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There is much happening, Brethren. It is not really, it is not visible to the natural eye, but there is so much happening in the spirit that it is very intense, and what is the culmination of everything that's happening? Brethren, there is a war coming.


Not too long ago I was reading one of Ed's newsletters that we take off of the internet, and Ed is a watchman in the church, and he writes about a lot of things, but I don't agree with some of the things that he says which is about par for the course. Nobody really agrees with everybody, and one of the issues that he has documented on his loop on the internet is that there are prophecies coming forth from certain areas that are prophesying a war.


Now these prophecies are prophesying civil war, a war within the church, bloody war, I don't know about all that, but when I first heard it, it didn't sound right to me. But, all of a sudden I am prophesying a war, but I believe the war that I am prophesying is a spiritual war. What kind of physical manifestations this war is going to have, how it is going to manifest in this world, how it will affect human beings, whether or not there will be blood shed I have no idea, but I know that there is a spiritual war revving up, and the prize that is being fought over is humanity.


It is a spiritual war, brethren, and the war is between the Lord Jesus Christ and the people in whom He will be manifesting called as far as I know at this time because I don't know what I am going to think tomorrow, but right now as far as I know they are called the Sons of God, and the ones they will be fighting against, it appears at this time, are immortal carryovers from the flood, offspring of Shem, Ham, Noah, and Japheth, who for what ever reason did not break down into the mortal human beings that we see, and I can't even say that the majority of humanity is because I don't know how many of them there are.


They are in the earth, and they are hiding, and the Hindu philosophy says that a group of ascended masters appeared in the tenth century and were saviours to mankind, they came and they healed and they gave food and they helped people and they helped people and then they disappeared, and I up until now thought, Well these were mortal men who had ascended into a full stature, I didn't believe it was Jesus because He wasn't there at the time, I didn't believe it was God, but I thought that they had ascended into a full stature by the serpent's power, but I don't think that any more.


I don't think that they were mortal fallen men like we are who found the right path and ascended into spiritual power by the serpent's power. I didn't think it was Jehovah's power, but I don't think that any more. I think that they were just men who had been around since the flood and they were offspring of Shem, Ham, and Japheth that did not deteriorate into the contemptible, vile form of humanity that we are in right now, and if that offends you I'm sorry, but I had a bad experience last night with this physical body of mine, and I want to tell you that this is a vile, contemptible house that I live in that is utterly infested and corrupted and causes me trouble, and has enough strength to oppose what my spirit wants to do in this hour although it failed last night because Jesus intervened, but we are in a vile contemptible condition.


This is how it is looking right now. There is a company of immortal men, men who are immortal to this world, they don't die in this world, they didn't break down into the vile physical bodies and minds that humanity at large is in. It is my understanding right now because of the exercise of witchcraft power which has circumvented Jehovah's judgment upon them, for whatever reason I don't know, they showed themselves in the tenth century, and they withdrew.


It is now the 20th century. I believe the word is that they are about to show themselves again, and this word is not only coming from Benjamin Creame who is the PR man for Lord Maitreya but it is in the scripture. I have found it in the scripture. Now I haven't found Lord Maitreya in scripture, but I have found these immortals of this world. Their immortality is not strong enough to restore them above the firmament. Their immortality is restricted to this world which even in their immortality it has to be inferior to the world above the firmament. What is the world above the firmament like? I have no idea, but I know that even immortality in this world is inferior to the worlds above the firmament. That's my understanding right now.


That's why we want to get back up there. So, there are several scriptures I have. I don't know if I'll get to them today. 2 Peter talks about it where he is talking about the world in the water, the earth in the water and the earth out of the water. If you are a Bible student you probably are familiar with that scripture. He's talking about the world above the firmament and the world that is beneath the firmament, and he's talking about the immortals. I have the Alternate Translation worked up and eventually I have to give it to you, but it is not today.


There is a war coming, and the Lord Jesus is raising up an army, and the way He is raising up this army is that He is raising Adam, the living soul, from the dead in the individual and then Adam, the living soul, who is beneath the firmament. You see, no matter what condition we are in down here, we are beneath the firmament. If we are in this body we are beneath the firmament. The sign that you are above the firmament is that you are out of the body.


Now, I am not talking about astral projection where you are out of your body and you come back to your body. When you are truly translated above the firmament this body ceases to exist. As you can see my chart on the board, I have listed for you the judgment of the different aspects of our fallen nature, and I won't even say of our mortality because these elements of our fallen nature exist in the immortals who are down here with us. They have the same elements. They have Leviathan, they have a carnal mind, they have Satan who is the spiritual unconscious mind of this world. They have and they are the devil on two levels. They have a personality and a physical body. Those are the powers and principalities of this world. Jehovah's plan for our escape from these powers and principalities is as I have it listed.


He has sent His Holy Spirit to join with our human spirit. Now the result of that union is supposed to be that Adam the living soul rises from the dead. It doesn't always come to term. Every time a man lies with his wife she doesn't get pregnant. There are problems. I've read the end of the book. Jehovah's plan must manifest so I am not concerned about the overall plan, but for those of us who are mortal in this hour if it doesn't manifest in us, you know we haven't had that experience, you are not going to burn in hell forever, but you haven't had that experience.


So, this is the plan. Jehovah sent the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit is attempting to join with the human spirits of men. If this union is successful and comes to fruition Adam, the living soul, rises from the dead in that man, and there are two Adams, you see. There are two Adams. We know Jesus is the first and the last Adam, but the two Adams existed before the fall. The first Adam was in the garden, and the second Adam was on the top of the waves.


The first Adam was the mind and the second Adam, or the last Adam was the image. So, when Adam, the living soul, is risen from the dead in a man, this condition is called full stature, the next step of Jehovah's plan to give us spiritual strength which is still in the body is that the last Adam who is still on top of the firmament. You see, it was Adam who was in the garden that died. Adam, the living soul, who was in the garden, he died, but the last Adam who is the very image of the visible spiritual world, he didn't die. He's still in heaven, where ever that is, another dimension, what ever that means, it is another dimension as far as I know, and he is still connected to Elohim and Jehovah, and that part of the God head which is still in heaven is continuously reaching out to those of down here in this black hole.


They want us out, and the way they are getting us out is through a spiritual work, the end of which causes this body to disappear so if you are hearing this tape, and you are hung up on this body I encourage you to continue to listen to the message but to pray about this because I am telling you if you are too hung up on this body it is going to hinder you from your deliverance. I don't know how far you could go, I really don't know. Who am I to tell you that you cannot ascend to full stature if you are hung up on this body? I can't tell you that because I don't know, but according to the information that I have right now if you do ascend to full stature it is not likely that you will ascend to the second stage of resurrection which is spiritual circumcision if you are not willing to give up this body, and you definitely cannot ascend to the third stage of the resurrection which restores you above the firmament.


I don't know, maybe you can stay in this body. Maybe that's what the scripture was talking about when two of the tribes didn't want to cross over Jordan. they wanted to stay on the near side of Jordan. Maybe that's a symbol, but in any event eventually this world is going to be rolled up like a scroll and go out like a light, so if you haven't overcome this lust, this idolatry for your own body and ascended above the firmament you will cease to exist.


The Holy Spirit is marrying the human spirit, and the first Adam is rising from the dead, and then the last Adam who is still above who is still connected to Elohim and Jehovah is marrying the first Adam in you. All of this is in you. This is the second stage of the resurrection. When your human spirit which is now within the resurrected Adam, when he marries Michael who is connected to the eternal world you are no longer dependent on the serpent for your existence. You have transferred from the serpent's foundation which incarnated you. You were born through the serpent's foundation.


I am sorry if that offends you, but it is the truth, and you are translated unto Adam's foundation. This is where we are right now. Jesus is raising up an army, I don't know how many there will be, there may be very few initially. The immortals in the name of Lord Maitreya have actually warned the world that they are going to show themselves in another three years. He's coming in with peace. I was on the internet the other day. I looked into some of his writings to see what he had to say.


He's coming in with a message of peace, he's promising a utopia to all men, he's promising that every individual's needs will be met, and he's claiming that he's not in any way hiding that he intends to do this with mind control. The only thing is the way he is saying it, it sounds so positive that the average person who is not really familiar with spiritual events cannot see what he's saying, that he's going to speak both by TV and telepathically and reveal himself to every human being in the year 2,000, in three years.


Well, the Lord gave me a study which I don't have for you, I haven't documented it, I've made some notes, I haven't written up the Alternate Translation yet, but I am going to tell you what it says. It is the account of Jesus coming out of the garden at which time He ascended into the second stage of resurrection. That means that the living soul in Him married Michael and He entered into a higher or deeper degree of authority. He was no longer dependent on the foundation of this world. He came out of the garden, the guards of the Sanhedrin, the King James says the servants of the high priest, the Sanhedrin were looking for Him.


Now these men were all Jews. They all had the word of God and therefore they had the opportunity, there was the possibility that faith in Jehovah was present in them, and I want to tell you that Jesus Christ came out of the garden and He spoke publicly. He didn't speak through satellite because they didn't have it in those days, but He spoke openly, He spoke with His vocal chords, He spoke words that anybody that had natural ears could hear. This is the significance of Lord Maitreya saying he is going to speak by satellite.


What he is saying is, he is going to speak in a manner that anybody whose natural hearing is functioning will be able to hear him, and Jesus said to the guards, Who are you looking for? Now if you look in the King James, and you look in the Greek you will see that it was said twice. Who are you looking for, who are you looking for? Well, let me tell you a secret to interpreting the scriptures, when something is said twice it means two people said it. Jesus doesn't stutter. The Holy Spirit doesn't stutter. If it says it twice two people said it.


So the man Jesus said, Who are you looking for? And everybody with hearing that worked, every mortal man whose hearing worked, that was within the sound of his voice heard it, but at the same time or in the next moment the father, signified by the code, I am in the King James, rose up and the King James says, And Jesus said, as if Jesus said it again, but the word Jesus is not in the Greek. I am rose up and spoke telepathically and said to all of those men who were present, who were coming to arrest Jesus, and they knew that He would be crucified.


As they came with this evil intend in their heart Jehovah spoke through the man Jesus telepathically and said, I am building my Kingdom, I am restoring. . . you have to bear with me because I don't have my notes, this is just my memory, I am restoring my Kingdom, I am looking for those who are worshipping me, and the telepathic communication, I suggest to you, what it did was that it identified the ones who responded to it.


The telepathic communication identified the true believers because they responded to it, and who was observing this? Jesus was there, and Peter was there and who ever else was there, were all His disciples there, I don't even know off hand? To the men with spiritual eyes, men whose mind of Christ was functioning they could tell by every individual's reaction to the telepathic, nonverbally stated communication, who had faith in Jehovah, and I want to tell you there was only one man out of the whole crowd who truly worshipped Jehovah, and his name was Malchus.


Do you know what Malchus means? It means king. He was called to the Kingdom, and he truly worshipped Jehovah, and I Am's telepathic communication separated the sheep from the goats, but only to those who had spiritual eyes, and Peter saw Malchus' faith, and he pulled out his sword which is his Christ mind, and the Greek word says, he stung, he stung, that's the meaning of the Greek word, he stung Malchus.


I have been telling you for years that the scorpions of Revelation 9 are the Sons of God, and their mind is a stinger, which is a weapon which will penetrate the mind of a mortal man and inseminate that mortal man with the seed which will produce the Christ mind. Peter recognized the man had true faith in Jehovah and he penetrated his mind, and castrated that mind. I am telling you, this is what it says in the Greek. You thought he cut off his ear lobe, you thought Peter cut off his external ear? He amputated the female part of his mind that hears. He amputated the female hearing organ of the mind, the female mind, the carnal mind. He amputated it, that's what it says in the Greek, it is very clear.


