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Off the tape I was just telling everybody that this is an unplanned message. The Lord changed my message that I was hoping to preach this morning, and the thrust of the message that He has given me for you is at the end of Hebrews, Chapter 12, verses 20-29, and I am going to read through and make some comments starting with verse 1.


My Open Bible has a notation under Chapter 12 that this chapter is an example of Christ's endurance, and what I see in it is an exhortation that is designed to lead us toward sonship. We used some words in the Kingdom Church, sonship, full stature, but they are not really in the scripture, but we know that those who follow after the Spirit of God are the sons of God, and a lot of people think that they do but they don't follow after the Spirit of God.


That means that those who follow after the Spirit of God all of the time. It means those who live out of the Spirit of God, and the Spirit of God in this hour is taking what form in men? What form is this Spirit of God in men? We have the mind of God, but we default to the mind that we were born with. If we don't raise up and lay hold of the mind of God we are living out of the mind that we were born with. So sonship is talking about people who are following after God all of the time even to the extent that when they are not following after God, they are praying for the ability to follow after God. We are talking about people who are completely submitted to the Lord and hoping to be changed into His nature, and those that have this hope purifies themself.


The term full stature refers to the condition that Jesus Christ was in. The King James says we should come unto the fullness of the stature of the Lord Jesus Christ. He was a mature spiritual man. In this hour the human race is suffering from spiritual arrested development. Spiritual arrested development. We may look like we are all grown up, but we don't act like we are all grown up, and we know we are not all grown up when our bodies die. We are abiding in hell and death, and we are immature spiritual female who cannot even keep their own soul alive, but in Christ Jesus we have the opportunity to overcome spiritually arrested development, and to mature into male sons of God who live forever.


They abide forever. Why? Because the son and the Father, the son is in the bosom of the Father and in spirit we are inseparable. So when you are joined to life you live. Conversely, therefore, if you die you must be joined to death. But you say, I'm saved. I have the Holy Ghost and I speak in tongues. Brethren, if you die you are not joined to life because if you are joined to life you would not die. There is a hole in your doctrine, and the Lord lives you, but the time is very near for correction to be made and it is going to be a painful correction.


You could ask anybody who has suffered from emotional arrested development when they start to mature, well first of all it takes a shocking experience to start you maturing. It is painful. Traditionally, something painful has to happen to you to knock you out of that groove you are going around in. That groove that you are going around in is the curse of arrested development. Once you are bounced out of that groove, the curse is broken and you start to mature and maturation is very painful.


Little children mature, hopefully, in the arms of a loving mother and a caring father and possibly, hopefully, loving, siblings, in a safe family situation. They abide the pain. Pain is much more tolerable when you are younger than when you are older. For example, the pain of circumcision, an 8 day old baby boy is circumcised. All they give him is a little wine on his tongue. I don't know what they do in the hospital. The Jews put a little wine on the baby's tongue and they circumcise him, and he cries and then it is over.


You circumcise a full grown man, it is a major operation, and dangerous I am told, and very, very, very painful. So you ask anybody who is overcoming arrested emotional development, after they are bombed out of the groove they have to start walking into their maturity, and you walk into your maturity through experiences. You must have experiences to mature. You have to have painful experiences, and you have to have overcoming experiences which you learn from. Maturity is not a gift. Maturity is not a gift that can be given to you in a box with a ribbon.


You have to walk into maturity, you have to have the experiences, you have to live the life, you have to go through, and overcome, and grow up into maturity. Brethren, this is the same way with our spiritual maturity. A newborn infant has received the life of this existence. It is not really life, but the life of this existence, as a free gift he is born. One day he is here. Did he do anything to be born? It is a free gift. But maturity, brethren, is a painful, growth experience which goes on for years. We grow emotionally, hopefully, as long as we are in this world.


Spiritually, this is also true. The Holy Spirit is a free gift. You don't have to do anything to get it. Some people ask for it, some people He falls on without their asking for it, but even if you ask for it, it is a free gift. There is really nothing you could do to get it. But, spiritual maturity is not a free gift, and if that is what you have been taught in your church you are mistaken, they are mistaken, your teachers are mistaken.


The free gift is the Holy Spirit which is available to us because the Lord Jesus Christ gave up the life that He had in the flesh of the man known as Jesus of Nazareth, and now you have the opportunity through the free gift of His seed to walk into maturity. Why? Because He is maturity. You can't walk into maturity if you don't have a potential for maturity. He is maturity. He is the resurrection. He is Life. He is Truth. He is maturity.


We have a journey to take from this existence here into His life, and there is no way that you are going to get in without painful and overcoming experiences which teach you to be wise and how to avoid certain problems and how to overcome other ones. That's why the virgins who have no oil will not be able to get their oil and get back in time to enter into the door. It is not something you can buy at the store. Jesus said, buy of me. Well, that is the KJ translation.


It is not something that you give a dollar to and get a package back. The word, buy of me, means, have a relationship with me by which I will give myself to you. He wants to give us His life. so when He says, buy of me, it means buy of my substance, but it only comes little by little, and we have to walk through this into maturity. So, the hour is at hand brethren, the door has been opened for two thousand years, and Christ Jesus has been appearing in a multitude of human beings.


I am not talking about Jesus Christ who ascended and who is now in the earth as the Holy Ghost. Let me say that another way, someone will misunderstand. The Lord Jesus Christ overcame completely. He is the first one, the first human being, to be born into the spiritual world of His Father, the physical spiritual world. He said, I go to a place where you can't come. He was the only one of human kind who can enter into His Father's world. He has returned unto us in the form of seed and is planting Himself in the minds of the many members of humanity, and when the glorified Jesus Christ plants Himself in the mind of a man His name changes. He has one name when He is outside of, when He's not joined to the mind of a man, and He has another name when is joined to the mind of a man.


PASTOR VITALE: What is His name when He is not joined to the mind of a man?


COMMENT: Elohim?


PASTOR VITALE: No, in this hour, what's His name? The Holy Spirit or the Lord Jesus Christ in seed form, and what's His name when He is joined to the mind of a man?


COMMENT: Christ Jesus.


PASTOR VITALE: Christ Jesus. His name changes because His position changes. Position changes, your name changes.


Christ Jesus which is the engrafted Holy Spirit has been trying for two thousand years to raise himself up out of the death of this world that He has planted Himself in. He raised Himself up a little bit a couple of times. He raised His head up in Paul, probably raised His head up somewhat in Peter, and somewhat in John. John may have been in full stature, but they never went to the other two stages, and John and Paul were never fully born into the visible spiritual world of God. Jesus of Nazareth is the only one who was.


Now during this two thousand years the Holy Spirit has been spread to large portions of the world, and what does that mean? It means that there are people all over the world who have the Spirit of God but do not have the nature of God. Having the Spirit of god, however, qualifies them for the overcoming experience which will bomb them out of arrested spiritual development and allow them to walk into the spiritual realm of God or heaven or having a spiritual experience that lines up with the experience of the Hebrews in Egypt.


We are all slaves in this world brethren, we are all slaves, we have go to come out of Egypt. We have to give up the things of this world and move into the things of God, and there are a lot of people out there hearing this tape saying, well I have already done that. And my answer to you is that you do not understand what I just said to you, and the simplest way that I could put it is this. Of course, this burden is not on you.


The Lord is going to bring you to it. The Lord is going to bring you to a place when nothing of this world satisfies you except Him. I am not telling anyone to even try to do it in your own strength. I am telling you what is coming. He is going to create such a hunger for Himself in you that nothing, nothing will satisfy you but Him. That is coming out of this world, brethren. That is coming out of this world, and I tell you that as long as things of this world satisfy you, you have not come out of this world.


Everybody is in a different degree. I'm very, very deep into Christ Jesus. Not much satisfies me other than Him but things of this world do satisfy me. Now don't get condemned. I am just giving you a vision. I am telling you what's coming. We have had two beautiful days. It is gorgeous out there. I just got back from seven weeks in Florida, beautiful scenery, and the mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee and the Lord told me, Sheila, it is just the lust of your eyes. It is making you happy, that means you are still carnal. Should you be condemned? No. But know this, that the day is going to come that even that is not going to satisfy you, so if the Lord has called you to come out of the things of this world this is what He is talking about.


Let me tell you something brethren, when the only thing in this world that gives you peace or joy or contentment is Him you are going to be with Him every second that you don't have a strong responsibility. And not many people could say that. What does that mean? You are not all that spiritually mature, and you have to go through a series of steps to get there, but most people don't want to get there. They are saying, I don't want to be a fanatic. I go to church three times a week, I read my Bible, isn't that enough? Well, it is enough with me.


I don't have any problem with it, but the Lord Jesus Christ intends to marry you, and it is not enough for Him. So this is what's coming. He is going to create such a hunger in you that nothing else will satisfy, and why am I telling you this? That when it happens to you, brethren, you should not be upset. You should not think there is something wrong with you. What it means is that the Lord has apprehended you. When this hunger comes upon you that nothing satisfies you, like His Word and the spiritual truth and spiritual experiences that He is bringing into your life. You will know that you are well on the path to full stature.


Full stature is not a rapture. For many years, I said, well it is a spiritual rapture, your body is not going anywhere, your spirit is getting caught up. It is not even a spiritual rapture. For years I said to the Lord, how is this going to happen, when is it going to happen, give me a day that I am going to be snatched up and be a Son of God? There is no day nor hour brethren. You have to walk into heaven. It's a walk that you walk. It's a race that you run every day of your life, and the more experiences you can tolerate the faster you will enter in, and these experiences are painful. We walk into heaven brethren through maturing and overcoming experiences, and the more you open yourself up to having these experiences the faster you are going to move in. If you are running from the pain or if you just can't bear it.


Maybe you just can't bear it. You are going to go slower, but you always have the power of prayer, but I warn you if you ask the Lord to move you in as rapidly as possible it is going to be intense, but He will answer that prayer. This is my point, I am going to say it again. There is no spiritual rapture either. We walk into the Kingdom through spiritual experiences which are sure to be painful from which experiences we learn and through which experiences we overcome. With each overcoming and each lesson truly learned we are one step closer.


We walk in brethren. We walk in. There is a labor, there is a labor that is unto life. It is spiritual labor, and this labor is what is called the Sabbath Day. You are not supposed to do any manual labor, any physical labor, any labor of this body. If you an Orthodox Jew you can study on the Sabbath Day, you can worship god on the Sabbath Day. So as much time as you give to the spiritual things of God, you are abiding in Jehovah's Sabbath Day.


Let me try this exhortation. It is a strange morning. I do believe, however, that the Lord has trumpeted the announcement that the Hebrew children, I mean those who are called the church, that the time is very near. The time is very near for us to be approaching the fullness of the stature of the Lord Jesus Christ. I don't know what that means. It may be a week, a month, five years, I don't know, but it is near. We are doing to see it, it is very near.


Hebrews Chapter 12, verse 1. Wherefore seeing we also are encompassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight and the sins which doth so easily beset us and let us run with patience the race that is set before us. I have to tell you brethren this whole introduction that I gave you I really did not even realize it was verse 1 of Hebrews 12. I really didn't so I have already talked about verse 1 of Hebrews 12. I love it when the Lord does that.


Let me just make a few points here. Let us lay aside every weight and the sin which doth so easily beset us. Brethren, things that weight us down because to walk into heaven we have to ascend so the things that weigh us down are the things that are keeping us from ascending, keeping us from running the race, keeping us from having the experiences that will enable us to walk in, and sin. . . I haven't looked at this in the Greek so I am just going by the Spirit.


Sin, our sin nature does not want us to go in and it's things that we idolize that weigh us down. The things that we won't leave behind. the things that we won't leave behind. For example, some women won't come in without their husband. They have it in their head that their husband. . . .or some men without their wife, that they won't go in and they hold back and they hold back because they have a wrong thought in their mind, and it is lie and it is the pride of their own heart. They don't want to go in without their mate, and they are letting their mate weigh them down. am I against marriage? No, I am not against marriage but I am telling you the truth, I've never seen the Lord call a couple. He calls individuals, and when He calls you are supposed to answer and you pray for your mate. If the come, fine. If they don't come, you have to go anyway.


So Paul says, leave all your weights, leave all your idols, behind. Your mate can be an idol. Leave all your idols behind, leave your sin nature behind. The sin which doth so easily beset us, I've been battling with my sin nature for years. I've become fierce of recent date. The first sign of an oppression or depression I am all over it doing everything I can to drive it from my midst because I choose to be happy and joyous. Now don't mistake what I just told you for denying your sins because we have a lot of people in the church and we have some people right here who are still not dealing with their sins adequately, and I taped John Bradshaw yesterday morning.


