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I do not know if the water spirits can kill or not. I know that red....the most highest level of witchcraft is red. That is as far as I have been told. But that is only been found in Africa. Red witchcraft is only found in Africa. Black witchcraft comes underneath red witchcraft. Black witchcraft comes under red witchcraft, and I only think that is in Africa too. The red witchcraft is, I am pretty sure, only in Africa. Black witchcraft ,I only think, is in Africa too. And both of those can kill. What the level beneath that....I think water spirits come underneath. I could have this wrong. I do not know if water spirits can kill or not. I really do not know.


COMMENT: What did you say water level? She was saying water level witchcraft. She meant water spirits?


PASTOR VITALE: Because she heard me, she meant water spirits. Because when I came back from Africa, I was calling it water level witchcraft. I subsequently found out the correct term is water spirits, and I just never corrected anybody. The correct term is water spirits.


COMMENT: What I am saying is water spirits are the ones when you are trying to rest, and they try to steal from that rest. They try to pull you out of your soul. It is like that experience where they try to pull you out of your body. Is that water spirits?


PASTOR VITALE: I do not know if that is restricted to water spirits. There is a lot that I do not know. It takes a high level of witchcraft to pull your soul out of your body.


COMMENT: Well, water spirit is high level?


PASTOR VITALE: Water spirits are a high level, they are powerful. They are powerful.


COMMENT: Maybe there is a level below that, that maybe they could pull you out of your body?


PASTOR VITALE: That could do that? It is possible. I do not know. I was told in Africa that the witchcraft that is found in the Caribbean and in Puerto Rico, Santeria, is all considered kindergarten by the red witches in Africa. That is what I am told.


COMMENT: Why the water? What is so powerful about the water? Is it because it represents something?


PASTOR VITALE: As I said I really do not know. I just....I know that there is a powerful spiritual presence on any large body of water.


If you go out to the beach on a quiet day and you are spiritually sensitive....I have perceived the spiritual activity over the water. I perceived it. It is very heavy. Yes, very heavy. And in Africa, the cults that worship the water spirits, they go right on the beach, and they worship the spirits in the water. And to be honest with you, I have unanswered questions about this power, because you all know that I preach that every spirit has roots in a man's mind. If every spirit has its roots in man's mind, how does this powerful spiritual manifestation exist over the ocean?


For example, I asked that question, over a year ago, and the Lord has not answered me yet. As I teach you, whenever there is a discrepancy, something does not jive, if you have two Scriptures and they do not jive, if you have two pieces of information that appear to be contradicting one another, do not be carnal, I encourage you to be spiritual, do not jump to conclusions. Do not assume that one or both pieces of information are incorrect. Do not assume that, because there is another alternative. It is possible an additional piece of information will make both of them make sense. Does anyone not know what I am talking about?


We have to wait to hear from God. There is a contradiction here in what I am teaching, and I confess it to you openly, and we're waiting to hear from the Lord to give understanding. Do not assume that either one of these teachings is wrong. Do not let your carnal mind make a decision for you. Do not let your carnal mind run your life for you. Ask God to give you patience and just abide until He speaks, because the carnal mind has a heyday during the Lord's silences. He jumps in with his doctrines and demons, and he gets you all messed up.


I pray for everybody here that God either gives you the ability if you do not have it, or that if you have it, He increases the ability to just abide without answers. You do not have to have everything on the minute. You do not have to have instant gratification. Why cannot you say, "you do not know?" And I encourage you if you are having a problem in this area to ask the Lord if you are manifesting in some level of pride. Why cannot you say, "I do not know." Why cannot you say, "The Lord has not given me the answer yet"? If you cannot do it, you need to ask the Lord why. Because it is pride and pride is to the spiritual man like cancer is to the physical man. Did you have a question XXXX?


COMMENT: I was going to say I heard and read about what they see in the spirit. Rather large spirits hovering over the water.


PASTOR VITALE: Do they say what they look like?


COMMENT: Just large and dark.




COMMENT: Evil spirits. And what it makes me think of is that you said the water typifies....even the ocean typifies, you said, the unconscious mind.


PASTOR VITALE: Satan is the unconscious mind.


COMMENT: And I was thinking that it was an outward manifestation of a spirit hovering over the unconscious mind.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, I agree.


COMMENT: And even when we go to sleep they go into our subconscious. We do not become openly conscious, and then we have the dreams and have that experience to be on waves out of your body. It is like those water spirits. What I am saying is the whole soul realm that we are, we just manifest what is out, there is also in here.


PASTOR VITALE: Physically.


COMMENT: It is just a manifestation in the outward world. A manifestation of us inside.


PASTOR VITALE: That is true.


COMMENT: I was just thinking about Leviathan and the sea monsters the Scripture talks about coming up out of the water.


COMMENT: It is a manifestation of that spirit.


COMMENT: You know at one time I was drowning. Someone was choking me and I was drowning. Could that be a part of the water spirits? To kill me at that time?


PASTOR VITALE: You mean you physically almost drowned?


COMMENT: And choked and a young boy had grabbed me around the neck, and I was under the water, and he was on top. He just kept holding me, and I got to the point where I could not tread water any more, and I could not hold my breath any longer. My breath just left me, and I got to the point where I had it....I felt I was gone, but could that be a part of witchcraft?


PASTOR VITALE: I do not know. I do not know XXXX. Got a question? Give that man a microphone.


COMMENT: About the ocean, in all your studies you have not been able to find out anything about water spirits from what you just said right? The Lord has not given you that?


PASTOR VITALE: Well I have some knowledge.


COMMENT: And where in the Bible, does it mention anything about water spirits or does it?


PASTOR VITALE: Not that I know of. It is probably in there but not that I know of. I do not know anything about it.


Water spirits are witchcraft. The Bible does not really give details of that witchcraft. We're just told witchcraft is forbidden. We're not given details of the operation of witchcraft in the Scripture. That would come from the people who have experienced this witchcraft power or this spiritual power. I have....but I do believe the Lord is telling me to tell you this, that.... Well first of, all everything is not in the Bible. The Scripture clearly states that if they wrote down everything that Jesus said, there would not be enough books to contain it. We know everything is not in the Bible. God will direct His people to worldly knowledge. All worldly knowledge is not bad, and if God wants to teach you something He will send you to a worldly source to learn. Hopefully, we are sensitive to His spirit.