Peter saw that Malchus had faith, he penetrated his mind, didn't ask his permission, penetrated his mind, amputated his privy part, that's what it says, amputated his spiritual sexual organ which is the carnal mind, rendered it useless. Why would he do that? He broke all resistance, he crushed all resistance, and then Jesus said to Peter, Put up your sword. Jesus said to Peter, insert your sword, insert your mind in the conceiving vessel and deposit the seed because I can't do it because I have been called to be crucified.


So, apparently from this translation the protocol was, now one of the things we teach you is protocol, you have to know what your place is, what your role is, or not only are you going to be doing what someone else should be doing but what you are supposed to be doing will be left undone. Everybody has to know what their part is so apparently the protocol was the Father spoke through Jesus, separated the sheep from the goats, the disciples discerned who truly had faith, they stung them, they paralyzed the carnal mind so the carnal mind couldn't attack them, they castrated the carnal mind, shut down its war like ability to hurt, and then they penetrated, and this was all preparation for Jesus the leader of the group to penetrate that person's mind and deposit the seed.


That's what it sounds like to me, but in the garden Jesus said to Peter, they are taking me away to be crucified, I'm not going to be able to be doing this any more, so since you paralyzed his mind and castrated his ability, the whole concept of castrating the organ is that you've wounded this mind's ability to reproduce the serpent. The castration is talking, see the mind still existed, he didn't cut off the mind, the mind still existed, he just cut off the mind's ability to penetrate, I guess Peter's mind, I guess a backlash. Peter stung him and wounded him, cut off his warlike ability, castrated his warlike ability, and got him ready for the master to come in and inseminate him with the seed, but Jesus said, No, I've been called to be crucified, you do it, put up your sword into the conceiving vessel. Not put your sword away. Insert it into the conceiving vessel and deposit the seed.


So, this is what's happening Brethren, and I suggest to you that Lord Maitreya and his continuum or whatever he calls his disciples, this is exactly what they plan to do. Whenever it comes to pass if it comes to pass, I don't know if it will come to pass, personally I think it is going to come to pass. There are going to be two messages coming out which he has announced, an audible message and a psychic message, and I want to tell you unless you are heavily defensed in Christ Jesus, when that psychic message goes out it is going to sting your mind, it is going to sting your Christ mind, it is going to castrate your Christ mind, it is going to cut off from your Christ mind any ability that you have in Christ to fight against this and then they are going to insert their minds into your mind and deposit their seed, and you will become their slave, and the only one this will not happen to are those who are mature enough in Christ Jesus to oppose them.


This is going to happen to many Christians. He is going to castrate any warlike ability they have in Christ if not the whole Christ mind, I don't have details, but you see the good news is that at the same time there will be Sons in full stature who will be fighting for individual Christians just as Michael fought with the devil over Moses' body, and just as we are studying in Elisha's case how Elisha who was then glorified came back and fought, how Elijah who was then glorified came back and fought for Elisha.


This is what the Sons of God will be doing, and let me tell you something when the Lord showed, you see, it is very possible that this psychic message is going to be going out, the two psychic messages will be going out at the same time very possibly and when the Sons of God find someone who has faith in Jesus Christ, no matter what kind of condition they are in, if they are crying out to Jesus those are the ones we are going to, and we are going to repeat what I just told you about, that Peter did for Malchus, but don't think we are going to do it with Lord Maitreya or one of his henchmen trying to stop us.


This is likely the fulfillment of, I believe it is in Zechariah, where Joshua the high priest is pulled out of the fire, is that Zechariah? This is a brand pulled out of the fire, get your hands off of him, that's what we are going to be doing, it is in Rev. 12. Now I could be wrong, but it is my opinion that it is this severe event that will force the church to recognize the Sons of God because they are not going to recognize the Sons of God.


They are going to cling to their doctrine, they are going to hope for the rapture, they are going to refuse to grow up in Christ which involves confessing your sins and having your whole insides exposed, your whole insides exposed, every evil thing in you exposed, they are not going to submit to it, the average Christian will not submit to it until they are in this kind of dire straits, but in any event there is a war coming. I do not know whether blood will be shed, I do not know how it will manifest in the physical. The message is everywhere I look.


The Lord is telling me it is time to come up, we have got to ascend, now I am not implying that we have to do it in our own power because I don't know how to ascend. The only thing I know how to do is to be willing to have every filthy things in me exposed. I am willing and I am asking for it, and I am confessing it and repenting, and that is the only thing I know how to do, and I am waiting to see what the Lord will do.


Of course, I am charging forward in this Word because the confession and the repentance is killing the powers and principalities in me, and this revelation is building Christ in me. As I opened the King James today to prepare for this message my eyes just fell, and we are working in II Kings 2, my eyes just fell upon II Kings 1. It is everywhere, listen to this, verse 2, And Ahaziah fell through the lattice of his upper chamber, now of course, this is the King James translation. Listen Brethren, everyone of us has a firmament within us, everyone of us is an individual black hole.


This corporate black hole will roll up like a scroll and cease to exist when there are no human beings left here, when either every human being here has ascended or died off this world will cease to exist. Let me remind you in case you don't remember from our last message and from a couple of messages in Quantum Mechanics in Creation the Hebrew word translated lattice is typifying the diffraction grading which is a part of the firmament you see. Ahaziah fell down from the upper room, he fell down within himself, from above the firmament he fell down through the lattice. He fell down through the firmament, and he was sick. He fell down through the lattice of his upper chamber in Samaria, and got sick, he got spiritually sick and then got physically sick.


It's everywhere. This Bible is a spiritual book and what you see in it is where you are spiritually, that's the message you see in it. God only knows what I'll be seeing it in five years from now. It is everywhere, the message the Lord is giving you for this hour. I don't know how long it is going to be, I just know the Lord is speaking to me of great things. I know that a lot of what he's telling me and a lot of what I'm preaching sounds very, very much like occult religion.


All I could say to you is that the church, God's people, are called to be spiritual. He tells us about a counterfeit, he tells us about an angel of light, he tells us very clearly that the counterfeit is going to be so close to the reality that it will be hard if at all possible to tell the difference. Well, Brethren, I am not knocking the church today, I am just trying to show you that the church today cannot possibly be it because it doesn't look anything like the occult world at all, but what's being taught here, what's coming forth here it looks and it sounds very much like the occult world, but it is a different spirit.


Now the Lord brought me some information on what is called soul travel. I believe we travel in the spirit. Sometimes it is just a different definition of the same term. For right now I would say spirit travel means travel in the mind of Christ and soul travel would be traveling in Leviathan's mind, I'll go for that for right now. The Lord was talking to me about spirit travel last night, and I never really understood, you see spirit travel is not a big thing in the church, it is something that happens very rarely, and by and large the church is very frightened of spiritual things.


By and large the shepherds discourage the church from spiritual things because they are not really true shepherds, and they are just scared mortal men themselves and they are just trying to...., even the sincere ones all they can think about is protecting the flock from spiritual things, but you see the problem is that they cannot differentiate, they cannot distinguish between the spiritual things in Christ and spiritual things in Satan so they warn the people to stay away from spiritual things. If you want to be spiritual come to the church, speak in tongues and prophesy, and that is as far as you go which is preschool, brethren.


I'm not against it, it is the beginning, but it is preschool. So the problem is that the leadership in the church are women and children so therefore the church has not grown beyond being women and children because you need a leader and that is the way the Lord set it up, and if you go into any occult religion they have leaders, they have teachers, masters, whatever each individual religion, Hinduism, Buddhism, Ekankar, they have their own names for the masters, but they have spiritual elders that teach you not out of a book but that teach you from their own personal experiences, and it is very hard to find this in the church.


Actually, I am the only one that I know of. That doesn't mean there isn't anybody else. If there is anyone else out there I haven't met them. You have to have a teacher who is having spiritual experiences with Jesus Christ and then that teacher teaches you from his own experiences so the church is dying on the vine for lack of teachers, and the few teachers if there are any of us who are in the church are being maligned and blasphemed and the church is afraid of them and the ministry is cutting them off and it is a dire situation Brethren. The situation is dire because in three years the immortals who co-inhabit this world are about to take over the minds of all humanity, and the church is waiting to go to heaven in the rapture.


This is what Satan was talking about in the temptation when, I don't remember if it was Satan or the devil from our Alternate Translation, but I will say Satan, this is what Satan was talking about when he said to Jesus, Worship me and I will give you the kingdoms of this world, and when I first brought forth that Alternate Translation, I was a very ignorant person. You should never mock anything unless you are really sure you know what you are talking about, and as you grow in spiritual things you are never sure you know what you are talking about because you don't know what the Lord is teaching you tomorrow, but I even have it on tape, and I said, Now isn't that dumb, isn't Satan the toothless wonder, isn't that stupid, offering Jesus what He already had, He already was King of Kings, but I was wrong. Jesus was in full stature.


He had two more stages of resurrection to go through, and what Satan was saying to Him was, Don't go through to the other two stages, be an immortal in this world, keep your full stature, live forever, be an immortal in this world under the firmament, and I will give you all of the kingdoms, all of the minds of the people to worship you. Satan promised Jesus what Lord Maitreya is planning on taking, lordship in the flesh, don't go on, don't ascend out of this world because if you ascend above the firmament this world will cease to exist, and the serpent, Leviathan, Satan, and the devil will cease to exist. Be a god to these puny humans in this world, and I will give you the whole world. That's what he was saying to Him 2000 years ago, and Jesus said, No thanks buddy, but apparently Satan found someone who said amen, sounds good to me, whoever this Lord Maitreya, claims he's been around for 5000 years.


This is the situation, Brethren. This what we are up against. There will be, the ones who have faith in Jesus Christ will be delivered from Lord Maitreya's grasp. The Lord tells me just as the Jews who truly had faith in Jehovah were plucked right off the lines of the death camp in Hitler's Germany, but the numbers that will be plucked out of the fire will be very few compared to the numbers who will be enslaved. Even the Book of Revelation says that, and this is the mark of the beast. It is in their mind.


They are going to be spiritual slaves until such time as the Sons of God completely defeat the immortals of this world. I have very little information. Which of course will happen but if you are under mind control and enslaved for one day it is too long, for one hour it is too long, so I have no idea how long this conflict will go on. I have very little information except that there is not a doubt in my mind that I speak the truth unto you.


When I had this message in my heart for years now, 9 or 10 years or more I've had this word in my heart that the locusts of Rev. 9 were the Sons of God and that their minds were stingers and that they were going out with this very strong mind to paralyze the carnal minds of the people and inseminate them with the seed that would bring forth Christ, but I thought we would be up against mortal people, and that we would be the Sons of God and it would be a snap, and we would just go around sowing the seed. I had no idea that we could be up against immortals who are immortal in the serpent's strength. I had no idea until very recently, and I probably would have gotten hysterical. You see the Lord doesn't give you more than you can bear. I wasn't ready to hear it.


Also, as the Lord gave me some instruction on traveling in the spirit last night. You see I never really understood the reason, well maybe there are multiple reasons for traveling in the spirit. I always thought you traveled in the spirit because someone in Canada needed help so you zipped over there, and you helped them. That was what I thought and maybe that's true, but I also found out last night that traveling in the spirit brings healing to your physical and mental bodies.


