376 - 1 Part

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I was scanning the TV last night, and I saw a movie based on the real experience of a man who supposedly was abducted by aliens. I was comparing the little bit of it that I saw to my prior experience with movies of this type. Several years ago when I first started seeing movies of this type, the stores were that the aliens did not want to harm the people, they tried to put their fears to rest, the medical experiments had to do with the teeth and with pregnant women with amniocentesis and sometimes vaginal examinations. They seem to be interested in the reproductive forces, and if this is the first tape that you have heard me speaking on this issue about, my opinion is that these aliens are our unconscious mind coming to the fore and vibrating out from us and taking form in front of us. In case you don't know that's the way spirit operates, that is the way spirit operates.


This is how we were formed. There was a mind, and that mind had thoughts which vibrated forth as pure energy and took form because of the spiritual power and the spiritual capability of the mind that was thinking towards us. In my opinion, aliens are coming forth from the unconscious mind of the people who are being abducted, and they are coming from a place which is timeless and spaceless.


I've told you this many times that I don't understand it myself, but I do believe that it is true that there are worlds inside of us that are greater than all of the universes together, but they are worlds that are timeless and spaceless. That means they exist, but they don't take up any space. I am not a physics person. Maybe someone who studied physics can understand this. I have a lot of trouble understanding a world that is larger than all of the universes fitting inside of me because it is a timeless and spaceless world. I have trouble understanding it, but I believe that it is true.


I believe that there is a whole society, a whole universe, universes, everything that we see outside, is inside of us. I also believe that there is a veil between our conscious mind and this world. I believe that our Creator, Jehovah, has forbidden mortal man to enter into that world because it would be to his hurt to enter into it. I believe we are largely blinded to it, and that we are commanded in the scripture to have nothing to do with this spirit world, let's call it a spirit world, that's inside of us. Jesus said that He is the only door, and what is He the door to? He is the door to spiritual life. Jesus is the door that leads to the spiritual world of Jehovah where we are safe, but this spiritual world that's inside of us, and we are mortal man, we are dead, it is the spiritual world of the dead.


What I am really saying is that there is a side to mortal man that is hidden to him, but I do not believe that we are hidden to our other side. It is like looking through a two-way mirror. If you are talking about someone who is being retained by the police, anyone who is being observed, they may find themselves in a room, and they think they are looking at a mirror. If you are a woman you are fixing your makeup, and if you are a man you are combing your hair, but the truth is that on the other side of the mirror in another room the people observing you can see everything that you are doing. I believe this is the condition of mortal man. We are in the room that's being observed. We cannot see the observers, but they can see us.


Why is this the condition? Well, I am not really sure. I think that this condition is a result of Adam's death. Our righteousness died, and we fell down into hell. There apparently are different depths of hell. I've been preaching that here that there are different depths to the pit. Even here in the outer realm some people have what we would call a decent life, and their needs are met. Other people are in torment, living on the streets, having painful disastrous diseases, malignant relationships, all kinds of torment in their life.


All that I could tell you is that our condition is the result of sin, and that our blindness is the mercy sent from Jehovah because we probably, I am sure we could not deal with what we are really like. You see, these bodies that we are in they are an image. These so- called aliens that are appearing to these people, if you can hear what I am saying, if it is happening to you, you are looking in a true mirror. That is really you. We are Leviathan. That's who we are, and we have these masks on so that we don't go mad by finding out what we really are. Did I make my point to people who have never heard me preach before? We are existing in the outer rings of a spiritual atom which at its center is hell. The more painful your life the closer you have moved to your center.


Now your center has a gravitational pull. If Satan could do it every human being would be completely sucked into her center. What does that mean? It means that this veil that separates us would be brought down, and there would be a meeting of our hidden self and our public self, and we would find out that our hidden self is queen of this world and queen of Babylon. She has incarnated us, and she is Lord and master of this creation. The only exception being the people who are trying to kill her because of their faithfulness to Jesus Christ come under His protection. Now that is a very fine line there because there are a lot of people that have a relationship with Jesus Christ that are not trying to kill Leviathan.


That may be fine if you existence here is tolerable because you have drawn from the spiritual gene pool a fairly decent life, and I am telling you, and I've been preaching here for years that when the hour of the resurrection comes, the resurrection of the good and the resurrection of the evil, when the evil rises out of the pit and starts confronting you here in the visible world if there is not also a resurrection of the good in you, you are in trouble because the evil that's resurrecting in you wants to possess you and do evil to you. Not just use you to do evil to others, but she is going to do evil to you. Why? Because she is utterly perverted. She is insane, and yes, she is female.


Let me go back to this movie that I was talking about. When I first started hearing about these aliens abductions and seeing people interviewed on the TV that's what they were saying, that they really were not too concerned, that the aliens were concerned about the abductees' comfort. I heard one woman say how she was in pain and he did something to take the pain away. They were very concerned about them, and they were just doing medical experiments for their own reasons.


