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There's a lot happening. There's a lot of rage in the spirit. A lot of people are very angry over what we're doing here. I don't think I told you this, our two books, The Secret of Life, part one and part two, Lord willing we'll get through part ten, are a response to a doctrine that has penetrated the church and I believe it to be an antichrist doctrine. It sounds good. It's spiritual. It's a spiritual doctrine, but they forget about Jesus. And it is in the church and it's calling itself Christian, and uh, as far as I know for eight years we are the only one responding to it. I'm now getting witnesses outside of this ministry that we are the only one responding to it.


I got a letter from someone in California that said she has been praying for years for a teacher. She said I knew in my heart that this message isn't true, but I've been praying for years for a teacher to formally refute this doctrine. We received a letter from an established ministry saying, "How blessed you are that someone is finally responding on an- I'm not fighting with anybody, you know, in case you don't know that, I'm not fighting with anybody, I'm answering the doctrine. I don't agree with it. I'm not against the man. I'm not against the man. I'm not against anybody. I don't agree with the doctrine and I'm responding to it. That's what I'm doing. I'm not fighting with anybody. I have no personal grudge against anybody. So we have thus far been acknowledged by one established ministry saying how blessed he was that the Lord has raised up uh, a godly response to this uh, ungodly doctrine. The Christians are getting seduced by it. So we have a lot of mad people. A lot of people are mad at us, and there is a rage in the spirit. Several of us have been feeling it. If you are spiritually sensitive you may have been feeling it, if not that's okay.


I'm also putting our materials in our metaphysical library, because we have a ministry to the new age movement. We are teaching the doctrine of Christ here, which I believe is the truth upon which uh, Gnosticism is based. Gnosticism is the doctrine that I just spoke about. It's the formal name. A lot of people wouldn't recognize that name, but this doctrine that is an antichrist doctrine, why is it antichrist? It forgets about Jesus, and it goes straight to the Father, and we'll talk about why that's no good in just a minute. I'd just like to finish this ministry report. So we are in the metaphysical and the new age libraries. Why? Because we're not a typical church shaking our finger at people who believe this way, saying, "you're wrong, you're bad, you're going to hell." We're not doing that.


I kept telling you here, I'm not against any man. I am against antichrist doctrine, and I answer it with the doctrine of Christ. I don't answer it with condemnation. I answer it with what my perception of the doctrine of Christ is. I believe my perception is coming from Christ Jesus. You have a right to your own opinion. So we are fighting with doctrine. We are debating. It's a godly acceptable thing. It's legal in God's kingdom and it's legal in this country. It's called freedom of speech. Not only is it the freedom of speech but it's enlightening to listen to someone else's opinion of what you believe. As long as they are telling you in a right spirit, it can make you think and cause you to grow, even if you continue to disagree. It's a good exercise, it's a good thing.


So as far as I know and is being witnessed to me by people in the ministry for over twenty years, we are the only ones answering Gnosticism with the doctrine of Christ, the truth upon which the doctrine of Christ is based. And I'm not saying Gnosticism is bad, I think it's missing the mark, and what does that mean? It means that if I'm right then there is no salvation in it for you. See I don't care about whether I'm right or wrong, and I don't care whether you think that I'm right or wrong. I'm preaching what God has shown me to preach, and if it's the truth you better at least pray about it if you think it might be the truth, because if it is the truth, the doctrine that you are putting your faith in has no power to save you. It has the power to make you feel good. It's satisfying. It's like eating rich steak. It's an intellectual exercise. It's a spiritual exercise, it's fun, but you're gonna die if it doesn't have the power to save your soul. See that's the issue here. It's not a question of right or wrong or smarter or dumber or any such thing.


So let me just finish this ministry report. In the metaphysics library the book of Revelation has been taken seventeen times. In the new age library twenty five times. Secret of Life part one - metaphysics, eighteen downloads; twelve downloads in the new age. They are outdoing the Christians. The metaphysicists and the new-agers are outdoing the Christians. What does that mean? There's a greater interest for spiritual material amongst the metaphysicists and the new-agers than amongst the Christians. Why? Because most Christians are not spiritual, not are they interested in spiritual things. Again I say this without condemnation. They are interested in the things of this world. They want they're life in hell to be happy, but they are not particularly with ascending to heaven believing that Santa Claus will meet them on the other side after they die. But metaphysicists and new-agers are interested in spiritual things and in becoming spiritual and increasing their spirituality right here on earth.