Where your spirit abides is directly reflected in the condition of your physical body and your emotional and mental state of mind. People who are sick unto death which I was when I came to the Lord, their spirit is in a very low spiritual place. People who are mentally ill, people who have addictions, your spirit is in a very low spiritual place. Why? Well most likely you inherited your condition. You probably did your own thing in your life, but it was probably your spiritual and emotional and physical heritage that is a result of your father's that you inherited, and you just went along with it where ever you were, and you recommitted the family line sins, that's what I'm trying to say. You see, when the Holy Spirit comes in and heals somebody we call this the imputed anointing, it heals someone who is in a low spiritual place by the faith of the healer. Well, we have heard that before. Well what does that mean, the faith of the healer? It means the one through whom the healing is coming is in a very high spiritual place.


I don't have any more information right now about that except it makes sense to me, I don't have any more words that I could tell you to explain it to you. We must ascend spiritually for a permanent healing of the body, of the mind, and of the emotions. You can be healed by someone else's spiritual height, your healing may be permanent, it may not. If it is permanent you may contract another disease. If you want divine health which we hear a lot about, I don't know anyone that has it, some people are blessed in their health, some people are healthier than others, but to have divine health means you are incapable of being sick.


I don't really know anybody that has that. To be the recipient of divine health you must ascend or you must travel in the spirit to a high place, and when you abide in that high place some how it brings healing to your body so we see that spirit travel can be very personal. It is not just taking a trip to pray for somebody or heal them or cast out a demon. It is a personal experience that is necessary for your own healing. So somebody says, Now isn't that a selfish thing to say, thinking about your own healing. Well, no I don't think it is a selfish thing to say because we have got to get healed, brethren, if we are to help others.


We must get healed if we are to survive this war, and not only survive it we are going to be the saviors of the world, not in the condition we are in now, you can speak for yourself but I am no savior in the condition I am in now. A change must occur, and the change that we are waiting for is a spiritual ascension, a spiritual ascension. Now if you are reading these messages, the chances that the Holy Spirit has married your human spirit and raised Abel from the dead in you are very great, but you really do not enter into spiritual power until Abel ascends above and dominates Leviathan at which point he's no longer Abel, but he is Adam raised from the dead.


I know this is where I am right now. I believe Abel has been raised from the dead in me, and he is in a war to dominate Leviathan and Leviathan has assistance, you see. When we get to the second half of II Kings 2 you will see Leviathan has assistance. Satan and the devil are Leviathan's assistants so when I wage war against Leviathan it is very possible that Satan or the devil will attack me.


Now I really examine the circumstances surrounding this physical problem that I am having, and I try to be as objective as I could be and objective as I could be I just cannot deny the conclusions that I say, that this illness came upon me I had just produced two new books and that this illness came upon me, it began to come upon me after the mailing of the first book and then it was two or three weeks later that we did the second book, the Sunday night before the Monday that the mailing of the second books went out I was aware that something was wrong and by Monday or Tuesday, the days that the books went out, I knew I was sick.


The answer, I must ascend spiritually, but you see I can't do it by myself. I am very encouraged however, well I am feeling fine, to be honest with you I was afraid to eat breakfast this morning because when you have problems with your digestion you don't know what to do. I went to bed without dinner last night because I was afraid to eat, you can get very sick if you have a problem with your digestive tract and you eat, but I had breakfast and I think if anything was going to happen it should have happened by now, wouldn't you think. Yes, I think it would have happened by now.


I feel fine, so I guess I had a miracle last night, but you see it was only a temporary miracle. It put down the attack at the moment. We must ascend spiritually. It is necessary. It is essential for us to fulfill our duties as Sons of God. How do you do it, I don't know. I just know how to do what I know how to do, and I tell you that every day. You are probably sick of hearing it. Ask the Lord to show you everything in you, things that you cannot even imagine are there. Tell Him you are willing to see anything.


When He shows it to you, confess it, and if you can't repent ask Him to help you and try to change by His power and stay in the Word because the Word is important. The Word is not important in and of itself, but if Christ is being formed in you, and you are moving on to maturity at that point the Word is essential. If you are not confessing your sins and repenting or if you are out there in the world this doctrine won't do you any good. This doctrine is only for the Christ who is being formed in Holiness in you.


COMMENT: Isn't the same situation that Elisha had with Elijah and with the sons in the whole situation similar to what you have just been preaching?


PASTOR VITALE: Are you talking about Elijah with the sons of Israel with the prophets of Baal? Is it the same thing? I guess it is pretty similar except the situation was restricted only to Israel and Lord Maitreya is coming for the whole world, but it was different to this extent. I see what's coming upon us over the next few years as the final determination and that whatever happens will be permanent.


Those who are saved from this spiritual bondage will also, this is how I want to say it: What's going to be happening is that those who the sons of God save and capture away from Lord Maitreya will themselves be raised up to full stature under the instructions of the sons of God. You see what happened with Elijah was that he used his Godly mind control to get the Hebrew men away from the prophets of baal but as soon as Elijah released their mind they became waging sinners again and killed him. Why? Because what Elijah had done was expose their sins.


Elijah did the same thing that Jesus did with the disciples and that Elijah also did with Elisha. Let me say this clearly now, Elijah did not have the power to, or didn't, I am assuming he didn't have the power to, to raise these men up to righteousness in their own right. He didn't have the power to give them the imparted anointing. While he held his hand over their Leviathan they were o.k.


As soon as Elijah and Jesus took his hand off the minds of their disciples they were mortal men again and Leviathan came out in a rage because she had been bound up by Jesus and Elijah, and in Elijah's case when he took his mind off of the Hebrew men they killed him. We found this out in our Alternate Translation of I Kings 19. Their corporate mind was so enraged, their collective mind was so enraged that Elijah had showed up their sins that when Elijah's mind released them their rage knocked Elijah right down out of his righteous mind. He had to call Michael to help him, and in Jesus' case Jesus only took His hand off of his disciples in one case which was Judas and we all know what Judas did, and after Jesus died when His hand was removed from the disciples they all went back to their carnal life styles because their teacher wasn't there.


So you see the life that was in Elijah and the life that was in Jesus was not reproduced in their disciples. This is the difference in being under the law and being trained to be a son in your own right. You've got to have your own experiences which will result in your own ascension. Now Elisha was the exception, you see. Now when Elijah took his righteous hand off of the unrighteous minds of the sons of Israel they were enraged that their sins were exposed and they killed him.


Then we have the second incident which the church knows is the foot washing which is really not the foot washing. Foot being a euphemism for the mind which is the spiritual sexual organ, and Jesus went to clean the minds of his disciples, to purify their minds, and Peter said, Not me, you are doing that to me, but when Jesus explained it to Peter he said, o.k. Lord I submit, I want you to do it. They ascended, the disciples ascended, Peter ascended because he submitted to the cleansing and Elisha not only submitted to the cleansing, Elisha I am convinced was fully instructed, he understood every detail of what was about to happen to him and he took the victory, and I am convinced, you don't have to agree with me if you don't want to, but I am convinced that outside of a miracle that maybe Jesus is planning on do that I don't know, but from everything that I can see now we need every word of the information that's coming down here to make it.


We have to know what to do when the enemy strikes. Jesus is not swooping down out of heaven like we are babies or infants in the carriage and carrying us to safety. He's there to help us, He's there to support us, but we have to know what to do. We have to have submitted ourselves to the instruction and be determined to do what ever is necessary. Now if you should forget in the crisis what to do, I have to believe Jesus would help you. I am talking about an overall attitude that are submitted to the instructions.


Do you know how many people have not come to this instruction? Do you know how many people has called to this instruction and they have refused to come? What's going to happen to them, I don't know, I don't know about them, but what I am saying is that I am convinced that the people that have submitted themselves to this instruction, they have done all that they could do, that have listened and that have prayed and that have acted on it that when the test comes they are going to make it, and where they fail Jesus will pick them up. What's going to happen to the others is none of my business. I have enough trouble worrying about myself and the people here. So did you see the difference between what happened with Elijah and the prophets of Baal and what's going to be happening in these end days.


Let me just say it one more time because probably people who will be reading this message don't know the whole story of what happened with the prophets of Baal and Elijah, but you will have to get that series if you want to hear it because we can't repeat the whole thing here. But the basic difference is when Elijah took over the minds of the sons of Israel so that they helped him to kill the prophets of Baal it was literally mind control, it was against their will, it was temporary, and when Elijah released their minds they killed him. What's going to be happening now at the end of the age is that when we pull these brands out of the fire, we are not going to leave them dependent, we are going to give them everything they need, we are going to give them spiritual power and instruction and everything that they need so that they themselves should ascend spiritually and be powerful in Christ in themselves. See the difference? O.K.


COMMENT: It stands to reason that Jesus warned us about another voice, that my sheep hear my voice, another they won't follow. Everybody hears voices around us, but He must be warning about a deeper. . . .


PASTOR VITALE: It is going to be a spiritual voice, yes it is, I agree completely.


COMMENT: In your understanding where you are now, do you believe that these all arrive at full stature and then comes the temptation of Satan?


PASTOR VITALE: You just said, arrive at full stature, are you talking about the immortals in Christ or are you talking about the evil immortals? (some comments not distinguishable).


PASTOR VITALE: Unless I misunderstood you, they are not arriving into full stature. That's their state of being, they never descended. Now remember they are the descendants of Shem, Ham, and Japheth who were immortals in Christ. Adam was raised from the dead in them, and then when Satan got into Noah's mind and over turned Noah's condition of full stature, so from that point forward it was just a matter of time until the succeeding generations got weaker and weaker until eventually they died to their immortality.


Are you following me? O.K., which is happened to the world as we know it, but apparently there was some descendents of Shem, Ham and Japheth, Baalim for one that's mentioned in the scripture, I believe Elijah was the second and that the Magi were other s too because we did that whole study on that, that for what ever reason they did not continue to die to their immortality, but they stayed immortal to this world. Now Baalim stayed immortal to this world because he repented and Jehovah said, all right stay as you are until the regeneration, but there were other immortals that did not repent but stayed immortal because of witchcraft.


Somehow by their witchcraft power they circumvented the curse. Am I making any sense to you at all? I know I've taught it that way, and it may be that way too, there may be some people who are mortal who are ascending into a full stature of evil. It is probably happening both ways. I've just been advised that I said earlier on this tape that there were only two Magi. That was in error, as far as I know there is still three Magi.


COMMENT: I wonder if Moses and Enoch were immortal?


PASTOR VITALE: Now I do not believe that they were immortal, and I base my opinion on the fact that for both of them there is a record of their birth. When there is a record of birth the person has a beginning of days, and they are not immortal. Now, they may ascend into immortality after they are born. Jesus was born a mortal and ascended into mortality so Jesus, the man, you see, has a beginning of days, but Jesus, the man, has no end. He's like that infinite sound wave. I was just reviewing that message, if you remember, the sound wave goes up and down, up and down, up and down, then it goes up and it keeps on going. So, it is possible to born of a woman when means that you are born mortal and ascend into immortality.


Now Jesus was a human that was born mortal, but the Holy Spirit was in Him, and if you are thinking in terms of incarnation of deity incarnating, the child that's born is mortal, He may have deity in Him that may raise Him up eventually but that is the sign of mortality. Moses' birth is famous because his mother put him in the basket and Pharaoh's daughter picked him up so I believe that Moses started out a mortal, he was born as a mortal babe. I do believe, however, by the time Jehovah sent him to Pharaoh's with supernatural power, at that point I believe that Moses had an imputed immortality. I believe that Moses went to Pharaoh's in full stature, but that his condition was imputed.


What does that mean? Jehovah gave him that power. Moses did not ascend into that condition by overcoming his sin nature. Jehovah gave him that power, and in fact Moses lost his condition of full stature because of a human weakness. I believe that the whole issue of Moses not being allowed into the promised land, it was not that Moses was not allowed into the physical Jordan. Jehovah was saying to him, I gave you an imputed full stature, and you failed the test that would have permitted you to ascend into an imparted full stature. That means spiritual maturity in your own rights because you overcame your sin nature.


