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We have a message this morning that is going to consist of many different points and ideas. I have been mentioning to you on and off for the last couple of weeks that the Lord dumped, and that is not a bad word, He dumped so much revelation on me and on us as of a month or maybe even two months ago. I am not even sure, when Immortals Amongst Us and the whole revelation of Michael came out, He just dumped so much on us, as far as I am concerned I still have not processed all of the information and all of the revelation, and that is why we are on hold.


I am not going forward with Daniel, I am not pressing forward into any intense Alternate Translation until I have fully digested and understand every aspect of what the Lord has poured out here. Every time I think that the messages are light, the people in the congregation always tell me, no they are not light, and they are exactly what they needed, but I am just giving you the information that this is what we are going to be doing for a while until I feel comfortable with going on because I have to really have an intimate knowledge of the revelation to continue to teach here.


I have put the matter before the Lord and asked Him if I am under some kind of seduction, is some spiritual force trying to stop me from charging forward with the Alternate Translation? And He hasn't spoken to me, but the fleece that I have with Him is that I am not going on until I feel comfortable going on unless He comes through and tells me that I am being deceived, and I am going with my feelings. Now this is not the feelings of my emotions. This is the perceptions of my spirit that I really am not comfortable going on because I have not completely processed everything that He dumped on us in that big dumping, that mass of dumping a month or two ago whenever it was.


I have several points, and I haven't given you copies of the notes because it is not really necessary for you to have notes. It is more or less an outline of what I am going to be speaking about. I have a few points of revelation to share with you, and we will see where it goes from there. I was talking to Xxxx on the phone this morning, and I got such an anointing worked up that I had to calm myself down. So the Lord is present today after several hard days of oppression. I know that He's very present with us, that He is giving me understanding that I didn't have before. I went to my computer this morning thinking that I was going to be preaching from somebody's newsletter and apparently that was not the Lord's idea for this mornings message.


I was in the Interlinear text, I was all over the place, New Testament, Old Testament, I have a lot of things that He showed me. Personally, I cannot see how I am going to make a message, with any thread of continuity in it, out of what He showed me, but this would not be the first time that He has done this, shown me several areas that I cannot see any continuity in, and He has really pulled it together and produced an excellent message so I am just going to open my mouth believing that He is going to fill it, and I will take your questions.


I just ask that you wait for me to ask for questions so that the thought that's in my mind can be fully expressed, but I will stop at the end of every category and give you an opportunity to ask questions because I am sure that if I don't fully have this in my spirit, you might have it fully in your spirit, but it is not likely. Why? Because I am the teacher, but of course it could be. We will try to pull the loose ends together and see what the Lord has to say to us.


The first thing that I have on the board is an enhanced duplicate of the Exhibit #2 that came forth in the last message. Do you recall what we called that last message? This drawing is Exhibit #2 to Message 402, More about Michael. It is an exhibit showing the genealogy showing the incarnated generations of Michael and Adam, the first and last Adam. The Lord asked me to redraw this exhibit to show that everyone roots back to Jehovah, the Supreme God, and Elohim the Son of the Supreme God. Elohim came out from the Father as the sperm of God and formed this whole creation at the instructions of Jehovah. Elohim is still forming this creation at the instructions of the Father.


He is piercing outward from a place in the invisible spiritual world into this existing visible physical world. Elohim is piercing outward. Even before the creation fell He was piercing outward into a visible spiritual world, and as He pierced outward He went through what I will call layers, how spiritually accurate this is I don't know, but I know it helps me to understand. As He pierced through from the invisible world into the visible world He passed through a series of layers, each layer making Him more and more visible until ultimately He crossed over a spiritual threshold where He became visible. Talking about Elohim now. Every layer that Elohim pierced through He appeared different. We might say He was adding layers to Himself with the ultimate goal of becoming visible. Now I would like to show you something on the board, but I don't have any room on the board, so maybe I should stop what I am saying and go on with this exhibit on the board so that I can erase it and draw further.


This is a new message so I will mark this drawing #1, and please be aware that we are redoing it as I previously told you. Drawing #1- We see three generations in the invisible world, Jehovah, Elohim, and Michael and Adam. Jehovah, the first and the eternal generation. Elohim, the Son of the Most High God. And Michael and Adam, the Son of the Son of the Most High God. I've drawn a line underneath Michael and Adam because those are the three invisible generations, and it is Michael and Adam who are incarnating....well, there is a lot that happened after I showed you Michael and Adam up there, but we are concerned in this hour with this visible fallen world, and we are talking below the line, we are talking about the first generation of fallen men in which Michael and Adam appeared. That's what we are talking about.


Can you understand this is not the whole genealogy. Of course, there was a lot that happened before the fall, but we know that Jehovah and Elohim made their covenant with Abraham that Israel would be the people of God. And all of that history goes before, but Moses is the first man in whom Michael and Adam appeared as Christ. I suggest to you that Christ never appeared in Abraham. He had an expression of God, he had a relationship with God, he communicated with God. I believe Michael and Adam communicated with him, but he did not function as Christ. I did not see him functioning as Christ, if you can hear what I am saying.


Moses is the first generation, at the very least, that appeared on the Mount of Transfiguration with Jesus. Moses and Elijah were the two generations that appeared on the Mount of Transfiguration. At this point I am believing that every other expression of Christ that has appeared in fallen man has been under the umbrella of one of these three men, Moses, Elijah, and Jesus. Every man who has ever expressed Christ since the fall of man has been in some way under the umbrella of one of these three men.


What am I talking about when I say umbrella? If you just look at the exhibit you could see that the whole of the church that's coming forth in the image of Christ in this hour is under the umbrella of Jesus. They are all the offspring of Jesus. We might say that these are the three forefathers, Jesus, Elijah and Moses, the three forefathers of Christ appearing in fallen mortal man. Moses, I do not believe, went all the way. What does that mean, to go all the way? I do not believe at this time, God only knows what He is going to show me tomorrow, but at this time I can see no evidence that the personality that we know as Moses returned above the firmament with the first and the last Adam.


Brethren, the definition of salvation is the salvation of your personality. You have to know what soul means because it means one thing in the Old Testament and a different thing in the New Testament. The word soul in the New Testament is talking about the personality that we have received from the serpent. It is talking about our bestial personality which is ruled by Leviathan, the pride of man. That is what is being saved. Our personality is being saved. You see, whether you or I are saved or not, whether our personality continues after this body ceases to exist, that's what salvation is. The continuation of your personality after this body ceases to exist.