Now the Lord has directed me to information about water spirits. How do I know that? Just before I left for Africa for my first trip, XXXXXX brought someone into that meeting. A woman with her teenaged daughter. Do you remember that? They said to me that we would like you to pray for her. She has all these bad dreams. I cannot remember everything she told me, but what I could not get out of my head was that she dreams about water. Running water, rivers, oceans, waterfalls, and she was being tormented in her sleep. I do not remember anymore of the details. I'd never heard of that. I prayed, but I had no idea what I was up against and the next week I left for Africa. I was getting instruction on water spirits.


Everybody in Africa knows about water spirits and the manifestations of water spirits. I know God directed me towards this information, if that does you any good.


One of the overriding characteristics of being afflicted, by a water spirit is that you dream about running water. I have experienced this after I came back from my first trip to Africa. A couple of months later I had a bad experience. A demon came to me in the middle of the night and really scared me. I was having a dream, and there were waterfalls and water and people riding on boats and just water everywhere. And this demon spoke right in my ear, man, gave me a start, and really scared me. I woke up and I prayed. I did whatever I knew how, and at the next service everybody prayed for me, and it pretty much went. Now we are all here learning how to fight this spiritual war.


XXXX I do not know if you remember or not. You have an excellent memory but when XXXX heard all of this she said, "Wow the night before I had a vision of a mermaid being sent."Remember that? And she had no idea.... and that the mermaid was dispatched, I do not know if you knew about Africa or not. But you knew it was across the sea, and she was dispatched from Africa. She swam in the water, and she came up on the shores of the United States. But that was all the information XXXX got and it never even occurred to her to mention it to me or pray about it. But because we are all new at this, it never even occurred to her to say, "Wow a curse was sent to somebody that she knows."


How would I draw that conclusion? Well, God gave her the vision. God does not give you a vision because He has nothing else to do with His time.


All these things that go passing through your mind and we have been talking about, you and I, XXXX, you have to get a hold of it and ask God what He wants you to do with this information. Now if where we are today, I would like to believe if XXXX saw something like that, she would call me up and say, "Sheila I saw a mermaid dispatched from Africa. Someone... a demon has been sent to harass somebody." We would pray and send it back. Get back. You know, after it scared me half to death. It gave me a rough time.


COMMENT: The Lord was saying you could have avoided that by sending it back.


PASTOR VITALE: I was afraid to go to sleep for the next three nights. It came right up to my ear and talked to me as loud as could be. Could you just hold it one second please?


The overriding characteristic of a human being coming under attack form water spirits is the dream about the continuous flowing water, and it is also connected to sexual harassment in your dreams, very strong sexual harassment in your dreams. Demons come and harass you sexually in your dreams.


COMMENT: Water spirits are always connected with that, sexual harassment and sexual perversion.


PASTOR VITALE: In your dreams, yes. What where you going to say?


COMMENT: I was just thinking about the water in the songs that I sing. About the river....There is a river that flows from deep within. It seems to be an indentation of God's flowing, living waters, and I guess it is a possibility that it is taken from that. Powers that are taken in that respect. But you said that it is all witchcraft?


PASTOR VITALE: Well its sounds OK. But I do not know. I hear what you are saying. I have no problem with it. But I have no particular witness to it, can you receive that? We seem to be being led down a particular path here tonight about witchcraft, and water spirits, and sexual harassment coming from water spirits.


Well, I am just going to go with what is in my heart. XX XXXXX has a testimony of a woman that was visiting him at night, sat down on his bed a couple of times. But XX XXXX is a warrior, so he sent her packing. Then when I was on the radio in Florida, I was doing a live interview in Florida, and I was asked by the woman whose radio program it was. She gave me a testimony about a man who worked at night, and every morning his wife would get up and go to work. As soon as his wife walked out the house, this female spirit would come and sit down on the bed. And she asked me over live radio if this thing was OK. With no holds barred, would it go the whole nine? Yes, it would go the whole nine. It is the truth.


Were you in XXX? When we were in Brooklyn that night when this man came wandering in. He was being harassed by this female spirit. She did not let him sleep. She had him up all night. Were you there? Remember when I gave that testimony?


COMMENT: (inaudible)


PASTOR VITALE: Yes. This guy, I mean it may sound like every man's dream, but this guy could not sleep.


COMMENT: Really?


PASTOR VITALE: It sounds funny, but he was a desperate, desperate man.


She would not let him sleep. He was frantic, and, yes, he came into that meeting in Brooklyn, and a few of us tried praying. He was not laughing. I know it sounds funny now. So a few of us tried to pray for him. He was desperate. He heard we were having a meeting, and we cast out demons. And we could not do anything for him because he truly was not a Christian. He was a Catholic. He had no personal relationship with the Lord, and he was not ready to repent. We prayed, but there was no....there was no response at all. XXXX thought it was very funny. He had a good laugh out of that. I tell you it was not funny. The guy went home, we could not do anything for him.


COMMENT: He was desperate and there was no help for him.


PASTOR VITALE: Now in Africa, when I was over there, I hadn't heard anything about a female spirit in Africa.


The....I have had three experiences, not personal, but I ministered to people, to three men that had been harassed by female spirits. XXXXX XXXXX, this guy in Brooklyn, and the man I was told about on the radio interview. Over in Africa I only heard about women having spiritual husbands. Women having spiritual husbands, which are so possessive of them, that they lose interest in their natural husbands. Over there what they do is they go and they... if you are under the power of God you get deliverance, and they cast that male spirit out, and that marital relationship is restored. It is very common over there in Africa that a woman has a spiritual husband. Very common. I do not know why we're talking about this tonight. I do believe it is of the Lord. Everybody get ready. I cancel all plans for nighttime visitations.


COMMENT: Well, I had one the other night. I had a visitation the other night.


COMMENT: (inaudible) I did not know what she was saying.


PASTOR VITALE: I thought she said XXXXXXX.


COMMENT: I did not know what she said or what she meant. There was some kind of experience that I had that I was getting pulled out of my body. The other night, I was being dragged.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, I had that last week.


