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I'd like to speak to you briefly about the Highlander episode that I saw yesterday. I don't really feel to have you watch the whole episode, because there were just a couple of principles that I'd like to share with you, which very interestingly have been in my, well one of them is the Lord showed me years ago, and the other principle the Lord's just, it's just been channeling through my mind recently. Personally I haven't found it in the Scripture yet, but I found it in the Highlander.


It will probably appear in the Scripture eventually, God will show me. That principle is that as we mature, we are less interested in fighting. And I know that I've been telling you all here that I'm very tired. I use to be very aggressive in the spirit, I just loved spiritual warfare, I loved the fight, I loved the victory, I don't feel that way anymore. I'm very tired of the fight and I've been seeing myself for a while now as Marlon Brando appeared in The Godfather, in the twilight years of his life when they showed him in the rose garden, this violent man, who was the head of a crime family, who ordered the murderers of many men, in the last stages of his life, was in a rose garden playing with his grandchildren, trying to tell his son, who was now in charge of the family, of the criminal family to be more quick to negotiate, and less quick to kill.


And the point is that his, not only the years that he had lived, but that which he had experienced, he'd seen so many people die, that was what really converted the godfather's heart, he saw so much death that I think he lost several of his sons, he saw the futility of the war, just going on and on and on.


As I recall however though, he didn't have much power to influence the young leader of the family, because he had been moved into the position of counselor more or less, being an old man. I don't think he really did much good at influencing the young man to cool down his war like activities. Those of us who have been around for a while, we know that you really can't teach those things to young people. You could talk to them all that you want, and speak to them and speak to them and speak to them, but until they reach that conclusion by themselves, what conclusion? That hostility doesn't do any good, and hostility doesn't help anybody or anything. It's a conclusion that they have to draw, that they have to come to by themselves. It's an experience that they have to arrive at. It's something that they have to grow into. Thinking along these lines, I guess I could say that I'm attaining to some maturity in Christ Jesus, that the way is peace, that the way is not hostility, however when you're in a war sometimes you have to fight, you have no choice, so what is my point?


My point is that maturity links to a mind set which says peace at any reasonable price. You cannot compromise righteousness, but don't be so quick to fight, peace at any price. And this is what I've been feeling for a while now. So when I watched the episode of the Highlander yesterday, it really blessed me, as I said, I don't think I want to let you see the whole one hour episode, so I'm just going to tell you briefly that it was about a 5,000 year old immortal, the oldest immortal, whose name Mechez. Now the operation of this immortal was that he was in hiding. You might recall, those of you that have watched several of these episodes with me, that the immortals were basically a very warlike people. The reason for their war likeness is the revelation that at the end there can be only one.


You see, the principle behind that, in case you didn't understand it, is that there is only one energy source flowing through the whole human race. There is only one energy source and at the end, the end of what? At the end of the maturation process of this living soul, when it reached it's fullness in maturity, that energy source would have to directed positively, or negatively.


So the warfare that was going on was between the, if we bring it into the context of our teaching here, we're speaking about the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, so the final product of the maturation of the living soul would have to be good or evil. This is the science fiction series that we talk about and bring it into our teaching here, we take it up one notch higher, we know that at its end, the creation will be neither good nor evil, but it will be righteous.


There is something higher than good, okay. There is a spiritual condition which is higher than the good, the greatest good that man in his fallen condition can ascend to, and that condition must come out of a mother mind, which is the mind of the man Christ Jesus. But, getting back to our science fiction series, those of you hearing this tape for the first time, yes, we are a Christian ministry and we do not believe in the occult, but the Lord has shown us that there are some really good spiritual principles demonstrated in certain science fiction programs that looking at them, and running them through our Christ Jesus mind, we can use them as an example to learn from, and one of those series is the Highlander, and you'll hear me talking about it from time to time.


So, here we have a world and a human race in which immortals are beginning to appear, some good and some evil, okay. We're beginning to see men on the face of the earth who are being completed, they are arriving into spiritual maturity, some good and some evil. This episode, and they're all, there's been a, my whole point is throughout this episode as we see it, there's war, there's continuous spiritual warfare, because every time there is a clash between two immortals, the clash is signified by a sword fight, typifying spiritual warfare, and the immortal who wins the sword fight, takes into him, or receives into himself, the energy of the immortal that he has killed.


So there is a constant warfare going on between individuals, one good and one evil, and the balance in humanity, I've never seen this program talk about the balance in humanity. If you take a tally of how many good immortals and how many evil immortals in the world, they might do a poll on where humanity is going, in which direction the whole of humanity is going. And something very interesting has just popped into my mind, those of you that watch this series know that besides the good and the evil immortals, there are a group of men in the world called the watchers. And these watchers are not immortal, but they have a whole record and tally, and a whole computer filled with information about the immortals, and I never really understood why they were doing this. It just popped into my mind right now that these are immortal men who have a revelation that creation is either going to be completed in goodness or in evil, and they are not in the fight because they are not immortal, but they are watching to see which way the balance of the energy in humanity is going. The Lord just told me that. Praise the Lord.


Okay, so this episode is about a man called Mechez, he is supposedly the oldest immortal, he is 5,000 years old, and he is in hiding, he's not aggressive, he's not out there fighting to take somebody's head, to gather their energy into himself. And we see an aggressive negative vessel of humanity, an evil immortal actively seeking Mechez, the oldest immortal in the planet, and he's violently approaching watchers, a couple of these watchers, okay, mortal men who seem to be keeping records on the immortals, and threatening them and torturing them, and killing them to get the information as to where Mechez is. Then surfaces Macleod, our hero, our good immortal is drawn in to this situation somehow. So what have we got here, we have an evil immortal seeking the oldest immortal on the earth, why? To challenge him and to kill him, so that he might receive the energy of Mechez into himself, thus making himself stronger, thus increasing the level of spiritual energy that's on the evil side of humanity.