Moses failed to overcome his nature, and the King James says, well he hit the rock instead of speaking to the rock, but I investigated that whole thing, and the Hebrew word for rock is a different Hebrew word the first time when Jehovah said, hit the rock and Moses hit the rock, that was one Hebrew word for rock, and then later on when Jehovah said, don't hit the rock, speak to the rock, it was a different word for rock. Basically what this issue is all about is that Jehovah was telling Moses, who was the son of God that had disciples, I don't know if they were disciples or not, but Moses was a leader of God's people, and when God's people came out of Egypt they were carnal.


Christ was not being formed in them, and Jehovah said, hit the rock, and He was spiritually speaking about their minds. What He was saying was, you have to exercise the law over these people because you have to bring them into order, and the law gives no explanations with regard to Satan's judgment. There is no explanation, there is no opportunity to find out what you did wrong so that you could change in Satan's judgment. Explanation teaching correction and instruction and opportunity to change is the White Throne Judgment which is mediated by Jesus Christ.


Well, when the sons of Israel first came out of Egypt, Jehovah said to Moses, hit the rock. The rock meaning the minds and personalities of the people, put them under the law because they were a wild raging mess. We saw what happened when Moses ascended to get the Ten Commandments, but by the time we get to the place where Jehovah is saying, speak to the rock, apparently during this time and being under Moses' influence many of the children of Israel, if not all of them, what do I know, had Christ being formed in them. They had Christ being formed in them, and now Jehovah is saying to Moses, you cannot put these people under the law, you cannot hit this rock any more, you have to talk to this rock because the judgment has changed from the Satanic judgment to the White Throne Judgment. No matter what they do wrong and no matter how they attack you, you have to instruct them, you have to expose their sins, you have to explain to them what's happening to them, and you have to do everything you can to give them the opportunity to overcome, but Moses lost his patience with the people, and I am telling you when God gave me this revelation this really hit me home because I have people that I show their sins to.


It is a very hard thing to do, and Moses didn't make it, and of course there were thousands of them. I can't even imagine having thousands of people that you are showing their sins to, I can't even imagine it, but the scripture says that God will never give us more than we could bear so apparently, of course I am not in full stature, Moses was in a full stature, it was imputed, but he had power that I don't have, so apparently it was possible for him to teach these people and to speak to them and to not whip them and to do what Jehovah had asked him to do. It would have to be possible or Jehovah would not be righteous.


Moses didn't make it, and he didn't speak to them, he didn't explain to them what they needed to know to come out from under the law and be in agreement with him. You see, when someone is under the law you just whip them and you say, you don't do that or you are going to be punished, and the people don't do it for fear of punishment, but this is not what Christ does. Christ wants the one who is the leader to give the people everything that they need so that they will agree with the leader and God to overcome within themselves, and this is the deliverance from the law.


The Lord wants us out from under the law, but Moses apparently lost his patience with the people, it was probably more than losing his patience, they probably were killing him. Well, we know all about Korah, we know what happened there, and I honestly don't know if the incident with Korah came before he hit the rock or after he hit the rock. I never checked that out, that is something that would be interesting to check out, but apparently they must have been killing him. The minds of the people must have been killing him, and he fell out of his Christ mind, and he didn't teach them and he didn't help them to overcome within themselves, he put them under the law.


So, it was not a simple thing that Moses got angry and hit the rock, and this Jehovah just killed him and just punished him. The way that the King James makes Jehovah is very sad, but it still a good translation and has served its purpose in this age. So that is what happened to Moses. He was born mortal, he received an imputed immortality, and he lost his immortality. Now Elisha was born mortal, and had an imputed immortality and when the test came for Elisha he made it. Elisha, Elisha made it. When the test came he overcame. When Moses was tested he didn't overcome. Do you have a question?


COMMENT: I thought on the Mount of Transfiguration that Moses was with Elijah, that, that was part of being immortal?


PASTOR VITALE: What I think happened on the Mount of Transfiguration is that Moses and Elijah indicated the, I believe Elijah was immortal, and I believe that Moses and Elijah indicated the two categories of people to whom ascension is being offered; to the man who has not yet overcome his sins but has received a gift from God, and to the man who has no beginning of days which is Elijah. There is no record of Elijah's birth at all, no record of birth and no record of death because he didn't die.


COMMENT: In relation to the two, could it be the two Adams? Moses and Elijah, could that resemble the two Adams?


PASTOR VITALE: I don't think so because Moses was born of a woman so I don't think so. The two Adams existed before people were ever started being born of a woman.


COMMENT: Melchizedek, he is not an immortal, he is Elohim, is that right?


PASTOR VITALE: Well, I did a study on that recently. I looked through it and I am of the very strong opinion that Melchizedek was not a physical man, and if you study the account of Abraham and Melchizedek in Genesis you will see that those few verses describing Melchizedek are inserted right in between Abraham's victory over the kings, he came back from his victory over the kings, and those few verses about Melchizedek and then Abraham meets in a very hard negotiation with, I believe, the King of Sodom, and there is a negotiation, and the results of it are that he just wants his men back, he says, keep the goods, are you familiar with what I am saying?


Whatever it was, it was a hard nosed confrontation and negotiation, and I am convinced that this whole incident with Melchizedek is that Michael descended or arose in Abraham. It was not a physical man that appeared, that Abraham bowed down and paid tithes to him, and on the contrary I do not believe Abraham paid tithes. I believe a gift was given, and the gift was given from Michael to Abraham. The Hebrew word translated tithe means a tenth, and there is a scriptural principle.


It is throughout the Old Testament, and I keep thinking of one scripture in Isaiah where they are moaning and groaning because they have been under judgment, or Judah has been under judgment, and they are saying if the Lord had not left us a tenth, we would have been completely destroyed so in that sense the word tenth means a seed. After judgment falls and the Lord rips you to pieces, that righteous seed is left, and I am going to suggest to you that Melchizedek's coming was Michael, the spiritual Michael, who arose in the man, Abraham, and gave him the seed of righteousness.


He gave him the righteous mind to negotiate with that King of Sodom, and make a righteous negotiation and walk away victorious. That's what that was all about, and when it talks about oil and wine we see that in the Book of Revelation also in the early chapters in the seals, where the seals are being opened, and the scripture says, touch not the oil and the wine. The wine is the spirit and the oil is Christ. The oil is anointing and the wine is the Spirit of Christ.


So, Michael came, he was King of Peace and Prince of. . . .he came and he gave Abraham the, the righteous spirit, and he gave Abraham the righteous mind because Christ is the mind. He gave Abraham the righteous spirit and the righteous mind, and he gave him the Holy seed that appears in Abraham as a righteous mind which enabled Abraham to negotiate righteously with strength with this King of Sodom, and that's what that was all about. It is not at all the way that it is preached. Enoch was born and I think he was born immortal, and the only information that we have about him is that he did ascend. Now remember, each one of us is an individual black hole, and this is something that I couldn't see as recently as even six months or a year ago, but apparently there are men who had such an intense relationship with Jehovah that they did ascend above the black hold which is within themselves. What makes Jesus unique is that He is the first man born of a woman whose full personality ascended.


Now remember, Moses' body was never found either, so apparently there is some situation, I don't have all the details, where a person has a righteous relationship with Jehovah and their spirit is translated into the first time line which means their body disappears, Enoch's body disappeared and Moses' body disappeared, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they were fully born again, because I know Moses was not fully born again. How do I know that? Well, Jehovah said, You can't enter into Jordan, how could he have been fully born again.


What does it mean to be fully born again? To be fully born again means that the Holy Spirit marries your human spirit, Adam the living soul rises from the dead, Michael the last Adam marries the first Adam the living soul, and that's called Elohim's household, the first and last Adam together are Elohim's household, and the final step that makes you born again is that your mortal personality, the personality that you were born with, marries Elohim's household, and that makes the three of you all together become the Magnificent Man.


Now, that did not happen to Moses, and his body disappeared, and that did not happen to Enoch because we haven't heard anything about it. It did happen to Elijah. Elijah was not born of a woman, and he was not the Savior of mankind. He was Elisha's savior, but he did not fulfill the prophecy. Then Jesus came, He was born of a woman, He was born of a virgin, He fulfilled all the prophecies, and He was completely glorified, His human personality was completely married to the first and the last Adam, and He increased into Elohim's Magnificent Man, His personality is preserved, and He has become the Savior of mankind. Jehovah has sent Him back into the earth to get us all out.


COMMENT: With Elijah being an immortal, why was he so disturbed by Jezebel? Well he wasn't disturbed by Jezebel. That's the way the King James translation makes it sound, but when we did that word by word study we found out that it was a hidden message, I did this a few years ago so I am not too up on it, either it was the King James translation or the truth was blurred over because it is a deep spiritual mystery, but it wasn't that Jezebel hurt him.


The truth was that he was in the condition that he was in because the minds of the Sons of God had risen up and collectively attacked him for showing them their sins, and that's good, I just asked the Lord that question this morning so I have the answer for you because whether it was Jezebel or whether it was the Sons of Israel your point is, how could Elijah be cast down if he was an immortal? Was that not your point? We see the explanation of this demonstrated in the account of the Magi who came to see Jesus when He was born. Now, the Magi were not Hebrews, they were not Jews.


I suggest to you that they were immortals, that they were carryovers from the flood who had repented when Jehovah came to separate everyone that was involved in the building of the Tower of Babel. Now remember, the building of the Babel was a spiritual attempt to get back above the firmament and to do it outside of Jehovah's plan. Jehovah said, the waters fell down through the firmament and the world is not underneath the firmament, and you have to stay here until I raise you back up, but there were a group of immortals who said, no we are going back up through the firmament anyway, and they were trying to do it through their own spiritual power. So Jehovah and Elohim came down and He broke their spiritual power.


You see, spiritual power arises out of a spiritual marriage. This whole concept of marriage gives power. When the Holy Spirit marries your human spirit you receive power, you will have power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. When Adam in you marries Michael you will receive greater power. It is a union of spiritual forces that produces power. So, what was going on at Babel was that Leviathan had a marriage to the serpent.


They were interacting in an active spiritual union that was producing enough spiritual power to, I don't know exactly what they were trying to do, but Jehovah came down and said, enough is enough, and He separated the serpent from Leviathan, and He gave man, whatever he looked like at that time over to the animals. We now know that we are in an animal body and that the serpent is at the base of the spine lunging downward fully responsible for the sexual act which results in the propagation of the species and that Leviathan is up in the brain, and that the two are separated, and that when the serpent. . . now this is what the Hindus and Buddhists are trying to do, they are trying to get the serpent turned around to travel up the spine and join with Leviathan in the brain so that they can have spiritual power. I am going fast, are you following me, as I am assuming you have heard a lot of this stuff before? If you are reading this messageand you are lost you are going to have to read  some more messages, I'm sorry.


So, Jehovah and Elohim came to the group of immortals at the Tower of Babel and said, you can't be doing this, and I am putting you in an animal body and I am separating Leviathan from the serpent because that's how I am breaking your power, I am separating Leviathan from the serpent, but apparently we found out when we did a study on Baalim that there were some immortals that repented, and said, we do not want to die to our immortality, we repent and we commit ourselves to service to Jehovah, we won't do anything evil with our power or whatever else, that caused Jehovah to say to them, All right I will let you say in this immortal condition.


