355 - 1 Part

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The Holy Spirit is being withdrawn as the sons of God are beginning to appear. There is no longer any reason for the Holy Spirit. Does that mean that nobody else can have the Holy Spirit engrafting to them because the Holy Spirit is gone? No, it does not mean that. It means that the people who, in the future, will have the Lord Jesus Christ who is the Holy Spirit engrafted to them, the method by which this engrafting will take place is changing.


We are going from having the Holy Spirit engraft to us through being in contact with the Holy Spirit that is being done away, and what is the new method of engrafting, what is the new method? Yes, yes, contact with Christ Jesus through the sons of God, and the new way instead of in the old way. Why? Is the new way better than the old way?


The old way is likened unto a general scattering of the seed, wherever it falls, it falls, wherever it roots, it roots. Probably 90% of the seed does not accomplish its purpose in the method of sowing which is known as the outpouring of the Holy Ghost. We now have the seed being scattered specifically, not generally but specifically. It is like digging a hole and sticking the seed in, burying it over and digging it around to make sure it is fertilized. That is the difference of the two sowings.


Also, the sowing of the seed from the sons of God come simultaneously with the exposure of sin and judgment if that believer fails to confess that sin.


We are talking about an improvement for the better, we are talking about a sowing of the seed with power to deliver. In the first sowing, very few engraft, very few have the Lord Jesus engrafted to them. There is not enough power in the Holy Spirit to produce confession of sins; therefore, the seed that sows by the Holy Spirit is only going to engraft in the believers that have the gift of being able to confess their sins.


I have to tell you, I have a gift of being able to confess my sins. It had something to do with my upbringing. That is a large factor in how I entered in under the first sowing of the seed, but many well-meaning people in this world...we are all products of our heritage, what we inherit and how we are raised. Many people have trouble seeing their sins. Forget about confessing them, they cannot even see them.


You cannot repent if you do not confess, and you cannot confess if you are blind. With the second sowing, which is coming from the sons of God, comes the power to help the people that are blind or to help the people that can see but just cannot bring themselves to confess it, and to help the people who can see and confess but cannot repent.


With the second sowing comes power to usher much larger numbers of Christians into the kingdom than we find present with the Holy Ghost. I was reading the Alternate Translation in the book of Revelation last night, I was almost taking off, it is so fantastic.


CORRECTION GIVEN TO CONGREGATION: I want you to all stop looking to me for everything. All of you have to start taking responsibilities. Xxxxx did it, she got a witness that this should be on tape. It is a form of idolatry, you have to stop doing it. Before you say anything, you have to ask yourself, "Can I possibly deal with this myself?" If you cannot deal with it yourself, if there is someone else of the three of you who, if I work with you, that we could solve this problem together, you have got to stop asking me every little thing.


If you try it yourself, and you do not know the answer, if you work with someone else and they do not know the answer, if you are satisfied in your heart that you have done everything you could do, and you do not know the answer, of course you have to ask me. You should not ask me first, I should be a last resort.


PASTOR VITALE CONTINUING WITH MESSAGE: Let us see where we are going. I just study from it and teach from it, but I really have not actually sat down and read it in a long time, but as I am working on these Alternate Translations, I find that I am reading the Bible again, but I am reading the Alternate Translation of the Bible. It is awesome, and the more I refine it, and as...what happens when I refine it? It becomes more and more into everyday English. The more I refine it, it is just awesome.


I am sitting here reading this book last night, just flipping out at what it is saying, and I see that we are in the midst of it right now. We are in the midst of it.


Here is Chapter 3, Verse 20, for example. "Look, I am standing at the entranceway to the kingdom of God trying to get your attention, if any man understands what I am saying and the door opens..." I think the King James says, "Open the door," but I will read it to you again. What this is saying is, if you understand what Jesus is saying, that understanding opens the door.


How do you open a spiritual door? It is through understanding.


This is a fine line that we are treading, because we are not talking about an intellectual understanding. It has to be an understanding that comes from a heart that is truly seeking God, and if your heart is seeking self-aggrandizement, you will open a door all right, but it will be a door into Satan's kingdom.


What are you saying, Pastor Sheila? I am saying that the whole program of God has to work together.


If you are actively doing the best that you can to see your sins and confess them, that will be a very real hindrance to your seeking understanding for self-aggrandizement. You have to do everything that the Lord is teaching you. If you cannot see your sins...look, everybody has sin, everybody, we are all fallen. If you cannot see your sin, that means you are challenged to acknowledge that you are blind to your sin.


If you cannot see it, your prayer should be along these lines. I used to have someone that would say to me, I would say "Your prayers should be thus and thus," and this person would say, "You want me to repeat religious prayers." No, I am giving you an example.


If you cannot honestly recognize that you have sinned, then your prayer should be along these lines, "Lord Jesus, deliver me from blindness and open my eyes because your Bible says that everyone has sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, and that I am hearing it preached that I cannot be translated into the Kingdom of God if I cannot see my sins, because if I cannot see them, I cannot confess them, and if I cannot confess them, I cannot repent, and you said, sin is not going into the Kingdom with me. I have to be separated from my sin to go into the Kingdom, and I cannot even take the first step, I cannot even see them. Lord God have mercy on me, I desire to enter into your Kingdom."


If you are doing that, and you get understanding in the Scripture, then you have every reason to be confident that the understanding is not coming through your carnal mind who is looking to be puffed up through self-aggrandizement, but that your understanding is coming because of your hope in Christ Jesus.


There is another Scripture here, I did not make note of it, but that is what it says. It says, "If the Lord Jesus Christ...here it is in Chapter 3, Verse 10. If you have conceived Christ Jesus which is another way of saying that the Lord Jesus Christ has engrafted to your soul, it is because of your hope in Jesus Christ.


Let me read you Verse 10, "I will protect you during the time of testing which is coming upon the men in whom Christ Jesus is being formed." You are being tested to find out whether you are still worshiping Satan through submission to Leviathan or whether you have overcome him. The test is to see your reaction to the test.


