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I want to talk to you about what's going on in the Spirit. Okay. All of you wonderful believers now, some of you, spiritual and some of you carnal, we've had some spiritual activity here over the last few days. And some of you spiritual and some of you still carnal. And some of you more spiritual than the others. So, don't anybody go get offended, just know who you are and where you are. If I say something that applies to you, learn from it, okay? There is a whole Spirit world out there and you cannot see with these eyes or hear with these ears. You need spiritual eyes and you need spiritual ears. And those of us that have spiritual eyes and spiritual ears have an opportunity to gain information, that people who don't have these spiritual eyes and ears, don't have. That doesn't make one person better than the other person. It just gives one person more information than the other person. It's a great responsibility having spiritual eyes and spiritual ears. Sometimes it's painful, because sometimes the communications comes through your emotions, which cause you distress. This is an aspect of our fallen condition, brethren.


If we were not fallen, how would spiritual communications come? Does anybody remember? It would come directly through the mind. And there would be no pain or discomfort. But because we are fallen, some, if not most of our spiritual communications come through the emotions. That means, if somebody out there that has a connection with me is feeling a lot of pain, I'm not going to get a word in my mind that they are in pain, I am going to feel their pain. Therefore it can be stressful. Now listen, this is the way I look at it. If you are developing spiritually, and you are feeling other people's pain, there is no place to run, on this planet. There is no place on this planet to run, if you can hear me.


So you might as well take advantage of what's happening to you. How do take advantage of what's happening to you? When you feel emotions, when you feel pain, when you feel anger, it's usually negative emotions. When you feel envy, wrath, murder, any negative emotions; and this is not easy to do, I'm giving you a goal, this is not at all easy to do. Ask the Lord for the ability to put these emotions before the Lord, and say, Lord, are they my emotions or are they somebody else's emotions. Because if you can get this gift harnessed; do you know that they've harnessed nuclear power, do you know how scientists have harnessed nuclear power, and that which has the potential to destroy this whole planet, now it's used to do great things to provide energy, to provide fuel, to provide heat. If you can harness this experience, this spiritual experience, it can be an indispensable tool for knowing what your brother is feeling or thinking. Why? So you can use it against him. No, so you can help him.


First of all some people don't know what they are feeling or what they are thinking. Some people know, and they are so bound up, they can't deal with it in a way that it will give them relief. But if you can recognize it, you can pray for them and you can help them. Some people can't ask for prayer, some people are just all caught up and entangled in the spiritual world of their emotions.


So we are talking about entering into a completely different world. Some people call it a different dimension, some people call it a different plane, some people call it a different realm. I will never fight with you over words, you can call it anything you want. But we are talking about an area or a world, or a realm or a dimension that is beyond the 5 senses of this world, that's the 6th sense, they might say.


Now the average person when you first start to experience this spiritual world, which is within you, your first reaction is to think that it's all you. And it may be you, this is the challenge, it may be you. It may be your pride, it may be your sin, it may be your anger, it may be your murder. The more delivered you are, the less likely that these emotions are you. But there is always the possibility that they are you. The way you deal with it, is to confess it as sin before you try to find out whose emotions you are feeling. Because if you are not willing to say, that it may be me, God can't use this, you see. You are going to wind up justifying every sin that arises in your heart, and say, well, it's so and so's sin, and it's so and so's sin, and it's so and so's sin.


And just in case you don't know it, everything that I just named is sin. Pride, envy, anger, wrath, murder, this is all sin, the hidden sins of the heart, which the Lord wants to deliver us from, in this hour. There is no way that we can go on to everlasting life with a heart filled with these hidden sins and everybody has them. Some people act them out and some people don't, some people have them to a larger degree than others, but everybody in this hour has an evil heart, which we inherited from our fallen ancestor, Adam. And whether we act them out or not, they are in there and they are not coming into the Kingdom with us. That means if we want to go into the Kingdom; and what is the Kingdom, everlasting life, we must separate from these sins. But they are a part of us, as our hands and our skin is a part of us.


It's therefore taking the miracle working power of the Lord Jesus Christ to separate us from these sins. But while we've got them and until we are separated from them, let us make the best of them and use them as an opportunity to do the work of the Lord. So, the first thing you have to do is, say, Lord if it should be my sin, I confess it and I repent, at which point, the Lord should let you know. You can't entertain these sins in your thoughts, you have to be rebuking them and casting them down.


And if there is some witness to the Lord, as you practice this, it takes time, I know it's not in any way indicating to you this is easy, but eventually you will be able to recognize whether they are yours or someone else's emotions. And once you can recognize that they are somebody else's emotions, it is a tremendous tool to help hurting people who have not yet established themselves in their ability to deal with that sin. They may still be in denial, they may not have yet achieved giving up this; you know it's very hard, you've been denying your sins all your life, that's what you were taught. You were taught that was the thing to do. You've been doing for twenty, thirty or forty years, you don't come out of denial in a couple of months. So people who are in denial, who cannot perceive their own sins, or, who even know what's in their heart, but are too bound by pride to confess it, or it could be a multitude of things. Maybe they are willing to confess it, they just don't know how, they just can't accomplish it. You are in a position to pray for these people, without them asking for prayer. Maybe they have too much pride to ask for prayer. Who knows what their problem is. But if you can recognize this honestly, confessing the sin when it's yours, but knowing when it's not yours, you can be a tremendous tool in the Kingdom of God to help people.


So there is a whole world of emotions and thoughts that spiritual people experience, that is beyond themselves. We are like radio receivers and it's an inexact science, you see, spiritual things drive people with scientific minds and scientific jobs, bananas. Because you can't prove these things, you can't capture them, you can't take pictures of them, you can't write them down on paper, you can't prove it, and it's an inexact science.