COMMENT: I was being dragged off the bed while I was on the bed.


PASTOR VITALE: I had that last week. I told you about it.


COMMENT: I knew about it. I was being dragged off the bed.. I was so tired I wanted to go to sleep. But in my mind I was praying to go to sleep, and the prayer was beyond my consciousness. My consciousness, I had decided to go to sleep in my mind. I was dozing off and in the dozing off came out a prayer. And that is when I rebuked all evil. And that is all I said. it just came out of my mind. I was not even thinking about it as I did it, I spoke that word. I rebuked all the evil. As I said evil, whatever this power was, this negative power was pulling me out of my body.


PASTOR VITALE: And this was when?


COMMENT: Just the other night.


PASTOR VITALE: Because that is what I had....when I was ill. It was last Sunday that I was late with the preaching because I said I was in bed all day Saturday. It happened to me last Saturday. I was sick and I slept almost all day. I felt myself.... it felt like I was being moved, and then the awareness came to when I was in my bed.


There is no way that my body could have been being dragged, and I just remember thinking in my mind something is very wrong. I was in a... I would not say I was paralyzed, but a very deep sleep that I could not even move. I could not even talk. I could not say the word "Jesus." I knew I felt like I was being dragged. And I knew something was very wrong. I just said in my mind, "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus," and it stopped. I realized it had to be....I was not physically being dragged. I was lying in my bed. So it was my soul.... something trying to suck my soul out of my body.


COMMENT: It is a spiritual demon inside of your body trying to, you know. I read that book about how they were trying to seduce this woman that was coming out of witchcraft, and the spirits were using her spirit for their own purposes. They were literally dragging her spirit out of her body, and they really had to work with her to free her of it. I do not know if this experience is anything similar, but I do feel the dragging out of my body. It feels like me, but I realize that my body is still lying on the bed.


PASTOR VITALE: Well I just want to pray right now.


I find that very suspicious that XXXX and I....that the two heads of the ministry should have similar experiences within, pretty much, one week. Well, it happened yesterday.


COMMENT: It happened a couple of nights ago.


PASTOR VITALE: Within one week both of us had this experience.


Plus, you all know the warfare had been incredible, and I am having a lot of trouble preaching this message. Maybe I am going to let this go. The Lord seems to have other plans for us today or tonight anyway. So I just want to pray on this.


COMMENT: Just a few minutes ago on the tape you had backed up, you were talking about drag, and you said fishermen use a drag to bring their catch in.




COMMENT: I am just thinking that you are talking about water spirits, and now you are both talking about being dragged. Is there any connection?


PASTOR VITALE: I do not know but I do not like it.


I do know that, that there has been a very high manifestation of witchcraft directed at this ministry over the last couple of weeks. There has been a very, very high manifestation of Christ to counter it. He has been here with great power through the whole thing. Right? He was here in great power today. Right? And this conversation is no accident. I perceive it to be a word of knowledge. OK, can you just hold it one second? I perceive it to be a word of knowledge. OK, what is the Lord saying to us? What is the Lord saying to us? Beware.


COMMENT: Because were being attacked at this time? And it is water spirits?


PASTOR VITALE: And it is water spirits.


COMMENT: That is what He said? Wow.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes XXXXX you were going to say?


COMMENT: I had gotten your tapes for the reason that I could not sleep, and I shared that with you. That anything that makes me go to sleep is her music, so far. And if I get a tape with her music on it, I will, you know, reminisce and doze off. But it was Friday night going into Saturday morning at 3:30. I shared that with you. I woke up at 3:30 in the morning, and last night...this morning I woke up at 4:30. Before that I would go to bed at 11:30, but my body would wake up at the same....around about 3 o'clock, 2 o'clock, and the purpose of getting these tapes was that it said that everyone that gets these tapes fall asleep. Why am I getting up at these hours? Because I have unrest in my sleep. I just did not share it, it is the truth.


PASTOR VITALE: I thought they did make you sleep?


COMMENT: Her music does.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, falling asleep then waking up at 3:30 in the morning are two different events.


I would suspect the reason your waking up at 3:30 and 4:30 in the morning is that on some level you are being touched by this spiritual warfare, because I am having a very similar experience. I toss and turn all night. I wake up, its 1 o'clock. I wake up, its 3 o'clock. I wake up, its 4 o'clock, and it is a part of being hassled by what is going on in the spirit. That is what it is. OK. Let us pray. Well, that is what I do. That is what I do every time I wake up. I press the button, and the tape starts going and I go right back to sleep. And I have been living this for years.


Actually, this started in my life when I got out of the hospital, which was "91." At least three solid years and depending on the level of the spiritual activity. When I first got out of the hospital, waking up at 2 o'clock in the morning, and sometimes I could go back to sleep, sometimes not. That is been going on here for months. I wake up almost....starting with 2 o'clock, sometimes 1. I just wake up every hour, every hour and a half and I toss and I turn.


PASTOR VITALE: Do you have one of these?


COMMENT: I can hear XXX I said tonight before I go to bed. I will rebuke any sleeping spirits so it do not ruin my rest. But when I looked at her I quickly looked at you. I heard a voice, a voice in my room with the lamp, I rebuke any sleeping spirits.


PASTOR VITALE: You heard XXXX"s voice? Oh XXXX"s voice.


OK, lets have some prayer here, OK? I do not like the sound of this. It is not making me happy at all, but I thank God for the warning, brethren. What is the good of hiding your head in the sand and then being caught unaware. I do not like demons talking to me in the middle of the night like they're talking through a loud speaker. I do not like my soul trying to be dragged out of my body. Jesus.


COMMENT: Well you perceived an anointing for deliverance.


PASTOR VITALE: God is moving, moving sovereignly.


That is exciting to know, that He is moving to protect us, to tell us in advance of the attack of the enemy. Brethren, this is a spiritual ministry. In case there is someone here who does not know it, this is a spiritual ministry. The head of this ministry is Christ. We move not by what we see, but by a knowledge which comes from the realm of the spirit. If your spiritual eyes are closed, you may not see what I see. This is a spiritual ministry. God made me the head of it. I would like to believe that if I see it, and you do not, that I am hearing from God. You should ask Him if it could possibly be true.




