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The god of this world in this hour, is offering a deeper measure of spirituality, well let me change that, well I'll tell you what I was going to say and then I'm going to correct it. I was going to say the god of this world in this hour is offering a deeper measure of spirituality than Jesus Christ is, okay, but that's not true, it's not true, it's not true today, it may have been true twenty years ago, I'm not sure, but in this hour, well no it is true, it is true. I'm telling you that there are people in the occult that are flying around and they're appearing and disappearing, and doing all kinds of stuff, and I think as far as the church goes, that I'm pretty mature. When you look at what Jesus is doing in the church in this hour, and to what degree of maturity he has brought the church, I consider myself actually, I'm the most spiritual person I know. Now that doesn't mean there isn't another minister out there that isn't as spiritual as I, but I, as far as I know, as far as my personal experience is, I'm the most spiritual minister that I know, and I'm nothing compared to what Jesus did, absolutely nothing compared to what he did, and I can't do what a lot of these people in white witchcraft do. I don't have the power to do it, they are stronger than me, a lot of them are stronger than me, and a lot of them are more mature than me, and a lot of them can engage in activities that I do not have the strength to engage in.


This is the difference now, they're going to stay where they are, they're going to be engaging in all of these activities and they're going to die and pass out of this world. I have the hope that in this generation, I'm going to see the appearance of Christ and that when he appears I'll be in him, I'll be one of the many who are appearing with him, and when I stand up in full stature, when I attain to spiritual maturity, not by the god of this world, but by the God in the midst of me, Christ Jesus, I will be doing everything that these workers of white witchcraft or black witchcraft are doing in this hour, I'll be doing that plus more probably, and I'll be raised from the dead to boot, I'll have the bonus, you see.


So this is the challenge to people who are engaged in witchcraft in this hour, you have to down before you can go up. You see, people who are looking with a short range focus say, "Well, why in the world would I want what Jesus is offering at the most mature center that I know", and anyone listening to this tape, this is not just me, I've had people from other sides of country tell me they haven't seen anything in the church like what's going on here, and I remind you that Pentecost started in one place in California, and it is my opinion that this is the cutting edge of the move of God, right here in Living Epistles, in this hour, for however long it lasts, we are the most mature ministry that I and others have seen in the earth today.


So someone in witchcraft who may have experienced power or traveling in the spirit, or whatever, that's not yet occurring here by the Spirit of Christ Jesus might say, if his view is myopic, which means short range, "Well why in the world would I want to join a ministry that's doing this than I have by the power of the god of this world, convince me." You know I had someone in Africa say that to me, what I'm saying is not so way out. You have to realize that the church is just not spiritual. Most of the people listening to this tape, if you're out of Christianity this may sound strange to you, but in Africa the people are spiritual, they're very spiritual. Someone came to me in Africa and said, "Show me your power, and if you're power is greater than the god that I'm serving I'll serve you." Someone came in Africa and told me that!! Show this Jesus' power, I'll serve him if he proves himself to me, cause that's what life is like in witchcraft societies. So if you have a short range view and you're seeking spiritual things, if you're engaged in spiritual activity, you're not going to want anything to do with what Jesus is doing right now, because you're going to have to back off of where you are.


It's just like having a license given to a doctor or a nurse, you have some kind of profession that you need a license for ,and you move to another state, you can't practice until you're licensed by the state. I heard that there are scientist or physicists, men and women who have high intellectual places in science, pumping gas in Israel, because they came out of Russia, and they have to make a decision would they stay in Russia where they could work in their high place that they had studied for years, and worked for years to obtain to, where possibly their life was in danger, or they were not free, and they chose to leave Russia, and go to Israel, where not only were they not licensed, they couldn't speak the language, and they were pumping gas, and they chose to go to Israel.


This is what we're dealing with. We have a ministry to newagers, and this is what they're going to have to face when they get the message, they have to understand that they have a choice. At this hour very few of them understand that they have a choice, that they could stay where they are in their service to the god of this world, they may not think it's the god of this world, they may think it's Christ, the energy source, the Christ consciousness. They're very well meaning people wanting to do good, and they think they've got it with this Christ consciousness. Well, it's our job to give them the message, that you don't have it, okay, that as I just said, you can do lots of good things with that Christ consciousness, but it's not going to raise you from the dead.


So if you want to the long range view, if you want to be raised from the dead, for a season, you're going to have to give up the height that you've already obtained to in your practice of spirituality, and come back down to the highest place where the church is in this hour, and grow with the church, and if you grow with the church, if you do this, if you humble yourself, if you come down and join what Jesus is doing now, and you grow with the church, you will eventually ascend back up to where you were in service the Christ consciousness, and then you will by pass it. So if you have the long range view, you're going to be coming into Christ area.


This is the message that the Lord is sending out through this ministry. I don't know, I've never heard anything like it before, I don't believe it's gone out before, I don't believe the doctrine of Christ has gone out before, I don't believe the invitation has gone out before. It's truly a new thing, it's very exciting, but the warfare is not, and Satan is not fooling, because I want to tell you there are men and women out there with strong minds that when they decide to serve the Lord Jesus, I want to tell you he is raising up an army of strong minded people, and when he gathers... Do you have any idea how many people are out there that really in their heart of hearts want to do good, they want to good through spiritual works, and when they get it, when they get the message, when Christ Jesus brings them into his service, this is the army that is prophesied, this is the army that is prophesied in the book of Revelation and in the prophets. He's raising up an army of strong minded people whose minds are a weapon, and he's going to take this human race and this world away from the Leviathan.


Jesus loves everybody, but I'm telling you he's reaching out for the strong minded people. When you send out a draft for your army, do you take in the flat footed men, or do you send them home. You have to pass the endurance course. Jesus loves everyone, but he's building this army and I have news for you, he's reaching out for the strongest minded people in the world, he's reaching for them, and he's giving them the opportunity to come into his army, but you see he's not known in this sense. Christianity has a very bad name in new age circles. I tell you I've been going in on that CompuServe, they have a Christian room, they have a new age room, and they have a room for every persuasion. I go in and in all the rooms, the only room that they're fighting in is the Christian room, the only room they're trying to dominate each other in is in the Christian room. The only room that they are trying to make you believe what they believe is in the Christian room. I went into the Taoist room, I went into the Bahia room, everybody welcomed me, they wanted to find out what I was all about, we had an exchange of ideas. I go into the Christian room, they are trying to bring me into submission through sheer witchcraft power, that they think is the power of God. So don't fool yourself, Jesus is raising up an army, he loves everybody, but he is going for the strongest minds in the world, and he's going to have what he wants. I'm telling you this guy, whose dream I interpreted, it wasn't a dream it was a vision, he had it when he was fifteen years old, he never be the same, he was speechless.


I know what kind of an anointing was on me last night. He was absolutely speechless, because the interpretation of the vision, I'm not going to go over it, because I did do it this morning, so I'm not going to repeat it, but the interpretation of the vision was an invitation for him to join the Lord Jesus, not only an invitation, but a prophecy that he was going to be a son of God. This man is in to white witchcraft. Now, I guess what I'm doing now, is continuing to what I was talking about this morning. I was talking to the people here this morning and telling them or exhorting them to not be afraid to meet people where they are, because we have to reach out to these new agers, and the highest, whatever they are, and to these non-Christians, and I'm telling you they have a lot of spiritual truth, these people. From what I can see, they have a revelation of the doctrine of Christ right up to that final point that of course makes all the difference in the world. The only thing that they are lacking is this understanding that you can't do it with the spirit that you are born with, and the spirit that you're born with is the Christ consciousness, it is Christ, and the only reason that there is power in Christ consciousness in this hour, is that Christ is joined to who? The Christ is dead, he can't do anything by himself, besides he's half a man if you remember, he's half a man, Elohim is half a man. To be a functioning Christ, he has to be joined to somebody, and in this hour Christ is dead, so who is he joined to?


COMMENT: The human spirit?


PASTOR VITALE: No, the human spirit is the dead Christ. Who is he joined to? He's joined to Leviathan.


So any activity that you see of the Christ in this hour is Satanic activity. Now people don't panic if you're listening to this tape. Remember that Satanic activity can be good or evil. When I say Satanic activity, I'm not talking about devil worship or black arts, I'm telling you that any spiritual activity that's coming out of the person you were born as is governed by Satan through Leviathan, Satan's mind, even if you're doing good works. The spirit that you're doing the good works by is Satan. You can accomplish a lot, but you cannot enter into everlasting life by the spirit of Satan, you can't. You can't do it. A natural example would be a woman, you could be everything a man could be, you want to be a wrestler, you want to be boxer, you want to be a police officer, you want to be a soldier, you could do it. Women could do anything a man could do. I think if a woman worked at it, they could be very physically strong, if they worked out and developed themselves, they could do anything a man could do, intellectually or physically, but ladies you cannot impregnate yourself, you cannot impregnate yourself!!! You could only go so far, you want equal rights, I'm all for it, you want it, but there are certain things that you just can't do, so you see even if you go to the extreme and you become a Lesbian, you want to act like a man, you want to be a man sexually, you want to become a butch, you still can't impregnate your girlfriend, there's a line that it stops at!! And so with spiritual activity.


There is so much that you can do with the spirit that you were born with, and you could a lot with it, you're not going to enter into eternal life. There is no resurrection from the dead in spiritual activity that is coming out of Leviathan, no matter how good your intentions are, no matter how good the results of what you do are. Even if you save someone's life, which is not a true term, if you save someone's existence in this world, what am I talking about, if someone's drowning and you pull them out of the ocean, they're still going to die again when their time is up, when they're body gives out they're going to die. There is only one way to stop dying and that is to transfer your own true spiritual essence, which is the spirit you were born with, from his union with Satan in the form of Leviathan into a union with the Lord Jesus Christ in the form of the man Christ Jesus. There's only one way you're going to enter into eternal life, the spirit you were born with must be extracted from, unwoven from Leviathan, and then from Satan, and that essence must be braided together with the life of the Lord Jesus Christ, increase into Christ Jesus, and you're spiritual essence must be completely enfolded into the word of God which is the mind of Christ Jesus, and then you will have all of your spiritual activity, everything you love doing, and you also have everlasting life.


