397 - 1 Part
(How It Affects You)

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I saw this cartoon program, this animated program. It is called Gargoyles. It caught my eye almost immediately because of the spiritual implications in it. I know that there is such a word, but I do not know what I would find if I looked it up in the dictionary. However, according to this TV animated film, a gargoyle is a being who is stone during the day and comes to life during the night.


According to this animated film, gargoyles are humanoid with large wings and tails, and they fly, and there are evil gargoyles and there are good gargoyles and they are at war with one another. I do not know what mythology says about gargoyles, but, I have no problem believing that there are good and evil people that are very high spiritually in this world that are warring against one another.


Then also there was one character who had multiple personalities. I cannot not recall what they called him. I only watched this once, so a lot of it went over my head, and there was a lot that I did not understand, but there was this one being who had multiple personalities. He was a gargoyle with multiple personalities. His loyalties were divided. One personality was loyal to the evil gargoyles and another personality was loyal to the good gargoyles. I think he had more than two personalities but I do not know what the others did.


He was a very powerful being, so it was very important who he lined up with, which side he lined up with. He said at one point that there was a war going on inside of him and that it was not yet determined who he would be permanently aligned with. I found that very interesting because that is the condition that mortal man is in today. Whether we know it or not, it is not yet determined who we are aligned with, and if we are not in the war, we are probably aligned with the serpent's family. I found that very interesting.


Then there was a policewoman who had a secret relationship with the good gargoyles. Nobody knew about it because the people would be frightened, but she trusted them and they trusted her. I find this human spiritual liaison very interesting, and I see that a lot in the media. Do you remember, going back a long time ago, that program Beauty and The Beast? Beauty was a human and she was in love with this bestial man. I do not remember the details because I did not watch the program.


Going back several years, these forces (whoever they are) that have a great deal of power in the media, have been putting forth these programs that are preparing people's minds to accept the day when human beings will be having open relationships with non-human's. These beings are not human; they were humanoid. They had two legs and two arms and eyes and a nose and a mouth, but they were not human.


The policewoman was a human woman. She was a hero who knew karate and had a gun, and she was friends with the good gargoyles. One of the evil gargoyles was a female. She was very strong and she had the power by witchcraft to convert into a human form. The gargoyles are humanoid, and you could see very much that this evil gargoyle was female, but she had these big wings and her hands were clawed. However, she had the power when the daylight came, to become human.


The gargoyles turn to stone when the daylight comes; they only come alive at night. However, this female gargoyle had a witchcraft potion that enabled her to become human during the day so she did not have to become stone. She was not put out of commission during the day. She turned into a human woman. I do not know whether this is true, but I believe there are people that appear to be very human during the day and are creatures of the night at night. I have no problem believing that. I think everything is out there, everything.


What surprised me though was that it was painful for her. It was a painful experience going back and forth between being a human and a gargoyle. I heard years ago about witches in Trinidad and other parts of the world that have the ability to turn into animals and trees, but I have never heard of it being painful before. I do not know whether it is true or not. I do not know whether it is Hollywood or there is some truth in it, but I just stored it up here, I found it very interesting.


Do you realize that our kids are watching this? Do you realize what is happening to the mind? The whole program was witchcraft, intense witchcraft to the point where they actually speak the words that they are casting spells, I cast a spell on this one and I cast a spell on that one. This is what is being fed into our kids.


When the female gargoyle became a human, she now challenged our female police officer who said, You are human now so you are subject to human laws, and she pulled out a gun. In other words a gun would not work on a gargoyle, but now that she is human this gun will work on her. There is all kind of information coming forth in this program. How accurate it is, I do not know. I do not know whether it is accurate or whether it is a lie, but they are seeding the people's minds for the day when these beings appear on the earth, that they might think that if they are in human form, they are subject to human laws. That is what she said, Now that you are human you are subject to human laws. That is a line from a children’s program at 3:30 in the afternoon.


There were 2 more very interesting points. Now, remember, I have never seen this program before so I do not really know what is going on. I just know what quickly caught my eye. There were 2 beings, one male and one female, they had been separated for a long time and now they were together, and they were embracing one another and they were determined to not be separated again. I do not know what their role was in this program, but all I could think about was Satan and Leviathan, that had been separated for so long.


Jehovah separated Satan and Leviathan, because when they are together they are very powerful. When Satan and Leviathan are together, when they are connected in an individual mortal man, that mortal man is in full stature. They are in a full stature of evil. They are very spiritually powerful, so Jehovah separated them back in Genesis Chapter 11. I thought that was very interesting, that they were determined not to be separated again.


Genesis 11:4-9

4. And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.

5. And the LORD came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of men builded.

6. And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.

7. Go to, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another's speech.

8. So the LORD scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth: and they left off to build the city.

9. Therefore is the name of it called Babel; because the LORD did there confound the language of all the earth: and from thence did the LORD scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth. KJV


Then there was vortex in this film. Now we just found out a couple of weeks ago, when we did Elisha that the abyss above the firmament is a vortex. It is a mass of swirling whirling waters, which, when you come into its gravitational pull, draws you down to its center. There I am watching this animated program, and there we have Satan and Leviathan clinging to each other, and they look out over the balcony and there is this mass of whirling gases, and they are looking at it. I do not know what they thought it was. They said, What is it? They did not know what it was and all I could think about is the vortex from above the heavens descending upon the earth.


The vortex is coming down. How is it coming down? Michael, who is the last Adam and who is above the firmament and connected to Jehovah, is descended into the earth and he is raising Adam, the Living soul that died, his counterpart, the first Adam, from the dead. Then there is going to be a marriage between the resurrected Adam and the people that he is resurrected in. In that way the vortex is coming to the earth.