Father, I am not ready for this. In the name of Jesus we just cancel this attack. We just cancel this attack. We break the power of the water spirits. We disperse the army of mermaids that have been dispatched against this ministry. We break the spiritual power which was dispatched. We break and diffuse your weapons. We scatter you and send you back to Africa where you have been dispatched from. We cancel your assignments for those of us in this ministry and those of us here in America. We command you to execute your assignments on those who have sent you. We come to you in the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, and we declare unto you that you shall serve the more powerful God.




"Therefore, go ye back to those who have sent you and execute your assignments upon them, saith the Lord, for I have seen you and I have seen your evil works, and I have heard your plans in the secret meetings, behind closed doors. I have heard you, saith the Lord, and I have declared that thou shall fail at all that thou setteth thy hands to with regard to my faithful servants. Thou shall not prevail, but thou shall surely fail for I shall hinder you, saith the Lord. And thou shall meet my Christ, saith the Lord, and every turn thou triest to enter in, and every wall thou triest to scale, thou shall meet my Christ, saith the Lord. If thou try to go under the fence, thou shall met my Christ. Thou shall meet my Christ in Heaven, and thou shall meet my Christ in war, and thou shall meet my Christ in the north, and in the south, and in the west, and in the east. And I shall defeat you, saith the Lord, and for your wicked works I shall give a just recompense, saith God, for you are trying to kill those who are faithfully executing my word and my purposes in the earth. This is my beloved Son, saith the Lord, and everyone that opposes Him is my enemy, saith the Lord God. And I shall defeat my every enemy. Yea, I shall slay you, saith the Lord, and I shall leave you for the birds to devour."


Could you just hold a minute? OK.


I see a lot of people screaming. Just hold on to it, I want to hear it. I think there is more. Let us just stand by. Jesus. The Lord just said to me,"the high walls of my salvation are up."


(Sheila praying in tongues) Wow. We are in a full-scale war, everybody. This is no game.




All you water spirits I dry up your sea. I dry up your sea. I dry up your base. Shrivel up and die. (Sheila praying in tongues) I break your signal machine. You know what I see? In World War Two, they had that machine that flashed the lights. They used it for the Morse code. I smash you. I smash you. I break your light in the name of Jesus. (Sheila praying in tongues) What I hear, brethren, is Christ is piercing through. There is going to be an appearing in this realm very soon, very soon. Satan is going bananas. (Sheila praying in tongues) I sanctify everybody's household. I sanctify everybody's household. If your husband or landlord is not in Christ, I sanctify your household. I take my position as high priest over that household, because the Lord's first fruits is living there. I send the power of God, and I fill the household with angels. I break every curse in everybody's household. I foil your plans to bring God's people down. I cancel and I break your weapons, and I take your hooks out of God's people. Jesus. I send the power of God to your places of business, to your relatives, to every aspect of your life. I send the cleansing blood of Jesus to cleanse, to deliver, to cauterize, and to protect. I send angels before you, to deal with the wicked hearts of men who would be rising up against the Christ which is appearing in you. I pray for all of your salvation. Everyone who would rise up against the Christ, I ask that the Lord have mercy on you and grant you the same grace that He has granted here. That is what I said, He is piercing through and every demon in hell is standing up to stop it. Wow, that is exciting.


COMMENT: I say it must have started this morning when you had the dream about the demons going under the fence.


PASTOR VITALE: Oh, that was a couple of years ago.


COMMENT: I know but it just so happened that you....


PASTOR VITALE: Oh today? That I brought it up today. It was a word of knowledge.


COMMENT: That it was all wrapped up in the day.


PASTOR VITALE: Good observation, Good observation.


That what XXX is saying, that it is no accident that I shared that dream with you today because that dream is several years old.


COMMENT: Yes, and when you were praying you mentioned the fence, it made me think of that.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, so the demons are getting in under the fence. Let us not be on vacation.


COMMENT: While you were praying I saw Logos of the word ALMS. I think it is an overseas rescue operation.




COMMENT: A L M S I have seen somewhere some kind of (Inaudible)....


PASTOR VITALE: Overseas rescue operation. I do not know anything about it. That is what you saw in the spirit?


COMMENT: Yes, and then another thought come to me. Biting the hand that feeds you, and if there was any retaliation from overseas for us not doing enough for the hungry and their plight.


PASTOR VITALE: Well that might be a word for someone here.


I am the hand that feeds you. I am the hand of the Lord that feeds you. Beware that you do not bite me. The Lord may bite you back. Did you hear that? That was a word of knowledge. I am the hand of the Lord to you. I am the mouth of the Lord. I am the hand of the Lord, and I am giving out the food of the bread of His life. I am taking the bread, and I am breaking it down. I am crumbling it into bite size pieces for you. That is what I do. I really do not have any information here being general information to you. It is my personal belief that, yes, we can have demons dispatched from Africa, it is possible. But there are people in Africa that know me. It is my personal belief that demons do not come out of the sky for no reason. They come from people's minds. They come from the minds of people that oppose me. They are opposed to my God, who are opposed to my Master, who are opposed to what I do, and what I say, and what I preach.


Let us not be naive, brethren, but let us examine ourselves, because this warning, the horde may be coming from Africa. It may not be coming from Africa. It may be coming from our own minds. It may be coming from both. The chances are excellent, that if there is warfare....I saw an extensive warfare that means Satan is riling up every carnal mind that he can rile up to come against this ministry.


Let us not be naive and think that the attack is only coming from outside of us. We must look inside ourselves. We must ask the Lord to illuminate the darkness which is within our own carnal mind. And say, "Lord if there is an attack coming from within me against this ministry, against anyone in this ministry, please let me see it that I may disagree with it." Because Paul says that when you disagree with it, it is no longer you but sin that dwelleth in you. When there is no disagreement coming from you, whether you are blind to it or not, if you are not against sin in your mind it is unconfessed sin, and judgments are associated with it.


Now listen, I have no intentions of frightening anybody, but we've got to....do not be frightened. You have to face these facts. We all have unconscious minds that we are not frequently aware of. If there is anything in any of us that is rising up to join Satan's attack against the ministry, if we cannot see it and we do not get it under the blood, the warfare coming from this ministry is coming against that aspect of you.


