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John 4:18, Jesus speaking to the woman at the well, For thou hast had five husbands, and he whom thou now hast is not thy husband; in that you have spoke truly.


Brethren, I have been telling you, and I've not really made an issue out of it, but  to really understand the New Testament you have to understand the Old Testament first. The New Testament is basically the gospel of the cross. It is written to the Gentile that has no understanding of the Hebrew Xcripture. That's what it is, it is written to the Gentile, people who have not been trained in the Scripture, and it is message that is designed to produce faith in the carnal mind because the Gentile doesn't have Christ. So the New Testament is largely written to the carnal mind, and the Old Testament is written to people in whom Adam is raised, people who have the understanding that is in the mind of Christ. We do find some deep hidden truth in the New Testament, but there is just no way you can understand them if you do not have a revelation of the message of the Old Testament. You will just never understand them.


I want to suggest to you, that the mystery of what Jesus is saying to the woman at the well in the Scripture that I just read, is not available in the New Testament. If I turn out to be wrong in the future, so be it, but I put my neck on the line. There is no way. You can pour over every work of this New Testament, and you will never find out what He was talking about, but because we study the Old Testament here, we are going to find out, and I will share with you what He is talking about. 


I asked Him this question years ago. The only reason Jesus will not answer your question immediately is because your brain is not capable of understanding it. He wants us to have all the truth, but there are certain things that you and I just cannot understand when I ask Him. When I started petitioning to Him about what I was to preach tonight, it started out two hours before the meeting. It started out with just a thought in my mind that I never thought would be a whole message, and then when we came in we had some counseling here for an hour or a little more than an hour. Everything seemed dead in the spirit to me, but the spirit did stir up when you asked that question about secret of life and I said,  I'll just go with the couple of words that He gave me. And then, when I sat down during the music service, He just gave me the whole thing. I just pray that the Lord helps me to bring this forth. It is a difficult message.


We should start at the end and work our way backwards. Who is the woman that Jesus is speaking to at the well? I really haven't checked this out in the Interlinear text, and the King James really does make it sound like there was a human woman that He met, and maybe He did. I am just telling you that I didn't check it out in the Greek, so I honestly don't know whether He actually met a human woman and had this conversation with her, or whether He didn't. I am going to assume that He did because that is the way it looks in the King James, and I don't think whether she was a real woman or not has much to do with this message.


How many of you are aware that Jesus frequently talks to people that have no idea what He is talking about. Do you know that? Just like a King looks at his six-month-old infant son and starts telling him, You are going to be king someday, and, You will be the king of all these nations and all these people. The baby has no idea what he is talking about. So I am going to assume that Jesus really did meet a woman at a well, and then He talked to her, but she had no idea what He was talking about. She did recognize that He was talking about spiritual things.


Do you know that lots of people can recognize that you are talking about spiritual things even if they don't know what you are talking about? Some people just like to be around people who are talking about spiritual things. Looks to me like Jesus did meet with a woman, but she had no idea what He was talking about. I think it is the same principle, it has to have significance since it is in the Scripture.


When I first started preaching this message, the Lord told me that something is happening in the heavenlies, just by the fact that I am preaching this message. We started out in a small little room in the basement of an office building, and there were just a very few people there, but something was happening in the spirit. I believe that Jesus met this woman. Now, Jesus was in full stature, just the fact that He said these words and that He spoke them out loud are very significant.


There will be one more Scripture that I will be addressing and that is Verse 21, And Jesus said unto her, Woman. Now that always bothered me. Why is He calling her womanBelieve me, the hour comes when you shall neither in this mountain nor yet at Jerusalem worship the Father. He wasn't talking to an individual human woman. He was addressing the Woman who rebelled against her husband and caused the fall of Adam, the Son of God. That's the Woman He was talking to.


We have a lot of physical males in the world and in the Church, and they just love this idea of blaming everything on the woman and calling physical females woman, and they are just way out of line. They don't know what they are doing because before Christ Jesus it doesn't matter whether your body is female or your body is male. If Adam is rising from the dead in you that is the only thing that Jesus Christ knows. So this macho-man doctrine that's in the Church, in Jesus' timing it will have to come down, it will just have to come down.


Jesus was not being macho. He was not calling the Samaritan female woman. He was talking to something beyond her conscious mind, and that was what we talked about in the counseling tonight. There is a being that lives behind our conscious mind. There is a being that lives behind your conscious mind, and that being is called the Dragon, your subconscious mind, and she has an existence totally apart from your human existence out here in this world. That is true of all of us, and what's really interesting is if you need another witness to this -- I had somebody here once who objected to my using psychiatric witnesses. I'm saying the psychiatrists would believe in this and the scientists would believe in this. Some people need to hear this, that I am not the only person in the world saying this, so if you need it I will put it on the message.


There are many who subscribe to Eastern philosophy, Taoist philosophy. For example, if you study Taoist, a Chinese philosophy, they know that there is another being that lives inside of them. The American Indian, their religion is called Shamanism. They know that there is another being that lives inside of the man that you see, and depending on the degree to which your conscious mind is in communication with this other being who lives in you, who is your subconscious mind, determines how carnal or how spiritual you are. And there is no condemnation in this at all. You have to know where you are and what you are and who you are.