The vortex, which is the mass of swirling waters above the firmament, which draws everything which comes within its gravitational field into its center, is descending upon the earth in that Adam, the Living soul that died, is rising from the dead in a company of men. When he dominates their sin nature, those men will be in full stature, the first stage of resurrection. Then the second stage of the resurrection is the marriage of the first and the last Adam, connecting the worlds above the firmament to the world beneath the firmament. Are you following me?


So the vortex is coming down to the earth, but in this cartoon they just saw it out there over their balcony, and it was just this mass of swirling energy, and they were looking out there, wondering what it is doing out there. It just excited me, it really excited me. It got me very excited.


I had a dream, I think it was over a year ago, and I shared it with you, even though you probably do not remember it, but I shared it with you. I forget a lot of my dreams, but this one I did not forget. I looked out the window and there was a reservoir, and the water in the reservoir was swirling with such a force that there were peaks, there were waves coming up on the top, on the surface of the waters. I was in a high rise apartment building looking out of the window, looking at it, wondering what it is.


We are all so ignorant, including me. We are all so ignorant. It is a fact, we are all so ignorant. The Scripture clearly says that the children of darkness are much wiser than we are. All this knowledge has to be in the world. How could it be in a children's cartoon if somebody out there does not have this knowledge? I do not believe that this is coming up as somebody's imagination. The people writing these scripts are people who have some knowledge of spiritual things, maybe a lot of knowledge of spiritual things.


Then in another incident of this same film, the female.... (I am sorry I am not giving you a complete story, but I did not watch long enough to know. You have to watch it every day to know what is going on.) The man and the woman, Satan and Leviathan, were reconciled and determined to never part. The man's brother was supposedly lost in the vortex, and the man did not want to go after him. He did not want to go into the vortex looking for him. He said, I found you my love, I do not want this war anymore, I do not want any part of it.


There are 3 characters that appear to be positive. I would have to watch it everyday to find out for sure, but they appear to be positive. They were going around and manipulating and controlling everything by witchcraft. As I said, I did not watch long enough to understand their ultimate purpose, but as this reconciled man and woman were standing there talking to one another, the 3 witches appeared upon the female, and the female started to say to her lover, We really should help your brother.


What I am trying to say is that the 3 witches (the way it showed in the film), were influencing her mind and she spoke what they wanted her to speak. Apparently, what they wanted her to speak were words that would influence her lover to go after this man who was caught in the vortex. I do not know why. They showed it right on the film. These 3 women surrounded the female gargoyle, actually entered into her, and she spoke their words.


The 3 female spirits, or whatever they were (they were not spirits, they were real people, but they were there in the spirit), actually entered into her. You could see there were 3, and then one at a time they entered into her. She spoke the words, she convinced her lover, and they made a vow (whatever the vow was) and they jumped into the vortex to save the man's brother.


Then we see these 3 women (again they appeared positive), in another scene amongst the evil gargoyles. There was a liaison between the vicious female that I told you about who became human during the day, and an evil gargoyle that was moral. The vicious female was evil, she had no morals or scruples at all, but she had a liaison with an evil gargoyle that was moral, if they makes any sense at all.


Why do I say he was moral? They had a liaison, this female gargoyle who had no morals whatsoever, and this male gargoyle, if he was a gargoyle, I may have some of these facts wrong, but he was male. They were in some evil liaison, but, he would not let the female gargoyle kill the policewoman, because she was out cold. The female gargoyle wanted to murder the policewoman, and the male that she was in a liaison with said, No, it is not moral to kill someone that cannot fight back. So he was evil, but he had morals.


All of a sudden, these 3 witches (I will call them witches, because I do not know what else they are. They appeared humanoid, they did not appear to be gargoyles), appeared silently in the presence of the 2 gargoyles (the female gargoyle who became a human during the day, and the male who was moral). The 2 gargoyles were not aware of them, and the three witches were talking amongst themselves and the three witches were saying, We cast a spell on these two so that they would form this liaison. These 2 are so at odds with one another, it is amazing that they are together at all. If it was not for this witchcraft spell, they would never be together.


Then one of the witches speaks out and says, The spell is wearing off, because you can not force people to do what they really would not choose to do for an indefinite period of time. There is outright instruction in this program, outright instruction, as to the operation of spirit. It is coming across as lines in the film, but it is outright instruction.


I used to believe it is true that if someone is under a spell, that they would not compromise their own morality forever, and that is what they were saying in this film. They were saying that these two were in a liaison, but you cannot keep the spell on them forever if it is against their will. I do not believe that this is true. Maybe it is true and maybe it is not true.


When I was in Africa I heard a story about a woman who got a man by witchcraft, and he married her. They had several children. They were married for 25 years, and she must have felt secure after 25 years. I am told with a spell like this, they pray the spell on you everyday, everyday to keep it on you. So after 25 years she must have felt safe and become a little lax.


She was in bed with him one morning, and the man sat up in bed and said to her, Who are you? She was his wife of 25 years! She said to him, You are my husband. He said, You are not my wife, and he packed up and he left. He said, I do not want to be with you.


So, as far as I know, unless the person has Jesus Christ, you can keep a spell on a person for a very long time. I suppose it depends on a lot of factors. It depends on whether or not the person is aware of it and has gone to another witch to help counteract what you are doing, or if the person is completely given over to it.


We are really talking about tough things here. I have heard it said on the internet, mostly on the internet, that witches are really standing up for themselves and they even have an anti-defamation league. They claim that they have been misunderstood and maligned and mistreated for centuries. They have a definite problem with Christians who burnt so many witches at the stake.


I want to tell you something, brethren. I do not know what was going on in Salem in those days. I do not know that innocents were not burnt, I do not know. But I am telling you what I see with my very own eyes, the absolute danger of spiritual power in the hands of people who are not under the control of Jesus Christ.


It is all over the TV. It is in the movies, it is in books, people controlling the lives of other people who have no strength whatsoever to resist. Not only does the average person have no strength to resist, but they do not even know what is going on. They do not even know what hit them!