It is very important that you all, including me, including myself, get before the Lord and ask Him to show us any area of our unconscious mind that is opposing this ministry, that is opposing the work of Christ in this ministry, that is opposing me, that is against me, and I encourage you to ask the Lord to rip the scales off of your eyes and your minds so that if there is anything in there and, there very well may be because we are all fallen, ask the Lord to illuminate it so that you can disagree with it, so you can say, "Lord I see it in there, and I am not in agreement with it. It is not me but sin within me."


I see a full scale blitz in the spirit and curses go back, and our greatest defense is sinlessness. Jesus said the prince of this world cometh and he has nothing in me. There is no....there is no judgment for the righteous man. The judgments only fall on the unrighteous. I remember a few years ago there was some rumor going around the church that Christians could not be cursed because the Scripture says Israel cannot be cursed. Christ cannot be cursed, brethren, but your wicked carnal mind can be cursed. It is filled with sin and we all have one. Therefore, if your carnal mind is a receiver for the judgments of God, if there is anything in you that is in agreement with Satan, every warfare from Christ is going to fall on your personal life.


Now do not be afraid, just get yourself right with God. Just say the words. Just ask God to help you. He wants you in His corner, and He is going to help all of us. How do I know that? He gave us a warning. Why would He warn you if He did not intend to help us?


Now, you see, the war rising up right in your household. It is already started with you. Now count the cost if you keep that dress. Count the cost because there will be manifestations. I know you are an old trooper with that, but I am giving you a good word. Count the cost. They are going to get worse, your everyday manifestations will get worse. There is a good chance they are going to get worse.


Anybody if you are waked up in the middle of the night, if your sleep is disturbed, if you are having visitations from a mermaid, they are wicked spirits. You have to rebuke it. XXXX, please you need to hear this. If you get a visitation, if anybody gets a visitation from a wicked spirit in the middle of the night, you need to rebuke it in the name of Jesus, and command it to depart from you, and to leave your house, and do not forget to cry out, Jesus. Every time I see a crisis headed for me, the first thing I do is say, Jesus, help me. Then I go and do whatever I have to do, because I know, even though I have spiritual authority, what I can do in that spiritual authority is limited. But my older brother, the Lord Jesus Christ, He is unlimited in His spiritual authority.


The first thing I do in the time of trouble is say, Jesus help me. I acknowledge my authority is limited. Please be my defense. And then I just go forward and pray, as I know how to pray. Have a tape or tapes by your bedside. If you have an automatic play, an automatic reverse tape recorder, put it on automatic so that it plays all night. I recommend that to you. If you do not have an automatic reverse, if you wake up with any kind of a problem, you call on the name of Jesus. You rebuke the thing and you tell it leave you, and then you put a tape on quickly.


Now if we have manifestations in other people in our life, if the people who live in our household rise up, if arguments occur, the second you perceive it, cry out to Jesus to keep you safe. To keep you safe from adding to your own destruction, to let your tongue cleave unto your mouth that you shouldn't say the wrong thing that will bring destruction down upon you. I rebuke fear. It is a wonderful thing that the Lord will warn us like this. I am not too happy about this. The battle has been very thick, and its about to be so much heavier. That the Lord's giving us this warning is not pleasing to me at all, but I thank God for the warning.


Be careful, be circumspect, pray before you leave the house in the morning. Pray all day long. Pray before you get in the car make sure you have your seat belts on, and I haven't been wearing a seat belt in a long time. I fully intend to put it on tomorrow. Do not give Satan any place to get you. Do everything right. Obey the laws of the land. Do not speed but go slowly. Think before you act, and we'll get through this. Whatever is coming, we'll get through it. What a marvelous thing He should love us so much to tell us in advance.


COMMENT: It is amazing you have a battle in the last couple of days. Now its come into the whole ministry and tonight it is really....


PASTOR VITALE: It is intensifying.


Reminds me when I used to be a sickly person, and I never had to wait to hear on the news that the flu was attacking this area. I had it before it got onto the TV screen. Well, my goodness, now listen to me everybody. If tomorrow comes and goes and nothing unusual happens, do not think this was an error or that there was a misunderstanding. Do not be deceived. Events that are prophesied for the realm of the spirit, do not always appear the very next day. If you have seen any pictures at all of astronauts, excuse me, astronauts walking on the moon, clumsy, clumsy, taking slow step, I see that vision. Frequently the word of the Lord coming from the spirit into the realm of appearance, its like trying to throw a ball under water. It goes very slowly. It is hindered. It is like walking under water. This whole world is considered water.


I do not know what is coming. I do not know what this means. I do not know how it is going to manifest. I do not know whether it will manifest tomorrow or next week. I encourage you not to lose your vision. If it does not manifest tomorrow, do not assume it was a mistake because as soon as you assume it was a mistake and forget about it, that is the day it is going to hit.


Examine yourself for a short temper. Examine yourself for ungodly emotions. Examine yourself for any grounds Satan would have to manifest through you. Submit to your husbands. Submit to your husband. Do not rebel, ask God to help you recognize pride and resist. Do.... obey the law. Obey the law. Obey the law of the land. If you work, obey the law of your job. And in your homes, obey the authorities in your home. Minimize Satan's ground to hurt you. Think before you walk. Think before you talk. Think before you act. Think. Praise the Lord.


COMMENT: I just had a thought come through. I do not know if it is God. Beware of the Isles of March or something. What does that mean?


PASTOR VITALE: You never heard that before?




PASTOR VITALE: The only reason I am asking is I am trying to determine if it really came out of the realm of the spirit. You never heard of it?


COMMENT: I heard it but do not know what it meant.


PASTOR VITALE: I am leaving town (laughing)


COMMENT: (inaudible)


PASTOR VITALE: (laughing) I am leaving town.