There is no true forgiveness if you do not acknowledge that someone has wronged you. You cannot forgive people if you don't admit that they did you wrong, and the Pharisee mind says, that's nothing, it's o.k., didn't bother me at all, it is all right. No, it is not all right because they did something wrong to you, and to say that it is nothing is not the forgiveness of sin. The forgiveness of sin is to admit that they did something wrong to you, very probably hurt you and you choose to forgive them, but not to acknowledge that you hurt, or not to acknowledge that you were wrong, there is no forgiveness. Now you can acknowledge that someone did something wrong but deny that you were hurt, and if you deny that you were hurt you have not truly forgiven that person.


It is just words. The whole world knows about it. A large portion of the church don't know about it. They don't even know what forgiveness is. You can't bury it brethren. You have to confess that it is sin, and that you did something wrong. If you see envy in your heart, if you see pride in your heart, to just say I am not going to do it, I am not going to act on it, but I am not going to look at it, that is not it, brethren. That is not enough because it is going to explode in your hand. You can't do that. I will not be envious, I will not be proud, I will not be mad. It doesn't work. You have to say this pride is sin It is sin, and I hate it and I don't want it, and I want the potential for it ripped out of me. Not that I won't do it.


That's like sitting on an open fire saying I am not going to jump up, and the fire gets hotter, and the fire gets hotter, but you say, I'm not going to jump up, I'm tough, I am not going to jump up. Then that fire starts burning you and all of a sudden you jump up and your are screaming and yelling like a lunatic. Sin cannot be brushed under the rug, and there is no forgiveness if the sin is not acknowledged, and the damage done acknowledged by both parties. Reconciliation has to come, resolution has to come, a walking through has to come, which puts the problem away. It dissolves it. It turns it into vapor, but it has to be worked through with the two people. So we will watch John Bradshaw later this afternoon.


So brethren, let's lay aside every weight and every idolatry, every one that you think must come with you but God doesn't think must come with you or even if He does think must come with you it is not right thinking. When God calls you, you pack up and you come, you answer His call. So leave all your idols behind and leave your sin nature behind, even thought your sin nature is going to harassing you every chance she gets, and let us run with patience. That word patience, in my margin it says, with perseverance. Patience is not a good word. I don't if this is the same Greek word that appears in the book of Revelation several times, but I know that Greek word translated patience that is in the book of Revelation really distressed me because. . . .Why? Because everyone who doesn't have patience is condemned, but when I looked that word up in the Greek I found out that it meant endurance.


I may not have all that patience when I am being tormented, but endurance I have and that is proven, 18-19 years in the Lord, I have endurance, and in this life I have a lot of endurance. I don't always have all the patience I would like to have, but I do endure no matter what happens, even if I lost it and say something I should not say I still go on. Endurance means you go on no matter what, you go on. If you succeed you go on, if you fail you go on, if you are hurt you go on, if you are embarrassed you go on, if you have a loss, if you suffer loss, you just go on no matter what. This word perseverance in the margin makes me think this is probably the same Greek word in the book of Revelation. Perseverance, endurance. Run the race with endurance brethren.


Verse 2. Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith. Now that brethren is a very interesting phrase. It is very popular. You hear a lot of people quoting it and talking about it. Now let me give you some fresh possible interpretations of that scripture. The author and finisher of our faith. Jesus said, I am the Alpha and the Omega, I am the beginning and the end. That is what He is talking about, the author and finisher of our faith. The one who begins our faith and the end of our faith.


And what is our faith? Is the word faith talking about the faith we have with our mortal mind? The faith of our mortal mind is as filthy rags brethren. We not only cannot move a mountain, with the faith that we are born with, the faith of our humanity. . . .well, you can get some thing accomplished with that faith, but you see faith has to have a spiritual power behind it. It has to have a spiritual power behind it, and the spiritual power behind the faith that we are born with is Satan, it's witchcraft. If you have such a confidence in yourself that you could be a success you might very well go out and be a success in your own power. It's your own power, your own power is Satan in the individual. so the faith that the scripture talks about is not the faith that mortal man has, but it is the faith which is in Christ Jesus.


You see, Jesus Christ has given Himself unto us. He died to His existence in the flesh that could have gone on forever so that He could be converted into a form whereby He could give Himself to us, but He gives Himself to us in seed form and what He gives us is our new faith. It is our faith. It is the faith that is propelled by the power of Almighty God. It is the faith that keeps on going when our human faith fails. Some people don't have much compassion on people who have failed in this world because they really believe, and they have been taught that if you try as hard as you can try you will surely succeed, but brethren that is not always true. Some people try as hard as they can, but the spiritual forces opposing them in their life that were upon them f rom birth are just too powerful for their own will power and their own strength, and that is the truth. You teach your children to try as hard as they can and you will surely succeed. Well, you really don't want to teach them anything else.


You don't want to teach them not to try, but the truth in this world is that the insane asylums are filled with people that tried as hard as they could and their mind broke, and the institutions are filled with people who tried as hard as they could but their body broke. Then we have some people whose mind and body broke. Some didn't try as hard as they could, but some did and their own faith was not strong enough to overcome the negative forces of this world that were directed towards them. We need to get a new faith brethren. We need the faith of Jesus Christ. We need His life, His perfected overcoming life dwelling in us and that is the faith that moves mountains.


He is the author of our faith. He is the Holy Spirit, the seed which is the beginning of our faith. The seed which is no larger than a mustard seed, the smallest seed, the most humble seed the scripture says. He gives Himself to us as a seed. He is the author. He is the beginner. He is the beginning. He is the seed of our faith, of our supernatural faith that has the potential to move the mountain that the serpent has raised up upon which we abide, this visible physical world. He is also the finisher of our faith. What is the finish of our faith? The author or beginning of our faith is His union as the Holy Spirit with our human spirit, and the end of our faith . . . isn't there a scripture that says, and the end of your faith is the salvation of your soul.


The end of your faith, the finish of your faith, the Omega, the end of the mystery of God is the salvation of your beast nature. The word soul in the New Testament has a different meaning than the word soul in the Old Testament. In the OT, soul means a living thing. It's equivalent in the Greek is Zoe, life. But in the NT, soul is speaking about the animal nature, the sin nature. The soul of the NT is the sin nature. The salvation of your sin nature as depicted by the Seraphim, redeemed serpents, standing around the throne of God saying, Holy, Holy, Holy.


When I first saw during a study in the book of Revelation that Satan would be worshipping Jesus, it shocked me and I restudied and restudied, I thought it had to be a mistake. Now years later I found out that we are the serpents. Oh, don't shut off the tape! Jesus said to the Pharisees, you are vipers. We are the serpent, and sometimes when we these meetings here I look around and I see people manifesting, functioning, partaking, of these meetings, I don't mean a demonic manifestation, partaking of these meetings, doing whatever they are doing, praising God, some are playing instruments, some are sitting and listening and singing. I look at people praising God, and it comes to me very clearly.


This is the serpent praising God. This is the serpent saying, Holy, Holy, Holy, God Almighty. So, He is the author and finisher of our faith. He is the Holy Spirit, and He is the mature Christ Jesus who was strong enough to impart life, to impart everlasting life and to preserve this physical body. He is the seed, and He is the full grown man. That is what it means. He is the seed, He is the manchild, He is the full grown man that when He is abiding as our faith or our mind He has the power to save us. Another word for salvation, preservation. He has the power to preserve us from what? From hell and death, and hell has torment.


Looking unto Jesus, this is verse 2, the author and finisher of our faith who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross. despising the shame, and He sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. Please notice that verse 2 is speaking about Jesus, the human being, doesn't say Jesus Christ or Christ Jesus. Just Jesus, the human being. He was the very beginning of the salvation that is available to us today. The human man, Jesus, who was born with the Spirit of God joined to His human spirit. He was the beginning of the mystery of God, of Jehovah's salvation unto His people. I did not look up this word, endured the cross, if I can I'll look it up before the evening service because I am convinced that He did not feel pain on the cross so I will check that out and see if there are any other possible translations for that word.


I believe that Jesus of Nazareth had ascended to a high spiritual place where His sin nature was completely under His feet and non-functioning. All pain, brethren, is in the sin nature. There is no pain when you are completely under the dominion of the mind of God. How can I say that? Brethren, the mind is spirit. Mind is spirit, and the mind that is ruling in a man rules this physical man through the manipulation of his brain. Occult, occult. No, it is the truth. Brethren, all pain and all pleasure has its center in the brain. And if that center is damaged you cannot experience that experience whether it be pain or pleasure.


There is a place in the brain that can affect your taste buds, in your tongue, it affects your ability to walk, affects your ability to talk, affects your ability to think, to reason, to be creative. The brain is the controller of the physical body, and the mind is the controller of the brain. Now there are certain things that the fallen mind of man can play on our brain or program on our brain, and there are certain things that she cannot. Only five percent of our brain is used, proof that Leviathan, our mortal mind, is very limited in her ability to program and run programs through our mortal brain, but Christ Jesus has access to the whole brain, and I do not believe Jesus of Nazareth experienced physical pain on that cross.


I believe He had full control of His brain and all of the pleasure and pain center. Why was He crucified? I think the scripture somewhere says, so that men would believe. But there is also an interesting concept about all of His blood pouring out, all His blood poured out....I heard someone preach, I never checked it out myself, I have no reason to believe it is not true, that the way your bones collapse when you are crucified forces all of the blood into your abdomen. I may not have it exactly right, and when the Centurion threw a spear at Him the blood that came pouring out was His fallen blood. Jesus went on into heaven. He now has flesh and bone. He was flesh and blood. Now He is flesh and bone. Flesh and blood is in the animal body. Flesh and bone is the spiritual body.


Jesus of Nazareth was the son of God. His mind was God. His sin nature was completely inoperable, but it was God living in a body which was produced by the sin nature before Jesus made it inoperable. The body that Jesus of Nazareth lived in, the personality of Jesus of Nazareth, was produced by the sin nature that He received from His mother before Christ Jesus matured to the point that He rendered that sin nature inoperable. There is an evolution of the God head, three stages of resurrection. If you cannot see the second stage surely you can see that Jesus Himself said, I and my Father are one but my Father is greater than I. There is a hierarchy, an evolution of the God head. Jesus went on to a higher position of Godhood when He was glorified, and that higher position had directly to do with the fact that He shed His animal body. He purged Himself of His fallen blood and left the carcass behind and breathed Himself out of His own volition.


I will look it up on the dinner break and see what it says. Probably something to do with the mind. Despising the shame, well I'll look that one up too. What's in my spirit brethren is the shame that He despised was that animal body. Brethren you may not know it, but it's a big issue, this body is a big issue. People hear me preaching that we are coming out of the body, and they don't like it. They want this body.


PASTOR VITALE: Why do they want this body? What do they love about this body?




PASTOR VITALE: Lust, pleasure, that's correct. They don't love this body because it gives them pain. They love this body because of the sensory experiences that they have in it. They love the pleasures that come from this body, and I will look it up during the dinner break, but that is what is in my spirit. He despised the shame, this body is a shame.


Brethren, this body is the fruit of spiritual fornication. Now, if you are not a mature person you are totally misunderstanding me. I'm talking about a spiritual shame. We are down here, and we are living under God without condemnation, doing the best we can with what we have got, but brethren from a high spiritual point of view where our father is the condition that we are in is shameful, and I can say that to you without condemning you. If you are condemned, you condemn yourself because I condemn you not. If I don't tell you the truth I'll never get you out of here. We are in a shameful condition, spiritually speaking.


This whole world is a visible example of what happened to us. What would be considered a shameful lifestyle in this world? a hopeless drug addict, a hopeless alcoholic who lives on the streets, a hopeless prostitute. That all is the type of what we are spiritually, but the Lord doesn't condemn us. He tells us the truth. Jesus said to the Pharisees, I'll tell you the truth and the truth will set you free. The Pharisees said, what do you know that we don't know? I'll tell you, Pharisees, you are living in an animal body, and you are the off spring of the serpent and although you are living in one of the highest places available to you in this fallen world because the Lord has had mercy on you and He spread a table before you in the valley of the shadow of death, your life is still a shame compared to the fact that you were created to be the Son of God, the immortal mighty Son of God, the existence you experience down here is a shame, and if you are listening to this tape and you are condemned you have completely misunderstood me, and you need to pray about this.


It is like telling a one year old baby that strips his clothes off and runs down the street, now that is not right and it is a shame to do that, you should not do that, you should not go around naked, but who is upset with a one year old baby completely exposed. When you are 21 you will be arrested. The Lord has mercy on us, and He is telling us this isn't right. Your condition isn't right, but I am accepting it because you are spiritual infants but I am telling you, you can't stay this way. You can't stay this way. I love you and I accept you while you do this thing, and I am even saying, isn't that cute, but you can't stay this way. Why? Because as you mature spiritually, your physical condition becomes more and more of a shame.


