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This is a message that the Lord gave me during the song service. It is not the message that I prepared for today, so we are going to be bringing this forth by revelation. This is a message for the church.


Let me start by defining karma. Karma is the doctrine of sowing and reaping which goes hand-in-hand with reincarnation. What do I mean by that? The Bible speaks about us sowing and reaping, so we know that sowing and reaping is a valid spiritual principle in our life, but karmic sowing and reaping according to the Eastern teachings is a doctrine which is found in Hinduism and Buddhism and probably in every other Eastern religion.


Karma is a doctrine which goes beyond sowing and reaping and teaches that you can reap what you sow unto salvation. In other words, if you keep doing good works you will eventually become immortal. Christianity does not teach that.


The Christian Scriptures teach that we become immortal. Does anybody know how we become immortal? What is our key to immortality?


COMMENT: Having Christ Jesus formed in us?


PASTOR VITALE: That is true. Our key to immortality is through union with the Son. We become immortal when our humanity becomes joined to the Son of God because he who is joined to the Lord is one spirit, and when our spirit is the eternal spirit all of us shall be immortal.


Let me clarify this now. We are going to go slow with this, and if I lose you please let me know because I am going to try and pace myself with this message.


Eastern karma, the karma of the Eastern religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, probably Baha'i, and all of the Eastern religions teach or include in the philosophy of their religion a doctrine called karma which is sowing and reaping unto salvation.


Karma teaches that you will reap what you sow. If you sow good works, you will reap good things in your life, and among those good things will be immortality, because is not salvation immortality? That is an interesting way to put it.


We have taught here that the church is not saved, that most people have just been reconciled unto God, and some of us have been justified, but the only one who has been truly saved is Jesus of Nazareth. Taking salvation in the context we are taking it in here is another witness that the church is not saved, because salvation is immortality. If you are saved, you are immortal.


I know that I have preached it on a lot of tapes that if you are truly saved that you would not be sick, and you would not be dying, but I do not believe I have ever used the word immortal before. Salvation is immortality. Jesus Christ is the only man who is truly saved. He has become immortal, completely immortal. The personality of the man Jesus is immortal.


For every human being who does not attain to immortality in this life, their immortal spirit does, in fact, return unto the Father, and their spirit is immortal. Our spirit is immortal. Every man has an immortal spirit. You hear it preached as the immortal soul, but the correct way to say it is the immortal aspect of your soul, because the soul is clay, and the soul that sins will die.


To speak about an immortal soul is inconsistent with the Scriptural teaching that the soul that sins will die. What is the reconciling factor between the two statements, the immortal soul, and the soul that sins will die? The link that is missing is the way it is phrased in the English. The spirit in the soul is immortal. The soul that sins dies, but the spirit that is in the midst of the soul returns unto the Father, because it is immortal.


To speak about an immortal soul is an inaccurate phraseology, yet, nevertheless, there is a part of a human being which is immortal. The correct term is our immortal spirit. We have an immortal spirit and a mortal soul, but our personality, each individual's personality, is not permanently formed until we are completely saved, spirit, soul, and body, and glorified as Jesus of Nazareth was. That is the true salvation.


I am sorry for anyone listening to this tape who thinks that they are saved because their spirit knows Jesus, because their spirit has been reconciled unto Jesus and, therefore, when they die to this body their personality goes and abides in a place called heaven where their personality will continue as it existed here on this earth.


Brethren, personality is soul, and the soul that sins will die, and the fact that your spirit has been reconciled unto God, even if it has begun to increase into Christ Jesus, does not mean that your soul has stopped sinning. Your soul does not stop sinning until it stops sinning.


When your spirit is reconciled unto the Lord Jesus Christ and increases into Christ Jesus, His job is to stop your soul from sinning. If Christ Jesus in you completes His assignment... what assignment? If Christ Jesus in you matures to the point where He is able to and, in fact, stops your soul from sinning before the death of your body, should your body die, that mature mind of Christ Jesus who has proved His maturity by rendering your soul incapable of sin will raise your body from the dead, and you will have an experience similar to that of Jesus of Nazareth.


If you die to this body, even if Christ Jesus is in the process of being formed in you but has not yet stopped you from sinning to the point that, not what my opinion is, but to the point that Jesus declares you to be a righteous man, a man without sin...not unless Jesus declares you as sinless, incapable of sin, if you die to your body before that condition no matter how much of Christ Jesus is in you, if He has not completed the work that He was sent to complete, the personality that you are in now will dissolve.


The personality that you are in now will dissolve. That is a hard word, but it is time for the church to grow up. The work of Christ Jesus transcends any one individual lifetime. The first fruits is Christ Jesus. The Son of God is Christ Jesus. Christ Jesus is appearing in a many-membered spiritual plant called humanity.


Until He stands up, and what does that mean? Until He matures enough and defeats or overturns, that is the Scriptural word, overturns the soul of the individual, so dominating that soul that it is incapable of sin, until that point, the personality is temporal.


The personality is as temporal as the personality of your eight year old child or your 14 year old teenager, and if you die to your body before your soul is overthrown... What does that mean? Before your soul is so dominated by Christ Jesus that it is incapable of sin, your personality will not continue.


Your spirit will continue, your soul will die. Why? Because it has not yet been overthrown by Christ Jesus, and the soul that sins must die. This "fairy tale" type of Christianity that is in the church today has to go. The Lord is overturning it right now. Christianity is a serious business. It is a serious discipline. It is a walk of continuous warfare and hardship.


I hear the Pharisees screaming. Did Paul not say "Endure hardship like a good soldier"? It is a hard walk, but all things are possible in Christ Jesus.


Let us get back to the point of this message. We are speaking about Eastern karma, karma unto salvation, karma unto immortality through good works. You do good works, and you do good works and, eventually, you will stop dying. This is not what Christianity teaches.


Karma is the perversion upon which the true doctrine arises, and the true doctrine is this, that you will reap what you sow. Your life can be good or evil, or more good and less evil, or more evil and less good, depending on the works that you do, depending on what you do.


You have to be kind to other people. When you have a choice, when someone's infuriating you, and you have a choice, you have to choose to be kind. You have to choose to forgive, you have to choose to love the unlovable, you have to choose to do your duty instead of abandoning it.


You have to choose to be faithful to your wife no matter how great the temptation. You have to choose to do righteousness, and your life will be more good than evil, but it will not arise into immortality through good works. Immortality is only through union with the Son. Immortality is only through union with immortality.


Immortality is in the person of Jehovah. He is immortality, and He has a Son. The name of Jehovah's Son is Christ Jesus and Christ Jesus, like His Father, is immortal. Man is made out of the dust. When a man made out of dust is joined to immortality, the dust too becomes immortalized.


That is what happened to Jesus' soul and physical body. It was immortalized. It was dust, His soul and His body were made out of dust. The dust was immortalized when He touched the immortal spirit. The term that you are used to in the Scriptures is "glorified." That is what glorified means. It was immortalized. It was changed in its molecular structure. It was swallowed up by immortality.