Is anybody not following me? Let's do it with small numbers. If there are ten people in the earth, and there's only so much spiritual energy to go around, if that spiritual energy is possessed by eight human beings, and two human beings, two good humans beings have spiritual energy, the balance of humanity is on the evil side. Eight of the ten men that are possessing the spiritual energy are evil, and only two men that are good are possessing spiritual energy. If our two good men could take the heads of six or eight or six of the evil men, that energy that was in the evil men will now go into the two good men, and the balance of energy in the creation will be on the good side of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Is everybody okay? This is the principle. This is the principle of our science fiction movie. And in reality, it fits in with our doctrine, with a little alteration, okay.


And our alteration is that the fight is not between good and evil, the fight is between good and evil, and righteousness. Good and evil is one tree, it doesn't matter where the balance is of good and evil, well let me put it this way, the balance of good and evil in this world matters to us today. If we live an aspect of life in a nation or in a family, or if our life, because I think the balance of good and evil exists in every individual, in every family, in every general location, in every nation, in every hemisphere of the world, the balance of good and evil is not the same, so the balance of good and evil is important to us, in our everyday life; but for the long range prognosis of the creation, the balance of good and evil is not important. Who knows why? Because in the long run, the whole energy source that is given existence to the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is going to be swallowed up by Christ Jesus, another completely different source, where at the time that happens, at the time what happens?


At the time that the entire tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which is the way of expressing the spiritual root in humanity, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, that's our spiritual nature, it's a code word for our spiritual nature, at the time that Christ Jesus comes and forces that tree of the knowledge of good and evil back inside the tree of life, it doesn't really matter whether the tree is primarily good or the tree is primarily evil. The tree of life is coming, another complete tree is coming, and is going to force that tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and no matter what balance it's in, under the authority of righteousness. Everybody okay?


Okay, so this concept of the balance of power in the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, you will see this concept if you have ears to hear and eyes to see, you will see it and hear it in Hinduism, you will see it and hear it in Buddhism, you will see it and hear it in the New Age Movement, why? Because there is a truth to it. Brethren, there are people in this world that have spiritual knowledge of our existence and of this creation. What they're lacking is the end of the story, because only the people, see the end of the story is only in Christ Jesus. This revelation that it really doesn't matter how the forces of good and evil wind up, because there's another force called righteousness, that revelation to the best of my knowledge is not available in any religion or spiritual discipline in the world. I could be wrong, but to the best of my knowledge it's not present, except in the mind of Christ Jesus. It's been giving for safe keeping, what has been given? This revelation has been giving for safe keeping to a very, very few people who are ascending in Christ Jesus, even Nostradamus, does anyone not know who Nostradamus is? Nostradamus is a world know as a prophet, okay, he was, I don't know whether he called himself a Christian or not, I don't believe his prophecy came from Christ Jesus personally. And I'm told that there are books written about him, books that he's written, every prophecy he ever made to date had come to pass, and if you read his prophesies, you'll see how accurate they were, except for the last prophecy, does anybody know what his final prophecy is?


Well I don't know about Popes, and I am no expert on this, but what I have in my mind was his last prophecy is that this world will be destroyed by fire. He has predicted the destruction of the physical world by fire, and I don't agree with him, I think that's his first biggest and last false prophecy, that which is being destroyed by fire is what? The carnal mind of men is that which is being destroyed by spiritual fire.


And the mind of Christ Jesus is going to ascend from within the creation, and bring it into a condition of holiness, which will render it good, but render it righteous, and thereby eligible for everlasting life. So not only is this, humanity, is this world, this creation not going to end in the destruction of a physical fire, it is going to be translated into eternal life by spiritual fire, spiritual fire which doesn't destroy but which purifies, spiritual fire which doesn't kill but imparts life. The spiritual fire that Moses saw when he saw the bush that burned but was not consumed, you see.


So I'm talking about this world, I'm talking about humanity in the condition that it's in now. We're talking about immortals which are good and evil, we're talking about one spiritual energy source being spread throughout all of the existing human beings, some of it good and some of it evil and we're talking about a warfare between the members, or between certain members of fallen humanity who are fighting with each other, because they believe, and I'm not going to get into it right now, but there's probably some truth to it that every life that you take, you receive their energy, and become, you get the larger share of this one energy source that's giving existence to the whole creation, and we're talking about a balance of power.


If enough immortals gather enough energy into themselves, at the end when there could be only one, only one what? Only good or evil, okay, the creation will wind up good. Okay, now this is the teaching of many spiritually sophisticated religions in the world.


There are some very spiritually sophisticated religions in this world, Hinduism, Buddhism, the New Age Movement, they're very spiritually sophisticated, there's only one problem with their spiritual sophistication, what is their problem? It's the wrong spirit. Their spiritually sophisticated by the wrong spirit, they're spiritually matured in the wrong spirit.


Well am I prejudiced? What's wrong with the spirit that they're sophisticated in? The spirit that they are sophisticated in can give them knowledge, but cannot give them life, life, life. It's a spiritual knowledge coming forth out of a spirit of death, which can give them existence. Don't confuse life and existence. What we're experiencing here is not life, it is a form of existence, and this existence has a name and its name is? Death.


But because the Scripture clearly states that the children of darkness have, are more enlightened in this hour than the children of light. To the best of my knowledge and if I'm wrong, may God correct me, we are the only ministry in the world that is publicly preaching this kind of doctrine. What kind of doctrine? A spiritually sophisticated doctrine which comes out of Christ Jesus, that we're publicly preaching it and printing it. There may be people all over the world that have it in their heart, but we're doing it publicly.


I hear everybody screaming their head off that there are other kingdom ministries preaching this stuff, and this is pride. Well I want to tell you, that I don't believe it's coming out of, that this kingdom teaching that's all over the, they have international newsletters, in my opinion it's not coming out of the mind of Christ.