An old friend of mine told me this story, I just do not want to name any names, Actually it happened quite a few years ago. A man, who had teenage children, left his wife of 25 years to go live with another woman. He had been having an affair with her. One of our biggest defenses is morality. She would have never had this hold on him if he was not having an affair. If he was absolutely determined that he would not engage in adultery, she could not have gotten a tow hold on him.


But he was an adulterous man, and he had an affair with this woman, and after 25 years, he got up and left his wife and he went into financial ruin. He was a military man, I think he was an army officer. He was a college graduate; all officers are college graduates. He had a lot going for him, and he had a good pension coming his way. He left his wife for this woman, she took him into court, and she got her decision from the judge, she got the whole pension.


The man was penniless, and somewhere along the line decided that he did not want to marry this woman that he left his wife for. So he moved in with his young son who had left home. He was only 19 years old, but for whatever reason, he left home. Things were really out of hand after his father left.


This woman who he was supposedly engaged to would come to the house at odd hours of the night knocking on the door. I am told that she was working voodoo on him. I said, if she is working voodoo to get him back, do you not think she might have worked voodoo to get him away from his wife in the first place?


The man has left town. He left town because this woman was after him with her witchcraft. He could not afford to live, his wife got his whole pension. He ran off to Honduras. He never sees his children. In Honduras, for whatever reason, he can make enough money to live, whatever little bit he has. You have to ask yourself, did this woman take him with witchcraft?


I am not advocating the burning of witches, I am not advocating anything of the sort at all. What I am saying to you is this, witchcraft really gets out of hand, it really gets out of hand. It must be restrained. I am not saying burning people was right, but witchcraft was largely shut down because of Christians.


Our supreme court has let it loose, and it is coming out over our land like a blanket of serpents. There was actually a woman on TV being interviewed by the morning news program, as to how to cast a spell if you want a man. I am telling you, it is no joke. It is no joke. Does anyone want to add anything to this little discussion here?


Comment: When you were saying the word spells, the word spelling came to me and it seems to me that casting spells is like the reverse of the creative word of God. It is like the curse of the other side. I never saw that till just now.


Pastor Vitale: Yes, it is the spoken word, the creative spoken word. Yes.


Comment: Also the witches are claiming that they are being martyred. That is the word that they use.


Pastor Vitale: Not now. Do you mean when they were burnt that they were martyred?


Comment: I understand that there are some places where they are still going after the witches.


Pastor Vitale: They are not burning them anymore. What are they doing to them?


Comment: They are attacking them, and some claim that they are being killed.


Pastor Vitale: Oh really?


Comment: I do not know how much of that is true but....


Pastor Vitale: Brethren, now it comes to my attention that there is a real possibility that a lot of these totally irrational decisions being made by federal judges and supreme court justices could be the result of focused mind control being prayed on these people. They do not even know who is helping them make up their mind.


Brethren, I want to tell you that I am pretty high in God, and there are times that I cannot tell who has spoken to me. I am telling you outright, there are times when I cannot tell who has spoken to me, so if there is any question in my mind, I try to put everything before the Lord, because he does not move unless I ask him.


He will let me obey the wrong voice and keep on walking until I realize something is wrong and say, What happened, what happened Jesus? When I ask him what happened, He will say, What happened back there was not me. I am telling you openly, there are times that I cannot tell the difference, so if there is the slightest suspicion that the instruction in my mind is not right, I am asking the Lord right away.


How could people who are not where I am ever survive this? I do not care how brilliant a judge you are, if a group of witches are sitting around focusing on you, transmitting mind control instructions to you night after night after night after night, all of a sudden you wake up with a brainstorm and you think it is your own. Did you want to say something?


Comment: Last night on TV there was a commentator that said on the following program they were going to have scientists that would prove that all of these aliens and outside things come from within somebody's mind.


Pastor Vitale: Now where did you hear that? When is it going to be on because I have been preaching that for a long time? It is on tonight? Very interesting, I have been preaching for years that it is all coming from within the mind.


A couple of weeks ago there was a TV movie about it that was based on reality, based on a real event. A group of men who were lumberjacks saw a saucer in the sky, and one of them was captured. One of the men was captured and had this horrendous experience. It was very interesting, because I tried to see it honestly, and to see if it would not relate to what I believe. If it does not relate to what I believe, it does not relate, but I tried to see if it can.


This group of lumberjacks were all young men, except for the head of the team who was a married man, but the others were all young men full of beans, and two of them were at odds with one another. They were really against one another, constantly fighting and pecking at one another.


This particular day, the 2 of them were standing there, each one of them with an electric chain saw (you could cut someone's arm off in a second with a chain saw!), and it was like a stand off. They were both standing there with their chain saw staring at each other, to see if anyone dare. They were going to have a dual.


One of the men was an Apache Indian. Then they were on their way home from their work, and all of sudden this space ship appears, and the guy who was not the Apache, the other guy, gets out of the car. It was not even rational. He just gets out of the car and is just standing there, looking at it ,staring at it up in the sky.


Everyone in the car is scared. They are all yelling at him, Get in the car, get in the car, we want to get out of here, get in the car, and this man is just standing out there, apparently fearless, just staring up at the sky, staring up at the sky, having no concern whatsoever that the other men were afraid or that they wanted to leave. It seemed quite irrational.


There was something said by the narrator in the movie. He said that this was Apache territory and there is a myth that goes around that certain spirits come and steal the Apache children. I was thinking about this movie, thinking about this movie. It was not until the next day or two that it occurred to me that it was a possibility (if this event was to line up with my theory that all of these things come from within somebody's mind), that these 2 young men were at such odds with one another that this Apache young man might have cursed this other young man.


It might have been just his absolute rage against him. It might not have been a conscious curse. I tell you all the time that anger is dangerous; there is murder that rides in anger. Anger that is not righteous anger must be resisted at all cost. It could have been that the Apache is enraged against him, or maybe he outright cursed him. They were at such odds with one another.


