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I believe what the Lord is showing me is that Leviathan, no matter where he is manifesting - he is manifesting in you, he's manifesting in other people - and his intention is to lie on top of Christ Jesus in you, to lie on top of the mind of God, OK? Now we're back to these nitty gritties again. Does anybody remember what the name of the mind, which is in the mind of Christ Jesus, is? The mind of God, that is correct. Our new man, OK, is Christ Jesus, that's the whole man, mind and personality, and personality involves soul; and the mind in that new man is called the Word of God, that's correct.


So, Leviathan is attempting at all times - now Leviathan is the mind, he's the mind of our old man, who is called - anybody know the name of the old man, the old man who is really a woman? The devil, the devil. So, Leviathan is continuously attempting to layer over in a smothering formation over the Word of God, and sometimes we get, those of us who have a perception and an awareness of what's happening, we feel that Christ Jesus isn't with us, we feel weak, we feel we don't have the power that we used to have, but all of that is a lie, and what is happening is that Leviathan has succeeded, although temporarily, in layering himself over the Word of God in a smothering formation.


And the lie comes to our mind because we don't perceive Christ Jesus anymore, our perception is Leviathan which is weakness, you know. Because when you have attained to a certain place in Christ Jesus, and Leviathan comes in and layers over the mind of God in you, you feel the loss, you feel the lack of the presence of that Word of God, and it registers in your carnal mind that you've lost it, that you're weak, but that's not true. It's not true, it's just a blocking action by Leviathan, and he has to be stripped off of the Word of God in you. And, as I started to tell you before I put the tape on, I've been through a tremendous warfare that has actually been going on for a year and a half, to the best of my knowledge, and I feel I've been saying for a while now I'm not where I was, Lord, please restore me, I'm not where I was. I've been praying that for a while now, this is the word that has come to me, I am where I was. I am where I was, but Leviathan has succeeded in layering over the mind of God in me. Now, he has to be stripped off. So, I've been praying along those lines.


This is the word of the Lord to me this morning. Leviathan is manifested in us 100% of the time. One hundred percent of the time Leviathan is manifested in us, our old man is manifested in us. You may recall the teaching that if you're existing, if you have existence in this world, if you're in a human body, your spiritual foundation is who? Let me ask this first what is a spiritual foundation? When I speak about a spiritual foundation, what does that mean, what does that mean to you personally?




PASTOR VITALE: Well, that's true, but if someone was walking out there they wouldn't know what that meant. What does it mean to a human being to have a spiritual foundation?




PASTOR VITALE: No, OK, I'm going to tell you what it means is that your spiritual foundation is your source of incarnation. If you did not have a spiritual foundation, you would not be appearing in this world. You wouldn't have a body; you wouldn't have a personality. Mary wouldn't be here. Celey wouldn't be here. June and Rosie wouldn't be here. The source of our incarnation, the source of our appearance, or our existence in this world requires a spiritual foundation, and that spiritual foundation is two-fold, OK? It requires a spirit. Just like you cannot have a spiderweb without a spider to weave it. So we start out with a spirit who gathers together spiritual materials and weaves a what? What's the woven garment, what's our spiritual woven garment? Our mind, yes. We start out with a spirit who gathers spiritual components and weaves a mind that he dwells in. And when that mind is woven, we appear in this visible world. And what we see is a human being, as we know human beings, and the entranceway into this visible, physical world is what? Very simple, so don't get too spiritual.


PASTOR VITALE: What's the entranceway into this world? How do you appear in this world?


COMMENT: In the flesh.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, how does a new person appear in this world?


COMMENT: In the flesh.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, but how? How? What happens? No, now don't get too spiritual. It's simple, really simple, to the guy walking by out there. How does a new person appear, do they materialize like on Star Trek? They are born, they're born.


So out there in the spiritual world, a spirit desires a new garment, and he starts to weave a mind that's in the spirit world. And what's happening on this side of the veil is that a woman conceives. That's what's happening on this side of the world. In the spiritual side of the world, the spirit of this world, Satan decides to come forth with a new crop of human beings. Why? Because he knows that every day thousands, if not millions, of people die. Why do thousands of millions of people die? Well, we know the answer is sin, but a more down to earth answer is that these bodies wear out.


Thousands, if not millions of people across the world die every day because these bodies wear out. And the reason that they wear out is that the spirit, and the mind that he has woven, which are expressing themselves through these bodies are death. And therefore, the result of their using these bodies to express their existence, the result to the body, is death. Therefore, the god of this world knows that he has to keep stimulating the animal aspect of his creation, which is our physical bodies, to continue to produce offspring, or there will be no more bodies for him to appear through.


The Son of God, who is Christ Jesus, whose mind is the Word of God, when He uses a physical body to express Himself through, because His spiritual nature is life and not death, the result or the impact of His passing, in spiritually speaking, passing Himself through this flesh, and expressing Himself through this flesh, the impact of that experience upon our flesh is that we receive everlasting life.


The spirit and the mind that he has woven, which is in you, which is your spiritual foundation, determines the end, or what will happen to your flesh. Both your physical body and your soul. If it's Satan appearing through Leviathan, you will live, you will appear in this world for a season and you will wear out. Because when death uses you to express himself, he wears you out. It's as if to say, if you want to give it a natural example, he drains every vitamin and mineral from your flesh. Literally uses you up. And when there's nothing left, throws the carcass away and goes on to the other bodies which have incarnated in this world who are still not used up. But when the Son of God appears in human flesh, He does not drain your vitamins and your minerals.


The Son of God is a sun, he is a power source, he does not take from you, he gives to you. He is a burning star, a burning star, which is continuously giving off energy. Energy feeds your flesh, your soul and your physical body. And therefore, when the spirit and the mind which incarnates you is the Son of God, this flesh will not wear out because your mind is not drawing it's strength from it's flesh, but on the contrary is continuously imparting spiritual life to your flesh. Death and life, they do, or their function is the exact opposite. Death takes and life gives. This flesh, body and soul is not eternal. Therefore, if the mind, which is in you, takes from you, you will be used up. But if the mind, which is in you, gives to you, you will live forever. It's so simple if you have ears to hear it.


There is a spiritual foundation in you, which is at the core of your being, our natural example would be the physical heart in a human body. When the carnal mind hears about a foundation, one thinks of a foundation of a house, something close to the ground and a house built on top of it, but the spiritual foundation is within, in the deepest recesses. You see, when the demons asked Jesus for permission to go into the pigs, it was this revelation that the demons were working from. Of course it was a perverted understanding of the revelation. What revelation? That when spirit is inside of animal flesh, and our bodies are animal flesh, when spirit is inside of animal flesh, it can use that animal flesh to express itself. Bring that animal flesh into submission to the spirit. When the spirit wants to get up, the man gets up. When the spirit wants to sit down, the man sits down. Does that sound familiar to you?


I read that in Ezekiel, Chapter 1. And when the creature, I don't know the exact modifying word; and when the creature stood up, all the wheels stood up? Is that it, let's get it right on this tape. It's Ezekiel, Chapter 1. I guess we're going to wait on your dream, June. We're just going with the Spirit. Thank you Lord, thank you Jesus. OK, first we see in Ezekiel, Chapter 1, verse 5, we see that Ezekiel saw the likeness of four living creatures, so now we're looking for the further description.


Verse 12, And they went everyone straight forward: whither the spirit was to go, see, the living creature went wherever the spirit wanted to go, and they didn't turn when they went, they just directly expressed the will of the spirit that was within them. Now, let's try, verse 20 again, well verse 19 says, And when the living creatures went, the wheels went with them; I believe that we determined those wheels were the souls; and when the living creatures went, the wheels went with them, and when the living creatures were lifted up from the earth, the wheels were lifted up. Whithersoever the spirit was to go; this whole living creature went. They went wherever their spirit went and the wheels were lifted up over against them: for the spirit of the living creature was in the wheels.


Verse 21 - and when those went, these went. When what went? When the spirit went, so the wheels went. And when those stood, these stood. When the spirit stood, the soul stood. And when those were lifted up from the earth, the wheels were lifted up over against them: for the spirit of the living creature was in the wheels. And when your spirit goes and your soul is going with your spirit, Brethren, your body goes. This body is just a slave. If you look up the Greek word that's translated body, it's soma, it's merely a slave, it does whatever the soul tells it to do, and hopefully the soul, well, the soul is doing what the spirit is telling it what to do. When your spirit is Christ, when you are living by your spirit, he is controlling your soul, your emotions and your body. If Christ Jesus is not ruling your being, for all intents and purposes, you are doing what your soul is telling you to do, because your very own soul is acting in the office of spirit. Does anybody not understand what I just said? You must have a spirit to appear in this visible world.


What's happening in this hour is that the soul is illegally functioning as spirit. Therefore, we appear in an inferior form, a form that gets sick and dies. But we are appearing because the soul has risen up, and is illegally executing the office of spirit. The witness to this is in Zechariah. One of these days I'll get the chapter right. I think it's 4, 5 or 6. Probably 5 or 6. Where we read about the four riderless horses. What is the significance of the riderless horse? The horse typifies the soul life of this creation, and in this hour, except for those of us who are being brought into submission to the Lord Jesus Christ, through his Son Christ Jesus, who is attached to and growing through us, OK? We are the horses that are riderless except for those of us who are being brought into submission to the horsemanship of the Lord Jesus, we are riderless horses. This is the significance of the riderless horse that the prophet Zechariah is speaking about. He is describing this creation that has thrown his rider. And when his rider was thrown, he died.


Who was the rider of this horse that was thrown by the horse and died? Christ, yes, the immature Christ. What makes Christ immature? He was young and the mind, which was being, you see, Christ is a mind. Remember that we said just a few minutes ago, that a spirit incarnates a human being, or humanity, and the way that spirit begins the incarnation is that he weaves a mind, as a spider weaves a web. The spirit weaves a mind and dwells in the mind, and the mind dwells in the soul. Christ was the mind which was being woven by Jehovah's seed, His Hebrew name is Elohim, which was breathed into the creation, but Elohim had only progressed in the weaving of this mind called Christ, He had only progressed to the point of manifesting the second thread. Now, when you weave two threads together all you have are two threads that are twisted. They unravel very easily. Elohim had not yet manufactured, produced, created the third thread that would have enabled Him to weave this mind called Christ in the form of a braid. A braid is not easily unwoven. Jesus. Just got hit with mind control. I lost my whole train of thought. Thank you Jesus.


I believe the point that we are making here is that spirit, at our innermost depths not only rules, but controls, and even control is not an accurate word - the only word which human beings, which carnal minds find very distressing, Brethren, is manipulate. The spirit, which has incarnated you, which is dwelling inside of you, you are a body, you are a soul, inside of the soul is a mind, and inside of that mind, which is a house, is the spirit which has brought all of you to pass. And your mind, and our soul, and your body, is an expression of that spirit which has built you. You are a house that he has built, and he has put a wall around that house and a tower inside of the house, but this spiritual situation is on a level which is so much higher than our carnal minds that we cannot comprehend that we are the house, and we are the horse, and that the spirit riding us is so accomplished, Satan is such a good horseback rider, that the horse doesn't even know he has a rider. If you take horseback riding lessons, you're instructed to be one with the horse, move with the horse, flow with the horse, you're to be one entity. That's what they teach you. We do see the rider of the riderless horse in the Book of Revelation.


In the Book of Zechariah, the horses appear riderless because from God's point of view they are riderless, from God's point of view if there is no true spirit, which would be Elohim riding you, if Christ Jesus is not riding you, as far as Jehovah is concerned, the horse is riderless. But we see in the Book of Revelation, who is riding the horse in the Book of Revelation? Chapter 4, I believe? OK, I'm not talking about the back of the book, at the beginning of the book, Chapter 4, I believe, where we read about the four seals, who is riding the horse? He's green and pale, he's a greenish color? Death is riding the horse, I believe it's Chapter 4. I may be off a chapter. Death is riding the horse, and hell followed after them.