So, what am I telling you tonight? There has been a tremendous rage in the Spirit. I don't know where it's coming from. The scientists would say, well, now what kind of a thing is that to say. It's a spiritual thing to say. It's been very thick, it's been lying like a rug over the people who are aware of it. And some people may not be aware of it. You are just a little irritated, you don't know really what's bothering you, but you don't know really what it is. And some people may not be perceiving it at all. Why am I telling you all this? Because someone came into my office tonight and said to me; let me back up, someone with a spiritual awareness that's been under this training for a while, came into my office and said to me, "Sheila, I've been mad at you all day," but I know that I have no reason to be mad at you. And I've had it before the Lord and I've been struggling with it all day. I therefore have come to the conclusion, it's not me. I've had absolutely no reason to be mad at you. Now if this person was not as experienced in spiritual things as she is, she could be seduced in being angry at me.


You see, when this rage comes in the Spirit, it flows through your mind and if you try hard enough, if any of us try hard enough, I'm sure we could find some reason to be mad at everybody in this room. If we try hard enough, we could do it. So, this rage in the Spirit, it comes and it scans your mind, you see. And if you are still immature, it presses your buttons, it digs up some pet peeve, and before you know it, you are mad at whoever you are mad at, me or, the pet cat, or whatever, you are just mad and you are really angry. And before you know it, you are having a big fight with somebody or you have left the Ministry. I tell you all the time, brethren, if you are going to do something, do it because it's your idea. If you want to have a fight with somebody, if you are want to leave the Ministry, if you want to leave town, if you want to go to Honolulu, you have no problem with me, but for your own sake, do it, because it's your idea. Don't do it because someone else's mind has penetrated you and manipulated you into doing something that you would have never thought of doing on your own. It's spiritual rape. Don't yield to it. It's a humiliation. It's an abomination before the Lord. It can't possibly do you any good. And it makes you vulnerable to some pretty heavy stuff.


So, I, myself was having some arguments in the Spirit. How does it affect me? Sometimes I'll find myself, if I've had words with somebody, I find it with me going over those words in my mind with that person, sometimes I just find myself angry and it's ridiculous. I cast it down, I say I rebuke you, in the Name of Jesus. I have no reason to be angry at this person. That thought that I'm thinking about, happened about five years ago, this is crazy. I cast it down. So, it's wonderful if you could cast it down to prevent yourself from being divided from any of the brethren or any members of your family. That's the first stage, you don't let it attack you, you don't let it live through you, you don't let it pass through you, you don't let it rape you, that's number 1. Because when you do, it becomes your sin. It doesn't matter if the thought originated with Mickey Mouse. The second you receive it and agree that you are angry at that person, it's your sin. You lost the battle, excuse me, you haven't lost the war, but you have lost the battle.


So, your first goal, as you are becoming a spiritual person, is to resist this attack upon your mind. But there is an upside to it, brethren, that is just really exciting, if you are willing to pray for it. I encourage you to pray for it. You can't get away from it. Once you become spiritual, you start having these experiences, they are going to intensify, so you might as well be on top of it. You might as well be the head and not the tail. You might as well be the lender and not the borrower. Don't be the victim, brethren. Don't be the victim, be the winner in Christ Jesus.


So, there is a big rage in the Spirit. I don't know who is mad at me. Anybody could be mad at me, all kinds of people are mad at me.


I'm telling you this to make you aware that there is division in the Spirit. Division. The devil works in our mind. He would love to blow this whole Ministry apart. Actually she would love to blow any Christian Ministry apart, but particularly this one. Now look, if there is anybody in this room who is mad at me, that's okay. Emotions are emotions. I'll never fault you for your emotions. In this hour we do not have control over our emotions. The whole key is what you do with it. If you deny it and press it down; and we have this message just about a week ago, they go underground like a torpedo under the ocean, until this energy; you see anger is energy, and it travels underground until it finds somebody whose going to receive that anger into their mind. That energy travels underground until it finds a mind which will agree to express this anger through a known mouth. So, if you are in denial, that's no good. And if you are in denial, it's sin. And if you are in denial, you're not only hurting the person that you are angry at, but you are hurting whoever that person is, whose mind is not strong enough to lock your thoughts out.


I don't believe that any of these things I tell you are easy. I don't think they are easy, I know they are not easy. But if you can't do them, you have to ask the Lord to help you. Because the Scripture says that if you are angry at your brother, without a cause, you are guilty of murder, and judgment is going to fall on you.


And most people, anyway wouldn't want to hurt anybody. Most people wouldn't want to hurt me or anybody else. You need to know, you are doing the wrong thing. If you are denying your anger, you are doing the wrong thing.


What's the right thing? Somebody? Confess it. Now you don't go and confess it to someone standing on the street corner. We are very small group here. If we were a large group, my teacher use to say, you don't confess it to the church gossip. It doesn't really apply here, we are a small group. You don't go confessing it to just any old body, you are discreet, even it may be satisfactory to just confess it to the Lord. Say, I just really hate her guts today. But it's sin. I know that it's sin, but she just got me really mad. And you know you could confess your sin without being repentant. I had that experience just today. I had certain manifestations coming up in my mind that have been with me for several days. I obviously don't know whether it's me or somebody else; it could be either way, but I recognize it as sin. And I told the Lord, grant me repentance, I'm not repentant, I feel this way, but I do confess that it's sin. Have mercy on me, forgive me and grant me repentance, that this sin should not be charged to my account.


So you can confess without being repentant; they are separate. I was shocked when I learned that lesson. I use to think that confession and repentance were real close together; they are not. They can be, but they can be miles apart. They can be years apart.