They are coming back and all of sudden a flying saucer appears, and out of all the men in the truck, this one guy that was at odds with the Apache gets out and behaves in such a strange manner, just looking at it, almost as if he was hypnotized by it, just standing there, standing there until they zapped him, and by a beam, carried him up to the ship.


After this happened, the men went into town and told the police. It turned into a whole big riot in the town. The young men were accused of murdering the other young man because he disappeared. The survivors were accused of murdering him, and I do not want to get into the whole movie, but they did agree to take a lie detector test.


The young man who was an Apache had a very poor reading of the lie test, but there were possible extenuating circumstances. He had a record and the tester thought that perhaps he was very nervous because he had a record. But the Apache thought that this whole thing was going to be blamed on him, and he took off, he disappeared. The leader of the crew knew where he was, up in the Apache territory, and he went looking for him.


The young Apache said to him, What are you going to do, try and blame this whole thing on me? I wondered why he would be saying that. Here is this group of men driving along in this car and a flying saucer appears and one of them gets out of the car. He acts totally irresponsibly, totally irresponsibly and is captured. How could they blame this on this young man?


I know that he had a record and I thought that maybe he is paranoid, because if you have a record people tend to look askance at you. I mean that is true about human nature, but why would he think that they would be blaming this whole thing on him, an abduction by a flying saucer? It did not make any sense to me.


But 2 days later it started to come to me that he might have had a revelation that he was responsible. He knew about that Apache myth, about the spirits that came and took the children, and he might have known, if he did curse him, that he was responsible. If the young Apache did curse this other young man, then he had a real good idea that this whole incident was a result of this curse. But if he did not curse him, he still had some kind of a revelation that his rage against him had manifested this whole incident.


It is the minds of men, brethren. The mind is very powerful, the mind is very powerful. We have not seen all that much of it in this country because we have been under such a Christian cover. It is hard to believe that. We have been a nation of people that just go to Church on Sunday, most of us, but just that faith in Jesus Christ has kept a righteous cover over this nation.


Our cover is broken, we are being overrun with witchcraft curses. We have not seen anything yet, and God only knows what is going to be appearing in three years, God only knows. Yes?


Comment: Do you remember the story you told us a while back where Indians on a reservation were accused of murder and without a physical evidence they were convicted?


Pastor Vitale: I do remember telling you that. I do not know if there was no physical evidence. I think what you probably mean.... Let me just clarify it for the people listening to the message, there was no weapon found. The people died, and there was no evidence that a physical weapon was used. Is that what you mean by there was no physical evidence? They either died from heart attacks or suffocation, they were not stabbed, or shot, or anything like that.


Yes, I spoke to a Cherokee chief in Cherokee, North Carolina. I questioned him, interviewed him along these lines and before he shut up (he realized at some point that I was not just an average person and he closed up, but up until that point), he did tell me that it is still going on and that there are Cherokees doing time in Federal prison right now for murder.


I asked him how the Federal marshals prove a murder when the cause of death is suffocation or heart attack. At this point he looked at me askance and said, They have their ways, you know,and shut up. He would not tell me anymore. Yes, that is true, that is true. Yes, there are people who can murder other people with their minds.


Brethren, if it is possible to murder somebody with your mind, is it so far fetched to think that people can be influenced by other people’s mind, especially if a group of people sit down on a daily basis and focus their mind on someone in public office or on a judge on the Supreme Court. Is it so far fetched to think that if they are doing this everyday, that this high official will be effected, and if he is not a person who is aware of spiritual things he might just think that he became a liberal or he changed his mind. I have had mind control change my mind. I have experienced it. Yes?


Comment: It gives new meaning to the words of Jesus, If you hate your brother in your heart, you are a murderer.


Matthew 5:21-22

21. Ye have heard that it was said by them of old time, Thou shalt not kill; and whosoever shall kill shall be in danger of the judgment:

22. But I say unto you, That whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment: and whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca, shall be in danger of the council: but whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire. KJV


1 John 3:15

Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer: and ye know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him. KJV


Even though you are not acting it out in behavior, the power of the mind is capable of it.


Pastor Vitale: That is very interesting, yes that is true, and I also believe if you are not strong enough to kill the person some people are strong enough to make the person sick. I believe that hatred being pelted against somebody, day in and day out, will produce infirmity in that person. If you are just an average person and someone is hating you and hating you and hating you, it can produce sickness in you and it can produce death depending on the strength of the individual that is doing the damage.


Of course, if the person is a Christian who is living for Jesus Christ, and is refusing to respond to this hatred, is praying for this person, is forgiving their sins, in that event, the one who is hating is very likely to get sick and could die.


But, yes, that is exactly what Jesus was talking about. He also said that if you lust after that woman in your heart, you have committed adultery.


Matthew 5:27-28

27. Ye have heard that it was said by them of old time, Thou shalt not commit adultery:

28. But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart. KJV


Brethren I have been the recipient of lust by men who think that nobody knows what they are thinking! I am telling you that there are men who can lust powerfully enough and if the woman that they are lusting for is spiritually sensitive, she will be aware of their lust, and can be attacked while she is sleeping.


John Bradshaw had something to say about this. He did not say exactly what happened, but he talks about a client that he had, who was infatuated with his own daughter. He went to his wife and told her what was going on because he did not want to touch his daughter. His wife agreed to go along with a play acting whereby she would dress up in the daughter's clothes and they would have marital sex, but in the man's mind he was having sex with his daughter.


This went on for a long time. John Bradshaw only said that these events impacted the daughter, in what way I do not know, but we do know that it is spiritual rape. Anybody that knows anything about spiritual things know that there is such a thing as spiritual rape.


