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Off the message we were just talking about envy that seems to be circulating in the Church with regard to some people in the ministry, and that they are asking the Lord how come I am getting all this revelation and they are not getting all this revelation. The truth is that I've been asking the Lord that myself for a long time because there are other people in whom Christ is being raised that don't have this revelation. And there are other people who have ascended to the third level of consciousness, they are married to Jesus, and they don't have this revelation. I do believe that I am at the fourth level of consciousness, which is election, whereby I have preferred Christ over the lifestyle that the carnal mind can give me.


In other words, I have chosen celibacy. I am a eunuch by my own choice because I believe that there is a life that is in a relationship with Christ Jesus that is higher than what the human marital relationship can give you, and that you can have both up until a certain point. But then, you reach the point that if you want to transcend, what the Lord has told me is a mediocre spiritual life, if you want to go on to a true supernatural life, it is necessary to become a eunuch. And your motives for being that eunuch have to be pure. Not that you don't like sex or that you are retaliating against your husband or your wife or any such thing.


As I sought the Lord, I tried to find out why I have all this revelation and no one else does, that I know of. I have to admit that this revelation started coming to me before I ascended into the fourth level of consciousness. For a long time, while this revelation was coming forth, I was really hoping that the Lord would send a physical husband into my life, because this message has been coming forth for about 15 years. This is the tenth year that I have been teaching it formally, but it has been coming forth for almost 15 years, a good 15 years it has been coming forth, and this is what the Lord told me the other day.


One more time, I am controversial here. I have told you many times that I believe there is a spiritual gene pool that we inherit our ancestor's physical qualities. We inherit our ancestor's intellectual and emotional qualities, and we inherit our ancestor's spiritual qualities. I never quite saw it the way the Lord showed it to me the other day. He told me that the Spirit of Christ, or Adam, was resurrected (and the name of the resurrected Adam is Christ). He was resurrected in Israel, and He was resurrected powerfully in Israel, I think it is a possibility that He was resurrected in every Israelite. I don't know for sure, but in many Israelites Adam was resurrected. The problem that Israel had was that they would not go on. The next step after Adam is resurrected in you is that you have to confess your sin nature so that the two natures can be revealed, and then when the two natures are revealed you can then choose Christ over your fallen nature so that Christ in you can marry the One above. Of course, Israel had a Savior. Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world, but Israel had a Savior. Does anyone know who the Savior of Israel was? Israel had two Saviors.


COMMENT: Elijah and Elisha?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, Elijah and Elisha were fathers in Israel.


Adam was fully resurrected in them, and they both ascended. They both became magnificent men. What does that mean? It means that the personalities of the two men, Elijah and Elisha, were saved. Everybody is talking about salvation, but very few know what it means. Salvation is referring to your personality. Adam was raised from the dead in those two men, and they ascended above the firmament, and they took the personality of those two men with them. So Israel a Savior. Israel had Saviors. Actually, it is the Spirit of Elijah because Elisha is a part of Elijah's household, just as we are a part of Jesus Christ's household. Jesus Christ and His body, we are the sons of God. We are all in Jesus Christ, and when Adam rises from the dead in us, and we go forth as saviors of the world, we are here in the name of Jesus Christ. It is His life flowing through us. In that same way, it was Elisha who was present in the life of Elijah.


So Israel had a Savior. Well, you say, there was no Savior in the wilderness. It is true, there was no ascended Savior in the wilderness. I don't know what God would have done through Moses if Israel had matured in that direction, but Israel in the wilderness was not mature enough to ascend. Moses himself did not ascend. How many years later was it that Elijah appeared, I really don't know, but I will tell you, that from the time of Elijah's ascension, Israel had the opportunity to have their personalities saved. Now, what opportunity they had before Elijah's ascension, through Elijah while he was on the earth, for example, I really don't know. Or, if for the Jews who confessed their sin nature before Elijah, if they had an opportunity to meet directly with Michael above, I don't know, but I know that from the time that Elisha ascended, salvation was available. Full salvation, glorification, coming out of the body, was available to the Jews. Nobody was a taker except for Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ was the first one who responded to the Spirit of Elijah, and it was the Spirit of Elijah who quickened the Spirit of Jesus Christ.