So for me to say to you, in this area you are in complete denial, what I am saying is that there is absolutely no communication whatsoever between your conscious mind and your subconscious mind, who has an existence completely independent of you. It would be as if to say that you never looked at your husband, and he just lived his life and you didn't even know he was there. That you lived in a house with a man and he came and he went, and he did whatever he wanted. I will exaggerate now: he brought a woman into the house, he did what ever he wanted to do, and for whatever your reason, you just didn't see it.


There is another being that lives inside of us, the one who has incarnated us. I will say it again, and the degree to which your conscious mind, the person who lives out here in outer darkness, is in communication with the one who incarnated you, the Dragon, that is the measure of how spiritual you are or you are not. So if you want to become spiritual you're going to have to face your subconscious mind.


Facing your subconscious mind involves many things, and that is not really this message, but I do want to go with the Lord. To communicate with your subconscious mind you have to let down your defenses. So people, who because of their life experience have things that they would rather not remember, or issues that they would rather not deal with, it is no longer a conscious issue anymore. They are just going on automatic, people that are so strong that they will not look into their motives, because whether they are aware of it or not, they are afraid of what they will see. These are the people who are more likely to be carnal than spiritual, because, Paul said, When you are spiritual and you know all things, that you judge all men. You know what's in the heart of men. There's no way you are going to be able to see what's in the hearts of men if you can't see into your own heart because it just doesn't work that way, and that's what happened in the counseling tonight.


Xxxx recognized something in another one of the brethren here, and the reason she recognized it was because she admitted that she was doing the same thing. If we cannot see into our motives we are really going to be blinded to those same motives in other people, and being spiritual is seeing people's motives. For whatever reason, whether it is beyond our conscious control or not, if we won't let down our defenses, it will block our spirituality, because spirituality is sight, and it is the exact opposite of denial. Sometimes we need help, and the Lord promised you help, so I believe it is coming.


Jesus was not talking to this individual woman that He met by a well. He was talking to the woman, who in this hour, is known as the harlot or the whore of Revelation, mystery Babylon. Why would He be talking to this woman at the well like this? I don't know, and unless the Lord tells me I won't know, but I do have a thought in my mind. I have a question in my mind. I wonder if this woman was not a sorceress. This is a very deep spiritual message that's going back to the origins of the creation.


Jesus was talking to the woman who caused the whole mess, and I will tell you right up front, my sketchy Alternate Translation of Verse 21 is, And Jesus saith to her, Believe me, Woman, because the hour is coming when the Serpent... I am translating the negative word neither as Serpent in this mountain and Leviathan. There were two negatives there. I translated them Serpent and Leviathan.


Jesus saith unto her, Believe me, Woman, because the hour is coming when the Serpent in this mountain and Leviathan at Jerusalem shall worship the Father. That's what He's saying. The Serpent and Leviathan are going to be worshiping the Father. First He said, You've had five husbands -- I am going to tell you in this message who those five husbands are -- and the one that you have now, which is Leviathan, your carnal mind, is not really your husband because Leviathan is a woman. But I am telling you, Believe me, that the day is coming very soon that both the Serpent and Leviathan, your present carnal mind and the Serpent, the one who started this whole mess, are going to worship the Father.


He is pronouncing the doom of this whole creation. Why would He be saying it to this woman? I haven't researched it, but if my memory serves me correctly, because the Lord gave me this message at the really last minute, before Jesus approached this well He told His disciples, I must needs go to Samaria. Isn't that true, does anyone remember that? He said, I must needs go to Samaria, and when He got to Samaria there was this woman at the well. The indication, at least in the King James, is that He was going there to meet this woman. That tells me that she must have been some kind of sorcerer or somebody that He was trying to reach. Maybe she did understand Him, and she was bringing all the spiritual people from Samaria. I really don't know.


Let's get on with this message, as it is going to be very difficult to preach, and I guess I am sorta hanging around waiting for an anointing to do it. Brethren, get your thinking caps on because we are going back to the beginning of time. I guess I'll run the whole thing past you quickly, and then we will go back and take it a husband at a time.


First of all, let's define the Woman. We have had some teaching about the woman here, and it hasn't been completely accurate. We have to refine it a little. It is really not that far off and I have no problem rolling with it, but we have to refine it. I told you that the Woman is Cain, and that Cain was married to Adam, and that the Woman murdered Adam. It is true that the woman murdered Adam and that the Woman murdered Abel, but I have some more information right now about who the Woman is, and the Woman goes back to before the beginning.


Let us talk about the beginnings of the creation. I am not talking about the creation that the Serpent formed, but I am talking about Elohim's creation. Let's talk about the originator. His name is Jehovah or Yahweh, however you pronounce His name. Jehovah is a spirit, and a spirit, we have recently discovered, is personalized energy. I was listening to one of my recent messages today, and I am just very grateful for this revelation because I never could really figure out what spirit was. It just really helps me. I can understand energy. I can relate to that.