This man who this movie was about had this experience back in 1989, and he wasn't saying that. I see a changing face of these aliens. You see their face changing, their behavior changing, and I see them evolving or at least the stores I hear about them, from being benevolent aliens to cruel aliens. This man's testimony was that they did an anal scan on him. Now when I first heard about the experiments on the women my opinion has been all along that it was Leviathan manifesting. Well, maybe they were doing medical experiments because they knew that Jesus is coming and these bodies are going to be done away with, and they were hoping to make bodies of their own, but to me this anal scan is just sadistic.


I can't see any reason that they would be doing it. I think it is just fitting in with a really perverse trend in this society. In the little bit of the program that I watched there was no sign that the aliens were kind or concerned about him, and it was just very different than the pictures that I had seen in the past. He was seeing an image of himself, an alien that was looking like himself. He saw three kinds of images, this man. He saw the typical alien. Probably everybody here has seen some of these pictures of the head with the pointed chin and the big moon shaped eyes. He saw an alien like that. Everybody know what I'm talking about?


He saw an alien like that, and then there was also another alien, another form of alien, that was much uglier, much more bizarre and perverse, very ugly, and then there was an image that looked just like him who was cruel, and he was talking to it. He was a macho man, and he tried to take authority over him. He said, I am the dreamer and you are the dream, and you have to go away, and of course they didn't go away. They took him up into this supposed space ship which I suggest to you was an illusion.


They took all his clothes off and apparently gave him a medical exam that utterly traumatized him to the point that he had to go under hypnosis to remember it because as I have told you many times this is a hard thing that I am telling you, but this is a form of rape. An anal scan is a form of rape. Actually, a vaginal exam is a form of rape. Listen, if you believe and maybe it is true for you that if you don't get your anal examination twice a year you can come down with prostate cancer and die and you are a man and you want to submit to this I am not telling you not to do it because it just may be true that if you don't have this examination you may die.


If you don't have Jesus in your life, and if you are not walking a deep walk it may be true, but I am telling you that every time you submit to that you are opening yourself up to all kinds of spiritual condemnation. I don't want anyone misunderstanding that word, but you are opening yourself up to curses because it is a form of homosexual activity. Even when a woman submit to a vaginal examination....I walk a very strange walk, and I know that people cannot walk my walk. I know that there are many Christians, more Christians than not, who go to a doctor on a regular basis, and I am not telling you not to do it. Not many people have my walk or want it or are capable of it. I am not telling you not to do it, but I am telling you that there is a medical profession down here in hell that has the ability to heal this body in many cases, but you don't get healed without paying a price. You don't get healed without paying a price. You pay a price. Unless Jesus sends you to the doctor you pay a price.


I believe just as I've taught you that the scripture says the marriage bed is not defiled. What this means is that fornication will kill the developing Christ in you, but if you have sexual intercourse inside of a legitimate marriage it will not kill the Christ in you. Why? Because Jesus said so. Those are His rules. I told someone here today. I had a medical problem this morning, and you all prayed for me. I don't go to the doctor unless Jesus tells me to go. Sometimes He sends me, but I don't go unless He sends me no matter what my physical problem is. I put it before Him, and I ask Him if He wants me to go to the doctor so I know that when I go to the doctor there are no curses coming upon me because He sent me.


How can I be cursed. If you are a mortal woman and you believe in going twice or once a year for a pap test and whatever else you go for I am not telling you not to do it. Do you know that men in the Arab countries will not let a doctor give their wife a vaginal examination. They will not let a strange man touch their wife. It is a form of ungodly connection. Now please hear what I'm saying. I am not telling you not to go and have this done. I am telling you there is a price to pay, and if you are a Christian you should definitely be praying about it, but at least it is a normal connection. Do you understand that?


It is an examination of an area that's supposed to be penetrated, but these anal examinations, you are not supposed to be penetrate in your anus. If you are a woman or if you are a man, and it's worse if you are a man, you are not supposed to be penetrated. If you are a man you are not supposed to be penetrated at all. You are not supposed to be penetrated. I am not telling you not to go. Don't misunderstand me. I am not telling you not to do it, but I am telling you that you had better get before the Lord and ask Him if He wants to give you a spiritual healing or if He is going to permit you to go, and if you get His permission I don't know what He's going to do for you.


What I am telling you is there is a spirit over this country that's perverse. That's what I'm telling you. There is a spirit over this country that is obsessed with anal penetration, and it manifests on a scale from 1-10, and 10 is active homosexuality, but even if you are down by the 1 it is an ungodly penetration, and it is all over this country, and all of a sudden it is manifesting in these alien stories too? That is all coming out of Leviathan.


COMMENT: I had never thought of that. When the children were little we used to have to give them the thermometer in the anus. Did we cause anything?