Trouble, trials, distressing your soul, it is coming upon you so that Christ Jesus whether He is manifesting in you or whether he is manifesting in someone else, can make a judgment, a righteous judgment of whether or not you are responding to the trial out of Leviathan or out of Christ. That is the reason for the test.


The offense must come. You are not entering into the Kingdom without passing the test, and you cannot pass it if there is no test. Verse 10 said, Jesus is saying, "I will protect you in the time of testing." What does that mean? How is He going to protect us? Is He going to hide over, is He going to cover our sins when it is revealed that we are responding to the test out of Leviathan? Is He going to cover our sins? That is what the church will teach you, no way, no way.


He is going to protect you by seeing to it that Christ Jesus in you arises in the response to the trial.


How is He going to do that? He is going to fight for you. He is going to wound Leviathan, who is...when the trial comes your way, if you could see it, Leviathan is rising and Christ Jesus is rising and who is going to respond to the trial? Who is it going to be? Who are you? Are you the Devil or are you Christ Jesus? Who are you? It is not who you want to be. You are who responds to the crisis.


Christ Jesus is not satisfied to see who could arise faster. When Jesus says, "I will defend you," He is saying to you, "I will defend you against yourself, I will not only do the best I can to arise to respond to the crisis in you, I will wound Leviathan, I will smite him so that there is not even a race."


"I will smite him and then I will rise and respond to the crisis." You see, a perfect example of this is striving with someone over doctrine. When you strive with someone over doctrine, you are struggling with them on a more or less equal level. Christ Jesus smites the enemy, and the victory is yours.


You should never be striving with someone on an equal level. Withdraw, withdraw, do not struggle, withdraw, and if Christ Jesus arises in you, He will give you the victory by His Spirit, and if He chooses not to arise in you, or if Leviathan is strong enough to keep Him down, suffer the loss. Do not strive on the same level, because if you are doing that, it is Leviathan in you striving. Suffer the loss.


If Christ Jesus arises and wounds Leviathan in the other person, what is another way of saying that? Another way of saying that is, if you stop, if you withdraw from the conflict and you perceive that a door opens in the spirit, what is another way to say that? If you perceive that the doors of your opponent's mind opens, what does that mean? Before, they were not interested in hearing a word that you said, their shields were up, their defense was up, even if you got the words out, they were bunting it off.


You should not be talking to anybody whose doors are closed. Do not cast your pearls before swine. You only talk to people who are honestly listening and considering what you have to say.


If they are not listening, withdraw. If Christ Jesus wants to speak to that person, He will move by His Spirit and wound Leviathan in them, and the doors to their mind will open up, and somehow Christ Jesus will communicate to you that the way is clear to minister.


Hopefully eventually, you will be able to perceive in the spirit that the door is open. If you cannot perceive it in the spirit, but the Lord has chosen to use you for this ministry, at that moment He will communicate with you however necessary that it is all right to proceed. He will do whatever is necessary. Remember at all times, you are His mouth, you are His hands, He is possessing you, you are Christ Jesus' horse, you are here to do His bidding, you are here to be His hands on the earth.


Lay down your own carnal mind and let Him minister through you, and you will have glorious experiences in ministry with Him. When you let Him take the head, you are undefeatable, undefeatable.


I had an encounter with someone on-line a couple of days ago that was not too pleasant. He was in the Christian room, and he had a terrible anti-Christ spirit on him, quoting in Scriptures from the Old Testament about Jehovah's instructions to go in and kill every man, woman, and child, and rip up the fruit of the womb from women, and it was a horrible spirit on him. I tangled with him, and for several days now, it is almost a week, I really was not sure whether it was the Lord or it was my own Leviathan because it was painful to me, and I know it was painful to him.


I started casting demons out of him on-line, and I told him that he was a spiritual woman. It was all in the right spirit. I mean that I did not do it to hurt him, that is what I am trying to say. At the moment, I thought it was God, but afterwards I had second thoughts because it wound up really bad, and after I did all I could do, I withdrew. I said, "Goodnight," and I withdrew. He went looking for me with a private message saying, "What happened to you?"


I am not sure why he did it. At the time, I thought he was reaching out for help. I am not sure why he did it, it was not a wrong spirit on him, and I responded by just telling him, "I have to leave, goodnight." I did have his I.D. number, and he had said he wanted my books before I started casting out demons. Apparently, he was very offended that I tried to cast demons out of him on-line. I wrote to him a couple of times, and I got two responses from him, very bitter responses.


I do not know where he was from, but when he saw my address, he said, "Oh good, I see you are on the other side of the country," made a couple of very nasty responses, but the Lord told me that I had touched him. I felt very much in my heart that I had touched him. I just did not know if I went too far, because I was very aggressive and someone else had come into the room, and said to him, "What! Is this person for real, trying to cast demons out of you?"


He had a friend come in that was very offended and, to be honest with you, I went coward, and I even changed my nickname on-line. I was very embarrassed because I guess I felt that I went too far. I was embarrassed and I was hiding, I changed my name on-line. A couple of days later, which of course was the wrong thing to do, I confessed that as sin, I had to change it back. I think I changed it back last night, and a couple of days later I went on-line, and apparently this same person was on-line with a different nickname.


I started talking about my books, he recognized me, and he said on screen, "Are you___," and he used the name that I had used. I was very friendly towards him. I said, "Hi, how are you doing?" I asked him if there was peace, but we must have been writing at the same time, and I came up on the screen saying, "Hi, how are you, peace?" He came up on the screen saying, "This guy tried to actually cast a demon out of me." He also said something about, "What are all these...", I was not in the Christian room, I was in the pagan room, but I was behaving myself.


I was having an honest interchange of ideas, I was not offensive at all. When we had our original encounter, he was in the Christian room being offensive, but none of this occurred to me, that he got me in my emotions. I was embarrassed, and he was trying to embarrass me in front of the whole pagan room, saying, "This guy...," everyone thinks I am a man. I guess they perceive my spiritual manhood. I do not know anyone who has perceived me to be a woman so far.


He said, "This guy actually tried to cast demons out of me on-line," and right after that, my line came up, "How are you doing, peace?" Apparently, it must have embarrassed him because he immediately left the room without saying goodbye. He just went out of the room, and he was ready to chew me to pieces.