Spirit is personalized energy, and also I used to hear that Jesus is the Word. I don't know about you, but I couldn't relate it to anything. We need a frame of reference. I couldn't relate it to anything that I knew. You tell me Jesus is the Word, I believe it on faith, but what does it mean? If you show me three flowers, and you tell me these are flowers -- if you show me a rose and a tulip and a petunia, and then you bring in a hydrangea I could look at it and say, That's a flower. I could relate to that, but I have no idea what the Scripture  means when it says, And Jesus was the Word. So, unfortunately I have to use terms that may sound like New Age to put everything in a perspective that I can understand, because Jesus does not intend for us to walk around in a fantasy land. These words are supposed to mean something to us.


So the Father is an energy, a personalized energy pattern, He's personalized energy, and energy vibrates at a variety of frequencies, which is talking about speed. If I wave my finger back and forth like that, depending on how fast my finger is moving, is the frequency with which my finger is moving back and forth. We, as human beings, are all vibrating. We are vibrating, we are spinning on our axis, the whole planet is spinning on its axis, spinning around the sun, and we have no sensation at all that we are moving. To be honest with you, I don't completely understand that either, but I know that it is true that everything is moving, everything is vibrating.


Jehovah vibrates at a very, very high frequency and He is the sound. He is the One that speaks into existence what will come to pass. Jehovah is the Creator. He conceives of what will appear. He is the idea Man. Actually, I should have said it this way. (To the best of my knowledge, and God only knows, I really know so little. The more I find out, the more I realize I don't know.) Jehovah, for our purposes anyway, vibrates on two different frequencies. I am sure it is many more than that, but for our purposes, He vibrates on two different frequencies. The highest frequency that He vibrates on is as Creator. He conceives the idea, and then He vibrates on a lower frequency to bring that idea to pass.


So the high frequency is sound, and the lower frequency, the Scripture says, is light, and Jesus is the Logos. The Logos is the embodiment of the Word. It is not the spoken word that man speaks; that is Rhema. Jehovah spoke or Jehovah thought or Jehovah created with His mind, and the Word appeared, the full embodiment of what Jehovah intended. Jehovah vibrating on two different frequencies: Creator, and that which is created, and we call them the Father and the Son. The Scripture says, Jehovah and Elohim, but Elohim is really Jehovah vibrating on a lower frequency.


Elohim is the light. He is the embodiment of Jehovah's conception of this creation. God only knows what His purposes are for us, maybe you know, I don't know. Whatever Jehovah does is a process. The Word did not come forth fully formed and mature. There is a Scripture in Genesis that says, And a shoot appeared. Jehovah conceived an entire world, and a shoot appeared, or we might say, the first cell appeared.


So we have the Father and the Son, Jehovah vibrating on two different frequencies. Now, I know the Scripture clearly says that Jehovah is both male and female. I have to be honest with you, I told the Lord I really don't understand this, and unless it comes out while I'm preaching I am going to preach a message with an aspect of it that I don't understand.


Apparently, Jehovah and the two frequencies of Himself, Jehovah and Elohim, abode in eternity with background threads. If we could think of Jehovah and His eternal world as a fabric, there are background threads that He weaves Himself through. If this is not exactly right, I will have to correct it, because I don't have this aspect clearly in my mind, but there is a substance, there is a spiritual substance that abides with the Father and the Son which does not have life, but has consciousness, and this is the Woman. This is the origin of the woman. I can't tell you the beginnings of the Woman because we know that Jehovah always was. There was never a time that Jehovah was not. Whether or not there was a time that the Woman was not, I really don't know. I don't have that information for this message. But there was present with the two vibrations of Jehovah, which is life. Jehovah is life, and Elohim is life. The Woman is not life, but she is present with Jehovah.


Now remember, Jesus was talking to the Woman. He wasn't talking to this little physical lady at the well. He was telling the spiritual Woman that she has had five husbands, and now she is married to Leviathan, which isn't her husband either. That's what He was saying. So the first husband that the Woman had was Jehovah. The woman was married to Jehovah.


We see Jehovah vibrating in two frequencies, and there is some kind of background substance that doesn't have life, but has consciousness, and why does she have consciousness? Because she is so completely mixed, merged, inter-related with Jehovah, who is life, that she has received consciousness. But life is only in the Son, for us, because we cannot approach unto Jehovah by ourselves. Life is only in the Godhead, but that which touches the Godhead has to be affected by it, so the Woman has consciousness. I openly tell you I am lacking information at this point about who or what she was in eternity. I guess that will be another message.


I will try and draw this for you. This is Drawing #1. The squiggly lines are indicating eternity, it's the best I could do, and I have written at the bottom of the board, Jehovah in eternity. I guess Jehovah is not in eternity, Jehovah is eternity. He is the eternal one, and I've already told you that He vibrates, at least as far as I know at this point, at two different frequencies, one higher and one lower. The higher frequency is the creative thought, and the lower frequency is that which appears as the result of the creative thought, the fulfillment of the creative thought. It is what we call the Word of God, the full embodiment of Jehovah's thought. Jehovah thinks, and it appears.


At this point, before the beginning, Jehovah and His two frequencies of vibration were one, to the best of my knowledge. They were just vibrating in eternity, whatever they were doing, and there was an additional aspect there, which at this point I have no information on, except that she was and is the Woman. Life is in the Father, life is in the Son. The Woman has no life, but she does have consciousness because of her intimate contact with life; something must rub off on you.