So death is doing such a tremendous job of riding the horse of this creation that we don't even know that we have a rider. And again, I'm not talking about the people who are moving in Christ Jesus. We don't even know we have a rider, we think we're it, but we're not. There are powers and principalities which are invisible, which are ruling this world, and they rule through men. They rule through men who think that their ideas are their own. Who do not know and would hate to admit that the evil that flows through their mind comes from powers and principalities that are much greater than any one individual man.


The powers and principalities of this world system are in a hidden spiritual world which is called the unconscious mind of man and they manifest through any human being that they want to hindered only by the degree of restraint that is on any individual because of his relationship with, or because of blessings which have been past down on their family line because of his ancestors' relationship with the righteous Creator of the universe. There is a lot of talk today about Jehovah and the Lord Jesus Christ and I heard a minister said to me not to long ago, "I'm very suspicious of that other preacher. He's using the name of Jehovah too much. You have to use the name of the Lord Jesus."


Brethren, Jehovah is the Creator of the universe. He is the Father of the God that created you. Elohim created you. But Elohim has One greater than He. His name is Jehovah. Jehovah is not a dirty name. He is the First Cause. He is the Eternal One. No one existed before Him, and no one will exist beyond Him, He will abide forever and beyond forever, because the term forever is speaking about the realm of time. Jehovah is beyond the realm of time. Elohim the Son is confined to time. Jehovah is not a dirty name. There is one Spirit, and many administrations of that Spirit. The One Spirit is Jehovah. The administration of his Spirit, and each administration of His Spirit has its own name.


What is an administration? It is a function. One Spirit, Jehovah, many functions thereof. The function of Jehovah within the realm of time, and where is God appearing? Within the realm of time. He's appearing in the minds of men. So the function, when Jehovah functions as the Spirit which is appearing in the mind of a man, the name that He takes is Christ. And the man, the first man in whom Christ overcame the powers and principalities that stole Jehovah's creation is the Lord Jesus. And who is the Lord Jesus? He is Elohim, the seed that Jehovah breathed into the dust of the earth at the beginning of time. He is Elohim who has matured into a completed mind that was so mature that he swallowed up His fallen body and soul. Jehovah in this hour is appearing in the minds of men as the Lord Jesus Christ. But I could talk about Jehovah if I want to.


What is the difference between Jehovah and the Lord Jesus Christ? This is the difference - the Lord Jesus Christ is Jehovah in a form that is able to save men from hell and death. But it's still Jehovah. It's like saying, I have hear a bowl of flour. Have you ever tried to eat raw flour? It's horrible. But if you take that flour and you make it into bread, even unleavened bread, which is water and flour, you mix it and you bake it, it's now life sustaining. But it's still bread. It's bread, it's flour, which has been converted into a form that can sustain your life, but it's still flour.


So, let me take it even to a more extreme point. Flour in the form of the wheat berry, the wheat berry - now some people eat wheat berries, they're very hard. Some people soak them in water, or boil them in water and eat them as a cereal, but they still have to be cooked. Take the wheat berry right out of the grain of wheat, it's not edible. But you process that wheat berry, or not even the wheat berry, let's even be more extreme, the whole wheat plant, that has to be separated form the chaff in order to supply life to human beings. Bread is wheat in another form. Bread is wheat in a for that will sustain the life of human beings. But the wheat growing in the fields probably wouldn't do you any good at all. I don't think the body could process a whole, uncooked wheat berry. If you swallowed it it would probably just pass through your body and come out in the drift (?), as if you swallowed a cherry pit. But it's still wheat. In the form of bread it can sustain your life. In the form that it appears in the fields it cannot sustain your life. But, that which is sustaining your life is still wheat.


For our purposes, the Lord Jesus Christ is the form that Jehovah takes which is capable of saving men from hell and death. Therefore, if someone is preaching "You don't need the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation, Jehovah in His condition or in His function as the Eternal Father can save you from hell and death," that is not true. We have denominations that preach that. That Jehovah can save you in a form other than the Lord Jesus Christ. It's not true. It's not that Jehovah isn't powerful enough to save you, but He Himself, by His own will, determination and power, will convert Himself into another form in which form He can save you. So for the purposes of salvation, we must distinguish between the Lord Jesus and Jehovah. Now hear this - for the purposes of the salvation of our human being, we must distinguish between Jehovah and the Lord Jesus, which are both Jehovah in two different forms. But unless we're speaking about that specific function, I could talk to you about Jehovah, and I should be able to speak to you about Him, without fear that some Christian out there is going to say, "Oh, she's a Jehovah Only, she's a Jehovah's Witness."


Brethren, we've just got to start pulling this spiritual truth together, we've got to start growing up. Just because you hear someone preaching about Jehovah, you're afraid to go to his or her church, or you're leery of him or her? God help us, as in this hour we await for a change to come upon the hearts of men that will enable them to understand doctrine. I haven't listened to other preachers for a long time. I'm isolated with this word that the Lord's bringing forth here. When I did hear some other preachers for the first time in a long time recently, it was so clear to me - they're not preaching the Doctrine of Christ, the message that Jehovah sent for humanity through the Lord Jesus, they're not preaching it. Because the message that Jehovah sent to humanity through the Lord Jesus is a message of deliverance from hell and death, which is this whole world that we abide in. But what I hear being preached in the church today is how to survive hell and death. How to exist in this world with the best possible conditions. That's what I hear being preached. How to stay right here in hell and death and be as happy and as content as you could possibly be. And miraculously one day you will cease to exist and you'll wake up on streets of gold. It's a lie. The message of deliverance is not being preached down here in captivity. The message of survival in captivity is being preached. The message of survival in captivity is being preached. Jesus. I'm all over the place this morning. Where do you want me to go from here, Lord? How did all this start out? Can you just put that on hold for me for a minute XXXX, please?


COMMENT: When you first started out you were interpreting my dream already, and it was right in order, right in line with everything that I dreamt about and I'd like to express that dream right now. My husband was - I was going to go to church at 7:30 and I looked at my hair and it was completely out of order, it was all over the place. So I told my husband to help me find a place, a store maybe with a bathroom in it where I could take my curling iron and fix the hair and put in shape. And, so the first place I stopped was like an amusement store for children and people where they had all kinds of machines where they were enjoying, you know. And I went in there and I looked around and they had, it was a square room, no bathroom, ladies room in it at all so I walked out of there I and had to step over some kind of a wall, and I couldn't get my leg over the wall, and so I went around a different way, and I said, well, that's old age, you can't get your foot over the wall. So, I spoke to some woman. So, I looked for another place and there was another store of some kind which wasn't adequate, I didn't quite go in that store, and then I found myself in another place, it was like an L-shaped rooms, two rooms, and I was in the back room, and I thought perhaps there would be a place where I could fix my hair, but in the meantime that thought left me and I came into the long part of the room and saw this man in the middle of the room using a therapy machine to exercise his foot, up and down, his leg, up and down, and he was just about finishing and he spoke to me and he said, "You can use this when I'm finished because my knee has been out of order for the last month, I've had a lot of problems." So I said, OK. So when I walked in the room, he stood up and at that moment I knew XXXX and Sheila were in the room and they were standing and XXXX had her back, she was in the one corner of the room, she had her back to me and Sheila was speaking more or less to her. And she had this coat that she had on.


PASTOR VITALE: XXXX or XXXX had the coat on?


COMMENT: XXXX had the coat on, and I admired it, it looked beautiful, it was a black and white striped coat and it fitted her beautiful, it had buttons in the back, and I said, "Wow, I wonder where she got that, maybe it was from Sheila, you know, at one time." So then again I looked toward this man who had stood up and he was a giant, and I didn't see his head, all I saw was this coat he had on, it was shaped in like a cloak, and he had his arm out and I thought it was like a bat.


PASTOR VITALE: Was this the man who was exercising his leg, or it was someone else?


COMMENT: Yes, it was the same man.




COMMENT: He had stood up, turned around to face you and Celey and he opened his cloak up - it looked to me like a tremendous bat, you know the way the cloak was shaped. And I had the feeling of being controlled by this man, like he had such authority and it was demonic control. I didn't like it and then when he stood up like that I thought, oh, how horrible. It was a horrible feeling and a horrible look of this black coat. All I could see was it covered almost the whole room and when you were interpreting, I mean, when you were speaking the first part of this message, you had said - hovering over this entity, hovering over.


PASTOR VITALE: Hovering over the Word of God, yeah.


COMMENT: And so then you were leaving, the three of you were leaving and I thought to myself, why are they going, it's only 6:30, where are they going, where are they going to go, they haven't told me where they are going to go? So you left and I went out the front door with him, following him, and you were ahead of him and I don't know what the reason was but I was remarking about the weather, and it was, I saw this big, black cloud coming over and I said, "Look at that big, black cloud." And he said, "No, that's the tree, the tree is casting this big shadow." And then I looked again and I saw on the outer part of the tree a black cloud and I said, well, it's over there. And then it left, and the day came to be beautiful and I thought we were near the shoreline, I didn't see the water or anything, but I just felt that was the shoreline and the day was absolutely gorgeous. And I said, look how beautiful the weather was. But in myself I was trying, I was trying to change his whole attitude of this hostility and this, I don't know, this wickedness, whatever it was that was in him. I was trying to, you know, say: It's a beautiful day, get over this thing.


PASTOR VITALE: He was still there.


COMMENT: He was still there, and then I looked toward you and you were at a distance from him, in front of him. He was standing in front of me, and all I saw of you were your heads, you were together.




COMMENT: Yeah, and you were like on a level, like laying down, but all I saw were your heads at a distance, in front of him. And then in my mind I thought, well, where are they going, it's only 6:30, not 7:30, you know, for church.


PASTOR VITALE: So we were going with him? That was your perception, that we were going with him?


COMMENT: Yes, that he was in control, you know, of the situation, and then the dream just stopped. I could see you going, I just saw you there, and he was standing in front of me, and his back was toward me.


PASTOR VITALE: So you were behind him?




PASTOR VITALE: Then came this batlike man, and then in front of him were XXXX and he and I seemed to be propelling us? We seemed to be going where he was driving us?


COMMENT: You were going somewhere, and he was a part of it?


PASTOR VITALE: He was a part of it?


COMMENT : Yes. Part of going too and I was to stay back at the house, or at the place that we were in, I was to stay - I had that, I don't know whether it was a feeling, but I was staying and you were going and I had thought that you were going too early, it was only 6:30, where else would you be going. And he was going out and I felt like he was in control. But, it didn't go anywhere, because, as I say, I was speaking about the weather, we were outdoors and I was trying to change his mind, I guess, or whatever reason I did it, I don't know. And I saw you at a distance from him. And then the dream just stopped.


PASTOR VITALE: Yeah. Well, I think it's a very important dream and everybody knows we've been in a tremendous battle with a believer whom I believe has incredible psychic powers. I don't believe he knows what he's doing, I believe it's psychic heredity, those of you who know about psychic heredity. I believe that this person has the mind of a warlock. I believe he inherited it. I don't think he's any kind of a practicing witch or any such thing, but those of us who are moving on in Christ Jesus, we have to face the fact of our whole situation here. I don't perceive the church world acknowledging humanity's situation. And what is our situation? That we are all of us held captive by a mind which is stronger than any one individual or stronger than - now who is humanity? Humanity is the soul which Elohim formed. And the mind is superior to the soul. I just spoke about that in the earlier part of the tape. The highest principality is the spirit which has incarnated us.


That spirit incarnates a mind, which, well, let me give you a scripture - God, Christ, the man, and the woman. God is the Spirit which has incarnated us; Christ is the mind which that spirit has woven; underneath Christ is the human man, or the soul, the soul is male when the mind is Christ; and the woman, for spiritual purposes, let's say she is the body. Now there's a negative side of this - God, Satan, mind of Leviathan, man (indistinguishable comments). You hear what I'm saying. So, I'm going to, you know, if this person ever hears this tape, they are going to hear it. I'm not going to put their name on the tape, God knows that if they are to receive any help at all, this person, they are going to have to face what is manifesting through them. OK?