Is that not what Paul said? "This mortal must be swallowed up by immortality." That which is mortal, the soul and the body, must be swallowed up by the immortal spirit for us to be immortal.


This type of teaching will be very distressing to many Christians, but it is the truth. There is a karma that is true. It is the truth upon which the doctrine of karma unto salvation is based. Karma, reaping and sowing, do not be afraid of the word. We have had several messages recently. One of them is called Sticks and Stones.


Do not be afraid to use words that people in New Age or people in the Occult use. Do not be afraid to use the name of Jehovah, because Jehovah's Witnesses use the name of Jehovah. You use whatever words necessary to express the Truth of God as it is flowing through you. Let the enemy flee from you.


If someone hears you using a word, let them discern whether you are speaking the truth of that word or the lie of that word. Christians must stop running. It is time for us to take our position of authority. Karma, sowing and reaping.


I think karma must be the Hindu word, but it is a word that is known by just about everyone in this country. Most people have heard of karma. Certainly people in religious circles have heard of karma. Do not be afraid of it. Christians have to know that karma equals sowing and reaping. I will be repeating myself a lot today. Karma equals sowing and reaping.


The difference between karma and sowing and reaping is that karma says that sowing and reaping can result in immortality, and the sowing and reaping which Jesus spoke about says, "No, sowing and reaping cannot bring you to immortality. It can merely give you a better life here during your stay in hell; nevertheless, faith without works is dead."


That means you do not really have a choice whether or not you do good or evil, and to do good because you hope to reap good things is not a valid reason as far as Jesus is concerned for doing good. It is a valid reason as far as you are concerned, as far as your children are concerned. Do good so that your children and your offspring can be blessed, but as far as Jesus is concerned...and why Jesus? Jesus has been sent to bring you unto immortality.


We are living two lives at once. We are living the life here on earth, and then we are also living in another life. We are living in another world, we are living in a parallel world, a world that is given to us by the Lord Jesus in the hopes that we will enter into it. Did He not say, "I stand at the door and I knock." He is offering us another world, a world which is immortal, and He wants us to enter into it.


Our good works, depending on our motives for doing them, will either give us a life down here in hell which is more good than evil; that is, if our motive is to give ourselves a better life, or good works can be a step up into the Kingdom of God which is immortality, because we are doing these good works as an exercise of our faith. Not because they are necessarily going to bring good things into our life, but because of our love of God. Or, because, even more, the love of God is in us. Or, even more, because righteousness is what we desire.


We desire righteousness, which is just another way of saying faith in Jesus Christ. He is righteousness. Those of us who do good works out of a desire to please God, and even better yet those of us who do good works because God is in us, and He is doing those good works through us, have an opportunity to enter into immortality. We see a very fine line.


You have to have spiritual ears to hear what I am saying. I will say it again. Good works, in and of themselves, will not produce immortality. Good works that are done because of a desire for immortality, because of a desire for self improvement, because of a desire for self, are not likely to result in immortality. They will give you an improved life here in hell.


Good works which are done because one desires to be like Jesus are likely to lead to Christ being formed in you, and Christ being formed in you, Himself doing the good works through you, leads to immortality. Can you hear it?


There is a reaping and sowing unto immortality, but let us not leave the middle step out. I have talked to you about this before. That is why our Bible is amplified. Sometimes, essential steps are left out. Why? Because they are mysteries. Mysteries are only available to the initiated. Mysteries are only available to those who have made a serious commitment to go on with God in a spiritual walk.


We have reaping and sowing by one's own self which leads to a good life. Reaping and sowing for one's own betterment leads to a good life. Sowing and reaping to please God equals an increase into Christ Jesus. Christ Jesus sowing and reaping through us equals immortality. Is that clear?


Sowing and reaping for one's own betterment is not a bad thing. You want to improve your life, you start doing good works, it is not a bad thing, and it will result in a good life rather than an evil life. Sowing and reaping to please God will result in the formation of Christ Jesus in you, and when Christ Jesus is formed in you He, Christ in you the hope of glory, will sow good things in you, and when Christ Jesus is the one in you sowing good things through you, you will reap immortality.


What we are inclined to see in the Scriptures, or what karma teaches is sowing and reaping equals immortality. The karma doctrine is not merely in error, it is just missing a link. Can you see that? Of course, missing a link makes it an error. I do not want any Pharisees getting a hold of me. What I am trying to say is that there is spiritual truth in the doctrine of karma. It is just lacking spiritual truth.


I find spiritual truth in almost every religion, and the more spiritual the religion the more spiritual truth they have, but it is either lacking something, or they have got it backwards. Sowing and reaping equals immortality. Karma equals immortality IF your motives for sowing good things are pure.


Buddhists believe in karma. I read about a Buddhist colony once that had such a strong revelation of sowing and reaping that when some robbers came and wiped out their whole camp, killed a lot of their people, murdered, did terrible things to them, this group of Buddhists stood as one man, they stood physically together, and they would not fight back believing that if they fought back, if they did any form of evil, this cycle of good and evil in the world would be perpetuated.


They were willing to suffer the loss, and they just stood as one man. I think they prayed, or they sounded the omm, or whatever they did. They refused to retaliate, believing that they were saving the world, not understanding that you have to increase into Christ Jesus.


There is an intermediary step. One must increase into Christ Jesus before one goes on to immortality. I want to tell you that there are some Buddhist that are going to increase into Christ Jesus. It all depends on what their motive was for wanting to better the world.


Do not stop reading, all you Christians. I know what I am talking about. Hear me out. When I was a young Christian, I was hearing all these doomsday disasters about the tribulation and about this country, pray for this country, "If my people humble themselves and repent I will save their land." I was very frightened, and I was praying every day, sometimes twice a day that this country should repent, but I want to tell you that my motive for praying that prayer was because I was scared.


My motive was self-preservation. I was putting my emotions into it, and one day the Lord spoke to me, and He said, "I want you to stop praying that prayer that you are praying out of fear. I do not want to hear it in your mouth again, it is an abomination to me." I stopped praying the prayer, and I was delivered from a lot of fear.


Several years after that, Christ Jesus in me started to pray for this country. Not because of self-preservation or a desire for self-preservation, but because of a broken heart as to what was happening to a nation that was founded on Christ, and I went through a period of time, I cannot tell you how long it lasted, but I cried, cried tears with deep sobs that God turn this country around.


About five years later, I saw wonderful things happening in this country. I am not telling you I was the only one who prayed. I am sure many faithful prayed, but I believe that my prayers were at least part of the group prayer that is bringing about the changes in this nation, in our government, and in the hearts of the people.


If you pray for self-preservation, you may or you may not be preserved. It depends. If you do good works for the purposes of self-preservation, you will probably reap good things in your life but not immortality.