Now if this is the first message that you are reading on this subject I do have a couple of messages on Jesus and John, and I declare unto you that when Jesus said, If you can receive it, this is the Spirit of Elijah, He was not talking about John. He was talking about Himself. The Spirit of Elijah was upon Jesus of Nazareth, and quickened His human spirit and encouraged Him, and assisted Him to experience the full ascension that He has experienced, and through Jesus Christ salvation is now available to the whole world.


If we are talking about spiritual heritage, spiritual genes, the spiritual heritage of Elijah is in Israel. It is in the Jew. The spiritual heritage of Elijah is in the Jew, and we even have a Scripture. Look in Genesis 49 where Jacob is prophesying to all of his sons. One of the things he says is that Shiloh will not depart (I'm sorry I can't remember the exact wording, but, I'm going to put it in my own words), the root of Christ will not depart from Judah until Shiloh comes, until Messiah comes. Of course, that Scripture is not fulfilled in Jesus Christ. It is only partially fulfilled in Jesus Christ. His whole body has to come forth.


So the spiritual richness, the fatness, of the spirit that we, the Church, are receiving today through Jesus Christ is the abundance of Elijah. Can you hear that? It is the abundance of Elijah which permeated Israel for 5000 years; therefore, the Jew has a much richer spiritual inheritance than the Gentiles, because the power of God was not flowing through the Gentiles. What is an inheritance? What is a talent? For example, if you inherit a musical talent or a talent as an artist, and you do your family tree, you will find that in several generations there were artists, artists who practiced their art, and that gift increased with every generation as it came forth. That's how talent flows, that's how the Scripture can say that the sins of the fathers are unto the third and fourth generation, and the blessings unto 1000 generations because the mystery of our existence is that we are our ancestors. Intellectual gifts are carried forward, and physical gifts, athletic ability, beauty, is carried forward, and spiritual richness is carried forward after being built and increased with every generation. Am I making any sense?


I am a natural Jew, and I am with the Lord 19 years. I was raised up in a Church where I was taught that there is no difference between the Jew and the Gentile in Christ Jesus, and I believed that for years. I never, ever felt that I was different because I was a Jew, although I know that many preachers preach that, I never felt that way. I was never sent to the Jews. Whatever ministry I've had has been to the Gentiles. Only once in 19 years I have been specifically sent to a Jew. So I never thought that way but over the last few years, when I have realized that the Doctrine of Christ that the Lord is bringing forth here is the rich message of the Hebrew Scripture. I even had an ongoing dialogue with a ? rabbi for a couple of years who was trying to win me back to Judaism, and he took a book off the shelf and showed me a respected rabbi had written in a book, something that I was telling him. I don't really recall what it was. I really regret that I didn't ask him to get me a copy of the book at the time.


So right now, Israel, as far as I know, is largely in a lot of false doctrine itself. Certainly what I found out from the rabbi that I dialogued with, he was in a lot of false doctrine from the Hebrew Scripture point of view, but what I believe that the Lord is telling me is that this root of Christ is richness. This spiritual richness exists in Israel because what was poured into Israel through Moses and through Elijah has not left Israel. It is in the spiritual genes, and it is floating around somewhere in the Jewish people. I cannot be the only one. OK?


As far as I know, I am the only Christian that is bringing this doctrine forth. I have no idea what's going on among the Jews. I absolutely have no idea. And for those of you who are saying, Well, the Jews can't possibly have it because they haven't received Jesus as Messiah, I remind you of the Scripture that says, For the Gospel's sake they are your enemies, but they are beloved for the Father's sake. This is a great mystery, but the Jews that are truly committed to God as they perceive Him through the Hebrew Scripture have a relationship with the Spirit of Elijah. They don't have a relationship with Jesus Christ, but they have a relationship with the Spirit of Elijah. The rabbi that wrote that book that had the same revelation that I had got it from the Spirit of Elijah.


So this doctrine, this revelation, is coming forth through me because I have a spiritual heritage that most Christians don't have, and, of course, every Jew does not have this spiritual heritage. If you know anything about genetics -- all you have to do is look at your own children. Every child does not have the same talent, every child does not inherit the same intellect, the same gift. So every Jew does not have this spiritual richness, but, apparently, I have inherited it. I have done nothing to receive it, I have inherited it. I came to the Lord, and He started building me in this direction.