Confession is a very powerful tool. It's actually more powerful than repentance, because you can't truly repent, if you haven't confessed your sin. When you confess your sin with an honest heart, it's really just a matter of time until the repentance comes. I don't know about you, but I always thought repentance was more important than confession, but it's not. Confession is more important than repentance; it's a first step. Be careful that your pride doesn't keep you from confession, waiting to take the whole bag together; confession and repentance, it's a religious spirit. Brethren do the best you can wherever you are. We are in a vicious war. Wherever you can have a toe hold, take your toe hold. Take your toe hold. If you feel it's necessary to confess it to someone that you trust, okay. You don't have to, it depends upon how the Lord leads you, some people need to. God will direct you to a trusted brother or sister who will be willing to pray for you without condemning you. Please don't confess your sins to someone who will condemn you. God doesn't want anybody condemned. You are the ones for whom He has died. He has died for you, that your sins should be forgiven you. And remember the true forgiveness of sins is not lip service, but it is removal from your very soul and mind, of any potential to commit that sin again. That's why He died. Don't condemn yourself and don't let anyone condemn you. It's not the purpose of the Lord. His purpose is to cleanse you and restore you unto righteousness, that you might enter into everlasting life, and be the expression of His very person. Jesus of Nazareth, who was Christ, He was the expressed image of the nature and person of the Father, Jehovah. That's why He died for you. Not to condemn you brethren. So don't let anyone do it to you and don't you do it to yourself. When I say, don't let anyone condemn you, we must learn how to resist condemnation, without condemning the one who is trying to condemn us.


So, we are all in training here. This is a many faceted Ministry. And one of the facets of this Ministry is social graces. We are learning how to relate to one another without sinning against one another. Brethren there is a way to do things, there is a way to say things, there is a way to act, there is a way to get your needs met, there is a way to get things done, without sinning against one another. That's one of the things we teach here. We have a very romantic Ministry here.


So there is a great reach in the Spirit. The personal feeling is that it's coming from several sources. We've sent out a lot of books. It could be coming from any where.


And since we printed the reference edition of the Old Testament, I've sent out a few copies of that.


And I did want to tell you that I sent the two new new books; "Not Without Blood, and "Secret of Life," and the reference editions of the Alternate Translations, down to a Ministry out of State, I won't mention it on this message.


The last time we did that, which was back in last February, there was a very strong spiritual reaction. So, I would just like to put you all on notice, what happened back in last February, I warned everybody and I warned myself. My problem and probably your problem too, is that when it comes to spiritual things, there is a delay between my action and the reaction, whatever it will be. It could be a delay of a day or a week or a month, and if you are not training your mind, by the time the reaction comes, you don't relate the reaction to the action. It's very hard, it's taken me years of practice. Don't compete with me, I'm not talking to anybody in particular, but if the shoe fits, brethren, wear it. Don't compete with me, learn from me. It's taken me years to gather this information, years and just hundreds of thousands of painful experiences that I am here sharing with you. So take it, it's yours. There is going to be a reaction to this mailing. When I mailed it back in February, last year, I put a note in my head; and I'm getting better at this all the time, put a note in my head; reaction coming, it should be arriving out of State on Sunday. I would expect a reaction on Monday or Tuesday. Monday came, Tuesday came, and there was just the most minor irritation. I was just annoyed. Couldn't tell you what I was annoyed at, nothing in particular, just annoyed at everybody and everything. Didn't realize that a bomb was headed for me, and it was rolling in like the tide, very slowly. By Thursday, it exploded right in this household. Okay.


Now I know, when I feel an irritation in the Spirit, it's not something to be ignored. It could be the first stage of a major bombing. What does that mean? It means the attack comes into my mind and tries to make me lose control of my emotions. Sin is in the emotions. It tries to make me sin against someone, tries to make me hurt someone, tries to do something that would blow this Ministry apart, get people to leave, get people to hate me. So, now I am waiting and whether I do a mailing or not, when I get an irritation like that, I know it's nothing to fool with. I know it's step number 1. What do I do? I try to pray for myself. If it doesn't go away, I call somebody for prayer. I cry out to Jesus; I say, "Lord, don't let this sin overtake me." Because you see, while the irritation is in my heart, and I'm resisting it, it's not sin yet. It's not charged to my account yet. It isn't charged to my account until I start screaming like a lunatic or willfully thinking evil about somebody. As long as you are still resisting, it's not charged to your account yet. I'm telling you, I cry out to Jesus, "Don't let this sin overtake me." And when I pray; I could tell you, I'm very in touch with my emotions, and I could tell you when I'm in danger of losing it, and when I'm on top of it, and if I cry out to Jesus and I pray for myself and I am still in danger of losing it, I'm on the phone looking for prayer. And I'll call as many as two or three or four people if I have to. I don't have any pride in that area, brethren.


Because it's a great humiliation and shame unto the Lord Jesus, to let the Devil to let herself to express herself through you. Now don't take condemnation over that. It's a great shame and humiliation for me, where I am today, but wherever you are, you have to accept yourself, where you are. If she's still doing it to you a lot; well, that's not what you look at. What do you look at? You look at yourself now, how often it's happening and you compare it to your situation six months or a year ago. If there's been any improvement at all, you just keep on going and you don't let that shame and humiliation turn into condemnation. You just see it for what it is, you haven't taken the victory in that area yet, but you are getting better every day, you are getting better every week, you are getting better every month and you just keep on fighting this war, you are gaining ground.


So there is a rage in the Spirit, I don't know what it is. We've got another book coming out also. The first part of the message on the Gospel of Thomas, which is a New Age Scripture, a New Age Gospel. There's a lot happening in this Ministry. A lot of people are offended. The Devil is offended. Judgment is falling. All kinds of things are happening in the world, and if you don't think that this tremendous political victory, that just happened at the polls in this country; if you don't think that, that's touching people who are Spiritual, you are mistaken. There is a big roll of the Spirit in this country, judgment is falling. The country has fallen into forces of unscrupulous men for the last 40 or 50 or maybe even longer years, because the God fearing people weren't mobilized. Everybody is out there just trying to survive on a buck, just get by, who weren't organized. But God has raised up two champions and mobilized the country. And what happened at the polls says to me, that the majority of the Americans out there are God fearing people, they are moral people, they are not in agreement with a lot of the junk in the social agendas that are going on in this nation. The social agendas have been pushed by people who have a lot of money and a lot of time and a lot of power and they've pushed them through. And they would like people to believe that they are speaking for the whole nation, but they are not. The Lord has raised up a couple of leaders, and this is just the beginning. I think a tidal wave is coming and we are going to chase these forces out of this nation. So if you are spiritual, all of this is affecting you. There is a battle raging in the Spirit. We are having a bloodless civil war in this nation; it's spiritual. I am just very excited about what's happening politically. Maybe that's the rage that's in the Spirit. And if you have Christ in you, it's touching you and it's registering as your anger for me. There is no rhyme or reason that I have yet to understand as to why it would register as anger against any particular person. It just comes in; it's a negative energy. It comes in as a divisive force against anyone that's moving in Christ to any degree and it tries to do damage.