Whether it was Christ in me or that he was embarrassed by my response, I do not know, but he left immediately and that was the end of the conflict. The Lord has been speaking to me about it ever since because I really did not know if I went too far. He spoke to me in the service today, and He said to me, "Sheila, he came into the pagan room and said, What are all these Christians doing in the pagan room? Did it ever occur to you to ask what this pagan was doing in the Christian room? What was he doing in the Christian room?


Was he not producing chaos in the Christian room, did he not come right into your turf and blaspheme the God of the Bible? You tried to cast a demon out of him, if he did not like it, he should stay out of the Christian room." I feel that I have heard from the Lord that I was not out of line.


I was not out of line. Who do you think you are? You come into the pagan room, and you say, "What are these Christians doing here? You go into the Christian room and take over the screen with this anti-Christ spirit?" I drove him out. I have to go back to my...and on-line last night, one guy was talking to the other, and they said, "Whatever happened to that <EM> guy," and I know that they were talking about me. I was on line with a different name, and I was hiding because I was embarrassed, I thought I goofed.


The Lord told me today, "You meet them in boldness and if it comes up again, you say to them, you should know that if in the future, if you come into the Christian room seeking to bring down the Spirit of Christ that is supposed to be ruling over the Christian room, I am going to try to cast a devil out of you, and if you do not like it, go back to your pagan room."


The nerve of them. I remember when I was in Africa asking a whole congregation, "To your knowledge, has God ever sent a preacher into the witch's camp to clean it out?" Everybody said, "No." They come into the Christian camps, and they are doing it on-line. "You were offended because I told you, you were a spiritual woman, and tried to cast a demon out of you? Do not come back!"


The word of the hour is boldness. Fear not what men say about you, because surely they will speak evil of you. I do not know how I got on all that. Some new beginnings this morning.


I was reading you Verse 10 of Chapter 3 of the book of Revelation. Jesus saying, "I will protect you during the time of testing by smiting Leviathan to assure that Christ Jesus rises to the challenge, and the reason that I will do it is because you have used the power that I have given you to keep Leviathan under your feet so that you could live out of Christ Jesus who was conceived in you because of your hope in me." Christ Jesus will be conceived in you because of your hope that Christ Jesus will deliver you.


Look, faith is the substance of things hoped for. I never knew what that meant, but faith or belief in the word of God results in a hope that the promise will be made real to you.


When you hear the message and you believe it, and you hope that this will be made real to you, the very next thing that happens is the person who has the power to make it real to you begins to arise in you! Can you hear this? You see, the deliverance is not coming from Mars, the deliverance is not coming from the sky. If you want to inherit the promises of God, the promise of God must be growing in your soul.


When you hear the word of God and you believe in faith, and hope arises in your heart that God will do it for you, the very next thing that happens is that the one who is going to do it starts to grow in your heart, and then He does it. The only problem is that when He starts to do it, to do what? To deliver you from your problem no matter what it is. He always does the same thing, no matter how different your problem looks from my problem. Christ Jesus growing in your heart always does the same thing first.


What is that, what does He do, what is Christ Jesus here to do? It is real simple, think of a simple answer. More than that, more than that, you have to see your sins to receive His deliverance. What is His deliverance? What are you being delivered from? Yes, Christ Jesus is arising in you to kill Leviathan!


That is the immediate thing He starts to do, as soon as He arises with any strength at all, and at the same time, He will be showing you your sins, because if you are not with Him it is going to hinder the deliverance. You are confessing your sins, you are seeing and confessing your sin puts you on Jesus' side and weakens Leviathan.


The power of the law to kill you or the power of the law to keep you abiding in hell and death is in what? The sting of the law is? Sin. The power of the law is sin. Unconfessed sin in you gives Satan the authority to fight off Christ Jesus, but when you are confessing your sins, Satan the god of Leviathan, loses his power over you, and it is just a matter of time. He is going to die.


Christ Jesus will slay that Dragon in the sea. That is your true reality, your spirit should be released from him, and increase into Christ Jesus wholly. I hope this is blessing you because this Scripture just blessed me last night.


You want to know how you get Christ Jesus formed in you? You have to have hope that He could set you free, and that hope has to be based on a belief or a faith in the word of God, and you cannot have faith in the word of God unless you have heard the word of God! When you hear the word of God, you still cannot have faith unless you understand it.


You could hear the word of God preached in another language, it does not mean a thing. You have to listen. When you listen to this word of God, you have to hear it saying to you, "I love you, I am here to forgive you, and I have the power to translate you out of hell if you will submit to me."


People read this book, and they hear all kinds of crazy things in it. They hear that God hates you, they hear that if you will not do what He tells you He is going to torture you in hell forever with no hope of ever getting out, they hear if you do not tithe, your tires are going to wear out, and you will be in a car wreck.


They hear all kinds of crazy things coming out of this Bible, but when you hear one little part of it that produces a belief in you that the Lord Jesus Christ is able to help you, and you really believe it, Christ Jesus will begin to appear in your heart, and He, the Savior, the God in the midst of you, will do whatever necessary to make the Scripture real to you. Your hope in His ability to help you will result in His appearing in you.


I want to tell you, if your hope is in His making you rich, He is not going to appear in you. If your hope is in Him giving you a husband, He is not likely to appear in you, but if your hope is in Him, He is very likely to appear in you. In this hour, the church is filled with people whose hope is in the loaves and the fishes that they think He can and/ or will give them, but their hope is not in Him, and He is not appearing in them.


The strangest part of the whole thing is that they may be getting what they are hoping for. I honestly do not know whether the Lord is giving it to them, or Satan is giving it to them, but a lot of people in the church are getting what they are hoping for, they are getting money, they are getting material possessions, they are getting husbands and wives and all of the blessings of this world, they are getting what they desire, but their hope is not in Him, and they are not getting Him.


As the sons of God appear and arise in this visible physical world, the Holy Ghost is being withdrawn, and as I preach to you, it is coming to me that these gifts are coming from the Holy Ghost. They are not coming from Satan.


