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Edge of the move of the spirit. The original work that God is doing, not what He did five years ago. Now there is nothing wrong with what He did five years ago. For example, what He did with XXXX XXXXX, which was much more than five years ago. We have saints appearing today, people who did not know the Lord fifteen years ago. XXXX XXXX has been around, he died, his works have been around 20-30 years, maybe 40 years.


We have people who are just coming into the kingdom now who are being very, very blessed by his work. XXX XXXXX, XXXX XXXX's work is no longer on the cutting edge of the move of God. Now does anybody think this is a wrong spirit or pride? Does anybody think I am saying something wrong? Okay.


God has a program. He is going forward, and the end of the program is that we should be matured out of death into life. Jesus said, "I have much to tell you, but you cannot bear it." That means we cannot tolerate the whole truth. The truth especially coming forth from Christ in a human being is like an electric shock going through you. We cannot bear it. We cannot bear it.


The Lord gives it to us in drops like you would feed a newborn baby. We get drops first. We get drops then we get all food ground up. We cannot take it. The cutting edge is the term. The cutting edge of the move of God is referring to that which Christ is injecting into this under water Atlantis.


We are the society that is under the water of the living soul that died. God is up in the Heavenlies, He is not under water, we are under the water. We are under the water, and He is sending down messages underneath the sea.


The phrase, "the cutting edge" is speaking about that which God is doing at this moment. Now the information that the Lord sends down underneath the water, it never goes away. It abides there for every new believer who begins to be born into the kingdom, and since we are so corruptible, both emotionally and physically, we could only tolerate minimum amounts of this spiritual electric shock, which is Christ, the doctrine, and the move of the spirit which is being injected into this realm.


The most up-to-date, the most powerful level of it is going to the most mature believer who have been around for a while, who have partaken of the ministry that the Lord channeled through XXXX XXXXX, and they are already past that and their resistance is built up. A natural example, there are a lot of drugs on the market that are toxic drugs. They will help... what does that mean?


It means that if you overdose it could kill you. If taken in small amounts, it could kill any diseases in you without killing you. If we take too much of this electric shock, in Christ, it could possibly kill us. I am just giving you an example, okay? I really do not know if that is true.


We are getting drops. My whole point is there are drugs on the market that you must be built up. Cortisone for example, it is a form of steroid. The first week you take one pill a day. The second week you take two pills a day. The third week you take three pills a day, and at some point you reach a maximum. If there are any doctors listening to me, I do not know what I am talking about. This is just an example.


Let us say the maximum is six pills a day of a drug like prednisone, and you will stay at that peak for six weeks. Then the doctor tells you to take five pills the whole week. The next week you take four pills a day for the next week until you come down to one pill a day for a week. Then you take one pill a day every other day for a week, and then the next week. Everybody know what I am talking about?


The cutting edge of the move of God is referring to believers, or is being worked for, or is being available to believers who have been built up to a place in Christ where an intense vibration, I am sorry if this offends anybody. If that word "vibration" offends anybody, I know the new age people use that word. It is true in Christ also.


Brethren, it is time to come up out of preschool. Christian preschool is where you go to church, where the Holy Ghost is poured out, and you prophesy, and the anointing comes down. You laugh and enjoy being happy. That is all wonderful, but it is preschool and that is the first pill that we are getting, about one a month. We have to build up to ten a day, if you can hear my example.


The correct word is vibration, and I am sorry if that offends anybody, but those of us down here which are carnal, are flesh, we are being given a poisonous pill. Oh, I hear the Pharisees screaming. Brethren, the vibration of Christ is poison to the living soul that died. The power of spirit is poison to the living soul that died. Do we not, in fact, want our soul killed?


Our dead soul must be killed so that he can arise in the life of Christ. The poison is being administered to us a drop at a time so it does not kill us. That it builds up our tolerance until the cancer that is killing us is dead. What is the cancer? It is the carnal mind.


That cancer, that fallen cancer, that is in the soul, the carnal mind, that is what has to die. The Lord has no intention of killing the soul off permanently. We know this soul we live in will die to the condition of death. The soul is to live but the carnal mind is to be disbursed and never to be seen again.


This intense vibration, this chemotherapy, this radiation therapy, if you will, is being administered a drop at a time. We can build up our resistance so that we, the soul, the soul man, can survive the final shock that is going to knock out the carnal mind, or quicken, or make alive the soul, which we are.


Back to my original point. The phrase, "the cutting edge of the move of God" is speaking about that high dosage or let us be grown up okay, or that level of vibration of the spirit of Christ, which is the strongest vibration available to human beings down here in Atlantis under the sea at this moment.


That is what the phrase, "the cutting edge" means. God has people, we may not be many, I do not know how many we are. God has a people scattered and hidden throughout the body of believers that call Jesus the Savior, who name the name of Jesus. He has seven thousand who can tolerate this highest vibration of Christ, which is penetrating in the soul realm at this hour. That is what the phrase, "the cutting edge" means.