Getting back to that group of Buddhists then, the question is how many of them that were willing to die so as to not do a deed which would continue the cycle of good and evil in this world, how many of them were doing it for self-preservation? Obviously, not for themselves because they could have died, but for their future generations, and how many of them were doing it because they truly had an altruistic desire to save the world?


Altruistic, let me teach you that word. Do you know the word hedonism? I have used that word a lot. Hedonism, pleasure at any price, no self-restraint, no sacrifice, if it feels good do it. That has been a big motto in this country. Hedonism, pleasure at any price, no duty, no self-sacrifice, do not worry about the other guy, if it feels good do it.


Altruism, good works which require a sacrifice, the good of someone or something outside of yourself. That increase into immortality is a result of or may be a result of good works, depending on the motive for good works.


Is this not one of the major principles that we have been teaching in this ministry? Motive, motive. God discerns the motives of your heart. If one engages in ungodly or illegal behavior, there will be a negative sowing and reaping, but God discerns the motives of your heart. He does not justify sin, but the stripes that you receive will be directly related to your motives.


Extreme example. If you steal a loaf of bread because you are starving, stealing is still a sin. If you have, in fact, done this crime or committed this crime out of desperation, mercy will be rendered some how, some way by the Judge of the universe. If you are committing sins because you have no control over them, and you are trying and striving to not do it any more, but you do it anyway, you must reap what you have sown, but you will receive mercy at the hands of the God of the universe.


Motive is essential when dealing with spiritual things, and motive is primary when dealing with spiritual men. You still will reap what you sow. The Scripture that comes to me right now is this, that "The winds come, and your house is not built on the rock, you house will be torn down, but nevertheless your spirit will be saved." If you commit a crime because you have been overtaken, you will reap what you have sown.


Hopefully, your whole house will not be blown down, but you will suffer loss. I think that is in that passage too, you will suffer loss. If you sin you will suffer loss but if you sin because you have been overcome, the Lord Jesus will help you by giving you dominion over that sin. He will deliver you from it, and that which you lost will be restored, because that which you lost is temporal, it is a thing, it is material.


After you have been delivered from your sin, after your sin has been uprooted from you, you will get another one, whatever it was. Did Job not get other children? Did Job not get other cattle? Did Job not get another house? We used to preach that he got another wife, but a couple of people in this congregation pointed out to me that was not so. At least the Scriptures do not say so.


I want to suggest to you that....just to go off on a tangent for a moment, I prayed about Job's wife when two members of this congregation pointed that out to me. I seem to be getting an answer to that prayer right in the middle of this message, so let me divert. I believe that Job....some teachers say that he did not exist, that the story is just a parable. Others say he did exist.


I would like to suggest to you at this time, whether he existed or not, he was a mature spiritual man who existed either before the flood or on the level of the men before the flood, and what is the overriding characteristic of the men who lived before the flood? They were giants, but they were not in these fallen bodies. They were not male and female. Giants are not male and female.


Let me make this clear, giants do not come in the male and female variety. Giants are male and female within themselves. Giants have the ability to reproduce by a form of cell division. There is no record in the Scriptures of giants reproducing the way humans reproduce. There is no female giant that I can read about in the Scriptures. Giants and the men that lived before the flood were both male and female.


They reproduced by some form of cell division; therefore, I could say that Job's wife was within him. We might say Job was a spiritual man, and his wife was his soul. You could look at it that way if you want to. We have done some teaching on this issue here in this ministry saying that Sarah, Abraham's wife, was the first wife to have a name, to have an individual name aside from Cain's descendants. We are talking about Seth's descendants now.


I suggest to you the reason that the wives of other men named in the Scriptures were not named is that their wives were not individuals, but their wives were a part of their spiritual makeup. They were giants who were both male and female who were not yet in an animal body and who did not reproduce the way fallen man reproduces.


If this is true, if you could just believe it to follow my hypothesis here, if this were true then it would be correct to say that Job got a new wife. Why? Because we have a soul in this hour. Let us use modern man who is in the process of being converted into Christ Jesus as our example. We have a fallen soul when the Lord Jesus comes to us. Our soul is dead, and the way that our soul is being raised from the dead is that we are being renewed in the spirit of our mind. When our mind changes our soul changes. When our soul goes from dead to life, when our mind goes from Leviathan to the Word of God our dead soul will be made alive.


If that spirit that raised Christ from the dead dwells in you it will quicken your mortal body, your mortal body is your soul. When you have a dead mind, your soul is dead. When your mind is alive, because it is the mind of God your soul is alive. I suggest to you then that Job at the beginning of his story was a soul man, and that he had the fallen mind of the Dragon before the flood. The mind was the Dragon, and that his soul was dead.


Remember, Job's wife said, curse God and die. It could not have been a living soul that said curse God and die. Job had a conversion experience. He became, you might say, a born again believer, and his mind was converted from the dead mind of the Serpent in the form of the Dragon into the living mind of Christ Jesus, and when his mind converted into Christ Jesus his soul was made alive, and for all intents and purposes he had a new wife. The wife of the dead mind is the harlot. She is a harlot. She is a wicked woman.


The wife of the Son of God is virtuous. The same soul, if her mind is dead she is dead and a harlot. If her mind is alive, she is alive and virtuous. For all intents and purposes then, Job did have a new wife, Job did receive a new wife, if you can receive that parable. I thank the Lord for that question which was prayed several months ago, maybe even a year ago.


To get back to the content of this message then, sowing and reaping may result in immortality depending on your motive for sowing and reaping. If your motive is the love of God you can hope, you have that hope that you will attain unto immortality. As far as the Buddhists go, I suggest to you that any Buddhist in whom a desire for the good for all mankind was arising...some men have the law of God written in their hearts. Somewhere along the line they will meet the Savior and increase into Christ Jesus when the time is right.


We cannot enter into immortality before the door opens. There is a time, and there is a season. Right now, the season which is enabling men to begin the process which may end in immortality is open.


That season has started. The season in which men can begin on the path which leads to immortality, that season began with the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Amen. The season began in which men have the opportunity to begin on the path which leads to immortality. It is called the Kingdom of God. However, the season in which men can actually jump from death unto life I do not believe has yet begun. We are very close. I believe it is about to happen at any moment. It is a door into immortality, but I do not know anyone that has walked through yet.


I believe the season in which men will be able to enter into immortality will begin when the first man in this generation enters in. He will open the door. Have you not heard about the first born opening the womb? As soon as one person goes through it becomes much easier for the others. Jesus went through, and it is much easier for the multitude that is in the race.


Jesus went through. He opened the matrix for those who are not in the process of preparing themselves for immortal life or for immortality, but there is going to be another opening or completion of that opening. We are the body. The head has gone through. Now the body has to go through the matrix. I believe the first man of the body that goes through will make it much easier for all the others who are laboring the labor or working the work or sowing the sowing that will enable them to reap immortality.