This is the message that's going out in this hour, and the Lord is not going out condemning people that have been engaging in witchcraft. This is a shocking message to Pentecostal Christians. He's not going to whip them and threaten with hell, he's going out to invite them into his army, and I want to tell you that there are going to be religious Pentecostals that are going to be in absolute shock at who they see standing up in high spiritual offices in this army. And not only are they going to be in shock, they're going to have so much pride that they're not going to be able to submit to them, and I'm telling you the day is coming that there's going to be a famine in the land, a spiritual famine, and the only place where you're going to be able to get spiritual food is going to be from the sons of God. And the only place you're going to be able to get true healing, because the medical institutions are corrupting rapidly. I don't know whether I was speaking about it one of these meetings or not, but I was talking about it with someone recently. People practicing witchcraft are taking over the medical institutions. There are many nurses, and aids, all kinds of employees that are employed by the hospitals, that are immigrants from nations where the witchcraft is an excepted practice, and I have contact with people in the medical field, because they come here and help me take care of my father, and I've been hearing this even from when I was in the hospital four years ago, the hospitals are filled with people practicing witchcraft, they don't like you, they curse you, they want your job, they curse you!


They're lighting their candles and saying their spells, and there are people having automobile accidents and losing their job. And they're increasing and they're building, and they're people in high places, and these medical institutions are being spiritually taken over by workers of witchcraft. There's a time coming that it's going to be hard to get a healing, especially if you're a Christian, you're going to go into a hospital and your life is going to be in danger. The only place to get healed is going to be with the sons of God. There's a time coming and it already is, it's already beginning, that there's going to be great distress across the land, and the only relief is going to be through the sons of God, because this problem is going to be spiritual. The ministry of the sons of God is typified by Joseph. He was in Pharoah's, was it Pharoah's or Potipher's dungeon, I don't know which it was, he was in there for years. No one saw him, no one knew about him, no one remembered him, no one thought anything of him, except that he was a crook, or criminal trying to attack Potipher's wife, he was falsely accused. Spiritual Joseph is down in the dungeon, nobody sees us, nobody knows we're here, nobody believes that we're of God and remember the story of Joseph, the butler was released, remember Joseph interpreted the butler's dream, and the baker's dream, and when they were called out of the dungeon Joseph said to them, "Don't forget me", and one forgot him and the other didn't.


So there are some people out there that see a flickering here, they know what's going on, but there not even looking for whatever their reasons, they're not interested. But the day is coming that the Lord is going to bring us up out of this spiritual jungle, this spiritual dungeon, I'm sorry, and we're going to be the only ones that are going to have the corn from Heaven. Anyone thinking this is pride, don't go running off attacking me, because you're mistaken. I'm preaching the word of God to you, and if the Lord God chooses to put that spiritual ministry here then you're going to have to accept it, or if you don't accept it, you're not going to have access to what God is doing. Joseph did not have pride when he told his brothers that he was in charge of all of Egypt. That wasn't pride, it was the truth! So right now we're still veiled and we're still hidden, but we're in the process of being revealed. I believe Jesus has started the process of revealing us, and there's a big explosion already happening. There's been all kinds of spiritual repercussions that have been felt by a lot of us here.


Some of us have been feeling it and we don't know what it is, others of us are feeling it and we do know what it is, there's a tremendous move of the spirit, miracles going on everyday. Almost everyone that I meet, the Lord is sending to with some kind of communication. Every workman that comes into this house walks out of here with books. I'm meeting people on the streets that the Lord is reaching out to, there is a tremendous move of the spirit, and I believe it's just beginning to stir. We haven't seen anything yet, in my opinion, we haven't seen anything yet.


I was talking this morning about my experiences in the chat rooms in CompuServe and on line. I've been, the Lord has been giving me ministry. Every time I open that computer I could be in a chat room with twelve people, and after a few minutes, the Lord will direct me to one person, and there's a warfare for me to establish that link with that person. Satan will, Satan working through people's minds will do everything to break up that conversation, and that happened last night with this man, with this dream I interpreted. It was tremendous interference to break the link the Lord was creating, and why was the Lord creating a link? Because he wanted this man's dream, and I don't know, I think he's a man, I never even asked him what sex was, I perceived him to be a man, and I perceived him to be in his thirties if not forties, and he's had this dream for fifteen or twenty five years, and the Lord wanted that dream interpreted, because why? Why did the Lord want that dream interpreted now, why? Do you know why? Because it's time.


See that's the catch word in the new age movement, it's time. They're right, it's time. He was being drafted, he was drafted last night! And the Lord's doing something just incredible with this computer, and I was telling the group about this morning, and I will repeat that for you. I did give a teaching on witchcraft in ministry, and this sister had a good point there and I will repeat it for those who need to hear it. I was in this warfare in one of the chat rooms, what warfare? What was I trying to accomplish with this warfare, can anybody give this back to me, does anybody know what I'm talking about? I went into a chat room and there were twelve people in the room. I listened to the conversation, I tried the spirit on the people and felt the Lord directing me to one, I believe him to be a man, to one man, his name didn't indicate his sex.


Every time I tried to connect with him on a spiritual level, someone else was trying to interfere. It was an outright warfare to separate the link that Jesus was establishing between us, and I did give a testimony this morning, that's what this sister was talking about, about how I dealt with this. There's was one, this one I know was a woman because she gave a woman's name as her handle, and the first thing she did was invite me into a private conversation. You could do this with the computer. There were twelve people in the room, and she invited me into a private conversation, why? I don't think she was an evil woman, she probably didn't even know she was being used of the devil. I guess she saw a new name in the room, this was a probably what was in her conscious mind, she saw a new name or something like that, and she invited me into a private conversation, which I didn't respond to, because I was too busy trying to form this link with this man.


So when I didn't respond, she went to him, and invited him into a private conversation, and he went. It was a real warfare, he was trying to hold on to a conversation with the two of us, but in his own words, I'm just telling you so you can understand what was going on here. In his own words, how do I know, I saw what he wrote on the screen, and her name was Mary, and he wrote on the screen, "Mary, I don't have the vaguest idea of what you're talking about." And here I was engaged in this deep spiritual conversation with him, and she called him into a private conversation apparently to talk some nonsense to him, and either she may have known what she was doing, maybe she was a witch, maybe she didn't know what she was doing, and Leviathan was using her to break up this link that the Lord Jesus was establishing.


So what did I do? I prayed, I prayed. We are in practice to think in terms of prayer before we think in terms of speech. This is very hard, I've been working on it for years myself, and I still don't take a hundred percent victory, but we are becoming spiritual people. When a problem arises, any kind of a problem, what is a problem? A situation that is opposing us doing what we think we should be doing at the moment, any opposition whatsoever, before we say a word, we should pray. If we perceive it to be witchcraft, you just say it in your head. I had an interaction the other day who strong Jezebel was rising up in them. What's a Jezebel? A driving spirit that wanted me to do what they wanted me to do, and if you're not spiritual, you would say, "Well why didn't you just say no?" Because it was more than someone's suggestion to do something, it was a driving spirit that was irritating my spirit, and it was trying to take dominion over me, that if you weren't spiritual, you would have never seen it, and there was a time that I would have gotten into a fight with someone over that. All I did was turn around and say Jezebel I break your neck.


Now anyone listening to this tape, I am not advocating break human beings necks, I'm talking about a spirit!! It was a spirit of Jezebel rising up in this person that wanted me to stop what I was doing, wanted me off the computer as a matter of fact, and it wasn't God telling me to get off, it was them. I had two choices, I could have turned around and as nicely, if I would have said it in the nicest way possible, "Now you know you're pressuring me, or please I'll do it later", I would have ruffled that person's feathers, and I would have had a personality to deal with. People just get offended, so I didn't do that. I said, "Jezebel, I bread your neck", and the spirit in the person went down and they walked away, and I had no words with them that could, no matter how sweet I would have those words, the reality would have been, whether it was conscious or unconscious or what, that they wanted me to do something, they tried to take dominion over me and I told them no, I'm not going to do it! Whether I sugared coated those words or not, that would have been the reality of what happened, and Leviathan just loves those situations, just twist it around in people's minds, makes them decide that I insulted them or I put them down, or I didn't have any respect for them, it comes out all twisted in their brain.


But by fighting in the spirit world instead of in the soul world, I completely blotted out any possibility for Leviathan to damage that relationship, and yet I didn't yield to this dominating spirit. Now listen, I want you to understand what I'm telling you, I'm telling you that I know how hard this is, because we have automatic reactions, we have automatic reactions. You're doing something, if someone, a child, or someone who doesn't realize what they're doing comes up and starts irritating you and wanting you to stop, if they're not mature enough to come to you say, "Look I really need to talk to you now, could you drop that for a minute?", which is the Godly way to do it.


Not many people have these social skills, but if that person would have come to you, and just stood over you while you're working tapping the chair, you know, if you have a child, you'd say, "Why are you doing that? Go away." Well the reason that they're doing that is because they want you to stop doing what you're doing because they need to talk to you. But when someone comes to you and says, "Look, I need to talk to you, could you possibly stop what you're doing?", unless you're in the middle of something essential, and if you're a reasonable person, you'll say to them, "Okay, I'll be with you, just give me a couple of minutes, let me finish up what I'm doing here, and I'll be right with you." And in a minute or two or three, you stop what you're doing and you go and you talk to the person.


But when someone doesn't have these social skills or these interactive skills needs to talk to you and they come up and they start pacing behind you, or making noise, or doing things to irritate you or divert your attention, if you're not a person who is truly policing their emotions by their spirit, the chances are you're going to turn around and say, "Would you please stop that, well how rude of you!" You've got ruffled feelings on your hands, and no one could really blame you for doing that because the first person who's tapping on the chair is wrong, but the bottom line is, that their interactive skills are poor, and they're trying to accomplish something that may be legitimate by an illegitimate means. So if you're a son of God, you have to help them. If their interactive skills are poor, you have to help them, and one of the best ways to do it, is to rebuke it in the spirit.