Now Jehovah decides that He wants to reproduce Himself. He decides that He wants to appear in a visible creation, and what I am trying to show you on this board, it is different that what I've shown you in the past. In the past I told you that Elohim departed from the Father like a cannonball shooting out, and the Lord has shown me now that that was not quite accurate, and that what Elohim did was roll away from the Father. Down here in this world, when a man lays with his wife, he gives her his seed and the seed departs from him. When a woman has a baby the baby departs from her. The woman now has the seed. It no longer belongs to the man, and the baby departs from the woman. When the baby grows, it no longer belongs to the woman, but in the spirit there is no division, everything is stuck together.


So Elohim, Jehovah's sperm, did not depart from Him as the sperm does in human sexuality, but merely rolled away from Him. The example that the Lord has given me to demonstrate this to you is this: If you can imagine that my arms are webbed like a duck, that I have webbed arms. I'll do it with one arm. My arm is lying or resting completely at my side, my arm and my side are touching one another, but I have wings now, and as I start to separate my arm from my side the web is just spreading out, so when my hand comes up this high it is not separated from my body because there is a web from my arm all the way down my body. So Elohim didn't depart from Jehovah, but He rolled away. The two were one, and Elohim rolled away, but He never left Jehovah completely. He just spread Himself out.


Think of Elohim as oil because that's His nature. He is the anointing. If you pour a little oil on the table it just rolls away, it just spreads out, but it is still in the original spot that it started. Elohim rolled away from Jehovah, never left Jehovah, just sorta spread Himself out a little further; He never disconnected from Jehovah, just rolled away and spread out. As He rolled away, a tear, or an opening, or something new appeared in the fabric of Jehovah, whatever that is, and that is what we know as the abyss. It is just a little different than what I taught you in the past.


Elohim rolled away, so now Elohim is on this side and Elohim is also on that side. Elohim is at every point, plus He is within the abyss. Elohim rolls away, He does not leave the Father, He just spreads out. This other substance, if that is the right word, called the Woman, whatever she is as she resides with Jehovah and Elohim in eternity -- I'm preaching this message without any such information -- she rolls away with Elohim and the abyss is filled with Elohim and the Woman.


Remember, everything that is criminal to man down here is acceptable (well not everything, but a lot of things that are acceptable to God are criminal to man down here), and incest is acceptable to God. God has no sin in Him. There is nothing that He could do that could turn out to be bad because there is no evil in Him. The Woman is Jehovah's wife, but it was Jehovah's intention to reproduce Himself so He sent His lower vibration forth as His sperm, and Jehovah sent forth the Woman with Elohim. The Woman is typified by water, and the two together, Elohim and the Woman, are Jehovah's semen. The Lord gave me a vision this afternoon, and He said that the abyss that we have been talking about is Jehovah's testes.


A human male has two testes, but that's because we are a divided age. We have two eyes, two nostrils, two ears, but that is a perversion. God is single. He only has one testes. Elohim is Jehovah's sperm, and Elohim comes forth as semen, sperm and water. So Elohim comes forth as sperm in a water medium, which is the Woman, Jehovah's wife. Jehovah gave His Son His wife for the purpose of bringing forth a Son of God, which Son was destined to marry Jehovah.


Now this is all incestuous down here in this fallen world. Let me take a minute, and I ask the Lord to remind you of the teachings here of what it means that Jehovah was walking through the Garden in the cool of the day. I remind you of the Song of Solomon saying that the lover wants to arise and eat of the fruit of his garden. We have had many messages on how the Serpent has planted this garden and wants to rise up and catch her own tail. The Serpent is looking to eat Leviathan. Leviathan is the carnal mind, the conscious mind of man, and the Serpent, the one who has generated her, is seeking to make contact with the fruit that is her offspring. The first generation wants to form a liaison with the third generation - the Serpent, the Dragon, and Leviathan, the third generation. She has planted the garden, she has planted her seed, she has brought forth an offspring, and she wants to marry the offspring. How perverse, you say. That's the full stature of good or evil, but Jehovah wants to do that.


Jehovah has sent forth Elohim, his sperm (his Son in sperm form), to bring forth a man in the earth, the Son of God. I don't know about the earth, but to bring forth a man in the spiritual visible world, and when that man is fully formed the name of the man is Adam. When that man is fully formed, Jehovah intends to marry him. Are you following me? It's all incest. Jehovah, Elohim, Adam, and then Jehovah is going to marry Adam who's going to be the Tree of Life. Jehovah wants to eat of the fruit of the Tree that He's planting. That's the way it is in the spiritual world. It is perverse down here, but the Scripture clearly says in Daniel 7 that the ways of Jehovah are so opposite of the ways of this world that it appears perverse to us. The Scripture also says in Daniel 7 that Christ appears perverse to us. Christ appears perverse to the carnal mind. He is the exact opposite. What the carnal mind thinks is right, Christ says is wrong. What Christ says is right, the carnal says is wrong, and the carnal mind thinks Christ is crazy. So, this is the second husband. Elohim is the woman's second husband. Jehovah gave His Son, Elohim, His wife. The Woman went from being Jehovah's wife to being Elohim's wife. The Woman's second husband is Elohim.


