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Praise the Lord! We're still looking at this drawing of the original creation, and we see that there are two windows, there are two levels of the world that the mind formed by Jehovah and Elohim is building. There is the ground floor window, and then we have the upper window is called Adam's window, and we see that the mind which is serving Jehovah and Elohim has formed as Ox. So there are two windows, or two stories.


I grew up in the Bronx, and we lived a high-rise apartment building. We called each level in that apartment building a story, it would be a six-story building, for example. We see that Adam is building a creation with two stories to it. Adam is building a two-story creation for Jehovah and Elohim. And I say 'is building' because the construction is still going on. The construction has not stopped. There are two stories to this building, and the is the Ox that Adam is building.


The Scripture indicates that Adam was a spirit, a formless mind, and that Elohim and Jehovah had instructed him to form an Ox which he, Adam, would inhabit. You have to understand that this Ox did not look like the animal that we know to be an Ox. I do not know what it looked like. This word 'Ox' is a symbol which indicates that Adam, Elohim and Jehovah's mind, inhabited some form of spiritual animal which was of a lower order than Adam was. And the whole purpose of this creation is that is should be visible. He was a mind, so he took some of the ground from the ground floor (story), and out of that ground he formed an Ox. He entered into the Ox, and the Scripture calls this union, or this marriage of Adam and the Ox, a living beast, because the beast was formed from the earth that was saturated with the water part of the seminal fluid.


The beast was made from the ground. There's no life in the ground, there's just consciousness in the ground. So for this beast which is an Ox, to be called a living beast, it had to be inhabited by life. It had to be inhabited by the living one, and the living one is Adam. He is the living one because Adam was attached to Elohim and Jehovah, and therefore he had life.


This may sound strange to you if this is the first message you've read, or if you've been sitting here for six years and it sounds strange to you, that I talk about an Ox, but the Scripture uses the word cattle in Genesis 1, and I believe in Genesis 2, we see the English word 'cattle'. It is a translation of the Hebrew word behema, which is the plural of behemoth. We read about behemoth in Job 40, I believe, and that word means cattle; it means an Ox, behemoth. Some translators say he's a hippopotamus, some say he's an Ox, and that is the Ox that I'm talking about. He appears in Genesis 1 & 2 in the plural because it is Jehovah's intention that this Ox should multiply into this many-membered creature. But the method of reproduction was not to be by the animal. How do I know? Because an Ox is a castrated bull.


The reproduction was not to originate in the animal mind because this Ox had a mind, you see. This Ox had an emotional mind, it had consciousness. because it was formed from the water of the seminal fluid and the earth. It had consciousness, it had a mind, and that mind was emotional mind, but Adam, who is joined to it, he was a rational mind, and the Ox was castrated. So that mind, that emotional mind had no power. The emotional mind was completely subjected to the rational mind. It had no power. The emotional mind had no power to reproduce itself or to influence the construction of the creation. The Ox is a servant. In our world the Ox plows the ground. The Ox is a hard working servant.


Now this Ox is the beast which will appear in the visible world, and is today appearing in the visible world except the Ox was overtaken by the Serpent, so his nature and appearance completely changed. This is interesting, because several months ago I started teaching that the warfare is over the water, that Jesus is come to get the water back, because we cannot have a visible creation without the water, and that is the water part of the semen. Elohim was the sperm and He came flowing forth in a water base, and the water of the semen has consciousness, but life is only in the sperm. Life is only in the Son, and they separated, the sperm and the water separated. So I started teaching here that Jesus is come to get the water back, and the water is the Woman.


We had someone in this congregation who said, I always heard that they were fighting over the land. Well, now we see that they are fighting over the land also, because the land, or the earth, or the ground is that which the Ox is made out of. So Jesus is come to get everything back. He's come to get the earth back and he's come to get the water back, but of course, the way that question was put forth, I always heard that they were fighting over the land, the indication was they were fighting over this planet, this land that we live on. But there is a truth to it, because out of the ground the living beast was formed. The living beast is a beast, and he consists of the mind of God living inside of an animal.


The question is, Will that animal be a spiritual Ox which does not reproduce after the animal life, but reproduces after the spiritual life by cell division, or will that Ox become a wild animal? I haven't found it yet in the Scripture, but I believe the Lord is telling me the wild animal is a boar, which is a wild pig, which does reproduce after the animal life, and that's what we do in this world, we reproduce after the animal life. This is the proof that Adam is not our mind, because when Adam is our mind, he crushes, or castrates the beast's ability to reproduce after the animal life. When Adam is the mind of the -- I'm not saying an Ox now, because in this fallen world, the Ox became a wild animal, we're the Beast of Revelation. As soon as Adam takes authority over the beast, he castrates it, and he stops reproduction after the animal life and we begin to reproduce after the spiritual mind.