Now I've just given you some excellent, excellent counsel, but I'm tacking on to it, and I want you to hear this, I know how hard it is to do it, so therefore when you try and you fail to do it, don't feel bad. It is taken me years of practice. Now the Lord wants you to enter into my labor. You're listening to me talk about my experience, Lord willing you're receiving it as good counsel, and praying to the Lord that you would like that skill. Now even after doing all of this, you may not be able to accomplish it. Someone comes up behind you and is tapping behind you, you're automatic reaction would be, "Would you stop that?!", and you've got a fight on your hands. So what are you willing to do, after you've lost your temper, you're going to remember this teaching, and you're going to say, "Lord I would have liked to have handled it with that, I would have liked to have sat there and silently said, "Jezebel I break your neck", and see the person turn around and walk away, but I failed to do it, my emotions rose up to quickly. I therefore confess it as the sin of pride and ask that you help me to do better the next time." And you have to work at it. Don't think that you're going to accomplish this overnight, because you're not, but use what I'm telling you as a goal, and pray about it and work towards it, because it's valuable. It's valuable, and it's a precious tool.


So to get back to my point, I was on line and the Lord showed me who I was to minister to that night and there was interference by Xxxx, very strong interference by Xxxx, so I prayed, I followed the counsel that I just gave you. I broke the witchcraft, I rebuked Jezebel, it was very obvious to me what she was trying to do. God knows whether she knew what she was doing or not, I don't know, and I couldn't break it. She was seducing him, she was seducing him away from our conversation, and he was trying to answer the two of us for a while there, but I saw that she definitely had interfered, and that I was giving all that I had and I was barely holding his attention. So I prayed again, and I couldn't break him free, I couldn't break it. So at this point, and this is what this sister was asking me to point out to you, I talked about this, this morning. At this point, I made a decision, I prayed twice in Christ Jesus and I couldn't break her seduction on his mind, I therefore drew the conclusion that the Lord was not joining me in what I was trying to do, because if the Lord Jesus was joining me in trying to break her seduction on his mind, it would have broken, and I let it go. I knew, now listen, I believed with all my heart God had directed me to a communication with this man, another person came in and broke into the conversation, and was seducing him away with the most trivial conversation, he was being seduced, I prayed twice and I couldn't break her claws off of him, at this point, if I continued to try to break her claws off of him it would have been witchcraft in me.


You see, we're all capable of witchcraft. What is witchcraft? It's the exercise of spiritual power, not for the purposes of God. I prayed twice, I couldn't break her claws off of him, that meant Jesus wasn't with me, and I dropped it. If I had kept on going, for instance, if my humanity had risen up, and I would have said, "Well, you son of a gun, look at what you're doing, you're breaking up God's ministry for tonight, I rebuke you", and if I went after it with my emotions, you see, we're really not suppose to be praying with our emotions, you know. The use of your emotions exhaust you. Now, there is a season that Christians pray with their emotions because that's how we're taught, and in Pentecost in particular. There's a lot of emotion in Pentecost. There's emotion in prophecy, Thus saith the Lord to his people!!! Emotion, dramatic, dramatization, you pray in the spirit, you pray with a force of emotion. Yeah, we pray, we pray father, and on and on. There's nothing wrong with that. Anyone listening to this tape, do not misunderstand me. There is nothing wrong with it, it is a stage of development in which, now listen to this, emotional prayers are a stage of development in which you are limited. Why are you limited with emotional prayer? Because the expression of emotion tires you. The expression of emotion drains your energy. Emotion in prayer is necessary for spiritual novices.


Now if you're all upset, it's your pride manifesting, if you're a spiritual novice, if that's what you are, what are you all upset for? Because I said it!! Rebuke your pride, emotional prayer is a necessary stage that we go through as we develop spiritually, because we need to know that we're contacting God, and somehow this expression of emotion reassures us that we're doing something in which we're connecting to God. But as you mature, emotionalism is not necessary, you just speak and you're suppose to believe that it's done.


You speak and you believe, you speak believing, you pray believing, in a conversational tone with no emotion. There's no draining of your energy, you just speak believing that it's done. That's more mature prayer. That is a prayer that is more mature than emotional prayer. And then to the best of my knowledge there's one stage higher than that. There may be something else I don't know about yet. Does anybody know what the next stage of prayer is? Answer from disciple: You just think it. Answer: Okay, that's true, let me make it a little clearer, you were correct. It's a prayer that flow in kinds thoughts towards people, that's what you mean? Okay, or did you mean that you pray in your mind, but they don't hear you? That's true too, but there's a stage even beyond that. You just think good thoughts. Didn't the Lord say in one of the prophets, "I think thoughts of good toward you and not evil."


So when you're walking in a spiritual authority and your heart is truly that you want the best for that person, you see you can't fool God, because if it's not true, if your thoughts, if you really in your heart, you're against the person, it's really spiritual murder, and if you have spiritual power, it's going forth in the spirit as murder. But if you truly think good to that person, if your heart towards them really is that you're truly forgiving what they're doing because you see it as a spiritual immaturity, and you're not letting any negativity cleave unto you, you're not letting them overtake you, you're not letting them dominate you, but you really understand that they don't mean anything by it, but that's where they're at, and you're forgiving them, and hoping that God's going to mature them, that this is your mind set towards this person is a continuous prayer that is signified by the continuous burnt offering that we read about. I think it's in the book of Leviticus, wherever it appears. This is the continuous burnt offering. Paul calls it suffering the loss. Don't be offended by what people do. You deal with it, you don't let them rob you, you don't let them abuse you, you don't let them do things that are wrong to you, you block it, okay.


But you don't hold it against them, you don't take the offense. You understand that they've got a problem. It's like a six foot two man standing on the street, and I'm giving you an exaggeration so that you could learn, although it's not unheard of in the world, and some five foot three little small man comes over and picks a fight with the six foot two man, why? Because the five foot three man has to prove something, he's having a problem with his self esteem, so he goes over and picks a fight with a six two guy, and now with a karate black belt, and this big man has two choices, he could put the little guy in the hospital, or he could walk away. This principle has been all over the movies and the TV with gun fighters. Some young kid challenges this famous gun fighter, and the gun fighter knows that if he goes for the dual, that he's going to kill this eighteen year old kid, didn't you ever see a movie like that? The kid sitting there saying, "Draw, draw, you coward", and the other guy knows that he's going to kill him, and he just turns around and walks away.


So when you could see this in a person, when you could look beyond their physical age, when you could look beyond the spirit in which they are approaching you, why do I say that? Because a lot of people appear to be very competent, very self assured, okay, and they're not. You see, it's all an act inside they're really just frightened people trying to survive in this world without losing their head, if you can see the pun in that, I'm relating this to the highlander. They're just trying to survive, because this world is a jungle. There are people out there trying to take authority over you, trying to victimize you, trying to use you, trying to abuse you, on all different levels. This is the nature of this world, we are in a spiritual jungle.


So there are a lot of people who walk around and they're putting up a big front, and inside they're just scared, but they're posturing, cause they don't want some strong lion to come along and eat them for dinner. So if you're mature spiritually, or you're moving into spiritual maturity and you could see this in people, and there's two stages, there's no way you let people abuse you, there's no way you let people influence you to do something that you know you're not suppose to do, or that you don't want to do. You don't let them do it! But if you really see them as people who are just struggling to survive and doing it in an ungodly way, they're struggling to survive in an ungodly way! If you are mature enough that they're tactics cannot hurt you, then you have the opportunity to not think evil towards them, but to think good towards them, and just understand and hope that the day is coming that they're going to mature. And when you think, when your attitude is such towards these people, you are a continuous, am I saying, sister is that the expression in Leviticus, do you know, a continuous sacrifice, is that right? Something's telling me I don't have it exactly.


Okay, it may be expressed differently in the book of Leviticus, but there is a sacrifice that never stops burning, the Aaronic priests in the old covenant kept adding to it, whether it's, these sacrifices are my weakest area, I'm just dealing with principles, as to the details, I don't know what I'm talking about right now. The fire never goes out, okay, the fire never goes out, the continuous sacrifice, and it's some big sin under the old covenant if the fire goes out. That is the basis for the type of prayer that I just described to you. It's the love that Jesus had for humanity.


People get it all mixed up, they think if you love them or if Jesus loves them, you could do anything you want. No you can't do anything you want. The love of God judges sin. Why? Because your sin is killing you. You can't do anything, you have to do righteousness. So when your mind comes to this place, you are the continuous or the fire that never burns out, and you become a continuous, you become a source of continuous prayer for this person. I've had people call me up and say, "Were you praying for me last night?" And I always tell them, Yes, because I pray for you without ceasing. Everybody in my life I pray for without ceasing. So people don't understand me in the way that I pray. I spend very little time actually, I spend no time down on my knees, and spend very little time actually sitting there in what one would call a traditional prayer. I usually only do it in an extreme, in a case of extreme need, when the Spirit comes upon me to do it, very rare that I pray. And people look at me, and they look at my life and they look at the power in this ministry and they think I'm praying all day long, I'm not. Well I'm praying by the way I'm describing now, in my mind set to you, and I've had people call me up and say, "Were you praying for me last night? Wow, I had this dream, and you appeared", now this really happened to me, "you appeared to me in this dream, and you were praying and you had so much power you scared me." And I'll say, "Yes, I was praying for you last night." I pray for everyone that God forms a link with me, I pray for you without ceasing. So if you needed prayer last night and the Lord, Christ Jesus arose in you, you know, it's very possible that the Lord was moving through my spirit, but I just wasn't aware of it. Christ Jesus in me prays for everyone that I have a link with without ceasing.


