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Election, The Fourth Level Of
Consciousness In Christ Jesus 


Several months ago the Lord brought forth 12 levels of consciousness in Christ Jesus in this ministry, and I wrote them up as best I could understand them, and I didn't have names for all of the levels, but the first five levels as I originally presented them to you were reworked by the Lord for us in another message or two. When I say He wrote the first five levels of consciousness what I mean is that He rearranged the order of the first five levels, and I don't think any names were changed. We are dealing with reconciliation, the first level. And what is reconciliation? A restored relationship with Jehovah through a relationship with the Holy Spirit. The second level is justification, a marriage of the Holy Spirit to our human spirit which is the engrafted word and the beginning of the formation of Christ in us.


We were talking about the characteristics of each level of consciousness. The characteristic of reconciliation is that we have a relationship with the Holy Spirit. The characteristic of justification is that our sins begin to be exposed and revealed and, hopefully, we are confessing them and repenting of them. The third level of consciousness is marriage to Jesus which we call sanctification. Sanctification is the cleansing through separation of the world and a relationship with Jesus who is above. Christ in us comes forth as the fruit of the second level of consciousness, and Christ in us marries Jesus who is above, and we are called into sanctification or into a marriage union with the Lord Jesus Christ, not the Holy Spirit now, but the Lord Jesus who is above who is connected to Elohim and Michael and Jehovah. This is our re-connection to the Godhead.


The third level of consciousness is our re-connection to the Godhead, and the fourth level of consciousness I don't think I had a name for it when we talked about it, but we have a whole message on it called Perfection and Human Sexuality, Are They Compatible? We said that the fourth level of consciousness is actually a choice, and it is a choice by which we prefer a spiritual relationship with the Godhead as opposed to a human marriage.


Now just in case this is the first message anybody is reading, I am not against sex, I have no opposition to it, this is not a religious spirit, but there is a fact of this world that we can only ascend so far spiritually without....actually in the very beginning when we start to ascend spiritually we are giving up the things of this world because the flesh lusts against the spirit and the spirit against the flesh, and they are completely opposite. They are mirror images.


The spirit world and this physical world are mirror images of one another so if we are completely dwelling in this physical world when we enter into the first level of consciousness which is reconciliation through a relationship with the Holy Spirit as we ascend spiritually, as we increase in our relationship with the Holy Spirit we will be giving up the things of this world. Why? Because there are only 24 hours in a day. So you start going to church, you start reading your Bible, and you start praying. It is just automatic that you have to decide on your priorities, and you begin to leave things behind you, but the one thing that is a sacred cow in the church world is the marital union. Despite the fact that Paul said, it is better to be single and despite the fact that Jesus said, there is no marrying or giving in marriage in heaven, the marital union is a sacred cow in the church today. No one is encouraged to be a eunuch for Christ.


Jesus said, there are three kinds of eunuchs. That is another scripture we could use. Those who make themselves eunuchs for the Kingdom of God. You just don't hear this preached. Everyone is encouraged to get married, let each man have his own wife, and, of course, the King James translation is, rather than burning which will result in fornication let him get married which, of course, is not a true translation of the scripture.


All that I am trying to do is to describe to you the fourth level of consciousness. It is a choice. It is a conscious choice which prefers a spiritual marriage with the Lord Jesus who is above over a physical marriage. Now we are talking about people who have matured spiritually to this point where they are already in the third level of consciousness, they cannot go any further, they cannot ascend any further, unless they are ready to choose what they prefer, the spiritual life or the physical life. Now if you are reading this message and you are married I encourage you to not go drawing any conclusions. Jesus is a miracle worker. He can do anything.


We are not actually talking here about walking away from the marital union. We are talking about an attitude. We are talking about a decision that's made in faith, that if the Lord should put it to you, if the day came, if the moment came that you had to choose who would you choose? Marriage to Jesus or marriage to your present mate? Or if you are not married, would you choose marriage to Jesus or marriage to a human mate? Now to ascend to the fourth level of consciousness your decision to give up the marital union and go on with Jesus, to be married to Jesus, must be made with the right motive.


If you don't like sex that is not acceptable, if you hate your wife or you hate your husband or you hate sex and you just don't want to do it anyway....in the Catholic church a lot of people go into the priesthood and into a convent for those reasons. Is that not true? They don't like men or they don't like women or they don't like sex or whatever. And it is acceptable, you see. It is acceptable to go into....and I understand that other denominations have priesthoods and convents too and Nuns anyway. It is acceptable in these denominations to go into the priesthood or into a convent for these reasons. No one even really questions you why. They just want to know if you are willing to make a commitment, but this is not acceptable for marriage to Jesus.


Jesus is looking for a person....there aren't all that many young people being called to this ministry, but we do have a couple of young people. Jesus is looking for someone who is choosing Him not as a way, not because they have problems with the opposite sex, not because they have tried sex, and they don't like it, not because they are miserable or they are widowed and they are lonely. This decision has to be made on the basis of a realization that marriage to Jesus Christ is preferable, preferable, preferable, preferable, better, better than marriage to a human mate. Now you might be able to fool me, and you might be able to fool yourself, but you can't fool Jesus.


Of course, I am not picking on anyone here. For you to ascend into the fourth level of consciousness your motives must be the right motives, and once again that motive might be that you have a realization that marriage to Jesus is preferable than a human mate, and the only way, in my opinion, that anyone's going to be abele to reach this realization is to first have an understanding of who we are and where we came from, and where we are going.


You have to have an understanding that we are spiritual deity who is fallen. We are spiritual deity who is fallen. We are the sleeping prince who fell from heaven if you want to make a parable out of this, and was formed into a frog. Isn't that how the fairy tales go? We were formed into an animal, but this is not our natural state, and that the life that we live down here is an animal existence. We eat like the animals do, we defecate like the animals do, we void the waste out like the animals do, we get the diseases that animals get, we have our babies like animals. You have to know that we are living an animal life, and that to choose marriage to Jesus over a human marriage is in the hope of ascending out of this animal form that we are trapped in into the glorified form that Jesus Christ now lives out of.


You can't be rejecting the human life because you are bitter or because you are frightened or because you are hurt. No, you have to understand that this animal life is a judgment. It is a humiliation, and we now have the opportunity in Jesus Christ to be restored to our original condition of glory above the firmament with the Godhead, the whole household of God. Does anyone not understand what I'm saying? The motive for your decision is essential.


I went before the Lord, I've gone before Him a couple of time over this last few weeks, and I've asked Him to....I told Him that I felt in my spirit that He was going to revise the remaining seven levels of consciousness, and that I really didn't want to go on and do anything with them because I felt that He was going to give us a much deeper understanding of those seven levels. Well, the first thing that He did was give me a message on the fourth level. He gave me a name for it. I didn't have a name for it, and the name is Election, and we have a whole message on what election means. Now once again, Brethren, the King James translators have gotten it backwards, and again if this is the first message you are listening to I have nothing against the King James translators, but if they have got it backwards we have got to get it straight.


First of all the elect. The way that is put forth in the King James translation, and we way that it is preached in the church is that there is an elect who is chosen before you are born. You were chosen before you were born, and there are others out there who are not elected, and there is no way that they are going to be elected. This is preached in a variety of ways throughout the church. I know the Jehovah's Witnesses say that the 144,000 are going to heaven, and everyone else is going to be on the earth. A lot of people are upset with the message of the Sons of God because they think it an elitist or an exclusive message. Of course, everybody backs up this election of God with a lot of scriptures in Romans, and, of course, with the scripture in John where Jesus said, you have not chosen me, I have chosen you. I, myself, have preached that you can't come unless Jesus calls you. So it is all up to Him, and He's picking and choosing who He is going to take. Then we have the people who preach ultimate reconciliation, that everybody is being chosen even those who have lived and died are all going to be resurrected and come into the Kingdom.


Tonight we are going to deal with the scriptures on election and on that scripture in John where He said, you have not chosen me, I have chosen you. Right up front, I want to tell you that these are two different Greek words. To elect or the elect or the election, as Paul says, and the word by which Jesus said, you have not chosen me, I have chosen you. They are two different Greek words, and the Greek word that is translated "to elect" means to prefer. I just gave you that in this whole introductory exhortation. I was putting forth this concept to you that we must prefer marriage to Jesus over marriage of this world. The word "to choose" which is really only three numbers away in the Lexicon, the word "to choose" signifies to choose one of many. If I wanted to ask someone for example to erase the board I might choose who I could ask to please help me with the white board. I would choose someone who is here, but it wouldn't necessarily mean that I prefer one to the other. I just asked you to help me today.


So we are going to find out that Jesus is looking for people who prefer Him, and that people who prefer Him over this world form a category of people from which He chooses. I want to suggest to you that He chooses everybody because it is His will that all should be saved, but He is looking for the ones who prefer Him over this world and everything that this world has to offer. Now that doesn't mean that you cannot have the things of this world. We are talking about an attitude of your heart, Brethren, and I've been talking to you about this on and off for years about your grandchildren and your families, and the Lord is not asking you to give up anything.


The question that you need to ask yourself is, if He came today, if He manifested in Full Stature in any human being today and He came to you, and He said follow me, the only exception being is that if you had someone depending on you to stay alive, to be fed and to be cared for, would you rise up and follow Him or would you cleave unto this life. That's the issue. It is an attitude of heart. In the same way He is putting the question to you for those of you who have ascended into the third level of consciousness, Christ is formed in you, you are married to Jesus above, well it is time to go on. What do you prefer? Who do you prefer? Jesus or the mind which satisfies you with the things of this world. You have to understand that if you are satisfied with the things of this world that it is Leviathan, your carnal mind, who is satisfying you. Now this is a very hard word, Brethren, but the marital relationship is sanctified. Jesus has said it is OK while you are down here, now listen to me, don't stop reading the message, He is not demanding that anybody give it up. This is the catch. He wants you to prefer Him. He is not threatening anybody. He is not taking it from anybody. He knows that you are just dust. We are just, as in the case of Gideon, where he said all of those that are fearful let them go home. He wasn't mad. Let them go. This is the attitude that we are dealing with today. He's looking for those who prefer Him, and when you prefer Him He chooses you.


Now this just blew my mind today because it is just the exact opposite of what's being taught in the church, and a lot of the people in the world are just so freaked out over some of the things that are preached in the church. Brethren, the bottom line is this. Jesus is saving the spiritual root of this creation, and He's saving it through men, and the men that He's saving it through are the ones that want Him more than they want the things of this world, and He's not forcing anybody to come. But the ones who don't come are going to be subject to the evils as well as the good of this world. The bottom line is that there is great evil coming upon this country. There is great evil all over the world. There has been since recorded history. Jesus is willing to take everybody, but you have to want him badly enough to prefer Him, to elect Him, and then once you elect Him then He chooses you. Then, we read in John that He gives you rules after you elect Him.


After you prefer Him, and then He chooses you, He gives you rules. You have to love your brother. He said, I give you this commandment that you love one another as I have loved you. Now this is talking about Agape love. This means you can't be knifing anybody with your carnal mind even if you don't know you are doing it. How do we stop doing that because the whole world is killing each other. We have to expose our carnal mind and refuse to let it manifest through us, and, thus, we engage in the warfare of covering over our carnal mind with our Christ mind.


This message is a study in the word "election." Primarily a study in the word "election." We are finding out that we, amazing as it sounds, elect Jesus. We can choose who we are going to marry.


Let's go on. We are starting with the definition of the word election. It is Strong's #1589, and it means, the very first definition there is divine selection. Of course, that is one of the definitions, and if you go down a little further it says, the act of picking out or choosing. Used of the act of God's free will. I see that this definition which I put in the last minute doesn't say prefer. I just have found that in the dictionary. I had to go into the dictionary. This happens lots of times. When I looked up the two Greek words that mean elect and choose they were so similar that there was no difference. The same situation occurs when you look up in the Greek the word soul and spirit. You will find that both of the words have all of the same definitions so I went into the dictionary, and I looked up elect and I looked up choose or chose, and I wound out that elect means to prefer. Again, I was rushing and I didn't put that in our notes, but I am sure you can check that our yourself with your own dictionary if you want to. Elect means to prefer.


There are really only a few scriptures that use this word, four or five, and we are going to translate them. In some cases I translated a few extra verses because it is just really interesting, I wish I had time to translate all of Romans 11. I wanted to do it all, and I just couldn't do it. Every time I see something like this I just want to translate the whole thing, but if anybody here has any frustrations because I stop in the middle or I don't go on I want you to know that I am following after Jesus, that He decides what I preach. Whether it is in the Old Testament or the New Testament, and His motive for choosing messages is that He's giving us what we need to ascend. It is not just a question of knowledge, you see. If it was just knowledge we would start in Genesis and just go right through the whole Bible, but that is not what's happening.


If we are throwing ourselves in line with His purposes we have to understand that the messages that are coming forth here are for the specific purpose of building Christ to the point that He will completely subject the carnal mind. So, therefore, I could not do....I would like to do the whole Book of Romans. I find this very funny, when I saw the Lord was leading me in this direction this morning I said, wow isn't this strange. The messages have been so deep here, and He's taking us into the Old Testament, and the message just seemed so much lighter.


You will be amazed to see what Paul was really talking about in a couple of these places. We found the same message or a reference to the message that was coming forth here in the series called Kaballah about the woman separating from Elohim's seed. Paul is talking about it right here. It is just impossible to really know what he's talking about, even if you look in the Interlinear Text if you don't have this message in your heart. You will get a surface message. It will help you somewhat, it will build you faith, but I'm telling you Paul is very deep.


I had the opportunity the other day to read something that didn't bless me. It was in a Christian writing, but I heard mentioned this gospel of truth which personally I never heard about. We did a couple of critiques of some gospels that are not in the traditional Bible. Every gospel that I have ever looked at that is not appearing in the King James Bible has been a false gospel. I looked at this gospel of the truth, and it is an abomination. Everything is twisted and backwards, and the reason I mention this is that this gospel of truth or the person who was writing about it claims that the only apostles who talk about the really deep things of God are three apostles.