There is a Scripture in Isaiah that talks about the barren wife, I can't quote the exact Scripture, but the barren woman will have more children than the married wife, and what the Scripture is talking about is the kind of children that are being produced here. You are the children of the kingdom, you are being raised up under the mind of Christ Jesus. Your whole nature is being changed, your whole life is being changed. The mind of Christ Jesus takes people that already exist and gives them His nature. At this stage of the game, I don't know exactly how that reproduction would have taken place if we hadn't fallen. If we weren't a wild beast, but we were a living beast, I just know that reproduction would be in the form of cell division. What does that mean to us? It means that new beings came into existence fully mature.


This whole world that we live in, it's a world of labor. We must labor to exist here. We labor to get our food, we labor to stay clean, and we labor to bring children into the world and to raise them up. But in the world of spirit there is no labor, so the children are born fully fit and furnished, full adults, and they just go forth to serve God, no labor. In this world, everybody here knows how difficult it is to serve Jesus. We all have obligations at home. You have to hold a job, you have responsibilities to your family, it's very hard to serve Jesus in this world. And for those of us who are separated from this life so that we can serve him, me for example, and I know several who are like me, it's a very painful life, because we're still in the flesh of this wild animal, therefore, we still have the needs of this wild animal. We have needs for a family and a mate and the whole thing that goes on this world, but when you separate it out to live after the mind of Christ, you go through a period where you are in pain because you're human needs are not being met, until the mind of Christ Jesus becomes powerful enough to satisfy you. And how does he become powerful enough to satisfy you? He starts overlaying that part of your beast nature that's craving all the things of this world, and then He satisfies you. But as long as we are completely given over to the beast nature, Jesus cannot satisfy us.


Let me give you a way-out example. Let's say there was an alien creature who was silicon based, it eats rocks, and I bought a filet mignon and scalloped potatoes and it was starving to death because the only thing that could satisfy it was rocks. Therefore, at the beginning, when Jesus starts to bring us into a position where He can satisfy us, He has to change our nature. We're craving the rocks. He says, Come here, I have filet mignon for you, and you say, I don't want that. But when He finally gets you into that place where you're enjoying the filet mignon and you don't want the rocks anymore, you're saying, Thank you Jesus, but there is a period in the wilderness that is painful when you flesh is screaming for the satisfaction on an animal level.


So labor, the Scripture calls it a labor, it's a painful labor that you go through, but the labor ends and the manchild is born in you and you're grateful to be satisfied by the Spirit. I haven't met a woman yet that's gone into a labor room saying, Hallelujah, Glory to God! I mean, maybe she's saying the words, but I haven't met a woman yet that's dancing into the labor room. But we have to go through, and the knowledge of what's at the other end of our labor makes it all worthwhile. Most women don't stop at one, they have another child. They go back for more because they know the pain is just for a season and then it's over. Then they have a child for a lifetime.


So there was an Ox at the beginning of time. The Scripture calls it cattle in Genesis, and we have more information about behemoth in Job 40, if the Lord ever lets me I'll go into those Scriptures. I don't know if we'll do it or not.


We are just reviewing. In the ground floor window is the Serpent. What it's looking like to me right now, and I've said this to you once before, it's looking to me like this firmament that separates the two windows is a filter.  When the Scripture says, let us separate the waters from the waters, I've taught you in the past that what was being separated were the waters that were close to the ocean bottom, the waters that were close to the ground, that were mixing with the earth and became urine, those waters were separating from the upper waters. But it looks to me like the firmament actually separated the semen, divided the waters into two parts, and the water above the firmament had all the semen, and the waters that were beneath the firmament didn't have any semen. I'm sorry, didn't have any sperm.


The waters above the firmament had the sperm and the waters beneath the firmament did not have any sperm. The waters beneath the firmament mixed with the surface of the earth to form the urine. And what we're saying here is that there were two different kinds of seed, and the seed in ground floor window was the water of the semen that mixed with the earth, which is the Serpent's seed. That is what the Serpent's seed is. Remember, the Woman mixed herself together with the earth and made herself half male and half female, and the part of herself that she made male, she did that by mounding the earth up, she made her own sperm, she brought forth her own seed. So in the ground floor window we have the water of the seminal fluid, but the seed in the water is the earth. And in the upper window we have the full or the whole of the seminal fluid, the water plus the sperm.