I think I used a wrong word just a few minutes ago. The church age, I think I said the Kingdom age, the church age indicates the time period in which the opportunity is afforded to men to begin to prepare themselves for immortality. Jesus is the mechanism that when taken into one's self and attached to one's self, if one follows the rules and uses that mechanism and works that mechanism according to God's rules he will begin to become spiritual, and spirituality which develops in Christ Jesus is necessary to enter into immortality.


The church age is available to men in this hour, but the Kingdom age, the age in which men increase into immortality, what is the name of the condition that brings us into immortality? What are we hoping for in this hour? What is the condition of the man, what is Jesus' condition? What was His condition in the days of His flesh? He was in full stature.


Let me put it to you this way. You may notice that I will say the same thing in two or three different ways. I will say it in as many ways as I can think of. Maybe you will understand one way, maybe you will not be able to understand one set of words, but you will understand it another way. I say things as many ways as the Lord puts in my mind. Full Stature is the beginning of immortality. Immortality.


What is another word that we have used a lot that is very similar to immortality? Resurrection. There are three stages of resurrection. Full Stature is the first stage of resurrection. It is the first step into immortality. Full Stature is not immortality. It is still a part of the process, a very important stage of the process which leads to immortality. The hardest part of the race which results in immortality is arriving at Full Stature.


In the natural, doctors will tell you that a woman is most likely to have a spontaneous abortion or to have a miscarriage in the first three months of her pregnancy. Most people that fall away from the process which is preparing them for immortality fall away in the time period which leads up to Full Stature. I think that they do not fall away so much because of weakness, but because of a lack of vision. Without a vision My people perish.


I used to go to a church that had that Scripture across the whole pulpit, and I really did not know what it meant. Brethren, if you do not have a vision of what Jesus is doing for you, and that it is happening to you right now....some people have a vision, but they do not think it is happening now. If you do not have a vision that you are in a race which can end in immortality or, at the very least, will end if you stick with it, in spirituality.


I cannot promise you that you will enter into immortality before your body dies because the door has to be opened, the season has to begin, but what you will acquire in this world if you run this race, I can promise you, spirituality, if you desire spirituality. I desire spirituality. I desire to be a spiritual person. I desire to see, and hear, and walk, and talk, and fly in the spirit. To me, it is the most exciting thing that ever happened to me, to have a life in the spirit. That, I can promise you if you follow the path that Jesus has outlined for you.


In this life you will reap spirituality in varying degrees depending on where you were when you started, and on how much effort you put into running this race. You will reap spirituality. Whether or not you will reap the beginning of immortality known as Full Stature depends on whether you are alive, whether your body is still alive....that is not a good word because life is only in the Son...whether or not your body is still walking around on this earth at the time that the door opens so I cannot promise you immortality because there is a season, but I can promise you spirituality if you follow Jesus.


That does not mean that you follow Him in the way your mind would like you to follow Him. You have got to follow Him. You have to be a disciple of Christ, you have to labor in doctrine, you have to join yourself to the ministry that He puts you in and labor in that ministry, and I promise you spirituality.


That does not mean going to church three times a week dancing around and yelling hallelujah and walking out the door and expecting to be spiritual. You are going to reap what you sow. The more you put into becoming spiritual the more spiritual you will become. Most people fall away from the process which leads to immortality in the first trimester which is now that time of our existence in which we are headed for Full Stature, because most Christians have never even heard of Full Stature. A lot of them do not believe in it. They believe in the rapture, and then some of them who believe in it think it is not for now, it is not for them. There are not enough churches supporting the lifestyle that leads to full stature, and they just fall away.


Once you arrive at Full Stature, then the next step is the circumcision without hands, and that is the extracting of Christ from the carnal mind because Christ is growing within the carnal mind. Christ and the carnal mind are one. They are coming out of the same mother. Who is the mother? Who is the mother of all living? Eve.


Both Christ and the carnal mind are growing out of Eve. They are twins. They have different fathers, but the same mother. What does that make you? They are maternal twins. Christ and the carnal mind. Leviathan and the Word of God are related. They have the same mother. The circumcision without hands....actually, they are Siamese twins. They are joined in a life-giving organ. Is that not interesting?


Every spiritual thing has a natural example. Christ and the carnal mind are Siamese twins. Maternal, Siamese twins. They cannot live this way. Either their heads are joined or they are sharing the same heart. I guess they are sharing the same heart. That is one of the conditions known to man, is it not? Siamese twins sharing the same heart.


Brethren, only one can live. One has to die so that the other can live because if a separation does not take place, both will die. They are joined in their hearts. If they are not separated, both will die. Circumcision without hands. Circumcision is a cutting away, second stage leading up to immortality.


The third stage is glorification. The breaking down into its basic atomic structural components of the soul and the physical body that they might be swallowed up by the mature spiritual mind of Christ Jesus. Broken down to their basic molecular part and mingled so completely with the glorious and glorified life of Christ Jesus that they become one new creature, of the twain, the carnal mind and the Christ mind, of the twain, they should become one new man in the image of the Father. Called, we are told in the book of Revelation, what is it called? The creation. Jesus said I am the first of the creation of God.


Karma may lead to immortality depending upon the motive for your good works. Next point. Karma, or sowing and reaping, transcends generations. I do not know what the Christian church teaches about this. To the best of my knowledge, they just teach that you will reap what you sow in this life. If you hear a teaching in a Christian church, to the best of my knowledge, if they hear a teaching that sowing and reaping transcends generations they quickly reject it and identify it as karma.


Eastern karma teaches that sowing and reaping transcends generations. I saw a movie about it once, and an American man grew up in a very wealthy family, college educated but had a stirring in his soul that he could not satisfy. He was not happy with the things of this world, and he set upon a journey to find himself. He studied with Eastern masters, and spiritual men in this world look very strange to people who fit into this world. He gave up all the things of this world. He had a college education, and he took a job that required no education at all because he wanted to experience all forms of life.


To make the story short, the end of the movie was that this very deep spiritual man came to the conclusion after a whole lifetime of trying to find himself that the good things that will be reaped from good things sown are not necessarily reaped in the same lifetime. This was a Hollywood movie that I saw. This man did everything. He choose to do good in every situation, led a self-sacrificial life because he was seeking some kind of spiritual renewal. Of course, he was not doing it in Christ.


The very end of the movie was that he....because good things did not come into his life...he suffered a great deal in his life, the end of the movie was his recognition that you do not necessarily reap what you have sown in this lifetime. That sounds like reincarnation to me, get this woman out of here. No, brethren, it goes from generation to generation. Your sowing of good works may not be reaped in your lifetime. Your children may reap them.


Have you not heard that the curses go on to the third and fourth generation, but that the blessings of God are unto a thousand generations. We are just saying the same thing as the Eastern religions. Look, if we are in agreement with them let us be in agreement with them. Why does the Christian church put a ten foot wall between us and other religions? How do we hope to minister to these people if we cannot find some basis upon which we agree?


