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We are talking about the increase in energy, in personal energy, that is necessary to increase into full stature. Now for anyone who is distressed that a Christian ministry is using the word energy, I remind you that spirit is energy. What is the difference between spirit and energy? Spirit is personalized energy. God is energy that is a person. He is a personality, He is a person. He is not electricity in the wall, He's not physical lightening in the sky, He's not the energy that we use from waterfalls, hydroelectric power. He is an energy source that is a person.


So as we ascend into full stature it will be necessary, it is necessary for us to accumulate and increase level of energy. Christians have energy. If you want to say spirit, you can say spirit, but the reason I am saying energy at the risk of distressing Christians who perceive this to be a New Age term, I'm using energy because for years I could not even understand what the word spirit meant. As a matter of fact, I think I remember telling the Lord once, Lord I hear you are a spirit, but I really don't know what that is. What is a spirit? I didn't know. It is a breath. What's a breath? So, if you could relate to the word spirit in this sense use spirit. I don't care what word you use, but I am using energy because it helps me to understand what God is in relationship to what I am.


I am a life form that is generated by energy. Spirit generated me? Yes. What does that mean? My carnal mind cannot, I could receive it in faith, that spirit generated me, but my carnal mind and whatever degree my Christ mind is in at this time it is not real to me. Do you know what I'm talking about. Spirit made me. What does that mean? But I can relate to the fact that energy made me, and I declare that it was the energy, the personalized energy whose name is Elohim, that originated this creation.


I also know that it is the serpent that has generated this body. Why? Because I know that God doesn't make His Sons an animal body, and I can't get into that whole message at this time, but you see the people who are spiritual outside of Christ they know that energy formed this creation, and I want to tell you that many of them, many of the people who are spiritual outside of Christ know that the name of that energy is the dragon. Some think it is the serpent. Now there is a philosopher, and I will not put his name on the message because the name I have in my mind may be wrong, but there is a philosopher who has written many books on the Christos, the Christos, and his definition of Christos is an impersonal, impersonal energy that is flowing through this whole creation, an energy source without a mind, well I can't even say that God has a mind, how can I say this, an energy source that is not personal, let me leave it at that at this moment because that is not really the point of this message.


He talks about a Christos which is the energy source that created this whole world in the sense of evolution is preached: well it just happened, that there was just an energy source and this energy source just created this world with no plan, with no purpose, it just happened. Whatever I was taught about New Age and Eastern philosophy when I was a Christian disciple that is what I was taught. The New Age is talking about it as an impersonal energy source. So the Christians who oppose New Age doctrine say, God is not energy, He is spirit. But the Christian writers who are doing this are focusing in on just one aspect of spiritual philosophy that is not in Christ that believes that the energy source of this world is impersonal, but we need to know that there are many spiritual people who are not spiritual in Christ who believe that the energy source that formed this world is very personal, that they know it. The Taoisst know it, and the Buddhists know it, and the Hindus know it, and I don't know who else is out there, but it was an American or British writer who called this impersonal energy source the Christos, but I think that the Eastern philosophy, they all know that this energy source that created this world is personal. They don't doubt it for a second. That really was just an introduction. It really doesn't have to do with our message today.


Our message today is this, that humanity and each individual thereof is a being in an animal body, a spiritual being in an animal body which is formed by energy. Now there are many in the Christian church who would say, Sheila don't you know yet at this point that God is the only source of energy, and that there is no other. I do know that. Jehovah is the only source of energy, and there is no other, but the serpent succeeded in stealing part of God's energy, part of God's energy. So the energy that the serpent has is Jehovah's energy, and, of course, the energy that Christ has is Jehovah's energy. So Jehovah's energy is divided.


Well how could that happen to Jehovah. Listen Brethren, Jehovah gave the breath of life to the creature, Jehovah the creator gave his breath of life to the creature, and they were one, the creator and the creature were one, but the creature ran off and took the breath of life with her. So for this temporary lapse, for this temporary division, because it will not last forever, Jehovah's own breath in the form of His Son, Elohim, technically it is Elohim's breath, is divided, and the serpent is possessing a part of what is presently the Lord Jesus Christ's possession. Isn't there a scripture like that? He is going to repurchase the purchased possession or reclaim the purchase. What's the possession? The serpent is possessing Elohim's spirit, and it is that spirit which is the serpent's source of energy by which she has formed this world and runs it, and runs this world. She is doing it with stolen energy, and that energy which is Elohim's breath is dispersed throughout the entire creation.


It is in man, it is in the animals, it's in the trees, it's in the earth, it's in the sky, it's in the air that we breath, everything that we see here is formed through a manipulation of energy. What is manipulation of energy? Energy vibrates, and the rate of speed at which it vibrates depends on whether or not what it is forming will be visible or will be invisible. The slower the rate of speed that energy vibrates at the more likely that the object it is forming is to be visible. That's why the Lord Jesus Christ is invisible. They are personal sources of energy that are vibrating at such a high rate of speed that they are not visible, but they are energy. Spirit is personalized energy.


So here we are, we have a creation, a group of people who are fallen. We are spirit dwelling in an animal body, and we find that the human spirit which is in man we might say is an accumulation of energy. I told you that the energy of this world which is the stolen human spirit typified by Dinah in the scripture, by the way, stolen and raped, I told you it was dispersed through the whole creation. I did not tell you that it was evenly dispersed throughout the whole creation. It is not evenly dispersed. The energy of this world is not evenly dispersed throughout the entire creation. A disproportionate amount of the energy that has formed this world is appearing in the minds of men as the human spirit, but there is a part of that energy that is also in this physical body, that's in the atmosphere, that's in the water, that's in the earth because there would be nothing appearing if it did not have energy mixed with it. Is everybody ok with this?


So, there are two points here now. Jesus Christ is come to save that which was lost. Now if you think that which was lost is the Hebrew people. You are mistaken. It is way beyond that. Jesus has come to retrieve the human spirit or the energy which is Elohim's breath that was lost when the serpent absorbed it and ran away with it. This is some incredible job. I cannot even cope with the thought of the job that the Lord Jesus Christ had, to retrieve or extract Elohim's breath from every aspect of this creation which is not just this planet but includes all the universes, and the Lord Jesus Christ is beginning His assignment in the place where the human spirit is most intensely accumulated.


The greatest most intensely accumulation of Elohim's breath in the serpent's world which is beneath the sea is in the human spirit which is within the carnal mind of man. That's where Jesus is starting. Makes sense doesn't it? That you start where the greatest accumulation is, and then you start drawing the rest of the energies to whatever is already accumulated. Makes sense to me, does it make sense to you? So Jesus' overall assignment is to retrieve every last drop of Elohim's breath which Jehovah calls His Son. Jehovah calls the human spirit....you see to say the human spirit, the human spirit is talking about that accumulation of Elohim's breath which is present in the mind of man, but Elohim's breath is also in other places so the human spirit is a part of Elohim's breath, but the term Elohim's breath is greater than the term the human spirit because Elohim's breath goes beyond the human spirit.


Elohim's breath is in the body, Elohim's breath is in the animal, Elohim's breath is in the trees, Elohim's breath is in the earth, but the human spirit is not in the trees and in the earth and in the seas. This is the teaching of pantheism, that the spirit of God is throughout the entire creation, and therefore they worship the entire creation, but there is a lack of understanding here because they don't realize that by worshiping the entire creation they are really worshiping the serpent, and that the high place....you see we must worship God in spirit and truth from the high place where Elohim's breath is accumulated with enough intensity that it is appearing as the human spirit and is in a condition whereby it can be joined to by the Holy Spirit for the specific purpose of raising Adam, the King of this whole creation, from the dead and Adam in his resurrected condition is called Christ.


Every time our condition changes we get another name. Adam was formed, Adam died, now Adam is raised from the dead. He has a new name, it's Christ, it's the resurrected Adam. So Jesus is starting with us, and Jehovah has decided not to wipe us out, not to wipe the serpent's whole world out and just grab back Elohim's breath, but Jehovah in His merciful wisdom has decided to send the Lord Jesus to the human beings of this planet because the human beings, mankind, Homo sapiens, are the animal species in which there is the greatest accumulation of Elohim's breath.


You see, we have many people in this world today, many European people, Americans and people of European descent, not Eastern people, who are embracing Eastern philosophies and saying, we must face the fact that humanity is just another animal species and therefore we are to share this whole planet with the animals, and therefore the animals are as important as man is, and there is a concerted effort to tear down the authority of the Bible in the West, and this is one of the platforms by which they are tearing down the authority of the Bible.


We are preaching here that mankind is an animal, but that we are spiritual deity which is formed into an animal as a judgment and has the potential to be restored to spiritual deity, but you see the people who are teaching the Eastern philosophies are saying, we are just another animal species period, and therefore the animals are equal to us. Can you see that? Can you see the perversion of that? Can you see it?


Now this doesn't mean that it's not true that many unscrupulous men most of which are from the west have brutalized the animal population of this plant, that's another issue. That's true. I personally believe that's true, but that's another issue. The issue here is that Homo sapiens, mankind, we are the species which has the greatest accumulation of Elohim's breath and therefore we are the potential King of this whole planet, and our human spirit certainly is the place which Jehovah is reaching out to through the Lord Jesus Christ to raise the King of the whole creation from the dead. That's the truth whether they want to believe it or not, but I have to tell you in all fairness to the people embracing the Eastern philosophies I don't think they have ever heard this message. They haven't heard what I'm saying, you see. What they have heard, unfortunately, but understandably so is a bunch of well meaning people who have faith in the Son of God who are preaching this Word out of their carnal minds which is a spirit of pride and a spirit of arrogance. It is just the truth, and people who are thinking intelligent people are refusing the message that's being preached in the church today.


There is a program I watch once in a while, it's called Politically Incorrect and has commentator, and he has celebrity guests on and they talk about controversial issues, and this one man, I don't even remember his name, I never heard of him, it was said that he was a comedian and his name had a particular ethnic sound to it. If he was from that ethnic group I would guess he was raised Roman Catholic.


A lot of Roman Catholic have a real issue with what they believe to be Jesus because the Catholic church presents their Jesus which is another Jesus, and there was also a representative from the United States House of Representatives present who was a Christian, and the man who I think was Catholic attacked that Christian man. It was very vicious. The commentator who is a pro, I believe I saw embarrassment in his eyes at the way the comedian attacked the Christian, but I want to tell you what the man said was correct. It was in a wrong spirit, it was in a murderous spirit, and the Christian had said to him, there is a big prejudice against Christianity in this country, and if you want to criticize Christianity you have to criticize all religions. You should not just be picking on Christianity, and I want to tell you I learned something from this attack because that man said to Him, Christianity is the most malevolent religion in the world today.


Now, I am not saying I agree with him but this is what the man said. The man said, they tell you that God will burn you in hell forever, that He punishes you, and he named a few other things, and then after they tell you all that they say, but He loves you and He's going to torture you for the rest of eternity, but He loves you, and that Christianity is the only religion that is threatening you with eternal torment and whatever else the man said that was his point. So many people take the Catholic church for Christianity, but even the Protestant church is preaching this that if you reject Jesus you are going to burn in hell forever, but He loves you. It is irrational to the intelligent mind. Some people stay in the church because they've had a personal experience with Jesus, and they love Him and they just believe the lie. For whatever their reason they just believe the lie, but the Western world today has thousands if not millions of people who are walking away from Christianity because they simply will not believe this doctrine that's being preached. They won't believe it. So now I have at least one man's opinion as to why Christianity is singled out with such a malevolent hatred. It is by people who are really terrified that it may be true that they are going to burn in hell forever. That's the bottom line.


So we are talking about energy. There is only one source of energy in the universe, and that is Elohim, but part of His breath was stolen by the serpent. So what is Jehovah's plan to save His Son, Elohim's breath from this formation that has been formed into a whole world that supports an animal culture. All this talk about will you pets be in heaven, no your pets will not be in heaven. This is an animal world that was formed by an animal, the serpent. Christ is not an animal and His world does not have animals in it. Christ is a spirit, and His world has spirit in it. It has spirit beings in it. How is Jesus going to extract the energy from the serpent's formation? He's starting in mankind, and within mankind He's working with the church, and within the church He's working with the people who will follow Him anywhere, and He's raising Christ from the dead in them.


Now when Christ starts to stand He starts to appropriate, what does that mean? He starts to take authority over, He starts to rule all of the energy which is Elohim's breath which is beyond the human spirit, you see. Now remember, when Christ begins to rise from the dead He is rising in your human spirit. The Holy Spirit joins with the human spirit, Christ is conceived, and there is no more human spirit and there is no more Holy Spirit. There is now Christ and the spirit which is within Him which is really Jesus above which is the Spirit of Christ. So there is no more human spirit. There is just Christ. Is everybody ok? So now in the people in whom Christ is being raised, Christ is reaching out to the energy which is Elohim's breath which is in the other parts of that person's body, the physical body, and I honestly don't know about our spiritual being.


All I know is that when Christ begins to become functional, when He is mature enough to start serving God, what He's doing is gathering in Elohim's breath from where ever it is in that person in whom that Christ is rising. Then as He matures and gets stronger He is going to be gathering in Elohim's breath from other parts of this world. He's going to be gathering in Elohim's breath from the atmosphere and from the earth, and probably from the sea, but I haven't read anything about it yet, but where ever Elohim's breath is Christ is going to be gathering it in. How does He gather it in? He takes dominion over it. Maybe gathering it in was not the best choice of words. Christ, where ever He's is rising, is joining Himself to and dominating energy, the energy of this world. Christ is ruling and reigning. He is taking back the dominion that Jehovah gave to Him in Genesis 1. Is everybody ok with this? So Brethren, there is energy in the air, and there's energy in the earth.


Let's get back to the two categories of spiritual people in this world. There are two categories of spiritual people in this world. People who are spiritual because their mind is Christ because Adam is rising from the dead in them, and people who are spiritual because the subconscious mind of their old man, which is the dragon, is covering over their conscious mind and living through them as both their subconscious and conscious mind. That's why they are a spiritual person. They are living out of the spiritual part of themselves, the subconscious mind, which is covering over their carnal mind and, to the best of her ability, restraining that carnal mind from functioning. Why would the subconscious mind be doing this? Because the carnal mind is rational and the exact opposite of the spiritual mind, and the truth of the matter is that the serpent wants to fully live through the people that she has incarnated, and the rational mind...


Now the serpent is spirit, so the rational mind is preventing the serpent from coming forth, and the dragon has to come forth before the serpent comes forth. So the dragon is repressing, covering over, the carnal minds of men, and these men are becoming spiritual through the serpent power which is the part of Elohim's breath that the serpent appropriated and is joined to the serpent, the serpent is joined to this breath in a perverse relationship. The serpent joined herself to Elohim's breath in a perverse relationship. The serpent male and Elohim's breath, female, this is the perversion. Elohim's breath, no matter what condition He's in is male; therefore, Joel 3:3 says that a young boy was made into a harlot. The young boy, Elohim's breath was forced into the female position by the serpent for the specific purpose of incarnating this world.


Let me say it again simply. This is important. There are two categories of spiritual people in this world. The people who are spiritual because Adam is rising from the dead in them, and His resurrected name is Christ, and all of them, doesn't matter what discipline they are involved in, everyone else who's becoming spiritual are in this condition because the dragon, the subconscious mind of the unregenerate man, is rising up, bypassing their carnal mind and making them spiritual. Those are the only two categories of spiritual people in this world.