Now, the waters of the upper and the lower windows cannot mix, because the water in the lower window where the seed is the earth, called the urine, if it mixes with the water in the upper window where the seed is the true sperm of Jehovah, the water saturated with the earth will kill the sperm in the water in the upper window. So the water has to be separated from the water. But both windows have seed, two different kinds of seed, and there is a being, a conscious being in both windows. In the upper window we have Adam, which is the mind that was formed by Elohim and Jehovah, and in the lower window, we have the Serpent, which is the being that came forth when the consciousness that is produced by the water of the seminal fluid mixed with the earth. It brought forth a conscious being called the Serpent, and the Serpent had the power to make an image of herself, and the image of herself, we found out in a prior message called the The Serpent Ascended, was a turtle. If this is the first message you're reading, we found out some very interesting things  about the turtle. The turtle is the image of the Serpent. Is everybody with me? Any questions at this point?


The Serpent is invisible. The Serpent is a consciousness in the water that is laced with the earth that's dissolved in it, consciousness. Think of the ocean out here, think of that whole ocean, that's the Serpent, and the Serpent had the strength to make an image of herself, and this image was a fish, cause she's under the water, and the turtle is a fish, we found that out. Now, what's interesting here is the that the Ox that is in the upper window is made from the ground, which is in the lower window. The Ox is made from mud. Adam had to pass through the doorway into the lower window to gather up the ground to form the Ox, and when he formed it, he brought it into the upper window. So we have a being in the upper window that is not in its land of birth. It comes from the lower window, but it was transported to the upper window. It was imported; Adam imported the Ox.


Now, let me make one point here: the water that was under the firmament and above the firmament does not have to be water as we know water, it was a spiritual form of water. We know that our atmosphere is filled with water, and yet we don't swim. When we walk out of here we walk, we don't go swimming down the street, but the atmosphere is filled with water. Because if it was the kind of water that we think of is water, we'd have to say, How could Adam build an Ox underneath the water? Wouldn't the water be blowing the Ox apart? It was not water as we know water. It was some form of water. It could have been water vapor, it could have been gases. And where did the turtle come from? Well, the Serpent did the same thing that Adam did. She scooped up a lump of clay from the ground and she formed her image, and it came out as a turtle. It wasn't a turtle as we know a turtle. The turtle is a symbol, and I'm going to re-teach that whole thing.


So what do we have here? We have an upper window with a being living in it, with an animal living in it, a conscious animal that has a mind of it's own that has been imported from the lower window. Brethren, that Ox is a fifth column. Adam, that has to watch this hedge here so that the Serpent, or her mindm cannot get through, because the Serpent wants the Ox. The Serpent said, You made that out of my stuff, that Ox is made out of my seed. That's the earth, the Serpent's saying, That's me in there, you took my Ox, you took something that belonged to me and I want it! That's what the Serpent is saying. And the Scriptures that we're working with, the deep translation of Gen. 2:15-25, indicate that Jehovah and Elohim are saying, It is righteous that the Serpent should be separated from the Ox. And I'm saying to myself, Why is the Scripture saying that? Because the Serpent is claiming the Ox as her very own.


It would be as if a human baby was lost in the jungle. We all hear stories like this, the ape mother picks up the baby and raises it, and then one day the human mother comes looking for it, and she says, Thank you for raising my baby, but it's a human baby, it's not an ape, and the human baby belongs with me. It's human, it belongs with me. That is what the Serpent was saying, The Ox is mine, it's made out of the ground and it's mine, and I want it back. Therefore a hedge had to be built that would block the doorway from the ground floor window to Adam's window. And the way that the Scripture indicates it is that the hedge, which was Adam himself, actually plugged into the opening. On the Serpent's side it's a doorway, but on Adam's side it's a hedge, that the hedge actually blocked in that doorway, blocked it up so the Serpent couldn't get through.


Also, the Scripture indicates that the turtle was the Serpent's doorkeeper, the doorkeeper or the gatekeeper. In the New Age and in a lot of spiritual disciplines that are not in Christ, you hear a lot about the gatekeeper. I even saw a comedy, I think was a ridiculous movie about a man, it was ridiculous, but it was funny if you like that kind of humor. The man, everyone thought that he was insane, but he was supposed to be spiritual in this world, and everyone thought he was crazy and he was acting crazy. At one point he went up to a horse like you see in Central Park, the men who drive the horse and buggy, and he went up and he looked at the horse and he says, Are you the gatekeeper? The way that the movie ended was some brilliant scientist got ahold of him and found out he knew what he was talking about, and together they were going to take over the world. But he said to the horse, Are you the gatekeeper? That really struck me very funny.


