footnotes. You have to lend yourself to study. You have to take it a little bit at a time. What I tell people who are contacting me now is just read a verse just like you would do the King James. Just take one verse and read it and think about it and meditate on it, conscious meditation, and ask the Lord to explain it to you. I have spent 15 years bringing this doctrine forth. The ministry is 10 years old, but the Lord was giving me the message at least five years before the ministry started. So the doctrine has been evolving for me for 15 years already. No matter how spiritual you are it is really not possible for you to just come in and just pick it up. You have to move into it slowly.


We exist in all three of these planes at the same time. Our body is here in the physical plane, our emotions are here in the astral plane, and the Mind of Christ is up here. Now there is more than one aspect to the mental plane. There are people outside of Christ who abide in the mental plane, but it is a different time line. They are not where the Mind of Christ is. So, we are in a unique place mentally, but we exist in all three planes at the same time.


I read something in one of these non-Christian spiritual books that I got a scriptural witness to it. This man was saying that the part of us that exists in the emotional plane. He was saying this is true for all planes, but he was talking about the emotional plane. The part of us that exists in the emotional plane, for those who have the power to appear in the astral plane, some people are saying they appear in the astral plane, that they are awake in their dreams, and off the message the word aberration came up. These people who live in this dream world are having an existence in the astral plane. That is what their dream world is, and I also heard about a lot of Haitians that live in the two worlds. They live in the spirit world as fully as they live in the physical, and that spiritual world which is the astral plane is as real to them, if not more real, than this physical world.


Now, I cannot relate to that. I have a lot of spiritual experiences, but I have to tell you that this physical world is where I am mostly; although, frequently I am in two worlds at one time. My head is in another place a lot of the time, but if I were forced to choose and say, Pastor Sheila, where are you most of the time? I would have to say that I am in this physical world. I could not make that statement that I dwell in the dream world equally to this world. I cannot say that. I do not even know that I have experienced dwelling in the dream world. I know that I have a lot of dreams, and I wake up and my emotions are all stimulated so obviously I have been having some experience in the astral plane, but I do not remember. I am definitely primarily in this world.


Well, the teaching is that for those people who have the ability to really be abiding in the astral plane that they have a body in the astral plane that is different from this physical body. This physical body is the body that abides in the physical plane, and if you start manifesting in the astral plane, according to this teaching, you develop a body. What you do is what ever part of you is in the astral plane draws around itself matter of the astral plane, and you form a body. Anyone not know what I am talking about?


Let us say your consciousness for the time being, your consciousness ascends into the astral plane, and there are atoms in every plane, atoms of physical material. Do you know what I am talking about? In the astral plane there are atoms of spiritual material, but you can see it. In the astral plane the material is not as thick, not as dense, as it is in the physical plane, but there are atoms of material that can be seen. Are you following me? It is not as dense as this physical material. So when your consciousness starts manifesting and having experiences in the astral plane, like a magnet it draws unto itself the atoms of the matter of the astral plane, and a body appears. Are you following me?


Now, I have read in books, a lot of people say, that the body that you have in the astral plane looks just like the body that you have in the physical world. I have read that in several places, not in the Bible of course, I have read it in several places, but this particular book that I was reading the man said that the person who has the power to start experiencing the astral plane consciously forms a body of how he sees himself because it really is the mind that is gathering the atoms of material around itself. Is that making any sense to you?


You do not have to believe it, but can you follow me? Are you with me? He says as that person sees himself they literally form a body that appears that way, and I thought that was interesting because when we were having some trouble here with a highly spiritual person that I think was a witch who had infiltrated this ministry a lot of people were having a lot of seriously witchcraft rooted dreams, and not only one person, this was several people now, the offender in their dreams always turn out to be a tall, thin white man with blond hair and no eyes, no pupils in his eyes, male, and the person who I believe was responsible for all of these witchcraft generated dreams was unusually short, and he was black. I think that he was very insecure, and had an inferiority complex over his race and over his height, and that if he had his way he would have been a tall, thin, blond, white man. That was my opinion, that he was coming up as this other person, and at the time that I was going through all of this I did not really have an explanation for why the offender was turning up as a tall, thin, blond, white man. I could not figure it out, but I suspected that somehow his mind was doing it, and here's the explanation for it right now.


