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We are having some severe testing, and I am of the opinion that the testing is going to be much more personal, I believe we are going to be tested sexually, if you are married you will be tempted with adultery, if you are single you are going to be tempted with fornication. If you have any potential at all to steal, pressure is going to be on you to steal. We will be tested with lust for power. If we have any position of authority, we will be tempted to abuse those under us for self gain. Every wickedness known to man, we will find ourselves in a position where it looks like if we wanted to we could get away with it. Will we do it or won't we do it? and that is the kind of testing that's coming upon God's people. Much, much more severe than the laughing phenomenon Brethren, and the three biggies that seduce people to sin are MONEY, SEX, and POWER, and I believe that every son will be tried in those three areas on a personal level. Don't think it is going to be something as simple as having some woman at work proposition you if you are a man or some man just come up to you and proposition you when you are a married woman. That's not the form it is going to take Brethren. It is going to take the form of an intense lust from within your own mind that will find this proposition in you almost irresistible, whether it is to cheat on your spouse or whether it is to take money that doesn't belong to you or whether it is to exercise power that you are not supposed to be exercising, don't think that you are going to look at it and say no. There will be a lust rising up in your mind and in your members that will only be controllable by spiritual warfare from Christ Jesus within. The lust will be so intense that if you don't wage this warfare against it and destroy it you will surely be overtaken by it. I'll repeat that, you will surely be overtaken by this storm that is coming from within you. Your only hope is to wage the warfare the weapons for which come from Christ Jesus which you are being taught to wage. If you resist it, it will overtake you. If you run from it, it will eventually corner you and overtake you. You must turn and face it and fight and destroy it, and I want to tell you, you are not going to want to do that. You are going to be shocked at your desire for that young woman in the office, you are going to be shocked at what you are feeling about a desire to abuse power, you are going to be so shamed and mortified and humiliated at the thoughts that arise in your mind and the emotions that are tugging at you that you are not going to want to face it, and your natural reaction to this will be to run. If you run you will be overtaken. Maybe it will rise up as incest. Maybe you will be attracted to your daughter, maybe you will be attracted to your son in law. It is going to take form, this lust is going to come in a form that will be so shocking to you that your knee jerk reaction will be to run, to suppress, to hide, and if you do any of those things you will be destroyed.

Your only hope is to say, Lord Jesus this is terrible but that thought was in my mind. That filthy thought was in my mind but I won't yield to it by your strength and go after it, but you must confess it as sin, you must admit that it is there, that it is wicked, you must confess that it is there because you have a sin nature, and that the sins are visited upon the children unto the third and fourth generation. You don't know where it came from. Maybe you did something in this life that would bring it there, but maybe not, and if you cannot deal with it as you are being instructed in this ministry I pronounce the death of Christ Jesus in you. Leviathan will get you. Don't run. Turn and face it. Your weapons: confession of sin, repentance, wage war against it, spiritual war in every way you know how, and when you have done all that you know how to do stand by crying out to the Lord Jesus and saying, I have done all I know how to do and if you do not keep me against this wickedness I am going down. You are my only hope. That's how you stand. Take this message and put it on your wall. Read it every day, because I am telling you, you won't stand. Don't let your carnal mind block this instruction out because you will not stand if you don't do this. Read it every morning, type it out and read it every morning. I tell you the truth. You have no idea what is coming upon you, and it is coming from within you. You could deal with it if it came from outside of you. the horror is that you are going to see that it is inside of you. You are going to want to cover it up, because that is our human reaction. Now you don't have to go telling your neighbor all about it. Confess it to Jesus and if you feel that you want to, if you feel that the Lord wants you to, we are a group of discrete believers here, but you don't have to, but you have to confess it to the Lord, you have to.

Brethren, this has nothing to do with making up your mind to serve the Lord because believe me every resolve you have made will be tried and tested and broken. Any resolve you made in your own strength will be broken. Leviathan will break it.

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