Comment: I am just thinking of this virtual reality that they have on the internet, that it is the same thing that is happening, these played out sexual things that come across in the mind, and they play it out via the screen.


Pastor Vitale: Yes, oh yes, but in that case, the person is asking for it. I mean it is not rape. Am I misunderstanding what you are saying?


Comment: I am saying that it is still the same as having sex with the other party, even though it is in the mind, not physical.


Pastor Vitale: Yes, there is a big issue of pornography on the internet. There is not a doubt in my mind that there is interactive sex. I do not know how far it goes, and I have no intention of finding out, but I know that there is interactive programs on the internet, with voice and sound, and you could buy these head phones so that it becomes a 3-D experience for you. Maybe people engaging in this actually believe in their mind, they must feel like they are having sex. It would not surprise me at all.


Comment: Some people run off together.


Pastor Vitale: Some people run off together, but that is a completely different issue. You are talking about people who meet on the internet. I am talking about an interactive program where you see a video picture of a woman engaging in sexual activity and if you put the headphones on and whatever techniques they have, I am not familiar with it, there is not a doubt in my mind that if you are looking for a sexual experience that it could be very real. I believe it could be very real from what I know.


We are on the threshold, our nation is on the threshold of something very dangerous. What is dangerous? What is happening? There is an invisible world. There is an invisible world, or worlds, that we are separated from by an invisible veil. We cannot see them. Who knows how many of the worlds are present right here in this room with us. We cannot see them because they are in another dimension.


There is also at least one other dimension, the spiritual part of this world, which is beneath the firmament. The kingdom of God is from above the firmament. There is also a spiritual world or a heaven that is beneath the firmament. That is what heaven is, that is what heaven is. It is an invisible world.


The word for heaven is waters in Hebrew. The word for heaven is waters. It is the waters of the creation, and the image of the world is on the waters. That is why the waters are so important. We have had so much teaching about this. When the waters are above the firmament the visible world is righteous, and when the waters are beneath the firmament the visible world is unrighteous.


There is an upper heaven and a lower heaven. Down here, this world where we are living in right now, is underneath the firmament. The firmament is in us. The whole, the original abyss (Sheol in the Hebrew) that the creation was being formed in, is in us. Each human being is a cosmos, or an arrangement, or as we now know, a black hole, because we are fallen.


Everything that we read about or we understand about in the spirit or in the Bible is happening within us. There is a spiritual side to this world. It is in us. Our spiritual part is Satan. I am not talking about Jesus now, I am talking about an average mortal man. Our spiritual part is Satan, and there is a spiritual world that we cannot see because we are separated from it by a veil.


Apparently there are beings in this spiritual world. What is happening is that the veil is deteriorating and all of the beings that are on the other side of the veil in the spiritual world underneath the firmament are going to be entering into this world where we live. They are going to be entering into it. They are going to be visible and they are going to be interacting with the human beings that live here. They are superior to us, brethren, outside of Jesus Christ.


The example I could give you is modern man entering into the African jungle, and coming after the animals with shot guns, and cars and jeeps and cages, and whatever other tactics and devices they used, mostly guns, to capture and kill the animals.


These beings on the other side of the veil underneath the firmament are gods to us. What makes someone a god? A race that is superior. Humanity as we know it is a race of gods to the animals. Animals do not stand a chance against a group of men with guns. We have wiped the animals out.


There are no more wild animals, even in Africa, except in Game Reserves. I have been to Nigeria, there are no wild animals. You have to go to a zoo to see a wild animal in Nigeria. I understand they are still in Kenya and some other African countries but they are in Game Reserves. We have wiped them out. We are gods to the animals.


Do you have a pet dog? You are a god to that dog. You feed it, you take care of it, you are god to it. These beings on the other side of the veil of this world are gods. Jehovah always said He is the greatest of all the gods. He never said there were no other gods. They are gods to us because they are spiritually superior to the strongest man. I am not talking about someone with Jesus Christ now.


The veil is deteriorating. They have been working for a very long time to bring down this veil. It is coming down and they are coming through. The beings from the other dimension of this world are coming into our world, and they are not coming to play games with us. They are coming to dominate us for their own purposes and their own gain, and as I look at all the signs, it looks like it is going to be very soon. In fact it is happening already, in all these people that are having alien experiences, but it is not happening to humanity at large.


Possibly within 3 years, by the year 2000, there will be no veil left at all and these beings will be walking down the streets.


Comment: What you said before about Leviathan and Satan being separated by Jehovah, is that the firmament, that is the veil?


Pastor Vitale: I do not know, but that is a very good idea. To be honest with you I had not thought about it before and it very well might be. I really do not know. It could be that we in this world are expressions of Leviathan and the beings on the other side are expressions of Satan. As the Lord has shown us here, the serpent is the foundation of the world beneath the firmament. Every man that is born, every baby that is born has a relationship with the serpent because she is our foundation and she is connected to us through our carnal mind.


The serpent is trying to establish a relationship with us through Satan, through our unconscious side, and when she succeeds in doing that, the serpent will then have access to that man both through Leviathan and through Satan. A circle will be completed which will give the serpent unhindered access to that person.


You may have hit on something there that just may be true, that this is what is happening. It may be true that this veil that is coming down is the serpent communicating with us through Satan, and when she connects with us that way, we will be completely hers. Did you want to say something?


Comment: Jehovah gave us the law that we are not supposed to be getting involved in any of the occult things, and it is being done continuously. Every time you turn on the TV they are offering psychic things and what have you.


Pastor Vitale: Yes, the advertisement for the psychics on the TV is very strong.


Comment: I had an experience this morning, that I seemed to be reading somebody else's mind that there was danger. I had gone into the store and returned something, and then I went to look at a frame. As I was looking at this frame, this woman, a heavy set woman, came in with a child and she came right to the frames that I was looking at and she started looking at the same frames, picture frames.