So you see we have a paradox here. We have a category of people who are desiring spiritual things, but for whatever their reason are not going through the doctrine of Christ, probably just a lack of knowledge you see. I believe that when this message gets out there's gonna be tremendous amounts of conversions from metaphysicists and new agers that have rejected the Pentecostal movement, but when they hear the doctrine of Christ they are going to come right in to it. That's my opinion, we'll see whether it's true or not. The Old Testament, six downloads from the metaphysicists and I just put that into the new age library. Mind, Hell and Death, twelve from metaphysics; thirteen from new age, and uh, I've been having some trouble getting the rest of our books on here the rest of our books aren't on.


Okay, so our books are being received, praise the Lord. The Lord is reaching out to his people. Look brethren, just about every religion, now I could be wrong about this but just about every religion that I know of is designed to increase one's spirituality except Christianity, the way it's being taught in the major part of the church. The part of Christianity that teaches spirituality is small, but growing and we are member of that part of the church, okay. Religion is suppose to develop you spiritually. It's a spiritual exercise. Okay, I did have a completely different message in my mind tonight, but I feel there's a question in somebody's mind tonight about this antichrist, what I call this antichrist message, so I am going to explain that. What is wrong with Gnosticism, and why is there no salvation in Gnosticism, and what does she mean by an antichrist message?


This is it in the simplest way that I could phrase it for you. When you feed your infant children, can you feed them steak? No they will die, they will not even be able to chew it in their mouth. Maybe if you cut it into teeny tiny pieces, and then you worry that they are going to choke. Look, baby food has to come in a form that can be digested by the babies or they starve to death or they choke on the food. In either event they die, okay. Our salvation comes from God, okay. I'm afraid to say Jehovah, whoever if listening to this tape, don't shut it off, listen. Our salvation comes from Jehovah, the Father, the creator of all things, but we can't eat him, we will die trying to digest him, you see.


We died spiritually when our spirit separated from him. Humanity died spiritually when we separated from Jehovah. Our salvation is reunion with Jehovah. If he comes to us directly to rejoin himself to us we will die, not because he is incapable, but because we are corrupted and dead. So he in his wisdom, who Jehovah, don't be afraid of that name. I rebuke all prejudice against that name, he is the creator, desires us back, who we his creation, desires us back so intently that he has seen fit to make himself into baby food so that we could absorb him and be returned unto him. And the name of that baby food, anybody? Who? He's a man, who is he? Yes, Christ Jesus.


We can deal with Christ Jesus, and that's his title, he's the only mediator between God and man. He's going to get us back to Jehovah without killing us. The Lord Jesus Christ is the saviour. When he reproduces his life in you, when you have a personal experience which is the reproduction of his life in you, Christ in you is now called Christ Jesus, having reproduced himself in you, birthing his son in you or birthing himself in you as a son, the name changes, different form, different name, Christ Jesus. Don't be afraid to say Jehovah, he sent Jesus. But then on the other hand don't go over board and don't forget about Jesus and go directly to the Father, because you cannot eat the Father, you're going to choke. You'll either choke and die or you'll starve to death, and stay dead, you are dead now. So we need a saviour you see.


Now look, the way the church preaches, I'm not against the church, I'm not against anybody, they've done the best that they could do for two thousand years, and the church has touched thousands of people and changed thousands of lives for the better, but in this hour, the Lord Jesus Christ is reaching out to the people who couldn't receive that message, and they couldn't receive it, because it didn't make any sense. And by in large the people who have received it are the people who just needed God, and they received him on the basis of his Spirit, and they just didn't worry about the doctrine, they knew they had his Spirit, and his Spirit is good.


I remember when I first joined the church I wanted to understand this Bible so badly, I went running to a Bible study in Patchogue on Revelation. I wanted to know about Revelation. Everybody wants to know about Revelation. They're taken the book of Revelation three times to the Old Testament and New Testament. And this very well meaning fine preacher said, "here is the proof of the rapture, John 4:1", and I read it, and I said, you know I was nieve, I said, "that's the proof of the rapture?" It doesn't sound like it to me, but what do I know. So we have a whole church full of people that have received Jesus Christ by his Spirit. They know he's been healed. They've been healed physically, they've been healed emotionally, they've seen miracles in their lives. They've witnessed deliverance. They know he's real and they just don't bother about the doctrine very much, because they don't know what else to do. And some of them don't even think there's anything wrong with it. But there's a whole world of people out there that can't receive that doctrine. Whether or not they've been touched by the Spirit, I don't know, but in this hour that the Lord is bringing forth the doctrine of Christ, he's reaching for the people that could not receive the doctrine in the church today. And I declare to you and I'm not ashamed to say it, it's not true doctrine. Some of it is good. The gospel of the cross, it's what happened to Jesus on the cross, good, the doctrine of faith, good, the doctrine of the laying on of hands, good, the doctrine of the healing by faith, good, but I want to tell you brethren that there is no salvation in that message, there's deliverance in that message, but there's no resurrection of the dead in that message.


