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We have some very important information on the true translation of the verses on Ananais and Sapphira. We are doing an informal study and looking up the words through my computer program as we go, and there will be spaces on the tape, and my comments will be sketchy and spotty, but this is what the Lord is giving us to do because at this point there is so much revelation coming down into this ministry that if we met seven nights a week we would not have time to get everything on tape if I was preaching it in a formal way so we are doing this kind of informal study.


Acts 5:1 - I am reading from the Interlinear Bible and the Biblesoft program which is not in good English. The King James of Acts 5:1 says, but a certain man named Ananais with Sapphira his wife sold a possession. The word, with, is here in the Interlinear, but I don't know if I will use it or not. A man named Ananais, a certain man, that means it is speaking about this specific man. The Greek word translated man is used of a male. I believe this to be an indication that Ananais had conceived Christ Jesus because the scripture is calling him a male.


This is what the Interlinear says: With named Ananais a certain man, but a man sold his wife Sapphire a possession. For you people listening to the tape, I did this study when I was on the road to Florida and I didn't write it down, and it's coming back to me now. He sold his wife, Sapphira. The man has a wife, a spiritual wife whose name is Leviathan.


This word Sapphira appears only once in the whole New Testament in this case, Acts 5:1, and I want to suggest to you there was no natural wife. And you say, what about her coming in after her husband and carried out after him. Well, the word wife is used, the word Sapphira is not used. The one who was carried out was Leviathan, Brethren. What this word Sapphira is doing here now, I don't know. When I do it this way I don't have the time to do any deep study on it so this is not a perfected teaching. I am just giving you what comes to me off the top of my head. A certain man Ananais sold, the word sold means bartered. He exchanged his wife, Sapphira, a possession.


This word possession is used of property, land or estates, and I don't know why his wife is called Sapphire. I'll have to look that up.


COMMENT: It means beautiful.


PASTOR VITALE: OK, thank you. Let's see if we can fit this in. A certain man bartered his beautiful wife which was his land. The land was his wife. Brethren, the whole condition of mortal man is that we are married to the land. We married the ground, remember? He bartered, he traded the land that he was married to. He was married to this beautiful land, but he didn't want it. He traded it for something better. What did he trade it for? He traded it for Christ Jesus. Don't shut off the tape. This is the truth of God's word. Grow up.


Verse 2 - I'll read it in the King James. And kept back part of the price. His wife also being privy to it, and brought a certain part and laid it at the apostles feet. And he kept back, this word kept back means can be translated, he set it apart for himself. It can mean that he stole it or embezzled it, but it doesn't have to mean that. Let's see what goes on. The King James says he kept back part of it. That word, part of it, is not in the Greek. And he kept back of the price. The price meaning a valuing by which the price is fixed. He divided the value of it. He separated himself from his wife, Leviathan.


Being privy can be translated, to understand, to see or to have in ones mind, to comprehend or to be the conscious of. He separated out, he kept back, he separated out the value... Brethren, what is the value of our carnal life? Leviathan is the valuable part of our carnal life. Without her we would have no existence here. So he separated himself. He divided himself from the valuable part of the land. The first verse said that he was married to the land, but he kept back or he divided himself from the valuable part of the land, and the valuable part of the land is his carnal mind, Leviathan. He divided or kept back, he separated, he set apart. Sounds like he's consecrating himself. To set apart or separate ones self, the valuable part of the land. He did this because he had an understanding that his wife. It is not talking about Sapphira any more. It is talking about his wife. I suggest to you that it means Leviathan because he had an understanding that Leviathan carried.


Whoever is reading this message, I don't have time to study this out so it is not going to be 100% accurate, but this is what it looks like. He was married to the land, and he separated himself from the valuable part of the land because he understood that his wife carried him into, or brought him into, or sustained him and caused him to endure in this worldly lifestyle, but he didn't want this worldly life style any more. He wanted Christ Jesus. So, he took that part of himself and he brought it to the feet of the apostles. Now, the Greek word translated feet. It is the Greek word that means pudenda. Remember feet means pudenda or spiritual sexual parts.