We need to know that we are not insulting anybody when we say that someone like XXXX XXXXX's work is no longer on the cutting edge. He was a great man of God, I thank God for that man. He paid a price to bring forth the word that God gave him to bring forth. He paid a price. You do not do anything for Christ without losing something of your soul life. You just do not sit in a meeting like this without paying a price. Believe me.


What happens....I do not even know how I got on to this. I was talking about God...oh yes, God connecting us with these two new mailing lists. I do not know how I got on it. It sounded good anyway. I enjoyed it.


Apparently, brethren, what God is doing here at Living Epistles is at least one expression or one outlet through which He is vibrating forth in the highest measure or in the cutting edge of His move of His spirit at this hour. He is trying to get the word out to the people who are mature enough to respond to it, because He has no intention of killing His people off, but is concerned about saving their lives. The people who name the name of Christ who would be damaged by this high vibration have no response to it. Either they cannot understand it, it goes right over their head, and they do not even perceive it. They throw the book out, they pass the tape. You know, it means nothing to them.


Unfortunately, some people come against it. My whole point is that He is reaching out, this message has got to get out so, at the very least, someone can get a tape list in their hand and God could speak to them. Christ in their own heart can say, "I have something for you in this ministry." Because in this hour, and this may come to a shock to some Pharisaically minded mature Christians, God is not broadcasting the name of Living Epistles, Post Office Box 562, Port Jefferson Station, New York 11776 USA. He is not broadcasting that name through the spirit to believers all over the world.


He is not doing that. People are not waking up one morning and having this name and address on their minds. What He is doing is spreading out our literature and our tapes. Any Pharisee listening in to this message who thinks that you do not need to be in a local fellowship because God is going to teach you everything that you need to know to go on to be a Son, while you sit home in your own house listening to tapes and reading newsletters. take this natural example, He is not doing it. He is not doing it. He is not. Praise God.


If there is no local group in your area, He is intending to form one, or you should be praying asking for one, because you cannot be getting alone all the training that you need. We need to be together. Why? Because part of our preparation for full stature is learning how to live with one another and learning how to forgive one another.


Who ever is the elder in any conflict is to correct the younger, in love and honest and communication, to restore them as soon as repentance comes forth. You cannot have that experience sitting at home on you couch reading a newsletter. That is the bottom line


You do not learn how to forgive people sitting home listening to a tape, because probably the reason you are sitting home listing to a tape is that you have unforgiveness for somebody, and you have decided that you will never go to local fellowship again. Is that not true? It is true.


Please get me back onto the point. I do not even know how I got on to this. Okay, Praise God.


Praise the Lord. In any event, the Lord has brought us into contact now with a man who has an international mailing list of two hundred names which he is currently revising and a second man in Canada. We have penetrated into Canada. We have sent tapes into Canada. Only one or two instances, but there has been no response.


Here we have two contacts I believe of very mature believers, who I feel in my heart probably were around for the beginning of the Latter Rain movement. They are "old timers." I think that God is reaching out to a lot of people who have been laboring faithfully for a long time. He at least wants to give them the opportunity to see if the Christ in them will, can, is able to, or will respond to this reaching out of this cutting edge of this intense vibration of Christ which is penetrating into this world right now.


He has been penetrating into this world for six years. Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, has tried to kill every one associated with this move. He has tried to kill me, he may have tried to kill you, he has definitely tried to kill or shut down the ministry. He has tried to make us hate each other, he has tried to divide us, he tried to set us one against the other, and he has tried to shut us down on every level. He has failed, and he shall continue to fail.


This intense vibration of Christ shall continue to penetrate and pass through the water of this living soul that died.


Brethren, this living soul that died is being electrocuted. What happens when you want to dies easily. Get into a bathtub and touch a radio. This living soul that died is being electrocuted. Those of us who have Christ shall only die to the death of this world system and rise again. This is a good exhortation. I will probably put it on the tape.


Let me say this for everyone that has not experienced or would like to partake of this experience, as to how God works. The way I came into communication with XXXX XXXX was some beloved sister. God, help me. Some beloved sister came into one of my early meetings in Smithtown and decided that she had the authority to judge the work here.


She judged that it was not God and, for your information, she came to the meetings and gave her testimony that the Lord had said to her, "Go to these meetings and learn." There was an open testimony the first time she came. Two meetings later she made a judgment that this word was not of Christ, took two tapes of the tapes, which we gave out for free to all whosoever would and sent each of them to an international ministry hoping that they would rebuke me.


Because she had attempted to rebuke me, and I would not receive her rebuke, I guess she felt her ministry was not well known enough for me to receive her rebuke, not understanding that there is no ministry well known enough to rebuke me, because I have been called, I have been ordained, and I have been raised up by Christ.


