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It is like electricity. Ever saw a science fiction movie?  It is cracking between all of us, and it is possible if we were all in this place to have held on to that even though we do these carnal things and just sit down and pick up right where we left off, but it is a connection, and the correction was broken. I am not criticizing anybody.  Both of you did not understand what was happening, and He went down. When a carnal thought rises up in you, it covers over Christ.


This is an essential revelation that we have two minds, and only one mind can be on top so the second that anyone of us yields to a carnal thought, Scripturally speaking, Christ is down in the water.  Even in our everyday life, our carnal pursuits, our children, and whatever, we need to know that when we are thinking with our carnal mind that Christ is buried ?  We cannot take any condemnation in this.


The whole concept is that we are in a war, and when we are in a carnal aspect of our life, if our children come in, or we have a job, or if we are at the supermarket, or whatever we do, until Jesus changes that, it cannot be helped.  We will be in our carnal mind so what we are working on right now, what the Lord would like you to do if you could just understand this, if you have the understanding then you are able to say, Jesus help me. If you do not have the understanding you cannot even say, Jesus help me.


The teaching was coming forth, the anointing was ahead of me. I was the problem. I was not willing to go in there. I was not willing to give up my breakfast, and I do not particularly think that the Lord wanted me to give up my breakfast, because if He had really wanted me to give up my breakfast I would have done it.


I am trying to make this as clear as possible. It is the kind of thing where sometimes the anointing just starts to flow. It could have been the Lord saying, Sheila, Ido not want you eat, come in, this is really urgent, come in I have something to say to the people.  Of course, I would have given up my breakfast.


That would have been the Lord Jesus, but this was Christ in me, and He just started flowing forth. Sometimes you get a prophesy when you are on the toilet. I have gotten prophesies when I was driving a car, and I would say, Lord, I am going to crash the car.  In this manner, the Scripture says that the prophesy is subject to the prophet. 


If you are getting a prophesy when you are driving the car and you think you might crash up the car, you had better pull over to the side of the road, but do something like that, because the prophesy is subject to the prophet because Christ in you, not the Lord Jesus, the Christ flowing forth in you, He will just come forth whenever He comes forth.


We have to be completely controlled in every aspect of our life, and I made a decision that what was coming forth over there was not the Lord Jesus saying, Get into your chair. I have something really important to tell you. I felt that it was Christ in me just beginning to flow forth, and I know that if I do not eat I may not be any good to you. I may hold up for half an hour, and after that I will not be any good to anybody, so I made this decision that if it was not urgent that we would take a five minute break and sit down at the table.


You just need to know that He is here, but the connection broke, and when something like that happens the ideal thing to do would be to keep the questions in your mind. The last question was when Jesus prayed, Our Father, what was He praying to? That is the question so if you want to work on this. . . .  You cannot work on this until you understand it, so every time it happens I will bring it to your attention until you come to the place where when this happens, the thought arises in your mind. 


Neither one of you realized what was happening. That is why we talk about these things. If they do not become an automatic reaction in you until it is pointed out to you that your automatic reaction was to default to your carnal mind, that is what we are doing here. We are pointing this out, and when you get it in your heart, if I have to tell you 60 million times, when it finally clicks in your heart the next thing that is going to happen if you are going to have the warfare, your Christ mind is going to be aware of what is happening, and the carnal mind is going to try to get you to think about something else. 


You are going to make a decision, and you are going to say, No, carnal mind, I choose to hold on to the teachings, but you are not up to that if you did not realize what was happening. I am just going to tell you every time it happens until Christ in you comes to the point that you have two thoughts in your mind. 


This is the war, two thoughts in your mind, I am going to hold on to what Jesus was doing, or I am goingto go carnal, so you are going to hear me telling you this until you get to the point that you have two thoughts in your mind, because until you have two thoughts in your mind you cannot choose.


This is why the whole church and the whole world has to hear this message, and they have to hear this message with credibility. What does that mean? They have to hear it with some reasonable reason or some measure of reason to believe that it is true. Why? So that they can consider it. You have no choice if you do not realize it. If you do not see the two positions, there is no choice. 

One of the major thrusts in this ministry is to develop within ourselves, by the power of Jesus Christ, the ability to recognize the carnal mind and her activity, because what happened in here is that Christ was manifesting in all three of us. He was up in all three of us and, because of this break, Leviathan seized this opportunity, and that is how the Scripture describes it. She seized the opportunity to flip Christ down on His back and come up as your mind. You have to hear this without condemnation, this is what she did.


She flipped Christ over and made a homosexual harlot out of Him and came up and possessed Him. How did she make a homosexual harlot out of Him? She came up and possessed Him. She had intercourse with Him. The major thrust here is to help you first to understand that this happened, to get your own personal witness from Jesus that is the condition of our existence, that there is only one man, but there are two males because Leviathan is acting like a male, although she is not a man.    


Talk about all these gender issues in the world today, and they are both trying to have intercourse with the personality, and that spiritual intercourse goes on continuously. It never ends. It is not like a human husband and wife. In order for us to have existence we have to be having intercourse, or we do not appear so we are here and that means that every second of our life we are either having intercourse with one or the other male.


This is the war. Who is going to possess us? Our thoughts, who is going to possess our thoughts?  Our default, our automatic is Leviathan, the serpent who has incarnated. We need Jesus to come or Christ to rise up in us and possess our minds. How does He possess our minds? He was just possessing your mind in there. There was an intense discussion, we were of one mind and one accord, and the spirit was flowing. He was up in everyone of us.


Listen to this from this point of view now. I, if you can hear this and do not take this the wrong way, in accordance with the teaching that just came forth about Elisha and Elijah, I am your controller. Jesus controls Leviathan and all the disciples. Jesus' mind was strong enough to keep Leviathan down under Christ in everyone of His disciples.


When the Scripture says that He gave them power over demons and diseases, why did He give them power? Did He give them a beeper? How did He give them the power? Did He inject them with a hypodermic needle? No. His mind, Jesus' mind was strong enough to join with the Christ that was being formed in the individuals. I guess it was, and Jesus was not even resurrected yet. Jesus' mind was powerful enough to go in and put down Leviathan in everyone of those disciples so they must have had the temporary mind of Christ in them.


I have an imparted mind of Christ, and I cannot keep Leviathan down. I keep it down a lot, but I am not in full stature. Obviously, I am not keeping it down enough, or I would be in full stature. It is the same thing that Elijah did with Elisha. In our study of II Kings it was very clear that Elisha was in temporary full stature.


An imparted full stature is when you are in full stature, because you, yourself, have overcome your sin nature, and the Christ in you has the power to keep Leviathan and Satan down. That is an imparted full stature, and an imputed full stature is when someone outside of you joins with your human spirit and together you have the power to put Leviathan down under the Christ in you.


That is what Jesus did for the disciples, that is what Elijah did for Elisha, that is what Elijah did with the sons of Israel when he turned them away from the prophets of Baal and helped him to kill the false prophets. I am your control, and I failed. Can you hear this.


COMMENT:  You failed?


PASTOR VITALE: I never lost sight of the last words which was your excellent question.


As I made my coffee, as I made my breakfast my mind was still focused. Each of you, in turn, tried to talk to me about another issue, and I told each of you, I am trying to hold on to this word. I held on to it within myself, but I failed to join my mind to your mind to the extent that you, too, held on to the word. I was not strong enough to do it. I failed.


COMMENT:  We should not have said anything at that time, we should not have spoken?


PASTOR VITALE:  Let me stop you right here. What you are saying is not in response to what I just said. What did I just say?


COMMENT: That you did not hold, that you failed to have us hold on to the word?    


PASTOR VITALE: I failed, my Christ in me was not strong enough to. . . .and this is the word coming to me, to lock into Christ in you. We had an intense communication in there.


The day is coming that Christ in me will be strong enough to lock in that communication that we had and not only hold my attention which I succeeded within myself.  Do you see what I am saying? Within myself, I held on to the word. I was ready to sit down at this table and pick up answering that question about the, Our Father, but I failed to hold on to Christ in you.      