Jesus despised the shame that was crucified on the cross. The fact that we are trapped in this body, and we can't get out. The fact that we can't travel in the spirit, that we need planes and cars and all the mechanical devices that we need to live in this world, do you know that spiritually speaking all of our mechanical devices are the equivalent of a wheel chair. We are supposed to be in a place where we think it and it appears. He despised the shame, and He sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. I know from our studies in the OT that shame is frequently computed to the carnal mind. The shameful thing that needs to be covered is the carnal mind, Leviathan. So He despised the mind that He was born with and put it under His feet and rendered it inoperable and because He overcame by the Spirit of Holiness, Romans 1:4, what did He overcome? The carnal mind that He was born with. He is now set down at the right hand of the throne of God. He is glorified.


Verse 3, For consider Him that endured such contradiction of sinners against Himself lest ye be weary and faint in your mind. Ye have not yet resisted unto blood, striving against sin. Now this is very interesting. For consider Him that endured such contradiction of sinners against Himself....I don't know what that means. I will take a look at it during the dinner break. But this, lest ye be weary and faint in your mind. Let me back up.


For consider Him that endured such contradictions of sinners against Himself. The sinners opposed Him. The sinners opposed Him. He endured a continuous barrage of attack from carnally minded men who could not believe that He was valid. A lot of people just attack everything that is different. They want you to conform. They want you to be like them. He was very different, but more than being different He exposed their sins, and they contradicted Him. Praise the Lord. I am just going by what the Lord shows me.


So consider Him that endured all this persecution by sinners lest ye be wearied and faint in your minds. Brethren, what Paul is alluding to is that if you are understanding this chapter, if you are going on to your sonship you are being lied about, you are being persecuted, you are being contradicted, you are being opposed. Sometimes people don't even know they are doing it. I feel it in my spirit. I feel the opposition in my spirit. If I am manifesting Christ Jesus and someone comes at me with a carnal statement it is like a punch, and it happened again this morning and I am not going to cease from telling you about it.


I had to sit here for almost two minutes to get back up into the spirit again. I was contradicted this morning. Every time I am trying to do something that Jesus wants me to do, and someone doesn't want me to do it I am being contradicted. You may not know why you don't want me to do it, you might think you have a very legitimate reason to want me to stop what I am doing and respond to you. You may not understand what you are doing, but the reality is that the mind within you has risen up to contradict my commitment to the Lord at that moment. so Paul is saying this chapter, this is for people who are going on with God. Don't be surprised that people are contradicting you. Don't be surprised for consider Him that endured all this contradiction of all these sinners against Him. They did it to Him and they will do it to you.


And it is good that you should consider Jesus and what His experience was lest ye be weary and faint in your mind. If you think it is just you brethren, if you think these hard ships of this journey is just happening to you, if you take it personally, you are going to faint in your mind. What does that mean to faint in your mind? It means to give up. It means you become so overwhelmed in your mind that you give up. When people start opposing you brethren, when people start contradicting you, I counsel you to tell yourself all the time, I tell myself all the time, if it wasn't that person it would be another person because we must be opposed. We must be opposed. Why? So that we can overcome. Don't take it personally. The more personally you take it the harder it is to forgive. You have to address the fact that someone has damaged you, you can't deny it, they have done you hard, they have done you evil, and maybe they have actually hurt you and you have to address that fact, but if you could realize that if it wasn't them it would be somebody else I find it much easier to deal with and to go on and forgive. It is like this is the way it is. a lot of people don't know what they are doing a lot of the time, and that is o.k. for the heathen but it is not o.k. for the Sons of God.


Verse 4, Ye have not resisted unto blood striving against sin. Now I have heard that preached that no one has drawn your blood yet so people are persecuting you and they are talking about you, they hate you, but no one has actually shot you and drawn your blood yet, but brethren I don't think that is what that scripture means. I think that scripture means. Let me get the exact words here. Ye have not yet resisted striving against sin unto blood. You have not yet resisted striving against your own sin nature to the point that that sin nature becomes a blood offering into the Most Holy Place. We cannot enter into the Most Holy Place without blood, and most Christians believe that we are entering in with Jesus' blood, but we are.


We are entering in by His blood because His blood has joined to us and bringing forth Christ Jesus in us, because our God is now in the midst of us, we have the strength by His blood to enter in with the blood of our own sin nature. So if you are moaning and groaning and whining and complaining because sister so and so put an arrow in you or brother so and so told a lie about you, I am telling you says the scripture, you had better get your act together because this isn't the real thing. You are going to be shot, and lied about and a whole bunch of other stuff will happen to you until you take such authority over your sin nature that you offer her up as a blood offering which enters you into the Most Holy Place.


So you are striving against sin? Don't worry about it brethren. If it is not that sister it will be someone else. If it is not that brother it will be someone else because you have not yet resisted unto blood. You haven't killed your sin nature. Can you hear this? This is good advice. So if you think you are having a hard time, look at Jesus and all that He went through. Don't weary and faint in your mind and realize that you have not resisted your sin nature as Jesus did to the point that the death of it was the offering that got you into the Most Holy Place. Well, I hear somebody screaming, no you have to have an animal without spot or blemish. That's true. We are purifying our sin nature before we offer her. She has to be purified before we offer her up. It is called deliverance.


Deliverance is not for the heathen. Deliverance is for the Christian who hopes to see Christ Jesus appear in Him, purifieth Himself, and at the right moment offers up his purified animal nature. Now we can never get completely purified, but the atoning blood of the Lord Jesus Christ takes us the rest of the way. I didn't say that exactly right. We will be completely purified, but not by our own efforts. We need the Lord Jesus Christ who has already overcome to help us arise to the point where we become our own atoning sacrifice.


When will that happen? When Adam rises from the dead in us. And who is Adam? Christ Jesus. The NT says, Christ Jesus. the OT says, Adam. He is rising from the dead in us, and when He is risen from the dead, and His immortal mind is reigning over us again, within us, we will be our own atoning sacrifice. The atoning sacrifice will be within us. The Lord Jesus Christ is our atonement. He is coming to us as the seed. He joins to our human spirit and reproduces His nature in us in the form of Christ Jesus which is the resurrected Adam, and when Christ Jesus arises to full immortality within us, He is the atonement for our sin nature and for the expression of our sin nature which is this physical house that we live in.


Verse 5, And ye have forgotten the exhortation which speaketh unto you as unto children. My son, despise not the chastening of the Lord nor faint when thou art rebuked of Him for whom the Lord loveth He chaseneth and scourges every son whom He receiveth. Now brethren I told you off the tape this morning, this message came by prophetic instruction from the Lord. Judgment is falling. I believe it is falling everywhere. I believe it is falling on me too.


The White Throne Judgment, the merciful judgements of God which exposes our weaknesses which are sin and helps us to overcome them and as we overcome them we put them under our feet and we have taken one more step into our resurrection state known as full stature. I don't know what's coming that I am preaching this today but I don't want anyone to think that it's only about. . . we had something off the tape, and it is not only about that person. This is for everybody. This is for everybody in this fellowship and for everybody to whom the Lord brings this tape and what it is saying to me is, don't be afraid but this is a positive thing, the hour of the catching up is very near, He wants us to come up higher.


I can't tell you that it is full stature for you, I can't tell you that it is full stature for me, but I do know this that He wants us all to come up higher from where ever we are He wants us to go up to the next level, and the only way we get up there is through the judgment of our sins so I am going to pray for everybody here today including me.




Father, in the Name of Jesus, I pray that we do not faint when you chasten us, Oh God, but I pray that we endure with that chastening as good soldiers Lord and that your nature is developed in us to the fullest degree that you would desire to bring forth in us at this stage of our development and I pray that we all take the victory Lord, and I rebuke our pride and our fear and our weakness and anything in us that would run from the battle, and to the fullest degree that I am able I impart strength to everybody here to stand in the face of the most horrendous trials should it come to pass. I pray that you will be with us Lord in the fire, that we should all be found overcoming in the power of your Spirit Lord and in the strength of your nature, and I know that you would not be telling us about this in advance if you weren't planning to help us so we look forward Lord to the victory. In the Name of Jesus. Amen.


Verse 7, If he endure chastening God deals with you as with sons for what son is he whom the Father doesn't chasten, but if he be without chastisement brethren where all are partakers then are ye bastards and not sons. What does that mean, that you are a bastard and not a son? It means that your existence has not been fathered by the living God, that your foundation is not Jesus Christ but that you have been fathered by the serpent and that your foundation is mortal and will eventually be destroyed. Jesus Christ is the only foundation that is laid that shall endure forever and once you get that foundation you have to build on it, you have to build on it. If you are a son, you are building on that foundation but even if your house comes down, even if in the storm your house comes down your foundation, that part of you that is attached to that foundation, will be saved. Your spirit will always be saved, but let us hope for the best that is available to us in Christ Jesus.


Verse 9, Furthermore we have had fathers of our flesh which corrected us and we gave them reverence. Shall we not much rather be in subjection to the Father of Spirits and live. What that is saying is that when your natural fathers corrected you, you honor them and they couldn't give you everlasting life, but the Father of Spirits can give you everlasting life. Should we not subject ourself to His correction. You see the mystery here is that the White Throne judgment of Christ can be fled from. When you are a natural child and your father chastens you there is no place to run. Your dad is going to get you. But the way this world is set up those of us who are entering into Sons, those of us who are maturing as young sons are physically mature people, and the Lord in this hour is not forcing His judgment upon us like a natural father would do.


He talks to us, He talks to us in dreams, He talks to us in the scripture, He talks to us through preachers who are preaching His Word, and He says, take the correction but if you run away from what ever or who ever is bringing the correction in your life, if you flee from that person I am going to let you go. I am not going to catch you in the wood shed. I am not going to go after you like a natural father, and what happens when I let you go? What happens to the person that the Lord doesn't go after? They come under the Satanic judgment. You reap what you sow, and you come under the judgment of Satan.


So he says, won't you subject yourself to the Father of Spirits and live. You see the Satanic judgment can kill you. If you are in subjection to the White Throne judgment the only thing that will die will be your sin nature. That would never kill your body or your existence in this world, but if you flee from the correction of God you will be corrected brethren. You will be corrected, and the one correcting you is Satan and she can kill you if the legal grounds....if the chips are falling right. O Sheila believes in gambling. No brethren the OT talks about lots. If your spiritual gene pool has a opening for you to be killed prematurely or violently or painfully or whatever, Satan will pull your plug. Jesus won't pull your plug. Jesus will kill your sin nature and plug up the holes in your hedge.


Verse 10, For they indeed for a few days chastened us, our natural fathers, after their own pleasure. That means according to their own carnal understanding of righteousness. But He, the Father, chastens us for our profit for we might be partakers of His holiness. This means that when our natural fathers chastened us it was designed to hinder any inclination that we had to do ungodly deeds. the chastening of our natural parents did not have the strength to impart holiness to us. It has the strength to impart goodness to us. The chastening of our natural fathers has the strength to incline us to choose good over evil, but the correction of the Lord Jesus Christ has the strength to impart holiness to us, and in holiness is immortality. Everlasting life means immortality and righteousness.


Verse 11, Now no chastening for the present seems to be joyous but it is grievous, it hurts brethren, it is very painful and it is very hard, and it takes a very brave person to accept it. Hard, it's grievous, painful. Nevertheless, afterward it yields the peaceable fruit of righteousness unto them which are exercised thereby. What is the peaceable fruit of righteousness? Whose righteousness? The Lord Jesus Christ's righteousness. Who is the fruit of righteousness? Answer: Mind of Christ Jesus. Sheila: Christ Jesus. Christ Jesus is the fruit of righteousness, and He is the one who brings us peace. This is a hard word.


A lot of people aren't going to like me for saying this, but peace is not in the Holy Ghost brethren. There isn't any peace in the Holy Ghost. Well, I have the Holy Ghost and I am peaceful. Well, maybe you were peaceful before you got the Holy Ghost. I was in a room with a whole group of people that have the Holy Ghost the other night, and they were in torment. I know they were in torment. Looking to have their needs met, their emotional needs met. It is the fruit that meets your emotional needs. The Holy Ghost won't do it. He may give you some good feeling, but He is not going to. . . He is only a seed brethren. You need the full grown fruit if you want fruit. If you want the peace that comes from righteousness, you need the fruit. The seed won't cut it.


Verse 12, Wherefore, lift up the hands that hang down and the feeble knees, I am not sure what that means but it is talking about strengthen yourself. There is not a doubt in my mind, it is not talking about your physical hands and your physical knees. It is speaking about your spirit, your emotions, possibly your carnal nature which can get very dejected. Raise yourself up brethren and encourage yourself in Christ Jesus. This is not forever. If you are going through a painful time it is not forever. If you submit yourself to the Father of Spirits you will surely yield the peaceable fruit of righteousness.