So all of my hard labor has merely brought forth and developed something that I inherited. I was born with it, and that is why I am getting all this revelation. Other people who are ascended to the second and third level of consciousness are not. Isn't that heavy? So what am I saying here, listen to this, it is not even enough to have Christ raised in you because Christ, technically speaking, can be raised in anybody. The Holy Spirit cleaves to the human spirit, and Christ is conceived and begins to rise from the dead. Jesus said that the fields are white to harvest, so there are many in whom Christ is raised, and I think there are also quite a few in whom Christ is married to Jesus above. A lot of people in the Church have a lot of faith, and, as I said, I was receiving this doctrine before I ascended to the fourth level of consciousness. So that means that there is another dimension, there is another element involved in ascension, and that is spiritual heritage.


Now isn't that interesting? Spiritual heritage. Don't be discouraged, because it is available to everybody. What's happened is that the Lord has raised me up as a leader, but this salvation is for the world. It has to be possible for everyone who will pant after Jesus Christ because the Scripture says that this salvation is the inheritance of the world. It is the will of the Father that all should be saved. I believe it can be built in you. I believe that spiritual heritage can be imparted to you from another human being if you are willing to do your part, and if it is Jesus' will, it can be imparted to you. Praise the Lord.


I met a converted orthodox Jew on-line a couple of months ago, and she read the New Testament in an attempt to prove that Jesus was not Messiah, and she was converted. She lost her whole family. Her husband divorced her. This was many years ago, and she is now married to a Christian man. She explained something to me that I had never really understood before. I had never really sought it out, there are so many things to study in the Scripture that you can only study what the Lord directs you to. Paul's comments about Israel and being grafted into the Tree, I had never really studied it out, and she told me that from her studies in both the Old and the New Testament, she believes that the Scripture says that many in the Church today are not really coming into the fullness, and that the reason that they are not coming in, which I agree with, is that the doctrine is wrong. The doctrine in the Church is all wrong.


So how is the true doctrine going to come into the Church? She says that when the day comes that the Lord tears down this false doctrine and tears down and discredits the ministries that are preaching this false doctrine, that it will be Christians who have the truth. Now, this woman did not have the Doctrine of Christ, to the best of my ability, to recognize it. The Jews that are grafted back in, the Jews that are going to start coming in with the true Doctrine of Christ, the Jews who are reconciled to Jehovah through the Spirit of Elijah are going to start being born into the Kingdom, recognizing that Jesus is Messiah, and they are going to become the teachers of the Church.


Can you imagine the rebellion, can you imagine the uproar in the Church, and is that not the parable of the Prodical Son? Can you imagine the uproar, Jesus witnessing, however He is going to witness to these people, that for a couple of hundred years in this country the doctrine of the Church has been completely wrong, and that the Jews are coming in, not all of the Jews, but the teachers, the five-fold, the true five-fold ministry that is going to come in to raise the Church up. There are going to be a lot of Jews teaching. Can you imagine the rebellion and the envy and the rage that is going to manifest? And for everyone reading this message, I tell you openly that for 19 years, and even today, this is certainly not coming forth from me because I am Jewish, because for 19 years in the Church I have never fellowshipped with another Jew. My 19 years in the Church have been with non-Jews, non-physical Jews, and I've never had a particular burden to bring Israel in. I even wondered about it. I asked the Lord what was wrong with me that I had no particular burden to bring Israel in, but of course, at this point, I have no particular burden to bring anybody in. When I think about it I never really had a particular burden to bring anybody in. I always had this attitude that who ever the Lord was going to bring, He was going to bring.


The teacher that raised me up asked a question from the pulpit once. He was talking to the whole congregation, and he said, You know, you don't really believe that people are going to burn in hell forever because if you really believed that you would be begging your relatives every night to repent. I listened to him, and I realized that I just didn't believe it. I never made an issue out of it because I just went along with the Church, but I guess I never really believed that people were going to burn in hell forever. So I have never had a passion for giving out tracts or beating people over the head with a Bible. My passion has always been for the spiritual life of Jesus Christ. That has been my passion, to be spiritual in Him. I just love the spiritual life.