PASTOR VITALE: Well, I rebuke any guilt, I rebuke that whole spirit that's on you with this guilt. I just absolutely rebuke it. You did the best that you could do, but what you might want to do is to ask the Lord if you have to break any curses, but I rebuke all condemnation here. We are down here in hell, and all you could have done if you are raising children.....now they have thermometers that go under the arm, whatever, but in those days you probably would have had to do it anyway, but the issue is that you go before the Lord, and if He tells you to do it you are on safe ground. I don't want anyone hearing this tape getting flipped out with any religious spirit or fear or anything like that, but I am telling you that there is a perverse spirit over the country today that's obsessed with anal penetration, and now it is appearing in these aliens stories, and I am not just calling them stories. I don't doubt that these people are really having this experience. I don't doubt it for a second.


COMMENT: This just made me think about the people with the earrings in their nose, on their chest, on their nipples.


PASTOR VITALE: It is penetration. It is overall penetration.


COMMENT: One person's whole ear is completely covered. On their tongue, on their lips.


PASTOR VITALE: It is really perverse.


COMMENT: I would like to say that the tattoos are very common on the girls and someone on TV their whole body was covered with tattoos. There was no place where there wasn't a tattoo.


PASTOR VITALE: You see, these kinds of perverse behavior they are all a seduction. I remember when women first started getting tattoos, and they would get a little flower where ever they would put it, and they would say what's wrong with a little flower? But mortal man doesn't know where to draw the line, and some people are sucked into extremes more than other people, and the more demonized you are the more likely you are to be sucked into an extreme. That's not normal to have your whole body covered with tattoos.


I wear pierced earrings. I love my pierced earrings. The Lord knows that. I would give them up if He told me to give them up. I gave them up for several years, and then I took them back, and I know that if He told me really to take them off I would do it, and He knows that. He just gives me some carnal pleasures in this world because I am still so mortal and so human, but I stopped with the piercing of the ear. Now as you just said, the piercing of the nose, piercing of the flesh, the tongue, it just doesn't stop.


Back to this movie now. So our man who was a very rational man, a novelist, a writer, supposedly a stable man, he is having this conversation with these three images. One, the typical image of the alien with the big eyes. The other, very gross, ugly, bizarre type image, and the third, an image of himself who's talking to him very aggressively, mocking him. I want to suggest to you there is a life form inside of us that has projected the image of what we look like, and if there is a spiritual life form inside of us that has projected the image that we look like, he can project a second image like that. Can you hear what I'm saying? This is science fiction day. It's the truth.


COMMENT: The two that he had seen were the same, usually a bout 3 feet tall, like himself was he tall?


PASTOR VITALE: It was him. It was an exact duplicate of the man, and he was confronting him and challenging him and mocking him. So we see this alien experience is expanding, it's increasing, it is becoming more demonic, and more aggressive.


COMMENT: I'm thinking of Jesus and the temptation, and it says that Satan took him up on the mountain to show Him everything. Could that have possibly have been any kind of situation like that?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, that's exactly what it was. Jesus met Leviathan, the carnal mind that He received from His mother, face to face. That is exactly what happened, and He defeated her and Leviathan departed from Him for a season.


So you see Jehovah in this hour and even the Lord Jesus Christ, even in our fallen condition has made provision to protect us, and He has declared that we are not to contact our inner nature until we are prepared to defeat her. That's why we are instructed to stay away from spiritual things outside of the Lord Jesus Christ. What's very interesting, and this is the question in my mind that started this whole conversation is this perception.


There are many thousands if not millions of people in this world that are contacting their inner self for the purpose of gaining spiritual power. They are contacting the god within them because they want something from her. They want spiritual power. Some of them want power to heal and to gain the comforts of this world, love, money, material comfort, and others want that power to do evil, but there are thousands if not millions of people in this world contacting their inner self for the specific purpose of gaining power, but if these people are in any danger from the god that they are contacting I don't hear about it. The only ones that I hear about that are being victimized by the god within themselves are people who are not seeking for spiritual power. Now this seems like a paradox. It doesn't seem to make any sense, but I have a thought that's in my mind that wasn't there when I asked the question, and Lord I hope this is you.


Brethren, when does the payment for sin manifest? Does it manifest in your generation? It really manifests in your generation. The people that are experiencing these alien abductions are the 3rd or fourth generation of people that have played with the Occult, and frequently, very frequently, they are not people who are practicing the Occult at this time. There was some kind of a contract made in one of their ancestors life time, and they are being sacrificed on Satan's altar.


COMMENT: Sins of the fathers?


PASTOR VITALE: Sins of the fathers, and it seems so unfair. It seems that the people practicing illegal spiritual power in this hour if they were overtaken by such inexperience they would be justified, but everyone that I've ever seen on TV that has had this experience they are just an every day "joe" trying to lead a decent life. Why are these aliens picking on them? Some ancestor somewhere did something that put their child through the fire. Some ancestor on their family line did something, somewhere, somehow that has given Satan legal grounds to do this to them in this generation. That's pretty horrible.