The only one that can rebuke me or take me down is Christ. Now you heard this many times, if something bothers you, you can petition Christ, write to Him, send Him letters, knock on His door. Do whatever you want, but you do not take me down. He is the only one that can take me down.


She sent out these two tapes, one of which went to XXXX XXXXX and guess what? He loved the tape, and he still has a very great interest in the message here. XXXX XXXXX directed us to XXX XXXXX who was in the midst, at the moment, of preparing her mailing list. Oh I know how I got on this whole thing.


This is how the whole ministry to Nigeria and the Philippines was launched. My whole point in telling you this was right after XXX XXXX's mailing list came out, she published it and then she had one revision a couple of months later. Then they shut down, they shut down.


My whole point in telling you this was that the ministries which are on the cutting edge of what Christ is doing, tend to be, as far as this world is concerned, very unstable in the natural. It is compared to other churches such as the Methodist Church, or the Episcopalian Church, or even the Pentecostal Church of God which are organized, which have large sums of money that they have collected and invested it, and they have real estate holdings. I am not sure if that is true of the Church of God. I know it is true of the Catholic Church, and it is probably true of the Lutheran Church. I hope you all know what I am talking about.


They are established in this world. Okay? Compared to that kind of a church or denominational church, the ministries through which the cutting edge of Christ is manifesting are the contrary, the exact opposite. I do not believe they could be denominational in any way and be on the cutting edge of Christ.


They are independent ministries, raised up by a wing and a prayer. Holding on to the wind, but the wind is Christ, you see, and they are surviving for as long as they can hold on. A lot of them lose their grip, and the fact of the matter is that ministries that are receiving this up to the minute vibration of Christ, they are frequently lacking in some material areas. There is a chronic financial problem


Their numbers are usually small, they almost never have a big building. They meet in homes and little rented areas. Again, my whole point is that this ministry that was putting out this mailing list shut down right after the copy with our name on it went forth.


Why? I am having trouble getting this point out. The ministries that are on the cutting edge of God have so many problems, that the leaders... have so many natural problems. You see, technically if you have Christ you do not have any problems at all. The leaders that God raises up, even the people that He calls to be a part of the congregation, were whipped by Satan so badly that a lot of us will not make it. We let go, we let go, our hands let go of the call that the Lord has called us to. It is too difficult, the trials are too severe.


The troubles are too painful, we cannot bear it. again my point is we got on that mailing list just before the mailing list came to an end. Because a mailing, you would expect or I would expect to be updated every year. Like if God calls a ministry to have a mailing list and all things go to the maximum of their capacity. I would expect that mailing list to be updated once a year. That sounds reasonable does it not?


It is very common, and I know of two right now that are coming to mind whose name, whose mailing list our name got on, both of them shut down right after that first or second mailing went out.


It is an awesome move of the spirit that we should be directed to two mailing lists in Canada. One of them, at least, just in the process of its revision, and that is defiantly a move of the spirit. He has to have some people that He is trying to reach through this. For the second time, God used XXXX XXXXX. He is a precious man of God. Praise the Lord.


You see, the Lord is able. We are not able. Our flesh is weak, the spirit is willing, but our flesh is very weak, and the bottom line of what God is saying in this last couple of minutes is if you think you cannot hold on, just cry out and ask Him to help. You hold on because He is holding on. Christ in you is holding on.


It is your flesh that is weak. It is your flesh that wants to run. It is your flesh that wants to yield to the sins of unforgiveness, and division, and pride and whatever else is coming through you.


Christ in you is much stronger then you think He is. Just let your will be known to the Lord, that you do not want to be washed away, and you do not want any change to occur in your life unless it is of His spirit. Be willing to pay any price as long as it is Christ that is requiring the price of you. Because if it is Christ that is requiring the price of you, you will be able to afford that price.


Even though it feels like it is going to destroy you, that price will not destroy you but, on the contrary, whatever it is you lose of your soul life that died, it will be restored unto you in Christ. How many fold? 100 fold, with? Persecution. Do not think you will escape the persecution. Because you will not, you will not. Praise God.


Yesterday was so horrendous, to see this beautiful outpouring here. God is just so faithful. You just keep on going, He will do it. There is nothing like having a faithful group to back you up when things get really tough. They are not equally tough everyday. There is a rising and falling. Of course, this is the first time that I have actually studied in a couple of weeks. We could expect a severe onslaught here. We will be doing Zephaniah, finishing out Chapter 2 today.


This understanding of the Old Testament prophet is doing just such a blessed job in my heart. I cannot describe it to you. It is converting my heart. One song that XXXX played this morning really, really touched me. I do not know what the name of it is. The verse is, "When we see you as you are." Is that the name of the song?


COMMENT: As you really are.


PASTOR VITALE: As you really are. As she was singing that, because my heart is so filled with the glorious truth of what Zephaniah 2 is saying, which is totally opposite of what the King James translation says that the Lord quickened to me as she sang that, that not to justify the rebellion in man's heart, but fallen man is rebellious.