Now, it doesn't say in this Lexicon on the computer, but we do a lot in the Hebrew with the word feet. It means the sexual organs. He brought it to the apostles feet, and we have Christians all over the world throwing their money at the feet of human men, but what he did was he took that part of himself which he was married to, the part of himself that was causing him to endure in this world, and he brought it to the spiritual sexual organ of the apostle which is who? Christ Jesus. And I am telling you up front in advance he came to the apostle and he said, I don't have the strength to put this mind under my feet, help me to do it. And he threw himself under the spiritual sexual organ under Christ Jesus, the mind of the apostle. He submitted to him. He didn't lay down and genuflect. He said I submit to your teaching. I submit to your judgment. Show me my sins that I might stand up. He threw his carnal mind, his wife, under submission to the apostle. That's what he did.


Verse 3 - The King James reads: Peter said, Ananais why has Satan filled thine heart to lie to the Holy Spirit and to keep back part of the price of the land. Now this word filled in the phrase, why has Satan filled your heart, is the same word that's used to describe being filled with the Holy Spirit. So the man wasn't filled with the Holy Spirit. He was filled with the lie, and who was the lie? Why has Satan filed your heart with a lie? Who's the lie? Leviathan is the lie. Christ Jesus is the truth, and Leviathan is the lie.


So he says, you come in here, you are submitting yourself to me for judgment, but I don't even believe it was a question. Peter said, you are filled with Leviathan. You are coming to me to show you your sins, I'm telling you that you are filled with Leviathan, and there is no way that you are going to stand up when Leviathan is filled up in you. Peter was not rebuking this man. the man came to get what he needed from the apostle to stand up. Peter's response to him was, you are filled up with Leviathan. Your problem is that you are all manifested in pride or however it was manifesting.


I just went back to the English word why, because I don't believe this is a question. The English word why is a translation of two Greek words. The first Greek word is Strong's #1223 which means throughout or during or by means of or on account of. The second word is Strong's #5101, and that means who, which, that, and I suggest to you that Peter said to Ananais, he didn't ask him a question, he said throughout time. Remember that #1223 means throughout, and he is telling him by means of or on account of or because of, you are not standing in full stature because Satan has caused Leviathan to fill, you have been filled up with Leviathan, the lie and not the truth, and that's why you don't have any power in your life, and that's why you are not standing up. There was no question. Peter made a statement to him.


The second half of this verse, let me read it to you in the King James. And to keep back part of the price of the land, the Holy Spirit and to keep back part of the price of the land. What it is saying is Peter is analyzing and diagnosing his condition. He's saying, you are not in full stature because Satan has caused Leviathan to be filled up in you, and because of that the Holy Spirit is kept back from you because of the valuable part of the land. The King James says, the price of the land. But we said that the valuable part of the land is the mind. You haven't received the Holy Spirit because you are filled up with Leviathan. That's what he said to him. You haven't received the Holy Spirit, because you are filled up with Leviathan. Peter analyzed his case and told him why he wasn't receiving what he saw other people receiving after Jesus' resurrection.


Verse 4, King James - While it remained was it not thine own and after it was sold was it not in thine own power, why hath thou received this thing in thine heart? Thou hast not lied unto men but unto God. We have a negative here. It means not or by no means, it is translated while it remained, in the King James, but we will translate it either Satan or Leviathan, we have to see how the verse goes.


The next word is Strong's #3306, I guess that is the word that means remained. Strong's #3780 is a translation of while, and remained is #3306 and that means to continue to be present, not to perish, to endure, to survive. What Peter is saying to him is that Satan is still enduring in your mind, she's still there. So Peter is saying, Satan is alive and well in your mind. The words that are translated not thine own, it is the same word, but we are going to choose a different translation this time. Another translation of this word #3306 means continues, so Peter is saying to him, Satan remains, abides, is alive and well in your mind and continues to survive.


Brethren, do you hear this. The man comes to Peter and says, I've done everything I've heard that I'm supposed to do, and I'm not standing up in power, and Peter's telling him it's because Satan is still alive and you have to kill him. Isn't that the message that's coming forth here. The whole church world with few exceptions are being denied this knowledge. It is not even enough to pray spiritual warfare against Leviathan, you've go to kill her, and that's what Peter's saying to Ananais. Your problem is you haven't killed Leviathan. She's alive and well and living happily in your mind. You've got to kill her.


Now when we did this same kind of study on the account of . . . Genesis 19 when we were on vacation, we came up with the same message. Everywhere we look, it is the same message. You've got to kill Leviathan. If you don't kill her you will not stand up in full stature, you've got to kill her. You can be double minded, you can have Christ and you can have Leviathan, and you can be living out of Christ a lot of the time, but until you kill Leviathan you are not going to stand in power.