It's a spiritual grenade just being dropped through the window. They don't necessarily have to have a specific direction or a specific target. They just throw them in the window. If you are sitting here it explodes in your face. So this person loses an arm and that person it doesn't touch. Without direct targets, it just bombs, just throwing them. Now it could be something directly against me, but it doesn't have to be. The bottom line is that it's entering into your mind; it's a negative energy to bring destruction in your life and to rise up against Christ wherever He's appearing. And it's your job to not yield to it. It affects different people in different ways. It could be affecting your home life, you get appliances breaking. It could be affecting your finances, it could be affecting your job. Just negative energy, negative energy, negative energy, you've got to learn how to fight against it.


Jesus said you are going to be the head and not the tail. He said you are going to be the lender and not the borrower. You are not suppose to be the victim, you are not suppose to be turning tail and running from this thing. You have to learn how to fight. You have to learn how to push it back and you can't push it back if you haven't yet learned how to stop it from expressing itself through you. First things first. The first thing you want to learn, is that it's not going to express itself through you. You are going to do whatever you have to do to stop it. Next stage, you turn and chase it. Next stage you find out where it came from and you really do it in. You have to know where you are. And it's not all knowledge. Sometimes it's spiritual strength. It takes time to build your spiritual strength. Doesn't it take time in the natural? If you are a little kid, you have to grow up and you have to exercise, build your muscles, it takes time and it takes practice. And if you've been told that you get everything when you receive the Holy Ghost, you've been told a lie. You better find out that it's a lie before you lose your head. Your head is on the line.


That's pretty much what the Lord wanted me to tell you.


There's all kinds of stuff happening, brethren. If you can't see in the Spirit, if you can't hear in the Spirit, if you can't do what I'm talking about, if you can't recognize what's operating in someone else's heart; maybe you can't recognize what's happening in your heart yet, I really encourage you to ask the Lord to give you this ability. In other words, you are like a blind man, going to Vietnam, you are in trouble. You can have the best weapon in the world, you can have a rifle, you can have a grenade, if you can't see, you might blow your own foot off. You have to get your eyes open, got to get your eyes open, I pray for everybody here.


I rebuke spiritual blindness, I rebuke spiritual deafness, I rebuke inability to interpret information that is seen and heard. I rip the scales off of your eyes, I take the plugs out of your ears, I tear down your denial and your defense mechanisms with all the strength that's within me.


I rebuke and burn with fire your blocking and your denial and your projection and every technique that is operating in you, that you may not even know it's operating in you. I pray that the armor be built on you and that your weapon should be given unto you, that you might be fully equipped, as we are promised in the Scripture. I just saw armor going up on all of you. Alleluia.


Listen, brethren, I know people that have spent years, Christians that have spent years, waking up in the morning and they go through a whole ritual of putting an imaginary helmet on their head and they put an imaginary breast plate on them, and they go through the whole scene. I'm really sorry, but it doesn't work. The armor is in your mind. The armor has a name, He's a man, He's a spiritual man, His name is Christ Jesus. He's got to be conceived in you and He has to grow up in you and He has to mature in you, and He has to be educated in you, just like in the natural world. You've got to find out what your armor looks like. You've got to learn how to put it on, you have to learn how to use it, you have to get your weapons, you have to learn how to fight with it, it's not automatic, you are going to be creamed out there in this war. I'm telling you, Christians are going to be fallen like flies, because they have been taught a lie. Large numbers of them waiting to fly away. You show me one Scripture, you show me one Scripture that shows a man of God running from the battle. You show me one Scripture, I challenge you, it's not in there. Jehovah is the Lord of Hosts. Do you know what that word means, Hosts? Anybody know what it means? Army. He is the Captain of the Hosts and we are the Hosts, God help us. What a rag tag bunch. We are the army. And you don't become a tough marine by being babied. You are going through basic training here. You have to toughen up, you have to make sacrifices. No babying here. I'm pushing you out of the nest. You are hanging with your hands, I'm stepping on your fingers. Fly man, fly. You've got to fly, I want you off the ground. I want you flying, I want you strong, I want you thinking, I want you functioning, I want your carnal mind, dead.


I've seen a lot of changes in the people in this group. They are all doing great. There is fruit in every person that comes in. We see fruit everywhere. So, hang in there, I don't care what the Devil is telling you, what kind of a lie he's telling you. There is growth in everybody in this Ministry, and it's a continuous ongoing growth. He's doing a tremendous work here, you can't ask for anything more than that.


There is a very humble Spirit in the Minister. I would like to just respond to a couple of her responses for your information. I know that the teaching on Job can be controversial and that most see him as a self righteous natural man, full of fear and pride, and well, I see him that way and she said, that's how his friends felt also.