Now, this is the Scriptural witness that I got. One more thing first, and the man who was writing this book said that for somebody who has passed out of the physical world who was no longer what we call a living person, although we know it is not life here, this is death, someone who has passed out of the physical body for them to manifest in astral plane he said they usually take the form of their last personality And the Scripture came to my mind, does anybody know what Scripture I am going to say? Up came Saul going to the witch of Endor, and when Samuel came up -- .


Let me put it to you this way. In the Hebrew, when the witch of Endor is trying to conjure up Samuel, at one point she cries out and Saul says, What did you see? Now I do not remember exactly what the King James says, but I know that the Hebrew says Elohim, and the King James does not say Elohim. I think the King James says something like gods, I see gods, something like that. What the witch of Endor said was, I see Elohim, and Saul said to her, What does he look like? And she describes him, and Saul said, That sounds like Samuel.


I got the revelation years ago that Elohim was coming up looking like Samuel, and when I prayed about it, at the time I thoughT, Well, I guess he was looking like Samuel because that is who King Saul was looking for, but somehow it just really cemented it when I read this in this book. You see, Saul did not really want to talk to Samuel. He wanted to talk to the spiritual being who had incarnated as Samuel. Do you know what I am talking about?


Now the personality, Samuel, had dissolved, but the one who had incarnated as Samuel responded to the call, and when he responded to the call -- let me say this another way. The one who was incarnated as Samuel, we are going to say Elohim now, he came out of the flesh, Samuel died, and it was before Elijah but after Moses. If it was before Elijah it would have to be Michael that was incarnating, and we know that for whatever reason Michael is a big mystery in the Scripture, and that more often than not the Scripture says Elohim rather than Michael because Michael is a manifestation of Elohim.


Let me back that up. Elohim is Jehovah's spiritual seminal fluid, the water and the seed. That is Elohim. He is the whole seminal fluid. Michael is the seed of the seminal fluid. Now Elijah was glorified, and Elijah became one with Michael. Michael took on the personality of Elijah. Michael is not a personality, Elohim is not a personality, Michael is not a personality, but Elijah is a personality. So we see Elohim passing through the earth by the seed of Himself. Elohim is the whole seminal fluid, and we see Him passing through the earth by the seed side of Himself gathering unto Himself more and more mature personalities. He tried to do it with Moses, and He failed, and then He took on the personality of Elijah and then He took on the personality of Jesus, and they are all one.


It is just as we, that every year of our life that we live, we have experiences and we become an increasingly mature person. Michael, whatever residue of Moses, he kept unto himself. He must have kept some of the aspects of Moses' personality because Moses appeared on the Mount of Transfiguration. Then Michael went forth and he had the experiences of Elijah's personality. That would be like us going from the year 20 to 25, and then he went on and incarnated, the spirit of Elijah incarnated, as Jesus, and the seed of Jehovah's seminal fluid, Michael, is adding all of these personalities to his experience just as we add every year of our life, and we grow, and we change from our experiences.


When Saul went to the witch of Endor asking her to conjure up Samuel. Now apparently, Saul had some spiritual knowledge, and he was really asking her to conjure up the one or the spiritual man of the whole person Samuel. I hope you can hear that. I seem to be hitting a stone wall, but I am just going to go on. The personality of Samuel had dissolved, but some qualities of that personality Elohim retained or Michael retained. Just like he retained certain aspects of Moses' personality. All the experiences that we have which are in Christ cleave unto the Christ in us that had those experiences through us as He goes through time, and that is the concept of the spiritual lifetime.


So when the witch of Endor called up Samuel it was not really Samuel who came up. It was Elohim that came up. When Samuel, the human man, died, the spiritual part of him which was the incarnated Elohim ascended into the higher planes. He went way beyond the mental plane. He went all the way into the spiritual realm of God, and when the witch of Endor summoned him, for whatever reason Elohim or Michael, you can call him either one, decided to respond. He did not have to respond to the summons of the witch of Endor. He must have chosen to respond.