Whether your or my personality is saved has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that the spiritual life of God that's in us will return to the Fathers. The spiritual life of God within us, our human spirit and whatever degree of development that human spirit has developed to - has Abel been raised from the dead in us? Has Adam been raised from the dead in us? Is Michael functioning in us? Whatever degree of development your human spirit has matured into will return to the Fathers when this body ceases to exist. No question about it, no contest, it is going back where it belongs, He is going back where He belongs.


The only question, the only conditional factor is whether or not our personality will go with Him. Our body is not going with Him. Under no circumstances is an animal body ascending above the firmament to where Almighty God is, to where the Most High God is, no animal will ascend. The Levite priests could have nothing that would produce sweat on the body. No sign of the animal will appear above the firmament. We have a lot of people in the church today rebelling against this concept, they want their body. Why do they want their body? They want to continue or they hope to satisfy the lusts of this body above the firmament, but whether they believe it or not, whether they are fighting it or not, this body is not going above the firmament, and the only way any of us is ascending above the firmament is to separate from this body, but that's not today's message.


The only conditional aspect of our return to the family that spawned us, as on the board Jehovah, Elohim, Michael and Adam, the only conditional factor is, is our personality which was generated by the serpent going with us? And whether our personality goes or not our spirit is going. I do not believe that the personality of Moses ascended above. Why? Because Jehovah told him that he couldn't enter in. Nevertheless, Moses appears on the Mount of Transfiguration with Jesus. Well, Sheila, isn't that a contradiction? Well, I don't think so. Maybe next week, the Lord will tell me this is wrong, but I don't think it is a contradiction.


I think Michael and Adam who were appearing in Moses went on to appear in Elijah, and the reason that Moses is appearing on the Mount of Transfiguration is that he was the first expression of Michael and Adam in a man, and he manifested Christ, he ruled over. What does Christ do? Christ rules over the people of God. Is that a bad thing? Does it mean that you are in bondage? No, it is not a bad thing. The one who rules over the people of God has the responsibility of keeping your carnal mind down so that you have a chance of arising in Christ. Christ to the people of God is the controller, the one who is sent to assist them in overcoming their carnal mind. that's why Moses was so afflicted by the people. They were all killing him. Why? Because his mind, his Christ mind, was reaching out and attacking continuously the carnal minds of the people with the specific intention of weakening it so that they would have a chance of arising in Christ. He had more than 6,000 people attacking him.


I don't know about you, but I don't see any such function in Abraham. It is my understanding that the first expression of Christ was in Moses, and that the personality of Moses did not ascend above the firmament, but that he is appearing on the Mount of Transfiguration because he was an expression of Adam and Michael. That was very significant to the history of the church. He was the first controller of Israel, and, in face, Messiah did come out of Israel. Somehow Moses had to contribute to that, somehow, even though it was years later. Don't be deceived by the time of this world. Moses did the job. He may not have done it completely. Maybe if he had overcome in a more greater way maybe Messiah would have come forth sooner. I don't know.


I know he did the best he could. He was a mortal man in which Christ was appearing. He had the most horrendous job. I am trying to contribute to the control of the carnal minds of a very few, and I know what I go through. He had 6,000 people that he was trying to weaken the carnal mind of. I would be dead, there is no doubt in my mind I would never make it in the condition I am in now. So, you might say a practice session for Michael and Adam. It was the first time they appeared in a human being and attempted to control the mind of a whole nation. Now remember, Elijah did this. Elijah controlled the mind of the Sons of Israel, but he could only control it for a season.


I've talked a lot about Elijah and the Sons of Israel on Mount Carmel, how he used a Godly mind control to influence the Sons of Israel to help him to kill the prophets of Baal, and that after the deed was done, after the prophets of Baal were killed, Elijah released, either released the minds of the Sons of Israel or lost control of, the minds of the Sons of Israel. If you are trying to understand this, if you could just relate to some physical event or some physical attempt on your part to hold on to something that is very hard to hold on to, as time goes by you lose your grip. If some one is falling off the cliff, and you are holding on to their hand and you are trying to stop them from falling, at some point you will lose your strength, you will lose your grip.


I don't know whether Elijah lost his grip on the minds of the Sons of Israel or whether he deliberately let go of their minds, I do not know. I have talked about this on and off on many messages that it was a Godly mind control that by which Elijah suppressed Leviathan in the Sons of Israel, that Christ arose in the minds of the Sons of Israel and they, therefore, assisted Elijah in killing the prophets of Baal which was a number of three or four hundred.


I believe now, this is a very carnal concept, oh my goodness to kill three or four hundred men, that takes a lot of physical strength, it takes a lot of work, he needed to enlist the strength of the Sons of Israel, and then of course for those who may not recall or who may be reading this message as the first message of this ministry, that after Elijah released the carnal minds of the Sons of Israel they rose up as one man and tried to kill Christ and did in fact kill Christ in Elijah as a retaliation for his victory over their carnal minds. They killed him. Elijah had to cry out to God to help him, and Michael came to raise the first Adam from the dead in Elijah. Now if you have read our messages on Elijah or even if you read it in the King James translation you will see that Elijah tells his story about what happened to him twice.


First, he tells it to the angel, then he tells it to the still small voice. I suggest to you that the first time Elijah tells his story it is Adam who is risen from the dead in him, well it is either Abel or Adam. It is so hard getting this straight. I hope I am not confusing anybody with these studies, but I make no claims to be exact as we charge forward in our attempt to understand this message. Elijah told the story twice. The significance being that he told it from two different levels of resurrection. So, for this message let's say Michael came and raised Abel from the dead in him, and he told the story, and then he went on, Elijah went on, and he pressed through, and he ascended back up into Adam.


What is the difference between Abel and Adam? Abel is the mind of God appearing in a mortal man in which the mind of God was not yet dominating the carnal mind. That's the condition of probably anybody reading this message. The mind of God is raised or in the process being raised from the dead in us. His name is the mind of Christ, but the carnal mind is still very active, and where the carnal mind is active Satan is active. Satan and Leviathan, they work together, the conscious and the unconscious mind of fallen man, the fallen mind of man, conscious and unconscious levels, but when that mind of Christ in us dominates Leviathan and Satan so completely that we cease from sin and that's not behavioral sin, that is the sin of the mental faculty. That means we no longer even think sin. When that occurs, when the mind of Christ so dominates the carnal mind, that's Satan and Leviathan, that we become without sin even in our unconscious mind, Abel's name changes to Adam.