Verse 13, And make straight paths for your feet lest that which is lame be turned out of the way, but let it rather be healed. What part of us is lame? Where are we crippled? Our mind. Our mind is crippled. Our mortal mind called Leviathan is a crippled mind. Remember what I said earlier. Leviathan only has the strength to manipulate five percent of our computer, the brain, the computer of this body, and Leviathan, our mortal mind is only strong enough to manipulate or program or utilize five percent of our brain. That is pretty crippled brethren. Walking the straight path, follow righteousness, let your walk, your life style be righteous, lest that which is lame, Leviathan, your carnal mind, be turned out of the way.


What is that saying? There are people out there saying, I am a Christian. I read the Bible every day, I tithe, I give out tracts, I do all kinds of things, but you see it is o.k. to fornicate because this is 1996, and I am engaged and I am going to marry this girl anyway, and it is o.k. not to return that money that I owe the person because they wouldn't miss it anyway. That which is lame, your carnal mind, is not being dealt with because you have to lay hold of your carnal mind and bridle her. Giving out tracts, singing in church, putting your body in front of a message and reading a Bible if you are not acting on it isn't doing you any good at all. If you don't follow a righteous path, if you don't make the righteous decision in every circumstance, I don't want to put you in any bondage, you have to choose righteousness to the best of your ability.


If you don't that part of you which is lame, your carnal mind is going to do something that will get you in trouble. And if you are high enough in the church you will make headlines. Preacher runs away with the organist. Practice righteousness brethren. When your life isn't dependent upon it, practice righteousness in the little things, not only with money, not only with sexuality, practice righteousness in how you relate to your brother and your sister, be honest in your dealings and if somebody feels you have offended them deal honestly with their complaint. Practice righteousness because every little effort at righteousness bridles Leviathan and if you are not practicing righteousness in the little, every day nitty gritty things of your life, if you know there is sin in you and you haven't confessed it, if someone tells you that you have hurt them and you are denying it to their face which is done throughout the church world, they are just like the world, when it comes to a situation which is threatening your spiritual life you will not fine the strength to be righteous.


If you are faithful in the little things, He will give you greater responsibility. If you can't practice righteousness in the little things, you never hold the line when that big monster sticks his face in front of your face. Practice honesty and submission to one another and a Godly compromise which brings reconciliation and suffer long with your brother who you know is doing the best they can even though they are driving you crazy. You will never stand when the tornado comes. We are still in verse 13. And make straight paths for your feet, walk a righteous life style lest that which is lame, your carnal mind, be turned unto unrighteousness, be turned away from goodness into evil but let it rather be healed. Let what be healed? Let that which is lame be healed. Don't open the door for that which is lame to go from goodness to evil, but let it be healed. How do you heal goodness? If you have a mind that is abiding in goodness, has the potential to go into evil, so the scripture says, don't let it go into evil, walk a righteous life style. So you are already good, how are you going to heal it? What has to happen to your mind to heal it? You have to go on to a righteous mind.


Let me review this issue of good and evil for you. Brethren, every human being today is a mixture of good and evil. We are the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, but everybody is not mixed in the same proportion. To understand this, we can talk about a scale of 1 to 10. If you are abiding from 1 to 5 you could be called an evil person. If you did enough evil deeds that you would be between 1 and 5 on this scale, we would call you can evil person. If you do enough good deeds in proportion to your evil deeds to be between 5 and 10 then we call you a good person, but good people have bad in them and the bad people have good in them. When we say you are good or bad we are talking your predominant characteristics. Is everybody o.k?


So the scripture is saying there is something in you that is lame. It is your mind. The mind you were born with is lame. But you have got the Holy Ghost and you are pretty much doing lots of good works, going to church and trying to be good to people, but if you don't bridle that which is lame, if you don't direct it on the righteous path, you can't just let it go which ever way it wants because you are singing in church on Sunday. You need to know that the potential for evil in each of us is very great, and that if you don't direct yourself that which is lame in you, your carnal mind, is more than likely to go wandering off in the wrong direction. Therefore, since you are predominantly good at this point don't let your carnal mind, that which is lame, go to the evil side, but heal it and true healing is only the translation into the mind of Christ Jesus.


Your carnal mind has in it a part of Elohim's spirit, Cain that came out of Elohim and is in your carnal mind. Heal her. You have to kill Leviathan and extract Cain and restore her to Abel so that Christ Jesus can rise from the dead in you. That is the healing of the lame mind. Be healed or be restored in the spirit of your mind. It is also interesting that he uses the word lame because the carnal mind, Leviathan, we have been finding out in our study in Genesis is called a dumb animal. Our carnal mind is a reptilian dumb animal. An animal, DUMB, that does not have the power of creative speech. That is why we have all these machines in our society because we are lacking the power of creative speech. Jesus.


Verse 14, Follow peace with all men and holiness. It says follow peace with all, and the word men is in italics. And holiness without which no man shall see the Lord. Brethren, in every situation strive for peace, strive for peace. Suffer any loss that does not require a compromise of righteousness. If someone has your seat let them have your seat. Righteousness is not injured if you got up to go to the bathroom and when you came back someone else was sitting in your seat. Suffer the loss, back off, do everything you can to avoid a conflict unless the issue is righteousness. Then you stand in righteousness. Follow peace with all, but also follow holiness. That means you don't compromise righteousness because without holiness no man shall see the Lord, and the only way to holiness is through Christ Jesus, the mediator, the man Christ Jesus, the only mediator between God and man.


Verse 15, Looking diligently lest any man fall of the grace of God, lest any root of bitterness springing up trouble you and thereby many be defiled. Lest any man fail, I'm sorry, lest any man fail of the grace of God. What does that mean? It means watching carefully, watching over our sin nature carefully so that hopefully, now none of us is perfect yet but watching carefully, trying to keep our new nature which is in Christ Jesus manifesting in us at all times hoping to prevent our sin nature from manifesting to the best of our ability. Looking diligently, watching carefully, that our new holy nature does not fail because of the grace of God that He is going to be keeping us in righteousness. Because if that happens we need to know that when our righteous nature fails we are facing the threat of a root of bitterness rising up in us.


So if our righteous nature fails and Leviathan manifests, there is another scripture that says quickly, quickly, quickly make amends with your adversary. Quickly before you are hauled before the magistrate and wormwood judgment is cast upon you. Now look, if you have done all that you could do to make amends and the other person is in the gall of bitterness and is unreasonable your hands are clean, you are not responsible for the other person. You just have to do the very best that you can do. A root of bitterness will defile you.


How will it define you? A root of bitterness strengthens Leviathan, your carnal mind, and when your carnal mind is strengthened she rises up and manifests through you, living through you, talks through you, thinks through you, and when Leviathan is thinking through you and acting through you and talking through you Christ Jesus is defiled. Why? Because for the carnal mind to think, talk, and act through you she must have Christ Jesus under her feet which is a defilement, and the true you is Christ Jesus so if your carnal mind is thinking, talking and acting through you and she is defiling Christ Jesus by forcing him under her feet, your true reality is Christ Jesus, and therefore, you are defiled. Every time Leviathan puts Christ Jesus under, you are defiled. That's why you have to confess your sins and repent so that Christ Jesus will come....


Under the old, under Jehovah's covenant with Israel they had many washings, ceremonial washings to cleanse the body. We have the cleansing of the mind and the spirit through confession of sins and repentance before our judge, the Lord Jesus Christ who is merciful to forgive us our sins.


Verse 16, Lest there be an fornicator or profane person as Esau who for one morsel of meat sold his birthright. That is a very heavy word brethren because a lot of Christians have no idea what that means. I am going to try and put it to you simply. If the Lord has asked you to do something, now I am not putting you in any bondage saying that you have to be in church or you have to do this, but if the Lord has asked you to do something and unless He gives me a personal word and tells me that He's asked you, I don't know. You may know and you may not know. You may have blocked it out by the pride of your own mind, but if the Lord has asked you to do something, and you choose to do something else because there is some profit in it for you or some gain in it for you or some pleasure in it for you, you have sold your birthright as Esau has.


If you're called to a ministry and you don't come for your own motive, if one night you stay away from church and the Lord told you to go, now I am not putting you in bondage, if the Lord told you to and you chose not to go because you were afraid of displeasing man or for whatever reason, whatever reason you choose to do something that will benefit your carnal existence in this world rather than obey Jesus Christ, you have profaned your inheritance and you are a bedfellow with Esau. For one morsel of meat, profit, gain, satisfaction of the flesh, profanes the birthright.


Now, I agree with you it is very hard to tell. It is a very fine line. Should you work overtime or should you go to church. It is a very fine line. Your answer is in the Lord Jesus Christ. If your heart is truly open to whatever He will tell you. Some people pray and they already know what Jesus is going to answer them before they pray. That is a sarcastic statement. If they are listening to their own mind. the Lord is looking for people who will obey Him. Obedience is better than sacrifice. Jesus is our sacrifice. He is the sacrifice that has given us the atoning blood, and by Him, because of Him, we have the opportunity to go on to spiritual maturity, but the sacrifice of our own carnal mind is far superior. I got that backwards.


Jesus is our sacrifice but our obedience which results in the death of our carnal mind, the subjugation and death of our carnal mind is far superior to the free gift that we have received. The free gift is good, but there is something better, and the truth of the matter is that everyone that doesn't move on into that which is better will be falling backwards at some point. I don't know if anyone is manifesting, it is all in the scripture that if you don't use what you have it will be taken away from you. A big unfortunate problem in the church today is that a lot of people don't know what to use it means. They think giving our tracts and even casting out demons means they are using it so we pray that the Lord raises up male teachers in the church, that the people might hear the truth and live and not die.


Verse 17, For ye know how that afterward when he would have inherited the blessing, talking about Esau now, he was rejected for He found no place of repentance though he sought it tearfully with tears. I always thought that Esau was not granted repentance, that was what I always thought that it meant, but it doesn't look that way to me now. It looks like that he lost his inheritance and there was nothing he could do to get it back, that the one who took it from him would not change his mind, and that's what I got in the spirit, and I see that is what it says in the margin of my new Open Bible. For a change of mind in his father.


So what that means is that Esau went under wormwood judgment. He cried with tears. He said Father I'm sorry that feeding my face was more important to me than my birthright. I change my mind. I want it back. Please. His father would not reverse what he had done, and this is wormwood judgment. The judgment was pronounced, his ministry was stripped from him, and there was no turning back. I've seen ministries fall, and the Lord raises them up again and I've seen other ministries fall and they never stand again. It all has to do with the condition of the pastor's heart. Jesus is dealing with the hearts of men. There is much I don't understand. There is a great deal I don't understand. I don't understand how He makes His decisions, but I can't always see men's potential. Jesus doesn't look so much at our sins as He looks at our potential to serve Him. He is looking for people who have a strong potential to serve Him, and then He goes and He offers Himself to them. If they come fine, if they don't He brings them under judgment until they come because He knows that the offering of Himself is the best thing that could possibly happen to those people.


Verse 18, For ye are not come unto the mount that might be touched and that burned with fire nor unto blackness and darkness and tempest. We are in a different place than Esau was in. Esau came unto wormwood judgment and actually Israel came under wormwood judgment also. Individual Jews have a relationship, I believe in this hour, with the Spirit of Christ, but the Nation of Israel lost the commission of carrying salvation to the world, and to that extent they are under wormwood judgment. They lost their national office. But you are not come unto the mount that might be touched. That is a strange way to put it.


I think it is saying, you have not come to the mountain that the Hebrews came to that you couldn't touch because it says later on if an animal touched it they were to be stoned and cast through with a dart. For ye are not come unto the mount that might be touched and that burn with fire. That is the mountain where Jehovah appeared to the Hebrews nor have you come unto blackness. I don't know what the difference is between blackness and darkness is. I will see if I can look it up on break, and get it on the tape. we will go back and put it on the tape. Ye have not come to blackness or darkness or tempest, which I know is the storm.


Verse 19, And the sound of the trumpet and the voice of words, which voice they that heard entreated that the word should not be spoken to them. When God spoke from the mountain to the Hebrews, it was so terrifying that the people were begging Him not to speak. That is what it says here. The entreated Him, they requested that the word should not be spoken to them any more. Brethren, I know there is a truth to this. People cannot bear this word. It is a miracle that all of you who are sitting here are sitting here. It is a miracle. People cannot bear to hear it. I was speaking to another pastor, he has a small fellowship in this area, I just gave him my testimony, one of the miles apart of my testimony. He was flipping out. They can't bear to hear what you go through to be a son and they can't bear to hear this doctrine, they can't hear what's coming, they can't bear to hear their condition or the process that is going to change their condition. They can't bear it. I am told that a lot of people are afraid of me. I hope they are afraid of Christ in me.


Praise the Lord. we just got back from our dinner break. I had a chance to look at some of the scriptures that I questioned, and Lord willing, we are going to finish Chapter 12 of Hebrews. I know it is a little late. I am going to try to make it through. It is a very exciting message.