The Holy Ghost comes with gifts, He gave you what you asked for, you got your husband, you got your wife, you got your baby, you got your car, you got your clothes, you got your education, you got your job, you got everything that you asked for, but when the Holy Ghost is withdrawn, you are going to be left with nothing spiritually, because you never got the Savior of the world, and all you are going to have is your gifts, and when the wind blows, your house is going to come down, because it is built on sand, the things of this world. Jesus.


Something is happening this morning, I am not sure what, but it sure is good, because anything that comes from God is good. Jesus. Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus.


Verse 14, "And write to the spiritual man upon whom judgment is about to fall saying, This is what the reliable and believable second witness to the existence of Christ Jesus, and your fallen dead soul says, His spirit of truth protects you like a parent until you can think with the thoughts of Christ Jesus instead of the thoughts of the Devil.


His indwelling presence witnesses and gives you an inward certainty as to the truth or falsity of the preaching and teaching you get and confirms to you what is the truth and what is a lie, and witnesses that Christ Jesus is present in man now and shall be revealed in His full maturity, that He is the first cause, the source of all life, and the substance out of which the creation of God is made.


I know all about your behavior, I know that you are neither living predominantly out of Christ Jesus or Leviathan, but that you are fluctuating between the two to such an extent that you cannot be considered either the Devil or Christ Jesus. You are a perversion. I desire that you should be either the Devil or Christ Jesus.


The King James says, hot or cold. Do not be a perversion, do not mix your seed, either make a full commitment to Me or do not even try. Who do you think you are fooling? Not me, because you are not separating yourselves from your carnal mind by the power of the indwelling Christ Jesus, and Christ Jesus is thus not being revealed in your life. I will disgrace you by rejecting you as a wife, and I will cast Christ Jesus out of your soul. I will abort Christ Jesus in your soul.


If Christ Jesus is not growing in you, if you do not have Him, and you are living out of Leviathan and sinning continuously, Jesus is having mercy on you because you do not have what it takes to stop sinning, but if Christ Jesus has been conceived in you, and you are not living out of Him, you are a disgrace to the name of Christ.


If you take that talent that is given to you, and you do not do anything with it, but you bury it under the earth of Leviathan you are going to lose it, because if you do not use Him, He will atrophy and die, and you will be a man with a spiritual withered arm. Jesus. Because you are lacking none of the material possessions available in this visible physical world, and you think this means that Christ Jesus has given them to you, but because you are ignorant of the fact that the Devil, who you think is my adversary, is actually my servant, and that the burdens and trials you are experiencing are part of the tribulation which is joining you to me.


The ignorance of that fact, and because you do not know that you are the recipient of my mercy which makes you eligible for healing, deliverance and the power to live out of my Spirit, and because you do not know that the burning righteous anger of my Spirit has judged your sins and found you to be in a fallen condition, filled with fear and inhabiting a solid dense body which blinds you to the kingdom of God, and binds you to Leviathan, and because you do not know that Christ is not complete in you, you think everything is great because I have blessed you.


Therefore, I advise you to ask me for a purified spirit, so that you can be rich in the kingdom of God, and a cleansed soul and a preserved physical body, so that your human spirit who is presently raped at will by the carnal mind can be clothed, and that this shameful condition should be done away with. Ask me to heal your eyes which have been denied spiritual knowledge because of my judgments which rest heavily behind you.


Listen, if you cannot hear this message, it is because you are spiritually blind because God has judgments resting on you which means you cannot understand it because of sin. Ask me to heal your spiritual blindness, ask me to let you see again, and this is what I will do when you ask me. I will train up and educate everyone I love by convicting them of their sins, and by executing severe disciplinary action.


To make things as easy as possible for yourself, desire the things of my Spirit ardently and repent. The easiest way to go is to see your sins, confess them and repent. If you will not, or if you cannot, heavy tribulation is already at your door, and it is the love of God towards you.


Look, I am standing at the entranceway to the Kingdom of God trying to get your attention, if any man understands what I am saying..." ...that is the verse we started out with, "...and the door opens, if the door to the Kingdom opens because of your love of God and your hope in him as Savior, and your confession and repentance of sin, and if it is all working together, then your understanding is coming out of Christ.


I will be present with that man by my Holy Spirit and eat with him that is the true communion and true communion means increase into Christ Jesus. I will eat with him and he with me, and we shall be joined, engrafting, the engrafted word, the increase into Christ Jesus."


I want to tell you, brethren, you are not increasing into Christ Jesus believing that God burns you in hell forever. You may get the Holy Ghost on such a message, why? Because God is merciful, He is not even judging you on your doctrine in this hour. There is such ignorance in doctrine in the church, He is just ignoring it.


An example of that is me encouraging you that when you meet someone that you would like to minister to or you feel led to minister to, look for what you have in common. Do not talk about your differences. You come to Jesus with this ridiculous doctrine that is a disgrace to His name, He is not even talking to you about it, He is just saying, Come on in, I will give you the Holy Ghost, just come close to me, I want you badly enough that I am not even listening to the dribble coming out of your mouth, just come on in.


Come on in so that I could say to you, Behold I stand at the door to the Kingdom of God and I knock, and if by some grace, you should get the understanding that I love you, and that I am here to help you, and save you, and forgive you, through that understanding I will come in, and I will commune with you, and you will commune with me, and there will be a union of our spirits, and he who is joined to the Lord shall be one spirit, and you shall enter into the Kingdom of God. Stop eating those stupid crackers and drinking that stupid grape juice, and dancing around and making yourself holy when you are filled with sin, being lifted up in pride because you said, Thus saith the Lord.


Stop building your own kingdoms, for the hour is at hand, says the Lord for the withdrawal of the Holy Ghost. Indeed, He is already being withdrawn says your God. The last call, the last trumpet blast is being sounded, the entrance into the Kingdom of God, the easy way, for great judgment is falling upon the earth says the Lord, beginning at the house of God, and the elders thereof, great tribulation that shall bring you to your proud knees.