When fallen man hears a translation of the Scripture which says that God is going to punish you, you wicked no good thing, He is going to burn you in hell forever, and He is going to wag His hand at you (This is Zephaniah 2), He is going to hiss at you, and wag His hand at you, and you are going to be ashamed and humiliated in front of the whole world, the rebellion in men rise up.


Our fallen nature really does not intend to be afraid of that. Our fallen nature tends to say, "Oh yeah? Yeah, I do not believe in God." It just stimulates the rebellion, and I remind you that the Scripture says in the New Testament in the epistle of James, that our God does not tempt us. He will test us. He will provide opportunities for trials in our life. He will provide trials in our life which will give us an opportunity to respond to that trial our of our carnal mind or our Christ mind.


Our God does not come to us wagging His fists in our face deliberately saying things, doing things that are specifically designed to stir up sin in us so that He can condemn us. That is what Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, does. Satan is the accuser of the brethren.


There are people like this, brethren. What does it mean? It means Satan is manifesting through them. In your life, they will come to snare you with your words, they will deliberately provoke you for the specific purpose of stirring up sin in your life.


Why? It is so that they can condemn you, that they can say, "Well, I thought you were a Christian, and I just found rebellion in you." There is no forgiveness, there is no mercy, and there is no rehabilitation. There is no help to overcome.


Their whole motive in stirring up this rebellion in you is that your imperfection will be revealed, so that they can reintegrate our God's judgment of death upon you, so that they can announce to the world, "Yes, you deserve death," with no mention whatsoever of God's mercy by which He will deliver you of that sin and raise you up into righteousness.


There are people in this world like this. We can lovingly call them Pharisees. Some people are not even in the church, they do not even know Christ. They hate people that are trying to improve themselves by studying the Word and following a Christian life. They just hate you for it.


They spend large portions of time just trying to prove your imperfection, because they are without the understanding that everybody is imperfect, but that our great God, Jehovah (and that was one of the songs this morning also), not only has the ability to rehabilitate, but that His full ministry towards us, His full intention towards us, is rehabilitation and restoration despite the worst that we are capable of doing.


If anyone of us or the human race as a whole do our very worst, He still has every intention of saving us. There is no sin that we can do which would change His intention towards us, which is rehabilitation and restoration. Our very absolute worst, on an individual basis, or as a nation, or as corporate humanity, is not evil enough for our God to say, "I cast you out presently and shall cease from my program, my rehabilitation."


That is a word you do not hear preached very often. Now, of course, you shall reap what you sow, every sin shall have its just recompense. That has nothing to do with the fact that after you are recompensed, He is going to clean you up and stand you back up on your feet.


There is nothing in it for the Lord to destroy you. There is no glory in it. There is no power in it. There is no pleasure in it. There is no privilege in it. There is nothing in it for Him to wipe you out. That is the carnal, Satanic mind of man, who wants you recompensed to your utter destruction so that he can feel righteous.


As that song was being sung this morning, "When We See You As You Are," the Lord was saying to me, "When humanity sees me as I am, and my true word is delivered to them, the word that I just gave you will help them. That word will help them to overcome their rebellion, they will hear that word, and they will say, God really loves me, maybe I should come and hear more."


I just feel led to read you the Alternate Translation of the last verse of Zephaniah, Chapter 2 of this exhortation, because it completely demonstrates what I am saying. It just blesses me so much. You can open your Bibles if you like, but it does not sound anything at all like the King James.


Zephaniah, Chapter 2, Verse 15. The Lord is saying "Look at her." You see, God does not deny our condition. Now some of you who have been studying here for a while, you all know that a lot of people are trying to be righteous, but they do not know how to be righteous. They find themselves trying to be righteous out of their carnal mind and they frequently say and do the wrong thing. They do not understand what it means to cover somebody's sins.


They think that when the person is really guilty, they should deny that person's guilt. That is not what the Lord is saying. The Lord is saying "No you do not deny their guilt, you state their guilt without condemnation," because man cannot confess his sins and repent unless his sins are exposed. He becomes convinced of them. Not convicted, convinced. He has to believe it is true of him.


That is the first step in rehabilitation. If you hear yourself in this exhortation, it is a Pharisaical spirit that denies people's sins and makes excuses for it, because you think it is the right thing to do. Ask God to help you, because by you covering over or refusing to expose their sin you are denying them the rehabilitative mercy of God.


Ask the Lord to help you stop doing that and to help you, permit you, to come to a place in Christ where you can expose people's sin in righteousness without condemnation, in the love of God.


Just as a doctor calls you into his office and says, "Now Mrs. so and so, I am sorry to tell you this but you do have cancer, but be encouraged, this form of cancer is curable. You need surgery, you need treatment. You shall surely live."