I think he said, James and Thomas, and Thomas is a gospel that's outside of the traditional Bible, and there was a third one. I looked at what he was writing, and I said, what's he talking about, Paul is really deep. Anybody that could say that Paul is not deep is because they haven't seen what Paul is really talking about. Paul is very, very deep, and it just really blessed me to see this message coming up in the New Testament. Brethren, you cannot get this deep doctrine out of the New Testament. You have to learn it in the Old Testament, and then you recognize it in the New Testament because you have to realize that the New Testament is an outreach. It is an outreach that is coded, and it is an outreach to the world, to people that have very, very small ability, if any, to understand spiritual things. It is written on a very surface level, and, for those who can understand, every once in a while when ever I see Paul talking about this really deep doctrine, the Doctrine of Christ it is just one paragraph. It is one verse in the midst of a whole message, that if you didn't recognize it you would just go right over it, and we see this here in Romans.


Let us begin with Romans 9:11. The King James says: For the children being not yet born, neither having done any good or evil, that the purpose of God according to election might stand, not of works but of Him that calleth. I would like to read you the Alternate Translation before we go on which is in the middle of page 2. Romans 9:11: So that the child being born who has not yet done any good or evil deeds which would cast him down or show that they prefer God, that this child might stand up in full stature, not because of behavioral works but because he is signaling God by crying out loudly.


So we see that Jehovah picked Jacob and not Esau because Jacob was waving at God saying, take me, take me, take me, and Esau was not. Now the King James translation makes it sound like Jehovah was just arbitrary, that He decided to pick Jacob because He has mercy on who ever He has mercy, and the person that He doesn't have mercy on He hardens their heart which is a false, lying translation, not true at all. The one who is hard towards God, He doesn't take. He takes the one who is screaming, take me. Now does that sound unfair to you? You want God to take you, you have to yell, take me. As the Pharisees said to Jesus, prophesy, prophesy. I had someone say that to me once, come on let me see you prophesy. I had someone say to me once, well show me a miracle. That is a hard heart, Brethren, and that is the heart that Jesus will not take.


When Jehovah indicated that He knew in advance that He would take Jacob and not Esau what was happening there was that Jehovah who knows all things was looking into the future and saying, Jacob will be panting after me and Esau will not. See, this is a very hard word, Brethren, but you have heard of the survival of the fittest of the animals in this world? The ones that are strongest, the ones that are most fit, survive, and the others die off. Spiritually speaking, humanity or the human race is a herd of cattle. This is a very hard word. That's what we all are, under a judgment. We died to our spiritual kingdom, and we have been formed as animals. We are a herd of cattle, and when the animal dies the spirit returns to God. See, the only part of us that is eternal, the only part of us that is truly real, is our human spirit. This flesh is not real. The personality is only for a season. So what we are talking about here, Brethren, is the survival of the fittest. The survival of the spiritual fittest. The ones who recognize that this life is not the be-all, end-all, and find it within themselves to cry out to Jesus, He'll take them. And the ones who are not interested He won't take them.


Brethren, I am going through this right now with somebody and from time to time I go through this with people who have a lack of understanding of relationship in Christ in their mind. There is someone right now who wants a relationship with me, they want to partake of my knowledge, they want to partake of everything that I am in Christ, but they are not willing to admit that in every relationship that I have that I am the teacher, and no matter how knowledgeable the person is that is coming to me that you are the disciple except in the instance where the Lord tells me that it is otherwise which has happened but is very rare.


This person, right now, wants to "share" with me. I should teach her and she should teach me, and I have told her under instruction from the Lord who gives me guidelines for the relationships that I have with everybody, I am the teacher and you are the disciple. There is absolutely nothing that you have, I'm talking to this person and to most of the people that the Lord sends here, that I need. There is a great deal that I have that you need. That means in this relationship, so long as things are not turned over by the Lord, you need me, and I don't need you. That means I am the teacher, and you are the disciple. That means we don't share. You don't teach me one day, and I teach you the next day. Doesn't work like that, and this person is in such shock, in such shock, that they are absolutely devastated that I do not want to share with them and be taught by them and be corrected by them.


You see, this is what Jesus is saying to the world. You have got to understand that when you are a minister who is truly in Christ your attitude will be like Christ. Jesus is saying to the world, there is absolutely nothing that I need from you, absolutely nothing, but there is everything that you need from me. I am the only one who can give you life, and everything leading up to it. I am not running after you, Jesus is saying. I am not banging on your door and running around begging you to worship me. I don't need your worship. The one who recognizes the true relationship between Jesus Christ and mortal man and is, therefore, crying out to the greater to receive everything that He has that one Jesus chooses.


For the ones that think they are equal to God or for the ones who think they don't need Him that hard heart in that person He does not choose. Can you hear this? It is the exact opposite of what is being preached in the church. Now the bottom line is that the human race, although we are above the animals, we are higher than the animals, lower than the angels, but higher than the animals, unless we are becoming spiritual. I am talking about the fallen human race. We are just another species in the world, and this whole world is subject to the law of the survival of the fittest. Now when someone dies the spirit goes back to God so Jesus is taking the fittest. It is as simple as that.


He will take anybody that cries out for mercy so if you don't want Him today, and ten years down the road your life is a torment because you have reaped what you have sown, not because Jesus has punished you because you have rejected Him, but because the sinful thoughts of your....when I say sinful thoughts I don't mean that you have to be a wicked, wicked, person. It is the thoughts of the carnal mind which are corrupt. They produce death and not life. Well, ten years down the road the thinking of your carnal mind has produced such a painful life that you are crying out, Jesus take me. He'll take you, but if you never come to that conclusion you will die in your sins, and He's going to get His spirit back.


It doesn't please Him that you are in pain, but you have to turn towards Him, Brethren, and that is the rule. That's the rule for Him, and that's the rule for this ministry. He's doing great things through this ministry. If you want what we have here you have to come into right relationship with me. If you want what Jesus has to offer you have to come into right relationship with Him. If you want what the clerk in the Motor Vehicle Department has to offer you, you have to come into right relationship with her. It is very simple. That's the bottom line. He will take everybody that prefers Him, but if you don't prefer Him that's OK.


You know, this thought has been on my mind, I turned on Geraldo the other day, if anybody saw it, they had four women addicted to a drug I never heard of before called crank. One of the women was completely freaking out through the whole show. She was strung out, I guess that's the word. She was trying to kick, and she didn't have any drugs, and she was a desperate person. I looked at these women, and I've done this over the years in many situations, I've said Lord, how come they are not crying out to you. I said, there is a scripture that says they can't come unless the Father draws you....well you can't come unless the Father draws you, but the whole point is that if you are crying out long enough He will turn towards you, and He will draw you. Why? Because it is His will that all men should be saved. So if you cry out to Him, and He doesn't draw....I was crying out to God since I was 10 years old. He did not draw me until I was 38. That scripture that says you can't come unless the Father draws you, that doesn't mean you don't run after Him. You chase after Him.


So I looked at thee women, especially the one that was hysterical. These drugs have passed over social lines. This particular women, both her mother and her father were doctors so it is no longer the poor. It is a plague upon this nation, and I looked at them, and I said, how come they are not in a church? I don't get it. My brain couldn't figure it out, living in the United States, spirit filled churches everywhere, Jesus everywhere, churches on every corner, Bibles everywhere, I don't get it, I don't get it. How come? She was desperate, said she had been in seven rehabs. I think she was in her early 30's, a young, beautiful woman. Well, all of them were but this one was hysterical. They are not among the fittest.


Now, who makes them the fittest? We all have choices in this world. We have a lot of people today saying, God made me this way. Jesus didn't make you that way, and what if He did make you that way? If you want to get out of your trouble....I don't believe He made you that way, don't misunderstand me, but what if it was true that God made you that way? What's the difference? You want to get out of this hell and death? You have to flag down Jesus. You have to stand there waving your emergency SOS as long as it takes for you to catch His eye, and you are the only one that's responsible for yourself. If you don't come on the path where He is, if you don't do it His way, He has no responsibility to do anything for you. I am His minister, I am His Son, and if you don't come into right relationship with me I have no responsibility to do anything for you, and that is true of you too with the people that He sends you to. You have no responsibility towards anyone who is not coming into right relationship with you. That's the truth.


We are dealing with Romans 9:11. For the children being not born yet, neither having done any good or evil, which would reveal or expose their sin nature, that the purpose of God according to election might stand. Well, that King James makes it sound like God has chosen who is going to enter into to the Kingdom, who's going to be the recipient of His gifts and who is not. This is not true. Election is the fourth level of consciousness. Those who pant after Him and flag Him down, those who elect Him, those are the ones He chooses.


Let's just take this a word at a time. "Not yet" we are translating "so that." The word "for" we are translating "because." The "children" really aren't in this verse. "Being born," we will keep that. "Neither," we will keep that. Having done any good or evil, the significance of that word evil is a deed arising out of a bad nature. Now everybody is down here in hell has a bad nature. We have the Serpent's nature. That word "according," we are translating it "would cast them down." That's Strong's #2596. To "election," we are translating that to "prefer." "Purpose," we are translating "to set forth" or "to place in view." Stand can be translated endure, but I think we are translating it full stature, to stand up in full stature.


Not of works, the word "of" we are translating "out." Him that calleth, and that word calleth, Strong's #2564 can be translated "to call, allowed, or to hail, to flag somebody down. I have our dictionary definition of the word hail for you. It can be translated "to salute" or "greet." He wants you to greet Him. He wants you to acclaim His presence enthusiastically, but the definition that I have chosen is "to call out in order to catch the attention of" as if to hail a cab driver. You want to be standing out there flagging Him down, brethren. At the top of Page 2, to signal or call to a passing ship as a greeting or as an identification. He wants us waving at Him saying, help, help, I am one of your children, help, I'm one of the people down here, I believe I am one that you reached out to, I read it in your book, and I have a hope. I hope that what I read in that book is real, and it is the hope that produces faith, and faith is the engrafted Word which is Christ in you, the hope of your glorification.


Not yet so that the children being born. What I did was I took all the numbers out, and this is what we have. Not yet so that the children being born neither having done any good or evil arising out of a bad nature that would cast them down to prefer, to place in view, the of God, might stand, not of works, but out him that call out. That's what I had to work with and this is what I got. Romans 9:11, So that the child being born who has not yet done any good or evil deed the results of which would cast him down or show that He prefers God. You see, according to our deeds....our deeds are either going to show that we prefer God or that we are cast down in this world, that, that child might stand up in full stature, not because of the behavioral works which are good or evil, but because he is signaling God by crying out loudly. It doesn't matter if you do good or evil works, but He wants you to prefer Him. Not because of what you do, but by your heart crying out for help.


I will read it one more time. So that the child being born who has not yet done any good or evil deeds which would reveal whether that child is one of the fittest who's preferring God or one who is not fit who's evil deeds will cause him to be cast down before that could be revealed to a person. Of course, the rest of the scripture indicates that Jehovah chose Jacob over Esau, not because of behavioral works, but because Jehovah saw Jacob signaling God, crying out loudly to Him, and Jehovah saw that before they were born.


I am going to read a couple of verses in the King James just to round out what we are doing here. Romans 9:12 says, And it was said unto her, talking about Sarah, the elder shall serve the younger. As it is written, Jacob have I loved but Esau have I hated. What shall we say then, is there unrighteousness with God? God forbid, for He saith to Moses, I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion. So then it is not of him that willeth nor of him that runneth, but of God that showeth mercy, for the scriptures saith unto Pharaoh, even for this same purpose have I raised thee up that I might show my power in thee, and that My name might be declared throughout all the earth.


I didn't have time to work all of this up, but I found this very interesting because it sort of touches on something that I discovered in our Moses series which I probably didn't preach yet. Now this verse 17 sounds like Jehovah said unto Pharaoh, for this same purpose have I raised you up, have I incarnated you specifically to judge Israel. Is that not what it sounds like to you? But that is not what it says. That's not what it says in the Greek, and it is not what it says in the Hebrew. It says, for this reason have I not let you die, for this reason have I not just wiped you out. Now listen, there are two words that are off here. For this reason did I not kill you for your evil, that I might show my power. Now please forgive me, either the Greek word is either show or power, and I didn't put this in my notes, but that word means lizard. It means lizard. I think it is the Greek word that means show.


Listen, Jehovah is saying, the reason I didn't wipe you out for your wickedness, the reason that I gave you the grace of letting you live, is because I wanted to expose Leviathan to my people. I wanted them to see Leviathan, and I wanted them to experience Leviathan in their preparation to defeat Leviathan in themselves and ascend back above the firmament. Can you hear the difference? The King James says, I raised up, I incarnated Pharaoh to torture the Hebrew children, to let them go and then to run after them. I did that, the King James says, so that I could declare my greatness. What a lie. These verses were translated by the carnal mind. Jehovah said, the only reason I didn't wipe you out was because I was letting my children cut their teeth on you, because to get them out of hell they are going to have to overcome the same wickedness in their own mind.


Verse 18, Therefore, having mercy on whom He will have mercy and whom He will He hardens. Now I have looked up several scriptures, I don't believe I ever preached this in the Moses series, and every time the scripture says in the Book of Exodus that Jehovah hardened Pharaoh's heart, that is not at all what the Interlinear Text reveals. The Interlinear Text reveals that the Serpent hardened Pharaoh's heart. The Interlinear Text reveals first of all that Moses didn't go into Egypt playing games with Pharaoh and the soothsayers of Pharaoh's court.


Egypt was one of the greatest, if not the greatest, civilization that ever existed. It was inundated with mysticism and magic. It was an Occult nation. Moses didn't go in with a little stick. Moses went to Pharaoh, with Aaron, both of them with their minds raised up into full stature, with their minds in a very high place in Christ, and they walked into Pharaoh's court and they broke the mind power of Pharaoh and all of his soothsayers. Aaron and Moses broke their mind, broke their power, and broke their will to keep the Hebrew children captive. Pharaoh said, I've never seen such witchcraft like this. Are you saying Moses used witchcraft? No. I am saying that Pharaoh said that Moses was using witchcraft. Moses and Aaron were using spiritual power. They were wielding the spiritual power of God, but Pharaoh did not recognize that it was the spiritual power of God. As far as he was concerned it was just another source of power.


That's what's going on in the world today. Nobody can understand that this message is coming out of the Mind of Christ which is a different mind. They just don't get it. We are going to translate a verse today that will explain why they don't get it. So Moses and Aaron were magicians in Christ. They were powerful spiritual men. The two of them were strong enough to defeat Pharaoh's whole court. Their Christ mind overlaid the carnal mind of Pharaoh and his whole court, and Pharaoh decided to let the Hebrew children go. Pharaoh bent his knee to Moses, but then when Moses and Aaron left eventually the legal mind control that they had used, the legal mind control that had turned Pharaoh's will away from his natural choice lifted off, and Pharaoh said, what did I do? Someone must have cast a spell upon me, and the Serpent hardened his heart.