I shall strip you of everything, prophecy, tongues, healing, miracles, happiness and joy, which is happiness and joy for a child that has not even been conceived yet. I shall expose the stench of your pride, I shall show you to be powerless, I shall expose your rebellion everywhere, and I shall bring you down, says the Lord, I shall take your congregations from you, I shall take your followers from you, I shall humiliate you publicly by showing you to be just a natural man, and I shall witness to the reality of my life in my sons with miracle working power, and your followers shall be freed from you, and they shall come unto me, and I shall convert their souls with much pain says the Lord, but you who have stood between them and deliverance from hell shall be ashamed.


Yeah, saith God, Very shortly there shall come to pass in the earth great tribulation. My sons shall arise and make a public appearance, the word shall go forth and they shall come from the north and the south and the east and the west for the miracle working power that shall be flowing through my life. There shall be no more debate, I shall shut the mouths of the lions, reality shall appear, power denies debate, there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth.


I shall sustain you in the midst of the hurricane, I shall sustain you in the midst of the tidal wave, have no fear, but call upon my name, and I shall preserve you. I shall bring down the kingdoms of men, I shall dishonor their high institutions of intellect, I shall expose them and bring them to their knees, and they shall come to you, says the Lord, and ask to be your disciple, and you will meet them with my nature. Everyone will not be allowed access. Simon the sorcerer will be cast away, everyone whose heart is not coming because of hope in me shall be denied access to the meetings, to the tapes, and to the books.


Every man approaching shall have his spirit tried. This house shall be guarded by angels, ten feet high standing at every opening, none shall be allowed in with a wrong spirit, fire shall fall upon those trying to force their way in, and great judgment and tribulation is already falling on those who have tried to bring this down. This is the not the battle of man, saith your God, but this is my ministry to my people, and any messenger of Satan who tries to bring it down because of remaining weaknesses in my people shall be severely judged.


Cleave unto me, saith God, for a terrible hour is already beginning. The lake of fire is manifesting in this visible physical world, and everyone who seeks to destroy you, your response shall be fire which shall come out of your mouth. There shall be great fear as you rise from the dead, and they shall try to kill you. The evil men of this world, the most evil of which are in the church, they shall try to kill you, they shall try to hide you, they shall try to bury you, but I shall arise in you with such heightened strength, it shall be impossible to do any of those things, and they shall be as ashamed as a man on his wedding night who finds himself to not be a man. Jesus.


I shall annul the marriage between Leviathan and the soul for it is a perversion unto me and a stench in my nose. As of this very prophecy, I have and am placing fire around this household, at the front door, around the patio. At the entrance to the parking lot, angels are stationed in every position of this community leading to this door.


Messengers of Satan will come from all over the world to try this prophecy. They shall either be converted or killed. Jesus.


Prepare yourselves for the time is now. I am appearing, and I shall appear in the very near future."


I am going back to the beginning of Chapter 3, Verse 1, "And write to the spiritual men of the church in Sardis, the one in whom, Christ Jesus, the fullness of God who is possessing the spiritual man in all seven churches dwells and say, I know that you keep busy with carnal activities hoping to have life because of the spirit which dwells in you, but you are dead because you are living out of your carnal mind. I have not found you policing your activities by living out of Christ Jesus, so be aware that He is judging your sins and turn firmly your carnal mind, whose time it is to die, in the direction of righteousness.


Remember the degree to which Christ Jesus has appeared in you, and how much your carnal mind has learned from Him; therefore, protect what you have gained from Him and admit that even though you have received the engrafted word, you are still living out of your old man, and start living out of Christ Jesus, your new man.


If then, after this warning, you do not keep your eyes turned towards the righteousness of God, I will join myself to you unexpectedly, secretly, and without your permission, and in an unobserved concealed manner, and I will consume you totally, depriving you of life as you now know it, and utterly ruin your organic existence known as the natural or soul man forever.


You will not have the comfort during this painful and stressful process of knowing that these destructive experiences will result in my appearing in you. There are a few spiritual men in Sardis who have not chained their cover, Christ Jesus, by treading Him underfoot, and they shall live in the light of my Spirit, because they have become equal to me."


Full stature, brethren, I declare to you that when the sons of God arise with a sinless nature, they will be taking every member of this soul by spiritual rape, spiritual rape, brethren, that will be acceptable to God because we are spiritually insane. Spiritual rape that will be acceptable to God in the same manner that it is legal in this country to capture someone who is trying to blow his brains out and put him in a mental institution.


The glorified mind of Jesus Christ will be penetrating men's unconscious minds, piercing right through Leviathan's armor and contacting the captive human spirit that is in that mind. Jesus called it "fishing for men." He said, "Ye shall be fishers of men."


What in the world does that mean? I never understood it, to fish for men. You must be dealing with men who are in some body of water. The Lord is speaking about the human spirit who is dwelling in the sea of Satan through her union with Leviathan. Leviathan is playing in the sea. He is the sea Serpent, Leviathan dwelling in the spiritual world which exists in this soul level, not the spiritual world of God. It is the spiritual aspect of this visible world.


We are joined to Leviathan, taken captive and part of the great fish that swims in the sea typified by Jonah swallowed up by the great fish, Jesus said, "Ye shall be fishers of men." What does that mean? You are not going to convert men by giving them tracts.


Look, if that is what you are doing, I am not telling you to not do it. I am telling you there is a greater way that can only be implemented by men who have ascended to a sinless nature. The penetration of one's mind or another's mind is a spiritual crime if you do it with Leviathan, but when the mind of Christ Jesus penetrates the minds of men with a righteous motive of enabling them to increase into Christ Jesus and thus escape from the bondage of this world, it will be legal. We will literally probe men's minds.


That sounds frightening to you? Think of it in these terms. People with strong witchcraft in their mind probe your minds everyday, they probe your mind without permission, they program your thoughts without permission, they invade you and turn you to their way of thinking without permission, not only without permission, you do not even know what is happening to you, and to date there has been no power in earth strong enough to stop this form of witchcraft. It is not the voodoo doctors out there in the jungles, it is mothers doing it to children, it is husbands doing it to wives, it is wives doing it to husbands.