Zephaniah, Chapter 2, Verse 15. The Lord says, "Look at her." This is the insolent dead soul. Anyone not know what insolent means? Arrogant. nervy, lifted up in pride. This is the insolent dead soul who is existing in adultery. Adultery with whom? With the carnal mind, Satan and the carnal mind, without any fear of God. The carnal mind is saying, "I am God, and there is no one as great as I."


Another way to say that is, and it says it in another place in the Scripture, "Judgment shall never fall upon me. I am my own God, I establish moral codes, and I say this adultery is all right, and there is no one strong enough to judge me." That is what the carnal mind is saying in this hour. God is saying, "Look at her, that is my creation."


Then the next sentence the Lord says, "But look at how that dead soul..."... and, of course, we are dead because of this attitude which is coming out of our carnal mind. We are dead because of the carnal mind. "...look at how that dead soul which was turned into a desert by the judgments of God." The judgments of God killed her, has now become a living beast which is God's resting place.


The judgment must come. God will judge this pride, and the result is that the dead soul which exists in a realm of water because she is Satan's salt sea. Her spiritual authority that gives her existence is water. When the judgments of God fall down, the Lord is going to dry up that salt sea which means the carnal mind will lose its spiritual power.


The Lord is saying, "Look at this insolent soul, she was really wicked, and I judged her wickedness, and my judgment on her, the punishment for her sin is that I have stripped her of her spiritual power. Whereas she was a salt sea, she now has become a waste desert, but I did not leave her a waste desert."


That is all you read about in the Old Testament, that God leaves her a waste desert. The Lord says, "I did not leave her a waste dessert. I joined my Christ to her human spirit, which was freed as a result of this judgment. Because I joined my Christ mind to her, that soul, that dead soul has now been made alive." That soul is now a living beast, which is the resting place for God's mind. The mind of Christ is in there now.


The last phase, "He shall call them," the Bible says, "He shall hiss at them." It sounds terrible, but He shall call them, He shall purify them, and that dead animal, which they are presently existing in, shall be made alive.


Brethren, when the people see Him as He is, when they hear this message, they are going to stop running and at least they are going to start listening. When they listen, they will be so overcome by His love that they will turn away from their evil ways and turn back to God. I started to cry as I put this last verse together.


When we see Him as He is, we will come to Him. When we see Him as He is, we will stop running from Him. We will even stop running from His judgment, and we will even stop running from the exposure of our sins when we really get a grip on who and what He is and what a relationship with Him means to us.


Brethren, before the world can see Him as He is, the carnal mind must be brought down, because they cannot understand this message and, of course, the Church, God help us, is preaching against this message. The church which is preaching hell and damnation is calling us false prophets, and the church has large numbers, large amounts of money, and availability to the public. Television, radio, mailing lists, large money needed to finance those large mailings in the natural.


I believe that the world and the church is ready in this hour to hear this message when it is preached to them in a conversational mode, as I am speaking to you now. I think any human being that understands English could hear this exhortation that just came out by the power of Christ. As I mentioned earlier, we do not have the funds or the organization, we do not have the numbers; therefore, this message, this love, this love letter from the Lord to humanity, must go forth by the power of His spirit.


His spirit must take down the opposing forces, particularly and especially the opposing forces that are being manifested through the professing church. I say "professing" because they are not God's church. They were God's Church before the new move of God began to appear.


As soon as the greater appears, the lesser, as far as God is concerned, is dead. The Lord has tolerated false doctrine, because the church, at that time, was a forum of which God could pour out His Holy Spirit and touch the called ones through whom He can vibrate forth from in a higher intensity, who would be the true five-fold ministry who would be vessels that would not be electrocuted when the truth of God comes forth through them.


God has allowed the false doctrine so that large numbers of people could gather and experience the out-pouring of the Holy Spirit, that they can be quickened and raised up and taught spiritual warfare, so that they would not be destroyed or ripped apart by Satan.


When Satan realizes what Christ is doing through them, but that is all presently imperfect, the Sons are in the earth, the truth about God, the way He really is, is in the earth and God is moving by His spirit to save all of humanity who has fallen down in to a dark pit, filled with water, and we have taken up residence down here, under Satan's ocean at the bottom of the sea.


It is just a matter of time, and it is a great privilege, and a great honor to be a part of this cutting edge move of Christ. No matter what your role is, if you are the preacher or if you are washing the floors, whatever you are doing, it is an honor and I am telling you, I used to read that Scripture, I think it is in the book of Acts where the apostles were saying that they considered it an honor to be persecuted and suffer for the kingdom of God.


When I first read that Scripture I said, "There must really be something lacking in me, I cannot even accept that for somebody else, let alone myself." I see how I have grown in Christ, and I am telling you it is an honor to suffer and be persecuted so that the kingdom of God can be expressed through you. It can be revealed through you, and so that your person, your kingdom, your human kingdom should be a vessel through which the kingdom of God will be manifested towards the captives of this world system.