That is what the scripture means when it says that Pharaoh's heart was hardened. It means that the Serpent rose up and became Pharaoh's mind again, and he ran after the Hebrew children. Jehovah did not do that to the Hebrew children, and in the same way in the New Testament in the Book of Romans Chapter 9, Verse 17, this quote from the Old Testament means the same thing here that it meant in the Old Testament. Jehovah saying, the only reason I didn't wipe you out was that I might show, and that word "show" means lizard, I wanted to show the power of the lizard to my people because they are going to have to fight that lizard to ascend out of here. They are going to have to fight the lizard in themselves.


Therefore, hath He had mercy on whom He will have mercy, and whom He will he hardens....He has mercy on everyone that turns toward Him, Brethren, and the ones that turn away from Him He lets them go, and they reap what they sow until they find out that they need God. Is this not the story of the Prodical Son? He went until he wound up in the pig pen until he found out that he needed his father, and then when he came home his father was there waiting for him making a big party, and this is the story of Jesus' attitude toward every human being that exists. If you turn towards Him, He will instantaneously receive you. If does not matter what you have done, He will take you back. Of course, you will have to reap what you have sown in consequences, but you will be reconciled to Jesus instantaneously the moment you turn towards Him with a repentant heart. There have been a lot of lies told about our God.


So the point is now we have translated Romans 9:11, and the point is that Jehovah chose Jacob over Esau because He looked into the future, He knows all things, and He saw that Jacob would be one of the head of cattle of this human race that would be panting after Him, after Jehovah, and that Esau was not in this category. Jehovah chose the brother that preferred Him, Jehovah, over the world. Now we need to know this, it is really important. We need to know why God chooses anybody. Now you can't be panting after Him as a work, you see. You can't be laboring and studying and doing what ever you are doing when your heart is only to get the power of God. Simon, the sorcerer, tried to do that. You can't be doing that. You have to want Him, not what He can give you, not what He can do for you, but you have to want Him.


I will tell you again, if you are reading this message, if you could honestly evaluate yourself, and you are a person who does not want Him but a person who wants power, and a person who wants to be adored by people because you think it is fun being up there with a microphone, it may look good at the moment, but believe me people's minds are killing you. If you recognize yourself as a person who wants God for any unGodly reason, it is real simple, Brethren, just tell Him, Lord I perceive that I want you for an unGodly reason, have mercy on me, and make my motives Godly. There is no excuse, there is no excuse for not coming into line with Jesus Christ because we have the option to tell Him, Lord my heart is wrong, and I know it, and I don't know what to do about it, help me. If you will not ask God for help then you go into the category of having a hard heart, and He's not running after you.


Now your own sins are judging you, and if the trauma of your own sins are driving you towards Him well thank God for that, but He's not doing that to you. Jesus is not doing that to you. You see, the wrath of God, the judgment of Jehovah that is mediated by Satan was initiated when Jehovah divorced Adam. Jehovah did not ordain that man would come down here and have all these horrible experiences that happen to human beings. Jehovah righteously divorced Adam. It was a righteous decision to divorce Adam because he had fallen out of the correct moral order. Jehovah divorced Adam when the woman put herself over Adam.


That means Jehovah had two choices, to divorce Adam....well Elohim and Jehovah divorced him, either to divorce him or for Jehovah and Elohim to join with the woman, and then the woman would be priest to the man, and Jehovah and Elohim would not do that. So it was, therefore, righteous that they divorced Adam, and simply by virtue of the separation of that which remained of Adam which was his breath, and the woman which was the waters, they came under the experience that one experiences when we are separated from the only true life, and the fruit of it is this whole world down here. Jehovah never sat up there and said, I am going to put you in a world where you are going to be an animal, where there is going to be incest and torture and rape. He never wrote up this card like this. This is the fruit of the divorce, and the divorce was a righteous divorce.


We are going to do Romans 11:5 next. Even so then at this present time also there is a remnant according to the election of grace. So it sounds in the King James translation that Jehovah or Jesus Christ has elected a certain remnant, and everyone else it's just tough on them because they just weren't elected.


The word "even so" we are translating "and in this same manner." The word "then," Strong's #3767 we are translating "truly." This "present time," a "remnant." Now this word translated a remnant is Strong's #3005 can also be translated "the one who is lacking, and the word "according to," Strong's #2596, can be translated "cast down." The word "the" in the phrase "the election," those squiggly brackets mean that it was not in the Greek. The King James translators added it in. "Election," we are translating "prefer." Grace, Strong's #5485 can be translated "God's merciful kindness." The words "there is" can be translated "to come into existence."


This is what we have. And in this same manner, truly, at this present time the cast down one who was lacking, prefers God's merciful kindness to come into existence. Now that doesn't make much sense so let's start filling in some of the symbols here. Who is the one who was cast down? Anybody know the one who was cast down? Adam is the one who was cast down, and who cast Adam down? The woman cast him down. When it comes to the word prefer, I am going back and forth now between the bottom of Page 2 and the top of Page 3, I am going to amplify by adding in "prefers Christ." Grace, we are translating "God's merciful kindness." And the one who was lacking. I don't think I ever even preached this to you, I never got around to it, but the one who is lacking is the eunuch. The male who has generated this whole world, the eunuch, who was lacking his testicles.


I am going to put this on the board for you. This is a very difficult issue. I am still struggling with it myself, and that's why I have to work on that message from Sunday because when I preached without notes on Sunday, and I came to this issue my carnal mind rose up and did not incorporate this latest revelation that we are going to go over now. That's why I have to fix the message. The Lord didn't want me to let it go through.


Before we go on with this drawing, the Lord has told me to add briefly to that exhortation about Jesus not needing anything from anybody, and me as His minister not needing anything from anybody. Listen, Brethren, this is the basic definition between spiritual male and spiritual female. The reason I do not need anything from anybody is that I am a spiritual male, and Jesus meets my every need. That does not mean that I do not have people in my life. I have the people in my life that He puts in my life, and the church is filled with spiritual women, I don't say this in any bad way, spiritual women who want to go around sharing their revelations with one another, but this is not the way it is in God's Kingdom.


In God's Kingdom, the spiritual males receive all the sharing they need from and with the Lord Jesus Christ, and that spiritual male becomes a teacher to everybody in the Body of Christ that the Lord sends them to. So if you are reading this message, and you have received this lie that everyone has the same anointing, and that everyone that has Christ is supposed to be out there teaching each other and sharing with each other you have received a lie because if you need to share that means you are not being satisfied by the Lord Jesus Christ, and you are a spiritual woman, and you should be submitted to a teacher who is male because Christ is meeting their every need, and that means they do not need you to share with them. If you think that this is pride, then that is your problem.


I am telling you the truth. If you want to get everything that you would hope to get from the Lord Jesus Christ, and from the teachers that He raises up this is the truth, I am telling you the truth, which will bring you, if you submit to it, will bring you into an attitude that will equipt you and enable you to receive everything Jesus wants you to have through the teachers that He sends to you. You would be a spiritual male to students that you are teaching while you are a spiritual female to another teacher, but if the Lord has not raised up disciples for you, stop seeking them out and submit yourself to the teacher He sent you to.


Anybody have anything to say about that? Did I make that clear? OK.


We are looking at drawing #1. I hope this has made it clear. I think that it has even helped me. This has been such a difficult revelation. So let me go over it with you. The circle at the top of the drawing typifies Jehovah's semen, and we have in the midst of the semen the water. Semen has two major parts to it, water and seed. So we see that Adam is the seed, and he's in one place with the water. Now, of course, we know that these drawings are not realistic, that the waters were not one little circle like this. I am just drawing this so that, hopefully, I can help you to understand what happened at the fall. What that means that Adam fell. Here is Jehovah's semen. Adam the seed is completely dispersed through the waters that are in the abyss, and the water is female to Adam. Adam is male to the water. Brethren, there are no partnerships in God's Kingdom, whether you are above the firmament or whether you are beneath the firmament, if you are living your life acknowledging that Jesus Christ is Lord, there is always an order of authority. No two people are ever equal because that is not God's way, you see.


Of course, you could have two sons who are very anointed, and one could be the authority in one situation, and you could walk out of the house and go to another place and the authority role will reverse. But everybody has to know when they have authority and when they are supposed to submit, and if you can't tell that then tell the Lord that you need to tell Him that because these are the basic tools of the Kingdom. Not having them is like trying to get into college without reading and writing. Nothing wrong with not having them, but if you don't admit that you don't have these skills you won't get them because Jesus doesn't give you what you don't ask for. You can't be proud, you cannot come and capture the things of the Kingdom. You have to admit that you don't have them, that you would like them, that you need them, and then you have to go get them where He sends you to get them.


Adam is male to the water, the seed is male to the water side of the semen, and the water side of the semen is female to Adam who is the seed. Now this occurrence took place in a high spiritual realm. The principle is that the water had the potential to think or exist or to have consciousness apart from Adam. The seed is the life of the whole semen. The seed is the life, and the water carries the seed, but even in human semen the water part of the semen has all of the building blocks, amino acids, etc., all of the building blocks that the whole semen has. It is not that all of the life is in the seed, and the water is dead. The water is not dead even in humans semen. The water is not dead. So for that reason the seed produces life, and the water has the ability to produce consciousness, but consciousness is not life. The human race has consciousness, but we are dead you see. Consciousness is awareness, the ability to think and to function, but we are dead. So we see life and consciousness together in Jehovah's semen.


Because the water had consciousness she also had the potential to depart from the seed. To me, this is a wild story, I can't even imagine this, but I do believe that at the beginning before time began that Jehovah's and Elohim's creation was on such a high level that this situation existed, that the waters of the abyss which were the waters of Jehovah's semen, the waters that carried the seed....ever see a cork floating on the waters? ...water can carry boats and they carry seed. Remember that guy who was the light bearer, the King James calls him Lucifer. He was the carrier, he was the light bearer, the carrier of the light, carrier of the life. That Lucifer is talking about the waters of the semen that said I am going to be as great as the seed.


Now the waters were great, but she wasn't the head, she was female in relationship to Adam, and she departed from him because she wanted to be the head. So she said, I am going to go do my own thing, and she separated from him, and the semen divided into Adam's spirit and the water. Now the water....when she separated from Adam she twisted together with the earth. Now you may remember from Genesis 1 that the earth was barren because when the waters mixed together with the earth they formed a seed, the potential to reproduce.


The potential to form this creation which we are so the commandment was that the waters were twist together with Adam but not with the ground. But the waters broke the rules, the waters sinned, Adam's wife sinned, but he was responsible. Apparently, he had the power to not let her go, but he let her go because he was tricked. He let her go, and they divided, and when they divided Adam died. Adam died, but his spirit was still alive. His spirit was Elohim's breath, and his spirit was still alive. Why? Because his spirit was still attached to Jehovah and Elohim above.


Let me give you a bizarre example so that you can understand what I am saying. It would be as if to say that a human being died, but their skeleton was still standing up because it was held up by strings. Adam died, but there was a residue, a part of him that remained, and his spirit was still attached to Jehovah and Elohim. Is everybody OK with me? So the semen divided into two parts, Adam's spirit, not Adam now but Adam's spirit, and the water twisted together with the earth and became ground.


Well, Jehovah and Elohim looked at the situation and said, what are we going to do? They decided not to do away with the creation but to repair it. Now already, Adam died and the water mixed together with the earth and became ground so things were not the same any more. There was already an alteration of the original creation, but Jehovah and Elohim said, well, we can make it fly, we are going to patch it up and we will make it fly. So they put Adam's spirit together with the ground. The scripture says, they nailed Adam's spirit to the ground in the right moral order, Adam's spirit on top of the ground. See, the man is always on top, but the woman wanted to be on top.


Now remember, Adam's spirit is still alive because it is still attached to Elohim and Jehovah. But Adam lost it again. He had a second chance, and he was tricked again. He could not recognize the difference between himself and his other side, and the ground overthrew him. The ground overthrew him and put herself on top of Adam's spirit. Jehovah and Elohim will never join to a woman. They only join to a member of their own household. This is why Christ must be raised from the dead in us because the Godhead above will only join to another member of their household. They are not joining to our carnal mind, they are not joining to our animal body, only the Christ in us. The Godhead will only join to Christ in us.


So, the ground overturned the correct moral order and put herself right next to the Godhead, put herself between the Godhead and Adam's spirit. You see, you can't play with God. You can't trick Him into doing what you want him to do. I know I tried it once. When the Lord first started up this ministry, and in my naive days, I didn't know much about God, and I was very resentful that He did not provide an income for me. It was very hard. I was working in Manhattan, and I was teaching two times a week, studying an average of six hours for each message, traveling five hours a day, and I was not a well person at the time, but resentment is sin and finally I could not take it any more, and I said, I am not doing this any more. I blackmailed God. I said, either you give me an income or I am not doing this any more. What do you think He said to me? Don't do it. That's what He said to me, don't do it. Broke the ministry up for about a month, and I started to miss it, so when I repented He restored it to once a week. He agreed it was too much for me. He was not arguing that it was too much for me, but you cannot blackmail God. So He switched it to one meeting a week on a Saturday night, and it turns out that I was dying. I collapsed shortly after that, and when I came out of the hospital I was prepared to go back to work because I had learned my lesson at which point He said, I've made a way for you to stay home.


So, you cannot manipulate God. He has His rules, He has His regulations, He's not like me He never loses His temper, He never gets aggravated, you are just bearing you head up against a stone wall, and you can't move Him. Jehovah and Elohim will not join with the ground. We are the ground. This body is the ground, our carnal mind is the ground, and they will not join with us. That's why Christ has to be raised. So at this point, when the ground overthrew Adam's spirit, Jehovah and Elohim divorced the ground in Adam's spirit. As soon as Jehovah and Elohim divorced Adam's spirit the ground in Adam's spirit became one. The ground absorbed Adam's spirit and divided into the eunuch and Adam's widowed spirit.