Okay, I'm all over the place tonight. My point was, that to get back to interaction on CompuServe, I prayed twice to break this seduction and I couldn't break it, and I drew the conclusion the Lord was not with me in it and I let go of it. If I had pursued it at that point it would have been on my own and I would have crossed over from exercising the power of God to exercising witchcraft. And it's that simple to go from exercising the power of God to exercising witchcraft, it's that simple. If it's God's will, it's the legal exercise of spiritual power, and as soon as it's not Jesus' will, you're in to witchcraft. And what snares a lot of believers is that it could start out God's will, but he stops and you don't perceive that he stops and you keep on going and you're in witchcraft brethren, and there will consequences for every witchcraft thought that you exercise, and I'm not here to frighten you. Listen, you got to grow up, you have to understand this so that you could learn and make corrections as to how you live your life.


So for your information, I started an interaction with another man, and it lasted for however long it lasted, I believer the Lord sowed some seeds in that man, and all of sudden, the man that I was sent to was released. So it appeared that the Lord Jesus didn't honor my prayer because he wanted me to take five minutes to minister to this other person. And then I connected with the first man, and we had a profound spiritual experience. I interpreted his dream on CompuServe, it was unbelievable, he was speechless, I was speechless. At four thirty in the morning I was so high I couldn't even sleep. Okay, now I was talking about this this morning, and I mentioned this morning that this man asked me if I was mystic. And I told him yes, I was mystic, and one of the people this morning was, had a little, didn't quite understand my use of that word, and told me that she thought that was a word used solely of the occult.


So we're going to do a little word study tonight, and I'm trying to encourage all of you to not get all hung up on words, okay. The English word describing this is semantics, do not get hung up on semantics. What we're dealing with is ideas, and I'm finding out, well I know as a fact that different people will express the same spiritual idea with different words. Why? Because we are from different backgrounds, and we have different experiences in life. You say it one way, I say it another way. To fight over how to say the idea is ludicrous and childish, okay. Paul said, "You're not going to know any man after the flesh anymore. We're not going to know any idea after the word that express it anymore. And I'm encouraging you and exhorting you to deal with people on a spiritual basis, and a spiritual basis is mind to mind heart to heart idea to idea.


So if you are trying to reach out to someone who comes from a different background then you do, who are very likely to be using different words, you have got to find out what the idea is behind their words. And I find out more often than not, when I make the effort to find out what they're really trying to say, especially in these spiritual forms, I find out that I'm in complete agreement with them. I would just use different words. And I'm always asking people, "What do you mean by that?" Some people get offended, the think I'm insulting them, I'm not insulting you, I want to communicate with you. I want to know what you mean before I reject what you're saying. I want to be friends with you. I want a godly communication with you. I want a meeting of the minds with you, and for me to agree or disagree with you on the basis of words is foolishness, it's childishness, it's immaturity. Relationships of substance are based on agreement of ideas. Because you could have an agreement with someone in that you could both be saying the same words, and you know, the ideas that those words mean to you could be different.


So here you could think you have someone in agreement with you, and the whole time you're in complete disagreement, because those words mean one thing to you, and something else to someone else. I had a dialogue with this man, and he said something that I really thought I disagreed with, so I pursued it, I asked him to define it, I asked him to explain what he meant, and it turned out that he was speaking about an issue that I was in complete agreement with him. But the way that he was expressing it to me sounded occult. It didn't sound right to me, but Paul became all things to all men. Now look brethren, you don't compromise righteousness. If it turns out that the other person is believing something that you don't agree in, you don't fight with them, but you take your stand that you disagree, but find out what they mean. I found out that I was in complete agreement with this man right up to that point where he didn't have the knowledge that you can't do it with the Christ that you're born with. These new age people, they have the doctrine of Christ, but they are, they stop short.


It's amazing, the people I've been meeting on this CompuServe. They're under the judgment, they're in self improvement, they're confessing their sins, they're putting their lower nature under. What they don't understand is that they don't have Christ Jesus, they're putting their lower nature under their human will, and the human will is under Leviathan, they don't understand that, because they're having success at this time. Does anybody not understand what I just said? They're putting their lower nature under. What does that mean? They're not condemning themselves. The expression the man used was he let it go. You don't condemn yourself, but you must acknowledge that it's there. Accept the fact that you are a sinner and that there is sin in your heart, but you don't have to act it out. That sin in you, although they don't like, newagers don't like to use the word sin, but that lower nature in you must submit to the Christ in you. But don't try to stamp him out, because you can't he's a part of you. And I've been teaching you that here for three years, you don't usually hear this in the church. It's the truth of the confession of sin, not I'm guilt I'm guilty, but it's true, and I'm going to have to live, it's like saying I lost an arm, and I'm just going to have to compensate, I have to make through life with one arm. This sin is in my heart, the potential is there to seduce me to do evil, but I am going to police that potential, I'm not going to condemn myself because it's there. It's there because I'm fallen, and it's not going away until Jesus raises me from the dead. I love myself, but I'm not going to deny that there's a potential for sin, or that there is sin in my heart, which is a potential for sinful behavior. It's there and it's me, and I'm guilty without condemnation, because the whole world is guilty, and I'm not going to act on it. This is what Jesus wants from us, I don't hear it in the church, I hear it in the new age forum.


Okay, back to my point, so I told this man yes I was a mystic, and that is shocking to someone who has been in the church for years and has been under all the church teachings, I mean to say I'm a mystic, a lot of Christians could be vacating my ministry, if you don't understand you'll be beating a path to the door. Look brethren, what does mystic mean? It's a word that you don't hear used in the church, but what does it mean? Don't get all upset because I said I am a mystic, I am a mystic! It's not a bad word. It's the same thing that I've been preaching, don't be afraid to use the name of Jehovah. Jehovah is not a bad word because of the Jehovah's witnesses. Jehovah sent Jesus! Don't be afraid to talk about Jehovah. So I looked up a few of these words in our dictionary, in our electronic dictionary in the computer, and we're going to talk about them. There just word brethren, the true ministry of Christ comes through finding a common denominator with that person. You will never win anybody by forcing yourself on them, you'll never win anybody by condemning them, you'll never win anybody by telling them that they're wrong and you're right, you'll never do it. The true ministry of Christ is to put all differences aside. Now of course you're not going to do anything unrighteous, but your effort should be to put all differences aside, and find a common denominator that you can relate to that person on, and when they perceive that you're not trying to force yourself on them, but that you're engaged in an honest exchange of ideas, the Spirit of Christ will move in the conversation, and bring forth whatever that person needs to hear, and you'll set them free.


But if you come in and you're going to be warring with them over their terminology, you're dead before you even start. The teacher that's seeking out the lost sheep always has to humble himself, why? Because the person you're reaching out to doesn't know who you are. Jesus sent you to them, they don't know who you are, they cannot recognize your spiritual office. Now what are you going to do? Are you going to humble yourself so that you could fulfill the mission that Jesus sent you on, or you're going to say to somebody, who sincerely cannot see you for what you are, and say, "If you don't submit to me, I'm not giving you what I have for you." You know what they're going to tell you to do? They're going to tell you to get lost. And then what do you tell Jesus? Now you don't submit to unrighteousness, and you don't submit to someone trying to dominate you, but you can submit to their semantics. You can submit to their terminology. Don't get hung up on words.


Okay, so the word that came to my attention this morning was 'mystic', so we'll start with that. Mystic is a word that comes from mystery. Mystery, it's a noun, and mystic in this context was used as a noun also, but a mystic would be a person, mystery is not a person, mystery is a thing. So, Random House electronic dictionary says that a mystery, let's have somebody in the congregation define mystery. What's a mystery, anybody? What is a mystery? That word is in the Bible, yes, the mystery of God, something that's hidden, it has a hidden message. The message in the Bible is not simple, don't you believe that lie, whoever is preaching it, it's not simple. it's very complicated. The Jews have been studying the Bible for thousands of years, Christians have been studying it for two thousands years, it's not simple, it's very complicated, it's a life's work of commitment and devotion and dedication to truly understand the message of the Scripture. It's not simple, because it's simple if you're talking to infants, Jesus loves you, Jesus wants to deliver you from a hellish condition that you're abiding in. But that's just that's not the whole message, that's how you talk to the one month old. But as you grow up, you're suppose to have a deeper relationship with the Lord Jesus. Let me put it this way, it's not simple, but it can be simplified for the infant. It is not simple, the mystery of God is not simple, the message of God is not simple, but it's possible to simplify it for a one month old baby.


Mystery-Anything that is kept secret or remains unexplained or unknown. So what is the mystery of God? It's the purposes of God in humanity, it's the whole message of what happened to creation, how we got down here, and what God's purposes in it are. We see, many preachers in the church today are preaching that it was God's intention for man to fall and experience this fallen experience called hell. I don't believe that it was God's intention, you see. I believe God knew that it would happen, I believe that God made a creation, and the creation was good, it was good rather than evil, good meaning that the creation was positive with the potential to become negative, but it was not righteous, righteous being spiritual conditions in which the creation is incapable of converting into a negative creation. Good is a positive condition with a potential to become negative, righteous is positive condition with no potential to become negative. And I think that Jehovah knew that when the creation was tested that it would fail, I think he knew that. But he never the less, made his creation positive and negative, giving the creation free will, so that we should be sons and not robots, we're sons and not servants, as the Scripture puts it.


I believe the Jehovah knew that Adam would fall, but he didn't design us in this way, he didn't design the creation saying, "Adam must fall because this is how I intend for him to learn good from evil. It's my understanding that this is what's being preached in the church today. My understanding is that if Adam didn't fall, that he would have received all of the instruction, and what instruction is this? It's the ability to distinguish the difference between good and evil, that Adam would have aquired all of this knowledge and skill and wisdom without having fallen. I don't know how, but there was a way, there was a plan, a way for it to have happened, but Jehovah nevertheless, knew that Adam would fall when tested, because of his weakness. But listen to this hairline difference now, listen to the difference between me saying, it didn't have to happen, Jehovah made a way for the creation to be schooled and educated without falling, but he knew that the man would fall because of the weakness in him. I'm saying Jehovah did not desire that the man should fall, Jehovah did not plan that the man should fall, Jehovah made a way whereby the man could have been perfected without falling, but nevertheless Jehovah knew that he would fall, because of the imperfection in him.