So if you are reading this message, and you don't know me, I have no pet project of saving Israel. This is what the Lord has told me. I've been asking him for months now why I am getting this doctrine and other people in whom Christ is being raised are not getting it, and this is the answer that He gave me in the bagel store the other day, and it makes sense to me. If it doesn't make sense to you, that is OK. And all of you people out there who are in rebellion against me and against this ministry because you believe that you should be getting everything directly from Christ, you are just beating your head against a stone wall because you cannot force the Lord to do something for you.


The way it is coming forth right now is that if you want this doctrine you have to come to me to get it, and you are going to have to choose whether or not you are going to come to me to get it, or you are going to bite your nose off to spite your face for as long as this situation exists. We have a lot of people in an absolute rage of envy, and they won't take these messages, and they won't study with this ministry, but are raging against God demanding that they get the same thing directly. To the best of my knowledge the Lord is not responding to them at all. So isn't this interesting? It is going to be interesting to see how the Lord will do it.


I still have no contact with Jews. I haven't seen the rabbi that I had a relationship with for 2-3 years. I haven't seen him, I have no contact with the orthodox Jew. One other time, Xxxx had a dream about someone looking for Sheila on a particular street in Northport, and two years later, unfortunately or fortunately, at my parent's funeral, the rabbi who said the prayer for them came from a synagogue on that street in Northport. The Lord told me to send him a copy of the Alternate Translation of the Old Testament, which I did, and he wrote me a note saying that he would definitely read it. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, in the dream I must have typified God to this rabbi, whoever he prays to. I guess they pray to Yahweh, and he must have been crying out, crying out, trying to get to God, really from his heart, and the Lord heard his prayer. I only chose this rabbi to say the prayer for my parents because he was recommended by the funeral home. It wasn't a rabbi that I knew, and I haven't seen him now in 2 years so I have no contact with the Jews. Whatever Jews I have met in the Church, they think I am a heretic. They believe the false doctrine in the Church. So it is going to be very interesting to see what the Lord is going to do here. Everything is just hanging there, just waiting to happen, but, brethren, there is going to be a riot in the Church when the true five-fold ministry appears and a disproportionate number of them are Jewish.


If you have not stopped reading or you are not foaming at the mouth already from this message, if you stop to think about it, it really makes sense. The spiritual heritage is flowing through the genes of the Jews. It makes sense, but the carnal mind says that God is a respecter of persons, and He has favorites, but this is not true. This is not true. The truth is that we are a creation that originated with Jehovah. Of course, the Serpent laid hold of the substance of the creation and reformed it in her image, but we are a creation that was formed before time began by Jehovah, and this creation was designed to reveal His nature. The creation was designed to reveal His nature in the form of a visible spiritual being that Genesis says was an ox.


I am still waiting for the Lord to tell me why Genesis says that at the beginning the creature was an ox, and Daniel 8 says he was a ram so I don't have the answer to that yet. Jehovah and Elohim formed a creature, and they put their own spiritual substance into a mind. They formed a mind out of their own spiritual substance, and they put it inside of an animal. Now, it wasn't an animal like we are. The animal bodies that we have now are prison houses. They put their nature inside of a spiritual animal. I don't know what he looked like. I have no idea what he looked like, but I know that he did not look like we look now. All of Jehovah's spiritual substance was dumped into this animal, this spiritual animal. So Jehovah's spiritual substance is spread through humanity, and then as time came Jehovah made a covenant with Abraham, and He poured out a great amount of His spiritual substance into Abraham, and Abraham's descendants, and that is where the virile seed is flowing.


Listening to this revelation, the whole five-fold ministry may be Jews. What is really interesting, when I have this ongoing dialogue with rabbi Lew, he really blessed me in several ways, and one of the ways that it blessed me (that I could not tell him) was that he reacted so like the Pharisees in the Scripture. It was like living the Bible, and one of the things that I saw in him was that he was very hurt that Christians had a hold of this Holy Scripture. I don't think that he denied the Christians the Holy Scripture. What was hurting him was that he believed that the Jews were to be the vehicle of salvation to the world. This is what bothered him. And the Church says that Israel lost the commission, and that the Church now is the vehicle of salvation to the world, and that really hurt him because the Hebrew Scripture says that the Jew is the vehicle of salvation to the world.