COMMENT: On a talk show not too long ago a woman was saying this happened to her, it happened to her daughter, her cousin.


PASTOR VITALE: It is definitely familial and generational. Now I remember going back many years when it wasn't generational, and a few years ago you started hearing on the TV shows that it is now generational. Several members of the same family, grandfather, father, and son. So the judgment is coming down.....I don't fully understand it, but there was a practice of the Occult arts in a certain generation, then there was several generations where there was no practice, and now these people who apparently have no connection with the Occult are being victimized severely and viciously victimized by Leviathan within themselves.


COMMENT: I was reading an article of a mother and a daughter who were getting deliverance at a deliverance camp, and they had watched pictures like Rosemary's Baby and Carrie and the program called Bewitched for several years. It was a favorite of theirs, and that's how these demons came in.


PASTOR VITALE: Really. I used to watch Bewitched. I liked that program very much. I am not saying that it didn't happen to them. I don't know. I've had so much deliverance myself that it never manifested, but everybody is not the same. Exactly how it affected them, that's how it affected them. I have no argument with them.


Back to this movie. The man, the image that looked like himself was very aggressive and nasty toward him, and told him that he was there to show him the truth. Now I only watched five minutes, and it was starting to distress me, so I shut it off, but the truth that he was showing him was that he pushed forward the image of the heart shaped face with the big almond eyes, and he went up to it, and he crushed it, and it was a mask. It was a false face, and underneath that mask was a serpentine being that was hideous.


Now we have reason to believe, we will see if others have this experience, that these aliens don't really look like that, with that rigid face with the big almond eyes, but then it was just a mask. If you stop to think about it every time I've ever seen an image it has given me the impression that it was a rigid face, that there was no room for movement of the features. Every time I've ever seen it described I never got the impression that this face left any room for movement of features so it makes sense that it could have been a mask, and underneath this mask was this ugly serpentine thing that was moving, that was showing animation.


We see these aliens are getting bolder and bolder, and in the people where they have legal ground they are coming right into their personal lives and nobody can help them. They are going to psychiatrists, doctors, nobody can help them. I haven't heard anybody up there that flew to Jesus. It is amazing that they are having an experience like that and they haven't tried Jesus. That amazes me, but if anyone has I haven't seem them on TV.


COMMENT: People who have had spirits in the house and all they want to have them exorcized, and some people did go to Jesus.


PASTOR VITALE: Were they people that had been victimized by aliens?


COMMENT: They called them evil spirits in the house.


PASTOR VITALE: No, we are talking about aliens now.


COMMENT: I haven't heard a definition of an alien.


PASTOR VITALE: Someone who claims to have been abducted by an alien.


COMMENT: It is my understanding that an alien is a spirit that comes out of a human being and manifests.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, I am not talking about my definition of alien. Tonight, we are talking about people who claim they have been abducted by aliens.


COMMENT: Isn't that extraterrestrial, would that be the aliens?


PASTOR VITALE: Sometimes they call them extraterrestrials. Yes. Beyond this world. That's what this message is about. It is not about traditional demons. It is about people that claim they have been abducted by aliens. I have personally not heard of anyone having that experience who has gone to Jesus and been delivered from it. Have you heard of anything like that?




So we don't want to mix traditional deliverance in our message because that is not what we are talking about which is another witness to what I've been saying for a long time. The deliverance that's available in the church today is only to a certain level. I don't believe that anyone who is experiencing abduction by aliens can be set free from this horrendous condition by what we know as deliverance by the casting out of evil spirits. That is way beyond evil spirits. That is not an evil spirit. That is their own mind, Leviathan, coming forth in its own existence apart from me. It would be as if my lungs stood up and started to have their own existence.


This is very interesting because is this not what Cain did to Adam? Cain was supposed to be completely one with Adam. It was the serpent's rebellion and Cain's incestuous adultery that broke the living soul into two pieces, and he died, and everything that happened at the beginning of time is still playing itself out in this world today. So here we are, we are supposed to be one unified human being, and I'm claiming that these aliens are their own unconscious being, their own spiritual beings that are supposed to be one with this personality that's appearing in this world, but they have separated from us, and they are stronger than us, well not us, I don't want to say that, but who ever it is happening to they have separated from them, and they are stronger than them, and they are victimizing them and tormenting them.


Now when Cain separated from Adam was not Cain stronger than Adam? When Cain separated from Adam he was stronger. He invaded him. She made Adam the woman, and she made herself the man, and killed the whole creation. Now we are supposed to be in charge of our life out here in outer darkness. We are supposed to be ruling, we are supposed to have a relationship with Jesus Christ, and righteousness in what ever form is coming to us where ever we are living. I've told you many times that people who don't know Jesus they still have a moral code. We are supposed to be living a righteous life, and we are supposed to be in charge of our unconscious mind.