Now Adam's widowed spirit had somewhat of the ground in it. It was different than Adam's spirit that was married to Jehovah and Elohim. So what happened was the woman took all the elements of Jehovah's semen and reversed the moral order, put the woman on top and the man on bottom, and Jehovah and Elohim divorced her so she was on her own, and she went forward to divide herself into a male and a female part for the purposes of reproduction. Can you hear this? She was all female because Adam's spirit was now widowed and was no longer functioning like a male so the woman, the water, she had the widowed spirit and the earth. She was all female. She was 100% female, but she divided herself into....the female divided herself into male and female, and Jehovah and Elohim said, well, I see what you did but the male that you made yourself into is a eunuch. Because every true male has a virile seed. Every true male produces virile seed which reproduces the life of God. And Jehovah and Elohim said, you may be a male but you don't have any virile seed because I just cut you off. You think you forced me into relating to you? You thought I wouldn't let Adam's spirit go? Well, you gambled and you lost. So you think you are a man, but you are not. You are a eunuch.


This is the essential point, Brethren. The waters, the woman, the waters of the semen separated from her head, the seed, she mixed herself together with the earth and then she captured the male spirit, and when she captured the male spirit Jehovah divorced him, and he lost his manhood and became the slave, so to speak, of the woman who was twisted together with the earth, and the whole ball of clay, the waters, the woman, twisted with the earth who absorbed Adam's breath of life, became a female ball of clay, and then she divided herself into two parts. She said this part is male, and this part is female, and I am going to make a creation. Are you following me? Ever since then this is the creation that she formed, and this whole creation is based on cell division. What I just described to you is what happened when a male seed....when you take a human male and a human female....the male seed meets the female seed, they join and become one zygote, and then they engage in cell division. This whole creation has been engaging in cell division ever since that happened. That original event is repeating itself over and over and over in this creation.


So the ball of female clay that was not separated from Jehovah and Elohim divided into two parts, and she made part of herself male, and the scripture says that Adam knew his wife, and she reproduced. The eunuch and Adam's widowed spirit reproduced, and they had two offsprings, Cain and Abel. So we see that this whole human race is the product of....originally it is the product of rebellion, it is the product of separation from Jehovah, it is the product of incest because it was just the woman that divided and engaged in some form of spiritual intercourse with herself and produced a perverse creation which we are, which is dying continuously, and which is perverse in a variety of ways and in varying degrees.


COMMENT: When you said that the woman cast Adam down that threw me for a loop because that means having authority, and I only saw that authority in Elohim.


PASTOR VITALE: Do you see it now? Through the drawing can you understand why I said that, that the woman case him down? She overthrew his authority, and the fruit of her overthrowing his authority was that he was cast down. He was case down. Where? Underneath the firmament into this world, he was separated from the God head, from the Household of God, and he was cast down into the world underneath the sea. Do you see it now?


Aren't these drawings fantastic? I could be preaching to you for sixty years, and you could never understand it, but you can with these drawings.


We are at the bottom of page 2 of our notes. I am starting to amplify some of these symbols. The one who was cast down is Adam, and the one who was lacking is the eunuch. A eunuch is a male who is lacking his male organ, and all that he can produce is consciousness which is what the woman had before she left Adam. So the woman was defeated. She thought that she could turn herself into a male that could produce life, but she could not manipulate Jehovah and Elohim, and she turned herself into a male that had the same strength that she had as a woman to produce consciousness but not life. This is why we are in the condition that we are in.


I am at the bottom of page 2 now. And at this present time the same thing is true for the woman who cast Adam down. You can see that I amplified, I put in "for the woman" and I put in "Adam." At this present time we could see that the same thing is true for the woman who case Adam down but now prefers Christ. The same woman who cast Adam down now prefers Christ who was God's merciful kindness. Then I put in brackets "she prefers Christ rather than the eunuch." She prefers Christ to the one who is lacking the male organ.


Why would the woman be preferring Christ to the eunuch at this stage of the game. The woman has been experiencing the fruit of her rebellion for all these however many years it has been. So now that she is experiencing the fruit of her rebellion she figured out that it is better to submit to Christ than to be married to this male eunuch who is torturing her because all human beings, all of us, we are the end of the woman. We are the woman, and the male eunuch that we formed is within us and is possessing us and controlling us. The eunuch that we formed has produced our mind, has produced this physical body, our own rebellion got out of hand, we lost control of our rebellion, and we wound up being possessed by the one we intended to possess.


You see, the woman wanted to be the head. She wanted a man that she could dominate so she made her own man. But he turned out to be a eunuch, and then he turned the tables on her and dominated her because the Serpent and the dragon and Leviathan, the whole eunuch's household....the eunuch is the Serpent....is completely controlling the woman. Brethren, this is the whole principle of fooling around with the spirits of the Occult. Many, many go into the Occult thinking they are going to control these spirits and harness them and use them for their own benefit, and this is true at the beginning. Is this not true of drugs?


I was speaking about these woman on Geraldo, how they were captured by this drug, crank. The woman goes in to waters that are over her head, she thinks she can control them, and that which she thinks she can control rises up and overtakes her. This is the condition of humanity. We are the woman who is now controlled by the monster which we ourselves made, and we are trapped by that monster. We cannot get away from her, the female monster; therefore, those members of the human race who are recognizing this are now admitting that we would be better off submitting to Christ than staying under the power and dominion of the eunuch also known as the Serpent. That's what Paul is talking about here. We will go over a couple of verses before this one to just clue you in to what he was saying here. I felt to do that one first.


Now we are going to do verse 4. We are in Chapter 11, Verse 4: But what saith the answer of God unto him....let me start reading in Verse 1. This is Romans, Chapter 11: I say then, has God cast away His people? God forbid, for I also am an Israelite of the seed of Abraham, of the tribe of Benjamin. God hath not cast away His people which He foreknew. Or do you not know what the scripture says of Elijah, how he pleads with God against Israel, saying....now we should recognize this because we did a whole study on this now....Lord, they have killed Your prophets and torn down Your altars, and I alone am left, and they seek my life? Do you remember that? That the sons of Israel killed Elijah after he showed them their sins. Remember that? OK.


Verse 4 says, But what saith the answer of God unto Elijah? I have reserved to myself 7,000 men who have not bowed the knee to the image of Baal. So let's take a look at what that means. I am at the top of page 3 where it says, but Elohim....now this....what saith the answer of God, that "what" we are translating "Elohim." Remember that "what" means Elohim and "who" is the code word for Jehovah. I put down Elohim, Michael's flesh, because I really think that it is Michael in this role, and you will see as we get through this. But Elohim, or Michael, that's a translation of "what" says to himself....now this is the Interlinear....it says that he's saying this to himself. Who is himself? Elijah is Elohim's self.


You see, we are Jesus' other self. He talks about us as being His self, you see. I am not Sheila. I am Jesus' self. I am His other self or one of His selves down here. That's how He sees us. So the Interlinear Text reveals that Elohim was saying to Himself, and that's not a put down, that's an honor to be the Lord Jesus' other self. The only thing is, we have to be in right relationship with Him. We are His other self, but we have to know that we are the woman to Him. We are female in relationship to Jesus, and that He has to be the boss, and when we submit to Him it is a good place to be. This is the restoration of Adam's relationship with the woman, being restored in humanity today.


So Elohim said to Himself, Elijah, and those words "the answer of God," but what saith the answer of God. That is one Greek word, and I didn't put the numbers in here for you. You will have to do that for yourself if you want it. What it means is the revelation of God or the oracle. But Elohim said to Himself, Elijah, who is the oracle of God or the revelation of God. Elijah was the expression of Elohim in the flesh. Elohim said to Elijah, the revelation of Himself, "I have left behind," and that is a translation of the word reversed. I have left behind. You see, when the sons of Israel attacked Elijah they killed Adam in him.


Let me review you on that. I know I talked about it on another message. When the sons of God rose up against Elijah and attacked Adam in his mind they killed Adam. It was the woman who rose up and killed Adam in Elijah because he showed them their sins. So what Elohim is saying to Elijah....and this is Elijah talking to Elohim who has been castrated. If you remember the series that we did on this, I told you that Elijah was castrated. His Christ mind was circumcised off of him. He was left only with his carnal mind, and he was a spiritual woman. He was castrated, and he cried out to Elohim above to raise him up if you remember the Old Testament account. So Elohim answered him and said, don't be too upset. Even though Adam died....and who was the spirit of Adam, who was Adam's spirit? .... actually it was Michael.


I really have a conflict over confusing people on this. Elohim became Michael....when Elohim joined with Jehovah to become the seed of the whole creation He took another name, and that name was Michael. Michael planted Himself in the earth and produced the image of the visible spiritual world and He took another name, and that name was Adam. Adam could die because Adam was the plant that Michael, the seed, brought forth. Michael cannot die. Michael is Elohim in another form, and He planted Himself in the earth and grass grew up, and the name of that grass was Adam. The grass could die, but the seed that planted the grass is eternal seed and can never die.


So, the planter of the seed who came down and said to Himself, Elijah, well I see that the seed that I planted in you, the fruit of the seed that I planted in you, died. Don't be too upset because I have left something behind. Even though Adam in you died I have still left something in you. Adam's spirit. After Adam died his spirit can still remain and can still be alive as long as he is attached to Elohim and the household of God above.


So, Elohim said to Himself, Elijah, the revelation of God, Elijah who is the revelation of God, I have left behind....that's a translation of reserved, I have left behind a part of myself with Adam, that Adam that was within you, it was me, and Adam died and I left behind a part of myself to be a husband to you. We are translating the word "men" as husband, and this husband....that's not Adam now....but is made from Adam's spirit, is a husband with a completed human spirit. That's the interpretation of the number 7,000. 1,000 typifies the human spirit and 7 means completion.


Even though Adam is dead I have left you a husband with a completed human spirit who has not bowed his knee, and we have recently discovered when we studied Nebuchadnezzar's stature that the knee joint is talking about the Mind of Christ. Remember that? The knee joint is a hidden way of saying the Mind of Christ. So, Elohim is saying to Elijah, I know Adam died, but his spirit is still with you, and I formed his spirit into a husband with a completed human spirit. That means he's still attached to me, Elohim is saying. There is still life in you, and this one has not bowed his Christ mind to the image of Baal which is the carnal mind. I want to suggest to you that the husband that Elohim provided for Elijah to carry him through until Adam could be raised from the dead again was Abel.


This is exactly what happened at the time of the fall. You see, Jehovah was still working with the creation. As the creation descends Jehovah never stops working with us. Even today He sent us the Lord Jesus Christ. He has never given up, you see. So at this point that Cain and Abel were born to Adam's widowed spirit, to the eunuch, and again I don't guess I ever preached this to you, but it is in the Alternate Translation Old Testament if you want to try it yourself. They had two offspring. First Cain, and the scripture says that Cain was enslaved by the ground. What does that mean? He had no connection to the household of God above. He was completely the product of Adam's widowed spirit, and the eunuch which is the ground, but then Abel was born, and Abel smeared together with the household of God above.


It is a product of genetics, brethren. If you take a black and a white person and you mate them and nobody was mixed down on their family line, the black man was black, and the white woman was white, or visa versa, in the first generation, if you know basic genetics you only get white or black children. You don't get mulatto in the first generation. You take a pure black and a pure white, and you have four children, each one of those four children will either be black or white. It is not until the next generation that you start seeing the shades or variations of color.


So when Adam's widowed spirit and the eunuch produced their first offspring, one was fully ground or earth and the other was spirit. One was earth and one was spirit, and Abel was the one who was spirit. Michael looked down from above the firmament and connected to Him.


We are doing Verse 4, let me give you an Alternate Translation of Verse 4, and then I will put it together with Verse 5. But Michael says to Elijah, the revelation of God, even though Adam is dead I have left you myself in the person of Abel, a husband with a completed human spirit who has not bowed his Christ mind to the carnal mind which is in the dragon's image. Elohim said, Adam died, but I have not left you alone. I have given you myself in the next level down.


Verse 5, And at this present time the same thing or the same situation is true for the woman who cast Adam down but now prefers Christ, God's merciful kindness, rather than the eunuch who was lacking a male organ.


Paul is drawing an analogy between what happened to Elijah....what happened to Elijah? Adam was murdered in him, but Elohim didn't leave him ashamed. He left him with a male husband that was not as spiritually high as Adam, but left him with a male mind that was male because it was still attached to Elohim and Jehovah, and Paul is saying, the same situation exists today for the woman, for the members of the human race who in this present hour are realizing that it is more beneficial to them to submit to Christ than to be independent in the Serpent and their carnal mind. Abel is being raised from the dead in us as the Lord Jesus Christ through His Holy Spirit joins with our human spirit.


He is saying the same thing to us that he said to Elijah. I understand that you were cast down, I understand that Adam was killed, but all is not lost. I will meet you, I will talk to you, I will relate to you through the male husband that I have given you. And who is our male husband? It is the Mind of Christ which is Abel rising from the dead. We are on the way back up again, and then Abel will ascend and become the resurrected Adam and eventually we will be restored above the firmament.


Let me read you my note. Paul is likening Elijah, the revelation of God, to the woman who cast Adam down at this present time, and he's likening this, this one to the other, at this present time, indicating that the woman is changing her preference after being married to the eunuch for millennium. God only knows how many thousands of years this has been going on. Paul is saying that the members of humanity, that's the woman, who are choosing Christ at this present time can be likened to Elijah. What does that mean? Elijah was raised up again. He was raised back up to full stature, and that is the promise to us. That is the promise to we women who are choosing Christ at this present time.


Now Verse 6 in the King James says, And if by grace, then is it no more of works; otherwise, grace is no more grace, and if it be of works then it is no more grace; otherwise, work is no more work. I decided not to do an Alternate Translation on that because all it seems to be saying is that, look either you are ascending by your carnal mind or you are ascending in Christ, but you cannot be ascending in both minds. You cannot be ascending in both minds. Either it is grace or it is works. Now you have to make up your mind what you are going to do, and the reason you cannot be ascending in both minds is that as one mind increases the other decreases.


Let me put that on the board for you. If you look at drawing #2 you can see how as the Christ mind increases the carnal mind withers. The reverse is also true. If you depart from Christ your Christ mind will wither, and your carnal mind will increase. So you see it is really impossible to be ascending in both minds, and at any given moment in your life either the carnal mind or the Christ mind must have the authority. You see, there is a relationship, we have been talking about relationships in this message, and there is a relationship between your Christ mind and your carnal mind, and only one can be in authority. Only one can be greater than the other at any given moment. Paul is talking about all this confusion in the church. If you are maturing spiritually it is either in your Christ mind or your carnal mind.