So when I first started seeing this in the Scripture I said, Lord what does the Serpent need a gatekeeper for? I understand why there's a hedge in Adam's window, because the Serpent wants the Ox, but what is the Serpent setting up a gatekeeper for? The Serpent is saying to Adam, You can't have my clay, you can't have my ground, you can't have it, it's mine, it's down here in my window. So the turtle is a gatekeeper to keep Adam out, and Adam is the hedgekeeper. That is when Jehovah said to Adam, You guard that garden, and don't let that weed in the garden, don't let that Serpent in the garden.


So we have two gatekeepers, Adam is gatekeeper and the turtle is a gatekeeper. And Adam was strong enough to go pass the Serpent's gatekeeper, gather up enough ground to form the Ox, to bring the Ox up into the upper window and to plug up that doorway so that it was only accessible, so that the whole world, the two windows were accessible only to Adam.  Adam was able to do this, and then Adam married the Ox, and Adam projected himself beyond the Ox as an image of an Eagle. Adam was in the upper window married to this Ox. It's like saying he married a foreign woman. Is everybody following me?


And then his mind, Adam was a mind now, he projected himself beyond the Ox as an Eagle which spread its wings over both the ground floor and the upper window. Adam was in two places at once, and this is the same exact thing that Jesus is doing today. And, of course, Jesus is moving to restore the creation to its original form, and beyond its original form. Jesus is the Eagle, he is above. He is in heaven, he has authority over the people in whom Christ is being formed, and he has authority over the people in whom Christ is not being formed. He may be moving on them -- maybe he's moving on them, maybe he's not -- but he could do anything he wants with anybody in this world. Jesus is the Eagle today. Adam has ascended. Adam rose from the dead in the Lord Jesus Christ and he has ascended, and he has authority over this whole, not only this world, every planet. He has authority over the whole world in the pit. And Adam is also in the Ox.


It's the same thing as saying, Christ in us, it's Jesus Christ reproducing himself, Christ in us, Christ in the Ox, and Jesus is the Eagle above. We're the beast, we're the woman, we're Christ, we're the whole magilla (that's a Jewish word), we're the whole thing. The question is, which part of us is going to prevail, who is going to rule the whole thing? You have to have a head. You must have a head because if you don't have a head the base parts of yourself will take authority over the whole being. And this is the point of the message tonight. I'm not sure at this point whether I'm going to make this message a part of Kabbalah or a separate message, but the word of the Lord to me is separation.


This is the principle that the Lord is speaking, that Jehovah and Jesus is speaking about, or this is the principle that Jehovah was trying to hit home to the Hebrews when He preached separation from the world. And the Church, some parts of the Church, preach separation from the world, but they don't understand what separation from the world is. They think if they stop going to night clubs they are separated, they think if they stop smoking they're separated, they think if they hide themselves in a corner they are separated, but this is not the intention of the Scripture with regard to separation from the world. The separation is from the world of the Serpent which is within us. You see, we are to mix with the world, but we are not to be overcome by the world, we are to overcome the world with the righteousness of the Lord Jesus Christ, only when Jesus sends you out. If you go out to minister to somebody that Jesus has not sent you to, the chances of the world overcoming you and bringing you down out of the spiritual heights that Jesus has brought you to is almost 100%, assuming you don't repent along the way and cry out to Jesus.


I would like to show you what happened at the beginning of time. I have these arrows running from the Eagle to the Ox, the Eagle is the image of Adam married to the Ox. Now, this is interesting because you see we have Adam and the Ox, and we have the Serpent and the turtle, and both the turtle and the Ox are images, but yet Adam goes even higher. He's appearing as an Ox, and he's also appearing as an Eagle in the spiritual world. Now I believe on a prior message that I told you that this Eagle is in the fifth dimension where Jehovah is, and I have to correct that. I believe that the Lord is showing me today that the Eagle is in the fourth dimension.


Remember, Jehovah is in the fifth dimension. The fifth dimension is an invisible world, which right now is operated by evil immortals is the visible world. The evil immortals are occupying Jehovah's visible world. So there are no images in the fifth dimension. All the images are in the fourth dimension, but the key is that the fourth dimension, at least when the Eagle is up there, is connected to the Jehovah in the fifth dimension. You see, when the fourth dimension was taken over by the Serpent, Adam was cut off from the fifth dimension and he died.