She was standing and coming real close to me and it was like 10 or 11 o'clock in the morning and nobody was in the store, except the cashier. I had this awful feeling of danger, and I moved slightly to the side and she moved closer. I decided that I have to get out of here, get away from her for some reason, I just felt it.


I turned around and here is another woman coming down the isle. It made me feel like something was going to take place with this younger woman in all black. Both women were all in black, and I did not like the feel of it. I just sensed something was going to happen, and I moved quickly past this woman and went into another part of the store. Both of them seemed to be making believe that they were looking at this stuff from the store, and I was getting a little bit apprehensive.


I just went over to the cards and looked over the cards, and I watched them out of the corner of my eye. They were just going around the store not really into anything but just strolling around. I just decided that I wanted to get out of here, that I did not need anything in here, so I scooted out. I got into the car and I sat in the car, and all of a sudden I see the heavy set woman coming out of the store not buying anything. It was such a strange feeling. It was almost like I was reading their mind that they were going to do something to me.


Pastor Vitale: How were they dressed? Were the black pieces of clothing average? What were they wearing, was it bizarre?


Comment: One was a young girl with a black leather jacket, and kind of a short skirt, and she was a younger woman and the other woman looked Italian and she had this whole black dress on. She was heavy set, and she had the little child with her, and it just seemed like there was a scheme.


Pastor Vitale: Maybe they were thinking of robbing you. It is possible.


Comment: It just gave me the creeps; I just scooted out of there. Then when I saw the woman come out and she did not buy anything right after I came out.... The heavy set woman with the child came out and walked along the sidewalk and looked over at me. I was just glad to get out and get in the car and just get away.


Pastor Vitale: We do not want to get paranoid, but it really is possible that something was wrong. It could be that they wanted to rob you or it could have been something spiritual. I say it again, we do not want to be paranoid about this, but I cannot deny that there are all kinds of people out there.


A couple of months ago when I went to get my hair done.... There is a woman that comes in there all the time and she is always reading people and prophesying to them, but she is probably a witch. I do not know if she is just someone who reads cards or if she is someone that really knows that she is a witch, I do not know, but she has this reputation in this beauty school where I go to get my hair done.


This one day I was there, and I got up because I was asked to come and to get my hair washed, and she called to me. I did not know it was this woman, and I turned around, because when someone calls you, you turn around and you look at them to see what they want. She asked me a question that made no sense at all. I cannot remember what it was, but it made no sense at all. I looked at her and we had eye contact, and she said something to the effect that, Oh no, I realize that it is not you, so I never even responded to her. I just went to get my hair washed thinking about it.


I thought it was really strange. I thought that, that was a weird thing for her to say to me, but there are a lot of weird people around (chuckle), and like I said, we really do not want to be paranoid.


When my hair was being dried, she was sitting next to me in the next chair, giving counsel. When I say she was prophesying, I mean she was giving counsel, telling people what is going to happen in their future, like a fortune teller. She was talking to this young girl. I do not remember what it was about, but I know it offended me because I knew she should not have been talking to this young girl like this.


I knew that it was a fortune telling kind of thing and she should not have been doing it. The girl was eating it up; she did not know anything about it. I may have rebuked it, to be honest with you, I do not recall. I very well may have rebuked it, but I do not remember.


After my hair was done and I was getting ready to leave, I went into the ladies room. As soon as I get in there, there is a banging on the door. I thought it could be someone that did not know that I just came in there, and I said, I will be out soon. I just did what I had to do, and when I opened the door, there is this woman, standing there. She had to know that I went in there, because she was sitting right in the next chair to me. She had to follow me right in there. There she is standing as big as life, just filling up the doorway, just making eye contact, just meeting my eyes. I just walked out.


I suspect that it is a possibility that she spiritually recognized me. It is the eye contact, the eye contact is very important. When she called me the time she looked at my eyes, she really did not want an answer to her question. What she wanted was to look at my eyes, and then, for all I know, knowing myself, I probably rebuked it when she was talking to that young girl. She may have heard it , and, for all I know, she cursed me. If she cursed me, I did not feel it, because I am very defensed. As a matter of fact I probably broke all the curses, I do not remember. I probably walked out of there and broke all of the curses and prayed against her.


As far as I know I had no problem, nothing ever touched me, because I am pretty defensed. I saw what was going on, I dealt with it and it never touched me. But I suspect.... If you want my opinion, I would say that when she caught me face to face like that when she was filling that doorway of that ladies room, that she cursed me.


I have been cursed before. Some of you know my testimony. I was cursed unto death by a witch. I was at a meeting in Harlem when I was a disciple. I went with my pastor and my Church. We were a ministry that had some power, so the word went out all over Harlem that my pastor was there and he had some power. That night there were a lot of witches in that meeting. There were a lot of witches in that meeting! It was a very spiritual meeting.


My pastor who was a strong, young (he was pretty young, I think he was in his thirties at the time), strapping young man who was used to ministering on his feet for hours could not stand. They had to bring a chair for him so that he could sit down. Were you there that night in Harlem? Do you remember when they had to bring a chair for him and he had to sit down? I was in that Church for 5 years, I had never seen that before or since, and there was very heavy spiritual power there.


I went down to the ladies room and as I came back this man in the first row who I had no.... Things come to me years later, I just realized now that I was sitting in this row and I saw this man a couple of rows ahead of me and he was openly throwing curses at our pastor with his hands, with hand movements. It was obvious to me he was throwing curses. I had touched a sister next to me and told her that he was throwing curses, and we prayed against it. He must have heard those prayers. I was so naive in those days.


To go to the ladies room, I had to go past him. When I came back up, he grabbed my arm with one hand, and caught my attention so that I could not see what he was doing, asked me some question, and with his finger sliced my lifeline. I knew that in the spirit he had slit my wrist. I was hysterical. I did not say anything to anybody. I was so frightened, I cried all the way home and all that night. I was so frightened. Finally I said, This is ridiculous, if the Lord is going to let him do it to me, I guess I am dead. There is no point in being afraid.