Verse 7 says, And what then? Israel has not obtained that which he seeks for? But the election has obtained it, and the rest are blinded. I am just going to go through this quickly. We are translating "what" as "Elohim." The word "then" we are translating "truly." "That which" we are translating 'the one who." The words "he seeks for," Strong's #1934, can be translated "to inquire after, to crave and demand." Then we have a word that is not translated. Those four 9's mean there is no translation in the King James. It is Strong's #5124, and it means "the same one." "Not" we are translating "the Serpent." "But" we are translating "therefore." "The" we are translating "those." 'Election" we are translating "prefer."


As you can see, the word "it" was added in by the King James translators. We have the word "and" we are translating "but." All of these conjunctions are interchangeable. We have the word "rest," #3062. This is the same Greek word that was translated "remnant," not "rest" if you want to fix your notes. Rest, Strong's #3062, in Romans 11:7 is the same word that was translated remnant in Verse 5. In Verse 5 we said that remnant can be translated, this is in Strong's concordance, can be translated "one who was lacking." Blinded, Strong's #4456, can be translated "stupid, hardened or to lose the power of understanding."


Now this is what we have got. Elohim truly is the one who inquires after, craves, and demands Israel. Now this is not just natural Israel. This is spiritual Israel. Elohim is carving us, inquiring after us, demanding us. Demanding after Israel, the same one, the same Israel that the Serpent has obtained. Brethren, this is saying, just as Jesus called the Pharisees serpents, Paul is saying that the Serpent is possessing Israel. He is talking to the New Testament church here. The Serpent has the church, and with this new false revival going on that should not be much of a surprise for anyone. So Elohim is inquiring after, carving and demanding the very same Israel that the Serpent has already obtained. Therefore, those that prefer God's merciful kindness, and I amplified it because we know from a previous verse that when what we are preferring is Christ, God's merciful kindness, those are the ones who will obtain mercy. I amplified mercy because I also got that from a previous verse that's part of this whole thought.


But the eunuch, and who is the eunuch? The carnal mind is the eunuch. She can only produce consciousness, she cannot produce life. The mind is female, a eunuch, but only the eunuch or the carnal mind, the one who was lacking the life of Christ cannot understand the doctrine. So Paul is talking about spiritual males. He's talking about the spiritual, pseudo male, the carnal mind, and the true spiritual male, Christ. I will read it to you again. This is what he's saying. Elohim is truly the one who inquires after, craves, and demands the same Israel that the Serpent has obtained, has already obtained, therefore, those that prefer God's merciful kindness, which is Christ in, you obtain mercy, but the eunuch which is lacking Christ....change that spiritual woman to eunuch....cannot understand the doctrine.


So listen to what this is saying. It is saying, the one who is coming to Christ as a woman, they are the one that prefers God's merciful kindness. The human being who is coming to Christ in submission as spiritual women, they are preferring Christ, merciful kindness, those He is receiving, but the ones who are coming to Christ as the eunuch, as the pseudo spiritual male, and we see it all through the Kingdom church today, they will not understand. And you are not going to ascend without understanding. They cannot understand, and I added in, in brackets, the Doctrine of Christ.


Let me read it again. Elohim....He's running after us. It is a lie that you have to be specially called or specially elected. He's craving us, He's inquiring after us, He's demanding that we be returned to Him. We, the very ones that the Serpent is possessing. Elohim wants us; therefore, those that prefer Christ, God's merciful kindness, will obtain mercy, but the eunuch who was lacking Christ cannot even understand that she is going in the wrong relationship. Listen, Brethren, this fits right in with the account that I told you about earlier on the message. This person that wants to share with me. She cannot understand that you do not receive the Doctrine of Christ, which is the mercy of God, by holding yourself out equal to the teacher that the Lord has raised up. She doesn't understand. Now I've told her, I wrote her a letter, and I told her. Now she gets before God, and she truly repents, then she will fall into the category of human beings who are the woman who prefers Christ, and she will therefore receive His mercy, but if she continues to look at this situation despite my letters which have spelled everything out for her, if she continues to look at it with her carnal mind she will not receive the understanding that she needs to ascend into perfection in Christ. It is her choice.


We elect Christ. We elect the Lord Jesus. Those of us who elect Him or prefer Him, He receives and gives us His mercy. He raises Christ from the dead in us, but those who will not become into submission to Him, who will not become a woman to Him, those who come to Him with the pseudo male mind of the eunuch will never understand what is necessary to ascend in Christ and, therefore, they have hardened their hearts. They have not preferred Jesus; therefore, He has not chosen them, and they will not ascend in Christ.


Let me read the Alternate Translation one more time. Elohim is truly the one who inquires after, carves, and demands that same Israel that the Serpent has obtained; therefore, those that prefer God's merciful kindness obtain His mercy, but the eunuch who is lacking Christ cannot understand the Doctrine of Christ. You will never understand it. The one who comes to the Lord Jesus as the woman will receive mercy. The one who comes to the Lord Jesus as the pseudo male eunuch, the one who comes as His equal, will not receive the understanding that is necessary for deliverance from hell and death. Every human being that exists can go either way. We can be the woman when we approach Jesus or we can be the pseudo male eunuch. We can hold ourselves up to Him as an equal male.


Let me say it one more time. The human race is falling into two categories. Those who come into right relationship with Jesus by submitting to Him, therefore becoming the woman to Him, will receive mercy. Those human beings who approach with their pseudo male mind saying, I am a male, and I don't need you, you rub my back and I'll scratch your back, that person will not receive the understanding that he needs to escape from this world system.


Recap Romans 11:4-5,7. But Michael says to Elijah, the revelation of God, even though Adam is dead I have left you myself in the person of Abel, a husband with a completed human spirit who has not bowed his Christ mind to the carnal mind which is in the dragon's image, and at the present time the same thing is true for the woman who cast Adam down, but now prefers Christ, God's merciful kindness rather than the eunuch who is lacking in a male organ. Verse 6 says, because the carnal mind is the carnal mind and the Christ mind is the Christ mind, and the two don't mix; therefore, Michael is truly the one who inquires after, craves, and demands the same Israel that the Serpent has already obtained. Therefore, those that prefer God's merciful kindness will obtain mercy, but the eunuch who is lacking Christ cannot understand the Doctrine of Christ.


Praise the Lord. We will have Romans 11:28-29 to do. 1 Thess. 1:4, and II Peter 1:10, and then after that I have an exhortation with regard to Jesus' use of the word choose in John 15. If the Lord lets me I will exhort you on the whole chapter. I am not sure yet, but what I would like to do now since it is late, and I think most of you are completely saturated here, I have a few comments that I would like to make, and then I think we will finish this message on the same recording.


First of all I would like to make a correction. When I talked to you about the scripture with regard to Pharaoh showing his power, I told you that the Greek word translated "show" could be translated "lizard," and that was not correct. So let me tell you where I got that information from. First of all, let me read you the two scriptures. This is very interesting because the first, well Romans 9:17 is the account of Pharaoh showing his power, and in Exodus 9:16, isn't that interesting? The chapter and verse are almost the same.


Romans 9:17, For the scriptures saith unto Pharaoh, even for this same purpose have I raised thee up that I might show my power in thee, and that my name might be declared through out all the earth.


Exodus 9:16, I'll read it to you so that you can hear that it is almost exactly the same thing. Exodus 9:16, And indeed for this cause have I raised thee up, for to show unto thee my power, and that my name may be declared throughout all the earth. Now it is the Hebrew word translated power here, not show. Not show, and it is not in the Greek. It is in the Hebrew. The Hebrew word translated power is Strong's #3581, can be translated, according to Brown, Driver, Briggs, a small reptile, probably a kind of lizard which is unclean.


The word "power" in the Romans 9:17 scripture is Strong's #1411, the Greek word Dunamis, and it doesn't say in Strong's Lexicon that it can be translated "lizard," one of the legitimate Greek translations is "violent." So we see that the word is much clearer in the Old Testament, Hebrew being a much richer language, but even more so than that, Hebrew being the language that Jehovah originally communicated to Moses. Sometimes scriptures repeated in the Greek do not reveal the truth that appears through the Hebrew language. So if ever you see a quote from the Old Testament, and that scripture is not making sense to you it may be beneficial to go in and check it out in the Hebrew which is one of my practices.


Before we continue with Romans 11:28 I would just like to make a comment on Romans 11:5 which talks about the eunuch who was lacking a male organ. I think the reason I said that was because I was thinking in terms of lacking Christ, and Christ being the only male organ. I got that from Romans 11:7 because the eunuch who was lacking Christ cannot understand the Doctrine of Christ, but in 11:5 I said, the eunuch who was lacking a male organ. The reason I am bringing this issue up is that it is not really true that the eunuch is lacking a male organ. She is the male who has produced this world, but her male organ cannot produce virile seed. She only produces a dead world. So the eunuch does have a male organ, but she is not fertile. So I am not really sure how I will change that in the Alternate Translation. I either have to change verse 5 to say, God's merciful kindness, the one who prefers Christ, rather than the eunuch who is lacking, I probably will have to say, virile seed.


The next verse that we are dealing with is Romans 11:28, As concerning the gospel, talking about the Jews now, they are enemies for your sake, but as touching the election they are beloved for the Fathers sake. We are translating the words "as concerning," Strong's #2596, we are translating as "cast down." Then we have a word that's not translated. That's what the four 9's mean, and that word is Strong's #3303, and it means "in deed." The gospel, the words "they are" are not in the Greek. We are translating "for your sake" as "on account of." "Your" we are making "you." The word "as touching," Strong's #2596, we are translating that "to cast down."


The word "election" we are translating "prefer." The word "beloved," Strong's #27, we are translating "to be joined to Jehovah" because that Greek word is the Greek word for Agape love. No human being is capable of that. Only the human being in whom Christ is manifesting is capable of Agape love, and Agape love is totally absent of selfishness. Not only is it totally absent of selfishness, but Agape love is a creative love. When someone loves with Agape love the person's whole life is changed. It is a selfless love that's arising out of the righteousness of Jesus Christ. The words "for the sake" we are translating "because of." The Fathers, I really wasn't quite sure how to translate that word because the Fathers of the creation, we know in this ministry, are Michael and Adam.


I really have a conflict when it comes to using that revelation because I think that it will be shocking to so many people that it will take their minds off of the point of the present verse, but also, aside from that, Michael and Adam are relating to us today through the Lord Jesus Christ. So I did have a thought that you have in your notes at the end of the translation which I haven't read you yet, I translate the word "the Fathers" as the first and the last Adam. That's really not even an accurate translation. There really is no first and last Adam. The scripture that idea is based on merely says that at the beginning Adam was a living soul, and at the end Adam was a quickening or a life-giving spirit. It is really the same man. We are talking about the evolution of one man, so I think I am really going to have to say Michael and Adam. I am updating the Old Testament, and I am using Michael more and more.


Now this is a very interesting verse. I will read it to you and then I will comment on it. Romans 11:28, They are cast down and enemies of the gospel because you are cast down. Now this is Paul talking to the Romans. He's telling them that the reason the Jews are cast down is because you do not have the spiritual strength to raise them up. Now that is a shocking thing to say. Brethren, why haven't the Jews come in? The Jews that we have in the church today are most often secular Jews that really have not practiced their religion. There are one or two Rabbis that have come in, but we don't really know the heart of those Rabbis. I am suggesting to you that the Jews that really have a relationship with the spirit of Christ, they wouldn't call it that, but they have an active relationship with God. There is no way they are buying in to the false doctrine in the church today because the true Jews, the ones that are really Jews, that are really worshiping God, they study doctrine. Doctrine is a major thing in their life, and there is no way they are buying this lie that's in the church today. They know that it is a lie.


That's what Paul is saying. You are cast down, he's telling the Romans, you don't have the Doctrine of Christ. All you have is the gospel of the cross. You are carnal Christians, and that's why the Jews are cast down because you are not delivering the true message. The same thing is true in the church today.


The Jews are cast down and enemies of the gospel because you are cast down, because you are giving them a false gospel. They are enemies of the gospel because the gospel you are giving them is a lie, but the ones who prefer God's merciful kindness are joined to Jehovah because of....well I am going to change that....I have written in there "because of the Lord Jesus Christ, the first and the last Adam," but I think that I really have to make it that they are joined to Jehovah because of Michael and....I know where my conflict came in on that. I am thinking to say because of Michael and Adam so I couldn't decide whether to say Michael and Adam or to say Elijah and Elisha.


This issue of the spirit of Elijah being the one that quickened Jesus is an issue that I really haven't tackled yet. I mentioned it in one or two messages where talk about John and Jesus, but it is really a radical teaching that a lot of people are going to flip out over. Do you know that scripture in the account of Jesus' crucifixion where He says "Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani"? Those hearing Him mocked Him and said, listen, He calls for Elijah, let's see if Elijah can come and get Him down off the cross, and then the King James translation interprets it. I don't know why I am talking about this now because I haven't studied it through.


However the King James interprets it, the fact remains, I think God is telling me that He was calling to Elijah because it was the spirit of Elijah that quickened Jesus. It is the spirit of Jesus Christ who is Father to us, but it was the spirit of Elias that raised up Jesus. We have a couple of messages on it, do we not? So, He may very well have been calling to Elijah when He was hanging on the cross. Isn't that interesting? Not that He was crying out for Elijah to help Him because He was pitiful and afraid, but He was crying out to Elijah saying that the job is done, the job is done, I've run my course. He was talking to Elijah. I have to decide before I put this in the Alternate Translation. I really have to decide whether this Romans 11:28 should be translated "that the Jews are joined to Jehovah because of Elijah and Elisha" or "because of Michael and Adam."


The truth of the matter is now that both Elijah and Elisha are expressions of Michael and Adam. What is the difference? Let me tell you the difference. Michael and Adam appeared at the beginning of time. They are the offspring of Elohim. Michael and Adam, Michael is Elohim's seed, and Adam is Michael's offspring, and if you never heard this before you are going to have to get another message. I can't do the whole thing again. This is a deep teaching that's coming forth here. Now there is no personality involved in Michael and Adam. Elohim does not have a personality. Elohim has a nature, and His nature is Jehovah, the righteousness of Jehovah.