The resurrection of the dead is in the doctrine of Christ. And it's coming forth in this hour and for what ever the Lord's reason we're at the front lines. Praise God. So let me, I'm all over the place today. I hope I made that point. Look, Gnosticism and this antichrist doctrine, it's all through the church, it's all through the new age and metaphysical circles, it sounds very good, but it bypasses Jesus, and I'm declaring to you openly that any doctrine that bypasses Jesus is not reaching the God of the universe, is not reaching the creator of the universe, but is making contact with the god of this world. Because you see, if you don't have the Lord Jesus, who in this hour, what form is he in, what form is he communicating with us, and what's his name? The Holy Spirit, yes, the glorified Lord Jesus poured out of the heavenlies in the day of Pentecost and he's been in the earth every since in the form of the Holy Spirit.


Look, if you don't have the Holy Spirit, there is no way he is going to reproduce himself in you and if he doesn't reproduce himself in you, you don't have Christ Jesus, the only mediator between God and man. Brethren, our connection today with the Father is through the Lord Jesus and his son or his reproduction in you, Christ Jesus. That's your contact, that's your point of contact, that's your focus, that's your telephone, that's your computer. Brethren, if you don't have a computer there's no communication. So if there's no communication, that's a spiritual computer, I'm suppose to be being funny, anybody that can't understand me, if Christ Jesus is not in the midst of you, you can't make a phone call without a telephone.


So if you're talking about the God that's in the midst of you, and Christ Jesus is not in the midst of you, that god in the midst of you is the god of this world. Now let me clear something up, let me tie up these loose ends for you. Everybody does not have Christ Jesus being formed in them. Everybody does not have the Holy Spirit. Let me remind you brethren, there is a distinction between having the Holy Spirit, receiving the Holy Spirit, and being baptized in the Holy Spirit. I don't know anyone today who is baptized in the Holy Spirit. Peter was baptized with the Holy Spirit. And the Scriptures say, "And he was filled with the Holy Spirit when he pronounced judgment on Simon, the sorcerer." What does that mean? A temporary expression of full stature where his own humanity was pushed to the background, and it was the mind of God flowing through him executing that judgment.


That's baptism with the Holy Spirit. Jesus was beyond that. Jesus was anointed with the Holy Spirit, meaning that the fullness of stature, which made him a God, full stature makes you a God, when the Holy Spirit, and I'm not gonna stop right now, we're getting all out of whack here. Look, the Holy Spirit increases into Christ Jesus. When you are completely filled with the Spirit and it never goes down, you see, Peter was filled up to full stature to execute that judgment, but it was temporary. How do I know that? Well the Scripture says, "And Peter being filled with the Holy Ghost..." Why would the Scripture even mention it if he was filled with the Holy Ghost all the time? It rose and fell in Peter. It rose and fell in the Apostles. It didn't rise and fall in Jesus. Jesus wasn't baptized with the Holy Ghost, Jesus was anointed with the Holy Ghost. It was on him like oil, it stuck, it never left him, but in other men, it rose and fell as water. The Holy Ghost is typified by water. Baptism speaks of water. It rises to it's fullness and it falls. But to be anointed with the Holy Ghost, it stays with you always.


I don't know anybody today that's baptized with the Holy Spirit, we have received the Holy Spirit. If you'd like to follow this through, I have a two tape message on it. Every anointing that comes from God comes in at least two stages. The sign that you have received the Holy Spirit is that you speak in other tongues, in new tongues. I have to review that message, I think it's new tongues, you speak in new tongues, tongues that you never heard before, and the sign that you're baptized with the Holy Spirit is that you speak in other tongues that other people understand. That's what happened to the Apostles in the day of Pentecost. They were filled up to full stature and all the men around them heard and understood what they were saying. They spoke in other tongues, in other languages. In this hour we receive new tongues, prayer languages, that are not necessarily interpreted.


There are three kinds of tongues, that's not typically interpreted, it's rare, that when you pray and burst out in tongues that it's interpreted. Then there's a second kind of tongues that are interpreted, tongues that come with interpretation. The first kind is your prayer language. The second kind is a message for the church, and if it's a message for the church, they must be interpreted. That's a second kind of tongues, and the third kind of tongues is other tongues that are recognized and understood by other human beings. That's a miracle expression of speaking in tongues when the Lord wants to communicate to somebody and the person through whom he's communicating doesn't know that language.