I looked into the Interlinear text with regard to verse 2 where it says that Jesus endured the cross and despising the shame, I am still of the opinion of what I said on the tape that He endured the cross and all that it meant, even if He didn't feel any pain, surely it could not have been a pleasant experience, being abused and beaten and spit upon and hanging there, and I didn't really take a lot of time to pray about it, but I feel in my spirit that the shame that He despised was not the shame of Him hanging there, but that He endured the cross because of His shameful condition.


Yes, the Son of God was in a human body, and that was a shame unto the man who had ascended to the first stage of resurrection. He is now higher than He was in the days of His flesh. He is emancipated from this flesh, and I suggest to you that the shame spoken about in verse 2 is not that He was hanging on the cross or as I've heard it preached, He just had a loin cloth on and that He was naked. No, the shame is that the glorious Spirit of God in the form of the mind of Christ was encompassed by an animal body, and He despised that condition enough to endure the cross because He knew it meant His liberation from this flesh. Help us Jesus. Raise up our mind, Oh God, let us think with your mind, Oh God, that we might live. This is not life in this world. This is not life, this is death. You may have a good existence in death, but it is not life. Life is glory, it is glorious.


I also checked out verse 18, and that turned out to be very interesting.


Verse 18 says, For ye are not come unto the mount that might be touched and that burn with fire nor unto blackness and darkness and tempest.


Verse 19, And the sound of the trumpet and the voice of words, which voice they that heard entreated that the words should not be spoken to them any more for they could not endure that which was commanded, and if so much as a beast should touch the mountain it shall be stoned or thrust through with a dart.


Verse 21, And so terrible was the sight that Moses said, I exceedingly fear and quake. Let me tell you up front what I believe is the truth of these scriptures. Paul's writings brethren are amazing, but of course it is Christ Jesus rising through him. I told you many times he switches over from carnal mode to spiritual mode with no warning within one chapter. I've never seen it within one verse. Usually the whole verse is either carnal or spiritual. He just goes back and forth. Brethren, if you don't have the code to these scriptures you will never follow this man's writing. These are not man's writings, and he is writing of Almighty God.


First of all, if you listened to the earlier part of the tape I said, no this can't be, for ye are not come unto the mountain that might be touched. Did not set right with me, but there is a negative there, and my gut feeling which has proven out to be true is, yes, brethren, we are come to the mountain that can be touched. Jesus said touch me. That is the same Greek word that is translated handle. When Jesus said to Thomas, handle me I am alive. We have permission to touch. Yes. Amen. And the second major thing which is very subtle. I will give you an opportunity before I go on to tell me if you haven't followed me. I will say it again as many times as necessary.


First of all, let me point out to you that the verse before verse 17 is speaking about Enoch. Let's try and find out what Paul is talking about here. He is talking about the chastening that is going to produce righteousness in us, and he is talking about this process that is going to raise us up into Christ Jesus. He says starting in verse 16, Now don't be a fornicator. You want to enter in, Paul says. I want you to enter in. Don't fornicate. Now of course you don't fornicate with your body, but Paul is talking beyond your body. He is talking about your mind, your spirit. I want you to enter in brethren.


Now don't fornicate and don't be a profane person like Esau because verse 18, you are not where he was. This negative, not, what he is saying is you are not like Esau. You have come to the mountain that might be touched, and this word come to, the Greek word translated come to, it can be translated to ascend to. You are ascending. We are ascending brethren. We are not carnal people under a gifted anointing. We are rising from the dead. We are different than Esau. We have an opportunity that he didn't have.


Brethren, don't fornicate. Don't do any kind of criminal activity with your mind and don't despise your birthright because of something that pleases your flesh. Because this is not for you. You have come to the mountain that might be touched. I will go over this in detail so I am skipping a lot here. I am suggesting to you that this is talking about Jesus Christ in verse 18, and I will give you the Greek word. You are ascending to the one who might be touched. You are ascending to the high place of the righteous judgment of God.


Verse 19, You are ascending to the sound of the trumpet. That is this message brethren, and the voice of words which when they were heard, those that heard them. That word, word is Logos. It is Logos. He's talking about the people who heard the Word of God and when they heard it they couldn't bear it, and they begged the one speaking, no don't perform what you are telling me in my life. They could not endure that which was commanded, that if so much as a beast touched the mountain they would be stoned. The words, or thrust through with a dart, are not even in the Greek.


And what it is saying is, this is a very interesting message in that the Lord is giving it today. The message is, if you dare to injure the one who is ascending you will be stoned, judgment. Why couldn't they bear to hear the word? Because we are all carnal brethren, and we get mad at people and sometimes we hate people depending on how immature you are, and if you lost your temper and injury someone who is ascending you will be stoned. It is very common in the scripture that there is always a way of escape, but it is not obvious by this scripture. There is always a way of escape or God isn't a merciful God. You have to confess your sin and repent. It is not written right here but it is a truth of the scripture.


The carnal mind of man doesn't say, oh well if I do something wrong, if I injure one of God's anointed there is always a way of escape. The carnal mind of man doesn't think that. Why? Because the man who's mind is pride does not think in terms of repentance. Think of Simon the sorcerer, Paul pronounced judgment upon him. You will be blind for a season. Did he repent? I read those scriptures backward and forward. The man never repented. His response to the pronouncement of judgment was, please ask the Lord to lift this judgment of me. No repentance. Because the carnal mind of man doesn't even think in those terms, but we who have an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ know that no matter what we do, we could be cast down seven times and we will survive because we know the secret.


We not only know the secret, but our God has given us power to confess our sins and repent so we not only know it we have power to do it. So there is always a way of escape. But these carnal people all that they heard, all their carnal ears heard was like, God if I lose my temper, if I have a bad moment, and if I wake up on the wrong side of the bed and I injury someone who is ascending I am going to get stoned unto death. Stoning means death to the Hebrews. Death. Who could bear it? Who could keep this law? They couldn't bear it, and also was being preached to them the message that is being preached here I suggest to you. If so much as an animal touched someone who is ascending.


Brethren, if our animal nature so much as touches someone who is ascending we are going unto judgment. Please God let it be the White Throne Judgment. This is the whole principle of the two witness company. The Lord sends people to you who He knows will abuse you and mistreat you so that you can forgive them so that they can go under the White Throne Judgment, so that you both can ascend into full stature. Isn't that awesome? But you have to be at a place in your maturity where you truly forgive these people, and in order for any human being to get to that place usually requires a lot of hard times in your life. He is not going to give us anything that we can't bear. I want to stay on my point here though. That is what verse 20 basically means.


Now here is the catch. I am suggesting to you in verse 20 that this is not talking about the people in the desert. The KJ translation in my Open Bible tells me, I have a reference in verse 19, and the sounds of the trumpet and the voice of the words which voice that they heard entreated that the word should not be spoken to them any more. And my reference is Exodus 20:19, And they said unto Moses speak thou with us and we will hear but not let God speak with us lest we die. I suggest to you that verse 19 is speaking about the words that Jesus Christ spoke, and the people that could not bear it were all the people that left Him when He said, ye must eat my flesh and drink my blood. They could not bear His words brethren.


You want to know something, I head it preached several years ago, and I believed it up until this minute that the reason that all these people left Him was because they were carnal and they thought He literally meant that they should literally eat His flesh and blood, that He wanted them to cannibalize Him. Brethren, these were Orthodox Jews that were following Jesus. I no longer believe that. I believe that they understood exactly what He was saying to them. You have got to eat my flesh and drink my blood. Your life must line up with my life, and they could not bear it. They didn't want His life. They didn't want His life brethren. The were horrified by his life. They walked away because they did not want His flesh and they did not want His blood and they knew very well that He did not mean cannibalism. They did not want to walk the walk.


I told you this morning that full stature is a walk, not a rapture. You have to walk into the Kingdom, and they didn't want the Kingdom badly enough to walk through what they had to walk through to get there. I am suggesting to you that verse 20 is speaking about Jesus and all those that followed him. There were thousands that followed Him. By the time He was hanging on the cross nobody was left. There were some who didn't want to give up marriage, some that didn't want to give up children, some that didn't want to give up their riches and material possessions of this world, but by the time He was hanging on the cross there wasn't any body who was willing to walk this walk. Even for the promise of immortality. That's why the Lord is going to be taking people against their will.


Nobody wants to go especially if your life is tolerable here on this earth. Some people are very happy with their lives. Some people are very content with this existence here especially if they have this fantasy that they are going to go to heaven when they die. Who wants this? Giving up everything. Who wants it, to be persecuted and lied and talked about. No personal life, who wants it? Very, very few, and the only ones who do want it are people who have been severely wounded in their personal life. People who are happy with their personal life don't want it, they don't want Jesus' life. They want what they have.


Now Verse 21 says, And so terrible was the sight that Moses said, I exceedingly fear and shake and quake. So when I got to that verse I really thought I had this revelation here, and I thought that Exodus revelation was just a misunderstanding. When I saw the word Moses I said, Lord did I make a mistake here? I was so sure in my spirit that I had it right. When ever you see a contradiction in the scripture brethren, it must be reconciled, but you have to pray about it because you never know. Now look at what the Lord showed me. In verse 19, it says they could not bear the words and that word is Logos. In verse 21, it says and so terrible was the sight. Moses saw it, but Jesus' disciples heard it, and if you look closely at verse 19, I don't have all the numbers for you tonight but these words that say, The voice of words which they heard is speaking about spoken language, spoken human language which is heard and understood with the ears. It is talking about something that is spoken by a man, not even a voice coming from heaven. That is what the indication of the scripture is. So there is the key. There is the code. Anybody not following me?


Moses saw what he saw and what the children of Israel saw terrified them, but did the children of Israel hear Jehovah speak? Did they hear the Logos speak? Did they hear Him speaking in their language? No. The got the word through a mediator. Jesus' disciples heard very God speak to them through the man Jesus. Anybody not following? Everybody OK?


So what am I saying? I am saying first of all verse 18 is not translated correctly. It is translated negative and it is positive. Second of all, I am saying verse 19 is not talking about the children of Israel in the desert, but it is talking about Jesus and His followers, verses 19 and 20, and verse 21 is the key that proves that the prior verses were not talking about the Hebrew children and then verse 22 continues as a witness to verse 18 which says, But ye are come unto Mount Zion and unto the city of the Living God.


So verse 18 says if you are reading it by the KJ, that you are not come to the mountain that can be touched, but you are coming to Mount Zion. It doesn't make any sense brethren. I don't know if you can hear it right now, but it doesn't make any sense. We are coming, we are ascending to the mountain that can be touched and the name of that mountain is Mt. Zion, the heavenly city. So I don't have every word as I usually do, but I will go over it with a little more clarity and then hopefully we will just go through with this. It is very exciting for me. Hope it is exciting for you. Jesus.


Hebrews 12:18, For ye are not come unto the mount that might be touched and that burned with fire nor or you come unto blackness and darkness and tempest. I suggest to you that is an unacceptable translation. First of all the Greek word translated, come to, means to ascend, and the words, unto the mount, are not in the Greek. For ye are ascending. Unto the mount are not in the Greek. That might be touched. You are ascending brethren so that you might be touched by God. You are ascending so that you might have a relationship with Jehovah, and as I told you earlier the negative participle no, even in the Interlinear it is the first word in the Interlinear, and what it means is, No you are not like Esau. What do you mean? Esau, no matter how much he cried did not find repentance. His father did not change his mind.


That is not your condition brethren. You are ascending to a place where you can be touched by Jehovah. You are not under wormwood judgment. No, you are not Esau. You are ascending so that you might be handled by Almighty God. This Greek word is Strong's #5584 and there are three other scriptures in the New Testament in which it appears, Luke 24:39, Behold my hands and my feet that it is I myself, handle me and see for a spirit hath not flesh and bones as ye see me have. Handle me, be intimate with me, be close to me. Acts 17:27. This same word is translated, feel. That they should seek the Lord and haply they might feel after Him or they might handle after Him or they might touch Him and find Him though He be not far from everyone of us.


Acts 17:27, That they might handle, that they might look for a relationship with the Lord where they would be handling Him, where He would handle them and they would be handling Him, and Heb. 12:18 says, For you are not like Esau. You are ascending to a place that you might handle God and be handled by Him. 1 John 1:1, That which was from the beginning which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked upon and our hands have handled of the Word of Life.


Brethren, we are ascending to the place where we will be handled and we will handle. Absolutely wrong translation. Now look at the rest of this. The next word, And that burned, Strong's #2545 means to burn with fire, and the next word in the KJ says, with fire. Strong's $4442 it merely means fire. The KJ translators translated it #2545 and that burned, because it doesn't make any sense to burn fire with fire. Now, does it make any sense to say you are going to burn fire with fire.