We are supposed to be in charge of our emotions. Every emotion that's rising up to cause us to do something ungodly, we are supposed to say "no, no, no, no, you can't do it." We are supposed to be one unified whole, but we find our libido. We all have a libido. I'll talk secular language. Church language is Leviathan. Secular language is libido. An unconscious mind that is desperately wicked, that if left to its own will utterly destroy us. That's why we have a conscience, to control our libido. If you are a secular person, and you are hearing this tape, this alien that's abducing you it is your own libido, it is an evil side of us that is completely and absolutely evil, and she has broken away from your restraints.


COMMENT: This makes me think of a program I saw a while back. On Unsolved Mysteries there were three fellows from Maine 20-30 years ago went on a camping trip, and they say this bright light coming at them, and it got closer and closer and then they didn't remember anything, and years went by and they started having the same dreams, and in the dreams they started to see these other two fellows, and they would see them sitting on seats in like a waiting room of a hospital, but there was aliens checking them over, and they were afraid to tell anybody else, and after a period of time they drew out the pictures, and they were all similar so how could three have the same dreams of something that happened so many years ago? So would that be the same thing within each of them?




COMMENT: Look at the aberrations of Mary, hundreds and hundreds all see it at once, a deception.


COMMENT: Has it ever been explained to them like you explained it to them tonight, how it happens?


PASTOR VITALE: I haven't seen anything about it on TV. I doubt that anybody....well you never know. Maybe there are millions of people that believe this way, I don't know. I've never seen anything like this teaching on TV.


Listen, it is your own libido, it is your own unconscious mind that any psychiatrist will tell you needs to be monitored and regulated and controlled by your conscience. It is your libido that has risen up and taken form and divided herself from your authority. She has rebelled against your conscience, and gone the way of Cain, and she's stronger than you are when she divides from you. This is what's happening, and it is just the beginning. It is the beginning of the resurrection of the unjust. It is already happening, but nobody understands what it is.


Unfortunately, if there are any people who have had this experience who have gone to the church for help I am sure it is not at all likely that there was any help for them in the church. Because I want to tell you, if somebody with that problem came here I would pray for them, but I don't have any reason to believe that I have enough power to help them because what needs to be done for these people? What do they need? What are they lacking? They are lacking Christ Jesus in them. We could pray for them, could break curses, they could repent, but Brethren, these are the virgins without oil. They are in real bad trouble. They don't have time to spend five years in training, if it could be done in five years, to get Christ Jesus to a point where He is going to be able to do what He did at the time of His temptation, and it may be too late for them. I don't know.


The scriptures say that if this is truly a manifestation of the five virgins without oil, the scriptures say it is too late, but of course with God all things are possible. They could repent all that want. They do not have a weapon to fight this thing. They've got no weapon. This is awesome Brethren, and do you know that if I went on TV with this they would not let me on if I tried to get on. They would never listen to this story. They would never believe it, even the people that are being victimized wouldn't believe it. They would never believe it. I am telling you. It is the truth.


That which is inside has already begun to come outside, and as far as I know nobody is doing anything that is at all threatening to these aliens to stop them, and they are getting bolder and getting generational, and it is happening to more and more people, and this is just the beginning. They are going to bring these people into complete submission through terrorizing them. They are going to enslave them. Listen, I am going to say it again. It is the same thing that Cain did to Adam. Cain divided from Adam and attacked him, invaded him, killed him, and took over his inheritance. It is going to happen here, their own libido is dividing from them, attacking them, invading them, piercing through. Is that not what our Alternate Translation says? Piercing through, Cain pierced through Adam. They are piercing through these people and appearing.


What did I teach you? Cain pierced through Adam and incarnated as the woman. They are piercing through from the depths of our spiritual being, and materializing. They are incarnating in this world. Cain is doing the same thing that she did from the beginning of time, and the end is going to be just as disastrous. What is that? What happened to Adam? What happened to him? He divided into two, and he ceased to exist as he was.


What is the end of these people? I don't even know. Most of these people that have had this experience, it is just an experience here and maybe it has happened two times or three times or five times. I'm telling you that if the history that has been revealed to us here is being played out again we can project what will happen to them. What is that? They will completely divide in two, and the libido which is appearing as this ugly monster is going to be that part of the person which will be seen all the time, and the mortal man which is just an every day "joe," not a great person, but just a human being, is going to be completely buried under this being. I don't even know what that means.


COMMENT: So they are forming like an army?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes. They are forming an army, but apparently they are limited as to how frequently they can manifest. Why do you say that Sheila? Because if I know anything at all about Satan, I know a little bit about her, she is appearing as frequently as she possibly can. She is spirit, she doesn't slumber, she doesn't sleep, and she doesn't give too hoots about anyone, she has no conscience whatsoever, and if she could be appearing through these people 24 hours a day every day she would be doing it right now. It is a slow procedure, and at this point....it is just coming to me now, I didn't even realize it when I told it to you, of the three images that he saw one looked....the other image was an evil him.