Now, in my opinion, this person is Satan's messenger. And I have told them this and they were very upset. Now, God forbid anyone should ever tell you you're Satan's messenger, I know it's distressing, but what you need to do is throw yourself on your face and ask the Lord Jesus to deliver you. Because everybody in this world is some spirit's messenger. Except we are the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and some of us have a stronger psychic heredity than others. Some of us are more evil than others just as some human beings are born as babies with a potential to be physically strong and others are born with a potential that at their very best, at the height of their life, they will never be as strong as the other person. It's just your physical biological heredity, in the same manner, we have a spiritual heredity. Some of us are born with very strong minds and others are born with minds that are not as strong. Not necessarily weak minds, but everybody is born with a mind, and some minds are stronger than other minds. And what determines it? Your heredity. Just as you receive your ancestors' physical characteristics and potential for disease, we also receive our ancestors' emotional characteristics and potential for emotional illness. Ask anyone that's knowledgeable in the area of mental illness.


Check it out, it's on the family line. It's very unlikely that you have a mentally ill person in the family and no other mentally ill people in the family. And in the event that that happens that there appears one day a mentally ill person with no history of it in the family at all, if you follow that family line through for the next two or three generations, you will see that mental illness is appearing here or there and that this person was just where the curse manifested for the first time. Anybody not know what I just said? Spiritually speaking, we inherit our spiritual potential from our ancestors. Our potential to be very powerful spiritually or not powerful spiritually. I will not use the word weak, I will not. We all have spiritual potential. Some people have more spiritual potential than others. And we have here a person who was in this ministry for a while, and I am, at this point, after praying all this time, there is not a doubt in my mind that this person has a spiritual heredity which is likened to that of a warlock. I personally believe there had to be practicing witches on his family line somewhere for someone to be born with a mind like this. His mind is very powerful, and largely Satan has the use of his mind.


I don't - Why am I saying that? I don't see Christ Jesus doing exploits through this person's psychic ability. I see Satan doing great evil by laying hold of that psychic ability and manipulating it for his own purpose. I see that great evil has been manifested through this human being. And, when you told me the dream in my office when you came in this morning, you did not tell me everything that you just said now. See, sometimes I will ask you to repeat dreams, I'll ask you two, three and four times to repeat things. I know that detectives use this tactic very frequently. There are things that you don't remember or you don't think are important, but when you repeat the story over and over again little bits of information come forth. When you first told me the dream, there really wasn't a doubt in my mind that this bat-type creature was describing the principality that has captured this person and is living his desires and his will through this person.


Now, I'm trying to say two or three things at once, let me try and get myself together here. Now listen, when I was in old order deliverance, I was taught that it's the demons, it's not the person. Now, that's not always true. Paul said, when I seek to do good and I do evil, then it's not me, but sin dwelling in me. But when you don't seek to do good, when you are in full agreement with the evil mind living it's lusts out through you, then there's no separation. You are one with the evil angel who is manipulating your soul and your body and your personality for his purposes. It's you. There's no separation between you and the evil angel when you're very happy to be doing his bidding. When using his bidding is righteous. When you think it's right, when you have no conviction whatsoever. The person, whom you could say about them, it's not them, it's the demons in them, in order to accurately say that about a person, that person has to be struggling and fighting every day of their life to not obey the commands of the principality that has control of them.


Paul said, I don't want to do it. I start out doing good and I wind up doing evil. Well, that's the principality which is now separated from Paul expressing himself through Paul despite Paul's resistance. But if there's no resistance it means that the person is completely captured by the evil angel who is expressing himself through that person which is - what does that make that person? It makes you host, a host, for an evil angel. You're his hands, and his feet, and his mouth on the earth. You're his mouth, he talks through you, you're his hands and his feet and he does evil through you. You're completely his host. If you're not fighting against him and you have no power to fight against him, unless the Lord Jesus is on your side, and the Lord Jesus is not on your side if you're not admitting that you are captive as a pimp captures a young, I can't even say a woman, there's so many homosexual prostitutes today, as a pimp would hold a prostitute in captivity and force them into prostitution.


If you cannot admit that you are doing evil, you hate it, but you can't stop because this power or this principality has completely captured you and tied you up in a harness like a horse or like an oxen and is making you serve him, if you can't confess that, there's no hope for you. Now, why is that? Isn't the Lord Jesus strong enough to help you anyway? Listen, Brethren, Jehovah has a plan. He has a legal plan to get us out of here. He authored it, He wrote it, and He's going to get you out according to His plan. You cannot change His plan. And this is His plan. You're overcome by the powers and principalities of this world. And I know it. And I sent the Lord Jesus to you. And when you confess that you are overcome and you cry out for help, the Lord Jesus will penetrate your heart, crucify your heart, if you will, He's going to locate your human spirit, which is the real you, you are the one who's held captive, your human spirit is the one that's held captive by this horrible pimp principality. He's going to join with your human spirit and He's going to cause Christ Jesus to begin to develop in you, and as Christ Jesus grows and becomes stronger, He will defeat the evil angel which has subjected you. That's the plan.


So, if you can't confess that you are doing things that are wrong, even though you may not even realize that they're wrong. Or when you do realize it that you can't stop, if you can't confess that, you're knocked out right at the get-go. That's Jehovah's plan, do you hear me? He is not going to save you, while you willingly do your evil works up to the last second before the rapture. You've got to fight to get out of this condition of mind which is destroying your life, and you've got to fight according to His rules. You can't fight according to your rules. Cause you're going to die. You're going to pass out of this world with no memory of you, if you've never done anything for Christ. What does that mean? If Christ has never lived through you in any way, you're going to pass out of this world without any memory whatsoever, because the only thing that goes on is that which Christ has lived through you. And if your whole life is this principality living through you, you're going to pass out and there will be no spiritual memory of you at all.


So, we see a person who came to this ministry for quite a while, who I am convinced has a mind of warlock level. I know there have been several of us, at least four, at least four of us right here, if not five of us, that have been actively praying against the wickedness, and I from time to time call other ministries, ministers and their whole fellowships to pray for us when things get really tough. And the very best that we've accomplished is to keep that mind today. We have not brought it down. The truth is, we have not brought it down. All of us standing together have not brought it down, we've merely stopped it from destroying us. That's the truth. Warlock level mind. I believe inherited, born with it.


And, now when you first told me your dream, in view of everything that is going on here, I thought it was that person, but the second time you told me the dream, you gave me a piece of information that made it, that absolutely confirmed it. And what was that? It was a piece of information that I could directly associate with this person. What is that? His knee was bothering him. This person has a bad knee. This person has a bad knee which goes right down through his leg, and I believe that in the midst of the dream, if you've heard me talk about dreams, one of the things I've told you is that dreams are a mixture of different elements.


You will get patches of truth, little patches which could be predictive, patches of fantasy, sometimes the events of the day get woven into your dream, and when the events of your present day get woven into the dream, they don't mean anything more than that the Lord's using them to put the dream together as a whole picture. Pretty much, that's the function of Satan, that's the function of the serpent. The serpent is the earth. Her natural function is to weave together with the spirit and make a visible picture. Is that not her function? Well, if you have a dream and incorporated in that dream are the events of the present day, see, the world will tell you, oh, you just had an impressive day. No, sometimes the Lord will weave the events of the present day into your dream and it doesn't mean anything more than the Lord is putting it in there as a fiber to give you a whole picture. But you have to go picking through the whole picture to see that which is predictive, that which is a word of knowledge, you have to go analyzing the whole thing. And that information, and even as you just showed me, this is what he was doing what his leg.


That is how that person, I know this person well, when their leg is bothering them, and I know that the arthritis has been terrible from all of this damp weather we've been having, this person has an old knee injury that very likely kicked up during this damp weather, and when it kicks up, the pain goes down from the knee through the whole leg bone right into the foot and that's exactly the movement that he does to ease the pain.




PASTOR VITALE: Yes, exactly.




PASTOR VITALE: So, it's the right foot, it's the right foot and leg, it's from the knee down through the foot. So, if there was any doubt in my mind at all that this principality was this person, which there was no doubt in my mind, as far as I'm concerned, this - what you've just said about the knee and the leg - is concrete evidence that the Lord is saying to me, that is this man. And this is his spiritual profile. No matter how nice he looks, no matter how many good things he does or he tries to do, no matter what he says, this is the man which is possessed of an evil angel. And he's wreaked havoc in this ministry for a couple of years. But there's a positive side to it.


Jesus says that he who overcomes all things will inherit all things. So, we have to be having overcoming experiences. We've been warriors going on years. And it's this evil angel which came into the ministry in this person. Now, I told this person, You are Satan's messenger. They're very upset. If you hear this tape, or if anybody here talks to this person, there is no condemnation in what I just said. I'm telling the truth. Get down on your face and beg the Lord Jesus to get you free of this evil host which is using you for his own evil purposes. And let yourself be attached to the Kingdom of God so that your powerful inherited spiritual ability can be used for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.


And another thing that you said, and for wherever this tape is going to, you know, I don't know -? , to the best of my knowledge this person is not doing the right thing. I believe they have a revelation of the evil that's in them. I don't know if they have a full understanding of how powerful it is, but they know that there is evil in them, and the way they are dealing with it is with denial. And denial will kill you. Denial will kill you. Because the only thing that is going to save you from the grip of a criminal entity that is possessing you is that Christ Jesus should appear in you and subject him. That's your only hope, you'll overcome him yourself. Never. And the only way Christ Jesus can appear and fight for you is if He is born in you. And the only way He is going to be born in you is if you confess that you are overcome by evil, and that you're not innocent. That everything that this principality has done through you, you have done.


You are guilty, you are guilty, you are guilty. As guilty as we all are for our ancestors' offense. And the sins of the fathers shall be visited upon the children unto the third and fourth generation. We're all guilty. All guilty. All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Some of us more than others, but you are guilty. There is no hope for deliverance from bondage to evil powers and principalities without admitting our guilt and the guilt of our ancestors. We are NOT innocent! So, when you deny sin in you, whether it's been something you've something you've just done, whether it's been something you've just thought, because sin is in what you think, sin is in what you feel, sin is interwoven through every fiber of our being. What you just felt, that was sin, what you just thought, that was sin. Don't cover it up! It's got to be confessed if you want the Lord Jesus to save you from it. And this person is dealing with, what, I believe he knows he has some revelation of what's living through him, and he's dealing with it through denial. He hasn't learned the lesson, one of the major lessons of this ministry.


I've tried to teach him for over two years and he hasn't received the teaching. He's dealing with it through denial. And one of two things could happen through him. The Lord Jesus could have enough mercy on him to wound him so severely that he starts to confess it, or the Lord Jesus - and that would make him a son, because that would be correction - or the Lord Jesus could just abandon him and not bother hurting him badly enough to make him confess his sins, and he'll just live out his natural life and pass out of this world as a bastard. Now, as far as the message of the dream goes, for this fellowship, is don't be deceived. Because when we see this person in his humanity, he can be very charming, and a little boyish, but there is something terrible inside of him, and I don't believe that we can do anything more than we've done. He hasn't repented.


Something else that was significant, and I believe, what is the dream? The dream was to witness to everyone here, the extent of that principality which is living through him very powerful, a vampire-type principality, and I would have to say and mention that there has been a lot stolen here. A lot of the blood of Christ Jesus has been stolen from here. This principality has drunk the blood of the saints in this fellowship. He's drained us, he's taken our energies, and if he could have done it, he would have drained Christ Jesus to the point of death. In me, I know it. That's why I had to ask him to leave. Vampire spirit. And you had that word of knowledge a couple of years ago, and I apologize to you, I didn't receive it. I didn't think it was of God. But you had that word, vampire spirit.


And, so what else is the dream saying? He is still standing. We've put him out of the fellowship, but this principality is still standing and still manifesting his mind against us, even though his physical presence has been denied. And something else that was very significant, you said, look at the clouds, and does anybody remember what the clouds signify in the scripture? What do clouds signify?


COMMENT: Spirit?