PASTOR VITALE:  Because you lost the thought.


COMMENT:  Is it by the spirit that you would hold on?


PASTOR VITALE:  By the spirit.  If you are taking this the wrong way you are going to get upset, but I am telling you. . . Let me give you a natural example.  If you have a small child with you, and you are crossing the street, and you say Junior, it is time to cross the street and he does not want to go, you take him by the hand and he crosses the street. This is a physical example. You take his hand and you take him across the street.


If you failed in this instant to hold on to the Christ mind while you were doing carnal behavior, going to the bathroom, making your cup of tea, I was making breakfast, I was making coffee, I was clearing the table, but I never lost my Christ mind. I was ready to sit right down and pick up, understand? Your mind followed your behavior. My mind did not follow my behavior. I held on to the thought while I was doing the carnal behavior. Both of you went into some carnal activity, and your carnal mind manifested.


Can you at least hear what I am saying?  The day is going to come that I am going to be strong enough in Christ to not only hold on to my mind but to hold on to your spiritual hand and bring you across. The day is coming that Christ in me will be strong enough to have sustained this Christ, Holy, Godly, conversation that we were having and to have that conversation we were having communion, and it was of God, and it was Holy, and it was the Word of the Lord, and the day is coming that if I have to stop because I have to get nourishment for this body that I will be able to keep your mind with me even while you go to the bathroom.


Do you understand what I am saying?  Then, eventually, you will be able to do it for yourself.


COMMENT: I do not perceive anything but recapping everything we were doing. In fact, when I asked you about Michael the thought came in my mind that I am going to be rebuked, because I am asking a question that may not be what is on the agenda, but I am going to risk it.


PASTOR VITALE:  This is what we are working on. It is not a question of what is on my agenda.  The issue is the spirit, and no matter what my agenda is, if it is Christ that has risen up in you, I have to bend my knee to Him. This is the true body ministry. He can manifest in you whenever He wants, and if He is manifesting in you I have to submit to that so we cannot come to this place until we can recognize Him clearly.


COMMENT:  One point I want to make. I did not recognize anything particular.          


PASTOR VITALE:   I am not criticizing you, I am not rebuking you.


COMMENT: I am just saying that I do not feel it.


PASTOR VITALE:  This whole exhortation is to help you along your journey to recognize Him where ever He is appearing so apparently. . . .you flow in the spirit a lot, you just do not know it. You flow in the spirit. Frequently, when I do not have direction, the direction comes from you. I would say, more often than not, the lead for the message comes from you, but you do not know that you are doing it.


Right back to the basic message of this ministry.  We must learn to distinguish between Christ and Leviathan, not only in me but in yourselves. When I sit up there, or even here at the table, people who do not understand might say,  She is a totalitarianand she rules that meeting with an iron fist.


I do rule this meeting with an iron fist with regard to your carnal mind. Every time Christ manifests in you I bend my knee to Him. That may not be obvious, because He is not mature enough in you at this point.  Either that, or the Lord is just not doing it, because the word that is coming forth here is not likely to have you interrupt me, because He is manifesting through me.


He can manifest through anyone of us that He wants to. I am the most mature here so when a teaching is coming forth, it is not really likely that He is going to interrupt me though you when He is teaching through me. Do you understand that?  We have some order here, and He will give breaks through me that will let you talk and ask questions and give your input, but the day is coming. . .


As a matter of fact, I had this in my heart the other day that it is not going to be just me. This is not an ego thing. The issue is I, at this point, am not mature enough for Him to do it any other way.  Maybe you will be teaching. Maybe you will have an exhortation. The whole issue is, it has to be Him in you saying, At this moment I am going to do what ever I am going to do through you, and He could do whatever He wants.


Another good example of this is, how could you ever go to college if you never learned to read and write. You have to go to the first grade, second grade, you have to go to grade school and learn how to read and write and learn how to be disciplined, have to sit in your seat. You cannot ever get to college without the basic skills. The Lord has great experiences for you. He also has great personal experiences that He is lusting to experience through you, but you have not learned how to read or write yet.   Your basic skill is to distinguish the two minds.


COMMENT:  Could that be considered Christ mind control?


PASTOR VITALE:  Yes it is, but I want to clarify it, because there is going to be someone somewhere that makes it evil. It is not evil. Look at it this way, from this point of view. We default to our carnal mind. If we cannot discern Christ before. . . .we default to our carnal mind so what I failed to do today, but I will do at some time in the future is I will be holding on to your Christ minds.


Think of it this way. The carnal mind is underneath you, Christ's mind is on top, and the carnal mind is rising up now, ready to stop Christ down and be the prominent mind. Are you with me so far? When the day comes that my mind is strong enough, and a euphemism for the mind is the hand, the hand and the foot. At this point, I do not know what the difference is. If my mind is strong enough to reach out as Leviathan is coming up, getting ready literally to kill Christ. . . .if I am strong enough to grab your hand, to grab your Christ mind and by me adding my strength to you, push Leviathan back down under. . . .can you hear this?


This is going to be taken on by somebody. The mind control that is in Christ is the controller.  Whoever that person is, it has to be Jesus in them whose Christ mind is up and strong, grabbing ahold of you as if you are a child going down under the water, grabbing down into the water as you go down and grabbing ahold of your hand and saying, No, Christ will stay up in you, Christ will stay up in you. Can you hear that? Is there not something like that in the Bible?


COMMENT:  One shall set a thousand to flight, two shall set 10,000, in other words. . . .


PASTOR VITALE:   What about somebody going down into the water and Jesus grabbing their hands?


COMMENT:  Peter, walking on the water.


PASTOR VITALE:  Peter was not walking on the physical water. He had ascended into full stature, and he could not stay up there. Why could he not stay up there? Because Leviathan was up.  Satan rose up, sometimes I am not sure who it is, someone of the serpent's household rose up. If Peter was walking on the water he had to have ascended above Satan, because Satan was the salt sea. Although he had ascended above Satan, Peter said, May I, Master?  Jesus said, Yes. What does that mean? Yes, I give you permission. I give you permission to lift up that TV set.


How do I give you permission? I have to give you the power to do it, so Peter said, May I, and Jesus said Okay. What happened? Jesus' mind locked on to Peter's Christ mind and enabled him, strengthened him to ascend above Satan and Peter did it, and he experienced it, but he could not maintain it.


The test of the Son of God is that the anointing shall arise in them and endure. It is not enough that we ascend, we have to stay up there. Many have ascended in these 2,000 years, but they did not stay up there, and if you check it out in the Scripture the Scriptural word is abide. I translated it endure, because abide is not really clear. It is in the Scripture. You have to ascend, and you have to abide, because if you ascend and you do not abide you have merely had an experience, it was a wonderful experience. I have ascended several times, but I did not endure, I came down.


One time I had a temper tantrum coming down. I do not know that I was in full stature, but I was very high three or four times in my life. It has not happened in 9 years. The last time was 9 years ago. I screamed and yelled and stamped my feet, but I came down anyway.


Why did I come down anyway? Because I did not raise myself up. Jesus reached down, grabbed ahold of my hand and pulled me up above the sea, the waters. Why? Because He had something to do through me. When the activity that He wanted to do through me was completed, He let go of my hand and if I had the power to stay by myself I would have stayed, but I did not have the power to stay up there.


This is what is coming. This is the job of the. . . . As we deal with our sin nature. . . .we confess and repent. The day is coming that it is going to be through a man. I hope it is going to be through me but if it is not me, take it from whoever it comes from.


Someone is going to stand up in full stature, and they are going to reach down and lay ahold of your Christ mind, and they are going to drag it up above Leviathan and if your sins are adequately dealt with. . . .you may not have the strength to get up yourself, but once He gets you up if you are dealing properly with your sin nature you will stay up there.


What just came into my mind is that Peter was the one who asked to ascend and Peter was just filled with sin. The King James says, Oh, why did you doubt?  I do not know what it says, God only knows what it says.