The Bible teaches that sowing and reaping, Christian karma if you will, spans generations. Did you ever hear the non-Scriptural statement that the good die young. It is very common. People doing many good works die young. Many Christians living their whole life as a sacrifice for Christ, die. I know one such woman. I know two women that when they died people in the church were devastated. These two women lived for Christ. They both died from cancer. One a young woman leaving a small child. How could God let her die?


I am not going to get into that whole thing in this message right now, but I suggest to you that all of her good works that were truly motivated for righteousness in Christ were inherited by her son. That does not mean that you cannot have good things happen to you in this lifetime. I am talking about an overall effort to change one's life can span generations.


The first time I preached this I had someone in this congregation call me up frantically the next day accusing me of putting fear on them, because what they heard in this message was that you may not attain to salvation in this lifetime, your child may inherit that salvation. My answer was that if you are afraid, get delivered. You want me to stop preaching the Word of God because it makes you afraid? If you are afraid, it is because you are reacting with your soul and not your spirit.


Brethren, if the door to immortality does not open before your body dies you are not going to have immortality. Hopefully, one of your offspring will inherit it. If the door to immortality opens and your body dies anyway, being afraid about it is not going to get you anywhere. You serve God, brethren, because you love God. You serve God everyday of your life, every second, every minute, every hour of every day of your life because you love Him, and you take it a day at a time.


If you are serving God to preserve your own life, you are probably going to lose it anyway. Did Jesus not say something like that? If you seek to save your own life....he who seeks to save his own life will lose it, but he who loses his life so that Christ Jesus can live His life through you will find life.


It is possible to experience life in this flesh even before the door to immortality opens. What is life? Christ Jesus is Life. What we call life here is a lie. It is a phoney, a counterfeit, it is not really life. Life is only in the Son in Christ Jesus. I have experienced His Life. I experience His Life frequently. It makes me reject this world.


Every time I experience the life of Christ Jesus the effect that it has on me is to make me reject this world more and more. I want the true thing, I want the genuine article, I want Life with Christ Jesus, not because I am afraid of this world down here, but because I have seen a good thing, and I want it. I pray for it frequently. I experience His Life, and the more you experience His Life down here in hell, the more hell punishes you so you find yourself in a paradoxical situation.


The Scriptures put it like this: "It was sweet in his mouth, but it was bitter in his belly." Glorious spiritual experiences in Christ Jesus, but the part of your person, the area over which Satan has authority which is your soul and your physical flesh, Satan will punish to the fullest extent that he can get away with.


Those of us who are seeking to live in the Life of Christ Jesus are in a continuous warfare with Leviathan and our own mind plus Leviathan in other people's minds who is enraged that we would dare to ascend above his authority, and he is determined to bring us back down under that authority. We fight continuously.


We are talking about karma. The name of the message is Retributive Karma, and I have not gotten up to that part yet. Let us define retributive to start with. Can you hear what word retributive comes from? Does it sound like a word that you know? Retribution. What is the difference between retribution and retributive? Retribution is a noun, and it may be an adverb, an adverb modifies a verb, and an adjective modifies a noun so if we are talking about retributive karma, it is an adjective because it is modifying the noun, karma. 


We do not want to take the time on this message to stop to think of any possible verb that the word retribution could be modifying, but if retribution can legitimately be modifying a verb it then becomes an adverb. Retributive karma, karma that results in retribution. Retributive karma, karma that results in retribution, and what is retribution? Can anyone define retribution?


COMMENT: Getting what one justly deserves.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, exactly. Retribution, one's just desserts, excellent definition. Or we might say, sowing and reaping. Retributive karma, karma that pays back, behavior that pays back, thoughts that pay back. Retributive karma, the reason I believe God gave me this name of this message...I will put this right up front, and then we will develop it.


This is what the Lord told me as I was listening to the song service this morning. He said to me, karma transcends generations, sowing and reaping transcends generations. It can take generations of good works to turn around evil karma.


Let me define evil karma. If one should find themselves in a situation in life that they cannot seem to overcome, they might call it evil karma. I saw a movie not too long ago about a Vietnamese young lady. Every man she tried to enter into a relationship with ended in disaster. She had a little boy in Vietnam, and there was an American soldier who fell in love with her and wanted to marry her. She said, "No, I don't want to."


Of course, this was all witchcraft, I know this was all witchcraft. She said, I have bad karma. I do not know whether she had one or two bad experiences. She said, I just want to live my life as best I can and raise my son, I do not want another husband, and this American man talked her into marrying him. He said he loved her, everything would be fine, and ten years later he is an alcoholic, the marriage is on the rocks, total disaster.


Brethren, have you ever heard of somebody....I saw someone on TV married four times. Every man cheated on her and left her for another woman. Eastern religions call this bad karma. What does the church call it? It is a curse. Come on, we cannot continue to stay separated from other belief systems because of semantics. The word is semantics. You say it one way, I say it another way. Let us find what we agree on and agree on it. Bad karma equals a curse.


We see people are cursed in certain areas. What kind of curses? Premature death. Every man in the past three generations in this family dies by 33 years of age, that is a curse. Three out of three daughters in a family all have the same disease from their youth, that is a curse, and they are sick until they die.


I know somebody who was functionally deaf. They would hear sounds, but they could not even hear well to hear words. They had a son who is deaf, who had a son who is deaf. Bad karma? A curse. Karma would tell you that you have to start putting all of your effort into doing good works, helping people. I do not know if you went to a karmic counselor exactly what they would tell you, but basically they would tell you that you have to start doing good deeds hoping to turn that karma around.


Let me tell you something, a curse that is already manifesting in three generations of deafness, the youngest one a five year old little boy, you are not going to turn that curse around or that bad karma around by doing five months of good deeds. If this karma works which it may because it is a spiritual law that you reap what you sow, I think that sometimes you can turn bad karma around by good works, but sometimes it is so severe that your only hope is in the power of God.


Oh, I hear the Pharisees screaming, the only way is the power of God. It is not true. I have seen people's lives transformed by going to a psychiatrist. I have seen people's lives transformed by becoming Hindus or Buddhists, but there is no immortality in it, and the chances are excellent that your conversion or your deliverance from this bad karma will not be passed on to your offspring.


You may have received a deliverance out of man's own will in your own heart. Whether or not it will affect your next generation, I honestly do not know. It may not. My inclination would be to tell you that it will not deliver the next generation, but I cannot tell you for sure, because I have not heard from God on that; although, on other tapes I believe I have taught that. Why I am hesitating now, I do not know. I will make it a prayer right now that the Lord answer that question for me. If you are delivered from a personality that drives every loving relationship from you, if you receive deliverance by going into psychoanalysis, and your whole personality changes will that deliverance be transferred over to the next generation, I do not know. I do not want to go any further until I hear from God.


I realize I have reversed myself on that, and I am not sure why. I have preached in the past that it will not, and today I am saying that I do not know.