So what have we got here? While it remains was it not thine own? Our translation is that Leviathan is alive and well in you and continues to endure, and after it was sold, Strong's #4097, and it is used of a price or one who was sold into slavery. After it was sold in thine own power was it, and the King James brings it forth as a question, wasn't it in your own power to sell your property if you wanted to. Peter is saying, once you were sold who were you sold to. We were sold to Christ Jesus, we were bought with a price, we were purchased, once you were purchased you were given the power to kill Leviathan, but you didn't kill her. That's what your problem is. Leviathan is alive and well land continues to endure in you, and you were given the power to kill her, but you haven't done it.


The next phrase in the King James: Why hast thou conceived this thing in thine heart? Thou hast not lied unto men but to God. The word why, I don't see any indication that it can be translated as why. The King James took a lot of license. This word is Strong's #5101, it means who, which, what. No indication that it means why. They changed it. Lets's see what we have got here. Who, which, what. This is a very difficult translation. I'm sorry if it's choppy.


The King James translation says, why has thou conceived this thing? The King James translators made a question out of it. This word Strong's #5101, there is no way that it is the word why. What it is really saying is, this thing, the words thou hast conceived means that you have laid it aside. What it is saying is that you have made this decision in your heart to separate yourself, to do this thing, to lay aside, to wear or carry no longer. You made a decision in your heart to not live out of Leviathan any more, but you didn't kill her.


Peter said, because you made this decision to put Leviathan off then the King James says, thou hast not lied unto men but unto God, and the Interlinear says, not thou hast lied. we are going to take this not and translate it either Satan or Leviathan. Leviathan, thou hast lied or Leviathan is the lie. Leviathan is the lie, and this word unto men. The word unto was added in. Leviathan is the lie of mortal man. This Greek word translated man means mortal man. Because you have made this decision in your heart to go on with Jesus Leviathan, the lie of mortal man. . . Peter is explaining to Ananais saying, you are having these problems because you've made this commitment to God to put off Leviathan and live out of God, and Leviathan is objecting to it. She's not going to lay down and die.


This word is translated but. It's Strong's #235, and it means an objection, translated but, it means nevertheless, not withstanding, objection, exception, a transition. That's what it's talking about, and Peter's explaining to him why he's having these problems putting Leviathan under his feet. That's why he came to Peter in the first place for help. He said, first of all you didn't kill Leviathan, and second of all you need to know that there is a way going on in your members because you have made this decision. It's the same message we are preaching here. Amazing.


Verse 5 - And Ananais hearing these words fell down and gave up the ghost and great fear came on all of them that heard these things. Hearing means to understand. Ananais understood. The words is logos. When Peter said it to him it was the logos, the words of God, Peter spoke it with power. Off the tape we had that tonight, the power of the word. So when Peter told him the truth out of Christ Jesus in him it had a devastating effect on Leviathan in Ananais. These probably saying, now Leviathan fell down, they descended from a higher to a lower place. This word, fell down, also means they were prostrated, they fell down prostrate.


This Greek word translated fell down can also mean to be overcome by terror or astonishment or grief or to come under the attack of an evil spirit. It can also mean the dismemberment of a corpse. Peter's words had so much power that Leviathan and Satan went right down underneath Ananais' feet and gave up the ghost. It is translated, give up the ghost. I am not taking the time to look up in my extended Lexicon, but I am telling you that the Greek word "ek" means out of and psuche is the word for our animal, beast nature, and the beast nature went out of him. Can you hear it?


Peter spoke the logos, the living word. All he did was tell him his condition, and Satan and Leviathan prostrated themselves, went right down underneath Ananais' feet. And great fear came on all them that heard these things. Came into existence, dread, terror, but this word also means reverence and respect for one's husband , Strong's #540, fear and respect for one's husband, Christ Jesus. Now what this means, it is not a human fear or a human respect that we are talking about.


What this means is that by the power of Peter's word this man, Ananais was completely separated from Leviathan and Satan. They went down underneath the feet of Christ Jesus in the man, Ananais and Ananais was completely joined to Christ Jesus. That's what it means to respect his husband. His world was turned upside down, and now the source of his incarnation was no longer Satan and Leviathan but Christ Jesus and the Father. He went into full stature at Peter's word. Now remember, what made him stand up in full stature was that Peter had the strength to put Satan and Leviathan under his feet. He couldn't do it alone.


