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 The truth can never be pride. Pride is a spirit. Pride is a spirit and we find that, in particular, in the Hebrew language. I will give you an excellent example. In Daniel 7 where it talks about the man being lifted up and proud, and the whole church world assumes that it is anti-Christ. It is not anti-Christ.


It is Christ speaking about these great, and wonderful, and marvelous things. The Scripture says He is high and He is lofty, but He is speaking the things of God. God can be high and lofty, and God can exalt Himself, and God could say, "I am great."


Therefore, whoever He appears in is great, not of yourself, but because of the God which dwells in the midst of you. That is how when each and every one of you is exalted into full Sonship you too shall not only be great, but you shall be God.


We have a whole church world that is terrified, "Oh, do not say that, do not say you shall be God." They are flipping out because we have fallen men walking around saying, "I am God." May God deliver us from fallen men who think they are God, because fallen men tyrannize, hurt, break, cheat, and destroy God's people.


When the Lord Jesus Christ is appearing in you in the fullness of His glory, when the only mind operating in you is the mind of God, you shall be God.


If you put yourself up there before you get up there, get ready because you are about to get booted out. Does not the Scripture say, "When you go into a church, do not sit in the front row." There is nothing wrong with sitting in the front row. It means do not make yourself this great one.


Do not think that you are so great because you prophesy, because you dance, because you give money, or whatever your thing is. Do not make yourself a great one and sit yourself up in the front of the church, because when one greater than you comes in, you will be embarrassed when the Lord picks you up by the scruff of the neck and puts you in the back of the church.


If God puts you in the front of the church, and you do not want to go, you are manifesting false pride. Listen, if God makes you great, brethren, you are great. Is anyone having a problem with this? You had better believe that if you are a great one of God, and you get out of line, He is going to kick you right where it hurts. You will either straighten up, or He will kick you all the way out.


COMMENT: Romans 5, Verse 12 speaks about sin entered into the world by one man. Are they talking here about when Adam first fell into sin? Is this what they are talking about?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, Paul is speaking about our ancestor, Adam, and because he fell, the Scripture says everyone that was born after him is born fallen. The Scripture says in another place that we who exist today, we have not sinned after the similitude of Adam. What does that mean? It means that we are already fallen. We are in bondage to Satan; therefore, we cannot help but sin.


Everybody sins, except Jesus of Nazareth. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar, the Scripture says. Adam before the fall was without sin, or he had not yet sinned. He was good, not perfect, and he had not yet sinned. Adam had the power to not sin, but he sinned. We do not have the power to not sin. That is why we are forgiven because God knows that.


There are certain sins, behavioral sin, that we can get authority over, but the sin of our mind, we have no power over, so God has mercy on us.


It is our original ancestor who committed the sin that has now fallen upon all of us. We see it happening in the world today. If you are looking for a natural example, the news is filled with babies being born addicted to crack and with fetal alcohol syndrome. Brethren, the sins of the fathers shall be visited upon the children unto the third and fourth generation.


The problem is that if you are born with fetal alcohol syndrome, for example, the chances of you growing up to be an alcoholic are great. Then if you become an alcoholic, it is four generations after you. It is really much more than four generations. It just goes on and on and on and on. The sins of the fathers shall be visited upon the children, not the physical sins of the fathers. The emotional sins of the fathers, and the spiritual sins of the fathers are inherited by his children.


There is only one way out. What is the way out? Christ is the only way out. Christ comes into your life and becomes your personal Savior, the God dwelling in the midst of you, in your own heart, and He becomes your new Father. He is adopting you, so the sins of your father, who is no longer your father, cannot cleave unto you anymore.


The righteousness of your adoptive Father shall cleave unto you and cover over every sin of your natural father, and you shall be forgiven and you shall not die, but you shall live. Is that not wonderful?


COMMENT: Was it a gift that Adam fell into sin so that we would be forgiven?


PASTOR VITALE: I do not think so.


COMMENT: Adam fell into sin, and we do not have the power to, as you put it, to not sin, then that is a gift from God.


PASTOR VITALE: The power to not sin is a gift from God. Who is the gift from God? More specifically, the Holy Spirit is the gift from God. Once you receive the Holy Spirit, you receive your potential for Christ to be formed in you. As far as I know, there is no way for Christ to be formed in you other than for you to first receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.