The Woman is righteous because she is righteous when she is in submission to Jehovah. Actually, I'm sorry, she is not righteous, she is good, and partaking of Elohim's righteousness. Elohim is the Tree of Life, and the Woman is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. The Tree of Life produces righteousness with no shadow of turning, and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil has a turning. It can be good or it can be evil. The Woman can be good or evil, but the man is righteous. If the woman wants to be evil she has to kill the man because it is the man's job, it is the righteous man's job to keep the woman on her good side. So for the woman to go to her evil side she is going to have a problem with the man because He is going to be bringing her back to her good side. 


PASTOR VITALE: What is the name of the Woman's evil side?


COMMENT: Cain? No that comes later. Cain is another generation.


PASTOR VITALE: The Woman has two sides, the inside of her palm and the outside of the palm. She is either good or evil. When she is good, she has no name. She has no name when she is Jehovah and Elohim's wife because the husband is all that there is. She doesn't even have her own name. The Woman, when she goes to her evil side, gets a name, and the name of the evil woman is the Serpent. The Serpent is the one that has founded this world, and Cain is a future generation. So we see the second husband is Elohim. Is this making any sense to you?


Let's go on to the third husband. Let me remind you about the difference between Elohim, who is Jehovah's sperm, and Michael, who is Jehovah's seed. If you will remember, in human reproduction we have the male sperm and the female egg and they join together in human reproduction. They join so completely that they become one cell, and that one cell is a seed. It is the seed that, when it sprouts, we are going to have a new baby. Hopefully that conception will take and that seed will produce a child. Now, in Jehovah's world He is all there is, so He sent forth Elohim from Himself. Elohim is male, I call Him the sperm, but there is no such thing as a female egg, so where is the second party to the formation of the seed going to come from? Jehovah Himself.


We have lots of messages about this, where Jehovah hovered over the water and joined with Elohim, and Elohim was a sperm. As Jehovah's spirit entered into Him and strengthened Him He emerged as a seed, and because Jehovah's condition changed, His name changed, and He became Michael, Jehovah's seed. Elohim, Jehovah's sperm. Michael, Jehovah's seed. Both Elohim and Jehovah were female. I don't understand the details of it, but they came together and they formed a seed, Michael. And Michael, I remind you, is the River of Life who was flowing through the waters of the abyss, which are the waters of the Woman, and Michael planted Himself in the earth underneath the firmament, if you recall.


Elohim is the firmament. Michael planted Himself in the earth, and roots grew downward and grass grew upward. The immature Adam is the grass. The mature Adam in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ is the Tree of Life. Adam was a plant under the seas. He was above the firmament. If you could imagine looking over a lake, or any body of water that has plants on the ocean bed, and the water is covering the plants, you see a reflection of the plant that's underneath. You see a reflection of the actual plant that's in the ocean bed. You see a distorted image of it on the water as it ripples. Adam was the plant underneath the water, and an image of himself was appearing on the surface of the seas. I don't know what He looked like. I know Daniel 8 says that He looked like a ram, but I don't think it was a ram as we know a ram.


This is Drawing #3. We see that the Woman's third husband is Adam, and Adam is Michael's seed. Let me explain this to you. Michael is the seed that planted himself in the earth, and he became the roots of the spiritual plant, or the spiritual grass called Adam, but we did a series on grass. It is Series #33. Nobody that was in the group at that time is here tonight, but we found out there are three different Hebrew words that are translated grass, and one of them means mature grass in seed, grass that has the capability of reproducing itself. So Adam, which is the fruit of Michael's seed, also has his own seed. Adam has seed because within Adam was the potential to bring forth a many-membered creation. It is as if to say that your father had seed, and then he had a son and the son has seed, but the seed that Adam had originates back to Jehovah, the Creator.


If you want to bring it down to this human level, we could simply talk about the processes by which the body manufactures semen. This is the process that Jehovah put His seed through to bring forth this many-membered creation, that I don't even have a vision of what it is supposed to be. The only thing I know is that spirit is the exact opposite of flesh, so everything that this world is, the spirit world is not going to be, but I have no idea what it is going to be like. Jehovah manufactured from within Himself the sperm, and He interacted with the sperm and brought forth a seed, Michael. And Jehovah's seed planted Himself in the ground and brought forth fruit, a spiritual plant called grass, which has its own seed, and that's where we are right now. Adam is Michael's seed.


I have been very reluctant to preach this because I am always concerned about confusing people, but when I get to a place where I really have to say it, I say it. The Fathers of the creation are Michael and Adam. This issue of Michael, if you are reading this message, we have at least three messages on Michael, it is a big mystery in the Scripture. Most of the time the Scripture just says Elohim, which is not wrong, because Michael is a formation of Elohim. It is just a mystery. There is not a lot said about it in the Scripture. Michael is Adam's father, and Michael is the roots of the spiritual plant named Adam. Michael and Adam together are the Fathers of the creation, and Michael and Adam married the personality of the man Jesus. Personality is water, so Michael and Adam marry the water in the man Jesus, and He is now a glorified, magnificent man that's living above the firmament.


So Jehovah is not the Father of the creation. The ones that have actually fathered the creation are Michael and Adam, the seed of Jehovah in two different forms. Michael was not born, but Adam was born. He is the fruit of a planted seed, and the spiritual grass, Adam, has an image that is appearing on the surface of the waters, and that's how we could say that Adam was married to the waters, the seas. The waters are now being called the seas, and the Woman is now appearing as the seas. What is the difference between the waters and the sea? You may recall in Genesis 1, the waters flooded over the earth, and then the waters were called back, but the waters, when they came back, were not the same. They had particles of earth in them, so their name changed from waters to seas. So the Woman is now appearing as the seas.