What's the difference between Adam and Abel? Adam rules the powers and principalities of this world from the surface of the sea, still underneath the firmament. Abel exercises the authority of God from underneath the sea. When Abel is raised from the dead in us, when the mind of Christ is raised from the dead in us, remember Abel died, and he was buried underneath the ground. Abel died and the breath of life was buried underneath the ground. So, to have Abel raised from the dead in us, the breath of life is raised from underneath the ground, and the mind of God starts functioning in us, but he is still underneath the sea. Satan is the sea. So when Abel dominates Satan, when he dominates Satan he is dominating Leviathan, he's now on top of the sea. His name changes to Adam. If you can hear it.


We are talking about Elijah. I told you all that as background for the latest understanding that I have of what happened on Mount Carmel. I no longer believe that the prophet Elijah took a Godly control of the minds of the Sons of Israel and enlisted them in his assignment to murder the physical prophets of Baal. I don't think that is what happened. I think that the Sons of Israel were the prophets of Baal. Elijah went up on Mount Carmel and I cannot quote you this scripture exactly, but he said something to the Sons of Israel to the effect, who is on God's side? And the King James says that not one of them, not ONE Son of Israel said a word, silence. Why was there silence? Because they weren't the Sons of Israel.


Their carnal mind was so completely dominating the Christ mind in them that the only ones who were really there were the prophets of Baal. They were all worshipping Baal. Their carnal mind was completely ruling their life, but Elijah went to them and addressed them as men of Israel. Brethren, in the same way that Jesus comes to the church or the way He came to Gideon and said, oh you mighty men of valor. The way He comes to the church and says, oh you saints, you Holy ones of God, and the people of God, because of their ignorance, because they haven't been taught properly say, wow in this fallen mortal condition I am a saint of God, I'm a son of God, I can do everything, and this is a belief that comes from their carnal mind, it is in error.


Jesus refers to us as how He intends to make us. He relates to us in accordance with his vision of us, and then He proceeds to conform us to His image. Isn't that in the Bible? Are we not being conformed to His image? Well, Elijah went to Mount Carmel where all of Jehovah's people, Jehovah's wife, you know Israel was Jehovah's wife. He divorced her, but she was His wife. Jehovah's wife was on Mount Carmel worshipping Baal, and Elijah went up to them and He said, whoever is for God, step over here, and no one said a word, not a one, because every son of God, every member of the wife of Jehovah was a prophet of Baal.


The mind of God in Elijah, Elijah was in full stature, he may even have been in the second stage of resurrection, I am not sure, but Christ who was in Elijah went forward and fulfilled the function of Christ. He attacked Leviathan in the sons of Israel, and weakened her so severely, perhaps even temporarily killed her, I think the scripture says he killed her. He killed Leviathan so completely so that Christ arose as the mind of the sons of Israel, and so long as Elijah was able to keep Leviathan. . . .the principle is this, we saw this in our recent study of Revelation 12, it was very clear there, that the sons of God killed Leviathan, but the serpent came and raised her from the dead. Essential point.


Here is the beast who had the deadly wound but still lives. Another way to explain it, it is not the best example, but if you can see it, it is an example. The scriptural principle is that we live in our children, we live through our offspring. When we die we continue on through our offspring. This is a principle that has existed throughout the world for generations. We continue on through our children. The Bible principle is that if we have no children we cease to exist. That's the Old Testament principle.


So, a woman has a child, an only child and he dies. Scripturally speaking, she is dead. Why? Because it is just a matter of time that her body will die and have no offspring. Scripturally speaking, she will be dead, but she has the potential to have another child so she has another child and now even though her only child died she has another recourse. She still will live after her death because she produced another child. This is the principle. Elijah came in. He killed Leviathan in every one of the sons of Israel, but the serpent came back and raised her from the dead. In the same manner that when Leviathan rose from the dead the sons of Israel murdered Christ in Elijah, and he had to call out to God who sent Michael to raise Christ from the dead in Elijah.


This principle is very clear in our recent message on Revelation 12, not the old one from seven or eight years ago. The recent message called Revelation 12, this is the major principle, if you can hear it. Another example is, if we would have the strength to grow out a new arm every time it was cropped off, if we were mature enough spiritually to fully control this body, if someone cut our arm off we would just grow another arm out. We would generate another arm. The root of this creation is the serpent, and the root of Christ is Elohim who cannot be separated from God so no matter how many people we kill in this visible world which would be likened to the arms or the branches on the tree, no matter how many were cut off, the root regenerates.


So Elijah came to Mount Carmel, and he saw that all the sons of Israel had been overcome by Baal, had been utterly unfaithful to Christ and were fully married to Baal, and Christ in Elijah took control of their carnal minds and killed them. Christ in Elijah circumcised Leviathan off of the sons of Israel, killed the prophets of Baal, and Christ arose and worshipped God, but the serpent came and raised Leviathan from the dead, and Leviathan circumcised Christ in each of the individual sons of Israel, and this in the Alternate Translation. I didn't even know what I was saying when I translated this. I didn't understand the depth of it, and as soon as Leviathan rose from the dead she circumcised Christ in the individual and then as one man Leviathan and Satan went after the Christ in Elijah who had killed Leviathan in the first place.


The indication to me is that the only reason that Elijah was strong enough to kill Leviathan in the sons of Israel was that he took them by surprise. This is the way I am seeing it right now. They were not mobilized, you see. Leviathan in each man and each son of Israel was not connected and mobilized to withstand the attack that came from Elijah. They had never seen that kind of power in a man of God before. They didn't expect it. So he came in and he circumcised Leviathan off of all of them. When the serpent raised Leviathan from the dead in the sons of Israel, she raised them in a greater form, they were mobilized, they had an understanding and as one man they went after Elijah and were able to circumcise Christ off of Elijah.