I don't know what the end of this is going to be. I don't know whether we will have these aliens walking around showing themselves to people, not us, it is not going to happen to us. Whoever is being victimized by this, I don't even want to say it, it is hideous, is going to have an evil self being present all the time, and isn't that what happens in MPD, multiple personality disorder? Only most people who have multiple personality disorders, from what I hear there are a lot of people with MPD that's wrecking havoc in their life, but not many are as severe as the Three Faces of Eve or as severe as in some cases where your other "you" is a mass murderer or something like that, but we are going to be seeing some pretty bizarre situations, and of course, the MPD that we have heard about so far is all about different personalities sharing the same body, but what we are dealing with now is a libido which is strong enough to actually project a second image.


I don't even know where we are headed, but the resurrection of the unjust has already started. The resurrection of the unjust has already started, and people don't even know what's happening. Some of them are dealing with it by saying that they are not victims, they are participants in some great happening. Now this is the resurrection of the evil. Remember, we are talking about a resurrection of the good, a resurrection of the evil, and a resurrection of the righteous. There have been some men that have experienced the resurrection of the good. We have talked a little bit about that. I am no expert on this. I just have the spiritual principles, but as far as I know they are mostly Hindu Yogis who have found a way to release the power of Leviathan, and they have attained a full stature of Leviathan's mind.


I don't believe we have seen full stature of the evil yet. I believe the evil is beginning to pierce through and penetrate this world, but they are not strong enough to stay here permanently. Let me say that again. I believe the evil, the resurrection of the evil, has begun, and the evil, Leviathan, I'm not sure if it is Leviathan or the serpent, we have had such fine lines here, I get confused myself, but I think right now I'm perceiving it to be the serpent, and it is interesting because these beings are almost always reptilian. The ones I saw in the movie the other night were reptilian. She is piercing through, but she can't stay out here. She is piercing through, but she doesn't have the strength to remain formed in this world. They go back. It is an experience that these people have from time to time, but she is gaining strength every day. Now what's going to happen when she has the strength to remain in this world I don't know. I honestly don't know. My only example is what Cain did to Adam. Adam completely ceased to exist, divided into two parts, and the righteous part was killed. Does that mean these people are going to be killed. It may mean that. I don't know. Isn't this interesting?


Listen to what is going on in our world. We have already had one person resurrected in righteousness. His name is Jesus Christ. I read in books that we have had several people resurrected in goodness. They are called avatars, and they resurrected into an altruistic life style through Leviathan. What does that mean? They do good things. They use their power to do good works and to help people. If there has been any resurrection of the evil I haven't heard of it. Maybe it has happened in the depths of Africa where we have a lot of spiritual activity, I don't know. I haven't heard about it, but I am telling you that it is happening right here in this country.


The resurrection of the evil, the serpent, is piercing right through into the visible world, and she fully intends to rule it. And what does the scripture say? That Satan is cast down to the earth, and she is coming into the earth with a vengeance as she has but a short time. See, she has been hiding as the unconscious mind of man all of these thousands if not millions of years. I don't really have an opinion as to how old this creation is. She has been relegated to the background, she has been the unconscious mind of men all these years, but she has been cast down to the earth, and she is starting to incarnate in this visible world, and she is incarnating with an absolute wrath and vengeance and torturing people that she has legal grounds to do this to. So, we see that all three resurrections have begun. Yes, I have to tell you that I never saw it quite that way that, that was what happened to Jesus of Nazareth, but I see it now. As He stood up in a full stature of righteousness He had the first legal confrontation with Satan and Leviathan. He had the first legal confrontation, and He defeated them, and they departed from Him for a season. I knew that it was His lower nature that He confronted, but I never quite saw it like that.


COMMENT: Is this just my imagination, I would think that Leviathan would be big and yet in the extraterrestrials shows them about three feet tall. Just wondering why they all seem to have the same type when they draw them out, their heads and everything. Why is it that way, is there any explanation?


PASTOR VITALE: I have no idea.


COMMENT: I got the TV guide out today and was looking at it inside, and what is a mutant? Seems they are putting that movie on tomorrow night.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, a mutation is a change in the cells. The reason our scientists haven't been able to find a cure for viruses is because they mutate so rapidly. They have a particular cellular structure that is continuously changing so by the time the scientists find a cure that virus doesn't exist any more. Their cellular structure continually changes. Some of these horror movies are about mutants. They are supposed to be something that was a human being that has changed in their cellular structure, but that sounds like just a horror movie.


What we are talking about here is not a mutant. We are talking about that which is inside coming out. We don't know what we are really like. The best of us have a evil nature, that is evil. I'm not saying bad or mischievous or you have pride and you have to deal with it. I'm talking about an EVIL nature, and most of us don't want to believe that it is even possible that it is there. When we hear about a serial killer or someone who has mutilated somebody or really tortured somebody we think they are a pervert. Well they are by our standards, but what has happened is that their libido has found place in their personality, it came to the surface. It wasn't strong enough to come to the surface and take form as a different being which is happening now, but their libido came to the surface in their personality, and was strong enough to influence them to do bizarre and hideous crimes, but it is still them, what was inside came out.