This is what we are going to be doing for whoever the Lord sends us to after we stand up. It is going to be much easier for the people after us to stand up because they are going to have us to help them overcome Satan and Leviathan in their own minds, but also please note that this interaction is going on between Peter and someone who came to Peter who acknowledged his apostleship and asked him for help. This is not happening to people who don't want the Lord. The church first Brethren. Deliverance is the children's bread. It is going to the church first whether they receive it or whether they reject it, it is going to the church first. And great fear and fear great. So, we said fear meant respect for your husband.


The word great is used of intensity, used of rank, used of God's preeminence, blessings. I think that the great respect for his husband was the complete union with Christ Jesus. I am not going to go into it any deeper at this time. Everyone that heard or understood what happened, now remember this is a spiritual thing here. Only those who understood what happened had a reaction. It was nothing that could be visibly or physically or humanly discerned. Those who discerned that heard, and the words, these things, were added in by the King James translators. It is not in the Greek.


Verse 6 - And the young men arose, wound him up, carried him out and buried him. Now right off the top of my head, I know that the young men arising are those who are going up in full stature. Let's take a look at it in the Interlinear. Who arose? Ananais became a young man in Christ Jesus. Leviathan and Satan were put down under his feet. He married Christ Jesus, he respected his husband, was joined to Him, and he arose as a young man, Christ Jesus, and he was a new creature. All these Christians preaching you are a new creature in Christ, you are liars. I don't mean to be vicious. You are preaching a lie.


You are not a new creature in Christ Jesus when you answer an altar call, and you are not a new creature in Christ Jesus when you speak in tongues. You are not a new creature in Christ Jesus until you are living out of Christ Jesus, and you are not going to be living out of Christ Jesus until you kill Leviathan, and you are not going to kill Leviathan without waging the war, and you are not going to wage the war if no one is telling you that you have to wage it. Brethren, people are saved by the foolishness of preaching. You are not going to make it. Christ Jesus can be formed in you. If you don't know that you have to kill Leviathan you are not going to make it.


Still in verse 6 - And the young men arose. The Greek word translated arose, Strong's #450, to rise up from lying down. Who was lying down? To raise up from the dead. Who was raised from the dead? Adam, Christ Jesus is raised from the dead. To raise up, to cause to be born, to cause to appear. To those of you who are not familiar with these teachings, Christ Jesus in the Old Testament is called Adam, the living soul. Adam is rising from the dead in us. That's what full stature is, and it is an incorrect teaching in the church that mortal man is Adam. It is an incorrect teaching.


Mortal man is Cain. You've bought a lie, and you have been spawned by the very lie herself. And arose the young men, Strong's #3501, a primary word that means new. Speaking of youthful or things fresh, or things regenerated, recently born. You are not born. . . .well I've been under the impression that you are not born again actually until go into glorification, but this word means born again. I guess we are born again in three stages, and this word is indicating he was born again at full stature, but you are certainly not born again because you speak in tongues. Wake up. We are more sin than we are Christ. So the young men, I don't know why it is plural there, I don't know enough Greek to tell whether that is plural in the Greek or not, but the English translation is, and the young men or the young man was born again.


Now the King James says, and the young men arose and bound him up for the burial. I am saying the young man was born again. Wound up, Strong's #4958, means to draw together, to unwrap. It can mean to enshroud a corpse or a burial. It means to contract, to diminish, to shorten, to bridge, to place together, to draw together. And they drew him together. I am not sure what that means. The young man, Christ Jesus, arose in him and this Greek word translated wound up means to draw together, but it is from two other Greek words, #4862 and #4724. #4862 is a preposition. It means with. And $4724 means to come into the right order. He came into the right moral order.


Now listen, the young man, Christ Jesus, arose in Ananais and Ananais came into the right moral order because the young man Christ Jesus, arose in him. Can you hear this? God help us. And carried him out. The word to carry out, Strong's #1627. They carried out the dead for burial, to lead out, to bring forth. They sure did carry Leviathan out, and they carried him out, to bear out. What does this word buried mean? The words, and in him, are added by the King James translators. The Interlinear says, and carried out, buried. This word buried means to celebrate funeral rites, to bury, to inter, and I suggest to you without a deep study what this means is, they carried out the one that was buried. Now who was buried/ who went underfoot? Leviathan went underfoot. And the one that was buried was let out, to bring forth, to produce. There is probably a deeper meaning of this word translated, to carry out, but I think it is clear enough that Leviathan was dealt with.