The significance here is the third party. We are a tripartite being. I know that many in the church today are preaching that we are a one-part being. They are denying that we are a duality, and here I am teaching that we are a tripartite being, if you have the mind of Christ, you are a tripartite being. You have the carnal mind, the mind of Christ, and your personality. That which we are trying to save is your third part. Your personality has the deciding vote. Apparently, when the serpent rose up and raised Leviathan from the dead the personalities of the sons of Israel choose the life of this world which is the life of Leviathan over the life of God. They had to be in agreement with their carnal mind to kill Elijah.


Brethren, I want to tell you, many people, more than not, in the church, they look at the life of a prophet and they are horrified. They are not willing to accept the isolation. They are not willing to make the sacrifice of the things of this world to obtain spiritual riches. I suggest to you that the sons of Israel were horrified at the thought of not having a wife. Elijah didn't have a wife, and of all the other sacrifices that he made to be in the relationship that he was in with Jehovah through Michael that was manifesting. . . The sons of Israel cast down Elijah who was Savior to them. Elijah and Elisha were Saviors to Israel. Jesus is the Savior of the world, but Elijah was the Savior of Israel. They didn't want him any more than they wanted Jesus when he manifested or any more than the church wants Jesus today.


That's a shocking thing to say, but there is a false Jesus in the church today. The church doesn't want Jesus. They don't want Him. The don't want the true Jesus. So, I told you all this because we are looking at this drawing on the board, and we are talking about Moses and I am telling you that, in my opinion, Moses did not take his personality up....well it is not Moses. I should be saying that Michael and Adam, the spiritual life in Moses, Christ that was appearing in Moses, that was acting as a controller, to control the carnal minds of the people in the hopes that Christ would rise up in them, Michael and Adam in that man did not succeed in saving the personality of Moses.


This is what we read about in the Book of Jude. And Michael was contending with the devil for the body or for the personality of Moses. See, Michael was going back up above the firmament. That's no problem, but he was trying to take the personality with him. I do not believe he succeeded; however, Moses appears on the Mount of Transfiguration because everything that the spirit that was in Moses did for Christ went on, and Moses did great things. The spiritual life in Moses did great things for the whole human race. He did great things for Israel, and Israel eventually produced the Messiah so, therefore, the works of Moses did great things for all of humanity, and it is that part of him that went on that was seen on the Mount of Transfiguration. Every thing that Moses did to Israel is a part of what Jesus is today. Jesus is not only the sum total of all that came before Him, He is beyond all that came before Him. He's greater than the parts.


This is drawing #2. The board is divided into A and B. I am trying to show you the sum total of all of Elohim's parts that are culminating in us. Part A is an example of incarnation. Elohim appeared as a visible point. His first appearance was as a point of light. You see, down here in Part B I am showing you the line of direction that Elohim has been moving in since He appeared as a point. Now it is not from left to right, it is from inside to outside, but this is the only way I know how to draw it. In Part A we see the point of light increasing into a line, a line which is Elohim's light stream which is made up of many particles or photons of light, and then as He continued to maneuver in such a way that caused Him to become more and more visible He enfolds upon...., now this is not just Elohim, this is also how the Serpent is incarnating. This is just incarnation.


The spirit begins to enfold upon itself and then it enfolds upon itself more and more closely until it becomes a visible mass, and I've drawn a picture of a stick person. Of course, this is the Serpent's expression of man as we know it, and we see the brain having indentations that could easily appear to be a serpent or the serpent enfolding upon himself in our brain and also our intestines are all wrapped up and enfolding on themselves. We are the physical expression of what is a perversion of the true spiritual intention of incarnation. It begins with a point of light, increases into a light stream, and the light stream enfolds upon itself to produce a visible form.


Part B - I have chosen the different layers that Elohim is piercing through after He left His point of origin. He becomes Michael, then He becomes Adam, then He becomes Moses, then He becomes Elijah, then He becomes Jesus, now He is appearing as us, and at the end Elohim who was originally in the bosom of the Father and unseparated, undifferentiated, will be an immortal Son of God, a visible expression of Jehovah out of which Elohim flowed forth.


My whole point of Part B is that we should try to understand that as Elohim goes forth on His journey He keeps gathering layers upon Himself. All these layers up here that are enfolding upon themselves, this is just another way of showing Part B. Each one of these layers that Elohim pierces through, each experience that He has, Michael, Adam, Moses, Elijah, becomes a layer that enfolds upon Himself that is contributing to His appearance as a visible being, and we are all the way out here. He is almost to the end of Himself because when Elohim gets to the end of Himself and brings the whole creation into a condition of a mortal son, we will be one with Jehovah who started this whole thing. And the River of Life, that river which connects us to our source, that's why Jesus said He was the Alpha and the Omega, it means He is connected to His source, this will be happening in each of us.


We have had other messages showing the River of Life restored in each of us, but the River of Life must also be restored through the whole creation, and when the whole creation is reconciled to Jehovah, we will each be a river and there will be one River of Life of which we will all be a part, and the whole creation will be connected to itself and all of its parts, and you can read about that in the Alternate Translation of Ezekiel Chapter 1. The glorified man was connected to Himself in every part and was fully functioning as an expression of the Most High God. Any questions or comments on this board?


We are back from dinner, and we are still looking at Drawing #2. I did mention briefly this morning how in this hour Jesus is the Savior of all mankind, and how Jesus can act like Elohim or operate in the office of Elohim. Jesus can operate in the office of Michael. Jesus can operate as the Word of God. He is all things to us, His offspring. Jesus is God to us, His offspring. That is what is demonstrated by Part B of Drawing #2. Here is Jesus over here, and He can manifest anything that is before Him. He can manifest Elijah, He can manifest Moses, He can manifest Adam, Michael, or Elohim. He is the spirit of Elijah.


By the spirit of Elijah He ascended up above the firmament. He did the same thing that Elijah did. by the spirit of Elijah He can control our carnal minds. Elijah did that for Elisha. What did Moses do? Moses gave the law. Jesus is the spiritual law. He comes in the form of Christ which is the internalized law. Jesus also comes as the Holy Spirit which I suggest to you is. . . .it is not that the Holy Spirit is the spirit of Elohim. The Holy Spirit is the expression of Jesus Christ that does what Elohim did before Jesus was. The spirit of Elohim came, and He came with the purpose of sowing His seed in the creation. Elohim came and then He became the seed which was Michael, and then Michael implanted Himself, and the implanted seed is called Adam.