I prayed all the prayers I knew how. I broke all the curses. I did everything I knew how, and I said, Lord, I am in your hands. The next service I went into I told the whole Church and the whole Church prayed for me. Obviously I did not die, and not only did I not die, but it turned out that the man was reconciled to Jesus. But he must have heard my prayers. He must have known that I prayed against him.


So these things happen. I do not want anybody to panic, but I am not going to tell you that they are not happening, because you need to know that they are happening. You have to be sharp enough to know that if someone is looking strange, if something strange, you pray and break curses. Did you break curses? Did you say, I rebuke you, in the name of Jesus Christ, I rebuke you!


Comment: I felt that this was a warning. When I saw it happening, I felt that God was warning me.


Pastor Vitale: Let us hear you break the curses, do it now.


Comment: Right now? I break those curses in the name of Jesus, I rebuke Leviathan in each one of those women in the name of Jesus and...


Pastor Vitale: Do you forgive their sins?


Comment: I forgive their sins.


Pastor Vitale: We forgive their sins and we ask the Lord to have the same mercy on them that he had on us, but we are not about to let them hurt us. Amen, and Amen. We turn them over to the Lord Jesus for whatever he decides to do with them.


Pastor Vitale: You have got to come out of this passivity, sister. You have got to come out of it. I strip that veil off your eyes and I strip that passivity off of you. I strip it off of your mind, that lethargy that is on your mind, and I command it to leave you.


I am saying it again, we cannot go around being paranoid, but we need to know that there are witches out there, and that they recognize us. They recognize us, and we have got to stop being little lambs, just trotting around, not facing the fact that there is evil out there. We have got to face the fact that there is evil in us, and outside of us, that we are in a criminal world.


As I pursue my studies, on the level that we are on now, one of the points that the Lord is emphasizing, is that we must recognize that there is evil. We must recognize that evil in ourselves, and we must be able to recognize it in other people, without panicking, without being afraid, without being paranoid. We must know that it is there and we must recognize it when we see it, if we have any hope of ascending out of this world.


The whole message of the politically correct movement today is that everybody is good. Everybody is good. Just make sure they are fed, and give them an education, and there would not be any more problems in this world, because people are good. This is the message that is throughout the whole country today. We will never get out of hell with that message.


We do not have to condemn people, we do not have to criticize people, but we must know the reality of our condition if we are to have any hope whatsoever of getting out of here. If you are listening to these tapes, if you are associated with this ministry in any way, if you are that far along spiritually, the people are looking for you, and you just cannot be this naive.


I am talking to anybody who is listening to this tape, you have to recognize it and pray. You recognized it, but you did not do anything about it. I do not want to be too hard on you. Thank God that you recognized it, but you have got to start doing something about it.


This is one of the major thrust of the message that is coming forth here right now. We must recognize the evil. Adam fell because he could not recognize the evil. He knew the evil was there. Jehovah had told him, but he did not see the activity of the evil. He did not recognize what she was doing until it was too late. We can fall from where we are now, we can fall to a lower position. Anything can happen, this is not a fear message, this is a message that is suppose to be rousing you to understand that you are in the army.


If you are in the middle of a war, if you are in Vietnam, you have to know that when you get out of your fox hole, someone could be shooting at you. Of course, this war is an invisible war. We cannot see it, so we are at a disadvantage. If you are in Vietnam with the bombs falling all over the place, you know that you had better take up your gun when you get out of your fox hole. We are in an invisible war, so it is much harder, but we are in a war.


Apparently as we mature spiritually there are people out there that are in ungodly spiritual power, that are recognizing us. They recognize us when they see us. Listen brethren, I have words of knowledge all the time. I know what a lot of people think. There must be people who know what I think. I know what a lot of people think.


I know what is going on in their lives. I know their hidden motives a lot of the time, not all of the time, usually when it just concerns me, or someone that is under me. I could not possibly take on the whole world, so there had to be a connection somewhere. If there are people whose thoughts I know, then there are people who know my thoughts. We do not even know the extent of it.


Just by way of example, I had a little problem with our web page on the internet. The company that we have our web page through, just decided to change our address. I am sure that it was just a business reorganization. I am praying for them, and I hope that they stay in business because we pay a very cheap price. I think they are two young fellows there. I pray that God blesses them, if for no other reason than they gave us such a cheap price. Anyway, our address changed.


I have been trying for 3 months to get one of the major search engines called Yahoo to change our address. I have not been able to get them to change our address. What happens is that if you go into our old address, there is a bookmark there that says we have moved, and this is our new address. They kept that up for about a month, but our address still was not changed. All of these people going through the yellow pages looking for Bibles and books, they were getting the old address.


I called up the company that keeps our web page, and told them to please put it back up. They agreed, and they put it back up again. I still cannot get yahoo to change our address. It was like a whole big confusion, I knew it was an attack from the enemy, but the fact is our address was not changed.


Over the last couple of weeks orders have really fallen off. I just assumed it was because it was Christmas and New Year, and then the orders fell off even more, and I thought I should check it out. My last communication with the people we rent from was, I will let you know when the problem is solved. I went into the address, the bookmark was down. There was no forwarding address. I called up the company that we deal with and it was the answering machine, so I left a message.


I sounded a little stirred. I guess I was annoyed. It is okay to be angry if you do not sin. I just let them know I was annoyed. I told them that I never asked them to change our address. It has caused me.... We have hundred of books out there with the old address on them, if nothing else. I said to them, I never asked you to change our address and it is not my fault that I am having this problem with XXXXX, and I thought it was agreed that you would keep that bookmark up until the problem was solved. Please put it back up.


Within an hour, this fear came on me, fear that this company was so annoyed at the way I talked to them that they were going to cancel us out and we would have to take a web page at some high price. I never tolerate fear. I do not tolerate fear, so I started rebuking it within myself, because it was fear.