Personality is in the woman. Personality is in the woman. So Elijah was a man of like passion. Elijah had a personality. So what happened to Elijah? Elijah was taken up. He was perfected and delivered from this whole world including the human body. The personality, Elijah, mixed with Michael and Adam and became the Magnificent Man. Then the spirit of Elisha came forth and quickened Jesus, and Jesus, the personality of the man Jesus, twisted together with Elijah who was twisted together with Michael and Adam. I still don't have it completely straight, but we have another Magnificent Man. The question is, how do I translate this scripture? I really think I am going to put in Elijah and Elisha, and the reason that I am going to put in Elijah and Elisha is that if you read the Old Testament, if you read the accounts of Elijah and Elisha, the kings of Israel called them Father. It is in the King James. They are called Father. So I think we will make it Elisha and Elijah, Elijah and Elisha. Everyone is criticizing us anyway so what's one more thing?


But the ones who prefer God's merciful kindness are joined to Jehovah because of Elijah and Elisha. Well, I just got a witness from the Lord that that is the truth because Elijah and Elisha were the saviors that were specifically sent to Israel. See the Lord Jesus Christ is the savior of the whole world, but Elijah and Elisha were the Fathers of Israel. Elijah and Elisha are still around today through the Lord Jesus Christ because it was the spirit of Elijah that quickened the Lord Jesus so they are all interrelated there if you can hear what I am saying.


This is a difficult revelation. Jesus even said it, if you can receive it, this is the spirit of Elias, it's in Me. If you haven't heard my other messages on it Jesus was not saying that the spirit of Elias was in John the Baptist. He was saying it was in Him. So Jesus, for all intents and purposes, is Elijah. So, therefore, He is saying, all the Jews out there, even if you don't believe that Jesus Christ is Savior, if you truly are a practicing Jew, if you are a Jew who really has a relationship with God, you are reconciled to Jehovah because you believe that Elijah and Elisha were the Fathers of Israel. Elijah and Elisha is appearing to the world today through the Lord Jesus Christ. It doesn't matter that you have it wrong in your human understanding. Because you acknowledge that Elijah and Elisha were Fathers in Israel you are reconciled to Jehovah. That's what He is saying.


I will read it again. Romans 11:28, They are cast down and enemies of the gospel because you are cast down, but the ones, talking about the Jews now, who prefer God's merciful kindness over the carnal mind are joined to Jehovah because of Elijah and Elisha, the Saviors of Israel. The Saviors of Israel, are Elijah and Elisha. Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world, and He is Elijah and Elisha to Israel for those Jews who cannot believe that Jesus is Messiah. He's there in their lives by His spirit. When they read the scriptures, when they pray it is the spirit of Jesus Christ visiting them because they may not receive Jesus Christ, but they receive the spirit of Elijah. If you can hear it. Isn't that interesting? I find that very interesting. Praise the Lord.


Romans 11:9 says, Because the gifts and calling of God are without repentance. Paul is saying the Jews are joined to Jehovah because they believe in Elijah and Elisha and because the gifts and the calling of God are without repentance. Because they have rejected Jesus as Messiah of the world, but the gifts and the calling of God which is reconciliation does not require that repentance if you are a Jew and you believe that Elijah and Elisha are the Fathers of Israel.


1 Thessalonians 1:4, Knowing, Brethren, beloved, your election of God. Knowing Brethren, that you are joined to Jehovah because you have preferred God over Leviathan. "Because you prefer," that should really be "Christ." The Greek says God, but we are going to make it Christ because you preferred Christ over Leviathan. Knowing Brethren, that you are joined to Jehovah because you preferred Christ over Leviathan. You see, you cannot fool God. Lip service will not fool Him, He is the one who tries the intents of your heart, and only Jesus Christ knows whether or not you truly prefer Christ over the conscious part of your carnal mind. I believe there are many who are deceived. They think they prefer Christ, but they don't. They think they are following after Christ, but they are not. They are following after their own will, and your own will is your carnal mind.


2 Peter 1:10, Wherefore the rather, Brethren, give diligence to make your calling and election sure, for if you do these things ye shall never fall. "Wherefore the rather," we are translating "the greater degree." That's Strong's #3123. May be translated the greater degree. "Brethren, give diligence," we are translating "diligence," Strong's #4704, we are translating that "make a hasty effort." The word "sure," Strong's #949, we are translating "stabilize." "You," we are translating "yourself." "The," we are translating "this." The word "calling" we are translating "opportunity to embrace the salvation of God." "Your calling," Strong's #2821, is the opportunity to embrace the salvation of God.


The word "and" we are translating "indeed." "Election" we are translating "prefer." "To make," Strong's #4160, we are translating "to put in charge of." "These things," Strong's #5023, we are translating "these carnal minds." "For" we are translating "because." "Ye do," Strong's #4160, we are translating "to shoot forth." It is a legitimate translation in Strongs. Then we have the phrase "ye shall never." That's Strong's #3364, and Strong says that it is a double negative. It is like saying, no I will never. It is a very strong double negative, but we have the revelation that a negative particle can be translated "any member of the Serpent's household.," and we are translating those words "ye shall never" to "Satan and Leviathan. The word "fall" we are translating "stumble," and then we have an untranslated word there, Strong's #4218, which means afore-time, talking about before time began. It is talking about the unending eternal place where Jehovah is.


So this is what we have, 2 Peter 1:10, Wherefore, Brethren, make hasty effort to stabilize yourself to the greatest degree possible by embracing Christ, the salvation of God. Indeed, show that you prefer Christ by verbally designating Him as the head of your carnal mind. Make a profession of faith because when Christ shoots forth, and He will shoot forth after you make that profession of faith. When He shoots forth, Satan and Leviathan will surely stumble and be as they were before time began. I will read it again: Wherefore, Brethren, make a hasty effort to stabilize yourself to the greatest degree possible by embracing Christ. Welcome Him into your life, declare Him the head of your life. By embracing Christ as the salvation of God. Indeed, show that you prefer Christ by verbally designating Him as the head of your carnal mind because when Christ does shoot forth Satan and Leviathan will stumble and be as they were before time began.


What form were Satan and Leviathan in before time began? First of all, who was Satan? She is the seas that are under the firmament and mixed in with the waters of the seas is the water of the woman. We are the woman. All of the personalities of human-kind in this fallen place are one with Satan. The scripture talks about rivers and seas and for years I was asking the Lord, what's the difference between the rivers and the streams and the seas? I still haven't found out what the streams are, but I found out that the personality of the individual is a river, a flowing river, and it flows through our whole being, through our mind and through our physical being.


The sea that we flow into is the sea which is the unconscious mind of this world. There is a communication between our personal river, and the sea which is the collective unconscious mind of human-kind. It is a continuous flow, and the condition that we are in it is impossible to separate us from Satan. The scripture says that Satan is going back to the way she was before time began. Now Satan is the waters of the creation. Before time began the waters of the creation were above the firmament, and she was, waters are always female, the waters were the wife of Adam and Michael. She was both of their wives. She was the wife of both of them.


If you are interested in pursuing this the message that we just did where I go into that is called Five Husbands and One.


So, the waters are and were the woman, the spiritual woman of this whole creation. She is the mother of the living ones. She is the mother of the whole living man because no being, living or dead, comes into existence without the waters. We are an image. What we are is an image. We are all basically, at our root, spirit, we are mixed together with the personality and earth, and we are appearing as an image on the waters. So there would be no visible image, no visible image of the world, and no visible image of the individual without the waters because she is the one that the image is upon. Either we are a reflection on her clear water or we are reflection in her murky waters down underneath the firmament.


So that is how the woman is the mother of the whole living one, and the living one, of course, is Christ, is Christ Jesus who is the reflection on the clear waters above the ocean. She is the mother because the sea joins the seed which is Michael, is underneath the water, and the image of that plant, Michael who is the seed grows up into the plant, the spiritual plant, the waters cover the spiritual plant, and Adam, our righteous mind, appears as an image on the surface of the water. Is everybody OK with that?


Who was Leviathan before time began? Before time began Leviathan was the ground, and the ground is the earth that has been moistened with the waters of the seminal fluid. It is Jehovah's intention to have a visible creation, and the part of the spirit that is visible is being formed out of the ground. My understanding right now is that the ground can either be used to form Jehovah's creature or the ground can be possessed by the Serpent to form the reptilian animal that humanity now is. Elohim's living beast is a civilized man who dwells on the surface of the sea above the firmament, but when the Serpent gets ahold of the substance of the creation which she did, she gets ahold of the ground and she forms it in her image, and we are appearing as a reptilian, bestial animal, a dead animal down here underneath the sea. Well, actually, the reptile is the dragon who is our subconscious mind, and the dragon incarnates Leviathan, the many minds of humanity as we see humanity.


Wherefore brethren, make a hasty effort to stabilize yourself to the greatest degree by embracing Christ, the salvation of God. Indeed, show that you prefer Christ by verbally designating Him as the head of your carnal mind because when Christ shoots forth Satan and Leviathan will stumble and be as they were before time began.


So we have finished our study on election, and I have a short study on the word "choose" because the whole message here is that the woman, which we are, elects Christ. We elect or prefer Christ over our carnal mind, and then Christ chooses everyone that elects Him. So if you are not chosen it means that you may think you have elected Him, but you have not. If Christ has not chosen you it means that you have not preferred Christ over your carnal mind. So is there condemnation in this if you are hearing this message? No. Tell the Lord that, apparently, you have failed to prefer Him and you don't even understand how that happened, but you want to prefer Him and you don't understand what you did wrong and ask Him to please help you to do what ever is necessary for Him to choose you.


You see, this whole teaching that's around in the world today is such a manifestation of pride to say that Jesus has chosen me, and He hasn't chosen you. Jesus wants us all. The issue is pride. You have to say, Lord I don't feel like I am chosen, I feel something is wrong, I am willing to do anything that you give me the power to do, I really want you, and I cannot believe that He would turn anybody away who says that to Him. Now, of course, it could take a while. You have to hold on to the faith. I waited for God for over 20 years. I could not figure out why He wasn't answering me. I'm still not really sure except that everything has its perfect timing. So anybody who says, well I called on the name of the Lord and He didn't respond, and now I'm not interested, that's just your pride. The same thing goes for human relationships. If you love somebody and they reject you, and they reject you for 20 years you are not supposed to stop loving them because they are rejecting you. If you stop loving them because they are rejecting you your love was very fickle in the first place. If somebody is rejecting you, well if they are mistreating you, you have to tell them, you cannot mistreat me, you don't let people mistreat you, but, of course, the truth is a manifestation of Agape love.


Now the church has to get this straight. A lot of people in the church do not have this straight. They desire to walk in love, but they are walking in lies and deceit and deception because they won't confront anybody. That is not the love that Jesus was talking about. Jesus was talking about the love that tells the truth. Tell the truth in love. Isn't that a scripture? Tell the truth without retaliation. Tell the truth out of an honest heart, and then if the person departs from you, you don't stop loving them, but, of course, you have to understand what love is.


Love is not an emotion. You don't have to feel emotionally kind toward somebody. If they are cutting your heart out, and you don't feel emotionally kind towards them at the moment that does not necessarily mean you don't love them. Love is an action word. It is in what you do when they are cutting your heart out. Do you cut their heart out back? Or do you just put an end to the unGodly situation and walk away. You can still love somebody when you walk away. You don't let someone ruin your life. This is the difference between Agape love and even Phileo love, but most of the people today that I have known who are in any kind of difficult situations because of "love" what they have really got is Eros love. It is really just infatuation based on sexual attraction. That's all it is because true love doesn't operate in that realm.


True love doesn't operate in the emotions where you are in pain and torment, and you say, I have to get away from this person, they are hurting me too much. That's not love. That's not even Phileo love. That is Eros love, the lust of the animal. That's what it is, that's causing you that pain. Love is faithfulness and commitment and kindness and peace. Love doesn't fight all the time. Love doesn't quarrel. Love doesn't raise up a controversy. Love suffers the loss, backs down. The first sign of a controversy, back down. Wait until everybody quiets down and then try to communicate. You don't have to make your point, you see.


The word choose is Strong's #1586, and it means to pick out, to choose, to pick or to choose out for one's self. Now remember, Jesus is doing the choosing. We are preferring Him, and He is choosing us. He's picking us out. He's choosing one out of many, choosing for an office, choosing whom God receives fit to receive His favors. Now remember, the word "to prefer" is one of two choices. It is either this one or that one. It is either Christ or Leviathan. That's what it means to prefer, but to choose there is no limit on how many people can be chosen. To choose means to make a selection, and out of all of humanity Jesus Christ is choosing the ones who have preferred Him or who are preferring Him. Those are the ones who are chosen, and it is true that there are some spiritual inheritance involved here. Some people find it easier to prefer God than others, but all things are possible, Brethren, even something....not repenting always came natural to me. Ever since I was a little girl I was crying out to God. I can't take any credit for it, but you see if something doesn't come naturally to you but you feel it is a right thing to do just start doing it and don't stop doing it, and then eventually it becomes natural to you. It is possible to change.


We are going to take a look at John 15:1, I am the true vine, and My Father is the husbandman. There is a true vine and a false vine, and the mind is the fruit of the vine. So it is very clear here. There are many in the church today teaching that there are not two minds, that there is only one mind, and they are teaching a non-Christian philosophy that if you just ignore your lower nature or what ever they call it....they don't like to call it sin....some people call it sin....if you just ignore it, it will go away, just cleave towards Christ, and what is sin in you will go away even if they are admitting that they have sin. But this is a lie, Brethren, because our sin nature will not go away. She will war against us until Christ, if He is in us, dies and until she turns us into that path that seems right to a man but the end thereof is death. Of course, Jesus is saying, I am the husbandman. The whole significance of His being the husbandman is that He is the one that is tending the fruit, and the ultimate end of the fruit is harvest.


It just amazes me. We have thousands and maybe millions of Christians out there talking about harvest, and what they perceive as harvest is unbelievers receiving the gospel of the cross or the gospel of the Kingdom which is not an accurate gospel that is in the church today. I guess they think that these people are being harvested from the false vine, but all you need to do is do a little logical thinking. Even if you harvest someone from the false vine, don't they have to be grafted into the true vine? Well, how do they get grafted in? Christ has to be formed in these people. What is being preached is the message that, well if you hear this message and it sounds right to you that you are in the right vine.