(Some comments and discussion inaudible)


I believe that everything in the Bible happens in the spiritual, and many of these events happened in the physical but not necessarily all. What makes you think he might have walked on the physical water? The Scripture says that His disciples thought He was a ghost. This whole concept of saying, He crossed over to the other side, when we go into the spirit world we go over to the other side.  He went to the other side of Jordan if it was only spirit and was not natural.  This is the first time I have thought of this, and I do not know where it is coming from.


If it is true that when we cross over to the other side we could become translucent.  Translucent means that you can see through it, that would be called aghost. You see the form, but you see through it. 


You know what happened to Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration, the Scripture says He was shining bright. . . .the Scripture does not indicate that He was shining bright like that, but it is possible that what happened when He transfigured was one spiritual event, and there could be another spiritual event, and they could be related but not the same where He could ascend spiritually to the point that He became translucent. 


What is coming to my mind is a Star Trek episode. You watch these episodes, and there is a lot in there that could be true in the Kingdom of God. We just have to put it pass the Lord to find out what is true. In this Star Trek episode that I mentioned on the last message where Beverly Crusher got trapped in that collapsing bubble. Her son, this advanced spiritual being, came to assist her son. This is what he said, and up until this point I told the Lord that I really did not understand it.  I am not sure that I understand it now.


This advanced spiritual being came to help Beverly Crusher’s son establish a stable gateway for her to pass through. I do not know what we will do with this tape. Let me give you some back up, on the last message we were talking about a Star Trek episode where Beverly was trapped in a bubble. I would call it a spiritual bubble, I do not know. . . . on Star Trek they just called it a bubble.  


She got trapped in the bubble, For all intents and purposes, it was a different reality than the reality that the whole Enterprise was on, and the bubble was collapsing according to the laws of Quantum Electrodynamics that we were talking about on this other tape. According to those laws, when the bubble collapses you just cease to exist so she is in this bubble. 


Let us say she is in another dimension, and on the other side where her son is, and the Enterprise is and Captain John and all these people, they are trying to get her back. We will say another dimension. She was in the bubble which is another dimension which, unless she gets out of there, she is going to cease to exist, because her whole consciousness is in a collapsing reality.  This time traveler comes and joins with her son, and says, We are going to establish a stable gateway by which she can return to this reality


They stood there on the Enterprise, and it was not clear in Star Trek what they were doing out there.  If they were Christians, I would say they were praying, but their eyes were closed, and they looked like someone who was praying. Let us just say they were concentrating, and as they concentrated they both became translucent. You could see through their bodies.


Our bodies are opaque, you cannot see through them. At the moment I cannot recall the difference between translucent and transparent. I think transparent means that you could see completely through, and translucent must mean to see partially through. I have not used those words in quite a while, and I do not remember the exact difference.  As they concentrated, they started to vibrate.


As I told you, we all vibrate, but we are vibrating on such a slow level that we appear to be solid.  We do not look like we are vibrating, but every part of us is vibrating.  Our heart is beating, our pulse is beating, every cell in our body is vibrating. These two men stood on the Enterprise, and they concentrated to the point that the whole outline of their form. . . . Let me say this first, they concentrated to the point that they became transparent, and you could see right through them, and the whole outline of their forms appeared to be pulsating in and out.


Pulse is a form of vibration. They became transparent and they started. . . .I do not want to say appearing and disappearing, because they never disappeared completely. The whole outline became engaged in a vibration that made them more or less solid, and Beverly got the message in the other reality.  According to this science fiction program, she had to get to a place within her bubble, within her reality.


I watched this program three times, and I did not get it. I am starting to get it now, but she had to get to a place in her reality where it was possible to make contact with them. My understanding right now is this, there are other dimensions in this room. Let us make it simple. 


There is another dimension in this room. What is that dimension? It is the Kingdom of God, and we cannot see it. All we see is this room.  We see our physical bodies, but there is another world, and He is present right here in this room. Jesus is the door, and the door to that room is right here within us, and when Christ rises up in all of us, and we have a conversation like this or if I am helping you, if I am laying hold of you.


When I preach, do you know what I am doing? I do not think you know it. I am literally reaching down and dragging your Christ mind up.  That is what I am doing.  I have the strength to do that, because you are willing. You come here, and you have agreed, you have made up your mind that you will submit to me, that you will listen to what I have to say.  If you are talking about something and I say, Please hold it, you are not going to strive with me.  Of course, you have agreed to it.


I am literally dragging your Christ mind to the surface and exercising Him. Can you hear this? How much of the time that you spend at home is in the Christ mind and the time that you spend that is in your Christ mind, what do you have to do to get Him up? Do you have to put on a tape? Do you have it within your own strength to say, I am going to be Christ. 


Something has to drag him up, because we are under the sea, and we default to Satan and Leviathan, so when you come here, because you are in agreement to submit to me I reach down into you and drag Christ up in you. That is what I am doing.


Let me finish up what I started.  Beverly, this bubble must have been a world that was real to her but was invisible to her son and this other traveler. They were in the same place so when she got to a place where she was really close to them, although they could not see her, and she could not see them, their minds willing her back, appeared to her, and this is very interesting, appeared to her as violent wind and bright flashing light.  Not only a violent wind but a vortex, sort of a tornado that was sucking everything in.


The average person's reaction to this would be fear and to run from it which she had done in the past when she did not understand what it was, but she knew that she was going to die if she did not get out of that bubble, if she did not get out of that dimension.  She got the revelation not to be afraid of this vortex that was sucking her in, but to throw herself into it was her only hope. Are you following me?


This vortex that appeared so destructive in her world, it was wrecking all the furniture and everything, was really the gateway to the place she wanted to get. The mind of her son and this traveler were trying to draw her out of there. They were trying to draw her out, and she was holding on to the walls with all her life. She did not want to go, because it looked destructive to her.  She got the revelation that it was not destructive, and she not only let go of the wall she took an active leap into the water.


In the story, she just fell. It would be as if we were sitting here now and a body just fell down.  I saw two Star Trek episodes around this principle, and in both of those episodes the person literally fell in. It would be as if they came in through that window, and they just pushed through and wound up on the floor.


I find that very often with spiritual things.  The children of this world have a lot of knowledge. Whether or not that is the way it would happen, I do not know. 

The basic message here is that the Lord wants your Christ mind developed, and the way He gets it developed is to exercise Him.  What happens when you come here is that I am reaching right down into your spirit and dragging Christ up in you, but I only have a little bit of strength. I can do it because you agree to it, but what happened in there that started this whole teaching was that you did not realize that I was still trying to hold on to your mind.


Let me say it again.  When you submit yourself to me, and I am preaching, my Christ mind is reaching out.  You are rising up, you are in agreement, you are rising up, and I am reaching out and grabbing what you are offering to me. When you give me your attention, you are offering your mind to me, and Christ in me is reaching out and taking it, and we have some very good meetings here. This is why the doors are closed to this meeting, because I am not letting anyone in here who is not going to be in agreement to me doing this.  Why?  Because they break it for everybody.


Let me say it again, it is really important.  What happened in there was the two of you did not understand that your mind was supposed to continue to be offered to Christ in me even in that five minute break, and as soon as you stopped offering your mind to me I did not have the strength to keep it up above the water.


What is the water? The water is Leviathan and Satan. Christ went down under the water.  You got carnal because you did not understand what your part was, and you had to continue to offer yourself to me. Can you see it?


I could not hold you up without your full agreement. I have a little bit of strength. I can only help people that are fully submitted. Is this not exciting? I think it is incredible. Hope no body is upset with this, there is nothing to be upset about. This is wonderful. 

COMMENT:  When I was in the bathroom I was still thinking about Michael.


PASTOR VITALE:  So you held on to it for a little while, and when you came in here and you did not even know. . . .Praise God, you held on to it for a while. The whole problem this morning was a lack of understanding. You did not understand.