Let me review for you again. And the young men arose in Ananais, Christ Jesus, rose up on Ananais. And Ananais came into right moral order because Christ Jesus rose from the dead in him, and the one that was buried was carried out. So probably if I went into a deep study I would find the definition of this word that means, and the one that was buried, Leviathan, was dealt with or ceased to exist or ceased to influence him. Isn't this exciting? Isn't the truth exciting? The King James translation, before it was time for men to stand up in full stature, these mistranslations didn't do any harm. There is no way they could have had this translation without the Doctrine of Christ, and this mistranslation didn't do any harm. The King James translation is very powerful. I used it in warfare myself. I was hit very hard last week, and I was just praying the King James translation tapes, and the Lord gave me victory through that. There was tremendous power in these tapes, but it is not enough power to make you stand up in Christ Jesus.


It is fine, depending on what you want to use the Bible for, but if it is your time to stand up in full stature the King James translation won't do it. You can't stand up without the Doctrine of Christ. Why? Because you can't do it unless you know what to do. You could be the strongest person in the world, and your life could be threatened by a little mouse, but if you really don't understand that all you have to do is crush that mouse and you will be o.k., the mouse could probably kill you. You see? So, you cannot stand up on the Doctrine of Christ alone. There are many other factors involved. Sin, confession, repentance, everything that's not being taught in the church.


I don't want anyone misunderstanding me. You are not going to stand up on the doctrine alone, but once Christ Jesus is strong in you, you can't stand up if you don't know what to do. It's really impossible, especially with the carnal mind that's lying to you. You will never stand up if you don't hear the instructions on what to do, and then you have to do it but at least you stand a chance. Paul said that, do everything you can to stand and then do it. But you don't even stand a chance if you don't know what you are supposed to do, and Satan is going crazy in this hour crushing this message.


Do you realize that she has succeeded in polluting the whole Kingdom church? The aspect of the church that's not into the Kingdom message, I guess they could have Christ Jesus in them, but they are even at a greater disadvantage. Doctrinally, they are at a greater disadvantage. They may not be at a disadvantage if they are being as faithful as they can be, and they have not gone off into error, they may not be that doctrinally mature, but if they haven't gone off into error and the relationship with the Lord Jesus is vital they stand the chance of the Lord witnessing the truth to them, but the whole Kingdom church is utterly perverted. To be a teacher for 20 or 40 years in the church and be preaching this message with international newsletter, the chances of you changing your doctrine are very slim because your pride is going to really war against you. The Kingdom church is really in trouble.


Verse 7 - And it was about the space of three hours after when his wife, not knowing what was done, came in. This is the Interlinear now. It was about, Strong's #5613, hours, a certain definite time or season. I'm flying by the seat of my pants here. Verse 7 says, and it was about the space of three hours after when his wife, not knowing what was done, came in. The Interlinear says, yes it was about three hours when this wife of him. It doesn't sound very respectful to me. This wife of his and then we have a negative "not" translated in the King James, not knowing what was done, but I'm going to translate it Leviathan. Yes it was about three hours later when that wife of his, Leviathan, knowing what was done. She wasn't dead. Satan and Leviathan were not dead. They were just put under foot. They were put under foot so completely that the sin nature was completely restrained, and Christ Jesus arose, but they weren't dead yet. They don't really die, I don't think until glorification.


I know in full stature that Leviathan and Satan are not dead yet. They are just down in the pit. So it was three hours later that, that wife of his, Leviathan, figured out what had happened to her. Peter clobbered them, and it took three hours for Leviathan to rise up and realize what had happened, and the scripture here says that she came to life again. This is Strong's #1525, to come in, to enter, to arise, to come into existence, to come to life. This word is used of thoughts that come into the mind. Now isn't this what happened to Jesus in the temptation? He stood up in full stature, and Satan immediately caught Him up to the high place in the spirit to the temptation. Three hours later Leviathan realized what happened, and she came to life. Paul also said in the book of Romans, I was alive once but then sin revived and slew me. So Leviathan in this man Ananais realized what happened and was getting ready to take her territory back.