So for Elohim to appear to Samuel He had to come down, He had to descend from the higher planes. He had to descend through the mental plane and through the astral plane. He literally descended through all of these different planes of existence, and by the time Elohim got down to the astral plane He had to wrap Himself in some sort of a form in order to speak to Saul. I do not know whether He had to, but He did. He wrapped himself in a form, and the form that He chose to wrap Himself in was the last personality that He had appeared as, Sameul. He appeared to Saul as Samuel because Samuel was the last personality that Elohim had appeared as, and also it was because Saul knew Him as Samuel. I feel like no one knows what I am talking about, but maybe when you read the message you will understand what I am talking about.


When I read in this spiritual book about spiritual beings having the ability to take on an appearance in the astral plane, and that they do it by gathering the matter of the astral plane unto themselves, and this person saying that the ones who are no longer in the flesh in this world usually choose to take on the latest personality, that was the Scripture that clicked in my mind. I tell you openly that I now, at this point, know very little about what happens after physical death, and I did a message myself years ago on what happens after you die, and I came to the conclusion that nothing happens after you die. You go into nothingness, but I now believe that all of those Scriptures that I have on that message are Scriptures which talk about the death which is produced as a result of separation from God. All those scriptures that I had is what you experience after separation from God, spiritually speaking, just nothingness and silence, but apparently under some circumstances there is consciousness after death, and I do not know much about it. What I know about it is very little.


I know that some people are incarnated in this hour by the Lord Jesus Christ, and those people, when their days on this earth end, their personality dissolves, and the incarnating Jesus Christ returns back to the higher realms and takes with Him whatever experiences He had through His experience as your personality. As far as people who are not incarnated by Jesus Christ, they are being incarnated by the immortals in the fourth dimension. I had this on the board a couple of months ago. Either you are incarnated by an immortal in the fourth dimension or you are the offspring of someone who was incarnated by an immortal. And my opinion at this time, I could find out tomorrow that it is wrong, is that if you are an incarnated immortal, if you are one of the fallen beings from the other side of the flood that has incarnated, when your days in the flesh ends, the personality dissolves, and you return to the fourth dimension from where you came. And if you are someone who was born as the offspring of two incarnated immortals then you just cease to exist. Remember when I put that on the board for you? I gave you a whole chart.


That is where I am right now. What is life like or what is existence like in the fourth dimension? I am not sure, and the only information that I have right now is that it seems that it is preferable for the beings in the fourth dimension to be in a physical body in this third dimension than to be disembodied in the fourth dimension. They seem to want to incarnate. They desire to do it. Some of them incarnate, and they are born as babies and others I do not know if anyone really has the power, but their desire is to not have to go through the whole birth process, but just to come into this world and take over the body and personality of an existing being. That is what they would like to do, and that is what they attempt to do through the seduction of bringing people into the occult, because when you start engaging in spiritual activities through Satan's spirit, you make yourself vulnerable to being possessed by an incarnated immortal, and that is what is happening today.


The whole world, especially in this country where things are so free, is being prepared to be possessed by immortals who are piercing through from the fourth dimension. That is the main thrust of what is going on today. Humanity is being prepared for that kind of possession. If that sounds strange to you, let me remind you that is what Jesus is doing. That is what Jesus is doing. He's coming by His Holy Spirit, He is planting His seed in you, He is bringing forth the Mind of Christ in you, and He is fighting with all His strength to displace the king or the queen of yourself, which is your carnal mind, and take you over, but when Jesus does it you receive life.


So if what I just said sounds strange to you it is just because you have not really thought it through. This is exactly what Jesus is doing. Jesus and the Serpent's household are doing the same exact thing, and they are fighting over us. They are fighting over the earth, which our physical bodies are, and they are fighting over the water, which is our human spirit. We are the prize, we are the herd of cattle which is the prize, and if we are possessed by Jesus Christ we will be a Son of God, but if we are possessed by the Serpent's household we will be a daughter of hell, and that is what the marriage is all about. We are not married yet. We have to find out which spiritual being we will marry. Does anyone have anything to say?


COMMENT: Where does the etheric double come in there? Is it in the astral plane?