It is a great honor to be persecuted for that purpose, because whoever God raises up to be a vessel, until we ascend, we shall be persecuted. There is no other way. There will be a company of severely persecuted human beings appearing. Not will be. It is happening right now. They are right now in the earth, a company of severely persecuted human beings.


People are being persecuted from Satan in their own minds and Satan in other people's minds. They are taking it, it is not stopping them, and they are going forth in Christ to fulfill whatever assignment God has given them. This is not an assignment for any one man, this must be a group endeavor, it must be a group endeavor. I do not know if it is a major reason. It is a strong reason why we must learn to submit one to another.


We must learn to recognize where the authority of Christ is manifesting. We must learn to recognize that so that we can submit to Christ wherever He is manifesting, that this work can go forward, because all of humanity is being saved. Suffering, starving, wailing, crying, tormented humanity. God hears the cries. There is just one catch, that those of us who are called to be a part of this company are required to give up our own life down here in hell.


The Lord has promised us if we do it, if you do it, you will live. If He calls you, and you refuse to give up your life, you are going to die. It should not be much of a choice, but we are all carnal and nobody believes it. We are grasping at holding on to this existence down here. The Lord says, "If you do that, you will surely die." Let it go and let Him live through you. Whatever He gives you, be grateful and just grit your teeth and bite the bullet to go through the difficult times.


He has promised you that you shall surely not die, but you shall live and experience the life of the ages and the glory of His power. I just encourage you to be encouraged and hang on, because your ears are amongst the first down here who are really hearing the truth. It is a glorious day, a day of rejoicing in your spirit, but it is a day of sorrow in your soul.


When you go on the labor table to have that baby, you are rejoicing in your heart because you know that child is about to be born. No one in their right mind is enjoying the stress or the pain of the labor and the actual birth. Once again, we see a radical difference between what we are experiencing in our soul and that which we are experiencing in our spirit, because the flesh lusteth against the spirit.


They are two totally different experiences, because the creation is divided. Nevertheless, in the hour that Jesus Christ reconciles the "all" back into the one, there shall no longer be a separation between our soul experience and our spirit experience. The two shall be made one.


Our entire experience shall be glorious, because we shall be totally controlled by the glorious Lord and Savior, the great God and our soon and coming King, the Lord Jesus Christ. That control shall not be grievous. Jesus said, "My yoke is not grievous." To be a full human being and be controlled by fallen man, it is grievous. Remember everything that happens down here is the exact opposite of its counterpart in the spirit.


To be controlled by Christ is glorious. There is liberty in that slavery. Paul said, "I am the bond slave, the bond slave of Jesus Christ." There is more liberty in that slavery than there is in the greatest liberty known to man down here. If you cannot understand it, believe it, because it is the truth. Why? Why is it the truth? Jesus said it. He said it. Have faith, brethren. Praise God.


Oh, what a glorious spirit is here. We are grateful to God. Does anyone have anything to say? Any questions on the exhortation? Any comments?


COMMENT: I just want to know, I know we are all in the world and everything, we have our life and everything, but lately I have just been feeling like I wish I could just push it all away and be with Christ because that is all that I really want. I love my husband and everything, do not get me wrong. Is it the right attitude to think that whatever time I have with him, I should appreciate and love him to the fullest extent, and when the Lord calls me I go?


PASTOR VITALE: Well that sounds good to me, because you have to believe that God knows you have a husband, He gave you the husband. He is going to order your marriage. Once you are called, He has to be first. Just liken yourself to a solider, an officer in the army. Officers are married, they have wives, they have children. The government and the army that they serve takes priority.


If the army says you have to go away for three months, the wife and the family have to tolerate it. The government takes care of them, provides for them, gives the man leave so he can go see them. There is such a thing as emergency leave.


That is what you are. Everyone who is in Christ has been drafted into His army. Whatever God gives you, you be blessed by it. When the Lord calls, He has to be first in your life, and He will bless your marriage. He will help you with your husband too. He will help XXXX understand.


COMMENT: He will talk to him for me.


PASTOR VITALE: Praise God. Yes, He will.


COMMENT: Yesterday I was watching this thing on TV. It might not be anything that you are interested in. I saw something on the Dead Sea scrolls. I do not know if you ever heard of it before. I have never heard it before and, for some reason, the Lord was telling me to call you, but it was almost over. I really did not think it was going to show you anything. It was really interesting about these documents that they found, the Dead Sea scrolls.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, the Dead Sea scrolls, from what I do know about them which is not much is that they are really another ancient writing of the Scriptures. What is coming to my mind right now, in any event, is something that I read recently on a newsletter from Israel. Those newsletters that come form Israel are so interesting. I think I am going have XXXX or somebody start putting them in a folder and anyone that would like to can take a look at them. They are really worth.... they are just fascinating. They are brought forth by a Christian organization in Israel. I think that is where I read it. They were talking about the Dead Sea. Not specifically the scrolls, but the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is in the...I have been there, have been there to the Dead Sea, a long time ago. I guess about thirty years ago.