And you could accuse me of anything you want to accuse me of, whoever is hearing this tape, you could think anything you want about me, if I'm wrong, let God show it to me, but every doctrine that is coming out of every known international ministry newsletter, in this hour, I believe it's a highly sophisticated spiritual message that's coming out their carnal mind, and if I'm wrong let God show it to me, I'll give that minister a personal apology. But I don't, every other newsletter that I've read this kind of doctrine in, it's been corrupted in some areas. And if I'm wrong, let God show it to me. And I'm not against anybody, I'm just trying to do my job. No one in their right mind would want my job, because you don't preach this message without paying a heavy price, as most of you here know.


Okay, so we're back to this episode of the Highlander, and we find that there is a 5,000 year old immortal who has not been engaged in spiritual warfare for 200 years. Now one would think that the older one was, the more accomplished they become in their spiritual warfare, but this episode is showing no, somewhere along the line, 200 years ago, Mechez got tired of fighting and went underground, hiding himself from the aggressive younger immortals on the negative side of the creation. Why? Because they wanted his head. Why? Because, and this is another major principle, which I'll clarify it for you, but I preach it here, is that the longer you've been around, the more spiritual power you have, that it builds in you.


So Mechez is a prize, whoever takes his head and receives that man's spiritual power into himself is going to energize, become energized to a very high level. And how have I been preaching it? How have I been preaching that principle here?


COMMENT: I think you've been preaching it by going into the Greek and the Hebrew and bringing out the highest definition, to bring the moral effect into our lives, in a very high realm.


PASTOR VITALE: Okay, well that's true, but that's not, let me give you the question again. I have been preaching here that the longer man has existed, the more spiritual power is accumulated within his individual being. Can anybody think of the context in which I've been preaching that? I don't expect you to know, but maybe you'll surprise me.


COMMENT: Recycling process?


PASTOR VITALE: Well sort of. Let me make it clear for anyone listening to the tape, okay, so that they know what I'm talking about, what I've taught here, and I have it on several tapes, is that the reason the power of evil or at least one of the reasons, the main reason why the power of evil is stronger than the power of good in this world, is because the ruling forces are evil. The prince of the power of air is evil, so that gives power to the evil forces, but getting back to my point, the reason why witchcraft is more powerful across the board in the world today then the forces of Christ Jesus, is because witchcraft has been appearing in men for thousands of years, and probably thousands of generations, and the longer it exists in this visible realm, the longer it fans itself, it strengthens itself, it builds itself, it grows, we have small children in parts of the world where witchcraft is powerful, born with intense witchcraft power. It's not every person, but it's not unheard of, a little child is born with the power to hate someone and they drop dead, power to look at you and knock you down.


On the 700 club I just saw last week, a man into witchcraft, he had the power to just point at somebody, and knock them down. You do not receive this kind of power in one lifetime. Now if you know somebody who wasn't doing that as a small child, but got involved in witchcraft and went through some rituals and now they could point at somebody and they fall down, I want to tell you that this was not developed in that man in one lifetime, he had to be born with a strong potential for witchcraft, and then when he started training, and learning how to direct it, and practicing how to use it, this power came upon him. But you cannot pick up anybody off the street and initiate them into a witches coven and in a couple of years turn them into somebody that has the power to kill you with a look. You've got to lay hold of somebody that is born with the raw material. It's just like a talent, like an opera singer, someone is born with a great voice, a talent scout sees them and puts them in training and you train for ten years and you become the top opera singer in the world.


You have to take that raw material and refine it. Now the power of Christ Jesus is only been in the world for 2,000 years. It hasn't been compressed, it hasn't been developed, it hasn't been strengthened to the extent that witchcraft power has. Witchcraft power has time in its corner, Christ power doesn't have the time in its corner. So at this moment, well I should even say Christ, well at this moment, I don't know of anyone in the world, and I've been preaching this here boldly for a couple of years, I don't know of one man of God that would walk Into a witch doctor's camp, and not come out. And the Lord has not sent anyone to do that, because the Lord knows that he's still raising us up, and we are not that strong yet. We're up against a generational witchcraft strength that has been flexing its muscles, practicing itself, and I don't even know all of the details, for generations in this world.


Now if we had to wait for those who are being raised up in Christ Jesus to put in the same amount of years to be strong enough to challenge witchcraft, it would never come to pass, why? Because if we waiting 5,000 years to strengthen the Spirit of Christ in the earth, witchcraft would have another 5,000 years on it. So somewhere along the line those of us that are being raised up in the spiritual strength of Christ have to jump the realm of time. We cannot be restricted to the realm of time or we'll never overtake those minds which are powerful in witchcraft. Now you might remember the teaching basically it came forth in this 38 series, that man is living in the circle of the earth, in the circle of the earth that it's so great, that our small section of it that we live in is pretty much like a straight line. Geometrically speaking, each of us is a six degree arc in the 360 degree circle of the earth. You may recall from our studies in Bible numerology, but for all intents and purposes we're dwelling on a straight line. But the spiritual man, Christ Jesus, what is his geometrical expression, anybody remember? The right triangle is the geometrical expression of the spiritual man, okay, and already we're getting into multiplication when we're looking for a figure that would express the area of a right triangle okay. So we're in a whole different form of mathematics now.


Let me say that again, okay, the witchcraft power is resident in the minds of carnal men. Carnal men dwell on the circle of the earth, the earth is so great we have been taught that each individual man can be expressed geometrically as only a six degree arc, that is such a small degree of space along the circumference of the circle of the earth, that for all intents and purposes we're a straight line. There's no height to us, there's no depth to us, we're linear, we're flat. For Christ Jesus to jump past this realm of time and space which is on a flat plane, he has to start moving in realms beyond the visible flat plane of this earth.


So to become a spiritual man already, we're jumping to multiplication to express area and the ultimate spiritual man, to enter into the condition that the Lord Jesus Christ is in right now, is going to have an experience that can be expressed through Einstein's theory of relativity. And it's squaring, okay, it will be squared to the highest exponent. Now if you don't know what I'm talking about, just let it go on the tape and don't worry about it. Let me leave you with this for those of you that can't follow the math, okay, fallen man has had witchcraft power increasing in them on a steady basis each generation witchcraft power increases let's say by one digit. So on a scale of 100, fallen man is up to 50 or 75 on a straight line, and the only way he's ever going to reach to 100% spiritual power is by living out so many more years increasing each amount every year.