As far as I know, except for Satan's medicine these days, there is no way for a woman to conceive unless she receives a male seed but, you know, even if they do it in the laboratory, you still need the male seed. As far as I know, it is impossible for Christ, the Son, to be formed in you unless you receive the seed of the Father. I do not know any other way to do it, either spiritually or physically.


COMMENT: The fallen man is definitely a gift from God through Adam because we are forgiven for our sins.


PASTOR VITALE: No, the fallen man is not the gift. It is the Holy Ghost which is the gift.


COMMENT: You just said that he entered into sin. In order for him to enter into sin for us, like we sin, we are forgiven, so why would it not have been a gift, or maybe it was just that it was meant to happen that way. Do you get what I am saying?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, I get what you are saying, but I do not see it that way. It was not a gift that man fell. It was a tragedy that man fell. The blessings are coming upon the fallen man, but the fact that man fell is not a blessing.


No, it was not a silly question. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of people preaching that. No question is silly. We have people out there preaching that. There are some people preaching that we are down here in hell learning to experience evil so that it will increase our horizons, make us more mature, because we are experiencing evil. I do not quite see it that way.


You will find that with a lot of this doctrine that I perceive to be off, it is just a hair splitting thing. It is really important because if you say it one way, it is false doctrine, and if you say it another way, sometimes you cannot even hear the difference. It is really not the truth.


I will just tell you this briefly, because I really cannot take much time this morning. It is true that we are down here learning to distinguish between good and evil. That is true, but it was not God's best for us.


God formed a man, and He gave him all of His inheritance from the Father. He gave him everything that He could give him. Our natural example is our having a small child, and you teach him how to stand up, you put him on his feet, you hold his little hands, you move his legs, but the day comes that he has to walk by himself.


The Father gave Adam everything he needed to not be overtaken by evil. He counseled him, gave him wisdom, gave him dominion, gave him a handicap over evil. He was up, He was without sin, He was standing up, and sin was under his feet. God said, "I am going to let you go, and let us see if you use everything that I gave you to stay in your upright position."


Adam flopped, so he is down here in hell right now, and we are learning how to distinguish between good and evil. The Bible says in another place, that will not happen to us twice. We will not flop twice. Now that we are down here learning these hard lessons because of our ancestor's fall, God is going to raise us back up to a position of sinlessness in a greater condition than Adam was in, and we will never fall again.


COMMENT: The Scripture says Jesus rose in three days. Do other spirits rise in three days?


PASTOR VITALE: You are talking about men like us. Is that what you are talking about? That is a real good question. No, the man, Jesus of Nazareth, came as an example of spiritual truth. That particular man, Jesus of Nazareth, rose again in three days and three nights.


Remember, Jesus was just flesh. He was born of a woman, but the mind of God that was within Him, the Christ that was raised from the dead, He is still raising from the dead. He will not be completely risen until He is risen in every human being on the face of the earth including you, including me. Christ has a many-membered body. Does that make any sense to you? That is a very deep question for someone who is just starting. I hope that I explained it to you.


COMMENT: How might a Baptist minister explain that question?


PASTOR VITALE: I do not know, but the problem is people can only give you information to the depths that they have. That is why I will never argue doctrine with anybody. People cannot see, and only Christ can give them sight. In talking to a Baptist minister, I always look for that place where we can agree, and then I just leave it at that. Does anyone else have a question?


I would like to take another couple of minutes before we continue to just share a dream with you that someone had, because I dug this dream out of the garbage. I want you to know that. Some people frequently call me with dreams that they have. I just sketch down notes, I interpret it for them, and every time I have ever done this, the tape has been ruined, so you cannot share in it to date. When I saw this dream starting to come to pass, I literally dug it out of my garbage pail. I want to share it with you because it is really blessing me.


In this dream a woman was parking her car in front of a supermarket, and a little red sports car came up and pulled in front of her, and she backed into second place. There is a backing into second place today. Does anybody know what that is all about? Who is being forced back into second place? Think of it in terms of people. We just talked about not sitting yourself in the first row and not thinking you are the greatest because the greater than you might come.


We have a five-fold ministry in the earth today, brethren, that think they are in the image of God, and that they have all the answers. There is a lot of pride present in them when Christ manifests in other people.