Verse 8, King James says, And Peter answered unto her, tell me whether you sold the land for so much and she said, yes for so much. It's a nice fairy story. Interlinear, and answered, to give an answer to a question or simply to begin to speak but always where something has proceeded. I would venture to say that Leviathan spoke out of Ananais' mouth. And Peter answered and said unto her, tell me, speak or say to me, whether, for so much, speak or tell me how long ago you sold the land. How long ago was Leviathan sold? And she answered, yea truly for so much. To confirm that Leviathan rose up and must have spoken through Ananais' mouth, and Peter responded and said, tell me if the land, who is the land? Ananais is the land. Tell me whether or not the land was sold, for how much. This word for so much is used of a quantity of time or just a quantity. Peter is saying, tell me for what was the land sold for? In other words, he's asking, do you realize that there was an exchange in Christ Jesus, and she said, yes the land was sold for this much. It is not clear here, we will have to go on to the next verse because that's not clear.


Verse 9 says, And then Peter said to her, how is it that you have agreed together to tempt the spirit. Listen to what happened. Leviathan rose up in Ananais and Peter recognized it with the discernment of spirits that it was Leviathan talking out of this man's mouth in whom the young man, Christ Jesus, had just arisen, and Peter tested him by asking him a question, and saying, are you aware that the land was sold? This man doesn't belong to you any more, he belongs to Christ Jesus, and Leviathan spoke out of Ananais' mouth and said, yes I know the land was sold, and he doesn't belong to me any more. In other words, I'm Christ Jesus speaking to you, but Peter recognized that it wasn't Christ Jesus, it was Leviathan lying, hoping to get Ananais away from the apostle and to turn him over again, turn him upside down again. But Peter knew that he wasn't talking to Christ Jesus, that he was talking to Leviathan, and Peter said to her, how is it that you have agreed together to tempt the spirit of the Lord.


Interlinear, And then Peter said unto her, how is it that you have. . . .King James says, agreed together, to agree with one in making a bargain. It also means to be harmonious, to be in accord. Peter said, then how come you are happy about this thing? How come you are in agreement that the land was sold? In other words, you should be fighting and snarling. Peter talking to Leviathan in Ananais, how come you are in agreement with what happened? Then the next word, is to tempt, means to test, or to discipline or to prove in a bad sense, it means to test maliciously, to put to the proof, to test one's faith or virtue or character. It was the temptation. Ananais went into the temptation, and Peter standing there with him said, how come you have tempted the spirit of the Lord? Now remember, Jesus said the same thing to Satan. In our Alternate Translation, Jesus said to Satan, who are you to test the spirit of the Lord. You are no longer the ruler of this world, but a new master is here, and I don't answer to you. Do you remember that?


Let me put it on the tape. This is our Alternate Translation of Matthew 4:7. And Jesus said to his carnal mind or Satan, I'm not sure, but to one or the other, to Leviathan or Satan, Jesus said there is a new mind being revealed through fallen dead humanity, and you have no authority to test that new mind which is Christ Jesus, your God, the one who owns you.


And that's what Peter said to Leviathan, speaking out of the mouth of Ananais. And then Peter goes on to say in the King James, Behold the feet of them which have buried thy husband are out the door. Whose feet buried her husband? It was Christ Jesus, the feet of the apostle. I am ahead of myself. Behold the feet of them which have buried thy husband are at the door and shall carry thee out. Behold the feet, can be translated natural feet, it is also spiritual feet, the spiritual sexual organ, and Peter's spiritual sexual organ is Christ Jesus. The feet of them which have buried your husband. I guess Satan is Leviathan's husband.


I don't want to get into these details right now. Fallen man is Leviathan's wife. Leviathan's husband is the one acting like a male. In this world the one acting like a male is Satan. Now remember, it was both Satan and Leviathan that was put under Ananais' feet, and he said, the feet of them that buried your husband, Satan, are out the door. What does the word door mean? It means a door. Remember, sin lies at the door. Out the door and shall carry thee out. To lead you out. I didn't look at every very carefully, but that's what it looks like, that the feet of those, the minds of those who have buried your husband, Satan, are going to bury you too. Now this is not the same word as man. When it talked about Ananais being a man I said that word was anthropos, and it means mortal man, but this word husband, it says, a man properly as an individual, but it is not anthropos, it is aner. It means fellow, husband, man, used of a betrothed or future husband, used to distinguish an adult man from a boy. There is something here that I don't fully understand. I'd really have to meditate on it.


I went back to verse 6, and it doesn't say who was carried out and buried. The King James translation says him, but it is not in the Greek. There is no subject in the Greek. Interlinear says, And the young men wound up him and carried out buried. It looks like Satan was the one that was carried out and buried, and then further on in verse 9, Leviathan rises up trying to deceive, trying to test Ananais through a temptation and apparently Peter is involved, is standing with him in the temptation and said to him, I recognize you, you are Leviathan, and we are going to bury you just like we buried Satan. Seems to be it is backwards. Seems like Leviathan should be the one to go down first, but that is not the kind of detail I am doing in this study. Which ever one was buried back a few verses, the other one is being buried here. Satan and Leviathan are being buried underneath the feet of Ananais. I just may not have the order correct at this time.