I've preached this before, but I used different words. I've said there was an altar, it was Jehovah above, and that either Adam the mediator, or Abel was the mediator, or Seth was the mediator, and then the world, the animal, was underneath, and when that altar was erected everybody was alive. But when the beast rose up and got on top of both Seth and Abel and Adam, Jehovah above will not join with the beast. The animal got between Adam and Jehovah, and Adam was cut off and he died and the beast died, everybody died. So this Eagle is flying in the fourth dimension, but he's only attached to the Ox, he's not attached to the turtle, he's not attached to the Serpent. He's suppressing the turtle and the Serpent, but he is attached to the Ox. Is everybody OK?


I believe that the Lord has shown me, or has given me some insight into the seduction that caused Adam to fall. I still don't understand it completely, but I think I understand it more than I even have, and this is how the Lord is showing it to me. The Serpent could not defeat the Eagle. Adam ascended as the Eagle, so the Serpent decided to use witchcraft, seduction and spiritual power, and this is what she said to Adam, who was indwelling the spiritual, the living beast. I hesitate to say Ox, because someone's going to be thinking an Ox like we know an ox, the living beast. The Scripture calls it the living beast, and this is what the Serpent said to Adam, listen to this, she said, The water that's down here in the ground floor window, the water of the whole semen is the same water that's up here in the upper window. Is that true? Does anybody remember from the beginning of the message?


COMMENT: I believe the water in the Serpent's window was urine, was it not?


PASTOR VITALE: Well, the water mixed with the earth was urine, but now we're separating the seed from the water. The seed underneath is earth, and the seed above is the sperm of God, Elohim, but the water is the same. Do you remember?


The firmament filtered out the sperm. It's the same water underneath as above, but the seed is different. The seed above, or the sperm above, is Elohim, and the sperm beneath is the earth, but it's the same water. The Serpent said to Adam, It's the same water, what are you separating yourself from me for? And she continued on saying, The assumption was, that if the water was the same, the sperm must be the same.


And I've told you about this before, I'm going to tell you again tonight, this is a common tactic in seduction. The person who is doing the seducing will make two statements, the first one true, and the second one false, and if you're not listening to every word, then you're going to see the first statement as true and you're going to slide right through on the other one. The water is the same, the water underneath is the same water as above, but the sperm is not the same. And what's more important, the water or the sperm? The sperm is more important. Why? Because the water is female and the sperm is male. The sperm is the one that produces the image.


So the Serpent said to Adam, We're brothers, same water! That means you, Adam, are the same as me, we come out of the same mother, the water is the mother. We come out of the same mother, we're brothers, we're equal. And the next thing that I read, this deep revelation that the Lord has shown me in Genesis 2, is that the hedge came down, Adam let the Serpent through, and the Serpent cleaved unto the Ox because they were made out of the same stuff. The Serpent the turtle cleaved unto the Ox, they're made out ground and water, she moved right in, she cleaved unto the Ox, cut Adam off of the Eagle, cut Adam off from Jehovah and he died.


Genesis 2:25 says, And the Serpent engraved her nature upon the Ox and the Ox became the beast with two sets of teeth. Two sets of teeth, do you remember from the last message about the turtle, the turtle has no teeth? Teeth signifying weapon. The turtle received teeth when Serpent absorbed Elohim's breath, Adam died, the Serpent absorbed the breath, gave teeth to the turtle and teeth to the Ox. Now, prior to this the only being with teeth was Adam, and the Eagle had a sharp beak. Spiritual authority was given over to the Serpent's image and turtle, and the Ox stopped being an Ox because he started reproducing like an animal, so he had to stop being an Ox, I believe he became a boar, a wild pig.


Now, this is very interesting, brethren, because our condition today is that we have the Serpent, or at least the descendant of the Serpent and the turtle right within us. Satan is our unconscious mind and she's the sea, the Dragon is our subconscious mind, which the turtle became a Dragon. She got teeth, the turtle got teeth, she became the Dragon. She's our subconscious mind, and Leviathan is our conscious mind. The Scripture says in Revelation that ancient Serpent, that old Dragon, appearing today as the Devil and Satan, and the Devil is the physical being that we are, the Ox became a Devil. And the Ox had mind of its own. This flesh has a mind of its own, it has lust, it has desires, but it's married to the mind of the Serpent. The mind of the Serpent married the mind of the Ox and we've got a criminal mind.