That is not the same thing as saying, that Jehovah made the man and designed him to fall, so that he could learn to distinguish between good and evil. Is there anyone here that cannot hear the difference? Can you hear the difference? Now this is what Jehovah's church is preaching, that he created and formed man specifically designing him to fall, and experience every evil that man experiences down here in this hour, in order that we should learn to distinguish between good and evil. It's blasphemy brethren, it's speaking evil of your creator. It's not true. Well it must be Jehovah's fault, he made man in the condition that he would fall, it must be his fault that man fell.


No, Jehovah made a creation with a positive and a negative charge that was not to be a robot but was to be a son, a full living reproduction of Jehovah, with the ability to make decisions and choose between good and evil and right and wrong. And that's a good thing, you see, Paul tells us in Romans six or seven, one of these days I'll get the chapter straight, "Is the law evil?" Because the impartation of the law caused sin to revive, does that make the law evil? No, God forbid, the law is good, and the law is righteous, and the law is holy. The creation's perfection lies in his ability to confess his imperfection. The creature fell because he could not confess his imperfection. So the Lord exposed his imperfection, and let me tell you, I have experienced this at the hands of our God. I have been blinded to my imperfections, not knowing what was wrong in my life. Everyone else around me could see it, I couldn't see it, but I cried out to Jesus and what did he do? What did he do? He fully exposed the sin.


You see, I was suffering, there was a problem in my life, and I really was blinded as to the reason for it, and the reason for it was my sin, but I was seduced, I was blinded, I couldn't see it, my heart was right towards God, but a weakness had been exposed in me, and I was the source of my own problem, but I couldn't see it. And when I cried out to Jesus one night, he exalted himself to me in prayer, and I knew he was going to set me free, but was I shocked when I found out the way he did it. You see my sin was hidden from me, so expanded my sin. He increased my sin, so that I could see it, and when I saw it, I knew what I had to do, I was blinded, you see. And this is the condition of everybody in the church today, it may still be my condition in certain areas, but what I'm telling you about was a condition that had become a crisis in my life, we cannot see our own sins. The Lord is not expanding your sins so that you can see them, until that it's time for you to deal with that particular thing, then he'll come to you and he'll tell you about it in your dreams, you can't hear him. So he'll talk to you about it in whatever way he communicates with you and you can't see it. He'll send a prophet to you, he'll send me to you, and you can't see it, you're mad at me, how dare I say something like that about you, but if you're honest enough to pray about it, you see, he's going to increase that sin until you could see it, so that when you see it, you could confess it, and repent and bring it into submission so that why? So that it will lose it's power over you.


I keep getting off my track, I don't even know how I got to that. We were talking mystery, okay. We were talking about the mystery of God, the purposes of God, the truth of our spiritual nature, how we came to be in this condition, and what Jehovah's plan is to get us out of this condition. It's a mystery, it's hidden, it's unrevealed. We have received a lot of truth here. There's no way we have received all of it. Every time the Lord brings an exciting revelation into this ministry, several of us say, "My goodness, what could follow this act?!" And then, a few months later, a deeper revelation that's just mind boggling comes down. I am persuaded brethren, that until we are in full stature, God only knows what kind of revelation he has for us. There's no way we have it all, until we're in full stature. It just keeps getting better and better and better.


So we see mystery is something that's hidden, something that's unrevealed. A mystery is information that has not yet come into the understanding of whoever it is a mystery to. You see, it may be a mystery to you, but it may not be a mystery to me. See, what happens after death may be a mystery to a lot of people, it's not a mystery to me. I believe I know what happens after death. I have a good grasp of it, you see. So the mystery of God is the doctrine of Christ, which explains what we were designed for, what we were created for, what happens to us, how we wound up down here, and Jehovah's plan to get us out, and what his future is for us. That's the mystery of God. Now look brethren, when you go to a church that preaches the gospel of the cross, you are not being instructed in the mystery of God, because the gospel of the cross is just one little segment of the truth of our spiritual condition. And it's a wonderful story, and there's power in it, and there's the love of God in it, it builds faith, there's healing in it, and there's deliverance in it, but it doesn't tell you where you came from, who you really are, how you got in this condition, and how you're going to get saved or delivered from this condition, and what your next condition is going to be. The gospel of the cross doesn't teach that. The mystery, it's a mystery to you, someone out there, but it's not a mystery to me.


Let's see what else we have here. A mystery - Anything that is kept secret or remains unexplained. So I've heard people say this, "Why would God tell you and not me?" The truth is there brethren, we have to press in to it. It's as if to say there's a whole library down the street. I go everyday and I read a book every week. I become educated, you never go to the library. Can you say to me, "Why is the library for you and not for me?" The library is there, you have to go, you have to get to the library, you have to take the book and you have to read it. The mystery of God is that which is unexplained. It's not that God doesn't want to explain it to you, but you have to go drink at his fountain if you want it. He said he stands at the door and if you let him in he'll come in and he'll sup with you. He will eat with you. What is he going to eat, roast beef? What is he going to eat with you? Spiritual food. Now since we don't have any spiritual food for him, if he's going to have dinner with you, he must be the one who is supplying the food, and the food that Jesus supplies is the doctrine of Christ, spiritual food. It's not in the gospel of the cross.


The gospel of the cross is good, but it's not the end, neither is it the beginning, it's a clip in time, and it's a particular event that happened in the this age of time. It's by no means the whole thing. It's like taking, it's like zeroing in on a man's eighth year, when he's eight years old, and saying that's the only thing in his life that has any significance at all, it's ridiculous, it's childish. And if that's all you can absorb, so be it. The whole problem in the church today, is that the ministry in the church is so powerful and so powerfully declaring that this is all there is, they're too powerful, they must be weakened.


Don't go out and do it on your own, wait for Jesus. Jesus, who raised them up, because no ministry stands that was not raised up by God, he who raised them up will take them down. But I am honestly declaring the problem to you, the existing five fold ministry is so strong in their error that they are not entering into heaven and neither are they allowing the congregation of the first born to enter in. And they're doing what they think is right, they think they're right!


They think they're protecting the sheep! But Jesus has to take them down, don't you take them down, don't you try and take them down, we bless them, they're doing the best they can, but their day is over, you see, their day is over but they don't know it, their job is over. Jesus! It's time for the sons of God to teach the people these spiritual truths which will result in their deliverance from hell. So it's not so much that it's a secret, but that's it's unexplained, and why is it unexplained? Because nobody has explained it to you, that's all the people that don't understand it, it's unexplained because you haven't contacted or made contact with a teacher yet who can explain it.


There is a mystery of God that is a spiritual, is a message of spiritual truth, which is unexplained, why? Because it takes a teacher to explain it. It takes a teacher to explain it, and then the believer, or the members the church have to recognize that teacher, and drink at his fountain. Christ Jesus is teaching today the spiritual truth of God, very few are drinking at the fountain, why? Because they cannot recognize that it is Christ Jesus teaching. They have not come to the library, you see the library is here, six hundred and thirty three cassette tapes, the library is here! Very few in this hour are partaking of it, because they don't recognize that it's here. Jesus! How could one believe without a preacher? If you don't believe the preacher is a preacher, or you're running from the preacher because you think that they're preaching false doctrine, you've got a problem. But it's Jesus' problem, he has got to deal with this five fold ministry that's keeping heaven from the multitudes. And we who are moving on in God, have to sit humbly by, waiting for Jesus to do the warfare, because if you try to bring any ministry down on your own, you're going to reap destruction unto yourself, that's not your job, that's not your job.


So, as David stayed out in the wilderness, I think it was twelve years, was it twelve years? It was a long time, maybe even longer than that, that David, sister do you know? How long was David in the wilderness? Twelve years, that's what I just said, twelve years, David was in the wilderness waiting for Jehovah, yes, okay, so we're in agreement. David was in the wilderness waiting for Jehovah to dethrone Saul, and Saul was dethroned by death, and not only Saul, but his sons, the heirs to the throne, but David didn't do it. Don't take on the existing five fold ministry, it's not your job, nothing good could come out of it, nothing.


Mystery - Something that's unexplained. Okay, it's talking about any affair thing or person that presents features or qualities so obscure, as to arouse curiosity or speculation. Obscure means hazy, that you can't really say what it is. Let me see if there's anything else, obscure, hazy, unexplained, not understandable. Okay I guess that's pretty much what we see here. Any rights or secrets know only to those initiated. Okay now listen to this, a mystery - the actual right or secret known only to those initiated. Brethren, we here are being initiated into the doctrine of Christ. Listen, I'm going to say it again. The problem is, for the most sincerest of people, that the church world is carnal. You're twenty years with the church is carnal, if it's been spiritual at all, it's been a very basic experience, you speak in tongues, you interpret tongues, you prophecy, that's wonderful, but I'm telling you that's kindergarten, it's still preschool. I'm not putting it down, you have to know that there's more. That is the very, very, very ABCs of spirituality. You don't speak in tongues and then go to heaven, you've just started, and it's possible to be spiritual without speaking in tongues. Speaking in tongues signifies a particular spiritual experience called receiving the Holy Ghost. Don't think that you can't be spiritual without that because it's not true.


Spirituality is in the human spirit. The human spirit may have had an experience called receiving the Holy Ghost, and he may not, but he could spiritual with that experience or without that experience, which a lot of Pentecostals don't believe, and they're wrong. Okay, I'm reading from the Random House Electronic Dictionary, the word is 'Mystery', one of the definitions is a right or secret know only to those initiated. Brethren, we are being initiated here into the mysteries of Christ Jesus. We're being converted into spiritual people, and we look very different from the rest of the church. The ministry here looks very different from the rest of the church, we look more like that new age than the church, because new age is spiritual and we are spiritual, and the church is not spiritual, or is spiritual on a kindergarten level, and I don't say this with any bad feeling at all, I'm just declaring the truth. The truth is going to set you free. We here are being initiated into mysterious rights, and that doesn't mean they're a cult, it means that they're spiritual, and they've been secret, but they're being explained to us now. We'll go on.