Now if the spiritual power in Christ Jesus is arising on the earth with the same method, we'll never catch up to the witchcraft power, because witchcraft power is thousands of years ahead of us, but the power in Christ Jesus which is ruled by the Spirit of Christ is going by a different method, it's increasing by a different method, it's being channeled and funneled and forced into the earth by a method other than increase along the straight line. Each year you increase so much, Christ Jesus is going a different route. That's addition, you see, if each year you increase by a foot, let's say, that's in addition, each year you add a foot on to your strength. But that is not the route Christ Jesus goes, Christ Jesus is not adding he's multiplying, and he's going to overtake the development of witchcraft power in this world, because Christ Jesus has the spiritual strength to reproduce himself, to increase himself, to mature himself, to duplicate himself on a much higher and more powerful spiritual level than the rulers and the principalities of this world, which is Leviathan. Leviathan is the expression of the Serpent ruling in the heavenlies in this world right now. The expression of the Serpent is the great Dragon whose mind is completed and whose name is Leviathan.


He can only increase so much every generation, but Christ Jesus is doing exploits and he's jumping the realm of time and space and increasing by advanced scientific calculations, and in a very short time I would like to believe, there will be men appearing on this earth, who will be overtaking the greatest witchcraft power in the minds of men on the earth today. After only 2,000 years of Christ Jesus in this world, I believe very shortly we're going to be seeing men going to arise with minds that are more powerful than witchcraft minds, which are the product of many, many, many generations, and this is going to come to pass because of a different method of increase. The Serpent is restricted to craw on the surface of the earth, a foot each year, that's just a hypothetical amount, but Christ Jesus can jump the hurdles and multiply himself and he's not restricted to time and space.


COMMENT: God's government is typified by the number 12, now that squared is 144,000, is that the meaning behind that Scripture that we're talking about right now?


PASTOR VITALE: Well, 12 by 12 is 144, not 144,000 okay, but you are on to something, yes, and I have this all in the 38 series, and we have exhibits on it, okay, I can't be all over the place, I'm trying to get this message together, and I feel like I'm just shooting all over the place, but you are on to something, okay, that glorification is, the glorified man is expressed by a square. 144 is the number which typifies the glorified man, okay, nine is the number which typifies the spiritual man, and 6 is the number which typifies carnal man.


My point for this message is that the spiritual man in Christ Jesus is being developed by a different technique than the spiritual man which is being developed in this fallen humanity. And because of the superior technique of maturation, that is being applied to mature the man in Christ Jesus in due season those human beings in which Christ Jesus is appearing will have a mind which is stronger than the most powerful witchcraft mind, which is being matured in fallen man, slowly but methodically either in an or by an inferior method which is limited and restricted by time and space. Can that hold you for now? Is everybody okay?


I don't how we got into that from the Highlander, okay. Father please, I feel like I'm all over the place, help me bring this message to a logical conclusion, help me to make my point please. So we have Mechez, who is 5,000 years old, and he has not had a spiritual battle for 200 years, we see that his aggressiveness and his desire to fight, to overcome another member of the human race so as to receive their spiritual life and keep him alive is weaning in him, not increasing. This episode didn't make it clear, how he was surviving without taking the heads of other members of the human race, and receiving their energy into himself. What is coming to me now, I don't know whether the author of this series has an explanation for that, but what is coming to me now is the teaching here, and in fact, in this episode of the Highlander, Macleod was speaking to Mechez, to somebody about it, and he said, "Wow, 5,000 years old, I even have trouble believing that it's true, it sounds like it must be a legend, almost like Adam and Eve." That was what was on the Highlander.


Now what I have taught you here, is that when the creation first fell, man, whatever he looked like, I believe up until the time of the flood and through Noah, Shem, Ham, and Japheth, man did not look like we look today, we are the ultimate of fallen man, and I don't believe men looked like this, until they fell down this last stage after the flood, but I've told you that I believe that when the fall first occurred, when Adam first died spiritually, that there was so much energy in that soul, Adam is the soul which God created. When the mind in that soul, whose name was Christ, died because that righteous mind was killed by the? Who killed the righteous mind?


By the Dragon, okay, there was so much energy in that soul, because the mind that was dwelling in it was Christ, okay, that even after that mind died, and when the mind died the soul died, there was so much energy left in the soul, it was like a shooting star coming through our atmosphere. A shooting star is a dead son that still has so much energy that it comes shooting into our atmosphere and it burns a big hole wherever it lands. It's still, there's so much, it's like a coal, if you make a barbecue, and you put out the fire and the inside of the coal it's still burning with fire, still has an energy source in it for a long time. So I've taught you that, that man right after the fall, why did he live for 900 and some odd years, and man today doesn't live anywhere near that? Because he still had so much spiritual energy in him, from when that Christ mind when attached to him, the fact that the Christ mind died, didn't wipe out the residual energy that was the present in the soul. And the soul has been cooling off for all of these thousands of years.


So man as he existed right after the death of that Christ mind, lived and was healthy and didn't have the problems that we have today, because he still had that energy source vibrating in him, but as that residue of the energy of the Christ mind dies and wanes and cools off in humanity, we're becoming colder and colder and farther and farther away from God and eventually, the Lord had to give us the law of Moses through Israel, because man had fallen so far away from a memory of God that he had to get the law written down on stone tablets. But there's no talk of the law being written down before the flood, why? Because the life of God was still vibrating with such power in that soul that man had a memory of God, and had a memory of righteousness, and had a memory of the law. But after the flood, we fell down into an even lower stage.


See the law of ordinances was given because of the transgression. As we forgot the law of God, we fell deeper and deeper under the mind of the corrupt mind of the devil, and we forgot righteousness, so it had to be written down for us.