When she was married to Jehovah, I don't know what her name was. When she was married to Elohim she was the waters of the semen, and when she is married to Adam she is appearing as the seas. The woman is married to Adam's reflection. There would be no reflection of Adam if the Woman wasn't there. So Adam, Michael's seed (Adam Himself has sea within Himself, to produce a many-membered creation) is the third husband of the woman who is now appearing as the seas. Is everybody ok with this?


At this point, the Woman rebels against Adam. The Woman rebels against Adam, the spiritual plant. She doesn't want to be married to him. The Woman, the seas, is married to the spiritual plant, Adam, and they have an offspring. The image, whatever he looked like in those days, is the offspring of Adam and the Woman, who is appearing as the seas, but we know, as the story goes, that the Woman rebelled against Adam. She wanted to be the male sea, whatever that meant to her in those days. It is really not the message tonight. She did not want to be subject to Adam. She wanted to have her own name. She wanted to do what ever it was that she wanted to do.


The Scripture says that the Woman was seduced by her own evil potential. She had a potential to be evil. Adam had no potential to be evil. Adam's entire heritage was righteousness. Jehovah, Elohim, Michael. Adam's entire heritage was righteousness. The Woman had the potential to be good or evil, and she was good up until this point because she was joined to righteousness. At this point, as the creation begin to develop, Adam was the husband of the Woman who is now appearing as the seas, and he was supposed to see to it that she did not go over to her evil side and become the Serpent, but Adam was tricked. And we found out that the Scripture, which says that the man was not deceived, is a poor translation. Adam was tricked. The Woman was seduced by her own evil side, and then the evil side, the Serpent, tricked Adam into thinking that she was Jehovah.


Adam was Jehovah's bride. I said that at the beginning of the message. Adam was the garden that Jehovah walked through in the cool of the day. Adam was the mind of the creature that was appearing on the surface of the seas, and Jehovah wanted to dwell in the mind known as Adam. Jehovah wanted to inhabit the creature that was appearing on the surface of the sea so Adam was promised to Jehovah in marriage, and somehow the Serpent tricked Adam into believing that she was Jehovah, and that's not tonight's message.


The bottom line is that Adam could not tell the difference between his righteous self and his evil self, and that's what you are going through now. You, the Woman, can't tell the difference between your righteous self and your evil self. Everybody has an evil self, you understand that, and you've got it backwards as to who's who. So Jesus has got to straighten you out. He's fully intending to come forth in you, and it is not done without pain, but that's what this is all about. It is backwards in your mind, and the reason it is backwards in your mind is that you are being tricked by the Serpent in yourself. Can you hear that? So this time, Adam is not about to make the same mistake that he made at the time of the fall, and he's going to do whatever it takes to turn this condition in your mind over because it is all twisted up.


The Woman was seduced by her potential to be evil, and Adam failed to keep her in line and the waters departed from the place that they were established above the firmament, and the waters fell down underneath the firmament. Now, brethren, with no waters, there is no image. Can you see that? With no waters there can be no image of Adam, and the waters fell down underneath the firmament so there is no water. The whole plant died, only the root remained, Adam's roots which is Adam's spirit which is Elohim's breath. Elohim's breath, the remnants of Michael, it is all Elohim's breath, the breath that Jehovah breathed into the creation. That's all that's left, Elohim's breath, and that's what's under the firmament and that's what's giving consciousness to this present world, Adam's roots.


We can call it Adam's roots, we can call it Elohim's breath, sometimes I call it Adam's widowed spirit because eventually after this whole cataclysm Jehovah.....let me say this first, when the creation was in this condition Adam, although not married yet to Jehovah, not fully married, had a union with Jehovah, just like we have a relationship with the Lord Jesus today, but we are not fully married yet. Adam was connected to Jehovah, and when Adam fell Jehovah divorced Adam. Why? Because the woman got between Jehovah and Adam, and Jehovah will not connect with this woman. The man has to be on top.


The Woman slipped Adam over, and he died. Jehovah divorced him, and he died. Adam died when Jehovah divorced him. No one can kill you when you are connected to the Godhead, so it really didn't matter what the Woman did. Adam was still alive until Jehovah divorced him, and Jehovah divorced him because Adam was in a perverse condition. The Woman got on top of him and made a woman out of him, and Jehovah and Elohim made a decision that it was in Adam's best interest to divorce him. Why? Because so long as Adam was connected to Jehovah he would have to abide eternally in that condition.


Jehovah and Elohim decided it was in the best interest of Adam and the whole creation to divorce him. So Jehovah divorced Adam, and Elohim divorced the Woman. The Woman was the waters of Jehovah's semen. Elohim is the sperm, and the woman is the waters. They had a marriage. This sounds like confusion, but it is only confusion to the carnal mind. They were all in there together. Jehovah was still married to the woman, Elohim the sperm was in there, the sperm was swallowed up into the seed, was swallowed up into Adam. Can you not see this?