You could have done it if you had wanted to. You could have continued to think about the issues that we were talking about if you had wanted to. It was a lack of understanding of what is required of you. Everybody that is here wants to stand up in full stature.


That is why I believe the seven seals, the opening of the seals, that is all understanding. I believe the first three seals bring forth the mind of Christ in us. Once the mind of Christ is conceived in us, everything is understanding.  It has to be understanding that comes to that Christ. All of us have strength here, but if we do not understand what we are supposed to do, what good is our strength?


This is what is going on in this ministry.  Everyone has Christ conceived in them, just understanding it so that we can fight. The point is that we are strong enough to fight if we understand what we are supposed to fight, and our natural inclination is, although this applies to this situation, but I feel the Lord wants me to say this.  In the conflict, the natural inclination is to fight against the one who is in Christ.


It is through understanding that we are going to distinguish between the two, good - the resurrected Adam, and evil - the serpent. That is what it is all about. It sounds so simple, let us do it. We have all the theory, now let us do it. Do everything you can to stand. I personally think it is coming very soon. 

I have a thought in my mind that Elijah never killed. I have said several times and, actually, I heard this from another preacher. How many prophets did he kill, 300 or more prophets? Does anybody remember? All the prophets of Baal, it was a lot of them. You might say, how could he possibly do that? He just has gotten the sons of Israel to help him. Can you imagine killing all those people?


I want to tell you something, brethren, he did not kill any physical man. The prophets of Baal were the sons of Israel. The sons of Israel were serving Baal, and he killed those prophets by raising up Christ in them.  If you are looking at it from this point of view. . . .I do not know, as far as I know I have not found it in the Scripture that this is true (some words inaudible). Elijah came in, he saw the sons of Israel worshiping Baal, the false prophets in our heart, and he saw in the sons of Israel, not one of them was Christ prevailing, but they were all worshiping Baal. 


Elijah came in with his strong mind and reached down into their spirits and dragged Christ up in each of those men and covered over Leviathan.  The Scriptural expression of that is that he killed those false prophets. He circumcised them, he killed them. Christ came up and buried them. 


I have not yet, if it is there, found in the Scriptures what happened when Christ arose in those sons of Israel. The King James says that Elijah challenged the prophets of Baal, and he said, We will see whose God answers. They were prophets of Baal, they were pagan, they jumped up and down, and they worshiped their god, and they cut themselves until they bled hoping for their God to appear. It was a standoff between the God of Israel and Baal.


That is what the King James says. I do not know what it says in the Interlinear. I have not looked at it, but this is what is in my heart. The King James indicates in this account that there were a group of prophets of Baal, 400 or 300 whatever, and the sons of Israel were there, and the prophets of Baal were leading a service. That is what it sounds like, but I am telling you I do not believe that was true.


I believe that Elijah approached the men of Israel whose hearts were completely given over to the worship of Baal and challenged them, Who is on the Lord's side?  Not one man answered. In other words, if I looked at this in the Interlinear I believe that text would say, Elijah came in, and I believe it was not even with his physical mouth.


We have been teaching lately that Jesus went forth, and I am all over the place, Lord, help me to hold on to the thread of this message. I am all over the place here. He talked with His physical voice, but there was a spiritual message going forth saying, I am building my Kingdom, who will come?  Elijah may not have even spoken with a physical voice. He may have come in with his powerful mind saying, Who here worships Jehovah? 


Leviathan and Satan were prevailing in everyone of them, and Elijah challenged them, the sons of Israel, What is going on here?  What ever that challenge, what ever it says in the Interlinear, the end of the whole thing was that Elijah killed the prophets of Baal. He reached down with his mind and brought up Christ, and Christ in them covered over Leviathan and Satan in them, the prophets of Baal died. Elijah could hold them up only for a season, but they were not in agreement with him. They did not even want to be up there. They wanted to worship Baal.


Their true heart, where your heart is, where your treasure is that is where your heart will be. They loved their idolatry so he got them up there, but they could not endure when they came down, when Leviathan rose up and circumcised Christ off of them and began to prevail in these men again.  Now the men had a revelation of the two minds.


By dragging Christ up in them, for how ever long He was up in them, He judged their sins and showed them their idolatry and their hatred of Jehovah, but because they loved their sin more than they loved the truth, Leviathan rose up, killed Christ in the individual, and as one man they went after Elijah.

COMMENT:  Is that not where it said the earth swallowed them up?


PASTOR VITALE:  No, that is the account of Korah with Moses.


We talked about silence just now about Elijah. That made me think of Revelation where there was silence for about an hour or half an hour. This was good this morning considering I did not have time to study. 

COMMENT:  Was that the account where Elijah took the sacrifice and put water on it, water all around the outside of the sacrifice,  and God lit the sacrifice?


PASTOR VITALE:  Wow, did you finish what you were saying because I just had a thought? Of course, I have to look at it in the Interlinear, but if it is true that it did not happen in the physical, that this was a spiritual event in the earth.  We are mortal man, made out of the earth, and water is the Holy Spirit.  The fire from heaven that burns up the water is the anointing, the double portion, Christ Jesus. The prophets of Baal, the sons of Israel that were in sin they were able to. . . . I am not sure. Better not go into that. Elijah poured water in the trench, but the prophets of Baal did not. 

COMMENT: They cut themselves and did all kinds of. . . .


PASTOR VITALE: They cut themselves. If I am not mistaken they later sacrificed on a mount, and the challenge was which God would come down as fire from heaven and consume the sacrifice. Who is the sacrifice? The mind is the sacrifice, so following this train of thought through, if the sons of Israel who were fully in their carnal minds were fighting to prove that Baal was really God, you have to realize that they thought they were serving Jehovah.


Does the whole church world out there not think they are serving Jesus?  In another place it says, Every man in that day will come with his sacrifice.  Men will come with Leviathan all bound up unto the altar of Christ, not manifesting. If they thought that they were serving Jehovah, the sacrifice that they offered. . . .If a Christian thinks that they are really serving Jesus, but they are not, who is the sacrifice? Who is all bound up and unable to manifest?  Christ. 


They came with their sacrifice, their sacrifice was Christ, and they danced, and they cut themselves, and they called upon their god and they said, Consume our sacrifice.  What does that mean? Show yourself in power, signs and wonders, and there were no signs and wonders, but then Elijah came.  The mounds of dirt must have been their humanity, then Elijah came and he poured out the water of the Holy Spirit all over the sacrifice. Of course, Elijah's sacrifice was Leviathan, not Christ. 


First the Holy Spirit arose, then the fire from heaven came and wrapped up the Holy Spirit.  It turned into a full blown, double portion anointing of the oil of God and consumed Leviathan, and not only a larger sacrifice but consumed Leviathan in everyone of those sons of Israel, and the prophets of Baal died. It was a blessing.


Elijah, the controller, the intercessor, of course it was Jehovah moving through him, turned their world upside down. What does that mean? He gave them a chance. After this event, the sons of Israel could not say, We were not strong enough to overcome this mind.  Oh God, judgment is being pronounced.


They could not say, We were not strong enough to overcome this mind because Jehovah sent His prophet, and He overcame that evil mind.  They were up there in the power of God, and they did not stand because they loved the sin more than they loved the light.


Then they rose up and they killed Elijah and after God restored Elijah, what happened, what happened? Anybody? Jehovah said to Elijah, You shall anoint Hazael as King of Syria, and you shall choose Jehu, King over Israel, and Elisha to be a prophet.  King Hazael murdered his king in his bed, suffocated him with a wet pillow and became king, became the strong enemy of Israel, and Jehu killed the King of Israel and killed all of the pagan worshipers (I may not have my historical facts right), got them in the temple and murdered them and restored the land. 

COMMENT:  I thought about the circle, the sacrifice, the circle of water that he put around the outside, and I keep thinking of the diagram that you had made of the serpent going around in a circle and not going through the seal, not able to go through the open door, and that was significant with the water around that sacrifice.


PASTOR VITALE: That is interesting, sounds good.