PASTOR VITALE: Let's hear someone some up with an explanation for this. How are you going to burn fire with fire?


COMMENT: the only thing I can think of is there are different intense heats of the fires, there is a hotter fire, or maybe that fire would consume the lesser fire.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, you are close, but brethren, Satan is a fire. Satan is dry ice. He is a solid fire. You touch him and you get burned, but he is not the purifying fires of the Lord Jesus Christ who was the Lake of Fire. Now I suggest to you that the Lake of Fire is going to burn Satan's dry ice and melt it.


COMMENT: So it is God consuming him in a lesser fire.


PASTOR VITALE: OK, a lesser fire, God, a lesser fire, OK.


COMMENT: And it is not as hot as God's fire.


PASTOR VITALE: That's true but it is not only as hot. It is a totally different. . . I am going to have to think about this. I don't want to go into any big thing. What I am seeing right now is that it is not really that they are the same, but one is more intense than the other. They are two different kinds of fire, and we know in the OT that the scripture talks about strange fire, and that when you offer fire before the Lord it has to be the fire that's offered by the priest and anyone who tried to offer strange fire would be instantly killed so there is a stranger fire in the scripture.


(Someone makes a comment off mike).


PASTOR VITALE: I think it is probably the serpent, but I am not sure. I really have to think about these things. I don't think the fire is the carnal mind. I have to sit down and think about these things because we will see in this very verse it is also talking about the tempest so I am not really sure who is who, and I get confused, but Satan gets the idea when I preach this message. Satan is the sea so maybe the serpent is the wind. I am not really sure, but it doesn't matter if I get it mixed up. Get the message, Satan. If the serpent is the wind and Satan, well there is no water here. Well I'm not going to spend too much time on this right now.


To burn fire with fire, it is the fire of Almighty God burning the serpent's strange fire, strange fire. I would say that the serpent is fire because Jehovah appeared to, or it must have been Elohim, appeared to Moses at the burning bush, and so apparently a spirit can appear as wind or as fire depending on the function that He is performing at the time. I would say the serpent is the fire. That is the way it looks at this time.


You have come to the mountain that you might be touched and that burned with fire nor unto blackness. The word, nor, brethren is Strong's #3532. It is not a negative particle. There is a series of small words in almost every language, it's in the Greek and the Hebrew. I think this is the Greek word kai, and it can mean a multitude of things. It can mean, and, but, indeed. Any of these connecting, they call them copulative words, but there is no way that this word has ever been a negative particle, but it is a word that translators do take translator's license with. It is like a wildcard, but to make it a negative particle - not it is really not a negative particle. The KJ translators took a lot of liberty, a lot of license to do this. It is not a negative. They took a positive sentence and made it negative, that's what they did. They took a lot of license brethren.


We are translating this word, and. And again, please anyone hearing this tape for the first time I am not in any way knocking the KJ translators. What I am saying when I say things like this, what I am saying is, they took a lot of license. You really have nothing to complain about with me. I am not doing anything different than the KJ translators did, and I may not be taking as much license as they did. That's all that I am pointing out when I show you these things, the people who have an idolatry for the KJ translation.


So the word, nor, we are translating it, and. Unto blackness, this Greek word is Strong's #1105, and it can't be translated blackness. It is equally translated cloud or thick cloud.


PASTOR VITALE: Brethren, who is the cloud in the scripture? Who do clouds represent in the scripture?


COMMENT: Is that the saints or the sons of God?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, Jesus is represented as a cloud and the sons of God are clouds. In the OT Jehovah is typified as the nimbus. I did not have the time to look up this word. In the Greek Lexicon they showed the two Hebrew words that this Greek word was a translation of. If I have the time I look it up in the Hebrew Dictionary, but they did not give the number and that means I have to look under the letters and I am a little slow at finding Hebrew words in the Lexicon without a number, and you are all in here waiting for me so I didn't check it out.


Whether or not this Greek word could be a translation of the Hebrew word that's translated nimbus, the dark rain cloud that is filled with rain. It typifies the latter rain, the judgments of God that will appear upon the earth. Thayer's Lexicon did say that this word can be translated cloud or thick cloud, and I suggest to you that it is speaking about the Lord Jesus, and we will translate it that way. I don't know of any scripture that equates a cloud with the enemy. If anyone hearing this tape knows of such a scripture, please let me know.


So Strong's #1105 translated blackness, we are translating the sons of God or the Lord Jesus. And the word darkness, Strong's #2217, Thayer says is used of the blackness of the nether world, and we are translating that hell, and then we have the word tempest, meaning storm or whirlwind. It is the only time it appears in the NT. I have found that on the occasion when we are dealing with the word that only appears once, even if it appears two or three times, but it only appears once in the whole scripture the probability that it is a word which is a symbol for some spiritual statement is very great. It is not very common that the Lord uses a very common Greek word to indicate a spiritual principle or a spiritual truth. I find that He will take a word that it's the only time it is in the scripture. That's a mystery, but that is a clue.


When I see a word and that's the only time it is appearing, to me it must have a prophetic meaning. The Greek word translated tempest. This is the only time appears in the Greek text, and it means storm or rolling ? Now there is no easy way to do this brethren , but I want to tell you that I took all these words I just talked to you about and I put them together and this is what I got, and I rearranged them. This is what I got: No, you are not like Esau. You are ascending so that you might be touched or to the one who might be touched who, in a thick cloud of judgment, burned the serpents fire and He also burned hell and He also burned Satan, the tempest, I may have that backwards, I have to work on that, with the fire of God. Where did I get the fire of God from? Two different kinds of fire. The serpent's fire and God's fire.


No you are not like Esau. You are ascending to the one who might be touched who, in a thick cloud, burned the serpent's fire and He also burned hell and He also burned Satan, the tempest, with the fire of God. That's right. He did burn Satan with the fire of God. What happened when He burned Satan with the fire of God? What form does Satan take? Answer: The waters. Sheila: Yes, Satan is the sea. Yes you can burn water, the sea, and it boils and evaporates. He burned the serpent's fire, that's her spiritual power. He burned Satan's waters, and He burned hell, and you want to know where he burned them? The tempest, I believe the tempest is Satan because that Greek word that's translated tempest it can also be translated whirlwind, and there is a scripture that says they sowed the wind and reaped the whirlwind and whirlwind can be judgment in the scripture. It can be judgment.


Of course, Jehovah appeared in a whirlwind to Job but of course that was judgment. He appeared as judgment to Job. So Satan is the one who was executing the judgments upon unregenerate men, and I am going to take the position at this time that the tempest in verse 18 of Hebrews 12 is speaking about Satan. So the Lord Jesus Christ burned the serpents fire, that's the serpent's spiritual power. That's as if to say Moses' snake swallowed up the other snake. The Lord Jesus' spiritual power defeated the serpent's spiritual power. How did Jesus' spiritual power defeat the serpent's spiritual power. The serpent tried to kill Him brethren, tried to claim Him but the power of the Spirit of Christ that was operating in the Lord Jesus Christ burned the serpent's power when He was raised from the dead by the Father.


And hell, of course, is speaking about the carnal mind that He inherited from His mother. The tempest, the whirlwind, the judgment of God is Satan. Jehovah sent Satan to Job. Satan mediates the reaping and sowing judgment. So Jesus defeated every power and principality that He inherited from His mother. He overcame them all. He made an open show of them. They had no power to keep Him in the grave of His physical body. The issue was that they didn't even have the power to kill Him, He was already risen from the dead. He said no man could kill him. He would have lived forever so the victory was not that they couldn't kill him. The victory was that couldn't. . . .someone is going to misunderstand what I am saying. The victory which Jesus received because death couldn't claim Him happened before the crucifixion when He rose from the dead. When Adam rose from the dead in the man Jesus of Nazareth death was defeated. he could have lived forever. The victory at the cross was emancipation from the prison house.


Hebrews 12:19, And the sound of the trumpet. . . Now this is the only comment in the scripture, from verse to verse it is the same sentence. Whether you are ascending to the one you are able to touch or who wants to touch you, and you are also ascending to the sound of the trumpet. That Greek word translated trumpet can also mean report or rumor. There are all kinds of rumors in the earth today, brethren, if the Sons of God are going to stand up, you are ascending to the one who wants to touch you. You are ascending to the one who you can touch. You are ascending to a place where you can hear the rumors and the reports, the true doctrine. You can't hear it if you are not ascending. That is the trumpet. The trumpet is the message. And you are also ascending to the voice of words.


There is a voice of the spirit. There are all kinds of voices, but this is a voice of words. The voice of spoken language, you are ascending to the place where you can understand the spoken doctrine of Christ. Which when they heard it, they entreated that the word should not be spoken to them any more. this Greek word translated entreated means that they refused it, they shunned it, they avoided it. It is a very strong word. They cast the one who was speaking it out of their life, and said, don't talk to me like that. They didn't want it spoken to them any more. Now this Greek word translated spoken doesn't mean spoken. It means to be joined to or to be gathered to one's fathers, which in the scripture means to die.


The people that heard the doctrine of Christ from Jesus and Paul and maybe the other apostles said, don't say those things to me because I know they mean that I must die to this existence, and I am responsible for everything that I hear, and I know enough about the Word of God to know that when words like this come to my ears they are going to start moving in my life. Don't talk because your words are spirit and your words are life and when you speak these words to me it is going to become a reality to me, and I don't want it. Don't sow your seeds in my heart. I don't even want to know that it is a possibility. I just got married, I just bought a farm, I just got a new pair of oxen, all I want is my Cadillac and that you should heal my daughter, and then leave me alone. They shunned and avoided the one who was saying these things to them. They refused to have a relationship with them that the word, and that word is Logos the Word of God, should not be spoken or should not be joined to them so that they should not have to be gathered unto their fathers and die to this life.


Verse 20, For they could not endure that which was commanded. They could not bear this ? You know brethren, I don't know how this happened to me that this word is not grievous to me, but I guess it was at one time. I do remember one incident going all the way back when the Lord first called me that someone said to me, well what if you are not going to get married again, and I was really upset at that and you know what I said to them, don't even say the words. That's what this is talking about. I said why wouldn't God give me a husband. Don't even speak the words, I don't want to hear it. That is what I said to the person who told me that who I now believe had a Word of Knowledge that I would not marry again. Don't even suggest it, don't even whisper it.


For they could not endure that which was commanded, and what was commanded was that if a beast, not if so much as a beast, but if a beast so much as touched the mountain or the one who was ascending that that animalistic person could be stoned to death and the words, or thrust through with a dart, are not in the Greek. Why would they add a whole phrase like that? The only answer that I could come up with and it is up to you whether you receive it or not is that the translator's carnal mind were at work, and they wanted, now these translators, this was a conscious thing that was operating in them, but some how Leviathan thought that if he could put that extra phrase in there nobody would be smart enough to look up in the Interlinear and find out what this verse was really saying, that if you injury the Son of God that's ascending, that's not perfect yet, if you injury the one who is ascending you're going to be stoned.


Judgment is going to fall on you, and it is falling today and it is falling more and more rapidly, and you know what amazes me and there is nothing I can do about it because I cannot let myself get upset, I will not let myself get upset, that this is God's righteous judgment I will not let myself get upset. What amazes me is that with judgment falling on every side I haven't yet found anyone outside of a deep group like this, and we are very few, that even have a thought crossing their mind that maybe they should repent. They are all blaming it on the devil. They are blaming everything on the devil. Just amazes me. And a part of me wants to go and knock on their door and get down on my knees and say, please, please repent, that this should not happen to you, but I know that is just foolishness and that is my female side because they would probably just kick me in the teeth and tell me that I am some big witch that brought all this trouble on them.


This Greek word translated mountain. The idea of the word is that it means to rise or to rear up, and that is my suggestion to you what the true translation is. They could not bear what they were commanded to do. What were they commanded to do? They were commanded to stop sinning, and how do you stop sinning? You have to start to kill Leviathan. They could not bear it. Why? Because Leviathan fights with much pain and then they found out if they did not do as they were commanded, and if they didn't start to bridle in their carnal mind and that carnal mind injured someone who was rising that they would come under judgment. They could not bear it. Brethren, this message was preached to the early church.


Verse 21, And here is where the confusion comes in, but the confusion is only to the people who have carnal minds. For people who are still carnal who are not on this path, so they believe all these verses had to do with Moses and the children in the wilderness. I don't see anything lost, but for those who are ascending we must know the truth that this account of Moses in verse 21 was merely a comparison, was merely a parable, merely a second witness that God is an awesome God, and we are told in verse 21 that Moses, now Moses didn't hear Him but Moses saw Him, and when Moses saw Him he said it was so terrible, and these words in the Greek mean that he was scared half to death, and started to shake, but Moses didn't hear Him, Moses saw Him. Somebody is saying Moses heard God, what are you talking about? Moses did not hear words spoken from a man as is indicated in verse 19. Moses heard from God, he heard from the Spirit of God. He did not hear the words spoken by a man in the person of our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. As a matter of act, I don't even know if Moses had this message. The scripture says that the prophets didn't understand their own message. Although Moses must have had some of it because we are told in the book of Jude that he struggling against his own carnal mind. I don't know how much Moses knew. He may have had this message.