Everybody has it. It is inside of us, and those of us that are believing this message and practicing it have a head start in dealing with that monster inside of us. That's what this training is all about. Leviathan is coming to the surface, and incarnating, it's in the scripture, Revelation Chapter 12. She's being cast down to the earth, but if you think she's not being cast down to your earth, when s he gets to you, you won't have a weapon to deal with her. This is very stressful message that I'm preaching and most people wouldn't want to believe it. It is the Sunday horror movie some to pass, but it is the truth. There is going to be wailing and gnashing of teeth. It is going to be terrible, and there will be many that we cannot help.


We are told in Genesis that Jehovah made skins for Cain. Our Alternate Translation says that after the fall Jehovah fashioned a righteous mind for Abel and an animal skin for Cain. It never occurred to me that these animal skins, these flesh bodies that we live in, were a prison house to keep Leviathan in. I've preached to you that they are a prison house, that they are a torture chamber, that sickness and disease and accidents that break bones can cause us great distress in these bodies, but I never thought of them as being prison houses to contain Leviathan. I always thought, and I guess I just accepted this from the church world, that we received skins because as our bodies became flesh all of our organs and our blood would have flowed out without the skin. The Lord never told me that. I just received that from teaching in the church world, and now it appears that we were given skins as a prison house for Leviathan, but she has found a way, the strength, to pierce, she's breaking out of these prison houses and appearing in this world. Isn't that something else.


The skins were to restrain Leviathan, and she is breaking out of the big house with full intentions of populating this world. Well, it is possible that the host, we are the host, Leviathan is inside of us just as Christ Jesus is inside of us, and we know that Christ Jesus is coming to the surface and is going to appear in our flesh, and that our nature, our personality, has to die. That's the righteousness of it. He's saving us, but it looks like when Leviathan pierces through we may even be completely.....I have to stop saying we. This is terrible, this message is terrible, but I do know that I prayed before it came forth.


The people in whom Leviathan is piercing through may, at the point that she has the power to abide in this world, she may kill them, they may cease to exist completely. Almost like a chicken coming out of an egg. The egg ceases to exist. That's terrible. That's absolutely terrible. Jesus. Well we thank you for preparing us Lord. We thank you for preparing us, and we pray that you continue your work in us that Adam should rise from the dead in us, that we should be prepared to deal with this horrendous occurrence that's about to be covering the earth, this spiritual filth that has ascended out of the bottomless pit, and is covering the earth. Jesus


The people in whom Leviathan is piercing through their lives may continue so long as Leviathan keeps receding back behind these walls. Listen to this, isn't this the exact story of Jesus only it is on the negative side. Isn't the Emancipated Slave, isn't Jesus of Nazareth the one who matured to the point that He doesn't need a body to live in any more. What happened to the body of Jesus of Nazareth when that which was inside of Him matured to the point that it didn't need a body. The body ceased to exist. We are not really sure what happened to it. We are still praying about that, but the body ceased to exist. Brethren, these people who are having this experience, I don't know whether it will happen in this generation or in future generations because it is generational, but the generation will come where Leviathan will pierce through with the power to exist without a physical body, and they will cease to exist. The final evolution.


COMMENT: Do you think that is in about 1500 years?


PASTOR VITALE: I have no idea. I think with this message coming forth now it is going to be before that. With individuals. I believe in this hour Jesus is preparing us for what's happening in the very near future. Several times questions have come forth about what glorification will be like, and I've told you that I have very little information. I believe, because we are having enough trouble understanding everything He's teaching us about what's going to happen now, and I believe that if this message came forth tonight and it came forth in such a strange way, I tried to preach two or three other messages, and there was something hindering me, and I sat down and said, Lord I am not going to preach unless you give me a message, and this is what came forth.


My opinion is that we are going to start seeing it one here and one there very soon. Maybe it is happening already. Not look, if these monsters....if Leviathan has successfully pierced through a human being and caused that human being to cease to exist she is not walking down 42nd Street. I don't know whether she is capable of being captured or killed. I don't know the extent of her supernatural power is. I don't know, but if it has happened she is not showing herself, and I don't think she would be showing herself, but there is an army coming up upon the earth. The Lord better show us how to deal with them because I think that Jesus who is Adam has to rise from the dead in us. I don't think we would have any power to deal with them in this condition. In my opinion I don't believe so.


Now listen, if this starts to happen in our life time or at any time in the near future these expressions of Leviathan are on the level of glorification. If they are literally breaking forth from the body and can kill their host because they don't need the body any more they are up to glorification. We are just going to be in full stature. Do you understand this? Nevertheless, I have to believe and I ask you to believe with me that Jesus has this whole thing under control and that Leviathan will be completely defeated in the people that she has appeared through and destroyed because she doesn't need them any more.