That is the warning that was given to Caesar before he was killed by his most trusted friend. Beware Caesar of the Ides of March. It is a....it means a number. It is a date in March. I cannot remember. I will call up the library tomorrow and find out. Do you hear what I am saying? It is like the fifteenth of March but I cannot remember what is means in Latin. Beware of the Ides of March. And Caesar said poo poo and on the Ides of March he walked up the steps to the senate, and he was murdered. He was murdered by a group of men, all of which....who stabbed him for the....specifically for the purpose of sharing the guilt. The first one to stab him was his best friend. Caesar said ET to Brutus and ET to Brutus my trusted beloved friend. Well I hope it is you. If it is the event that perceives the catching up, so be it. I rebuke fear. You have never heard that expression anywhere?


COMMENT: (inaudible)


PASTOR VITALE: I think it means the fifteenth of March. I think the Ides of March is the fifteenth of March.


COMMENT: Isn't that St. Patrick's day?


PASTOR VITALE: It is the seventeenth.


COMMENT: Sheila, I have it in me to....do not be so, do not think something cannot happen to you, just beware, just be on the tippy toes. Something like that.


PASTOR VITALE: The question is, is that what the Lord said to you or your interpretation, your carnal interpretation of that?


We will find out. March fifteenth, brethren. I am pretty sure its March 15th. The crucifixion of Christ.


COMMENT: March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb.


PASTOR VITALE: Betrayal of the established king. I think it is March fifteenth. Well everybody mark your calendars March fifteenth.


COMMENT: Does blitz mean blizzard?


PASTOR VITALE: No. Did you just get that word?


COMMENT: No you said it.


PASTOR VITALE: Blitz means a military offensive. A very heavy military offensive.


Our Father, is there anything else you would say to us Lord? Well.


COMMENT: I just felt to say that before we went to eat, we were listening to XXXX, I had the shakes and I was shaking. I thought maybe it was just that I was hungry. I was feeling very unstable and very shaky. I did not know whether it was, as I said, I did not eat, and it could have been that, but I have been out of it all day. Kind of upset and nervous. I do not know why,but that is the way I am feeling.


PASTOR VITALE: Since I rebuked everybody? Or before I rebuked everybody?


COMMENT: No before.


PASTOR VITALE: Before that? Well you were out of it last night too. Very much so and you were in a total daze yesterday afternoon.


COMMENT: And I picked all songs out this morning about soldiers.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, I noticed that.


COMMENT: The fact that I picked them out to play them then I changed them.... I changed the whole lot of them, and I said, do those this evening. When we started, and the rebuke came I took out all the music that I changed and brought out the warfare music I had quite a few of them.


PASTOR VITALE: As a matter of fact I was hoping to hear those songs, and I was very blessed to hear that you were playing them, because I believe that God gave us tremendous victory this morning after the prayer.


The problem with the spirit here, after the prayer went forth, you know, there really was a problem in the spirit here, and after the prayer went forth there no longer was a problem, and there was a tremendous victory in the spirit, after you all prayed.


By cataclysmal events is a very serious thing. Its happening, but we that are in the bosom of His love, are not to be afraid. We are not to be afraid. He is not coming like a thief in the night unto us. He has told us He is not coming as a thief in the night unto us. We have two weeks to get ourselves straight with the Lord, to confess our sins and repent and pray that the Lord let us experience every aspect of this Glory that is coming, that He will let us experience. Praise the Lord. I do not care how negative it is to the rest of the world, God must be glorified in His faithful Sons.


COMMENT: Tonight I saw about climbing Jacob's ladder.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes. And that statement, beware of the Ides of March, it typifies death by treachery.


As we try to reason this out, I do not see such a word typifying any natural disaster. Its assassination. The word means assassination. We shall see. We shall find out. I will talk to you on March 16th. First in the natural, then in the spiritual. The carnal mind...we never got to this message.


We find in Zephaniah two, the Lord refers to the carnal mind as the executioner. The executioner could be the death of a political figure in the natural. And then, eventually, the spiritual it could mean....the actual term, the Ides of March means assassination, that is what it means.


That torrential rains are coming. The torrential rains of Christ are two-sided. To the heathen, it is judgment, and to the faithful it is the power of God. Yes? Were you going to say something xxxx?


COMMENT: I just wanted to remind you of the full moon too.


PASTOR VITALE: What about the full moon?


COMMENT: This is the time for it.


PASTOR VITALE: It is a full moon now? How long does it last?


COMMENT: I do not know. I just know, I just saw it the other day. It was still going.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes. What a strange day.


I hardly preached anything from this message, and this morning the Lord just cancelled me out. Over the years we built fences in the carnal mind in order to survive the hell of this world system. Those defenses are not in Christ. They are defenses of the carnal mind. When Christ comes to take over and become king of our soul, those defenses which, for all these years, defended against the wicked minds, the wicked carnal minds of men, that those defenses turn on Christ.


Christ has to come and break up our carnal mind. Sometimes He uses Satan, sometimes He uses a Son of God. He pounds us, and He wounds us, and He hurts us, and He cuts out our heart. It is very painful, but every pressure in your mind is ultimately from Christ, because He wants to get inside of you so he can behead your carnal mind from your soul and become the sitting King. It is very painful. Emotionally painful.


(End of Meeting.)


Message continues with Pastor Vitale in a telephone conversation.


COMMENT: I saw jagged rocks. Jagged rocks, and the sun was set, and the sky was red, and I saw witches coming up from all over the place, up in the sky, starting to fill the sky.


PASTOR VITALE: Oh my goodness.


COMMENT: They were witches on brooms.


PASTOR VITALE: On brooms? That is what I thought you said. I was thinking I hope she did not say that.


COMMENT: Then I saw a field of wheat, black wheat marching.


PASTOR VITALE: Black wheat marching?


COMMENT: And I saw a sickle. They were being cut down. It was angels cutting them down. Cutting down the black wheat that was marching, and after that I heard, "just tell her, just tell her."


PASTOR VITALE: Tell her? Well it is interesting that you should get this vision because we had a very strange day yesterday.


The morning service, well it was just very unusual. It turned into a session where God was exposing everybody's sins. Everybody, including me. I had pride exposed yesterday. Then in the evening it was really way out. I came in ready to preach. I had my notes all ready, and the Lord just cancelled the whole message and gave us a teaching on witchcraft. And words of knowledge came forth, and the word was heavy-duty witchcraft. You are the very second witness. And you know, nobody....I do not know about you, but I do not like to hear this stuff. I keep....my carnal mind keeps telling me, oh Pastor Viatle, maybe it was not God, but I know it was God. The anointing was very heavy. We had several words of knowledge, which was heavy-duty witchcraft attacks are coming. Beware.