He must have given them some guidelines like, you can't be bothering the weaker people of the world, you can't be using your power to hurt people, whatever Jehovah said to them. We found out that Baalim had to be just one of many. It is not likely he was the only one although at the time we did the series I thought he was the only one carnal mind. So apparently there are immortals in this world who repented at the judgment of the Tower of Babel who still desire to return up above the firmament but are willing to wait for Jehovah's plan to come to pass, and that they are committed to Him. Is everybody following me?


When the scripture says that there were three Magi that saw Jesus' star in the east, see the scripture does not say that they saw Jesus' star in the sky. The scripture says they saw Jesus' star in the east. The east signifies the eternal realm. I want to suggest to you that this account typifies what Jesus was speaking about when he gave the parable of Lazarus and the rich man, and He said that Lazarus and the rich man were in two different worlds that was separated by a great chasm, and that there was no way to cross that chasm. I want to suggest to you first of all that they magicians, that's what the word means.


I believe they were immortals, and they were in a very high place in the spirit, and they could see across to the other world. They could see across to the other spiritual world, but they couldn't get there. What's the other spiritual world? It is the world above the firmament. The Magi down here in the world underneath the firmament were in a very high spiritual place that enabled them to see the world above the firmament, but they were separated by a great gulf and they couldn't get across it, but they could see it, and they saw Elohim prepare to incarnate, and at this point I don't know whether it is Elohim or Michael. I'm praying about it, but we know it is deity, we will say deity.


They saw the preparation for the incarnation in the spiritual world of God above the firmament, but they couldn't get to the spiritual world above the firmament. That's how they knew about the incarnation. They saw it before it happened in the earth, and they came looking for him. They came looking for Jesus, and they didn't come looking following a physical star in the physical sky. They followed the star in the spirit, their spirit guide. Do you think that spirit guides have no power? Spirit guides have a lot of power.


This whole spiritual world that exists illegally has a lot of power. They have knowledge, they have wisdom, they have power, but they stand illegally. Jehovah has not sanctioned it. Well, these men who were very high in the spirit, their spirit guide or however it worked guided them to where Jesus was. They did it by telepathy or whatever the right word is, I don't even know what the right word is. It was psychic, and then when they found Jesus the scripture says they came into the house and they fell down.


Now it doesn't say they fell down on their knees or they fell down on their face. It doesn't say any of that, it just says they fell down, and I want to suggest to you that for all I know they were traveling in the spirit, traveling outside of human bodies, I don't know, but the word that says they fell down doesn't mean that they worshipped Him. It means they came down from their high spiritual place to a place where they could relate to humans, and is this not the promise of Jacob's ladder that we are going to ascend and descend from heaven into the earth, and you have to take on different garments because you can't relate to humans in the same mind, the garment is the mind, that you relate to God.


So the scriptures say they saw the babe. That Greek word translated babe clearly indicates that Jesus was not God at that time. Now the Holy Spirit was in Him but Christ was not formed in Jesus, you see. Christ involves the mortal man's personality, mortal man's human spirit. He was a human baby and the Holy Spirit was in their. So, the Magi recognized the Holy Spirit. This was just a human baby, a ball of flesh, but these immortals recognized the Spirit of God and they worshipped the Spirit of God.


They didn't worship this little baby because at the time He wasn't God. The saw the spirit and they worshipped the spirit, and if you remember this particular principle I tried to push it home very hard on Part Four of Elisha. Elisha did not worship Elijah, but he worshipped Elohim's household in Elijah. Present in Elijah was both the first and the last Adam, Elohim's household. Elisha worshipped Elohim's household in Elijah, but he didn't worship Elijah, you see. It is a fine line. If you can't understand it you have to ask the Lord to help you because it is important. You have to honor and respect the man of God, but the worship is of the deity within him. This is preparation for when the Sons of God manifest, you see. You have to know how to deal with a spiritual teacher.

There will be many spiritual teachers in Christ that are not in full stature. You have to know how to deal with them. You don't worship, although when we read about Elisha worshipping Elohim's household, Elijah was already in full stature, you see. Elisha was not worshipping the man. He was worshipping the deity that was in the man, you respect and honor the man whether he is in full stature or not in full stature, you respect and honor the man but you worship the deity that's in the man, and you need to know that. It is important.


The Magi worshipped the Holy Spirit. It is very clear in the Greek, and the Greek says, and they gave Him gifts, but I declare unto you the Magi did not give the babe gifts. The Holy Spirit that the Magi worshipped gave gifts to the Magi. The greater blesses the lesser, the greater blesses the lesser. Earlier on this tape I talked about Melchizedek, the King James translation sounds right because that Abraham paid tithes to Melchizedek, but the greater blesses the lesser.


You see, we only pay tithes to human men who are priests. You pay tithes to the Aaronic priesthood. You don't pay tithes to deity because deity blesses the mortal man. Now I am all over the place on this tape, but I have to say this because this whole revelation went through the church about ten years that tithes are of the old covenant, and a lot of people stumbled. They stopped giving money to their local churches, and a lot of them went into financial disaster. You don't pay tithes to deity.


The problem is that the church is still under the old covenant, they just don't know it. You pay tithe to the local church. You pay a tithe to the man of God who is a mortal man that's running the church. You do it for yourself because your greed will destroy you, and you do it for the church if they are blessing you, but once you start having a relationship with deity or the man of God in whom deity is presiding, such as Elijah, is their any account of Elisha paying tithes? No, because the greater blesses the lesser.


When a mortal man comes in contact with an immortal man or with deity the deity blesses, the older blesses the younger, the deity blesses the mortal, but I don't want anyone hearing this tape and saying that Sheila says you shouldn't tithe because you are supposed to tithe so long as you are in a mortal life with a mortal job and a mortal lifestyle and you are in a church led by mortal men that needs money to survive you should tithe, but the Magi did not come and tithe to the Holy Spirit who was in the babe Jesus. This is a lack of understanding because it is not at all scripturally correct. Did I make that clear?


The book of Hebrews clearly says, Paul clearly says in the book of Hebrews that the sons of Levi were mortal men that died, and you pay tithes to mortal men who die. So, the Magi came and they worshipped the Holy Spirit that was in the baby, and the Holy Spirit gave them gifts, and it says the gifts were spiritual gifts. Try to remember the three gifts, frankincense, and myrrh, and gold. Frankincense is the first one. Frankincense has a very beautiful odor.


The sign of the Holy Spirit when He shows it is the small or odor of flowers. In case you don't know that, the spiritual church is a spiritual plant, the plant sprouts and the flower is the Holy Spirit, and the fruit is Christ. We are a spiritual plant in which the flower is the Holy Spirit, and the fruit is Christ. So, frankincense, this beautiful odor, typifies the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit in the babe gave the Magi the Holy Spirit. Got ahead of myself a little bit. They worshipped the babe, these are all Alternate Translations, and I told you a couple of months ago that I was going to stop giving you every single word because I just don't have time to do it. If you believe it, you believe it, if you don't, you don't.


And they saw that it was the Holy Spirit in the babe, and they worshipped him and the next thing they did was they sacrificed Leviathan, they sacrificed their own carnal mind, and they offered up, the gold that they offered was the mind that had the image of the serpent in it, they sacrificed their own carnal mind, they renounced their allegiance to the serpent, and they received the Holy Spirit and they were preserved. Myrrh is a preservative. They were preserved.


So I said to the Lord, well what do they have to be preserved for if they are already immortal and that's your question? I said all that to say this. What do they have to be preserved for if they were immortal? Well, Brethren they were immortal to this world, but it is only a matter of time until this world rolls up like a scroll and goes out like a light. The preservation that they received was some kind of a seal that promised them that when this world goes out like a light that they will be permitted to ascend above the firmament. Their immortality was transferred from the serpent to Christ, and I have been telling you that for a long time.


When I first came into the church some very well meaning elder told me that if you had any power in the occult, because I had psychic heredity, you know, if you had anything like that at all it had to be wiped out of you completely and then Christ had to be formed in you from the beginning, but it turns out that the very well meaning elder was incorrect. When you come to the Lord, where ever you are spiritually, to what ever degree your spirit is developed that spiritual development transfers from the serpent's foundation into Adam's foundation. So we had three Magi here, three immortals. They were immortal in the serpent, and they transferred their foundation, their foundation was the serpent. They were immortal only so long as the serpent continued to exist, but the serpent is coming to an end.


As you can see upon the board, the fate of serpent is to be divided into Cain and the breath of life. The reason they sought out Jesus, the reason they went was because they wanted to get back above the firmament. They sought out Jesus because they had a revelation that this world is going to fold up and die, and that they had a promise from Jehovah and Elohim all the way back to the Tower of Babel that if they fulfilled their covenant with Him, I guess they were leading a decent life but I don't know what they were doing, but they came for the fulfillment of Jehovah's promise to them, that they would be permitted back up above the firmament. And I want to tell you when the Holy Spirit saw them, He knew them, and He knew why they were there, and He gave them what they came for. He translated their foundation from the serpent to Christ.


He sealed them with the promise of true immortality because the immortality down here is a false immortality. It is an immortality that only exists so long as this world exists, but the world above the firmament will never end. That is true immortality. Now getting back to our original question, how could Elijah be cast down by the minds of the sons of Israel if he was immortal, is that your question? I suggest to you, and this is what I believe the Lord told me, is that Elijah was an immortal who was devoted to Jehovah, whose foundation was not in the serpent but whose foundation was in Adam, that he had made a covenant, that Jehovah had made a covenant with this immortal called Elijah, that Michael had visited him and some how, I may not have the details right, his essence, his true essence which is spirit, was transferred from the serpent's foundation into Adam's foundation, and he was serving Jehovah so when the sons of Israel attacked him for exposing their sins.


See, Elijah had two foundations. The serpent's foundation didn't disappear. He had two foundations just like we have two minds, but he was living out of the Christ mind, or Adam's foundation, so when the sons of Israel attacked him for exposing their sins they knocked him down off of the Christ foundation, and if you read the Alternate Translation of that incident the scripture says, and he married Satan again, he went back to being an immortal who was founded in the serpent.


He lost his promise of ascension above the firmament, but he cried out for help and Michael came and helped him, and sat him back up on his feet again and Elijah ascended unto a high place and eventually Elijah was glorified. Elijah came out of his body. Jehovah's promise to Elijah was fulfilled. He was an immortal who served Jehovah. He was an immortal who had a high spiritual power which originated with the serpent but he gave his service to Jehovah. Jehovah received him, used the man in that high spiritual place for His purposes, and then kept His word to him and brought him back up above the firmament. Did I answer your question? Isn't this exciting?


I have printed out some notes for you that really are my personal file, and I think what I am going to do - in this personal file I have worked up an Alternate Translation of II Peter 3:2-6. What I am going to do is just read onto the tape my notes that led up to that. This is how it started. Additional revelation upon awakening this morning, immortals are descendants of Noah, Shem, Ham, and Japheth who for some reason didn't die. Now what you hear me reading you may have heard me say something that would give you even more revelation than that which is in these notes because these notes go back a week, and the revelation is coming down here so fast that even from day to day, from minute to minute I have more this day or this minute than I had yesterday.


So if you hear me saying something that I've already dealt with or I've expounded on that I've made more clear I just want you to understand that these are notes from a week ago. Additional revelation upon awaking this morning, immortals are descendants of Noah, Shem, Ham, and Japheth who for some reason didn't die. See we know now why they didn't die, I've talked about that a lot.


The indication is that when Jehovah destroyed the Tower of Babel there were some who repented but still came under the Wormwood judgment that cast all men down into physical bodies. What about the evil immortals then? Were these those who went back from their repentance? The reason I put this question down is that I was under the impression that when Jehovah and Elohim came down to see what was going on at the Tower of Babel that some of the immortals who wouldn't repent were destroyed, but that may not even be true. What's coming to me right now is that it may not be true. Jehovah may not have destroyed anybody. He may have just put them in physical bodies and separated the serpent from Leviathan and everybody lived, but the ones who repented were granted immortality or to stay in that condition. I don't know, let's go on.