Now the scripture clearly says that the children of the night are wiser than the children of the day. That does not mean that they have a greater potential for knowledge. See, we can have a very high IQ and be uneducated. We can have a very high IQ and be ignorant so when the scriptures say that children of the dark or children of the night, whatever the scripture says, are wiser than the children of the day, the scripture is not talking about potential for wisdom. The scripture is talking about actual wisdom, education, knowledge, understanding, things that are gained, and this is the truth. This is the truth that the people, the category of spiritual people who are spiritual because the dragon is living through them....and this may sound bizarre to some people that we are using the word dragon, but there are societies, in particular the Chinese, I think the Japanese too, but certainly the Chinese, the dragon is a big issue in their whole culture.


They have a revelation that power is in the dragon. It is no accident that the dragon is through their whole culture. Maybe the Chinese of this generation don't understand it, but at some point way back in time there were Chinese leaders who recognized that power came from the dragon. So we have two categories of spiritual people. Now, the people who are spiritual outside of Christ, they have a revelation, they've made it probably for thousands of years, that we have a portion of energy that we are born with that is not evenly dispersed throughout our entire being, that the majority of our human energy is mounded up in the form of our human spirit, and then there is energy beyond that, Elohim's breath beyond that, energizing our body and the rest of our person, and that we are limited in our ability to continue on, we die, we die eventually.


We are limited in our ability to be free from sickness, and we are limited in our ability as to what we can accomplish with our physical strength based upon the measure of energy that we are born with, but you see there is an additional source of energy, untapped energy you might say. It is in the earth, and it is in the atmosphere so the people who are spiritual outside of Christ have known for thousands of years that it is possible to join their personal energy to the energies of this world, the earth, and the air and the sea or whatever, and gain power. Gain what power? Power to do what? Gain power to be free from sickness, gain power to live longer, gain power for whatever our needs are in this world, and the church has been taught this is not for you, this is occult. Now, I am not in anyway putting down the church. Why?


What I am here today to tell you is that message from the church was a valid message to the spiritual children that the Holy Spirit was dealing with, but it is time for Christ to grow up, it is time for Christ to grow up. It is time for the church to grow up. Christ has to come forth through the church, and I am finding out more and more that just about everything that the Lord is teaching me about ascending into full stature lines up with what the people who are spiritual outside of Christ are saying. The only difference being the spirit and the mind by which we are attaining these goals. So we are waiting for this outpouring.


Those of us that are waiting for full stature we are waiting for this outpouring of power. Christ is being formed in us, we see that we are changing, we see that we are more spiritual every day, the doctrine of Christ is coming forth. Where is the power? Why are there not more healings, where is the power? When the Holy Spirit joined with our human spirit and became Christ the gifts of the Holy Spirit more or less disappeared, largely disappeared. So now Christ is the one through which the miracles are supposed to be coming. Well, where are the miracles? I've been asking the Lord this for a long time, and now this seems to be the answer; that it is coming through people who are mature enough in Christ to handle this, and if you can't believe it then put it on the shelf because at this point I am convinced it is true until the Lord tells me otherwise.


I've known that the power is not pouring out of the sky because Christ is within me so I've always had this vision that Christ is connected to the eternal world above and I'm just waiting for all that power from above the firmament to come gushing into me, but now I believe the Lord is saying to me, no this is not so, that you are a product of this world, and you are a vessel through which the Lord Jesus Christ is retrieving the stolen breath of Elohim, and I am not pouring more power into this world, you are extracting from this world which is stolen. You are retrieving what is lost, and you are laying hold of it and dominating it for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ and using it for his purposes to heal and deliver the sick and to raise up Christ in other people. Does that make any sense? Makes sense to me.


We had a message, I think it was one of the last two messages that we had, which gave us a diagram of what full stature was, that the condition known as full stature is a condition whereby the human spirit which is now being formed into Christ vibrates out of this body. This body is a prison house. This body is a prison house that is binding our human spirit, in which now Christ is being formed, to the earth. He has to break free, and when He breaks free He will ascend through our body and come to the top of our brain....the energy which is Christ in us is going to ascend out of the opening, that's why we have a hole in our skull, going to be ascending out into the atmosphere. We had a diagram of this in a recent message and much to my absolute shock and amazement the image that the Lord flashed to my mind looked exactly like the images that I've seen in Eastern philosophy books.


I am telling you, it was the same thing. The Eastern philosophies, their message is largely correct except that they don't understand that they have to be doing it by another spirit. That halo that you see in the religious paintings, the principle behind the halo is what I'm talking about. It is the focused energy of the individual ascending to a place where it can mix with the energy of the atmosphere. What do I mean, focused energy? I mean when Christ beings to rise from the dead in you He is already possessing your human spirit, and from there He is going to take dominion over and gather into one focal point all the energies of your person including your whole mind, your whole personality, and your whole physical body that we should all become a focused instrument for the purposes of Jesus Christ.


The Bible says we are going to become a sharp cutting instrument with teeth. What does that mean? It means that the energies of our whole being will be focused unto the dominion of the mind of Christ in us to such a point that we will be as powerful as a laser beam. A laser beam is focused light, and when that focused energy which is under the dominion of Christ, the way I've expressed it in the past is that every thread of our energy will be bound to Christ with Christ in the dominating position. Now remember that all of the energy that's out there in unregenerated people in the earth and the sea and the sky, all of that energy is bonded to the serpent in the female position, but when Christ is rising in you, and He has laid hold of all of the energy of your person and forced it down under His authority this is the whole principle of full stature, when the carnal mind, when every enemy, even the last enemy which is death is put under His feet, when He is dominating every thread of energy in your whole person to the point that you can no longer die, He is vibrating out of the top of your head and ascending into the atmosphere. I don't know what the name of the measurement is when He ascends into the atmosphere. Is it every drop of spirit? Is it every breath? Is it every atom of spirit? I don't even know.


Let's say atom because I don't know what the right word is. Every atom of energy because energy is in every atom so every atom that Christ Jesus comes in contact with outside of our body will come under the dominion of Christ Jesus, and in that way the person in whom this is happening is gathering in energy from outside of Himself making himself more and more powerful. What I am trying to say to you, and I didn't make it clear in the last statement that I made is that I believe that this process of gathering in energy from outside of ourselves and bringing it into subjection to Christ Jesus in us is starting to happen before we attain to full stature. Now as way out as this sounds to you I want to tell you what the Lord said to me.


I woke up with this word on my heart this yesterday morning before I even knew what it meant, and the word was you are already gathering in energy from outside of yourself, the whole world is when you eat food. The food, fruits and vegetables take their energy, take their nutrition from the ground and you harvest them and you eat them, and you are injecting the energy of the ground into your body. I woke up with that word in my mind yesterday morning. I said, Lord that's true. Every human being alive takes in energy from the ground, and if you are eating meat the animals eat grass or hay from the ground. So we are bound to this world, we are bound to this existence where it is clearly acknowledged in the scripture that we need energy from the ground through food. There is no question about that, that's in the scripture.


So we take energy from the ground through food to keep us in this mediocre...I don't even want to say to keep us....while we abide in this mediocre spiritual condition, and that's what we are, we are in a mediocre spiritual condition if we are spiritual at all. As Christ begins to seriously mature in us He is going to require energy beyond the resources of our person. Now He's got to get this energy somewhere. This is how we are going to increase. I am seeing a vision, and I have been seeing it for a couple of weeks now. It is a memory of a dream that I had, and in this dream I was peeking out from behind a Venetian blind, peeking out a window from behind a Venetian blind, and I was looking down and there was a reservoir there, and it was a big tank filled with water, and the water was active. It was moving, and I could see waves peaking up on it, and in the dream the whole intent was that it was an untapped source of energy, and I was looking at it.


I had that dream over a year ago, and I've been asking the Lord ever since how do I get it, how to I get this energy because I need it. I am doing so much better than I could have even hoped to imagine, but my energy could be better, my health could be better, and aside from that if my health improved that would just maintain me in this mediocre spiritual condition. My understanding is that the scripture has promised me spiritual strength, superhuman strength, to help other people, to do the work of the God. Where is it coming from? And I have this dream about this reservoir of untapped power, and it was in a tank, you see. It wasn't in heaven above.


In the dream, my goodness I never even understood it like this until this moment. In the dream I was in a high rise apartment building. When I looked out of the window I saw that I was in a multi storied apartment building, and I saw all the windows that there were other apartments in that building, and the tank with water was beneath me, and I am realizing now, I didn't realize it at the time, that the dream means that there are other levels of consciousness that are higher than where I was in this dream, but what confused me was that the water was down, and I said, well Lord if the power is coming from on high why in the dream is the tank of water down beneath the level of consciousness that I was in, and now I have the answer. Because this energy that's going to propel us into full stature is not coming from above the firmament. Listen to me Brethren, there was a measure of Elohim's breath that was breathed into the creation, and the serpent has stolen that breath.


The Lord Jesus Christ is not giving us additional breath. Jehovah and Elohim are not giving us additional breath. The breath of Elohim, the energy that was given to the creation, is that which is now possessed by the serpent. So the energy that we need to ascend has been apprehended by the enemy. Do you hear what I'm saying? We have got to get it back to ascend, and the energy of Elohim's breath is dispersed in the ground and in the air. Do you know what I'm talking about?


This is such a heavy message, you are all suffering. Here I am waiting for Jesus to pour out this power on me. He's not going to pour it out on me. Now that I have focused, at least to some degree which is great enough for Him to be giving me this message, that Christ in me has focused and gathered in the energies of my person, this message and for who ever else can say this, and if you can't say this now, say what? That Christ in you has gathered in the energies of your person to the fullest degree possible for your present condition, if that's not true of you now that's ok because if you are hearing the message it is going to be true of you, and you will be ready.


In my case I think the reason the message is coming forth now is that the Lord is telling me that Christ in me has just about gathered in and focused and taken dominion over and is utilizing just about the fullness of my personal energies, and if I intend to ascend I am going to have to start gathering in energy from the planet, from the earth, and from the air which is beyond what I get through food. How do I do that? I don't know, but when a message like this comes forth it is a trumpet sounding to get ready. The Lord is telling me I didn't make it clear. In that dream the reason the tank that help all the energy that was appearing as water, first of all why was the energy appearing as water? Because energy on the level of this world is appearing as water. Above the firmament the water, Genesis 1:1, talks about waters, but when those waters are above the firmament they are in the form of vapor, water vapor, but when the serpent stole the breath she brought it down beneath the firmament so Elohim's breath is appearing in my dream and spiritually appearing as water down here beneath the firmament. Are you following me?


So why was the tank beneath my window when there was so many windows, so many levels above me? This is the witness that the Lord has just given me for one more witness, He was talking to me all day yesterday, but this is one more witness that He's giving me, that the energy that must be drawn into me for me to ascend above this mediocre spiritual existence that I have must come from beneath me. It is not coming from above. It is coming from the energy that is supporting this world. I have to draw it out of this world, but the trick is, the catch is, that when I draw this energy out of this world that it comes into me under the dominion of Christ, and this is how I started this whole message.


The people who are spiritual outside of Christ, when they draw the energies of this planet into themselves by spiritual means, and that means I am excluding through the eating of food which is acceptable to God, when people pursue spiritual pursuits however they do it which is designed to draw the energies from the earth and the atmosphere into themselves so that they can gain personal power, when they do this they are drawing the serpent into themselves and many people who do this gain personal power. Their bodies become healed, they are healed of emotional disturbances, many people practicing this are reaping....practicing what? I've got to make this clear.


People who are spiritual outside of Christ that are using physical means, usually some form of exercise is involved, but I don't know enough about it to tell you that's the only way, people who are using physical means to gather in energy from the earth and the atmosphere so that they can gain personal power in the form of improved physical and emotional and even financial health are marrying the serpent, but it is working for them, for you see it is only a partial marriage at this point. In the same way that I tell you that we are marrying Jesus Christ in three stages. First the Holy Spirit marries our human spirit and raises Christ from the dead. Then Christ marries Jesus who is above and the married couple is known as Christ Jesus, and then Christ Jesus marries our personality.


In that same way there are several stages of marriage for the people who are spiritual outside of Christ that are deliberately seeking to join themselves with the energies of this world. Now from what I can see which certainly I do not have unhindered sight, the majority of the people that are engaging in this process today, what people? The majority of the people who are spiritual outside of Christ who are engaging in activities which are designed to join them to the energies of this world so that they can gain personal power only have attained to a partial marriage with the serpent. Now whether or not it is three stages with the serpent also, I don't know and I don't want to stop to think about it right now.


Perhaps I'll have something to tell you about that in another message. So, they have formed a union with the serpent, but it is not a complete marriage and the serpent is blessing them, and they think it is a good thing, but what they don't know is that when the day comes that the serpent rises up to fully join with them they will be abused, and I cannot even tell you what form that abuse will take. I only know that this human race is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and that there are people today in the world who are being abused by the serpent already; drug addicts, alcoholics, people whose spiritual condition is so weak that they become prostitutes. We have victims all over the world, terrible things are happening in this world, little girls being sold into slavery by their own fathers.


There was an article on the computer today from the New York Times that a ring was just broken up in Queens, right here in New York, where several Mexicans had brought a group of afflicted Mexicans, deaf and dumb and other sources of affliction, into this country by promising them a better life, and they were keeping them in slavery, making them go out to work, keeping all their money, and there were about 40 people living in one apartment built for 7 people, and the article said there was a possibility they were physically and sexually abused also, and one of them got out and went to the police station, and when the police went to the house in Queens they saw it and broke it up, and these people were enslaved with the threat of being sent back to Mexico.


Terrible things are going on in this world, brethren, don't be deceived because your life is ok. You are one of the blessed people. I am one of the blessed people, that my life is ok. So the serpent is already abusing many, but apparently there is a category of people who are on the good side of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil that are in a contract with the serpent. They are in a form of marriage with the serpent, and they are being blessed. So they are deceived, but it is only for a season because her true nature is wicked, her true nature is unredeemable evil. What does that mean? Not an evil that can be restored to good. Only that evil which is the result of a fall from righteousness can be restored to righteousness. The serpent was never righteous.


So what form it will take when these people who are benefitting from the serpent, and there are many of them, many of them, what form this abuse will take when they are fully married to the serpent I don't know, but a lot of people in this area of life especially those in the martial arts, there are what they call legends, it is called legends because it is not happening today, about people who obtain superhuman abilities through the training for martial arts, and the training for martial arts strengthens the subconscious mind which is the dragon, and she overlays your conscious mind and the subconscious mind lives through you, and the subconscious mind is supernatural, and she enables your body to do feats that your conscious mind could not do through you. See this body is just an android. This body does what ever our mind is strong enough to command it to do.


So the conscious carnal mind is only strong enough to do what ever we could do, what ever is within the realm of human ability, but when the subconscious mind rises up and takes over the function of our conscious mind we become superhuman beings. Now if the subconscious mind is the dragon, and you are trained in the martial arts, you can attain to supernatural feats which I don't want to go into on this message. It is not our message tonight. But then again, we who are in Christ Jesus we have a new subconscious mind, and that is Christ Jesus. Christ in us married to the Lord Jesus above is our new subconscious mind, and He too does supernatural feats of a much higher order than of the dragon, but living out of your subconscious mind makes you a supernatural person.


The only way you are going to live out of your subconscious mind is when that subconscious mind overlays your conscious mind. So our cooperation is required, we have to resist our conscious mind and fall into agreement with our subconscious mind. That's how we become spiritual, and that's how we become supernatural whether we are choosing Christ Jesus or the dragon. That's how people become spiritual and supernatural. So, if you are a Christian and you got this revelation before Christ was formed in you and you are reading this message, you need to know that you are not joining with Christ Jesus but you are joining with the dragon, and the fact that you are becoming more and more spiritual every day is not a sign to give you confidence. The question is which subconscious mind is making you spiritual?