Verse 2, Every branch in me that beareth not fruit He taketh away, and every branch that beareth fruit He purges it that it may bring forth more fruit. That Greek word translated "taketh away" is the Greek word Airo, and that's the same Greek word that's used in Mark 16:16 that says, And they shall take up serpents. It is talking about elevating the level of consciousness, the lifting up of our consciousness that we should be raised up from serpents unto Sons of God because of the mind that we think out of and because of what we think or because of what that mind thinks because the Christ mind being raised up in us must be instructed and educated.


Verse 3, Now ye are clean through the word which I have spoken unto you. Ye are clean through the word. Now that word "clean," it says in the margin that it means pruned. That means sin has been cut off of you through the word that I preached to you. Well, the word that you hear preached has to cut sin out of you. Is it cutting down your sin nature? Is the word that's preached cutting down your sin nature? If it is not then whatever word you have heard has not accomplished its purpose. We have to come out of our fantasy and face reality.


Verse 4, Abide in Me, and I in you as the branch cannot bear fruit of itself. Jesus said, I am the vine and you are the branches. The branch cannot bear fruit of itself. We have a whole so-called Kingdom church preaching that we are bearing fruit of ourselves, that with the spirit that we are born with we can mature into Christ. That's what they are teaching. Except it abide in the vine no more can ye except ye abide in me. Abide in Me and I in you as the branch cannot bear fruit of itself except it abide in the vine.


You have to abide in Christ Jesus. No more can ye bear your own fruit except you abide in me. We have a whole arm of the so-called Christian church teaching that Jesus poured His whole self out into us, and it is just us, we are it. How can we abide in Him if He's only in us. He is in us, and He's above the firmament. I am the vine, ye are the branches. He that abides in Me and I in him the same brings forth much fruit for without me you can do nothing. Without me you can do nothing. Now I haven't looked at the Greek in this, but it wouldn't surprise me if it says, without Me ye are nothing because without Christ we are the Serpent and nothing is a negative particle which can be translated into the name of anyone of the Serpent's household. We have to have a mind to be in this flesh, to be in this world, to have consciousness. We must have a mind so if we are not bringing forth the fruit of Christ we are nothing. We are an expression of the Serpent's household. That's the truth, I tell you the truth, brethren.


Verse 6, If a man abide not in Me he is cast forth as a branch and is withered, and men gather them and cast them into the fire and they are burned. That's very interesting. If a man abide not in me, the indication there from what I can see and I haven't looked at this in the Greek, is that there was some contact with Jesus. You see, to abide in Him you have to first be in Him. Abide means to stay in Him. So He is saying that the person in whom Christ is coming forth, if you don't maintain your relationship with Jesus, He is cast forth as a branch. Who was cast forth? Christ that's been raised in you is cast forth as a branch and is withered, and we have had a lot of talk here about the two kingdoms, the kingdom of light and the kingdom of darkness, having a corporeal form in the brain, in the cerebellum and the cerebral cortex.


Now the cerebral cortex is expanded in humanity today. It is much larger than the cerebellum, and it is the seat of the civilized man. Intellect, talent, rational thought, all of this is in the cerebral cortex, and the cerebellum is withered, but as Christ comes forth He is moving the base of power that is the foundation of any individual man from the cerebral cortex into the cerebellum. As the cerebellum expands the cerebral cortex must, of necessity, wither. This is the whole principle behind Jesus healing the man with the withered arm. That which is withered in us is our human spirit. It is withered, it is dried up, and it is dead, unless, of course, it has been quickened by the water of the Holy Spirit and Christ is coming forth in us. If Christ is coming forth in you, His base of power or His palace as we are told in Daniel Chapter 11, is in the cerebellum. I heard a testimony of a man who was blind from birth. He had no organic eye, but he had a miracle and he could see but there was no eye in the socket. The cerebral cortex needs an organic eye to see through, but if Christ is powerful enough in the cerebellum He doesn't need anything of this body to see through.


If Christ is raised up but does not remain in a union with the Lord Jesus, Christ in you is cast forth as a branch and is withered and you go back to having a withered human spirit. "And then gather them and cast them into the fire and they are burned." That means men with carnal minds are coming after any remnants of Christ in you to utterly burn Him and destroy Him once you start going down, and you are going to go down, and this will happen if you do not abide in Jesus Christ who is above.


I have a note for you on Verse 6, "As a branch," that Greek word means a branch that is broken off, a branch that is separated. He's cast forth as a separated branch if He is not abiding in Jesus who is above, and that fact that He's in this separated condition makes Christ in you vulnerable to all these men with carnal minds and witchcraft and mind control that are burning Him with spiritual fire. They are burning Him with spiritual fire. This is talking about spiritual warfare.


Verse 7, If ye abide in Me and My words abide in you, you shall ask what you will and it shall be done unto you. See if we pray the will of the Father we know, we know, that the prayer will be answered. Everything that we ask for which is the will of the Father will be done. Now I am not telling you it will be done today or tomorrow, but every prayer that we pray, that the Lord Jesus would pray, will be answered by the Father above. Now I pray a lot, and I say, Lord what should I pray, how should I pray, how do you view this situation, what do you want me to do? I look at this world situation today, and all I can say is Lord what do you want me to do? And, you know, there is no answer. I just go back to work, and I labor at the ministry that He has given me now.


I was looking for a TV program before I went to sleep last night, it was pretty late, and the only thing that I could find that I would even consider watching was....this man that's on TV, he's all in the flesh, and they are all excited about this potential for war in Israel right now. I don't believe that these people are glad to see people being killed, but to them it means that the rapture is coming. He was talking about the rapture. As a matter of fact this man predicted the rapture several years ago, and it never came to pass. He just shored himself up and went back on TV, and now they are saying that the rapture is coming in the year 2006, they put it off another 10 years I guess. They are waiting for all these physical events to happen.


All I can say is I see all of this happening around me, I see crime increasing, I see a false spirit in the church, I see lots of evil things happening, and all I can say is, Lord what do you want, what am I supposed to do? And the answer is nothing. You just do what Jesus tells you to do. I will ask for mercy as I see particular situations, and I just go on with my life, I am just one person, and it is a gift to know that you should not be burning yourself out trying to do things or pray for people that He hasn't asked you to pray for.


Verse 8, Herein is My Father glorified that ye bear much fruit, so shall ye be my disciples. I have in our notes....I guess I did look at this in the Greek but very briefly. My notes say, you must bear the greater fruit before you can be disciples. That's what it says. The reason I have the note down is that it is clear in the King James that Verse 8 is saying, you must bear the greater fruit before you can be disciples. This is how My Father is glorified. See there is a fruit of the true vine and a fruit of the false vine. So you have to bear the greater fruit which is Christ. You cannot truly be a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ if Christ is not being formed in you. The Lord Jesus above is the teacher, but you have to have a student in you that He receives to be His disciple. Christ must be raised in you.


Verse 9, As the Father hath loved Me so have I loved you, continue ye in my love. He's talking about Agape love. He's not talking about emotional love. He's talking about a spirit tie. He says, you want to be my disciple, you have to bear the greater fruit, you have to bear Christ, and you have to have a spirit tie with all the other disciples because I am in my people. So as the Father loved Me, the Father had a spirit tie with Jesus, Jesus says, I am loving you by My spirit, and you must worship me in spirit and truth, and you must have relationships with the other disciples which are spirit ties.


Verse 10, If you keep my commandments ye shall abide in my love, even as I have kept my Father's commandments and abide in His love. So obedience is the name of the game. There is no way that you....we are getting a list of what you have to do to be a disciple. You have to have Christ formed in you, you have to bear the fruit, you have to have a spirit tie with Jesus and with all the other disciples, you have to keep His commandments, you have to be in obedience. 


Verse 11, These things have I spoken unto you that My joy might remain in you, that you joy might be filled. Now that is not talking about an emotional joy. The word joy is talking about your spirit, your human spirit, that you joy might be full, that your human spirit might be completed. These things have I spoken unto you that My joy might remain in you, and that your joy or that your human spirit might be completed.


So Jesus is saying I am not giving you commandments that are legalistic, that are putting you under the law. I am giving you commandments that are for your good because if you follow these commandments, if Christ is formed in you, if you are obedient to me, and you form spirit instead of soul ties your human spirit will be completed. We are talking about full stature. That is what He is talking about. Now, Brethren, this issue of spirit as opposed to soul ties is no small issue. Just about everybody that I know of in the church has primarily soul ties.


I have very few soul ties, but it has been very painful having the Lord break my soul ties. We are to relate to one another on the basis of Christ in you and Christ in me, and the foundation of a spiritual relationship in Christ is the Doctrine of Christ. It is the scripture, it is the Word of God. It talking about testimonies and what He has taught us and what we have learned and what our experiences have been. That is the foundation of a spirit tie. A soul tie is founded in emotions. Emotions are of the animal life, and they are the exact opposite of Christ. Emotions are of the carnal mind. Now we are not talking about repressing emotions.


We are talking about living out of another mind. See, if you are living out of your carnal mind and you don't want to be emotional you have to repress your emotions which can cause damage because problems have to be dealt with, but if you are living out of another mind what it means is you are just getting carried away with the Doctrine of Christ, and everything in that emotional realm tends to work itself out. I don't know if you can hear it, but it is different than repression, different than denial, totally different than denial. When you are really caught up in the Life of Christ everything of this world even close ties with natural family become secondary; therefore, God forbid somebody dies, I lost both my parents over the last couple of years. If somebody dies I am not saying you don't feel any pain, but you follow the Life that's in Christ and everything just seems to take care of itself.


Verse 12, This is my commandment that you love one another as I have loved you. Again this is talking about Agape love. It is talking about a spirit tie, and there is no way that we can love each other as Jesus has loved us without the revelation of sin because the average person is abusing other people continuously. We don't even know we are doing it. Witchcraft, mind control, pride, manipulation, seduction. We had a little of that this morning before we went on the message. People don't even know that they are doing it to each other, and most people don't even know they are being victimized so there is no way that we can love one another as Christ loved us without having our sin nature exposed so that we can start living out of our Christ nature which is righteous and honest and forthright and without malice. The Christ nature operates out of the power that comes from righteousness. You do what's right.


I saw something on TV the other day that really made my cry, and it was on Geraldo. There was an 18 year old black girl on the TV receiving an award. She had been present at a college town, and there was a Ku Klux Klan rally, and then there was the anti-Ku Klux Klan that came out and they were rallying, and things got out of hand. One of the white supremacy from the Ku Klux Klan rally wound up down on the ground, and a couple of the people from the other side were kicking him. It looked like he could have died, and she ran over and, now this is a black woman, with regard to a racist member of the Ku Klux Klan, and an 18 year old black woman threw herself over this man, and she saved his life because the crowd would have surely killed him. They asked her what ever possessed her to do this, and she said it was the right thing to do. You do what's right. And when you live your life by doing what's right, willing to suffer what ever loss necessary, believing that there is a God in heaven that's going to sustain you when you do what's right. That's the life that if you don't have Christ it is going to produce Christ.


See, if you are in your carnal mind even if you do what's right, this is a very fine line, we are really talking about Christ here, so I'm not going to get into that right now. I've talked to you about it before. We are talking about living out of the Christ Life. When you live out of the Christ Life you do what's right, and it wouldn't surprise me if that young lady was a Christian. I can't imagine anyone else doing that. Of course, people do have moments of heroism who are not Christians, but I felt in my spirit that she probably was a Christian. You do what's right, and it's delicious to live a life that you do what's right in every circumstance to the best of your ability. There is such self esteem in this. I just cannot convey to you the degree of self esteem in doing what's right, and as you practice this in Christ, and you pray asking God for it to increase in you, you will find more and more control over your emotions.


All emotions and conflict rise up out of self preservation, and this desire for righteousness....when you are really desiring righteousness it doesn't matter if you are the one who is wrong. When you come to this place that you really want righteousness you have to know that you may be the one that's wrong some day, and you have to take it. When you live like that, you are wrong less and less and less because your whole motive for existence is righteousness which is a selflessness. It is the putting away of your own self interests, and then you find that less and less you are in a position where you are losing your temper or you are losing control of your mouth or you are in a situation where you are out of control. That is going to happen less and less and less as you put yourself in the background and you live for righteousness. There is no place in a life like that for retaliation or vengeance or for nursing your own wounds. There is no place in your life for that. You do what Jesus would do in every circumstance, and you go forward and it is a very good life. A hard life, but it is a good life.


Verse 13, Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. Well, that is not necessarily talking about your physical life. It is talking about what I was just talking about, lay down your life, lay down your own self preservation. Do what's right, that's laying down your life because no one in this world does that. It is a supernatural walk. That word "life" is talking about your soul life. Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his soul life for his friends, and then Jesus says, you are my friend. So if we are Jesus' friend that means it is Christ in us that is His friend. So if we are His friend He is our friend, and He says, there is no greater thing that you could do for me who is your friend, than to lay down your emotional life because the emotional life is the animal life and live out of Christ. There isn't a greater thing that you can do in your whole life. That's what He is saying.


Verse 14, Ye are my friends if ye do whatsoever I command you. Well now if a carnal man tells you that, well sure you are my friend, do whatever I tell you and I'll love you, but you can't do that with a man who is in his carnal mind. That is called compromising. It is called genuflecting. It is ugly place to be in where you do whatever people ask of you just so that they should like you, but that is not what Jesus is talking about.


Jesus is saying, I'm perfect, I'm the righteousness mind so everything I ask you to do is righteous. Now if you do everything that I ask you to do you will be righteous. And you cannot do everything that He asks you to do without laying down the animal life, the soul life. You have to reject it. Now if you do whatever I command you, Jesus says, hence forth I will call you not servants for the servants does not know what his Lord does, but I have called you friends for all things that I have heard of My Father I have made known to you. Brethren, you have to know that the way He makes it known to you is through the Christ that's raised from the dead in you. Jesus is not talking to your carnal mind. Your carnal mind is not capable of understanding everything that Jesus wants to make known to you. Your carnal mind can't even understand it.


Verse 16, Ye have not chosen Me, but I have chosen you. Now that would be the verse that would contradict this whole message. Ye have not chosen Me, but I have chosen you and ordained you that ye should go and bring forth fruit. Now this is the word "choose." It is not the Greek word that means elect. You have not chosen me, I have chosen you. Well, that is true. Jesus chose you, but why did He choose you? He chose you because you preferred Him. It is very tricky. It is true we didn't choose Him. You see, even though we elect Jesus and we prefer Him we are still nowhere if He doesn't choose us. We could prefer Him all we want, if He doesn't choose us we are not chosen.