What about the evil immortals then? Are these those who went back from their repentance? What's coming to me now is, No. No, Jehovah and Elohim just put them in animal bodies, He separated the serpent and Leviathan and many of them deteriorated into the human race as we know it now. Others used witchcraft power to remain immortal and then apparently there was some who repented who were granted immortality with the promise of restoration above the firmament. Did I make that clear?


COMMENT: And those men are in physical bodies?


PASTOR VITALE: I believe that they all fell down into physical bodies. I believe that the judgment at Babel put everybody in a physical body in two categories with one category with two parts. Everybody is in a physical body. Either they are mortal like we are where they are born and their body dies or they are immortal and they are in the same body. Some of these second categories have repented and are waiting for Jehovah's deliverance and others are evil and have not broken down into bodies that die because of witchcraft power. That's what it sounds like to me now. Does that make it clear? Want me to say it again?


COMMENT: Some have broken down not into physical bodies?


PASTOR VITALE: No, I believe they are all in physical bodies. I believe they are all in physical bodies. I know that I am lacking information here, and I don't know whether these superior beings have the power to incarnate or to be born as another individual, I don't know. I am just staying with what I know. I believe there are immortals who fell into animal bodies which have existed since Babel, that there are men around in physical bodies which physical bodies have existed for thousands of years, I believe that. I have no information at all about their ability to incarnate in another body. I'm not ready to touch that right now. Is it clear what I am saying here?


COMMENT: Were these those who went back from their repentance?


PASTOR VITALE: This seems to be the case with Baalam but he turned back to Jehovah when he was rebuked. You see, Baalim went back on his repentance, was about to do evil, but turned back to Jehovah when Jehovah rebuked him. It appears there may have been many who did not die but turned evil after the judgment. Now the Magi apparently remained faithful to Jehovah and came to see Michael or Elohim's incarnation. Now they didn't give gifts to Jesus. The Holy Spirit in Jesus came gifts to them.


The Alternate Translation says that they were preserved. That means full stature. I don't understand that, but a thought just came into my mind that even though they have lived for thousands of years they would have died eventually. I don't know if they would have died a natural death or whether there is truth in the Highlander and they could have been killed in some deadly competition.


Well, I don't know about that but I know that what I am preaching now is that they certainly would have died eventually when this world ceases to exist so whether or not they are killing each other I don't know, I don't have any information on that. In any event my question of the hour, Lord, is I have the answer. You see sometimes as I am asking the question I have the answer, that's what this means. These men who ever they are could not have been the Savior because the Savior had to overcome from Abel, that means from being a fallen man.


First, Abel has to be risen from the dead and then Adam, etc. And these immortals never fell down to Abel. Abel never died in them, they never fell down to these immortal bodies. I didn't make it clear, but what I was asking the Lord in this instance was, Well if there are immortals in the world who are devoted to Jesus why did He make Jesus the Savior, why didn't He just make Elijah the Savior or one of these immortals. Wouldn't it have been much easier to make one of them the Savior? And the answer is, No, the Savior has to be able to identify with us. He has to be someone who overcame His sin nature from our condition, you see.


That's why Elijah could not be Savior. He was never a mortal man. The Savior has to identify with the mortals that we are. We have to be able to say, well He did it and we can do it too. That's why Elohim had to incarnate as a mortal human so that He could overcome from the same position that we are in. What is the end of them Lord? I feel in my spirit that they will return to the life above at a time when the many are raised up to where they are. There is no record of Elijah's birth.


Was Elijah an immortal who not only received preservation but was restored above? Jesus please don't let me be deceived. Are there others, even Paul, who have ascended? Is there a world above that is not visible right now where Enoch, and Elisha and Elijah are? What is your world like Lord? You are in the world above right now, and the visible world hasn't been restored. Where are you? What is your world like? Jesus, I would really like to know and I know that you want to tell me, and will tell me as soon as I could bear it. Thank you Lord. Please bless the works of my hands today, Lord, help me to be Christ.


The next entry is, I had a revelation in the shower. The Lord talks to me a lot in the shower. The difference between immortals and mortals. Immortals are descendants of Shem, Ham, and Japheth in whom the serpent never separated from Leviathan. I don't know why, perhaps because of witchcraft. Is this what the Tower of Babel was all about? Shem, Ham, and Japheth descendants trying to figure out a way to not fall down into mortality. They are older than men born of a woman because they were born from cell division, but Jesus said, referring to John the Baptist, that Elijah in him was older than any man born of a woman.


This is interesting. This is another witness that the Lord gave me that I have forgotten to give to you so I did a word study on the account of Jesus saying that John was the greatest prophet born of a woman, and I'm sorry but the translation is completely in error. This is what I'm going into here. But Jesus said, referring to John the Baptist, that Elijah in John was older than any man born of a woman, but Jesus who was the first or the youngest member of the Kingdom of God was older, was senior, to him. Senior to who? Senior to Elijah. What Jesus was talking about is He was saying that John was an incarnation of Elijah who had ascended.


Maybe John was immortal. Maybe John had ascended into immortality. I am not really sure, but the whole significant point that Jesus was talking about, well I guess John couldn't have ascended into immortality. They cut his head off, isn't that interesting. What Jesus was saying is that John was an incarnation of Elijah who went back to the flood, he went back to Noah, Shem, and Japheth. So He wasn't saying that John was the greatest prophet. He was saying that the one in the mortal man John was older than any man born of a woman because he went back to Shem, Ham, and Japheth. did I make that clear?


Let me say it again. Jesus was saying that the one who was in John, you see in another place Jesus clearly said, if you can receive it, John the Baptist, that's the spirit of Elijah in him. Elijah has incarnated again. That's what He said, and then now in this other place He is saying, the one who is in John who I've already told you is Elijah is older or more mature than any man born of a woman. Elijah was not born of a woman. Witness, Elijah was not born of a woman.


Now the King James translation says, John is the greatest prophet that was not in the Kingdom of God, but that's not what it says. Then Jesus goes on to say, but Me, I am a man, I had a natural birth, the one who was incarnated in Me is older than Elijah. I don't have these terms straight in my head. Either He's saying it's Elohim or He's saying He's Adam or He's saying He's Michael, whatever He is saying. I believe He is Adam risen from the dead.


Let me say it again, you look confused, I'll say it again. Jesus was saying, in the scripture that says, where the King James says, Jesus said John is the greatest prophet born of a woman, but the least in the Kingdom of God is greater than He. The correct translation of this is, John is an incarnation of Elijah who was older than any man born of a woman. That's how I say Elijah is an immortal. He was not born of a woman. He was born of Shem, Ham, and Japheth by cell division. Then Jesus went on to say, but even though the one who was incarnated in John is older and more mature than any prophet born of a woman nevertheless the one who is incarnated in me, Adam, is senior to, is older than, is more mature than, Elijah. I am greater than the immortals of this world. That's what He said. I go back, I predate, the immortals of this world. I go back to the beginning. I am the beginning. That's what He said, I Am.


So here it is right here, we see the difference. I think I touched on it earlier on this tape. I may not have even made it as clear as this. The difference between Jesus of Nazareth and the immortals who did ascend above the firmament, Elisha and Enoch. The difference between them and Jesus of Nazareth is that Jesus of Nazareth was God Himself. He said, I Am. He went all the way back to the beginning, but Elijah and Enoch didn't go all the way back to the beginning so they couldn't be the Savior of the world. The Savior of the world has to be God who goes all the way back to the beginning and Who is the beginning. I think that is a much better explanation than I gave earlier. Do you have a question?


COMMENT: Isn't I Am a definition of Jehovah?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, it a symbol of Jehovah.


COMMENT: Didn't Jesus say, I Am, meaning He was an incarnation of Jehovah?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, that's true, He said, I Am. So it goes all the way back even before Adam, right. So immortals do not go all the way back although I think in Elijah's case at the point that his personality was saved he was now one with Jehovah, but we are talking about the incarnation, the initial incarnation. Jesus is the only one born in the flesh of a mortal man who was the actual incarnation of I Am. All of these other immortals, they are not incarnations of I Am. I have to really meditate on that.


I have been struggling with this, the difference between Jesus and these other immortals, and I've had some answers, but for my mind's resisting it I think this is the best answer yet. I will say it again. Jesus is the incarnation of Jehovah, I Am. The other immortals who are in this earth including Elijah, they were not specific incarnations of I Am. These immortals are in the condition that they are in because of the fall. They didn't exist before the world from above fell down underneath the firmament.


Jesus existed because I Am desired to incarnate in a man. The others exist because of the fall; therefore, they were not eligible to be Saviors of the world. Elijah existed because of the fall. He was an immortal who existed because of the fall, but he gave his allegiance to Jehovah, and he was restored back above the firmament, but he was not qualified to be Savior of the world. Only Jehovah Himself came as Savior of the world. I think that's the best answer I've heard yet. I like that. Any other questions before we go on?


COMMENT: I was just thinking, remember a couple of weeks ago I told that I thought the Lord taught me that at the Tower of Babel they communicated, not like we do with voices, but it makes me think of what you were talking about just a little while ago.


PASTOR VITALE: About Lord Maitreya?




PASTOR VITALE: You see, to communicate audibly you have to have vocal chords. They were not in animal bodies at the Tower of Babel so they could not have had vocal chords. The communication had to be telepathic.


I am still reading. But Jesus said, referring to John the Baptist, that Elijah in him was older than any man born of a woman, but Jesus who was the first or youngest member of the Kingdom of God was older or senior to him. That is, Jesus was the resurrected Adam. It is possible that these immortals have figured out a way to defy Jehovah's curse and that's why Jehovah and Elohim came down to see what they were doing in Genesis 11, and separated Leviathan from the serpent to stop them f rom circumventing the curse. Many died at this time, but those who repented were allowed to live, such as Baalam.


If this is all true, it follows to say that those who survived may or may not have legally reproduced themselves becoming evil in the process. These immortals, the ones who are saying, It has been so long since our fathers went to sleep and Jehovah has not kept His word to restore us to the world above, you know I completely forgot about that, I am glad I printed this out. That scripture that says, It has been so long since our fathers went to sleep and Jehovah has not kept His word to restore us to the world above, you know I always took that as people saying, well it's 2000 years since Jesus died, but the scripture doesn't say Jesus dies. It is, since the fathers went to sleep. To me, that means the fall.


It has been so long since the fall, and Jehovah has promised to restore us but it hasn't happened yet, He has not kept His word since our fathers went to sleep, to restore us to the world above, and that word led me into this study in II Peter 3:2-6. I will read you the Alternate Translation. II Peter 3 starting with verse 2: Listen to the words of the Holy prophets and the apostles of our Lord and Savior who know that counterfeits from the former world who live according, now that's the world before the flood, who live according to their own illegal desires to be immortal in this world shall under estimate Jesus, and make a public appearance in the last days saying, nothing has changed since the powers and principalities that were at the beginning separated from the law of Life and the fathers, Shem, Ham, and Japheth died and this Jesus is the fulfillment of Elohim's promise to return us to the world above.


They were mocking, brethren, I want to tell you they were mocking in the same way that the principalities were mocking Elisha which we will get to tonight, in the message tonight. Go up thou bald head, go up thou bald head, that's what it means. This is going to get you back up above the firmament, you think you are going to get back up above the firmament, you think this Jesus is going to get you back up above the firmament? Do you know how hard it is to get back up above the firmament? A whole society of immortals living in this world and they can't get back up? And you are not even immortal and you think you are going to get back up? They underestimated Jesus.