Then I said to myself, Hey wait a minute, this is really crazy. I do not care how cheap your price is, if you are in business and I am paying you $15 a month, and there is nothing to do.... These companies that rent out web pages, the way it works is they have a computer and their computer is up and running 24 hours a day, and there is nothing to do once they have set it up. They could have 1500 people that have web pages through their company, and the initial installation of the web page is work, but once it is up, it is like you are paying them rent for doing nothing. It is free money. Are you following me?


If I am paying you $15 a month for doing nothing, would you want to lose my $15 a month because you did not like the way I talked to you? Are you going to tell me to take a flying leap, and lose my $15 a month? Does that make any sense at all, does that make any sense? It does not make any sense to me.


I started thinking about it and I said, I bet you he is afraid that I am going to leave him. I bet you he is afraid that I am going to go someplace else. I think that is what it was, because he never called me, but the bookmark was back up, I checked it out. It must have been his fear of losing a customer that I was feeling. It was all over me and it comes on me as my fear.


When you become spiritually sensitive, you really have to have this wisdom or your whole life is effected by other people's emotions. It is a nightmare. It is a nightmare that I went through for years. If you recall my testimony, before I found out what was going on in my life, I would be upset, and not know why I was upset.


I know this young man that is married to this very angry young woman. He is a very easy going guy, and she is angry all the time. He told me once that he could be as happy as could be, come home, and all of sudden be an absolute snit. I did not feel it was appropriate to tell him, but there is not a doubt in my mind it is his wife's rage touching him.


He said to me, I am as mad as a hornet, and I do not even know what I am mad at! That is what he said to me, I do not even know what I am mad at! I felt like saying, I know why you are mad; it is your wife's anger ripping right through you.


Brethren, we have no idea the extent to which we are influenced by other people's passions. It is strong emotion, strong emotion, anger and lust, anger and lust. Watch out for other people's anger and other people's lust, because when it starts to touch you, it will touch you like it is your own, and it is not yours.


You are not lusting for that man, he is lusting for you. I guess it could be reversed, but most of the time it is from the man to the woman, but it could be from a woman to a man. I am telling you it is a dangerous game. The laws of morality will protect you. Thou shalt not fornicate, thou shalt not commit adultery. If you live by the law, you are protected, you just do not do it. Thou shalt not murder, thou shalt not steal, you just do not do it., But not many are living by the law today.


What are you doing? Why did you do it? I do not know. Someone else's mind is ripping through you. It is scary. If you have teenage children going away to college and you try to tell them this kind of thing, they would not even want to listen to you, or you would scare them half to death.


I saw this talk show on TV the other day. There is a drug that is out called ruffies (rohypnol). Have you heard about it? It is a legal drug. It is not an illegal drug, and people are slipping it into young ladies’ drinks. A young lady goes out for a social evening at a bar, turns her head away and the guy pops a pill into her drink and she is so completely out that she goes to a motel with twelve guys.


The talk show host was saying that if that is your lifestyle, socializing, where you drink (and he said it does not have to be an alcoholic beverage, it could be a coke or water), you could easily be a victim. He said, If you turn your face away from the drink for a second, reject the drink. What does it cost you, $1.25 for soda, $3 or $4 for a drink,? If for whatever reason you are distracted, reject the drink.


He said that it takes only a second for them to slip the drug into your drink, and they work in teams. Someone calls your attention, the other guy pops it in. He advised that if you turn your face away from your drink for a second, get rid of it.


It is quite amazing what is going on today, and we have not seen anything yet. We have not seen anything yet! This is just the beginning. Praise the Lord. Does anybody else have anything to say along these lines?


Comment: I was just thinking what you said about the young girls, they have no memory for the most part the next day.


Pastor Vitale: Yes, and then he was talking about another drug that is being sold. It is a veterinarian's drug. It is a cat tranquillizer. It is a pill that they give to animals when they are going to perform surgery on them. It dulls all pain. Apparently there are people who are stealing it from the veterinarians and selling it. He said it is illegal for those who steal it, it is illegal because you have stolen it, but if the police find this drug in your possession, it is not illegal. They cannot do anything about it.


There was this beautiful girl up there on the show, and the talk show host was all carried away, he was really upset. I like him, I think he is real. I hope I am not being fooled, but I think he is real. He was saying to her, You are taking a drug that is given to cats as a tranquillizer. It means you cannot feel anything, so you could be hurt and not even know that you are. Why are you taking this drug? She could not give any answer. No answer, no answer.


Brethren, I see the whole bottom falling out. I really do see the whole bottom falling out. I hope that I am not being a pessimist. There are others in this country that say we are going to rally and come around. I cannot see this downward trend turning around. I cannot see it, and I do not believe that if all of the Christians in this country pray on a regular basis, that they are powerful enough to turn around this downward trend.


I do not believe it. I do not think it is going to happen. I think that our own sin is finding us out. I think we are going to have to be judged by our own wickedness, and that repentance will have to come forth, not because someone is praying repentance on us, but because the fruit of our own sin brings forth repentance.


That is how I see it. If I am a pessimist, let God correct me. In accordance with all this, my prayer is that the Lord raises up the faithful. I pray that He raises us up into spiritual power, so that we will stand above it, and be in a position to help others that the Lord directs us to.


But I see the bottom falling out. I thank God that I have a roof over my head, that there is heat in this house, that I have food, that I have a car, and I hope that everything stands.


We do not know what is coming, we do not know what is happening. I am just throwing all of myself, to the fullest extent that I can, into what I know to do to go forward with my spiritual growth. I do not know what else to do. But the Lord has said, Do not be distressed, look up for your redemption draweth nigh.


Luke 21:28 And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh. KJV


It is the hour of crisis. Is there anybody else with a question?


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