PASTOR VITALE: Well, not spirit, but anybody? Actually, the cloud signifies the soul, symbolizes the soul. And we see in Revelation Chapter 14, the Son of Man sitting on a cloud, OK, from a positive aspect, the clouds would signify the coming of the Lord Jesus. We're also told to watch for the nimbus, that's in the Old Testament. That's the big, big rain cloud, black with rain. And this is the latter rain that we're waiting for. So, to see the clouds in the distance, that's a good omen, if you want to use that word. It's a good sign - in the instance where Elijah, I believe it was Elijah, sometimes I get Elijah and Elisha mixed up. I believe it was Elijah, where he has pronounced famine upon Israel. Was that Elijah or Elisha?


COMMENT: Elijah.


PASTOR VITALE: Was it Elijah? Well, whatever it was, when the day came for the drought to end, Elijah said to the men, go up on the men and see, see if the cloud is coming, see if there is a sign of rain. The cloud is a sign of rain, and rain is a type of the life of God in the visible world. Spirit in the visible world takes the form of water.


So, you said, look, I see the clouds! And this wicked principality, whose one of his expressions is the most intense mind control I have ever experienced in all my life, OK? Said to you, no, it's not a cloud, there's no deliverance coming. The power of God is not coming; the deliverance from the drought is not coming. There's no cloud, it's just the tree, just the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. There's no hope. This is it. Deny the deliverance of God. And you said, no, no, no - there's the cloud, I see it behind the tree. So, whoever you typified in the dream, I'm really not sure who you typified in the dream, didn't receive his mind control and saw the truth. And also, and if I repeat any part of your dream incorrectly, please tell me, I may not have heard you, or I may not be remembering correctly. And I remember you saying that he was such a negative influence and the day turned into a beautiful sunshiny day but this negative influence was still there, not wanting to accept the glory that was coming and the beautiful day, is that correct?




PASTOR VITALE: OK. That's all that I have right now on that area, just a very negative principality with an intense power of mind control to actually deny the truth and make you believe it. So what does this mean to me? It says to me that the Lord is witnessing through another member of the congregation and through someone who didn't even understand the dream, which, if anyone's having a problem believing this, one good thing about a dream is that we can say, well, a sister had the dream, she really didn't even know what it meant herself, so it really could be the Lord speaking through her as a second witness, that this power and principality is amongst us. He's amongst us.


And even though we've removed him from the fellowship, spiritually he has not left. Spiritually he exists. Spiritually his mind control is intense, although there has been a big victory, I know personally in me, I don't know about anyone else here, in overcoming his mind control, knowing that I still know the truth, no matter what he says, OK, and I just have to take the dream as a warning, he's still amongst you. And he's still influencing you with his mind. OK? And he's as powerful as he thinks he is, don't let anyone try to tell you - oh, no, he's just some nice guy. The principality that is living through him is as powerful as you have been told by the Lord that he is. Don't change your mind. You're up against a very powerful enemy.


And the other thing that I'd like to comment on is this going to church at 6:30 before 7:30. I can't tell you this is what the Lord is telling me this, this is what I think it is, it might turn out that I am wrong at some time in the future. But, me, Sheila, what that means to me is that, how do I say this? Help me to express this Lord. I believe, based on my own experience in God, that very frequently Satan gets to you before God's plan gets to you. And that goes back to the beginning of time. Did not the serpent capture Jehovah's seed and incarnate before Elohim could incarnate with the mind of God? The serpent got there first. And I think that that's very common. The serpent gets there first.


God promises you something, God gives you an instruction, and the serpent gets there first. Let's say for example, I'll pray, Lord, I have this sum of money, how do I spend it? I'm waiting to hear from God and Satan gets right in there and gives me a wrong communication. If I'm immature and I don't know how to try the spirit, I can assume that the first voice that I hear, the first supernatural voice that I hear is God, and go out and do the wrong thing. The serpent is always there first, in my opinion. So, that's what that said to me. That at 7:30, church was starting. That, in the foreseeable future, I believe, in our lifetime, this is not something that is going to transcend generations, God has something for us. I believe this message is going out, I believe a great event is about to happen. And we'll say that event was typified by the 7:30 church time. But this principality is trying to seduce us to go in another direction at 6:30. He's trying to get in there first and if he has his way with us it would probably circumvent or prevent the Lord's plan at 7:30 from coming to pass.


Now, if anybody hearing this tape is saying, well, Pastor Sheila, God's will has to come to pass, yes, God's will has to and will come to pass but there are a variety of routes in which it will come to pass. If there is an assignment for this ministry and I, as your leader, do not take the victory, it will not come to pass at this time. The Lord will have to raise up somebody else. God's will will come to pass, but if it does not come to pass in this ministry, or through me, He'll either raise up another leader or another whole ministry, and it will just come to pass through a different direction. It's the end result that's written in heaven.


Jehovah has prophesied what the end of this fall will be. And the end of the fall of this creation is total and complete restoration in a form stronger than the form that the creature was in when he fell. That must and will come to pass! Who the individual human beings are that will do great works for God and the exact hour in which this will come to pass nobody knows but the Father. Jesus said that. Because we have a many-membered humanity which are likened to herds of cattle, to spiritualize, we are herds of cattle, and if that offends you, Brethren, rebuke your pride, because it's the truth. And the Lord Jesus are calling on particular horses in this herd, or particular sheep in this herd to do certain, to be the host for the expression of Christ Jesus, whose assignment is to save this creation. Christ Jesus is going to save this creation working through human beings. And Christ Jesus is arising in a multitude of human beings in this hour; He has a very important job to do. But if He can't control this one particular horse, He's going to go to another horse. Or if that particular horse throws Him, He's going to go to another horse.


So I don't think it's written in heaven that it will be Pastor Sheila Vitale who will do this great work, or it will be XXXX that will do this great work, I think it may be written in heaven that Pastor Sheila Vitale and XXXX will have an opportunity to do this great work, and just as at the beginning of time when we translated Genesis, Chapter 2 and we found out, and Jehovah watched and waited to see what Adam would name all the animals. Do you remember that? We found out through our Alternate Translation what the scripture was really saying was that Jehovah did all he was going to do for this creature and He stood back and He watched and He waited to see which nature Adam would give this creation. Would he join with the serpent and give the creation the nature of the serpent, which is what happened? Or would he join with Jehovah and give the whole creature the nature of Jehovah? Jehovah stood back and said, do your thing, Adam. And I believe in this hour, this ministry has been given a glorious assignment. I am your leader, but everyone here is a very important part of this, and Jehovah is standing back and the Lord Jesus is standing back and saying, well, I'm with you. If you keep calling on My name, and you keep throwing yourself on My mercy, and you don't let go of Me, just like Jacob wrestled with that angel all night, if you don't let go of Me, I will get You through, and when history is written, your names will be in history, but if you don't make it, I will go to another horse, and will do it through the other horse. And the only thing that's assured is that it will be done.


This Doctrine of Christ will go to the world. It will be taught to the world, it will be taught accurately. If it's not you, Pastor Sheila, it will be someone else. If it's not you typing the tapes, XXXX, it will be somebody else. If it's not you duplicating, or whatever you're doing, it will be somebody else. But it will get done. If it's not one horse, it will be another horse. And that's just the truth. I just saw a vision in my mind of a movie that I saw once about the Pony Express. The Pony Express back in the days of the early west of this country. Time was of the essence, and there was a man, this is what I just saw, there was a man riding his horse to the point of exhaustion and he would stop at a particular point where he would take a drink, and, I don't know if he would take a drink, he'd just pick up a fresh horse and take off again. And I just saw a vision of a horse dropping from exhaustion. The rider was cropping him and the horse just couldn't go another step. He jumped off and got on another horse.


You see, Christ Jesus is going to do it. And if our bodies hold up and if our minds hold up, we'll go through with him. And if we don't, He'll go through on another horse. It doesn't mean He doesn't love you. It means that He's dealing with priorities. I've tried the best I can to teach you about priorities. Our example is the emergency room in the hospital. I don't care how much pain you are in, if there is a man in the next bed that is going to die in fifteen minutes if he doesn't get attention, you are going to stay in pain, because they are going to go to the man that's going to die in fifteen minutes. It doesn't mean that Jesus doesn't love you. It means that He has a commission from Jehovah to deliver this creation from hell and death. And He's going to do it! And if you want to do it with Him, you have to hang on to Him. And if you hang on to Him, He'll hang on to you. But if you don't hang on to Him, He's not going out of His way to hang on to you. Because the top priority is that somebody stand up in full stature. Somebody's got to do it. And He'll stay with you so long as you're doing your part. Why? Because He wants to stand up in you!


It's not a question of loving the other person more or less. You're just a big baby if that's what you think. Listen, all of humanity is on the line. We don't have such a bad life here in this country. There are people starving to death. There are people in political prisons being tortured, children being abused, there are terrible things going on in this world. Somebody's got to stand up! Has nothing to do with whether He loves little you or not. If you run with the Horseman, He'll take you with Him. If you can't make it, He'll leave you behind. Or if you won't go with Him, He'll leave you behind. He is going to fill Jehovah's permission to Him. You have to hold up your own end. He's not going to baby us. That's why 9/10 of the church is not going through. They're not going through because they're not men; they're little babies. They are not doing their part, they are not going through, they are already being left behind. And there are large numbers of Christians in which Christ Jesus is growing, and they are being left behind too. Because they want to be babied. They want to believe that the Lord would never let that happen to them. Me baby; you're taking care of me. No, it's the men that are going through. You have to do your part or you're not going through. So, if you could just hold it a minute, I just want to finish this point, and I got off on a tangent a little bit.


So, in this dream, that's what that 6:30 meant to me. That this principality, and to be honest with you, I cannot see that, in anything that's happening now, the dream might be predictive. But what it says to me is, watch out, because there's an influence coming that's going to try to get you to do something before God's plan that, if you agree with it, you'll never get to God's plan. If you go with 6:30, you're not going to be at church at 7:30, you're going to be going in the other direction. So, we have to pray without ceasing to keep God's will in our mind, and then we have to pray without ceasing for the power to do God's will, and go through with it, or we're going to, that's what the dream says to me, watch out, this principality has not given up, he's not been defeated. And he's going to divert you from your goal if you let him.


Just the one last thing that I would say, I remind you all that people that we know appearing in dreams are more often than not, symbolic. I really don't know who the, I know who the principality was because we had a clear signal with the knee and the leg, there's not a doubt in my mind who that is. As for you, XXXX and I, I really don't know who represents whom. And, I'm not even sure right now, unless the Lord gives it to me before this tape is over, the significance of one person standing behind the principality, and then two people under his power. Now, I do know that this principality has put all of his strength in trying to control me. So, the chances are that I may be one of those two people who are in front of him. I don't really know why XXXX would be there, well, I do know. XXXX's really been in the forefront of the war, she really has. But I don't understand that part of it; so, unless the Lord tells me I won't know. So, I think XXXX wanted to say something?


COMMENT 1: ? in the car, and when she said that the two people were in front and she was still in the building.


COMMENT: Outside the building.


COMMENT 1: And she said it looked like they were lying down. And I said, lying down. And June said, I don't really know, but I saw the heads. And when she said the word, they were looking up, I got the word, and redemption draweth nigh. So, I don't know if that is...


PASTOR VITALE: Well, I get a witness to that that the fact that they were looking up could mean that they were two people who had been, you know, influenced, but that their eyes were now on the Lord Jesus. And once you get your eyes on the Lord Jesus, everything else follows, and I could say Amen to that. I've been very influenced in an ungodly way, but I've got my eyes on Jesus and He is drawing me through. But I don't know that you were ever influenced to the extent that I was, so I wonder if the other, if you couldn't typify that person that left the state.



PASTOR VITALE: Yes, a white and black coat. It could have been that lady that left the state. Because we were the two who were influenced the most. The onslaught really came against the two of us, and I guess everybody got hurt, but we were the ones that that principality was trying to bring down. OK.


COMMENT: As we went outside, you two, I didn't see you right away. When we were outside, we were looking toward the sky and he had his back to me and I was pointing out things to him, and you were in the, as I say, on the way, going on the way, but your faces, all I saw, I looked over and I just saw two faces looking up.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, that's positive. Look up, for your redemption draweth nigh! Amen, Hallelujah!