This word husband, Behold the feet of them that buried your husband. I don't think that is a good translation. The word is #435, and it doesn't have to be translated husband. It can be translated, of a male, and the male spirit in this world is Satan. So, the ones who bury the man, the ones who bury the male, are going to bury you too, you are the woman. It clearly says that this was the woman that rose up so the ones that buried the male, your husband, are going to bury you, are going to carry you out also, are going to bear you up and away, going to lead you out of this house. Let me give you the King James on that.


Verse 10, And then she fell down straightaway at his feet and yielded up the ghost, and the young men came in and found her dead and carrying her forth buried her by her husband, and then she fell down, Strong's #4098, it means to descend from a higher place to a lower place, and then straightaway, immediately or instantly, she descended underneath the authority of Christ Jesus' feet, the mind of Christ Jesus, and then she immediately fell down prostrate under the authority of the mind of Christ Jesus, and yielded up the ghost, Strong's #1634. It can be translated to expire, to breathe out ones life.


Leviathan ceased to exist, and came in once again the young man and Christ Jesus arose again and found her dead, and the young man came in again and discovered or understood that. . . .probably what is happening here is. . . . remember this is schizophrenia, this is psychosis, this man Ananais is flipping back and forth between full stature and Christ Jesus, and Leviathan manifesting and tempting him saying, I am really your mind, so it says the young man rose again, Christ Jesus arose in Ananais' mind again, and understood what happened to him, and our second witness to this is with Elijah.


If you remember the study of Elijah, if you don't remember you can read it in the Alternate Translation, 1 Kings 19, when he was overcome by Satan and fell down, and he cried out Jehovah sent Elohim to raise Adam from the dead in him. Now when Elijah was raised back up again, it says that in the midst of the battle, as the battle for his life raged, and as Elijah started to rise from the dead , he perceived the battle, and he understood what happened. Well, this young man, Ananais, as Christ Jesus came to the fore in him again realized what had happened, that Leviathan had smitten Christ Jesus, and Christ Jesus had gone down under, and Leviathan had come up again. That's why Peter intervened. Ananais was overtaken. Leviathan came back up.


We are going to be doing this. The battle was won. The significant point for us here is that once we stand up this is going to be our role. There are going to be a lot of people out there that are going to be willing, but they are not going to be able, and we are going to be helping them. This is what we are going to be doing, and it is going to be much easier for them than for us. We don't have anyone in full stature helping us. Of course, we have Jesus, but it is still much harder doing it this way than it is going to be for the others that will have manifestations of Christ Jesus in the flesh. We will really be able to help them. And Leviathan died, and Christ Jesus, the young man, came in again and found Leviathan dead and carrying forth buried. This is not good English, but this is the words of the Interlinear. And carrying forth buried by husband her, and carrying forth, so he found her dead and being carried forth and buried near or by or with regard to or toward or in the direction of the husband of her, in the same place.


And came great fear upon all the church and upon as many as heard these things. Brethren, they were terrified of the apostles. As I did this study in the Book of Acts as I was traveling through the Southern states, I came across scriptures that said people ran from the apostles, they were terrified of them, they didn't want their sins exposed, they saw them coming and they ran, couldn't get near an apostle without having their sins exposed. They didn't want it, and a large part of the church is running from it too. We are not in full stature. We are just the two-witness company now. They are running from us, they are hating us, and a lot of them don't even know why because we are still so very human, but we see people's sins, we see right into their hearts. Even if you want your sins exposed it is painful to have your sins exposed. You have to really deal with yourself and stand for it if that is what you want. Isn't that exciting? So, Ananais didn't die. Christ Jesus rose from the dead in him.


Verse 12, in the King James, And by the hands of the apostles were many signs and wonders wrought among the people, and they were all with one accord in Solomon's porch.


Verse 13, And of the rest, what rest, the ones that weren't in the company of the apostles, durst no man join himself to them but the people magnified them. It indicates here they were just terrified. And of the rest no man dared to join themselves to the apostles. They didn't want to have Ananais' experience, but the people did glorify them. And more believers were added to the Lord, and more believers were joined to the Lord. The King James makes it sound like it was a big company. I am not really sure about that when the 3,000 were added in one day. I haven't studied that, it may be true in the natural. I don't know. I am really not convinced that it is true, but I haven't studied it yet.