The point of this whole message is this, Jesus Christ is come and planted His seed in us. And He's raising Christ from the dead in us and we have to cleave unto Christ Jesus who's above and not cleave unto the mind of the Serpent, because if you cleave unto the mind of the Serpent, she is going to kill the Christ who's rising from the dead in you. You must know that if you have Christ rising from the dead in you and you are serving God with all of your strength, if you are walking on that path, you need to know that you're different. You need to know that you're different!


The message in the world today is that we're all brothers, all religions are equal, come and eat with us. Does that mean that you can never have dinner with someone who is not a Christian? No, you can eat human food with them, but don't eat their spiritual food. We're suppose to mix with everyone that the Lord tells us to mix with. We have to mix in the world, the Lord has a message to get out, but I want to tell you, brethren, that everyone I've ever met, including myself at the beginning, not now, Lord willing, that has come into this walk, does not know who they are. You don't know who you are.


Everyone that has ever come to this message does not understand that you cannot go by what people look like. They do not understand that there are men and women who call themselves Christians who have the Holy Spirit, who walk around with a Bible, who speak in tongues, but whose mind is the descendant of the Serpent and turtle, and that they're not your brother. The only person who's your brother is the one in whom Christ is being raised, who is living out of Christ. That is the only one who is your brother. Jesus put it this way, He said, The one who is your brother is the one who does the will of your Father. Isn't that what he said? OK. The only one, the one who does the will of the Father. Your relative is the one who does the will of the Father, not the one who walks around with a Bible, not the one who has a cross on his neck, not the one who speaks in tongues, not the one who casts out demons and heals the sick -- the one who does the will of the Father, and it is impossible for your carnal mind to do the will of the Father.


Therefore, any man, no matter what kind of good works that they're doing, they could have been your best friend, they could have pulled you out of the water when you were drowning, should you turn on them? Of course not, but you must know that their mind was the carnal mind, and you must know that the day will surely come that the carnal mind will rise up in your beloved friend and try to seduce you, at which time you must say, Beloved friend, no. Jesus called Judas friend! If you join with the mind of the Serpent you are going to die, and you will surely join with the mind of the Serpent if you do not recognize that you are different from, not only the rest of the world, but from the rest of the Church. And if you don't know who you are after all these years of being under this teaching, there's only one reason that you don't know who you are, and what is that? Why don't you know who you are, somebody? Because the mind that you're living out of is not Christ.


If the mind that you're living out of is Christ, you know who you are. Most everybody reading this message is fifty/fifty, but no one here tonight knew the answer. You don't know who you are. Adam fell because he didn't know who he was. We must distinguish between the man living for Christ and the man through whom the Serpent is living, and what do you do when you distinguish it? Do you hate them, do you curse them, do you do damage to them, do you ignore them, do you reject them? Of course not! First of all you should only be in relationship with the people that Jesus tells you to be in relationship with, and of course that includes the people in your natural family. They are all of your responsibilities, and the people that you work with, and the people that you meet on the streets that are in your natural course of business, you do not reject them, but you must know who they are.


Brethren, people in extended families know this way of life. People that come from large families, they get together, they help each other, they love each other. I had somebody tell me once, I'd never loan them money, I know I'll never get it back. I'd help them in any legitimate way that I could, but this particular relative, I know I wouldn't give them money, I'll never get it back, I know who he is. He's my cousin, he's my brother, but I know what he will do, I do not die because my relative is not responsible. Well, just about everybody including myself at one time, were just completely blind to this, and I don't condemn you, it's very hard.


Here you are trying to live the Christian life and love everybody, being good and kind, and all of a sudden you're hearing, Wow, some human beings could actually be your enemy. Not the murderers, not the muggers on the street now, but Church going people, the wife of your youth who's lying on your pillow, your mother, your father, your sister, your friend of many years, they are a holding pen for the Serpent, who can rise up at will and whisper to you in a spirit of witchcraft. And if your not standing there ready to say, I love you, but not enough to let you kill me, she's going to kill you. The Serpent's going to rise up through that person, you're going to do whatever they suggest to you, and Christ in you is going to die.