Verse 22 witnesses to verse 18. You are not where Esau is. You are ascending unto Mt. Zion, the City of the Living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable company of angels. And Mt. Zion is the high place of Jerusalem. It means you are ascending to the spiritual place of the City of God, and these words an innumerable company, the word innumerable really means 10,000, and I checked our records for our Bible numerology and 10,000 is referring to the spiritual body. One thousand is referring to the completed human spirit, the human spirit that is joined to Jesus Christ. It has matured into Christ Jesus. That is 1,000, and 10,000 is speaking about the spiritual body.


Jesus, who was Christ in the days of His flesh, now has a spiritual body, and that spiritual body is what we call an angel. That is what an angel is. Jesus was made a little lower than the angels. He was born in the prison house of human flesh. But that's what an angel is brethren. It is the mind of God with a spiritual body, and there is an angel inside of us. He is our New Man, but we don't have the power to send Him. He sends us. Sometimes He leaves our body and does whatever He does, but as far as I know I don't have any control over any of His activities. We know that He left Peter's body and freed him from jail. There are a lot of interesting verses in the book of Acts that the Lord has really given me a curiosity about. I just don't know what to do first.


We are in the middle of Genesis 4. We are in the middle of Genesis 7. I don't know what to do first, but I looked up some of these scriptures in the book of Acts and they are not as they appear. There is some very strong spiritual material in the book of Acts, and there were a lot of very supernatural things going on in the early church that either they were written when they were written, well they were written in Greek and Aramaic, and then it was translated into Greek. Either it was written in a specifically coded way or the translators just did not understand what they were saying. I am not sure. What we are preaching here was going on in the early church, and it is in the book of Acts.


Does everybody here understand that what I preach here is not just a question of curiosity or what we wold like to hear next. Everything that is preached here is being worked out in our lives, and the Lord wants someone to stand up in full stature even more than we do so what I preach here is according to His program which is specifically designed to walk us through into the Kingdom, and I can't keep up with my own curiosity. If I could do the work I could have you here seven nights a week and I could not preach it all. If I could do the work. I am like that rock in the wilderness. All I do is open up the books and the revelation is just pouring out. I am only limited by my humanity which is very frustrating.


So, what are we saying about verse 22? But you are not called to this, you are not called to fear, you are not called to what Esau was called to but you are called to come up to Mt. Zion, and you don't have to be afraid of it. To the City of the Living God, to the spiritual body, and to the spiritual body of angels. You are called to be angels. We are called to be angels brethren. We are called to be angels.


Verse 23, Continuing with the same thought. To the general assembly and the church of the first born. You see, Jesus of Nazareth is the first man to be born again. We have got millions of people running around saying that they are born again, and they are not born again. Jesus is the only man that was born again. Just as we exited our mother's womb and were born the first time, the spiritual life which is growing inside of us will exit this womb which we are. The new birth, the second birth is out of our spiritual life which is maturing within us, and you are not born until you exit the womb. We are not born again brethren.


To the general assembly and the church of the first born which were written in heaven. That Greek word translated written means copied or enrolled. What they means is we are following Him into heaven. We are copies of Him. We are spiritual clones of Him. What does that mean? Well He has engrafted His life to us. Now in our humanity clone is a bad word. Clone means that you are an exact duplicate of someone else. You have no mind or personality of your own. But it is OK to be a clone of Jesus Christ. Even though we have an exact duplicate of His nature somehow it works out that we are still expressing a variety of characteristics. I don't know exactly what it is going to be like. I know we are not going to be mindless clones. We are going to be very creative. I am not sure what our experience will be.


And to God, the judge of all, and this God I suggest to you is not God the Father but God Jesus Christ. Why? Does anyone know why this wouldn't be God the Father and to God, the judge of all? Anybody have any idea?


COMMENT: Would that mean Jesus?


PASTOR VITALE: I am suggesting to you that it means the Lord Jesus and not the Father. Does anybody know why I am saying that?


COMMENT: Because the scripture says the Lord Jesus will be the judge.


PASTOR VITALE: Amen. All judgment is given unto the Son. Amen. Very good. And also to the spirits of just men made perfect. I suggest to you that should be justified men, the spirits of justified men. We have to be justified before we are made perfect.


First, we are reconciled to Jesus and then we are justified when His spirit engrafts to us and then we are perfected, three stages of resurrection. And please know that it is our spirit that is justified, and that it is our spirit that is perfected, and this personality is not perfected and this body is not perfected, and I am sorry all you people that have dreams about going into full stature and finding your body to be that of Marilyn Monroe or great male actor I don't know what effect full stature will have on our body, but I know that the body is for the Lord and not for fornication, and eventually we will be emancipated from this flesh.


Verse 24, And to Jesus, now we are ascending unto Jesus, the mediator of the New Covenant and to the blood of sprinkling that speaketh better things than that of Abel. Now this is how I got into this whole study. I said Abel. What is He talking about Abel for? We are ascending to be where Jesus is so as the mediator of the New Covenant, first of all let me remind you of what the New Covenant is. Brethren, the New Covenant is immortality. The Old Covenant is the forgiveness of sin because of faith in Jesus Christ.


The Old Covenant comes in two stages. First to the Jew and then to the Greek. The forgiveness of sins because of a covenant with Jehovah through Moses to the Jew. The forgiveness of sins by faith. We still have a sin nature, but sin is no longer imputed unto you during the time that Jehovah made His covenant with the Nation of Israel, and to the Gentile, to the Greek, sin is no longer imputed unto you because of your mediator, the Lord Jesus Christ, but they are both the Old Covenant. They are both the fig tree influenced by the Spirit of Christ or the Holy Ghost.


The New Covenant is immortality, and immortality eventually requires the shedding of this body and all of its activities and all of the activities of this world. Oh, don't say any more. I don't want to hear those words. Sorry. So we are ascending to where Jesus is who is the mediator of immortality. He is the doorway to immortality and to the blood of sprinkling. Now this is very interesting because the Greek word translated sprinkling means sinners. It means sinners. He is talking about the blood of sinners. Where in the world do they get sprinkling from? It means sin.


Brethren, I suggest to you it is another witness to the teaching here that we enter the Most Holy Place with our own carnal mind as our sacrifice. It is our own human blood that we bring in as a sacrifice. How can you bring in an unclean thing as a sacrifice into the Most Holy Place? Brethren, our unclean blood that we have completely dominated and controlled and rendered incapable of sinning is now clean because the resurrected Adam in us is atoning for our sins.


Let me say it again. You can bring the blood of your carnal mind and eventually the blood of this flesh body as an offering to enter into the Most Holy Place because Adam who is raised from the dead in us, the New Testament calls Him Christ Jesus, because immortality has been resurrected from the dead in us and is atoning for our wild animal. Where did we hear that? Where did we learn that? Anybody know the scriptures we learned that in? The chapter, the book, anybody know where we learned all this? Where did we learn all this? Somebody? What book is this information in? Nobody? Genesis Chapter 6 and 7, the account of Noah's ark.


When Adam rose from the dead in the man Noah, Noah became an ark and the resurrected Adam atoned for the sins of his carnal mind and of his flesh body and Adam became an ark that contained the glory of God. The blood of sprinkling. The correct translation is the blood of sinners. The word that speaketh can be translated preach, and talking about better things is speaking about stronger, more advantageous, more noble, more excellent, speaking about the things of the spirit, of the immortal Jesus Christ. I want to suggest to you that what Paul is saying here is that there are better things waiting for us brethren.


We are called to Mt. Zion, we are called to the one that we are allowed to touch so that we could preach a better word than Abel preached. I am not sure who is preaching to you here. I am not sure whether it is Abel or Adam. To tell you the truth I really don't know, but what this word is saying , the Lord wants us to ascend to Mt. Zion to the one that we are allowed to touch, to the one who completely overcame His whole sin nature in his physical body. He wants us to come where He is so that we could preach a message that is more advantageous than Abel's message.


Now I don't know who I am. I do know I am not Cain. The church world is filled with preachers to whom Cain is preaching. I know I am not Cain. If this is Abel preaching to you, then the Lord is saying, when I enter into full stature you haven't heard anything yet. Anybody not know what I just said? Sort of makes me think this is Adam preaching to me. I don't want to be naive about this. Maybe we have just got our little toe in the water. I don't know, but there has got to be more. we can't possibly have the whole thing. If we had the whole thing we would be in full stature so we don't have the whole thing.


When I first looked at this verse I said, Lord are you telling me get ready for more revelation? I am not really sure what's going on here. This message was specifically ordained for today. It is talking about judgment and now it is talking about revelation. doctrine that is more advantageous. Advantageous for who? Advantageous for the people. Maybe in full stature there is a doctrine, and it would probably be the same doctrine, but a higher measure of doctrine that will raise people up to full stature in no time. Maybe the word will be so powerful that you will be popping up like plants instead of sitting here for four and five years struggling with your sin nature. I know Jesus did it for the Gadarene demoniac. Of course, he did not go into full stature, but He definitely affected his spiritual condition. The Lord wants to give us a word to preach that is more excellent than the word that Abel is preaching, and this must be Abel preaching I think. He wants to give us a more excellent word, more powerful word. Brethren, the average person could not sit in these meetings like you sit. There is going to have to be a way to make them stand up. I want to hear it, make sure you remember to tell me.


Hebrews 12:24, You are ascending to where the man, Jesus, ascended to, that's full stature. So that the New Covenant in you, Christ Jesus in you, can cover your animal blood. That's your sin nature so that you can preach stronger words than Abel speaks. Why would Paul be talking about Abel? Because Cain would never even understand what he's talking about. Besides he doesn't even acknowledge that Cain preaches.


Let me give it to you again. You are ascending to where the man Jesus ascended to, that is full stature, so that the New Covenant which is Christ Jesus in you can cover or atone for your animal blood that is your sin nature so that you will be able to speak stronger words than Abel and help people that are weaker. The stronger we are brethren the more we can help weak people. Does that make any sense? The stronger we are the more we can help weak people. The weaker we are the stronger the people studying under us have to be because weak people will never stand. Does that make any sense to you? Is everybody o.k? I was really hoping to finish this today.


Verse 25, See that you refuse not him that speaketh for if they escape not who refused him that spake on earth, Jesus Christ, much more shall not we escape if we turn away from Him that speaketh from heaven. See that you don't refuse or reject him that is speaking today. Now where is the Lord speaking today? Speaking through His prophets, Hebrews 1:1. I'm sorry, speaking through the son. In the past God spoke through His prophets but today He speaks through the son, not necessarily the son in full stature. Just the son. For if they escaped not who refused him that spake on earth. I believe that is talking about Jesus Christ before His ascension, much more shall not we escape if we turn away, and that word turn way means to desert. If we desert Him that speaketh from heaven. Look, Jesus Christ spoke in the days of the flesh. Today, it is still Jesus Christ speaking from heaven See that you don't reject Him that is speaking today so it's imperfect sons because those who refused Him in the days of His flesh they didn't escape. The Nation of Israel was their commission. Much more shall not we escape if we desert Him when He is speaking from heaven.


Verse 26, Who's voice shook the earth but now He has promised saying, yet once more I shake not the earth only but the heaven. It's back on page 9 if you have it. I only worked on the second half of this phrase. The word but. Yet once more I shake not the earth only but the heaven. That word but is Strong's #235 and it means restriction, and the word the is not present. He is shaking the heaven, and this is my Alternate Translation of that second phrase of Heb. 12:26: A different state of things now exist. What different state of things? Things are different than when Esau messed up. It is a different state of affairs. Jesus Christ, our sacrifice, has ascended to heaven, and He has returned to the earth and He is present in our lives in a very powerful form. A different state of affairs exist now than when Esau had his problem, so I. The I is what is called an emphatic I. So I shall break the singular serpent in pieces. Yet once more, now that the situation is changed, I shake not the earth only. That negative particle not, we are translating it the serpent, and what the Lord is saying is I am shaking the serpent and I am restricting Leviathan. What I am suggesting to you is that the earth is the serpent and that heaven is Leviathan. It's the lower heaven, the fallen mind. In the past when Jehovah was dealing with Israel.