COMMENT: And, when you were saying, with the cloud coming, you know, at that point, I was telling him about this cloud that was coming.


PASTOR VITALE: Deliverance, the Sons of God.


COMMENT: And you were both looking in that direction, toward the shoreline. You were on your way ahead of him.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, that's a good sign too, that we were ahead of him.


COMMENT: And I was kind of disappointed because I wasn't going at 6:30, that you were going somewhere and I wasn't going, I was staying behind.


PASTOR VITALE: I don't know whom you could have represented, I don't know. I really don't know. Unless you typified the man through whom this principality is manifesting. And, that was something else, I was talking to you about this in the office, and I want to make this very clear, that, as physically we are all a multitude of organs and a multitude of many parts, so it is spiritually. And this man, who is literally possessed of this evil angel, I call it possession, completely possessed of this evil angel, there is a person in there that is separate from that evil angel. And that person is in the form of the man's human spirit. And it is his human spirit, which is completely captured and possessed by this evil angel. And that man, who is one with the evil angel and yet is separate, in the same manner that Jesus said, I and the Father are one, yet we know that there was a separation, this man, his spirit, his human spirit is one, completely interwoven with this evil angel.


So, in that respect they are one, yet there is something in him that is separate, that is crying for help. And this evil angel is doing as much damage and causing as much pain to this person as he is to everybody else. But the problem is that we cannot, we have to be very careful to find that fine line between saying there is a person in there that is salvageable, that with a miracle from God he could be delivered from this principality that is possessing him, OK? Yet, we must not lose sight of the fact that at this time, he is so completely given over to this principality that there is no difference between them. So, what we have here is a part of this person, who has the potential to be delivered from the principality and saved, but we must not lose sight that at the moment, he is this principality's zombie. If you can hear what I'm saying?


I'm trying to put it in terms that you can understand. He's this principality's agent. He does terrible things. And he does it willingly. It's not that he's going to do it saying I don't want to do it, I don't want to do it. He's in full agreement with his god at this time. So you must know this so that you are not trapped and captured by him. Yet, at the same time, what do we do? So, what do we do? In the natural, we must defend ourselves because the Lord has witnessed that his mind, the manifestation of Leviathan in this man, is more powerful than all the believers that we have praying against the situation. He's a prince. The Lord has told me that he's a prince. Very high level. So we must guard ourselves on that level. However, we can and we have and we will today, pray for this man. That God has mercy on him. Because one of two things must happen to him.

One of two things must happen. Because he is obsessed with this ministry. He won't forget us, he won't go away. We've become an object of his desire. One of two things must happen. Either the Lord must break his power and convert him and bring him into the Kingdom of God, or the Lord's going to have to do something where the man might die. The Lord's going to have to do something to get him away from us because we have utterly failed to defeat him. All we've succeeded in is put a wall up between us. But he's still afflicting us and he's still a hindering effect on the work that we're supposed to be doing here. All the hours I spend fighting against his mind I could be working on these translations. So, he's got to be stopped. And the fact is we don't have the power to stop him.


So, as I said earlier, either the Lord Jesus has to do something beyond this ministry to break the wickedness in him, or he's likely to die. And anyone listening to this tape, don't you go going around saying that I'm praying death on anybody. I'm not. My prayer is that the Lord breaks him, and converts him, and brings him into the Kingdom. But, I'm telling you as a prophet, and as a son of God, and as the pastor of this ministry, the Lord's not going to let this continue indefinitely. He's too strong for us. And therefore the Lord must do something to stop him. And the Lord will do one of two things. Convert him or kill him. I'm not doing it, I'm not praying for it. But the Lord Jesus is going to have to do something. So, that's the size of that.


And, you see this is a very important lesson. Because we're not dealing with something here that's an unusual phenomenon. What the Lord wants us all to know and understand very clearly is that this is just the beginning. As the sons of God begin to appear as Christ Jesus begins to arise in believers, we are going to find human men who are mature manifestations of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, gravitating towards us. And if you want a fantastic, or fantasy-type example to help you understand, think of the Highlander, think of the Old West, when reputations went out that so and so was a fast gun. Other gunslingers from all over the west would come looking for the one who had the reputation as the fast gun just to defeat them, to get the reputation. That's a matter of history.


Well, as we start to ascend in Christ Jesus, Leviathan is going to be sending the top spiritual guns in the world towards us to bring us down. I believe it's the truth with all of my heart. And each time we're challenged, one of two things will happen. Either we will be strong enough to spiritually defeat that expression of Leviathan, and what happens when we defeat Leviathan, what happens, the person comes to the Lord. That's the victory in Christ Jesus. When we defeat that mind, the person repents and comes into the Kingdom of God. Or, if we can't defeat them, then the final decision is up to the Lord Jesus. Whether He'll bring a power from outside of us to bring the person to repentance, or whether He'll either remove them from us or if they won't go, they have to die. He's not going to let us die. As long as we're doing the right thing and fighting for righteousness sake, the Lord's not going to let us die, you see. He's not going to let it happen.


So, we must pray for every strong mind that is brought into this ministry. We must pray for the man in the mind. See, as far as God is concerned, the mind, Leviathan, is a fabric which is woven of the man, what's the name of the man who's dead? Christ. OK? Leviathan is woven of Christ and the serpent. Ok, so in that mind there is a man, because the serpent is female, you see? It's the same thing as we said in the last message on Creation Revisited. The man in the seminal fluid is the sperm. Well, the man in the mind called Leviathan is Christ. Christ is in there, woven into the very fabric of the mind. So, you see, we don't pray for Leviathan, we don't pray for the serpent, we pray for the man that's trapped in this wicked mind. And His name is Christ.


We pray for Christ in that man to arise and defeat the evil that he is woven together with, and when Christ wins and defeats the evil that he's woven together with, then that whole person, that whole personality as we know them, will be delivered out from under that subjection to that wickedness and be translated into the Kingdom of God, at least to that degree. Because we know the translation into the Kingdom of God, that the very end of the translation into the Kingdom of God is glorification.


This translation occurs in a series of events. We have a very wicked person, which is wicked because they are possessed of a very powerful principality, the Lord comes in and delivers the man which is trapped in that wicked mind. That man is converted and brought into the Kingdom of God. He has been translated into the Kingdom of God's dear Son, not the ultimate translation, which would be glorification, but he has advanced one step along the series of steps, each step itself, called a translation, but then there is an ultimate translation when you get to the very end of the road, and you become pure spirit. Did anybody not understand what I just said?


It's the same principal as baptism. There is only one baptism. And the one baptism is not water. The one baptism is spirit. It's complete immersion into the spirit which is in Christ Jesus. And when I say complete immersion, I mean spirit, soul and body. We're speaking about glorification. When our body is baptized in the spirit of Christ, we won't look like this anymore, we'll look like Jesus, we'll be a ball of light. But there are a series of baptisms, each in itself a baptism, but when the series is completed, the ultimate baptism is that we shall be completely swallowed up by the spirit of Christ. Complete immersion. The first step of baptism is a carnal expression of faith. Water baptism. You allow your body, including your head, to be pushed down under the water. And that is the first step, or the first specific baptism, in a series of baptisms, that end in glorification. God help us with this knowledge. Praise you, Jesus.


I would like to finish up this message with a couple of scriptures that the Lord gave me this morning in I John, Chapter 2, verses 15, 16 and 17. I would like to read you our Alternate Translation of verses 12, 13, and 14 and then I will comment on 15, 16 and 17. I John, Chapter 2, verses 12, 13, and 14 is printed in our Alternate Translation of the New Testament as follows: Little children, you have been overcoming the wicked one since you had intercourse with the Lord Jesus Christ, so now I'm forming you into members of the Two Witness Company and I'm calling you young fathers, because you have a doctrinal understanding of the immature mind of Christ, which was separated from Jehovah in the beginning. And you, who are not young children, but you who are disciples, you have been overcoming the wicked one since Christ Jesus began to engraft to your spirit, mature in you, and forgive your sins, and that implies judgment, Brethren. There's no forgiveness of sins without judgment. So now, I'm forming you into sons of God, which I'll call strong young fathers, not young fathers, but strong young fathers, who have a doctrinal understanding of the one who was separated from Jehovah in the beginning.


Verse 15: Now, this is my advice to you, young fathers and strong young fathers, we're talking about men in whom Christ Jesus is being formed and men who have had, at the very least, had Christ Jesus conceived in them, we're talking about men who have a doctrinal understanding of the mind of Christ which was separated from Jehovah at the beginning. That's talking about the fall. This is the counsel to men who have begun to understand the Doctrine of Christ.


Verse 15: Love not the world. The Greek word love is translated agape love. And I suggest to you it is referring to the sexual intercourse of the mind. The love of Jesus, Brethren, is a love which produces union, a union of the mind. So, John says, Love not the world. Do not join your mind with the world. Let not your human spirit be woven into the fabric of the mind of this world. What is the name of the mind of this world?


COMMENT: Leviathan.


PASTOR VITALE: Leviathan, Leviathan is the name of the mind of this world. Do not be joined to, do not be in union with, do not have communion with, this world. We've spoken about the Greek word which means world, we've been doing this for years, the word is cosmos. I've always told you it means an orderly arrangement. I've told you that it's referring to this earth, to our universe, we know that the planets circulate around this universe in an established orbit, we know that our persons are orderly arrangement, our lungs are in all of us, no matter what we look like, our lungs are in the same place, our heart is always in the same place. We are an orderly arrangement, whether we are tall or short, fat or thin, male or female, internally speaking; we are all an orderly arrangement of the same order, physically. Likewise, we have within us the mind of this world which is an orderly arrangement.


I'm going to tell you something today that I've never told you. I've spoken about our mind being in the correct moral order. I've told you that our mind must be broken apart and reformed because it is presently in the wrong moral order and it must be reordered. We cannot live with our mind in this condition. What condition is it? It's the woman on top. Is that not the condition of our mind? The woman is on top. The serpent is on top of the man, we cannot live. So we must be broken apart, this moral order that our mind is in, must be broken apart. The man must be on top if we are to live. OK?


So we see John saying, do not have communion with this orderly arrangement. And I want to suggest to you that this orderly arrangement that he is talking about is your mind, which is Leviathan. He says, I know you are woven together in there. You, the you is Christ. The you is Christ. And I know that you are woven together with the fabric of the serpent. But even though you're that close with the serpent, don't commune with her, do not agree with her. Even if she is powerful enough to force you do things that you would choose not to do, resist with your mind with all of your strength. Do not agree to communion with the mind of this world. Can you hear this?


I just spent over an hour and a half speaking about this very principle. Neither the things that are in this world. The Greek word translated, the things, strangely enough, is the same Greek word that is translated the, love not THE world, the, it's the same Greek word translated the, as in the world, the same Greek word is translated, the things. And, I didn't tell you, that the word the, in the world, it can also be translated this. Do not have communion with this world. Now, there's a big difference between the world and this world. Why? Because if I say this world, the implication is that there must be another world.


So, if I say to you, do not have communion with this mind, that unstated inference is that there must be another mind. This is why verses 15, 16 and 17 are spoken only to the young fathers and the young, strong fathers. John is not saying this or giving this counsel to the men in whom there is no other mind. You see? John would never be saying to the man in the street, don't have communion with this mind because the man doesn't have another mind to have communion with. You must have communion with a mind or you won't think. Can you hear it? Can you hear it?


Young fathers and strong, young fathers, those of you in whom Christ has been conceived and those of you in whom Christ is maturing, do not have communion with this mind that was born in you, neither have it, sorry, OK, the word translated the in the world, it can mean the, this, he, she, or it. So, in the phrase, love not the world, we're translating it this: love not this world. And the phrase, neither the things that are in the world, we're going to translate it she. Love not this mind, neither she that is in this mind. Can you hear it?


PASTOR VITALE: Who's in the mind? In any mind, who's in the mind?