Brethren, this is an individual experience with God. God's not looking for big numbers, but I don't know. Maybe 3,000 were added in one day, I don't know. I know they weren't going from house to house breaking bread as we think of it. They were going from each spiritual house, to individuals, breaking off the Christ Jesus in them and planting it in their hearts, and how were they doing that? By ministering this doctrine to them. It wasn't natural food, there were no big dining halls, there were no communists, communism was based on this Bible teaching. Commune. This whole concept of sharing everything. They say it comes out of the Bible. It is not even true.


As I told you off the tape, let me put it on the tape, that account of the apostles saying that there was a dispute going on among the Jews and the Greeks. What was going on? It was not over the food, it was not over welfare. I heard that the Greek women were complaining that they weren't getting enough freebies. The Jews were being preferred. That's not what it was about. I looked up every word in the Greek, and what it was about was that there were young disciples going around and judging who had conceived Christ Jesus and who had not, and they were doing it in a wrong spirit causing much distress among the people, and the apostles said that it was not right for us to leave our studies to do this kind of disciplinary work. So, we are going to appoint men, Stephen, a man filled with the Holy Spirit to judge who had conceived Christ Jesus and who had not so that this disruption would not continue.


Brethren, let me ask you a question. If the account is true that the problem was over welfare why would he have to appoint someone like Stephen, filled with the Holy Spirit and all anointed? Very carnal people can deal with welfare. Can you hear what I am saying? Why did he have to raise up someone filled with the Holy Spirit and wisdom to deal with the welfare situation. There was no welfare situation. It is a lie. And more believers were added to the Lord, multitudes of both men and women. I believe they had the Lord added to them. Multitudes, a great number, a large number of people, had the Lord added to them. I don't know, maybe there were 3,000 in one day. So that they brought the sick out and laid them on beds and couches, passing by is Peter that he might overshadow them. I am not going any further.


So the man, Ananais, his ascent to full stature was in two stages just as Jesus' was in two stages. First Adam rose from the dead in him and then the temptation came as to who would be the God of that man, Ananais. So first Satan was defeated and then Leviathan arose, came to life, and covered over Christ Jesus, and the man, Ananais didn't even know what happened to him. If it wasn't for the apostle Peter knocking Leviathan out, even though Adam rose from the dead in this man, Ananais, he could have lost his opportunity for full stature. Why? He didn't keep him down. Leviathan actually arose when Christ Jesus was already full manifested. Adam had fully risen from the dead but did not stop Leviathan from rising up.


Now, Christ Jesus, Adam risen from the dead, had to have the strength to stop Leviathan. It had to be a lack of knowledge. Why didn't he stop Leviathan from coming up? How did she get up there? He didn't know how to do it. What this says to me, I am not sure, this is just an opinion, it could be wrong, that when the first apostles stands up it is very possible that Adam is going to be rising from the dead in a lot of people, and they will not begin this course of study until Adam is already risen. They can't bear it in their carnal mind. So with the apostles there to put Leviathan and Satan under their feet they will come and sit for the instruction. That's what it sounds like to me, and I believe that is what happened with the Apostles.


Jesus called the apostles, and he put Leviathan and Satan under their feet, and He held them there, and this is the whole teaching on Judas. What happened with Judas? Jesus merely withdrew his hand, and Judas' true fallen nature rose to the front, and he was a betrayer, and he betrayed Jesus. Jesus held Leviathan and Satan down in those 12 men for 3 1/2 years. He held them down in 12 men. He was strong enough to hold them down for 12 men, and that's what we are going to be doing in full stature. How ever many people will be attached to us, we will be holding Satan and Leviathan down while they are trained to be apostles, and I am doing that for you now, in a measure of course. I do it in a measure.


The Lord shows me a lot of things that I pray about, some things I point out to you, some things I talk to you about, sometimes I pray in front of you, sometimes I pray in private, but I am definitely influencing your spiritual life, definitely holding things down and causing things to be brought to the surface as the Lord leads me in your lives, definitely, but you have to work with me. I had a couple of people here that didn't work with me, and I am not in that business any more. I am only doing it for the people who are working with me. You have to be an Ananais. I don't have the energy or strength to be fighting with you for something to happen to you. You have to want it enough to submit yourself to the ministry.


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