COMMENT: I am just thinking of a documentary that I saw sometime back, and it was on Ebola, and it showed how this flesh eating virus ate the people up, and it showed pictures and even the commentator said it looked like somebody from Mars the way it was eaten up. All I could think of was a breakout from within.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes. So there are all kinds of signs in the world of a breakthrough from within, a piercing through from within.


COMMENT: Do you think that these would be people in the church world or out of the church world or both?


PASTOR VITALE: I think both because I don't think what's happening in the church world today in any way could prevent this, if the curses are strong enough. You have to have Christ formed in you, you have to have the Warrior formed in you. If you have an opening to this kind of thing I don't think reconciliation with Jesus, I don't think the Holy Spirit is strong enough to help you. I don't even think old order deliverance is strong enough to help you. Christ has to be formed in you and fight Leviathan. Christ Jesus has to be formed in you and fight Leviathan. Now look at how much trouble we are having putting her under our feet now, and she is not anywhere near doing that kind of stuff to us. I am flabbergasted. I had no idea the Lord was going to bring forth a message like this tonight. Time must be very short Brethren. It is like a science fiction movie coming to pass.


COMMENT: We are truly starting to see that the enemy is within instead of outside.




COMMENT: I was thinking of the woman who was stalked for so many years thinking that all these things that were happening to her, bombs were placed near her, and things in her mail box, the FBI was actually brought in, and they took pictures of her doing these things after a number of years, and she was shocked to find out that she, herself, was the stalker. She was stalking herself.


I've been reading a lot of books on Kundalini, and I've been amazed at how much knowledge the Eastern philosophers have. I read in one of the books that I've been preparing a commentary on to compare it to the Doctrine of Christ that they know that spiritual things originate from within, and they were talking about religion, and they were saying the naive, the religious novice, prays to a god in heaven and doesn't understand that it is his own spiritual being that rises up and answers his prayer. Of course, we know that's not true if you are praying to Jesus, but in many instances, even Christians who are praying psychic prayers are praying to their own Leviathan within them who rises up and answers their ungodly prayers. Jesus won't answer your ungodly prayers. This is the god within them coming to the forefront. That must be some serious curse on these people to be allowing that. Amazing.


COMMENT: All I can say is that it has to be under idolatry that would be bringing such a terrible curse.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes. Severe idolatry, but according to what I've seen on the TV they are just every day people. No more idolaters than anyone else. We know alcoholics are idolaters and drug addicts are idolaters. There are all forms of narcissism and vanity out there, and they are idolaters. What is it that these people have in common that is opening them to this at this time. From the little bit that I've heard they span all areas of society, men and women, children, grandparents, and there is no thread that the researchers to date have found in common.


COMMENT: When I was thinking of when I said that, it has to be incestuous, something that came back from the 3rd or fourth generation, and they are suffering it now.


PASTOR VITALE: At least. Maybe even a lot more than 3 or 4 generations because we know that the sins of the fathers are visited upon the children to the 3rd and The fourth generation, but then the 3rd and forth generation's sin and it just continues down the family line. It goes way beyond the generation. This is a very severe curse to have this happening to you. This is severe. This is worse than premature death. This is torment in your very flesh. It is horrendous so I don't know what kind of terrible thing their ancestors could have done to open them to this.


COMMENT: When I first came into the church world they tell you that we are not under the curse so a lot of the churches aren't even prepared to break the curses.


PASTOR VITALE: Of course, we know we can't break any curses. We say the words, and we pray that Jesus is going to honor it.


COMMENT: But they think they are free of it.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, it is very sad.


I don't know exactly what would open someone to this specifically, but I do know that all the ungodly behavior that's saturating the country today is opening people to this experience. All of the ungodly practices of fornication, the homosexuality, the Occult teachings, Transcendental Meditation, everything that's being preached and accepted as being "cool" and "in" in our society today is opening the population to invasion by their own libido en mass. That means it is happening to the masses, all at once, and the day could come that there is going to be just an appearance of these serpentine libidos on the earth all at once, and of course we know that Leviathan is a serpent, and even the Eastern philosophers know that she is a serpent that wrapped around the spine. That's what she is. She's coming forth as a reptile.


COMMENT: It is the start of Lent on Wednesday, and they have the Marti Gras going, and when you look at them you see all these weird masks on them and the different forms that they take, and the perverse things that go on, women bare chested, and even men practically naked walking up and down the streets.


PASTOR VITALE: Is that typical for Marti Gras? I had never heard that before, that they go around naked.


COMMENT: Yes, they stand on top of it all dressed, the prostitution is rampart, the drugs, and the streets are lined up like in India where you can't even walk, people are like ants there are so many people around.


COMMENT: Do you suppose they can see each others libido, if there were a group of them would they be able to see each others libido.


PASTOR VITALE: I don't know.


COMMENT: Talking about all the perverse things, I even hear that some young children are watching the Playboy channels.


PASTOR VITALE: That the parents don't even care.


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