Take a picture of the board and I am going to put this other concept on the board for you. This board is pretty full. I tried to make it as clear as I can. I will see how this explanation goes. I might erase just part of these comments and add additional comments. Now, what's very hard to see is the outline of this black hole. I have it in black. This black hole is referring to the individual human being who is being raised from the dead. I have dotted lines crossing over one another extending from the whole. . . .this signifies the sides of the abyss which is collapsed.


Hopefully, if you are reading this message, you have read Quantum Mechanics in Creation, for which series I have many drawings showing that the sides of the abyss have collapsed. They crossed over one another, and they collapsed sealing in mankind which now exists at the bottom of the sea because the sky fell. The sky or heaven is just another word for waters, and they fell down.


In the Hebrew, there is one Hebrew word that signifies the waters or the heavens above and the waters beneath. It is not clear in the Greek as far as I know. Although I am much more a student of the Hebrew than the Greek as far as I know there is no differentiation between the waters above the firmament and the waters beneath the firmament in the Greek. The word is just waters. But those of us who have been studying for a while know that the Hebrew is a much richer language than the Greek, and it is one Hebrew word for the waters above the firmament and another Hebrew word for the waters beneath. The sky fell down. Heaven fell down. The waters above the firmament fell down beneath the firmament, and we know that mankind and the world that we live in is an image, a reflection, of spiritual life. There are now no waters above the firmament? There is now no image of the visible spiritual world. The image is underneath the sea, and we are fallen man dwelling in Atlantis.


So, the black circle indicates the black hole. All of humanity is one black hole. The universe is one black hole, and we are black holes within black holes within black holes. Our planet is a black hole. A black hole is characterized by an intense gravitational field that nothing can escape from, not even light. The earth itself is a black hole except that man has discovered a way of escaping from the gravitational pull of the earth through science, but basically speaking the earth is a black hole, and now man who has overcome gravity through science is seeking to overcome the spiritual gravity which brings men to death. What's going on in the world today? Men are seeking immortality. Most, outside of the spirit of God. What is immortality? If you escape from the gravitational pull that pulls us downward until we die. Can you hear that?


Now the purpose of this drawing is to demonstrate to you that Jesus Christ is the Savior of fallen man, and Jesus Christ can function in relationship to any man as any one of the generations before Him which we showed you in drawing #2. The Spirit of Jesus Christ, because He is glorified now can be Elohim to a man, can be Michael to a man, can be Adam to a man, can be Christ Jesus, the first and the last Adam. He's everything to us. This is how Michael can appear in Revelation 12.


It is really the Spirit of Jesus Christ in His function that is doing what Michael does. So, we have the black circle which is the black hole of an individual man, and I show you in red the Spirit of Christ which is the glorified Jesus coming down from above the firmament, coming down from heaven. I have three dotted lines coming down because He sprays Himself out. He is not coming down as one single line. He is a light stream, a stream of light particles that's coming down as a wave and spraying all of humanity.


The scripture says He's pouring Himself out upon all flesh. He's seed that's being scattered. When He's above the firmament He's the Spirit of Christ. He's the glorified Spirit of Jesus Christ. When He comes in contact with an unregenerate man He becomes the Holy Spirit. Why is He not the Spirit of Christ to you on first contact? Because the Spirit of Christ only appears in Christ. Now if you are an unregenerate man, and the Spirit of Christ comes out of a man. . . .Let's say I have the Spirit of Christ, I'm preaching, and the spirit that's coming out of me is the Spirit of Christ, when it touches you if you are unregenerate it becomes the Holy Spirit because Christ is not in you. What I give out when it touches you becomes something else. How could that be? Well, I am a world unto myself, a cosmos. You are a world unto yourself. We are not the same person.


The Spirit of Christ is the same person, and the Spirit of Christ doesn't change but when he touches you He is in one form because you are in one condition. When He touches you He is in another form because you are in a different condition. So what the spirit that comes out of me, what He is or the form He takes when He connects with you is a result of the combination of Himself in you. Can you hear that? I feel to say that again. Please bear with me.


The Spirit of Christ comes out of the one who is preaching, but the form that He takes in the person receiving Him is the combination of what comes out of me plus the person that He enters into. He doesn't change, but it depends on the condition of the person that He enters into that determines the form that He takes. In an unregenerate person He becomes the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit that's not engrafted. Now what does the Holy Spirit do?


I want to suggest to you that the Holy Spirit is doing to fallen humanity what Jehovah did to Elohim. remember Elohim separated from Jehovah, and He was dispersed through the waters of the abyss, and He did not have enough strength to implant Himself in the earth. He did not have enough strength to become a light stream that moves, that would have propelled itself downward and implanted Himself in the earth. So Jehovah hovered over the surface of the waters, and stirred up the waters, giving His energy, giving of His electric field. Jehovah formed an electric field in the waters which magnetized Elohim, and there was an interference, they repelled each other, the magnetic and electric field repelled one another, and Elohim bundled up into particles of light called photons, and went streaming down through the waters to implant Himself in the earth.


That's what the Holy Spirit is doing for us. He's coming to you and He's hovering around you, if you don't have Christ, He's hovering around you, and it is His intention to stir up your spirit. He wants to stir up your spirit so that when your spirit stirs up that the conditions will be right for Him to change from the Holy Spirit into the seed that can implant Himself in your spirit. Jesus Christ is everything. He just changes form. He's all things to all men. Depending on where you are in your spiritual growth, that is what He is to you. He's everything that came before Him as we see on Drawing #2.


So, the Holy Spirit is in red, is floating around, many seeds are floating around in this man, and one seed makes contact with the human spirit. The name of the engrafted seed is Michael. If you remember the drawings that we have of the abyss at the beginning of time, Michael's light stream was driven down beneath the firmament and planted Himself in the earth, and Michael was the seed that implanted in the earth, put down roots, and grass appeared. So Michael, the seed became the underground roots, and the grass that appeared above the ground was called Adam.


The Spirit of Christ is doing the same thing for us. He enters into our unregenerate being, He becomes the Holy Spirit. When He succeeds in engrafting to our human spirit He's doing what Michael does. He's the seed, and when the engrafted seed starts to mature it raises the Mind of Christ from the dead, that's Abel being raised from the dead. Now remember, Abel is the Mind of Christ that has not yet dominated Satan. Now let me clarify this. Sometimes, I say Satan and Leviathan, sometimes I just say Satan. Mostly because I don't have room on the board, but listen if you are dominating Satan you are dominating Leviathan.