We do not even know what we are doing. We are like a two year old with a loaded shotgun in our hands. The Lord Jesus has come to deliver us from ourselves. The Lord Jesus is coming with that loaded shotgun, not in the hands of a two year old, but in the hands of Almighty God, and He is going to shoot our strong enemy, forcing him to release us that the son of God may once again rule over your individual person, and over this whole creation, and over this whole visible world.


Anyone who opposes the sons of God, fire shall come out of their mouth and destroy that person's carnal mind, and they too shall be saved. The party is over, we have come to the birth, and His sons shall be born. Israel came to the birth, and no son was born. Israel had the word of God, they had the power of God, they had the Spirit of God, but apparently hope did not develop to the point that produced the reproduction of the life of God in their hearts except in one instance, Jesus of Nazareth.


Why? Is this a condemnation against Israel? No. It is that hard, next to impossible to increase into Christ Jesus through a direct union with the Spirit of Christ which was upon Israel, hard, hard, hard. It is a miracle that one man did it. I cannot even imagine it, because I know how hard it has been increasing into Christ Jesus with the Lord Jesus Christ available to engraft Himself to me.


I guess it was just an outstanding miracle. Jesus of Nazareth was just an outstanding miracle, a gift from Jehovah to the world, because we are told that everything that was needed to produce Christ Jesus was present in Israel.


Paul talks about this in the book of Romans. It sounds very simplified in the book of Romans. They did not enter in. Why did they not enter in? Because of unbelief, but why did they not believe?


Because of doubt, but that is true, but it was not that simple. Why did they doubt, why do you believe, and why did they not believe? Because they had no hope. Why did they not have hope? Is that not what this message is all about? They did not understand the message, they did not really understand the message. They thought that they had it all with the priest, and the sacrifices, and the glory that was in Israel. They thought that was all there was.


They did not hope in a personal Savior, because they did not hear the message of a personal Savior. They were living in the day, they were living in the hour. Brethren, is that not what the church is doing today? They are living in the hour with this fantasy of some wonderful thing happening after they die. I do not want to really get into what Israel believes.


I just know that the Lord has shown me that it is not as simple as saying they did not enter in because of unbelief, because that kind of a sentence implies that they had the power to believe and they chose not to.


I do not think that is what happened. Biology tells how difficult it is for a woman to conceive. I never did get it straight whether it is hundreds or thousands of sperm trying to fertilize one egg, one egg!


I am told by our scientists here in this world that conception in a woman is a miracle it is so hard for a woman to conceive. The very environment in a woman's womb is poisonous to the sperm. It is a miracle every time a woman conceives. Spiritually speaking, that is how hard it was for the men of Israel to conceive, and in fact only one man accomplished it. Jesus.


I do not know if they had the whole message. Maybe they did not have the whole message, I do not know, because you cannot go by what the Jews are teaching today, and I have looked at the Kabbalah, Jewish mysticism that goes back, and I do not really know how far it goes back, and what I see when I look at the Kabbalah is the doctrine of Gnosticism, and the doctrine of Gnosticism, in my opinion at this point of my study, is the false doctrine which has arisen out of the spiritual truth which has produced the doctrine of Christ.


What does that mean? What does that mean? It means, if this is the case, let God correct me if I am wrong, because I am not all that knowledgeable here, but from what I see, is the Jewish mystics that became spiritual while under Jehovah's original covenant with Israel went on seeking spiritual things which are in the doctrine of Christ but went off in their carnal minds and bound themselves with a gnostic doctrine.


Peter tells us that the prophets themselves did not understand the message. Brethren, they did not understand the message, just like the church today does not understand the message. You cannot enter in without hope, and you cannot have hope if you do not have an understanding of what you are hoping for! They did not have an understanding of what they were hoping for. They failed to enter in.


Jesus had an understanding of what He was hoping for, I believe it. When we did our series "Jesus In The Jordan," it was revealed in one of the Gospels that He came to Jonah to be baptized, praying. Praying for what? I suggest to you praying for full stature. Jesus had the doctrine of Christ in His heart. He was praying for what He was hoping for, and we have a tape in this ministry called "Praying The Doctrine."


Once you get the understanding of what the promise is, you have to pray for it. You are not likely to get it unless you pray for it. I did not say it is impossible, I said it is not likely. How did you get it Sheila without praying for it? I will tell you how I got it. I tell you how I got here where I am now bringing forth this doctrine. I said, "Lord do anything you want with me, I am not telling you what I need, I am not telling you what to do, I am not telling you what I want, I am just asking you to have mercy on me and help me, and I will take anything you give me," and this is what He gave me. Now I have the message to give to you so that you could hear it, and that you could hope for what I am talking to you about.


You worried about the doctrine? If it is not true, hoping for it will not help you. My teacher used to tell me, "Do not worry about being upset over having demons. If you do not have one, I cannot cast it out of you." You can hope all you want for a false hope, nothing will come of it. Hope for what I am teaching you, and if it is real it will come to you. If it is not real, it will not come to you.


Israel was given the gifts of God, they were given power, more power than is in the church today, but apparently they were not given the true message, or let me correct, excuse me, the Lord just corrected me. They were given the true message, the true message is all through the prophets, but they did not understand. They were given the word, they were given the written word, they prayed them and sang them every day, but they did not understand. I think that is in the epistle. Is that in Peter, does anybody know?


It is either in one of the epistles of John, or I think it is in Peter. I think it is in I Peter that the holy prophets did not know what they were writing about. They did not know. Jesus. Hallelujah.


Verse 5, "The one who overcomes the witchcraft and idolatry in his own carnal mind shall receive the glorified body of light which will prevent Leviathan from covering over Christ. I will acknowledge to my father and to the other spiritual men that Christ Jesus is in him. Let the man whose spiritual hearing is operating understand what the Spirit of God is saying to the spiritual men, and to the spiritual man who has entered into the spiritual world of brotherly love, write saying, The one who is blameless, the one who is without sin, the one who is revealed to the church, the one who has the power to carve His image upon your mind and appear in your soul, the one who has the power to set you free from this dense physical body that you dwell in that binds you to the earth, and from this visible physical world, He is the one who also has the power to deny this mighty deliverance to whomsoever He will, says the Lord."