Our message today is that to attain to full stature....what is full stature? To attain to a state of spiritual perfection involves the wielding of energy. Jesus wielded energy. He healed people by wielding a focused point of energy. That's what He did so how come Jesus had all this increased spirit, all this energy in Him beyond what we have today that made Him a superhuman man? Well, what I am hearing the Lord say to me today is that first Adam had to rise from the dead in Him or begin to rise from the dead in Him, and by the power of the Godhead within Him the Lord enabled Him, I don't know how yet, the Lord enabled Him to extract Elohim's breath which is dispersed in the air and the earth to join with His own personal energy, and that is where He received the additional energy from.


I am going to say this again, this is blowing my own mind. There is no power coming down from on high. There is no power coming from above the firmament. Jehovah gave Elohim's breath to the creation, and that is the breath that is the breath of the creation. Jehovah gave Adam supernatural authority and dominion over this whole creation, and Adam lost that authority which is in the form of energy when the serpent stole it from him, and the only power that we are going to achieve in this flesh is that power which we reclaim in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ from the energy which is dispersed through this world. Do you understand what I am talking about?


That's why the energy was in the tank that was lower than me, and the high rise building had many levels of consciousness that I have not attained to yet, but the source of the energy was beneath me in this world. Now I just want to pray that everybody reading this message, everybody that's afraid because this sounds so much like the New Age, everybody that's having trouble believing this because you never heard anything like this from the church before, everybody that the Lord is sending this message to whose carnal mind is blocking it, I rebuke your carnal mind. But first let me say, Lord Jesus if this is not the truth I pray that you disannul this entire prayer if this is not the truth, that you correct me, and everyone else that is listening to me, but if this is the truth may you utterly burn our carnal minds with fire, may we utterly be pulverized and destroyed and crushed and utterly dispersed and may your will be done in us who will submit to you so long as it is you in whatever you ask us to do.


Show us Lord, witness that it is the truth, show us how it is done, and help us for we wait for you Lord and we have been waiting and praying for you, all of us here, for years oh God, and the word has finally come down as to how this will happen. Let it be Father in accordance with your timing and in accordance with your ways. Keep us Lord from the dragon, oh God, let not the serpent touch us Lord, but let us continue to be virgins that follow you everywhere that you go, and if this message is truly from you do not let it be stolen from anyone whose ears you would bring it to Lord, and let the retraction of your spirit, of Elohim's breath from the earth and the atmosphere, be claimed by Christ in the individuals in whom you witness this message to, I pray this day in the Name of Jesus. Amen.


I thought that was the end of the message, but the Lord just reminded me of the way I got into this whole thing. I was talking to someone who is spiritual outside of Christ, and he was telling me that the way they do it, now I am not saying we should do it like this, but the way God works with me as I listen to what they have to say and then I say, Lord how do you want me to do it? And sometimes I reject what they say, and sometimes I don't. This man was saying to me, the way they gather the energy from the earth and the atmosphere is through concentration, through attention, and that they learn how to fully concentrate on more than a thing at a time, I think even more than two or three. Now this is how I got into this whole thing.


As far as I know I can only give my full attention to one thing, and then if I give my attention to two things I no longer have my full attention on one thing, but he says that it is possible to do it, to give your full attention to several objects at once. Now he is not talking about studying. I don't think he's talking about studying. He's talking about doing a form of physical exercise by which you are concentrating on your movements and you are also concentrating on the earth. I don't understand it completely, but this is what he said to me, that through this form of concentration they literally pull the energies of the earth and the sky into their mind.


So I don't really know that's the way Christ does it, but I do believe that concentration, attention and concentration and focus, is a reality in Christ Jesus because the Lord was showing me this before I ever spoke to this man. I am not going to try to do anything in the flesh. Personally, off the top of my head, I do not receive what this man told me for me who is in Christ. I believe that is how this group of people do it, that's how they join themselves to the energy of the plant. I believe that's how they do it, and I believe they have gotten personal benefits from it, but at the moment I have no witness in my own heart whatsoever that that is how we who are in Christ will be doing it, and it makes sense to me to look at it this way.


The group of people who are spiritual outside of Christ that when they join with the energy of the planet they join with that energy as female. They accept the energy of the planet as dominant and they let that dominant energy come into them, but we who are in Christ we are not doing that. We are aggressively going forth and laying hold of the energy of the planet and dominating it and bringing it into submission to Christ. So I think this is the Lord, that technique will not be for us. This technique on concentrating on more than one thing at once does join the person to the energy of the planet in the female position so this is not for the Sons of God.


As to how Christ Jesus in us will join with the energy of the planet, at this point I have no idea except to tell you this, and I told this to the Lord yesterday. How did I get as spiritual as I am today? And compared to the rest of the church world I'm pretty spiritual. I don't know how spiritual I am compared to people who are spiritual outside of Christ, but I am a fairly spiritual person compared to the rest of the church world. How did I get like this? I study the Word of God, I have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus, I confess my sins, I repent, and I do the best that I can to be obedient to Him. I fail frequently, but I do the best I can, and when I fail I repent and that is how I got where I am today.


So, I would expect that I am just going to keep on doing the same things, and I will move into this next level and that this whole message is just preparation for it. If there is anything to be done the Lord will show it to me, but it will not be the same technique as the children of the world. Does everybody understand what I just said? As soon as I find out what it will entail, if anything, maybe after I preach this message I'm going to wake up tomorrow morning and I'm going to find myself soaring upwards.


You see, the Lord said He doesn't do anything unless He tells His prophets first. Maybe, like I said I wake up tomorrow morning and everyday I am going to start bounding forward in spiritual strength, and the Lord just wanted me and you who are witnesses to what He is doing here to understand what's happening. It is my understanding that we just have to have every aspect of the lie removed from us. We have to know the truth, and if the truth is that He is about to increase me in spiritual strength by drawing the energy from the atmosphere and the earth into my person that He wants me and everyone else He is doing this to, to know the truth, that the energy did not come from on high, that the energy is a part of His reclaiming Elohim's brreath from the atmosphere because this knowledge is also emphasizing our assignment.


Brethren, I preach this a lot, we have got to know that it is not here that He is here to save us poor people. He is here to get His Son back, and it is the mercy of God that He's taken up with His Son, and when we come into line with His requirement and He takes us along with His Son we become great because of the One that we serve. We become great people in the earth, but if we are not serving Him we are nothing. Why? Because the serpent is nothing, and if we are not serving Him we are joined to the serpent and she is nothing, but if we are joined to Him we are great, but you have to be in obedience to Him. So this message is very important. We have to know that we are not the most important thing in the world, that Jesus' purposes for the whole creation is the most important thing in the world, and He has given us the privilege of being a part of it, and, therefore, He also said that now that you are not my servant any more but when you obey me you become my friend, and I tell you I explain everything that I do to you.


So here is the information of where the energy is coming from. To me, what's in my heart right now is that there is a strong increase coming, that there is an increase coming that will be beyond anything that could be considered normal in this world, that there is a supernatural increase coming and the Lord is announcing it so that when it happens we will know where this increase comes from and certainly God forbid anyone of us should ever think it is of our own selves that we have increased. I have a real positive feeling, I am just really excited, I had no idea the Lord would be preaching this message this morning. As you see, I had two messages prepared neither one of which I preached, but that's ok. This is good news, this was good news this morning, and everyone is all excited and Mary has something to say.


COMMENT: When you spoke about the resivoir below you brought back to memory a personal experience I had over 25 years ago. Prior to that time I was in the Word of God for three years, really saturated with the Word of God, and then I heard about the baptism of the Holy Spirit and didn't believe it, and I went to a church with some women and that night the Lord spoke to my heart, and I received the Holy Spirit, but when I received it I felt a well of water rising up in me and I began praising God in tongues, and the scripture, from out of their bellies shall flow rivers of living water, came. The point I wanted to get is that the resivoir being within, and we feed on the Word of God and it builds up like a resivoir within us, but in the strength of that experience I was on a high for at least three months before it leveled off where I was able to receive truth. Everything had been blocked out of my mind prior to that that I could not begin to entertain, and the Lord began revealing truth to me and showing me sin in my life and a real cleansing took place. It makes me wonder how the next experiences will come. I never thought of it exactly in that way as you talked about the reservoir.


PASTOR VITALE: That's interesting, Xxxx, because you have asked me a question a couple of times, and I didn't have an answer for it and I think I have an answer now. You have talked to me about your experience, that you felt that you were baptized with the Holy Spirit, that you were just filled up and overwhelmed so you could not understand how I was saying that we have just really received the Holy Spirit, that we are not baptized in it. I think the Lord just gave me an answer to your question, and that is that the baptism with the Holy Spirit is a full stature but a permanent full stature. Just like a fountain would rise up and get you all wet, soak your hair and everything, but you would come out into the air and dry off.


The Holy Spirit is typified by water, and when He arises in you and fully fills you up, at that moment you are baptized with the Holy Spirit, but then He can recede and He goes down, and I think that's what happened to you. You probably were baptized with the Holy Spirit, but it only lasted for a while and then He receded and maybe the next wave is coming, but I think that is the answer to your question. I remind you that Jesus of Nazareth was not baptized with the Holy Spirit. He was anointed with the Holy Spirit so that means in the case of Jesus that which arose and covered Him completely was not water. It was oil, anointing refers to oil, so even when He came up out of the oil or when the oil drained off of Him a residue remained on Him. So you see the baptism with the Holy Spirit rises and falls so I think that you did have an experience of being baptized with the Holy Spirit. That was the first wave.


COMMENT: Also, when you were talking about energy coming at you, I got a quick thought of people speed reading, going through the pages.


PASTOR VITALE: Ok. Praise the Lord.


COMMENT: When you were talking about receiving energy from outside of you I was thinking of the Highlander, and he had to kill somebody to get the energy and each time he did it he got more and more energy so I was thinking that possibly everytime we kill one of our evil aspects of our life that we are getting energy from outside, and the time will come when that energy will really bring us to the place when we are delivered through the power of the Lord Jesus Christ of every aspect of evil within us it will bring us into full stature.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, I think that's very close. I think we are just off in a little way, but that is an excellent revelation, and what I think is the truth of it is that every time we defeat a part of our carnal mind Christ in us appropriates that energy, but it is not coming from outside of us. What you described is bring you to the place that I talked about on this message where I said, when we get to the place that all of the energy within us is fully under the dominion of Christ then we start taking energy from outside of us. Ok? But you were very, very close. And that part of it is absolutely true. Every time you defeat your carnal mind Christ in you is taking her energy. Excellent.


COMMENT: I remember you preaching about the stars and how the energy of the stars, I don't remember it exactly but there was a lot going on in a star, coming from without and within, and I feel that we are the stars, and this whole message could possibly have some connection with the star itself.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, our spiritual man of all of us are the stars and I think I understand what you are saying that there is a lot of activity going on in the star, explosions and all kinds of interactions of energy. Well, actually what's happened here is that we are stars who died, not us but those who were completely unregenerate. Stars that die become black holes. When a star dies it becomes a black hole. So this whole world is a black hole, and each man is a black hole. Spiritually speaking, we are all dead stars and what is happening is that Jesus, when He enters into our person, and starts raising Adam from the dead He is literally raising a star from the dead which as far as I know is unheard of in this world that we live in.


So, He is the fire, and He is the energy, and He is the power, and He is starting all the explosions in us. There are explosions every second on the sun. Our sun is a star, and there is continuous atomic explosions, so all these trials in your life, all these explosions that are going on, it is spiritual activity. Although it may be negative at the beginning but it is not really negative, it is just that we are negative so when Jesus starts bringing explosions into our life we perceive it as negative, but it really is a sign of life, the fiery trial is a sign of restored life. If we could just get our minds to understand that.


COMMENT: Last night I watched a documentary on the mysteries of space, and this one scientist said he had no idea why he was here but he has an understanding that there was a beginning of this universe, and that there is going to be an end to it. Another scientist wanted to make like a pattern of a part of the universe, and when she got all the planets together there was a form of a man, and they call it the thick man.


PASTOR VITALE: Where was this form of the man?


COMMENT: A pattern, a section that they took from the Hubble telescope, and it was like a small section of the whole universe that they could magnify to find out about the rest of it, but in this pattern they had all the planets lined in different spaces and the form of it was a thick man, and that's what they called it. The thick man pattern.


PASTOR VITALE: I have no problem with that. I've read it in print, there are people already, one was a scientist and one was a Taoist I think, that have a revelation that this whole planet has a consciousness. What does that mean? If you could think of each of yourselves in your body, each of yourselves being one of the people sitting here, you have no awareness of the activity of your individual self. I have no awareness of your individual selves. I just relate to Xxxx.


Let's just say that each one of you as individual selves was having a life like we have here, living in a house, but you are so big you didn't know about it. There are people that have this revelation that this whole planet is one superior being, and we are like....did you ever see jungle pictures where elephants always have flies sitting on its back? Sometimes birds sit on elephants back. Well, that is what we are. We are like birds or fleas living on the back of this planet which is a superior being. I have no problem believing that when Adam broke apart, and the serpent took his energy and formed this world....of course, this physical world is not it. The world is spiritual, and the whole physical world is just a reflection of what's happening in the spirit, but my whole point is that I have no problem believing that the whole universe is one person because the whole universe is.


You see, the whole world under the firmament is one person, the serpent. So, not only this universe but the universes, the totality of the existence underneath the firmament. I don't know what the scientists would say. The whole totality of all the galaxies and all of outer space and everything that we know is one person, the serpent, and she has a household, she has the dragon, and Satan, and the individual Leviathans which we are. So we are birds or fleas on the back of an elephant. Isn't that amazing? That's what we are. But Jesus is greater than all of this. He is beyond all of the universes, and that's where we are returning to, the world that is greater than this.


COMMENT: The thick man just made me think of a skeleton too and how it is all connected like networking.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, we are a skeleton. We are Adam's remains. A good point.


COMMENT: I have trouble relating the physical world to the spiritual world.


PASTOR VITALE: I struggled with this for years, and we did say something off the message that did that which was spiritual become hardened, yes, you must have heard me teach that. Spirit is invisible, like unto vapor, and spirit is energy which vibrates. Spirit is always vibrating, and depending up the rate of speed with which it vibrates determines whether it is visible or invisible or whether it is fluid and moves freely and is unbound to anyone form, or whether it is bound to one solid form. So when the serpent apprehended Elohim's breath, stole Elohim's breath, she, for whatever reason, started to vibrate at a slower and slower rate of speed, and this is what is called death.


The creation started to die when Jehovah and Elohim separated themselves from Elohim's breath. Why did Jehovah and Elohim separate themselves from Elohim's breath which was mixed with the rest of the creation? Why? Because the serpent overturns the moral order and put Elohim's breath in the female position so Jehovah and Elohim withdrew from the creature. Do you understand that?


And after Elohim and Jehovah withdrew the creature that was left which was the waters of Jehovah's semen, the earth, and Elohim's widowed spirit, because that breath was separated from Elohim and Jehovah, the creature started to die, and the energy started to vibrate at a slower and slower rate of vibration, and as it vibrated more and more slowly the creation became more and more solid until finally we arrive in this present condition which is a total jailhouse. We do not have the power to reform our physical appearance nor do we have the power to escape from the carnal mind. Now remember, we are the woman and because we departed from our true husband, Adam, we are not in bondage to the husband that we ourselves fabricated, the carnal mind. See, we fabricated a husband out of the earth for ourselves thinking that we would be able to dominate this husband because we could not dominate Adam.


We had to defeat him through trickery, but we found out....now of course this is not our conscious mind, I'm talking about the greater woman of which we are all a part. There is a spiritual woman, and all of the personalities of humanity are a part of this spiritual woman, and she departed from her husband, Adam, thinking that forming a husband out of the earth would enable her to dominate the husband that she had because she could not dominate Adam, but she found out after it was too late that neither could she dominate the husband that she herself fabricated because the serpent in the form of the dragon and the carnal mind has risen up and become stronger than the woman, this spiritual pseudo male, the serpent and her household.