But I remind you that Job's friends condemned him. I bring an extra element into my opinion of him. I see self righteousness in him, I see fear in him, I see pride in him, but I acknowledge that he was probably doing the best that any man could do, under the same circumstances. So, when this Minister says; what she's describing here is condemnation, as most see him as a self righteous man filled with fear and pride, and that's what his friends thought also. She is talking about condemnation. I do not condemn Job. And but what I teach here is that middle ground. It's that middle ground, brethren, the Son of Man treads that middle ground between the condemnation and the fallen church and the rationalization or the justification of the Kingdom Church, which says, there is no sin, and no judgment for sin. We are dealing with two extremes in the church right now. I'll say it again. One end of the church will say, the extreme right of the church says that, condemns him along with themselves and the whole world. Okay, these are the Pharisees. And then we have the Kingdom Church. Now, of course there is exceptions to this rule, I'm talking in generalities. I don't know every individual person out there. Does anybody not understand that? And there is the left element of the church, which says, "O no, there is no sin." God planned it this way that we should learn how to overcome evil and therefore we are just going to ascend automatically, because of the love of God. In my opinion, brethren, neither are correct. We must find that middle ground which speaks the truth, which declares that sin is sin, yet gives the message of hope, because our God has promised us that no matter how bad things look, He will always make a way of escape. You've just got to find it brethren, you've got to find the door, you've got to find the hole in the wall, you've got to find the key, it's there, the way of escape is there. He has a name, He is a man and He's inside of you if you are blessed. He's the door. He's the door that you escape through. He's the city that you escape into. He's the power to escape, so that you could go through the door and enter into the city. He's your forgiveness of sin. He's your sacrifice. He's everything, His name is Jesus.


You've got to walk that middle ground, you see. So, what this lovely creature is saying, she goes on to say, "This is certainly the analysis of Job's friends as well, I realize that Job offered sacrifices unto God, according to law, however, his life took place before the law was given, and when there was no priesthood, and every patriarch stood as a priest before God, for their own family."


Well, Job existed before the Law of Ordinances was added. The Law of Ordinances, which is what we read about in the Book of Leviticus and in the Book of Numbers; that law was given by Moses to Israel in the wilderness. And that is true, Job existed before the Law of ordinances. But Job did not exist before the spiritual law and a sacrifice is always necessary. A sacrifice is always necessary.


We are clearly told in the early chapters in the Book of Job, maybe Chapter 1, I'm not sure; that Job continuously offered up sacrifices on behalf of whom? His family, his family. So, we don't know whether those sacrifices; I've read a couple of books on Job and some Bible scholars aren't even convinced that this man lived. They don't know, whether he was, in fact, a real man or whether this whole Book of Job is a parable, imparting intense mature spiritual knowledge to the believer, but it doesn't make any difference to me. I don't think that concerns us here right now. In probably, Chapter 1 or 2 of the Book of Job, we are told he offered up sacrifices for his children. So, whether, in my opinion, whether or not those sacrifices were physical animals or whether they were spiritual sacrifices, doesn't matter, Job offered up sacrifices, if you can hear it. So, he was under a spiritual law. He knew that he was a fallen man, and that he had to offer up sacrifices. I realize that Job offered sacrifices unto God, according to law, however, his life took place before the law was given and when there was no Priesthood, and every patriotic stood as a Priest before God for their own family. Let me remind you, however, that Job's sacrifices on behalf of his children, didn't do them any good.


So, we are reading here that every man was the Priest of his own family. Well, if he was the Priest of his family, and the sacrifices that were offered up, whether they were animals or spiritual sacrifices, were not powerful enough to save his children from destruction. What was wrong? What was wrong with his sacrifice? How come his children died? How come he lost all his property and his cattle? What was wrong with Job's sacrifice? Why did the Lord not respect his sacrifice? You have to answer the question with, God didn't respect the sacrifice. I don't know about you, but what that says to me, is that his sacrifice was inferior. You see, I read the whole Book of Job, and I know that the end of the Book shows that God raises Job up to a higher plane. That says to me that God loved Job, that God was pleased with Job. I believe God recognized that Job was doing the very best that he could do, with what he had and considering where he was. I believe that God tested Job for the specific purpose of raising him up into a higher realm or plane of existence. I believe that, but you cannot deny the truth of the Book of Job, that the sacrifice that Job had available to him was, anybody? - Imperfect. It was not a perfect sacrifice, God didn't respect it.


Abraham offered sacrifices unto God, as well, but it was his faith which was accounted for righteousness. His faith was accounted for righteousness. Well, that's true of Abraham. I don't know whether the Hebrew word, translated righteousness, which is mentioned with regard to Abraham, is the same Hebrew word as that one translated, perfect. With regard to Job, I tend not to think so, but I really don't have any information for you right now, I'd have to check that out. What God saw, when He declared his servant, Job, perfect, was not his sacrifices but his heart, which would not depart from God, when tested to the ultimate. Well, that's true, his wife said, "Curse God and die," and he wouldn't do it, but you see, there is a hole in that. His wife said, "Curse God and die," and he wouldn't do it, but brethren the truth of the matter is that Job was filled with pride and we've done a lot of studies here about pride. We call it malignant pride. We find out that when someone does not or is not able or capable of confessing their own sins because of pride, what is the tenancy, what do they most likely do? When they can't face up to their own sins, what do they do? They blame somebody else. It's our fallen human nature, brethren. Somebody has got to be the heavy. And if you read between the lines, as to what Job was saying, who was he blaming for his problems? He was blaming God. He was saying how he just didn't deserve what was happening to him. He just didn't deserve it, because of his keeping of the law. Therefore, if Job did everything right, and those works that he did, those religious works, those sacrifices, no matter how good they appeared, and, they in fact, might have been very beneficial to a lot of people, if those works were not sufficient to keep him from the torment that this man went through; I got hit in my mind, yes, that means, and then he didn't deserve, let me back that up. If he did all these religious works, and he did them perfectly, and if the law stated that because of the perfection of these good works, these evils that fell upon Job should not be falling upon him. That means the person who was able to prevent them from falling upon him, was unrighteous. That means Job was saying, "God was unrighteous for letting these things come upon him. That's the ultimate of pride to blame God, and so many people do. It's not only the ultimate of pride it's the ultimate of foolishness. Brethren, He's the only one that can get you out of the trouble you are in. It's just a demonstration of the foolishness of man and the immaturity of man to blame God for one's troubles.