For years I couldn't see it. I couldn't see it, the seduction would be right in my face, and I couldn't see it! Thank God, now I see it. Brethren, you love everybody, you do not stop doing good to people. It's so subtle, I'm going to say it again, You don't break relationships, you stay in the relationship, but Christ must rule! And very few Christians can do this, because to live the way that I just described, you must confront issues. You must tell people, Brother I love you, but this behavior is unacceptable. I won't do it, and you can't do it in my house. Very few Christians can confront issues in a calm spirit, which is Christ, and a spirit of reconciliation. You will save people's lives. If you cannot do it, I condemn you not, I give you a vision of what you must become in Christ Jesus, and this is what a son is. You cannot join with the enemy, or you will die. If you come under their seduction, you will die. You must obey God at all costs. You can even listen to their doctrine, but you don't eat it, you don't consume it!


Your mind must rewrite the programming in their mind, but in most cases, it's the exact opposite with the Christians. The carnal mind rewrites the programming in the Christian's mind. It's very hard, I pray for everybody here and everybody reading this message that the Lord should help you all come in to this place, where you know, without being paranoid, you can't be paranoid, you have to walk in love, but that Christ should be so strong in you that as soon as someone's carnal mind rises up, you just say no. And then, as a son of God, you have to teach them, but this message tonight is separation not from people but from the carnal mind, because if you compromise within your own mind, with your families, anybody, the second you start to compromise, you're on a mud slide going down, because Satan will be there to tempt you every step of the way.


For years I have enjoyed, me and a lot of other people in this country, and probably across the world, have enjoyed movies about crime families, about the mafia. And I've always known that it certainly was not edifying to Christ in me, but I enjoyed watching those movies and I just yielded to it. I watched a recent movie with Al Pacino, who I really enjoy, and I think a lot of people wonder what this fascination is for these mafia type movies. The Lord spoke to me after I watched this recent movie, and He said to me, Sheila, it's a spirit of envy. The reason the whole world runs after these movies is that it's a spirit of envy. I knew it was the Lord speaking to me, and I said, Well, Lord, I guess I could see it's a spirit of envy, but I don't completely understand. And then a couple of days later He finished his sentence to me, and He said, Sheila, it's a spirit of envy. It's something rising up in the person that would really, if he could do it with impunity, if there would be nothing saying that this is wrong, if there would be no law, if there would be no morality, if there would be no threat of going to jail or getting killed, everybody would love to be the tough guy.


The spirit of envy is rising up in people who would never do such a thing, and it's envy of the people who have the guts to do it. They're out there, the people have the guts to do it, and they're taking all the lumps, and they're going to jail, and they're criminals, and everybody has that side in them. We're all good and evil, and that other side of us is rising up, and it's a spirit of envy for somebody doing something, and having all that money and all that power that we would never dare to do. And I received the correction, and I know that I cannot watch anymore mafia movies.


Now, if you're reading this message and you like watching mafia movies, I am not telling not watch mafia movies, but if the Lord convicts you through this message, well it's between you God. I'm not putting anyone under the law. I'm giving you my testimony, because I have loved these movies, The Godfather and all that; I've watched them for years, and now I know that the Lord has told that me personally, that I have to stop. Well don't you think that a couple, a very nice young couple that I have met through an activity that I'm engaging in that is not a spiritual activity, they're not Christians, invited me to go to the movies this Friday night to see The Hoodlum, the latest crime movie, and I had to turn them down. I felt it was a test, there was no question in my mind that it was a test, and I told them why: it's too violent.


It's a spirit of envy, brethren, the whole world is envying after the people that have the nerve to be the criminals, that negative side in us is envying it. The message tonight is separation. If you do not stay separated, you will die. Christ must prevail, you must prevail over your own carnal mind, and you must not be dominated by the carnal mind in anybody else. And we, we are the Woman, we are the Ox, OK, and we are Christ, we're all three. There are three parts to us. Christ must prevail over our person, and Christ must prevail in every relationship that we have. That doesn't mean that you go around dominating people, because Christ is righteous and just and fair and decent, and non-controlling, and non-dominating. Christ is very meek, but you do not submit to any seduction to do something that Christ would not do, because He, Christ in you, will begin to die, and if you start to believe that you are the same as the people who are not living out of Christ, it's just a matter of time, and Christ in you will die.


That is why it is so important that you are attached a local fellowship, where there are so few of us who are walking in this depth today. If God gives you one person, you're very blessed. I know there were many years that I was alone. You have to have something at your hands. If you're reading this message and there isn't one person around that you could share this depth with, then there are messages and there books to read and you have to stay in the message. You have to stay in the message or Christ will come under the seduction. And the Serpent said to Adam, Your spirit (because water typifies spirit) is the same as my spirit. We are all spiritual beings, we are all human, the family of man. If you believe it, and you come under their doctrine, Christ in you will die.