COMMENT: Leviathan.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, that's true, but the god who wove the mind is inside the mind. So, don't have any communion with this mind, nor with the god or the spirit which has woven it. Have no communion with Leviathan, nor with Satan, the one who is in it. Don't have communion with the mind, conscious communion, conscious agreement, neither have communion with she who is in it, with the unconscious part of the mind. Don't be in agreement with the evil that is living her life out through you. Satan in Leviathan wants to manipulate your body, your mind, and your emotions to be an accurate expression of Satan in Leviathan. If you're in there, don't agree with it. Resist with whatever strength you have. If you cannot stop your body or your emotions or your thoughts from being expressions of evil, then let that small, still voice in you cry out, Lord Jesus have mercy on me, I am not in agreement. Resist with all of your strength.


I want to read you some verses from Romans; it must be Chapter 8. Could you put that on pause for a minute please, XXXX? Romans Chapter 7, Brethren, verse 1. Know ye not, brethren, for I speak to them that know the law, how that the law hath dominion over a man as long as he lives. For the woman, who hath a husband, is bound by the law to her husband so long as he lives. But if that husband be dead, he is loosed from the law of her husband. So then, if while her husband, Leviathan, liveth, she be married to another man, the word of God, she shall be called an adulteress. But if her husband, Leviathan, be dead, she is free from that law, so that she is no adulteress, though she be married to the word of God. Wherefore, my brethren, ye also are become dead to the law of Leviathan by the body of Christ.


Brethren, because Christ Jesus is being formed in you, the very presence of His existence in your being makes your husband, Leviathan, dead. Wherefore, my brethren, ye also are become dead to the law by the body of Christ that ye should be married to another, even to Him who was raised from the dead Who was raised from the dead? Christ. that we should bring forth fruit unto God Who's the fruit of Christ? Christ Jesus. for when we were in the flesh, the motions of sins which were by the law did work in our members to bring forth fruit unto death. And the fruit unto death is Leviathan. But now we are delivered from the law, which law? The law of sin and death which is in Leviathan. That being dead, and why are we dead? Because Christ Jesus is being formed in us. Wherein we were held, that we should serve in the newness of the spirit of Christ and not in the oldness of the letter of Satan, who is in Leviathan.


Brethren, from the moment that Christ Jesus is conceived in you and you become a young, strong father, the Lord considers you a widow, or a divorced woman. Do you know what you are if you are living out of your carnal mind? Who's name is Leviathan? You are a divorced woman who is going back and having a liaison with her ex-husband. Do you know that that is happening all over this country today? We're having a plague of divorces. We have many emotionally maladjusted people today. Do you know how common it is for a woman to divorce her husband and go and have sex with him after the divorce? It's common. It's even common when he's married to another woman, and even if he's not married to another woman, they go back, like a dog goes back to it's vomit. We do that in the spirit.


Why would we do that in the spirit? Why would a natural woman do it? Let's talk about the natural woman first. She's divorced, even if she left him, many women today leave their husbands with a fantasy in their mind that they will meet prince charming who will marry them and make them happy and they will live happily after. They get their divorce, the family is broken up, they start a new life, and guess what? Prince charming is not anywhere to be found. Their needs are not being met. Sometimes they, I know a woman who married again and never ceased from having a relationship with her first husband. They go back because their new husband is not satisfying them. Spiritually speaking, what happens? This is the story, Brethren, we are married to Leviathan. As imperfectly as he is doing it, he is meeting many of our needs. Jesus says, you're now divorced from him, cleave unto your new husband. But our new husband is just a zygote. Christ Jesus has just been conceived in us. He's very immature. There are many needs that He is not meeting and that He won't meet until He matures in us. So, will we be faithful to our new husband even though our needs are not being met immediately? Or will we go back to the satisfaction of the flesh? More go back to the satisfaction of the flesh than not, and I tell you this without condemnation.


Brethren, we are weak. Human beings are weak. We need to be comforted. Jesus said, I will send you the Comforter. But the problem is that we are incarnations of a beast mind and our body and our souls crave the comfort of the beast. Why? Because we are the beast. We are the man, Christ, which is woven together with the fabric of the beast. We feel his emotions, we think his thoughts, we have his nature, and therefore the activities of the beast comfort us. And along comes the Lord and says, I pronounce you divorced. And you're now married to a man who is going to comfort you in a way that leaves all of the bestial cravings in you unsatisfied. Do you know what I am talking about? Can you hear this?


And the Lord Jesus says, well, you have all of those bestial elements of your being that are unsatisfied, but just hold on, because I'm not going to satisfy them, what I am going to do is remove them from you. But I'm not removing them today, and I'm not going to remove them this year, you're going to have to live for a season without these human needs being satisfied until I complete the work in you which will convert you from a soulish, or a bestial person, into a spiritual person. So, while I'm doing this work of delivering you from bestial needs, and bestial cravings, don't yield to those bestial needs and those bestial cravings. I know you are feeling it, I know you're desiring it, but don't do it. Because if you do it, it's going to work against My program which is cutting those needs and feelings from you. Therefore, fast. Fast from every bestial appetite. That's what the Lord says to us. In the meantime, the satisfaction of My Spirit is available to you, even though Christ Jesus is immature, I will satisfy you with My Spirit and with My Word. And the more you resist the bestial cravings and do everything you can to receive the satisfaction of My Spirit, the faster Christ Jesus will mature in you, and the faster He matures in you, the faster you will wholly be satisfied by My Spirit, to the point that eventually you will not even want the satisfaction of the flesh. But you have to work with Me by fasting or you're not going to get there. It's hard. It's painful. He's only going to take you so far. What the Lord gives you is power. You must do it by His power.


If you are a baby in your mind and you think that the Lord Jesus is going to comfort you - oh, my little sweetie - you've got a wrong understanding. The Comforter is there, you have to take Him, and you'll never take Him if you're never fasting from the counterpart, from the serpent's counterpart. Like everything that Jesus gives you, the serpent has supplied a counterpart. If the Lord Jesus has provided a Comforter, the serpent has provided a comforter. And the lust presses against the spirit, and the spirit against the flesh and you can't have both. You have to choose every second, every minute, every hour, every situation, you must choose between the satisfaction of the flesh and the satisfaction of the spirit. And the direction in which you choose to go, that is the direction that will be developed in you.


Brethren, if you go to a gym and you work your arms, you will develop the muscles in your arms. If you go to a gym and you work your legs, you will develop the muscles in your legs. It's a hard word because the church world doesn't preach this. It's not easy, it is hard! And you must rise up and do it with the power of Christ. What He's given you is power. He has not done it for you. I remember when I first came to the Lord, I couldn't understand this Bible for anything. But I made a commitment that I would read, I don't remember, maybe 2, 3 chapters a night, and especially when I was in the prophets, I couldn't understand those prophets for beans. I would read those 2, 3 chapters, my flesh would be in agony! And, more often than not, I just read the words, just hoping to get through it. I did that, for about 8 months, which I understand is a very short period of time, and I had a spiritual breakthrough. I pierced through. What did I pierce through? What did I pierce through? Anybody? What did I pierce through? I pierced through and I started understanding the scripture. What did I pierce through?




PASTOR VITALE: Yes, what part of me pierced through?


COMMENT: Your spirit?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, yes, yes. The dead Christ in me, my human spirit pierced through the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. I made contact with the Lord Jesus Christ and he strengthened me, and I started to understand this word. I had to pierce through my carnal mind. You've got to pierce through. And until you pierce through it can be tormenting, some of you may know my testimony - when I first started studying for these messages, I averaged 6 hours of study for a message, I was in torment for 6 hours, and it went on for a couple of years. I had to pray my way through the 6 hours. Torment! And then I pierced through. Now, not only am I not in torment when I study, but it's such a great blessing, it nourishes my spirit and gives me strength.


I pierced through the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in this area. I pierced through my carnal mind. He can not layer over me any more in this area. I can't tell you exactly how it works, it was a spiritual event. Christ Jesus, because of my efforts, or working with my efforts, matured in me to such a degree that my carnal mind can no longer stop Him in this area. You've got to pierce through the tree. And until you pierce through it can be very difficult. I never heard that preached in the church world. You've got to pierce through, Brethren, by the power of God.


Let me finish these few verses. What number are we on over there, XXXX?


COMMENT: 473 ?


PASTOR VITALE: OK, let me just finish my comments over here, I don't have much more. We're in I John, chapter 2, verses 15 to 19. Commune not with this mind, neither with she, Satan, that is in this mind. If any man communes with this mind, the love of the Father is not in him, or we might say, the love child, or we might say, the fruit of this communion is not in him. And what is the fruit of communion with the Father? It's Christ Jesus. Brethren, if you are having communion with this mind, Leviathan, the fruit, or the mind of the Father which is the word of God, which is the mind of Christ Jesus, He's not in you. Because if Christ Jesus is in you, you're going to be communing with the mind of Christ Jesus.


Now, this is very subtle here. But there's an unstated principle there, that you can have the mind of Christ Jesus in you and not be living out of Him. So, what John is saying here, is that if you are communing with Leviathan, willingly communing with Leviathan, even if Christ Jesus and the word of God is in you, as far as the Father is concerned, this mind is not even in you. Did you hear that? If you are willfully communing with Leviathan instead of the word of God, it's your choice, as far as God is concerned, the word of God isn't even in you. You are the man who was given one talent who buried it under the earth and it's just a matter of time until you lose what you have.


Verse 16: For all that is in this mind, everything that's in this mind, the lust of the flesh, that's the body, and the physical body has appetites. The lust of, first of all let me define lust for you: lust is a desire for that which is forbidden. Lust is a forbidden desire. Lust is not defined as a strong desire or a strong craving, because there are strong desires and strong cravings which are legal. Does anybody know the corresponding word to lust, for strong desires which are acceptable to God? Does anybody know that? The word is desire. The word desire, it's not that strong in English, but in the Greek it's very, it's as strong as lust, except that it's acceptable to God.


We're told in the Old Testament, pant after me. My heart pants after the Lord. It's OK to lust for God. It's OK to lust for the Lord Jesus. It's OK to lust for all the promises of the scripture, as long as you're not trying to bring them to pass with your flesh. It's OK to desire them to the point of what the world would call lust. It's OK. But don't lust for what this body is craving. It's forbidden. And don't lust for what your soul is craving for, because what is your soul craving for? Power, control, domination - it's forbidden. And we have an interesting principle here with the lust of the flesh. Brethren, you know, it's not OK to lust in marriage. It is legal to have sexual intercourse and sexual activity in marriage, but lust is never of God because it's idolatry. You see? Even if you're married and you're lusting for that fleshly experience, it's idolatry. Now, it's much harder to see the line when you're married, and you're in a relationship whereby sexual activity is acceptable to God, you're really going to have to pray and ask the Lord for where the line is, where you can enjoy a sexual relationship with your husband. But when you step over that line and you lust for it, it becomes idolatry, which is sin. This line is hard to see in a marriage, you have to ask the Lord to show it to you. But lust is forbidden, even in marriage. I don't hear that preached very often. I don't hear that preached. Jesus.


So, don't have ungodly desire for that which is in this mind. OK, don't have an ungodly desire for this mind, Leviathan, don't have an ungodly desire for Satan or the satanic thoughts of the mind, OK? For all that is in this mind, that is, the lust of the body and the lust of the emotions, and the covetousness, which is idolatry, and the lust of the eyes, that which is forbidden of the eyes. This Greek word translated eyes, it really is speaking about the lusts of the mind. So, for all that is in this mind, the lust of the body, the lust of the mind, and the pride of life - this Greek word translated pride, it's talking about having faith in the powers of this world to manifest your needs. That's what it's talking about, the pride of this life. And the Greek word translated life, it's speaking about this present lifestyle, and specifically the necessities of this lifestyle - food, and shelter and the comfort of relationships. That's what it's speaking about. There's more than one Greek word that means life. So, what is this scripture saying? Don't have communion with this mind, neither with she that is in this mind, which is Satan, because if any man has communion with this mind, the love child of the Father, or the word of God is not in him, or not functioning in him, because all that is in this mind, the lust of the body - Brethren, if you didn't have a carnal mind, you would not desire sexual activity.