If you were a sinner in the Nation of Israel you were stoned to death. Shaking the earth. When you were stoned to death your earth was shaken, but now He is shaking the heaven also. He is shaking your mind too. A different state of things now exist so I, the Lord Jesus, shall break the singular serpent in pieces. I believe it is that word only, that can be translated singular. What that means is the reason He is breaking the serpent in pieces is that the serpent is the earth fully saturated in Cain's waters. The breaking of the earth into pieces means the separation of the earth from Cain's waters. That's what it means. He's breaking the singular serpent. Cain is completely one under the authority of the serpent. He is bringing a separation. The Lord Jesus is breaking the singular serpent apart, and He is separating Cain from the earth, and He is restricting Leviathan. It should be the other way around. First, the Lord Jesus restricts Leviathan. What do you mean restricts him? Put a bridle on him. We have got to get a bridle on that dragon, and it's not a him, it's a her. And once we get a bridle on that dragon we put her down under our feet, and once we get authority over her we stand up in full stature. The next step is to break up the serpent and free Cain so that we can go on to glorification and be completely emancipated from this body.


Verse 27, And this word yet once more signifies the removing of those things that are shaken as of things that are made that those things which cannot be shaken may remain. Just let me see my notes, we are almost done. The English word, word, is in italics. It is not in the Greek, and all that I have told you about, once more I am telling you it signifies the removing and the Greek word translated, removing, is the changing of those things that can be shaken, and the word shaken means to be overthrown. Paul is telling us this carnal mind of ours called Leviathan it has got to be overthrown. Why? He who endureth to the end shall be saved.


The true translation of that phrase is, he who sows overthrown shall be saved. That which can be shaken is our lame carnal mind. It has got to be shaken. He'll shake our mind and he'll shake our body so that those things which can be overthrown will be overthrown, and the things which can be overthrown are the things which are formed. Spirit endures forever. Brethren, this whole world is coming under a chastening. It is going to literally break us apart. The only thing that cannot be shaken is our spirit, and if our Spirit is joined to the Lord Jesus Christ we will survive. If our spirit is not joined to the Lord Jesus Christ our house will be destroyed, this body, this mind but nevertheless our spirit will be gathered unto the fathers. And the reasons that the things can be overthrown are being overthrown is that those things which cannot be overthrown may remain.


Yet once more signifies the changing of those things which can be overthrown, such as the things that are formed, that those things cannot be shaken, which cannot be overthrown. This translation is poor. It should be that those things which can be shaken may perish. the word remain means perish so the last phrase which says that those things which cannot be shaken may remain. That is not a correct translation. It should be that those things which can be shaken may perish, not remain but perish. Yet once more signifies the removing or the changing of those things which can be overthrown such as the things that are formed so that those things which can't be overthrown may perish. You are going to perish. This carnal mind is going to perish. This body is going to perish. The carnal mind is Leviathan. These bodies that we are in this is what the devil is. They are going to perish, they are not going to remain.


Verse 28, Wherefore brethren we receiving a Kingdom which cannot be moved let us have grace whereby we may serve God acceptably with reverence and Godly fear. Wherefore brethren because we are receiving the Kingdom which cannot be overthrown, a kingdom is a mind. We are receiving a mind that cannot be overthrown. Once it is established don't be deceived. All that plant that our Heavenly Father has planted in us is maturing. It can be overthrown, but we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be overthrown when it is fully established. Therefore let us have grace whereby we may serve God in an acceptable way with reverence. And that word reverence means reasonable shunning. Reasonable shunning. What does that mean? We talked about it earlier off the tape.


Brethren walk circumspectly and don't fellowship with evildoers because you will not influence them to righteousness, but they will bring you down. Shun evil in yourself and in others. Don't shun people because you are prejudiced. Don't shun people our of fear. Don't shun people out of hatred, but shun unrighteousness and so a shunning that is reasonable to protect yourself. Don't obey the spirit that is in the world today that says that everybody is equal, and you can fellowship with who ever you want with impunity. You will not fellowship with who ever you want with impunity. You will partake of the evil that is in their heart, and you will be damaged. Shun people whose lives will damage you without malice. Without malice but for a Godly preservation. Wherefore since we are receiving this new mind which cannot be overthrown let us have the grace to serve God in an acceptable way to Him with Godly fear, with the fear of God, and by shunning the people who will stop us from ascending, and I am adding in, without malice. We must protect ourselves brethren.


Verse 29, For our God is a consuming fire. I am not really sure why Paul says that at this point, for our God is a consuming fire. I did not put the amount of time that I would have liked to put into this study. Lord would you give me a comment for these people before we shut off the tape. Why would Paul say that you are a consuming fire at this point? Let us serve you with a Godly fear, let us shun those who would damage us. Well I guess what it means is that the Lord Jesus is coming to burn up this earth, and we might as well follow Him now, those of us who have ears to hear lest we come in another way, either through Satan's judgments or don't come in at all. Any questions or comments here?


COMMENT: When we were in the other house there was a prophesy that you were going to receive revelations about things that you could not even imagine, and it was another part of, eye hasn't seen and ear hasn't heard the things that God has for those who love Him.


PASTOR VITALE: It came from you?




PASTOR VITALE: Was it about a year ago?


COMMENT: Longer than that. When I was looking at that scripture about Abel, before we got to it I was sitting looking at that and I thought, speak of the better things than that of Abel, I said look at that and what we know about Abel, I said better than Abel, then it must be Adam raised from the dead.




PASTOR VITALE: This is in response to a question that was asked off the tape. This is my opinion with regard to a lot of the disasters that are happening in this country both physical disasters, floods, earth quakes and also plane wrecks and specifically we are talking about a plane wreck that recently happened, and I everything that happens in this world originates in the spirit world, everything. Good things, bad things, everything originates in the spirit world. This world that we live in is a play for the acting out of the ideas of spirit. Now we see a tremendous conflict going on these days.


I say, down here, the sons of Belial, that's everybody with a carnal mind who's giving free reign to their carnal mind. They are thinking evil thoughts continually and they go out into the world as negative energy. Energy has power. Brethren the bottom line is energy. Everything is energy. Thoughts of the carnal mind just go out into the spirit world, they go into the atmosphere as energy, and those of the Sons of God who are the two witness company, the two witness company are the sons of God who are not yet perfected, but they are living for Christ, they are praying, they are casting down their ungodly thoughts, taking authority over that negative side of them and whatever happens in this world is that opposites attract. Opposites attract in this world.


So the Sons of God who are becoming more and more positive are almost sitting targets for all these negative thoughts going out. The negative thoughts are zooming into the Sons of God. The more holy your lifestyle, the more righteous your life style, this negative energy is seeking you out. It is true that people who you know who have ungodly thoughts toward you probably have a lot more power to hurt you with their minds, but it doesn't even have to be people that you know.


The negative energy is attracted to you as if you were magnetized, but if you are living for Christ you are casting those curses back, you are casting that negative energy back. You are pushing it back, you are throwing it back, you are saying get out of my life, and there is a conflict with all the negative energy going forth and all the negative energy being thrown back it is shaking up the heavens, it is tearing up the spiritual world, and everything is shaking and rocking and rolling, and every once in a while there is a big tragedy, a terrible tragedy. The 747 crashed right here in Long Island, no survivors. They don't know what caused the crash. the plane exploded in mid air. They don't know whether it was a bomb, they don't know if the plane caught on fire, they don't know what happened to it. It could have been a spiritual attack.


This world is shaking and rocking and rolling. There is conflict in the heavenlies. When the Sons of God didn't exist it was just all negative energy flowing around, but these people that are ascending into the Kingdom of God they are sitting ducks but they are throwing it back. Now I used to think, well let me put it to you this way. I have had a revelation for a long time that I could go through several horrendous days of emotional torment that I perceive as a spiritual attack, and after two or three, sometimes more, days of it there is some big tragedy. I read in the newspaper, I hear on the news, some big tragedy happens. It is like this.


This negativity, it just riles up and riles up and it doesn't stop until it reaches a climax, and the climax is destruction. I have known this for several years. I've noticed it, and I was under the impression that somehow Satan was a rocking and a rolling in the heavenlies and I was just feeling it, I was feeling it, that there was conflict in the heavenlies and I was feeling it, but recently just before this 747 crashed I had had several tormenting days and it broke just as this plane crashed, and at this point the thought came to me, and this is where I am at this time that it is not an issue of Satan or Leviathan cutting up the heavenlies and me being touched by it, but I am one of the people in the world that this negative energy is coming toward like I am a magnet trying to destroy me. It is a spiritual law.


These things are just attracted to me, and I am throwing them back and throwing them back and who ever else is throwing them back, who ever else is aware of this and throwing them back, that we Sons of God, members of the two witness company who are throwing them back are, we are throwing them back and the result of throwing them back is a cataclysm in the visible world, a tragedy in the visible world, a climax of destruction in the visible world. We haven't done it, we have just thrown back what is coming to us, and there is a climax of destruction in the world, and this is the thought where I am now, and we are just pelted with negative energy, and when we thrown it back it manifests in the visible world. But to bring down a 747M I want to make this very clear. To bring down a 747, for something this powerful to happen, in my opinion, this could not be just me. There have to be faithful people all over the world that are throwing back negative energy.


It is the conflict of the ages manifesting in destruction in the world. Someone said to me, well Sheila God doesn't do things like that. No, God doesn't do things like that. Jesus didn't do this. the minds of the sons of Belial did this. The carnal minds of men, all the negativity and evil thoughts in the mind of men have done this. The Sons of God have refused to be hurt by it and have cast it off. Their own sins are correcting them. Well, Sheila, what about babies on the plane, what about innocent people? There are no innocent people. We are down here in hell, everybody is guilty. The best we could hope for is that the Lord would intervene on our behalf, and I want to tell you very clearly, in my opinion, He is not intervening on anybody's behalf unless they are really working to build His Kingdom, and I am not talking about giving out tracts.


Christians are sick and dying everyday, but if the Lord would intervene the same person suggested to me He would stop the plane crash from happening. No, I do not believe that for a second. Should the Lord decide to intervene, He would intervene in the life of the individual by preventing them from boarding the plane. I do not believe the Lord Jesus would stop a crash. Why wouldn't He stop a crash? Because if He stops that one there will be another one. This is hell brethren, this is Satan's world, and Jesus intends to bring it down. He's going to bring confusion on it, hopefully people will repent.


Now get this straight, Jesus is not doing this. Satan is doing this, but Jesus is not stopping it, but He is protecting individuals that throw themselves upon Him for His mercy. He will get you out, or keep you off the plane, or you will be the sole survivor, but He won't stop the tragedy. Don't be naive. He will not stop the tragedy. I will tell you what I am telling everybody, we have got some dark days coming in this country and in this world, and the smartest and best thing you can do is persevere and put a driving movement into the Kingdom of God. Everybody is out there marrying, and giving in marriage, going out and....and I will tell you what I am telling everybody, we have got some dark days coming in this country and in this world, and the smartest and best thing you could do is preserve and put a driving movement into the Kingdom of God, everybody is out there marrying and giving in marriage and going out and having parties and having fun and going on vacations and selling dove pins and doing everything that they are doing. We have to be building power in ourselves through a deeper and deeper union with the Lord Jesus Christ so that we can protect ourselves and our families.


If you are concerned about your family get some power with Jesus because we are out of time, we are out of time. Let me tell you, we are out of time. I have no idea how many people in full stature it would take to protect the faithful that have no power because Revelation 12 tells us there will a company of faithful that have no power. They will come under the protection of the Sons. Can one Son do it? Will it take 20 Sons? 100 Sons? I have no idea, I have absolutely no idea. Well, Jesus was God. Yes, someone in full stature is God, but He said His Father was greater than He. God in the flesh is limited. That sounds strange too. I am sorry, He was limited by the prison house that He was in, and there is a second stage of resurrection where He has more power than full stature. It is called the spiritual circumcision.


Exactly what he could do with regard to these kinds of world events, exactly what one man could do with regard to these world events I don't know. I believe He couldn't be killed. He disappeared from the midst of those who hated Him. I believe He could do that. In full stature we can appear and disappear, but to what degree we can affect the workings of this world I don't think Jesus is affecting the workings of this world. He is getting individuals out, and then the whole world is going to shut down. He is not saving this world. He is saving individuals, and this world is going to burn up and be replaced with the Kingdom of God on the earth. Anybody else? It has been a full day. It's a late night.




Let me just pray. Father, I pray that you bless us and that you make it clear to us why you gave us this message at this time. We pray that you prepare us for any and all judgement that is coming our way that we should endure it as good soldiers, and I just pray that you don't leave us unprepared because Lord you gave us this message, but I really don't understand what it means. I have no idea what to expect so we just thank you Lord for telling us because you said you don't do anything without telling your prophets, but it came in code because I don't know what it all means, but we thank you Lord and we thank you for the privilege of hearing you teach us your word and giving us the truth of the scriptures. I just pray that you will bless our lives, that you heal all infirmaries, and that you provide all of our needs and that you bless us and teach us to submit to one another and help us Father. Bless the music ministry that is rising up here Lord and bless the work of our hands and help us to serve you faithfully Lord. In the Name of Jesus. Amen.

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