Now the serpent and her household is stronger than the woman who empowered her. So the woman who empowered the pseudo male is now a victim and a slave of and in bondage to the spiritual male that the woman herself raised up. This is the typical story of the individual who engages in the occult. At the beginning the spirit guide or whatever the spirit is that the individual human being, see the individual human being is female, spiritually female, and as she reaches out to empower herself or to receive blessings from some spirit guide or some aspect of the spiritual world which is in the 3rd dimension, that is the lower heaven, the spiritual world of this fallen world which is under the firmament. She reaches a spirit which is male to her.


See the human being, the female human being who is in the third dimension reaches up unto the 4th dimension looking to make contact with an entity in the 4th dimension which is male to her. The beings in the 4th dimension are superior to the beings in the 3rd dimension. That means we are female to them, and they are male to us, and initially the beings in the 4th dimension welcome the outreach because they are seeking to make a liaison with the human beings in this 3rd dimension despite the fact that Jehovah has forbidden it.


So initially the liaison seems to be positive to the spiritually female individual human being, but eventually that human being, the spiritually female human being, comes into bondage to the spirit which is benefitting her. It even happened with Edgar Cayce. He was receiving words of knowledge that resulted in the healing of many people and words of knowledge that resulted in the enrichment through the stock market of many people, but Edgar Cayce himself eventually went into poverty and other negative aspects of the potential existence of this world.


You see, marriage, union with, spiritual marriage with a spirit in the 4th dimension can only produce death in the life of the spiritually female human being. Why? Because the spirits in the 4th dimension are dead. See, the only living spirit is in the Lord Jesus Christ who is above the firmament. Life is only in the household of Jehovah, and in our case Jehovah is relating to us through the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. Life is only in the Lord Jesus Christ, so when a spiritually female human being reaches out to the spiritual world that is beneath the firmament she is reaching out to a spirit of death and death is the only possible fruit of that union.


When we join with the Lord Jesus Christ life is the only possible fruit of that union, but the many spiritually female individuals or many of us in the world today that are not trained and educated in the things of God are very naive as they follow after their own will and their own mind seeking spiritual things outside of Christ, forming unions with the spirits of the 4th dimension which are male to them which can only bring death, and if it is not death in this generation it will surely being death in future generations.


To get back on track with what I was saying, we are the woman, the personalities of this world are the spiritual woman who was trapped in this animal body, and we are without any power to redeem ourselves or free ourselves from this physical body, from this bestial carnal mind or from this world. The only one who has the power to free is the Lord Jesus Christ, and the way He frees us is by joining to our human spirit which is the remnant of the righteous Adam which is in the earth today, the remains of righteous Adam.


Our only potential for deliverance is through righteousness, and our only potential for righteousness is through the residue of the righteous Adam which we our selves killed before time began, and that residue is in the form of the human spirit; therefore, we, as the spiritual woman, must repent of killing our righteous husband and bringing this whole existence of bondage upon ourselves to make us eligible to be freed from this bondage through the Lord Jesus Christ. We have to admit that it was our sin. We are the spiritual woman even though we have no remembrance of it in this incarnation at this present time, and that, spiritually speaking, in our ancestorhood we were responsible for the death of Adam which resulted in our present condition, and this is an issue that many, many people simply cannot understand or cannot and will not go along with; that we are not innocent, we are not being victimized in this world system by a God who is victimizing innocent people, and the reason I could say that is by virtue of the fact that we are not a people who have appeared in this generation for the first time.


We and our ancestors are all the same spirit. That's why Jesus could say to the Pharisees, I could tell that you are the offspring of the ones who killed the prophets. It is a mystery, it is a secret. We are the same person, spiritually speaking, we are the same person. That's why Jehovah could say, I will visit the sins of the fathers upon the children until the third and fourth generation. Jehovah can say that and be righteous because, spiritually speaking, even though we have lost our memory of those days past, spiritually speaking we are our ancestors, and if you cannot understand that you have to ask the Lord to help you to understand it, but if you take a hardened position, if you have a hard heart toward the word of God and say, I refuse to believe that, you will surely reap what you have sown, and that is not a threat, you are making a choice to at least say, well God if you are up there, Jesus Christ is this is really true help me to understand it so I can be delivered. If you cannot even say that you have chosen your own fate.


To get back to the basic message that we are preaching this morning, as I was saying, we are the woman who is trapped in the human bodies and bestial mind, and the physical condition of this whole world, and we have no power to reform ourselves, to get ourselves out of this animal condition so that, that which is invisible can become visible, but I think what you are really asking me, because I struggled with it for years, is....well, let me listen to your question.


COMMENT: Were there actually trees, grass, ground?


PASTOR VITALE: No, when you say, tree, grass, ground you are thinking about what's outside my door here. This is all part of the serpent's formation of the substance of the creation. I don't know what the world looked like, but it was a big revelation for me to find out that in the transition from spirit to solid that spirit is now formed as this physical body, primarily as this physical body. This physical body is now the house that the spirit lives in, and everything that we read about is going on inside the human body primarily in the human nervous system, and that was a big step for me. There was a piece missing. I could not put together my understanding of the scripture with the world as it exists now.


I came to the revelation that every spiritual thing that the Lord's been teaching us is taking place in the human body and in particular the human nervous system, and I think that the reason that I had so much trouble receiving this understanding that it is an understanding that would be completely rejected by any aspect of the church. Any Christian that you would go to would reject this concept and so I was so blinded to the possibility of it that it took years of the Lord dealing with my mind, years of being alone with Him and bringing forth this Doctrine of Christ before I came to the place where I could realize that every spiritual thing that I'm being taught is going on inside my own nervous system, my own body, and my own brain.


That sounds like what the church would call an occult statement, but it is not. I remember years ago in that church that we all discipled in that pastor had come across a teacher, now the man was supposed to preach but he never got there for whatever reason, but his materials were there, and he said something in his materials about incarnation taking place through human birth, and I am sure I am not reporting it to you completely, but I remember that was the main issue, that incarnation took place through human birth. I looked at it and it just hit my spirit and I said, wow that must be true, and I mentioned it to someone that I was fellow shipping with in the church, and she looked at me and said, oh no that's reincarnation, and I completely let it go. I assumed that I was wrong and reincarnation was such a dirty word, God forbid I should believe in reincarnation, that I just let it go.


It wasn't until years later when I had this ministry and all this revelation is coming through that the Lord has revealed to me that when He wants to bring someone into this world they are born as a baby. Isn't that what happened to Jesus? Isn't that how Jesus came into this world? And in the same way, the Sons of God are entering into the world, and in the same way the immortals from the 4th dimension enter into this world. They have the spiritual authority to be born as babies. So that man, who ever he was, had a revelation that was true, and because of my insecurity I just received the teaching of the other woman's carnal mind, and out of my insecurity and my fear and my lack of understanding that even at that time Christ was manifesting in me to a very great degree. Certainly, to a greater degree than that woman. I didn't know who I was.


COMMENT: How does your definition of reincarnation differ from the occult definition?


PASTOR VITALE: Let me put on the message what you mean. How does my understanding of incarnation differ from reincarnation? The doctrine of reincarnation that's in the world teaches the evolution of the soul, and when they say soul they mean personality. They believe that the personality reincarnates, and I don't believe the personality reincarnates. I believe the personality dies. The personality dies, and they believe that the personality reincarnates with a specific purpose of being perfected, of having good and evil experiences which will result in perfection which means that we are perfected by overcoming evil with good, and that's not true. We only become perfected by overcoming good and evil, evil and good by righteousness, and the doctrine of reincarnation believes in salvation by works. You keep doing it until you get it right, and I don't believe that. I believe in salvation through union with the Son of God. Salvation through the resurrection of Adam in me and through union with the Son of God. Primarily with union with the Son of God, and the process by which that happens is that Adam must be raised from the dead in me.


There is no salvation by works so that is the major difference. Of course, many that believe in reincarnation also believe in transmigration which says that you can be reincarnated as an animal, and I certainly don't believe that. But that's the basic difference. Reincarnation preaches the re-birthing of the personality who will be saved when they finally learn their lessons and get it right. That's what reincarnation says, and the scripture doesn't teach that. The scripture teaches salvation through union with the Son of God and the process by which we join to Him is through confession of sin and repentance which leads to the Son of God being raised from the dead in us, Christ in you the hope of glory. Did I make that clear?


We were just off the message for a while and we were all just sitting here, and the Lord was showing me....well I was having a memory of the drawing that goes with another message where I showed....I think the name of the message was Two Resurrections where I showed how a person's personal energy mixes with the energy in the atmosphere. Do you remember how the energy was coming up out of the head, and it looked like the image that you see in the Hindu books with the person whose energy is in the crown chakra. They call it the crown chakra when the energy rises to the top of your head, that's the basis for a halo, and each one of us....for years I've been asking the Lord what the difference is between the rivers and the sea and the pools, and I don't know what the streams are right now, but I believe He told me that each one of us, the spirit in each one of us, is a river and that when our energy ascends to the top of the head it is at a place where this river can now flow into the ocean. The atmosphere is considered the ocean. So, we are a river and we flow into the ocean and the pools signify the energy in the people whose energy is still dead because the term pools signifies underground pool. It is the person whose energy is still underground. Well the Lord was showing me a memory of that drawing with the person's energy circulating as a river. I will have to put it on the board.


What the Lord was telling me while I was sitting just thinking about this message is that we could be in the condition that is depicted by this drawing, that our personal energy is already vibrating out through our skull and gathering in energy from the atmosphere, that we can be in that condition without being in full stature. Now previously, I probably imparted this to you because it was what I thought up until this moment that for us to be in a condition where our energy is intermingling with the energy in the atmosphere as a river flowing through...does everyone understand what this drawing depicts? That the energy in this person, see the red, has ascended to the top of their head to their brain and is vibrating out through their brain and intermingling with the energy of the atmosphere.


Up until this moment I had always thought to be in that condition means that you are in full stature, and what the Lord is telling me is, no this is not true, that we will be in this condition before we are in full stature because this is the condition by which we are extracting the energy from the atmosphere. So apparently, as we proceed to extract the energy from the atmosphere eventually we will be in full stature, but we must come to this condition before full stature because what He told us in this message is that what's going to raise us up to full stature is gathering in the energy from the atmosphere. So Christ in us has to ascend to this place where He has access to the atmosphere in order to get the energy that will bring us into full stature. Does that make sense? Do you know what I am talking about?


What I see right now is that we become more and more filled with the energy, as Christ....let me say it the right way....as Christ appropriates more and more energy from the atmosphere, and remember this must be energy coming in, in submission to Christ in us. Now remember when the people who are spiritual outside of Christ gather energy from the atmosphere they are female to the atmosphere. They are coming under dominion to the atmosphere. When Christ in us is gathering energy from the atmosphere He, Christ in us, is male to the energy that He's bringing in which means that it is a warfare bringing it in because the serpent knows what's happening. We cannot already be in full stature so Christ in us has to ascend....you see the whole problem that I'm having right now getting this out of my mouth is that the teachings of the people who are spiritual outside of Christ, they teach that this is the highest place.....well, maybe they don't, I had a misunderstanding, they do not teach that this is the highest place you could be. If you look at any of the Hindu philosophy books you will see that their drawings of the man whose mind is in this condition they have....let me draw it up here, maybe I should make it a separate drawing.


Apparently I was wrong in thinking that when we get to the point that our personal energy mixes with the energy of the atmosphere that, that is full stature. Apparently I was not correct in thinking that, and once again I do relate to the pictures that I've seen in the Hindu books. The Lord tells me what's right and what's not right, and the Lord reminded me that in these pictures that I've seen they do show higher levels of consciousness ascending out of the union of the personal energy with the energy of the atmosphere.


The principle being that in order to ascend to the higher levels of consciousness we need the energy of the atmosphere to strengthen us to the point that we can ascend to the higher levels of consciousness. What these higher levels of consciousness are in Hindu philosophy I am not really concerned with because the Lord has already shown us that there are 12 levels of consciousness in Christ Jesus, and He's given us a lot of information although I don't believe all of the information. We have a lot of information about those 12 levels of consciousness, but the 12 levels of consciousness in Christ Jesus are a different stairway than the 10 levels of consciousness that Hinduism teaches. It is a different stairway, and each stairway is going to a different heaven. The 10 levels of consciousness that we read about in Hinduism are ascending to the 4th dimension, and the 12 levels of consciousness in Christ Jesus are leading to the 5th dimension.


The 5th dimension is above the firmament, and the 4th dimension is the spiritual world or the heaven which is beneath the firmament. So apparently what the Lord is telling me is that either I or whoever else our energy is already mixing with the atmosphere or it will be shortly, and what's confusing me a little is that my understanding right now is that as our energy ascends towards the top of the brain we pass through a place in the center of the forehead when our consciousness arises to that point we become very spiritual. Now in the occult it is called the third eye, and you have heard me talk about this on message. When I was in old order deliverance I was always blinding the third eye, and now I am telling you, please don't blind my third eye. The scripture talks about putting the laws of God in your forehead. The Mosaic law requires some kind of anointing to the forehead, and the word of the Lord in your forehead and on your hand.


Apparently, this center in our forehead approximately between the eyes is a place of high spirituality when Christ in us ascends to this place between our eyebrows. It is a place of high spirituality. Now, once again this high spirituality could be used for Christ or it can be used for the carnal mind, but please don't blind this center in the middle of my forehead because I want to see in the spirit in Christ. My understanding is that before my consciousness would ascend to the crown of my head that it would have to pass through the center of my forehead, and my understanding is that when your consciousness is in the center of your forehead that you are a lot more spiritual than I am now, that's my understanding, and that you are having all kinds of experiences, seeing through walls. I have seen through walls, I did it at least twice that I saw through a wall, but in both of those instances this experience did not arise out of my state of being. It was an experience that Christ Jesus gave me because my safety was involved. That means it was a gift. It wasn't me. Do you understand what I am talking about?


So I am not seeing through walls. I have a lot of knowledge, but I am the first one to tell you that compared to what I hear about people who are spiritual I'm not all that spiritual. As far as the church goes, I am about one of the most spiritual person that I have ever met in the church, but when I compare myself to people who are not in the church I am not all that spiritual, and when I compare myself to experiences that Jesus has given me such as seeing through walls I know that I am not there. Let me say it again. When I have seen through walls, it was Christ Jesus rising up to defend me when I was in danger, but this ability to see through walls is something that I can do at will.


So when we see the gift that means that it is something that we have to look forward to when we grow up. So I don't see myself as all that spiritual. I am not looking through walls. I have some knowledge, but nothing at all compared to my concept of a really spiritually mature person. I don't travel in the spirit, and my powers to heal are very limited and an area somewhat of frustration in my life. I know there is nothing I can do unless Christ is healing through me, but I'm very limited in my ability to help people.


As far as the church goes I am the most spiritual person I know, as far as the world goes comparing myself to Jesus I'm not all that spiritual. I am having a problem understanding how my energy could be up to the top of my head to the point where it is mixing with the energy in the atmosphere without my consciousness passing through the center of my forehead and making me this super spiritual person. So here are the possibilities as I see it. The Lord is giving us this message before it happens to me. Usually it happens to me first. If you are reading this message, and it has happened to you all ready praise the Lord, but as far as the group here goes I am usually the first one it happens to. So either the Lord is giving us this message, and it hasn't happened to me yet, my consciousness has not ascended to the top of my head yet, or there is something that's not quite right in the teaching from the spiritual world that's not in Christ, or they are both right.