This body is just a slave. It's the beast mind in you that wants to act like a beast. And I'm sorry, again, if I'm insulting you. But sexual activity, as legal as it is in a marriage, is an activity that the animals do. If you didn't have an animal mind, you would not desire animal activities. So, you see, all that is in this mind, the desire for sexual activity, the lust of the eyes, which is the lust of the soul, and the covetousness, wanting to accumulate possessions, whatever else your soul desires, and the pride of life, faith in the powers of this world to meet your needs. What needs? The lust of the flesh and the lust of the mind. Faith in the powers of this world to satisfy your body and your soul and the lusts thereof. All that is in this mind, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the soul, and the belief that the powers and principalities which are in this world can meet your needs, is not of the Father, but is of this mind. Because, you see, the powers and principalities of this world cannot provide your needs.


I was speaking to someone last night, a young lady, who wants very much to get married, she asked me a question - she said to me, this is such a touchy subject with people who have never been married, there's much I won't say to them unless they ask me. But she came to me and she said to me, I was speaking to a friend of mine, a young married lady, and she said to me that she does not enjoy sex, that she's in therapy seeing a psychiatrist because she doesn't want sex, and her husband is suffering for her lack of desire. And I told her, well, I've been preaching this for years, I don't know if I have it on a tape or not, but I'm telling you, if you get married because of lust, you are taking a dangerous gamble, because the powers and principalities of this world are evil and wicked, and if your purpose for getting married is to get sex, the chances of your sex life not being satisfying are very great. Marriage is an institution which was set up by the Lord so that fallen human beings can have the most comfortable, emotionally comfortable, lifestyle possible.


It is a commitment. It is a plan for life. It is an institution, which is the beginning of a family. Satisfaction is in godly relationships with human beings. A loving relationship with your husband or wife, respect and a loving relationship from the children to the parents, marriage is a way of life. It's a little town, it's a little city, it's a little planet, where the people who are born into it live together, love together, work together, to produce an environment that is a comfort to one's soul. And if you put everything you have into respecting one another, honoring one another, working together, forgiving one another, and in addition to that, the Lord blesses you with a sex life that is satisfying, you are really a blessed person. But whether your sex life is satisfying or not, that is not the primary purpose for marriage. Marriage is a lifestyle. Jesus. It is a way of life that hopefully that will comfort us down here in the Valley of the Shadow of Death. Where people support one another emotionally, where the strong take care of the weak, where the old teach the young, where the young minister to the old when they need comfort.


Marriage is not to give you a lascivious gratification, 1,2,3,7 nights a week. That's what our whole society is preaching today, isn't it wonderful, they're having sex 7 nights a week. They do this and we do that. Brethren, that's disgusting. That's not the purpose - the purpose it was intended for is to be an expression of love and comfort between a husband and a wife. I watched one of those horrible T.V. programs the other day where there were two - I watched it for 5 minutes, I couldn't bear it - where there were two sisters, one sister was complaining because her sister kept going to bed with her boyfriends, and the other sister stood right up on national T.V. and said, well, her boyfriend likes me better because I know how to move and she doesn't. Brethren, that is disgusting. Whatever gratification your flesh can receive from sexual activity that is divided from love, respect, affection and a whole family life in which you're working together, is destruction. And it may not be destruction, if you're hearing this tape and you're mocking me, I'm telling you, it may not be destruction in your life right now, but you keep with it, and it will bring destruction into your life, and if not into your life, into your children's life.


Sexual activity that is not woven together with the fabric of family life can destroy you. Why? Well, if that's how you think about it, then you're not going to want your wife if she doesn't know how to move. If the actual act is so important to you, you may go looking for another man if your husband doesn't know how to move - Brethren, get your priorities straight. I'm not against sex, it's very important. If you're married and your sex life isn't gratifying, petition the Lord Jesus. It's one of the benefits of marriage. You should have it, and it should be a blessing unto you. But when you start separating sexual activity out from the fabric of the whole relationship, you're headed for destruction. You're headed for destruction. I'm not against sex, if anyone out there misunderstood me, I'm not against it, it's a good thing, it's a good thing, it's legal in marriage.


I heard a psychiatrist once describe it as the dessert. When your marriage is functioning, your sex life should be rewarding. If your sex life is poor, there's a real possibility that there is a problem in your relationship. They're woven together. Every married couple, I pray, should have a rewarding sexual relationship, I am not against it, but do not make it an idol, because if you make it an idol, you will lose it. You see, when you separate sexuality and sexual activity out from the fabric of the whole relationship, and you say, if I don't have it I'm angry, if I don't have it I'm mad, if I don't have it I'm going to retaliate, if I don't have it the way I want it I don't like my husband or my wife. When you start thinking along those lines, what is happened to you, whether you know it or not, is that you have made that feeling, that desire, for that feeling of sexual gratification, you have made an idol out of it. That's what you've done. You see?


It's a gift to you that God gives you. But, if for any reason you don't have it, or you don't have it to the degree that you would like it, and you're letting it hurt the rest of your relationship, that's a sign that you've made an idol out of it. And you need to repent of idolatry, and ask the Lord to do something in your relationship that the two parties can be satisfied. To bring some kind of a compromise into the relationship that both parties can be satisfied. You don't have to be ecstatic with your marital relationship, you don't have to be thrilled into the high heights of heaven - if that's what you have, it's great - but if you don't have it, all you need is enough to keep you satisfied. We don't really have the best of everything in any area in this world. Just be grateful for what you have. Some people have nothing. Be grateful for what you have. Thank you, Jesus.


So, all that is in this world, the lust of the body, and the lust of the mind, and the belief that this mind, Leviathan, has the ability to meet your needs - did you hear what I just said? He doesn't have the ability to meet your needs. As soon as you start craving him with such an idolatry, he's going to pull the plug on you and leave you hanging there craving it with no expression. Maybe I didn't make that clear. You see, if your marital relationship isn't what you'd like it to be, and you submit it to the Lord Jesus Christ, the fullest degree to what He gives it to you, be grateful. But if you turn to the mind of this world to gratify either your desire for sex, or if your husband doesn't pay attention to you, the desire of your soul, anything along those lines, if you start using your own mind to bring forth the satisfaction, it's an idolatry. This society has gone so far as to bring in female surrogates for a man that has a sexual problem, to have him practice on another woman. It's adultery, it's prostitution - although there are people who would disagree with me - I believe that's how the Lord sees it.


If there's a problem, submit it to the Lord, Brethren, and have faith in God to give you a relationship with your husband, a whole relationship with your husband, which will be gratifying, at least to the point that you could be content. It does not have to be Hollywood. But don't go to the things of this world to correct your marital relationship, because that is idolatry. And if you've had faith in the Lord Jesus, and your marital relationship is still not gratifying, Brethren, hold onto the horns of the altar. It's just an imperfect world. Don't give up hope, don't stop praying about it, but this life is not perfect. Don't solve your problem out of the mind of Leviathan. It's sin. Have faith in God, and if He doesn't meet your need, ask Him what His answer is. If you are not satisfied in any aspect of your relationship with your husband and you've been praying for years, and the Lord does not seem to have repaired the situation, there's a very strong possibility He's developing you in another area. And what other area would that be? The area of His Kingdom. He's bringing you into some form of ministry. And ask Him to help you to not be bitter, because this is hard word, Brethren, but the truth is you can only have one primary commitment, and the better your relationship is with your wife or your husband, the less likely you will be able to make a full commitment to the Kingdom of God. That's a hard word, but that's the truth.


So, if you have prayed and prayed and prayed, and your marital relationship is still painful, you might want to ask the Lord if He doesn't have other areas of satisfaction for you. He may be offering you, He may be, and the Lord may be the one who wants to satisfy you. I'm telling you that human beings, in our fallen condition, are not at all likely to give up the satisfaction of a good marital relationship for a marital relationship with the Lord. Fallen human beings just aren't going to do it, it's the people who are not satisfied that cleave unto the Lord. It's just our nature. So, if He's called you from before the foundation of the earth, He may have, it may be that you're not satisfied in your marriage because He's drawing you. The first time someone said that to me, I was very upset. At the time I was still believing that I would get married again. And someone said to me, well, maybe the Lord wants you for Himself for a while, and I was so offended. But it was true, the Lord wanted me for Himself. He has a very important work for me to do. And everyone that He draws unto Himself, He has a very important work for you to do. So ask Him to help you to not be bitter. You cannot have both. There's only 24 hours in the day, Brethren. I know I'm preaching an unpopular word, but there's only 24 hours in a day. And every minute that you spend with your husband, you're not with the Lord. Paul said that in First Corinthians, it's just the truth. Jesus. I don't know where all that came from.


So, don't love this mind, or the lusts that this mind produced in your flesh and in your soul, and don't believe that this mind has the power to meet those needs, because as soon as you let yourself get needy, this mind is going to bring you into bondage. Did I make that clear? As soon as you get needy, this mind is going to bring you into bondage. And if he can do it, he'll have you committing adultery. And if you're not committing sexual adultery, he'll have you having a friendship with another mind, which is spiritual adultery. Don't look to this mind to gratify you, look to God. Because, this mind is passing away. Do you know how many times I've heard these scriptures? And I never heard it like this. I know the world is passing away, I know the physical world is passing away, I just got really excited when the Lord showed this to me. This mind is passing away. Leviathan is passing away. And the lusts that this mind are producing in your emotions, and in your flesh, is passing away. But he that doeth the will of God - the Greek word translated do can also be translated forms, or makes, and the Greek word translated will is speaking about the determination. But he who forms the determination of God - now, what in the world does that mean? I suggest to you, Brethren, it means, he in whom the mind of God is formed - this mind, Leviathan, is passing away - but the one in whom the mind of God is formed, abideth, meaning, continues, continues on forever. And we see here a very strong witness to the teaching in this ministry that the personality does not continue.


Your personality, which is born in Leviathan, is passing away, it is not eternal. But he who forms the word of God, or he in whom the word of God is formed, you will continue forever because you are spirit. So, this is one of the strongest, if not the strongest scriptural witnesses to that teaching. And it's so obvious, I just never saw it before. I don't know how you feel, but to me it couldn't be any clearer. This personality, which is rooted and grounded in Leviathan, is not going on. But everything that Christ Jesus has done for you is going on. And when He goes on, you will go on with Him. Jesus.


I'll just try to read it through quickly. I didn't have an Alternate Translation typed out, but this just really excited me. Little children, do not - let's say fathers, strong fathers and young, strong fathers, all of you in whom Christ Jesus is being formed, this is my counsel to you. Do not commune with this mind which is in you, Leviathan, neither she, Satan, that is in this mind. If any man communes with this mind, therefore, the mind of the Father, the word of God, is not in him. If you're communing, if you're in agreement with Leviathan, the word of God is not in you or not functioning in you. For all that is in this mind, for everything that is in this mind, everything that this mind is producing, the lust of your flesh, and the lust of your emotion, and the belief that this mind can actually meet your needs without using it to club you into an ungodly submission, all of this is not of the Father's mind. Brethren, the lust of your flesh and the lust of your soul, it's coming from a mind, it's generated by a mind, that mind is called Leviathan. The Father's mind does not cause you to crave sexual intercourse. Because this mind is passing away. See, this is not of the Father's mind and this mind that is producing these desires in you is passing away. And the lusts thereof, the forbidden desires thereof are passing away also. But he, in whom the mind of Christ is formed, he will continue, or go on, forever. That's beyond this short life span. Hallelujah.


Any questions or comments? This was an interesting message today. Any questions or comments?


COMMENT: Has there ever been anybody who was able to fast from the time they came to the Lord - in Romans 7?


PASTOR VITALE: Fast from their present husband?




PASTOR VITALE: Oh, I don't think anybody does it completely.


COMMENT: Jesus would be the only one, right?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, well, He's in full stature. OK? That's a good point, OK. The complete fast, the uninterrupted fast, can only be accomplished in full stature. And that fast continues until the glorification, because actually, the mind does not, Leviathan is not passed away until the glorification when he is all broken up. So the true fast, the successful fast, begins at full stature. Up until full stature, from the time we come to the Lord until full stature, we do the best we can. It would be the equivalent of fasting a meal, or fasting a day, but it isn't until we ascend to full stature that it becomes a permanent fast that we never come out of the end of the fast, is that Leviathan passes away. That was a good point, thanks for putting it on the tape.