Our principal is, what we are dealing with right now is, that deliverance from bad karma or deliverance from a curse which has taken generations to gather up the strength that it needs to be ruining your life is not likely to be turned around in five months or even five years in Eastern religion.


It has taken generations to gather the strength, the spiritual power that it has, to be tormenting you in this lifetime, and if you could just get the revelation....now this is Eastern religion, like the Buddhist you are going to do good no matter what, and you are not going to be bitter, and you are not going to be filled with hatred, you are just going to do good, and you are going to teach your children to do good so that maybe three or four generations down the line this bad karma will lift off of your marriage.


We now come to the whole point in this message. Retributive karma, judgment, retributive karma, judgment for sins committed, an evil lifetime, an evil experience in this world because of retributive karma, known as a curse in Christianity can be reversed in one generation. It is a miracle that is offered through the power of Christ. Union with the Son of God and received by Him into His Kingdom imparts enough power to reverse curses in the same lifetime.


However, we do not receive this gift of deliverance from a curse that has taken generations to build up the power that it needs to be cursing you in your life now which should be taking generations to work off of your family line. Deliverance from that curse in one lifetime does not come by a pop on the head and the words, "I break this curse." It comes from consecrating one's self to the Lord. It comes from giving everything of this world up so that we might enter into a relationship with Christ Jesus in which would be found the power to break this curse.


I hear somebody saying, "I thought you said if you do good works for self-improvement it will not lead to immortality." I did say that. I have two responses to that. We are not speaking about immortality now. We are speaking about self-improvement, but this self-improvement, this desire to do good works for a self-improvement out of a desperation, because you see yourself and your family line being wiped out, this desire for self-improvement will lead to a close relationship with Christ Jesus because you are going to get delivered from the curse.


You are not going to get delivered unless you become very tight with Christ Jesus, and that is what will lead to immortality. This is not the same thing as saying, I am doing good works because I want a Cadillac, or I am doing good works because I want more money, or I am doing good works because I want a handsome husband or a beautiful wife.


If you are doing good works out of a desperate act because out of desperation you have heard a message that there is deliverance in Christ Jesus, and you are doing the only thing you know how to do to bring deliverance into your life and the lives of your family, the members of your family, this desperation for a Godly self-improvement is a legitimate motive, not a motive of selfishness, if you can hear the difference.


It is a fine line and will lead into such an intimacy with Christ Jesus of such an intensity that not only will the curse break on your life in this lifetime, in this generation, but it will also make you eligible for immortality if you are still existing at the time the door opens.


The preference or the reason for preferring the sowing and reaping which is in Christ Jesus over choosing the karma of Eastern religions is that there is a spiritual power in Christ Jesus which can deliver you from bad karma or curses in one life time which is not likely to happen if you are moving in the karma of man.


The karma of the Eastern religions is the karma of man. You will reap what you sow. If you are in poverty, and you do not pull your belt in because of that poverty, but you give to people in need you are very likely to come out of that poverty within your life time. It will take a few years. It works. Sowing and reaping works.


With minor problems, you can see deliverance right in this life time, but with major problems classified as bad karma or curses, the fact that Jesus has the power to deliver you within one generation is miraculous. This message is to convince anyone who is listening that Christ Jesus is preferable to the religion of man on every level. I hear the Pharisees screaming, why would you have to convince people that Jesus is preferable? Because Paul said, "I become all things to all men."


The Lord wants humanity. He wants us. He wants every member of humanity. We are all in sin, we are all fallen, and we are all dead. He is reaching out to all of us, and one of the ways that He is reaching out and to one of the groups of the people that He is reaching out are to the New Agers, to the highly intellectual spiritual men of this generation, and He is saying to them, "It is preferable to be a Christian," and this is why, and the Lord Jesus is not too proud to do this. He is reaching everybody where they are.


Most of the people in the church today, I have said this before, they are here because of problems in their life that they could not cope with, physical problems, emotional problems, drugs, addictions, hard times, women whose husbands have abandoned them, and they have to raise their children. Almost everybody that is reconciled to God in this hour have come unto Him because of hardship in their life.


In this hour, the message is going out to the people whose lives are not that hard or whose hardship has not brought them to the Lord. The Lord is reaching to them in another way, by intellectual reasoning, and if He chooses to do it, all you Pharisees who are you to say this is an insult to the Lord. Retributive karma, it is preferable to be delivered through Jesus Christ than through the high-minded spirituality of man.


Are there any questions or comments on this message?


COMMENT: Define righteousness and goodness?


PASTOR VITALE: The difference between goodness and righteousness as related to this message is that the good works of man will produce goodness. Sowing good works will produce goodness in one's own heart and in one's life, but doing the good works of God or having Christ Jesus live His Life through you, doing His good works through you, results in righteousness.


The difference between goodness and righteousness is that righteousness is immortality, or righteousness leads to immortality, or righteousness is the first step toward immortality liken unto Full Stature, and goodness is merely a good life down here in hell which is severely limited.


When you arrive at goodness there is no place else to go. A good life down here in hell is the best that you could hope for, and even good lives down here in hell have their pain. Righteousness is sinlessness or the first step up unto sinlessness, and I believe from where I am standing right now is that sinlessness lets us walk on the water of our soul.


All pain is in our emotions. In righteousness, we will have dominion over our own soul. All pain is because of sin. I confessed that to the Lord just the other day. It was a very painful day. I said, Lord I confess it, if there was not sin in my soul I could not be feeling this pain. I pray that you catch me up above it. It does not matter that I am hurting because someone did something to me. I would not be feeling this pain if my soul was not down here in hell because of sin.


You do not feel this pain when you are a righteous man. We cannot blame God for anything, no matter what terrible thing happens to us. We are experiencing it because our soul is down here in hell. All pain, physical, in our soul or in our mind, is the result of sin, and the answer to all pain, to all curses, to all bad karma is to ascend into Christ Jesus and arise into righteousness, to walk above it, to walk on the water, above all the pain that is in this world down here in hell. All pain is because of sin.


If you are walking down the street, and you are raped and you say, "What did I do?" If you were not in hell because of sin, you would not have been walking down the street. Can you hear that? It does not make the person who raped you right, it does not make being raped a good thing. What it means is you have to follow Jesus' laws.


If such an unfortunate thing happens to you, cry out for deliverance that this should not happen to you again, and that whatever weakness was in your soul that opened you to this horrible experience should be closed off, and you must forgive the person who violated you. It could have never happened to you unless your soul had a mark that said it was acceptable to the God of this world.


You cannot get cancer. Any doctor will tell you that you cannot get cancer without the proclivity for cancer. You must have a weakness in your physical body that will receive cancer. You must have a spiritual weakness that will receive rape. You must have a spiritual weakness that will receive incest. You must have a spiritual weakness that will receive rejection, and all of these weaknesses are because of sin.