It's like saying you are starving to death, there is only one person in the world with food and instead of going up to him and saying, "please, Sir, may I have a morsel of bread," you go up and start punching him out and telling him how rotten he is. He'd throw you in a dungeon and let you die there, except that God doesn't do that. The epitome of foolishness. Job was under the curse of the fool, if you can hear what I'm saying. Now, this preacher, she compares Job to Abraham. I'm telling you honestly, I haven't researched this, but off the top of my head, I have no recollection whatsoever, of Abraham charging God foolishly. Does anybody have any such recollection of any such Scripture? No. Abraham offered up sacrifices, is true, and his faith in that God would keep him and God would fulfill His promises to him was accounted unto him as righteousness.


And Abraham did not go under such severe trials. Abraham did not go through such severe trials, but Job did. Now, of course Abraham was a sinner also. Okay, but we don't read about any acting out. Abraham was a sinner because he had a sin nature. So, we know that Abraham had a sin nature but I don't read anything in the Scripture and therefore he was a sinner, he died, but we don't read anything in the Scripture at all about him acting out his sins towards God. But Job acted out his sins towards God, and that is the sin of malignant pride, so, I have to disagree with her on that. Jesus.


What God saw, when He declared His servant, Job perfect, was not his sacrifices but his heart. You know his heart was blaming God, which would not depart from God, when tested to the ultimate. But that's the whole point, brethren, his heart did depart from God. You see, when his wife came to him, when a man came to him and said, obviously, overtly, said, "Curse God and die." He said, "No, I wouldn't do it. Well, brethren, how many people in this room that are listening to these tapes would respond to someone who said, "Curse God and die?" Nobody would do that. Brethren, it's the subtle, hidden sins of your heart that are going to lock you out of the Kingdom and kill you. This is the message of the hour. It's the message of the hour and she is missing it, you see. She's missing it. It was the hidden sins of his heart, he didn't know it was sin. He didn't even know it was sin. That's what the White Throne Judgment is all about. You can't see your own sins, you can't see your pride. Frequently you can't see your rebellion, or your hatred or your rage.


So God is sending a member of the Two-Witness Company to you, to help you to see it. It's the mercy of God, except that it really hurts when they take a knife and lay your heart bare. It hurts and it hurts if you've been raised up for twenty years in the church, thinking that you are entering into the Kingdom, because you speak in tongues or whatever you think your reason is, that you are entering in. It's painful to hear that you have received a lie and that you've got sin in your heart, that you didn't even know was there, you are serving God for forty years, you didn't even know you had sin in your heart.


It's shocking, it's humiliating, but because God loves you and because He wants you to enter into the Kingdom, He's come to tell you and show you. So she says that God saw his heart, which would not depart from God, when tested to the ultimate.


Well, I agree with her somewhat. His heart was as perfect as it could be, you see. And then she says, that's why God send Satan to test him. And the same thing is happening today. Not that his heart was perfect, when tested to the ultimate, but that he saw that his heart was turned towards God to the fullest extent that could be expected in a man who has never been taught about the hidden sins of his heart. And what is God's response to a sinner, someone who is blaming God for his own problems, but who doesn't even know what he is doing, he is in darkness and ignorance? What is the Lord's response to this? What is His response? Everybody is manifesting tonight. What is His response? Everybody is manifesting. What is the mercy of God? It's judgment. Well, I guess I'm not going to get to Micah tonight, I'll get to it, I put too many hours in on this message, and it's excellent and I'm sure I'll get to it, maybe on Sunday.


The forgiveness of sins, there is no difference between the forgiveness of sins and judgment. The forgiveness of sins is the judgment which rips that potential to sin out of your heart. Just as Jesus said, what's the difference between me saying, "Take up your bed and walk or your sins are forgiven you," I say unto you, what's the difference between saying, "Your sins are forgiven you and I'm coming to judge your soul." Because the true forgiveness of sin is the surgical removal of your potential to sin. And that surgical removal has a particular name. It is called judgment.


So I disagree with the first half of her sentence and I agree with the second half. His heart did depart from God, when he was tested to the ultimate. And that is why God called upon Satan to test him sorely and thoroughly, to cut open his heart with terrible testings, so that the Lord can raise him up to a higher realm.


Job did not flinch. Oh, he most certainly did flinch, he moaned and groaned. Does anybody here disagree with that? He said, "Woe is me, how could this be happening to me." I did everything that the law prescribed. Certainly God did not count his sacrifices for righteousness, but God looked upon his heart. Also God saw Job as he was in Christ, chosen before the foundation of the world. Well, we get into our New Age teaching here. Brethren, Christ is the one who was chosen before the foundation of the world. Okay?


Let me finish her sentence here. Also God saw Job as he was in Christ, chosen before the foundation of the world. He asked him the question, "Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth, when the morning star sang together and all the sons of God shouted for joy." This doctrine, this is very common church doctrine, so let me try and pick this apart for you. Also, God saw Job as he was in Christ, chosen before the foundation of the world. Now, brethren, let me just pray for you before I try and explain this.


I just rebuke all of your carnal minds, brethren, I rebuke your carnal minds and I rebuke your pride and I ask the Lord to open your understanding and listen with me.


I pray that He exalts you, that He raises you up to a high place so that you can hear what I'm saying.


The one who is chosen is Christ.


Our personalities in these bodies are made out of spiritual clay. They are made out of spiritual clay that has not yet been permanently formed. You can liken us to a vase which is being made by a master craftsman, who is continuously unhappy with his vase, and smashing it and reforming it out of the same clay. Now that's a hard word for people to hear, because everybody would like to believe that they are very important. But brethren, the only important one is Christ. We are as flesh. Everything that is good that is in us, everything that is creative, which is in us, everything that is worth while, which is in us, originates with the Spirit, which is in man. And that Spirit which is in man, is the Christ, the very Son of God, which died at the time of the fall. Our human personality in these bodies are the flesh which surrounds Him. Everything that we do in Christ goes on. Everything that we do in this flesh is forgotten.