He can deny it to you. He has the power to give it you, and He has the power to withhold it from you. "I know all about your behavior..." this great one says... "that you are expressing brotherly love, but look, I have given you a vision from this visible, physical world into the quality of life which is available to you in Christ Jesus, and the Devil cannot take that vision away from you, because you have used my miracle working power to keep Leviathan under the authority of Christ Jesus who is appearing in you, and you have not rejected my Spirit. The Devil cannot steal it from you. Look, I will make those who gather in buildings to practice their religion but live out of their carnal minds, who say they are Christians but are not, but are liars, to know that I have joined myself to you, and I will make them submit to your authority in the earth and they will become your disciples."


"Look, I will appear..." this is verse 11... "Look, I will appear in you without further delay if you continue to diligently keep your carnal mind underfoot and prevent her from separating us, and I will make the one who overcomes a permanent fixture in the house of my God, and he will never fall down to the visible physical world again, and I will engrave my Father's image upon his human spirit, and I will give him the glorified soul of the Lord Jesus Christ, the new holy Jerusalem which comes down out of the world of my Father's spirit, and I will write my new name, I will give them the mind of Christ. Let the one who can hear spiritual things understand what the Spirit is saying to the spiritual men in their two stages of spiritual development." That is the kingdom age and the church age, brethren. Jesus. Jesus. Jesus. Thank you Lord. Jesus. Jesus.


Let me just see if there is anything else He wants us to go over, it has been a very powerful morning. Jesus.


Let us try Chapter 2, Verse 2, this is the church of Ephesus, "I know how you labor to survive as a natural man, and I also know of the intense labor, trouble and toil you exercise as you strive to enter in to the Kingdom of God, and of your hopeful endurance, as you awake the spiritual change, which will result in your admittance and how you find the worthlessness depravity and injuriousness of the natural man unbearable. And you have scrutinized and tested those men which say they are apostles of God, but are really not, and have discovered that they are not what they say they are but deceitful men and liars.


And you have endured with a cheerful and hopeful endurance of Christ Jesus and have intensely labored and toiled by the power of my Spirit to enter into the Kingdom of God despite all of the trouble and affliction opposing you in the visible, physical world, and you have not weakened nor given up. But, nevertheless, I have something against you because you laid aside your inherited spiritual authority, forsook the benevolence and protection of God and willfully sinned.


Remember then that despite your admirable efforts to enter into the Kingdom of God, you are still a spiritually weak preacher which has fallen from its original high estate, so confess how weak you are in your own power and by my Spirit, once again, express the life of Christ Jesus in your feelings mind and deeds, and I will arise in you with speed and power, stir up the dust of your soul, rearrange her moral order and permit Satan once again to have dominion over you if you do not confess your weaknesses."


Do you hear it? If you do not confess your weaknesses, all of the dominion that you have gained over Leviathan and Satan in your life, all of the victory that you have been struggling for, for years, all of the improvement in your life, if you do not admit that you are just being sustained by the power of God and that, in and of yourself, you have many weaknesses, if you do not admit it, you are going to lose all of the progress you have made. Why? Because God is mean? Why? Because God is an Indian giver?


No, because you have forgotten your first love.


If you do not know that you are standing because of Christ Jesus, He is going to let you fall because there is no way you are going to ascend into glorification if you think you are doing it in your own power. As a final resort, He will strip you of all the good He has done unto you over these years, better that you should enter into the Kingdom lame and blind than not enter in at all. If you cannot hold on to the revelation of who God is and what He is doing in your life, the victory over poverty, with victory over disease, with victory over emotional disorders, then you will be poverty stricken and physically and emotionally diseased, so that for your own good, you can enter into the Kingdom.


If you can have material things and physical and emotional health and still acknowledge that you are a weak thing who needs God in everything you do, you can have these things. If they are not corrupting you in this world, you can have them. If they are corrupting you, you will not be able to have them. Jesus.


Verse 6, "When I acknowledge that you hate false teachers as much as I do, who bring destruction upon God's people with distorted doctrines which teach that fornication and idolatry are acceptable to God, let everyone who can understand spiritual things hear what the Spirit of God is saying to the men in the church. I will give the eternal life of Christ Jesus' visible spiritual world of total provision to whoever overcomes this present visible, physical world, which was formed by the Dragon. I know how hard you worked to exist in this visible physical world and the pressure and affliction you endure because you are reaping what you have sown and your lack of spiritual life, and I know the evil speaking of those which say they are servants of God and are not, because their minds are a part of this visible physical world through Leviathan.


Do not be afraid of the things which you are about to suffer, but know that I will not interfere when the Devil throws you into prison to test the maturity of Christ Jesus in you, and in the days that Christ Jesus as well as the law of sin and death is revealed in your flesh, you shall suffer anguish and subjection to experiences which will strip you of qualities which do not glorify God. Therefore as your soul dies, join with God in your mind, by acknowledging His law, and I will raise Christ from the dead in you too by intertwining myself with Him."


I see in this Verse 10 of Chapter 2 of the Alternate Translation of the book of the Revelation, a principle that we have recently discussed here. "Do not be afraid of the things which you are about to suffer, but know that I will not interfere when the Devil throws you into prison."


Do you recall our discussion on whether or not God allows something or whether or not God will not interfere. We have a Scripture from my teaching on the issue. I objected to the phrase, "God allows things to happen in this world." The truth is that God has given this world over to Satan. Of course now, Jesus is taking it back, but up until that point, Satan is the God appointed, is the god that Jehovah appointed over this world. Satan had full authority and still has authority over men who have not...over men who are not reaching out to Jesus Christ as Savior. He is the god of this world.


Therefore, to say that Jesus allows things to happen to us is a denial that Satan is the god of this world. Jesus does not allow things to happen here. Jesus either interferes with what the god of this world is doing or holds His peace. It sounds very, very slight, but it is a very important line, Satan is the god of this world. This whole creation was sold over under sin to Satan. He is the god of this world, and he has incarnated everyone existing on this earth. Everyone that is born in a fallen body is incarnated by Satan, he is the god of this world. Even when Jesus incarnated, He came in through Satan's doorway, if you will. Jehovah ordained that Jesus should come into the world, but He was born under sinful flesh. He came in, He incarnated into this world through channels, through the channels of this world. It is like saying, you can go to a foreign country, and you can go in properly through channels, you need a Visa, you need a passport, you go through their border guards and you enter in. That is legally, or you could parachute over their territory and enter in illegally.