Stop blaming God for all the terrible things that happen to you, because if you want to get out of hell the first thing you have to do is stop blaming God. What is another way of saying that? You have to confess your sins, and you have to pronounce yourself guilty, or you will never get out of here. You will not even get out of here with death, because you will leave your children in here, and you are your children.


You have no children? You are one soul with your whole family, and no man is an island unto himself. We are all part of a whole just like an individual leaf is a part of one root system of a plant. We are in the trouble, whatever trouble you are in, is because of sin. You could pray your head off, and you are not getting out of that trouble until you confess your sins and repent.


You want to know why God has not answered your prayers? It is because you will not confess that you are responsible, at least in a passive way, through inherited sin. You are responsible for the sins of your ancestors. You cannot change what they did, but you are responsible to confess them as sin if you want to get out of here. You are in jail. You are in spiritual jail. You are in the prison known as the carnal mind. Confess your sins and repent. Your carnal mind is called the dark prison.


We found Scriptures that declared to be the dark prison that your mind is in. No one down here is innocent, no not even one day old babies. Why? Because of inherited sin. Your children are you. You are just a plant putting out a new leaf. All of the diseases of your root system are given to your children, physical diseases, emotional diseases, and spiritual diseases.


COMMENT: I have heard it in the movies when someone says,"Oh, I do not want to do that because it will give me bad karma." Is that because they have fear, or are they trying to do it on their own because it is not really spiritual?


PASTOR VITALE: I do not think that is for the glory of God. That is for their own motive. 


I did not want to go to another tape, but if the Lord wants us to go to another tape here we are answering that question that Xxxxx asked. My answer is that a person who does not want to do an evil deed because of bad karma is not doing that as a sacrifice but is doing that as a self-preservation. Now this is not a bad thing to want to preserve the quality of one's life by resisting doing evil. That is a good thing, and it is an admirable thing, but to think that good works based on self preservation can lead to immortality is in error, and it is foolishness because it is not true.


Immortality is only through union with the Son in the form of Christ Jesus being formed in you. When Christ Jesus does His good works through you, your good works will result in immortality. I believe that answers Xxxxx's question. Did I say anything else off the tape that we decided to put on here?


As I was listening to the music, it must have been very anointed music today, the Lord was really speaking to me, and He gave me some information about a vision that I saw last night. I came under a severe witchcraft attack last night. I could not work. I had to lie down and close my eyes, and I saw a vision of something that happens when I am working on the computer from time to time. The document that I am working on will "freeze." I guess "freeze" is the right word.


The screen freezes which means that I cannot work on the document. The only thing to do is to re-boot the computer, that means to shut it off and start it up again. When you do that all of the changes that you have made to your document between the last time that you saved your changes to disc and the time that the screen freezes are lost. You have to be careful to save....what does that mean? When you are making changes on the screen, you have to get the changes from the screen to the permanent copy of the document. In the program that I am working on now, when the screen freezes it starts pulsating, vibrating, going back and forth.


I do not know how else to describe it to you with words, but you can see the words at the top of the screen just going in and out, in and out, almost like a slow link, and every time I see that I say, "Oh, my screen froze again," but as I was having this vision last night I was saying, "Lord, I do not understand why you are showing me this vision while I am under this heavy witchcraft attack. I knew that it meant that the document was corrupting, it was a sign of corruption, but I could not understand why the Lord was showing me that vision last night.


During the song service this morning, the Lord was saying to me that the reason He showed me that vision was to impart the message to me that the image is corrupting. When you work on a computer there is an image up on the screen. It is an image of the document that I am working on, but it is just an image, and when that image begins to corrupt I have to shut off the computer and start it up again.


The Lord was saying to me that the image is corrupting, and the image of your life is corrupting. He was saying that the image of your life is corrupting. That is the bad image of my life. Those of you that know me know that I have had very heavy curses on my life, very bad karma. If you do not like that word all you Christians, that is tough. Stop being Pharisees.


I had very bad curses on my life, very bad karma, and the Lord was telling me as I lay there being overcome by a witchcraft curse, rebuking the curse and breaking the curses, the Lord was telling me that the image was corrupting, that the life that Satan has planned for me, there is an image of a life that the God of this world has planned for me.


I do not believe, as some people do, that every step that you take is ordained. I believe that there is an area of free will where you could go one way or the other, where you choose, but the broad aspect of your life is definitely defined by spiritual principles, and the life that has been defined for me by the God of this world is an image. You might even say it is a pictorial file.


If you are trying to understand this, let us say the Devil has a file cabinet, and you look up under my name, and you pull out my file and there is a picture, in general principle, of what my life is to be like, torment, and there may be a picture or a series of pictures that will depict what life has been ordained for me or at least what category my life could fit into. The Lord was telling me this morning in the service that the reason He was showing me that image of my document corrupting was a message to me that the image of my life which was designed by the Devil...Now the Devil has legal grounds. The Devil designed a life for me based on family line curses and family line blessings.


That is what astrologers work in. Do not be afraid of the word, do not be afraid of the word. How do you think astrologers could be so accurate? I remember when I first came into deliverance, one pastor was telling me that they do not know anything. It is not true. They have a lot of knowledge. Astrologers, card readers, psychics, they can tell you a lot about your future that will come to pass. How could they know what will come to pass? They are tapping into that which is written for your life.


Workers of witchcraft and fortune tellers can look into that spiritual file cabinet that the Devil has and pull out your file and see that which is written for your life, but when we studied the temptations in the book of Matthew and worked up an Alternate Translation on those verses, I read in that Alternate Translation, "And Jesus said to Satan, There is a new law written. You are no longer the Lord and master of this world. There is a new law written on the souls of men and on my soul."


Jesus was saying,"Your pictorial file is corrupting because my life will no longer reflect your pictures. I will no longer line up with your plans for me. I will no longer think with your mind, I will no longer do your bidding, I will no longer look like you, I will no longer sound like you, and it will not be as a result of a religious work. Your mark is being erased off of my soul, and your image is being corrupted and will eventually disappear, and there is a new Lord and Master of this individual. It is not a religious work, it is a reality. The image is corrupting, thus saith the Lord.


The image is corrupting. Not only are the individual who has placed their faith in Me for deliverance from painful lives, but the image of the family is changing, the image of the country is changing, the image of the world is changing, yea thus saith the Lord, as My Son appears in this image which he has not created, the image shall corrupt, saith the Lord, and there shall be a new image in the earth, and the one shall strive against the other, saith the Lord, yea even the flesh against the spirit, and the image made of flesh shall not stand saith God, but it shall come down, for I shall defeat the mind which is projecting this image saith God.


Yea, even the goat that arose in Eden at the time of righteous Adam's fall, I shall strip division from his mind. I shall corrupt it saith the Lord for there is a new Savior, a new hero in the earth, a new judge, and the image of Eden is in His mind, saith the Lord, and I shall bring down the mind that has projected this corrupted image, and My Son, Christ Jesus, shall erect an image in the visible spiritual world, and it shall not be corrupt, but it shall be perfect, saith the Lord, it shall be glorious, saith God, and everyone that appears in this world shall be glorious and free from sin, saith the Lord.