So, to say that Job was chosen in Christ from the beginning of time, is really not correct. Now, I know that you hear it's preached a lot in the church world, it's just not correct. Christ was chosen. It was ordained that Christ would appear in a permanent soul and a permanent body upon this earth. It was ordained from before the foundation of the earth that the Son of God and the Son of man, Christ, or the Son of God, Christ, should mature to the point that He could preserve His inheritance. What was His inheritance? What is the inheritance of the Son of God? Yes, the soul that He is living in. That's His inheritance. God had a dream, He had an imagination. He decided to put His Son together with the earth, so that the invisible Godhead would be seen. And He mixed Spirit and earth, that was His dream. He had an imagination. Jehovah had an imagination. He mixed His Son with the dust, so that His invisible Son became seed. The Son is chosen and preferred and determined and declared and ordained that He would stand on this earth as the Master of the whole creation. The Spirit man which He is, was His inheritance. He would also have dominion over His inheritance, over the dust that He was joined to. And after He was joined to the dust, the creature continued to be built, and we find the beast of the field was present in the living creature. So the breath of God's life Spirit was joined to the dust and the beast that's in that dust, also known as the Serpent, immoral impurity in the creation. Jehovah had a dream that they would dwell together, good and evil, negative and positive. That they would dwell together and even though they were completely opposite that His Son would be strong enough to control the negativity or the evil or the darkness in the living creature. Jehovah challenged His Son to harness the negative power in the creation and combine the negative and the positive power for an overwhelmingly powerful living creature to exist, moved by the righteousness of the Son of God. That's what this creation is all about.


But there was a tragedy, the Son of God died. He let go, man, He let go and the negative power separated out from His hands. And because we are His decedents, we let go all the time and the negative power that's still within us rises up and does whatever it wants, even though we don't want it to do that through us. That's what the fall is all about, Adam let go. And because he let go, the negative power got on top and she is ruling, more in some people than in other people. But no one, except Jesus of Nazareth, fully got the creation in his own person, under control, 100% of the time. He is the only man who got on top of the dragon and bound him up, put him down in that bottomless pit with a big chain on him, so that he couldn't make Jesus sin. You see, Job didn't do that.


So, we are seeing that Christ is the only one that is chosen and it is His challenge to live in this flesh without sinning. To do that, he has to get back up on top of the Serpent, which is a fugitive from Jehovah's justice. Okay, that's it, does anybody not understand what I just said? This is a misconception in the church. None of us was chosen from before the foundation of the earth. He who is in us was chosen.


And in that last generation, what last generation? When Christ Jesus arises in a condition whereby He is powerful enough to bring the Dragon and the Devil under His un-equivocal control, when He completes the creation, when He completes the mind of the creation in righteousness, and in order to do that, He has to first kill the unrighteous mind, which is living through the creation right now. When Christ Jesus creates the mind of Christ in righteousness and that mind is powerful enough to kill the un-righteous mind; I may not have said it exactly right a minute ago, Christ Jesus must appear first, the righteousness of Christ, so that He can kill and destroy the unrighteous mind of the Devil, thus completing the creation at that time. The body, the souls that the man, Christ Jesus is living in at that time, will be made permanent. The form that the clay was forced into in that generation will become permanent.


But brethren, the truth about your spiritual being is that you really are Christ who has been polluted. You see, we preach a lot here about being the Devil. Jesus said, "Your daddy is the Devil." He told the Pharisees that they were a bunch of Serpents. We are the children and the offspring of the Serpent, but Christ is still in us. It's a big mystery. Christ was kidnapped. The Dragon took Him and made a harlot out of Him. He used Him like a woman and we incarnated or materialized in a perverted form in this world, but we are still Christ. Christ in a perverted form.


Christ who incarnated inside out or upside down, has a different name. And that name is the Devil, but we are still Christ. We just have to be turned inside out again and upside down again and we will be the Son of God.


See, the New Ages, they have a kernel of truth. We all are Christ, it's the truth. The Christ consciousness is in all of us, it's the truth. But he is dead and He is materialized in a polluted, corrupted form. He's incarnated in a form that we cannot live in. The natural example is a baby, who is born with his stomach on the outside of him. We cannot live in this condition, we need surgery. There is a correction. It has to be made with, born with the heart condition, from which we died. That part of the message you don't hear preached too well.


Also God saw Job, as he was in Christ. Everybody is in Christ. That's what the New Ager would say to him; you silly born again Christian, everybody is in Christ. They are right. He's dead. Also God saw Job as he was in Christ, chosen before the foundation of the world. And God asked Job this question. Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth? Job, where were you? He was in the lump of clay without any consciousness at all. You see, I'm not really sure what she means by saying this. I see what she means. Also God saw Job as he was in Christ. Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth. So this, very sincere preacher apparently is taking that to mean, that Job had existence when the foundation of the earth was laid and that not everybody on this earth did. But I don't read it that way. I read it as God challenging Job and saying, "Now who do you think you are buddy, you think you have all the answers?" You think that you are smart enough to blame me for your sins? Did you found this earth? Did you begin this creation? Are you God? Who do you think you are, big shot? You can't even get yourself off the dung heap. You are all covered with boils, can't even keep your flesh alive and you are blaming me, the Creator of the Universe for your troubles.


So, I suggest to you that this preacher does not understand the scripture she is quoting. Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth at the time when the morning star sang together and all the Sons of God shouted for joy? Now this Scripture, which is quoted so commonly, by the Kingdom Church, "When the morning star sang together, and all the Sons of God shouted for joy," I know I have an Alternate Translation on that, but for some reason it's not in the book. So I will have to look further and see if I could find it. And my memory is not serving me completely, but I can translate half of this verse for you. When the morning star sang together. The Hebrew word translated, sang, brethren, has several translations, all of which are not positive. One of the translations of that word is evil. And when I did the translation on the verse, I want to tell you I had no expectations at all to find this translation.