One more definition here, or there's another set of definitions under number four; mystery is a puzzle, a problem, a secret. That's interesting, they have here in the definition, that the word 'ministry' comes out of the word 'mystic'. Isn't that interesting? Did you ever wonder, why Christian churches are called ministries? It comes out of the word 'mystic'. I never knew that myself. Okay, 'Mystic' - (Random House Electronic Dictionary) involving or characterized by esoteric other worldly or symbolic practices or contents as certain religious ceremonies, spiritually significant of the nature of, or pertaining to the mysteries known only by the initiated. Brethren, only those initiated or let's use another word, baptized into Christ Jesus will know this truth. What do you think baptism is? It's an initiation, an emersion in a spiritual area. Don't be hindered by words, at the very least investigate the words and pray about them, because if you're stopped by the words, the ministry is going to be dead before it starts.


Now, we have in number 3, a definition for 'mystic', of occult character, but that's just one of many definitions. 'Mystic' means to be characterized by esoteric. I have a definition for 'esoteric'. 'Esoteric' - Understood by or meant for only the select few who have special knowledge or interest. Well in this hour, this doctrine of Christ is not for the whole church. Jesus clearly said to the disciples, I speak to parables to the crowds, but to the disciples I give the interpretations. A 'mystic' is one of Jesus' disciples. Can you hear this? 'Esoteric' - Understood or meant only for the select few who have a special knowledge or interest. That's the disciples of Jesus. Belonging to the select few, private, secret, confidential. In this hour the doctrine of Christ is not going to the world. Number 4, under esoteric, a philosophical doctrine, that's what we're studying here, a philosophical doctrine, intended to be revealed only to the initiates of the group. Brethren, don't let the word 'initiate' distress you, we are being initiated into the ways of Christ Jesus.


Even my exhortation to you about how to not go over the line from the exercise of Godly spiritual power into the exercise of witchcraft power, this is all part of your initiation, initiation in instruction. You are being instructed as to how to abide in the spiritual world of Christ Jesus, how to use his power without abusing it, because there's consequences for abusing his power. He's not going to give you his power, without initiating you, without instructing you about that power, the nature of that power, his purposes for that power, and how you ought to function with that power. It's just like a policeman being given a gun, you don't just get thrown on the street, or a soldier, you're told how to use the gun, you're told how to clean the gun, you're told how to take care of it, you're told all the safety precautions of using that gun. You're initiated into being a policeman, you're instructed.


Well everybody here is called to exercise power in Christ Jesus. The teaching here is to instruct you as the nature of that power, the extent of that power, God's purposes for giving you that power, and how to conduct yourself with that power. You're being initiated into the rights of the sons of God. You never heard of these words in the church before, but there's nothing wrong with these words. There's nothing wrong with these words. ...intended only to be revealed only to the initiates of the group. We've said that here, no one is going to understand this doctrine unless Jesus has brought you here. Don't even come if you're not called here. I've been telling you this for a while now, at the beginning I wanted everybody to come, I thought this doctrine was for the world, I was so excited, and it was distressing to see how the small the group was, but I don't feel that way anymore, and I've been telling you this for a couple of years now, don't bring anybody here. Don't just go bringing people here, pray about it. Don't bring them if they're not called here. You're just going to distract the service. Don't try to give this message to the world, it's not for the world. If you bring the wrong person here because you have a need to convert somebody or evangelize somebody, you're going to bring an opposing force into this meeting, which makes it difficult for me to preach. When there are people in this meeting whose mind doesn't belong here, I shouldn't even say it that way, because some... 


I have to pray the whole time that I'm preaching, because there are people sitting here whose mind is beating me up, trying to break off the flow of the anointing, to seduce me to talk about subjects other than what Jesus is telling me to talk about, trying to take control of the meeting. Negative energy goes out of their mind and tries to break, you see, in this room tonight, we're all, there's no opposing forces in this room tonight, we're all of one mind and one accord, everybody is receiving what Jesus is teaching through me. But sometimes people come in here, sometimes Jesus brings them in, their mind is attacking me the whole time I'm preaching. So you hear me talking, and every time you hear me talking, my mind silently is attacking their mind, and I've told you all here, that you're all called to pray with me, and you are part of the basic group. So when you perceive a mind in this room who's not in accord, a mind who's trying to bring me down out of the heights that I need to be in to deliver this high message that God wants you to have, when you perceive that there's somebody in here who doesn't have control over their mind, what does that mean?


Let me say it again, when you perceive somebody in here, who's Christ mind does not have control over their Leviathan, when somebody is in here who is manifesting Leviathan that is trying to turn me away from delivering the message of Christ Jesus, you're not suppose to be sitting there like a lump on this couch, you're suppose to be rebuking it. You're suppose to be asking the Lord to help sustain the anointing here. You're suppose to be interfering with the interference that's trying to bring me down. You're not couch potatoes, we're in a war. This is just the beginning, there's going to be all kinds of people coming in here. I've been telling you this for years now, you're suppose to be praying when you perceive an interfering force, you're suppose to be praying against it. I almost lost the anointing two or three times the other night. Did you know that? I almost lost the anointing two or three times. I had to pray warfare, and I held on to it. Who was praying with me? I don't know if anyone was praying with me.


Listen, don't get condemned, but ask the Lord to help you to be a part of this war, because you're not couch potatoes, you have to start taking in responsibility, you can't take it if you can't see it, you have to ask the Lord for understanding and spiritual vision. Okay, so mystic is somebody who's being 'initiated', oh what an occultish word! Okay, somebody is being 'discipled', that word is okay, look, 'initiated' and 'discipled' means the same thing. You have to ask yourself why 'initiated' upsets you and 'discipled' doesn't upset you. And the reason that 'disciple' doesn't upset you and 'initiated' upsets you, is that you've been in the church for twenty years, and you've never heard the word 'initiated' used in the church, that doesn't mean it's not acceptable to God. If you want to keep on using 'disciple' that's okay, the whole issue, and the whole crux of this message is that when God brings you to a newager, whose preference would be to use the word 'initiated', are you going to get into a controversy with them over whether or not to say 'initiated' or 'discipled', and that means your ministry to that person ends right there, you spend that rest of the night arguing on which word you're going to use to express the same thing. Give it up, use their word, use their word, don't be afraid of their word.


'Ethereal', we have that word here, either under esoteric or mystic, let's just go on. 'Ethereal' means 'light', 'airy', it's talking about spiritual things, 'ethereal' means spiritual, and an ethereal world created through the poetic imagination. I don't know what that has to do with it. Now remember, there are several definitions here, all of them may not apply to what we're doing with the word esoteric. To us esoteric means spiritual, light, airy, things of the air, things of the spirit. Now I must have printed out 'ethereal' because I saw it in another definition. I'm very high in the spirit, so I'm not going to be spend too much time looking for it. I'll just tell you that if you hear the word 'ethereal', you don't hear that in the church either, but you hear the word spirit in the church, that's what it means, 'spirit'. 'Esoteric' - only meant for the select few with a special knowledge, 'discipleship', you heard that word in the church, 'mystic', speaking about certain religious ceremonies, well, the church is filled with religious ceremonies, some of them of God, and some of them not of God.


The communion you see in the church is not of God, it's a religious ceremony. Let me tell you something brethren, when you walk into a Pentecostal or a Baptist or a Lutheran, or any kind of a church on a Sunday morning, and they have that whole service mapped out, at first you sing hymn 203 in your book, and then you sing hymn 504 in your book, and then you announce the business, and then you do this, and then you do that, let me tell you, you're engaged in a religious ritual. Don't get hung up on the words, think about what they mean. Now look, the other night I came in here, all of you, I would hope that you noticed, that I didn't wait for the musician to put her musical apparatus away. I was not being rude, the spirit started ahead of the musician, and I went with the Spirit. Normally I wait for her, but for whatever his reason, he started without her.


We don't have religious ritual here. I hope we never do, I pray to God we never do, you have a format, you have a form, and you follow it, unless God interferes with it. You have to have some kind of a format, we meet here three times a week at a set time. Why? Because we are not yet so spiritual that we would have no set meeting and the word of the Spirit would go out and everybody would show up here. We're not there yet. So we set a time and God honors it, we have families, we have life, we have jobs, its still necessary to have a set time to have our meetings, and there is a format within the meetings. The musician comes in, she starts playing, there is a set format so long as God is honoring it. There have been times that I have the musician not to play. It hasn't happened in a long time, but there have been times where I'd come in and the Spirit had started flowing and she sat down, and the sometimes she would play after the exhortation, and there have been times that you canceled out completely. Now if you have somebody with a big pride problem that said, You cut out my music ministry, you just want all the glory, you are interfering with the work of the Lord. And I've told you many times and I'll tell you again, the day the Lord brings someone in here and tells me to let them preach, they've got the pulpit, he hasn't done that in eight years.


Well he did it one time, he did it one time, because there was some young people in here that were being a little arrogant, the Lord said, Let him preach, he wouldn't take the microphone, but I would have given it to him, because the Lord told me to. So we have a form here, we have a ritual here until God changes it. So there's nothing wrong with a form or ritual because we're still carnal, the whole point is you have to stay fluid. If the Spirit of Christ comes in here and changes it, you have to change! What goes on in the church today is the Spirit of Christ comes in and what do they do to him? What does the church do? They throw him out. They throw him out of the church! They kill him, or they throw him out of the church.