We even had someone get a word of knowledge beware of the Ides of March. Are you familiar with that? Trying to figure that out. What does it mean? Does it mean XXXXXs going to get assassinated? Does it mean physical assassination? Does it mean character assassination? Does it means spiritual assassination? Then I said maybe it is not XXXXXX, maybe it me! I guess I really have been trying not to think about it all day, but it is really been on my heart that we're under heavy attack here, and now you call with this which is very strong second witness to it.


COMMENT: Its very odd. You said something about assassination. The Lord has been exposing sin down here, too. I said, wow. I was under heavy attack this morning. The last couple of days I have been under a spirit of depression. I mean a state of pity, spirit of anger, you name it.




COMMENT: I was like, wait a minute, no that is not me, and I had to fight against it. I was having a conversation in my mind with these three ladies.


PASTOR VITALE: Do you know who they were?


COMMENT: Yes. The ladies from the church.




COMMENT: We just came back from the church. I was talking to them, and I said, you had better pray. You better pray about what you hear and what you are seeing. I said, did you pray about what we talked about the last time? She said no, and I said, I told you to pray. When I tell you to pray, you better pray. Not just to pray about what I tell you, but what anybody tells you. And then we started talking about character assassinations. Getting all into that.




COMMENT: And I rebuked them.


PASTOR VITALE: You were rebuking them for character assassination?


COMMENT: Yes, I was telling then that the Bible says do not murder.




COMMENT: I said that murder is not just physical murder, assassination is murder. Character assassination is murder.


PASTOR VITALE: That is it. That was the last word I had. I went through this thing physical, blah, blah, blah, and the last word I got was character assassination.




PASTOR VITALE: That is it. I am about to be murdered. Well, what am I to tell you. Praise the Lord. If they kill me, God will raise me from the dead. Character assassination, that is it, well Hallelujah.




PASTOR VITALE: Let us try and interpret that.


I did not have a pencil and paper handy. Would you mind giving me those symbols one at a time? I did not write them down.


COMMENT: I saw jagged rocks.


PASTOR VITALE: Jagged rocks. Jesus is the jagged rock. We find that symbol, I believe it is in the....well I know it is in the five books of Moses. I will not say which book. It is in the symbol that is in the jagged rock. One of the Old Testament books. For there to be many jagged rocks, I would say that is the Sons of God.


COMMENT: Yes, there were many.




COMMENT: The sky was setting. The sky was red.


PASTOR VITALE: The sunset, that could be this age. Well, it is the end of the age and the sky was glowing. That is a symbol Jesus used that....you see, the sky is glowing, the next day will be a sunny day. You sort of use that as a parable to say when the sun is setting, and the next day is coming.


COMMENT: Then there was witches flying on brooms. Lots and lots of witches. The sky was filled with them.


PASTOR VITALE: The sky was filled with witches flying on brooms. My goodness. Well I know that it is not just me. It is everybody that is standing in Christ in this hour feeling this. And the Lord said He would not let more come upon you than you can bear.


But even XXX called from XXXXX today, and he had no idea what is been going on down here. He called about something he wanted to discuss with me. Part of what he was talking about was that Friday was horrendous, and I never stopped to tell him what it was like down here, cause I knew he needed to talk to me. It is not just me. I believe its every believer whose heart is rooted in Christ feeling this percussion in one way or another.


The sky being filled with witches.... what that says to me is that the lines are being drawn. Either you are in Christ's camp or you are in Satan's camp. In this hour nobody is 100% in either direction. But we definitely are more than 50% in one direction. The lines are being drawn, either you are serving Christ, and you are waging war against your carnal mind with all your strength, or you are not serving Christ and you are utterly possessed by Satan. If you are utterly possessed by Satan, even if you have the Holy Spirit, even if you are speaking in tongues, if Satan has a free reign to manifest through your mind, if you are willing to hate, if you are willing to justify sin in your mind, and come against other people, it just does not matter that you speak in tongues.


The bottom line is Satan has the use of your mind, and whatever spiritual power is in your mind Satan has total control of it, and that makes you a witch, and puts you in Satan's army, and that is the bottom line. And the only people who are not in Satan's army are those people who are waging a minute-by-minute warfare with their spiritual authority that they were given at birth to be used for the Glory of Christ. And if you are not in this war, Satan's using you. That is the bottom line.




PASTOR VITALE: The sky was filled with witches says to me is that Satan is arising in every mind that will let him in.


The battle is raging, and I really think we are going to find people standing in full stature very soon. Satan is arising in every mind, and he is elevating that mind up into the heavenlies, and we are going to see people who were never spiritual before manifesting spiritual power because Satan wants to use every open channel that he can use. I think that is what that means.


COMMENT: After that I saw black wheat.


PASTOR VITALE: Black wheat? I never.... Have you ever heard anything like that?




PASTOR VITALE: Well, we know in the Scripture, wheat typifies the believer. Black wheat and angels harvesting it. I never heard of such a symbol before. Black wheat, you know if you are not of Christ your supposed to be a tare. I do not know if that would mean.... What was your feeling? When you saw angels?


COMMENT: I did not feel like they were harvesting. It was more like cutting down to get rid of.


PASTOR VITALE: It was negative? It was negative.




PASTOR VITALE: It was negative, well at least the Lord....maybe those are the carnal minds that are being cut down.


COMMENT: There is more. There was the wheat that was buckled together with whatever they tie it with, and they were marching.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, right now I am not getting anything from the Lord. Does not sound good.


COMMENT: It does not seem to me either. Could it be possible, because the wheat represents the believers?




COMMENT: Could it possibly be those that.... or could it be those who are a part of speaking in tongues and things like that? Those just not, I do not know how to say it, in the camp of the Lord (inaudible)?


PASTOR VITALE: Well yes. It could be a possibility to me.