And what I found it to say was, at the time that the Sons of God became evil. You never heard of that before? Somebody just say, "No?" Second witness, anybody, second witness? What's the second witness to that? Who was good and became evil? Isaiah, Chapter 14? Lucifer? He was the light bearer. He walked amongst the stones of fire. He was in the high realms of the Spirit with God and he became evil. Did he not become evil? Why did he become evil? Pride. He said, "I shall be not even like God," you see, but he said, "I shall be higher than God, I shall make my throne above the throne of God." Lucifer! It is also in the Book of Ezekiel. What Chapter in Ezekiel is it, anybody know? Okay, nobody knows.


So we now have two witnesses that there was a Son or a many-membered Son of God in the heavenlies that was good and became evil. You see, this teaching in the church tells us that; I'm sorry it's just a very immature teaching, it belongs with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. It tells us that we had an existence before the beginning of time with God and we were there singing with Him and playing volley ball and dancing around and playing handball, baseball and eating lasagna, and doing all these silly things. Look, brethren we were with God at the beginning of time; our Spirit which is Christ, was there with the Father at the beginning of time, in seed form. It can be liken to a woman's ovum or a man's seed. I'm sorry there were no baseball games, there were no volley ball games, there were no chess matches, there were no concerts or choirs that we belong to in those days, we were seed in the Father's loins. And that part of us which was seed in the Father's loins is our Spirit. This clay, this darkness that's surrounding our Spirit did not sing with the Father or anybody else at the beginning of time.


Now unfortunately, my memory cannot remember at this moment, is the Alternate Translation for the rest of the verse, "And the Sons of God shouted for joy." I just can't recall what it means, but when you take the verse as a whole, the primary principle of the verse is, "Where were you when the Sons of God became evil?" Where were you at the time of the fall? That's what the Father is saying to him. First He says; look at what the Lord says to him. First He says, "Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth, where were you when I made the creation, and where were you when the creation fell." You didn't make this creation, you didn't break this creation, and you are sitting there all lifted up in pride, blaming me for your problems. That's what the Lord's saying to him.


This very well meaning preacher would like to use this verse to say; she underscores the word, all, and "All the Sons of God shouted for joy." In other words, what she's saying is, that Job was Christ, that's what she's saying. Job is Christ and therefore for you to say, he was lifted up in pride and fear and rebellion, your teaching isn't right, that's what she's saying to you, but she is wrong, I'm sorry. She is wrong. And what is her error? She has an immature understanding of this Scripture. And I would like to believe that because of her right Spirit, that the Lord is going to bless her for this.


And when I finish this exhortation, we will pray for her, because you don't find many people in the Ministry with such a right Spirit.


Then she goes on to say, "All the Sons including Job were there in Christ." And that's true. In Spirit only, well, you see she has that revelation, that it was just his Spirit that was there. Souls and memory came with the Adam creation. But God had preordained those whom He had given to His beloved Son and I believe Job was amongst them. This is why God gave him the testings. It was like, well you know there was a truth in that, there is a truth in that. And we did a message on this very early; this whole Ministry, 7 years of Ministry here has been an unfolding revelation, 7 years of unfolding revelation. One of the early tapes that we did, we talked about spiritual roots and how everybody doesn't have the root of Christ and that is true. We quoted a Scripture in Romans, I'd rather not quote the wrong Scripture, but I know it's in the Book of Romans, that says, that some men are incarnated because the Lord wills them to be incarnated. Other men are incarnated because Adam wills them to be incarnated. Other men come into being because a husband and his wife lie together and have a baby. There are several categories of human beings which are in this world. The human beings who were here because the Lord Jesus Christ has ordained that they should come forth, they will go on to see Christ Jesus formed in them. The other categories can go either way. They can go either way.


The Old Testament talks about strangers in the camp. If you have a stranger in the camp and he wants to be a part of you, and you are a natural Jew, you are to receive him. They have non-jews, men that weren't hereditary Jews in with the tribes and the Law of Moses said that you were to receive them. If they had a heart to follow you, it's the basis for conversion to Judaism, you were to receive them.


So, we see that every human being formed in the face of the earth is not going to come into full stature, because a lot of the men here were not formed because Jesus Christ said, "Come forth," they were formed for all these other reasons. Now the men who were formed and who are born into this world, for other reasons, the most common of which, are that a physical man and woman get together and make a baby, they all have the potential to be a Son of God because there is no existence without a human Spirit. So, as long as we have a human Spirit, there is a potential for Christ Jesus to be formed in us. But it is not ordained, you could go either way. If you get a wind of what's happening, if you recognize the Lord and you pant after Him with all your heart, He will receive you. But if you don't go running after Him, He won't go running after you.


But there is a category of people in the earth who are here, because Jesus Christ had said, "Incarnate."


And if you are in this category, there is no place in heaven, hell or earth that you could run to, where you can hide from God. Because He has called you forth with a specific purpose for you in mind and you will serve that purpose, by hook or by crook.


I found that translation for you on Job. It's Chapter 38 Verses 4 and 7. The Sons of God sang in the heavenlies and shouted for joy. The Hebrew word translated, sang, brethren means to become evil. Did I get this right? And the Hebrew word, translated "Shout," means to break or split.


And this is the Alternate Translation. Job 38:4, 7. Where were you when the Spirits pierced into the realm of appearance were propelled or plowed into the earth. And the living soul that they became part of, even the Creation of God, became evil. That's it. Has nothing to do with singing or playing hop scotch with God. Where were you when the Spirits have pierced through into the realm of appearance or propelled or plowed into the earth.


3/30/01 je


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