So I see in this man Mechez, a typification of that. The man was 5,000 years old, and he went back far enough that received such a dose of the power of God, that he was still existing 5,000 years later. Although we know that the Scripture says that no one lived beyond, well everyone died short of a thousand years after the fall, but this is fantasy, you know, a 5,000 year old man that was still going on that original shot of energy that was available 5,000 years prior which wasn't available today. If you can hear it, hear it, if you can't do worry about it. It's a fantasy, you have to adapt this science fiction in your mind to a place where it can edify you, if it's going to trip you up, then don't think about that aspect of it.


So getting back to our teaching this morning, we have a human being who is an evil human being in this humanity, which is good and evil, an evil man, looking for Mechez, for the sole specific purpose of killing him, so that he can take Mechez' energy into himself. Now remember the ultimate goal of the battle in humanity is for the balance of power between good and evil in this creation, at the end there can be only one, there can be only good or only evil. And we see the divided members of the creation warring against one another, and the watch is waiting to see at that end of this warfare whether the creation will be good or evil, not knowing the secret that this creation will be neither good nor evil, but righteous. Hallelujah.


Okay, back to our fairy tale here. So we see Macleod, who is the champion of the good vessels of humanity, in this fantasy series, his name is Macleod, and he is a man who is good. He has morals, he has ethics, he won't kill unless it's a righteous killing, and for those of you who don't know it, there is a righteous killing, according to the law of God, someone who is killed, should be killed, a murderer should be killed, it's all in the law of Moses. There is a difference between, God looks at your motives, and the law of God says, certain criminal behavior in men should be punished with death, why? For the preservation of the whole race. So there is justified killing. Unjustified killing is called, does anybody know? Murder. And justified killing, I don't know if there is any specific name for it, you can just call it righteous execution. The big issue in our nation today, the conscience of many today in this nation is seared, and they cannot see the difference between justifiable execution for the purpose of preserving the safety and sanity of society, and murder, and arbitrary murder for selfish ungodly purposes, they can't tell the difference. Their conscience is seared, there is something wrong with their mind. If you can't tell the difference between executing a man who has been a serial murderer and tortured and killed people and somebody who went out and killed somebody to steal their money, they can't tell the difference, there is something wrong with them. Their mind is reprobate.


Here is Macleod, champion of the good immortals, he's very strong, they show him in this series, he is continuously exercising and practicing his spiritual warfare, he's very practiced, he's very up on it, he's never been defeated and he's righteous. When he finds out that this evil immortal is seeking to kill Mechez, Macleod goes looking for Mechez, the 5,000 year old immortal, and finds him first. Upon interviewing him, Macleod finds Mechez to be a righteous immortal, well not a righteous, but he's a good immortal. He's a kind man who is tired of the fight and has been hiding. He confesses that he is not been engaged in spiritual warfare for 200 years.


Macleod is very concerned about him, and the principle that I've just spent 45 minutes establishing for you is very clear at this point in the episode, Mechez has within him a very powerful valuable store of spiritual energy by virtue of the fact that he has been around for 5,000 years. If whoever takes Mechez' head will receive a double portion. Now that wasn't the word that they used, but that was my impression. Whoever takes Mechez' head would greatly enriched, so one might say, well Mechez will take his head or the evil one's head, but the problem is Mechez has lost his will to fight. He hasn't had a fight in 200 years, and he's got this evil practiced man looking for him, and to be honest with you, unless the Lord gives it to me right now, I cannot fit this part into our doctrine. I cannot fit this aspect of this teaching into our doctrine, a 5,000 year old immortal who is good, but who has lost his will to fight. I told you at the beginning of this teaching that as I matured, I don't know whether it's related to my maturity or not, but I'm very tired of the fight, but the Lord has not released me from fighting, you see. I'm tired of the fight but I'm still engaged in heavy spiritual warfare, and believing God to give me an increase of spiritual strength, because we're told that when the knife is sharp, we don't have to fight quite as hard.


So we must understand when we look at occult teachings as an example for us to learn from, that we will reach areas, and we will arrive at areas where there is no reconciliation, where there is no agreement between occult doctrine and the doctrine of Christ that's being preached here, and this appears to be one of those areas. Don't break your carnal mind trying to understand this, there will be areas where there will be no agreement, so take what you can from this occult teaching as a visual aid of the doctrine coming forth here and when we reach a point where there's no agreement, well then just Let it go, and as of now I can't see, I can't fit this into the doctrine of Christ at all. Mechez is 5,000 years old, he's tired of fighting and has in fact stopped fighting, and is out of practice, but not a coward.


Our evil immortal is coming looking for him, there was an encounter between Mechez and the evil immortal, and Mechez did hold his own, but they both fell into the water, he should have been killed, the evil immortal was stronger than him, but one might say, there was a supernatural intervention, Mechez got away. Macleod rose to the challenge and wanted to defend Mechez, the next thing we see is an encounter Macleod running after Mechez, and Mechez turning on Macleod hostily, and engaging him in spiritual warfare, as typified by this sword fight. Macleod is shocked and says to him, "Why are fighting with me, why are doing this?" And Mechez gives the war cry, "Because there can be only one." That is usually when it's a good and an evil member fighting, that's what they say to each other, only good or evil can prevail. But Macleod was too smart, he got the best of Mechez, but refused to take his head because when he takes his head, let me just remind you that these men are immortal, but they're called immortal, there is only one way to kill them, you have to cut their head off. If you stab them or shoot them or drown them, they regenerated and come back to life, but if you cut their head off, they're finished and you receive their energy.


So Macleod had the sword right up to his neck and Macleod says, "Why are you doing this?" And Mechez says, "Do it, do it." And Macleod wouldn't kill him you see, and as the conversation went forth, it was revealed that Mechez knew he could not defeat this evil man, and he had, he was good you see, he was willing to, I guess he typifies Jesus Christ in a sense, he was willing to give up his existence, so that the evil immortals would not receive his spiritual strength. He was willing to let Macleod kill him because he saw, well although, actually the series portrays Macleod as righteous, but we know he could only be good, okay. But Macleod is portrayed as righteous, and Mechez was willing to give up his life, that his accumulated 5,000 years of spiritual energy could go into a good member of this human race, thereby doubling Macleod's strength, which would give Macleod enough power to defeat the evil one.