Let's go on. 'Contemplation', where did I get this word? I guess I was looking up 'occult', first let's get some definitions of 'occult' here, and you know, don't think that's so strange; when Jesus of Nazareth came into the synagogue, they threw him out. They threw him out and they tried to kill him, so why would you think they would do anything different to you? Are you above your master? That if Christ Jesus appears in you, they would do anything different to you than they did to Jesus? They hated him before they ever hated you. 'Occult' - Of or pertaining to magic, astrology, or any system claiming use or knowledge of secret or supernatural powers or agencies. So we see that the word 'occult' is descriptive of ungodly supernatural power. Look, let me show this to you again, 'claiming use or knowledge of secret or supernatural powers'. Well, couldn't that be the sons of God? That is the sons of God, we claim the use or a knowledge of supernatural powers. So what makes the occult in opposition to God? The rest of the definition makes the occult in opposition to God, magic, astrology... We know that the prophet Ezekiel, or the Lord through the prophet Ezekiel warns us not to engage in astrology and forms of magic. So we see that the name of the ungodly exercise of spiritual power, or let's put it this way, the name of the spiritual power which flows through Leviathan is called 'occult'.


Now if this gentleman that I was on line with the other night, asked me if I was in the occult, I would have said no, I'm not in the occult, my exercise of spiritual power is in Christ Jesus. I am not occult, I am mystic, I am a mystic, I am spiritual, and I exercise the spiritual power of God every day of my life, I'm pretty spiritual, compared to Jesus I'm not all that spiritual, but compared to the rest of every one that I know anyway, I'm pretty spiritual, I'm always in the spirit, at least once during the day, hopefully most of the day. I only come down when I can't help it, when I have carnal things that must be done, but my choice is to be in the spirit twenty four hours a day. I'm a spiritual person, but I'm not an occult person. I'm mystical, I engage in the mysteries of God. Every time I sit at that computer and study, I'm seeking out an understanding of that which is hidden. I am a mystic, I'm mystical, I engage in the mysteries of God. I am not occult, I am not occult.


Any questions here? Let's see what else Random House says about 'occult', beyond the range of ordinary knowledge or understanding. Well that fits in under mystic too. I do engage in a lifestyle that is beyond the range of ordinary knowledge or understanding. I don't know whether I mentioned it to you or not, I was answering a message that I got on the CompuServe forum, and I think he was a man, it's amazing how you know people by the spirit, the name was, well I won't put the name on a tape, it was a sir name, and when I answered his mail, I said, Dear Xxxx, and after I sent the answer I said, what did I say dear Xxxx for? When I looked at the name again, it occurred to me that A could stand for Xxxx, but it was so strong in my mind that I sent another message, and I said, I don't know why I said dear Tony, if that isn't your name, I'm sorry, and I got an email today, and his name is ToXxxxny. So Christ Jesus in me knew him, you see. It's called a word of knowledge, it's called a word of knowledge.


It's interesting you see, we're suppose to know no one after the flesh anymore, and I'm pretty spiritual, I relate to people pretty much on a spiritual level when I see them in the flesh, but this communication with people that you can't see is a very spiritual experience, a hiding of flesh intensifies the spirit. I find that it intensifies the spirit, and that the knowledge of the other person that you could have through communication with them without seeing them, is awesome. I'm finding this online experience fascinating, absolutely fascinating! Unfortunately it's expensive to get on there to play with it, I'm on it as a ministry, I'm going for the money, because the Lord's doing something every time I turn it on, but it's an incredible experience, I'm really enjoying it. It's an all new form of ministry, and you cannot see the person, and you're just relating to their spirit, it's awesomely fascinating.


'Occult' - beyond the range of ordinary knowledge or understanding, mysterious. Well, that's me, but I'm not occult, so we see one definition of occult, it fits in with mystic, but I don't see anything negative in that definition. It also means secret, that means mystic too. ...disclosed or communicated only to the initiated. What we see here under 'occult' are several definitions which are the same definitions as mystic, hidden from view, not apparent on mere inspection, but discoverable by experimentation, of a nature not understood, dealing with such qualities.


Look brethren, when I rebuke that person that was trying to dominate me, I was dealing with their qualities. What am I saying here? Sometimes definitions can be confusing. A perfect example of this is when I first started to study years ago, I would look up spirit, and I would look up soul, and I found the same definitions, almost the same definitions under spirit and soul. It really confused me until the Lord taught me the difference. Even to this day I find that outside of this ministry, or outside of the people who are sitting under the teaching that Christ Jesus is teaching here, it's a very rare person that could tell me the difference between a man's spirit and his soul. I don't think I've ever met anyone that could do it. Most people think they're the same. If you look the words up in the dictionary, you would think they were the same too, but they're not the same. The catch in this hour, is that the human spirit is a part of the soul. She is in a female role. She is a part of the soul in this hour, but she is nevertheless spirit. So it gets very confusing.


I'm being slain in the spirit, why did I tell you that? Oh, I know why I told you that? We were talking about the definitions of this word 'occult', sometimes dictionaries really confuse hairline issues. Okay, now don't be deceived or misled into thinking that because some of the definitions of the word 'occult' are equal to and the same as the definitions of 'mystic' that to be a mystic is to be in the 'occult', and that's a mistake that a lot of people make, and understandably so, because the definitions in the dictionary overlap and they're confusing, okay. But I'm here today to tell you, that to be a mystic does not necessarily mean that you're in the occult. To be a mystic that is in the occult means that you are a mystic who is under the dominion of the Leviathan. But you can be a mystic in Christ Jesus if you're under the dominion of Christ Jesus. It's just a term that's not common in the church. Probably the reason that it's not common in the church is that the church trying to protect itself, develops a different terminology than the occult groups out there, trying to distinguish themselves from the occult, refuse to use that terminology, hoping to not confuse the disciples, and that's not bad reason for not using that language, that's a good reason for not using that language.


However, don't let it become a bondage to us who are growing up in Christ Jesus and are moving on to a more mature ministry. It's time to come out of the frame work that has been established around the Christian church. When you're mature enough, when it's time, you have to come out of that frame work, you have to come out to go meet people that Jesus is sending you to meet. You got to meet them where they are. You can't come up to someone and say, "I want to have a conversation with you because I have the truth and you don't, and I want to convince you of it", they're not going to listen to you. You've got to come to people accepting them as human beings. You may not be accepting everything that you believe in, and you don't have to accept everything that they teach, and you don't have to do everything that they tell you, but if you're hoping to minister to them, you have to accept them as a human being in their own right, with their own opinions, some of which opinions differ from yours. So you sit down, you look for a common denominator, and you engage in an exchange of ideas, and hopefully you're both going to grow from the experience, if your spirit's right.


If you going to the person because your pride needs to teach somebody, it's not going to be a positive experience. Humble yourselves, always go with an attitude, maybe there's something for you to learn here too. We see other definitions under 'occult'-metaphysical, supernatural, mystical, cabalistic. I didn't look up, I didn't print out the definitions of metaphysical, I would have liked to have done that. Maybe I'll run in and do that. We have two more definitions here. Okay, going back to the word 'mystic', we find the words 'esoteric' and 'occult' came out of mystic. Let me give you this again. 'Mystic'-involving or characterized by esoteric, other worldly or symbolic practices. 'Esoteric'-understood or meant only for the select few, as certain religious ceremonies and are spiritually significant, ethereal. So the word 'ethereal' came out of the word mystic also, and the word 'ethereal' means light, airy, to us that means spirit, of the nature of to pertaining to mysteries known only to the initiated, mystic rights. Now under mystic, the third definition is of occult character. Do you see how confusing this could be? Some of the definitions under occult line with mystic, and one of the definitions under mystic means occult. But I'm telling you that every definition doesn't fit to every person. I'm a mystic, but I'm not of the occult. Can you follow me? Do you know what I'm saying?


Let me just go on here. Of obscure or mysterious character or significance or pertaining to mystics or mysticism. A person who claims to attain, or believes in the possibility of obtaining insight into mysteries which transcend human knowledge. Now the church talks about the word of knowledge and prediction. So we see, just as in the Hebrew language, under each Hebrew word we find one group of definitions which are positive, and another group of definitions which are negative. We see right here in the English language that under one word, we have definitions that contradict each other. I am a person, and hopefully if you're coming to this ministry, you are a person who claims to attain, or believes in the possibility of attaining insight into mysteries transcending ordinary human knowledge. Isn't that what we're studying here. And the way we're going to acquire it is by direct communication with the divine, or immediate intuition.


Let me take this one phrase at a time. We're going to get this knowledge by direct communication with the divine. How are we getting this knowledge here, how does the church say it, how are we getting this knowledge? It's by the spirit of revelation. The New Testament tells you, it's by the spirit of revelation. You said by the spirit, that's correct, but the term that's in the Bible is the spirit of revelation. In the occult you get through channeling, some devil. So you see, by the spirit was the correct answer, but for the purposes of this study tonight, we're trying to emphasize that the spirit we're getting, we're not just getting it from any old spirit, we're getting it from Christ Jesus, yet we fit into this definition. The only thing that's changing here is what spirit you're getting it from.


You see, once the church becomes spiritual, it's going to be difficult to tell us apart from other spiritual people. The only way you could tell the difference is by discerning what spirit is operating. You see brethren, every spirit is not of God. So what should you do? What did John say? Every spirit is not of God brethren, try the spirit. So you see, we look just like the occult, not in every area, but in many areas. Spiritual Christians look like the occult, so try the spirit. How do you try the spirit? Ask God, who gives wisdom to all who ask liberally. A person who believes in the possibility of attaining insight, transcending ordinary human knowledge, as by direct communication with the divine or immediate intuition in a state of spiritual ecstasy. Oh, did that sound occult. It's talking about a word of knowledge. The Bible says it's a word of knowledge, the world says or the occult says, it's intuition in a state of spiritual ecstasy, the church says it's a word of knowledge when you're under the anointing.