The whole point is that He is choosing the ones that prefer Him. So it sounds like a contradiction, but it is not a contradiction. Ye have not chosen Me, but I have chosen you, and I have ordained you. That word "ordained" means to bend down into a passive, horizontal position, and also can be translated "conceived." I have caused Christ to be conceived in you so that you should go and bring forth fruit, that's Christ, and that your fruit should remain, your fruit should abide, that you should not have a temporary experience with God, but that Christ should not be with you for a season, but that He should rise up and bring you eternal life.


That whatsoever you should ask of the Father in My name He may give it to you. What is He saying? Let's take it a verse at a time. You have not chosen me, even though you preferred me, I have chosen you, and I've bent you down and I've caused Christ to be conceived in you so that you should forth a mature Christ mind so that your fruit should remain so that you good works should abide in you permanently. Why? So that whatsoever you ask the Father in My name He may give it to you because if you have done all these other things you are only going to ask for Godly things, and, therefore, you are going to get it. Everything you ask out of the Mind of Christ is given unto you.


See, this is the whole basis of the two witness company. Every person whose salvation we ask for out of the Mind of Christ, the power of God goes forth immediately. You have to realize, Brethren, and we do have this here in this fellowship somewhat, anyone who is desiring that their family be saved because they are worried about their family it really is not coming out of your Christ mind. It is coming out of your carnal mind, and maybe God will have mercy on you, but there is not much power in it. There is not the power in it as when it comes out of your Christ mind. We are not supposed to have any fear. We are supposed to give our families to God, and we are supposed to ask for salvation based on the mercy that's coming out of the Mind of Christ in us, not out of an emotional fear of losing a loved one.


Verse 17, These things I command you that ye shall love one another. He's talking about Agape love, Brethren. That means He's talking about not manifesting the hidden sins of your heart toward the Brethren in the church. You do not lift one another if you are covering people's sins and letting them go on doing it because you think that's what love is. This is not the love of God. The love of God is confrontation without malice. Truth, the love of God is the truth. The love of God is the truth, and I want to tell you there is no way you can minister truth to people if you don't have the boldness which comes from righteousness. That's why the church flees from confrontation because their heart is not righteous, and they are concerned that they will tell people the truth in a wrong spirit and be guilty of sin which may be the truth, but the Church is waiting for righteousness judgment.


Verse 18, If the world hate you, you know that it hated me before you. If you were of the world the world would love its own, but because you are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world; therefore, the world hates you. Now, of course, is your carnal mind. So your own carnal mind hates you, and everybody else's carnal mind hates you. You have to learn how to handle yourself. You cannot continue to deal with problems the way you have dealt with them out of your carnal mind.


Verse 20, Remember the word I said unto you, the servant is not greater than his Lord. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you. If they have kept my saying, they will keep yours also. So don't be surprised when the fiery trial comes upon you because the carnal mind hates you where ever Christ is discerned. He says, if they have kept my saying, but those who are living out of Christ, those are the ones that you will be able to relate to.


Verse 21, But all these things will they do unto you for My name sake because they know not Him that sent me. Now who is His name sake? It is Adam. Jesus is the resurrected Adam. He said, all these things, the world's going to hate you and persecute you. All these things they will do unto you for My name sake, for the one that I am named for. I want to tell you, out of all the revelations that I have brought forth in this ministry which is in its 10th year that I am bringing forth revelations that are shocking to a lot of people, the biggest opposition that I've gotten is to the fact that Adam has risen from the dead, that Adam is righteous. No so much that he has risen, but he is the righteous Son of God, and that he is risen from the dead in the person of the Lord Jesus and fully intends to exercise his authority over this whole creation. The opposition coming from the church is vicious. Absolutely vicious. All of these things will they do unto you for my name sake because they know not Him that sent me. They don't even know Jehovah.


Verse 22, If I had not come and spoken unto them they had not had sin, but now they have no cloak for their sin. See this is the basis of righteous judgment. We as members of the Two-Witness Company, there are several aspects to our job. We come and we tell the truth, and when the people that we have told the truth to reject that truth and walk away they now have no cover or no cloak for their sins. Is Jesus going to go out there and send light on them? No, but they will reap what they sow. They come under the satanic reaping and sowing judgment. They heard the truth and they rejected it. Why would they reject it? John tells us in another place that it is because their deeds are evil. They are protecting what they really would like to do.


Verse 23, He that hates me hates My Father. That is pretty clear.


Verse 24, If I had not done among them the works which none other man did they had not had sinned, but now have they both seen and hated Me and My Father. Jesus was saying that they looked at me, and they've seen the Father, and when they have hated Me they have hated Him. This is an interesting question. What works did Jesus do that no one else has done? I think that there have been supernatural healings in the casting out of demons in the world way before Jesus. What did He do that no other man did? First of all, this was the resurrected Adam talking in Jesus, and I suggest to you that He brought forth the Doctrine of Christ. It is either that He brought forth the Doctrine of Christ or that He, the man Jesus, is the one in whom Adam rose, but even more than that I believe that Adam was risen from the dead in a large percentage of Israel. I believe He was risen from the dead in a lot of them.


The whole point with Israel was that they could not go on with God because the next step after Adam rises from the dead in you is marriage to Jesus which is sanctification. They could not go on because they would not come into obedience. They could not come into obedience because they would not admit that they had a sin nature. Israel's whole problem....Paul says in the book of Romans that they were disobedient. What is he talking about? For years I could not figure that out. Jehovah rejected the Nation of Israel because they were disobedient. I am disobedient all the time. Then someone says, well you have Jesus now, you have the blood of Jesus, it is the New Covenant. No. The disobedience that Paul is talking about is that they would not prefer Christ. That's what He's talking about, and brethren, there is no way that you could prefer Christ if you are not willing to admit that you have a sin nature. So Israel would not come under obedience. They would not live out of the Christ mind. They continued to live out of their carnal mind because they would not admit that they had a carnal mind. You see, they had faith. Christ was risen in them, but they were disobedient. They continued to live out of their carnal mind believing that they were saved by the works of the law, that they did not have to confess their sin nature.


Now, brethren, this is going on in the church today. Someone just told me this week, so-and-so doesn't agree with your message because he doesn't believe you have to confess your sins. They are doing the same thing Israel did, and what happened to Israel? Jehovah divorced him. The Lord will call you to obedience, and He will call you to obedience, and He will call you to obedience, and He will call you to obedience, and then He will stop calling you. I tell you the truth. I tell you the truth because it happened to me. Only by the grace of God I woke up, and I said, my goodness I'm not hearing from God. I haven't heard from God in a couple of weeks, what's going on? By that grace it was revealed to me what had happened, that I was disobedient and I repented.


Verse 25, But this cometh to pass that the word might be fulfilled that is written in their law, they hated me without a cause. Well that is another aspect of the ministry of the Two-Witness Company. It is not easy being hated by man. I wrestle with it. It is very difficult. It causes me a great deal of pain to be hated by men that won't even admit that they are hating me, but it is part of the judgment. The fact that we must be hated....well let me say it this way, when the Lord sends us to somebody, it is usually over a doctrinal issue although it doesn't have to be.


Sometimes people just rise up against you, and they don't even know why. When we are truly blameless....now the man that raised me up has a lot of people hating him, and he's done a lot of un-Christlike things to a lot of people. You have to make sure that you are being hated because of Christ in you. If, in fact, you are being hated because you have done or said things that the Lord has truly told you to do sometimes people hate you just because they see this righteous spirit on you. They want you to be like they are, to be unrighteous. If that is really the truth then this is the judgment that is on the people that is distinguishing whether or not they are living out of their Christ mind or living out of their carnal mind.


If you are truly blameless, and they are hating you this is the legal proof that they are living out of their carnal mind, and they will reap what they sow. See, Jesus doesn't have to stand up there and throw lightening bolts down. Satan is active in the earth mediating this sowing and reaping judgment. What Jesus is doing in the earth is the White Throne Judgment. He's working through the people that He has trained up to show you your sins without condemnation. That's what Jesus is doing. He's not throwing down lightening bolts. You don't take His act of mercy, and Satan's got you.


I was working on a deep translation in Genesis 2 last night, and the scripture at the end of the chapter, I believe 2:23, 24, where the King James talks about a man leaving his father and mother, we know that is basically a parable, but what I found when I looked in the Interlinear was that scripture was saying, well, a man who leaves his father, it is right for a man who leaves his father to cleave unto his mother. That's what it is saying. I really don't want to go into this whole discussion right now, but for those of us who study here all the time, that are familiar with the teachings that are coming forth, we know that Adam existed as a produce of Jehovah's seminal fluid, and that there are two parts to Jehovah's seminal fluid, the sperm and the water.


So Adam departed from his Father, Elohim's seed that brought him forth. So if he departed from his Father then it is only right that he should cleave unto his mother. The whole principle being that if anyone has existence, either you are cleaving to the Father or you are cleaving to the mother. And who is the mother? The mother is the waters who are in rebellion against God, who (the mother) has raised up this whole world, and some people call her the Serpent. So if you are not going to cleave unto the Father you are going to be cleaving unto the Serpent. Why? Because there are only two ways to have consciousness. If you cleave unto the Father you have consciousness and life, and if you cleave unto your mother you have only consciousness. So you have to be cleaving to either one or the other. And we know that a lot of people call this planet Mother Earth, Mother of God. Mother, Mother, Mother. Either you are serving the Father or you are serving the mother, if you can understand what I am saying.


Verse 26, But when the Comforter is come Whom I will send unto you from the Father which is the Spirit of Truth which proceedeth from the Father He shall testify of Me, and this was one of the first issues that I ever addressed. Brethren, the Holy Spirit is not the Comforter. The Spirit of Truth, do you remember that, is the Comforter. Who is the Truth? Jesus said, I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Jesus is the Truth. The Spirit of Christ is the Spirit of Truth. The mature Spirit of Christ. The Holy Spirit is just the down payment. He is the seed that has the potential to bring forth the Spirit of Truth in you. The Holy Spirit is not the Spirit of Truth.


But when the Comforter is come Whom I will send to you from the Father even the Spirit of Truth which proceedeth from the Father, He shall testify of Me. The Holy Spirit is not the Father. The Holy Spirit is not the Father. The Spirit of Truth which proceedeth from the Father. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of the Son. The Spirit of Truth which proceedeth from the Father, He shall testify of Me. So, if you think that you can discern the truth from the error because you have the Holy Spirit you are deceived. The Holy Spirit does not discern truth from error. I tell you that openly that the whole Pentecostal Church is filled with doctrinal error. The Holy Spirit heals, delivers, imparts faith, will guide you, will help you if you cry out for help, but the Holy Spirit does not bring truth. The Spirit of Truth, the Comforter, which is in the Father brings Truth, and the Father is Jesus above.


Now that goes right along with our teaching on the twelve levels of consciousness. We have been taught that only the people in whom Christ is raised, and in whom that Christ is married to the Father above, are going to recognize that the doctrine is of God. The Spirit of Truth will witness to you whether the doctrine is of God or not of God, and the Spirit of Truth is available to the man in whom Christ has been raised and is married to the Father above. That's the third level of consciousness. Amen.


Verse 27, And ye also shall bear witness because ye have been with me from the beginning. Now that is a very interesting phrase. And ye also shall bear witness because ye have been with me from the beginning. I don't particularly recall looking at that in the Greek, but what's hitting me right now is that Adam is risen in Jesus. I believe Jesus is talking to His disciples here, and Adam has risen up in Jesus and is saying to Christ in His disciples "Ye have been with me from the beginning, from the beginning of time." He's saying to His disciples, "Adam's rising in you too, and you, Adam, have been here from the beginning. So He's saying to anybody in whom Adam is risen, Jesus can say to you, "You have been with me from the beginning."


I am going to read you verse 26 and 27 again. But the Comforter is come Whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of Truth which proceedeth from the Father He shall testify of Me. That's one witness, the Spirit of Truth, which comes from above. Verse 27, And ye also shall be a witness. Christ in you shall be a witness because you have been with me from the beginning. So the two witnesses are Christ in you, and the Spirit of Truth which comes from the Father above which you don't have unless you have ascended to the third level of consciousness. Now I am not talking about someone hearing some high doctrine, and saying, oh wow that really sounds good. The witness that you have really received as doctrine is that it will convince you, will bring you to repentance and confession. The major issue of this Doctrine of Christ that separates it from other high and lofty doctrines in the church today is the requirement for confession of sins, repentance and submission to God ordained authority, and it will be revealed whether or not it is Christ in you and the Father above who was witnessing to the validity of this message.


The signs that you are truly witnessing to this message by Christ in you and the Father above are, are you confessing your sins, and are you repenting, and are you submitting to the God ordained authority or are you in here trying to be a big shot. Those are the signs. The signs are not whether or not you understand the doctrine. The sign is not that you understand it. The sign is that you are willing to sit here, and you are willing to sit here in submission, and admit that there are things that you don't know and confess your sins and repent. Those are the signs that it is Christ and the Spirit of Christ that is witnessing to the validity of this doctrine.


We have all kinds of people that are spiritual outside of Christ that love this doctrine. I had a super witch that I met on the Internet, I didn't really know what was going on at the time. He just loved my translations. He said they were the most accurate translations he had ever heard, so there are a lot of people who are spiritual outside of Christ. Not many can abide in the Doctrine of Christ. You have to have the humility of the Son. You have to be under obedience. You see, to understand this Doctrine of Christ you have to be in the third level of consciousness. Now the second level of consciousness is obedience. The second level of consciousness is justification which is witnessed to by obedience to the Father. Then comes sanctification which is married to Jesus above. So there is no way you are going to understand this doctrine if you are not walking in obedience.


Ephesians 1:13, In Whom ye also trusted that after that ye heard, and that means understood, after you have understood the Word of Truth which is the gospel of your salvation, in Whom also after that you believed you were sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Promise, not the Spirit of Truth. The Holy Spirit is the down payment, the seed of the Spirit of Truth or the One who is to come. He is the spirit of promise. He is the free gift. The Holy Spirit is the free gift which is the Spirit of Promise. The Spirit of Truth is the Spirit of Christ which is above. You see, the Holy Spirit is down here in the earth. The Spirit of Truth comes from above. Your witness in the earth is not the Holy Spirit. Your first witness is Christ in you, and your second witness is the Spirit of Christ above. The Holy Spirit is not a witness to truth at any level. He is the Spirit of Promise.


Any questions or comments?


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