When he said that to me it never really stuck to me because I didn't have this revelation until right now. I told you at the beginning of this message that I really thought that there was no difference once you came into Christ Jesus, and, of course, now that I look back on it that doesn't make any sense at all, because all you have to do is look around the Church, and you see that some people are more intelligent than other people, some people are musically inclined, some people are intellectually inclined, some people can write, some people have money, some people are artists. Everybody in the Church that has Christ Jesus doesn't have the same talents, and everybody in the Church that has Christ Jesus is not doing the same thing. So here is just one more witness. Even though you have Christ Jesus, Adam is raised from the dead in you, He's married to Jesus above, and that mind that you have received, Christ Jesus, is mixing together with the talents of your human heritage, your intelligence, your intellect, and your physical and mental skills. So everybody is not the same in Christ Jesus until the glorification. We will all be the same in the glorification. Isn't this interesting?


So when I had this conversation with Yussie, I saw he was really hurt because the Scriptures say (he tells me) that the Jews are the vehicle of salvation to mankind. I am sure he was representative of a lot of Jews, and that it wounded their pride that the present five-fold ministry in the Church are saying that the Jews lost their commission, and that the commission is now in the hands of the Church. So what the Church is doing today, from what I can see, is that they are spreading the Holy Spirit. They are spreading the Holy Spirit all over the world, which is a good work. The work of the Church is to spread the Holy Spirit so that when the true message comes along the people will already have faith in Jesus Christ, and maybe even more. Maybe even Christ will be conceived in them, and then the Doctrine of Christ will come in and pull them all up into the Kingdom. But the Church is going to have to step back in the hour that Jesus brings the true five-fold ministry in, whereever they are coming from.


Now, for the Jews to teach they are going to have to receive Jesus as Messiah, and I don't really think it will be the majority of the Jewish people. I think it will be just a handful, just a handful of Jewish scholars that will come forth, because the Jewish people are just like everybody else. They are just people. So it has to be just a handful of Jewish scholars who have been studying all their life in the Scripture to bring this forth. And this is a revelation for me, a controversial revelation, but a revelation for me, but I thank God for the answer. What it says to me is that I must have some relatives that had a very close relationship with Jesus, but to the best of my knowledge, I know my parents and I know my grandparents, and my parents knew their grandparents, so I know all of my great grandparents, and I have no reason to believe that their were super religious people on my family line. So, this must come from way back, way, way back. Praise the Lord.


If you get this message, and you are suffering from envy, here is the explanation that I will say to anybody that's listening. This is what I've been saying all along, and anyone in the ministry can tell you this. First of all, I condemn you not, I condemn you not for envy because envy transcends your intellect. Envy is an aspect of the sin nature that just rises up in you, and you have to war against it. It doesn't ask your permission to manifest. You have to war against it. So I certainly condemn you not, and I am not free from envy. I have all of the sins that are common to man that rise up in from time to time. What I do is I wage war against them when I don't agree with them. But I tell everybody that might be envious of this ministry, are you really willing to go through what I have gone through to get this ministry? I really do not know anybody (and I've heard a lot of stories in the Church) who has been through what I have been through and come out of it in Christ Jesus. Of course, there are people in the world who have been through much worse than me. There are people who survive concentration camps, but I am talking about people in the Church, people in the ministry, people that I personally have met or seen on TV, of all the testimonies that I've heard I have never heard anyone who's life has been as severe as mine.


I will confirm to you that you would never survive the spiritual warfare that comes against you to bring forth a message like this if you weren't completely broken so that you could come into obedience, because obedience is your warfare. Obedience to Christ is your defense. It is your armor. When you stand behind Christ Jesus no one can touch you. Of course, I am not completely obedient. God only knows I am not completely obedient, but it is impossible for a human being to even be as obedient as I am without being utterly crushed. Praise the Lord.


I would not want to re-live any part of my life. I really would not want to go through it again, and I would not wish it on my worst enemy, but it sure has borne great fruit. I thank the Lord for everything that He has done for me, and I do not despise anything that I have been through. I do not believe that the Lord Jesus ordained these trials for me. I believe that everything that I went through was the reaping of sins that either I sowed or my ancestors sowed. I do not believe that Jesus Christ has arranged these trials for me to perfect me, which is a common doctrine in the Church. I am very grateful for the way things have worked out, that my life was not a waste, but that it has a purpose and a good purpose.