Well it is certainly the best thing that I heard come forth in this conversation. It really sounds to me that wheat....and they are believers, and that is why they appear as wheat, but they are not living out of Christ because they are being used by Satan. That is why they are black wheat. That is definitely....and they are on the march and that would tie in what I was saying about the sky being filled with witches. That Satan is raising up an army right within the church.




PASTOR VITALE: And I believe that because that was how this whole thing....we had a war here yesterday morning. I have to say God was glorified in it but we had a war here.


COMMENT: I had this dream last night. I had a dream I was in the car with XXXX. I was at a friend's house, and I was trying to get her to come with me and another woman. I saw through a window a man talking to a woman, and I heard him say, get her, make sure you get her, and as I came into the house she was lying on the couch. Lying on the couch. And I am telling my friend we shouldn't be here. I am going to leave or come on and let us go. And the woman got off the couch with a gun to shoot me. My friend jumped in front of her to, you know, shoot her instead of me, but nobody got shot. Nobody got shot. We left in the car. Myself, my friend, and XXX, and we ended up at the house, and you were there. Now I do not know if you came with us or you had met us there. They wanted us to stand up around the table, and give my testimony and you just sat there, and I looked at you, and I wondered why you just sat there. I said maybe the Lord said not to go and there was candles burning, and this woman was testifying about her Jehovah God, and her general experiences, and things like that. She was wearing a broken cross, like one of those vertical posts, and it was broken. I noticed the room was dimly lit and candles all over the place, and something.... I was just noticing when she was prophesying she was preachifying.




COMMENT: Yes, we call it preachify.


PASTOR VITALE: What does that mean?


COMMENT: You are testifying but you are preaching.




COMMENT: Talking about, you know, God is here, my God is here, and something like that (inaudible) and giving them words, testifying and all that. Preaching and testifying and I started to notice all these things and I got an uneasy feeling. I went and sat down. My friend followed me and sat down. I asked you why you did not get up, and you said I am noticing different symbols and things and it is not right, something like that.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, well...


COMMENT: Like the broken cross and the candles and things like that.


PASTOR VITALE: And that is all witchcraft symbols. Do you know that?


COMMENT: I thought...I had a feeling I thought about the dream and the standing around the table. I said this is like a sÉance. I was like that sounds like.... Oh my goodness.


PASTOR VITALE: When did you have this dream?


COMMENT: This morning or yesterday. Last night, early this morning, or yesterday.


We got up and left, and the car was acting up. There was a hissing sound. Like water spraying and I opened up the hood of the car. I undid the....I took the top off the radiator. There was nothing there. The car just was not running right. I was going to use my grandmother's van, and I had to hurry up and get home because the kids should be home by then and in the cars, all the cars....as I saw my grandmother's van....both my grandmothers are dead. I saw my grandmother by the van, and all the cars in the parking lot and the van blew up. When the van blew up my grandmother disappeared, and before that I said, come on you guys we have to run, it is gonna blow, it is gonna blow. We ran across the street.


PASTOR VITALE: We put our face in the snow.


COMMENT: Yes. Everything blew up and was on fire.




COMMENT: All the cars were on fire. Not just mine, but all the cars in the parking lot were on fire, even the van.




COMMENT: Again, my grandmother was there next to the van and it blew up. That is what made me think....the table, around the table. They were around the table like a sÉance.




COMMENT: Then I said how am I going to get home? Home was all the way in Virginia. I said, I have to get home where the kids are. They will be coming home, and they won't know what to do. We walked to this store to use the telephone, and I made a telephone call to the police. The police came and got us and took us home. Where I met XXXX, and another friend, one of his old collage buddies, and we went home, and the kids were in the basement. For some reason they were in the basement, and after that there was a woman that started lifting up off the ground. She was dressed in black. Her hair was all out and wild. She was flying up in the sky like a kite. There was a cord attached to her, and she was just flying there like a kite up in the air. She was all dressed in shiny black, like black leather.


PASTOR VITALE: My goodness. I wonder what is coming?


COMMENT: I do not know.


PASTOR VITALE: Well I guess I am going to have to pray about all of this.


You know the Lord spoke to me for an hour in bed this morning. He opened my eyes, He corrected me. I had received a couple of dreams the last couple of weeks, and He showed me that I did not pray adequately over them because they were prophetic dreams, and I really did not understand what they meant until they came to pass. I am just going to pray right now what He wants me to so with this information and, in particular, about the character assassination.


What, if anything, Lord do you want me to do? Are you just warning me so the shock shouldn't be so bad? Or is there something you want me to do, Lord? I just do not know, your going to have to make me understand because I....as far as where I am sitting now there is nothing to do. I will pray. I will break the curses and send it back, but I know I cannot stop this character assassination. I know that I cannot control the events that are coming to pass. I just, you know, make it quick Lord. You have to tell me if there is anything you want me to ask for, additional information. What is it? I just do not know, you are just going to have to show me. It is the only prayer I have.


But I do want to ask you a couple of questions about the trance you went into.


COMMENT: I was rebuking them. I was giving them something to think about. Just giving them the word. Saying this is what she says, this is what the Lord says and you know. Just giving them the word and backing it up.


PASTOR VITALE: Now what I hear the Lord saying is that He is really speaking to these two women. It is time to come out. It is time to come out. They have been there for years. They should have come out years ago, and the Lord showed me at least one of them. She is very called, she is anointed. She also has a lot of witchcraft. On that what....the Lord was instructing these women to rebel against the lies in the pulpit. An Hebrew alphabet. Well, That is a little positive.


COMMENT: Even as far as, ask not this question and respond to it, this or that.


PASTOR VITALE: Oh really? Where did the character assassination come along? That is....was wrong?


COMMENT: Yes, I was telling her that.... I was telling them that, that I know that this is what she has done already. I was backing up in the Bible where it talks about do not murder. I was telling them it was just not a natural murder.




COMMENT: And that it is spiritual....character assassination is also murder.


PASTOR VITALE: I see. The Lord is speaking to them. You know I have this word in my.... formed is what you are saying. Now but I just had it in my heart that God is going to be speaking to people about what he is doing because I know he is raging against me. He has had at least three meetings specifically directed towards me and, he is really telling a lot of lies about me, and I had it in my heart there are going to be some people.




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