If the evil one killed Mechez, and took his spiritual strength, Macleod wouldn't stand a chance and Macleod was the champion, the present champion of the human race 500 years old. It's almost like Melchezidek coming to Abraham, I see that somehow, and shades of the Lord Jesus Christ giving up his life, you know, but Macleod wouldn't take his head, he wouldn't do it, he went out to challenge the evil immortal in his present strength. Now this is the part that is really interesting to me anyway, the way that the episode came forth, we didn't really know whether Macleod took Mechez' head or not, we just see Macleod challenging the evil immortal, and you could see that it's a pretty close fight, and what I picked up in my spirit, was that Macleod was, at least in some measure in his emotions.


Now when you're in your emotions, you're in danger, when you're in your emotions it means you're not fighting with the full power of Christ Jesus, or with the full power of righteousness, it's very dangerous to be in your emotions, and that Macleod was fighting out of an emotional aspect of the good side of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. You see, this episode, Macleod is both good and righteousness, if you can't hear it. If you can't hear it, don't get hung up on it. So he was not fighting in righteousness, because righteousness is undefeatable, you see. Righteousness is undefeatable, and if you have spiritual eyes to see it, Macleod was not fighting out of righteousness, he was fighting out of the goodness of his humanity, and any form of emotion, good or evil, weakens you. The maximum strength is in righteousness, which is not an emotion. Good is an emotion. So that is the sign that you're not in Christ Jesus, but that you're in your humanity, when your emotional, even if that emotion is good.


We therefore see Macleod fighting with this evil immortal, and you could see the passion on his face, and the passion was not to his advantage, and fight was very close. All of a sudden we hear sirens and bells and the police are coming, so apparently this evil immortal had done something which could have set him up for a crime, and Macleod, no one is allowed to see them struggling in spiritual warfare, so Macleod hides behind a wall, the police pull up, the evil immortal stands there and claims he's innocent of the charge, and Mechez comes out from around the corner and says, "No officer, that man did it, I'm a witness to it." And the police take him away, the police take the evil immortal into custody.


We see Macleod speaking to Mechez and Macleod says, "What was that all about?" And Mechez says to him, "You've got the passion to fight, I don't have the passion to fight, you've got the passion to fight, but you're still too emotional, I couldn't risk him defeating you, I couldn't risk him getting your energy, Macleod, because then he surely would have killed me too, and the creation would have matured on the evil side, and I didn't think you were strong enough to take him, and you wouldn't take my counsel and run away from him and hide, your passion directed you to a conflict with him, possibly before the time. So I called the police in, the carnal powers of this world system to take evil under restraint, and for you Macleod, go and get stronger, there will be another day, there will be another opportunity for the powers of good and evil to clash. Go and gain your strength for the next encounter, but please note in the mean time, this 5,000 year old immortal, the father, though an elder sent for the powers of this world to restrain spiritual evil because the righteous powers of this world were not strong enough to take the victory.


Now if you can hear it, hear it, there is a Scripture that says, "Resist not evil." There is a time for sowing and there is a time for planting. Brethren, there is a time for war and there is a time for peace, and Jesus said, "Count the cost", because if you're not sure you're going to win this war, you better not be in this war. Flee from the evil man until the Lord tells you that you are strong enough to take the victory. Retreat with honor, rather than fight unto your destruction because of pride. There is more at stake than your pride. What is at stake? The ultimate condition of humanity is at stake. Brethren, if you are a servant of Christ, if Christ Jesus is being raised up in you, and being developed and matured in you, and you come against powers and principalities in a man's mind, don't talk to me about the red freak out there, if you meet a man whose mind is destroying you, you better flee from that man, and you better call the authorities of this world to help you whenever necessary, because if you let that man destroy you because you think that you're undefeatable, because Christ Jesus is being formed in you, you will be setting the Lord's plans back, there are people out there who need you, there are people out there who need your teaching, there are people out there who need your prayers, there are people out there who need your wisdom.


Yes, if you are destroyed, God will raise up another man, surely, but it could take 15 or 20 years for him to raise up another man, that means for 15 or 20 years, people who are subjected to the time of this world system that would have otherwise had your wisdom and your counsel and your protection, those people are going to spend 15 or 20 years and maybe even pass out of this world system without the benefits that God had provided for them in you, because your pride sent you up to the battle before the Lord told you to go. In the long run, yes, the Lord will replace you, in the long run, yes, the purpose of Christ Jesus will be manifested in this world, you can't stop the purposes of God, but the generation that you were raised up to minister to, will experience suffering that it was not the Lord's will for them to experience because of your pride. Is that an interesting message?


COMMENT: It's like the whole scenario of Saul and David. And then David going up to fight the giant. And then I saw another aspect of the father turned them over to the tormenters, in the calling of the police.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, and I personally can relate to that, because I've had a couple of experiences where the Lord has told me to call the police, going all the way back when I needed help with my daughter and she was being harassed by some of the children here, and I bound and I loosed and I prayed and I couldn't control the situation, and the Lord said, "Call the police." I was very offended and said, "Lord I'm a son of God, what do you mean call the police?" And he said, "You're still under governors and tutors, call the police." You have to know your own strength. There are powers and principalities in this world that are too strong for the strongest Christians. Everybody does not have the same spiritual strength. If the battle is too strong for you, you have to seek the Lord, he may send you to another Christian, who is stronger than you, he may send you to a group of spiritual warriors, maybe together you're strong enough, but possibly with everybody praying, you're up against principalities that are stronger than you, principalities which are appearing in a man's mind that have been around for thousands of years.


You have to know when to retreat brethren. David ran from Saul for years. You have to know when to retreat. God sent me with this message to a local pastor once, and he decided I was a witch, that I was telling him not to engage in spiritual warfare, you can't do anything you want to do, and you could only win when the Lord Jesus sends you into the battle. You cannot heal anyone that you want, you cannot deliver anyone that you want, you cannot alter any situation that you want to alter, especially when you don't know what the mind of the Lord is, with regard to that alteration. You have to ask God how far your battle should go. You have to ask him whether your binding and loosing can bring victory. You have to ask him whether you're suppose to stand still in this occasion and receive his victory, and sometimes he might say, I'm not giving you the victory.