The sperm of the husband is still present in the human being although it doesn't look like sperm any more, but the sperm and the egg became a whole person. The sperm is in there somewhere. So Elohim divorced the woman, and Jehovah divorced Adam, and the creation was completely separated from the Godhead. Now, the Woman now had no male seed. Adam was dead so she twisted together with the earth, and brought forth a pseudo-male seed. She brought forth a pseudomale seed from within herself. She was all liquid, she was waters, and she just thickened herself and made a part of herself into a sperm, and I had that on the board a week or so ago.


The evil side of the Woman is the Serpent, and she twisted together with the earth and made herself semen. She became male and female like Jehovah. She made herself male and female, but the male seed that she produced may have looked like male seed, may have walked like male seed, may have talked like male seed, but it could not produce a living son; therefore, said Jehovah, the Serpent shall be called a eunuch, male to this world, but not able to produce life. Then I would say the Serpent lay with the Woman. In other words, she interacted with herself and produced Cain and Abel. So you say to me, what are you talking about?


The Scripture clearly says that Adam lay with his wife, but brethren, I declare to you that some scribe somewhere changed that Scripture, and that Adam died when the Woman departed from him. A few words down in the Hebrew Lexicon is a word called adamah, and it is talking about the ground. And the ground is formed when the waters mix together with the earth, and made ground or clay, and that word should be adamah, not Adam. And adamah knew the woman. And I just declare to you that it is the truth, and you have to pray about it. Adam died, and it was the ground who Jehovah put into a deep sleep because the ground had the potential to bring forth this creation, which is a wild animal.


Jehovah put her spiritual awareness to sleep, and she became thick. She became this physical animal which we are. Adam did not know the woman. Adamah knew the woman. The ground, which is another way of saying the Serpent, the water plus the earth, had a form of intercourse with the woman. She divided herself, and the two parts of herself had intercourse. I had it on the board a couple of weeks ago. And they had two offspring, Cain and Abel, and Cain came forth as the Woman. The Soman is appearing in this present generation as Cain, but Adam's widowed spirit was in there. Adam's widowed spirit was soaked up by the Serpent, and therefore Abel came forth in a condition that the Scriptures says, smeared forth with Michael above. Abel, therefore, was the high priest, was Jehovah's high priest. Why? Because he was looking towards Jehovah.


Abel became the male husband and Cain became his wife. The Woman, who was the waters of the semen, who are the seas in the abyss, is now appearing as the mortal Woman, Cain. She finally got a name. She is the mortal woman, Cain, and Abel is the mortal male in this present generation. We have a couple of Scriptures. There is only a couple of times that the word Eve is used, and I've preached this on other messages that the Hebrew word translated Eve is not a proper name, but it is a word that means life. And adamah, or the Serpent, said, She shall be the mother of all living. I never understood what that meant until tonight.


The Woman is the mother of all living. Adam, the grass, is married to the seas, so Adam is the father and the seas are the mother, and they produced the image, or the personalities, of this world. The Woman is the mother of all living, but remember, the Woman doesn't have life. She only has consciousness, so to be the mother of all living she has to be married to a living seed. She can only produce life when she is married to Adam. She cannot do it by herself. She is the mother of all living. She is the mother of all the living images. Jesus Christ is a living image, the magnificient man, the Lord Jesus. His fathers are Michael and Adam and His mother is the seas. He needs the waters to produce the image of Himself. Adam needs the waters to produce the image of himself.


Of course, Jesus was talking to the woman, and He said, You've already had five husbands: Jehovah, Elohim, Adam, the Serpent, and Abel, and you killed them all. She couldn't kill Jehovah and Elohim, but she killed these other expressions of Jehovah and Elohim. And the husband that you have right now isn't your husband either because your present husband is Leviathan, your conscious mortal mind, and she is a female, so she is not really even your husband. Any questions or comments on this? This is very deep, when you think about it. I hope you are as excited as I am about it. I'm pretty excited. I really think that this is a very exciting revelation.


Do you understand why I said the Woman is the pseudo-male seed? Because the Serpent is the Woman's seed acting like a male, but with no ability to produce a live offspring, and Jehovah pronounced the Serpent a eunuch; therefore, I say pseudo-male seed.


COMMENT: On the diagram you say that the seas, the Woman is the sea above the firmament, has that always been or have the seas been below the firmament?


PASTOR VITALE: The drawing on the board is before the fall. The event of the fall is that the seas fell down underneath the firmament, and the image that was on top of the seas, Adam's image, died. The image died, and the plant died. Just the roots remained, and now the image is in the ocean bed of the earth at the bottom of the sea, which is the Serpent, Elohim's dark shadow instead of Elohim's reflection, or Adam's reflection. Anybody else?


I am going to give you an exhortation on Chapter 4 of the Book of John.


Let us take a look at verse 4, And He must needs go through Samaria. If you jump ahead you will see that after He spoke to the woman at the well nothing more, at least at this time, is said about His trip to Samaria. So I tend to believe that whatever it was that Jesus intended to accomplish in Samaria He accomplished by speaking to that woman that He met at the well. I have a witness to what I told you at the beginning of the message, that this woman was some kind of a spiritual woman, and I'll show it to you when we get to it.