Jesus entered into this world, not that He did something illegal, but by violating, or by overriding the laws of this world many times. It is called an epiphany. Every time He appeared as an angel...He appeared to Abraham as an angel, He appeared to Samson's mother as an angel, that was Jesus the spiritual son of God, not Jesus the man, Jesus of Nazareth. Actually, I should be saying Christ Jesus the spiritual Son of God entering into this visible physical world by overriding the authority of the god of this world.


When Jesus incarnated, He humbled Himself. God made Him lower than the angels, made Him into a fallen man, and incarnated through channels.


This world is an established reality for everyone that is subject to it, and it has a God- appointed head, and Jesus either interferes with the activities of this government, or He does not interfere. He does not allow anything that goes on here. He allowed it one time, when this world came into existence.


Jesus allowed everything that is happening here with one stroke of the pen, you might say, when He signed the order that says, "Let the Dragon incarnate," or that "I will not interfere with the Dragon incarnating, and I sell this creation over to Satan under sin, I sell him under sin."


With that one event, Jesus allowed everything that is happening here, and He either overrides the decision of the god of this world, just as the Supreme Court has the right to overturn a decision of a lower court, or He holds His peace, and if He holds His peace, the god of this world just does his thing. To say that God, that Jesus allows something to happen in this world, it is a twisting of the truth, and I encourage you with all my strength to ask the Lord to help you to stop expressing yourself that way, because you are speaking a lie, and you are giving people who do not know the Scriptures very well a wrong impression.


You are teaching a lie, you are teaching a false doctrine by using that phrase, and you are responsible for it, because we have discussed it in this ministry, and the Lord wants you to stop doing it. You are sending people on a wrong path. "I will not interfere when the Devil throws you into prison, to test the maturity of Christ Jesus in you."


Chapter 2, Verse 10 of the Alternate Translation Bible, "I know how you labored to survive in this visible physical world, and I know that your thoughts words and deeds are coming from the Devil over whom Satan is lord, and you held on to my Spirit and did not reject my promise of salvation when your carnal mind tread Christ, my faithful witness in you, underfoot and slew Him in the temple of your soul where Satan rules.


When you are overcome, brethren, not backslidden now, but when you are overcome, you held on to my Spirit and did not reject my promise of salvation when you fell down on your face. That is a good thing, but nevertheless I have a few things against you because there are those amongst you who has the prophet Balaam taught Balak, the enemy of Israel how to destroy the chosen of God by encouraging fornication with pagan women, and participating in their pagan religious rituals, you are teaching God's people to fornicate with Leviathan, to worship Satan and to sacrifice their new man, Christ Jesus, to the Serpent, who is the author of all of the false doctrine that fallen men teach.


Jesus, Jesus, Israel can only be destroyed through their own sin. And there were also those amongst you who believe that God is not the creator of the world, and have adopted the pagan practice of separating the spiritual men from the spiritual women, which things I hate."


What is God, being the creator of the world, having to do with separating the men from the women? Is that not an interesting thought? You know what it is saying? It is saying God does not have authority in His own church. It is saying that if God wants to raise up a woman to minister, every man and every organization that says that women cannot minister here, is denying that God has created this world. God can do anything He wants in this world.


"Repent or I will come to you speedily and wage strong spiritual warfare against you through my servants who speak with power and authority. The one who overcomes his own carnal mind, I will cleanse his spirit and change his nature into Christ Jesus. Jesus. And write the spiritual men of the church in Thyatira saying, The son of God whose soul has been consumed by converted into the fire of Almighty God, and whose members upon the earth have been glorified unto fine brass and have become the iron furnace of Egypt in the earthen oven which purifies the fallen dead soul into perfection. This is what I have to say to you, I know how you labor to survive in this visible, physical world, and I know that you are manifesting my Agape love by serving diligently in the administration of my Gospel, and I know of your beliefs in me through your salvation, and your cheerful endurance, and your efforts on behalf of the work which was committed to Christ Jesus, and I recognize your work for the Lord, and the spreading of His Gospel more than I recognize your labor to survive in this world, because all these reveal that Christ Jesus is being formed in you, nevertheless, I have a few things against you because you let that woman Jezebel who says she speaks the truth of God but is a liar, who has all of Leviathan's negative qualities to have authority over you and to trick my people into fornication through the false doctrines of this visible physical world, which teach them to worship other gods. And I gave her an opportunity to admit that she was guilty of fornicating with the spiritual men who are supposed to be exercising authority over her and to change her ways, but she would not do it."


This is speaking about the existing five-fold ministry, acting like she is the man, crushing the spiritual man and in many instances bringing him into fornication, because he is not strong enough to stand against her. "So look at what I am going to do, I will weaken Jezebel (that is the five fold ministry, everyone who is teaching false doctrine is Jezebel), by stripping her of her spiritual authority, and I will cause great tribulation to come upon my spiritual sons who are her lovers, if they will not admit what they are doing and stop it."


That was in the prophecy earlier. It is coming to pass now. "And I will destroy her future generations." Listen to this, this is Verse 23 of Chapter 2 of the Alternate Translation Bible, the book of Revelation, "And I will destroy her future..." Whose future generations? Jezebel's future generations with the curses and judgments which operate in this visible, physical world. That is talking about wiping you out physically. It is going to wipe out Jezebel by hindering you from reproducing yourself, going to wipe out future generations.


I do not think I want to go to a second tape on this. Let me just read this on to the tape, "And the believers dwelling in both spiritual worlds will know that I am the one who can see into the innermost being and motives of men, and I will recompense each and every one of you according to the deeds that you do. I will destroy Jezebel's future generations (that is talking about the destruction of Leviathan), with the curses and judgments which operate in the natural world."


That means Jezebel is going to be knocked out by circumstances, by hard times in trouble, the troubles of this world.





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