I am going to read it again, verse 4: Saying, nothing has changed since the powers and principalities from the beginning separated from the Law of Life and the fathers Shem, Ham, and Japheth died and this Jesus is the fulfillment of Elohim's promise to return us to the world above? Why He hasn't done anything different than we have done ourselves, and if you read any of the literature about the ascended masters, anything written by the ascended masters, they all acknowledge Jesus as an ascended master, but they put Him down. They put Him under them, that's what they do. Jesus, we have waited all of these thousands of years and this is Jehovah's deliverance, Jesus? That's what they are saying.


Verse 5: Because their determination to be immortal in this world blinds them to the knowledge that the heavens are another time line, and that the earth before the fall, that's a translation of out of the water, and after the fall, that's a translation of in the water, exists because of the Word of God. I want to go back over that verse 5 with you. Talking about the immortals now. Because their determination to be immortal in this world blinds them to the knowledge that the heavens are another time line. What does this mean? You may have heard me say this on other tapes. When I look at the Hindu and the Buddhist philosophy and other New Age philosophy, it is very clear to me, particularly the Hindu philosophy, they have such a high lofty philosophy but they seem to be just totally absent the revelation that there is something outside of this world, or that there is something outside of the serpent.


They see the serpent as the foundation of everything and they have a revelation of all the higher planes of consciousness, but they seem to be absolutely without this revelation that there is something outside of the serpent. I know that I have told you this before, I've said it several times, there isn't a hint of a knowledge of it, they think that the serpent is all that there is, and now we are told in Ii Peter 3 and verse 5: That the reason that they are so blinded to this truth is that their heart's desire is not to leave this world. At this point Brethren, I am believing that it was immortals who brought forth this Hindu philosophy. It came from them.


Why are they so reluctant to leave this world? Because in this world they are god Brethren. I don't know what they do with their lives. I don't know who they relate to. I don't know what their everyday life is like, but these men, and I say men generically, I am sure there are males and females, they are exercising spiritual power, manipulating people and lives that I cannot even imagine what they are doing, but if they ascend back above the firmament they won't be able to do it any more.


Now these are the immortals that are criminal. The immortals that are not criminal, the ones who have truly repented are waiting for their restoration back above the firmament, those who are admitting that a mistake was made and they want to go back, but the ones who are criminal are gods in this world, and they don't want his world to come to an end, and they don't want Jesus to be Savior of the world. They want to be Savior, they want to be God down here in the flesh, and they do not want the creation to ascend back up to a spiritual life because they will lose everything they have here, whatever that is to them.


Verse 5: Because their determination to be immortal in this world blinds them to the knowledge that the heavens are another time line from old. Those words in brackets, that's a translation of from old. Time line is a translation of from old, and that the earth before the fall, out of the water, and after the fall, in the water. Because what fell? The waters fell down, and now the whole world is in the water, right? Exists because of the Word of God. What Peter is saying, the world above the firmament, the world beneath the firmament, black hole or not, the only reason we exist is because of Elohim's word, actually it should be Jehovah's word.


This is New Testament, Jehovah's word. The difference between Elohim and Jehovah is not always so clear in the New Testament. No matter how bad a condition we are in the only reason we have consciousness at all is because of Jehovah, and their determination to continue on in an existence apart from Jehovah's domination blinds them to the fact that there is no existence without Jehovah. There is no existence without Jehovah, and this description makes them fools, brethren.


Verse 6: And this is why the other arrangement, and that is a translation of world or cosmos, the world above the flood. I'm sorry, this is not talking about the world above the firmament, this is talking about the world before the flood. And this is why the other arrangement from before the flood was flooded with water and turned over to the eternal miseries of hell. So we see a witness right here, a scriptural witness that this is hell. I think this may be the first one that I've come across, an actual scripture that could be translated that this world is hell. And this is why the other arrangement was flooded with water and turned over to the eternal miseries of hell.


Apparently, according to this, and at the beginning of this message I mentioned II Kings 1:2 that Ahaziah fell down through a lattice in the upper chamber. Apparently, it is possible to have such an intense relationship with Jehovah through mediators or whatever that we could actually have an existence in this body but be above the firmament. Now that is hard for me to understand, but if I don't look for the details it does make sense to me.


This concept of being above the firmament is talking about a spiritual condition, is talking about a position of dominion over the earth. That's what it is talking about. To be above the firmament means that you are not dominated by the earth because it is the earth that's underneath the firmament, the earth that is saturated with water and has become a living seed which is now the serpent. So, to be above the firmament means that you are not subject to the serpent. So, it is possible to be in a physical body and not be subject to the serpent without going on to the next stage of resurrection which delivers us from the body. I guess it is possible to be in any stage of resurrection at any time that it blesses Jehovah to put you in. Any questions or comments?


COMMENT: You were talking about the Holy Spirit, and we know that the Catholic church has made Mary the Holy Spirit, and the symbol of the Holy Spirit is flowers, and aberrations in the past and even fairly recently there has been roses coming out of the sky and people could smell the aroma, and I am also reminded of Catherine of . . . .that's one of the saints of the Catholic church. They said around her grave site they could always smell fragrances, and they dug her body up three different times that I am aware of and each time her body was preserved, and I understand that they have gone so far as actually dismembering her body and one man carried a finger around with him. How they can call this Christ. . . .


PASTOR VITALE: I am convinced that the other spirit, the lying spirit that's in this world can do everything that Jesus can do with one exception, and that is to deliver us into an existence which is liberated from this body. I am convinced of it.


I would like to take this opportunity though to tell you that I recently, I've been curious about Ekankar for a long time, and some one came to me with a little booklet on Ekankar. It lay on my desk for a long time, for weeks, and I didn't pick it up. I do believe the Lord wanted me to look at it, and I don't recommend this to everybody. You really have to know where you are in Christ, but I do believe the Lord wanted me to look at it and at least now I know what Ekankar is. If someone tells me they are of the religion of Ekankar I know what they are talking about, but what impressed me in this booklet was the talk of the Holy Spirit, and I realized how many of these occult religions acknowledge the Holy Spirit, but you see it is a false Holy Spirit.


So, to me it is just one more witness that it is very possible for a false Holy Spirit to be in the church. Someone might want to argue with me, they might say it is not Jesus, that it is not Mary or its not this or. . . you can argue with me about anything that you want, but when you have religions like Ekankar and Hinduism and whatever other religions there are, and I am not sure about Hinduism, acknowledging a Holy Spirit, you have got to realize this is not Jehovah's Holy Spirit so therefore it is very obvious that there is a false Holy Spirit in the world.


COMMENT: I am reminded of what Paul said, he couldn't believe how fast they could go to another Jesus, another gospel, and another spirit.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, another Holy Spirit, it's right there. It is as obvious as the nose on your face unless you believe that Jehovah's Holy Spirit is in Ekankar which I don't believe so the world is covered with darkness Brethren, and spiritual filth but the battle of the ages is about to start. Praise the Lord.


COMMENT: When you said battle of the ages, it reminded I saw on TV just a day or two ago, they are talking about this comet that's supposed to be coming in March, and this one scientist, he was saying well everybody is getting prepared for something. The Christians believe that Jehovah is going to come back, I don't know if he used the word Jehovah, and destroy two thirds of the earth and leave one third. He mentioned Messiah, the Messiah is going to come back, that's how he phrased it, and I was surprised to hear that from a scientist.


PASTOR VITALE: Everybody is saying all the right words today, but you really have to look in and examine their doctrine. We have recently produced two books, two more books that are exposing this false doctrine that's in the church today. It is so subtle, they use all the right words, they use Christ Jesus, the Lord Jesus, and one man that I sent this book to, and he's one of them and I'm not saying that he knows what he's doing, maybe he thinks he's right, I don't know, but he has an international newsletter. I just got his recent newsletter, and I feel very strongly that he was influenced by our book, Secret of Life, Part III.


This is the first time I ever remember seeing Christ Jesus in his writings, and he seemed to be emphasizing the Lord Jesus Christ, but brethren, if this message gets to you I am telling you that you could say the Lord Jesus Christ from morning until night and you could say those words until doomsday, your doctrine is still a lie because if you take it apart with a fine tooth comb, what you are saying is that there was no fall. You're saying that man was perfect from the beginning but just needs to be developed. You're saying that every evil thing that happens to man in this world is Jehovah's development, Jehovah's testing upon men. You are saying that our Lord, and our God, our Creator has created us and is putting us through the horrors of this world so that He can have a creation that pleases Him, and to me that is wicked, brother, and you have imputed wickedness to our God.


I just pray that the Lord has mercy upon you for all the people that you are leading astray with the subtlety of your doctrine, and the raising up of the name of the Lord Jesus to cover the sin of your carnal mind that is producing this filth. You haven't fooled me and there are many that you will not fool because the Lord has chosen to expose you, and the second book that we have written, Leprosy in the House, which really pinpoints what I just said is already in his hands. It will be interesting to see his reaction in his next newsletter because he has been fully exposed for those who have ears to hear, in this book.


COMMENT: When I had gone home I looked up about the wise men, and in Chapter 2 of Matthew I couldn't find where they talked about there being three wise men. I could see where they were three gifts, the gold, the frankincense, and the myrrh but I couldn't find where it said three and I couldn't find where it said they were kings or that they were black men or anything like we have been brought up to believe.


PASTOR VITALE: You have to be very careful about that, and you may hear me say from time to time, I am saying this because I've heard it taught, but I haven't researched it myself because I found out what a lot of other people teach is just not in the Bible, it is not there. So we put this on the message because earlier I had said something about two wise men and Xxxx had said, were there only two I thought there were three? And I said, well you know me, Xxxx, I am not a letter man so you are probably right, and then she went home and found out that no number is even mentioned. Who knows, maybe there were 50 of the, who knows how many of them there were, we don't know, and who knows whether or not they approached Jesus in the spirit. There is no record in the scripture at all of Mary's reaction to them. Is there any record of Mary's reaction to them? No. They saw Elohim incarnating, they followed his star in the east, in the spirit, then there is a scripture that says and they let down, and for all we know they were traveling in the spirit, there is no record what so ever of any human reaction to them at all.


COMMENT: There is something where King Herod spoke with the wise men and told them to come back and inform him if they found the Messiah.


PASTOR VITALE: King Herod contacted them, is that what you are saying? Yes, well that's true but what I meant in the household where Jesus was there is no indication of any human contact, of Mary's reaction, of Joseph's reaction, no record of it at all, and since we are getting to be so spiritual around here which is good, I'll just ask you the question because I don't know the answer, but is it possible that Herod had his own magician that knew what was going on and that Herod even contacted them in the spirit, we don't know.


You see, these events are high spiritual events that have been brought down to the flesh, radically, radically brought down to the flesh for the specific reason of being a gate way for the most carnal person and the youngest human child to enter into the Kingdom, but this scripture is only a jumping off point. It is only a point of contact, but some how the church jumped in on the point of contact and never got off the ground.


We are supposed to be spiritual, brethren, we are supposed to be as spiritual as the Hindus that study all this high philosophy. The church is a perversion, it's off, it's not what it's supposed to be. We are supposed to be spiritual, and the height of the spirituality is speaking in tongues and the gift of prophesy and even that is blasphemed frequently by the other denominations that didn't want to go on to even that. We are not what we are supposed to be. Well, we are here, but even here we are not what we are supposed to be, but we are arriving at least through this ministry. If any one else is arriving I don't know about it.