PASTOR VITALE: It is my understanding that it is not in the astral plane, that the etheric double is a part of this physical plane. The books that I read, the way they draw these planes, is that in each plane they have a series of horizontal lines. In other words, each of these three sections would be divided into seven sections. If you are starting down here in the physical plane this would be the denser, less dense, less dense, less dense, less dense. The word is rarer, rarer, rarer, and as soon as you go over this line you are not in the physical plane any more, you are in the astral plane, but the physical plane is graduated, gradually getting rarer and rarer and rarer. So the etheric double is the rare part of the physical plane. It is probably just below the line, and when you go over that line you are in the astral plane. According to the books that I am reading it is still considered a part of the physical plane.


COMMENT: (Indistinguishable)


PASTOR VITALE: She probably did, yeaS I think all visions come out -- well, not all visions, I am sorry. I have to qualify what I just said. It depends who was giving her the visions. If it was, in fact, Jesus Christ giving her the visions, then she was not in the astral plane. She was in the mental plane, but I have my doubts about her visions. If it was the Serpent giving her the visions she was in the astral plane. If it was Jesus she was in the mental plane. The astral plane is Satan so Jesus does not operate in the astral plane.


COMMENT: (Indistinguishable)


PASTOR VITALE: I really do not know. This is getting to be very sticky. I was very shocked to find out that there is some truth to this, and I consider it a dangerous area actually. I do not know to what degree the Lord wants us to be aware of that. I know that the Lord has directed me to books outside of Christianity because there is some true information out there about our spiritual being. My personal feeling is that I do not believe that, but I could be wrong. All that I could go by is by my instincts, and I know that there are certain authors that I will read and believe that what they are writing about is truth, and I have a peace in my spirit about reading their books. My spirit is not grieved at all. When I hear something like that there is a negative influence on my spirit so I am inclined to believe that it is not true, but I really do not know. Everybody that teaches that kind of teaching must have a spirit guide. They have to be getting their information from some where.


I watched a program on A&E, and they had a clip on a well- known New Age figure who has done much, much New Age writing. She is pretty well known for her New Age writings, and they showed her in her services, and it was very interesting. She had a large congregation. She has a lot of people following her, and I couldn't hear what they were saying, but apparently she had some information, they all had this information, and they were just repeating it in a fast chant. You could see their mouths moving, moving very quickly, but they were all saying the same thing, and I could not hear what it was. She claimed, standing behind the pulpit, she had a big picture of Jesus up there, and she claimed that Jesus is with her, and that when she preaches He descends and He envelopes her and speaks through her mouth. Now Jesus Christ does not do that. A spirit guide does that. Jesus Christ does not have to descend and envelope you in His spirit and speak through you. Why does not Jesus have to do that? How does Jesus speak through you?


COMMENT: Through our spirit?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, He is growing in our spirit, and Jesus growing in our spirit is called Christ in you, the hope of glory, the God in the midst of you. He does not have to descend from heaven and envelope you and use your vocal chords. If He is speaking through you, He is growing inside of you, and He is merging with your personality. So, of course, there is a truth to that with regard to the Holy Spirit coming, we might say the anointing coming upon a carnally minded preacher, but I do not believe that the Holy Spirit speaks through you except in a prophecy. She was talking about the actual preaching.


So let me clarify this. I am confusing you. She was saying that Jesus descends upon her, envelopes her, takes her vocal chords, and preaches through her. Now the Holy Spirit does speak through your vocal chords with the gift of prophecy, but when it comes to preaching it is Christ in you that is preaching. Now Christ in you may be in communion with the Lord Jesus above, but you are not overtaken. Your personality is involved, you are all merged together. When I preach, this is Christ Jesus in me, but my personality who has been studying for years is mixed in this thing. I am not just a channel. We are all one.


So a spirit guide lays hold of your vocal chords and preaches doctrine through you. The Holy Spirit does not preach doctrine through you. The gift of prophecy is for edification, for encouragement. The gift of prophecy does not give counsel, but the spirit of a true prophet will give counsel. Christ is the offspring of Jesus Christ growing inside of you, and growing together with your personality. It is a fine line. I hope you can hear the difference.