Talking about good purposes, the Scripture says that Jesus Christ cast out demons and He healed the sick, and He did good. Does anyone have an idea of what that means, that He did good? Anyone want to take a guess at that? What kind of good did He do? What did He do that was good? The Lord was talking to me about that the other day, and I want to tell you what He did that was good. This is very interesting because what I am going to tell you is a big thing in Buddhism. Every time the carnal mind sinned against Jesus He did not sin back. He did not retaliate. He did good. He never did evil because His righteous mind so completely repressed His carnal mind's potential to do evil that all that He ever did was good; therefore, there was no sowing and reaping upon Him because the law is not for a righteous man. There is no law for a righteous man. A righteous man never does evil. All he does is good, so only good can come back on you.


This is a big thing in Buddhism and in Hinduism too. I heard of a story once of a whole town, I believe they were Buddhist, this whole town stood there and watched their numbers be slaughtered, women and children, and nobody did anything, because they have this revelation that if you don't do any evil it is going to save the world. But, of course, it can't work out of your carnal mind. It only worked with Jesus because His Christ mind repressed His evil. The whole point is that we are not being wiped out and destroyed and under evil because of behavioral sin alone, but that evil comes upon us because we have evil thoughts, and it is impossible to stop having evil thoughts unless you have the Mind of Christ. So, therefore, this doctrine failed among Buddhists and Hindus. In Jesus's case, when the Scripture that says He did good, it means that He had a Christ mind which repressed the evil, so He never even thought an evil thought. That's what that means.


Any questions or comments on this?


COMMENT: Concerning envy in the Church, I had a woman minister at the house, and we were talking about the Jews, and that they goofed, and I saw such a haughty spirit, and I believe there is going to be a lot of weeping and wailing.


PASTOR VITALE: But before that, there is going to be rage. It is going to be severe.


Isn't that interesting? I always thought that the day would come when the true Jew would come in, or the religious Jew, not religious, but the Jew that really has a relationship with Jehovah through Elijah would come in, but I never, ever thought that they would come in as the teaching ministry. Then again, it just makes sense. The Jews that are consecrated are studying these Scriptures from 3 years old. How many Christians really do this? Most Christians don't study that much, and if they do, it is in the New Testament. The New Testament is for someone who doesn't know the Scripture. The New Testament is designed to impart faith quickly to someone who really doesn't know the Scripture, which is the Old Testament. Very interesting.


Brethren, all I can say is that something big is about to happen. There is just all of this information coming forth, and is just preparing us so that when it happens, we can see it. Brethren, the whole Church is following after another spirit. I printed an article off the Internet for you. Unbelievable! A woman claims that Jesus danced with her. She has trouble with her feet, and this invisible spirit lifted her up and danced with her for 10 minutes, dipped her backwards, and when He sat her down He thanked her for the dance. She believes it is Jesus. The whole Church is running after supernatural signs assuming that they are Jesus Christ, and all I can say is, haven't they heard that there are evil angels? I guess that they haven't heard that there are evil angels. I don't know what to say except that thousands of Christians are running off into destruction, and the immortals from the fourth dimension are boldly presenting themselves.


I saw an advertisement for a new movie on TV. I can't remember the name of the movie, but it showed a room with as many as six or twelve people doing what they call line dancing. They all line up and do the same thing, and there is this big demon dancing with them. He's reptilian, and he's got this big reptilian mouth and web feet, and he's just standing there doing the line dance with them. So whatever is happening, it is happening. The immortals from the fourth dimension are becoming very bold, and they are piercing through into this world, and Jesus is raising up a standard.


We are going to see, in our lifetime, the conflict of the ages, the full manifestation of what happened before time began, when the Serpent seduced Adam, and stole the creation, and reformed the substance of the creation in her own image. I believe that it was 15 billion years ago. I do not believe it was 6000 years ago. I believe evolution is true, don't stop reading the message, in that this world is the Serpent's world, and that the Serpent laid hold of the spirit that was Adam's spirit, and she captured it, and she mixed it with the ground and reformed him into her own image, into a female animal with her own image. She did that through a process called evolution. Jehovah and Elohim do not form their creation through evolution, but the Serpent does.