There is an awesome spiritual presence there. Of course, I was not in Christ then, but my memory was that there was an awesome spiritual presence there. I never understood it. The Dead Sea was a body of water. You could see it is surrounded by land, but almost all of the water is evaporated.


The only thing that is left is the minerals which were in the sea water. Does this sound familiar to anybody? The salt sea was boiled. The sea was boiled by natural forces. The water has evaporated and what remains is rich deposits of minerals. Rich that, number one, there is healing in it. I am told that some people go bathing in it. It is thick because there is almost no water in there at all. People just walk into it and let there body emerge in it. The skin must absorb the minerals and some kinds of healings for some kinds of conditions take place.


What I just read, I think it is the Israeli government. If not, private, it must be the government. They are starting to take the deposits of minerals from the Dead Sea and commercialize them. They are making a lot of money. What is the point here? The residue of the sea after the water is boiled off is extremely valuable and is recyclable. It is recyclable, and for those of you who are not following me, or those of you who may be listening to this tape, the residue of the salt sea after the water is boiled off is minerals. Different minerals salts.


Jesus said "Ye are the salt of the earth." The minerals salts are not necessarily table salts, brethren. I am sorry to use big words, but if they come to me I am going to use them. A plethora or a whole spectrum of different minerals salts, all complimenting one another, working together to be a healing substance capable of preserving. Preserving what? Whatever they are using it for in the natural.


The residue salts after the sea water has been boiled off, typifies the what? The human spirit, the spiritual power of God which is resident in man in the form of a female seed. The female seed of God is so powerful, because even though she is out of God that when Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, stole her and joined himself to her, she received the power to form this world and to form humanity, the existence we now experience.


All of this power, all of Satan's power down to the last drop, to bring forth this world of which she is god. I hope you all know that. She is the god of this world. every drop of her power came from the human spirit, which she illegally possessed when she killed the immature Christ at the beginning of time, joined herself to the human spirit and took her as a wife against her will.


Well, it was not against her will, she seduced her. Her witchcraft deceived her. She thought she was God. That is what came to me. Maybe it was God, and He wanted me to say something about that, I do not know. There are riches in the residue or in the residual minerals, which are the result of the boiling off of the water of the sea. First of the natural and then of the spiritual.


The residue, the salts of the Dead Sea, have begun to be used for good purposes by the natural Israel.


First the natural and then the spiritual. That fits right in with Zephaniah 2:15 which I just read to you, that the carnal mind can only see as far as the destructive judgments of God, killing people and wiping out this world system. The knowledge, that residue of the destruction, will be joined to Christ resulting in the resurrection of the dead creation, is a secret which is in Christ. It is a secret of the plans of Christ. They are not for the carnal minds of men.


That is why when you listen to or investigate the prophesies of someone like Nostradamus, who was a psychic, he was a fallen man who was a physic and his prophesies have been phenomenally accurate. We find people in the New Age and a lot of the occult people exalting this Nostradamus. Brethren, if you read his prophesies you will find out that he predicts the end of the world, blowing up in fire. He predicts the destruction of man. This great psychic was perhaps the greatest or one of the greatest of all times.


I do not think he had an error. Everything I think he predicted came to pass. Even he does not know what comes after the destructive fire, but we know. Therefore, brethren, there is no reason for us to live in fear or anxiety or in terror, because we know what the end of the end is.


We know what comes after the end. It is glorious; therefore, fear in us should be rebuked and come against at every turn, because fear is for the wicked, and the wicked is the heathen whose mind is carnal. Fear is for the carnally-minded people.


If you have a problem with fear, it means you are listening to and yielding to your carnal mind. If that is what is happening to you, ask God to help you to transfer into Christ, because there is no fear in Christ. Brethren, Christ knows all things work for the good for those who love the Lord, that when we truly commit our lives to Him, He shall receive us, and He shall protect us. He shall help us.


He shall judge our sins, and we shall surely experience what we have sown. He will tear down, but the He will build up. Where we were weak, we shall be strong. Where we were criminal, we shall be righteous. Where we were ignorant, we shall be wise. Where we were incompetent, we shall be competent.


Especially if the mind of Christ is being formed in you, and you have the two minds, pray fervently, brethren, that the Lord shall enable you to abide in your Christ mind, because it makes no sense at all to abide in the fear, and the depravation, and the terror of your carnal mind when right in your very own person, you have an alternative. We must fight to enter into the alternative.


Fight. Some people do not have the alternative, so it is worth your while to wage this warfare, because if you run, if you yield to your carnal mind, and she succeeds in motivating you to flee, if you have read The War of the Saints, you may recall that the human spirit flees. The human spirit that is joined to the carnal mind can become so upset that she just takes off and runs.