Now no one is upset when I talk about a word of knowledge while you're under the anointing, but some people are upset if I were to say it was an intuition while you were a state of spiritual ecstasy. The words are scaring you, why? Because they're not words traditionally used in the church, but we're a mature group here, don't be afraid of the words. Don't be afraid of the words. You can't minister to these people if you're not talking their language. And, what the Lord has shown me you see, if you could just understand what the words mean, you won't be afraid. I have to tell you that the word intuition in this state of spiritual ecstasy, wouldn't make me too happy, until I get the revelation that what this man is talking about is a word of knowledge under the anointing, then I'm not nervous anymore, because I've translated his English into my English, which says, "Yeah, I believe that could happen, I've experienced it", and his word aren't bothering me anymore, you see.


A person initiated into religious mysteries. This is all under mystic. Now there are two other words that came in here, the word 'ecstasy' right here, intuition in a state of ecstasy, I looked up 'ecstasy', and this is what 'ecstasy' says in the Random House Electronic Dictionary, - A rapturous delight, isn't that interesting, speaking about the rapture, what does rapturous mean? That you're caught up to a height that gives you satisfaction. A rapturous delight, an overpowering emotion or exaltation, a state of sudden intense feelings. Sounds occult to me, but what happens in the church is, "Thus saith the Lord, Hallelujah!!!" That's what it's talking about. Don't let the words scare you, that's what it's talking about. In a different dialect, you see, we have many dialects in English.


Now I just made an exaggeration to make a point, technically this is not a dialect, okay. A dialect mean a form of spoken language that is so different as to for intents and purposes be a different language. What we have here are English words which can be understood by anyone speaking English, but we have one group of people taking one choice of definitions, and the church taking another choice of definitions. Isn't that what we're doing with the Alternate Translation Bible? Brethren, it's happening right before your eyes. Don't be afraid of the words, find out what the person is talking about. Get your translation, ask them, they'll tell you, if you ask them with a humble spirit, you know, that you really want to understand their way of life, they will answer you, why not? If they think you're out to convert them, they won't want to talk to you.


We're in to 'ecstasy' now, and we go the word 'ecstasy' out of the definition of mystic, one of which definitions is, immediate intuition in a state of spiritual ecstasy, and we're saying that this is a word of knowledge. Random House says that 'ecstasy' is an overpowering emotion or exaltation in a state of sudden intense feelings. It also means a mental transport or rapture, which results, a mental transport or rapture, well, we're talking about soul travel here! Mental transport or rapture from the contemplation of divine things. Random House says that 'contemplation' means - the act of contemplating. Well I love when dictionaries do this, contemplation means the act of contemplating, that's not doing me any good at all. And contemplation is thoughtful observation, full of deep consideration, reflection, religious contemplation. Well what is that, what's the word that the church uses with that? Meditation, and that's another word that's very controversial to these newagers, to them meditation means Hindu type or eastern type meditation, where you sit and empty yourself out, opening yourself to whatever spirit will talk to you.


I am not ashamed to state that it is my confirmed belief that when you do that you're contacting the god of this world, whose name is Satan. Satan is the god of this world, operating through Leviathan. The meditations preached by the Scripture I believe is to meditate upon something. You take a Scripture and you just sit in a relaxed position and think about it, and open yourself to the Spirit of Christ to move through that Scripture and give you understanding of it. So Christian meditation is to put something in your mind, hoping that the Lord will expand it and give you understanding in it. Eastern meditation empties you out and leaves you open, to whatever spirit would come in, and I don't believe the spirit operates in that emptiness, why? My Bible tells me the Spirit of Christ operates in his word. If you want to contact the spirit of Christ through meditation, the point of contact is his word.


So 'contemplation' means 'meditation'. Jesus. And we've got all this now out of a definition of mystic, immediate intuition in a state of spiritual ecstasy. So 'contemplation' is meditation and ecstasy, speaking about a rapture, I find that very interesting. Let's see some of these other definitions. Ecstasy, delight, bliss, elation, transport. Now listen brethren, there is such a thing as, well I'm not sure what word to use, but let me tell you something, you can be transported into the spirit world without leaving your body. See, you don't have to engage in soul travel, but you can travel in your mind, I really am not even sure what to call it right now, it's really called going into a trance. Now don't panic at that because the Bible talks about trances, Peter went into a trance with his eyes open, and Daniel went into a trance with his eyes closed, and I think with his eyes open, if I'm not mistaken. There are trances spoken about in the Scripture. Brethren, God is a Spirit, those who serve him, serve him in spirit and truth, we are called to high spiritual conditions, the church has got to come on up, and if they won't come, there will a few who will come up. There will be a spiritual man standing on the earth in Christ Jesus, because the Lord has said so. And all the Pharisees in the world can't stop it from happening, we are called to be spiritual.


There is a rapture of the mind. I'm sure the Lord will give me more information on this, because I know I don't have the whole thing right now. I'm not talking about soul travel, it's just where your mind becomes displaced. It is a displacement of the mind. Some people who find life very stressful and painful engage in eastern meditation because it helps their pain, it helps them to relax. Brethren, I relax and I come out my pain when I enter into the kingdom of God, and I enter into the kingdom of God by meditating upon the word of God, and I experience mind displacement. I enter into another world, and all my pain is outside of that world, I'm safe in the kingdom of God, and I'm growing and I'm expanding. Anyone engaging in eastern meditation, it maybe helping you, but you're playing with fire, because you're contacting Satan, and he may be being nice to you now, but he will not always be nice to you. As soon as he has power over you, he will become your full taskmaster. Jesus. Ecstasy is a state of intensified or heightened feeling, well that sure sounds like Pentecost to me, rapture, transport, exaltation, share a sense of being taken or moved out of oneself or one's normal state.


Brethren, this is described in the Scripture by the words 'look' and 'saw'. I've spoken about this on several tapes. You'll read about it in the prophets, I believe, probably in most of the prophets, but what's coming to my mind right now is Zechariah, I think in Zechariah 5 we did a study on it, and the Lord called to Zechariah and Zechariah looked, and then he saw. We did a study on those word and found out that something caught Zechariah's attention, and he looked at it. Sometimes you'll hear a noise, or something drop, it will catch your attention, and you'll turn around and you'll look at it, but you wouldn't know what you're looking at you're just looking in that direction, and then he saw. His spiritual eyes opened and he saw in the spirit, you see. First something got his attention, he looked, then his spiritual eyes opened and he saw. His mind was displaced, he went into the spirit world. It's called a trance. Transport, it was a trance, it's not soul travel, I don't know how to describe the difference right now, surely the Lord will give to me, just take what I've got for you so far. 'Ecstasy' suggests an intensification of emotion so powerful as to produce a trance like dissociation from all but the single overpowering feeling.


So we see ecstasy is speaking about feeling. We have a lot of feeling, a lot of emotion in Pentecost. You know what I would relate this to in the church? Anybody have any ideas? How about being slain in the spirit. Ecstasy suggests an intensification of emotion so powerful as to produce a trance like dissociation from all but the single overpowering feeling. Did you ever see someone in the church screaming and yelling and waving their hands, ah Jesus, ah Jesus, Jesus!!! Look, I'm not making fun of this, I'm just doing an impersonation, I'm not making fun of this, and then they pass out on the floor. That person went into a trance. They went into such a state of ecstasy of emotions that they passed into a trance. Don't be afraid of the words, it's happening in the church. 'Ecstasy' suggests an intensification of emotions so powerful as to produce a trance like dissociation from all but the single overpowering feeling, an ecstasy of rage, of grief, of love. So we see ecstasy can be positive or negative.


Rapture - shares the power of ecstasy, but most often refers to an elevated sensation of bliss or delight either carnal or spiritual. Transport - Somewhat less extreme than either ecstasy or rapture, implies a strength of feeling that results in expression of some kind. It could be a burst of tongues. They jumped up and down in a transport of delight, or they were so filled with God manifesting in their emotions that they burst out in a spray of tongues. Exaltation - refers to a heady sense of personal well being so powerful that one is lifted above normal emotional levels, and above normal people. Exaltation, to be lifted above normal people. All this goes on in the church, only we're familiar with the names that describe it in the church, so we don't get nervous when we hear it. Be familiar with the experience and don't be threatened by different words that describe it.


We're going to do 'metaphysical', because I saw metaphysical under occult, and then we'll call it quits. Random House Electronic Dictionary says that 'metaphysical' is concerned with abstract thought or subjects as existence casualty or truth. It's dealing with abstract thought concerned with the first principles. Now we frequently say that Jesus is the first cause, he's the beginning of all things. Metaphysics is concerned with the first principles and the ultimate grounds, this is not too clear. It's highly abstract subtle, I don't why this word would appear under 'occult' to be honest with you, I don't see why. You see, when it comes to all these different terms that cross over, these dictionaries do not do an ideal job. It comes from the root of philosophy, metaphysical comes from the root of philosophy that concerns with abstract thought, I don't see how that could be occult, because we deal with abstract thought. We're analytical, we're analyzing things, we're looking into deep meanings of things, I don't know why that word would come under occult. So I hope that, we're not going to go to another tape tonight so when this tape clicks off, that's going to be the end of it. We'll have a full ninety minute tape, and one forty five minute tape with it.


I hope that this evening blessed you, and I hope that I put you to rest over some of your fears, hope that you've grown as a result of it, I hope that you're better equipped to accept other people as people, without being frightened of them, because they're different than you, and without being frightened or concerned or anxious, because they are dabbling in the occult, now you don't want to go fooling around with any Satan worshiper, but we're not sent to the Satan worshipers, we're sent to the new agers, they're people just like you and me, but they're in, they're exercising spiritual power from their own spirit. So let's not be afraid of what we don't understand, fear is not of God, and I hope that I've equipped you to go out and meet these people, because a lot of them are going to be coming into the church. Just as there was a big move the spirit four or five years ago that brought a lot of people out of the Catholic church, there's a big move of the spirit, there's going to be a lot of newagers coming out and coming into the teaching of the doctrine of Christ, and we're the ministry, at least one of the ministries that are going to be involved in it. And this message was to help equip you to meet these people as human beings that have some different beliefs than you do.

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