Either my consciousness has ascended to the top of my head, and what the spiritual people outside of Christ are teaching is true, or there is something lacking in my understanding that when I get the missing pieces of the puzzle everything will be reconciled, but until the Lord tells me the answer to this question....perhaps the simplest answer to this question is that I am not there yet, that this message is just in preparation. So if that is the case then I would ask the Lord a question while I am preaching this message, does it mean that before my consciousness ascends to the top of my head and this starts happening to me will I find myself becoming spiritual to the degree that I just described to you. Should I look for that, should I watch for that, is that a sign? And we will see what He tells me. Any questions or comments on this?


COMMENT: when you went like this to the center of your forehead it made me think of David taking the rock and going at Goliath to knock him down.


PASTOR VITALE: He hit him in his spiritual center, yes he definitely....you see the whole point is, brethren, is that all human beings are in the same spiritual condition, we are dead, and then some of us are mature spiritually in the serpent and some of us are starting to mature spiritually in Christ, but we are having very similar, if not the same experiences. It is just a different husband is giving us the experience. It's like saying every woman is capable of experiencing sex, but every woman doesn't have the same husband. We are all having the same experience, see, but we are not having it with the same husband. My guess would be that I am just not there yet, and what I would like to hear from the Lord is, should I expect to become this really spiritual person where I am standing in the living room here, and I could see what's going on in every room in the house while I am standing here? Well, I have to pass through that experience before I start extracting energy from the atmosphere. So I will find out soon enough I guess, but I don't know when this is coming to pass, next week, next month, next year.


COMMENT: Where is the breath of God contained?


PASTOR VITALE: The breath of God is not contained. It is dispersed through out the entire creation. The breath of God is in the trees, the grass, in the animals, in the earth, in the human body, the physical body but Elohim's breath or the breath of God is not evenly dispersed. Elohim's breath is more dense in certain areas of this planet than in other areas. It is piled up, it is heaped up, it is mounded up. It is more dense in animals than it is in trees, but Elohim's breath is found in patterns of the greatest density in the planet in human beings, and Elohim's breath which is heaped up and interwoven with a personality which has a carnal mind and lives in a physical body is known as the human spirit.


The human spirit is one form, is a form that Elohim's breath takes, but the term Elohim's breath covers the life force, if you want to call it that, that energizes this entire planet. This is what the Pantheists believe. They believe that God is in everything. Well, God is in everything, Elohim's breath is in everything, but Elohim's breath is not evenly distributed through this entire planet. Elohim's breath is heaped up, accumulated, within human beings in the greatest density that it is found anywhere in this planet, and in that condition the accumulation of Elohim's breath in human beings has a name, and that name is the human spirit. The human spirit which is the greatest available density of accumulated spirit in this planet is the place where the Holy Spirit is beginning his reclamation of all of the energy of this world because the energy with which this world was formed was stolen.


It was stolen from the household of God. It was stolen from Michael and Elohim and Jehovah. The Lord Jesus Christ is come to take back that which was lost. The Lord Jesus Christ has come to retrieve, to reclaim the energy which is Elohim's breath with which this world was formed, and He has also come to reclaim the woman, the waters, without which this world could not be formed either. The only thing that is in this world that the Lord Jesus Christ is not looking to retrieve is the earth. The earth has nothing whatsoever to do with the household of God.


This planet is made of clay, this whole world is made of clay, clay that consists of earth, water, and energy, and the serpent made this world out of it. The energy belongs to God, the water which is the woman belongs to God, and the earth must be barren. The earth has a function in this creation, but was never intended to be used to form the world in anyone's image. The earth is the dark part of this creation through which the light of God flows. The earth is the dark part of the negative you might say which God's light flows to produce the image of the world. I remember you brought that question up once that you had always heard that people are fighting over the land, that Jesus is coming to take the land back. This is a lie. Jesus doesn't want the land back. He wants the energy, and He wants the water, He doesn't want the land so the carnal mind has twisted this whole thing. I know that teaching is in the church. The carnal mind has twisted the whole thing.


We have on the board Drawing #3 which shows you Elohim's breath as it is dispersed throughout the universe, through the spiritual universe, ok? That is the world that we live in behind this veil of physicality. So each one of these is what I call a personalized energy pattern. It is sort of like a spinning source of energy. See when we did that study on a few verses in Ezekiel 1, if you looked deep into the spirit on those scriptures it is really talking about planets or stars which spin on their own axis and then orbit around....well stars usually have planets orbiting around them.


So when the scripture says that we are stars, what the scripture is really saying is that we are a spinning energy source, but you cannot see that we are a spinning energy source because when you look at us all you see is this animal. You see our beast when you look at us, that's what you see, the beast, but if you would take away this beast you would see that we are a spinning energy source. That's why the scripture calls us stars, and that spinning energy source is our human spirit, the energy source by which our carnal mind exists, and the energy source that is literally forming this body around itself.


This body is literally recreated from micro second or millisecond to millisecond by the spinning energy source within us so our drawing says that this is the spiritual universe, the random marks are the energy in the atmosphere, and these circular images that I've drawn is the heaped up energy which is the spiritual picture of you and me. That is a spiritual picture of all the human beings. Actually every human being is a vortex. Remember me drawing the pictures on the board about what the pit looks like, how it rounded out at the bottom. I've told you that this whole world is one black hole, but that each of us is our own black hole, and on other occasions I've told you that the pit is filled with water, and that water is spinning, active water, like a rapid river that's just rushing down. You can get killed by rapids.


Well, that energy is a vortex, each of us is a vortex. When people interact with one another, when we are in the same room with one another, our human spirit....well it is more than our human spirit because our human spirit does not exist in isolation. He is a part of the carnal mind. He is married to the carnal mind so our energy source that is literally creating us from second to second is the carnal mind who is connected to the dragon who is connected to the serpent. The serpent is our foundation, and as we approach other people we are definitely affected by their energy. If they are angry, if they are nervous, if they are anxious, if we are sensitive it is affecting us. I know that I'm very spiritually sensitive, and that I can come into contact with people that for whatever reason they are nervous, and it throws me off. I have to start rebuking their nervousness because they don't even know what they are doing. They may not even know they are nervous, but there is something operating in them that is having a nervous reaction that I'm feeling so I have to pray against their energy pattern.


COMMENT: You say the breath is in the trees and grass, does that mean it is living, breath is living?


PASTOR VITALE: That's a very good question. The analogy that I could give you is our human body. Technically speaking, each of our cells has its job, each of our cells is vibrating, and it has a specific function. So from that point of view our cells, our individual cells of our body, are alive but they are not us. The whole is us. Well first of all it is not living. This whole world is dead. What you really mean, I believe, is do they have consciousness? This world has consciousness, it doesn't have life. It doesn't have consciousness like we have consciousness. It is the accumulation of spirit plus the personality plus the configuration that makes a human being, that gives us consciousness. That is the best answer I can give you at this time, and it may not be a satisfying answer.


I was just asking the Lord a similar question myself recently. I was saying, oh what about the animals Lord? And animals definitely have emotions, and from what I can see animals have a mind. They are just not where we are, but they can be taught, they can learn. Is that not an activity of mind? I really don't have an answer to that question, and that may be the only answer, I don't know, is that we as human beings we have the greatest accumulation of breath because breath where ever it is, is Elohim's breath. I'm not answering your question, huh? Want to ask me again?


COMMENT: When the breath was stolen, Adam then doesn't have the breath.


PASTOR VITALE: Adam is dead, he is resurrected in Jesus, but Adam died.


COMMENT: So he's not living then.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, He's living in Jesus Christ, but we are not talking about that. We are talking about the breath that's in this creation. Right? No, it is not alive, it is conscious but not alive. None of us are alive, but the breath in the trees and the grass does not have the degree of consciousness that we have, and the reason, I think, that we have this degree of consciousness is that we have a greater accumulation of that breath. I think that is the answer. I'm not 100% sure, but I think that's it. Do you understand what I just said to you? OK.


This is important point, there is a difference between life and consciousness. Life is only in the Son of God. Life is what we experience with our union with the household of God through the Lord Jesus Christ. The glorious experiences, that's life, but consciousness is awareness. Consciousness that we can communicate, we can talk to one another, and we have an existence here. That's consciousness, but the name of this existence is death so you see you can be conscious in death.


That, of course, is the whole teaching on hell and death that the church has perverted and made it some other place other than here. This world is where we went after we died. This world is where Adam's spirit and the woman went after Adam died. This is hell. As I see it now and I am telling you honestly, I am not 100% sure, but the way it looks to me now is that Adam's breath is widowed, this I know, so it doesn't have life, but it gives consciousness. The difference between humanity and the breath that's in the grass and the trees and the animals, what it looks like now, but I could be wrong about this, I am not completely convinced of it, is that we have a greater accumulation, enough...


What I just said to you was saying that we are really nothing special at all. We just happen to be the place that has the greatest accumulation of breath. Well, maybe that's true. We are just animals, and we are the animals in which the greatest accumulation of the source of consciousness is, and that's just the truth. I mentioned earlier about that TV program that I saw, Politically Correct, and there was a man who claimed to be a comedian, he wasn't funny, he was a very bitter man, but of course he wasn't acting as a comedian, he was there as a personality to be himself, and he was the one that was so against Christianity, and he made a statement. He said, look we are an animal species, that's what we are. And it is the truth. We are an animal species, we are mammals. Apparently, we have a greater accumulation of Elohim's breath than the animals do, and if that's the wrong answer I just pray that the Lord corrects me if possible before this message is over. Does anyone else have a question here?


COMMENT: I heard a man on TV say that this world could exist without humans, but it couldn't exist without insects, and it made me start thinking did we really evolve from a cell into an insect and the water and so on?


PASTOR VITALE: Well, I believe that we did. We have a whole teaching on this. I think it is on the Two Witnesses or on Spiritual Foundations, I think it is in the Two Witnesses. I have a whole teaching on that. I believe that I even found a scripture that supports it. Brethren, there has to be a reconciliation between the truth of the scripture. Now, not what's being preached in the church today, but the truth of the scripture and science. There has to be a marriage or a reconciliation between the two because the church is so far separated from the scientists, it cannot be. There has to be some truth in all areas, and it is my very strong and educated opinion at this point that when Jehovah pronounced judgment upon the creation because they were building the tower of Babel, that Jehovah separated Himself. It was a divorce. He separated Himself from the creation because they were worshiping another god. They were worshipping the god of themselves.


So Jehovah and Elohim separated from them, and the natural result of Jehovah and Elohim separating from the creation was that the creation was turned over to the animals. We found that in the scripture when we translated a few verses in Genesis 11. It wasn't that Jehovah said, go ahead, go become an animal. For example, I know that if I jumped out the window I could fall down and break some bones or die depending on how high up I am when I jumped out. The creation in becoming an animal was the natural outgrowth of Jehovah's separation from the creature. It could have been predicted by anybody who had the information. When Jehovah separates from the creature the creature died, and the creature does not cease to exist, but when Jehovah departs life is taken from the creature, and the creature dies to its existence that was alive, dies to the Garden of Eden, if that's what you want to say, and enters into an existence of death, and the existence of death that the creation falls into when separated from Jehovah is an animal existence.


It was the natural outgrowth of divorce from Jehovah. When that divorce took place the serpent formed a new time line. Can you put this together with past teaching? The serpent departed, she went in a different direction, and that was the beginning of this time line that we live in today so the serpent formed this whole world, and I believe that this world was formed very largely the way the scientists say it was. I think there is a lot of truth in it. That when the creature separated from the Jehovah the serpent became the god of the creature, and she incarnated. She became visible, and when she first became visible, it started just like the scientists say, that there was a primordial sea, there was just a sea, and that the first creatures were in the sea. I believe everything that they say is probably true or close to it, and that, therefore, evolution is correct.


But you see, this world is not God's world. The church doesn't understand that this world is not God's world. This is the serpent's world, and the serpent's world was produced by evolution, but this whole time line is going to roll up like a scroll. When you think about the scripture, roll up like a scroll, it really makes more sense when you think of it in terms of it being a time line that's going to roll up, and as you roll something up it is like if you think of rolling up a strip of cloth, when it rolls up it is like it never existed, it is rolling back to the point of its departure. This whole time line is rolling back to the point of departure. When its light which is the human spirit is extracted by the Lord Jesus Christ in the Sons of God it is going to roll back to the point of departure.


I believe that evolution is probably true, but you have to remember that even though the creation was under judgment Jehovah still is ultimately in control so He had to have a hand in the fact that there were large or dense accumulations of spirit in some species that would have some rational mind. Why would I say that? Became I believe that one of the reasons, if not the reason, that it's taking all....if this is true that evolution is true, then it's been approximately 15 billion years since the creation separated from Jehovah. Now if that is true, you have to ask yourself why it has taken the Lord 15 billion years to get His Son back, and this is what I believe at the moment. When Jehovah divorced the creature, and the serpent started off on her own time line this whole world began to roll out, and for whatever Jehovah's reasons, God only knows I know nothing, I know maybe just a thimble full, have a thimble full of spiritual truth here, but something was unleashed.


When that divorce took place something was unleashed. You might be able to understand it terms of Wormwood judgment. Something was unleashed, and it had to be fulfilled. It is like inertia, something is rolling, a ball is rolling, and it really can't be turned around until it runs its course and stops, and then it is going to be turned around. Is that making any sense to you at all? So the serpent rolled out this world, and in view of this happening Jehovah made a decision. He knows what He's doing, what do I know, I don't know anything. Jehovah made a decision if I am understanding Him correctly that the way He was going to get His Son back and get the woman back from this world, the righteous way to reclaim us, was to wait until the serpent evolved to a point where there would be a species that could be intelligent enough or that would have a mind that was rational enough to be saved through understanding. See, we are being saved through understanding, brethren.


Of course, we are being saved through union with the Son, but through that union with Him we received understanding. I said it earlier on this message, no one is getting out of this world without understanding, no one is being snatched to safety. If you want to get out of this world you have to grow up. You have to submit yourself to the Lord Jesus Christ, you have to study to show yourself approved, you have to get a revelation of who we are, where we came from, what our condition is, and what Jesus' plan is to get us out of here, and then if you cooperate with Him maybe you will get out. This is Jehovah's plan. Who am I to say, yes or no or maybe? That's His plan as I understand it at the moment.


So whether you believe this or not, I have a very rational mind and to me, whether it's true or not we will find out in due season, but it really is just about the only reasonable explanation that I have ever heard as to why Jehovah would wait 15 billion years to roll up the serpent's time line. It is the only reasonable explanation that I ever heard, and it falls in line with what I've taught here. If you could recall I've had some drawings up on the board, and the Song of Solomon talks about the Lord Jesus going into the garden to eat the fruit, and I've had drawings on the board showing how the serpent ascends into this physical world, and she wants to eat the fruit of her garden.


This whole world is the serpent's garden, and the fruit that she wants to eat is the fruit of the mind of man, and eating the fruit is a metaphors for saying she wants to join with the mind of that man, and the Lord Jesus Christ is coming, and He's doing the same thing. See the serpent and the Lord Jesus, they are doing the same thing. They are entering into this physical visible world to eat the fruit of the garden. They want to join with the minds of men. Now, the Lord Jesus Christ is doing it through understanding. The serpent is not joining with the minds of men or marrying....see, we are the fruit of her evolution, the foundation, the one who founded this world, the serpent, wants to join or marry the minds of the creatures that she created. This is the serpent eating her own tail. Remember this teaching? It is the serpent eating her own tail.


So it lines up with this whole thing that Jehovah is delivering us through understanding. It has been 15 billion years since the serpent rolled out this world, and it has taken all this time for the serpent to evolve creatures who have accumulated enough of identity of Elohim's breath for Jehovah to send the Lord Jesus Christ to raise Adam f rom the dead and deliver us through understanding. Do you know what I'm talking about?