I heard a testimony from a man once, he witnessed to a young lady for two hours, and after it was over someone who had witnessed what he was doing came over to him and said, "I didn't know you could speak Spanish." And he said, "I don't what are you talking about?" And the man said, "You were just talking Spanish to that lady for two hours. He was speaking English, but other people standing around heard it as Spanish. That's three kinds of tongues, three different kinds of tongues. So every anointing that comes into the church has at least two expressions. I have only received the Holy Ghost. I have been filled with the Holy Ghost on several occasions, and every time the Lord ever filled me with the Holy Ghost, that it was temporary full stature, it was to either cast a demon out of somebody or to heal them. It was always for somebody else's benefit, and after the miracle was done the anointing receded upon me.


So we are talking about the antichrist message in the church, you see, it's not an issue of doctrine, it's an issue of life and death. There is no salvation without a saviour. Jehovah is not the saviour. Jehovah is the creator of the worlds, but he is not the saviour, Jesus is the saviour, and when Jesus reproduces his life in you, Christ Jesus becomes your personal saviour. You can't lock him out, because there's no salvation without him.


Are there any questions on what I've said so far? Okay, please speak into the microphone.


COMMENT: When you said you're not filled with the Holy Spirit, is that what you said, you're not filled with the Holy Spirit?


PASTOR VITALE: Well let me clarify that. I don't know anyone who is permanently filled with it, because to be permanently filled with the Holy Spirit means you're in full stature.


COMMENT: So it's just a partial filling from time to time, and goes and comes?


PASTOR VITALE: No, if you speak in tongues okay, if you have received the Holy Ghost, he never goes away, he abides, but you not filled up to the top, and if he should decide to fill you up to the top, it's a temporary rising and it's always for his glory, and then it recedes. To abide in that condition permanently makes you in full stature, okay. And there is also a, actually there's three, you can have the Holy Ghost and not speak in tongues, and that is an anointing of faith. Baptist, for example, no one could tell me they don't have the Holy Ghost, because they not only don't speak in tongues, they don't believe in tongues, they have the Holy Ghost, okay, but they are not baptized with the Holy Ghost and they haven't received the Holy Ghost, but they have an anointing of faith.


I perceive the Holy Ghost on Baptists, okay. So there is three measures of the Holy Ghost right there. You can have the Holy Ghost, receive the Holy Ghost, be filled with the Holy Ghost, and then there's a well, to be anointed with the Holy Ghost is another whole stage. What's available to human beings today are three stages. You can have the Holy Ghost, it's an anointing of faith in God, and a connection with God. We might call it reconciliation, that's another name for it, reconciliation to God without speaking in tongues. You're reconciled to him, you have a relationship with him, you talk to him, he talks to you. He helps you, he guides you, he counsels you. You don't have to speak in tongues to have that relationship with him. To speak in tongues is an increase, it's a good thing, but there are people who are preaching that if you don't have tongues you can't have a relationship with the Lord, and that's not true.


Now I got on this whole train of thought because I'm trying to tie up the loose ends here. I don't want anyone listening to this tape saying if you don't speak in tongues or if you don't anything like that God doesn't hear you. I'm not saying anything like that. God responds to everyone that calls upon his name. Even people that are not reconciled to God. See reconciliation speaks of permanent relationship. It's a relationship based on faith in Jesus Christ. But the biggest sinner in the world finds himself half dead in an alley somewhere and he's not reconciled to Jesus, but he cries out Jesus, at that moment Jesus is right there, because he answers and he responds to any true call upon him.


So don't let anyone misunderstand on what I'm speaking about on this message. I'm speaking about degrees. Jesus responds to anyone who sincerely calls upon his name. That doesn't mean that he has a permanent relationship with you. Look, I have a relationship with you. You can call me up any time, I'll say hi, how are you, I'll know your name, I know all about you, but the phone could ring tomorrow or tonight and someone could be at the other end of the phone, and I never heard of them before. I never knew that they existed before. Do you know that this has happened to me. A woman called me at two o'clock in the morning and said, "I got your name off of a ministry list. I'm very sick, will you pray for me?" Well I prayed for her and Jesus prayed through me. I never heard from her before and I never heard from her since. I didn't have a relationship with her before and I still don't have a relationship with her, but I prayed for her. Jesus responds to everybody who calls on him sincerely. So I hope I've clarified that.