Since we have some room on this tape I would like to add some further discussion about mind power, further to what we were talking about at the beginning of the tape. Now, this particular person has mind to mind communication with me. I have asked the Lord - and I haven't heard the answer yet - when someone has a mind that is that strong, can he have mind to mind communication with anyone that he wants to? Does the person who receives the mind to mind communication - me, for example - do I have to have a spiritual, I won't call it psychic, to me, psychic is occult. My ability is in the spirit of Christ Jesus, I believe.


Do I have to be developed to a certain degree spiritually? Or, whoever would hear his mind, OK, do the people who have the ability to hear his mind, do they have to be developed spiritually, do you hear my question? Does he have the power to force his thoughts into anybody's minds without their spiritual development being a factor? Is his mind strong enough to do that? Or, to hear him, do you have to have a mind which is developed spiritually also? I don't know the answer to it, I know that I've heard people's minds. It's not uncommon to hear people's minds. I don't know what the ratio is. What does that mean? Am I strong enough spiritually to hear anybody's mind that I want to? I don't think so, because I don't hear everybody's mind, but I do hear a lot of people's mind. Is it a combination of the strength of the person who's transmitting, combined with my ability to receive? Or, is it just Christ Jesus in me, letting me hear whatever He wants me to hear. I don't know, but I think that the strength of the person transmitting is a real factor. And I'll tell you why I think that. My experience to date has been, with the exception of this one man, pretty much, to my present memory, every mind that I have ever heard, it has been sin in that person's mind. I don't hear people waking up and saying, Praise you, Jesus, what a glorious day it is. I don't hear things like that.


I hear the sin in people's mind. I know what they're thinking. I hear the sin in their mind. I know when they're mad at me. Not everybody, all of the time. Whenever the Lord opens my understanding. But I have experienced, knowing, and I know who it is, sometimes I don't. But I usually perceive sin. I don't have any recollection of anyone praising God. I hear murder, I hear hatred, I hear anger, I hear accusation, sometimes I hear it, which is painless for me to hear it. What do I mean when I hear it? It comes in my mind as a thought, that's painless.


Sometimes I perceive it in my emotions, very painful, very painful. If the person is angry with me, enraged at me, or accusing me, it's crippling me, when it comes in my emotions. I don't quite have it straight yet, why on some level, sometimes it comes in my mind, and sometimes it comes in my emotions. I just know that when it's in my emotions, it's a spiritual immaturity, that I'm getting hurt because it's a spiritual immaturity and I have to mature out of it. But with this man, I have mind to mind communication with him on a level that I don't really recall ever having with anybody. In that we actually have conversations. And I hear him transmitting to me, and it's usually ungodly what he's saying, and I answer him in the form of a prayer. I literally have mind to mind communication with him. I don't know whether he's aware, personally don't think he's aware of it, although he is, because he called me up once, after I had just prayed a very powerful prayer for him. He called me up within 5 minutes and he said, I know you were praying for me. So, he does perceive on some level, whether or not he has the extent of the conversation that I have with him, I don't know. But what I do believe is happening with him, if he's not aware that I'm answering him, I believe answers are coming in his mind, but he may not realize that it's coming from me. I have actual conversations with this man.


So, we're talking with mind to mind communication, Brethren, if you're scared, don't stop reading. It's coming, as you become a spiritual person in Christ Jesus nothing will be hidden. You will know what is in people's minds. You have to know how to deal with it, and you have to know what is happening to you, because the way it starts, is that you just start hearing thoughts. You may not realize it's somebody else's mind. It's very important that you get this concept, though, because you need to know that as mature in Christ Jesus every thought that's in your mind is not yours. And as you develop spiritually, if you're hearing people's sin, you could have suggestions in your mind that will be to your destruction, you should not obey them. Because it's not your mind, it's someone else's mind, and the Lord's letting you hear it.


Maybe the Lord wants you to pray, but not that you should rise up and do it. I'm spiritually sensitive, I'm telling you, I've had experiences where I have had urges to do things that I know, at this point, I know it's not me, so I resist doing it. Lots of times, a very common, not destructive, just a common experience, is that if someone's thinking of calling me, I receive the communication in my heart. A couple of years ago I would run to the phone and call them. Every time I'd call them, they'd say, gee, I was just going to call you. Now that I'm a little more sophisticated, I realize when something like that registers in my heart, that the person is thinking about calling me. And I don't run to the phone, I wait, and they call me.


At the beginning, when I first started getting these thoughts, I thought it was my own heart saying, well, go call them. But I was receiving a mind communication from the person who was preparing to call me. That's a pretty harmless kind of mind communication. When you perceive sin in somebody's mind, it can be used for the good, if you offer it up to the Lord. You could pray for them, you could counsel people, if God gives you this gift - I don't think it's a gift, I think it's a function which is in Christ Jesus - I have counseled people in the spirit. People that have wrong thinking, I've spoken the right thinking to them. One woman I have in mind right now, it was an issue that had to do with money, and I knew what she was thinking was completely wrong. It was a large sum of money and what she was planning on doing was not right, but I knew she would not receive the correction from me.


As the spirit of Christ came upon me over a period of weeks, I was just correcting her in the spirit, no one was around, just me and the Lord. It took about three or four weeks. She came in and she received the message. And she gave an open testimony that it wasn't going to be the way she thought it was - I don't want to go into the whole story because it's personal - but it was several thousand dollars and the Lord had told her He would restore, and as far as I was concerned, she was responsible for this debt. She had made an error in judgment and she was responsible for this debt, but she did not want to come up with this money and was praying actively along those lines. And, I couldn't agree with her prayers, they were ungodly prayers, she owed the money, as far as I was concerned. And every time she would ask for prayer, I would ask for the Lord's will.


So, after four weeks of praying in the spirit, instructing her and correcting her in the spirit, she came into the meeting, and she said, well, the Lord did tell me He was going to restore, but the way He was going to restore was by giving her additional opportunities for work, extra work hours to make the money to pay for it. He wasn't going to give her a free ride, she thought He was going to just drop $4,000 into her lap. And, she looked at me when she gave the testimony, and I think that she knew somehow, whatever she thought, I don't want to go into it, but, she knew that I didn't agree with her all along. We just never spoke about it, because I knew she wouldn't receive my correction. She found out that God wasn't going to give her the money, what He did was sent her all this opportunity to go to work.


So, there's a lot of mind communication, as you mature in Christ Jesus, you're called upon to deal with it responsibly. If you don't deal with it as an officer of God's court, you will lose it. I'm sure you will lose it. It's a tremendous opportunity to minister righteousness to people. Now, you have to remember, it's the function of the sons of God to rule the people - some people get very offended when they hear that - it's not one fallen man ruling another fallen man, but it is the man, Christ Jesus, expressing His mind through chosen vessels to help other vessels, whose thinking is coming out of Leviathan. Now, most of the mature believers are very offended at that concept. And they'd like to believe that if you are mature in any way, that you go right to God, and there's no intercessor. But, Brethren, it's not true. You don't have to believe me, but it's not true.


None of is in full stature, and so that means all of us are in varying stages of spiritual development. And we could be in a varying degree of spiritual development, we could be in one place in one area, and in another place in another area, so depending upon what the issue is, if we're not dealing with it adequately, that's not my decision, if the Lord Jesus decides we're not dealing with a particular issue of righteousness adequately, and there is a believer around who is more mature in that area, the Lord Jesus will manifest through that believer who is more mature in that area, He will manifest through them to bring a correction to the beloved son who is not dealing with this particular problem correctly. And for that particular situation, if you are the son who is not dealing with the situation correctly, and the Lord Jesus has used another vessel to manifest Himself through, to help you, either in direct counsel, or through prayer, or through this form of mind communication, for all intents and purposes, that believer that was more mature than you, for this situation, is the intercessor for you, the man, Christ Jesus, the only mediator between God and man. But, you're not confined to that condition.


We all have the opportunity to mature up to a place where there is nobody over us. We all have the potential to do that. But, since none of us is in full stature, that means, there will come a time, when we will be faced with a problem or a situation that we are not fully equipped to deal with. And the Lord will send another man, in whom Christ Jesus is more mature, to help us with that situation. Now, as far as this group is concerned, I will be the intercessor for the people in the group because I am the elder. But that doesn't mean that a time can't come that a weakness will be revealed in me and I will take whatever help God gives me. When I was sick and went into the hospital, I had already been pastoring this group for three years, and the Lord told me that I had to step down and submit to another man of God because the physical weakness had weakened me so much, I was no longer Christ, I had become a spiritual woman and I needed a man over me. That's the principle of mediatorship. We will always need a mediator in some area until we ascend completely to full stature.


So, Lord, is there anything else you would like me to say about this mind communication? Just that I have actual conversations with this man. I counsel him, I pray for him, I rebuke him. It sounds weird, and it sounds bizarre, but it's true and it's happening, I know what's going on a lot of the time. I wouldn't want anyone to think that I've totally invaded your privacy and I know every word that you're thinking. But from time to time as the Lord opens my spirit, I hear things from your mind.


And, why would the Lord open my spirit? He only opens my spirit in an area where you need help. If there's sin in your mind, I'll pray for you, I'll rebuke it. If there's confusion in your mind, I may speak a correction into the spirit, and you may be in prayer and feel that you've heard from God. It may have come directly from me. You may never know that I was in my house when you were in your house praying, and the Lord let me hear your prayer, and I prayed and you got your answer. You'll never know it, unless the Lord brings it to the surface and we compare notes, you'll never know it. Because this is the mediatorship of Christ Jesus. And you may be used like this for other people, I don't know. That's how it goes.


And the elder, The Elder, The Elder is the man Christ Jesus, and the human vessel in which He is most mature in is going to be the mediator at that time. So, there shouldn't be any competition between individuals. It's a question of Christ Jesus and where He is, and our only priority should be that His work is done. That the people that need the help should get it. There shouldn't be any competition between human beings. Jesus. Did you have something to say? I thought you had something to say. OK. So, this mind communication, it's very real, it's not frivolous, it's not instead of a telephone call, would you like to go out to dinner. It's for the purpose of the Lord Jesus' work. And what is His work? His work is building the body of Christ. His work is helping people to overcome sin. And how does He help people to overcome sin, well, the first thing He does is expose the sin. That's His work. Jehovah has sent the Lord Jesus to get us all out of hell, and one of the things that we have to do, or the way we get started is through the exposure and the confession of sin. Because we can't take the sin in with us.


The sin won't go into the Kingdom, so the sin has to be shed down here in the flesh. This is the high calling of the sons of God in Christ Jesus. There's a lot of work to do. And mind communication is a very real part of it. If you're afraid of it, ask for prayer. Because it's coming, you see, the sons of God are spiritual men, and we're a whole different breed of people than you find in the church world. The spirituality in the church world doesn't usually go beyond prophecy. That's the prophecy and the laying on of hands, or a word of knowledge, or you get slain in the spirit, that's kindergarten, Brethren. I'm not against it, it's wonderful, but it's just the very, very, very beginnings of spiritual development. And you can't be operating in a spiritual office if you're not sure that you're a spiritual man, because if you're a spiritual woman, and you're counseling people and correcting people when no one else is around, you're going to be in trouble if your head isn't covered.


You have to make sure that you're a spiritual man if you're doing this stuff and that you're in the service of Christ Jesus. And if you're not sure, don't do it. You know, put it before the Lord, if you're not sure, come to a couple of other believers, if there's an elder in your life, come to your elder, come to your pastor, we'll pray about it, we'll try the spirit, we'll see what the Lord says, and if the Lord is moving you into that office, praise God. I'm just here to guide you through. The end of this whole thing is that you're all supposed to be sons, standing in the strength of Christ Jesus. But don't keep anything secret, because that's when you get captured. If it's possible to capture you, that's when you'll get captured. Don't keep it a secret, check it out. Ask the Lord whom He wants you to talk to about it, ask the Lord to give you another witness to make sure that you're in His service. OK, anybody else? Anything else today? 

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