So, if the scientists say that this world is 15 billion years old then I believe that time began 15 billion years ago, when the Serpent stole Adam's spirit and he departed from the eternal timeline. Fifteen billion years, but of course, there is no time or space in the eternal world where Jehovah is. The Serpent has been bringing forth this world for 15 billion years, and her specific goal is to join with the fruit of her creation. I don't like to fantasize, so I can't really tell you what they would mean for humanity, except that it would be eternal torment. The Serpent wants to rise up from the spirit world, from the unseen world, and possess the minds and the bodies of the human beings who have evolved to the highest point in 15 billion years. She wants to possess them and live through them.


So this great cataclysm is coming. We talk about the Lord's judgment being long suffering, how about 15 billion years? This final conflict is going to take place in our day, and for all of you kingdom preachers that are laughing right now because you don't believe that there is a conflict, you don't believe that Satan has any power; she has no power insofar as the end of the issue. Jehovah must win, but the fact is that the Serpent ran off with Elohim's breath. She stole a portion of Jehovah's power. Jehovah could wipe her out in a second, but He has decided not to do that so that He can reclaim His Son and us with Him. We are the female animal that His Son is dwelling in, and it is act of His great mercy that He is not wiping us out, that He is willing to take us with His Son if we will comply with His instructions, and His instructions include confessing that you have the Serpent's nature. It is not so easily done. Very few are willing in this hour to face up to the fact of what and who we are so that we can be translated into the glorious Son of God.


Anybody else have anything to say here?


COMMENT: You mentioned a new dimension, what would that be? Would that be beyond the fifth dimension?


PASTOR VITALE: I don't recall saying a new dimension. Do you recall what I said? What you maybe referring to is that I was talking about the idea in the Church that everybody who has Christ Jesus is equal.


There are people in the Church saying today that there isn't even any variation in the spiritual gifts because everybody has the Holy Spirit, we are all equal, and even that is not true. The spiritual gifts vary, but the new dimension is the talents that our personality was born with. We are a mixture of either the Holy Spirit or Christ or Christ Jesus. We are a mixture of our spiritual maturity, which is Abel, which is our inheritance through Jesus Christ, and all of our talents that we have inherited through Cain, which is our personality, which is the Woman. Each individual one of us is a mixture of spiritual and intellectual and physical talents. We are Cain and Abel, and both Cain and Abel have to be matured. I did a lot of preaching on that.


So that is a dimension of our physical inheritance, our physical and intellectual inheritance, our non-spiritual inheritance. I personally have never heard Christians talk like this, that the whole individual Christian is more than their spiritual potential. They are a mixture of their spiritual and their intellectual and their physical potential, because I will tell you, as a preacher who was very sick when the Lord called me, no matter how spiritual you are, you are limited as to what you can do for the Lord if your health is limited. You are definitely limited, so your health has to be as optimal as can be, and you need to be disciplined. We have to be a whole person, and you don't hear much of that in the Church today, but that was the other dimension that I was talking about, our physical heritage.


That's how each one of us is so unique. We are unique in Christ because we don't all have the same spiritual potential, and you say, How could that be? Is the seed not the same? Is not the same that's sowed the same? The seed that's sowed is the same, but apparently, our spiritual potential is inherited from our families. I have known for a long time that a lot of people that I see leading a very decent life, I see grace upon their life, that they are second and third generation Christians, that they were raised in Church. Their parents are Church-going people, and their grandparents are Church-going people, and they just have a peace about them. Their life is in order, and everything is OK. I've had that revelation for a long time. This is interesting because I have said, I haven't talked about this in a while, but I know that I have said that Satan has her witches. There are people in this world that have the spiritual heritage in Satan, and they are very powerful. The Serpent has been bringing forth spiritual people in her image, which we call witches, for thousands of years. We have 6000 years of recorded history. Satan has been bringing forth spiritual people in her image, but Christ Jesus is just bringing forth spiritual people in His image for 2000 years. So the Serpent's crowd is way beyond us.