He is a God of mercy and he loves us, and he wants all of humanity back in an intense intimate spiritual relationship with him. And he is Johnny on the spot to anyone who truly reaches out to him. Whether or not that reaching out results in the development or establishment of a permanent relationship. He's not missing anything, just like I responded to that window that opened up in the computer. I could have ignored it, but I didn't. I didn't ignore it, and the Lord moved in the connection. Okay, any other questions in this area?


I would like to draw on the board for you a diagram reminding you of how we envision the separation of the creation from Jehovah, otherwise known as spiritual death. It's what we've been studying in our series entitled "Creation Revisited". Personally it's the best thing the Lord has, as far as I'm concerned, the best thing he's ever done in Living Epistles. I'm very excited by the whole message that is coming down here.


Can anybody tell me exactly what form that separation took? It's nice to know, I think alot of Christians know that we're all , the creation died when we separated from God. How were we separated from God? Were we attached by our arms? Did our arms unlink? Did our legs unlink? How did we separate from God? Where were we attached to God in the first place? In the mind, in the mind, we were attached to God in the mind. At the beginning of time, at the time that we separated from him, there were no bodies like we have now. These bodies are a result of the fall. These are fallen bodies, they are prison houses. So we were attached, I guess I'll do this in different colors, what did the mind look like? Anybody want to do this?


Okay, anybody? What should I draw, what's the first thing I should draw? Okay, the woof and the warp. The mind is a garment. The mind is a woven garment made up of the warp and the woof, and who is the warp? Actually it's the dust, the surface part of the earth is the warp of the garment, and the dust is a single thread, a single thread warp of the garment. And who is the woof? Elohim is the woof.


PASTOR VITALE: And Elohim is a whole man or a half a man?


COMMENT: Half a man.


PASTOR VITALE: So who is the other half? Jehovah. Hallelujah, praise his name. Elohim was one thread, these threads look very much like DNA, not RNA. Jehovah joined to Elohim, just as a sperm joins to an ovum, and that sperm and ovum become a zygote, the first cell of the new baby. Jehovah joined himself to Elohim, made him a whole man and formed a twisted woof that was made really of two threads, but twisted together tightly, each thread of which acted like one thread. Everybody okay? So how did they separate?


So there we are, we are all the progeny of Elohim. All of humanity is the offspring of Elohim. See actually technically, earlier I said Jehovah was the creator. Technically speaking Elohim is the creator, this is his world. Jehovah sent Elohim to make the worlds. Isn't that what John 1:1 says? He made the worlds, and everything that was made was made by him, not by him, that's a bad translation, but out of his very own self. It's as if to say, Well the best example is a woman having a baby. It's her flesh and her blood, and her soul that goes into the new child. And when that new child is born, he leaves that woman's body with a mass of her flesh and blood. That was Elohim. He came out of the bosom of the Father, and out of himself, he made everything that you see, the spiritual creation. He made the whole spiritual creation. What you see in this hour, visibly physically, is what the serpent did with the spiritual creation. She stole the lump of spiritual clay. The clay if Jehovah's. The serpent stole the clay that was formed by Elohim and she reformed it into a perverse shape, but the substance of the creation, our spirit, is Elohim. So how did they separate? Elohim is the creator, that is my point. Elohim is the creator and Jehovah is the Father of the creator, the God of the creator, if you will. So what happened?


COMMENT: There was a seduction of the serpent and Jehovah pulled away. It was lust.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes is was lust and what happened was the dust started sending messages up to Elohim, lust, pride, lust that's true, and Elohim began to be seduced and he started to lean down to hear what the dust was saying and he kept getting lower and lower towards the dust and the dust captured him as quicksand would capture you or as gravity would capture you, and Elohim ended up down here, not as the woof, but as the warp, joined as a two thread cord to the dust. And Jehovah found himself as a single strand up here as the woof, and when he realized what had happened, he refused to go down into the dust and he withdrew, he withdrew himself, when Elohim separated from him as a result of the seduction of the lust and pride. And the whole image of the mind changed.


We see that the serpent grabbed the opportunity to jump up in Jehovah's place. We see that the dust captured Elohim, and the warp which was suppose to be a single thread became a double thread and held Elohim captive and the serpent stood up as the woof of the garment. Now there's one other thing that happened there. Does anyone else remember? Elohim was destined to engage in cell division. Now you may remember that when Elohim separated from the bosom of the Father, Jehovah engaged in cell division which resulted in Elohim separating from him, and everything the Father did Elohim was suppose to do. Elohim was suppose to engage in cell division. Why? He's suppose to multiply into a many membered creation.