Verse 7, There cometh a woman of Samaria to draw water. Jesus saith to her, Give me to drink. Samaria is the Capital of the Kingdom that rebelled against the God-appointed headship of Israel, which is Judah, and I think Jesus went to Samaria to talk to the rebels, and whoever this woman was. His purpose was to get the message to those who were not in submission to Judah, the God-appointed head.


Verse 9, Then saith the woman of Samaria unto Him, How is it that you, being a Jew, asketh drink of me? I want to suggest to you in Verse 7 that He was not asking her for a drink of water. This is the same principle of Jesus hanging on the cross saying, I thirst, and then when they gave Him water, He refused it. I believe Jesus was talking about the spiritual water. He was saying to this Woman, I want your water. I want to give you my mind and I want you to possess Me.


Remember, this was not the man, Jesus, talking to this Woman. This was the resurrected Adam talking to the Woman saying, I want your water. I want your water so that I can marry you and produce my image. I want to restore the condition similar to that we have on the board. Of course, in the regeneration the restoration will not be exactly the same as it was before. It will be a stronger creation and a stronger image. You have to realize that if it was Adam that rose up to talk, he had to be talking to someone that could understand what he was talking about.


If the woman on the outside didn't understand, her subconscious mind understood. Jesus was doing something spiritual here. I don't understand completely what it was, but you don't just go around talking to people that don't know what you are talking about unless you've got some kind of a reason. Jesus does not do that. So somehow, I believe He was communicating with the subconscious mind of the Samaritans of Israel, of the ten tribes, and I can't give you any more information right now. That's what it looks like. This whole account may be a parable. Jesus may have gone in the spirit to talk to them, I don't know.


Then saith the woman of Samaria to Him, How is it that you, being a Jew, ask drink of me? Now, she is hearing it in the carnal. Brethren, I can't tell you how many times I go through this, and if you are not going through it yet you will be going through it. You are talking about spiritual things, and the person you are talking to is thinking with their carnal mind and answering you with their carnal mind. I want to tell you this is a breakdown in communication.


Jesus said to the Pharisees, I am speaking to you in your language, why don't you understand my speech? He was speaking in their language, but they had no idea what He was talking about at all. So He is asking for her spiritual water, not only is He asking for her spiritual water, He's talking passed her present personality. He is talking to her subconscious mind, He is talking to the Dragon. He's saying, I want you to come home, this is your husband, Adam, speaking, and I want you. I'm sorry, He wasn't talking to the Dragon. He was talking to the spiritual woman in there, saying, I want you to leave your present husband, and I want you to come home. I want your water.


Just as Adam rose up in Jesus and spoke to the Pharisees and said, Before Abraham was, I am, Adam rose up in Jesus. He was speaking to some spiritual being that must have been hearing Him, but the woman who was standing there, the physical woman, said to Him, Why are you are asking me for a drink of water? In another place, when Paul meets Jesus on the road, and Jesus speaks to him and says, Why do you persecute me?, the Scripture says all that the other men who were nearby heard was thunder. Several people in the same place, but not hearing the same thing. So the woman says, You are a Jew, and you are going to take water from me? She says, The Jews have no dealings with the Samaritans. I think they weren't even allowed to touch her, let alone talk to her, and Jesus answered and said unto her, If you knew the gift of God and who it is that says to you, Give me to drink, you would have asked of Him and He would have given you living water.


What is this living water? Living water is talking is talking about the waters that are joined to the virile seed. The waters alone are dead. The waters produce consciousness, but they cannot produce life. The living water is the water that's joined to the sperm, living water, virile seed, water that will produce a male offspring that will impart life to you. That's what He's talking about. So He said to her, If you knew who you were talking to, saying, Give me drink you, would have ask of me, and I would have given you my living semen. I would have given you virile semen that would have fertilized your human spirit, and the woman says to him, Sir, you have nothing to draw with, and the well is deep, from whence then hast thou that living water?


He is talking in spiritual language, and she's talking in carnal language, and she has no idea what He is talking about at all. Are you greater than our father, Jacob, which gave us this well, and drank thereof himself and his children and his cattle, and Jesus answered and said unto her, Whosoever drinketh of this physical water will thirst again. So now He is teaching her in an attempt to bridge the communication gap. She had absolutely no idea whatsoever of what He was talking about. Here comes the manifestation of Christ. Of course, He has been Christ to her all along, but here is the obvious manifestation of Christ. He's teaching her.


Whosoever drinks of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst. Now He is talking about His spiritual semen, that's what He is talking about. He'll never thirst again, but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.  Jesus is saying, If I give you my spiritual sperm it is going to bring forth Adam in you, who himself is a well of living water. I give you my water, and it will bring forth a spring of water unto everlasting life in you. And the woman said, Sir, give me this water, that I thirst not. Neither come hither to draw. She's still talking carnal, and then Jesus says to her, Go and call your husband and come back. Now, Jesus was talking about Leviathan. I really don't have it a 100% straight. I think He was talking about her subconscious mind, and I'll tell you why when we get a few verses down.


Jesus said, Go and get your husband. I think He was talking about the dragon, her subconscious mind. And the woman answered and said (still talking carnal), I have no husband. Jesus said unto her, You have well said that you have no husband. Now let me remind you that this negative particle can be translated Leviathan. So Je ... Message ends here

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