My Bible says, Jesus was tempted of Satan, and Satan departed from him for a season, in which case Jesus did take the victory. But I believe for those of us that are not in full stature, sometimes we can take the victory with binding and loosing, sometimes Jesus gives us the victory, and sometimes the Lord says, "Withdraw, call the natural authorities and withdraw, run for your life." Hallelujah.


Just by way of review, in case someone is listening to this tape and has not heard me comment in other areas along these lines, this science fiction series called the Highlander has a group of men and women, called immortals as I just mentioned earlier, the only way you could kill them is to severe their head from them. We liken this condition in the Scripture to that of full stature.


We believe the Lord is teaching here that when we arrive at the fullness of the stature that the Lord Jesus Christ appeared in, that although it did not happen to him, all you Pharisees before you shut off the tape or get hysterical, listen to me, Jesus did not fall, Jesus did not fall out of his Godhead, but it was possible for him to have done so, that you're salvation is only irreversible at the time that you become spirit, the condition in which Jesus is in now, it's called glorification, it's the third of three stages of resurrection.


When you attain to that third stage of resurrection, you can no longer lose your salvation. Full stature is the first stage of resurrection, and it is possible to lose your condition of sinlessness. In the science fiction episodes the series, the Highlander, you can only die if your head is severed.


Well, when your in the fullness of the stature of the Lord Jesus Christ you can only die if your spiritual head is severed. Now let me review for you that ascending into a condition of full stature involves your present spiritual head being severed from you. Who is our present spiritual head? The devil is attached to our soul, the devil is attached to our soul. Jesus called the Pharisees, he told them that their father was the devil. Fallen man have the devil as our spiritual head. If Christ Jesus is being developed in you, Lord willing eventually he will cut your head off, and he will establish himself, who? Christ Jesus will establish himself as your head. He will knit his headship, or his mind to your soul, and you will find yourself in the first stage of resurrection, or in the first stage of salvation, in which you are sinless, you are without sin, in which you have a very strong potential to live for the life of the ages, but there is a small possibility of you losing your, the salvation or the sinlessness to which you have attained, the small chance. The greatest, well let me, I started at the wrong place, there are immortals according to the doctrine of Christ, there are immortals in the earth today, everyone in whom immorality is dwelling is considered by the Lord to be immortal, and who is immortality? Who is immortality? Christ Jesus is immortality. If he is dwelling in you, the Lord sees you by faith as immortal, but the immortality does not become a reality for you, until immortality within you severs mortality from your soul, and replaces himself there.


Let me say, I'm going to say it in two or three different ways for you, okay. The way I already said it was, mortality, the devil, is married to your soul, you're knitted together. Immortality dwells within you, he is going to sever your head from you, your mortal head called the devil, and immortality, Christ Jesus is going to marry your soul and knit himself to your soul, and now that your head is no longer mortality but immortality, you shall have become immortal, not in faith but in reality, you see. Victory, the victory which is in Christ Jesus shall have swallowed up the death of the carnal mind which is the devil, which is our present head. The powers and principalities which rule in this world, they don't rule out there, they rule in your mind, you must lose your head, they must be severed from you, they must be cut from you, so that immortality can attach himself to you, your soul.


So, according to our understanding of the doctrine of Christ, everyone in whom immortality dwells is immortal by faith. We become immortal in reality when victory swallows up death in us, when it becomes a personal experience in us, when Christ Jesus swallows up that carnal mind and marries our soul, this is the marriage of the church to Christ Jesus, the mind which is in the mind Christ Jesus will become the mind of this soul, which is the creation of God. This is the great wedding that we are waiting for, and the great wedding feast, where the birds are invited to eat the flesh of captains and kings, is the wedding feast of Christ Jesus coming to swallow up the flesh of the carnal mind.


The carnal mind is the mind of flesh. That which is born of the flesh is flesh. Come Christ Jesus you spiritual being, you spiritual bird, all these manifestations of Christ Jesus are rising in the body of Christ, come eat the flesh of the carnal mind, swallow her up in victory, swallow up death, and let life be knitted to the soul which God made.


So praise God, we have just connected this principle of immortality of the Highlander to the doctrine of Christ. Then the principle that we do not see, or that I haven't seen yet, the Highlander is the second stage of resurrection, which the Scripture calls the circumcision without hands. We have been taught here that when Christ Jesus arises in a man, he is formed initially inside the womb of the earth, he's being formed within the carnal mind, and he raises that man up to a condition of full stature from his position inside the carnal mind, okay. It's not a carnal severing of an actual head, it's the severing of power.


When I tell you that Christ Jesus severs the devil, whose mind is the carnal mind, from you, and you ascend to full stature, we're talking about a severing of power. The carnal mind still exists in the same manner and the corn stalk still is in the field after the ear of corn has been harvested. It's no longer producing fruit, it's dried and it has no power but it's still standing there. The second stage of the resurrection is Christ Jesus, which is being formed inside of that carnal mind, which is now been stripped of its power, Christ Jesus has to cut his way through that carnal mind, it's the circumcision of the man Christ Jesus in you.


I haven't seen any experience likened to that in the Highlander yet, it may come sooner or later, I don't know, and the third stage of the resurrection is glorification, which will free us from this physical body, and from any tie to this physical world. I don't see any, I haven't come across anything such as that in the Highlander also, the teaching as far as I could see, only goes so far as to say, we have a revelation that at the end of all things the creation will either be all good or all evil. It appears to me that the teaching in the series is that at the end of all things, humanity will still be in the flesh, but the doctrine of Christ teaches us that, that is just the beginning of the resurrection, that even if the writers of the Highlander had the revelation that the creation in its maturity will neither good nor evil but righteous, let's give them that benefit, that they're, we see in Macleod a mixture of good and righteousness, they don't see the difference, so let's give them the benefit of the doubt that they believe at the end of all things, the creation will be righteous.