She was talking about a spirit guide. The Holy Spirit does not lay hold of your vocal chords and preach doctrine. The Holy Spirit lays hold of your vocal chords and says, Thus saith the Lord, and usually the prophecy is not more than a few minutes, five minutes at the most. You do not preach under prophecy like that, and even men who are preaching out of their carnal mind can be under the anointing, but these are men who have studied the Scripture and who have prepared their lessons and their messages, and then perhaps the Holy Spirit anoints them, enables them, to bring forth the message, but it is coming forth through their personality. You are not just a channel for some spirit to lay hold of your vocal chords and preach through. That is satanic. You have got some immortal from the fourth dimension reaching through the veil and using you, and that is a form of spiritual sex. Having sex with you. She is penetrating you, entering into you, and making use of your members.


COMMENT: I never associated a spirit guide with a being in the astral plane before.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, that is where they are. They are in the astral plane, your spirit guides or what some people call the Ascended Masters, but I do not know that they are Ascended Masters. I think they are fallen angels in the astral plane. That is where they are. They are the fish in the astral plane, disembodied fish.


COMMENT: When you say fallen angels, you are talking about fallen spirits?


PASTOR VITALE: Maybe that was a poor choice of words. I believe that the beings in the astral plane -- let me back up there. I believe when Jehovah's seminal fluid poured out into the abyss that there was a many-membered sperm in that seminal fluid. There were many, many spiritual sperm. I do not know what they looked like, but they all have the potential to incarnate as spiritual men. There were many sperm in the waters, and the Scripture calls them the fish in the waters. If you look at Genesis 1, the waters were filled with fish, and it was the sperm in the seminal fluid, and they were swimming above the firmament where the seminal fluid was clean, and when the Serpent broke down the wall between and the clean seminal fluid went crashing down into the urine. 


Iknow that I have preached to you that the sperm died, but I have recently found out that they died, but they did not cease to exist. They were captured by the Serpent, and they were formed into her creation, and these were the beings that existed on the other side of the flood. Now whether or not we could call them angels I am not sure, but they are really fallen Sons of God, if you want to say it that way. That is who they are, and that is why Jesus is concerned with them because they are really of Elohim's substance, but they have been formed into corrupt creatures.


I really am looking forward to the Lord letting me do that study on Jesus going into Gadara and all of those Scriptures where it says Jesus went to the other side. I am convinced He went into the astral plane. He did not go to the other side of some physical lake. Jesus visited the astral plane, and He spoke to the immortals in the astral plane, I am convinced of it. Jesus only, as far as I can tell, only went to the people who had the potential to be raised from the dead. so He led captivity captive. He said only that which came down from heaven is going back up to heaven. So He is out there looking for that which was lost, and that which was lost was the seed part of Elohim, and this is who these immortals are. These were the beings on the other side of the flood that through Seth they were of the race of Abel, and, therefore, Sons of God, but their hearts turned to Cain. Noah was the only one who stayed faithful in his relationship to Elohim, and he was saved, but then he fell anyway. Does that make any sense to you?


COMMENTS: I was caught up with Noah being the only one, that everything else was wiped out.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, that is what everybody thinks, but we have to get our mind thinking spiritually. This goes back to the beginning of Genesis where Jehovah says to Adam, if you do this you are going to die, that is in Genesis 2. In Genesis 3 the Serpent says, Oh no, you surely will not die. They are two different Hebrew words. The word that Jehovah used was, You will die to your spiritual life. Jehovah never told Adam, You will cease to exist. He said, You will die to my life, but when the Serpent said, Oh, that is not true that you will die, he used the Hebrew word that means you will cease to exist. The Serpent told the truth. He said, It is not true that you will cease to exist. You are not going to cease to exist. Jehovah never said that. Jehovah said, You are going to die to everything you are as a Son of God, and that came to pass. The whole creation became an animal, became a wild animal. So they all died. They died to the spiritual life of God, but they did not cease to exist. You may recall that talking about Noah's flood it said that everything on the earth died but that which was in the sea did not die. The only thing that died was whatever physical -- if there was any physical body around or any such thing that they had, that is what died, but the part of them that was in the astral plane did not die. It is still there.


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