Just look at the King James translation of the Bible, brethren, it is written on a level that child could understand. You have to ask yourself why? The Lord is reaching us through stories, He's reaching us through understanding, He's not just coming and scooping us away, and the reason He's doing this is He wants to marry our mind. He's not marrying our flesh, and the way you marry the Lord Jesus Christ, the way your mind marries the Lord Jesus Christ, is through understanding. My whole relationship with Him is based on His Word and He's teaching me how to abide in His Life. He doesn't say to me, how was your day honey? When He talks to me it is about Him and His Word and His world. So that is what I believe, and I almost said that's my theory, but I think it is more than a theory, it is what's in my spirit, that this was Jehovah's plan to deliver us through understanding, and it has taken 15 billion years for the serpent to evolve a species that has enough understanding for Jehovah to start to eat of that fruit.


COMMENT: I just f felt the Lord was saying that He's cultivating us like in a special greenhouse, and it made me think of that word before, the vegetable you said was green, escarole.


PASTOR VITALE: Escarole, yes very nourishing vegetable. Well, we are spiritual plants. That is the scripture.


I want to say it one more time in case somebody is flipping out reading this message. I believe that evolution is real, but that which has been evolved was not evolved by Elohim. Elohim's creation is a spiritual creation which is a different time line than this so we are trapped in the animal time line, and the only way we are going to get out is to be eaten by the Lord Jesus Christ, have our mind eaten by the Lord Jesus Christ. Now, I remind you that Jesus said to His followers, at least 500 if not more of them, you must eat my flesh and drink my blood, and they were so repelled that they departed from Him because they thought He was talking about cannibalism. They didn't understand that He was speaking about His spiritual person.


So Christ Jesus, the spiritual man, He wants to eat our mind. We must eat of His mind. It is talking about a spiritual marriage of the minds. It is talking about a union that is so complete that when it is completed there is no difference, there will be no difference between Him and us because when you eat something it becomes your flesh. The serpent has taken 15 billion years to get the fruit to the point where she can eat it because she is looking to bring the people of humanity into full stature in herself, you see, and just as the fruit is in her mouth Jesus is coming to swoop us back to Himself. Fifteen billion years, she has been laboring at that. Sort of sounds like the Hebrew children in the desert, just when the meat was in their mouth, destruction was upon them.


After we fellow shipped here we had questions and answers, and June played some music for us which unfortunately is not on this message. If I have room I will put it on at the end of the message. The Lord has given me further information with regard to this message.


So, we have drawing #4 upon the board, and this is a comparison of the ascension of Leviathan up to the crown chakra from which point Leviathan and the human spirit join with the energy in the atmosphere or join with the atmosphere, and that is in black on the right side, and on the left side we see the path that Christ takes and the place from which Christ ascends into the atmosphere and joins with the atmosphere. Now the Lord is telling me through this drawing that the human spirit that is bonded to Christ does not take the same path as the human spirit that is bonded to Leviathan.


Now let me put on this message because I don't know where it is going that I know that the Hindus, and I think just about every Eastern philosophy that I now of, teaches that it is the serpent who was bound at the base of the spine, but the Lord has told us that it is Leviathan. So if you are reading this message and you want to think that it is the serpent and it is not Leviathan that's ok with me, but the reason we are saying Leviathan is because that's the revelation I'm walking in right now.


So Leviathan is down here at the base of the spine, and for those people whose consciousness is ascending without being bonded to Christ you are ascending through Leviathan. Whether you know it or not that is what you're doing. To mature spiritually, to have your consciousness ascend through the serpent's household, you have to start at the base of your spine because that is where Leviathan is, and you have to pass through the three base chakras, and then you come to the heart chakra and the throat chakra, and I can't remember what they call the third eye so I just wrote down that it is the sixth chakra, it is the spiritual place in the center of your forehead, and then the seventh chakra is what they call the crown chakra, the place where Leviathan joins with the serpent who is in your brain and together Leviathan, the serpent, the human spirit, and Satan is in there also.


What I'm saying is the serpent's household in this individual has gathered together all of the energies of this individual and focused them at one point at the crown chakra of this man's head, and the serpent's household in an individual is Leviathan, the conscious mind, the dragon, the subconscious mind, Satan, the unconscious mind, and the serpent is up there. I don't know what she is at this point. It is not important, it is just a technicality, the Lord will tell me eventually.


I'm going to say it again. This man whose consciousness has ascended to the crown chakra in Leviathan is a man who has focused all of the energies of his individual person into a single direction and has ascended to the crown chakra, and that consciousness is now passing beyond the physical person through the opening in the skull and mixing with the energy in the universe, and I know this is a very busy board and it is very hard to see, but I've drawn the river, I've drawn the dashed circles showing the personal energy flowing into the energy of the atmosphere with a black marker, and the energy of the atmosphere is blue.


So, we see circles here of black and blue on the upper right side of the board marked B. The board is not divided in half, I've just divided the two circular images which are depicting the personal energy mixing with the atmosphere. A is the personal energy that's bonded to Christ, and B is the personal energy that is bonded to Leviathan and the serpent's household. On the left side of the board we see the path that the energy which is bonded to Christ takes. First of all, the Holy Spirit when He comes into a man's life goes right to his heart. The Holy Spirit doesn't start in the base chakras. The Holy Spirit enters into a man's heart, and when He becomes Christ does not follow the path of Leviathan. So He does not go from the heart to the throat to the third eye to the crown. That's not the path that He's taking.


Now let me remind you of this, that the Eastern philosophy that talks about the chakras, the principle behind these chakras is this. I want to remind you of it. They are saying that the energy, see we are calling it human spirit, but they are saying that the energy of the man is in knots or in bundles or heaped up in seven locations along the man's spine ending up into his brain. So that as Leviathan ascends up the spinal column into the man's brain, as Leviathan passes through these areas where energy is heaped up....now we had another drawing earlier where we showed heaped up energy, that as Leviathan passes through these locations of heaped up energy Leviathan releases this energy and bonds it to herself.


So there are three chakras down at the bottom and as Leviathan ascends she un-knots or releases the energy at these three locations. I honestly don't know if Hindu philosophy says that the serpent possesses the energy, but that is what I'm saying. I believe that this is happening. As Leviathan pierces the chakras the energy is un-knotted, but bonded to Leviathan. So Leviathan is getting stronger as she ascends up the spine, she is becoming a more and more powerfully spiritual person, and she ascends up the spinal column into the brain, she passes through all these locations and gathers unto herself the energy which we are calling human spirit or the energy of the person or the energy that's in the body, the energy of the human spirit, I don't have all the answers, she is gathering unto herself the energy of the individual, and then she eventually ascends up to the crown chakra, passes through the skull, and mixes, merges with the energy in the atmosphere, but this is not true of the Son of God.


The Holy Spirit comes into a man's heart and is powerful enough from this position to start drawing the energy of the person to Himself. He draws that which is underneath Him up, and from where ever He is drawing from, I don't have all the answers, He does not start at the bottom. He starts in the center at the man's heart, and He draws the energy of that man to Himself, He gathers it in, it is the ingathering of the energy of the person unto Himself, and somewhere along the line Christ is being conceived and Christ is being formed.


From the heart Christ is being formed already. He does not stop at the third eye and then pass on to the crown chakra which is at the top of the skull. Christ jumps from the heart or His pathway is from the heart right to His palace, Christ Jesus' palace is in the cerebellum. He goes from the heart to the cerebellum. He's not following the same path as the Gentiles. From the cerebellum, the cerebellum is the place at which He meets Jesus above, you have to be married to Jesus for Christ to be in your cerebellum. Why do I say that? Because we have another message which told us the cerebellum is Christ Jesus' palace.


For Christ to get from your heart to your cerebellum He has to be married to Jesus above. Christ being formed in you is being formed here in your heart. I don't believe He's strong enough to get up into the cerebellum by Himself. This is what I have right now, tonight, that He has to be entering into the third level of consciousness where He is forming a union with Jesus who is above and together Christ is ascending into the cerebellum in preparation to pass through the skull and merge with the energy of the atmosphere. To be honest with you, I don't know whether you have to be in the fourth level of consciousness for this experience or not. I am just giving you what the Lord gave me, and it is never complete. What He gives me is never complete.


If you are preaching by revelation you are always hanging out on a limb so I am just giving you what I have. It's 12;30 a.m., and I'm just giving you what I have, that is all I can say. If there are any corrections in the future we will all have to roll with the punches. You have to be at least in the third level of consciousness for Christ to ascend up to your cerebellum. It may be necessary for you to be in the fourth level, I don't know.


So we see that Christ who is nailed to the ground of the cerebellum is now ascending through the skull into the atmosphere, and I've drawn this river, this flow of spirit, between the human spirit that's bonded to Christ in red and blue. Now this is just a diagram. I don't believe that this could be happening to any one person, that we could be ascending from both sources. I don't believe that's possible. Either you are ascending in Christ or you are ascending through the serpent's household. It has to be one or the other. For A, I say the human spirit bonded to Christ, joins to Adam's spirit in the atmosphere. I hope I haven't been confusing you. Adam's spirit is Elohim's breath. Sometimes I say Elohim's breath, sometimes I say Adam's spirit, but Adam's spirit, the spirit that Adam had, was Elohim's breath that Jehovah breathed into him.


So the human spirit bonded to Christ, joins to Adam's spirit in the atmosphere as a male. Christ ascending into the atmosphere is male. He's going into the atmosphere, and He is joining with Adam's spirit in the atmosphere. Christ in the man who is ascending is flowing into the atmosphere. He's flowing out into the atmosphere, and joining with the energy which is Adam's spirit that's in the atmosphere, and together Christ in the man and Adam's spirit in the atmosphere, together, they are dominating the serpent where ever they can, both in the individual and in the atmosphere. Are you following me? Now, Christ in the individual is bonding to Adam's spirit in the atmosphere, and they are dominating as far out as their energy pattern, if you will, reaches, they are dominating. Christ in the individual is bonded to Adam's spirit in the atmosphere, and as you can see this is a flowing river.


So Christ in the individual is now strengthened by every molecule for lack of a better word, molucule of Adam's spirit in the atmosphere, and that energy source is now flowing into the individual strengthening the individual. Is everybody with me? So B is the human spirit bonded to Leviathan who joins to the serpent in the atmosphere, and the serpent is male to Adam's spirit in the atmosphere. The serpent is in the atmosphere, the serpent is male to Adam's spirit in the atmosphere so when the human spirit that's bonded to Leviathan ascends into the atmosphere it's the serpent that's being strengthened to keep Adam's spirit in the female position. Do you understand?


When the human spirit bonded to Leviathan ascends into the atmosphere she is female to the atmosphere. Who is the atmosphere? The atmosphere is the serpent. This whole world is the serpent. She is a superior being. We are the bird riding on the elephant's back. Remember? So, when our human spirit ascends, bonded to Leviathan, a member of the serpent's household, when we ascend into the atmosphere we are in full agreement or that human spirit, bonded to Leviathan, is in full agreement with this moral relationship between the serpent and Adam's spirit that exists in the atmosphere. The serpent is strengthened in the atmosphere because there is a river flowing now, there is a free flowing river between the individual person's energy and the energy of the atmosphere. So the serpent is strengthened in the atmosphere, and the serpent is strengthened in the person. Everyone ok?


Human spirit joined to Leviathan joins to serpent in the atmosphere as a female, and the human spirit bonded to Leviathan ascends out of the cerebral cortex, and the human spirit bonded to Christ ascends out of the cerebellum. We are talking about the relationship between the energy of the individual and the energy of the atmosphere. There is a marriage going on between the individual human being and the energy of the atmosphere, and depending on the condition of our human spirit as we ascend to the place where we will be joining with the atmosphere, depending on the condition of our human spirit as we enter into the atmosphere, determines whether we enter into the atmosphere as the resurrected Adam, that's who Christ is, the resurrected Adam, King of Elohim's creation.


Do we enter into the atmosphere as King or do we enter into the atmosphere as a woman to the female serpent which is bondage and death? If we enter into the atmosphere as King, as the resurrected Adam, this is life because life and death is in relationship. Now the scripture says life and death is in the tongue, but you have to understand that your tongue doesn't say anything that your mind doesn't think. The scripture is really saying, life and death, it depends on which mind you are thinking out of. Well to ascend into the atmosphere, bonded to Leviathan, is your carnal mind. Life and death is in the mind that you choose, and the serpent is looking to fully weave humanity into her...I can't say creation because the word creation implies that you make something out of scratch. She took that which was already formed, she took that which was already created, and reformed it. The serpent is looking to complete her creation by weaving mankind into the fabric of her creation with the serpent in the male position and Adam's widowed spirit in the female position, and if she could do it she would weave us into this position and keep us here forever, eternal torment. But thank God, our Creator has other plans.


Now I have a scripture up here which is absolutely incredible. The Lord gave it to me as Xxxx was playing her music. It is 1 Thessalonians 4:17. Will someone read that onto the message in the King James please, and then I will give you a short exhortation on it. 1 Thessalonians 4:17: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air and so shall we ever be with the Lord.


The first point that I want to make is who the Lord is, and I would like to read you our Alternate Translation of Revelation 11:8 at which point the Lord revealed to us that when the word Lord appears in the scripture, just as we know that Christ means something, and Christ Jesus means something else, when the word Lord appears in the scripture, I can't tell you all of the time, but you have to realize there is no name, we don't know who the Lord is. It is not saying the Lord Christ, it is not saying the Lord Jesus Christ. We cannot be drawing any assumptions, and the Lord taught us in this verse that this word Lord was talking about Adam, and this is our translation.


Indeed the waters of Life penetrated our Lord Adam so that the dragon, that large, flat city which is the serpent's time line could generate the double ended tunnel that connects the serpent to Leviathan, but the dragon shall be ruined. So it was in this verse that the Lord revealed to us that when you see the word Lord by itself it could be talking about the first Adam, not the Lord Jesus in whom the first Adam was resurrected, but the Adam before time.


I want to suggest to you that in 1 Thessalonians 4:17, the word Lord is talking about Adam's widowed spirit in the atmosphere calling it Lord, calling Adam's widowed spirit Lord because Adam's widowed spirit is Lord. Adam's widowed spirit is Lord, in a horrible condition, divorced from Jehovah and Elohim, and forced into the male position in an incestuous homosexual relationship with the serpent, but he is still Lord. I've been preaching this for a long time, whoever is reading this message, that it is an ungodly relationship with your husband where the roles are reversed. I don't care what your husband is, I don't care how weak he is, I don't care what he's doing wrong, if you are dominating him and acting like the man in the family and making a woman out of him, you are in a wrong relationship with your husband.


Now if you've got a problem you have to seek the Lord and ask Him what He wants you to do, but you cannot justify making yourself the man in a physical marriage. You can't do it, you are out of order. Now of course you are not going to jump off the roof or commit adultery if your husband is telling you to do that. If your husband is telling you to do that he's really reprobate, and you really should be asking the Lord what He wants you to do. I'm talking about an average family where there are marital problems. I don't care what your husband's doing wrong you cannot make yourself the man in the family, you are out of order. You have to submit yourself to God and see what He wants you to do.


Let's take a look at 1 Thessalonians 4:17, the Interlinear text says this. I'm just going to give you the Alternate Translations on a couple of words. It is a short verse. Then we and the one which. That English word which is Strong's #3588, and can be translated, the one who, then we and the one who. As a matter of fact, if you look in the Lexicon you will see that the word which is really not commonly translated which. This word is not commonly translated which. The King James translators used it to make some sense to their carnal minds out of this verse. Then we and the one who, not are but is, alive. And the word remain can be translated present, and I suggest to you it should be presently.


Then we and the one who is presently alive. Now who is the one that is presently alive, who is the only one that we know of that's alive right now? Jesus is the only one that's alive so this is talking about Jesus. Together with Himself. And Himself is my translation for the Greek word that is translated them. Together with Himself. Who was Himself? Jesus was above the firmament, who was Himself?