The writers here believe that the end of all things will leave righteousness in a human form, but that is not the end of all things, that is the beginning of the appearance of righteousness in the earth, to see righteousness in the form of sinful flesh. We're talking about the salvation of the spirit, if that spirit which raised Jesus from the dead dwelleth in you, if that spirit which raised Christ from the dead dwells in you, it will quicken or give life to your soul. The ultimate condition however of your physical body is that that spirit, that glorious spirit which has been raised from the dead in you, must free you from this physical body, which is likened to that dead corn stalk, which is sitting in the field.


The only reason we need these bodies is because our spirit is dead. These bodies bind us to the earth, they cause us pain, they cause us disease, they cause us weakness, these bodies cause us to sin. Brethren, when no part of us is the beast, we will not have to resist sin anymore, we will not desire sin. Sin is in the mind, a desire to sin is in the mind, and it's in the flesh of this body.


The flesh of this body is the image of the mind of fallen man. The mind of fallen man is the beast, it is that which is born of the flesh. It is an evil mind, which must continuously be policed and restrained and taught to do good. This body must be continuously policed and restrained and taught to do good.


When Christ Jesus becomes our total source of existence, we shall no longer have to restrain our minds or our bodies, because our mind will be righteous with no shadow of turning in it, no thought of unrighteousness whatsoever, and whatever our spiritual body will look like, it will be an expression of righteousness, and it will no longer need to be restrained.


This continuous labor of preventing ourselves from sinning, it's exhausting. It will come to an end, we will have peace when we no longer have to restrain ourselves from sin. That day will not come brethren until our mind, our fallen dead mind is swallowed up by the glorious mind of Christ Jesus, and eventually we are freed form these bodies which are the image of the beast.


Brethren, we are in a beast body, and the beast body wants to behave like a beast, and the beast minds in us, wants our bodies to behave like a beast. The curse, the major aspect of the curse that God placed upon this creation at the time of the fall was that we would, who are we? The human race, was being sold into existence of bestiality, where we would labor for our bread. Now if you think that the only thing we have to labor for is grain in the fields to grind into bread, you're carnal. We have to labor to keep our soul free from sin. And it's a labor that we fail at, every second of every minute of every day of our life. And if we don't fail at it in behavior, we fail at it in our emotions, and in our mind.


How do I know that? Because we're all still dying. The soul that sins dies. So don't tell me you're immortal in reality if you're aging, and have any reason to believe that you will eventually die. God knows whether immortality dwells within you, but I know and you know that he's not married to you, if you are aging and in any way expecting to die, because marriage to immortality makes your immortality a reality. The indwelling, the reality of immortality indwelling you, will not make your immortality a reality. You will still die with immortality in the midst of you, you will still die. He must become your foundation. Immortality must become the source of your existence. The Scripture calls it, your foundation. We read about this a lot in the book of Daniel, and it becomes very obvious in the Alternate Translation in Dan.7. This principle is mentioned several times in order to be incarnated, in order to have an existence, in order to have a form such as we exist in, in order to be more than just a spirit with no form or shape, in order to have a form, another way of saying that is in order to exist, we must have a spiritual foundation, and that spiritual foundation is, does anybody know the answer? What is our spiritual foundation?


It is the mind, it is the mind. The soul cannot take form without a mind. When your spiritual foundation is mortal, you will incarnate in this world for a season, and eventually pass out of it. We read about this in the Alternate Translation of Dan.7. The fallen mind, the fallen soul says, "Let us incarnate and be the accuser of all the brethren."


What does that mean? That fallen man formed its own mind, exclusive of Christ, and incarnated in a criminal form, that in a criminal form of man, which was a spiritual criminal, and that the very own mind in fallen man accuses him, the very own mind that incarnated man in this condition accuses him continuously of the sins that he commits. We're also told in Dan.7 that a new foundation has been raised up for mankind, and that foundation, his name is anybody? Which generation of Christ? The Lord Jesus Christ. When that new foundation is built in you and put in place, and it completely replacing the false foundation of the devil, well I guess it wouldn't be the devil, it would be Leviathan, okay, when the Lord Jesus Christ is fully established in you, and he's replacing Leviathan, Leviathan being the completed mind of the Serpent in the creation, when that transition has taken place and it's a reality for you, that foundation will never be torn down, and you shall live for the life of the ages.


But let me tell you something, Leviathan is not giving you up, he's not letting go of you, he's not leaving you alone, he's going to keep his hooks in you until you break them off, and I've got a flash for you, I don't know anyone today who has the power to break those fangs off, so you better start crying out to Christ Jesus, that Leviathan has got his fangs in you. And if you think you're going to do it yourself, because immortality is being developed in you, you're dealing with a manifestation of pride which could result in your spiritual death.


We need the double portion, we need immortality, which is being formed in us, Christ Jesus and we need the strength of the Lord Jesus Christ who has already overcome this world, and the powers and principalities of it. Together the Lord Jesus Christ and Christ Jesus in us will be strong enough to save our individual persons and eventually all of humanity from the domination of Leviathan, the completed mind of the Serpent in fallen humanity. Jesus. How can you rob a house if you don't bind the strong man first, you have to bind the strong man, you have to bind the owner of the house, you have to strip him of his power before you could take his wife, and his spiritual belongings. The soul, which this creation is, is the wife of the spirit which has incarnated her.


The Father wants this creation back, and the way he takes it back is by birthing his mind into it, and before he can birth his mind into it fully, he must take away or severe the existing mind from us. He must strip the existing mind of his ownership of us. And the mind which is presently possessing this creation which is the present manifestation of the Serpent, or is the Serpent in a form of completed mind. Jehovah in the form of a completed mind is called, and this you should know, Jehovah in the form of a completed mind in man is called Christ Jesus. The Serpent in the form of a completed mind in man is called Leviathan, Leviathan the three thread mind. Praise God. Does anyone have a question?




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