You cannot dominate Satan without having first dominated Leviathan. If I say that you are dominating Leviathan it does not necessarily mean that you have dominated Satan, but to dominate Satan means to dominate Leviathan. Leviathan lives in. . .that is Satan, so if you dominate Satan you dominate everything in her sea. It is possible to dominate Leviathan and not dominate Satan. It is not possible to dominate Satan and not dominate Leviathan. When I say to you, Satan is dominated, that includes Leviathan.


Abel is risen as a result of Michael engrafting Himself. Well, what does that mean? Remember the picture of the abyss at the beginning of time. Michael implants Himself in the earth, puts down roots, and grass crops up on the surface of the earth. Down here in Hell that grass is Abel rising from the dead, but He's seaweed you see, down here under the sea, and He has to rise to the surface of the sea. Of course, Abel can exercise His authority. . . .I don't know if He's seaweed, I think that's a bad joke! It just popped out of my mind. He's not a weed. He's under the sea, but He's not a weed.


Abel has to rise to the surface of the sea, and what does it mean to rise to the surface of the sea? It means to dominate the sea. If you are dwelling underneath the sea, and that sea is an oppressive force on your life, if that sea does not want you to rise, if that sea is antagonistic to your rising (and what's another word for rising? It's resurrection.), to rise to the surface of a sea that is antagonistic to you is to dominate the sea, to take dominion over the sea, and it includes defeating Leviathan, the dragon who swims in the sea. We start with the Spirit of Christ, He becomes the Holy Spirit in unregenerate man, when He engrafts Himself He's in the function of Michael, the engrafted seed, and the mind of Christ is Abel risen from the dead, and then Abel starts exercising His authority, flexing his muscles, He enters into a warfare with Leviathan, and He starts to ascend.


When Abel gets to the surface of the sea He's no longer Abel, but He becomes Christ which is Adam, Christ which is Adam dominating Satan, and this is the first stage of resurrection. Adam has ascended to the surface of the sea, is dominating Satan and Leviathan, and is sinless, first stage of resurrection. For all intents and purposes, this is all the Spirit of Jesus Christ in all these different forms. When Abel rises to the surface of the sea He's taking a personality with Him. This is Jesus leading captivity captive. This is Jesus in you, the Spirit of Christ, the Holy Spirit, Michael, and Adam, it is all Jesus in you.


Well, where are you? You are the personality that He's taking up with Him. You are the captive that He's leading into the captivity of Himself because we are becoming His bond servant. Now, we see that Adam continues to ascend, and He's coming to the place where He is about to break out of this black hole completely, but before He breaks out of the black hole completely there is a marriage to Michael. Now, we see Michael down here. Michael's in this fallen world as the Holy Spirit. Michael's in this fallen world as the engrafted seed, but Michael is also in heaven above the firmament, and He's also the Spirit of Christ, He's all these things.


You may remember recently I commented on the son being in heaven and in earth at the same time. That's why it is not correct to say that there are three members of the Godhead. The trinity is a false teaching. There is just the Father and the Son, but the Son is above and beneath at the same time. As Adam ascends even further above the surface of the sea there is a marriage, and I didn't have room to put it on this board, but the marriage is between the resurrected Adam and Michael, but where did Michael come from? Well, He's the Spirit of Christ, but when Adam marries the Spirit of Christ the Spirit of Christ is functioning as Michael, if you can hear it.


What I didn't have room to put on the board is that your personality is involved in that marriage. It is not just a marriage of Adam and Michael, the first and the last Adam, the beginning and the end, the first and the last. The personality of the individual that this whole drawing typifies is in that marriage also. Mortal man, a garden sealed, as told in the Song of Solomon. Mortal man is a garden sealed. The surface of the sea is Satan.


I don't have it on the board, but the third stage of the resurrection is the leaving behind of the body, and the ascension out of the black hole of the first and the last Adam taking with them the personality of the man that is typified by this black hole. When Michael and Adam who are appearing in this band join with this man's personality and ascend out of the black hole the body of the man will cease to exist. It will be as if it never existed because Michael and Adam will have returned to the golden time line, the eternal time line, and the personality of the man who they were regenerated in will have escaped from the disappearing time line, and his body will simply cease to exist as if it never was which truth we find demonstrated in accordance with the laws of Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Electrodynamics.


I will now show you the third stage of the resurrection. Any questions?


COMMENT: What happens to the human spirit?


PASTOR VITALE: The human spirit is swallowed up just like in human reproduction the sperm penetrates the female ovum, and the two so completely join that they become one cell. Their union is so complete that they become one cell, but this one cell is not a sperm and it is not an ovum. It is something that's not either one. It's different. It's called a zygote, and it is the first cell of the new baby. So, the human spirit ceases to exist. He is swallowed up into Abel who then increases into Adam who then increases into Christ Jesus, the first and the last Adam together.


COMMENT: Are we to think of Michael and Jesus as cells of Jehovah?


PASTOR VITALE: I don't see how, unless I don't understand what you are saying. Michael and Jesus are the Son of Jehovah. What is coming to me now is that each human being is a shell of the body. No, Michael and Adam are not cells of Jehovah. The personality that's being saved, the individual human is a cell, but Michael and Adam are one spiritual being, the first and the last Adam together, one spiritual being, that is appearing in a multitude of human beings. They are not divided.


As you can see, Adam has risen as far as He can rise without going through the firmament. The Spirit of Christ which is the Spirit of Jesus Christ, the spirit of Christ above the firmament, which is the seed acting as Michael that engrafted to the human spirit is now present as Michael meeting Adam, the last and the first Adam. Michael is the last Adam, and the resurrected Adam is the first Adam, and the personality has risen with Michael and Adam as captivity was taken captive by Michael and Adam, and we see that the first and last Adam or Christ and the bride of Christ is the personality. The three are joining in one. This is the three-fold cord. Before the fall there was only two cords, Michael and Adam, and it was broken and we are told that a three-fold cord is not easily broken.


I have one more diagram that shows you the difference in creation before the fall and after the fall. We see that the world beneath the firmament disappears as the personality ascends with Michael and Adam to become a magnificent immortal man. We also see that the Holy Jerusalem which is descending from heaven as a bride adorned for her husband, this is just a way of saying that the world above the firmament is holy and pure and who is she marrying? She is marrying Jehovah.