COMMENT: Christ in us?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, exactly, Christ in us is Himself. Praise the Lord. Excellent. Then we and the One who is presently alive, Jesus, together with Himself, that's us, Christ in us, shall...well the King James says, shall be seized in clouds. I want to tell you it should say, shall seize the clouds. Not shall be seized in clouds, but shall seize the clouds. If you will bear with me, I have a definition of clouds for you right out of Strong's. I will choose definition A. It is Strong's #3509, and it says that a cloud is a great shapeless collection of vapor that obscures the heavens.


Now I want to tell you that this whole atmosphere is one great shapeless collection of vapor that is obscuring or blocking the heaven above. Then we and the One who is presently alive together with Himself, Christ in us, shall seize the great shapeless collection of vapor that obscures the heaven above to meet the Lord, Adam's breath, that's in the great shapeless collection of vapor obscuring the heavens above in the atmosphere, and so we, Christ in us, and Jesus above, shall be with the Lord, Adam's spirit, in the atmosphere everywhere. We shall be with the Lord everywhere. Christ in us, Jesus above, and Adam's spirit in the atmosphere.


1 Thessalonians 4:17 Alternate Translation. Then we, the One who is alive, that's Jesus, and presently together with Himself, Christ in us, shall seize the great shapeless collection of vapor obscuring the heaven above, I suggest to you. To meet the Lord, Adam's breath, in this atmosphere. The atmosphere which is the great shapeless collection of vapor so that we shall be with the Lord everywhere that He is appearing, Christ in us, Jesus in heaven above, and Adam's widowed spirit in the atmosphere. Brethren, when our human spirit is joined to the Lord everywhere we will be drawing on the full strength of Elohim's breath which is Adam's spirit that was imparted to this creation, and we shall be in a very powerful spiritual place. Isn't that awesome?


You know this scripture, I was never satisfied with the translation. The Lord has given me a few translations because I never believed that we are flying up into the air so He gave me a few translations that satisfied me, but I was never completely satisfied, but the most amazing thing for me is that it seems no matter how wild the revelation that Jesus gives me is that He always comes up with a scripture for it. It is just absolutely amazing. He always comes up with a scripture for it so if anybody is reading this message, and you think I am doing this myself you are mistaken because I don't have the brains to do this myself. I tell you outright, I do not have the brains to do this myself. Does anybody have anything to say about anything?


Earlier on this message I asked the Lord within your hearing to explain to me how it was possible for our consciousness to ascend into the atmosphere without passing through the third eye which is the sixth chakra, if it was possible. I think that the Lord might be saying to me that the path that the believer takes does not pass through the third eye. We go from the heart to the cerebellum into the atmosphere and then when we are connected to Adam's spirit on three levels, Jesus above, Christ in us, and the Lord in the atmosphere, and that energy is flowing into us that it catches us up to this high spiritual place where we see through walls and everything like that. That's what it looks like at this time. It is just a different path than the people ascending in the serpent.


COMMENT: Is that the fourth dimension above the crown chakra, the circle of the path in the atmosphere?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, it is the fourth dimension. I am glad you brought that up. As our consciousness ascends out into the atmosphere it is the atmosphere of the fourth dimension. It is not the world above the firmament, and that's clear in 1 Thessalonians 4:17. It says, this is the atmosphere that is obscuring, it is the cloud that is obscuring the heaven which is above. So there are immortals in the fourth dimension, and the dragon is in the fourth dimension. Remember the teaching about the dragon waiting to gobble us up as we vibrate out into the atmosphere. Well, the dragon is out there. I've been preaching to you that it is the serpent in the atmosphere, but I guess the Lord is correcting me because it is the dragon in the atmosphere.


We have that on another message. It is the dragon in the atmosphere that's gobbling up and marrying our human spirit that's ascending in Leviathan. So, when we vibrate into the atmosphere in Christ this is the warfare that is depicted in Revelation 12, and Michael and his angels fought and the dragon and his angels fought. There is going to be war in the fourth dimension. What is the war all about? The war is getting Adam's widowed spirit out from the domination of the dragon that's in the fourth dimension. That's what the war is all about. So this is warfare up here, warfare with the dragon and the dragon's angels, the immortals that are in the fourth dimension. Now these immortals that are in the fourth dimension they could be incarnated or they could not be incarnated. They could be spiritual men up in the fourth dimension or they could be incarnated immortals which would mean that as we ascend into the atmosphere we will be fighting with men in physical bodies whose mind is up here in the fourth dimension. I don't know what it is going to be like. I really don't know.


COMMENT: Does that fourth dimension fit the scripture where it says, there was war in heaven?




Revelation 12:4, And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven and did cast them to the earth, and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered for to devour her child as soon as it was born. Revelation 12:7, And there was war in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon fought and his angels. So we see that the dragon is in the atmosphere in both places of the warfare. The warfare is only where the human spirit bonded to Christ is ascending, and that is really obvious. If you read the literature of the people who are ascending in Leviathan they tell you there is no warfare, that this union of your subconscious mind with your conscious mind gives you peace, and it ends conflict. When I first started reading this I said, Lord what's wrong here, I'm in war all the time. Well, the person ascending in Christ is in war all the time, but the person ascending in Leviathan is at peace so if you are a Christian or whether you are a Christian or not if you are reading this message and you don't have any warfare but you are showing signs of spiritual increase you had better check yourself out because if you are ascending without a war you are ascending in Leviathan, and you are about to be gobbled up by the dragon as soon as you are born.


COMMENT: Where does "born again" come in, in the #4 drawing?


PASTOR VITALE: The same question entered my mind. I don't know. The revelation that I am walking in now is that you are not born again until you come out of the body, but we may be finding out that's not true, but I don't have any information right now. I do make this a prayer that the Lord clarify that issue for us because I would like to know the answer myself.


All I can say off the top of my head, and I haven't looked at it in the Greek, is that the scripture says that the dragon was waiting to devour the man child as soon as He was born. It doesn't say that we are being born when we ascend into the atmosphere. All that it is really saying is that's where the dragon is, and that the dragon would be attempting to devour us as we pass through the fourth dimension into the fifth dimension, and the chances are that if I looked at it in the Greek it doesn't even say that. As soon as they were born will probably say something like, and the dragon was there waiting to devour the Sons of God before they were born. I don't know what it says, but you see these prepositions could mean anything.


The same Greek word could mean, as soon as He was born, before He was born, while He was being born. So the issue is when are we fully born again? And I feel a witness in my spirit....see this must be the Lord because I didn't want to say anything just a minute ago. If you ever hear me doing something like this on a message, what it means is that for whatever reason the Lord was not here answering the question on the spot because when I am physically down it definitely affects the flow of the spirit in me. So as soon as I said, June I don't want to say anything wrong, He rose up in me and is answering your question. This is what happened. So in my opinion to be fully born again you have to be delivered from this body, and I feel that's the position I've taken previously, and I believe the Lord is confirming it now. It is the same principle as when a fetus is in a woman's womb it is not really born until it exits the womb. Legally, as far as the law of our land goes the child is not born until it is out of the womb. So I don't think we are fully born again until we are out of this body because this body and this carnal mind is a womb. That's my position, and I believe the Lord just confirmed it.


I've been asking the Lord for the name of this message all day, and it is just coming to me now that the Lord is telling me that what He has been describing through this whole message is the next level of consciousness, and apparently He is re-writing my 12 levels of consciousness. He has already worked with us on the first five; that's reconciliation, justification, marriage to Jesus above, election, and perfection. That's the first five as the Lord has re-written them. Now the first time that I presented this 12 to you that was as Sheila wrote them. Now Jesus is writing them. So we are up to #6, and I don't know what the name of it is, but I will describe the sixth level of consciousness to you. Christ has already been raised in us, Christ in us is married to Jesus above, so that is now too sources of energy that has been added to us from when we were a fallen mortal man. Christ was added to us, a source of energy, source of power. I heard a question in my mind and I don't know if it was for here or for the message. The Holy Ghost was added to us. Did anyone here think that thought? Then the Lord just wants it on the message.


Yes, the Holy Ghost was added to us but the Holy Ghost joined with our human spirit and together Christ is appearing out of the union of the Holy Spirit and our human spirit. So there is no more Holy Spirit. There is Christ, a new source of energy and authority. Dunamis and exousia power, those are two Greek words. Christ is added to us, then Christ is marrying Jesus above. That a second source of energy to us.


Now you have to realize that spiritual ascension is the accumulation of energy. You have to realize that. We are becoming more and more spiritually strong. That is what the ascension of consciousness is. It is the gathering in of spiritual strength, and the natural outgrowth of the gathering in of spiritual strength is in ascension and consciousness. That's what happens. Now we are up to the third ingathering of energy into ourselves, and that ingathering is Adam's spirit that's in the atmosphere. You understand that this whole message is about Elohim's breath being dispersed throughout this entire creation. You understand that? OK.


Can you understand that when we vibrate out into the atmosphere in an aggressive male stance, we are not vibrating into the atmosphere and being used by the dragon, we are vibrating out as a dominate male to gather in elements of Adam's spirit which is Elohim's breath that in the atmosphere. Christ in us who's married to Jesus above is going to be joining to Adam's spirit in the atmosphere. Are you following me?


Can you not see that would be an increase of energy to us? OK. So that is the sixth level of consciousness. I don't know what the name is, and I still don't know what to call the message, but I thank the Lord for....I had a feeling earlier today that that's what this was, but what put me off was my carnal mind because Sheila said there are 12 levels of consciousness and this was not one of them. So my carnal mind was opposing the Lord telling me that this was a level of consciousness, but He just broke through my defenses now and told me that is what it is, and it is going to replace what I call the tenth level. I called it another union with Jesus, but you see, it is not Jesus. It is the union with the Lord in the atmosphere. Did you follow me? I said the tenth level of consciousness is that we join with Jesus again, but it is not Jesus again. Why? Because Jesus is the last Adam, the resurrected Adam. We are joining with Adam's spirit in the atmosphere. Will you all please pray that the Lord gives me the name of this message so that I can do it, so that we can finish up this meeting.


The Lord has spoken to me again, and He has brought another correction. He has told me or reminded me that He has not really dealt with us on the first five levels of consciousness. He really only dealt with us on the first four, and I assumed that the fifth level of consciousness was perfection, but the truth is that the Lord has not dealt with us in this mature way about perfection, and there are some changes in this too so let me review it again. He has reinforced that the first level of consciousness as we ascend into spiritual maturity in Christ Jesus is reconciliation, and the sign that you are reconciled to Jehovah is that you have a relationship with Jesus' Holy Spirit. And through this relationship with Jesus' Holy Spirit we are reconciled to Jehovah above. The second level of consciousness is justification.


Now, I have already told you that justification is the exposure of the sin nature and the corrective judgment that deals with the sin nature. Now let me tell you what I told you before so that I can bring the correction. The beginning of justification is the conception of Christ. The Holy Spirit, through whom we are reconciled to Jehovah, joins with our human spirit. That is the beginning of the process called justification because everything spiritual happens over a period of time. There are no instantaneous spiritual experiences. So we begin to be justified when the Holy Spirit joins with our human spirit, and this is the conception of Christ in the individual.


As that Christ in the individual mature, and Christ is the resurrected Adam. As Christ matures in the individual, at some point that resurrected Christ will marry or be joined to Jesus who is above the firmament. You see, Jesus sent His Holy Spirit, he sent His blood down underneath the firmament, but Jesus is above the firmament with Michael and Elohim and Jehovah. So this third level of consciousness which is the marriage or the union of the resurrected Christ in you to Jesus above is our re-connection to the Godhead which is our re-connection to eternity; therefore, the first and second levels of consciousness as important as they are, not only does it not save us, we are not even reconnected to eternity.


So this is what I have told you in the past. I have told you that the characteristic of justification, the second level of consciousness, is the exposure of the sin nature and corrective judgment, and that the identification or the identifying factor of the marriage between Christ and you and Jesus above is that you come into obedience. So here is the correction, the characteristic of justification, in the second level of consciousness, is in fact the exposure of the sin nature and corrective judgment. And the sign that you have been justified or that you are moving into the final stages of justification is that you come into obedience. So obedience is not a sign of marriage. Obedience is a sign of a justified Son who is either fully justified or approaching full justification. I don't know how to tell the difference.


So justification begins with Christ being conceived in you. It increases into the exposure of your sin nature and corrective judgment, and in the final stages of justification we come into obedience to the Christ within us, and, of course, Jesus above is present in our life but He's just not married to Christ in us yet. So we come into obedience to Jesus above and the Christ within us. Obedience is a part of justification, not a part of marriage. The third level of consciousness is the marriage of Christ within us to Jesus above, and the identifying factor that you are in this third level of consciousness is that you recognize the Doctrine of Christ as Truth, and you recognize the spirit on the teacher, on the one who is teaching the Doctrine of Christ, as the spirit of the Son, and very few believer's in the church are up to the third level of consciousness.


I think many are into the beginning stages of justification, but I don't even think there are all that many who have been brought into obedience. There are very few believer's who can recognize the Doctrine of Christ as truth, and very few who can recognize the Spirit of Christ on the teacher of the Doctrine of Christ. In Daniel 10 the angel tells Daniel that only those who have a relationship with their prince, Michael, will be able to recognize the scripture of truth. This is the third level of consciousness.


The fourth level of consciousness, I think in the original teaching of this 12 levels of consciousness I called this sanctification, and sanctification is still correct. Sanctification means a cleansing and a separating from the world, but I have chosen to change the name of the fourth level of consciousness from sanctification to election. The reason being that most people don't know what sanctification is. It would be bad enough if people didn't know what sanctification was, but being human and having carnal minds most people draw their own conclusions as to what sanctification is. So I have decided not to use that word, but not even me, the Lord has told me that the fourth level of consciousness is called Election, and we have a whole message that is called Election whereby I present the truth of the scripture which says that Jesus does not elect us, but we elect Him. That may sound shocking to you. If it does, you do not know what the Greek word translated elect means.


The Greek word translated elect means to prefer, and the teaching is that you cannot come to the Father unless Jesus draws you. You cannot come unless you are drawn by a member of the God-head. You have to be chosen by Jesus. He said, you have not chosen me, I have chosen you. Well, the question is who does Jesus choose? And the answer is, Jesus chooses everyone who prefers Him over this world. Jesus prefers everyone who prefers Jesus Christ over the pleasures of this world, over the pleasures and over the activities of this world. Do you know that sometimes people are engaged in activities that are not even pleasurable to them, but they are just so bound into a way of existence. So the man who is willing to give up everything of this world to follow Jesus, that's the man that Jesus prefers.


Of course, I am using man generically. You can be a physical male or a physical female. The fourth level of consciousness is called Election, and it is characterized by one's preference for the Lord Jesus Christ which preference is demonstrated by that person's willingness to give up everything of this world including becoming a eunuch for Christ which means you are willing to give up the romantic myth and the sexual relationship of marriage, not because it is bad, not because it has disappointed you, not because you don't like it, but because you have a revelation that as good as marriage is, that as good as sex is, that as good as the good things of this world are, you count them dung so that you might know the Lord Jesus and the power of His resurrection. I have a whole message on that. It is called Perfection and Human Sexuality. It is only a few numbers away from this message.


Earlier on this message I just assumed that the fifth level of consciousness was perfection, and I should know better than to assume anything. I am always telling everybody not to assume anything. So now the Lord tells me that the fifth level of consciousness is not perfection, but the fifth level of consciousness is the subject of this whole message which I earlier told you was the sixth level of consciousness.