I live by this rule, and so should you. Listen, even if a hen or a mouse speaks in the Name of the Lord, no matter who comes to you in the Name of the Lord, you should at least say, "Father, if there is the slightest chance that this is you, please do not let my pride blind me."


We have a five-fold ministry in the earth today that, by and large, are not doing this, and they are therefore closed to this latest move of God.


This red sports car has just pulled in, in front of them, brethren. God is raising up a whole new ministry, because the existing ministry will not serve God. They have set up their own man-made rules and their own institutions, and they will not yield or back down when the Lord manifests in somebody that has not been raised up according to their human standards.


You know, God can raise up a donkey. He can speak through anyone that He wants to. Peter and the other disciples were uneducated men when He called them. They were not men of letters, we are told in the Book of Acts. On the other hand, Paul was a highly educated man. God can call anyone that He wants.


All you pastors out there, and all you heads of the Bible colleges, and all you Pharisees, you cannot declare this man invalid because he has not come along the route that you have marked out. If you do not submit to the most senior manifestation of Christ that the Lord is sending unto you, you shall lose your anointing. I am not taking it away from you, and if what I am saying is not true, you have nothing to worry about.


If you are in the ministry, and you are failing to recognize the greater manifestation of Christ than exists in you because you do not like the way the person looks, or you do not like the way they dress, or you do not like their sex, or you do not like their color, or you do not like the way they do things, you are going to lose your ministry.


The fancy red sports car is coming to replace the existing five-fold ministry. For years I used to wonder how come the male of most animal species is more beautiful than the female. I used to say to myself, before the Lord ever called me, "That is strange, because in this world the female is more beautiful." Things have changed a little, and men are doing much more to make themselves beautiful than men did when I was real young.


It is true. Men did not go to get their hair blown out. They did not do a lot of things. Men were very simple in those days, quick crew cuts, very simple clothes, very down to earth. Men just were not into all this stuff, and I am not saying it is bad. I am just saying it was different in those days. Men were very plain, and they knew that they were men without all this other stuff. It is just something that is going on today. The women were the ones that were going to the beauty parlor, fixing themselves up, making themselves gorgeous, trying to catch the man and the whole thing. Is that not true? It is true.


I used to look at the animal kingdom, and I would say, "Why is the male peacock, for example, so gorgeous with its beautiful spray of feathers?" The male peacock has all of these beautiful colors, and the female peacock is a dull brown. You cannot even see her because she fades into the background.


Finally, the Lord told me, because spiritually speaking the woman is not supposed to be seen. It is the man that the glory is upon. Why? Because he is a type of Christ, and the spectrum of the colors typify the spirit. God is light. He is white bright light, and when you put light through a prism it breaks down to the spectrum of colors that are in this world.


The male in our animal kingdom, having all of these colors, is just another message from God to man that the glory is upon the spiritual male. The glory is upon Christ, the beauty is upon Christ, the power is upon Christ, the wisdom is upon Christ, the strength is upon Christ, and the victory is upon Christ.


If you are a woman you are fading into the background, because you are nothing if you do not have a husband. There was a time in human society where this was true in the natural. For women that did not get married, it was a great disgrace. They were called spinsters, and their life was a shame. Their mother and father were ashamed.


I have a second or third cousin whose husband was bought for her. She is a lovely lady in her eighties now, but I am told she was not pretty at all, and her father had a lot of money. This guy came rolling into town, and he seemed to like her a little bit and the father said, "If you marry her, I will put you in business. You have to make a commitment and no fooling around, you have to be a decent husband to her," and he married her.


That was the way things were done in those days. It was not at all uncommon. The parents of my own brother-in-law had their marriage put together by a marriage broker. In those days, the woman was nothing without a husband.


The snazzy red sports car, the ministry in which Christ is truly king, is about to replace the existing five-fold ministry, and they are going to be forced into the back seat. Ideally, they are suppose to willingly taking a back seat.


John the Baptist said, "He that is greater than I must increase, and I must decrease," but I just do not see anyone in the five-fold ministry doing it today. Why? Because they are blind. Why? Because they are carnal. God is going to force them back. Why? Because everything must be done decently and in accordance with the order of Christ.


You cannot do it your way. You cannot do it your way in your own personal life, and you cannot do it your way in the ministry. Any of you ministers that God has given a fellowship to, and I do not care if there are five people in your congregation or fifteen hundred, you cannot do it your way. If you start opposing the will of the Lord in that ministry, you will lose it. The only great one is Christ.