This whole creation is the bride of Jehovah. Now Elohim is down here building the creation and when she's ready she's the bride of Jehovah. Everything is going to be connected on every level. So, the Holy Jerusalem is the restored world above the firmament. It is mankind restored to holiness above the firmament, and is now fully fit to marry Jehovah and all will be one. Jehovah and Elohim and every experience that Elohim has had since the beginning, Moses, Adam, Michael, Elijah, Jesus, and all of us we are all going to be a glorified creation married to Jehovah. Exactly what life will be like at that time I have no idea, but it will be wonderful.


It will be in holiness and in righteousness. Who knows? Eye has not seen and ear has not heard what is in store for us or what our purpose is. I have no idea. I have heard this teaching, although I haven't heard it in Kingdom circles yet, that what's in store for us is that we will be inhabiting all of the planets of the universe, we will be going out and spreading the life of God all over the planets. I don't think so Brethren because this whole universe is folding up like a scroll and going out like a light. So, if you believe that, I don't mean to mock you, but in my opinion your thought is carnal.


What is our purpose? I have absolutely no idea whatsoever. I cannot even relate to live outside of this animal body. I really can't. I have some concept of what it will be like. I won't have any emotions to deal with, I won't have the infirmity of this flesh to deal with, I won't sleep, I won't eat, I won't void, I will not be subject to the disease of the body, my thoughts will be creative, I will think and I will be there, I will think and I will have, I will understand all of the secrets of the universe and of creation and of the power of God that formed everything that is. That's as far as I get. What am I going to do with it? When every human being has been restored to God, what am I going to do with this knowledge and this condition? I have no idea.


Some people say we will be like Jesus, we will have our own world and we will be a Savior to that world. Well, that doesn't set right with me either, but it could be true. I think that Jehovah has some great purpose that my puny brain cannot eve comprehend at this time, and I think He has a great purpose beyond doing the same thing over and over and over again and making all of us Saviors of our own universes. It sounds like the pride of man to me, but if I am wrong we will find out.


Drawing #5 is a word study in the Greek on seed, on the English word seed. I am sorry but apparently I didn't put in my notes the Strong's number for rhema and logos, but I do have the Strong's number for sperma, #4690, and spora, #4701. All of these words are translated seed or in some cases the Word of God. I'm sorry, it is not translated the Word of God. Jesus said the seed is the Word of God. All of these Greek words are translated seed.


The rhema is the spoken word, and who did the speaking? Jehovah did the speaking. And who did He speak into existence? Actually, He spoke His own son into existence. Jehovah spoke it, and Elohim went forth to be what Jehovah spoke, and the same thing is happening to us today. Elohim is Jesus. Jesus is the Savior of fallen man, and when He is doing the function of Elohim He is Elohim to us, and Jesus is coming and He's looking at us and He's saying, this is the calling on your life, and this is the calling on your life, and this is what you will be and I will work with you until you become what I have called you to be.


Jehovah spoke the worlds into existence, and Elohim came forth as the beginning of what Jehovah has spoken, and this function to us down here underneath the firmament is the function of Jesus that we call the Holy Spirit. The sperma, Strongs's 4690, that is the thing sown. Jesus becomes the thing sown to us when He starts interacting with our human spirit.


Now remember, the Holy Spirit to us is that manifestation of Jesus that hovers over us trying to get our attention, trying to stir up our human spirit, and once our human spirit is stirred up He begins to interact with us, and He becomes a seed to us, and once He implants Himself Jesus becomes a spora to us, #4701. That the seed that's sown, it's the seed that's in the ground or the seed that's in our human spirit. That is the beginning of the resurrection of the Mind of Christ, when He engrafts to our human spirit. It is the beginning of Abel's resurrection, and then last but not least, last but actually greatest is the Greek word logos which means the mental faculty.


This is the Greek word used when Jesus said, the seed is the Word of God. He used the word logos. He didn't use any of these other three words. He used the Greek word logos. the logos is Christ Jesus. It is the last and the first Adam together typifying the Word of God, this which was spoken into existence in the form of doctrine and actually it is in the form of a mind but more than a mind it is our new man because we have the Mind of Christ. This is our new man, it is the Word of God, it is the doctrine, it is everything that's in Christ, all of the knowledge that's coming forth here, all of the wisdom as to how to deal with spiritual things, and how to live in the spiritual world, it is the mature mental faculty that is complete in the last and the first Adam, the logos. Jesus was in the days of His flesh the logos.


He is the appearance of Christ Jesus on the white horse in Revelation 19, the Word of God with all the crowns on His head. In relation to your last question, that man on the horse with the white hair typifies the last Adam and the first Adam together appearing in many men. Each crown signifying a man. This is the whole basis of the Body of Christ. It is the last and first Adam in me and the last and the first Adam in you and the last and the first Adam in you, and we are all one in our subconscious and unconscious mind, but in our personalities we are individual. Now, of course, that is not complete now because most of us are still living our of Leviathan most of the time.


Drawing #6 - This is the creation of God. I have in parenthesis after God, Elohim. This is Elohim's creation. Elohim who was one with Jehovah, in the bosom of the Father. I thought Jesus was in the bosom of the Father? Yes, He was in Elohim. Jesus is an expression of Elohim, and every expression of Elohim that came before Jesus. Jesus is the sum total of all of Elohim's experience in this world. This is Elohim's creation. Elohim in the abyss became the seed, the thing sown. His name changed. Elohim was the spoken word, and then He became the seed that was sown, and when He became the seed that was sown His name changed to Michael.


We can see that Michael is in every part of this creation. He is the roots of the tree. In case you can't see it, this is the Tree of Life. This creation of God is the Tree of Life. The roots that are in the earth are Michael. Why? Because He was the seed sown. Michael is the River of Life, and when the River of Life skimmed through the surface of the earth it implanted Himself, and He became the sown seed. So the river of Life is Michael, the sown seed is Michael, the roots are Michael, and Michael plants Himself beneath the surface of the earth, and when a plant grows up, when grass grows up it becomes Adam so for all intents and purposes Adam is Michael. Can you hear this?