Then I preached in the past that in Jesus Christ we are going to overtake them, but if you look around the Church, I don't see it happening. The Church is very immature spiritually, and the majority of them don't even have a desire to become spiritual. So now it looks like the heritage that was in Israel is about to come charging to the forefront, which is several thousand years old. Do you have any idea how long ago Abraham lived? I think it was 5-6 thousand years. Three thousand five hundred years? OK. Is that including the 2000 years of the Church? It has to be more than that. So it would be 5,500 years. Well that is an edge anyway. Praise the Lord.


COMMENT: Pastor Sheila, do you think it is going to be supernatural that these Hebrews are going to get this knowledge that you say you have come into that they are going to be preaching? At one time you said it is very hard for them to understand it, such deep teaching, you said that the only ones coming in now are the Jewish people that don't have that kind of background. So, is it going to be a supernatural act that the Lord is going to bring them in, those who have been in deep studies?


PASTOR VITALE: Let me put on the message what I think you just said, and you tell me if that is not what you said. The Jews that are in the Church today, by and large, are Jews who are not practicing Jews, and you are asking me if there is going to be a supernatural act that is going to bring in the Jews that have a deep relationship with Yahweh? I think it would have to be a supernatural act, but to be honest with you, Xxxx, I have no idea how He is going to do it, but I know that we are coming, well I believe... What do I know, I don't know anything, but I think that there will be a turning point, but I have no idea.


We are waiting for several things. We are waiting for the Jews to recognize Jesus as Messiah, we are waiting for the Church to reject the false doctrine and receive the true doctrine, we are waiting for the First Fruits who are receiving the true doctrine and are at war with their sin nature. I should have put that first. We are waiting for the Sons to stand up. I suspect that the next event on the agenda is the Sons standing up, and somehow, through the Sons, Jesus Christ will bring the truth into the Church, and the truth into Judah, but I believe there is going to be a tremendous cataclysm in the Church. I think there is going to be a split, and that those that go on with the Doctrine of Christ and start ascending spiritually will be a totally different group, and that the majority of people who call themselves Christians today will not go on. It is going to be, for the last of a better word, a whole new denomination rising up, a whole new religion rising up. Just like when Messiah appeared in Israel He completely came out of Judah, and Christianity started and then there was Christianity and the Jews. Every time a new level of truth comes up a new denomination starts so I expect that the next event is that the Sons of God will stand up, and they are going to start a whole new path. I hate to say religion. A whole new path by which people will ascend into full stature in Christ Jesus, and that somehow the power coming through the Sons will touch the true believers in Israel. To my carnal mind, I can comprehend many Christians coming out when the Sons appear, but I don't know how we are going to touch the Jews.


I just had a thought come into my mind. The way we are going to touch the Jews is that those of us who are really accomplished in the Doctrine of Christ will be sent somehow, supernaturally we will come to meet the faithful Jews who have the Doctrine of Christ, and then when we meet there will be a supernatural quickening. But I am telling you, there is a cataclysm coming upon the earth. Can you just imagine what is about to happen? It is just going to be -- the whole world is going to be overturned. They say that the followers of Jesus overturned the world. The whole world is going to be overturned, but how rapidly it is going to happen I have no idea. We are waiting. I think that answer just came through by revelation, Xxxx, that the Sons have to stand up, and they have to go with the Doctrine of Christ and power, and the faithful Jews have to see that we are preaching the same thing that they are preaching, and then, by revelation, they have to get a revelation, and some will go on. But very few. A few Jews and a few Christians will go on, and I think the large numbers of converts are going to come from Ham, from India and from Africa and from the Far East. That is my opinion, that's where the majority of them will be coming from, and the people who are legalistic just won't be able to make the shift. The spiritual people are going to come in, the spiritual people and the desperate people. You don't have to be spiritual. If you are desperate enough, desperation will do it. Praise the Lord. Anybody else?


COMMENT: Would spiritual heritage put you on a certain level of consciousness?


PASTOR VITALE: No, spiritual heritage has nothing to do with the levels of consciousness. The 12 levels of consciousness that the Lord has told us about are the stages of ascension in Christ Jesus. It has nothing to do with spiritual heritage. That is an interesting question. I don't see that it is a level of consciousness. I think, just off the top of my head, that it would work toward propelling us up through the 12 levels, but in itself it is not a level of consciousness. It is power. I perceive it at this moment as power.

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