As long as there is a man who is in submission to Christ, and Christ is fully manifesting through him, that man is a great one. You should not be rebelling against him because if you rebel against the man who is the direct servant of Christ, you are rebelling against Christ. It is just like saying, if you try to beat up a policeman, you are rebelling against all of the power and authority of the state. They are going to put you in jail.


The Bible says that only foolish men and men who live out of their carnal minds, according to the Bible, are foolish. If you hear this, do not get insulted. It is a scriptural term. Either you are wise, because you have Christ, or you are foolish because you are carnal. If you are carnal, you can get Christ, so do not get all messed up in your emotions about it.


If you find out that you are foolish, just tell God you want to be wise because God gives wisdom to who? Who does God give wisdom to? To all who ask. All who ask, He will give you wisdom liberally. Do not get all messed up with your pride, just ask for wisdom. He wants you to have it.


This snazzy red sports car, which is Christ, is pushing the foolish man who cannot recognize Christ. For ministers who do not move back voluntarily, the day is coming that they will get pushed back, and it will be an hour of shame unto them. If you step back of your own accord, it is no shame unto you.


You will be real embarrassed if you are up there shooting off your mouth against the one whom God has really raised up when the day comes that the Lord proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt. How? With signs, wonders, miracles, and the fire of His life.


It will prove that you did not know what in the world you were talking about, and that you were a brute beast who could not even recognize a spiritual dignitary when they looked you right in the face. You are going to be embarrassed. The Bible says ashamed. There is always repentance, but it sure does hurt.


The car backed up, and there were a whole bunch of people standing around talking. I am going to go through this very quickly. They were lined up in front of the supermarket waiting to get in. I declare to you that it is the spiritual food of Christ, the bread from heaven, that is going to keep your spiritual life alive, who is going to give you everlasting life.


What is His name? Who is the bread from heaven? Christ. He is the bread from heaven.


When you eat this food that is available to us now, you have to eat every day. Some people eat two times a day. Some people eat three times a day. Some people eat all day long, but you have to keep on eating it. When you eat the bread from heaven, you shall never hunger again.


Jesus said to His disciples that were concerned because He was not eating, "I have bread that you know not of. I have spiritual power that is sustaining the life of this flesh that you cannot even imagine. It is not that chicken and potatoes. It is the life of my Father in heaven."


We see all these people standing in line in front of the supermarket waiting for it to open. Brethren, they are waiting to get into the classes that shall be given by the Sons of God who shall be preaching the Doctrine of Christ. It is sort of hard to believe if you are thinking with your carnal mind, of course, that God is not making this Doctrine of Christ available to everyone today.


When you think of the numbers of people who have passed through here and have voluntarily walked away from this glorious gift, it does not sit right with your carnal mind that there should be hundreds and thousands of people standing on line waiting for the supermarket of Christ to open.


The problem is that carnally-minded people either do not understand what God is doing here, or they are fully under the control of their carnal mind, who knows that if he stays here he is going to be killed, and he has moved them out.


The bottom line in this hour is that this teaching of the Doctrine of Christ, which is what is being taught here, is not being made available or not being offered to not only the world, but not even to everyone in the Church.


We are told in the Book of Hebrews, "Let us go on to perfection, if the Lord allows." Brethren, you cannot raise yourself up in perfection. You cannot understand this doctrine in perfection. You cannot overcome your carnal mind. You cannot wage this warfare. You cannot even sit in these meetings unless God allows you. We have seen people run out of here screaming, because the fire of God is so hot. I am telling you the truth.


All of these people, whether they know it or whether they do not know it, they are standing on their tip toes waiting for the Sons to be manifested. In this believer's dream the manifestation of the Sons is described.


The manifestation of the Sons is described as waiting for the supermarket to open, because we have the spiritual bread that is going to bring forth Christ, who will impart eternal life to us, and we are also going to have the natural bread. There is not a doubt in my mind that we will be providing natural food for people.


Right now, the existing Church is doing a great job of feeding hungry people, but it is an imperfect feeding. How do I know that? There are people starving to death every day. In India they wake up in the morning, and they sweep the bodies up. Is that not true? That is what I have heard. They have men that go around and just gather up the dead bodies of the people who die overnight, that are sleeping in the streets, and they cart them away.