It is not easy leading a separated life, but I tell you, this may not be for everybody right now, you have to find out from God as to how mature you are, but I know that I could go anywhere, that I could mix with anybody, and that Christ in me is strong and tall and maybe the Lord will even give me ministry, but He doesn't always give me ministry. I know that I can only go so far, and that I have to really build myself up with this word and through communion with the Lord Jesus Christ, and then, if I'm out there with people who are not in this word long enough, without enough time to get alone with Jesus, I start to lose it. I start to float away.


So you have to know yourself, you have to know who you are, you have to know what your relationship is, you have to know what you can do. You have to know what your limitations are and abide in the word, and you will get stronger and stronger and stronger. I'm stronger than I've ever been, but I know that my home is a haven where I cleave unto the Lord Jesus Christ, I talk to him all the time. I guess that's the word that the Lord gave me tonight. Adam fell because he believed the lie, that he was the same as the Serpent because they had something in common. They both were of the same water and Adam was married to an Ox that was formed out of the Serpent's ground. Adam was a mind married to an animal formed out of the substance of the Serpent's window. That's how he got confused.


You see, when the Serpent came to him and said to him, Adam, you're made out of the same stuff that I'm made out of, Adam got mixed up. He thought he was the Ox, and it was true that the Ox was made out of the same stuff that the Serpent and turtle was made out of. He got mixed up as to who he was. He was joined to this animal, Adam, the mind that was formed by Elohim and Jehovah was joined to an animal, and he got confused as to his true identity.


This message is in the Church today, that if you know your true identity, you'll be a powerful spiritual being. I have a ten-part message preaching against this message of right identification, because this message of knowing who you are is being preached to men in whom Christ is not raised. And they're saying, Know who you are, but Christ isn't raised in you. So they're talking to the Serpent and the turtle and saying, You're Christ, just remember who you are and you'll be there.


Somebody reading this message is going to say, Sheila, you've got a ten-part message, three parts of it have been made into books, and here you are preaching the same thing! No, I'm not preaching the same thing as the message of right identification, I'm not preaching the same thing! I am preaching to the people in whom Christ is being raised, who are laboring in the doctrine of Christ, who are ascending spiritually, and who are in danger of some person coming over to them and saying, Oh I believe what you believe, this doctrine is the same, we're brothers. No, the counterfeit of this doctrine that's coming out of the carnal mind is not the same as the doctrine of Christ, and the man who follows the doctrine of Christ in whom Christ is being raised is not a brother of the man whose carnal mind is believing the lie, the false doctrine. But you look the same and you sound the same, all the words are the same.


Most people when they hear this message think it's the same message, they can't tell the difference. I had a couple of believers call me up a year ago, call me up on the telephone from down south. They said, We heard your messages, and there are two preachers out there that are saying you're preaching the same message that they're preaching, this right identification, but we don't think it's the same message. They were dead serious, they wanted to know, Is it the same message? And I said, No, it's not! It's not the same message, and they're not your brothers. You don't abandon them, but you must know that they are potential vehicles for seduction, and in fact, even those of us who are living out of Christ are all potential vehicles for seduction amongst ourselves! The carnal mind rises up and attempts to seduce ourself, and the carnal mind can rise up in any one of us and attempt to seduce our true brother.


The war is on many levels. Maybe the hardest part of the war is in people who are living out of Christ a lot of the time. If you can't do it, you have to ask Jesus to help you. Pray for the ability because your life depends on it. The danger is from the people who appear to be closest to you and who are, in fact, closest to you. But if you are blessed enough to be associated with a group where everybody is into recognizing their sin nature, and willing to accept it if their sin nature is exposed, well, then, you have several witnesses, and if you have a leader of the group showing you your carnal mind when it's exposed, you're in a reasonably safe place.


The more Christ matures in you, the more Satan is reaching out to neutralize Him; she wants to neutralize him. She wants Christ in you to be absorbed into the spiritual aspect of her world. Satan doesn't care if you're spiritual, as long as you're not spiritual in Christ.


Praise the Lord, that's the message tonight. The Lord just told me that this was the message, but I know a couple of days ago I heard it from someone right here in this room right now, that they thought that someone was a brother just because he walks around with a Bible and preaches. You have got to get past that. And I heard it from somebody outside of the meetings. You have got to know who is trustworthy in Christ. Any questions or comments from anybody here tonight? I guess it was a pretty serious message here. I don't really know what's coming up or what's going on, but I feel a real serious spirit, we've got to grow up, we've got to come out of this carnality.

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