I am not saying we are the only ones, I know I keep repeating this, and I know someone is going to get me on this some where. If the Lord shows me 5000 spiritual I'll say, praise the Lord, I just don't know where they are. If they are out there I am blinded to them. True spiritual Christians. The ones, it seems to me, that have tried to be spiritual over the last 20 years have really gone off into the wrong spirit, and I believe that with all my heart. Now, we are about to enter into some deep spirituality here.


I think that we are really on the verge of it. As I was reading the information about Ekankar, as I have told you in the past I do not regret reading this information. Now if someone talks to me about Ekankar I know what it is, but I don't recommend it for everybody. You really have to know where you are in Christ if you are going to be investigating these other religions, but I did read about it and Ekankar is a religion that strongly recommends soul travel. They initiate it, it is a part of their religion, it is a healing to them, and one of the experiences of soul travel that I read about in this book involved a man and his master, his spiritual teacher, ascending into the spiritual world and walking along the beach, and it was a whole experience that was recounted, and as I was working last night, when I do these translations I am very high in the spirit, the thought of it came to me, and I said, Lord I really don't believe that.


I think I was asking Him, what is your world like, what is it like? I don't believe that it is like this world, that there is an ocean and a beach, but it is just not as solid, it just doesn't sound right to me, and I think the Lord told me that I was wrong because immediately there came to me the scripture Rev. 13:1, John saying, And I was standing upon the sands of the sea, and I stopped my translations and I looked up that scripture, and I said, Look at that, the sands of the sea, it means the beach. He was standing upon the beach in his vision, and then the Lord reminded me of a dream that I had where I had inherited a house, I think it must have meant this house but at the time I didn't have this house.


I had inherited a house and moved into it with a couple of children. I had a couple of children, I don't exactly how many, but it wasn't many, and the house was on the sea shore, and we had gone out for a walk along the sea, my disciples and I, in the dream it came up as my children. Now there is no physical sea shore here so there must be a spiritual sea shore. I don't know what to expect because I guess I have never had that kind of spiritual experience. I've had dreams, visions, gone into trances, the Lord talks to me through memories, I have had some very spiritual experiences, but to the best of my knowledge the Lord has never taken me into another dimension where I actually live in another whole world, I've never had that experience.


I believe, however, that we are on the verge, and my very ardent prayer last night and today is that the Lord does not let me go with any spirit other than Him. I do not want any other spirit getting in on this and seducing me into the wrong time line because that's what's happened to a lot of preachers who tried to become spiritual. They didn't wait on Christ and they jumped ahead and now they are in the wrong, if they are spiritual they are in the wrong spirit world, the wrong time line. So, all I could do is be fearless, having faith in Jesus Christ and confessing that I am capable of being deceived and asking Him to help me to not be deceived, but I think that we here, it looks like I'll probably be the first one in but that is the way it should be, you are all following after me as long as I follow Christ.


I think that we are very close to having some very real spiritual experience, and of course this must be because we have to ascend in time for the war. We will see what happens, and it just occurred to me now that what I read to you earlier on this tape from my file when I talked to you about Peter. It was a week ago from those notes about II Peter, in those notes I had prayed, Lord what is your world like, I would really like to know. Now that was a good week ago, and last night all of a sudden the Lord is talking to me about the possibility of finding out what it is like over there because honestly I don't understand it.


We are all down here, Jesus is in the other dimension, Jehovah and Elohim are there, Michael is there, Elijah is there, Enoch is there, I don't understand it, who's over there plus it is my understanding right now that down here beneath the firmament we are divided but above the firmament we are singular yet Jesus has a very distinct personality. For all I know, Paul is over there. I always assume when Paul said he was going to be offered up that he was crucified.


I may have read that somewhere that he was crucified, but I don't really know that's true, personally I have not researched it myself. It is not in the Bible that he was crucified, he just said he was offered up. What does that mean? In view of everything that is coming forth here now, I would think that he ascended, but I don't know. So how could you be up there and be singular and yet have your personality preserved, I don't understand it, and I know that the Lord wants me to know, and He wants us to know everything, but we can't bear it now. We have to go to school just like in this natural world we have to be prepared, we have to be built up to it or we could never ever comprehend it.


He's not hiding it from me, it is not a big secret, it is just that my mind has not yet been prepared to understand it, I cannot comprehend it. I remember a couple of years ago, this goes back two or three years, when I was convinced that we all had to be glorified together. I thought everybody was going into full stature, and when the whole world was in full stature we would all go up as one man into whatever heaven is. I remember when the Lord told me that was not true. He told me it is a man at a time, and I said, Lord I cannot comprehend this.


This physical world is here. How could this physical world cease to exist for one person and not for the rest of the world, and that was my naive question because now three years later that is a naive question. It is very simple, the Lord is in another dimension. When you pass into the other dimension this world ceases to exist for you, but I could not comprehend it. He wants to give us everything, but we can't bear it, and the whole church world that are not doing very much about pursuing their education how will they ever grasp what's coming upon the earth.


I've been in training for years, and to be honest with you as far as I am concerned I just became spiritual a year ago, and now I really know I know nothing. The day that I became spiritual I found out that I really know nothing. How are they ever going to enter in? So it is my understanding that after the sons manifest and the conflict of the ages is made manifest for the whole world to see that the church, those who do have faith in Jesus Christ, will be in school, and I preach that. I remember it is in Joel 2 I think, but I didn't comprehend it, and I do believe that the fact that their teachers will be fully manifested sons, some how they will be able to learn more quickly being under these teachers who are in full stature, but I could be wrong.


I've been wrong about a lot of things, you know, but it seems to me it is not going to be a rapture mentality. They are going to have to go to school, and they are going to have to learn, but they may be able to learn more quickly than we are learning, and they may have rapid advancement, but I do not believe they are going to get hit on the head, bump, and have all of this knowledge. I could be wrong, but I don't think so. They are going to have to submit themselves to some form of discipline, some how on some level. That's what it looks like to me, I may be wrong, I don't know. Maybe someone will know more than me in a second, I don't know, it is very possible.


Let's go on.


COMMENT: I took a look at Deuteronomy 1:13 when Moses was in need of help and he was told, take your wise men with understanding known among your tribes and I will make them rulers over you. Take chiefs of your tribes, wise men who are known to you, and make them heads over you, captains of thousands, hundreds, fifties, tens, and officers among your tribes, and I was just wondering if those could possibly be immortals?


PASTOR VITALE: Well, anything is possible. It sounds like it is a possibility, definitely. I also looked up the Greek word that's translated wise men with regard to the Magi, and I found that, that Greek word is also translated sorcery as in Elymas the sorcerer and as in Simon the sorcerer which is interesting because since this revelation has come down, I don't know if I have it on a tape or not, but I have mentioned to some of you that Simon the sorcerer was an immortal so here we see a witness to the fact that there is a good chance that he probably was an immortal.


Was Simon the sorcerer a Jew or was it Elymas that was the Jew? I don't want to get into that right now. And also, I wanted to bring up that scripture on breaking witchcraft. I would like to put that on this tape. I checked Mary, and you were definitely right, the wise men did appear as humans to Herod, and they did have a conversation with him. As a matter of fact, they went to him looking for Jesus. What I thought of when I say that in the scripture was Naaman the Syrian going to the king when he was looking for Elijah for his healing. Remember that account?


He had heard from an Israelite woman that there was a prophet in Israel who might be able to heal him so he traveled from Syria to Israel, and he went to the king. He figured the king would know where this great prophet is, and the king got all upset and said, what are you trying to do to me, and then he did find Elijah, I think it was Elisha if I am not mistaken, Elisha, yes it was Elisha, in some back woods, out of the way place, and to boot, Elisha wouldn't even come to the door. He knew he was coming, he knew he was coming before he knocked at the door, and Elisha sent his servant to say, if you want to be healed go dip in the Jordan seven times and the Syrian was very offended. His pride also stole his healing from him, he was so offended that the prophet didn't speak to him directly so that was what I thought of when I read that the wise men came into Bethlehem and they went to the king assuming the king would know where this man is, so take that as a guideline as to what is happening today.


If you think that the big shots in the church know where Jesus is manifesting in power today you are mistaken, they don't know. If you want to know where Jesus is manifesting in power, you have to locate his star in the east and follow it, and his star in the east is in the spirit world so what I am saying to you, that was sort of like a wise remark, what I am saying to you is that you have to say, Jesus I want to know where you are manifesting in the power today, and if you will grant me this petition I would like to see that man or that fellowship or however you are willing to reveal him to me. I would like acquaintanceship with the people in whom you are manifesting in power today and don't expect it to be any well known publicized name because you will be disappointed. It will be some little person, maybe some old lady in the backwoods some where, maybe she can't even read or write or speak good English, that's where He is. He is not in the castles of men, he's not there, he's not in the high places that Christians in the public eye have built, he's not.


I would like to read on the message our Alternate Translation of a couple of verses of Zephaniah Chapter 3. Zephaniah is talking about the last days. And he says, at that time, in that day, I will over throw and purify, it says Leviathan here, but it should be Satan, I just learned that from our Alternate Translation in Elisha. Satan is the one who is being over thrown and purified. Satan is on the polluted waters that are being purified, and when they are purified they become Cain who passes through back up above the firmament. Therefore, at that time I will over throw and purify Satan, and I will have to change this because it is not right, and Satan, the unconscious minds of the tribes of Israel, and bring them into submission to the emancipated slave's single mind so that all of humanity can be in Jehovah's image.


Now listen to this, this is verse 10. And the generation whose righteous, spiritual power shall be as strong as Ham's witchcraft (that's the sons of God) shall be born into Adam's purified mind because of my bloodless sacrifice. The generation whose righteous spiritual power shall be as strong as Ham's witchcraft shall be born into Adam's purified mind because of the bloodless sacrifice.


Well, I haven't had time to update this volume. The terminology is not 100% accurate, it is not 100% lining up with the level of revelation that we have here now, but the word is clear. Ham's witchcraft is very powerful, but there is a generation who is going to be as strong as Ham's witchcraft, and of course, the indication is they will break Ham's witchcraft. When I first discovered that, what I thought, well we know there is a lot of witchcraft Africa. I don't think that anybody that knows anything at all about spiritual power in the world would deny and I've been told this by Africans that there is not witchcraft anywhere in the world like it is in Africa, that the most powerful witchcraft is in Africa.


So that was what I thought that it meant, the witch doctors and the voodoo workers and all that, but I am starting to think that, that may not be the case because as I begin to enter into this investigation about immortals, it appears to me that, well I can't say all of them because I don't know, but every direction that I look in for a potential immortal they seem to be descendants of Ham, at least today, they are all from India, from the Himalayas, I don't see any Caucasian men at this time claiming to be immortals.


Now I believe that Elymas the sorcerer was Jew if I am not mistaken so if he was an immortal, he was s Jewish immortal; however, there are Semitic tribes in the Jews, I don''t know, but it just appears, well the scripture is here, I remember when I found it, I was amazed. What I'm trying to say is that I do not believe that this reference to the generation which will be as powerful as Ham is just speaking about the witch doctors in Africa any more. I think it is talking about the immortal generation.


That's what it sounds like to me now, so there is a generation that is being born that will be as strong as they, and then of course when that generation is born there will be a conflict as to who rules the world. I think we have absolutely no idea the extent to which these immortals influence heads of state through psychic transmission. We have no idea how they influence heads of state or the media or whatever, I can't even imagine the kind of power they may be generating to influence the powers that be in this world. They may be ruling from some hidden place, manipulating and orchestrating every thing that is going on for all I know.


What do I know? I am in a whole new ball game, and I might just as well be in kindergarten, that's how much I know so we are up against something bigger than we ever thought in our wildest dreams. Another scripture that I intended to look up but I never did, and since it goes with this message I want to take another five minutes to look it up. 

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