Yea, the hour is at hand. Prepare yourself for My Son is about to appear. He shall stand on the earth, saith God, and He shall judge the sins of men, and this image shall fall with a crash, and I shall be glorified, saith the Lord. Prepare yourself, for your sins shall be exposed, and the Lake of Fire shall burn your flesh, but you shall survive, saith the Lord. That part of you which shall survive shall join unto Me, and you shall rise again as a new creature in the image of Almighty God, and the mark of Cain shall be erased from you, saith the Lord, and you shall bear the mark of God, and your righteousness shall be spoken about from one end of the earth to another, and men shall seek you saith the Lord.


They shall seek you for deliverance, they shall seek you for healing, they shall seek you for mercy in every area of their life, but there shall be those who shall seek the One in you out of a love for Him, saith God, and of a love for His Life and His world, and they shall come unto you, and they shall gather around about you, and they shall be taught, and they shall learn, and those who just want the loaves and fishes, they shall be filled, they shall live their lives, and they shall pass out of this world, but Christ Jesus shall be the Governor of this whole world, and the Spirit of Christ within Him shall be the law of this world.


The law of sin and death shall be covered over and disappear, and the whole creation shall be raised from the dead, and all shall serve me, saith the Lord. All shall serve me out of their own will, because Christ Jesus shall be their will. The beast shall be cast into the Lake of Fire, but the Devil and the false prophet, Satan, they shall be burned up and, in that burning, transformed into the creation of God. Behold, old things have passed away, all things are become new. Watch for my sign in the heavens. I come quickly, saith the Lord."


We shut off the tape for a while. That prophecy was so profound, and as I was sitting here I just saw a vision...I am not too quick to take this literally, but I do think it is a word of promise. I will share it with you.


I saw....it was not clear how many people there were, there were just a lot of people, and they were looking at their bodies, their hands and their legs, and their bodies were changing right before their eyes. It was almost as if it was something you would see in a cartoon where everything is exaggerated. You would see a rabbit and all of a sudden his ear would turn into a wolf's ear.


That was the kind of vision that I saw, people and their bodies were changing. They were looking down and seeing that their hand had changed into something that did not look human, and then their leg was changing into something that did not look human, and although as I think about the vision it seemed to be animal....I see what it meant.


My first feeling was that the Lord was saying that the image of our body was changing, but I could not imagine it happening that fast, that you would look down and see the image of your body changing. I did not get it exactly, but as I was talking I started to realize that in the vision the people's limbs were turning into animal limbs so how could that be good for a human being to see his hand turning into the claw of a wolf, how could that be good? The Lord spoke to me and said, People are going to start to see the beast in themselves.


Brethren, we are the beast, we are the beast, and Leviathan is the beast mind. Leviathan is the mind of the beast. The beast of the field is the Serpent. Leviathan is the mind of the beast, and our physical flesh is the physical body of the beast, and our soul is the house of the beast that the beast lives in. We are the beast. The only part of us that is not the beast, if it exists in us, is Christ being formed in us.


Even our human spirit...I am not talking about the people who are in the process of change. Even the human spirit is a part of the beast. Does anybody know what part of the beast she is? We know our human spirit is dead, and he has been completely swallowed up by the soul which is ruled by Leviathan and under the whole authority of the Serpent in this hour, so our spirit is part of the beast too, and our spirit is known as the false prophet in this hour because our spirit, the part of us which has the ability to make us spiritual, in this hour is attached to Satan, and she is speaking Satan's word, and Satan is faithfully repeating the words of the Serpent.


The Lord Jesus Christ, His human spirit was joined to the Spirit of Christ and was faithfully repeating the words of Jehovah through the man, Jesus of Nazareth. The reason we are a false prophet, we have horns like a lamb, but we speak like a Dragon because our human spirit, that which originally was Elohim, it is fallen Elohim, our spirit, so he is the prophet in us, but he is a false prophet because he is not speaking Jehovah's words which would make him a true prophet.


He is speaking the Serpent's words. That is what makes him a false prophet. The false prophet is our very own human spirit that is the mouth piece for Satan. In this hour of Christ Jesus being formed in you, you have both, you are double minded. You are both a true prophet and a false prophet. That is how, if it were possible, the very elect....it is possible that the very elect could be deceived, that your human spirit could be apprehended by Satan for just long enough to give you a false revelation, and Satan may not be able to hold on to you.


Christ Jesus may slap him on the hands, slap him on the claws, and he will have to release your human spirit, but the damage is already done, the false revelation went through into your consciousness. I saw this vision of people looking, and their hands were turning to beast hands, and their legs were turning to furry beast legs, and they were looking at their hands and saying, "What is happening? What is happening?"


Men are going to start to see their sins. What does that mean? It means the judgment of the church is at hand, and what does that mean? It means someone is going to stand up in Full Stature because fallen man is not going to judge the church. I would be surprised if it is more than a year. It is so hard when you get revelations from God, because He has been telling me "soon" for five years, so it is so hard, and I find the disappointment devastating.


I try not to get all carried away when I get an exciting message from Him. The uninitiated, the spiritual babies, go running out and think it is tomorrow. I am just hoping that it is not five years, but it has to happen. Messiah appeared, Jesus appeared, and the Sons of God have to appear. It has to happen at some point. I am convinced it will be in our lifetime. I am convinced of that, and it seems to be getting very close.


COMMENT: When we were quiet, I was praying and asking the Lord to let me see my sins more than ever before, and then you got this vision so I guess the Lord is really speaking through it.


PASTOR VITALE: Praise God, because you cannot go on unless you see your sins. You cannot go on to what? You cannot go on to Full Stature. Full Stature means that Christ Jesus is formed in you to such a degree of maturity that you have become sinless, and the way that you get to that place is by becoming a spiritual person who is able to see their own sins. Then, little by little as you see them, you take dominion over them and kill your sins, and the end of your labor, the end of this Godly spiritual labor is that you become sinless.


Christ Jesus becomes the only functioning mind in your person. He has completely dominated...He has destroyed much of your sin, and whatever sin remains He is so totally dominating that for all intents and purposes you are sinless. It is process, and part of that process means to become spiritual. Why? Because you cannot see your sins without spiritual eyes. You have to become spiritual. It is part of standing up in Full Stature.


You are just not going to get there without seeing your sins. You do not even stand a chance if you cannot see your sins. Once you see your sins, then you have a decision, you have a choice, am I going to deny it? Am I going to confess it and throw myself on the mercy of God? If you cannot see them, you are not even in the race. You have to see them.


I just rebuke blindness in this congregation. I rebuke blindness. I pray that your eyes be opened that you might go on with God. I know He wants you, and I know you want to go on, and I pray this prayer for the people who are not here this morning too. "May blindness be stripped from your eyes, and may your sight be given unto you." 



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