COMMENT: This morning I was pouring out batter into a pan, and it always went into a circle, and I was just thinking it was strange that it would go into a circle. Why would it just not go flat into a square, but it goes into a circle and I was thinking of the circle of the sacrifice. Also, just thought of the Lord boiling the water.


PASTOR VITALE: The water boiled too, excellent.


COMMENT: It boiled it all up, it was consumed.


PASTOR VITALE:  The Scripture says, lapped up the water.  How do you lap it up? You boil it. Yes, excellent.

COMMENT:  Does that apply in any way to Gideon and the 300 who lapped up the water with their hands?


PASTOR VITALE: That is a very good question. I would not be surprised at all if that is what we would find in the Interlinear.  Remember, the hand is a symbol for the mind. At this point, I believe both the feet and the hand is a symbol for the mind. 


There has to be a difference, because the Lord does not use two words to describe the same thing. I just do not know what the difference is right now. One might be the unconscious mind and the other the conscious mind.  I am not sure. They used their hand to lap the water, they used their Christ mind to boil Satan. Yes, I receive it.


I always thought that was  strange, watch the ones who lap the water with their hand, the ones who had a Christ mind that boiled Satan, that were spiritually powerful. What does that mean? It means they were men who did not obey Leviathan and Satan. They were men who had the power to obey the Christ mind.

COMMENT: In the temptation of Jesus, the pinnacle was just a place in his mind, Satan brought him up to show him things of the world?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, I think we translated that as the spirit. He was brought up to the pinnacle of the temple, the high point of the temple which is the spirit.


COMMENT:  I saw a movie, it showed a version of Jesus' life, and it made an impression on me.  It just showed Jesus as a man going through this torment of mind and something in me said, That is really what happened.  This was before I had any understanding of Leviathan, Satan. He went through the experience, everything is within.


PASTOR VITALE: I found a Scripture, the Lord is going to have to bring it back to my memory. I made quick notes on my Bible program, I have the ability to make quick notes. Within the New Testament, it was Paul, I think, exhorting who ever he was talking to, saying, Lest you be reprobate, and what Paul was really saying to them was, Test yourself as Jesus tested Himself to see what mind you are living out of.


What amazed me as I went into the Scripture, not at all looking to find a Scripture that would say that Jesus tested Himself, but it is very clear in the Greek that Jesus tested Himself.  What does that mean? It means that Christ within Him tested Himself, and also Satan within Himself rose up and tested Him. Jesus was tested within Himself between the two minds. 

COMMENT:  Jesus always said, I do only what the Father tells me to do.


PASTOR VITALE:  Right, He had the two minds. The Jesus that is being preached in the church today is another Jesus. This message is so exciting. If He really was born a human male, a mortal male and He accomplished all this, went on to glorification, what a wonderful exciting word to the many, but I think the Catholic church is largely responsible for destroying this truth, from what I understand.


This whole fairy tale concept of Him being born as God and healing the birds when He was a baby, and all these crazy things that they say about Him completely castrates the message. The message that says, Here, here is the power for you to do, here it is, believe it that it might become a reality for you,utterly shut up the Kingdom of Heaven to the. . . .and replaced it with this Santa Claus message. Either the Santa Claus message or the message of condemnation, one or the other. The truth is no where to be found. 

COMMENT:  We came away believing that we were just going to be. . . .Jesus Himself who was way up there, and we were just going to stay on down here. I think of some of the false witness teachings also that we were going to be stuck on this earth with just Jesus.


PASTOR VITALE:  Always being needy, always having the Father meet our childlike needs. No, we are supposed to grow up into men.


COMMENT:  We were just going to inherit the earth, but that was for the 144,000 that was going to live in this city of Jerusalem where the Father would be, where Jehovah would be, where they would never even have sight of Him.

PASTOR VITALE:  I am so excited about this message. I have been saying this for years, but I am saying it on a higher level. I do not care if I am the only one in the world who believes it, I am going to do everything I can to go on, because I believe as my revelation at this point is that once the mind of Christ is formed in you, as you believe this message we are separating from the carnal mind, and it is just a matter of time until we stand up. It has to happen.


Christ is being formed in us, we are confessing our sins and repenting and willing to give up this whole world as God takes it. . . .the foundation as this doctrine becomes more and more real to us, we are going to separate from the carnal mind, I believe it with all my heart. It is just going to happen.


There is no great catching up, no great cataclysmic event.  It is happening as we pursue the path that Jesus has set before us, and the end of that path is separation.  The whole point is that once one person does stand up they will be able to assist the others by joining their minds. . . .(comments inaudible). It is happening every second, it is happening while we sleep so long as this word is abiding in and working in us. 

COMMENT:  Would you call that the Elijah ministry?




COMMENT: Or an Elijah ministry. 


PASTOR VITALE:  Did you hear that somewhere?


COMMENT:  Possibly, way back.


PASTOR VITALE: I want to point out to you again. I have been talking to several people here for several years now that, that is really not an honest question. It is not carnal, it is a dishonest question, that what you really meant to say was, That sounds  to me like the Elijah ministry.


It is not fair to ask me a question like that while I am preaching. That is something I have to think about, I have to pray about.  What you are really saying is, I think that may sound like the Elijah ministry, but you are throwing it on me. (comments inaudible) The root of it is that you did not want to take the responsibility for your own thought, and you have to take responsibility for your own thoughts. First of all. . . . 


COMMENT:  I should have asked, Does that sound like the Elijah ministry? 


PASTOR VITALE:  No. What do you think?


COMMENT:  In connection with all of this study of Elijah and his ministry to Elisha, I thought it might be subject to the sons of God, to the upcoming ministry to the ministry, the five-fold ministry or this current ministry that is committing sin, that have Leviathan instead of Christ, instead of the mind of Christ.


PASTOR VITALE:  I am not sure what you are saying. Are you saying that the sons of God might be doing the same thing that Elijah is doing?


COMMENT:  Right. Are the sons of God doing the same works that Elijah did, those that are under judgment, the sons who are bringing the judgment to those people who do not recognize sin in their lives?


PASTOR VITALE:   That was very interesting what you just said. Now I can agree with you when you put your thoughts forth and I can say yea or nay.  Everybody here can say yea or nay, but you are cheating when you do that. You are not putting your thoughts forth, because you do not want to take a chance of being wrong.


You are not willing to risk being wrong. You are not willing to say what you think. So what you do is you put a question to me that makes me do the work. I have to figure out what you are thinking before I can even answer the question, and it is pride.


COMMENT:  How do the questions differ when I asked about Michael this morning? I asked if the Father that Jesus was praying to could have been Michael?


PASTOR VITALE:  That is a Scriptural question. You gave me a Scripture and you said, Who was Jesus preaching to?


To say to me, Is that an Elijah ministry, there is no such term in the Scripture. To say that some body is praying to some body, who do you think he was praying to? You have given me an issue that I can bite on and tell you what I think, but to say, Is this an Elijah ministry, I do not even know what you think an Elijah ministry is.


COMMENT:  You are saying it is just too broad a question and is not specific?


PASTOR VITALE:  No, that is part of it, but it is more than that. The spirit was wrong. Your spirit was not right. It was an honest question, but that question was not a right question, and it grieved Christ in me. It came out of pride. Your question, I guess it came out of Christ, it did not grieve me. This question grieved me, it gave me a pain in my heart. . .


 COMMENT:  As I was saying it and after I had said it, I felt it.


PASTOR VITALE: It was a wrong spirit.


COMMENT:  I did feel it, but had I explained it the way I did afterwards would it have been all right?


PASTOR VITALE:  What you should have done was to say, Pastor Vitale, I have been thinking about this and it sounds like this ministry of Elijah is what the sons of God are doing and give me your thought and say, What do you think?  What do I think about your thought. I either agree or disagree with your thought, but what you said to me. . . like I said I would have had to have prayed and sought the Lord. . . and it is pride, it is pride.