So we see that Elohim engaged in his cell division not in his upright position when he was joined to Jehovah, but he engaged in cell division when he was joined to the dust. You see, Elohim as we said a few minutes ago was only half a man. He had to be joined to another, I don't even know what the right word is, Lord what's the right word? Another substance either had to be joined to Jehovah or if he wasn't joined to Jehovah he was joined to the dust. He had to be, he was only a half a man, he had to joined to something. He was negative, he was lacking, he had to be completed. Isn't that what we are waiting for, to be completed, and we are completed in him? Christ Jesus completes us. He was incomplete and when he was separated from Jehovah, he was completed by the dust, the surface of the serpent.


So therefore when he engaged into cell division, what did he divide into? Cain and Abel. And we find Abel down here crying out to the Lord from under the ground, and Cain comes up here. Cain is one with the serpent. So we have a two thread warp and two thread woof. This is the serpent taking her strength from Cain, because Cain even though he is negative is out of the substance of Elohim. The serpent would have no existence whatsoever unless she was joined to Cain. She has no power to have existence without having captured Elohim. We now engaged in cell division in a divided condition. If Elohim would have engaged in cell division while he was upright joined to Jehovah, the new thread that came forth would have made a three thread cord. It would have been Jehovah, Elohim, and Abel. They would have all been one, and they would have braided together and made an almost unbreakable cord.


Let me say that again, somebody missed that. Listen, Elohim was destined to engage in cell division. If he divided himself into two while he was joined to Jehovah, the new cell that he produced would have been one new thread of the union of Jehovah and Elohim and the new thread would have been Abel, and they would have all been part of the woof of the garment, no separation. Jehovah, Elohim, and Abel, but because Elohim was seduced by the serpent, when he engaged into cell division he divided, Abel underneath the ground, and Cain on top of the ground joined to the serpent. So we see that this separation from God resulted in a perverse mind, okay.


The mind was supposed to be a woven garment with a three thread woof and a one thread warp, and the woof was suppose to increase into three threads which were to be braided together. When you braid threads it produces crevices and bumps and lumps and those braids were to be woven through the warp, and the warp would get caught on the bumps and lumps and the crevices in the braids and have a very hard time pulling loose. That was the intention as directed by Jehovah. A three fold woof and a single warp woven together so tightly that it could not unravel. But because Elohim was seduced, we find a perverse mind with a two thread warp and a two thread woof, with the son of God divided, Cain on top of the ground and Abel, his blood crying out from underneath the ground of the serpent mixed with Cain, or the joined to Cain.


That's how we separated from God brethren, and the rest is history. Everything else that's ever happened since then has been, ever since then we have been waiting for Jehovah to get us out of this big whole that we fell into. We fell into a deep pit that can be likened to a black whole in space. We're down in the bottom of the pit and we are Abel, you see. Our human spirit is righteous Abel who fell under the dominion of the serpent, lost his righteousness and became a harlot. The harlot of Revelation is Abel, or you might say the dead Christ. Check it out, Joel 3:3, they made a harlot out of a boy. So everything that's going on in your world right now as far as Jesus concerned is vanity. Everything's vanity except that which is moving you towards reconciliation with the Father. Now that doesn't mean you shouldn't do things in this world. It doesn't mean that you shouldn't plant your vineyards and plant your fig trees, and have your families and have a good life. It doesn't mean that. The Jews were told they were sent into captivity in Babylon for seventy years, plant your vineyards, plant your fig trees, live your lives, marry, give in marriage, have children, but know that it's only for a season, that you're like children in kindergarten.


The only thing that counts is what is done in the spirit, and that which is done which leads to your reconciliation to Jehovah. We are Elohim, down here under the ground. Our human spirit is trapped under the ground. We're Abel. You see actually, I say things to make a point, we're not really Elohim, because when Elohim fell down under the ground, he engaged in cell division and his name changed. We were Elohim, we became Abel underneath the ground, when Cain separated from us, and even that, before that, when Elohim joined with the dust. But we are the progeny of Elohim. We are Elohim is his fallen condition. We are fallen Abel, that's who we are, and we are down here planting our fig trees, and planting our vines, and living our lives until, until what? What are we waiting for? The judgment. We're waiting for the judgment which will result in transformation of our lives and the resurrection of our spirit, through the resurrection of the spirit.