Michael is the seed, Michael buries Himself under the earth, Michael puts down roots and a plant appears. the plant is Michael in another form. Can you hear this? Now, you may recall that Adam, the first Adam, died because he was just some low grass that was growing only beneath the firmament, and when the waters came down underneath the firmament they brought forth a weed in the garden, and the first Adam was killed because he was just grass. This is the fully finished creation of God, and the grass has grown up tall enough to extend beyond the firmament, and the grass is interwoven with the River of Life that's coming through.


Do you remember the river of Life came down, pierced the firmament, pierced the surface of the earth, and stepped up through the firmament, and diffracted into many different beams of light. Well now, Adam the grass is intertwined with the River of Light that's diffracted and dispersing itself across the seas. Adam is now twisted together with him. Now we have the first and the last Adam together, and we see a tree trunk appearing. A tree whose roots are in the earth, and whose trunk extends from beneath the firmament to the surface of the seas where the top of the trunk breaks out into branches which are the twelve tribes of Israel, and in each of those twelve tribes we have many human beings each of which is a personality which are the leaves on the tree which are appearing on the surface of the waters of the abyss, and this is the visible spiritual world called heaven.


Our personalities are being transferred from underneath the seas of the black hole which, for the people in this drawing, the black hole doesn't exist any more, and our personalities have ascended from the depths of hell to the heights of heaven, from the visible physical world down in hell under the stagnant water unto the visible spiritual world which looks upon the face of God continuously. Isn't there a scripture that says that? My computer is down or I would go look it up. And the angels of heaven look upon the face of God all the day long. Isn't there a scripture like that in the New Testament? Something like that, in those faithful ones their angels looked toward the Father. Always beholding the face of God, something like that. This is what that scripture is talking about.


This is the diagram of someone in full stature. Their angel, their spiritual man is on top of the surface of the waters above their physical body is still in the earth. Jesus' physical body was still in the earth, but His spirit man called Christ Jesus, always during the days of His flesh, beheld the face of God. Jesus' spiritual man was in the visible spiritual world on the surface of the waters where we look into the face of Jehovah continuously.. That's what it means.


We see that this creation is of Elohim. Elohim has built this creation for Jehovah, and Elohim made Himself into the seed that was the beginning of the whole thing, and the name of the seed is Michael. Michael is really the first, the beginning of the whole thing. Adam is an expression of Michael, and when the circle is completed Michael and Adam are together on the top so Michael. . . .Why the scripture talks about the first and last Adam, the only explanation I can come up for that is that everything in this world is backwards compared to the spiritual world because as I see the teaching coming forth Michael is much more important than Adam, and I see that Adam is an expression of Michael. Yet, we hear very little about Michael in the New Testament. Everything we hear about is Adam. Why? Because Jesus in the days of His flesh was Adam. He was Adam raised from the dead.


The whole message of the New Testament is to give hope to fallen man that we can return above the firmament, and we are the plant which is the expression of Michael which has to intertwine with Michael so that we can become immortal in a form that. . . .you see, Adam twisted together with Michael like this is never going to fall again. The New Testament doesn't talk that much about Michael. It talks about Adam which we are striving to be Adam raised from the dead. The New Testament is a message to us, it is a message saying, coming on there is a way out, and Michael is appearing to fallen man as Jesus. Jesus the Savior of fallen man. So we don't hear much about Michael.


We hear about the fallen man who overcame and is now our Savior. We don't hear that Michael is the one that saved Jesus. Somebody had to do it for Jesus. Who was it that did it for Jesus? Michael did it for Jesus. Now Michael is coming to us in the personality of Jesus, the one that we can identify with, the human being that was born of a woman that overcame, we can relate to Him, we can understand Him, we can read about His life and say, well He made it and we will make it too, but it is Michael coming in the person of Jesus, Michael putting Himself in a form that we can relate to, but you see He made Himself of almost no reputation.


Michael is mentioned twice in the New Testament. He's hardly mentioned once or twice in the Old Testament. He made Himself of no reputation because Michael is not concerned with making a big name for Himself. Michael is concerned with getting His people out of hell. He's relating to us in the form of a resurrected, regenerated man, and He's laid down His own glory so that we could relate to the personality that He is appearing in. You know, that's Jesus' testimony. He made Himself of no personal reputation, and this will be the testimony of every minister that is truly in Christ. They will make themselves of no reputation. The only thing that matters is that people get out of hell, that God's people get out of hell.


It is the only thing that matters, and we who minister in Christ we have faith that Jesus will meet our personal needs in this world, and we minister quietly and unobserved towards the deliverance of mankind. Now am I against big name ministries? I am not against them if God called them, but in my opinion they are old order ministries. I do not believe that new order ministries are going. . . I don't expect to ever be on TV, I don't want to be, don't expect to be. I would like to be as anonymous as possible. A lot of people might know my name, but not many people know what I look like. They have to know my name because you have to have a name on the books and messages that go out. that's the only reason they know my name.


I am not against TV ministries. They do a lot of good, but in my opinion they are old order ministries. What does that mean? They are not judging the sins of the people. That quality qualifies a ministry as a new order ministry. There are ministries that call themselves new order, but they are not because if you are a new order ministry you are exposing the hidden sins of the people so that they can put Leviathan under their feet and stand up in full stature. We will not stand up in full stature by doctrine alone. The fact that you are preaching a Kingdom message does not mean you are a new order ministry.


Now, many deliverance ministries help people to put Leviathan under their feet, although not all of them. Some deliverance ministries will teach you to confess your sins and repent and to overcome, but the new order ministry is a ministry in which Christ is in the minister helping the people to put Leviathan under their feet. Old order deliverance is God's mercy to people in whom Christ is not being formed. Old order deliverance ministry is God's mercy to people with the Holy Spirit.


We have many ministries today that call themselves new order. They are preaching all kinds of Kingdom doctrine, but they are not setting the people free. We were at a convention in Pennsylvania not long ago where apparently several of these ministers got that revelation that their doctrine has not set anybody free, but somehow this revelation did not lead to their finding out that something was lacking in their ministry, and they went back to the gifts of the spirit, and you can't go back with Jesus, you see. If you try to go back you are going to be with another spirit. We have to go on.


That is a beautiful drawing. That drawing just gets me so excited, and we have to realize that this is a diagram of the individual, and it is also a diagram of the whole new world because there are many trees. Remember Ezekiel saw many trees on both sides of the river.


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