You are afraid I am going to rebuke you, but I really do not rebuke you.  I may not agree with you, but you have to be tough enough to deal with me not agreeing with you, and if the day comes that you really think you are right, and I disagree with you, you should stand by your guns. I am not in full stature. The chances are if we have a disagreement, the chances are great that I am right, and you are wrong, but it does not have to be, so the thing for us to do is for both of us to pray if there is a disagreement. It is a dishonest spirit that is not willing to face life. . . .


Maybe it is just a part of your growing up, because I went through it with xxxxx for several years. She does not do it any more. You started doing this over the last six months, and with xxxxx it only came up once, but the very least I can say is it brought another spirit in among us. You have to be very careful about idolizing . . . . It has come to me recently that you have idolatry on you, and you have to watch out for that.  You do not want to have idolatry. It is not good for you.


COMMENT: Through that question did you feel that?


PASTOR VITALE: I think that is part of it (comments inaudible). You have to be very careful. God will not tolerate it, and we will both pay the price for it.  As a matter of fact, when it came to me that you had idolatry on you, it was just last week, and I just prayed about it that if you wanted me to talk to you about it I would, so I guess this is that. You have to really be careful.


This is the firmament, the earth is underneath the firmament, and the earth is where the garden is, so it is the function of the firmament. . . .it is a filter, it is to let the seed of God through the filter so that He can be implanted in the earth, but the waters were supposed to stay above the firmament. Why? Because the earth apparently, Scripturally speaking, it is possible for the seed of God to grow in the earth without the water.


Down here in this fallen world we cannot grow a seed without water, but this is the condition since the sky fell.  The way it was before the sky fell was that the sky stayed up above, and the Hebrew word and the Greek word for sky is the waters. It stayed above the firmament, the firmament is the filter. The seed of God can get through the filter and plant itself in the earth and grow without water.


Why? We are told in Genesis 2 that it had not rained yet, but a mist came up from underneath the earth. Why?  Because the seed itself had moisture, the seed itself had whatever was necessary to sprout and bring forth the plant when the seed was planted in the ground. Everything grew before it rained. The function of the firmament is that it is a filter. The seed could come through, but the sky cannot come through. The sky fell through the firmament.


You are not focusing, you are passive. Your personality is passive, and who ever wants to speak, speaks, but you have the ability in Christ to say, No, you cannot do that for me. I may not be able to stop you from thinking that of me, but I will punish you every time you think it. I will punish you, but I will not make you say it.  Whether or not you are doing that to some degree I do not know, but if you have started you have to increase because Leviathan just says anything she wants. You are like on automatic, but you are on. . . .it is nice to on Christ automatic.  You are on Christ automatic too, but you are on Leviathan automatic.  She just says what ever she wants.


The extent to which you discipline Leviathan is the extent to which you were raised, and I do not mean this in a bad way, but you discipline in accordance to the Pharisees. There are certain things you would never say to somebody, because you happen to be a very nice, polite lady, and that is how you were trained as a child, but as far as your Christ life is concerned, Leviathan is not disciplined. She just says what ever she wants. Can you see the difference? You are living two lives.


COMMENT:  That is true. Because I even am struggling just coming out on the way out in the car. The thoughts that were in my mind, I am trying to put my thoughts on Christ. . . .the only way I could keep it on was to say, I praise you Lord, and all of a sudden a thought would come in, and I would entertain it for a second, and then I would say, Oh no, you do not. I would go right back to praising God, because I am having trouble being able to pray, just to pray. As I am ready to pray and keep my mind on Christ, all these thoughts just come in at random, and I have to keep pushing them down, keep pushing them down, and it is really a tremendous war.


PASTOR VITALE:  So you are engaged in the war then?


COMMENT:  As far as praying, I just cannot pray. I start praying, and all these thoughts coming in just driving me almost crazy. I have no control over them. What I end up doing, I got a song in my mind that I wanted to develop, and it is an original song.  Already, just the first line of it is The high praises of God in my mouth and the two-edged sword in my hand, and I was trying to put the lyrics to it, because I felt at the present time it was pertinent.  As I am thinking these things, these other thoughts are coming into my mind . . . across the street, saying, Should I have gone over there and shown my condolences?  


Another thought, my mother, all these things coming in. Then I said, Get the high praise of God in my mouth and the two-edged sword in my hand, get down, I cut you off Leviathan, I am cutting you off, I am cutting you in pieces, I do not want your thoughts.  It is going on like this all the way out here. From the time I got up this morning it started, and I just had to get up out of bed and say, I cannot control it, it is so strong. I said, Lord you had better do something, you have to cut him off from me as I cannot cut him off.


PASTOR VITALE:  You have to do it. It is a long war. If you read in the Old Testament about David, it says in one place that it was a long war. You have to overcome, but what you are doing, you are doing the right thing. It is hard.


The trick, tell me if I am wrong, but what I think I just heard, and what you just said is that you are really upset at the thoughts that are coming into your mind, and you would much rather not hear them. The trick is not. . . .the only word that is coming to me is condemnation, to not be fretting or intimidated by the thoughts that enter your mind and this, I cannot believe I thought that thought, I cannot believe this sin is in me, oh, this is terrible. That is going to zap your energy.


Paul said, If you are not in agreement with the thought, it is no longer you but sin that dwells in you, and you are going to use up all of your energy being ashamed and embarrassed.  If you are not condemning yourself you are bordering on condemnation, and you are discharging all of your energy.


Our goal, and I am not saying this is easy to do, but our goal is to look at the sin dispassionately. I see you, and I know you are in there, but I am Christ, and it is sin that dwells in me, and you cannot manifest it, and every time you raise up your head I will punish you severely.


What you are dealing with is the accuser of the brethren.


COMMENT:  Leviathan or Satan?


PASTOR VITALE: Satan is the accuser of the brethren.  These thoughts are accusing you day and night, she never sleeps.  If you defend yourself against the accuser, she is going to strip you of your strength.  The trick is not to deny. It is an enemy that is dwelling within you, and the trick or our goal is to refuse the condemnation and just kill her, because as long as we are condemned, and I am not telling you I have taken 100% victory yet. I have not, but so long as we receive the condemnation we have an ungodly soul tie.


All of us who are subject to death, all of our life we are subject to death because of fear of death. That is not an emotional fear of death. We are subject to death, because we are in bed with death. Whether we are agreeing with her wicked thoughts or whether we are condemned by her wicked thoughts we have a relationship with her, so if you have no relationship with her you have no response except to destroy unrighteousness.


COMMENT:  Then, what is the means to destroy her if this is the case that. . . .would it be just what you said before, that it is sin that dwells in me and I have no deal with you, is that the response?


PASTOR VITALE:  Everything is with words. You cannot say, It is not me so I am not going to worry about it.  Our goal is to see her, to see her clearly, to refuse to lie in wait for blood with her, to refuse to agree with her wickedness.  Pretty much, we could do that. Next step is to refuse her accusations, but you use Christ against her, just kill her, and you kill her.  Every time she raises her head you push her down. She dies when Christ suffocates her, and the war will go on until she suffocates. This war is for Christ in you.


It is not Jesus' war. It is Jesus' war to the extent that He is there if we call upon Him to help us to put her down, but He is doing as little as possible, because if He overcomes for you, you will not be able to stay up there. That is what we were talking about earlier. He could put Leviathan. . . .why does He not put Leviathan down under our feet?  Because as soon as He goes away we will fall down again, so He is here to talk to us, encourage us, to give us faith, to train us, to strengthen us. Basically, He is helping us to help ourselves for the simple reason that if we do not do it ourselves we will never do it.


COMMENT: In order to kill her, how do you do it?


PASTOR VITALE:  What you are doing is right, all the words you say in the moment, but your spirit, now tell me if I am wrong, but I perceive that you are coming out of a spirit of fear, Oh God, how could that stuff be in me, get out of here.


COMMENT: There is definitely fear and condemnation that works in the end.


PASTOR VITALE: You have to come against the fear and condemnation, because here is my point. I do not think you have it. To be afraid indicates to me that you have received her condemnation, you have received her accusations. Another thing we are doing here is to train ourselves through Christ to be trained to know and to understand that we are Christ, and that there is now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus.  The sin nature must be killed, and you cannot kill the one that you are in bed with. 