You see, we hear alot about the salvation of your soul, but it hasn't really been taught clearly, that the saviour of your soul is Christ Jesus in you. So now how does Christ Jesus get in you? How does Christ Jesus get inside of you? How does Christ Jesus get formed in you? We are waiting for the crucifixion. We have found out that there is a positive definition to word crucifixion. Paul said, "I'm crucified to the world, and I'm not dead." What does that mean? Now listen Paul said, "I am crucified to the world." He was calling himself Christ Jesus. He was saying, "meet Christ in me, okay, I'm crucified to the dead soul in me. So the Holy Spirit comes and penetrates or crucifies our human spirit and it produces faith. So we're waiting for the crucifixion so that we can increase, so that our dead human spirit will be raised from the dead, crucifixion is the beginning of the process which results in our dead human spirit, which is Abel being raised from the dead. He starts to awaken, he increases into Christ Jesus, and when Christ Jesus rises from the dead in us, he makes our soul alive. So if you don't have the saviour in the midst of you, your soul isn't saved.


So we hear all this talk about the salvation, but your soul is not gonna be saved until your spirit is raised from the dead. You see, through faith, through preaching, the hearing of the word of God your human spirit gets crucified through the foolishness of preaching, through faith. So that's the whole point, all this preaching and teaching about the salvation of your soul, you can't have your soul saved until your spirit is raised from the dead. The crux of the plan of salvation is the resurrection of your spirit from the dead, and his increase into Christ Jesus, so that the saviour is in the midst of you, and then the saviour saves your soul, okay. I wasn't gonna do this tonight, but I will take questions, do you have a question?


COMMENT: I was gonna say that the people of the world don't want to change or repent you know. They don't want to change their thinking, they want to stay in the world's way of thinking, and when Christ gets a hold of us, he transforms our mind, that's just what I was saying.


PASTOR VITALE: Exactly, and what we're studying here is the technicality of how he transforms our mind, and why are we studying these details? Is it essential to know these details? I don't believe it's essential to know these details. What I believe is that the anointing that's teaching these details is falling on the hearts of the people that are here, or the people that are listening to the tapes, and raising up Christ Jesus from the dead in you. It's the anointing that's preaching the message. It's when you sit under the message that your heart gets seeded and fed and strengthened.


I tell everybody that comes here, if you understand everything I'm telling you that's great, but if you don't understand it's okay too. Just sit under the anointing because Christ wants to arise in you in full stature, and the way he's gonna arise in you in full stature, is that he has to crucify, your human spirit has to be crucified and increase into Christ Jesus, who is continuously increasing until he's in full stature, and every step of the way Leviathan if there trying to stop him. It's a warfare, and when you sit under the anointing that preaches this message, you're under the anointing that's building your old waste places. Christ Jesus is arising in you again, Abel is arising and he's being restored to Cain and Jehovah, and they are going to be one again, and they are in fact one again in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ.


You see, there's going to be a reconciliation, you hear about reconciliation of all things? Well it's nice if your faith in God restores you to your husband or your son, but that's not what the Bible is talking about. I'm sorry it's not what it's talking about. The Bible is a spiritual book and it's talking about spirirtual things, and the reconciliation of all things is the reconciliation of Jehovah, Elohim, and Abel, so that the mind in this creation is in the image of Jehovah. That's what's being reconciled. That's what was separated, Elohim was separated from Jehovah, and the reconciliation if between Elohim and Jehovah. See God gives you all kinds of blessings on the way, if you are hungry he feeds you, if you are in poverty he gives you a job, but the bottom line is the restoration of this creation under the dominion of Elohim, who in this hour is appearing to us in the form of the Lord Jesus Christ, or in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ.


The Lord gives you bandaids along the way, you need help, we all need help. We need comfort, we need love, we need fellowship, we need food, we need clothing. In an area like this we need transportation. He'll give it to you, but that's not his main goal. His main goal is possessing you. You hear all of this big controversy in the church, possession, oppression, etc. Brethren, spirit is spirit you see, the Lord Jesus is doing what spirit does and Satan's in this world, he's not spirit, but he's acting like a spirit and he's doing what spirit does. What does spirit do with human beings? They want to manifest in us and possess us, and they want to possess us completely, not for an hour today and an hour tomorrow. They want the use of our bodies and the use of our minds, and in this hour for everyone who is not in full stature, the Lord Jesus only has temporary sporadic use of our minds and our bodies, and in most cases it's a very small percentage. Satan through the serpent's mind, and the name of the serpent's mind? Leviathan, is possessing humanity in this hour.


Christ Jesus is an invading force waging war against Leviathan for the possession of our minds and our behavior. I said earlier this morning, not this morning, at the beginning of this message, there's a heavy anointing flowing here, and I'm starting to get slain in my own meeting again. Listen the Lord loves us so much that if he tells us to do something and we don't do it, all he does is he draws us back. He keeps drawing us back. Well how come we're not doing what he wants us to do? Because Leviathan's leading us to the left and the Lord's leading us to the right. It's a warfare over our behavior, it's a warfare over what we do with our lives, it's a warfare over what we think, it's a warfare over what our mind is going to look like. Is it going to be a perverse mind with a double threaded warp and double threaded woof, or is it going to be a mind as ordained by Jehovah with three thread braided woof and a single thread warp that is in complete submission to the woof.