The Church's ministry is imperfect. Every ministry has their own function. There are ministries that God has put great amounts of money into. They are using thousands and thousands of dollars sending food over to the third world countries. I heard one pastor say that he is having all kinds of problems with people in the third world countries saying, "I am not going to let this food in unless you give me a bribe." They do not even care about their own people. The heart of man is desperately wicked. Who could know it?


The ministry of the existing Church to feed the masses in this hour is doing great good, but it is imperfect. The Sons will have the same miracle working power that Jesus had. How did He feed the multitudes? He appeared in the midst of them. He did not ship anything. He did not need boats. He did not need planes. He did not need government documents. He appeared in the midst of them.


We are going to be traveling in the spirit, and we are going to take a couple of fishes and a couple of crumbs of bread, and we are going to say what Jesus said, start passing it around, and a miracle is going to happen. Two fishes and a couple of crusts of bread are going to feed five thousand people. It will multiply as it is passed. No tariffs. We are not going to need donations from people.


We are not going to have to spend thousands of dollars, and I am not knocking it, it is just the imperfection of the church today. We are not going to have to be spending thousands of dollars sending out letters asking for money so that we can send food to starving people using up maybe as much as twenty-five percent of those funds for postage and our expenses and travel expenses.


The ministry is imperfect in this hour and when that which is perfect comes, that which is imperfect shall be bumped back into second place. I am sorry if your ministry is that which is going to be bumped back, but you had better stop fighting God and ask Him to give you a place in the new ministry that is arising in the earth today, or you are going to be found left on dry land, not having any part of the excitement that is already falling upon the earth. Of course, the carnal mind of man fights against God.


All of these people are lined up outside of the supermarket, and this big tall man walked up to this female believer in the dream, and he seemed to be her husband, but she was not sure. If she was not sure, it was probably the carnal mind. Then she laid down, and she was looking up at him, and he pulled out a huge gun and twirled it around and while he was speaking, pointed it at her stomach and shot her.


I suggest to you that this woman typifies the church. I am not really going to get into it, because I was really late today, but I felt to share this with you. At first, I thought the next thing that happens is that the bullet entered in, and all of her blood gushed out. She was left with no blood at all, yet she rose up again. To me that said, "to be killed and to be raised from the dead." I thought that her husband was Christ, but Christ does not use a gun.


I believe the Lord has told me that carnal men will try to kill those who are manifesting Christ. He is a violent man, and the carnal man who is ruled by his carnal mind is considered a violent man. He is going to kill the Sons of God, if not physically, spiritually, and the Lord will raise us from the dead in the newness of His life.


Brethren, it is happening now. I do not see anyone dying physically right now, but we see a lot of people coming against the work of the Lord, and they cannot stop it. They are trying to kill it.


Jesus said, "If you hate your brother in your mind, you are murdering him." We have many people in this hour violently trying to hinder the work of the Lord. They are praying against it, talking against it, hating it, talking against the imperfect people who are ministering it, picking out their faults, and trying to kill them because of their faults, but you cannot kill that which God is keeping alive.


We came under a big attack from someone who does not even understand what he is doing or maybe he does understand. I do not know. The Bible says, "He who wareth entangleth himself not in the things of this world." What does that mean? I do not care if you are trying to kill me, it does not mean a thing to me. If God raises me from the dead, I will be alive. If He does not raise me from the dead you will kill me, but I have no problem with you.


I am not mad at you. I have no argument with you. I might tell you off at the moment, but as soon as the last words are out of my mouth, you are my friend if you are willing to be my friend, because I cannot get involved in vengeance and grudges, and you said this and I did that. I do not have any time for that, but if you try to force your unrighteousness on me, I am going to have to deal with you.


I think that this dream is applying to what happened here last week. A few of us were sitting around saying, "I do not believe he did that." Do you remember that? "I do not believe he did that." I do not know if you were here or not. We were saying, "I cannot believe this man has done this." That is what is happening in her dream. She said she laid there with eyes open and heard people saying, "I cannot believe it." She got up and the spirit pulled away from her body, and she looked down at her own body and said, "I cannot believe he shot me." She walked inside the supermarket in amazement.


Shoot away, brother, shoot away. Let me be raised from the dead and enter into the supermarket. Shoot away. I just felt to share that with you as part of the word that has been coming forth here. This full stature is upon us, brethren. It is upon us. It has already begun.