Our goal, as we pray, is to become strengthened in Christ to the point that we do not receive her accusations, but say, I see you, and you are a liar, and youwere a liar from the beginning, I see you, you are the serpent, and I am in Christ, and I am boiling your waters, and you will serve me, because I am your master, and you can threatened me and accuse me all that you want, but by the authority of Christ Jesus you shall submit to me, and you shall shut your mouth and you shall serve the living God.


Read the alternate New Testament, the account of the temptation. What I am saying to you is exactly what Jesus said to Satan. He did not receive her accusations. He was not upset about it. I perceive you in the spirit, you are upset, you are trying to run, you just want to get away from it, and what that also says to me is that you have not. . . .and again, I am not criticizing you, it is a process.  It takes a long time, you have not adequately confessed your sin.


I talked to the Lord about this a lot. I said, Lord there is some pretty bad stuff in me, and all that I can do is what I am doing, and I wait. . . .It is the confession without condemnation that I do not think you really, you have moved in but you have not taken over. You are looking at it, but you are condemned by it. There is no condemnation.


COMMENT: I guess I do not see the Christ in me. You know what I mean, I do not see esteem, the self esteem is not there. It is something I have been trying to work on, and I cannot see it. Do you know what I mean? To me, there is a lot of blindness in the whole situation as far as sins, and I have been asking the Lord, and He is certainly working, certainly opening my eyes to it, but after I see the sin, forget it. Come a month later, and it is wiped out, and I need to experience it again and again, that you bring up again and again to keep my mind focused on that specific weakness.


PASTOR VITALE:   We will just keep working on it. That is all pride, you know, that swallows up the memory of it. This is the reason why overt sinners have it easier than the Pharisees, because you have really never done anything wrong.  You are looking at behavior, you have really never done anything wrong. You are a nice lady, a married woman, no fornication or adultery, you raised your family faithfully, a very nice lady. It is to your deficit.


You take someone who was an alcoholic, or a drug addict, or an armed robber, an outright fornicator and adulterer, you have to really be sick to not know that you are doing those things and not know it. 


In this area, you are at a disadvantage but, of course, I would not want anyone hearing this tape to go out and do these sins.  On the other hand, you are at a disadvantage because I am convinced that no matter what our potential is for the most dastardly sins, which we are all have the potential for all of them, that when we actually behave and commit those sins we are in a much more dangerous position.


I do not really have words to express it, but once we do the deed, Satan has a much stronger grip on us in that area so, of course, you are at an advantage.  A Godly life, of course, it is an advantage, and it is an advantage for the children, because the culmination of sin goes down the family line and the omission. . . .the blessing that results from the omission of doing what you think goes on the family, but in this area of coming into Christ it makes it a little harder for you, but all things are possible in Christ. 


It is very common, but you are starting to see. That is the hard part. . . . We run and want God to take it away right away. It is a growth process. All I can do is talk to you, and Jesus can witness to you. It is something that you have to grow into. I am not telling you that I have completely overcome. I am dealing with it, but it is not easy to go before God and say, and I did this a lot. . . .I am just filthy, but this is not self condemnation. We do not want to be condemning ourselves, but it is possible, it is just an honest spirit, My God, what I see in myself, Father forgive me.  


The forgiveness of sin is the putting them down under Christ. When you say, Father forgive us for our sins, this is not what the world thinks of as forgiveness. When Jesus forgives you, He removes your ability to sin. He takes away your potential to even sin this way. That is the truth. I confess my sins a lot, it is there.  Under the right circumstances, God only knows what I will do. Forgive me Lord and lift me from this sin nature. 


COMMENT: That is not a specific sin but just the sin nature?


PASTOR VITALE:  No, it has to be specific. We have to confess we have a sin nature, but also the specific sin that is manifesting. There are certain sins that I am not particularly tempted by, but if your circumstances were different maybe you would be tempted.  There are specific sins in my life that I know are a real danger for me. Although, technically speaking, I am capable of every sin known to man, there are some sins that I am not the least bit threatened by, but under the right circumstances. . . .and then there are other sins I am very threatened by right now. I have to actively, diligently, and vigilantly guard against, but even aside from that I have been having a very rough two months.


My joy has been stolen from me, and I know that the answer. . . .there is only one answer, and that is in some areas Leviathan has layered over me, but probably what has happened is the same thing that I talked to you about earlier only coming from Leviathan and not from Christ. Somehow, some controller out there, some man with a very strong mind has been able, or some group of men, maybe all the people that are enraged at the books.  I do not really know, but they, I will say she because I do not know the details, but Leviathan and Satan have risen up through some man or some company of men, and they have been strong enough to cover over my Christ mind. I do not even if it is my Christ mind, but they have been able to affect me. I do not have all the details.


Let me say it this way. They have been able to steal my joy. We know that every thing. . . .Oh, is this not an interesting answer, every thing that we think and feel comes through the brain, because the mind operates through the brain. We have done a lot of talking about this. The spirit that is in control of your brain controls your whole life, how you think, how you feel, how you function. 


Christ in me had gained access to the, for the lack of a better word, the joy center of my brain. I was just really happy. I was feeling happy. I am still happy, but I do not feel happy because nothing has changed. I get up in the morning, I am not even playing my music any more or going out for a walk. I was just filled with joy, just praising God for all He had done and, somehow, Leviathan and Satan gained access to that center of my brain that had been liberated by Christ in me.


I say liberated, because I grew up in a family where there was no joy. No one ever laughed in my family so for me to be happy every day was a tremendous victory in Christ.  I had not. . . .but somehow Leviathan and Satan, I guess this would be Satan, gained, regained possession of that area of my brain; although, nothing has changed spiritually. The word is rich, there is power in the spirit, I am growing, the Lord is showing me my sins, and I am making changes.


Nothing has changed except for the better in my life, yet every day it is at its worst when I wake up in the morning. There is great pain present pain and sadness, and unhappiness so Satan somehow. . . . There is a controller operating.  I believe that it is through the mind of one or a company of men. They are acting as controller. Understand what I am saying?


Anybody reading this message that was offended with me saying that I am your controller?  Of course, at my stage of development in Christ I can only be someone's controller if they are in agreement to it. I think that I really demonstrated that I am not strong enough to control someone's carnal mind if they are not in agreement. This same situation exists with Leviathan and Satan so if you are hearing this tape, and you are offended at what I said about me being a controller, there will be many once we are established as the sons of God. Every one of God will be a controller of the minds of the disciples that the Lord has given to you. If you did not understand what I said, because if you were offended you did not understand what I said.


Godly control, it is a control that enables Christ to stay up in you. It is control of Leviathan and Satan so that Christ can prevail in your life. When Christ is still too weak, when the emerging Christ in you is still too weak to ascend above Leviathan and Satan in that person, I will come in and control Leviathan so that Christ in you can stand above them. 


The same thing happens with Leviathan and Satan. When they see somebody in whom Christ is prevailing under certain circumstances,  I know that I am not in agreement with anybody controlling Christ so that Leviathan can come up in me, so in some form of witchcraft they come in, and they have the power to join with Leviathan and Satan in a person's mind and overcome Christ.  In certain circumstances, this will happen and Leviathan and Satan in the individual will overturn Christ completely.


All these people talking about my books, who knows where it is coming from? They have not succeeded in overturning Christ in me, because Christ is strong in me. He is too strong for them to do that but, apparently, where ever this is coming from, there was enough strength found in Satan and Leviathan to steal my joy and give me pain every day.  It is just part of my overcoming, and my prayer is that they do not go away.


I went through the same stage that you are going through, Oh, go away, let my sins go away.  Who ever it is that is thinking bad of me or talking bad about me, how ever it is manifesting that my joy is stolen, whatever they are doing or thinking the result is that my joy is stolen.  The carnal response is, go away, go away.How do I make them go away? I rebuke you, I break your curses, how do I make them go away?  The challenge is to rise above them.