Look, if you study the word tribulation back to it's root, it means to be forced down under. What's being forced down under, did you ever wonder about it? I used to think about it. Well it was Leviathan being forced down under Christ, but look at it in more detail, the serpent is being forced down back into her position as the warp of the garment, so that Abel can rise up and join with Cain and Jehovah and become the God of this creation. That's what happened to Jesus, he's the first one that it happened to. He was renewed in spirit of his mind. He didn't have a change of mind, he didn't change his opinion. He didn't just change his behavior. He changed the actual if you will molecular structure of his mind.


You see, this message in this church today, it's saying if you think it, if you believe it, you'll be God, but I'm here today telling you that it has nothing to do with what you think and it has nothing to do with what you believe, it has to do with the molecular structure of your mind, and you could believe it all that you want with a mind that is perverse and you are still going to die. You've got to have your mind changed, not a change of opinion, a change of molecular structure of your mind. Jesus. Now, I did have a message for you today, this is all review, we've been doing this for weeks. What number are we on over there? Okay, what I'm going to do is take, are they're any questions on this?


COMMENT: You had said that Abel went up and joined Cain?


PASTOR VITALE: In the Lord Jesus, in the Lord Jesus he broke free from the witchcraft that was holding him down here with the dust. He arose and the serpent came down and joined with Cain became one man and with Jehovah. That's the three threads. Cain, you see, Cain is not named in three threads, we have Jehovah Elohim and Abel, Cain is not named, when he comes into submission he's the serpent. The serpent isn't named. The serpent is the earth that is thrown over the spirit so that the spirit can become visible. The serpent was not suppose to have her own existence, she was not suppose to be the god of this world, she was not suppose to be manifesting human bodies or a world, she only could do that because she captured Cain. So when everything is reconciled, when all things are reconciled, and the earth is in her place, she's not even mentioned. Look, when you talk about me do you talk about my dress? No you talk about me right? So the earth isn't even named when they're reconciled.


COMMENT: So Satan and Cain want to control our mind, so as we're being filled with Christ within us, uh, this battle that's going on, the new age movement for example, Let's say we introduce ourselves to that, then there are different spirits at work, could you explain the spirits?


PASTOR VITALE: Explain the spirits? No, all that I could tell you is when you is that when you study the new age doctrine you are strengthening this configuration of your mind, okay. But when you realize that you've made a mistake if you do realize that you've made a mistake and you want that saviour in the midst of you, or he may be in the midst of you, I'm not saying you have lost your saviour, but for a season if you believe this new age doctrine is being spun over Christ Jesus in you and he has to be ripped off. So it's not a question of spirits okay, but a question of the spider, the serpent in the form of a spider spinning his web over the Christ Jesus in the midst of you, over the mind of Christ in you, blocking it out. So that web has to be burnt off by Christ Jesus underneath as soon as you start turning back towards the truth, Christ Jesus, the mind of Christ underneath that web, starts arising and starts burning that web off of you.


COMMENT: Can you lose your salvation?


Answer: Yes you can lose your salvation. Christ Jesus can be aborted. The abortion of Christ Jesus means that your mind, the configuration of your mind comes back to this configuration. In the case of a human being today, our human spirit would separate from the Lord Jesus, okay. Remember the Lord Jesus crucified our human spirit, increased into Christ Jesus and we're going towards perfection now overcoming Leviathan, so there can be a separation of our spirit from the Lord Jesus, exactly a repetition of what happened at the beginning of time.


COMMENT: So he lets go of them?


PASTOR VITALE: No, we let go of him.


COMMENT: And because we let go of him, he disappears?


PASTOR VITALE: Well, yeah, We dissolve, the union dissolves, and there's no vacuum so when we separate from him we join to the dust, and we studied that in our series of Elijah. It was very clear in the series on Elijah. First you become spiritually sick, Christ Jesus in you becomes spiritually sick in you, weakened, and then he dies. But there's never any reason to give up hope. Christ Jesus can abort, but all things are possible with Christ. He could be conceived again, but I imagine it would be a painful process, but we never know what God's gonna do. But he doesn't abort all that easy, you know. He's there, he may just be covered over by the spider's web. Anybody else? Nobody else. Okay.


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