So here is the correction: The ascension of our human spirit bonded to Christ into the atmosphere joining with Elohim's breath which is in the atmosphere is the fifth level of consciousness. It is also the formation of the three-fold cord, the energy from Christ in your earth, the energy from Jesus above, and the energy from Adam's breath in the atmosphere. The ingathering, the gathering together of the original breath which Jehovah breathed into this creation from the three sources to which it has been dispersed is the weaving together of the three fold cord that is not easily broken. At this point I will make a statement that the Lord has dealt with us now with the first five levels of consciousness, and I am not assuming that perfection is the sixth level of consciousness. When the Lord tells me what the sixth level of consciousness is I will tell you.


So, the name of this message is not the Sixth Level of Consciousness but The Fifth Level of Consciousness. I still do not have the name that the Lord wants to identify it by. I believe that there has to be a scriptural name for it such as reconciliation, justification, election. I still don't know what the scriptural name is for the third level which is the marriage, but the Lord will show me eventually. He will show me. So that is the end of the message. It is 1:30 a.m., Monday morning. We have been in service since 10:30 a.m., Sunday morning, and I bless you all, and I bid you good night.




Revelation about the energy in the atmosphere as I preached it on the message called the Fifth Level of Consciousness. At the time that I preached that message I really didn't understand how we would be getting the energy out of the atmosphere. And I now understand that this energy that is beyond the individual is not in the physical atmosphere. The scripture is talking about the spiritual atmosphere, the spiritual realm, as I sometimes call it, the astral plane, which is our emotional body. The astral plane is the emotional body. The astral plane is Satan and Satan is a sea of energy. She is a sea of energy and the fruit of her energy is emotion. She is the root and the cause of emotions in human beings. She is a sea that when stirred up and when tossing and turning is producing high emotional activity in human beings. And I'm talking about negative emotion.


And I think most people know, or if they don't know, if they stop to think about it, they would know that high emotion in the form of rage or anger or even passion or lust is very destructive. It is a very destructive driving force. We don't usually lust or rage for things that are positive for us. We usually lust or rage for things that are destructive to us. And this kind of lust and driving spirit has nothing to do with love. It has to do with lust. And this is what Satan is. She is the emotional body in the individual, the emotions of the individual, which theosophy calls a body; so I'll call it a body, our emotional body, our potential to experience emotions. But there are high emotions and there are low emotions. Satan is not the emotions of God. Satan is not the emotion of love. We are clearly told that the highest form of love is agape love, which comes from Christ. Then the middle type of love is phileo love, high heroic love that comes from the carnal mind. But I don't think that's from Satan either.


I think that's from the human spirit and whatever God qualities we have in our carnal mind. And eros, the sexual love is from Satan and hopefully, human beings of good intent recognize that they have a lust that arises; it really arises out of the mind more than out of the body. It is much more of a mind that a physical thing. Sexual lust arises out of the fiery serpent, which is wrapped around the phallus in the etheric part of the physical body. It is the fiery serpent that initiates that. So the two higher forms of love are of God. The lowest form of love is of the serpent and fear and lust and anger and rage and violence; that's all out of Satan's emotional body. Now we just recently had a message here that revealed that Satan is the teeth of the serpent and there is an upper set of teeth and a lower set of teeth. Satan is both together. That is what Satan is. She is the part or the expression of the serpent that has the power to bite and gnash and grind people's emotions and spirit between her teeth. And she apparently has the most power when both her lower set of teeth and her upper set of teeth are activated.


Now we found out that Satan's lower set of teeth is stirred up by the fiery serpent gathering in the energies within the human body; gathering them into herself. This is the fiery serpent gathering them into herself. Now the fiery serpent is at the base of the spinal column. So when the fiery serpent stirs up, she is gathering in the energy threads throughout the physical and the emotional body. Probably even more the emotional body than the physical body, but the fiery serpent is gathering in all of the threads of the emotional body and focusing them in the spinal column and even more so, focusing them in a particular chockra of the spinal column in an attempt to usher them or herd them (herd what?) herd the threads of energy of Satan's emotional body, or emotional sea in this individual.


The fiery serpent is gathering them through magnetism, gathering all the threads of this emotional body into the spinal column and herding them upward trying to force all of this energy, the energy of the fiery serpent plus the energy of the emotional body up into the heart center and higher if possible. And this energy, this accumulated energy, which is a weapon, just as a laser beam is accumulated light. The mind that has the power to gather in the energy of that individual's emotional body and herd it or usher it or direct it up to the heart center is a mind that has spiritual power, because this accumulated energy is a weapon.


This is what the scripture is talking about when it speaks about the believer becoming a weapon, a sharp threshing weapon with sharp teeth. It is talking about the development of a mind that has the ability to produce teeth, which devours the enemy, which is a mind. The enemy is the negative mind. The upper set of Satan's teeth is the energy that is free flowing in the collective emotional body. Now remember, Satan is a sea of energy that covers this entire, not only this world, but it is my understanding, Satan is present in the whole, everything that exists down here in the pit or in the sack. Everything that the serpent has created, Satan is present in and she is the sea that overflows everything and she is an energy sea. She flows through men and outside of men. Men are the islands in this sea of energy.


The scripture calls us islands. We are the islands in this sea of energy and the water flows through us and around us. So the upper set of Satan's teeth is the energy that is outside of us. So we are talking about the energy within an individual and the energy outside of an individual and we are talking about emotionally driven energy. We are not talking about the atmosphere of this world. So when I talk about the fifth level of consciousness or when I talk about the mature spiritual being or the mature spiritual mind gathering in the energy from the atmosphere (I didn't understand it when I preached it, but I understand it now). It's the energy of Satan. We are talking about dominating and controlling and directing Satan's energy. We are talking about gathering in Satan's energy and focusing it and using it for our purposes.


If you can think of energy as being something growing in the wild, for example, I don't believe that is the case, but this is just for an example, wild blueberries, that could be used for food. So it is a question of who is going to gather in the energy and process it in such a way that it will benefit that person. It is the same thing as water, for example. Water could be deadly rapids or it could be directed by a dam to create hydro- electric power. Well there is a sea of energy that we exist in and most of us are victimized by this energy. And there are all sorts of currents in this sea, currents that are causing the waters of energy to swirl around and do damage. And these currents are generated by people's minds. So the lower set of Satan's teeth is the energy in the individual and the upper set of teeth is the energy, like I said I'm not even sure whether it's the energy of this planet or the energy of the solar system or the energy of the rest of everything that is in the pit.


I'm not sure, but Satan has two sets of teeth. The lower set is energy within men and the upper set of teeth is the energy outside of men. The energy within us and the energy outside of us. Now what I don't know the answer to (I've asked the Lord) but what I do not know the answer to is this. Is the lower set of teeth for any individual just the energy within them or is it the energy within all men? I think as I put this question on the message, the answer is that Satan's lower set of teeth is the energy in men's minds and that's how we are affected. Now remember, Satan is the collective unconscious mind of all of humanity. And we are affected by people's unconscious mind.


So Satan's lower set of teeth is the energy in the collective mind of humanity and the upper set is the energy which is known as the dragon and the dragon is appearing to us as the minds of the immortals. Now I just said to you two different things. I said the energy outside of us is a great sea and we are the islands in the sea and then I said the energy of the upper teeth is the minds of the immortals. Well Lord, I just pray that you show me which is correct or maybe they are both correct. Maybe the only other energy that's outside of us is the energy that the immortals are wielding. That's a possibility. I'll have to hear from the Lord on that. Now we know that the judgment upon Satan is that her sea will be boiled. This boiling is designed to accomplish the separation of Elohim's breath, which is really the human spirit from the serpent. Remember, Satan is the expression of the serpent which is the primordial sea in this world. Satan is the serpent.


Now the serpent is the primordial sea. Remember she is the waters underneath the firmament. She is the waters of the ground floor window which has no form, but has an intelligence. She is the seminal fluid mixed with the earth. That's what the serpent is. The serpent appearing in this outer world that we are in is in the form of Satan and Satan is the seminal fluid, of which the sperm is dead because the serpent's seed killed all the sperm. So we have the seminal fluid, the earth, and Elohim's breath which is Adam's widowed spirit. Those are the components of Satan. So Satan must be boiled so that all of the waters ascend above the firmament, the cleansed waters ascend above the firmament where they will be the flood of waters, the full portion of the waters, when underneath the firmament what we have is the dry ground. The double flood, the double waters, the waters of both windows, when they are above is called the flood of waters and that's what Michael is.


The earth in the window underneath is dry and barren. That means the serpent is incapable of incarnating her world. So the boiling of Satan produces three things. Well, not really. The boiling of Satan separates the waters from the earth. Now remember, Adam's widowed spirit is one. Adam's widowed spirit is in the waters. Now when the waters are purified and they are above the firmament, we can say that the human spirit is flowing with Michael because the flood of clean waters above the firmament is Michael. And the human spirit is then joined to Michael and the man whose human spirit is joined to Michael and the man in whom the earth is barren is a supernatural man who is walking above the firmament or walking on dry ground or walking dry shod. But when the waters are beneath the firmament and remember now, it is all of the waters that fell beneath the firmament. We no longer have half of the waters above the firmament and half underneath the firmament.


When Adam fell, the flood of waters fell down into the lower window, so Satan is the fullness of the waters. And Adam's widowed spirit was in the waters. And the waters flowed over the earth and the earth dissolved in the waters and killed the sperm, killed Adam. But Adam's widowed spirit was still amongst it. So the boiling of Satan will restore the whole of the waters above the firmament, which will restore the human spirit to Michael and castrate the serpent. Now I think I have to correct something that I just said. The primordial serpent is half of the waters. At the time that Elohim commanded the waters to flow over the earth to give consciousness to the earth, He said let the waters be separated from the waters.


So at the beginning there was seminal fluid above and urine underneath and the serpent was that urine underneath the firmament with only half of the waters. And then Elohim said, let all the waters be drawn up above the firmament and let the earth be barren and let the gathering together of the waters be called Seas. So seas, the word seas, is talking about all of the waters of the creation. And either it is the seas of God which produce the visible spiritual world or the whole of those seas fell down and became Satan, the double portion of the waters with Adam's widowed spirit saturated with the earth. So the reason Jesus could say to the waves and to the wind, be still; what He did, what Jesus did when He said that was that He exerted a magnetic force; the mind that was in Jesus of Nazareth exerted a magnetic force upon the collective sea of energy.


I'm talking about the energy that was in the minds of men, the emotional energy that was in the minds of men and the emotional energy that was in the minds of the immortals. I don't have the details at this point, but the mind of Jesus Christ exercised enough spiritual magnetism to control the raging emotional energy. I don't know whether it was just raging from the minds of His disciples or if it was raging from the immortals. I don't know. But whatever degree to which there was a storm of energy that was affecting Jesus' disciples, and personally I believe it was in their own minds, but I don't know for sure; Jesus of Nazareth's personal magnetism had the strength to gather into Himself or at least gather under His dominion the raging energy and redirect it and in this case He directed it to be calm.


We are talking about the domination, the control and the conscious directing of the energy forces of the emotional plane. We are talking about having a mind which is strong enough which is strong enough to take away the source of energy that dominates our world, which is emotionalism. To take it away, not only take it away and redirect it, not necessarily take it away, but redirect it and control it, to make it from negative to positive. To deal with energy of the minds of the men of this world and the minds of the immortals above and even when the two are working together. We are talking about domination of the energies of the emotional plane that drives this world. And brethren, this is what witchcraft is.


I have had witches tell me that what they do is control the powers of nature or manipulate the powers of nature. Now I guess I understood it, but I never understood it like I'm understanding it now. I guess when I heard a witch say that they manipulate the powers of nature, I always thought that they meant the wind and the physical nature in our physical world, rain and snow, and yet I knew that witchcraft is used to get a job or it can be used to hurt people. But I just never understood it like I understand it now.


Witchcraft is the gathering in, the focusing in a single point that becomes a weapon of Satan's energy sea. And they use that weapon or that spiritual power to direct the emotions and the mind of men to bring forth what they are desiring to accomplish. Now when Jesus Christ does this, it is legal and everything He does works for the good. But when the carnal mind does this, when the carnal mind engages in this activity, even if the person's intentions are good and even if they do in fact do some or accomplish some good deeds through this activity, the day will surely come when the stress will be sufficient to induce that person to use this power for their own benefit; at which time they will become Satan's slave. Honestly, I don't know whether they will become Satan's slave or the dragon's slave; probably the dragon's slave, but I'm not sure.


Now the ascension to the fifth level of consciousness begins with our rejection and resistance against Satan dominating us. Satan appears as a driving emotional force. That emotion can be envy. It can be hatred. It can be lust. It can be murder. I think if I want to make or delineate some general categories, I would say Satan is everything outside of pride. Pride is a different category. I believe at this point that pride is a manifestation of the subconscious mind and Satan is a manifestation of the unconscious mind which is where all of our raging emotions are boiling and bubbling. Even in the stories about witches stirring their caldrons, they are saying boil and bubble, let the water in the caldron boil and bubble. They are talking about manipulating the energy sea that is within individuals.


You see we each have a sea of energy within ourselves; we have our own personal energy sea, but that energy sea, that emotional body is open. There is free access to everyone's emotional body, because it is unconscious. So there is free access to it from every other unconscious mind. And some people affect other people's unconscious mind without knowing it because they are repressing their ungodly emotions and then there are people who are consciously and actively affecting other people's unconscious mind or actively and consciously stirring up other people's emotions. It is very common. It is called a love potion that someone will work witchcraft to stir up emotional responses in a member of the opposite sex or today even the same sex. And that's why it is so important that we don't engage in relationships based on our emotions.


When we engage in relationships based upon what Jesus Christ has to say about that person in our life. So the beginning of ascension to the fifth level of consciousness whereby we have the power and the authority in Christ Jesus to gather in and to focus and direct the energies of this collective world even beyond ourselves, the beginning of that power, the beginning of that ability is to develop the ability to resist Satan trying to control us. Who is Satan trying to control us? It could be our own unconscious mind with inherited sin or it could be someone else's unconscious mind. Now I know that I have been in a place for years; I talk about it a lot here; where I do not trust any thought that comes into my mind.


Apparently I have entered into a spiritual place where I comprehend thoughts that come from other people. I think that thoughts from some people being transmitted to other people is very common, but the people who abide mostly in their conscious mind frequently don't hear them. But I'm spiritual and I'm in a place where I hear people's thoughts. And I know that I cannot do everything that comes into my mind. That's what Paul was talking about when he said, bring every thought into captivity, because every thought that we hear is either not from us or it could be from our evil side. We do have an evil side. But once we start hearing our evil side, we hear everybody's evil side. So we begin to dominate Satan by refusing her commands; by refusing to hate our brother; by refusing to be angry; by being peace makers. We refuse to obey Satan's lust. And you know you can have lust in a marriage. The difference between lust and desiring your mate in marriage is when you are lusting, the desire goes beyond your mate. It is just a personal need of your own. And I think that's very common in marriage.


I'm not telling you not to do it. I'm telling you the truth; that lust exists in marriage. Now I guess if a husband and a wife are lusting for each other, it is okay, but if one member is forcing himself or herself on the other member, that is abuse and it should not be. We are to live a life under the direction and in obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ. When our life is a living expression of obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ, Satan has lost her power over us. She cannot control us. Now I'm not just talking about behavior. I'm talking about thoughts.


When a thought of hatred or resentment or rage is prohibited from arising in our mind because every time it arises a lightning bolt goes down and kills it, we are resisting Satan. And we are resisting pride also in that same way. But to be honest with you, at this moment, I really do not understand or have an understanding of how we gather in and focus and direct Satan. I don't know how we do it. Jesus knew how to do it. That's how He healed. That's how He healed. He gathered in under His dominion all of the energy of the emotional sea. I guess of Himself, of the person being healed and whatever more energy He needed to perform the healing, He took from the collective energy sea and He healed people. Now I haven't gotten to that place. I don't know how He did it. I'm still working on the first half. I'm still working on not being manipulated by Satan to act out her lusts.




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