Confess your sins and humble yourself before God, that after you are killed, you should be raised from the dead, because as we are finding out from this message in Zephaniah, everybody has got to get killed. Why? Because we are all fallen.


All you people who know Christ, the people who do not know Christ, the people who are having Christ formed in them, the people with the Holy Ghost, the people who have the kingdom of God within them, your carnal mind is still active. The motions of sins is still active in you, even though Christ is being formed in you. We all have to get killed.


I encourage all of you today to humble yourselves before God that when you are killed, he will raise you from the dead, because you have no power to raise yourself from the dead. If the Lord Jesus Christ does not raise you from the dead, you are going to miss the glory that is about to be poured out.


Brethren, there are going to be miracles, there is going to be spiritual power flying, there is going to be the most exciting incredible events ahead of us, and if you are dead you will miss it. Do not be foolish. Be wise. The Scripture says, "If you petition the Lord, if you come to the altar asking Him for something, but in your heart you have ought against your brother, the Lord says, do not bother me."


The King James says it a little nicer, but what the Lord Jesus Christ is saying is, "Do not bother me when you have ought against your brother. I do not want to hear it. Go make it right with your brother, and then come back and tell me what you want, but I do not bless people that hate their brother. I do not bless people that will not forgive."


Let us just keep this straight. Most people in this hour are half and half. You are getting blessings for the part of you that is serving God, but for the part of you that is an enemy of God, you are having judgment in your life.


If you are wondering how come this is so when you are in church every week or you are doing whatever your thing is, and you still have troubles in your life, it is because half of you is serving God, and half of you is the enemy of God. Why? Because your carnal mind is the enemy of God, so therefore you have both blessings and cursings in your life.


The Lord has promised that if your heart is leaning towards the Lord Jesus Christ, He will take the judgments that are falling on you, because of your sins and He will use it to purify your heart, and when your heart is purified, judgment will not fall on you anymore because the law is not for a righteous man. The law, for which judgments are legally executed, is only there for the man who is a spiritual criminal.


When Jesus Christ converts you, and you are no longer a spiritual criminal, but the Righteous One is living His life through you, and you have, therefore, become righteous, there will be no more punishment for sins, because you will cease from sin. You cannot cease from sin in your own power. The Righteous One must take up residence in you and become your new man, your new mind.


In order for Him to become your new man and the king of your soul, He must first kill the sitting queen. Hallelujah. Kill her, kill her. The only problem is when He kills her, we are feeling it because she is a part of our being. She is joined to us. The Scripture says, "We are married to her and everything she feels, of course, we feel."


Once again, our natural example is France occupied by Germany under the Third Reich. When the allies went to liberate her, they dropped bombs on France, on French buildings, on French farms, on French businesses, on French people, on French men, on French women and on French children. If you did not know what was going on, you would say, "Look at those dumb allies bombing France," but the end of the assault was the liberation of France.


She took all the lumps of the French government that was resident, and the sitting queen of occupied France was bombed, and everyone in France felt the attack. People died from the attack. Innocent Frenchmen, victims of the French occupation died during the liberating campaign. If you think you are getting free from Satan and the carnal mind without feeling it, you are believing a fantasy. You are going to feel it. You have to learn how to deal with it.


If you fight against God, you are fighting against your own liberation. It makes you a fool. You have to lean into the battle, and even if you get killed, the Lord will raise you from the dead. Do not run from the battle. Do not shoot at the allied planes that are flying over your territory. They are here to save you. If you shoot them down, you are shooting the Saviors that the Lord has sent to deliver you.


I exhort you, with all the strength I have, to concentrate on people's positive points and minimize their negative points. If there is anything of Christ in them at all that you could see, if there is any possibility that Christ could arise in that person in your hour of need to help you, no matter what they do, when they fall into their carnal minds, forgive them. Bless them and do everything within your power to be at peace with them, because we need Christ wherever He is appearing.


We need every human being in which He is appearing. Love one another, brethren, and forgive one another, be pitiful towards one another, and merciful towards one another. Suffer long with each other as we all overcome our weaknesses, and let us all be here to see the glory of God arise in mankind once again in a much greater form. Alleluia.


Does anybody have anything to say before I preach the second half of Zephaniah?


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