Every mind that comes in that has the power to manipulate your brain, and this may sound bizarre, but this happens every day of most people's life. Either your mother is manipulating your brain, or your father, or your wife, or your husband, or your boss are influencing the way you think. That is manipulating your brain. The whole world is filled with it. People thrusting one another. Many do not even know what they are doing. Going over the line, interfering into other people's business. Most people do not even know they are doing anything wrong.


That is what this whole world is about. It is a fallen world, and Satan and Leviathan control Christ every day in thousands if not millions of believers. People do not even know they are doing it, and some people know they are doing it.  For me to say that I am a controller to those the Lord has put under me, if you understand the circumstances, it is not only not a bad thing it is a wonderful thing, because you have all kinds of people in your life that are strengthening Leviathan and Satan in you to kill Christ in you.  I am strengthening Christ in you to kill Leviathan and Satan in you.


Where are you in all this, you say? They are trying to control my Christ mind, and you are trying to control my carnal mind. Where am I in all this? I will tell you where you are in all this. You are where your personality votes. You are where your personality chooses to be. If in your heart of hearts, the true you, your personality, the true you is your spirit.  I mean the true you of this world really wants the sin life.  I could never control Leviathan in you. I cannot do that for you.


Let me give you an extreme. You are in fornication, and you come to me and you say, Pastor Vitale please pray that I can get out of fornication.  I am praying that you should stop fornicating, and all that will do is give you the strength to stop, but if in your heart of hearts you really want to fornicate, at least in the place I am now, I have no power to stop you from fornication. I can only give you the strength to do what you really, really want to do and if you really, really want to do it there is an action that you are going to have to take.


The question was, where am I in all this? All the people that influence my life by killing Christ, you, my pastor, you are killing Leviathan, so am I. You are who you really would like to be, and the proof of who you would really like to be, Christ or Leviathan, can only be discerned by observing your life over a long period of time and recognizing which direction you are going in. If you see any movement away from Leviathan toward Christ, the true you is choosing Christ. It is a slow, long, arduous process.


Some people are stronger than others. It goes faster for them, but the only thing that matters is this, that you run and you win the race. You do not have to get there first. Some people are stronger than others, no question about it. Some people understand more quickly. Some people are stronger. . . . You have a very strong will, everybody here has a very strong will.


I believe the first fruits that are standing up all seem to have a lot of rebellion. In other words, it is a spiritual strength that has been misdirected. Rebellion is a spiritual strength that has been misdirected, and when they come under conviction from the Lord, the path that they must take. . . . We have a lot of strength to follow that path, and we who stand up to be the sons of God, because we have this strong will, we will be helping those who do not have such a strong will.


When the sons of God stand up when those whose hearts really want Christ but are really weak will come to. . . . We will come and join with them and put Leviathan down under their feet and, because their heart is truly toward Christ they will endure. Once they put her down under they will endure, but we are all a tough bunch that are coming. . . .tough on the teacher, tough on all the teachers. It is only the really tough ones that are coming through now. 

COMMENT:  Concerning strong will.


PASTOR VITALE: You can have a strong will in one area and be passive in another area. I have had a lot of people come to me and say, What are you talking about Pastor Vitale, I am not strong, I am a very weak person. I had one person come to me to say, I have a tendency toward compulsive....I am very weak, how can you tell me, look at my life.  My answer to them was that you really have a very strong will, but it is being misdirected, and that is the truth.


Most people that are compulsive are rebellious people, and the rebellion takes a very destructive turn. When I say this, I in no way are implying that you have the power to do it, and you are not doing it, that is not the best choice of words. . . .When the revelation really illuminates your mind as to how much power you really have, you know your direction, xxxxx, you know where you are going, you will kill it.  We will all kill her, we will kill her, passivity in whatever area it appears.


Believe it or not, with all the hours that I work I still get attacked with passivity. I am just at the point now that I will not yield to it, but there was a time that I yielded to it.  The worst thing in the world for me is to be physically ill to the point that I have to go to bed. Thank God, I have not been really ill in a long time, but to just have a bad cold or something like that, to lie down in bed, it is the worst thing that I can do, because I have a passive mind.  My mind is passive, and Satan just goes crazy. I have to stay in the Christ mind as often as possible, or this passivity grips me.


COMMENT:  You have passivity too?


PASTOR VITALE:  Oh, I have overcome passivity. You have to see spiritual passivity.


COMMENT:  Oh, it is spiritual passivity?


PASTOR VITALE: There is a physical passivity where you just sit around and say. . . .there is a spiritual passivity, and I cannot explain it any more right now. It is a force.


COMMENT: (inaudible)


PASTOR VITALE:  That is it.  It used to be very strong in me, very strong. When the Lord first called me, one of the first things I ever heard Him say to me was, Do not leave your mind empty.  When I first came to the Lord I came in under a severe attack of witchcraft, I was seeing demons, and this witch had put a curse on me.


I have a very interesting testimony, and I would just see these demons, and one of the first things the Lord ever said to me was, Do not leave your mind passive, concentrate.  Intellectual focus is very important when you start to become spiritual, and this sort of fits in with what I was telling you. When you start to become spiritual you must discipline your mind.


As Christ becomes active in you, Satan and Leviathan become frantic. They become more active in you, and that is exactly what I was talking to you about. You have not focused, and you are being attacked with passivity in this area. You have to rule your mind. The spirit in you has to rule your mind, and the spirit in you has to rule your thoughts.


I had a severe case, and this is how I got where I am. Every time I went before the Lord, because I was having a problem, He put me in a study like where I am now. He said, Do not leave your mind emptyYou have to find something to concentrate on. In those days, I did not have the power of concentration. I could not concentrate on anything. I did function in the job. I concentrated at work because my livelihood depended upon it, but outside of work I could not follow through any test. My life was one unfinished task, totally undisciplined.


Now, I am pretty disciplined. I am a lot more disciplined than a lot of people. There is room for improvement. The spiritual person must be disciplined when they are aware of the thoughts in your mind. There are a lot of people that are not disciplined. They are not even aware of the thoughts going through their mind so it is no problem. Then there are spiritual people who are undisciplined that do not know that they are spiritual people. These are the people who wind up on drugs and alcoholics, because they do not even know what is bothering them. 


They are spiritual, and they are perceiving things with their spiritual eyes that are driving them crazy, and they cannot bear the pain. What are they perceiving?  Some one's true motive toward them. They are perceiving abuse of some one that they love by some one who is supposed to be a care taker, and there is nothing they can do about it. Either they do not have the maturity or the willingness to deal with it in their conscious minds, so they go out and drink and shoot up.


Most of the addicts in our country or in the world are spiritual people who did not know what to do with their spirituality. They are being destroyed by a good thing. Spirituality is a fine thing if it leads you to Christ. They are being destroyed by a spiritual potential that they did not even know that they had, because no one ever talked to them about it. Spiritual people are born to carnal parents. That is what is happening in this age. No training. They cannot deal with it.


I heard this on a recent tape that I was reviewing. The church has been open spiritually. We have been opened up spiritually and the church at large does not have the wherewithal to train the people who have been opened, potentially. I know about a year ago when I was going on-line a lot on the on-line services in the religious forum, I met several people who had spent their whole life in Christianity, most in Catholicism but not all of them, and they were training to be wicked witches, because their experience in Christianity opened or stimulated their desire for a spiritual life. 


They were not satisfied by what they were getting in the churches, because the church is in pre-school. That is the truth. The church is in a very dangerous condition, like a virgin who has been aroused with no husband, and she in danger of being taken by any man that comes along, because in her heart she has really lusted, and the church is lusting for spiritual things. It is okay if it is your husband. It is a serious thing to be a pastor and hold the people back.


I feel like we are winding down. I am just going to put this before the Lord.  If there is nothing else that He has us to talk about, for far as I am concerned I would love to hear your music, but if xxxxx would rather take the opportunity to go home it is okay with me. 






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