Sometimes depending on the strength of the person, that manifestation will remain in the person's mind and emotions. They may experience anxiety, they may run from a relationship, temporarily. They may get out of a meeting, temporality. People who do not have that kind of strength, this manifestation of the carnal mind can so frighten the human spirit that she will cut ties, move far geographical distances, leave a fellowship, break a relationship through which God is ministering to her, because the carnal mind was capable of making that person so fearful.


Do not yield, brethren, but petition the Lord to sustain you and bring you into peace, which is only in Christ. It is only in Christ. You shall never experience peace if you do not begin to live out of Christ, because He is peace. When there is peace internalized in you, all of your enemies will be at peace with you.


It is the only way to get it. You must change, and your circumstances and the circumstances of your life will change. What a wonderful spirit here this morning. Anybody else have any questions or any comments about this?


COMMENT: This is in reference to XXXX who sang a song about the blood of the lamb. It made me think of a statement that XXXX said yesterday. She said she read a book about this Christian woman, who she was absolutely appalled, she was amazed in what she had discovered. Her husband had slaughtered different animals and the only animal that when he slaughtered it, its blood washed and it was the lamb.


PASTOR VITALE: Its blood washed the man?


COMMENT: Something of a lanolin in the blood.




COMMENT: I said wow, that is very interesting to see that Jesus is symbolic of a lamb in more ways that one.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, praise the Lord. I believe that the natural type of every spiritual thing will prove itself out to symbolize everything that the Lord has said in the Scripture.


There is a minister in Connecticut that, you know, I do have a relationship with, and you know who I am talking about. He used to be a sheep herder. He had a sheep farm, and at one of his conventions he did say something. The man has an excellent sense of humor, I really enjoy him. He did say something to the effect that He could tell us some very interesting things about sheep, but he never got around to doing it.


I believe that every spiritual type of lamb or sheep in the Scripture will be proven out in the natural. I do not have a doubt in my mind, and I have already mentioned to you as a result of out studies in the book of John that sheep have something valuable that can be taken without killing the sheep. Human beings, we have spirit. Satan wants our spirit.


I just mentioned it on this very tape that Satan has absolutely no power whatsoever to form a world unless she is possessing the female seed in God's creation.


All power is in her even though she is a female, and she is powerless unless she is joined to a male spirit. All the power is in her. Although Satan is really soul and female, but there is power in that female seed. Ok? I do not want to go on any more into that. It is the human spirit even in fallen man that has value, that can be possessed and used by male spirit without killing us. It is that part of us, our human spirit, that is going to remain after the Lord Jesus Christ kills off all of our flesh


Why? Because our flesh is Satan's flesh. He has to kill Satan to get us back. The natural sheep has fleece. They grow the wool of the sheep before it is shaven off. Well, the wool is still a part, the wool is still alive because it is growing out of the sheep. It is called fleece. That fleece can be shaven off of the sheep without harming the sheep at all and sold for a lot of money. That is a natural type there.


Anybody else as we close this out? You have something?


COMMENT: I just saw what we were talking about the Dead Sea. I see the whole humanity, that God sees the whole humanity as a sea. I saw in the ocean, and in the sons of God that the sons of God were just bobbing. I saw everybody was under water with a few heads popping up, which I thought was kind of neat. Then I thought, "Well, the vision of these people, the ones that had the Christ in them, we are like covering over." Like they were in a uterus with the Christ.


The Christ was pure light, like this gold light, and it was in just a few people. It was a vision that He was just a spirit man, and everything was gold, and it was inside of you. All of the people popping up. I do not know if God sees it like that, but that is what I saw, and I saw a few other heads popping up.


PASTOR VITALE: Praise God. Sister XXXX who comes from New Jersey. We have a whole group in New Jersey that is associated with us, and they do not get here that often. There is a lot of phone communication. She mailed me a...I guess it was a group of papers that she had written up with dreams that she had, had over these past six months or so. In one of those dreams, God has such a sense of humor, in one of those dreams there was a pit filled with water. There was a whale swimming around in the water.


Now a whale is not a fish. It is a mammal. For those of you who do not know it, a whale is a mammal. Animals are mammals, and human beings are mammals. A whale is a mammal that lives in the water.


This whale was swimming around, and every once in a while it would jump up, go above the water and then go back under. All of a sudden, the whale took this one big leap and jumped out of the pit and landed on the ground. That is what it said to me, that someone is about to leap out of this pit. Of course, in the rest of the dream it laid very still.


I am not sure of the significance of that, maybe the shock of jumping out of the pit required some rest, I do not know. We know that with natural babies, at least I am told by the authorities of this world, it is a very traumatic experience for the child to go through that birth canal and having its head hit the mothers cervix so many time before it pierces through. Perhaps when we jump out of this pit, we will be in shock for a season. I do not know. That is what it said to me. Glory to God. Anybody else?








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